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YouTube video - Following the Adrenaline Rush in Charlotte, Jacob Wayne posted a video on YouTube. The video sees him dressed in gym clothes, having just finished a work-out. This is days after the Charlotte Adrenaline Rush, and also after the preview for Hartford's Adrenaline Rush had been posted. Jacob doesn't look to be in a good mood. He is in his studio apartment, sitting on a computer chair in front of a laptop.

"In Charlotte, I lost my chance to become the number one contender to the High Voltage championship. Bruce Knight beat me, fair and square, one, two, three. I really have no reason to complain, but damn it, I did not want to lose. I want to be a champion. That's why I'm here. Bruce Knight, you earned your victory and I respect that and I also wish you luck in your match for the High Voltage championship. Whether you win or not, I don't care. Whoever the champion is, be ready. Expect me to be coming for you."

"In Hartford, I'm set to take on Syn. I'll be honest, I don't care who I wrestle. My record has become two and two. I don't like that. I'm tied and I need the tiebreaker in my record to be a win. That's why I don't care if I wrestle Syn, I don't care if I wrestle Kyle Crosby, I don't care if I wrestle Humanity, I care about winning! I care about getting back on the winning track and working my way back up in the rankings to become number one contender to the High Voltage championship.

I don't care about you Syn, I don't care where you come from, and I don't care about who you've beat. I care about showing up in Hartford and I care about beating you. I'm ready to fight and I'm ready to compete, just like I always am. You better be ready Syn, because I'm ready and I'm ready to win. I'll see you out there."
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Title: Kiss of the Dragon Pt. 1: The Return of Darkness
CWA Adrenaline Rush: February 13th - Hartford, Connecticut
CWA High Voltage Championship Match
Mr. Enigma vs Bruce Knight

In the midst of an open field, the smoke of war begins to clear as knights from lands both near and far, steady their pace near a cave which many of them traveled far to reach. Inside, the source of the smoke steaming from the cave becomes apparent and that what they came for was going to be a bit more than they would be able to handle.

Welcome Bruce. Welcome to your cave. Like the Knight that you are, you failed to properly prepare. Who boasted your ego into this fray? Who made you believe that upon this journey you would stand the chance that you took by taking this leap of faith only to end in vain? Maybe you should return to that man or those men and reconsider. Nonetheless, your arrival is imminent and your destiny, surely, will end most definitely unfulfilled.

As the knights move in, some are already filled in their hearts with fear. The mere breathing of something beyond their imagination waits as many men quickly turn and run just from the sound of its movement.

It’s one thing to talk trash, but it’s altogether something different when reality faces the motivation and that very motivation tucks tail and simply doesn’t show up to prove its worth. That is you Bruce. Unlike the Dark Knight, no one will be calling you name, sending up any signals of salvation and to be honest, you are only what those very stories are in themselves…fictional fairy tales of grandeur. You see Bruce, you allowed you imagination to outrun your talent and being that you lack both Enigma will prove to you the one thing that you failed to understand. And that Bruce, that is simply the fact that you pale in comparison to me or even my mere shadows. And the fact that you can’t even come close to even those things that represent the figment of my reality, spells just how pathetic you will be proven to be.

One of the remaining knights stands among the others as he dares to enter the cave. More smoke billows from the darkness as the knight disappears into the depths of the cave. Suddenly, as the knight was no longer visible, a yell like none other is heard followed by the bottom half of a bloody body is tossed back to the awaiting men outside. Soon after, the dragon emerges. He gives off a long powerful roar with a breath of flames as all that remained took off running as he in a final act of dominance spread his wings, standing tall above the backdrop of the mountains. As the men ran as fast as they could, the dragon took off in flight until he caught them all, leaving their bodies stacked in a bloody pile in that same said field. After his triumph, he took back to the cave where he rested again until again the next reason for his open presence arrived.

The scene reverts back to Enigma and his fiancé Red as he sits up to the rising of a bright sun with a yawn and a face of sarcasm that only his mother would or could love.

As Red roles over, she says, “Good morning to you too. I see someone slept well.”

“Indeed,” responds Enigma as he flicks on the TV.

Red then begins to rub his back as she asks, “What was all the moving around this morning about?”

“Oh that was just a dream.”

“A dream of what,” she asks.

Enigma smiles as he gets up and stretches again as he responds, “Dominance!”

