Syn pulls up to a beautiful mansion in sunny Tampa, Florida driving his ruby red Lamborghini Diablo he drives to the gate and presses the button that reads "Call" and moments later a voice replies.

Peter Gruner: What are you doing here?

Syn: I can't stop by and see my father and my mother-in-law?

Peter Gruner: The last time we spoke was almost 10 years ago when you attacked me and my wife and betrayed our trust. What could you possibly want now?

Syn: Look, I just want to come in and say hello. If it's a problem I'll just go.

Syn starts the car as Amy Dumas-Gruner gets on the intercom.

Amy Dumas-Gruner: Cameron, never mind your father come on in.

A loud buzz is heard as the gate swings open. Syn drives in and pulls around to the driveway. Peter Gruner and Amy Dumas-Gruner are both outside Peter is dressed in blue jeans and a white polo shirt and Amy is dressed in jean shorts and a Korn t-shirt. Syn gets out dressed like he's going to church or a wedding in a beautiful three piece suit he reaches into the car and pulls out a gigantic turkey. Syn hands the turkey to his father as Amy smiles and speaks.

Amy Dumas-Gruner: Why don't you come inside?

Peter walks in first taking the turkey to the kitchen as Amy and Syn walk down a large hallway full of trophies, awards, championships and other wrestling memorabilia from Peter and Amy's wrestling days. Syn and Amy sit down in the den as the room is nice and warm from the fire going in the fireplace.

Syn: So Amy, what have you been up to? I know father has been working as a producer/road agent but I haven't heard anything about what you have been doing.

Pete Gruner walks in as Amy responds.

Amy Dumas-Gruner: Cameron, I had hoped after all these years you would have gotten more comfortable and eventually call me mom since you never really got to know your mother.

Syn: My mother was a whore who couldn't keep her legs crossed. Not much different from you really Amy but the difference between you too is you slept your way to the top and my mother just slept with anything that moved.

Syn grins as Peter looks pissed off.

Amy Dumas-Gruner: I didn't deserve that Cameron.

Peter Gruner: Damn right. I don't care if you are my son I won't let anyone talk to my wife like that in our house and if you keep it up I will kick your ass.

Syn: Ha! Now that's a laugh.

Peter Gruner: Oh? You like Jokes I see. I heard a good joke the other day about you . Driving over the speed limit getting popped for driving under the influence and getting popped with marijuana and open beer bottles. I hope you rot in jail for that you arrogant little prick.

Syn nods and he looks down.

Syn: Look Amy I'm sorry.

Peter Gruner: Look I am running thin on patience tell me why you came her was it to get a few more insults in so you can feel superior?

Syn: Not really, look I am sorry and I'm not trying to make excuses but I am fucked up. As you know I went from Foster Home to Foster Home. I had a long line of people who never gave a shit about me. One Foster Parent used to burn me with a lit cigarette and I used to get in trouble all the time because that was the only time he'd show any emotion and something is better than nothing. My mother was a whore who gave me up at birth and I never had any idea what love ever was. I know that sounds hard to believe but I'm in my thirties now and not once have I learned what love is. Look with my new schedule of touring I will be around occasionally and I want to try to start over. I see what you and Amy have and I know that is something I want in my life. The closest thing to love I have ever seen in my life was the day you found out I existed when my mother died and you went and brought me home and accepted me as part of the family.

A tear rolls down Syn's eye as Peter and Amy walk towards Syn to try and hug him.

Syn: Look I get it, but let's take this real slow alright?

Peter and Amy nod and Syn shakes his fathers hand and Amy's hand and then speaks.

Syn: I can't be here for Thanksgiving but I hope you guys enjoy that turkey and think of me when you enjoy it. Thanks again Dad I'll be seeing you around but I think I better leave now and get ready for my match.