I meant to do this sooner, but admittedly I've been a bit lazy and putting it off until now so my apologies for that. I won't be just putting up the promos though, no I'll be giving some reviews. Now, I'll be the first to admit that my way of review giving isn't as insightful as it probably should be but I want to do this, so just bear with me on this and do the best I can.

Quote Originally Posted by Hardcore Iceman
You better smarten up

(John just pissed off at how the last match ended see's a camera)

John- Hey get the hell out of the way! Knight you think you could push me like that and not get your neck broke in half!? Seriously did you see any outcome where that would end good for you other than me just hitting you with one move? You do that crap again I'll drop you for good.

Now I don't give a damn who this guy i'm facing next week is you're facing a pissed off new yorker that can break you're ass in half anytime anywhere. If you were smart you would just leave and pray you never get scheduled to face me again.

But i'm guessing like all the other "smartasses" around here you won't back down and won't give up. None of that jazz works here. You do one of two things you get an attitude and kick ass or you start caring what people think and let them down.

That's the harsh reality about it. Don't like it there's a door!If you have balls and think you got what it takes to stand up to me. Then come on the 24th and lets see how you'll end up. Lets see if you're a brawler like you say you are.

Lets see if you can stand tall with the man who has never been pined one on one Lets see if you rise up or if you become just another victim. I could see why a most likely drunk redneck like you're self would think you could.

But again the harsh reality is you'll fall like all the rest. And like those who I still need to pay a visit too. Those that think I'll just forget about them or hope i'll forget about them. Guess what this man doesn't forget or forgive.

So...Mike Atta we'll see what you have on the 24th but just looking at you I don't see how you got a chance in hell of beating me. Unless you lost a bet you shouldn't be here. You should be at a trailer park praying you have next months rent.

That's might be harsh but atleast i'm giving you and honest opinion. Most of the others will treat you like it's ok and be friendly there's a reason you shouldn't trust anyone. And that's one of those reasons.

If you put trust into someone then they'll turn on you. And when they do you'll realize that the hope they gave you was all a lie. Wake up and smarten up guy. Once you see what's fake and whats real you'll find there's nothing good about people.

You'll find out there's never going to be someone that honestly loves you or likes you. There's not gonna be someone that will give you and honest opinion. I found that out the hard way for your sake I hope you see it before you get hurt.

(John wipes a tear as he's remembering a time before he was FTW all the time.)

Just remember look out for yourself screw everybody else. That's what's important in this business and in life you can't trust anyone. If you do you'll get burned.

Now beat me if you can survive if I let you...

( john is a little teary eyed as he leaves)
I like the anger and aggression that you put into this promo because it fits the character well. Now there are some minor grammar errors, but it nothing that's glaring. I like how you went straight to the point, and didn't focus too much on what happened at the last show and just focused on your opponent. Yes, bringing up the past show helps keep the storyline clear in the minds of the "viewer", but going on and on about isn't something that's necessary so this is good. I also liked the part where John remembers his past life, and it has me interested in what he was like back then. Keep it up man, I really like what you have done with this character so far.

Quote Originally Posted by Red Eyed Demon
“Remembering’s dangerous. I find the past such a worrying, anxious place. “The Past Tense,” I suppose you’d call it. Memory’s so treacherous. One moment you’re lost in a carnival of delights, with poignant childhood aromas, the flashing neon of puberty, all that sentimental candy-floss… the next, it leads you somewhere you don’t want to go. Somewhere dark and cold, filled with the damp ambiguous shapes of things you’d hoped were forgotten. Memories can be vile, repulsive little brutes. Like children I suppose. But can we live without them? Memories are what our reason is based upon. If we can’t face them, we deny reason itself! Although, why not? We aren’t contractually tied down to rationality! There is no sanity clause! So when you find yourself locked onto an unpleasant train of thought, heading for the places in your past where the screaming is unbearable, remember there’s always madness. Madness is the emergency exit… you can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away… forever.”

We see Azazel sitting on a chair in a dark room. A red light behind him is the only sight of light in the room.

