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Thread: FWA Mile High promo thread

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    FWA Mile High promo thread

    Post promos for the Mile High pay-per-view here. Promos are due Sunday, October 12 at midnight Pacific time, which is Monday, October 13 at 3 a.m. Eastern time and 8 a.m. British time zone. That means you have seven (7) full days AND 14 EXTRA HOURS!

    No extensions.

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread


    *Humanity stands in the back of the FWA arena, pacing with microphone in hand. He appears to have quite a bit on his mind... He looks up at the camera with an estranged and disgusted face. There, he slowly and methodically brings the microphone up to his lips, and his warm, yet crazed voice whisked around the set, and all through the arena, gentle, yet soft, even sad music plays in the background...*

    Humanity:I would just like to uh... *Short pause* You know... Long ago, I used to think being Hardcore meant something to me... I would always go to the show and love the roar of the crowd cheering for me and worrying about my well-being, because I've wanted it... *Gives a small measurement with his thumb and pointer finger* THAT ​much more than everyone else. But there is one shout from a fan here in FWA that has made me change, and made me open my eyes to the reality, the reality I used in the very ring of CWA, my only home.

    *Humanity looks off, with an even more disgusted face*

    Humanity: "Make Stacy Bleed..." Hmmm... Make... Stacy... Bleed... For the more perceptive of you... Stacy Zewbowski is my manager in CWA... but she is also, MY WIFE!

    *Humanity spits on the ground he stands upon, as the anger that welled up inside him is released*

    Humanity: You sick sons of bitches! Stacy is a poor defenseless woman, and you people here in FWA want to see her hurt!? I knew from the bottom of my heart, that this place was not going to be an easy place, but now I'm completely disgusted by this whole company, and the people who likes this SHIT.You people... every "Wrestler" in this company... is nothing but a puppet, that the fans, whose thirst for blood is more than their care for them... Everyone here, was emulating my style, because I carved the true extreme, but no one cares about the legacy and the history of Humanity... the "wrestlers" only care about their money and their controversy... But Humanity cares about two things. The fans, and my wife... and when the fans disrespect what I believe in and my wife...I LOSE MY TRUST IN THEM! FUCK YOU FWA!!! FUCK YOU AND YOUR FANS! You guys... you guys have to realize, that these fans don't care for you! They're all your puppet masters... BUT I'M NO ONE'S PUPPET!!!

    *Humanity unleashes all that anger, finally calming down..."

    Then... I hear about this X Division Extreme Elimination match... and I hear all the fans around me... "Oh! Meth-Head Matt's going to win!" "Nonono! Ghost has got this in the bag!" "Danny Toner for sure!" "Darryl Digby is the biggest man in the FWA! He's gonna destroy everyone!" "Alana Allure everyone!" But... there was only one voice... there was only one person who ever said, "Give it to Humanity... Humanity's the man!" You know who said that..? My wife, Stacy... but I guess that doesn't mean much, hmmm? You people... must look realistically... I was in hospitals and in operating rooms, before any of you people even thought about the wrestling business!!! But you fans don't care... What am I? Am I old news? Does no one truly care about what Hardcore and what Extreme truly is?

    *Humanity pauses for a while*

    No one cares... No one cares about me... But by God, I'll make them care... no matter how many teeth I lose, no matter how many ribs are broken, no matter how many times I have to bleed... but it won't be for the scumbag fans here in FWA... it'll be for me, and the men and women in that locker room. It will be for the wrestlers... to show them that this lifestyle is wrong! I will liberate them from the horrors of Extreme! And when all these wrestlers, finally give in... give a little call to Jimmy King, Director and Chairman of CWA... and say, "Count me into CWA..." Only then... will you be saving me from the agony... only then... You'll be saving me... But until then... Matt... Digby... Toner... Star... Allure... Ghost... I'm going to have to beat the living hell out of you people to make you realize...

