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The scene begins in a back hallway flanked by several empty office rooms. The vast majority of CWA staff and wrestlers are appearing at a post pay per view press conference for Five Star Attraction before the big Adrenaline Rush in Charlotte. Isaac Richman is impatiently pacing back and fourth while Vanessa frantically makes phone calls trying to get the situation under control. Michelle Kelly, Clint Shepard, and Tim Coleman all gather around to figure out what's going on.

Clint Shepard: Mr. Richman, the press and media are ready for the next interview.

Isaac turns around quickly to face Clint and the others.

Isaac Richman: You think I don't know that?!

Isaac motions towards nothing in particular.

Richman: Just where the hell is that punk?! I've heard stories about this guy, and you Clint, you reassured me that he was different. That this wouldn't be the case. And now this makes me question your loyalties and integrity, cause I'm taking a chance here. All because of you!

Isaac snaps back towards Vanessa.

Richman: Well, did you find anything out yet?!

Vanessa holds up a finger to which Isaac almost completely goes berserk at.

Vanessa: He's on the way in now. I'll go let them know.

With that, Vanessa turns and walks through a door disappearing for the time being. Clint isn't intimidated.

Shepard: I still stand by what I said. He's rough around the edges for sure, but so was I at one point, and I turned out pretty great!

Tim Coleman chuckles slightly as he goes to pat Isaac on the back with reassurance, until he sees that Isacc isn't in the mood for any of this. So he slowly backs away. Isaac who is glaring holes through Clint, raises his arm as if to yell but stops when his attention is distracted. Down the hallway a man wearing a black business suit and black mask walks towards them, but several feet away turns inside a room and slams the door shut locking it.

Michelle Kelly: I'm pretty sure that was him boss.

Coleman: Uh, I just remembered I have something important to do...

Coleman is stuttering as he backs up slowly in the opposite direction, and before anyone can react he hightails it out of there in a hurry. Richman storms over to the locked door with Shepard and Kelly right behind him. He bangs on the door several times very loudly.

Richman: I don't care if you're wearing your stupid mask or not, we have you scheduled for a meeting with the press Crosby! Get your stupid butt out here now!

Isaac bangs on the door several more times when he's about to ram it, then he gets his wits and turns to face Clint Shepard.

Richman: Break the damn door down!

Shepard reluctantly agrees and in several attempts, forces himself against the door breaking the lock. Richman immediately steps inside, only to find a traveling bag and some other random items, but nobody in the room.

Richman: What the hell is this crap? Where did he go?!

Shepard walks over to the window which is open and sticks his head out slightly as he looks around.

Shepard: I guess he got out here?

Meanwhile, Kyle Crosby is standing behind them at the door way sweating, wearing black track pants and one of his previous t-shirts.

Crosby: Sorry I'm late fellas, I was getting a quick workout in at the gym. I'll be out there in a heart beat.

Before anyone can react, Kyle is gone. Isaac is furious and Clint and Kelly are trying not to laugh. "Seizure Of Power" plays over the speakers. Kyle steps out in front of all the cameras and people wiping his head with a towel, as he swigs a bit of water and casually sits down in front of the microphones. Flash bulbs are going off and the volume and excitement in the room is amped as Michelle Kelly sits off to the side with a mic for herself.

Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen, returning to the Clique Wrestling Alliance and coming off his win at Five Star Attraction: The Canadian Cobra, Kyle Crosby!

People are clapping, more pictures are being taken, and various reactions are emitting from the fans that have gathered for the event. One fan in particular is yelling and cheering louder than anyone else. Kyle seems suspiciously unfazed as he takes another gulp of water and silently motions at Michelle Kelly.

Kelly: Let's cut right to it Kyle.

Kyle Crosby: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Kelly: You certainly have been elusive throughout your career. You pretty much come and go and do as you please.

Kyle nods slightly, not really taking the bait.

Crosby: You could say that.

Kelly: The last time you were here, you had a fairly quick run as the masked wrestler Black Skull-

Kyle looking confused now shaking his head, abruptly cuts her off.

Crosby: I believe you are mistaken there Michelle. Black Skull is an associate of mine, but I have never wrestled under his identity.

At this people begin to yell things as some boos can be heard.

Crosby: The last I wrestled for CWA was with my short lived partnership with the Guardian Devil, to which we won the tag team titles at Five Star Attraction. You know I'm undefeated at the event right?

