The scene opens up to Apollo, standing in the locker room with a lavish looking towel wrapped around his waist, beads of water rolling down his tanned, toned form.

Apollo slowly walked over to his locker, arrogance in every step, the camera following him closely. The lovely Toxic Rain stepped into the view of the camera, holding a microphone in one hand, the other resting on her hip.

Rain: We're currently backstage with newcomer, Apollo Mars!

Apollo gave that stunning smile of his, running a hand through his hair, before running it down his body, hovering over his naval.

Apollo: Well, this is unexpected. Usually my fans send me flowers and chocolate, not strippers. But, I'll take anyway. It'd be rude to decline a gift.

Rain: What? No, no, no. I'm not a stripper, I'm here t-

Apollo cut her off mid sentence, chuckling to himself. He de-robed, his bare rear exposed to the camera for a moment, damn was it pretty. He then pulled on a pair of yellow Intense Power briefs by Calvin Klein.

Apollo: You Americans, so generous! We give you zee Statue of a woman, Lady Liberty, and you give me a real woman in return!

Apollo pulled out a pair of grey slacks, a bright teal dress shirt, and a white, expensive looking pea coat. He dressed slowly, pulling his pants on inch by inch. Rain shook her head, dismissing Apollo's assumption.

Rain: Anyways! Mr. Mars, how does it feel to go from model to wrestler? Has the diet changed? The training regimen?

Apollo shook his head, digging in his locker once more to pull out a blow dryer, hair gel, and a black scarf.

Apollo: Model to wrestler? No, no, I am both. After all, I am the most beautiful man in the world. It eez my responsibility to share my beauty with the rest of the world - through any means necessary.

Apollo rubbed his sculpted abs, rubbing down to his Adonis belt.

Apollo: You zee these, dear? I haven't had a carb since 2004 - and I am keeping it zat way. The only thing I need is...

Apollo grabbed the container of hair gel, holding it in his right hand, putting the left under it, as if selling a product on a late night infomercial.

Apollo: American Crew Hair Gel, available at a store near you. But what really allows me to train hard is Intense Power Briefs by Calvin Klein.

Apollo revealed the waist band of his briefs, winking at the camera, before he continued to dress, pulling on the dress shirt and buttoning it up to the second to last button.

Rain: I...I see....

Rain looked a bit dumbfounded, speechless for a moment.

Rain: Aaaanyways! Are you ready for your upcoming fight?

Apollo shrugged, flipping the scarf around his neck loosely.

Apollo: I'm always ready for anything. I expect the unexpected. The unexpected is the expected.

Rain: And how do you feel about the returning Jeremiah Johnson?

Apollo: Johnson, he is zee...darker one, yes?

Rain: Uhh...yes, Jeremiah Johnson is the African-American.

Apollo: That's like asking a sly, good looking fox, if a rabbit is a threat. Of course not. The insanely beautiful fox will always rip the rabbit's throat out - and look damn good doing it, with a blood splatter over his rock hard abs...

At this point, Apollo was in a mild day dream - his eyes staring into the distance. He let out a satisfied sigh, placing his left hand on the back of his neck.

Rain: And what of Mascara De Oro?

Apollo: Ah, zee little masked man? He's so adorable. I could put him in my European shoulder bag and just carry him everywhere. Maybe I take him to Paris, have him do a trick or two. If he behaved, maybe I give him a treat, and say, "who's a good little wrestler? You are! You are!" And he'd bark in happiness.

Rain: What uhm..bold words, Mr. Mars. And last, but certainly not least, Glenn Ecko. What do you make of him?

Apollo chuckled quietly, walking out of the locker room, motioning for Rain and the camera crew to follow.

Apollo: Enough of them, please. Focus on something more interesting, more attention grabbing, better looking...more me. There's a lack of questions revolving around me - a tremendous deficit, even.

Rain looked truly amazed by Apollo's narcissism, opening her mouth to speak, only to be interrupted.

Apollo: I'll start you off.

Apollo poorly mimicking Rain's voice: Apollo, how did you get so handsome?

Apollo: Oh, you're too kind. It's all natural beauty.

Rain tried to speak once more, but her lips were quickly met with Apollo's pointer finger.

Apollo: When did I realize I was the most beautiful man in the world? Well, that's an excellent question. When I was born, little baby Apollo caught a glimpse of himself from the doctor's glasses, staring in awe. Baby Apollo wasn't even 3 minutes out of the womb before he had a set of rock hard abs and toned pecs.

At this point, they were aimlessly walking around the arena that would transform into Adrenaline Rush a few days later, workers setting up the ring, lights, and seats. He stopped in front of the entrance, looking around slowly.

Apollo: This...this is my house. Come the 13th, Jeremiah Johnson, Glenn Ecko, and Mascara will be busted open on the ground, on the receiving hand of the Pretty Boy Drop. And when that bell rings for the second time, it will be my finely manicured hand raised in the air.
Apollo looked down at his silver Rolex, watching the time go by, ears listening closely to the tick-tock of the small hand.

Apollo: Well, would you look at the time. It's already a quarter past 6 - I have a photo shoot in a few hours.

Rain: A few hours? Surely you can stay for a few more questions?

Apollo: Oh, darling. You underestimate how much work goes into modelling. If I only have 3 hours until shooting, it only gives me 2 and a half hours of relaxation. I need a solid 4, or I simply cannot work under such stressful conditions. Too-da-loo.

Apollo elegantly waved at the camera, even giving a bow before the cameras went to black.