    *Humanity drops the mic, a tear coming from his eye, as he walks off the screen slowly, the feed going fuzzy and cutting off.*

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    OOC: Roleplay for Garcia

    R3 - “Hey Jim…”

    “Rockstar” Randy Ramon approaches Jim Smithers, one of the interns who work on the FWA website and keep it updated so well with all of the latest news, shortly after Fight Night has gone off the air. Randy still wears the same outfit he wore to the ring for his “Clockwork Orange House of Fun” match with Danny Toner and “Meth Head” Matt, which he emerged from victorious.

    Jim - *rising from his seat at his desk* “Hey Rockstar, nice win. What can I do ya for?”

    R3 - “Thanks bro, appreciate it.” *hands Jim a DVD* “Can you get this video uploaded to the website for me, ASAP? I have to get to the recording studio to do my podcast, and I just don’t have the time to wait for it.”

    Jim - *taking the DVD from the Rockstar* “Sure thing Randy, no problem. It’ll be up in like… ten minutes. Not a problem at all.”

    R3 - “Thanks Jim. You always come through for me. Here, this is for you.” *slips Jim a $20*

    Jim - “Oh Randy, I can’-”

    Before he can say another word, Randy is gone. Jim sits down and pops the DVD into the super high tech computer system in front of him. He clicks upload, and Randy’s face appears on about eight TV monitors in front of him. The following is what follows.

    Scene One - A Serious Face

    R3 - “Hello ladies and gentlemen, Randy Ramon here.”

    Randy sits on a simple bar stool in front of a simple black curtain, the only light in the room comes from dim red lights on the ground, illuminating off of the aforementioned curtain.

    R3 - “I know I usually come to you with more bells and whistles and games and overall fun, usually I’m the fun-loving guy who’s passed out drunk on a stage somewhere, but I need a few minutes of your time to address a very important matter. Please allow me to put on my serious face for a few minutes.”

    Randy reaches behind him and pull out a Guy Faux mask and places it over his face. He clears his throat and speaks through the mask:

    R3 - “My father once told me a story about the great and powerful dragons that long ago tortured the Nordic countries of the world. They tormented men, women and children and burned their villages to the ground, just because they could. For decades men fought against them, feebly falling to their mighty strength.”

    “As happens to all things, the mighty dragon’s weakness finally came to light. A creature-monster called the Ichneumon stepped forward and began slaying the fire breathers. The Ichneumon would cover itself in mud as a disguise, and when the dragon least expected it, the Ichneumon would climb inside the dragon - through it’s nostrils, usually - and kill the dragon from the inside out, scratching and clawing its way out like an alien through Sigourney Weaver. Quite clever actually.”

    “The Ichneumon tore through the dragons, one by one, leaving a trail of death and dominance. Human’s rejoiced, villages were rebuilt, lives were saved. The Ichneumon, victorious over it’s foes, went back to it’s normal life, rolling around in the mud and having a grand old time, but it too had enemies. Namely Father Time and Charles Darwin. To be straight, evolution.”

    “See Evolution played a cruel trick on the Ichneumon. After everything it did to save civilizations and numerous people, it became complacent and adapted to its new environment. In fact, it’s still around today, and I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Hell, you’ve probably seen a few.”

    “The Mongoose.”

    “You might think you’re a monster, Garcia, and you might have been, but you’ve run out of dragons to slay. You’ve proven yourself capable of outsmarting and conquering everyone in your path. You slayed the Mist. You destroyed Daryl Digby. You gorged the Ghost. You hammered Humanity. God only knows how many more. You’ve put the entire X-Division on notice and nearly destroyed it from the inside out, but it stops here.”

    “Father Time has spoken, and he said it’s time for you to evolve Michael. The carnage and destruction stop here. I am no dragon. I am the catalyst that will bring forth your evolution. By the time Mile High goes off the air, words like “monster” and “intimidating” will be replaced by words like “cute” and “fuzzy” when people refer to Michael Garcia… as the rest of the world sees you the way I see you..”

    “As a Mongoose. The Mongoose of the Midway.”

    “See Michael, I know where I stand. I know that I’m the underdog. I know that you think this will be a cakewalk...I know that almost everyone in that locker room thinks you’ll wipe the floor with me. And hell, why shouldn’t you? You’ve got half a foot and a large child’s weight on me… you SHOULD beat me… I should get my ass kicked, go home to lick my wounds, roll credits… It’s elementary.”

