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Thread: Getting To Know: Bella Kendall

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    Getting To Know: Bella Kendall

    BRAVO & presents,

    Getting To Know: Bella Kendall

    Since signing with FWA within the past few hours, Bella Kendall has been the name on everybody's lips. The unproven rookie, whose older brother is currently wrestling for another promotion, has some big shoes to fill, and managed to catch up with the nineteen year old to ask her a few questions. The scene opens up with the FWA logo on the screen, rotated forty-five degrees to the left, followed by a fade to black. The screen fades back in and Bella Kendall is sat in a comfortable looking red chair, opposite a man in a suit with a microphone and a clipboard full of questions. There are two cups on the coffee table between their seats, one of which Bella calmly reaches out for, picking it up and holding it in her hands. There is a screen dangling from the roof behind the coffee table, though it's screen is blank. She sits back and crosses her right leg over her left as the interview begins. Thanks for joining us Bella, I know that it's a little short notice but it's lovely too have you here.

    She takes a sip of her drink, savouring the liquid momentarily before deciding she should respond.

    Bella Kendall: It's a pleasure to be here, truly.
    : Today we're just going to be asking you a few questions, just to try and get to know who Bella Kendall is. Let's start with where you were born?

    Bella Kendall: I was born in Burnley, a little town in Lancashire England. Not a lot there, if I'm to be honest.

    The interviewer chuckles as Bella takes another sip of her drink, putting it down on the coffee table when she is done before returning to her cross-legged position.
    : And you're family, they're all professional wrestlers too, aren't they?

    The question seems to irk Bella, who tilts her head slightly to the side, raising the right side of her mouth. She sighs and sits back deeper in her chair.

    Bella Kendall: I'm sorry, is this an interview about The Kendall's? Or is this an interview about THE Kendall, me? Because, you know, if you want to find out a bit more about my family I'm sure you'll be able to find my brother somewhere else.

    Her response turns the interviewer red, and he scrambles his words trying to make amends. I-I'm sorry Bella, let's just focus on you. So...

    Bella mutters something under her breath, crossing her arms and glaring at the interviewer with eyes that could melt metal. You previously wrestled for Lancashire Wrestling Association, winning the coveted LWA Women's title on one occasion. You held that title for four months, defending it quite a few times, right?

    Bella Kendall: That would be correct. The LWA Women's Championship meant a lot to me; it was the first taste of gold that I'd ever experienced. Destroying my opponent, what was her name... Rachel something?... Such a loser, and winning that title was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I'm hoping to emulate that here at FWA. We have a video with us here showing you winning the LWA Women's title; shall we play it?

    Bella Kendall
    : Please, do.She smiles excitedly as the interviewer grabs a remote control resting on the arm of his chair, pointing it at the hanging TV and hitting the red power button. The screen on the TV turns on, static at first, and then the static engulfs the viewers screen for a split second, before a wrestling match comes into focus. It is between Bella Kendall and Rachel McCloud, the LWA Women's Champion at the time. The match is nearing it's end, evident by the two tired women in the ring and the drops of blood on the canvas. Bella's head is split open, whilst Rachel is in obvious internal pain. Rachel approaches Bella, going to grab her hair, but Bella pushes her away into the ropes, hitting her with a dropkick when she staggers back towards her. The dropkick leaves both women on the ground, and the crowd begin to boo heavily as Bella starts to drag herself towards the corner.

    With the crowd still booing, Bella begins to ascend to the top rope, with Rachel unmoving in the center of the ring. When Bella reaches the top, she does her signature English Cross pose, which sends the crowd into a spiteful frenzy. Standing up straight, she blows Rachel a kiss before leaping into the air, executing a devastating Tower of London. She rears up in pain as she lands on Rachel, and the referee hits the ground expecting a cover, a cover which doesn't come. Instead, Bella rolls over towards Rachel's legs, grabbing a hold of them and rolling her over onto her stomach.

    The referee begins yelling at Bella, who yells something back before locking Rachel in an inverted sharpshooter. The lifeless Rachel does nothing, and just before the referee can break up the submission Bella changes it up, grabbing ahold of both of Rachel's arms and pulling her body towards the sky in a perfect London Bridge. With Rachel unable to tap, the referee rings for the bell nearly sending the crowd into a riot. Bella is awarded the LWA Women's title, and is seen celebrating in the middle of the ring doing the English Cross, blood begging to coagulate on her head as the video cuts, returning to the interviewer and Bella in the interview room. An absolutely amazing victory Bella, hopefully that's just a small sign of what you have in store for FWA?

    Bella smiles, uncrossing her legs and putting both of her arms on the arms of her chair, leaning forward slightly.

    Bella Kendall: What you just saw isn't even a fraction of what I intend on doing to the "competition" [she makes the " motion with her fingers] that I have here at Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. And while I'm on the subject of competition,

    She turns her attention to the camera, staring intently straight down the center of it's lens.

    Bella Kendall: I really hope that Shannon O'Neal has enjoyed living the past five months as the FWA Women's Champion, because I've got something to say that she could really benefit from listening too; you were just a placeholder until I arrived, sweetie. Nothing more, nothing less. When I'm finished destroying the rest of the women on this... Roster, for lack of a better word, I'm coming straight for what belongs to me, and if I've got to put you down on my way to get it, then that's just what I'm going to do. I've never settled for anything other than first Shannon, and I'm not going to start changing my philosophies now. So enjoy the limited time left you have with that shiny, shiny belt, because when we meet... It's mine.

    She rips the live feed out of her ear and throws it onto the coffee table, blowing a kiss at the camera before standing up and walking straight off set. The bewildered interviewer remains seated and silent as the screen fades to black, the FWA logo fading in before shortly fading back out, leaving nothing.
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    Re: Getting To Know: Bella Kendall

    Nicely done.

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    Re: Getting To Know: Bella Kendall

    Within 2 days you are probably my favorite new sign up in years. Please stick around.

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