Michelle Kelly doesn't seem amused. One obnoxious fan hoots and hollers in agreement with Kyle.

Kelly: You lost to Lane Knight at Five Star Attraction.

Now Kyle cracks a smile.

Crosby: Once again dear Michelle, that was Black Skull who lost that match. Not me. Before that, I had one of the greatest matches ever in CWA history to beat Clint Shepard for the X-Fly championship.

At this, Michelle nods in agreement.

Kelly: It's true, there are still a lot of people who reference that match as being one of the best.

Crosby: I'm the longest reigning X-Fly champion of all time.

Kelly: Actually that would be Dan Maskell.

Crosby: Whatever, everybody knows I was the best X-Fly champ and that all my matches were great!

The same fan from earlier yells out,"YEAH, CROSBY'S THE GREATEST!" While others fans boo and tell the fan to shut up.

Kelly: That's quite the opposite of what I'm hearing about your recent match against Zack Sullivan.

Kyle cocks his head to the side like a dog, raising an eyebrow.

Crosby: Is that so?

Michelle pulls up some information on her phone.

Kelly: Going right from the source,"I don't know who Kyle Crosby is so I didn't care about his squash match against Sullivan." There are many other statements just like this, and many are even saying that your entire segment and match were a low light of the entire pay per view. Care to comment?

Kyle laughs to himself as he looks at the floor. He clears his throat, trying to maintain his composure.

Crosby: I take full blame. It's my fault, it really is.

There is a subtle gasp as people begin mumbling to themselves. Michelle also seems thrown off by this response.

Kelly: That's it? You take full responsibility for being the low light of CWA's biggest event of the year?

Kyle nods with a big grin on his face.

Crosby: Of course. It's my fault that I haven't been around in a while, and these poor innocent fans have been subjected to the likes of Zack Sullivan or Nero James. I did what I had to do. I went out there and took him out of commission, if not for me, or for him, but for the greater good of other wrestlers and the viewing audience.

A fan yells out,"Sullivan may suck, but you're even worse ya big loser!" Kyle doesn't even flinch or seem to notice. The obnoxious fan tells that fan to shut the hell up as security tries to settle them down.

Kelly: That's your opinion, but where were you all this time? Rumors have speculated that you took time off due to the death of your father, Edward "The Creeper" Kwiatkowski.

Kyle just stares blankly.

Kelly: From early interviews, you had said that due to your strained relationship with you father, that was why you changed your name and didn't acknowledge being a second generation wrestler when you started with the New Calgary Wrestling Association.

Kyle still says nothing. His face is blank and emotionless. Kelly goes to say something else but Kyle eventually snaps and breaks the silence.

Crosby: Yeah, my father died but he was already dead to me. Just like my mother who died when I was eight. I'm an orphan, and I don't see how this relates to anything going on here.

Kelly: Well I-

Kyle doesn't let her finish. He now seems irritated.

Crosby: Where have I been?

He motions to his model like face.

Crosby: Do you wanna know where I got these scars?

He turns towards everyone laughing sarcastically.

Crosby: Make you sure you get this for your dirt sheets. I did another brief tour with Japan Pro United, you could call it a learning excursion if you will.

Kelly: And?

Crosby: And what? Are you deaf and stupid lady? That's it! Aside from fans wanting my return, I had received personal inquiries from the likes of Roberto Superstar, Mr.Showtime, Guardian Devil, Jack Adams, Don DeVries, and Clint Shepard himself all asking when I was going to come back.

Kelly: That's interesting, although I doubt any of those people wanted you back. More importantly, how do you feel about being thrown in against someone like Prince Pain? Do you have any ring rust?

Crosby: I'm excited.

There is a collective pause, but Kyle says nothing else.

Kelly: Just excited?

Crosby: Well sure, It's like I pointed out before. I don't have ring rust, cause even if it isn't here, I never stop wrestling or training. Plus there's a lack of star power in the CWA at this time. Why wouldn't they bring me in and match me up against Prince Pain? We've never wrestled each other, we're both big stars, and even though we're different...we're somewhat alike.

Kelly: I don't follow.

Crosby: Of course you don't, you're stupid. We're both orphans, we're both talented and ruthless submission specialists-yada yada. Who else are they going to have me face? The under card is a bloody joke. The title I made famous has now been renamed High Voltage. Guys like Enigma or Azazel couldn't hold a candle to the talent that originally wrestled on the High Voltage brand. Just like this young generation of imbeciles, I'm sure neither have any idea where the name even derives from. At least with the Prince, it's sure to be a classic confrontation.

