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In an old theater somewhere in New Jersey...

"Tainted love...Don't touch me please I cannot stand the way you tease..."

An unknown red-headed female is on the stage giving a VIP show for the mysterious Alaster Quinn. The theater is closed for the night which leaves Quinn and the red-head as the only two people inside.
Quinn starts clapping his hands once the the red-head has finished singing "Tainted Love".

Quinn: Bravo! You sure are a sight for sore eyes and a sound for closed ears. I fear I didn't get your name though..."

Miranda: It's...Miranda...sir."

Quinn: Well Miranda I can see a great future in you.

The front door of the theater opens and then closes with a slam. The dangerous man known as Azazel walks towards Quinn's table holding a camera and takes a seat. Azazel stares at Miranda as he lets the camera in the table.

Miranda: What...what do you want me to do...?

Quinn: Oh you don't need to do anything darling. It's just that before my client and I address some issues we would like to hear from a friend of us.

Miranda: And what does that have to do

Quinn: Everything.

Quinn takes a small red gem out of his pocket and lets it on the table.

"Assuming direct control"

Miranda immediately looks up with her body staying still. Her nose starts to bleed as her voice becomes deeper and darker.

“I am the Harbinger of your ascendance.”

Quinn: I am glad you made it. Now I understand that we needed to take things slow but Wrestle Royale is a great opportunity for us. When Azazel wins it he gains access to what we have been after all this time. He will get a straight shot at the Conduit.

“You are shortsighted. Sentient beings need never fear pain.”

Quinn shakes his head as this wasn't the answer he was looking for.

Quinn: Why wait? What's the point of letting this chance slip away?

“Kill one and one hundred will replace it.”

Azazel: I don't understand.

Azazel then gets up.

Azazel: You said that I was the chosen one. I would bring the apocalypse. What changed? Don't you have faith in me anymore?

Quinn: Azazel, please..

Azazel: Because I can prove to you that I am ready and I am the demon that you need. So let's do it!

“You do not yet comprehend your place in things. You are ignorant, we are knowing. The experiments will continue, Quinn. Progress cannot be halted. Your worlds will become our laboratories. We are your genetic destiny.”

Quinn: Then we will wait.

Azazel: We will what?

Quinn: That's an order Azazel. Sit down.

Azazel and Quinn have an intense staredown.

Quinn: Azazel, please.

Azazel eventually sits back on his chair and Quinn turns his attention back to Miranda.

Quinn: Azazel has three opponents to beat at the next event.


Quinn: Al Nova, John "The Destroyer" Stephens and a moron with a mask called V.

"This Destroyer; viable possibility, if emotional drives are subjugated."

"Nova; viable possibility, impressive technical potential.”

"V; an annoyance, limited utility.”

Quinn: Listen, this gem's power will not last long. I need to find more gems and I will. Until then...what's our direction?"

“Seek the Nightmare of Humanity."

Quinn: You mean...

“I am releasing this form.”

Miranda's body then collapses on the stage and the gem explodes in front of a stunned Alaster Quinn.

Azazel: The hell was that supposed to mean?

Quinn: I will...explain later. This is only the beginning. Come. Bring the camera with you. Those CWA dogs will call for another exclusive soon.

Azazel: And what about her?

Quinn and Azazel stand up and look at Miranda's lifeless body.

Quinn: Such a waste.


15 minutes later, on the rooftop of the theater...
Azazel positions the camera so it points at Quinn.

Azazel: Now.

Quinn points at the stars in the sky as the camera begins to film him and Azazel who walks behind him.

Quinn: They say that every star in that sky is a soul that looks down on us and guides us to an unknown path. I am Alaster Quinn and this is my client or business associate if you will, Azazel. When I was asked to address Azazel's match at Wrestle Royale I was not sure of what to say really. Two huge matches on one night could be rough for most people but I assure you this is not the case for Azazel. My client loves competition. He thrives from it. And it's a big opportunity for us to prove a point at Wrestle Royale. We are here to stay. So I will give you a quick heads up for what is going to happen at October 24th in Las Vegas. My client Azazel will defeat, destroy and in one word I love to use, victimize his opponents in the Fatal 4 Way match to determine a new number one contender for the High Voltage Championship. Then, he will go on to overcome 29 other men and win the Wrestle Royale match. Realize this ladies and gentlemen, after Wrestle Royale, my client will have two and I will repeat that, two championship matches. Fast forward to Five Star Attraction, my client Azazel will destroy either Mr. Enigma or Humanity to become the new High Voltage Champion. And then...he will move on to become the first Demon ever to hold both the High Voltage title and the CWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Azazel: The first and sole Demon ever.

Quinn: It's kinda pathetic really when you come to think of it. The world is so focused on who will survive the war between Cyrus Lie and Prince Pain and they don't understand that it doesn't matter.

Azazel: Truth. It's Cyrus Truth.

Quinn: Believe me, there is nothing true about Cyrus but now it's not the time to talk about that just yet. See, everyone is so focused on staring at the tree and they miss the forest. Azazel will conquer Wrestle Royale. He will conquer the CWA World Heavyweight Championship and he will conquer the world.

Azazel: This world is doomed.

Quinn: So they say that it's too soon for Azazel to get a High Voltage Championship shot. It's too soon to main event Five Star Attraction! He is still a rookie, he doesn't have experience. Boo hoo, hoo. Are you scared? Are you scared of what this man can accomplish? Don't be. In the end Azazel will take everything away and there will be nothing left to scare you anymore. And I'm talking to all of you doubters out there. All of you haters. I'm talking to you Al Nova. You actually think that you stand a chance? This isn't some kind of a stupid anime story. This is real. Oh, it's very real.

Azazel: The pain is real.

Quinn: And John Stephens. You call yourself "the Destroyer" but you need to ask yourself: After everything is destroyed....what will there be left for you to do?

Azazel: Your demise is inevitable.

Quinn: And don't think that I forgot about you Mr. V. Does it hurt when you have to remember that you screamed like a child when Azazel made you tap? Does it bother you to know that the only reason you wear this mask is because you are a coward and no one will remember you when the Sun rises again?

Azazel: You are pathetic.

Quinn: Come Wrestle Royale, no one will be able to stop the destruction that Azazel will bring. No one is going to be able to save their souls when my client brings hell on earth.

Azazel: You can go on and throw me your best. It will not be enough. Give me V, give me Nova, give me the Destroyer, give me Mr. Enigma, Humanity, Nightmare, the Ables, Krash, Bruce Knight...Give me Prince and I'll show him Pain. Give me Cyrus and I'll show him the Truth. And the truth always hurts.

Quinn: The truth is...What happens in Vegas...doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Quinn smiles as the camera fades to black.
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The Bodies will pile up

( John putting his gear on puts the orange boots on and starts taping his wrist up. He finds a camera crew getting ready to interview some jobber and pushes him outta the way. The jobber tries to fight him but get's dropped on his head for his troubles. John just laughs as the medical crew carries him off.)

John- Now that the real wrestler is here I have a little something to say.

Toxic rain- WTF dude whats your problem you might have just ended that mans career!?

Hey I told everyone here since day one if your in my way you get taken out. That "man" was in my way.

You couldn't wait?

When your a badass and don't give a damn you don't wait for things you take them. Anyway enough about the wannabe wrestler lets focus on the destroyer. Lets focus on the man that has destroyed everyone that was put in front of him.

All right I'll bite what was the point of hurting krash after the tag match?

To put the roster on notice to prove that what I say is true. Again since day one I've said no matter how you are you get in my way you get destroyed. Krash wanted to get in my way I simply returned the favor and got in his.

Unfortunately he wasn't strong enough to stand up to me. So I had to show him that he's not allowed to play with the big dog's.

Well I remember you needing a chair and your tag partner..(john cuts rain off)

Hey I don't need anyone! I don't need Knight I saw the chair and MADE him give me a chair. I didn't need to use the chair I wanted to make it clear that if things need to get hardcore I destroy anyone. Master of all trades really.

Well given that you've been on a role since coming to cwa..( john cuts rain off again)

Yeah i'm the only one here that's been a dominant force...( rain actually cuts john off this time.)

Actually he might not be undefeated but Azazel has looked very impressive.

..Wow you're so rude don't interrupt someone while they're talking. Anyway I've seen that guy honestly the guy looks to have to same ftw attitude that I do. But he's from Boston and everyone knows that the New York attitude wins over any Boston guy's attitude

He want's to hurt people so do I. If he thinks he's the big man the big destroyer around here then i guess I'll have to show him who's boss. I'll kick him right in the face suplex him a few times then choke his ass out.

As for the other two guys v I've hurt him before so he should know better and al nova should know better too. There's some morons running around this place.

Well more than likely you'll be in the WR match what's your strategy?

Hurt and destroy simply if anyone has the guts to face me in the WR match let 'em I'll be waiting. I've wanted a chance to show how dangerous I can be now with the WR match I can. There's a chance to start piling the bodies up first I'll go into the 4 way and take those kids out. And earn a shot at the High Voltage championship.

Then i'm gonna go out to the WR match and destroy all that CWA has left so it's only me and the world champion. Who ever the champ is come Five star attraction i'm coming for you chump. Get ready because if your not you'll become just another victim in my path.

( john looks intensely into the camera as the screen fades to black)
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{locker room.}

(we fade into a locker room occupied by the Able trio. they sit in a semi circle with Ami in the middle, Wade on her right and Will on her left.)

AMI: Here tonight at Wrestle Royale we get two opportunities to inflict pain on others. First, we face First Class; we thought we wouldn't get another chance to hurt those two, but unfortunately for them, we do. Then later on we enter the Wrestle Royale. And in that match, you get the opportunity to get your hands on almost every man in the CWA locker room. It will be such a melee inside that ring; everywhere you turn, there's someone to take out. And to say that the two of you are looking forward to this match, is an understatement.

(Wade starts to giggle a little bit. Ami and Will look over at him.)

AMI: Tell us Wade, what is the Wrestle Royale going to be like?

WADE: (with a smile, whispering) Christmas.

(Wade gets out of his chair and walks off camera, laughing.)


(Ami smiles as she's amused with Wade's enthusiasm.)

AMI: But we can't forget...

(Ami looks over at Will.)

AMI: About what is ahead of us first. Rob and Cal are ours for the beating, once again. And on Adrenaline Rush I was so proud of you and Wade, because not only did you take it to them, but you kept going at them after the bell. The match didn't matter, because we were making a statement.

(Wade walks back on screen and sits down next to Ami. she takes Wade and Will by the hand.)

AMI: Now this might be me reverting back to my old habits, but by beating Cal and Rob tonight and recapturing the Tag Team Titles--

(Wade snarls as he jerks his arm away from Ami. he walks off camera and lets out a loud, frustrating groan. walking back on camera, he lets out another frustrating groan as he sits back down.)

WADE: You're talking about them again. AGAIN!!! But you know what....from what I saw in your eyes before the six man tag, I will hear you out.