"I understand you now Enigma. You seek for madness as an escape from your own past. It allows you to become someone else. Something else. You were not born a scary clown. You were once a child like every other child in this world. But as the years passed by you realized that this world we live is a dangerous place. A place filled with monsters and the only way to beat these monsters is to become a monster yourself. Of course the transormation can't happen in a few days. It takes months, or even years. Eventually you lose everything you have in order to win them back and more. The person you used to be dies and from his ashes a new man rises. You probably had headaches...your friends found you unpredictable....scary sometimes. They couldn't understand and they will always fear what they can't understand. But I understand you now Enigma. That's why I am not scared of you. There is nothing you can do that will be able to scare or intimidate me. I will not make the mistake others did by letting you play with my head...but I will not allow myself to underestimate you either. You are capable of creating chaos. You crave chaos and unfortunately that's a hunger that will never be satisfied. That's the deal with chaos, the more you get the more you want. You won the High Voltage Championship but that wasn't enough. You needed more! You fought inside a Steel Cage with Humanity but again that wasn't enough. Now you have to face me but even if you manage to overcome me that will not be enough either! It will never be enough Enigma. Chaos has no limits. Eventually you will lose your High Voltage Championship, you will lose your career and you will lose yourself. You are a desperate coward who is not brave enough to hop back to that train, look but at his past and laugh at it's face. Instead you hide in the shadows of your existence and you try to prove...you don't even know what you are trying to prove and to who. You are lost but I will help you find some piece. I will end your life of chaos and I will take everything you have away from you. Your title, your smile and your very soul. So, don't you ever think about making any threats towards me again clown."

"I look forward to our tag team match. Do not worry my friend. As long as you play nice I will allow you to continue to exist. But if you even think about pulling off one of your tricks then your trip to salvation will start sooner than expected and it will be a one way trip from which you will never come back. See, last week I proved that Cyrus Truth ain't nothing but a fraud. Enigma or not, Cyrus will once again be defeated by his superior and make no mistake about it, his time is running out because after I'm done fixing clowns I have my eyes set on the biggest hypocrite this company has ever seen. Champion or not he will always have to worry about me coming after his lies. And as far as Krash is concened I do remember how he embarrassed me a few months ago. Now, payback will be hell. Enigma, Cyrus, Krash...this time...the joke's on you!"


An hour later in Alaster Quinn's office in Chicago...

Alaster is relaxing on the sofa dressed in a black suit taking a sip from his bourbon as Azazel walks in.

Quinn: "Excellent job Max, I like how you handled this without my guidance."

Azazel: "Thank you. So how was the funeral?"

Quinn: "Well, sad like any funeral."

Azazel: "Like any funeral? You just buried your brothers."

Quinn: "Do not make the mistake to think that I am not mourning their loss. Their death was unfortunate but car accidents happen every day. People die that's how life works."

Azazel: "So now you are all that's left from the Quinn family."

Quinn: "Pretty much. Have a few cousins somewhere in London but we haven't talked in years."

Azazel: "So your father died three years ago...and your brothers died three days ago. I don't remember hearing you talking about your mother though."

Quinn: "My mother was working on the Leviathan project back in Overlord. She was indoctrinated but I managed to bring her back. As a result, Overlord kicked me out stating that I was responsible for this tragedy. My brothers turned on me and they locked my mother in this city's Asylum. Ironic isn't it? The same city they died in. But enough about me. Are you ready for Five Star Attraction?"

Azazel: "As I ever will be."

Quinn: "Good. Enigma must be defeated at any cost. The High Voltage is a title he cannot carry for long. Relieve him of it and then we can focus on our plan."

Azazel: "Our plan... sure.

Quinn: "Have a drink, don't just stand there."

Azazel: "Thanks but I...have to go. I have to...meet a friend."

Quinn: "A friend? But you don't have any friends."

Azazel: "We worked together in the past back in ECCW. Don't worry I will not talk to him about our...plans."

Quinn: "I see. Give Mr. Leopold my greetings then."


Chicago's Asylum for the Mentally Insane

An old woman is resting in her rocking chair as she stares out of the window. Other patients are simply wandering around or giving the nurses a hard time.

Nurse: "Please do not make her feel uncomfortable. She has been through a lot."

Azazel: "Don't worry. I will only ask her a few questions and I'm gone."

Nurse: "Well she doesn't talk much but go ahead, knock yourself out."

Azazel walks up to the old woman as she looks out of the window while rocking on her chair.

Azazel: "Moira? Can you hear me? My name is Az...Max. I'm Max. I am a friend of your son."

Moira suddenly turns to look at Azazel.

Moira: "My Oliver? How is he? He never comes to see me..."

Azazel: "No...not Oliver. Your other son mam."

Moira: "Bruce? He always wanted to buy that fancy car. I told him that he wasn't a good driver. We haven't spoken since."

Azazel: "No Moira. Your third son. I am a friend of Alaster."

Moira: "Alaster? I don't know that name."

Azazel: "Alaster, Bruce and Oliver. Three boys. You have three boys right Moira?"

Moira stays silent and looks out of the window again.

Azazel: "Moira...Damn it."

Azazel turns to leave but...

Moira: "He is no son of mine."

Azazel kneels next to Moira.

Azazel: "So you do remember him."

Moira: "Alaster...no. His real name was Drew. I wanted to name him Drew but his father insisted. Alaster. Henry always saw Alaster as his favorite son. So fate wanted them to die together."

