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Thread: Winter Wasteland PPV PRESHOW RESULTS

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    Winter Wasteland PPV PRESHOW RESULTS


    The feed opens to David Weinstock and Lucy Pinder sitting at the announcer's table next to the ring. The crowd behind them is nearing full force as the start of the hour-long Youtube Preshow begins inside the Moscow, Russia arena.

    Lucy Pinder: Welcome to the Winter Wasteland preshow event here in the cold, frigid land of Moscow, Russia. We're live inside the arena where the Scorched Earth war tactics will not work. There is no running, no hiding. Only facing the inevitable violence and aggression before each of these wrestlers.

    David Weinstock: Gabrielle Montgomery defends her FWA World Championship against Phillip A. Jackson and Jack of Diamonds. "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson continues his fight against tyranny when he defends the North American Championship against Thomas Princeton, the Fight Night general manager. There is The Movement against Executive Excellence for a tag team championships shot and KAIZEN defending the X championship in a Parking Lot Brawl against his long-time rival, Marcus Thane. Wow.

    Lucy Pinder: Of course, we have a few more matches on the card and they start tonight inside the arena of Moscow, Russia.

    Alessandra Allure vs. Olga the Ogre

    Alessandra starts with a few strong grapples and a series of backhand chops to the chest of Olga. Alessandra whips Olga into the ropes and hits an athletic spinning wheel kick before a sole kick to the stomach and sunset flip that garners a two count. Alessandra applies a front face lock and transitions to a backslide that Olga again kicks out from. The new FWA female lands a palm strike, followed by a dash off the ropes and jumping spinning DDT! Alessandra goes for the pinfall, but Olga kicks out at two.

    Alessandra grabs Olga and lands a side Russian leg sweep followed by another dash off the ropes and a running bulldog that Olga blocks. Alessandra is sent landing on her ass as Olga rises to her feet. Olga whips Alessandra into the ropes and but the newcomer ducks a clothesline and lands a fireman's carry. She locks in Kondo Clutch and the crowd gives a nice ovation with the announcing team honoring the move. Alessandra keeps it applied for 10 to 15 seconds while Olga suffers, and then taps out.

    Winner: Alessandra Allure

    Between matches, a video package plays showing the build up between Thomas Princeton and "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson. The crowd is very into Stevenson's plight, starting when he was the No. 1 overall pick in the FWA brand split draft. He turned down Princeton's help and then had to defend himself against Princeton at all turns, including when his own perceived ally, Danny Tuner, tricked "The Emerald."

    Lucy Pinder: Prediction, David? I've got Drew Stevenson.

    David Weinstock: I've got Thomas Princeton, Lucy. I think he's cunning and cerebral and good enough to end Stevenson's reign as North American Champion, and in turn end his reign as a possible World Championship challenger.

    Don Sheen vs. Jobber Jimbo

    The newcomer grapples Jobber Jimbo tough around the neck and lands a series of strikes into the stomach. He whips Jobber Jimbo against the ropes and hits a belly to belly suplex that makes the crowd turn their heads. Don Sheen continues the assault, landing multiple elbow strikes to the upper spine of Jimbo. Don Sheen whips Jimbo into the ropes and lands a big boot to the face, and then a corner splash against the turnbuckle. Don Sheen hits his "The Eternal Abyss" to finish the match as Jobber Jimbo is laying motionless and Don Sheen weakly pins for the easy 1-2-3 victory.

    Winner: Don Sheen

    The arena is around 70 percent full to watch the video package of "Savant" KAIZEN and "Monarch of Shadows" Marcus Thane, who turned on KAIZEN and brutally assaulted him after Trial By Fire. It shows how the X-Championship belt has gone back and forth between the two the past few months, starting with KAIZEN and then to Thane and back to KAIZEN.

    Lucy Pinder: KAIZEN defeated Phillip A. Jackson a few weeks ago. Can he defeat his main nemesis in the FWA?

    David Weinstock: I'm taking KAIZEN only because I think he's the real deal. This match type, Parking Lot Brawl, is in Marcus Thane's favor.

    CrossFire vs. Fight Night
    Alana Allure & DIVINE vs. Saddle Sally & Taylor Toxic

    The arena is starting to get full. Alana Allure and DIVINE come out together to a big reaction from the crowd. DIVINE is really getting over with the crowd and Alana is also getting a nice pop. Saddle Sally and Taylor Toxic come out next to a pretty nice amount of heat, the two seem to be getting along well enough, but it's clear they're not friends. The match starts off and Taylor goes off against DIVINE. The two women lock up and start off the match at a fast pace with Taylor hitting DIVINE with a lot of jabs. Toxic then Irish whips DIVINE off the ropes and clobbers her with a big clothesline.