    “Except when it isn’t. If I lose, then it’s just what was supposed to happen. But what happens if you DON’T beat me? What happens then? The mystique of the Mongoose will be permanently damaged, a permanent chink in the armor, a crack in the surface. You’ll have to go back to whatever hole in the ground you crawled out of and look yourself in the mirror, knowing you couldn’t get the job done. You’ll go back to being the boogeyman under some derelict child’s bed, shouting “boo” and playing hide and seek. Halloween IS right around the corner… But win or lose, I’m going to give you the fight of your life. One of us has everything to gain, one of us has everything to lose.”

    “I know where I stand. Do you?”

    “I have nothing to lose. Nothing. You can’t take my X-Division contendership from me. You can’t take my bank account, my notoriety, my millions of albums sold. You can’t take my spirit, or pride, or even my desire away. And before you try to say it, you can’t kill me. Sure, you can beat me to a bloody pulp, but you can’t kill me. Hell, even Mist is still breathing and that man was a glorified punching bag before you go a hold of him. So remind me exactly why I should be scared?”

    “Now I’m going to remove my serious face, and go back to the crazy, unpredictable son of a bitch you’re used to seeing. I’ll see you in the ring, Mongoose.”

    Randy slowly removes the Guy Faux mask, passion burning in his eyes. A desire to succeed shining brightly as the online video feed cuts off with an abrupt rush of static to darkness.
    Facebook Update

    The following was posted to “Rockstar” Randy Ramon’s Facebook account:

    “Hey Rockstars! Gonna do something different for the podcast this week. Gonna do my first official Twitter Q&A tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be taking questions regarding my wrestling career, Mile High and the Tag Team Championships. Tweet your questions to @RockstarR369 and maybe you’ll get on the air!”

    894 Like This, 2 Comments

    Scene 2 - My Ax Is Mightier Than His Wood

    A white lexus cab pulls up outside of an upscale New York apartment complex. A small man hops out of the drivers seat and makes his way around to the trunk. He removes a duffle bag and a suitcase on wheels from the trunk as the rear passenger side door opens, and one leg after the other, “Rockstar” Randy Ramon steps out. He cringes a bit, obviously still sore from the battle he went through last night to earn the right to fight for the X-Division Championship.

    Cabbie - “Here you go sir, thank you very much. Please call if you need to go anywhere.”

    R3 - “Thanks Zhou, I appreciate that. I most certainly will.”

    Did I mention that the gentleman was Asian? Anyway, Randy takes the bags from him, tips him, and heads for the door. A gentleman with a name tag reading “Carl” holds the door open for him. Randy thanks him and heads for the elevator. He winks at the cute receptionist, stationed at the front desk, on the way by. He presses 6 and waits for the elevator. It comes, he rides it…

    Comes. Rides.

    Giggity. the sixth floor, and arrives at his apartment, unit #66. Key to the lock, he lets himself in and drops his bag right inside the entryway. Randy takes a deep breath and does the two most important things you do when you’ve just been through a war: cracks an ice cold “Golden Monkey” and strips buck naked, climbing into the shower. Scrapes, cuts and bruises cover him from head to toe and he feels every one of them as the steaming hot water hits him and washes away two days worth of dirt, sweat and blood. When the beer is empty and the hot water has run out, he emerges from the shower and dries himself. He slips into a pair of black Adidas pants with the white stripe down the side, a red v-neck t-shirt and of course the most comfortable pair of moccasins you’d ever find. Another beer, a couple of oxy’s and a slice of cold pizza later, he plops down in front of his computer and loads up the webcam.

    We now see the Rockstar through the lens of the webcam, the same view we saw last time he was here: empty bottles strewn across the kitchen and counter, bed sheets a disheveled mess. Randy logs onto and checks to be sure that Jim Smithers loaded the video up for him: he did. He clicks the events page and verifies his opponents for the Mile High show this week: Michael Garcia, The Kennedy-Carter Administration, and of course his partner Ayla El. Randy next logs into his Twitter account and sees a list of almost one hundred questions that have been left for him since his Facebook update last night. He presses ‘record.’