Azazel: "Moira I need you to focus. Alaster is not dead."

Moira: "Alaster died three years ago! MY SON IS DEAD!"

The nurse shows up.

Nurse: "I think it's time for you to leave!"

Azazel: "No wait. Five more minutes! Moira what exactly happened three years ago?"

Moira looks out of the window again.

Moira: "Praise the Lord my Bruce and my Oliver are still alive. They are all I have left...without them..."

Azazel: "Moira please...what happened the night Henry died...?

Moira: "We brought a monster into the world..."

To be continued...


The next promo will conclude the Leviathan storyline with a mind-blown twist.
I'm really digging this character, and even though we already have a bunch of dark characters in CWA you do it well. I like the story being told here, and I'm interested in the relationship between Azazel and Quinn. It's almost as if Azazel doesn't trust Quinn entirely, so I am looking forward in seeing where you go next with it.

Quote Originally Posted by Forrest0
A Video opens up from backstage, just before the show begins with Bruce Knight walking into the frame, a New pair of tights and a custom leather Jacket being shown, looking calm and composed, looking less deranged then past CWA shows. He chews some gum in his mouth before turning to the camera, the gum being spat out onto the floor as he points at the camera.

"CWA...No Longer am the man you once thought of as 'Crazy'...'Deranged'...'Insane'. You see, Over the weeks, I've been going recieving some...encouragement from a 'friend', a man who made me see that everything that has happened to me so far has been my fault, my wins, my losses...and the enemies I have chosen but His last piece of advice...It didn't stick in my mind...and John Stephens proved how little of a team mate he was to me...by losing to a schoolboy roll up, something he should of gotten out of easily...but he didn't, he squirmed and he tried but he just couldn't...So, I left him there on the floor...only for the coward to strike me by surprise, not facing me face to face like any true warrior would do."

Knight begins to walk away from the original position, the camera tracking him as he does so before he stops and adjusts his jacket.

"But John I wish to say these words from the bottom of my heart...Diolch. Now knowing how thick you are in your head, that's welsh for Thank You...but why would I thank you, what reason would I have. You see, John...When you attacked me by surprise, not only did you anger me...You awoke something inside of me...You awoke the Dragon inside, the raging fire starter who shall soon come for you...and John...You better be prepared because You are my prey and I am now the hunter.

But first, I must pay attention, close attention to the poor fool who has been handed a match against me, a man who has been reborn by the words of his country...by the realization of his past failures...Syn, I'm out for blood, I don't care who's it is but I'm looking for a win...A win to start my path back on track and I will not yield, I will do everything in my power to get that win...and to begin the hunt of John Stephens...and You will not stop me...because I'm the Welsh Crusader, Bruce Knight, and I will never yield."

Knight lifts his hands into a gun like fashion before pulling the 'trigger', laughing and walking away to the entrance way, ready for his match.
Short and sweet, but straight to the point which I like. You write him as a man on some sort of crusade to bring down anyone who tries to stop him, and I like that. I don't think it's something that has been done here in CWA. I do like the past gimmick you had where he felt like he was being held down, but I'd like to see if you can try and stick with this. Maybe add more focus on your gimmick next time, and more focus on your opponent as well. It's good work though, so keep it up.

Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus T
At a small diner on the corner of a cold city block in Chicago, Illinois, home of this week's Adrenaline Rush, a lone figure sat at an empty booth, leaning back on the plush red seating as a white wall-hanging clock ticked above him. Dressed in a pair of black trousers along with a light brown t-shirt beneath a pale green waistcoat & faded yellow tie, the figure slumped across the seating, casually reading a small, tattered book in his grasp, occasionally taking a sip from his tea. Beside him, the massive window pane that faced the main street was splattered with raindrops, and the wind howled on this cold November afternoon, but inside the diner, the man was fresh and warm as ever.

Waitress: You want to order anything else, sir?

Looking up from his old novel, Krash glanced at the waitress, shaking his head.

Krash: No, I'm good. Waiting for someone.

The waitress nodded politely, glancing at the empty seat across from Krash, before she stepped aside to the next booth. Krash turned his attention back to his book, before the door opening caught his eye. In stepped an imposing figure, clad in a sprawling brown overcoat, rainwater dripping onto the floor tiles as the man's gaze scanned across the diner, before settling on Krash.

Krash waved politely, beckoning him over as he closed the book and set it aside.

If the man was surprised, he didn't show it, as he approached Krash's booth, trailing wet footprints behind him. He reached the booth, glancing around at his surroundings. The diner wasn't quite as busy as it could've been, though his arrival certainly attracted a few glances. The man threw back the hood of his overcoat, revealing a mess of slicked black hair and a pair of eyes that were constantly focused, never letting a guard down for an instant. Krash smiled a charming, disarming smile, and motioned to the seat across from him.

