This card is completely trashed. The main event isn't McGregor's fault - it was a mess already because of Ferguson's injury, Holloway having trouble making weight (predictably), etc.

Not sure why the whole shitshow yesterday amuses me so much, but its like watching a trainwreck in slow motion where the only potential fatalities are UFC careers. According to Dana White (trust level - 1.4%), he was texting with McGregor afterward and there was regret expressed for the consequences but not for the actual incident. To McGregor, this was "necessary and justified". Which is hilarious and scary at the same time. Nurmagomedov has been talking shit about McGregor, trying to bait him into a fight that McGregor seemed to have little interest in. The "showdown" between Nurmagomedov and Lobov the other day looks to have been instigated to some level by Lobov, yet that seems to be why McGregor thought this was "necessary". Oh irony that someone using a typical McGregor approach (the trash talk to build to a fight) and someone get salty and getting worked by it all (Lobov) leads to this... stupidity.

Imagine if instead of throwing a hand-dolly at a bus full of fellow fighters, Conor waited until Nurmagomedov predictably won the title fight on Saturday, came into the cage afterward, and had words. Maybe a scuffle but nothing that would have his UFC future and legal future up in the air. What happened to the brilliant talker who knows how to sell any fight?

I don't buy the UFC having the balls to outright fire McGregor. But dynamics have now shifted.