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Thread: FWA HIstory: The Second Crossfire Show 'A Debut To Remember'

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    FWA History: The Second Crossfire Show 'A Debut To Remember'

    The FWA presents CrossFire, Live from Madison Square Garden in New York City…

    (The opening theme of the show plays… …as the pyro goes off all around the arena. The
    crowd is hot and heavy with anticipation as the fireworks die down…and almost instantly start to cheer again as…
    /watch?v=9kEgjaH0_Pk …”Coming Home” by Alter Bridge plays over the loudspeakers. Walking out of the back with her new Executive
    Assistant, Josie, is the General Manager of CrossFire, Jillian De Silva. Both women are dressed to the nines as they make their way into the ring, amidst the loud cheers. Jillian gives that award winning smile as they start to chant “Please come back” in New York. Josie hands Jillian
    a microphone and a clipboard. Jillian looks over it for a moment…and then begins to speak…)

    Jillian: (With the slightest hint of the Queen’s English): Ladies and Gentlemen of the great city of New York…we would like to welcome you
    to CrossFire!

    (Loud cheers again…)

    Jillian: Now before we put on a wrestling show that you’ve come to expect of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance…There is an issue I have to
    address…and two men I must address it with. So…Stu St. Clair and Ashley O’Ryan…get out here….


    (Both men make their way out to the ring…Ashley first, then Stu…who is heavily bandaged. Security gets into the ring and separates both
    men as Jillian stares the both down. Josie whispers something in Jillian’s ear, to which she nods and jots down a note on her clipboard. She
    looks back up and speaks to both men…)

    Jillian: Gentlemen…and at this stage of the issue, I use the term very loosely…you know why I’ve called you both out here, correct?

    (Both men seem to smile evily at each other and slowly nod their heads…)

    Jillian: Good. Basically guys…we get it. This feud between the two of you has been going on for near a whole year. It almost destroyed Fight
    Night…and I will NOT let it destroy my show. Ashley…you almost cost me two wrestlers, not just one with your actions last week!
    Stu…you’ve laid your hands on wrestlers that have had nothing to do with your issues with Ashley. Both of these things are unacceptable. So
    I have made an executive decision. You two want to kill each other, go right ahead…at Red White and Bruised. That’s right…I am now
    officially signing Stu St. Clair vs. Ashley O’Ryan in St. Louis…HELL IN A CELL!

    (The crowd explodes in to major cheers as both men just stare each other down…knowing the dangers of that match up…)

    Jillian: Oh? So I see you two like that idea…that’s great…but I’m not done. See…after this match, it’s over gentlemen…your rivalry is over. I
    will not allow you two to almost destroy this program with your antics. So you two better leave it all in the damn ring…including your
    regrets, because I will not sign you two in the ring again.

    But that brings us to the real reason we are out here. Ashley…I know we are friends, mate…but as GM of this brand…I can’t overlook the
    actions you took last week. Ashley…I have no choice but to remove you from the World Heavyweight Championship tournament…and place
    a one week suspension on you, without pay. At least for next week, you’re done.

    (Stu laughs at Ashley’s misfortune as Ashley tries to plead his case…but the Jillian turns to Stu…)

    Jillian: I wouldn’t expect any less of you, Stuart. I’m so happy that you find Ashley’s misfortune funny…but now let’s get to you. Last couple
    of weeks…you’ve had a busted arm…now your all taped up because of what Ashley did to you. As your caring GM, I can’t allow you to
    compete in such a condition, Stu. So…I’m sorry to say, until I get medical clearance from the staff on CrossFire, you cannot compete in the
    World Title tournament either.

    (Stu’s smile…gets rather serious…)

    Jillian: Oh…I see you’ve realized that too. Good. In addition to not being able to compete…I have no choice…but to STRIP you of the North
    American Championship. Hand the belt over, Stu.

    (Stu is livid! Ashley cracks a smile himself as Stu throws the belt at Jillian’s feet. Josie shakes her head and picks it up, and lays it over her
    shoulder. Jillian looks at both men…and continues…)

    Jillian: You two are good and mad at each other now, aren’t you? Well, I have to take into account that the two of you used to be tag
    partners…so I guess since each of you has taken from the other…you will now give to the other. Ashley…though you have lost your shot atthe World Championship…you will be given a promised title shot at the North American Championship, one on one with whoever the next
    champion will be……Stu…even though you have lost the North American Championship…after the new World Heavyweight Champion is crowned…YOU will
    have the first shot at his belt.


    (The crowd is in shock…as are the two men. Stu starts to laugh out loud and Ashley just shakes his head…)[/I

    Jillian: That is the rulings I have come down with, gentlemen. Now, both of you have duties tonight…and I expect them to be done well. So,
    security…escort these two gentlemen to the back…and make sure that they don’t come near each other for the rest of the night.