Krash: I'm glad you could make it, Cyrus. Have a seat.

Slowly, deliberately, Cyrus Truth shifted his body across the booth, sitting himself down aside from Krash. There he sat, slowly soaking the seat wet with his drenched overcoat, before glancing at the book by Krash's tea. Of Mice & Men.

Krash: Would you like anything? Tea, coffee, liquor, a snack or something? It's a terrific diner, makes wonderful jam tarts.

Cyrus Truth: I hope you didn't call me here just to talk about this place's jam tarts.

Krash: Well, no, but you know what they say about small talk, right?

Cyrus merely raised an eyebrow.

Krash: ... We'll skip the small talk, then.

Cyrus Truth: Why did you call me here, Krash?

Krash shrugged.

Krash: Wanted to talk to you. Besides, it's good to get out of the arena once in a while, wouldn't you say?

Cyrus adjusted his jaw, glancing out the window at the downpour. Krash paused, before leaning forward in his chair.

Krash: I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, 'why should I give a damn what this guy has to say? He's a dangerous threat to my CWA World Heavyweight Championship. He'll probably try to stab me in the back the second I shake his hand.' And really, if it was anyone else, you'd probably be right. But trust me, Cyrus, I have no bad intentions for you in the slightest. You're a decent, honorable man, if a little self-destructive. Someone who I would honestly say without a shadow of hyperbole is one of the single best professional wrestlers I've met in years. And I know you're not keen on the idea of allies - and to be honest, giving how many knives have been stabbed in your back, I can't entirely blame you - but if there's one person I would be not only glad, but honored to team with, it would be you. So, what do you say, Cyrus? You want to talk things over, get into a partner mindset, even just for this week?

If Cyrus was listening to a word Krash was saying, he didn't appear to show it. Krash's smile faltered, before fading.

Krash: You weren't even listening, were you?

Cyrus turns back to face Krash, eyes cold but piercing. He doesn't answer as the waitress walks back up. Before she can ask and without so much as turning his head to her, Cyrus says:

Cyrus Truth: Coffee. Large, two creams, no sugar.

The waitress, a bit unnerved by Cyrus's casual indifference, nevertheless goes to fetch his order. Cyrus, without missing a beat, asks ever so bluntly:

Cyrus Truth: How's your head, Krash?

Krash seems to be taken aback at the question, something Cyrus doesn't notice or doesn't show that he notices.

Krash: My... what?

Cyrus Truth: Now who's not listening? Your head. How is it?

Krash flashes a small grin as the waitress returns with Cyrus's coffee.

Krash: My head? Nah, it's fine! Perfectly fine.

Cyrus takes a sip of his coffee as he stares Krash down.

Cyrus Truth: So you're 100% ready to go for our tag match?

Krash: Absolutely! No worries on my end!

Cyrus continues to drink his coffee, speaking in-between sips.

Cyrus Truth: I swear...why does everybody think they can lie to a man named Truth?

Well. That certainly struck a nerve with Krash as the White Wolf's expression turns from a casual smile to a slight frown.

Krash: Hey, I'm not lying.

Cyrus Truth: Of course you are.

Krash: I said I'm fine.

Cyrus Truth: You know you're not and so do I.

Krash: Oh yeah? And what would you know about it?!

Krash's sudden outburst surprises him, though Cyrus remains ever stone-faced throughout. Krash almost looks like he wants to say something... a reassurance, an apology for shouting, maybe even more shouting, but Cyrus interjects.

Cyrus Truth: What would I know? More than I care to admit. I know you're still hurting because I know what a wrestler looks like when he's hurt and doesn't anybody to know about it. Your eyes are continuing to dart around, as if they're having a hard time focusing. Your brow suggests that there's a sharp, piercing pain right between your eyes that your tea's not helping to dull. I know you're hurt because I know what hurt looks and feels like. And if we're going to be tagging tonight, I at least want you to realize that I'm not blind to it.

Cyrus folds his hands over his coffee to warm them. His expression softens as he turns his gaze downwards.

Cyrus Truth: I know you're not going to backstab me in this match. You're not Twister Excel. You see, Krash... you may not realize this, but this path you walk? It's not all that different from my own. Not trusting you would be like not trusting myself, and if I can't trust myself then what do I have left? My only concern is that you're not self-destructing too quickly. There's a lot at stake with our match at Five Star Attraction... so very much.

Both Cyrus and Krash take a slow, somber sip of their respective drinks as Cyrus continues.