    DIVINE gets up a bit slow and Toxic is all over her but DIVINE pushes Toxic off of her and then tags in Alana who comes out hot and knocks Taylor down. Taylor gets up fast but she's grabbed by Alana for a running backbreaker! Alana is on fire as a dizzy Toxic stands up she kicks her in the gut and lifts her up for a big shoulder suplex! Allure covers 1...2 Toxic kicks out. Alana then spends the next few minutes dominating Toxic until she goes for a big DDT but Toxic manages to slip out and tag in Saddle Sally who literally leaps off the turnbuckle and missile dropkicks Alana to the ground. Alana holds her chest in pain and Sally begins slapping it over and over again. Alana struggles trying to get some offense but then Sally pulls her into big spinning suplex!

    Alana holds her chest in pain as Sally comes from behind and attempts to grab her into a half nelson but Allure slips out and elbows Sally across the chin. Alana tags in DIVINE who comes out with the crowd cheering. Sally throws a jab at DIVINE but DIVINE ducks it and then grabs Sally for a brainbuster! Sally rolls around on the mat in pain. DIVINE kneels down to grab the cowgirl but Sally slaps her across the face and then crawls to tag in Toxic who comes out and tries to bicycle kick DIVINE but DIVINE counters it into a leg drag, as Toxic gets up she puts her into an arm drag slam. Taylor is slow to het feet and DIVINE sees her chance kicking Taylor in the gut and hits her with her finisher Divine touch! DIVINE hooks the leg of Taylor 1...2...3! The match is over and DIVINE and Alana get their arms raised together while Saddle Sally scowls and Taylor rolls on the mat in pain.

    Winners: Alana Allure & DIVINE via pinfall

    The arena is around 80 percent full as the crowd watches a video package for Ayla El and "Rockstar" Randy Ramon, two best of friends who have had differences during RevELution's FWA Tag Team Championships reign. The package ends with Ayla El's challenge and Randy accepting it, and the usual antics of Randy that annoy his partner.

    David Weinstock: This could steal the show. You have two friends wrestling one another for pride and personal friendly rivalry. I love it.

    Lucy Pinder: And I'm going with Ayla EL. Girls stick together.

    Another video package airs, this one for the FWA Women's Championship match. Shannon O'Neal is shown much in her downward spiral since losing the FWA World title match to Gabrielle Montgomery. Zoey Ellis is shown often rising through the ranks, beating people such as Saddle Sally and Taylor Toxic.

    Alex Millar vs. Dune vs. Ghost

    The three eye one another up, with Ghost and Dune staring mostly at each other and Alex Millar mostly ignored. Dune and Ghost walk toward one another and stand face to face. Alex Millar is crouched, ready to fight. He notices they aren't paying him attention, and relaxes. Ghost looks away for a second, and Dune lands a right hand. Ghost lands one back. The two masked or painted men trade haymakers before Ghost gains the upper hand. He whips Dune into the ropes and lands an elbow to the face, followed by a whip into the turnbuckle. Dune lands a boot to a running Ghost, and then a tough headbutt and quick jabs followed by a hooking strike that knocks Ghost down. Alex Millar is leaning against the ropes, staying out of the confrontation.

    Lucy Pinder: Are you surprised at this from Alex Millar, the newest luchador in the FWA?

    David Weinstock: Why not? He's facing Ghost and Dune, two weird and scary dudes. Alex Millar is intriguing. He started his career with a draw. How many people in FWA history can say they started their careers with a draw?!

    Alex Millar stays smirking on the side of the ring while Dune and Ghost continue going at one another. Ghost lands a kick to the stomach of Dune, and then executes a military press slam. He covers, but Dune quickly kicks out at one and one-quarter count. Ghost lands a few right hands but Dune goes defensive and eventually explodes with a violent clothesline. Dune hits a double underhook piledriver and follows with meticulous jumping knee drops, three of them, before pinning. Ghost kicks out at barely a two count.

    Alex Millar stays on the exterior and watches, staying healthy. Dune grabs Ghost and slams his head into the turnbuckle. He lands a leaping corner splash. Then he lands a second. The third one from Dune misses the mark and Ghost hits an inverted atomic drop! Ghost goes for the cover, thinking he may have the match won!!! But Alex Millar seizes his opportunity and grabs Ghost by the legs and tries to sneak a pinfall!
    (.................1.....................2......Kick out!)

    Lucy Pinder: Uh oh! Smart move by Alex Millar, but it didn't result in a win.