Kelly: Many would say that you aren't even in his league, and that you're against a massive size and strength disadvantage.

Kyle snorts in disgust.

Crosby: Since when has that ever stopped me? I've always been a little shorter, yet I still go out there and tear freakin' heads off! I've wrestled and beat some of the best that this industry has to offer. Just ask Rich Stone, I drove him back into retirement!

Kelly: I'm not sure if that's entirely true.

Crosby now jumps up unexpectedly, knocking over his bottle of water in the process.

Crosby: You need to get your damn facts straight woman!

The annoying fan yells out,"YEAH KYLE, YOU TELL EM!" Kyle points at Michelle Kelly.

Crosby: You're just like like every single last one of them, you stupid whore!

People are shocked and some begin to throw things at Kyle. Michelle angrily exits the stage area leaving Kyle by himself who is breathing heavily in an almost trance like fit of controlled rage. He slowly turns towards everyone.

Crosby: This is what you bloody want, isn't it?! "Disparaging remarks" and me getting angry?! Well then shut the hell up and listen! Friday January 30th, live from Charlotte North Carolina.....The Canadian Cobra will draw "first blood" in his long awaited return. Call it the "second coming' if you will, as I "stick it" to the only Prince of CWA, and reclaim the throne as the rightful King and Icon of CWA! I am the rightful and only real choice to be next in line for the heavyweight championship. So this is one step towards a new era in 2015! I promise you blood, sweat, blood, and lots and lots of the ultimate paaaaaaainnnnnnnnn.....except I'm the one with everything to gain! HAHAHA, HERE COMES THE CANADIAN COBRA!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

At this Kyle tosses his mic aside and poses with one arm out stretched as he covers his face with the other, staring upwards into nothing. The obnoxious fan who is hooting and hollering finally breaks through security and jumps onstage. To the insight of no one, this is former CWA personality Petey Williamson who has occasionally stalked Kyle Crosby at times. He runs up to greet Kyle, who without missing a beat turns and super kicks him in the face. The security quickly grab his unconscious body and hull him away as Kyle walks off with his music playing.
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Syn stands in the CWA locker room waiting for his return to the promotion he is dressed in a black The Movement t-shirt and faded and ripped blue jeans. Syn a monster of a man stands at nearly 7 feet tall he lifts his arm above his head and touches the ceiling. Syn is pacing back and forth until he notices a cameraman walk into the room.

Syn: So I take it the CWA wants me to say a few words for my upcoming match with John Stephens? Well you’re all going to wait because I have something I’d like to get off my chest first. I have spent months of my time in the FWA because everyone was telling me they were the place to be. We watched them hold their little draft the other day and we watched exactly what they thought about The Movement. They drafted us after a handful of jobbers who couldn’t win a match if we waited till 2020. I have given up on the FWA but that is only after they gave up on The Movement. I left CWA before because my FWA schedule was becoming too demanding but for all I care they can kiss my ass now. I from this day forward put my faith in the CWA and the CWA locker room better fear my choice because that means a monster has now been unleashed on the CWA.

Syn walks over to the lockers he places his head against the locker with his arms above his head. Syn sighs.

Syn: So John Stephens they call you “The Destroyer” they say you’re a man with something to prove. That’s all fine and good John but I am a monster and I destroy people for a living. I can respect you having a want and need to prove yourself in the ring but that will not save “The Destroyer” from becoming the one who is destroyed in that ring. I may still be new to the CWA but I am still undefeated and Stephens you will not be the man to hand me my first defeat.

Syn slams his hand into the locker leaving a giant dent in the process. Syn steps away from the locker and the camera zooms in on the dent.

John you stand 5’9” i have more than an entire foot on you. You’re giving up 40 pounds to me you are a midget talking about being a destroyer and a machine. the only machine I could compare you to is a stopwatch Stephens because you can count how long it will take to defeat you with a stopwatch. Be prepared to lose to CWA’s only monster Syn.

Syn now finished delivers a big boot to the FWA cameraman, The cameraman and camera in tow fall backwards Syn stands over the camera looking into the camera Syn speaks.

Syn: John Stephens, you're next,
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We are by the entryway, behind the curtain, where Jacob Wayne is dressed in his ring gear, ready to go. He sees the camera and starts speaking.