So in all of this, you think that because you have now stepped forward, that you will be the one that takes me down? Many men have come before you and many will come after you and like the Matrix and yet unlike Neo, I’m sorry Bruce, but you are not that one. It is especially something when people like you talk big but it is even more entertaining when they have absolutely nothing of worth to back it up. Who will save you when it matters most Bruce? Maybe this is the perfect time to call on a butler or better yet, stick that thumb of yours back in your ass while you place the other in or even the same in your mouth and dare me to come forward. Maybe then Bruce, just maybe I would consider walking away and taking the loss like a coward. Unfortunately Bruce, not even your sick ass thoughts to keep me way will work in your efforts to avoid the embarrassment that I will evoke on your soul.

They say, for some, all it takes is a little push or for others they just warn them of poking the bear. Like the calm before the storm, this is your chance Bruce to let life be and go another way. Unlike you, while you strive for early beginnings with the ambitions of the High Voltage Championship, Enigma is already on to the next one. It’s only a matter of time for Enigma and for you Bruce, you are simply a waste of mine. Like those before you as well as the former, prepare to be added to the pile of endless victims. But for you Bruce, to simply let you lay with the rest in itself may be too good for you. For you, there has to be something more and to totally embarrass an abomination in front of the millions, that may be more than fitting.

As the day goes on, now, late in that same afternoon, we are now looking into the late night afterhours where two workers are working the late shift in a morgue on the outskirts of town.

One worker takes a body zipped up in a bag that has been there for over 24 hours now roles that body into the next room where he prepares it for an early grave.

“Man this one sure does stink.”

His friend and co-worker then got a hint of the foul odor as well as he also adds, “Yeah, and surely all that blood isn’t helping his case.”

“Yeah, damn shame what happened to this one.”

As he unzips the bag, the hand falls out, causing the man to jump in fear.

“Man you a little bit*h,” followed by laughter.

“Whatever. I wasn’t expecting it.”

As he continues to make preparations, unknowingly to him, the other hand starts to slowly move. He walks away to prepare his other tools as his friend leaves to handle some more pressing personal issues with a local toilet.

While this one flinched to the sudden movement of that which was unknown, for you Bruce, my actions won’t be so unexpected but more assured for the true sense of shock and awe. Surely you approach may be similar as before but be warned Bruce because there will be quite a difference when you open this door. While you may tread along doing what you think is typical, be assured, that when the match is won, you will be the one laid out and removed only by a stretcher. Death is like revenge, cold and sometimes bitter sweet, but as long as it is obtained sooner or later, it’s always better served one way or another at the least.

As the man returns to his table, very quickly he is met nothing as the body has somehow moved without his knowing. As he turns in awe to locate it, the man that was once on the table, with blood stained face and all meets him with a signal of silence and a blade to his throat. Not uttering a word they move into one of the local freezer rooms where the once thought dead man Steven slits the workers throat, leaving him dead on the floor. As his friend remained in the men’s room a bit longer than thought, Steven was making his moves to set the mortuary ablaze. Steven spread quickly paper and other fire starter fluids along with other flammable materials everywhere before stepping outside to watch it burn. As the other worker began to smell the smoke, he rushed out only to find himself surrounded by smoke and several fires all around him. As he rushed to safety, he pulled the fire alarm. As it went off, the fires continued to burn. To his only refuge, he runs into the freezer and shuts the door behind him, only to run into the shock and awe of his now dead coworker in front of him and a fire burning behind him. The scene is then left with a blood stained facial of Steven as he looks back on his self-made destruction, just before turning to run into the wilderness.

And just like that Bruce, the question is not how fast you will gain yet another defeat, but more so, in what way will the defeat take place. You see Bruce, this time around, Enigma wants to make this special and send a message. Unlike Steven and his surprise to the workers, your insignificance will not be a surprise to me….not one bit. And when the fire surrounds you and you realize just how deep into the flames you are and that running won’t even help you, then what? There won’t be any rules, at least, even if there are, Enigma will attempt to break them all. If there is a back, spinal cords will sling, where there is arms, fractures will occur, and where there is a proud beating of ones chest, with the sudden impact of a sonic boom, it too shall be caved in and broken. Broken; keep that in mind Bruce because unlike Batman, you won’t be able to return and become the beloved savior of the CWA or let alone for yourself.

Late that same afternoon, Enigma was out with Red and others to at a local club. As he and others walked outside to head to their car, the valet driver pulled up his BMW when suddenly shots were fired. Several shots rang out just nights before Enigma was due to defend his title as the only thing remaining were the sounds of screams and yells and tires screeching off into the distance.

While Enigma took refuge behind his car, in his driver seat, the valet driver was not so lucky.

