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Thread: Inhumans (TBA)

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    Inhumans (TBA)

    Release Date: TBA
    Studio: Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Studios
    Director: Not Available
    Screenwriter: Joe Robert Cole
    Starring: Not Available
    Genre: Action, Adventure
    MPAA Rating: Not Available
    Official Website: Not Available

    Plot Summary: Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and introduced in the pages of "Fantastic Four" #45 back in 1965, "The Inhumans" were regulars in that series for decades before being given a high-profile mini-series in the late '90s and they've been very active in the Marvel Universe ever since. Given their powers by the Terrigen Mists, the powerful Inhumans have a wide array of powers ranging from the life-like and constrictive hair of Medusa to the destruction-causing voice of their king Black Bolt.
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    Re: Inhumans (2018)

    The only reason I know about this film before it was announced, was due to Vin Diesel teasing he could play Black Bolt. The dude doesn't talk much, but he's pretty bad ass. If you wanna know more about the Inhumans watch this video like I did when the movie was announced.

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