Jacob Wayne: "At Five Star Attraction, I suffered my first loss here in the CWA. I hate to say that I did lose, just like anybody else, but I'm going to move on from the loss. I can learn from it and make myself better.

In just a few moments, I have a chance at a form of redemption. Bruce Knight is the reason I got my first loss, he was the one who won our fatal four way match. I can get some payback by beating him. And it will be some bittersweet payback as a shot at the High Voltage title is on the line in our match. I told you all before Five Star Attraction that I wanted to be High Voltage champion and I still do. Tonight is my chance to get a shot at the title and I am going to give it all I got in the ring with Bruce Knight so I can get a shot at the High Voltage championship.

I was on a two-victory roll before Five Star Attraction and it stopped at that card. It doesn't bother me though. I'm ready to fight. I'm ready to compete. And Bruce Knight, you better believe that I am ready to get a shot at the High Voltage title. (Smile and a wink) I'll see you out there."
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A Video opens up backstage with Bruce Knight, near the entrance way to tonight's Adrenaline Rush, wearing a Leather Jacket with the welsh flag on the back and a custom shirt which reads "Welshmen do not yield" on the front, Tilting his pair of shades before spitting out his chewing gum, giving his full attention to the camera as he gives off a smile in joy of his victory at Five Star Attraction.

"CWA, At Five Star Attraction, I continued my revival...the revival of a CWA Career that was plagued with more losses then wins from the very start...something that made me seen as the weakest link to many fans and superstars here but ever since I've snapped out of my delusions...I have become stronger...more wiser...and I've picked up on more skills, more tricks and techniques then I could of if I was still delusional today. You see, At Five Star Attraction, I set out to do many things...One of those things was to win my match against Syn, Stephens and My Opponent tonight, Jacob Wayne so I could further my career, so I could pose a threat to Enigma and everyone who is fighting for a chance at the High Voltage Championship...Winning my match also made this my third successful Fatal Four Way match up in my career, something I remember with pride...with honour...something that make me dangerous in those match ups. At Five Star Attraction, I defeated three other men...I defeated the Sadistic monster, Syn...I defeated The Destroyer, John Stepehens...and I defeated 'Relentless', Jacob Wayne...All In One night."

Knight takes his shades off a slides them into one of his jacket pockets before turning to the camera again.

"Jacob Wayne, Tonight is the second time we meet and this time, There won't be any distractions...and a title shot, A shot at the High Voltage title, A Title that I WILL hold by the end of this on the line. Jacob, I'll admit that you were unlucky to not break up the final pin which led to me defeating the three of you...but Tonight, Instead of pinning someone else, I'll be fully focused on you...and i promise you that it won't be the luck that hits'll be reality as I pin you and I Gain the win...and As I take another step towards the CWA High Voltage Championship. Jacob, We have something in common...we don't give in...You won't be an easy task...Like me, you won't give in easily...but unlike me, You'll be leaving this arena as the loser.

Jacob Wayne...I will defeat you, Just like I did at Five Star Attraction...And I will not fail...I am the Welsh Crusader, Bruce Knight, And I will not Yield...I will come out victories for myself...and for my home country....

I am a Welshman, I was born to a dynasty of Welshmen...And I, like every single one of the, will not Yield!"

Knight takes off towards the entrance as he puts his shades back on and he walks through the curtains as his theme begins to play from the PA System.
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The scene opens to a dark alley on the streets of Chicago where we see a man pacing back and forth as a camera comes in close to him. After the camera gets close the hooded man looks up and we find out it's CWA's newest superstar, Dustin Dreamer.

The time approaches, the time for my CWA debut is near and the journey to the top begins by facing a so called "American Hero", Bill Murray and a man who thinks he's hardcore just because he won a street fight at Five Star Attraction, V.

Dreamer rolls his neck as he stops pacing and focuses in on the camera.

But I suppose before we go any further I should introduce myself to you, Hi, I'm Dustin Dreamer. If you're asking yourself if you should believe what I'm about to say, then yeah you should. I'm one in a million, I'm the best in the ring, on the mic and I'm tougher than anybody on the face of god's green earth. I'm not saying I'm the best in the world, no that's just a gimmick. I'm better than the best and this week on Adrenaline Rush, I'm gonna prove I can backup what I say.

Dreamer smirks before walking over to a dumpster and pulling out a handful of trash.

Oh look I found V!