Suddenly in the distance, someone yelled, “Someone call the police!”

Blood was everywhere and all over the car. Some had even splattered onto Enigma’s white outfit. Enigma stands amidst the chaos, firm, and as before, already planning his next move even in the midst of uncertainty.

Tears, stress, bloodshed; who was behind this? What was the point or purpose? Enigma’s old flame LD was now dead and resting with the devil so now what?

Bruce, one thing that is for certain is that the only uncertainty is your demise or how will it in fact take place. Speak your mind; talk your trash while you can because by the nights end, the only thing you will be able to say is the unspoken words of silence. The pain will be great and perspectives will indeed be made clear and no matter what you do or how many times you yell, your begging will not win you any sense of favor, grace, or mercy. Enigma will have his vengeance and unfortunately for you, you won’t have to wait until the next life but you will beg that he allows you to rush into the thereafter sooner than later. When Enigma is done with you, there won’t be a Bruce Knight to knight but instead, a coward moaning in agony lying in the middle of the ring with a broken back, a tormented and broken spirit and the next big thing to nearest insane asylum. Welcome to this side of darkness Bruce and at the end of the day I’ll say you’re welcome and at the same time, no thank you to a pathetic attempt of a boy that thought he could act the part of a man and fail in ways that only your utter embarrassment will be able to explain.
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We cut backstage to the locker room, where the camera is panned up close to CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Cyrus Truth. He's dressed for his match, but something' As he sits on a bench with the World Title draped across his lap, he's got his hands folded and his chin resting on top of his clenched fingers. We've not heard from Cyrus since his match at Five Star Attraction..which by itself isn't anything out of the ordinary, there's been absolutely no sign of him until this evening. But here he sits...trembling. His voice cracks as he speaks up.

Cyrus Truth: Denied.

That one word is spoken with all the emotion in the world, and it only gets more and more pointed as he repeats that word over and over again. And with every "Denied," Cyrus's voice gets louder and louder until he's just below the point of screaming it.

Cyrus Truth: Denied AGAIN. I was denied AGAIN! What...what more do I have to do to get my just dues? How much more must this damn company take from me before I am given something, ANYTHING back?! Five Star Attraction was supposed to be the night where all my sacrifices and all my efforts were finally paid back to me. All I asked for was a match. A match between the very best to restore this company's pride and save its soul from the filth that had infected it for far too long. A match that would've gained me either that one glorious victory or a warrior's demise. Is even THAT too much to ask from the CWA for EVERYTHING I'VE DONE FOR THIS COMPANY?!

Cyrus slams his left fist into the hardwood bench not once, but three times. There's a slight trickle of blood seeping from between his knuckles as he barely even registers the injury, instead focusing on the World Title in his right hand.

Cyrus Truth: Y'know...I'm not mad that the match between myself and Krash wasn't the main event. I'm disappointed, since whether this company lived or died its legacy was not at stake in that other match...but again, I'm not upset. What I AM upset about is that the match just COULDN'T be left well enough alone. What really has pushed my sanity WELL beyond the tipping point is that certain individuals saw fit to take away the one small, meager desire I had and crush it at the biggest show of the year. And while I'm not surprised that Noah Hanson's monster decided to stick his big head in where it didn't belong, I am beyond enraged that Chubby Carlos intervened.

Just saying Carlos's name has gotten Cyrus riled up again. You can tell he's moved well beyond just being upset and has lost a good deal of his legendary control. This is not The Exile CWA fans have known for almost three years...this is a rabid dragon who's just been awoken.

Cyrus Truth: Carlos...exactly what did my match have to do with you? Hmm? What precisely compelled you, of all people, to think that your interjection was either needed or wanted? Oh yes, Goliath had every intention to ruin my moment and Krash's ascension, but he wasn't the one who drew the disqualification, was he? No, that was YOU, fatman. It was you who cost Krash his shot at glory and cost me EVERYTHING. Because once again, I lost at Five Star Attraction. Once again, I am denied the glory and respect I am owed. And though I am still CWA World Heavyweight Champion, this title...this symbol of excellence that I hold above all else? This title is a JOKE thanks to you! And I'm the bigger joke for holding it!

Cyrus stands up in a start, snarling and damn near foaming at the mouth in rage. He gets in extremely close to the camera, ranting and raving like a madman possessed.

