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Thread: NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way Review

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    NXT Takeover Special NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way Review

    NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way
    September 11, 2014

    The Ascension (c) vs Lucha Dragons - NXT Tag Titles
    Before the match, they recapped Lucha Dragon's road to winning the #1 contender's tournament to earn this shot. Interestingly enough, they defeated Murphy and Blake in the first round. The early going on this match was just Sin Cara playing the face-in-peril against the champions. Not surprisingly, it's not very good and I don't care about any of it. Luckily, this match is different from the last TakeOver special as Kalisto got the hot tag and was able to showcase some of his crazy spots. They didn't always go too smoothly, but it still brought some excitement to an Ascension match. Things improve a little more once Sin Cara gets involved more to set-up some spots with all four men. After Sin Cara prevented a Fall from Men attempt, Kalisto was able to get the pinfall to win the NXT Tag Titles after Salida del Sol. The win felt a bit important, although no where close as the NXT Title or NXT Women's Title matches. ** 1/2

    CJ Parker vs Baron Corbin
    First time seeing Corbin, who is announced as to making his NXT debut. Match is over as quick as it begins with Corbin winning with a variation of Jay Lethal's Lethal Combination. Considering the fact I wasn't looking forward to having to watch a CJ Parker match, I'm fine with this. SQUASH.

    Enzo Amore w/Big Cass vs Sylvester Lefort w/Marcus Louis - Hair vs Hair
    The pre-match video package for the match showed a dog losing it's hair due to some magic hair removal solution. That alone sums up this match. It's a very antics filled segment with the Italians cutting an energetic pre-match promo, but it's not exactly good either. The wackiness is fun, just as it is seeing a bald dog, but there's not much substance beyond that. Both Enzo and The French Stallion seem better suited to be managers as neither guy impressed me at all in the ring. There's some back and forth action, none of is interesting. The commentary comes off as really cheesy as they ignore the match and mostly just talk about hair. Ultimately, Lefort is rolled up by Enzo after Lefort was distracted by Big Cass. Enzo wins, so Lefort will have to be shaved bald. I don't want to completely shit on the match though. The Enzo/Cass act is so over with the NXT audience and Enzo/Lefort could easily succeed as non-wrestling acts due to their overwhelmingly entertaining personalities. * 1/2

    After the match, Enzo and Cass chase Lefort up the ramp until Louis recovers to try and make the save for his partner. Rather than helping Louis out, Lefort smartens up and runs off, leaving Louis alone with the Italians. As payback for his interference, Louis gets the bucket of hair removal solution dumped over his head. So basically, we got to see a hair vs hair match with neither guy in the match losing their hair? Way to make the stipulation mean something.

    William Regal then brings out NXT's newest signing - KENTA. KENTA cuts a promo in both Japanese and English to announce that his new name will be Hideo Itami. This brings out the Ascension, still upset about losing the tag titles. They demand a rematch now and throw Itami out of the ring. Rather than anyone rushing out to help out Itami, the former KENTA quietly removes his jacket and proceeds to kick the Ascension's ass. At the end of it, Regal just gives a tiny little smirk, impressed that Itami was able to handle it all himself. KENTA being in NXT is great, but who's the idiot who decided that his first program be against the crap that are The Ascension?

    Bull Dempsey vs Mojo Rawley
    Oh Bull...I thought you were some random babyface simpleton like Phineas Godwinn when he was in love with Sunny. Trying to book him as this Rhyno-like bad ass when he looks like a 1991 local jobber on Wrestling Challenge is not the way to go. I actually kind of dug the match though. You have the bad ass in Dempsey against Mojo, who kept charging at the unstoppable beast. I loved that Mojo got a couple of cuts on his face to further show how tough fighting Bull is. The match barely went a minute and it's barely above being a squash. Still, I liked this for a powerhouse vs powerhouse match. Bull needs a new look though. Either make him look better looking by having him shave some and some better tights (The Ken Patera style singlet just does not look good) or embrace his ugliness by working a Stan Hansen like cowboy gimmick where it's good to be ugly. The early 90's jobber look does not work though. **

    In the back, the Italians are upset that no one saw Louis' bald head. As it just so happens, they spot Louis and Lefort hanging out. Again, Lefort runs off without even bothering to warn his partner. Louis, with a towel over his head, is carried out to the ring by Big Cass. The towel is removed and Louis is rocking a haircut that reminds me of Tommy Jarvis' bald head from the end of Friday the 13th Part 4. Even some of Louis' eyebrows are gone due to the hair removal solution.