AMI: In that six man tag, you beat up Rob and Cal, but you didn't hurt them. Tonight, you're going to hurt them, I know it and there's no denying it, you're going to hurt them physically, but you can also hurt them mentally. They scratched and clawed, and by some miracle....they defeated us to win the titles. And now they have to defend them against us. And if after all that work they put in; the bumps, bruises, and blood give them right back to us so quickly, that would cripple them psychologically. I'll give you two a moment, think about.

(Ami gets up and exits the locker room with the door shutting. Wade and Will lock eyes for a few moments. Will holds out his arms and begins to nod his head as Wade just stares.)

WADE: You think she's right. If we beat them and take the belts...we destroy their souls, kill their spirits...

(Will nods his head again. then after a few moments of contemplation...)

WADE: We should destroy their souls and kill their spirits.

(Wade gets up and heads for the locker room door. he opens the door and Ami is standing just outside the room with her back to the door. she turns around with her arms folded and waits for Wade to say something.)

WADE: Let's cripple them, sis.

(Ami smiles and she wraps her arms around Wade to give him a big hug. after she let's him go, Wade walks out of the locker room. Ami walks over to Will who is just getting out of his seat.)

AMI: We can do a lot of good things, tonight. Let's make Wrestle Royale, the night that the Able Family takes over CWA.

(Ami wraps her hands around Will's arm and they walk out of the locker room together.)


(you are looking live at a ruckus crowd at Wrestle Royale. the fans are high in anticipation for the next match. there's a nice shot of the stage for a moment, then the arena suddenly goes black! there's a few moments of darkness, until a single spotlight shines down on the middle of the stage, where Ami Able is sitting with her legs cross and microphone in hands. and in the faded light behind her, two legs can be seen behind her, clearly she isn't alone as it has to be Wade and Will. Ami brings the microphone to her mouth with a sinister grin.)

AMI: I've got a burning feeling deep inside of me. It's a yearning, but I'm gonna set it free. WE'RE goin' Sin City...

(some fans in attendance cheer after hearing the infamous moniker used to describe Las Vegas.)

AMI: We're gonna Sin City...

(a few more fans start to cheer again from hearing Sin City a second time.)

AMI: Where the lights are bright...

(Ami begins to stand up and as she rises to her feet, the spotlight follows her. and when she's fully upright, you can see Wade and Will's faces behind her to her right and left respectively.)

AMI: But tonight it will all turn into darkness, because my brothers Will and Wade have the opportunity to add a lot of heads...(turns to look at Wade) the mantel.

(a loud, single HA is picked up from the microphone, as Wade was very amused by that comment form his sister. and he's turning his head, and in the faded spotlight, Wade's maniacal smile can be seen.)

AMI: an Able Family Christmas.

(behind Ami, Wade is seen laughing more. then on her left, Will's hand comes in and pats Ami on her shoulder.)

AMI: Tonight, nestled inside that squared circle we will rip apart some presents. Rob, Cal, and perhaps a few surprises that even WE aren't expecting. This summer has been a binge of brutality, but tonight it's all their for us, laid on a platter of pick the bones clean. We are hungry...we are bloodthirsty...and we are ready to suffocate, concuss, and prevail.

(Ami crouches down to put the microphone down on the stage. their music plays and the lights return as Ami and her brothers walk down to the ring.)

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Krash thought he had him.

He had accepted Al Nova's hot tag with a flourish just as Bruce Knight did the same to John Stephens. He had ducked under a wild lariat by the pint-sized powerhouse, quickly using his own momentum against him and locking in an inside cradle.

People don't expect something like that right off the bat. Especially in a hectic, all-out brawl situation like this.

And honest to goodness, Krash thought he had him.

He counted along in his head as the referee's palm slapped against the mat. One, two, three. He was so sure it was three, as Stephens powered out of the cradle. He was grinning, smirking, when Stephens clobbered him.

He was wrong. So, so wrong.

Krash fought back valiantly, rapidly realizing it was not over quite yet. Stephen's blows were hard-hitting and bone-shattering, harder that he thought they could be, forcing Krash to play the defensive role and parry the strikes as best as he could. If it were a one on one fight, strikes only, Stephen would no doubt be in firm control. In desperation, Krash through a wild superkick, hoping to catch Stephens off-guard. But perhaps he had seen it coming, or perhaps he had done his homework. In any case, John Stephen's ducked under the kick, and instead Krash's heel met the chin of the referee, who had strayed just a little too close to the action to ensure no-one got too hurt.

Briefly, Krash paused in shock, before resuming his battle with Stephens. He'd have to apologize to the referee later. For now, he had more pressing matters. Dimly aware there was some sort of commotion going on outside the ring, most notable the sound of solid steel smacking against exposed flesh, Krash could only hope the commotion was on his side. Taking his eyes off of Stephen's attacks would give Stephens an opening, and this close to his determined opponent, Krash could see in his eyes that a single opening was all that John Stephens would need.

And suddenly, Stephens slipped up. He aimed a haymaker just a smidge too high, giving Krash the tiniest opening. Krash seized it, using Stephen's momentum against him, spinning him around and interlocking his arms. The ball in his court, Krash flipped his hair back, and shot a smirk at the hard camera, before going for the ever-faithful Overdose. But Stephens powered out of it as if Krash's arms were made of tissue, pushing him against the ropes and catching him with a hard lariat on rebound, punching the smirk off of Krash's face with gusto.

Krash shook his head, eyes rolling in his skull as he struggled to clear the stars that had suddenly stunned him so dearly with John Stephen's blow. He got to his knees, dimly wondering where Stephens had disappeared to, before turning.

He had a brief, millisecond image of John Stephens scowling at him, steel chair raised above his head, before Stephens brought the steel chair down across his forehead with full force. A loud, sickening 'THWACK' echoed throughout the arena as the weapon connected, instantly tearing open a disgusting gnash over Krash's left eye, and the former world heavyweight champion crumpled. Everything had, rather suddenly, gone all bubbly. Painful, of course, but the bubblyness blocked the pain out to a dull, numbing feeling.

Krash was aware, however numb he was, that John Stephens had picked him up, physically dragged him to his feet, and had him in a half-nelson chokehold. Then Stephens wrenched him in the air with a half-nelson suplex, dropping him right on his skull, and Krash wasn't aware of much after that.

The bubbles beckoned him in his dazed and pained state. Comforted him. Taunted him. He wanted to embrace the bubbles, and at the same time, push them away.

The bubbles were speaking to him.

"Krash, are you okay? How many fingers am I holding up? Krash?"

Who on earth called their kid Krash? That was just begging for schoolyard bullying and inferiority complexes.

One of the bubbles, a black and white striped one, held up several appendages. Fingers? They looked like fingers. But bubbles don't have fingers, do they? Or maybe they did, and they were just too... bubbly to see.

Krash blinked heavily. That's right, he was Krash. Yes, he called himself that. He never quite knew why. Surely not because it just sounded cool, right? The black and white striped bubble grew in size, and it wasn't a bubble. It was a person, that referee. Didn't Krash just kick him in the face? Yes, I think he did.

"Krash?" The referee repeated, concern etched in his features.

Krash opened a mouth to speak, to apologize to the referee for accidently kicking him earlier, but no words came out.

The referee frowned.

So did the bubbles.


Exclusive post-match recon of the damage former CWA World Champion Krash suffered during his tag match against John Stephens & Bruce Knight!
By James King

John Stephen's sheer brutality during his match this past week should not have surprised anyone who read up on his personal history. Stephens has had a long career of rendering people unconscious, be it by choking them out or beating them until they stopped moving. And yet, his brutality still surprised everyone, not least of all, Krash.

It was a sickening chair shot that echoed throughout the arena, causing a large percentage of the audience to cringe, that signaled the first damage, as the weapon broke Krash's forehead wipe open, spilling blood at an alarming rate. Disturbingly, John Stephens seemed... proud of himself with this accomplishment, wiping Krash's blood across himself, before dropping his decorated victim right on his head with a half-nelson suplex. And if that wasn't enough, Stephens would immediately lock in a choke hold. At this point, Krash wasn't even struggling. Hell, he probably clocked out mentally after the wicked chair shot. Thankfully the match would end via knockout almost immediately afterwards, but the damage had been done, and Krash would need assistance by the referees to get backstage to the medical bay.

Our own lead backstage interview, Michelle Kelly, would try to gain a quick interview with the bloodied Krash himself, but the glassy-eyed man would only answer with three words before slipping into silence - "I underestimated him."

So, what damage did Krash suffer down that match? According to Doctor Hector Smith, enough to require stitches.

SMITH: With the way things were going, this could've been a lot worse. The chairshot immediately broke Krash open, lacerating his forehead quite severely that blood was spilling onto the mat before his own body did. That wound itself required nine stitches to fully close.

And what of after the chairshot, with the half-nelson suplex and the chokehold? Doctor Smith refused to elaborate, but admitted that 'they avoided serious injury here.' Perhaps, but barely.

SMITH: Like I said, this could've been a lot worse.

Ah, but will this effect Krash's performance in the WrestleRoyale match this coming Sunday? Tellingly, Doctor Smith hesitated before answering.

SMITH: If it were up to me... For his own health and safety, at least until we're sure there is no long-lasting damage from John Stephen's actions, I would suggest Krash be taken out of the WrestleRoyale match.

At this point, a commotion was heard in the medical bay behind Doctor Smith. Our medical expert quietly excused himself, closing the door behind him.

Will Krash infact be a part of this year's WrestleRoyale event? This remains to be seen. No-one wants to miss this event of the year, with the opportunity to secure a one-way ticket to the main event of the grandest stage of them all, Five-Star Attraction. Tune in next Sunday, live on PPV, for the exciting event.

For exclusive photos of the grisly stitches needed to clamp Krash's forehead shut, click HERE.
For a rundown look at the brutal destruction John Stephens promises to bring with his career, click HERE.
For more information on the prestigious WrestleRoyale event, click HERE.
For more articles by James King, click HERE.


"I don't know why I'm still here." Krash protested as Dr. Smith shined a penlight into his left eye, watching it dilate before doing the same to the right. "I'm fine. Really!"

"Mr. Krash," Dr. Smith interrupted, tucking his penlight into his jacket pocket and holding up three fingers. "Can you tell me how many fingers I am holding up?"

Krash frowned. The bubbles had returned, and they seemed intent on giving Dr. Smith as many fingers as they could. "That... doesn't matter." He replied, shaking his head, disappiating the bubbles away. "Point is, I'm healthy, I'm fine, honest! There's no reason to take me out of the WrestleRoyale match!"