Cyrus Truth: WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME?! I gave you your chance to become a legend, but you failed! You always fail! That's what you do, Carlos! You fall short of your aspirations time and time and time again and when you look to finally succeed for once in your miserable life, you FAIL AND FAIL AGAIN! that it? Is that why you interjected at Five Star? Has it dawned on you that your entire career has been a failure and you couldn't accept that Krash was the heir apparent? Huh? Have you stooped to such a pathetic low that you felt the need to deny Krash and I that one fleeting moment of glory? I don't know! Maybe you're just an idiot! Either way, there's no excuse for what you did, and I promise you right here and now...all the terrible and violent things I've done over my career? They will PALE in comparison to what I will do to you for this...this INSULT to me.

Cyrus calms down (barely) as he backs away from the camera a bit. He slings the World Title over his shoulder as he looks at it. His look is not one of a proud and noble's one of disgust.

Cyrus Truth: As if that insult wasn't enough, Krash is apparently not getting the rematch he so richly deserves. No...the next challenger for my championship is Prince Pain. The "Savior of CWA" himself. Let me make one thing perfectly clear to anybody who's watching this...Prince Pain didn't save s**t. He won a match that let this company survive for the moment, yes, but save CWA? No. CWA's not just a's a philosophy. A philosophy that Pain does not share. A philosophy that would've been saved had Krash and I been allowed to do so. You think anything's changed now that Hanson's no longer in control? Don't be an idiot. Oh, so much could've been changed. A new golden age for this company could've been secured if the CWA World Title match could've been allowed to happen uninterrupted. And if you think I'm speaking in hyperbole, think again. Krash and I could've shown the world that this belt, this ideal could stand for more than just a prize to be won! But no...we can't anymore. Because I now have to fight a man who doesn't understand or appreciate what the World Title is supposed to mean. Because this company seems to think that just being the champion's enough for me. Because this company, while more than happy to take and take and take every last bit of my passion and desire, has proven unwilling to give me something worthwhile back in return.

Cyrus is clearly riled up again, but manages not to shout as he coldly says:

Cyrus Truth: I don't care about this tag match tonight. I don't care about my partner or my opponents. I don't want to be in this tag match and I don't want to have any part of either Pain or The Movement. But it seems that CWA wants their good little soldier to play the hero again and fight the monsters. So fine...I'll fight your monsters once more, CWA. I'll play the role you obviously demand I play for your own petty desires. But not as a hero. Not tonight. I'm not going to pretend to like or respect my opponents or even my tag partner. I'm not going out there to start rebuilding this company's prestige from stratch AGAIN after all my efforts were wasted at Five Star Attraction. I don't care if Prince Pain thinks he's entitled to my championship or anything from me, and I don't care if Humanity and Nightmare think they are untouchable. I don't give a damn about anything other than taking some of this misery and suffering that I'm enduring and inflicting it on someone, ANYONE who dares step into the same ring as this Wayward Warrior. Pain...Humanity...Nightmare. I'm only going to say this once.

Cyrus gets in close to the camera and says, a tone just above a whisper.

Cyrus Truth: Cross me if you think you're strong enough. Stand against me if you think you're hard enough. But be prepared to find out just what kind of horrors this unhinged and forsaken World Champion is capable of unleashing. Tonight, all three of you will find out just what kind of monster I've become after fighting them for so very long. And then, you three will know why I, out of the four of us, should be feared the most. Memento mori, te condemnavit.

Cyrus walks away in a huff as the camera finally can see the locker room behind him...or rather, what's left of it. The room looks completely trashed, presumably by an enraged Cyrus. Clothes and gear is all over the place, torn and ripped to shreds. Most poignant is a mirror that looks to have been punched repeatedly, shattering the glass. It's clear that the stoic Exile is not here, and he's been replaced by a man fueled only by rage and hatred. What does this mean for anybody unfortunate enough to stand against him...or even WITH him?
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"Max. Hey, Max. ......

Max, will you talk to us?"

His eyes go from completely shut to completely open. His reaction -- the loud, piercing screams -- are like he just woke up from the most horrible nightmare. He's strapped to the insane asylum bed, resting next to one corner of this four-sided rectangle-shaped room with plain white walls and no windows. Just the door on the opposite site has a thin, tall window to look into the hallway and across at the other room. Every now and then Max may look and see another inmate, but it's rare.

As he scans the room, he notices the voice asking the question. This man no more than 6 feet stands right next to me, not holding anything in his hands so to try and comfort Max. Holding the video camera before my face and taking everything in through the clear, colorful image given by the technology, I stand and watch as Max looks in my direction with his eyes open like a baby seeing Christmas lights for the first time.

"Max. Calm down, Max! We're just here to talk."

