Woman found Dead outside Vegas!

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department discovered the corpse of a young female, dumped in an alley just a few miles outside Vegas.
The woman was identified as infamous local singer Miranda "Oriana" Lawson.
Early reports state that Miranda's cause of death was a heart attack that she must have suffered just three days ago but everyone finds that hard to believe as the girl was only 23 years old.

Miranda's last known location was the AMC Town Square 18 where she was about to perform a VIP show booked by Alaster Quinn, a known associate with the "Overlord" organization. Quinn stated that Miranda never actually made it to the theater so he called up his client Max Cooper to shoot a video that would be used as a promo to further establish Cooper's in-ring persona in a storyline featured on Clique Wrestling Alliance.

The investigation continues as hopefully more clues will be revealed soon.