Dreamer chuckles as he throws the trash back into the dumpster.

V, I watched your street fight, and yeah you looked impressive but it's easy to win when your jumping your opponents from behind isn't it? I've been in fights, I've had people jump me from behind, it sucks. You say life isn't Disney World and I agree, if life was Disney my mother wouldn't have had to whore herself out just to put food on the table and my father wouldn't have walked out on us when I was 3 years old. I'm no hero and I'll never claim to be, but I'm gonna give you the fight that Al Nova wasn't man enough to give you!

Dreamer pounds his fist against the dumpster, then goes back to focusing on the camera.

As for you Bill Murray, you call yourself an American Hero and yet you do nothing to prove that. In fact from what I've seen you're just a loser, hell you're a bigger loser than my father and he's one of the biggest losers to ever walk the earth! You lost to Jacob Wayne, you lost to Al Nova and you weren't even good enough to get onto CWA's biggest show of the year!

Dreamer comes in close to the camera now and takes off his hood.

The bottom line is, neither one of you can measure up to me. I'm stronger, I'm tougher and I'm flat out better than both of you could ever DREAM to be! When the bell rings and it's time to put up or shut up, both of you just don't have the talent to measure up to me! I'll see you boys at Adrenaline Rush when we separate the boys from the men and just like I've done my whole life, I prove to you guys why I am the baddest man to ever step foot in a CWA ring! If you boys wanna survive, you better pray to whatever god you believe in because I'm gonna show you no mercy and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to win! At Adrenaline Rush, I'm gonna be your worst nightmare!

Dreamer laughs as backs up against a chain link fence at the end of the alley, leaning against the cold metal as the camera cuts and the scene fades to black.
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Title: Only Needing A Little Push! Pt.1: Ripping off the Layers
The Movement (Humanity & Nightmare) vs Azazel & Enigma Non-Title

The sound of a water gauge twisting in the distance can be heard as we see the back of Enigma leaning over into the shower as the water begins to rush in. Suddenly, the scene flashes back to Enigma shortly after his win at 5 Star Attraction. He is backstage sitting on the bench looking at his High Voltage Championship Belt as the sweat drips from his hair and onto the title.

There are many people in life that take their opportunities for granted, but then again, there are even more that grow sour and bitter very quickly when the results of their attitude amounts to even less regarding their failed outcomes. Like this “nightmare.” Should Enigma be afraid, or should he even be concerned at failure after failure after failure that it took you grouping with another sour ass excuse of a man to call yourself a movement? A movement does not take the opportunity to steal a chance at an opportune moment, but those with the proper swag create the opportunity and steal the show. What show have you stolen lately CT and how long will you run from the inevitable fate of Mr. Enigma! Quietly I await the time CT for at some point you won’t be able to run and nightmare, he should run quickly because like a severe weather warning, there is no chance of a hit, just a chance brace for my impact!

As we switch back to the steam now bouncing off of Enigma’s face, the remainder of his face paint slower recedes to exist as well. Enigma thinks back on the challenge that Azazel brought him as he sees the images still fresh in the back of his mind.

As tough as it may, now my worst enemy looks to become my partner. But let it be known, I do not forget the struggle nor has the pain slipped my mind. But let me not fail to assess. Two giants together in the same ring at the same time, with the same purpose, destroy the competition…think again. You may call yourselves the movement but I say, the movement needs to move the fu*k out the way and make way for the unforgiven. There will be no mercy and don’t mistaken what happened at 5 Star Attraction for any confusion.

Enigma steps out and through the steam, with his towel wrapped around his waist, his pale skin prevails against the view. Scares are clearly visible from years of wear and tear from head to toe.

Slowly making her approach with only her robe covering her body, Red brings him his cell phone. As Enigma looks at his Bleacher Report App, he see’s reports where some have questioned his persona as a rippoff of the joker versus the authenticity of who he really is. Quickly, as Enigma read the twitter post, you could see the anger brewing as he talked on to his awaiting sofa seat and began to smoke a fat cigar.

“What the hell,” questions Enigma as his facial expressions show his discontentment of the post.

Red sits on his lap and adds, “Yeah, I thought you would not like that so I showed it to you anyways.”

“So you purposely planned to piss me off?”

Red responds as she leans over for a kiss, “Sometimes, all you need is a little push.”

Following her kiss, Enigma pushes back a bit as he walks over to the mirror. As he looks into the mirror, rubbing on his face across his scares he thinks back to his father.