Max keeps shouting names. They seem right, yet wrong at the same time. "Bill Hughes.""Jackson Cassidy." "Victor Murray." He repeats them over and over and over with his voice going softer and softer, lower in volume, with each round. The straps on his arms refuse to give in, and the African American mental patient is finally subdued by his own expense of energy.

"Max, are you trying to say 'Bill Murray,' 'Jackson Hughes' and 'Victor Cassidy?'"

Max's eyes again go wide as he looks to the person asking the questions. From behind the camera's lens, we see the red REC signal flashing with the red circle next to it in the top right corner of the screen. In the top left of the lens, it shows the time spent and the time remaining in the video camera's memory bank.

"Max, we're ju..."

Max breaks the silence with murmuring to himself, an increasing jibberish that slowly begins to make sense.

"They're in my nightmares. They're in my nightmares."

He continues on, repeating the same sentence over and over. It seems Max is lost within his own mental state. Finally, though, he stops.

"No...I am in THEIR nightmares."

The question-asker steps back right then, almost scared by the statement. Right when he turns to the camera, Max lets out a scream with demonic eyes pointed right at the camera. It begins with a fearful expression, as if Max is under attack. Then it changes to one of focused anger, of resentment and a monster-esque feeling that resembles an attacker eyeing up his prey.

"I am in their nightmares. They are in my nightmares. I am their friend, ready to turn enemy. They let me loose from this place and I will make friends, oh yes. Watch me as I enter their dreams and soil their pants."

My cohort signals for us to leave the room, softly and quietly saying, "We have enough. Let's get out of here." Max, though, grabs his arm.

"I will you."

He nods his head at the camera. Somehow, he got one of his arms loose. This is more concerning than Max's strange way of speaking. We look around for doctors to re-strap him in, but no one is in sight.

"I will talk about Bill Murray, about Jackson Hughes, about Victor Cassidy. I have them in my head, their faces I don't know yet. They're bloody, unconscious. They are sleeping. I put them to sleep. Let me put them to sleep. I want them to dream. Whether they are awake...or asleep...

I am in their nightmares.

I am their nightmares."

With the final word, Max releases the grip on my coworker's arm and glances back and forth twice between he and I. We step back slowly before Max begins breathing heavily and leaning toward the edge of the bed as if he's about to get loose and attack. The last thing the camera sees is his other arm loosening from under the bed strap, and his fingers suddenly wiggling free like a manic finding feeling in his hand.

Once we close the doors, the doctors rush in and subdue him before an escape can be attempted.
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*The feed cuts to static before switching to a cameraman's view of a rusted metal door. The cameraman slowly opens the door and the camera gets a view of a dark and dank hallway before sweeping down to show a single flight of metal stairs, coated with time and rust as bad as the door. The cameraman carefully descends the unstable stairway, shaky step by shaky step as he sweeps the camera around to try to get a better view. He finally reaches the floor and turns the camera's light on to help get a glimpse of something. The camera sweeps around to show an almost never-ending hallway with leaky pipes and puddles of water accumulating under them on the floor. The cameraman slowly makes his way through the dark and dank hallway, trying to find where The Movement might be. He passes one door and quickly sweeps the camera around because he heard light footsteps behind him! Seeing nothing, his heart starts to race faster as he shakily turns back around and starts walking again. He hears the sound of faint cackling coming from the second door on the left, so he slowly moves to the rusted door. As he reaches the doorway, the cackling starts to get louder and louder. The cameraman reaches out with his shaky hand towards the doorknob and grabs it. He takes a deep breath, and slowly pushes the door open. The camera turns to show the room with four walls that look like they've been burned recently, the ashes and soot still residing on the walls and the ceiling. Amidst all of the darkness in this room, the camera quickly picks up on a reflection from the center. Something reflecting the camera's light draws the attention of the cameraman, causing him to turn and walk towards the light. As he gets closer, the camera zooms in to see something gold in the middle of the room. The cameraman has finally reached the object and sweeps the camera down to show one of the CWA Tag Team Championship belts folded up in the middle of the floor! The cameraman squats down and starts to reach his hands out for it.*

???: Like a moth to a flame...

*A loud BANG causes the cameraman to suddenly sweep the camera to the left, showing that the metal door's been shut behind him! The camera also shows the lightbulb swinging back and forth on its wire and turned on! The cameraman hears breathing behind him and turns back to see Nightmare squatting beside the Championship, a red glow emanating from under his hood and highlighting his maniacal grin. The cameraman shoots to his feet and the camera sweeps up to show a concrete throne behind Nightmare and Humanity sitting on it with his Tag Team Championship over his shoulder. Nightmare reaches out and strokes his Championship.*

Nightmare: We always ALWAYS knew that Championship gold was like a beacon! A beacon for lost and meaningless souls waiting to be consumed by us, begging for the chance to be apart from their worthless shells and become a part of something much greater than themselves.

