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Thread: Mile High Youtube Pre-show results

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    Mile High Youtube Pre-show results

    The FWA video feed, which has been airing past FWA Mile High performances all day, goes black before the PPV's theme song plays and the poster with Gabrielle Montgomery's face front and center is surrounded by Stu St. Clair, Ryan Rondo, Jason Gryphon and Ashley 'O Ryan.

    Once the hype video finishes, a logo fades out and a brightly lit TV studio comes into focus with a table surrounded by three chairs and the red and white YouTube logo in the background.

    The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance and Jimmy King

    The Mile High YouTube Pre-Show

    The crowd inside the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado is absolutely blazing with energy. The arena is around 65 percent full before the first of the pre-show matches about to take place as the announcers back in the Youtube backstage studio greet the viewers.

    Lucy Pinder: Welcome, folks, to the Youtube pre-show for tonight's Mile High pay-per-view broadcast! It's an electric night with all titles defended, one person wrestling two matches and four men trying to win the FWA World title from ONE woman, a person receiving much controversy since claiming the World title last month at the 9th Anniversary Show against Phillip A. Jackson

    David Weinstock: We're talking Gabrielle Montgomery, who has come under fire from a one Shannon O'Neal, but will defend the belt against Stu St. Clair, Ryan Rondo, Jason Gryphon and Ashley 'O Ryan.

    Lucy Pinder: And don't forget Shannon's argument that Gabrielle Montgomery IS...holding...people...back. Wow.

    David Weinstock: I guess you don't agree, but I must say she has arguments. All I can say is tonight will be a big one for Gabrielle, who cannot let these distractions keep her from defending the belt against four deserving challengers, two former World champs and two more seeking their first World title victories.

    Lucy Pinder and David Weinstock give vocal passage to the four-man ringside commentary
    setup of
    Langdon Trafford
    Piers Gallagher
    Sam McDonald
    Harry Baxter

    "Child of God" Elizabeth Gotteskind vs. Olga the Ogre

    Olga The Ogre is standing in the ring. Suddenly, A Choir of Angels starts to play and the crowd gives a mixed reaction. "The Child of God" Elizabeth Gotteskind walks out onto the stage with a Bible and holy water in hand. As she walks down the ring, she sprays the fans along the ramp with holy water demanding that they be cleansed of sin.

    The match begins with Elizabeth hitting Olga with a European Uppercut! Olga is in trouble! Elizabeth grabs her and whips her into the corner! Elizabeth climbs her and starts to punch her in the face repeatedly! When the referee tries to get Elizabeth off of Olga, The Child of God SLAPS Olga!

    Elizabeth gets off of Olga, allowing the Ogre to collapse to the mat. Elizabeth stomps away at Olga like a piece of garbage! The referee pulls Elizabeth away. Elizabeth poses - ie makes the sign of the cross - before picking up Olga and hitting a piledriver! She then locks Olga in a Sharpshooter! Elizabeth watches and just before Olga can tap, Elizabeth lets her out of the hold!

    The Child of God then looks at Olga with disgust, before locking her in another Sharpshooter! Elizabeth screams that Olga needs to be cleansed! Before Olga can tap out again, Elizabeth lets go! The Child of God grabs Olga and hits an Electric Chair Drop! Then Elizabeth picks up Olga and hits a series of German suplexes! Elizabeth is cleansing the sinners!

    Elizabeth picks up the Bible and casually reads it while sitting on the top rope, waiting for Olga to get up from her thrashing. The crowd is booing loudly. When Olga gets up, Elizabeth hits her signature Clothesline from Heaven! Elizabeth then picks up Olga and hits a Crucifix Powerbomb into a pin! 1...2...3!

    JOJO: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner... "The Child of God" Elizabeth Gottes -!?

    Elizabeth grabs the microphone from the announcer.

    "The Child of God" Elizabeth Gotteskind: You say my name as if it's not a real title. I AM THE CHILD OF GOD ELIZABETH GOTTESKIND! Romans 1:18 states, "The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness." FWA - fear for your eternal souls! Fear GOD! And fear his messenger - ME!

    She throws the microphone at the Jojo yelling "whore" at her.

