If Yachi had dropped down without dragging Gomi down, it could have been. Lotta refs jump on body shots quick af.

Suuuure you do bud. That's what we all care about. Maika too much of a big girl for me. The intermissions almost done... Hopefully. And don't hate on Kyuuri, she is the future torchbearer for Ice! Mark my words. She'll be a bigger draw than Io by next year, guaranteed.

Yeah, if thats the stip then that match is never happening bud. Gabi would break any scientific instrument used to analyse her samples for sure.

I haven't looked but yeah flights will be in the 1000 range for me. Sucks ass. Shits too far away.

I don't know. I don't think RIZIN accommodates them and all this stuff is done from FITE's side. For last events they were clearly just using a green screen of the arena behind them and shit.

Alright im falling asleep, these fights need to start now. It's been over an hour.