Cyrus Truth: This war that Noah Hanson started...yeah, his pet giant might be fighting to kill it, but our fight? Our fight's for the very soul of CWA. You see, men like Azazel and Enigma...these monsters, these scumbags? They might be fighters, warriors, wrestlers...but they're not men. Not really. Men don't skulk around in shadows and strike when it's convenient for them. True men stand and fight against all odds. Men weather the oncoming storm and will sacrifice everything if it means that somebody, ANYBODY will remember them when they can fight no longer. That's who I am, Krash... no hero, no savior. Just a man who chose the path less taken and has given more than he ever thought he had simply because he knew that it was the right path to take. A path worthy of a man who would call himself champion. The Clique Wrestling Alliance needs a man like that as its champion to remind the world that we as people don't need to stoop to such lows as Azazel and Enigma will. We are capable of so much more... capable of enduring far more than we ever thought we could. The world might try to break me, but I will not be bent. Isn't that the same for you?

A silence fell between the two men.

Krash: ... You're very good with words, anyone ever tell you that?

Cyrus merely offers a dry smile, before taking a sip of his coffee.

Krash: That said, though, you're right.

Cyrus Truth: About?

Krash: Everything. Well, nearly everything. My head, Azazel, Enigma, the stakes at Five-Star, even the 'resisting fighter until the bitter end in face of the world's weight to break him' thing. Thing is...

Cyrus Truth: 'Thing is'?

Krash: Thing is, the world's already broken me before. A long time ago, before I even heard of CWA. I was in a rough spot, and the world kept piling up the weight with inhuman things like Azazel, Enigma, and Goliath at every turn, hoping to break me under the sheer strain of it all. I tried to stand strong and fight, really, I did, but... Eventually, I stopped actively fighting back and started looking for a way out.

Krash paused, taking a small sip of his tea, staring blankly over Cyrus's shoulder.

Krash: It became too much, and I did some things I'm not too proud of. Even today, there's old friends who refuse to even talk to me to due what I did back then to get the world off my back. But at the time, I felt it was all I could do, just to get the world to ease off, if only for a minute.

Cyrus Truth: How'd that go for you?

Krash: It was the worst decision I've ever made. I stabbed so many friends in the back trying to stop the world from breaking me, that by the time I realized it had broken me long ago, there was no-one to help me fix myself back together. I entered the company happy, surrounded by friends and allies, with a clear goal of rising to the top of the company. I left it miserable, alone, just wanting to get everyone off my back.

Cyrus Truth: Should this be reassuring?

Krash: I don't know. Be what you want it to be. Point is, I traveled that broken path when the world finally got to me. My darkest days, spent scurrying down that twisted path, hoping to would break into a brighter road. It didn't. It only took me deeper down the broken trail, further down, until one day I looked in the mirror and a complete stranger looked back at me. I'd rather quit wrestling altogether than go down that path again. Or, at least, that's what I tell myself.

Another pause, another sip.

Krash: It was monsters just like Azazel and Enigma that finally caused the world's weight to break me down, to kickstart that journey down a dark, broken path. Last time, I choose the easy way out. This time, I refuse to even consider that an option.

Cyrus drains what's left of his coffee as the waitress walks back and pours him a refill. His cup full again, Cyrus pauses to chuckle. After a while, his chuckle turns into full-borne laughter.

Krash: Um...you're laughing.

Cyrus Truth: Ha, ha, ha...yeah, I suppose so.

Krash: But you don't laugh. Ever. Are you sure YOU'RE all right?

Cyrus Truth: I'm fine, fine...it's just I find this sadly funny in an ironic sort of way. We're two men who've traveled the darkest byways of the Long and Winding Road and have had life and misery beaten into us. We're also two of the finest wrestlers in the world today fated to clash at the biggest event of the year and will likely try to kill one another over the richest prize in our industry. By all accounts, we should be trying to get one-up on each other...yet here we are! Sitting in a booth at some no-name diner drinking coffee and tea and just...chatting.

Krash: And that's funny to you? You have a weird sense of humor.

Cyrus Truth: You have to understand...my closest friend in this business is also the man most likely to attempt to brutally end my life. This sort of relatively pleasant conversation just doesn't happen, especially when the stakes are so high. It's...different, to say the least. Not wholly unpleasant. I have to say, though...you're probably the first person I've met in CWA that understands how I think and why I think that way. It's something that damn near everybody else in our locker room will never fully appreciate. Because it's easy to be a saint in heaven and a monster in hell. It takes a rare breed of man to walk through hell and not succumb. Men like us, Krash? We may stumble and we may lose our way, but we will find our way through hell and not let it consume us. And regardless of what transpires between now and the end of Five Star Attraction, it is that quality that the world needs to see.

Krash ponders Cyrus's words as the waitress pours him a refill. He sips his tea pensively as Cyrus gestures at him.

Cyrus Truth: Oh, man...I wish the Road would've had us cross paths years ago. The challenges we could've tackled, the things we could've accomplished. But...oh well. We follow the Road, not the other way around.

