Pretender by Foo Fighters begins to play as the crowd waits to see who is coming from behind the curtain. The lights get dark and a spotlight hits the center of the stage. Out walks this mysterious superstar in leather pants and a biker jacket slowly making his way to the ring. He rolls in under the rope and the lights turn back on. He grabs the mic and waits for dead silence from the crowd before speaking.

Cassidy: Hartford, Connecticut my name is Victor Cassidy. I am a 6’8 276 pound behemoth. I hold no punches and care less about what happens with my opponents. For most of my fight I have been fighting. Ever since I was 16 years old I have been in the streets defending myself, others or just for the thrill. Bare knuckle, boxing, street brawls, amateur wrestling I have excelled and all of these. You see I come into CWA with a passion for not only fighting anyone, anytime, anywhere but also a strong passion for wrestling itself. Ever since the incarnation of CWA I have enjoyed watching superstars such as Roberto, Showtime, Rich Stone, Clint Shepard and many more tear it up in this very ring. I have always said to myself one day that will be me. One day I will get inside that ring and entertain millions while spilling someone else’s blood in the process.

Cassidy: See I am not high flyer, I am not flashy, I am not submission specialist but what do you want to know what I specialize in? Beating people into a pulp and making them unrecognizable to the very mothers that have birth them. There has never been anyone in the CWA like me. Someone who goal is to run through the competition in this company on his way to the top because that is my ultimate goal here. I don’t plan to be another flash in the pan. Some forgotten superstar wished they are successful on their future endeavors. This will be my only endeavor. Beating people up till I get what I want. What I want is the CWA a World Heavyweight Championship. Now I know there is a loooooooooong line in front of me of people who have been here longer than me. I am ok with that. I am willing to start from the bottom and work my way up because the journey is always more enjoyable than the destination. This journey that I am going to embark on tonight is one that everyone here in Hartford and around the world will enjoy. It is journey that leads to a path of destruction to some of your favorite CWA superstars and some of the ones you don’t really care for. I am here to stomp mud hole size into their chest so they will never forget who they stepped in the ring with.

Cassidy: CWA fans as I embark on this journey I promise I will severely entertain you night in and night out. I urge you to get on the hype train that is Victor Cassidy because it is going to be a rough but fun ride. Either way I’m here tonight to make a statement, a clear concise statement in this ring against four other competitors who maybe as hungry as I am to get their careers started on the right foot. See this match reminds me of a bar brawl I was in just a couple weeks ago. It was me versus four drunken idiots who thought they could pick fight with me because I was alone. You see the first I smashed the biggest idiot face first into the bar counter, than I kicked the smallest idiot across a table a poor innocent couple was having a date. The third guy obviously began to sober up because he decided to high tail it out of the bar. My opponents tonight are Bill Murray, Jackson Hughes and Max. I don’t want to call them idiots because I don’t know them from a hole in the wall but the way this match is going to go down is very similar. See Bill Murray you’re like the first guy in the bar. Big, confident and don’t know what he’s exactly walking into. I am going to smash your face into the mat and it would be very wise of you to roll out of safety. Than we have the smallest guy in the match the “Lethal Weapon” Jackson Hughes. You’re a pretty boy who has seemed to have a love of fighting. Well not like me old man. I am going to hit you with a big boot to your face that is going to knock you out cold. In the midst of all this I see the third guy Max standing there with his eyes wide as Wendy Williams on crack looking to attack. At that moment Max I want you to go inside of you’re messed up head and really ask yourself is it really worth it? My advice? Repeat what the third guy in the bar did leave the ring. Live to fight another day against an opponent more of your size cause if you come near me with your bug eyed face I’m going to knock your teeth in.

Cassidy: So to my three opponents that I am going to face tonight, to all the competitors in the back from the CWA Champion to the guy doing “favors” for higher up to just get a dark match at house shows. I am putting you all on notice because this Brooklyn boy is starting from the bottom and working my way to the top of the mountain. The Alpha Male of CWA is here.

Cassidy drops the mic as the crowd in Hartford is silent. He leaves the ring as his theme music Pretender by Foo Fighters plays as he goes to the back to prepare for the match.