    (Security walks the two men out of the ring and up the ramp…followed by Jillian and Josie as we got to our first commercial break…)

    Will Spear vs. Johnny Nicholl

    After the major drama we had to open the show…this match is anything but a well deserved follow up. Botched moves, tired wrestlers and a
    hostile New York crowd chanting “This is boring” all added up to a terrible opening match, which saw Will Spear pick up the three count at 5:
    02 with a running Lygerbomb. Jillian’s new Executive Assistant, Josie came out and warned both wrestlers that if they put on another stinker
    on her or Jillian’s watch, they would be released from the CrossFire roster!

    Winner via Pinfall: Will Spear

    Devin Golden vs. Marcus Sikvayugak

    This match picked the crowd up a lot more than the previous match. Marcus and Devin wowed the audience with suicide dives and well
    placed submission holds. Late in the match, Devin hits an amazing combination of a flipping mule kick into a standing shooting star
    press…but Marcus rolls out of the way in an instant and hooks Devin in the “Ride the Lightning”. Devin fights out of it however and then
    reverses an attempted Jackhammer by Marcus into the “Scenery Tilt”. The crowd cheers as Devin goes up to the top rope and hits the
    “Golden Touch” Frogsplash for the pinfall victory at 9: 35.

    Winner via Pinfall: Devin Golden

    Vladimir Boyka vs. Johnny Demon

    This match…wasn’t even close. Johnny tried all he could to take on the Ukrainian Nightmare…but every move he performed was parried or
    redirected and countered in an expert fashion. The elbow strikes and knee strikes are almost too much for Johnny to withstand…and in the
    end, Vladimir executes the Flatlined Fujiwara Armbar…and Johnny has no recourse but to tap out at 3: 56.

    Winner via Submission: Vladimir Boyka

    Valarie Heart and Amy Thorne vs. Madison West and Raquel Wednesday

    Raquel and Amy start up this match locking as Amy knees Raquel in the stomach and irish whips her into the ring as Raquel snaps with a
    spin kick that sends Amy running back to her corner to tag in Valerie. Raquel tags in Madison as Valerie charges at her do an enzuguri and is
    met with a running boot to her temple by Madison who goes for the pinfall but Amy breaks it up at two. Raquel comes out of the corner and
    levels Amy with a clothesline that take the two of them out of the ring as they brawl all the way into the back as the other refs try to break
    them two up. Meanwhile in the ring, Valerie tries to set Madison up for The Heart Breaker when she reverses it and into a snap suplex.
    Valerie tries to run into the ropes but Madison grabs her and picks her up, delivering a front-flip Samoan drop for all of her troubles. She then
    rolls over to try to get a pinfall but Valerie kicks out after one. Madison tries to pull away from the ropes so she can’t get use them, but
    Valerie pokes her in eyes and then tries to take down by hitting her from the back of her knees. Valerie rolls Madison over and starts
    punching away at Madison and then applies the Boston Crab on Madison who is able to crawl to the ropes and Ref Alexis Smith tells her
    break the hold. She breaks the hold, grabbing Madison by the hair to set her again The Heart Breaker when Madison grabs Valerie giving her
    a back body drop making Valerie stand straight up as turns around getting a kick to the stomach as Madison hits her with the Down Under
    Driver and gets the pinfall. Pinfall at 10:24.

    Winners via Pinfall: Madison West and Raquel Wednesday

    Big Dante Abraham vs. Adam Rock

    This match goes back and forth throughout the entirety. Adam earned a near pinfall victory when he hit a top rope DDt. Dante had a hard
    time recovering from it…until he realized that because of that move…Adam had messed up his hair…and you don’t mess up a pimp’s hair.
    The power game came into play in a major was as Dante hit a series of three rolling samoan drops that dazed Rock. After that…the Slave
    Driver connected and the pinfall was academic at 6:17

    Winner via Pinfall: Big Dante Abraham

    Dmac vs. Baphomet

    This match belonged to Dmac. The ring savvy vet showed off his full array of moves for the crowd…including a massive 450 splash for a near
    fall. Baphomet, however, was not one to be denied so easily, reversing an attempted D-Mark into a capture ankle lock. Dmac struggled to
    move around the rest of the match and Bahphomet focused on the injured leg and ankle, hitting various ankle breakers, spinning toe
    holds…even applying an Indian deathlock on Dmac. The pain was etched on Dmac’s face as he would continue to power out of each and
    every move. Finally, Dmac mounted some offense and came within a hair of winning the match up with a adrenaline fueled tiger suplex.
    Dmac sets Baphomet for the Revolutionizer…but Baphomet reverses the move in mid air and lands on his feet…just in time to be K.O’ed by
    another D-Mark for the pinfall at 12:20. Both men receive a round of applause for the effort.