Cyrus sighs as he takes a sip of his coffee. Krash, silently, cracks a smile.

Krash: You say that as if it's too late to do any of that.

Cyrus Truth: Hmm?

Krash: Well, you've been saying it for months. We've got a company without a soul and a date with destiny. What's to say we can't make a little bit of history? I mean, we've got a couple of weeks and the main event of Five Star. I'd say that gives us ample of chances to make some things happen.

Cyrus laughs again, clapping his hands.

Cyrus Truth: Indeed! Good answer. The great thing about histories and legacies is that they're constantly being written and memorialized. Very well, Krash. Come what may at Five Star Attraction. But tonight, let's show the monsters of the CWA and the world that they hold no sway over us. That men need not be crushed under the yoke of sin and avarice. Let's show the world the power of man's resolve to stand tall against the tempest and give the people a preview of just what the CWA's finest are capable of. Let's solve the riddle of Enigma and send Azazel back down into hell. After all...what are monsters and madmen against hearts of fire and souls of steel?

Cyrus raises his coffee mug, offering a toast.

Cyrus Truth: To glory through sacrifice.

Krash cracks a sly grin as he accepts Cyrus's toast with a clink of mugs.

Krash: Cheers, mate. Hey, you hungry? I wasn't kidding about the jam tarts.

Cyrus shakes his head, saying something about "jam tarts before a match?" in a rather disapproving tone. The conversation between champion and challenger (and tag partners for the evening) begins to drown out as the camera pans back. The waitress is back at the table apparently taking food orders as we cut to black...
I like the chemistry here between Cyrus and Krash. Cyrus is usually cold in his demeanor, while Krash is the complete opposite and almost child like in a way with his carefree attitude. Everything works so well in this promo, so keep it up guys.

Quote Originally Posted by Syn
Thebrir is crisp and the temperature is down in the low 30s but it feels no higher than 20 with the wind chill. Syn sits on a swing dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt for The Movement. Syn grins as he looks in the camera. He stops swinging on the swing.

Syn: For those who didn't witness it I beat my parents to a bloody pulp on FWA's latest show due to the control of Chance Fortune over me. Well I am in CWA now and I'm sure Chance Fortune won't be far behind me but today I am going to be truthful with each of you. I've never been been a nice guy in fact I'm an asshole but I don't like whats happened to me since I met up with Chance Fortune again. One of these days i wil find a way to break off from Chance Fortune.

I want to talk about why I chose to join CWA and become a double promotion guy. I have never been a guy to just work on one promotion because I'm never happier than when I'm traveling except when I'm hurting people and getting paid well for it. I've gotten to know Humanity quite well in FWA and we hit it off like gangbusters. We are very alike in many ways both trying to cope with the monster inside of us. Although mine is now manifested in Chance Fortune to a level dangerous not only to others but myself as well which is why I must find a way to break his power on me.

Syn stands up and walks over to a sign reading Allentown City Park.

Syn: This is where I was born and raised. I'm a second generation wrestler my father's real name is Peter Gruner and my mother-in-law was Amy Dumas. My mother gave me up as a baby and I went from foster home to foster home. I know some people get adopted and live happily ever after but that wasn't my story. I was given to people who when drunk would take a lit cigarette and burn my skin when I got in trouble. When I turned 15 I tried to find my father and eventually found out that my father was Peter Gruner a pro wrestler. He had no idea I was even born but he took me in and gave me a good home and he taught me how to Wrestle along with my mother-in-law Amy. They got me my first job in Wrestling joining their stable in JCwF however as a young kid I was cocky, arrogant and wanted to make a mark. So I turned on my parents and beat them to a bloody pulp and then went my own way. So once I destroyed my parents because I was young and cocky and this last time in FWA I did it because Chance Fortune ordered me to and I couldn't break his power over me.

So tomorrow I get to wrestle against a guy named Bruce Knight but I don't care if it was Bruce Wayne because nobody can destroy me and a one on one match is where I shine and I swear to god I will tear this mother fuc*er limb from limb until I leave a bloody and beaten carcus in the middle of the ring and Bruce Knight will never be 100% again. The weather tongiht is bleak and so is your future Bruce Knight. You have no idea what hell you are about to enter.

You bitch and moan about getting screwed out of wins by management in the past Bruce but now you are going to be screwed six ways to Sunday because to you I'm a virtual unknown and you should always fear the unknown. Hope you had a good career in CWA but it comes to an end tomorrow night. Bruce Knight this is the countdown to your extinction.