"If there is the slightest possibility that you do have sustained injuries from your match tonight - and considering the abuse John Stephens put you thought, I wouldn't be surprised - then it is my duty as a medical officer to do what is best for your health and wellbeing, and if that means refusing you entry in the WrestleRoyale match..." Dr. Smith shrugged. "So be it. Now, you have every right to be unhappy with this, alright, but-"

"It's not alright." Krash interrupted harshly, forced stillness in his voice. "No, it is far, from alright. That's not fair. That's not fair." He repeated slowly, squeezing his eyes shut as he grit his teeth. Suddenly, he slammed a fist against the counter nearby, leaping to his feet. "That's not fair, godamnit!" His voice breaking with uncharacteristic frustration, Krash wobbled unsteadily, gripping the counter with one hand for balance.

"Mr. Krash," Dr. Smith said after a lengthy silence. "I realize you're not happy about this, but it's all in the interest of your best health and wellbeing."

"Screw my wellbeing." Krash muttered under his breath, massaging the fist he used to slam the counter.

Dr. Smith leaned closer, frowning. "I'm sorry?"

Krash exhaled, clapping his hands together. "Look." He began, his voice a controlled evenness, smoky calmness in his words. "Look, Doc, Doctor Smith, Hector, what do I have to do to get you to say I'm healthy?"

Dr. Smith shook his head. "There's nothing you can do. I-"

"I'll give you fifty bucks." Krash interrupted bluntly.

"... I beg your pardon?"

"Fifty dollars. Right here, right now, I give you fifty big ones, you go tell everyone that I'm completely fine, and I'm cleared to compete in the WrestleRoyale, no questions asked."

Dr. Smith furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "Are... Are you attempting to bribe me, into lying about your possible injuries?"

Krash flipped his hands casually, dismissing the idea. "No, no, not bribe, that's such an ugly word. We're... negotiating."

"Call it whatever you want. It's the same thing, and I will not stand for it." Dr. Smith noted with distates, placing a hand on the wall-mounted phone. "I'm calling your superiors and letting them know not to put you in the match."

"Okay, you want to play ball? I'll play ball." Krash said, a tinge of desperation in his voice. "One hundred dollars? One fifty? Name your price, I'll match it, come on, Doc, I NEED this match."

Dr. Smith groaned in exapseration, rolling his eyes. "I swear, you wrestlers put far too much importance on this sort of thing. No wonder you all die young." He remarked, lifting the phone off the hook.

"Three hundred." Krash continued, pushing the phone back into the socket. "Three hundred dollars. Please, doc, I need this. You don't understand."

"Mr. Krash-"

"Four hundred. Come on, Doc, you're bleeding me dry!" Krash exclaimed. "You think I'm sick? You're damn right I'm sick. And the cure is me, being in that ring, being the last man standing in the WrestleRoyale match. I need it, or I'm nothing. I know you think you're doing what's right, Doc, but you're not! ... Please." He said, begging, on the verge on being on his knees.

"... Godamnit." Dr. Smith finally mumbled after a long pause, sagging his shoulders. "Five hundred."

"Five hundred?" Krash repeated, eyebrows raised.

"Five hundred dollars, and you've got a deal."

"Done." Krash instantly grabbed Dr. Smith's hand, shaking it firmly with relief.

"God, I hope I havn't just made a horrible mistake." Dr. Smith muttered, before lifting the phone off the hook. "Hey Boss. I just finished clearing things up with Krash. He-" A brief pause as Dr. Smith glanced at Krash, closing his eyes and exhaling. "He's showing no lasting or ill effects from his match tonight, and seems fit as a fiddle..." Another pause. "Yes sir, I'm just as surprised as you are after witnessing what he went thoguht during his match tonight. If you're looking for my opinoin, he seems healthy enough to be considered for the WrestleRoyale match." Yet another pause. "Yes, I'm sure, I've studied him extensively." One final pause. "Thank you, sir. Goodnight."

"... It's done?" Krash asked, running a hand through his hair.

"It's done." Dr. Smith said as he hung up the phone. "As far as anyone else knows, you're fine. Maybe a bit too dedicated to your work, and maybe too little regard for your own wellbeing, but 100% health-wise. Listen, between you and I, well... Just be careful, okay? If something happens, and people find out about this, that I lied..."

"Don't worry, this'll be our little secret."
Krash interrupted as he fished around in his trousers for his wallet, before tossing a handful of crumpled notes on Dr. Smith's desk. "No-one else has to know."

"Just please, do me this much. Go home. Rest and recuperate. Recover as much as you can and don't put yourself in any jeopardy. When WrestleRoyale comes, fine, go for it. Just until then... Rest."

"I can do that." Krash nodded, taking Dr. Smith's hand and bowing toward it. "Pleasure doing business with you, Doc." Then, with a final thankful smirk, Krash sauntered out the door, letting it swing shut behind him.

Alone in his office, Dr. Smith sighed, eying the pile of banknotes on his desk. "Bribery." He muttered, before letting out a derisive laugh of disbelief. "Five hundred dollars. Jeez. At least he's not threatening violence like everyone else around here seems to try when they don't get what they want."

All things considered, it was a welcome change.


Our scene opens on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, within the private home of CWA's own White Wolf, the Baron of Badassery, none other than Krash. Leaning against the railing of the balcony at the back of his house, overlooking the bright neon lights of Melbourne's constant night life, Krash ran a finger over the nine stitches in his forehead, just above his left eye.

It was the 20th of October. Immediately after his meeting with Dr. Smith after CWA, Mexico, Krash took the first flight available home, as the good doctor requested. And now, home, on Australian soil, he did what he could to recuperate and recover.

At the very least, the bubbles on the edges of his vision stopped appearing a while ago. That was a relief.

Dressed in a pair of tan trousers, along with a pale green waistcoat above a white t-shirt, with a faded yellow tie, Krash reached over to a small coffee table beside him, flicking on a small grey camcorder. The camcorder blinked red, indicating it was now currently recording.

Krash continued leaning against the balcony railing wordlessly for a good five, ten seconds or so, before waving a hand at the lights in the distance.

"See all those lights out there?" He began. "Those are the neon lights of Melbourne's night life. They never stop. Never burn out, never fade away. They're always there, a constant reminder of life going on in the city at all times." He paused for a brief second, casting an aside smirk at the camcorder. "Remind you of anyone, I wonder?"

His smirk lasted for a few seconds, before fading as he ran a finger over the stitches in his forehead. "I suppose we should get the elephant in the room out of the way. Thanks to one John Stephens, I now have nine stitches in my face. My beautiful, handsome face..." Krash paused, forcibly adjusting his jaw. "They weren't kidding when they called you 'The Destroyer', were they? Well, fine. Here." Krash began a slow clap, part mocking, part begrudgingly impressed. "Congratulations. I underestimated you, and you broke my face open. That hurt, by the way. I don't even remember the end to our tag match, y'know. Tack that onto the tail of your next promo. 'I beat Krash so badly he doesn't even remember the end of our match!' Yeah, you win this time round, John. Next time, I won't make the mistake of underestimating you twice. I promise you that."

Meshing his hands together, Krash turned so that he was now facing the camcorder. "But enough of past mistakes. Let's discuss future glory, shall we? For we, my friends, are on the most important road of the year. What road, you ask? The road to Five-Star Attraction, of course! The biggest event of the year, and our journey starts next week, in Las Vegas, Nevada, for my faaaaaaaavorite show of the year, WrestleRoyale. Yes sir, you want a first-class ticket to the main event of the biggest show of the year, there's your ride. Course, there's a catch. You gotta outlast twenty-nine others to win it all. Much, much easier said than done, it being chaos and all. I should know - I've competed in several WrestleRoyale matches, and I've come closer and closer to winning it all with each passing year. Hell, during last year's WrestleRoyale, I was the runner-up by half an inch. Half. An inch."

Krash fell silent, perhaps recalling how so close he came to winning the WrestleRoyale last year. "I'm not going to mince words here. This past year may have been the most disappointing year for me, wrestling-wise. I lost my world heavyweight championship to someone who I hoped would stick by me, and since then, I've sorta been drifting. Aimlessly. Lost, in a sea of bafflement, not entirely sure where I was going. What was I supposed to do? I climbed all the way to the top of the mountain, crawling and biting over everyone in my way, only to be kicked back down when my time was up. You can't just shrug your shoulders and move on from that. You can't just move on from the longest world heavyweight championship run in CWA's history. Everything is always a step down. And for the past three-hundred and sixty five days when that golden championship wasn't in my grasp, I've felt..." Krash flailed a hand around, as if searching for the right words. "... Empty. Alone. Like a part of my heart was missing, ripped away without a word. And that feeling of emptiness is the absolute worst. You want to know what kills careers in this business more than anything? It's not drugs. It's the feeling of emptiness once you've reached the top, experienced all you thought your dreams would be, then kicked aside when your fifteen minutes of fame is up. Sure, you could try to win back what you lost, but it'll only happen again, and the feeling of triumph won't have the same 'oomph' to it. You'll still be empty. And that emptiness, man. It may not kill you, but it sure as hell can fuck up your drive to step forward. Ask Chubby Carlos. Dude won the WrestleRoyale match, faced Cyrus Truth in the main event of Five-Star Attraction, and secured his boyhood dream of winning the biggest prize, on the biggest stage, when throughout his entire life people were saying such a thing would never happen. It was the happiest moment of his life."

Krash paused, shaking his head sadly. "Then tragedy struck. He got injured, and lost the title a month or so later. Sure, he tried to return to the title picture months later after recovering, but it wasn't the same. He wasn't the same. His drive was gone. So he left, retired to the commentary desk. Close enough to the action that he could still satisfy that wrestling buzz he can never bury. But he'll never reach the same height he did back during that brief time as CWA Champion."

Krash sighed, as if silently apologizing to Chubby Carlos for using him as an example, before turning around once more, leaning against the balcony railing as he gazed over the edge. "Do you understand what I'm saying here?" He asked, calling into the darkness. "I've been going though the motions for far too long. That feeling of emptiness has made it's home in the pit of my heart for far too long. If I ever want to try and regain that feeling of accomplishment, of pride, that drive to amaze and astound watchers all around the world, now might be the only chance I'll ever get again."

Krash paused once more, this time for a good thirty seconds, before speaking once more, in a low, shaky voice. "I need to win the WrestleRoyale match. Everyone else might want to, but I NEED to. If I can't claw my way back onto the golden throne of CWA, then what good am I?"

Krash did not speak again. He fell silent, gazing into the camcorder, before turning his head to look at the bright shining lights of Melbourne's night life.

The lights were a constant. They never faded, nor burnt out. They were always there.