Who is to say that Enigma is a rip-off to what they don’t know and cannot understand? Only a fool and the folly of his thoughts…I am what I am and have become but for the two of you, still, you are nothing compared to me. While Enigma has ascended CT, what have you done? You are nothing more than the corporate jackass that carries a title for which you desired more than you have earned the right to be named. And as for the other, nightmare, you are not even worth the wasting the sweat from Enigma’s brow. If only you were worth your namesake oh what you could be but unfortunately, that is only a reflection of everything you undoubtedly are not or ever will be.

The scene then flashes back to a time in his childhood. His father comes home drunk as usual as his mother tries to welcome him in. She is quickly slapped around until his father pushes her into the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. Enigma sits on the couch, silent and motionless before sliding off into his room.

Who are you to say that my life is not what it has appeared. If you want to talk about a life of being a rip off, Cyrus, you must be the biggest rip off of them all. Walking around with a title that you duck and dodge the best of competition to retain while your partner conspires to hold on to whatever glory remains of the inglorious movement. Again, the life of Enigma has not been his own and everything he has ever had, he didn’t ask for it, but rather earned it or simply took it.

Finally his father emerged from the room, with blood on his bruised knuckles and a bottle of vodka in one hand as he yelled, “WHAT! You got a problem with me,” as Enigma looked on through the crack of his bedroom door.

Enigma, looking on in fear, responds, “Where is my mommy?”

His father starred into the distance before throwing the bottle at the door. As Enigma began to cry as a piece of glass broke off, cutting his face, his father ran over a grabbed a handful of his hair.

Pulling and with spit splattering from his mouth, his father says, “I bet you hate your father don’t you.”

His father then slings him against the wall as the then little kid version of Enigma began to bleed from his lips and face.

Looking at him through the corner of his eye, Enigma says under his breath, “I hate you!”

His father rushes back over kicking him in the stomach multiple times before Enigma finally blacked out with only a final shot of his mother rushing over to his side.

Who are you to say, that my life is not as it seems? Through toil and pain, purpose and pain, to walk, breathe, and conquer with a purpose would be an understatement. Since Enigma arrived in CWA, it has been his sole purpose to command what he does not have to require because his mere presence in some cases was enough all on its own. You see CT, while you run around begging for respect, and nightmare tries searching for who is willing to give him to time to evaluate his level of the same, Enigma is the walking breathing personification of that very standard that the World Title was not needed. But does make no mistake, it is yet to be desired, but in time, the worth in the wait will be its own reward and one that for Enigma will ice what everyone already knows.

Back in real time, Enigma takes a huge step back and charges forward with a huge fist to his mirror, shattering it along with the hole he left in the wall behind the glass. Enigma then walks away

A little push they say is all some men need to tip the scales. Sticks and stones don’t break these bones and neither do words hurt, but then again, did they do the trick that does the two of you in? Question yes, but trust indeed that there is a definitive answer and you two are looking at it.

Enigma puts back on the war paint facemask that many have come to know of him in the ring, but he only puts on half.

Which look pleases you CT? Which look would you prefer nightmare? I tell you what, how about a little of both because what you two will come to learn is that whether you have King David or Mr. Enigma, we are one in the same. But here is a little food for thought. Whoever thinks that I am not he and he is not me, again, to that man, you are a fool. Like Christ is as to God as God is of He that sent Him, so are we one in the same. And when we get to the ring and our paths cross again, what you also will come to know is that it really doesn’t matter who you face. Whether one or the other, the result will be the same. Like the down going of Frazier, for the Movement, it will be more than a knockout. Just as before, nightmare, CT, you can’t run forever, but as long as you think, eventually you have to face the inevitable and by fate, The Unforgiven, to the victors this win shall be.
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"If Darkness is merely the absence of light; then what is the opposite of light?"

We see highlights from Azazel's match against Mr. Enigma at Five Star Attraction.

The scene then cuts to Azazel in a dark room. Azazel is dressed in a white suit with a red tie.

"I was expecting you to put up a fight. I'm disappointed in you. You are not worthy of being a champion, clown. Your victory means nothing because I handed it to you. Do you really think that if I wanted to beat you and take the High Voltage title with me, your annoying un-impactful move-set could be able to stop me? If I wanted that title I would have just taken it from you. We had fun at Five Star Attraction but now the fun is over. I allowed you to walk away in one piece because there are bigger plans in store for the future. I pray that God will guide you to the light, otherwise I will drawn you to the darkness. Come Jan. 30th, We will make Our Move. The whole humanity will finally wake up from this nightmare."