The camera cuts off Syn and shows a countdown clock to the bell time for CWA's Adrenaline Rush. The clock reads "Countdown to Bruce Knight's Extinction."
Being familiar with your work in FWA I do like what you brought here with the Syn character in CWA. I like how you went into his past, and the mention of his relationship with Chance Fortune. You went straight to the point on your opponent, and I liked the little added element at the end with the countdown. Keep it up man, glad to have you here in CWA.

Also, get well soon.

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Al Nova is backstage busy doing some squats, not aware of the cameraman filming for CWA. He is wearing his Purple Gi, Purple Headband and some white wrestling boots with a Purple Dragon Icon above the laces. Al finishes his set and picks up the towel, wiping himself down and tosses it into the washing basket in the locker room. Al sits down and starts to tape up his wrists as the cameraman films

Al Nova
Canada is known for the screwjob, possibly one of the biggest turn of events in all of Pro Wrestling and on canadian soil, we all saw a Screwjob by V, leaving me in our match, an important tag team contender match, a chance for us both to claim gold. But what angers me even more was the post shot attack V decided to take on me. Ever since I stepped into this company, shots have been fired, people don't seem to win honestly. I come to CWA to make an honest living, competing to the very best of my abilities and delivering entertaining action for all the dragons. Now I'm faced with yet another man who wants me out of the way, because I am Al Nova, master of the elbow drop of death, and tonight.....V, You've just crossed the line

Al Nova looks over at his elbow that has been taped up heavily after the series of chair shots on Al's Elbow back in England, and then his head which has been bandaged

Al Nova
You can beat me down all you want, but nothing will keep me down, nothing will keep me from driving the deadliest professional wrestling move to you, right through your heart V, redemption, revenge is always sweeter. The High Voltage Championship will be mine in due time, because tonight, I have 10 minutes in the ring, 10 minutes of time to beat you like you let me get beat back at Canada, and then, just like I was, down and out, I'll make my way to the top rope, as I have done before and will do again, shout out the name that electrifies the arena and the fans as I leap off with a power level that no man in CWA can match and drive the unholy elbow right through your chest.....

Al Nova, living in the moment and feeling the adrenaline pumping, stands up and looks closer into the camera

Al Nova
Because the days of bullies are over. V, 2015 is slowly approaching, with CWA's biggest show to come, 5 Star Attraction, and I shall end 2014 with two things, the High Voltage Championship, and Redemption. The path to the title continues gentlemen, but redemption embarks here and now. V, nobody is standing in the way tonight to take the beating I am going to give you, there is no tag partner for you, so since you managed to avoid last adrenaline rush without a scratch, I do hope you haven't gotten a tad rusty. This is CWA and it is time for the Dragon to take flight.....

Al Nova then ties his purple headband taut and walks out of the area as the camera ends
I'm a big fan of the character Al Nova, who is seen as the total underdog each time he steps in that ring. I like you referring to V as a bully, and that you hope to put an end to him. Building up your finishing move is nice because I know it's a big part of the Character.

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Title: Twist of Fate!
Main Event - Tag Team Grudge Match
Cyrus Truth & Krash vs Azazel & Mr. Enigma

The scene starts off on the edge of a dark alley where we see the mistress that Enigma has been spending time with as of late and Officer Lady Diva. Only this time, she has a gun pointing to his partners head with a host of other officers behind her.

Her partner aka John looks at her in somewhat shock but dismay ask, “Okay, just what the hell are you doing LD. This must be some type of joke or you have lost you freaking mind.”

LD looks on with a steady hand as thoughts race through her mind.

They say, that when you hesitate in the midst of an important decision that the hesitation lends itself to doubt as to the decision that is being made. So who is jumping now? You see CT, first of all, how do you bring a knife to a gun fight? First of all CT, you come to a main event unprepared and then you bring a knife in Krash? You see it’s not that Krash is being written off or anything but honestly, he means absolutely nothing to me. As for you CT, did you finally fill that moment of completion after winning the title only to come up short in your ability to fully represent this company as its champion? With Enigma in the ring, the terror of what I can and have done to you at least CT should be enough in itself to spell disaster, but Krash, with Azezel in the ring with Enigma at the same time, honestly I could care less for Azezel as he tries to eventually unseat me but for now, I can put all that aside.

John realizes the seriousness of the situation as a speck of sweat falls down the side of his face.

“Looks like the old man has come to realize that I wasn’t playing after all,” says LD in a seductive and yet self-absorbing tone.

“You see Johnny boy, I have plans and right now, removing you from the situation will only make my job just that more alluring.”

John has a smirk on his face as he responds in his own sense of arrogance.

“You can do what you want to me, but whatever alluring plan you have will eventually fail. You can kill me with that unofficial department issued gun to plot my death but again you will fail.”

LD looks a bit confusing as she appears to be a bit concerned as it appears that John was telling her what the plan was.

“Who told you that,” she asks out of a sudden concern.