    R3 - “Good afternoon bitches and gentlemen, and welcome to the Rockstar Revolution Radio Show! Yes, we know we’re not on the radio! No, we don’t care! I’m your host, “Rockstar” Randy Ramon, and the topic of the day is Mile High, not as in the city of Denver, but as in the FWA Event this weekend where I will attempt to slay a giant, and I will team with the lovely Layla El to take on the Kennedy-Carter Administration in a battle for the FWA Tag Team Championships."

    Randy takes a sip of his beer.

    R3 - “But the first thing I want to do today, is send a shout out to Danny Toner and “Meth Head” Matt. Hell of a match boys. Toner, I’d go to war with you anytime. Matt, stay the hell away from me until you get your shit cleaned up. Still can’t believe they let you in a ring… Oh well… anyways… as you know by now I won the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match to win the X-Division tournament and earn an X-Division championship match the week after Mile High on Fight Night. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, at Mile High I go one on one with the so-called “Monster of the Midway” Michael Garcia. Going forward, Garcia shall be referred to as “Mongoose of the Midway” Michael Garcia… you’ll get why if you saw my video on the site. If not, check it out.”

    Randy types a few things on the keyboard and brings his Twitter feed back up.

    R3 - “Alright, let’s get to the Twitter Questions. We’ll start here… get this one out of the way…”

    @cutiebabie24: Final thoughts on the X-DivisionTournament?

    R3 - “Good question cutie... I think Takaab is a sadistic genius honestly. I mean to come up with that tournament, with that much abuse and bloodshed - it takes a twisted person. Nice job by Vincent. I think Thane or Kaizen, whoever walks out of Mile High as champion shouldn’t get too comfortable with the title, because they won’t have it past the next Fight Night. I think the X-Division is in a great place, and will continue to be the brightest spot in a blindingly bright show. Next question.”

    @WWWYKI2012: Your partner, a chick? Damn! #hawt

    R3 - “I’m not sure exactly what you mean man, are you saying it sucks that my partner is a chick? Because I don’t see it that way… first off, I heard she once lasted to the end of an Elimination Chamber match with five dudes… Seems like she doesn’t take any shit. Second, I think it’s an opportunity… I don’t know, maybe a post match victory shag is in the cards…I mean she’s pretty freakin’ hot...” *wink*

    @SexyChick69: Boxers or Briefs?

    R3 - *wry smirk* “Neither!”

    @FWAfan4Life: Are you worried about what Garcia will do to you?? #EMT

    R3 - “Alright look, I know what I’m getting into. I joke, but I know the dude’s a beast. I know he’s seven foot tall and weighs almost four hundred pounds, and I know that with one false step my head could be in the first row if I get caught with one of those clotheslines. Am I afraid of pain? No. Am I afraid of death? Who isn’t. Am I afraid of hospitals? They skeeve me out, but no. Does losing scare me? A little… but am I afraid of Garcia? No. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. There’s no face that a swift superkick can’t remix… see what I did there? Because I call it the Remix? Ahhh I crack myself up. Anyway… the short answer is no. I’m on a mission to win the X-Division Championship, and I’m not going to let anyone, let alone some overgrown, inbred ape slow me down or stop me.”

    @QueenBee123: Mongoose is seven feet tall… can you even kick that high?

    R3 - “First off, thanks for getting his name right. Second, yes. Third, I’ll prove it.”

    Randy stands up and begins rummaging through a drawer next to the computer. He pulls out a tape measure and a sharpie. The Rockstar measures seven feet from the floor and draws a face on the wall. It’s an ugly face that looks nothing like (read: exactly like) Garcia. He tosses the sharpie and tape measure down, takes two steps back, kicks….