    Winner via Pinfall: Dmac

    The Prime Time Experience…with your host…Darnell Porter…

    Two flat screen plasma televisions hang above the ring, a bar with bar stools in front of it and bottles of Belvedere Vodka sit on the counter,
    and two comfortable plush leather couches sit in the middle of the ring. “Hate Me Now” plays throughout MSG as “Prime Time” Darnell
    Porter makes his way to the ring with microphone in hand. . . superbly dressed as usual Darnell is going with an all-white look . . . a white
    Polo shirt, white linen shorts and a pair of white Polo loafers. Once in the ring Darnell goes to the middle of the ring and strikes The Prime
    Time Pose igniting an exotic fireworks and pyro display which ends by the words “Prime Time Experience” being spelled out via the fireworks
    and pyro.

    Darnell: New York what’s really good?

    Darnell pauses for a brief moment to soak in the cheers from the crowd.

    Darnell: Quick shout-outs to the greatest living rapper . . . Nas and to my boy Jamal Crawford a.k.a the Knicks best player.

    Darnell: Prime Time in MSG . . . sounds like a great combination. There is so much history that has been made in The Garden . . . Ali-Frazier II
    . . . Hulkamania took off at MSG . . . Marilyn Monroe sang happy birthday Mr. President to JFK at MSG . . . the list of musicians who have
    performed at MSG is a whose who of music . . . The Rangers breaking their 40 year curse at MSG . . . and tonight MSG will add another
    historic event to its list . . .

    Pausing for a brief moment Darnell sucks in the atmosphere at the Garden.

    Darnell: The debut of The Prime Time Experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Darnell: Ladies and Gentleman in the arena, we are gonna make some history tonight. Fans at home, someone elses home, the bar, or
    wherever a T.V is turn the sound up and get close to the T.V and for those who couldn’t be at home to watch have the Tivo ready cuz’ The
    Prime Time Experience won’t just be another wrestler with a talk show . . . It will be THE show cuz’ no one does it like Prime Time as I will be
    the Arsenio Hall of wrestling talk shows.

    Darnell: Before I get to my guest I want to start of the show by introducing the start of “Prime Time’s Dime Piece” competition.
    The fans aren’t sure what to make of this seeing how a lot of them have no clue where Darnell is going with this but a calming smile seems
    to put the fans more at ease.

    Darnell: “Prime Time’s Dime Piece” is my personal such for a valet . . . not just any valet . . . I’m looking for sexiest of woman . . . I’m looking
    for a “dime piece.” So if you an attractive woman between the ages of 18-28 your are eligible and the contest will go like this . . . every city
    that I wrestle in I will have my staff pick out a woman they deem sexy and she will come out to the ring to see if she meets the requirements
    necessary to become “Prime Time’s Dime Piece.” So without further adieu let’s get this contest started.

    “Knock Ya Self Out” by Jadakiss plays as a young Puerto Rican woman makes her way from the back . . . wearing a black tank top . . . tight
    fitting Rocawear Jeans that highlight her nice figure and a pair of black heels this black haired beauty seems to caught Darnell’s attention as
    a smile comes across his face. As she gets into the ring Darnell twirls her around to get a good look . . . cute face, slim in the waist, phat in
    the a**, and some average breasts are the assessment Darnell makes in his head.

    Darnell: Sweetheart what’s ya’ name?

    Woman: Lori

    Darnell: Lori, pretty name . . . where are you from

    Women: The BX (Bronx) papi'

    This brings a loud cheer from people in the crowd who are from The Bronx.

    Darnell: Damn that accent is sexy . . . I know what I think but what do y’all think about Miss Lori?

    The fans seemed to be quite impressed as they get their stamp of approval. This gets Darnell to think even more about his decision, after
    thinking for a minute a decision is reached.

    Darnell: Lori as fine as you are it hurts me to say you aren’t the winner . . . however you do get to leave with a consolation prize and that
    prize is your own personal Prime Time Experience.

    Darnell grabs her by the waist and sticks his tongue down her throat giving her a deep and passionate kiss. After his finishes Lori faints in
    the middle of the ring. As she is revived and leaves the ring Darnell looks back into the camera with a huge grin as he wipes lip gloss off his

    Darnell: Now that is done lets get to my last peace of business. My guest for tonight is a man who has worked his way up the ladder . . . even
    though he has failing off a few times he continued on and his perseverance was rewarded as he outlasted four other men to become
    X-Division Champion. MSG show ya love for Daemon Inferno!!!!!!!!

    Daemon makes his way out to a nice reception from the fans . . . getting into the ring he and Darnell shake hands . . . Daemon sits on one
    couch as a microphone is given to him while Darnell takes a seat on the other couch.