    JOJO: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! And it is a revenge match! Introducing first, from Norway... please welcome, Jennifer Sky!

    The crowd explodes with cheers just as "La La Superstar" hits. A massive pink pyro display goes off as a magazine cover featuring Jennifer Sky rolls out from the ceiling. The crowd is chanting "Sky!" like crazy. JENNIFER SKY comes out from the back looking humbled. She then gets fired up and poses, which causes an explosion of pyros all around her. The crowd is loving this! Jennifer Sky heads down the ramp... BAM!

    AYLA EL bashes a steel chair into the skull of Jennifer Sky! The crowd start to boo uncontrollably! Ayla continues to beat down Jennifer Sky with the steel chair! Ayla slams the top of the chair right down onto Jennifer Sky's throat! Ayla then puts Jennifer Sky's arm into the chair, then stomps the chair with her boot - the chair is on the verge of breaking Jennifer Sky's arm!

    Referees and officials swarm the scene, pulling Ayla away from Jennifer Sky. The referees and EMTs check on Jennifer to make sure she's OK, but she looks to be in a bad condition.

    AYLA EL: Jennifer Sky! I said that I'd settle it at Mile High, and by the looks of things... I JUST DID! Don't come back, bitch! DON'T! Because I'll always be here ready and waiting to get rid of you - every single time!

    The officials try to pull away Ayla, who looks like a psychotic beast. Ayla tries to rush back at Jennifer, but the army of officials try their best to hold her back and barely succeed. EMTs get Jennifer Sky on a stretcher and start wheeling her to the back. Ayla El pulls out her phone and takes pictures of the badly beaten Jennifer Sky with a sadistic smile on her face.


    Backstage in Jack's office once more, we see Jack perched on top of his desk swinging his feet rapidly. A quick knock on the door brings Jack jumping to his feet.

    Jack of Diamonds: ...we meet again.

    The camera pans slowly to the right revealing a skinny man with curly blond hair. He peers at Jack through his black - framed glasses and adjusts his skinny jeans to make himself more comfortable.

    Mr. Steven: It appears we do.

    Jack and Mr. Steven lock eyes for a few beats without saying anything. Jack raises his head ever so slightly.

    JOD: Did you get the stuff?

    Mr. Steven: ...yeah. I got the stuff. I always get the stuff.

    JOD: And that is why I pay you so, so well. You got the stuff! You're like, Mr. Stuff Steven...or...something.

    Mr. Steven snarls.

    Mr. Steven: So that probably shouldn't happen again.

    JOD: You're right...I don't know what happened there. It was going one way in my head and then just...anyway. The stuff.

    Mr. Steven pulls out a brown paper bag and crumples the outside edges between his fingers.

    Mr. Steven: Are you sure about this?

    JOD: Do I look unsure?

    Mr. Steven: I don't know. You're always making faces and hiding in the dark. I mean you put off a mysterious vibe and that's cool but like, how can you ask someone if you look a certain way? We don't know.

    JOD: My p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face.

    Mr. Steven: Did you...did that just...what the hell?

    JOD: It's really boring back here, ok. Jason Gryphon was in here earlier and was fish eyeing me the whole time.

    Mr. Steven: You mocked him, didn't you?

    JOD: Of course I did. It's what I do. I mock people. I'm sarcastic. Why do you think I'm hosting this show?

    Mr. Steven: Because you requested it out of a lack of desire to wrestle?

    JOD: Whose side are you on here? That's hurtful, ya know. YA KNOW? I invite you into my office, I welcome you with open arms and this is how you repay me?

    Mr. Steven: You're overreacting.

    JOD: OVERREACTING? Yeah you're right. I'm acting like a total drama queen. Just give me the bag.

    Mr. Steven hands the bag to Jack and looks on with anticipation.

    Mr. Steven: So what are you gonna do with that?

    JOD: Secrets my dear boy. Secrets.

    Jack peeks into the bag and smiles ever so slightly.

    JOD: This'll do nicely. Well done.

    Mr. Steven: No problem. But I'm like, starving over here. You wanna get some pizza or something?

    JOD: No.

    Jack brushes past Mr. Steven briskly and is out of frame before we know it. The door slams as he makes his exit.

