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Thread: WC's Best Wrestler Tournament 2015 1st Round - Ryback Vs Tommaso Ciampa

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    WC's Best Wrestler Tournament 2015 1st Round - Ryback Vs Tommaso Ciampa



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    Re: WC's Best Wrestler Tournament 2015 1st Round - Ryback Vs Tommaso Ciampa

    Ciampa. He was still a quality guy for ROH even if the booking for him screamed otherwise. And his northeastern cameos and PWG stuff has been well as usual.
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    Re: WC's Best Wrestler Tournament 2015 1st Round - Ryback Vs Tommaso Ciampa

    Ryback's spent half his career getting Goldberg chants, and like Goldberg actually super underrated. Had a ton of unheralded tags with Axel on both A & B shows against Cody & Goldust, Usos, even Big E/Kofi, then came back as a singles guy and in addition to his awesome squashes has delivered when put in position against guys like Cesaro, Rusev, & Rollins and was a great part of some surprisingly good multi-man tags during the end of the year. He's also proven to be a really good promo when given time both in more comedic segments like the Rybaxel breakup, as well as his "The Secret" promo. It's a shame people judge the book by it's cover sometimes but hey.

    It's been a pretty down year for Ciampa just being down more to bad luck and poor opponents more than anything. Was not a fan of any of the Cedric or Elgin matches, and he didn't contribute positively to his vast number of multi-man appearances more often than not. Also his match vs Biff in PWG I had super high expectations for and was pretty much let down on every level. On the bright side he's still got a larger than life personality and has done some good stuff on TV, probably highlighted by an awesome sprint-squash vs Adam Page one time but sadly those moments were few and far between in ROH & PWG. It's entirely possible he's had some much better performances in smaller indies up North I haven't seen but otherwise I'm not seeing much of an argument for him having an even average last year, letalone one of the best in the world. But hey, look on the bright side, at least he's "parted ways" (**)with crappy ROH so the best could be yet to come.

    Anyway, it's a pretty weak matchup considering both could have had way better years with better booking, but Ryback took advantage of his opportunities more and actually pretty much made the best and overcame it. Ciampa didn't. Big Guy wins.

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