    Darnell: Congratulations on your win for starters and thanks for doing the show.

    Daemon: Thanks for having me on the show, it’s great to be the very first guest on The Prime Time Experience.

    Darnell: First beating Lt. Wyoming the second greatest X-Division Champion ever . . . than winning the title and now being my first guest you
    are on a hell of a roll. How did it feel for you to win the title?

    Daemon: Well Darnell winning the title has actually been amazing. Sure it's no world heavyweight title but that isn't what I need right now.
    I've been working hard for a long time to get a piece of this x-division title and I've finally earned it. This is the confidence boost I needed to
    do even bigger things so don't expect me to stop here, this only just a pit stop.

    Darnell: Winning any title brings a boost to your notoriety and prestige. How has your life changed since winning the title?

    Daemon: To be honest man, my life hasn't really changed all that much. Sure I went out that night with my family and close friends, explored
    the city but that’s about it. I still have to come in every week and wrestle my ass off to keep the spot I’ve made for myself. If anything’s
    changed at all it's been that I'm now a wanted man. I know that people like Josh, Black Hurricane, and Alexx want what I have.

    Darnell: Speaking of Alexx . . . you two team up tonight but can you trust him? What are you feelings on the match?

    Daemon: To put it frankly, this is all business. Just one week ago Alexx was one of them competing with me for that x-division title. Ourviews, our values, and out personalities are completely different. Nothing about the two of us is the same. I plan on winning this match, and I'm sure Alexx feels the same way. Will I be watching my back? Absolutely. Normally I'm a pretty trustful guy, but someone who could backstab me and cost me everything in a single moment. There will not be a moment in that match where I'll be resting easy.

    Darnell: That’s how you have to be as the champion as you have gone from hunter to the hunted. You have won the X-Division and that is
    your present but what are your future goals and is there anyone you would like to step into the ring with?

    Daemon: Well like I said before the raging inferno doesn't stop here, my horizon has broadened. Don't get me wrong, I plan on keeping this
    x-division title, and I plan on doing my best to bring the same intensity and sportsmanship to this division that you did Darnell. Afterwards
    the North American title is definitely in my sights. As for future opponents I would love to try my hand at men like G-Rich, Matt Boudreau,
    Stu St. Clair, Shane McLean or even Dmac. The entire Unholy Uprising has done phenomenal things, and have transformed this federation but
    that doesn't mean I like them one bit.

    Darnell: Agreed, well I know you have a match that you have to prepare for so I won’t take too much more of your time but is there anything else you want to say to your fans out there?

    Daemon: You know Darnell this interview has been a whole lot about me and I'm not too used to that. I wanna change that for a moment. Darnell you're a real stand up guy, really respectable. We've had a shaky past, everybody knows that, but I just wanted to let everybody know that you've got a friend in me buddy, and I probably have more respect for what you do than anybody else on this roster. Thanks a ton for having me on the show today and good luck in your quest for the Heavyweight title.

    Darnell: Thanks . . . the past is the past . . . we are both competitors and you did what you had to do . . . I got no problem with that. After I
    win the Heavyweight Title we gonna come back to New York and tear this city down. Daemon thanks for being on the show and best of luck
    in the future.

    Darnell: This is what I mean when I say “The Ebony Experience” in this ring you have two successful and intelligent young black men . . . we
    aren’t running around like idiots talking about blowin’ fake ass monopoly money we are the real deal and we conduct ourselves with dignity.
    In closing all I can say is tune in to The Prime Time Experience coming to a city of T.V near you because Prime Time is taking over.

    (Darnell’s music plays again as he makes his way up the entrance ramp. The ring crew sets up for the next match as we got to commercial…)

    Handicapped Match
    “Simply” Shawn Cortez vs. The Young Money Billionaires

    This match is comedic gold on the part of Shawn Cortez. He comes to the ring, dressed in Cryme Tyme regalia and throwing fake money out
    of a duffle bag to the crowd. The “Billionaires” were very upset and spent the whole match trying to take out Shawn…but Cortez had a
    brilliant counter for most maneuvers thrown at him. The match ends with Cortez taking out Carter on the floor with a Simply the Best
    Corkscrew Neckbreaker…and making Mr. Money tap out to the Heel Hook at 7:35. After the match, Shawn mouths “Two more victories,
    guys…just two more…”