In his mind, so was Krash.
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*Humanity sits in his little throne, in his little Boiler Room. The walls are grey and dull, the floor and ceiling just the same. Humanity's feet gently rappataptaps the ground, and one of his hands clench against the end of one of the arms on his stone throne. On the other side of the wall, stands a monitor. A computer screen, with a Youtube video playing. The video comes from Clique Wrestling Alliance's page. It consists of Mr. Enigma's horrific attack on Stacy Kobain, who currently isn't present with Humanity. As the video finishes with Humanity standing over Enigma's body, the real Humanity who is sitting in his throne, pounds against the stone with his fist.*

Humanity: It keeps playing in the back of my mind you know... Enigma has been playing some pretty heavy mind games. Yeah, I fell for his trite attempts at flustering me and filling me with rage in his most heinous attack at me and Stacy. Not tonight though... the cold cold steel... is my most perfect friend. Tonight, here, at WrestleRoyale, I will share my perfect friend with Enigma. However, it won't be easy...

*The Youtube page changes to a video of Global Collision 2014, with Mr. Enigma soundly defeating Humanity to win the High Voltage Championship. Humanity in reality grunts at the sight of his lifeless body and the deceitful and spiteful Enigma standing over him with the title*

Humanity: This is where it started Enigma. Yeah, I admit you won this match soundly... My head wasn't where it was supposed to be, and you beat me. I'm fine with this... but you decided to take it to the next level, and instead of being about the championship, it became much more personal. Somewhere, in that nonsensical little world of yours, you believed that the truth was that I was never worth Stacy, nor was I worth being here. Yeah, you've played your little mind games. Some of them have worked, other's haven't...

*The Youtube page changes to a Pay-Per-View promo for WrestleRoyale between Humanity and Enigma. Both of their pasts, and their first encounter, and now of their current endeavor. Humanity's past flashes on the screen, including last year's WrestleRoyale, where Humanity showed Zacky Sullivan what reality was, in the very same match this upcoming PPV: a Steel Cage*

Humanity: I'm not unfamiliar with the concept of a Steel Cage, Enigma. For I believe you have forgotten, I shattered my Jaw in the very same match; the very same match in which we will both bleed no doubt. The difference, dear Enigma, is that I've dealt with this match much more than you can even dream of.

*A new video appears, a fan tribute to Humanity. Footage of Humanity, bloody and battered, flashes on the screen, along with him using an assortment of weapons, from the regular baseball bat, to the infamous bomb at WrestleRoyale 2013. Then a prominent piece of footage appears. Humanity falling from a Steel Cage onto a barrier. As the video ends, the computer monitor shuts down, with Humanity getting up from his throne. Crackles from his knuckles can be heard, as he slowly steps down from the steps that display his stone throne*

Humanity: Yes... those memories just don't fade. Do they? Enigma, this is gonna be a walk in the park, and you called on the thunder, my poor unfortunate soul. Now, you're going to have to reap the whirlwind. There's one thing to know about me, and it's that I show no mercy on my friends, and even less on my enemies.

*He walks up to one of the grey, pale, ugly walls, and places a hand on it, as if to feel a heartbeat in the room. His expression is calm, with his eyes shining, as if in anticipation of what he will do to Enigma*

Humanity: You are but a short story, in the tale of Humanity, Enigma. You are Medusa, and I am Perseus. The chaos in thy heart shall be stilled by the light of truth, and beauty; for justice has no sweeter taste than the overcoming of pure evil. I may be corruption itself, but evil... I am not.

*Humanity takes his hand away from the wall, and smiles softly. He slowly walks back up the steps to his throne. There, he looks up at the statue above him, which is of the Virgin Mary, comforting baby Jesus in her arms.*

Humanity: There's a reason, in all my corrupt misdeeds, that I keep this statue above me, Enigma. If I have faith, then I shall smash through the heavens and be in the favor of God. If I have faith, then there is nothing to fear about your evil. Doesn't that make sense?

*Humanity chuckles lightly, as he slowly walks to the other end of the Boiler Room, where the front entrance is. He opens the door quickly, with a grin*

Humanity: Hah... Enigma... there's a saying from Napoleon, " Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting." I don't stop fighting. I've been fighting all my life, so why just stop now?

*Humanity lifts his arm, and places his pointer finger to point to the ceiling*

Humanity: I will get into that cage, and I will rip, tear, and claw my way to the heavens!!! And when I get there... I think I'll come back down to crash upon your pernicious persons and drag you towards your own personal hell! That is the truth, the "reality" so to speak! Then I shall overcome the evil within your heart, and I shall move on... to the main event of Five Star Attraction!!!

*Humanity walks out and gently closes the door, now being in one of the corridors of the arena. He looks around at the cleanliness of the place, as two of CWA's superstars, Mercenary X, and JC Epick, walk past Humanity. Humanity begins to walk the other way, looking up at the ceiling*

Humanity: It's that time of year again. The time when the prisoners are the hungriest to become the warden. WrestleRoyale. Every wrestler's dream to main event Five Star Attraction and have the chance at immortality. Like those two, JC Epick and Mercenary X. They have a chance...

*Humanity walks past an open door, where recent acquisition, John Stephen stretches and prepares for the night*

Humanity: Even he has a chance. Of course... one thing is for sure, whoever loses that championship match...

*Humanity then becomes silent and walks down some more corridors, coming to an office, that has "Noah Hanson" plastered on the door, instead of Isaac Richman. Inside, Hanson is plotting whatever dark and shaky business he has up his sleeve.*

Humanity: There's sneaky activity afoot... I am under the impression, with the new reign, that perhaps there's a mission to make sure both Cyrus Truth or Prince Pain never make it to Five Star Attraction. That's just another example of the prisoners running the asylum. Oh yeah... everything has become most foul here in CWA. It's been like this for quite a while now, and although I've kept myself out of the spotlight... I think it's time I make a change here.

*He begins walking away from Hanson's office, as the door slams shut. Humanity takes a small trip down a few more white corridors, until making it to a large meeting area, where the floor is carpeted red, and a few tables are lined up, with delicious food placed in bowls and broilers. Many of CWA's superstars sit on the empty tables, eating, joking, laughing. Humanity simply walks over to the back table in the corner, and sits by himself.*

: Everyone here wants to win so badly. It's not like I don't want to... I do, I really do. In fact, I want it more than anyone here... Wouldn't it be nice... if Humanity got to main even Five Star Attraction as the High Voltage Champion, and come out as the New CWA Champion? I think that would be a main event worth it! Cyrus Truth vs. Humanity or Prince Pain vs. Humanity, Champion vs. Champion at Five Star Attraction! But... If I get eliminated... that dream will never culminate... I'll be simply a shadow... behind the stars...

*Humanity laughs by himself, knowing his fate would be to never get near that gold if he were eliminated in the WrestleRoyale match.*

Humanity: So I'm going to have to search down. Waaaaay down deep to get it. I'm going to have to go through every Tom, Dick, and Harry in this CWA to do it. And my only hope is that I remain sane enough to pull off the upset of a lifetime. I have to have faith... faith...

*Humanity stares at many of the other superstars with grimace and misery*

Humanity: Victory seems so far away... How hard I must dig and scratch to ascertain glory... Everyone here is a challenge... and I fear that the biggest obstacle may be Enigma still...

*Humanity stares up at the black ceiling, sighing*

Humanity: Enigma, Enigma, Enigma... that's all I can think of... that depraved and iniquitous human being... He has to be stopped before it's too late. I can't let him win!

*Humanity snaps to his feet, creating a loud bang, causing the Superstars in the vicinity to stop and look up at him. Humanity looks around the room, before slowly walking away. He enters then gorilla position, stepping onto the stage. The seats look empty, the fans not having arrived yet.*

Humanity: Through thick and thin, I've been here...

*He walks down the ramp, towards the empty ring. Humanity places his hand on the apron and looks outward in the arena, the lights beaming down at the ring. He slowly climbs up and walks around into the center of the ring*

Humanity: I can just hear it now... my destiny! My destiny to win!!! MY DESTINY TO MAIN EVENT FIVE STAR ATTRACTION! Cyrus Truth, or Prince Pain, here Humanity comes, because WrestleRoyale is my night. Tonight is the night when the heavens open and Humanity stands among the legends!

*Humanity looks up at the sky, only to be met by the ominous sight of the Steel Cage... As he stares the metal beast down, flashbacks can be seen of Humanity's venture in CWA thus far...*

Hound is getting upset now as he mounts Humanity, and hits a couple of closed fist punches until Humanity counters by biting Hound clenched fist. Hound yells out, and immediately gets off of Humanity.

Tim Coleman: He bit him! What a twisted individual!

Clint Shepard: Indeed he is.

Noticeable blood is trickling from Hound's knuckles as Humanity licks his lips with some blood on it. Hound looks beyond disgusted as both men are now standing, and Hound goes for a lariat but misses as Humanity ducks it and gets Hound with a back rake. Hound turns around to be met with a throat jab, and then Humanity has Hound in position for a powerbomb but Hound is able to reverse it as Humanity has him lifted up. He begins striking Humanity in the face with more closed fists until Humanity is brought down hard, and Hound goes for another pin attempt.




Hound is beyond frustrated now as begins to argue with the official, and shoves the official. This gives the official no other choice but call for the bell, and disqualify Hound.
Steele barely gets a shoulder up, and Humanity almost seems pleased that Steele got a his shoulder up.

Clint Shepard: Humanity is a twisted individual.

Tim Coleman: What's wrong with him wanting to inflict a little more punishment on his opponent?

Humanity kicks Steele a few times while he's down, and then locks in a camel clutch. Steele is trying his best to fight out of it as the crowd is trying to will him on, and he's somehow able to grab the rope as but Humanity refuses to let go until the official warns him that he'll get disqualified. Humanity lets the hold go, and waits for Steele to get up before he connects with a shining wizard. Humanity then picks up Steele, and hits him with his finisher Boiler Room Furnace! He covers the lifeless body of Steele for the pin.



Clint Shepard: Action all around the ring, and Humanity and Zack Sullivan are STILL going after each other!

Tim Coleman: I can't say I blame them! After Zacky's unprovoked attack, I think Humanity is well within his rights to beat that weasel into a puddle.

Humanity, still focused on getting his revenge on Zacky Sullivan after his attack last week, throws the young high-flyer at the ropes, before crushing him with a huge powerslam! Humanity roars as Sullivan rolls to the ropes, using them to climb back to his feet, and Humanity charges with the Welcome to Reality Clothesline from Hell! But Sullivan dodges, pulling down the top rope, and Humanity sails onto the apron, narrowly avoiding elimination. Suddenly, BAM! Superkick to Humanity's chin courtesy of Zacky Sullivan, and Humanity falls, hitting the outside mat with a loud 'THUD.'

Jim Taylor: Unfortunately for Humanity, Zaky Sullivan got the best of him this round. But I don't think their issues are over quite yet.

Infuriated, Humanity quickly gets to his feet on the outside, pounding at the mat and attempting to get back into the ring. The referee, however, stops him, telling him to go to the back as Zacky Sullivan waves goodbye, before turning his attention to Prince Pain. Humanity, frowning, turns and starts to walk away... Before flooring the referee with a right hook and running back into the ring! Humanity attacks Zacky Sullivan, viciously throwing blows at the high-flyer, before grabbing him by the hair and throwing him over the top rope, where he lands in a heap on the mat.