    Ghost is now standing behind Alex Millar, who is frustrated. Ghost grabs him around the neck and hits "Darkness Falls" with the crowd cheering! Alex Millar is down, and rolls to the apron holding the back of his head. Ghost is up and tries the same with Dune, but the big man reverses it by turning his body and head and driving Ghost back first into the turnbuckle. Dune lands shoulder drives into the stomach repeatedly to punish Ghost in the corner of the ring. Dune walks Ghost out and hits a Guerrilla press powerslam. Dune goes for the pinfall now!

    Alex Millar again is up and grabs Dune by the legs and pulls him off Ghost! Now Alex Millar goes for the pinfall!
    (..................1......................2............Kick out!)

    David Weinstock: AGAIN! Alex Millar again tried to sneak a pinfall in against these two, but it didn't work. And now it's Dune awaiting Alex Millar to rise!

    Dune doesn't wait, though. He pounces with clubbing blows to the upper spine before hitting an inverted DDT to Alex Millar. He grabs Alex Millar and hits a massive release German suplex that throws Alex Millar through the bottom and middle ropes and out of the ring! Alex Millar's head bounces off the canvas and the body crumbles to the outside floor.

    Ghost lands a blow to Dune's spine and whips him into the corner for his patented Stinger splash, and then a bridging fisherman suplex!

    Ghost grabs Dune around the neck and goes for another whip and another Stinger splash in the corner. This one misses the mark and Dune hits a fallaway slam! Alex Millar slides back into the ring, but isn't all there. Dune lands a knee to Ghost's gut and sends him through the ropes and out of the ring. Alex Millar lands a springboard clothesline to take down Dune!

    Lucy Pinder: That was the first move Alex Millar has hit, or even tried, all match!

    Millar goes to the top and tries for a hurricarana, but Dune blocks it with a shove off his shoulders. Alex Millar lands on his feet but Dune lands a violent roundhouse kick to the face that nearly knocks Alex Millar out.

    Dune finishes the match with his "Hourglass" finisher and covers Alex Millar while Ghost struggles to get up from the outside.

    Winner: Dune

    The arena is around 90 percent full with cheering fans when the video package airs for The Movement against Executive Excellence. The package details the cunning acts of Executive Excellence and the brutal violence of The Movement. The tag team championships, an opportunity at them, are up for grabs as these two powerful forces face one another.

    Lucy Pinder: This may be a tough one to predict.

    David Weinstock: I'm taking The Movement. There hasn't been a more dominant force in the FWA since Crossfire returned. The Movement is simply unstoppable.

    James "Eyesnane" Hughes vs. Drew Jolson

    James Hughes enters first to a respectable pop from the crowd. Hughes makes his way down to the ring, he has his game face on as he stretches in the ring. Drew Jolson comes out next, Lovisa Snow has been banned from ringside and Drew has a very worried look on his face. Drew climbs into the ring and the ring bell sounds the two men circle each other and then lock up. Drew manages to slap Hughes hard and then slip out of the ring. Hughes follows and Jolson runs around like a scared punk as Hughes chases him. Hughes turns the corner and is grabbed by Drew and then is Irish whipped into the steel steps. Drew hops into the ring and Hughes slowly pulls himself back into the ring and Jolson begins stomping on him over and over trying to soften him up and the ref eventually forces Drew off him.

    Drew stands back with a cocky grin on his face as Hughes get to his feet, Drew then tries to grab him but Hughes knocks his hands away and then grabs Drew into an arm drag. Drew flops onto the mat and tries getting up but Hughes is on him and grabs him into a headlock. Hughes tightens his grip and then Drew fights to get out of it. The crowd is clearly behind James but Drew manages to elbow Hughes off him and then turns around and kicks Hughes in the gut and then puts him into a quick DDT! Drew covers Hughes 1...2 Hughes kicks out! Drew stalks James and then delivers a few quick MMA style kicks to James trying anything to take the warrior wrestler down. Hughes seems to be a bit resistant to Drew's attacks. Drew goes off the ropes anyway for a clothesline but Hughes counters it by ducking the clothesline and then grabbing Jolson into an inverted Russian suplex! Drew rolls around in pain on the mat.

    Hughes drops an elbow onto the chest of Drew. Jolson coughs violently and then Hughes tries to lock in his finished N-Sane Lock but Drew manages to squirm out of it and grabs the bottom rope forcing the hold to be broken. A frustrated Hughes tries to grab Jolson but Drew is sneaky and rolls out of the hold and then grabs Hughes by the hair and slams the back of his head into his knee. Hughes collapses onto the mat and then Drew puts Hughes into a hammerlock. Hughes is in pain and then Drew knees James in the gut and tries to hit his finisher The Jolt but Hughes counters it and turns it into a big shoulder suplex. Drew gets up in a daze and Hughes easily grabs Jolson into this Eye Dont Like U finisher! Hughes covers Drew's leg 1...2...3! The crowd cheers as Hughes gets his arm raised and a very angry Drew holds his lower back.