    Charlotte (c) vs Bayley - NXT Women's Title
    Say, that referee sure looks like a jolly bad ass. This is my first time seeing Bayley. She reminds me of a non-retarded female version of Eugene. It's actually a great way to be introduced to Bayley because they played up the fact that she's normally so cheerful and would hug anyone because gosh damn it, she's living her dream! Yet in this match, happy Bayley is dead. Bayley refused to give Charlotte a hug because this bitch has been disrespecting her and Bayley wants Charlotte's title! Fuck yeah! Bayley brings the aggression which is all fun stuff. Even though Charlotte is the one who gets all of the attention, I found her to be the weak link. Bayley was the one who had the match built around, she was the one bringing the quality and having the best moves. The fans got really into it, especially near the end after Bayley made her comeback and got a nearfall with a top rope Frankensteiner. It doesn't matter though as Charlotte hit her poor looking Natural Selection finisher. Better than Charlotte/Natalya from Takeover, but I think I slightly preferred Paige/Emma from ArRival to this. Once again, NXT actually does a great job in making it feel as if women wrestling not only matters, but it's also one of the main draws to watch NXT. *** 1/4

    Adrian Neville (c) vs Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd vs Tyler Breeze - NXT Title
    To the shock of absolutely no one, this was great. In fact, with most fatal four ways in WWE never being anything more than just good, this could easily be the best fatal four way in WWE history. For all I know, I may be forgetting something really obvious though. Everyone in the match had a role. For Tyson Kidd, it was being Mr. Timing. Especially in the middle of the match when he was working over Zayn, he had eyes in the back of his head, constantly preventing Neville from getting back into the ring. Breeze is the one who does the least amount in the match, but late in the match, he stands out as being the one who gets in all of the nearfalls. Nearly every major nearfall was at the hands of Breeze. For Zayn, he was the heart of the match. I particularly like the fact that Kidd and Breeze chose to throw Zayn back into the ring and not Neville after the two babyfaces were given double suplexes by the heels outside of the ring. It may have not been intentional, but it made sense as Zayn is gaining a name for choking in big time matches, so it makes perfect sense that he'll be more likely to lose than Neville. Zayn was also the one who fired up near the end and the one who was cheated out of the win when Neville pulled the referee out of the ring after Zayn had Kidd beat. Finally, there's Neville. Neville's role is the champion who is in a desperate position the longer the match went on. As I said, there was the period in the middle of the match where Neville just couldn't get back into the ring to protect his title thanks to Kidd. Neville then prevented Breeze from tapping out during a Sharpshooter spot by grabbing Breeze's arm. Finally, there's the end with Neville pulling the referee out after the Helluva Kick. It's great as in it's a bit of a heel spot, but it's not actually breaking the rules. Neville is responsible for breaking Zayn's heart by preventing his win and then giving Zayn a kick and the Red Arrow to Kidd to win the match. Neville teased going to the dark side solely because the title meant that much to him and the rules of the fatal four-way match meant it was that much harder for Neville to retain since he was almost never involved in the near endings. I doubt you can find another fatal four-way in any company that played more into the rules of the match than this. Legitimately, my only issue I had with the match was that Renee Young oversold her reaction to the tower of doom spot. Dude, it's a tower of doom, it's been done in the WWE for a decade. Let's not act as if it was the most amazing spot you've ever seen. Easily the second best NXT special match thus far. **** 1/4