Humanity: Tell me, the Long and Winding Road. It's forever twisting and turning isn't it? It goes through many a time and place, yet people continue to walk the hallowed road. You know, it reminds me of life. There's twists and turns, but there's always an end, no matter how much you want to think about it.

*Nightmare grabs his Championship and slings it over his shoulder before starting to pace back and forth, looking around the room while Humanity continues to stare into the camera lens.*

Nightmare: But now that you two are going against us, there's no more twists, turns or blind corners. Your end will come at the hands of The Movement when you face us at Adrenaline Rush! Speaking of ends, I'm surprised that the almighty Prince of Pain is taking the end of his reign so well. Wait, who brought your reign to an end again?

*Nightmare scratches his chin before cackling and snapping his fingers.*

Nightmare: OH YEAH! It was your Tag Team partner, Cyrus Truth! The same person that you're supposed to face for the CWA Heavyweight Championship Of The World...if you make it through US that is!

Humanity smirks and closes his eyes.

Both of you. Prince Pain and Cyrus Truth. There's a lot I respect about you two. But I have to put that respect aside, and put it all on the line to get the W against the World Champion and the #1 contender. Pain, I've known what it's like to enter the ring with the likes of you. You are hard-hitting, quite enduring in the ring, and agile. However, don't think we didn't study you deeply. We know every trick you have up your sleeve, most of all your deadly finisher, Pain and Gain.

Nightmare: It's appropriately named isn't it? Because after this match, there's going to be nothing but Pain for the two of them and Gain for The Movement! We believe that taking out the World Champion and Number One Contender at once SHOULD bring The Movement to the top of the FWA heap where we rightfully belong. And who knows how many souls we can consume on the way through the pile?!

Let's see. The Pain and Gain requires that you are standing in order to even be able to hit it. Now now now, we know exactly where to strike you. Your legs will be the first to go of course. If you can't stand, you can't hit your famed finisher. Nor will you be able to the Power of the Prince, nor your Pain and Pleasure. This is a very simple strategy we live by. We pick your weak points and strike.

Prince Pain, I respect your for what you've accomplished, but that's where it ends. You are indeed a very greedy person. Your selfishness and ego blocks your decision making. You are bitter because of who you're teaming up with. Yes, you will try your best to work together, but fate says nay. You are fighting a well-oiled machine in The Movement. What chance do you think you have when teaming up with someone you despise, let alone cannot tolerate?

*Nightmare stops pacing and rushes the cameraman, making him trip and fall backwards. As the cameraman tries to get back to his feet, Nightmare rushes over and squats in front of him. The camera sweeps up to show that red glow coming from under Nightmare's hood and the smirk on his face as he bends down closer to the camera.*

Nightmare: Isn't it ironic that two lost souls would clash so much over trying to find some semblance of drive and purpose to make your worthless existences meaningful? You two, however, can take solace and comfort in the fact that your lost souls will have found purpose...once we take them from you and consume them for the power of The Movement! To your credits, in your own ways you have saved the CWA from destruction.

*Nightmare gets closer, whispering into the camera.*

Nightmare: The question in the air then is if you've done all this for the CWA, why would they offer up your souls for destruction at the hands of The Movement?!

Humanity: They are ambitious to stop the next destructive force of CWA. Noah Hanson was child's play, but now The Movement is real. No, we won't destroy CWA, but we will warp it in our vision, of course. The one true roadblock is the Wayward Warrior. The one who single-handily killed off the legends of old, like Ultimate Pain and Nikolas Kennedy Arsen. We're talking the Exile, Cyrus Truth. He is the true hero of CWA, it seems.

Nightmare: Now if ever there was a soul in the CWA worth consuming, it's a soul that has conquered many others. Souls like that are ones that you can just FEEL the power of the others on! It stays and resonates in the abyss for decades to come! But make no mistake Truth. Just because we recognize those that you've vanquished DOES NOT mean that you can even hope to have a chance against The Movement! Old, decrepit souls and soul-eating abysses are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MONSTERS!

Humanity: Truth... you're tired... you're broken... you haven't found reason to continue your personal crusade... you can just go home and retire. You've got nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you're so determined to fight, then I will not hesitate to take out your legs too. You will not be able to end our journey if you cannot stand on your own feet. Both you and Pain will also have to fight one another. Surely you don't trust him do you?