    Winner via submission: “Simply” Shawn Cortez

    Daemon Inferno and Alexx vs. Aut Pax Aut Bellum

    Match starts off Alexx and Dan in the ring. Dan had Alexx in a headlock but Alexx get out and irish whips him and hits a hurricarana on Dan.
    Alexx taunts the crowd sends Dan into his corner. Alexx tags in Damien while the two hit chops across Dan’s chest. Dan holds his chest as
    Damien hits a belly to belly suplex on Dan. Damien goes for the pin but Andrew breaks up the pin. Andrews kicks Damien in the head a few
    times before the referee send Andrew to his corner. Dan and Damien make their way to the feet and Dan grabs Damien and irish whips
    across the ring. Damien comes back with a drop kick and hits Dan but Dan hits Damien with drop kick of his own. Both men hit each other
    with a drop kick. Dan and Damien make their way to the corner and both Alexx and Andrew get the hot tag. Alexx comes at Andrew with a
    cross body but Andrew counters it into a fall away slam. Andrew goes for the cover but Alexx kicks out. Damien comes out of his corner as
    does Dan and both send each other over the top rope. They continue brawling on the outside. Andrew grab Alexx and gives him snake eyes
    and rebounds of the ropes with a big boot but Alexx gets out of the way. Quickly Alexx hits a russian leg sweep and picks up Andrew and hits
    Sex City. Alexx goes for the cover. Dan gets in the ring but Damien pulls him back to the outside. Alexx scores the win at 11: 36.

    Winners via Pinfall: Daemon Inferno and Alexx

    (The camera shifts over to the front row and reveals the former FWA champion Ryan Hall and the now former FWA Women’s champion Jenny
    Ignito in attendance together. Ryan Hall is wearing his usual Armani suit and his custom designed aviators. Jenny is wearing a tight black
    baby tee underneath an open Yankees jersey with hip hugging jeans she is also wearing aviator sunglasses on top of her head…)

    Baxter: Wow, they’ll awfully close together aren’t they!?

    McDonald: Oh calm down Baxter… I’m sure they’ll just good friends.

    (Ryan and Jenny move a little closer, close enough where their bodies are touching…)

    Baxter: HAH. What do you have to say about that? They’ll be heading straight to the hotel after the show!

    McDonald: Oh keep it in your pants… That doesn’t prove anything…

    (A camera zooms in overhead above Ryan and Jenny as they indulge in their own serious conversation. The camera is too far away for you to
    hear exactly what they are saying, but Unholy Uprising and Midnight Carnivale can clearly be heard…)

    X-Division Number One Contender Match: Taipei Death Match
    Josh vs. Black Hurricane

    Black Hurricane and Josh wrap tape around their hands. They then quickly pour crazy glue on their hands and dip it into a buckets of broken
    pieces of glass. They get the glass on their hands and the referee rings the bell for the match to start. Josh and Hurricane come at each other
    trying to land the first punch on each other. Both are blocking and using their legs to attack. Quickly Josh hits kicks Hurricane in the knee
    and follows up with a knee to the gut. Josh takes his hand and starts dragging it across Hurricane’s face. Hurricane moans in pain. Josh irish
    whips Black Hurricane to a corner but Hurricane counters it. Hurricanane’s face has a small cut on it with blood showing but not dripping.
    Quickly Hurricane goes over there and starts giving a series of right hands to Josh’s head and stomach. Josh has multiple cuts on his stomach
    and head. There is blooding showing but it is not pouring our yet. Hurricane grabs Josh and hits a scoop slam on him. Hurricane goes to the
    top rope to drop his fist on Josh but he rolls out of the way. Quickly Josh gets on top of Hurricane and starts jabbing both his fist into
    Hurricanes eyes and the rest of his face. Josh gets up and there is Hurricane’s blood over his hands while Hurricane is pouring blood from hishead. Josh gets out of the ring and grabs a bag of broken glass from under the ring. Josh pours the broken glass on the ground and waits for Hurricane to get to his feet. Josh grabs Hurricane who is holding his forehead and irish whips him across the ring. Josh goes for a drop toe hold but Hurricane sides steps it. Josh gets to his feet only to be met with a huge over head belly to belly suplex on the broken glass. Josh screams in pain as Hurricane gets to his feet with a full crimson mask on his face. Hurricane turns Josh over and starts rubbing his face into the glass as Josh screams in pain. Hurricane positions Josh’s slightly sitting up. Hurricane gets up and rebound of the ropes and comes flying with a slow clothesline. The fist connects with Josh’s face. Blood is pouring everywhere from Josh’s head. Hurricane plays to the fan as he lifts up a bloody Josh up to the mat. Hurricane is just about to hit the Dat Negro Dead but Josh catches him with a huge low blow. Hurricane
    drops to his feet holding his package in pain while screaming. Josh face has also become a crimson mask. Josh picks up Black Hurricane and
    hits The Rockstar Driver on Black Hurricane. Quickly Josh covers a bloody Hurricane for pin. Josh gets the win at 14: 35. The ring is drenched
    in blood and broken glass.