Clint Shepard: Zacky Sullivan eliminated Humanity, then Humanity eliminated Zacky Sullivan! This can't be right!

Humanity exits the ring, quickly going beneath the ring as Zacky Sullivan gets back to his feet, only to be floored by the weapon Humanity has found beneath the ring - a huge steel ladder! Sullivan collapses once more as Humanity leans the ladder against the apron of the ring in the middle of the entrance way, and grasps Sullivan by the hair. Humanity roars, a cry filled with hate, and lifts Zack Sullivan up for the River Styx!
Not for long is he down though. He scales the cage and punches at Zacky. Zacky hits Humanity in the head, slowing him down. The fan's man knows to scurry up the cage. It's a race as Humanity is there again. The former addict makes it to the other side of the cage!

Just barely though! Humanity is at the top, not too far away! Humanity grabs him by the wrist, then, by the pinky. Zacky tries climbing down, but he risks injuring the pinky even more. He has to climb back to Humanity, who takes the pinky into his mouth and bites it!

Extraordinary pain! He stops biting and slams the pinky into the cage. He does it again and one more time as well! Zacky falls down off the cage, clutching his pinky. Humanity chuckles a second very evil like before escaping the cage and being determined the winner.

Monahan: Here is your winner, Humanity!

Shepard: What a brutal match these two just put each other through!

Coleman: Humanity was the better man tonight!
The fans are on their feet; some cheering like spectators at a gladiator match in Rome, others gasping at the sheer brutality on display. Stacy, for her part, shouts for Humanity to get up as the self-professed God of Death finally makes it to his feet first and grabs Zacky by the hair and drags him back to the ring. He unceremoniously press lifts him back into the ring as he gazes at the crucifix he brought with him and decides that the time is nigh. He slides the large cross into the ring and sets it up in the corner before turning his attention back to Zacky...WITHDRAWAL! Zacky surprises Humanity with his finisher and keeps the vice locked in. The Relapse is cinched in, but it's obvious that this match has taken its toll as it's not cinched in quite as tight as it would normally be. So while Humanity is hurting, he's also not tapping. Then, in an amazing show of strength, Humanity somehow picks up Zacky while the Relapse is still locked in and SUPLEXES HIM over his head! Zacky, running on pure adrenaline, gets to his feet...SPEAR! Humanity spears Zacky nearly out of his boots as both men are once again on the mat.

Humanity is the first to rise as he stumbles over to his crucifix and lays it flat on the mat. He goes to pick up Zacky, presumably to finish this fight...NO! Zacky again locks in the Withdrawal...but HUMANITY BITES HIS WAY OUT! Humanity quickly kicks Zacky in the gut and sets him up...THE RIVER STYX! Humanity powerbombs Zacky onto the barbed wire monstrosity and practically crucifies his opponent! Humanity makes the cover and wins this hellacious match!

Lindsey Monahan: Here is your a time of 14 minutes, 32 seconds...HUMANITY!!!

CS: These two just put each other through hell!

JT: Someone should check on Zacky...

TC: That was awesome!
Humanity: Let there be pain! LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!

*Humanity laughs maniacally, as he looks up at the stage, where the luscious beauty Stacy stands. He smiles at her, climbs out of the ring and walks to her.*

Stacy: Brian, how are you feeling?

Humanity: Like I'm on top of the world. I've never felt better.

*Stacy smiles gently, and kisses Humanity on the cheek. He motions for her to start going backstage. She obliges him, as Humanity takes one look back at the ring and the steel cage above*

Humanity: Enigma, "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win." I have already won; and with these two fists, THEY SHALL PIERCE THE HEAVENS AND SURPASS THE LEGENDS OF MEN WHO CAME BEFORE TONIGHT, AT WRESTLEROYALE!!!

*Humanity gleams with confidence, as he walks backstage, ready for the fight of his life.*
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Title: The Killing Joke Pt. 1: What's Funny/Why Are You Laughing?

Moving in a very slow motion, we are viewing the Enigma being driven down by Humanity with his finisher the River Styx or Jackknife power bomb right onto the announcers table. Initially, Enigma is moving very slowly into the air. In that time, he has a classic smile on his face as if he had no cares for the world around him.

Yeah; like life itself, when you are on the side of what right about the world and making all the right or what you think are all the right moves, nothing can take you down. There is nothing that can stop you. At one moment in time, like me, the world and humanity itself appeared perfect. I, like mankind, had one for sure intent in life at that moment and it was going just as I had planned it.

Humanity, you come into this match like a man on a mission, a man with a plan, and a man surely with a motive and for what? You think that just because you have these things in place that your result will yield you the prize of something to die for. Come now Humanity, just as there was a fall of man, again, there will be a fall of the fans greatest disappointment and with the sacrifice of you; Humanity. People place their faith in their cars for transportation, in one another for their pleasures and even their needs but Humanity, who will save you when Enigma proves to the world that he that thinks himself a god is nothing more than a walking contradiction of false hope.

The slow motion video then shows Enigma heading in the downward position of the power bomb now heading for the surface of the announcers table for which Humanity was standing on as the situation was unfolding.

Now that I was looking into the jaws of death, the future of something that surely would not end well, what was I to do. This time I knew there would be pain, I knew that there would be blood, and if anything, not an ending that I would want to experience.

Humanity, I don’t care if you have every danced with a devil because now, it would become painfully obvious that you have at least tamed one. But none the less Humanity, like mankind, you too walk a line of a future that you simply will come to understand. Who wants to admit to failure and admit to a flock of fools that they are not what they claim to be. Simply put Humanity, Enigma is the High Voltage champion and at the end of the night, no matter how you make your claims of hope, just admit it that you are not the one that will take this prestige of providence away from me.

At the moment of impact, it was like the sound heard around the world. And just like that, reality was about to happen in such a way, not even I could have expected it.

Just as Enigma made impact with the announcers table, breaking it down as his body lay there a bloody mess and with Humanity looking down from the ring, Enigma back to reality wakes up to local authorities breaking into his Florida home shouting for the man that was once sleep to get up and put his hands in the air. Several of them with their lights beaming and guns pointing came right in to my home unaware and just like that announcers table, here I was, dazed, confused, and suddenly finding myself being handcuffed in my home. Being shoved into the other room, Red, my fiancé (Rihanna look alike) was even more confused.

As they continued to hold her back and take her to a place that was not giving her answers she continued, “What the hell is going on and why are you all in our home!”

Out of the mist of the confusion, Lady D., was outside with other officers. As I was being walked by and placed into a nearby squad car, she blew a kiss at me and said sarcastically, “Enjoy this ride Enigma.”

This was the mistress that I now knew was actually an undercover agent that went to any length to get next to me, even crossing all boundaries if needed to get what she thought was the apple in my downfall. While I was sitting there looking around, still with a smile on my face in the face of adversity, everyone else was looking, talking, and thinking that the night in this case had been won.

You see Humanity; every man has one thing in life has that one moment or in my case moments that will come and serve as that apple that brought the world to its knees. Eve may have made the inevitable error of God’s master plan, but you see Humanity that was just the beginning. That was only one small piece of a greater plan. Even today Humanity, you are only a small piece of a greater plan. As I proved to you before and warned the world of the CWA as well, Enigma was made for this moment. You see, what you fail to recognize is that many others like you wish that they could have this moment for life. Maybe you took being a champion for granted, got lazy and complacent, but your time has gone Humanity and like the old testament, consider Enigma as your flood that came upon the Earth to cleanse it of its failures. Humanity, what God intended, let’s just say, you were not it and thus, Enigma is your moment of reckoning.

As the car pulled off into the night, we get to the local precinct, near the downtown prison and courthouse, and all the way there, I had to listen to Lady D and her not so funny jokes at what I would endure by the end of the night. Apparently, someone had told her wrong and she did not know me the way she thought or her Intel had implied.

“Someone or more than such are going to love you,” says Lady D so assuredly.

Looking back at her, though she was paying as much attention to me, I whispered back to her, “Wait until they get a load of me.”

Not liking that, she took the opportunity as the car came to a stop to snatch me out of the car, and slam my head into the hood as her accompanying officer yelled at her to, “HEY! Cut that sh*t out!”

Immediately, I took the opportunity to come right back at her laughing the entire time, “Look at her go!”

The more I laughed, the more pissed off she became. From one mistake to another, Lady D and her team of goons had no idea that for me, I was planning a comeback party bigger than their supposed arrest party. Back home, Red had already gotten in touch with my attorney despite the earlier hours of the morning and the wheels of justice were already rolling in my favor. As they brought me in, one of their big men that they called Big Mike had already locked eyes on me but not in the way they were thinking their plans were to play out.

As it was implied before and also confirmed Humanity, your failure equates to your lack of vision. Already you call yourself a god and yet think that will win you favors. Already you decree to be a man of you people and yet you are like the blind leading the blinded. Your inability to exercise an authority you cannot command is not only a shame, but it will soon become your embarrassment. You see Humanity, where others consider my downfall and think of themselves as the apple of a tree that I was doomed to eat, Enigma on the other hand represents the comprehension of a bigger picture of a work of art. What happened to you precious manager was only the beginning. What will become of you at the Wrestle Royale, will define everything that your precious followers think of you in the end and what Enigma has thought of you from the beginning. There are people in this world Humanity that set standards and others that make excuses for the standards that they fail to set. Pick you poison Humanity because like everyone in time, we all fall down. But you Humanity, you fall has only just begun and Enigma, he is the catalyst for your greatest failure that is yet to come.

After placing me in the general population with other inmates, it was obvious that this was all part of a greater plan. As I set myself apart from the others, the more and more I thought about it, the more mistakes I realized had been made just in getting me to this point.

While out in the yard, keeping to myself, the big guy that was keeping watch the entire time came over. Preparing myself for the worse with only a mindset of survival I sat on the bench and so did he.

Mike leaned over and said, “Don’t you worry about anything while you are here Enigma.”

“How do you know my name or shall I say, how can you be so sure about your words?” I asked.

Mike broke out into laughter. “Like I said my man, there is a bigger picture going on here. But I got you.”

Making sure no one was around, he then said, “Just look at it this way, I got you. When the time comes, just return the favor and take care of getting me out of here. There’s a scandal going on. Look out.”

Just as Mike said to look out, two big men came up ill intent to start some trouble and without a word let’s just say, when it was all said and done, I had no further problems for the rest of that short time I was there. Moments after that had all went down, my lawyer and Red had made their arrival. Now, being back in a cell, the other guards would send Lady D and another accompanying officer to get me. From the time she walked me back to the front of the prison to the time I looked back at her leaving that same prison, I laughed in her face the entire time. She knew that she was wrong in my arrest and she knew that I knew it as well.

