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Thread: Darryl Takes Some Calls

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    Darryl Takes Some Calls

    Darryl made his way back to the arena after it was all over. He still couldn't believe what he'd done. His fate now rested on the secret of Chance Fortune remaining hidden. Guilt and paranoia were just beggining to sink in. Darryl was washing the blood off his hands when his cellphone rang.


    "Derrick? This is Richie. Can we talk?"

    Derrick hadn't spoken to Richie since his mother's wake and his subsequent incarceration.

    "I have a match coming up. I don't really have time..."

    "Come on D. You were like a son to me. Can't you spare a moment at least, Derrick?"

    "I can't talk to you. You let her kill herself. Derrick doesn't live here anymore."

    With that Darryl Digby hung up on his old life forever. Moments later the phone rang again.

    "What did I just say!? Oh. I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else. Yes I understand. I know what the score is. You don't have to remind me. Syn has always been a good friend that isn't gonna change, especially once I tell him what happened. I know what I have to do ch-. Yes I'm going to get it done. You can count on me. The question is can I trust you to hold up your end? Fine then I guess neither of us have anything to worry about. Thanks. I'll try to have a good match. You know I hate you right?"

    Darryl hung up the phone for a second time. His face was crestfallen and he hung his head for a long time. It seemed his paranoia was justified, since someone already knew what he'd done. Now he had to play his part and pray things didn't get any worse. His freedom and livelihood were in grave jeopardy. Putting on a brave and angry face, Darryl made his way to the gorilla position to wait for his match.


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    Re: Darryl Takes Some Calls

    great job bro.
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