    Winner via Pinfall and New Number One Contender for the X-Division Title: Josh

    World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Round One
    Mark Reynolds vs. Nick Arsen

    Before the Mark can get even in the ring Arsen get out of the ring and thez press him to the ground and starts throwing punching at him. Ref
    gets Arsen off of Mark but before Arsen goes to the ring Arsen stomps on Mark’s head. Mark rolls into the ring and the bell rings. Before Mark
    can even get up Arsen starts dropping elbow drops on Mark. Arsen picks up Mark and hits a rolling moonsault side slam. Arsen goes for the
    cover but Mark just kicks out. Mark holds his back as Arsen slow brings him to his feet and goes a suplex but Mark floats over and hits a
    reverse ddt. Mark lands and starts panting for air as Arsen holds his head and slowly gets to his feet. Arsen grabs Mark by the head and
    slowly bring him up until Mark hit s modified jaw breaker on him. Mark again takes his time getting to his feet trying to catch his breath.
    Arsen gets to his feet and is met with a clothesline from Mark as Mark waits for Arsen to get to his feet. Arsen gets to his feet going for
    another running clothesline but Arsen catches with an arm drag and goes for the roll up but Mark counters into his own. Arsen kicks out and
    Mark calls for The Mark of Perfection. Mark grabs Arsen and hits it. Arsen lands badly on head on that exchange as Mark covers him for the
    pinfall at 9: 34.

    Winner via Pinfall: Mark Reynolds
    (After the match, Mark makes his way to the back where a note is left for him on his locker room door that reads…”Let’s put a smile on that
    face!”. Mark ignores the note and packs his gear and heads towards his car, wishing his tag partner, Ashley O’Ryan, good luck tonight. Once
    he reaches his car and opens the door…he is clocked over the head with a steel pipe! The assailant stands over Mark…and as the camera
    pans up…we realize it’s…Aja Melissa! She drops the pipe and squats over Mark’s downed body…)

    Aja: Aww…Mark…Why so serious?

    (Thomas Princeton appears in the shot now…and the two of them share a kiss and a laugh at Mark’s expense before walking off and allowing
    the medical staff to patch him up…)

    Last Chance World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Qualifier: I Quit Match
    Lt. Wyoming vs. Bullseye Johnson