    Mr. Steven: Dude is so weird...


    The arena is now around 75 percent full with the Denver crowd beginning a loud "Broncos" chant. The theme music of Prince Abdullah Assad interrupts it as the original character walks to the ring mouthing off to the close-up fans along the front rows of the walkway to the ring.

    Devin Golden vs. Prince Abdullah Assad

    After the Prince makes his way to the ring, the entire arena darkens and the opening drum beats of "Coma" begin playing. The crowd cheers loudly as the straight-line hospital heart monitor sound follows suit through the speakers and a man wearing long black wrestling pants with black eyeliner and eyeshadow appears. His pink hair highlights are the lone brightness in this venue of dark.

    He walks to the ring with an aura of nonchalant and lack of care of worry. When the bell rings, the two half circle the ring before the former World Heavyweight champion steps back and waits. Prince Abdullah Assad approaches for a grapple but Golden looks sort of "whatever." He is sent into the turnbuckle but stops his momentum just short and turns back. When Prince charges, Golden no-sells the initial attack and delivers a back elbow to Assad's face. Then he runs off the ropes and lands a jumping neckbreaker!!!

    The former four-time tag team champion lands a series of backhand chops to Prince Assad's chest. A whip off the ropes precedes Assad ducking a clothesline and landing a sole kick to the stomach, and then a double underhook throwing side slam. Prince Assad whips Golden into the turnbuckle and hits a big spinebuster before covering, but kick out at one and a half.

    Piers Gallagher: Prince Abdullah Assad looks impressive early on against a former World champion.

    Prince Assad grabs Golden and lands three forearm shots before sending Golden into the turnbuckle, but the athletic former X-champion leap frogs over a charging Prince Assad lands a German suplex...but holds the waist lock grip, rolls and hits a second, and then rolls and hits a THIRD!!!

    Golden rises to his feet and quickly hits a vertical suplex into a faceplant, and then goes to the top turnbuckle for a top rope moonsault!!! Prince Abdullah Assad has nothing for him as Golden waits and hits his sitout faceplant for the 1-2-3. A burial, and the crowd cheers.

    Winner: Devin Golden

    The arena is now around 80 percent full with one last pre-show match to go.

    Lucy Pinder: A few more matches to highlight tonight, first is the X-Championship encounter between Marcus Thane, the champ, and "Savant" KAIZEN. Many enter feeling the challenger is the favorite.

    David Weinstock: I'd put it at KAIZEN with the edge but Marcus Thane is a true competitor. This should be a great rivalry in the coming months. Then there's one rivalry already well in stride, Beatrixx Black defending the Women's title against former champion Saddle Sally.

    Lucy Pinder: Beatrixx has served as a symbol for uniqueness and originality, but Saddle Sally is a potential Hall of Famer and has that renewed hunger. Then the North American title match between "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson and Jethro Warren.

    David Weinstock: Drew Stevenson is quietly becoming one of the best North American champions ever. Quietly. No one is talking about that with everything else going on. Hopefully, Jethro Warren gives a good fight but I think Drew Stevenson retains.

    Lucy Pinder: Then there's "Rockstar" Randy Ramon, who is getting a TON of hype with a dual-booked night. He'll face "The Monster of Midway" Michael Garcia as the X-championship's No. 1 contender and LATER will team with Ayla El in the tag team carousel against The Kennedy/Carter Administration!!! The reigning tag team champions have defended the belts three straight shows now since the 9th Anniversary Show's defense against the Over the Edge duo. What about Randy Ramon going twice in one night?

    David Weinstock: Not only going twice but facing the dominant and physically imposing Michael Garcia...and THEN one of the greatest tag teams ever. Along with Ayla El, who we all know is a loose cannon. I see Randy Ramon going 0-for-2 in a valiant effort, but he'll hit a brick wall tonight.