John laughs in her face again before spitting in her face. She licks the spit from her lip as John says, “Wisdom and the experience of dealing with broads like….”

Before he could finish, LD let off one quick shot to the middle of his head as he fell back against the squad car and to the ground. LD gives the gun to another officer for disposal as LD makes the call for backup.

Azazel, isn’t it interesting when you use those close to you as the scapegoat to bigger plans. Yeah, surely you are not following me on that one now but later you will get it. Krash…whether you go by the name Krash or by the name crash, either way, the sound implies the impending result in that you will fall by our hands one way or another and there is nothing you can do to change that course of action. What? You are going to depend on yet again another champion only by title and not with the balls to back up that title. CT is nothing more than a man caught in the vanity of his own ego and yet cares nothing for anyone but himself and now Krash, you become just another victim of his egotistical truths. But as it is said Krash, as they say, association brings on assimilation and though the two of you are bonding hand in hand tonight, you will indeed find out just how undependable you really are by nights end.

The scene unfolds as a sheet is now being placed over the body of John who clearly was murdered by his own and yet unknown by everyone else.

Yeah Krash, that is all you are, a hope on the wing of a prayer hoping for what you want only to come up short for what facts will reveal. You are not in Azazel league and you damn sure are nothing more than a speck of dust in my ultimate universe of stars and talent and skill.

As the other officers make their way over to LD who is now sitting in the back of an ambulance getting medical attention for a shot to the shoulder she begins to cry at John’s loss.

“I tried to fight off the thugs as we were investigating the area and apparently we were on to something but I guess I was to slow because one got up close and got off a single shot on John.”

So what ultimate lie will one of you tell the other tonight about your chances? Krash, will you try to satisfy your own thoughts with your own false considerations or CT will you continue to fail at what you cannot deliver in a 5 star attraction? Either way, such as with LD, so shall the same be here. You two will lose and you to will endure a pain and torment of an example of something that neither of you could have ever imagined. CT, how’s that back? I got more where that came from.

LD calls one of her male companions following the situation and asks, “Did you take care of that business.”

Very quickly she got back the answer she was seeking with a simple, “Done.”

And just like that, Krash, CT, you will be simply put…DONE!

To Be Continued!
You kept it short and sweet here compared to your usual promos, and I understand as to why so it's completely fine. I like what you did here, adding in this story and keeping it related to the current storyline. Keep it up man, Enigma is a fun character to read and write for.

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*America plays as V walks to the ring in a new mask. He walks around to the timeclock and asks for a mic and as the ring crew member hands him the mic he pushes the ring crew member down and turns around and gets in the ring*

V: I been getting asked all week about why I did what I did last week on Andrenaline Rush. Why would I betray my partner when there is a chance of going into a #1 contenders match for the tag team titles? Why would I attack my tag team partner? The answer is pretty simple I dont belong to no machine no government no leader I belong to myself and my morals.

*Crowd starts booing V*

V: Dont worry you can boo me all you want and you can go home and drink your floride water and eat your packaged meals that are loaded with preservatives. Be the sheep of society in the democracy of your government. Listen to what your president says because its filled with lies but you fans will listen to anything people say and believe it is true. False Flag operations are going on right below your noses and yet you dont believe it because the media hide it. While your favorite miley cyrus is going to starbucks for a mocha double latte with soy milk and TMZ is following her people follow to watch and while their back is turned america is causing more destruction with plants to cause more chaos and mayhem to help the presidents agenda.

*Crowd hushes*

V: Am I finally getting to you people yet?

*Crowd mixes cheers and boos with USA chants*

V: You see I havent your gonna cheer tonight for Al Nova as he comes out here all happy go lucky but dont worry I plan on smacking that smile right off his face. I plan on beating him up I plan on blooding him up and im going to do it because you people all made me into the villain in your fairytale of a wrestling mind and here comes Al Nova he is going to be your Superman your Captain America your Spiderman but the difference is this fairytale does not end well. Theres no princess to kiss there is no true love this is simply going to be a non kid themed ending. When your superhero dies you can elect a new hero to guide you. A hero that is independent that stands up and goes against the injustices we see each and everyday on those streets and in this ring. It starts tonight with Al Nova you will see the best this company has to offer. Al Nova dont worry tonight i will leave you a mess in the ring people will think you went over to the Huxtable family's residence and got a little bit of a RISE. Dont worry though because you will Rise and Revolt or get your face smashed in.

*V throws the mic up into the air as it crashes and he rolls out of the ring*
This sort of reminds of CM Punk when he first turned heel in WWE, and started his tirade on the crowds with his straight edge stuff. I like this a lot, and I know what you're capable of so keep it up. V has a bright future here in CWA, so if you keep it up with promos like this and others I can see him doing big things here.