    The arena is on their feet as ‘You Know My Name’ is heard throughout the arena over the PA system. Lt. Wyoming walks to the ring as Saddle
    Sally is not with him, in the dangerous environment of the I Quit match. The fans are giving him loud cheers as they cannot wait for this
    match. ‘Get Like Me’ hits the PA system with the fans going crazy. Bullseye Johnson comes out to a standing ovation as he is without Valerie
    Heart as well. He walks down the isle high fiving his fans as they continuously cheer. He goes in the ring and poses on the turnbuckles as he
    then turns to Wyoming who is waiting for him in the middle of the ring. Bullseye walks to the center as well as the two are smiling at one
    another as they exchange a few words. Half of the arena is chanting ‘Wyoming’ as the other half chants ‘Bullseye’! Wyoming then bumps
    Bullseye as he is getting excited. Bullseye then bumps Wyoming back as the two go at it. Wyoming throws the first punch as Bullseye throws
    one back. The two then continue to go at it, back and forth. Bullseye then dodges a punch as he slides behind Wyoming and grabs him under
    his arms. He puts him in a half-nelson hold as Wyoming is trying to break out of it. He quickly does as he elbows Bullseye and breaks out,
    going to the other side of the ring. They stare down once again as they lockup and then let go. Wyoming irish whips Bullseye but he reverses
    it and irish whips Wyoming into the turnbuckle. Wyoming then quickly goes back on the offense as he walks up and dropkicks Bullseye to the
    floor. Bullseye gets up and dropkicks Wyoming as the two are going with back and forth action. Wyoming then grabs Bullseye’s arm and flips
    him to the mat. Wyoming then tries to drop knee first, but Bullseye rolls out of the way. He grabs Wyoming and attempts a suplex but as he
    goes for it, Wyoming lands on his feet and gets Bullseye from behind and drops him to the mat. Wyoming then turns to climb the turnbuckle,
    as Bullseye is getting to his feet. As Wyoming climbs it, Bullseye is up and spots Wyoming. He runs and grabs Wyoming. He then picks him up
    and hits a sit down powerbomb! Bullseye then starts to stomp on Wyoming as he then goes on his knees. He throws several punches at
    Wyoming’s skull. He then picks him up and hits a hard uppercut. Bullseye runs to the ropes and as he comes back he drops elbow first onto
    Wyoming’s chest. Wyoming seems out as Bullseye is going to take advantage. He climbs to the top turnbuckle. He waits a little to gain
    momentum as he jumps and attempts the 630 splash early on in the match. Wyoming quickly rolls out of the way as Bullseye crashes and
    burns. Wyoming goes on the outside rope. He waits for Bullseye to get up, and as he does he jumps onto the ropes and dives onto Bullseye.
    Both men are on the floor as Wyoming gets to his feet. He goes out of the ring and goes under the ring rope. He pulls out a steel chair and
    heads to the ring. As he does Bullseye is up and he starts to run toward Wyoming. He then hits a baseball slide and the chair hits Wyoming!
    Wyoming falls to the floor as Bullseye rolls out of the ring. He gets Wyoming up and irish whips him to the steel steps as he hits it shoulder
    first. Bullseye then grabs Wyoming’s head and tries to slam it on the steel step but Wyoming blocks it and he trips Bullseye down as he hits
    his head on the steel steps. Wyoming then puts a smirk on his face. He gets a piece of the outside mat and slowly starts to rip it off. He then
    fully gets a piece of the outside ring off as it is pure cement floor. Wyoming then grabs Bullseye and sets him up for the Devils Tower Drop,
    and he hits it, onto the cement floor! Bullseye looks out cold as Wyoming signals for a ref. The ref then puts the microphone in Bullseye’s
    face and asks him if he quits. Bullseye knocks the mic out of his hands and slowly gets to his feet. He is wobbling around as Wyoming takes
    advantage and clotheslines him down. Bullseye is then getting dragged near the announce table by Wyoming. Bullseye though stops him and
    gets up. He throws a hard left to Wyoming who falls to the floor. Bullseye then gets Wyoming and throws him over the ring barrier and into
    the crowd. Bullseye then signals that part of the arena to move out of the way. He climbs on the ring barrier and waits for Wyoming to get to
    atleast his knees. Bullseye then leaps and dives onto Wyoming as they fall through several steel chairs. Bullseye is the first to his feet as he
    grabs one of the steel chairs and folds it. He waits for W yoming to get up, and as he does Bullseye wacks in the skull with the chair! Bullseye
    then tosses Wyoming back in ringside. Bullseye jumps over as well as he gets Wyoming up and he irish whips him all the way to the
    announce table. Bullseye signals them out of the way as he goes on the announce table and picks up Wyoming, bringin him onto. Bullseye
    then puts Wyoming back first on his shoulders as he is setting up for his new finisher. Bullseye then nails the Bullseye Buster as they go
    through the announce table!Wyoming is a bloody mess as he is searching for room to breathe. Bullseye gets the ref as he asks Wyoming if he
    quits, but Wyoming says ‘never’! Wyoming is crawling around and he manages to grab some of the wires. Bullseye starts to get him up
    without noticing the wires, as Wyoming hits Bullseye as he works his way to his feet. Wyoming then pulls out the wires and wraps them
    around Bullseye’s neck! Bullseye is gasping for breath as Wyoming is pulling them harder. Wyoming finally lets go as Bullseye falls to the
    floor.Wyoming goes under the ring apron once again as this time he pulls out a table. He throws it in the ring. Wyoming gets Bullseye and
    drags him near the ring. He then gets him up and throws a hard punch, and then rolls him in the ring. Wyoming then climbs over the ropes
    and heads toward the table. He sets it up in the center of the ring as he checks back to Bullseye who is getting to his feet. Wyoming seems to
    be in control as he gets Bullseye and tries to put him on the table. Bullseye starts to fight off as he kicks Wyoming in the gut and then hits a DDT! Bullseye then grabs Wyoming and pushes him on the wooden table. Bullseye goes on the top turnbuckle as the fans are going nuts. Bullseye then jumps and attempts the 630 splash but he misses it again as Wyoming falls off just in time and Bullseye crashes through the table as it is broken into pieces! Wyoming crawls to the corner as he takes a few moments to catch his breath. The fans are continuously chanting ‘This is crazy’ and ‘holy shit’. Wyoming gets to his feet as Bullseye is down and out. Wyoming then goes to Bullseye as he gets him and does the Open Range. Bullseye is about to collapse as Wyoming finally lets go of him. Bullseye is rolling away as he drops out of the ring. Wyoming sees this and goes out of the ring as well. He gets Bullseye and drags him to the steel steps. He lifts up one half of it as he puts Bullseye’s arm under. He puts the half back on as Bullseye is stuck in the steel steps. Wyoming seems determined as he runs up and kicks the steel steps from the other side as Bullseye screams in pain! Bullseye gets let free as Wyoming pushes him back in the ring. Wyoming is
    walking around Bullseye who is covered in blood now as well. Bullseye then trips Wyoming and he grabs both of Wyoming’s ankles and
    applies the Lock of Death! Wyoming is screaming in pain as both his ankles are trapped! He is tapping out but that is no good as the only way
    to win is to say those two words. Wyoming is searching for the ropes but Bullseye’s move is inflicting a lot of pain. The ref is in the ring with
    the mic as he puts it near Wyoming. Wyoming is absorbing the pain and trying to get it out of his mind. Wyoming then reluctantly faces the
    mic as the fans are screaming not to, as others are cheering for Bullseye as well. Wyoming then says the two words ‘I Quit’!!!!