We cut to Azazel having a chess game with an unknown person who's hiding in the shadows.

"I believe in the strength that is born through loss. I believe in the need that keeps two bodies together. I believe in the bonds of brotherhood. I believe in the delight that comes through vengeance. I believe that good means nothing...without evil."

Azazel moves a pawn in the chess board.

"Make your Move"
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*Following his historic win at Five Star Attraction, Prince Pain retreats to the peace and solace of his luxurious L.A. penthouse for some rest and relaxation after taking some good lumps from the now disposed of Goliath.

So where does Prince Pain go from here? What is next after saving a company, vanquishing it's greatest threat, and slaying a giant in the process?

On to the next match, the next opponent, on his way to reclaiming what is rightfully his; the title he should have never lost. There is still a bitterness and an anger inside Prince Pain that won't go away until HIS title comes back to him. This is more than a conquest or a vendetta, this is a personal war.

As we gander at the fine furniture and decorations adorning the penthouse, Prince Pain makes his way from a room off camera to his private bar and grabs a bottle of water from the cooler, and then goes and sits in an over sized leather chair, something more like a throne for The Prince. He takes a drink from his water and settles in the chair.

*Prince Pain: Ahhh, what a difference a day makes huh? Who would have thought before Five Star Attraction, just thereafter the presence that had threatened CWA for so long would be nothing more than an afterthought? Yeah, I did it, and anyone who thought otherwise should now be enjoying the taste of feet in their mouths. I told everyone what would happen, what I would do, and I came through like I always do. Perhaps the most surprised parties are Noah Hanson and Goliath, but none of this should come as any kind of surprise. I am the top of the food chain in CWA regardless of who holds what titles. I am the true champion and no one else can say any different, not Cyrus Truth or anyone else who'd care to challenge that idea. I did what none of them could do, I saved CWA from certain doom where your so called champion failed, yet he still has MY title. He may have made a dent in the Hanson armor, but I'm the one who had to finish the job.

Make no mistake, I've done what I had to do, what needed to be done, but my focus is where it has always been, and that's regaining MY title. Of course, this journey meets it's end with Cyrus Truth on his back writhing in pain after I break his body and his will for the flukes that saw him take possession of MY title, but we aren't there yet. First comes Kyle Crosby.

At Adrenaline Rush, Kyle Crosby has drawn the unlucky straw that puts him in the ring against Prince Pain and make no mistake, he will pay. Everyone who gets in that ring with me will pay until I get what is rightfully mine once again. I will take my anger and frustrations out on them without mercy until I've cleared my path straight to the title. If it has to be Kyle Crosby that pays first, that's fine with me. Line them up and I'll knock them down. You see, something happened to me since having my title stolen. I just don't give a damn anymore and I've reached a place physically, mentally, and emotionally that I've never been before.

Call it a breakthrough or a break-down, but I've come to a certain clarity and understanding within myself that has given me answers to questions I had never cared to ask myself or find the answers to. You see, I finally understand. There can be no more mercy of any kind, I can't afford to give anyone a chance. I have the tools to destroy anyone and anything that comes against me, but I can't let up for the sake of someone elses career, for their well being, or for the sake of pleasing a few fans who need to be able to believe their guy had a shot. No more carrying guys to get more out of matches only to have it blow up in my face, no more games of any kind. I simply have to unleash the beast inside without restraint and put the world in it's place, beneath my feet.

I've scouted Kyle Crosby, watched the tape of his matches, and looked into his past to find out more about him. I'm sure this seems like a great opportunity to him, but he's looking at nothing more than an opportunity to retire early. Besides being outclassed in every way, his mental instability will be his undoing. He can't beat me with his submissions, there is no weaknesses here for him to exploit, I won't be caught off guard by any speed or agility, I will not be underestimating him in any way, and he will not be allowed a moment to try and figure anything out. The only thing he's going to figure out is that he's in a battle he simply can't win, against an opponent even more psychotic and violent then he THINKS he is. By the time he's figured that out he will mentally implode and his will to win will die under the physical torture and stress he's enduring. The time for games is over folk. Prince Pain is coming on bigger, badder, stronger, faster, smarter, and just plain better than the rest.