    "The Queen of Hearts" Shannon O'Neal vs. James "Eyesnsane" Hughes

    The crowd is ecstatic for this one. the blond-haired Shannon O'Neal stares down James "Eyesnsane" Hughes, who shows no lack of remorse. The two come together in the center and Shannon offers a hand, a sign of respect. Eyesnsane nods and accepts, and they are about to break when Eyesnsane pulls Shannon back in and the camera reads his lips, "I don't care that you're a female." Shannon O'Neal's eyes go wide with a bit of surprise and even possible fear as she breaks free of Hughes' grip and walks back to her corner. Eyesnsane keeps his eyes on Shannon as the crowd is pretty much completely standing. When the bell rings, Shannon dodges Eyesnsane's first charge to grapple, and the second. On the third, she ducks and lands a slap across the face, which irates Hughes more than harms. His red cheek meshes with his fuming mood as he grabs Shannon by her blond hair and flings her against the turnbuckle. He follows with a forearm to the face and then grabs Shannon around the hair and lands a big forearm uppercut to the jaw, and then a whip to the ropes and a running knee to the stomach. Shannon flips over Eyesnsane's violent knee and holds her ribs in pain.

    Langdon Trafford: I don't know if Shannon O'Neal was truly ready to face a male opponent tonight.

    Shannon O'Neal pushes herself off the mat as Eyesnsane grabs her by the arm and applies an arm wrench. He repositions until his legs wrap around her shoulders and twists the wrist and pulls the arm away from the shoulder. Shannon is on her knees as Eyesnsane is on his back applying the submission. Shannon pushes herself into a bridging pin situation, hoping Eyesnsane will either take a pin or kick out and loosen the hold's grip.
    (...............1...................2.......Kick out!)

    Eyesnsane reapplies the submission and Shannon again cringes in pain. She reaches for the bottom rope but isn't anywhere close. She bridges again, and this time when Eyesnsane kicks out at two and a half, Shannon emerges and pulls her arm free from the hold. The crowd begins a small cheer for Shannon that's quickly shot down by the massive boos and a LARGE, incredibly oustanding "Gab-RI-ELLE *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* chant." Shannon and Eyesnsane lock in the center of the ring with Eyesnsane getting a side head lock. He follows with a nice hip toss while keeping the head lock applied. Shannon's shoulders briefly are down on the mat, but she kicks out at two. Eyesnsane keeps the hold and re-positions his body weight completely on Shannon, who's shoulders again are down. But kick out at two and one-quarter.

    Eyesnsane, in an attempt to wear Shannon down, rises while keeping the head lock and again lands a hip toss. Her shoulders again are down, but kick out at two and three-fifths.

    Sam McDonald: The thing about it are, by nature, stronger than women. Strength is the overarching reason why men should defeat women on a consistent basis in a physical competition, such as wrestling. A woman would need some other advantage to offset the strength gap.

    Harry Baxter: And James "Eyesnsane" Hughes is using the strength disparity to his advantage, and Shannon O'Neal has not yet found something in her arsenal to negate her lack of power.

    Shannon O'Neal is able to slip through Eyesnsane's arm hold and lock in a waist lock. Eyesnsane is able to easily pry her hands loose, turn and land a kick into the midsection. He follows with a leg-hook reverse STO and rolls a fatigued Shannon O'Neal onto her back and hooks the near leg.
    (................1......................2..............Kick out!)

    Eyesnsane continues with his offense, a barrage of forearm shots to the face as Shannon stumbles back and through the middle and top ropes. On the apron, she seems defeated and unprepared. When Eyesnsane grabs her hair, she forces herself to the outside floor and pulls Hughes down, his neck bouncing into the top rope and causing him to stumble back and lose his balance. Shannon immediately slides into the ring and lands a quick standing dropkick to the chest!!! For the first time, she has Eyesnsane on his back!!!

    The crowd's electricity grows as the inferior side begins rallying back. Shannon's backhand slaps to the chest are effective. She tries for a whip, but Hughes reverses and sends Shannon into the ropes. As she bounces back, Hughes telegraphs a leaping lariat and Shannon ducks and grabs both legs and whips them from underneath Hughes' body!!! She has him landing face first from a few feet up into the canvas, and Shannon O'Neal quickly applies a crossface submission!!!!


    James "Eyesnsane" Hughes, however, is close enough to the bottom ropes on one side of the squared venue to crawl a few inches and grab the salvation. The referee forces a break, and Shannon emerges after a three count. She steps back, but lands a running football-style kick into Hughes' stomach. He rolls through the bottom and middle ropes to the outside floor, and Shannon follows with a run off the opposite ropes and then a suicide dive!!!!