    Winner: Bullseye Johnson
    (Bullseye lets go as soon as he hears the words, as both men are lying in the center of the ring. They are taking deep and heavy breaths with
    blood all over them. The fans are on their feet giving both men a standing ovation as they have put another chapter in there long and storied
    feud. Bullseye is the first to his feet as the ref raises his hand. Bullseye pushes off as he checks on Wyoming. He helps Lt.Wyoming to his feet
    as he grabs his head and they embrace the moment. Wyoming then gets back to his senses as he looks at Bullseye dead in the eye. He puts
    out his hand as Bullseye shakes it. They let go as the fans cheer them on…)

    Main Event: Stu St. Clair on Color Commentary
    Ewan Edwards and Ashley O’Ryan vs. Shane McLean and Matt Boudreau

    Shane McLean and Ashley O’Ryan start off the match as they lock up in the center of the ring. They wrestle around for a moment and McLean
    gets O’Ryan’s back and hits him with a belly to back suplex. McLean takes control early on as he hits O’Ryan with a ensemble of suplexes.
    McLean lifts O’Ryan up and Ashley gets him with a thumb to the eyes. The reg warns Ashley but Ashley doesn’t pay him any concern and
    lands a dropkick on McLean. They wrestle around for a while with no one taking the upper hand until O’Ryan hits a bulldog on Shane. Shane
    is down and rolls over to tag Boudreau who is waiting anxiously. O’Ryan grabs him and pulls him back into the center of the ring before they
    make contact. O’Ryan hits him with an elbow drop and tags Ewan Edwards in. Edwards quickly jumps on McLean and applies a lose guillotine
    choke. McLean begins to power out of it and kicks Edwards leg. He soon kicks Edwards’ leg out from under him and dives for the tag.
    Boudreau is in and lunges at Edwards with a vicious clothesline. He grabs him and hit’s the chaos theory and then applies his archaic revival
    on the same leg McLean started on. Edwards cringes in pain as Matt continues the aggressive submission attempt. Edwards finally finds
    away out of it and reverse a move attempt by Boudreau into a spike DDT! Edwards goes for the cover but Boudreau kicks out. Edwards picks
    him up and attempts a suplex but Matt reverses it into a Once In A Lifetime! The DDT hits solidly and Edwards lands on his leg the wrong
    way and he is hurt. Matt tags in McLean and Ashley jumps in the ring to save Edwards from being pinned. Matt and Ashley brawl inside the
    ring and Ashley tackles Boudreau outside of the ring! Boudreau is fine and they continue to fight outside the ring. Edwards is starting to
    stand and Shane grabs him and attempts the Lethal InjectShane. Ewan reverses and goes for the Cruel Brittania but Shane reverses as well!
    Ewan manages to get him in a Fuji armbar and wrenches the lock. Shane begins to power himself out and they both make it to their feet.
    Ewan pushes him into the rope but Shane is ready and catches him on the rebound with the ConcuShane! He covers Ewan as Matt keeps
    Ashley busy on the outside. 1-2-3 and it’s all over! Unholy Uprising has beaten the team of Ashley O’Ryan and Ewan Edwards!

    (After the match…Stu realizes that the security that Jillian has assigned…has not come out yet. He gets a sinister smile on his face and gets
    up from the announce table and creeps into the ring…unknown to Ashley who is watching Ewan being taken out on a gurney. Shane and
    Boudreau smile and get out of the ring…continuing to jaw at Ashley…making sure he is still unaware. Stu spins Ashley around and attempts
    a DDt…but Ashley reverses the move by performing a handstand! Stu snickers and mouths to him “So you learned a new trick, eh?” Ashley
    doesn’t even answer…but before the two can come to blows…security rushes to the ring and pins them both to the mat. CrossFire comes to
    a close with Jillian De Silva directing traffic, ordering the guards to keep them away from each other…while the crowd is chanting “Let them
    go, Let them go!”…)
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    credit to xxhhhxx

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    Re: FWA HIstory: The Second Crossfire Show 'A Debut To Remember'

    So cool getting to read these again. That final segment after the ME was brilliant. I can see that playing out on TV with this hugely built up feud where the fans just want to see them fight, they come close here but nothing happens.

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    Re: FWA HIstory: The Second Crossfire Show 'A Debut To Remember'

    LOL @ John Nicole being the resident jobber.

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    Re: FWA HIstory: The Second Crossfire Show 'A Debut To Remember'

    Wow almost forgot about Josh

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