    ...and leaves a footprint six inches below the face. His shoulders slouch, realizing the problem immediately. A determined look crosses his face as he steps back again and kicks again, this time hitting only an inch higher. “Damnit!” He steps back again and jumps towards it, leg extended…

    ...and falls flat on his face. Randy rolls over and kips up to his feet, staring at the wall in disbelief. He walks off camera momentarily. “AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!” He suddenly charges at the wall, baseball bat in hand, and begins smacking Not-Garcia in the face, over and over and over, putting a huge hole in the wall. He stops and realizes what he did as there is a knock at the door…

    Manager - “Sir, is everything alright in there?”

    R3 - “Uhhh… yeah… everything is fine… just… tripped…”

    Manager - “Alright, we received some complaints of a lot of noise…”

    R3 - “...twice…”

    Manager - “Please keep it down sir.”

    Randy sulks back over to the computer and sits back down. He finishes the beer that he’s been working on, and pops another one. He looks again at the wall and shakes his head in self-disgust

    R3 - “So uhh… next question.”

    @RalphWiggum: My tongue tastes like burning?

    R3 - “That… that’s not even a question…NEXT!”

    @QueenBee123: Okay so you can’t kick him, can you lift him?

    R3 - “We meet again QueenBee123… of course I can lift Mongoose… check out these guns.” *flexes*

    Randy stands up and scratches his head, looks around the apartment, then turns the webcam, revealing a weight bench in the corner of the room that we couldn’t previously see. He shakes his head as to say: “How do I get myself into this shit?” as he loads 375 lbs, Garcia’s exact weight, onto the barbell. He checks to make sure they’re properly secured, straps on his weight lifting belt and lays down on the bench. He stretches a little, aligns himself properly, pushes as hard as he possibly can…

    ...and nothing happens. He tries again, same result. Beads of sweat form on his forehead as he pulls himself out from under the bar.

    R3 - “I’m clearly going about this wrong.”

    Randy begins removing the weights from the bar, and stacking them, heaviest on bottom, on a nearby table. The table begins to buckle under the weight. He looks the stack over, again shaking his head, takes another swig of beer, moves the weights to the edge of the table and lifts as hard as he can…

    ...and the top few clang to the floor, sounding like a small aftershock. He quickly shoves the stack back on the table and takes a deep breath. Randy collects the few weights from the floor and places them back on the stack. Surveying the situation, he adjusts his stance, wraps his arms around 375 lbs of weights…

    ...and lifts them!...

    ...but then they all go thumping to the floor. The whole room shakes as if a small earthquake just struck New York City and his apartment was at the epicenter. He stands really, really still for a moment, trying his best not to make another noise… then…

    Manager - “Sir! What’s going on in there?”

    R3 - “Did you feel that earthquake??”

    Manager - “SIR!”

    R3 - “...a small stampede?”

    Manager - “Sir, if I have to come up here again, I’m calling the police. You are disturbing the other tenants and I won’t have it!”

    R3 - “...a large one?” *sigh* “Alright, sorry bro!”

    Randy looks at the mess he caused with the weights, realizing they’re everywhere. He just kinda shakes his head, grabs his beer and heads back to the computer.

    R3 - “Alright Queen Bee, you win again. I can’t kick that high, I can’t lift his weight, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Anyway… ughhh…next question”

    @EyeHeartJBL: Are you afraid of his hockey stick??

    R3 - “By that, I hope you mean the one he brings to the ring… and no, I’m not. He might have that piece of wood, but I have this…” *reaches off camera and grabs a Flying V electric guitar* “I intend to bring it to the ring with me. His wood is no match for my ax!”

    @CrosbySucks28: Are you excited for a shot at the Tag Titles??

    R3 - “Silly question! Of course I am! But I’m not going to comment too much more on that… I need to do a little more research on the champs and then I’ll get back to you.”

    @Inthebutttttt: Will we see anymore applesauce in the future?

    R3 - “You know, I’m not sure… The Blazes just got back… I need to talk to the guys and see what kind of shenanigans we have planned.” *winks* “Alright, last question, then I need to wrap this up.”

    @KreugerFred: Had anymore weird dreams lately?

    R3 - “Something odd about that message… but no, nothing since the strange one with the fire hands and the chick with the clamp around her neck… still trying to figure out why I drew that picture though… I’ll keep you guys posted.”