Nightmare: The reason that The Movement is so strong is that we are both monsters, inside and out. We understand the demons swirling around inside each of us and we acknowledge them. You two have NO IDEA what the other's demons think of you. You two don't know who's going to turn on who first, but you both can feel it coming. One of you is going to try to gain some kind of advantage over the other before your upcoming match. The question is whether you'll sacrifice a win against The Movement to try to get it or whether we'll take you out before you get the chance!

Humanity: Both of you have had history against one another, and that is clouding your abilities as a tag team. Enigma and Azazel could not get along, and it cost them the victory. Now, Cyrus Truth and Prince Pain, your time has come. Your biggest trial is not whether you can beat us, but whether you can trust one another.

That is what it comes down to. Trust. Do you have it, or is it a mere impossibility to enter the same level because of your sheer despising of one another. Don't deny it, respect and liking are two different things. You may respect one another, but you two sure as hell don't like one another. That is the key to our victory. You two will tear one another apart, because it will merely benefit either of you to injure the other in order to gain the advantage over one another.

*Nightmare stands up and backs up until he's standing beside Humanity, adjusting the CWA Tag Team Championship on his shoulder as he keeps his gaze focused on the lens.*

Nightmare: But regardless of who turns on who, The Movement will be there to Gain your souls after the Pain you put each other through. And regardless of what some religious figures will tell you, your souls will NOT meet again on some Long and Winding Road. They will be sent to the never-ending abyss along with the others. Get ready to reach the end of the road gentlemen.

*Nightmare's eyes start to glow blood red and the cameraman quickly scoots backwards and out of the door as it slams shut behind him. As he begins to stand, he hears cackling laughter echoing through the hallway before the feed cuts to static.*
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The scene opens to the locker room of Dustin Dreamer, taping up his wrists. After finishing, he stands up and notices the camera man watching him.

What do you want? I have nothing to say to you! Get out! GET OUT!

Dreamer walks over to the camera man and shoves him out of the locker room, but as he does this he manages to grab the camera out of the guys hands. Dreamer slams the locker room door shut in the camera man's face, then sets up the camera on a chair. Upon seeing it's already recording, he sits down in his locker which is directly across from where the camera is set up.

Tonight I once again face V, the phony who thinks he's hardcore, the phony who thinks he's championship material.

Dreamer rolls his neck before looking back into the camera.

People think they're a lot of things though don't they? But there's a difference between thinking and knowing. V thinks he's hardcore, but he's been sheltered all his life, I've had to bust my ass on the streets to get this far. That right there is what makes me hardcore.

Dreamer leans in closer to the camera.

What's great about wrestling is, it doesn't matter what you think are. What matters are the records and what you prove you are. Last week I proved I wasn't just any hotshot rookie, I dominated that triple threat match and picked up the first of many victories to come. I've probably wrestled close to 100 matches in my life, I've lost just as many as I've won. But when I really wanna win, I do. Because I'm that good and that smart.

Dreamer now stands up and looks down at the camera.

I don't like you V. I don't like what you stand for, I don't like what you look like, I don't like anything about you. When I see your stupid little mask I just wanna tear it off your face, tear it into a million little pieces and burn it. But I don't need to do any of that to look into your eyes, and just by looking into your eyes I can tell a lot about you. You don't like me either, but the difference between us is, I have a fire in my eyes, a burning passion to be the best. When I look into your eyes I see fear, I see a man who doesn't truly believe the words he's speaking. Look into my eyes V!

Dreamer opens his eyes wider and moves in closer to the camera before pointing to his eyes.

Do you see fear? No. Do you see a fraud? No. I believe every single world I speak because unlike you, I can backup what I say.

Dreamer smirks as he backs up from the camera.

I've made a life out of proving people wrong, but more than that, I've made a life out of making people eat. their. words. I made all my teachers eat their words when they said I'd never graduate high school, I made all the Chicago police department eat their words when they said I'd never get anywhere in life and last week I made you eat your words when you said I wouldn't beat you!

Dreamer chuckles and paces back and forth for a moment before focusing on the camera again.