    Another NXT two hour special and yet another MOTN from Sami Zayn. To say he's been the MVP of these specials would be an understatement. Zayn has had the three best matches from these NXT specials. If there's another constant on these specials, it's the NXT Women's Division. NXT treats their women division with so much respect that it always blows me away that this is the WWE. The title has only been around for a year and a half and it already has so much more respect and prestige than the WWE Women's or WWE Diva's Title has ever had. Bayley and Charlotte had a legitimately good match without the need of grading it on the typical Diva curve. Unfortunately, this show did expose the fact that outside of the main event scene (Which you can include the women since tonight's show was billed as a double main event), there's not a lot of guys that can put on noteworthy matches in the ring. Instead, NXT is a place with so much personality in their characters. On one hand, it's great that they have so many characters that stands out and is over with the NXT audience, but it doesn't exactly make the undercard matches worth watching. With that being said, NXT bringing in KENTA, Devitt, Steen and Crowe greatly adds to the quality to the roster. Thanks to the main event delivering in a big way, I'd rank Fatal Four-Way as the second best two hour NXT special behind ArRival, but above TakeOver.

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    Re: NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way Review

    Ugh, stop calling the realist guys in the room 'the Italians', ones from New Jersey, ones from New York. The Hair Vs Hair match would get my vote for worst match of the NXT Specials because it's not one of the throwaway squashes on the first hour of the show, it's a flat out bad match, not a dud. You cannot run a hair vs hair match where the loser doesn't get his hair cut off, that's the whole point of the stipulation. On paper this was never going to be much because Enzo is all gimmick, so is Lefort, but if you don't play up to the stip, it's a complete waste of time. Count yourself lucky you don't have to go through the excruciatingly bad fallout of this match where Marcus Louis has a breakdown over his hair loss on the TV Shows. It's pleasing that Big Cass is showing improvement as a wrestler because Enzo's future on the main roster solely relies on him being protected in a tag team with him, or being Cass' manager.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim
    KENTA being in NXT is great, but who's the idiot who decided that his first program be against the crap that are The Ascension?
    I wouldn't say it was an idiotic move, The Ascension as lame as they are as workers are still big deals on NXT because they were Tag Champs for almost a year, for Itami to take both of them on made for a memorable debut. Don't forget this leads up to Finn Balor's debut as well, who they want to portray as friends who've grown up in the business together, so Ascension putting them both over before they head out to the main roster seems like logical booking to me. I'm struggling to see any better options to debut Itami against considering 4 of the biggest names on NXT have their minds focused on a title match coming up so why would they of bothered coming out earlier in the night. Bull Dempsey? Mojo Rawley? CJ Parker? Sylvester LeFort? That would of meant nothing because the crowd don't care for those wrestlers and they've never achieved anything so defeating them is no impressive feat. Taking on the most successful tag team in NXT History on your own? Yeah, that paints Hideo Itami as a bad ass on night one.

    I used to describe Bailey as the female Butters, but non-retarded Eugene works too. I'd rank this divas match somewhere in the middle of the previous two we saw, I preferred it to Charlotte/Natalya which was predictable and they were trying to force an epic, but I'm not sure it was as good as the Paige/Emma match. There was something missing for me in this one. At the time I felt they made the wrong call and Bailey was ready to become Champion, but in hindsight they were right to hold off because there's more interest in her chase.

    Loved the 4 Way, and I'm struggling to think of a better one I've seen in the last few years.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim
    Unfortunately, this show did expose the fact that outside of the main event scene (Which you can include the women since tonight's show was billed as a double main event), there's not a lot of guys that can put on noteworthy matches in the ring. Instead, NXT is a place with so much personality in their characters. On one hand, it's great that they have so many characters that stands out and is over with the NXT audience, but it doesn't exactly make the undercard matches worth watching. With that being said, NXT bringing in KENTA, Devitt, Steen and Crowe greatly adds to the quality to the roster
    Because of the introduction of ITAMI, BALOR and OWENS, there's a really noticeable shift by the next special in how NXT becomes more about these indy darlings, and less and less about WWE's homegrown talent. I maybe forgetting someone, but Tyler Breeze is the only male product of the WWE's developmental system who actually puts in a good performance on these specials, the shows are largely carried by the old indy workers on the male side of things. Also, don't talk up Crowe in the same sentence as the other guys, he's not added anything to NXT yet since his debut.

    The next special is aces, unbelievably good. Go watch now.
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