What we do and how we do it Humanity, trust me, it matters. Inside that cell Humanity, what Enigma does to you and how Enigma does it, there won’t be any excuses but certainly, it will send a very clear and distinct message. Since you consider yourself a god, then thus you should know the old adage of studying to show thyself approved. But you see Humanity, like the issues of today’s youth, you fail to study you past and understand its importance in your future. Confidence is one thing Humanity but wisdom in most cases solidifies that confidence with common sense. You made a mistake taking on a feud that will only end in you demise Humanity. And just as God re-established the world following the flood, so shall I re-establish my place in the CWA as it’s elite and as its king as I slay a beast of Humanity that upon our first encounter was not made convincing enough the first time around. Again, wisdom and confidence together in this case Humanity will only equate to your demise and there is nothing you can do about it.

Following this brief situation, I get back into the weight room, preparing for you, but again, I take a brief break to visit Mike back at the prison, unknowingly to my antagonist.

“I don’t have much time, but who is behind this,” I ask.

Quickly, Mike writes a name of one of the officers with his nail on his crusty ashy arm. Immediately I look over to my attorney and he gives me a nod that he could tell me what I wanted to know. I gave a similar nod right back to Mike and I was on my way. After Red, who remained outside gathered the Intel that I needed on this said officer, the darkest night would thus begin.

Immediately I headed back to my place, made a few phone calls, and sat out on my balcony with a bottle of vodka, Red, and waited. Across town, a group of masked men broke into this officers’ home, beat his wife within an inch of her life while he could do nothing but watch. They then pistol whipped the officer, handcuffed him to his bed, beat him with his own club and taunted him until he gave them the information that they required as to who put him up to this. After this information was revealed, the camera angle went from its regular view to one as if you were looking through the man’s eyes themselves. With blood trickling down the face, we now, looking through his eyes looked on as one of the men stood up on the bed standing over the officer. In an act of total disrespect, he pissed right into the officers’ face, laughing the entire time. After he was done, he stood there for a minute as if he was in deep thought holding a crowbar in his right hand. After he thought about it and the officer began to beg for his life, the man likewise began beating him in the arms and forehead until the blood covered his face and his eyes completely. And as his eyes fell victim to the punishment being inflicted on his body, so did the view fade to black. The only view we saw at this time was Enigma and Red on the balcony of a hotel room preparing for the big show with a smile on their faces.

And just like that Humanity, another life was extinguished and for what? Was it nonsense or to send a message?

By the next morning, the officer and his wife were being wheeled out of their upper income home…….in body bags.

And again Humanity, in the bible, at every point of sacrifice there was the shedding of blood. At Wrestle Royal, Humanity, there will be blood and when it is all said and done, Enigma will not regret for one second your blood on his hands. Unlike the officer, I won’t try to take you out before you make it to the stage because at the end of the day, the stage is already set and the outcome, determined. You are nothing more than a puppet on Enigma’s strings but like God to his fallen angel’s, prepare to be cut off quickly, decisively, and with every bit of extreme prejudice. Know your role Humanity but understand that your role is beneath me and by no means, on my level. For this reason Humanity, I am what you were, but the evolution of what you failed to become…….a High Voltage Standard! Being champion just comes with the territory…….a place that you will never be or have the opportunity to ever become so long as I am. Just as mankind was cursed for all eternity for its failures, consider the same with you Humanity so long as I exist. And to the rest of the field in the 30 man Wrestle Royale, know that as goes Humanity, so goes the same with those that follow humanity…….straight into the depths of hell in a hand basket or shall we say, in a ring. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
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*Knock, Knock, Knock*


*Knock, Knock, Knock*


*Knock, Knock, Knock*


*Cyrus Truth finally comes and answers the door*

Cyrus Truth: How many times do I have to tell you Jehovahs Witnesses, I DON'T NEED SAVED, okay! Go back to Kingdom Hall before I send you to meet your maker.

Guy At The Door: Uhh, but sir-

Cyrus Truth: No, I'm done man. I don't want to hear it.

Guy At The Door: No sir I think you're misunder-

Cyrus Truth: Misunderstanding what? You want me to buy a vacuum, girl scout cookies, or is it magazine subscriptions? Either way, get out of here.

*As Cyrus Truth begins to slam the door in his face, the guy at the door spits his message out as quickly as possible*

Guy At The Door: But sir, I have a package for you from a 'Mr. Pain' ?

Cyrus Truth : Wait what? Mr. Pain?

Messenger: Yes, I have a package here, for you, from a Mr. Pain.

Cyrus Truth: What the hell could this be? And how did he get my address?

Messenger: I don't know sir, I just deliver the packages, see "GMS, Global Mailing Services".

*Notes the messenger as he points to his nametag*

Messenger: Just sign here sir.

Cyrus Truth: Alright, sorry about giving you a hard time. I should have paid closer attention. My mind is all over the place lately.

Messenger: No problem sir, I'm just glad you don't have a dog.

Cyrus Truth: Yeah, for sure. Thanks.

Messenger: You're welcome, have a nice day, compliments of GMS.

Cyrus Truth: Cool, you too.

*Cyrus Truth takes the package, closes the door, and turns around beginning to walk to his living room. He tears open the package dumping its contents onto his couch. Out falls a jewel case with a DVD inside labeled "PLAY ME".

Cyrus Truth places the disc in his DVD player and waits for it to load up. Hilariously the play menu is a Prince Pain highlight reel with his entrance music playing in the background, much to the amusement of Cyrus Truth. He presses play and the video begins momentarily.

Prince Pain appears in front of a black background, just him, serious looking as ever, with a stone cold glare.*

Prince Pain: You sitting down Cyrus? You ought to be. You need to pay attention and listen to everything I have to say.

Enough is enough. This...feud of ours, this situation with Noah Hanson, it's all coming to a head at WrestleRoyale. I know you think you're on some moral crusade, saving CWA from the evil clutches of Noah Hanson while enjoying your last moments in the sun, but it's time you come to terms with a few things. You may fancy martyrdom, and a martyr you soon shall be, but you need to understand the size and scope of the decisions you've made. All you've done is manage to dig your own grave deeper and deeper and drag me into this situation. Noah Hanson is no less in power, CWA is no safer than it previously was, and worse of all you managed to awaken a sleeping dragon that is ready to incinerate you on short notice the moment you stole my title. You could have avoided this and went along on your path of self destruction feuding with Noah Hanson and his stable of goons. You could have spared yourself the pain and suffering you will now have to endure by my hands. Your mental instability and paranoia have led you to the edge of the cliff and I am just about to push you off.

Let's be very clear on some other things here as well. You brought a good fight to me last time no doubt, but you and I both know you didn't beat me. For that matter, you can't beat me, you're over matched, and had our match went without interference I was but a moment away from finishing you off. Deep down you know this to be true. So, consider yourself lucky. You survived that encounter. This time you will not be so lucky. I will admit you certainly did fine work distracting me and leading my mind away from the one thing I should have been focusing on. It was just enough to make sure that maybe I wasn't as sharp as I should have been, my focus was split between too many factors at play, worrying more about trying to prove something about myself, like I need to prove anything other than that I am the one true and rightful champion . That's fine, that's what you're known for, head games. You played your game well, but you will not be afforded the same benefit again.

Put the pieces together Cyrus, it is you who is about to meet your 'Journey's End'. Rest assured that nothing else matters to me more than taking back my title. My focus and resolve have never been stronger. You took what is mine, and I will stop at nothing within my own powers to getting it back. Your little Cinderella story was cute, but the clock has struck midnight and your magic has worn off. Now, reality sets in and when we meet at're fairy tale ends. Noah Hanson should be the least of your worries at this point. He can't do to you what I can do to you.

This message could have been delivered in person, I could have come there and made sure that you didn't make it to WrestleRoyale. I could have made sure when you opened that door, it was someone much more dangerous than a messenger to take care of you. Just understand that even now you are enjoying my mercy. You sit comfortably because I allow it. Your sense of safety only exists because I allow it. You only breathe, because I allow it. This mercy and these allowances run out at WrestleRoyale. I will be in top form Cyrus, make no mistake, this is only going to be harder for you this time around.

Do you really think that weary broken down husk of a body you walk around in can take what's coming? No? I didn't think so. You're too long in the tooth, the battles have taken their toll, and besides, no man can endure what I plan on putting you through. You will feel Pain & Gain in the end, and when it's all over you'll understand that I actually did you a great favor by saving you from whatever Noah Hanson had in store for you, and I will deal with him myself after I take back my title.

The point of this is to make it clear to you exactly where you stand. I, am a man you simply can't overcome. I am too strong, too skilled, too well trained, a specimen that reflects the peak of human conditioning, mental toughness, endurance, and overall potential. I am a finely tuned instrument of Pain, a machine that runs on the despair and suffering of my opponents. What are you? 'The Exile' right? Funny, that's where you are about to end up, exiled, trying to heal from your wounds.

You should be happy though, think about this, I'm doing you a favor. I've made it to where you really have nothing left to fight for, I'm lifting the burden off your shoulders. I can handle Noah Hanson, I can carry CWA, and I can make sure you are nowhere to be seen in the process. You are no longer needed, CWA upgraded when The Prince came around and I am simply saving you from another fate that could be even worse. I'll at least let you live; you'll be physically broken, mentally damaged, never to be the same, but I'll let you live. Noah Hanson has much worse intentions. I just want back what is mine, the CWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Just accept your role in this series of events. Your time has past, I am now, I am the future. The long and winding road ends for you very soon, out of blacktop, out of resources to keep paving it. A road paved in gold takes its place as I stand a shimmering example of everything CWA represents and everything a champion is supposed to be. You just take your sorry little self, hit the old dusty trail, and head off into the sunset. It's the only course you have left and I have booked you a first class ticket to the journeys end.

You might not like hearing it, you might not believe me, but deep inside you know it's true. Your pain will be my gain. Once again The Prince will be King, crowned ever so rightfully at WrestleRoyale.

*The dvd stops and Cyrus sits back in his couch with a somber yet sobered look on his face.*

Cyrus Truth's Inner Monologue:

Could he be right? Do I really stand a chance this time? Has this thing with Noah Hanson gone too far? Do I need to keep fighting this battle, or did I choose it in order to have something to continue to fight for? I've always said I was willing to die out there to save the company, but at what point do I need to simply survive, to save myself? Where is this all going? What if he's right? What if I'm just holding on too tight? How much longer can I keep this up? How long before Noah Hanson finishes me once and for all? How long before Pain finished me off once and for all? He won't stop until the title is back in his hands.......

*The questions race through Cyrus Truth's head as he sits contemplating this next chapter of his life and what is truly to come at, and beyond WresleRoyale. Meanwhile far away, Prince Pain is working hard much like the machine he says he is, maniacally bound and determined to gain his redemption and reclaim his glorious title. The only thing left is for these two monolithic figures to finally collide. All the chips are down, all bets are in, the gloves are coming off. See you at WrestleRoyale!*

Side Note For The Writer: For this match I want to spotlight Prince Pain's technical prowess, sharp skills, and the overall impressive physical presence of Prince Pain e.g.

