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Thread: Is NXT better than WWE?

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    WWE NXT Is NXT better than WWE?

    Following December's offerings of WWE TLC and NXT Takeover R Evolution. In my opinion it is quite clear that NXT's event was much better than TLC. Now on the weeklies, Raw has been OK - terrible the past few weeks but NXT seems to be consistently good.

    Is NXT better than other WWE programming? If so what needs to be done to the likes of Raw to turn things around? Here's my two cent's.

    The thing I like about NXT is that it is a stripped back show with an hours run time. It is SOOO refreshing getting to Thursday nights following a 3 hour Raw. For me Raw needs to drop back down to TWO hours. It's just full of filler which do nothing for the show. Use Smackdown to show fresh matches rather than rematches from the previous Raw or previews for matches on the next Raw. A streamlined show with less crap and more matches with better feud building/ppv hype will go a long way.

    Next I would dump the 3 man Raw booth. It's just annoying. At least split up JBL and King they just talk crap all evening and it's painful to listen to.

    As for PPV's, they should reduce the number, only by one or two. Have a bigger gap to build feuds properly rather than half filling a card, then rushing to dump stuff on it at the last minute. Also less gimmicky PPV's. TLC was FILLED over the top with stuff, it ruined it for me, far too much. Ditch EC, HIAC, TLC, Have these pop up here and there. NXT has very few gimmick matches and when say a ladder match is used it feels important. TLC just felt like one big clown car.

    Just a few ideas. What does everyone else think. Is NXT moving ahead? Does WWE need to improve their main shows? What can be done? Will anything be done?

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    Re: Is NXT better than WWE?

    The short answer is Yes.

    Like you said the problem with Raw is that it is too long with way to many meaningless matches.

    I would also try and make Raw & Smackdown unique in some way, perhaps only featuring Diva's matches or tag matches or relatively new performers on one show or the other.

    Put more thought into booking Raw espevially instead of just throwing together endless tag matches made up of wrestlers that are in programs together.

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    Re: Is NXT better than WWE?

    Three things to me make Raw unwatchable.

    1. Awful booking. Pretty self explanatory.
    2. Awful announce team. They're supposed to accentuate the talent in the ring and put an emphasis on what is going on, not arguing with one another and blabbering on about things that have nothing to do with the product. It's just awful on every level.
    3. Too long. Three hours is just way too much television. One hour feels a bit short at times, but can work and is much better than three hours. Two hours is pretty much perfect and should be no longer than that.

    Just called Dolph and Cesaro up to NXT and I'll be happy.

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    Re: Is NXT better than WWE?

    NXT is clearly a lot better than the main WWE programs for a variety of reasons really.

    To keep it simple, the WWE are constantly having to cram huge storylines into 3-4 week arcs in order to fit in with their PPV requirements, Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. NXT on the other hand are only doing their specials (at the moment) 4 times a year meaning they have a good 3 months to build up a decent storyline between their wrestlers. Look at the whole Sami Zayn scenario this time around, they've bascially been building his "rise to redemption" since September and while everyone and their mother knew he was finally gonna win the big one it was still a huge moment and something brilliant to see. Hell they even make the Divas matches a much watch.

    WWE have 5 hours of high level TV to produce on a weekly basis, NXT only have 1 hour. It means characters are fresh because they are not being overexposed. At most we see guys like Zayn or the Dragons for like 10 mins a week in comparison to a guy like Reigns who we see not only about 2-3 times at Raw but also on recaps and on SD the same week, it's easy to lose interest in someone who is constantly being overexposed. Plus it creates very lazy booking when you have so much damn time to fill. Also the fact that you can only fit so many guys on one show at a time eliminates lazy booking and trying to just kill time by throwing guys on the show without a plan for them, there is a reason a guy like Bo thrived on NXT but is now suffering in midcard hell on the main roster.

    The show as a whole has a much better group of characters from low level jobbers like CJ Parker to high level athletes, again not being so overexposed has allowed them to hone their characters a lot more and not suffer from being stuffed down the fans throats to much. The main roster's creative team just doesn't seem to have that same patience to build a bunch of guys up and instead want quick results (Ala the Shield)

    The Full Sail Arena
    Honestly this is probably the biggest and most overlooked factor. The fact that these guys are competing in front of pretty much the same crowd week in week out really helps the fans care for their character and build a relationship with them. Instead of having to sell that same gimmick week in week out to a different bunch of fans.

    Frankly anyone who watches NXT week in week out surely has to say that it is the better overall show.
    As a whole NXT is indeed the better show really.

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