    But Hughes sidesteps and Shannon lands face first onto the floor!!!!!!!!

    Harry Baxter: That's the turning point. Right there. The speed and risk was too much.

    Eyesnsane hovers over a seemingly unconscious Shannon O'Neal. He grabs her by the arm and pulls her toward the ring. Then he grabs her by the hair and hoists her onto his shoulders and rolls her under the ropes and into the ring. Eyesnsane ponders his next move, which he decides is a cradle pliedriver. As he lifts Shannon up, she flips and lands on her feet bended back. She then lifts her legs up and lands an extremely awkward head scissors takedown!!! The crowd is stunned as Eyesnsane rises up, but he quickly lands a dragon suplex after a snake eyes into the ropes to reverse this momentum swing. Eyesnsane grabs Shannon and says to her, "I'm ending this. No mercy, like I said."

    He goes to the top turnbuckle and prepares for his "Splash of Insanity," but Shannon O'Neal bumps the ropes and Hughes has to jump off to avoid landing awkwardly in a split-legged position. He approaches Shannon, who kicks Eyesnsane in the thigh and then runs off the ropes. She lines up for her "Paradise City" bicycle kick finisher but Hughes steps back to avoid it. He tries for a Vertebreaker after a kick to the midsection, but Shannon contorts her body and grabs Hughes' legs. She pulls them enough for him to stumble back and eventually has him fall onto his back with Shannon landing on top!!! Shannon quickly grabs both legs and pulls back for an unorthodox bridging pinfall attempt while using the ropes for unknown-to-the-referee leverage!!!

    Langdon Trafford: WHAT?! NO! Shannon is cheating!

    (.............ONE..............TWO................THREE...EYESNSANE KICKS OUT RIGHT AT A THREE COUNT!!!)

    Sam McDonald: What happened?! Was it three?!

    The official emerges and gives the signal to the bell ringer, and then announces Shannon the winner.

    Piers Gallagher: Yes! She did it!

    Shannon O'Neal's eyes go wide, the same wide she had in fear when the match started. However, this one is eyes wide with pleasant shock. James "Eyesnsane" Hughes, though, has his head metaphorically buried in the sand with his face smushed against the canvas and bent in the fetal position.

    Winner: "The Queen of Hearts" Shannon O'Neal

    The victor rolls out of the ring with stars in her eyes and all the momentum in the world. She raises her hands in triumph as she stares back to the ring, where a fuming and beside-himself James "Eyesnsane" Hughes stays kneeling and banging his fists into the canvas with disbelief that he lost the match.

    Shannon O'Neal then looks at the camera and says, "See, Gabrielle, I can do it, too." An undeniably intended message to our current FWA World Champion and all others who disagreed with Shannon's critiques.

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    Re: Mile High Youtube Pre-show results

    Great show, I really enjoyed this. I was just confused by who the announcer was when I wrote the match, so I just put JOJO, I hope that was OK.

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    Re: Mile High Youtube Pre-show results

    ^lol for future reference Kurt Harrington is the announcer but its cool it happens. Good matches really liked the way Shannon vs. Eyesnane was written great work there. Overall great pre-show!

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    Re: Mile High Youtube Pre-show results

    nice pre-show.. cant wait for the ppv. And i hope me and KAIZEN can continue our rivalry as they touched on in the pre-show. His rp was very different for this ppv and definitely motivated me and gave me some points to hopefully build off of.

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    Re: Mile High Youtube Pre-show results

    Fantastic pre-show, great way to kick Mile High off. Great matches, great segment flow, and thank you for the honorable and very kind mention.

    I look forward to reading Mile High.

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    Re: Mile High Youtube Pre-show results

    Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now, therefore ye kings. Be admonished ye judges of the earth. Serve the lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    Psalm 2:8

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    Re: Mile High Youtube Pre-show results

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfs Rain View Post
    i pissed meself already, and that was even before i saw this video

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    Re: Mile High Youtube Pre-show results

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfs Rain View Post
    A jousting match for the X Championship... Possibilities

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Mile High Youtube Pre-show results

    Great work with the show everybody

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