Announcer 1: And here comes the former champion Prince Pain and boy does he look ready.

Announcer 2: Yeah, just take a look at that man, he looks like he was loving chiseled to life by one of the renaissance masters. He has to be in the best shape of his career.

Announcer 1 or 3: I don't doubt that, but oh my, the real story is behind those eyes, their like fire and ice chasing each other in a furious dance tonight. He is all focus, all business tonight (insert other announcers name).

Announcer 2 or Alternate from Previous Commentary: You have to imagine with him coming to the ring looking as prepared as he does, that Prince Pain is going to be as technically sound and surgical tonight as we've ever seen him.

etc, etc....

You can pull that commentary right from here for that matter. The point being I want the resurgent former champion on display in all his glory for this victory.
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Rehabilitation Part 1

The Camera open up to Bruce Knight, The camera following him as he enters a building through a set of automatic doors. The building is soon recognized as a medical facility as Knight turns to camera to explain his actions.

"Your wondering why a "crazy" like me is doing in a facility such as...this. A place where people come to get 'healed' or where they come seeking guidance...But I see it as another attempt to rid me from CWA. Now, you may be thinking why I'm here...So I'll save you some time and I'll tell you...

I was forced...Either get sent to the nearest Asylum and miss the Wrestle Royal...or go and see a psychiatrist to go and sort out whatever problem is wrong with me...and I assure you, there is no problem with me...only with those such as Krash who have been plotting against me ever since I joined this company..."

Knight is cut off by a woman calling "Bruce Knight, Dr.Black will see you now.". Knight walks off into a room with the camera still trailing, following him inside to record his actions.

Dr.Black: Now...You must be Bruce Knight, my special patient for today...I've read your files and watched your matches for our meeting so let's begin...

Tell me a bit about yourself...

Knight: What is there to say? My name is Bruce Knight, I come from Cardiff and I work for CWA, Is that enough to satisfy you?

Black: I can see I'm going to struggle with you today so let's move on...

What is...

Knight cutting him off: Doc, Enough of the irrelevant questions, I was sent here for 'help' and right now, I see you as a part of their plot so tell me why I shouldn't just leave right now...

Black: Door's right there, Bruce...unless You really want my opinion on this.

Knight looks at the door before nodding toward the doctor in agreement, willing to listen to his opinion.

Black: Now, Bruce, You believe that there is a higher power stopping you from rising up the ladder of success, correct?

Knight: Yes, Doc, I know it's true, I've been cheated out of so many wins that I KNOW that Krash and his fellow conspirators have been working to get me out of CWA.

Black: But let's face the fact that if that was true...They could of just had you fired, either through sabotage or through a Medical Claim yet here you are...So my opinion is this...
You Blame others for the mistakes that they make...and when you don't get what you think you deserve...You take it out on them.

Knight: No...Others have cheated me out of my wins...CWA's higher ups have...

Black intervening: Knight, Calm down...If the highers up were a part of this...Then You wouldn't be here, I already stated it. If there's somebody you have to be angry at...It's yourself...

Knight: Doc, You've cleared something up for me and you've narrowed my search down to those who compete in the ring...So I'll thank you for that...But other than that, You still can't change what I think is going on backstage...I'm going to go out there during the Wrestle Royal and I'm going to show everyone what Bruce Knight can do and I'm going to go and take everyone out weather THEY like it or not!

Knight leaves the room as Dr.Black writes down some more notes, expecting a second meeting in the future.


I wanted to add something into the match if I can for when/If Knight is eliminated:

Knight slams down on the apron as he gets angry before trying to get up, only too be stopped by Dr.Black, who has come out to calm Knight down before slapping him, bringing him back to his senses and taking him backstage, calming him down as he walks to the back.

I wanted to do something to show the developments of his Next Gimmick, Something to stop Knight from being insane.
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[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]First Class Promo[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)](A blank screen....)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]???: You've fought to survive for so long, you've scratched and clawed your way to the top. You've been handed nothing, you've been given nothing and now your king of the world. But it could all be about to end. Those demons could be about to return. The ones you fought so hard to beat the ones you kicked and beat every chance you could and for so long you couldn't until that moment. But now it's all on the line and what you fought so hard for could be about to slip into the hands of the devils that you had to fend off for so long. The question is can it be done again? Can the beast be slain once more?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)](The screen then fades to Cal Cannon and Rob Rampage standing with their championship belts over their shoulders. They are in a ring in an empty arena in their gear.)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Cal Cannon: The answer to that question in an unreserved yes. Able Family your no longer mysterious, your no longer unpredictable your no longer even intimidating to us. We've faced you so many bloody times I know you better than you know yourselves. I've been hit with your hardest punch, your strongest slam, you most vicious suplex and your sickest finisher. And I'm still here and so is my partner.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Rob Rampage: For months you haunted me, for months you tortured me but I can say that we beat you in the most brutal ladder match in CWA history. I'm no longer motivated by fear, I'm motivated by anger. I don't want you out of my head I want you out of CWA. Your no longer the best in the division your no longer worthy of sharing the ring with the CWA Tag Team Champions.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Cal Cannon: We won these belts from you two months ago and I can tell you that the victory we had was even sweeter than I ever imagined and I'm not letting these championships go without the fight of a lifetime and I know that's what you bring but we can bring it back at you ten fold. There may be no climbing ladders, there may be no swinging chairs but within the rules or without the rules I can guarantee that we are heading into five star attraction with these belts around our waist. And that's not a promise, that's not even a guarantee that is what we call a spoiler![/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Rob Rampage: These belts are everything to us, they are what we've lived for since joining CWA and you think that just prior to Five Star Attraction that I'm going to give these up. We're heading into the biggest event of the year with the championships.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Cal Cannon: Able Family it should be you who is afraid because we've seen though your creepy bollocks that you spout and proved its bullshit. We've been training harder than ever before and we are not gone beat you by some fluke were gonna bring you down like the fucking twin towers! This man can spear through brick walls and I am the most cerebral competitor in this business and if you couldn't handle me in the ladder match then you've got no chance two months on. I've never looked forward so much to a match in all my life because I've never wanted to prove that we're the best so badly. This is your swan song and this is just our second performance. We're moving on to Five Star Attraction and your moving back to that old derelict, house with your sister. And why? Because we're simply better than you! [/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)](A group of burly looking me get in and Rob fights them all of spearing them one by one as Cal sits on the turnbuckle with a sick grin on his face as he has the tag belts on each shoulder. We then cut to Claire Young in an extravagantly decorated room which she's standing in the middle of.)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Claire Young: Now that it's clear First Class are going to retain the tag team championships I'm hear to talk about the Wrestle Royale match. Now while it's safe to to assume that we will be heading into Five Star Attraction with the tag belts but Claire Young wants more, I always want more. Now this match is the most treacherous match and the hardest match to win every year but I think that the key to this match is team work. Let's face it single stars like Krash, Cyrus Truth, Prince Pain or whoever is in the match are nothing against the might of the tag team champions. First Class are the best team in the world and its team work that will win this match.
It doesn't matter how long their war with the Able Family is because First Class have the best cardio in the business so even if one of them have to start the match then they have the stamina to go all the way. Of course the big question on everyone's mind is can Cal and Rob co-exsist. Will they fight each other? The simple answer: absolutely. After working together to eliminate the rest of the field I fully expect them to batter each other until there's one winner. Then at Five Star Attraction First Class will defend the tag team championships and one of them will go on to win the world title. That ladies and gentlemen as Cal put it so eloquently a spoiler.
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)](Claire smiles sweetly as the camera fades to black)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]------------[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)](Backstage with Toxic Rain)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Toxic Rain: First Class your big title match against the Able Family is next any thoughts?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Cal Cannon: Thoughts? Please I'm too intelligent to have thoughts. I have aims that I will achieve. Tonight Rob and I will beat the piss out of The Able Family send them packing from CWA and retain our tag team gold![/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Toxic Rain: Rob you care to add anything?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)](Rampage is in the zone and he doesn't even flinch from staring at the camera as Claire goes to speak instead.)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Claire Young: Listen poppet, Tonight First Class are retaining the CWA Tag Team Championships of the world and then their going to dominate the Wrestle Royale match and have the greatest display of in ring excellence when they battle it out in the final two. And why?[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Cal Cannon: Because we're simply better than you!

(First Class leave the set as Rob pushes down the camera.)
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*Static comes across the screen as the speakers are filled with the sound of thousands of indistinct whispers. As the static goes on, the whispers start to become clearer. Multiple voices start menacingly whispering different things like “Wrestle Royale”, “29 Souls”, “Five Star Attraction”, and “Champion”. The voices start to get louder and change to a more threatening tone saying things like “They all must be ours…”, “We will take them all…” and “29 Souls…”. The voices then stop chanting individual phrases and repeat the same phrase over and over, louder and louder; “Consume them all…Consume them all…CONSUME THEM ALL…CONSUME THEM ALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!” The static finally cuts to the feed of a handheld camera that’s showing the CWA ring being setup by workers in the middle of the empty arena in Las Vegas from one of the 1200 seats. The camera turns around to reveal Nightmare sitting in one of the arena’s seats. Nightmare’s hood is over his head enough to cover his eyes, but his mouth is still visible and contorted into a sickening smile as he cackles.*

Nightmare: Las Vegas. Wrestle Royale. The 30 Man Wrestle Royale Match. It’s a chance of a lifetime for one man out of 30 to stamp his name in history and to go on to Five Star Attraction for an opportunity to face the World Heavyweight Champion in one of the biggest matches of his career in the CWA. But this year is different. This year, 29 men will only come here to find they had NO CHANCE and the world will see how powerful this Nightmare is!

*Nightmare tilts his head back slightly in maniacal laughter, but never lets the camera see his eyes. Nightmare suddenly stops laughing and puts his head back down.*

Nightmare: The wrestlers that enter this match are always driven by something. Some are driven by greed for a title they probably don’t even deserve to be near on a normal night. Some just want to test their skills. Redemption, revenge, false sense of accomplishment. You name it and the rest of the wrestlers that enter this match are driven by it. But we’re in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM LIKE THE REST! WE’VE NEVER BEEN LIKE THE REST! WE are not driven by such petty and meaningless emotions or goals. The only thing we are driven by, the only thing that WE WERE MADE FOR is the consumption of the souls and nightmares of others! And at Wrestle Royale, we get a chance to consume 29 OF THEM! It’s like a nightmare come true for us!

*Nightmare smiles that sadistic and twisted smile again before it disappears from his visage and he continues.*

Nightmare: In this match, bitter rivals will become allies and partners will become enemies. They’ll do what they have to, turn on their brothers and team up with their nemesis just to make it to the end. But like we said earlier, we’re not like everyone else. They’ll be lucky to find one friend to support them and would find it damn near impossible to find two! We have a…different source of support. So while someone might have one temporary alliance to depend and rely on, we have the souls and nightmares of those we’ve faced and defeated.