    Winner: James "Eyesnane" Hughes via pinfall

    The arena is now 100 percent full with screaming fans as the crowd cheers in anticipation. The final video package is for Devin Golden against Cryos. It details Golden screwing Cryos out of his undefeated streak, and then Cryos attacking "The Rotten Gold" following his Crossfire main event win against DIVINE.

    The final package is for the FWA World Chapionship main event. Gabrielle Montgomery is shown brutally assaulting Shannon O'Neal a month ago as the crowd turns on the goddess. Ashley O' Ryan and Thomas Princeton agree to select one from each brand to face Gabrielle, and Ashley chooses Phillip A. Jackson while Princeton selects Jack of Diamonds following his win against Drew Stevenson. Both challengers suffer losing streaks as Gabrielle, who doesn't compete on regular television, pokes them along the way.

    David Weinstock: I don't see how either man can defeat Gabrielle with the way they are wrestling right now.

    Lucy Pinder: But...what if they are playing possum?

    David Weinstock: WHat do you mean?

    Lucy Pinder: What if it's a trick?

    David Weinstock: Then I'm taking Jack of Diamonds. I think he has the right mindset. I don't like Phillip A. Jackson's mindset right now.

    Inside the Octagon
    "The Infamous" Adam Bonnie vs. Alexander Alistair Williams

    Lucy Pinder:
    The following contest is an Inside The Octagon match! In the Octagon... A.A. Williams! And his opponent - Adam Bonnie!

    A huge pyro technic explosion goes off as Adam Bonnie walks to the ring looking amazing. He poses for the crowd as he looks down at the ring set up like an octagon. He walks into the ring and the match begins.

    Bonnie immediately takes control of the match as he hits Williams with a series of kicks. Williams screams in pain as Bonnie hits a knee wheel throw! Uh oh, Williams get thrown with a leg wheel! Williams gets hit with a Daki-Age slam! Bonnie starts to beat down Williams with a series of stomps, until he picks up Williams and hits a two hand reap! Williams is in pain as Bonnie comes with a single leg takedown! The crowd is hot as Bonnie is putting on a clinic against Williams! From behind, Bonnie hits a scoop throw on Williams! Out of nowhere, Williams is hit with a floating hip throw! No! Williams receives a beautiful sweeping hip throw from Bonnie! Williams can barely continue as Bonnie grabs him... flying armbar! Williams continues to cry out in pain as the hold is locked on tight! Bonnie picks up Williams, only for Williams to receive a butterfly sweep! Williams turns around right into The Instant Infamy! The referee declares Williams unable to continue and this Adam Bonnie wins the Inside The Octagon match!

    Winner: "The Infamous" Adam Bonnie

    The cameras caught with PAJ as he is making his way in the arena.

    Todd Salum: We have heard rumours all week. Is it true that you are siding with The Movement?

    PAJ: It is.

    Todd Salum: Why?

    Philip A. Jackson is in a hurry and he doesn't want to waste any time before his big match tonight. He moves past Salum.

    Todd Salum: Why?

    Philip is still not giving him an answer and Salum screams at him.

    Todd Salum: WHY?

    Philip has enough. He turns around to give Salum his answer.

    PAJ: I have seen what is hidden beneath the mask.

    This leaves Salum speechless as PAJ dissapears.

    Lucy Pinder: What about Phillip A. Jackson's mindset now, David?!?!

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    Re: Winter Wasteland PPV PRESHOW RESULTS

    Nice pre-show has me pumped for the main show. Liked Bonnie getting a decisive win, really looking forward to him pushing on now. Is it just me or has Eyesnsane got a crazy good record recently? Dune going 5-0 jeez, big things from that guy. PAJ is with The Movement :0 dafuq

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    Re: Winter Wasteland PPV PRESHOW RESULTS

    Good work. I like having a lot going on in the FWA. TIG I don't know if you are crazy or I am lucky.

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    Re: Winter Wasteland PPV PRESHOW RESULTS

    I see big things in the future for Hughes, same for Dune.

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    Re: Winter Wasteland PPV PRESHOW RESULTS

    Awesome pre-show! Now on to the PPV proper... Big thanks to the writers!

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    Re: Winter Wasteland PPV PRESHOW RESULTS

    Great show to all those involved! Congrats on the win Dune, it was nice working with you and Millar this show.
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    Re: Winter Wasteland PPV PRESHOW RESULTS

    Thanks Jimmy, likewise!

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