    Randy logs off of Twitter but keeps the webcam rolling.

    R3 - “It’s time for me to Hit The Road, Jack. I’m jumping Jack Flash, but I aint no Flash in the Pan. I’m gonna climb that beanstalk and cut the giant down, once and for all. So long for now, bitches! Always remember to FUCK OFF! APPLESAUCE BITCH!!!”

    Randy stands and turns to make a dramatic exit, but trips over the weights he left in the middle of the floor, totally forgetting they were there. He falls into the table that the weights had been buckling, and knocks it to the floor. Another loud thud. “Shit.” *knock knock*

    Manager - “Sir, I don’t know what’s going on in there, but I’m concerned. I’m coming in.”

    R3 - “No wa-”

    It’s no use. The key is already turning the lock and the manager steps in. He’s a behemoth of a man.

    Manager - “What the hell did you do to my apartment?!?!?!”

    R3 - “Would you believe a gang of bikers came through?”

    “ elephant?”

    “ orgy?”

    Manager - “That’s it.. I want you o-”

    R3 - “How tall are you?”

    Manager - *taken aback* “What? Seven foot, why?”

    R3 - *smiling* “No reason!”

    Suddenly Randy lunges across the room and grabs the managers legs, tripping him to the ground. He grabs a hold of his feet, locks them in place, rolls the manager over and puts him in the Triple Platinum! (Texas Clover Leaf) The manager immediately begins wailing in pain, arms flailing in all directions. Randy looks across the room towards the camera.

    R3 - “QueenBee, I figured out how to do it! Mongoose, you’re mine!”

    Sirens can be heard in the distance.

    R3 - “Shit!!!!”



    Never Forget:


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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    "You probably forgot. If you didn't, then I know you don't care anyways.

    But I'm living up to my promise."

    Remember when Corey Matthews and Shawn Hunter were running for class president in "Boy Meets World?" And remember all the silly things Shawn wanted Corey to promise his peers? Remember the morale of the story? Be true to yourself. Don't lie for the affection of others.

    No one listened to that. Corey lost. Elections, from the classroom level to national presidency, are still won today through lies and false promises.

    It's a fairly basic scene. St. Cletus Elementary School in Gretna, Louisiana. Home of the maroon and white Colts. The single-story building at the back of a square parking lot houses kindergarten through eighth grade studies with two fields on either side, a smaller one-story building adjacent for the cafeteria, and a church near the front of the parking lot. Trees accompany the field on the right side, and school buses pack the parking lot with tired-eyed and afternoon-drowsy students loading on after a full day of goofing around, not listening to superiors and bullying classmates.

    The sun shines bright on the setting with a gorgeous and pleasant fall breeze. Strolling through the front doors, we see white-painted brick walls with framed class photos filling the space. A wooden bench to the right along one wall and a window to the left for a late check-in, early check-out station. In the back are offices for the official-titled people, such as principal and guidance counselor.

    The students sitting on the bench, waiting for their parents to arrive for whatever reason, become initially startled when the camera crew walks in. These scruff-haired and bearded men look out of place and somewhat frightening. Nonetheless, they don't say a word or ask for help. Nothing is said until the attendant at the front window.

    "Can I help you?"

    "We'd like to talk with Principal Gouchier (pronounced "Go-shay"). He has been principal here for almost 30 years, correct?"

    "Yes, can I ask wha..."

    She is interrupted as an older, slim gentleman wearing a white collared shirt, black dress pants and a black tie emerges from his office. His hair, or what's left, is thinned out and combed back toward the pointed top of his scalp.

    "No worries, Renee. We have a prior-scheduled meeting. Come in."


    Within minutes of hitting the record button, the interview progresses toward one little boy's childhood personality. The wrinkled face of Principal Gouchier turns worrisome. He knew this was the subject of the interview, but it has been so long. Nearly 20 years. Think of how many kids come and go.

    "What I remember of Devin was he was a quiet, caring boy. He was into sports, always active and running around. He rarely caused a problem. I don't remember much else."