*You begin to see a red glow where Nightmare’s eyes should be emanating from under his hood. The area around Nightmare begins to get darker as he starts to speak again.*

Nightmare (in Derek Vendra’s voice): So while the others are searching for any help they can find…

Nightmare (in Jeffry Mason’s voice): We’ve got all the help we’ll ever need…

Nightmare (in Al Nova’s voice): Because while you may find someone to fight with you…

Nightmare (in Will Able’s voice): When we enter the match…

Nightmare (in Wade Able’s voice): The number you have on your side…

Nightmare (in Thomas Jones’s voice): Won’t be able to save you…

Nightmare (in Enigma’s voice): When you’re fighting against yourself…

Nightmare (in Ryan Timmerman’s voice): Your partner…

Nightmare (in Zack Sullivan’s voice): Your friend…

Nightmare (in Rob Rampage’s voice): Your protector…

Nightmare (in Diego Gonzalez’s voice): Your own insecurities…

Nightmare (in Nero James’s voice): And your own nightmares!

*The red glow begins to die down under Nightmare’s hood and Nightmare pulls his hood back to stare directly into the camera, his eyes back to their normal color.*

Nightmare: So while you think you may have an advantage because you’ve managed to form a shaky bond built on the premise of backstabbing and lies, you’re at a severe DISADVANTAGE when you face us!

*Nightmare turns the camera around and begins to scan the empty arena to find that the arena’s not so empty anymore! In every seat of the arena, there’s a pitch black shadow shaped like a human with dark red eyes staring back into the camera. Nightmare continues to scan the arena and then turns the camera back to him to show shadows sitting behind him! Some of them are leaning over him and opening their “mouths” to show rows of dark, sharpened, gnashing teeth! Nightmare gets a sick smirk on his face as he stares into the camera.*

Nightmare: Because, as you can clearly see, WE have an ARMY ON OUR SIDE! AN ARMY OF OVER 1200 NIGHTMARES! And they all want the same thing. They ALL want US to win this match and go on to face whoever the Champion may be at Five Star Attraction. Because while the soul of a normal man satisfies our hunger, the soul of a Champion is SOOOOOOOOO much sweeter! The soul of a Champion is so rich and thick with hunger, anger and power that we can just…

*Nightmare licks his fingers like he just had a piece of chicken and the shadow’s snake-like tongue extends and licks his fingers as well.*

Nightmare: …taste it now! The soul of a Champion is a delicacy, and we intend to RIP IT FROM IT’S UNDESERVING SHELL AND FEAST ON IT AT FIVE STAR ATTRACTION! So whether it’s Cyrus Truth or Prince Pain, we WILL consume their soul and TAKE their Championship FROM THEM! And we will put that Championship to good use! Because only the best souls can compete for the World Heavyweight Championship, so we will get to consume only the best souls that the CWA has to offer from that point on! But to get to that point, 29 souls stand in our way. We will throw soul over soul over the top rope, out of that ring, and into the abyss until WE are the only one left to face the Champion and CONSUME HIS SOUL! So everyone in that match had better get ready to face…

*All of a sudden, the shadow behind Nightmare enters his body! Nightmare drops the camera and you see the shadow creatures that were filling the arena are all entering Nightmare! Nightmare shuts his eyes and trembles slightly while over 1200 shadow creatures merge with him. Nightmare’s breathing becomes erratic as he’s fighting to keep his eyes shut and not fall out from all the Nightmares fusing with him. As the last creature enters him, Nightmare takes a deep breath and gets down in the camera’s lens until all you can see are his eyelids. Nightmare breathes out and his eyes snap open…HIS EYES ARE COMPLETELY BLACK!*

Nightmare (in a distorted and demonic voice): …THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE!!!!
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It's the day of the WrestleRoyale as our scene opens up on the arena in Las Vegas where the monumental event will take place...

...Except it's missing a capacity crowd roaring at the top of their lungs as men are throwing each other out of the ring (which, by the way, is set up but not yet completely dressed for the event). It's eerily silent as the camera pans to a sole individual sitting in one of the upper decks wearing a blood red hoodie and dark slacks. As the camera zooms in, it's made clear that this individual happens to be the CWA World Champion Cyrus Truth, who has quite the pensive look on his face. The World Title belt rests in his lap, face plate facing upwards reflecting its holder's visage.

Cyrus Truth: In about five hours, this arena will be packed to the brim with rabid fans watching to see what fate lies in store on the road to Five Star Attraction. For most men, their paths lead to the WrestleRoyale Match, where one out of the thirty who enter will punch their ticket to the main event of Five Star Attraction as the challenger to the World Heavyweight Champion. For two, however...their paths lead to a more direct confrontation, to decide who wears this belt as champion to the Pinnacle of PPV.

Cyrus pauses to glance at his title belt briefly, just long enough to make his point about what's in store for himself and his challenger, Prince Pain, in their rematch from Global Collision.

Cyrus Truth: There's nobody here now, though. Just me, dust, and echoes. Really, I don't have to be here this early. Nobody in this company aside from the techs need to, for that matter. But I usually am here this early. The others have their own things to do...celebrations, rituals, families to talk to and receive well-wishes from. Me...I don't have any of that. All I have is what you see here. Just a ring to ply my craft and an arena for people to watch me do just that. But it seems that, despite how little I have or have ever wanted, there are those who wish to take that away from me. There are those who think that I shouldn't be allowed even one last safe refuge from the storm that is the life of an Exile.

Cyrus clenches his fist as the disdain drips from his words. He tightens his grip on the World Title belt in his lap as he stares out into the vastness of the arena.

Cyrus Truth: Prince Pain's angry. I know he's all rage and hellbent on making somebody, anybody suffer since I took the World Title away from him. It's understandable, though I question the direction he's pointing that rage. Likely, he's pointing it at me. And why wouldn't he? I was the one who took away his precious prize when all other challengers crumbled before him like waves upon the shoals. By all rights he should hate me and want to see me destroyed. But I wonder if maybe...just maybe...he might've realized that I was telling him the Truth before. I wonder if even the smallest part of him, despite him never wanting to admit it, realizes that when I told him that this company's fate stands on the edge of a knife and the lunatic holding that knife will in fact kill it unless somebody stands up to him. Prince Pain can hate me all he wants. I don't really care about that. But unless he and others like him realize that the fate of the Clique Wrestling Alliance is a bleak one and stand in defiance of it, all that hate will be wasted.

Another pause as Cyrus exhales, as if the answer is eluding the ever-perceptive Wayward Warrior. He cracks his knuckles, a tic of his when he's contemplating something.

Cyrus Truth: Noah Hanson has told me that my CWA is dead. That the company and vision I'm fighting for is a fantasy. Noah wants me to accept that honor and sacrifice is dead and that vice now rules the locker room. To Noah, this is all a game, one he's made me his adversary for. And he will not stop until he extinguishes every last good thing there was about CWA and warps it to his own sick and twisted vision. And he wants to see me broken in revelation of that vision of his. Make no mistake about this, and know I say this not out of personal vanity but out of cold hard Truth: the only thing that Noah Hanson cares about is to be the one who finally, after so many others before him have failed, was the one who ended Cyrus Truth.

Cyrus growls as he says that, as if the very thought of it makes him angry.

Cyrus Truth: Pride and honor are dead in the Clique Wrestling Alliance, huh? It's sin and vice that hold sway now and forever, Noah? As much as I hate to admit it, he might be right. I look at the locker room and I see no men. I see scum and monsters more than willing to rape and plunder CWA for their own twisted vision of glory. I see wrestlers who would rather lie and cajole than stand and fight for their keep. To think that this great company has fallen so far that the scum of the earth reign supreme in CWA is disgusting...but it may well have happened. And who am I? Just a man who's nothing but dented iron and battered soul. What hope can a man like me have in the face of such a tide of avarice?

Cyrus is silent for a second before bowing his head and muttering...

Cyrus Truth: ...None. There's no hope for a man like me.

Wow. Cyrus admitting defeat? This is a bombshell, one that's left to linger for a good several seconds. But when Cyrus raises his head, the look on his face isn't one of defeat. It's the look of abject defiance.

Cyrus Truth: But then again, what the hell do I need hope for? Since when has hope ever mattered to me? Give me unreasonable odds, insurmountable opposition, and the bleakest of scenarios. Bring them all on, because I do not give a damn about any of them. I am the CWA World Heavyweight Champion...the Exile. If a situation wasn't hopeless, it wouldn't need me to fight for it. Yes, I may just be a man, but I still am a man who can stand and fight. And I will fight, until I can't fight anymore. As long as I draw breath, I will stand tall for the dream and hope of a Clique Wrestling Alliance that rewards the brave and the bold and culls the scum who would defile that. Dented iron is still iron, and my soul is more than enough to fight an impossible fight. Call me mad, call me a me whatever you want. But come the end of this evening, you will still call me World Heavyweight Champion.

Cyrus stares into the camera for the first time throughout this whole vignette. It's a fiery stare, one reminiscent of the Cyrus of yesteryear.

Cyrus Truth: Who are you, Noah Hanson? What kind of man are you that I should bow so low? And you, Prince Pain...who are you to stand in defiance of my vision? A greedy and power mad king? A bloodthirsty berserker who feels robbed of his plunder? Lords? Rulers? Gods? No! You two are nothing of the sort. You, Pain, are just a man who happens to be bigger and stronger than I...but a man nonetheless. And fighting and defeating men is the one thing in this life that I do better than anyone who's stepped into a professional wrestling ring. And're less than that. You're a scheming little man-child who's playing at war against a master of it. You see us as equals, as kindred minds. Perhaps, but there's one major difference between you and're no fighter. You will never have the stones to step into my ring and fight like a true champion. And no matter what you throw at me, that's the one thing that I am that you will never be.

Cyrus stands up as he slings the World Title over his shoulder. He digs into his hoodie's pocket for something...and pulls out a book.

Cyrus Truth: This company's fate will be decided in the coming months. And I have a feeling that it will come to a head at Five Star Attraction. If that's the case, then I must see this through to the very end. And that means that tonight, I go to war with Prince Pain once more and once more I will emerge the victor. Come what may, I will walk this Road to its ultimate conclusion, and carry this World Title into Five Star Attraction as champion. I will show Prince Pain and the world what being a champion in CWA is supposed to mean, and let all who would pursue this wrestler's life that, if CWA truly is dead, the true spirit of this company still lives through me! For those who would stand with me and share this dream, now is the time to stand! And if I should stand alone, then so be it. I'll just...keep on jousting windmills.

Cyrus sets the book down on the seat and starts to walk away. The camera holds on him for some time before scrolling down to the book...a well-worn copy of "Don Quixote." It seems as if the Exile's prepared to fight the impossible fight and dream the un-dreamable his own grave if need be...