*With that Prince Pain rises from his seat and walks away, back to whatever room he came from and the camera fades to black.*

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[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]We open to a shot of Bill Murray shovelling snow in his bath robe. [/COLOR][COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]"I'm sorry, you caught me at a bad time. We have been snowed in for almost 2 months, I've finally managed to tunnel out. Wasn't all bad, I was snowed in my pool house with some up and coming band called Metallica, Music isn't my strong point, anyway I digress. I have just buried my frozen guests and am coming to Adrenaline Rush once again.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Where you will see me pick apart 2 wannabe American heroes. They don't belong in the same ring as me. I took my last challenger lightly and he took a cheap shot throwing sand in my face. An unjust decision. But no matter Bill Murray will right that wrong, by defeating two men with this powerful hands. I will treat them like I made love to my last wife rough and fast. I expect they will try to make a gang on me, but when the odds are against me I will show then The Boot BAM, and then I'll give them another BAM. And while they are busy trying to locate their teeth I will put one out of his misery and throw him out of my ring. The other, probably bigger one will then feel my anaconda like arms, and I will torque his neck back so far he'll see this piss run down his thigh and with one final stretch he'll be out. Don't worry kid, I'll deliver you back to your momma. Come and witness the most freakishly strong and handsome man since Zeus. Your welcome Greek Mythology![/COLOR]
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*V appears on the screen with his hands together in a prayer motion*

V: At 5 star attraction I went in and did what I told you all I was going to do. I took out everyone's favorite hero Al Nova. I took him out so well that he had to go to the hospital after our match and is not here tonight. I been on a roll as of late taking out the likes of Al Nova and Mike Atta. Atta is still not the same anymore he has not appeared in CWA since the beating I gave him and he has not traveled with us since. So people ask me well are you on a straightshot going towards a number one contenders match for a title and that answer is no. No not because I dont want to be champion that day will happen when it happens but no because management wants to hold me back and is afraid of my marketability if i become champion. They are afraid of the press that will follow me because I will take this gold and use it to my advantage. They would not be able to keep me off of television and that causes them to piss themselves knowing another win or two and i would be deserving of a #1 contenders match for at least the High Voltage Championship. So you may ask how does management try and keep someone down, well I have the answer. After coming up victorious in what has been described as the best match on the card at 5 star attraction they now put me in the very beginning match .Do I get this opening match against the likes of Humanity or Enigma? No I get to fight some war veteran who probably has PTSD and is doing wrestling as a hobby and some new kid.I wont hide behind a screen here so I will come out to you guys and discuss this more in person.

*V walks off the set as America plays over the intercom and V walks out and into the ring*

V: There is a reason I am out here and that is I dont want to be back there waiting for my match tonight because I am pissed off and I want to beat someone's ass. Tonight I have to go against Bill freaking Murray. Hey grandpa your time is up you had your victory lap but you havent come face to face with someone as screwed up and as great as me. I told Mike Atta to not come out here before our match to stay in the back or to leave this company but he didnt listen. Murray tonight do not come out here stay in the back blow up your wife pop a little viagra make sure your pacemaker is working and take the night off. Take the night off because if you get in this ring tonight I will show you no mercy the only thing I will show you is how to get your ass kicked for real 101.

*The crowd has a mix of boos and cheers*

V: Dreamer I will say the same thing do not come out here tonight wait til you have a more safe opponent to go against. Who knows maybe you could get the HOF Deportista to lace up his boots one last time and you guys can have a fun little match and you can feel safe in the ring. You step between those ropes tonight you are no longer in the minors you are in the big leagues. You will get hurt you will be broken and you can go home and cry to your mom and tell her you decided against this because you get smacked up like a bitch. You want to prove everyone wrong but reality is they are all right,go get a job flipping burgers at your local mcdonalds. You are not a professional wrestler and if you decide to step into the ring with me tonight you will never be a professional wrestler again because I plan on breaking you down. I will tear you limb from fucking limb. Tonight I continue you my ascension to the top of CWA because this is my year and I will have to carry this company into the future. So tonight Dreamer/Murray you will rise and rebel or you will get your face smashed in.

*V throws the mic up in the air but instead of leaving he ends up catching the mic*

V: How about you two just get down to the ring right now because im in the mood to kick some ass.
Good showings from everyone involved on this show, solid RPs all around. Keep up the great work everyone, you all continue to amaze me with your talents each show.