V, the bottom line is if I lose, they win. Look at my face right now, does it look like I'm gonna let that happen? I swear to christ and all my dead friends I will not let that happen, I will NOT be branded a loser! Tonight in Hartford, it's Dustin Dreamer vs V but the way I see it, it's Dustin Dreamer vs the world. I'm all alone in this world, I always have been, I always will be. Tonight, I prove to the world what this homeless piece of a trash is made of!
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A Video Opens up, The scenery typical for a normal Bruce Knight Promo, Backstage at CWA Adrenaline Rush before his match, Knight is spotted by the camera leaning on one of the walls, taking a sip of water from a bottle before placing it down, smiling at the camera as he notices the crew.

“The Time has arrived…My Opportunity has arrived…It All Comes down tonight…Will I go back to fighting for another shot, Another Chance like everyone else…or Will I win the High Voltage Title…Will I defend a Belt that I will battle for with my Pride, My Honor and my heritage like I will tonight when I go face to face with Mr. Enigma? My Current Run of form has brought me to this opportunity…to a title match…my first since coming through here. Ever since I turned my fortune around, I’ve refused to give in…I’ve battled to the very end…and tonight will be no exception…I’ve made it this far in my career so far…I’ve got my debut win at Five Star Attraction…I won my #1 Contendership match last week against Jacob Wayne, A Man who was similar in the way that He did not give up…that He wanted to battle for this opportunity, something that I was able to achieve by defeating him…and now I face a man who I have unfinished business with.”

Knight takes another sip from his water bottle before placing it down on a nearby table, sorting his jacket and glasses before talking to the camera again.

“Mr.Enigma…I know of your recent troubles with Azazel, A man who I have ran into twice in my career so far in CWA, A man I defeated when we first faced, despite the circumstances of my win…the Second time though…You decided to show up…You decided to Smack me across the head with a steel chair…and I still have the bruises Enigma, They haven’t faded…because they’re all up here in my head…All stored away so I can deliver onto you what you did to me…Tonight is my Opportunity at a Title and If you’re ‘Friend’ Azazel gets involved and ruins this night for me by knocking your sorry ass out…I’ll make sure that I’ll direct my anger onto him…but I’m hopeful that he will see an advantage to me facing you…because tonight is more about just a title shot…I’m taking what I deserve to hold…I’m taking the High Voltage title back home with me…I’m leaving with the Belt I have deserved after all of my wins these past few weeks, the fans appreciate my performances, they know it’s the truth and It’s also about getting revenge for that Chair Shot, Enigma…Because my Revenge won’t be a chair shot to the head…It’ll be removal of an item you have held close to yourself for a while and when that’s gone…Azazel is all you have to worry about…and then I can continue…my destiny…and when we meet in that ring Azazel, You’ll notice that I am more then I seem…That I am more then you can handle…That I truly am The Welsh Crusader and you’ve heard every single promo I’ve cut in CWA so far…You’ve heard it online, on youtube and on TV…But Tonight I prove that The Welsh Crusader Will not give in…That I AM a man of Wales, That I am a True Welshman…and That I can step up when it matters…That I can step up when It comes to title opportunities…because I’m the Welsh Crusader…”

Knight takes a pause, lowering his glasses a bit so the camera can look at his eyes, full of determination.

“I will…Not Yield!”

Following the end of the sentence, Knight walks to the entrance way, finishing off his drink before throwing it into a nearby bin, pulling his jacket up and re-adjusting his shades as the Video ends as the match is being announced.
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*America plays as V enters through the crowd. V walks over to the bellkeeper and gets handed a mic that he tosses into the ring and then he slides in and picks up the mic*

V: Last week I had a match against Bill Murray and my opponent tonight Dustin Dreamer. I came out of the match with a no decision when Dreamer got lucky and pinned that geritol PTSD freak Murray. Dreamer congrats you got a win but you didn’t get a win against me. You do your whole high flying acrobats and everything but let me tell you something punk so do I. Tonight you don’t get any advantages of having someone else to beat on, someone else to pin because tonight you get me. Im gonna break you down and you career can end up short just like Al Nova, just like Mike Atta. You want to be fearless and step into the ring but you have never fought one on one with a caged animal who will be unleashed on you. After I defeat you tonight in this ring I want you to shake my hand if you can because I plan on making you leave on a stretcher while these fans cry because their 15 minutes of fame is getting wheeled out of the arena.

*Fans boo V for his last comment*

I can go on about tonight but I don’t have time because all I have time for is kicking your ass. After I defeat you then I continue my ascent to the top of this company and show them who really is going to carry them into a bigger and brighter future. Dreamer get out here lets get this match started because tonight I am out for blood and tonight you will either Rise or get your face smashed in.

*V throws the mic into the crowd as he awaits Dustin Dreamer*
You all continue improve each week and never cease to impress me, good work all around.