    The interview questions kept coming, attempting to prod for a little more information. Anything at all to give some context. Principal Gouchier kept reiterating he left the school after seventh grade, as a 13-year-old, in 1995. He is one of a handful of names and faces he can barely recollect. If anything the long-time headmaster's memory is equally marvelous and astounding.

    "I do remember one story. So I taught him in sixth and seventh grade. The year he left, I became principal. In seventh grade, we did these class president elections. He didn't run; he was far too quiet to put himself out there like that. But I kept tabs on the voting."

    Principal Gouchier pauses, fixes the glasses falling down the bridge of his steeper-than-usual nose and looks down into his desk for a few seconds to juggle his memory for the right sequence of events.

    "There was one kid. Andrew Reddell, maybe. Or...Jacob Cotton. Um...He may have been a twin. I'm not really sure. No, no, I don't think that name is correct. Anyways, there was one kid who ran for the class president position. As far as I could tell, and I was and still am quite observant, Devin and this boy weren't friends. This boy was a loner, more so than Devin, who was well-liked for the most part by his peers. This boy was often made fun of.

    Well, you know how these class president things go. One kid promises to have the cubbies fixed. Another promises for more recess time, better cafeteria food, more movies in class, and all sorts of stuff they can't possibly make happen. Well, this one boy simply said he was going to do one project. A big class field trip to the World War II Museum in downtown New Orleans. Now, this actually is possible. It's an educational experience. It wouldn't be difficult to pull off. It wouldn't be any more expensive than any other trip.

    Frankly, the speech fell on mostly deaf ears. Kids want less homework and more bathroom breaks, not museum trips. And even if they knew those weren't possible, it still sounded nice, even if a complete lie. Devin was smart, though. He knew this kid was the only one offering an honest speech and valued that more than anything."

    Principal Gouchier pauses again, this time not to recollect his memory but because he perfectly recalls it. He smiles at his desk, and then smiles up to the interviewer.

    "That boy received one vote, from Devin. Lost by about 17 votes. Nothing was done that year from the president. But Devin voted for the boy. I'll always remember that. Was quite strange. He always seemed honest and valued honesty."


    I'm not playing the game. Why do you think I'm here, in this match, against this man? This is no punishment, no affable attempt at laughter, at showmanship of two downtrodden species. This is a self-inflicted wound, a penance, a fulfillment.

    This..."Prrrrinnce?" The Prince. Abdullah Assad. The next to believe he is playing a game he controls, one he signed up for. Well, he is, but he believes I'm in the same game. And I'm not. No, this isn't about brute force or physical attacks or blood thirst. I don't seek those things. This is about a mentality. This is about a mentality of being different, of doing and thinking a...different way.

    People expect returns to be glorious, yet mine was not. Hidden beneath the shelved revelry of nothingness and nobodies, I perceived to have become one myself. Right? Beneath these newbies and the like, I make my return to the wrestling ring as myself, as this man with the same name, but the new appearance all the rave. No matter, as I block it all out.

    One man once said before I left a year ago -- his name Mac Michaud -- that Devin Golden was becoming jobber fodder. Beautifully put. Perfect summation of the normal way of thinking, the majority's way of perceiving. Falling in line with the rules of this...constricted, simple-minded, warped game.

    I play a different one, a game no one has EVER played before. Brutal, honest truth. I speak to you through these words not to express some lie, to fry up some boisterous plea as to why I am the best. I don't sing songs or dance dances. No riddles or rhymes, no criminals or crimes. You'll never meet a more honest man, free of the chains and restrictions. I'm soon to be inside an empty arena.

    And of the liars and mockers and painters within this falsified world, this self-identified "Prrrrince" is certainly one. A grandiose return highlighted by a desire to succeed and thrive beyond his previous peak. After the initial spurt, he has fallen into his own pit of hopelessness, a victim of his own lies. He promised himself and his fans all those dreams, those visions of longer recess and better cafeteria food and less homework and more movies replacing lectures.

    And he has fallen, unable to live up to his own presidential speech. This Prrrrrince, worshiped within his owl self-given title, cannot ride the boat of popularity. Honesty WILL win the day. I stand here with one promise, one guarantee as part of my speech.

    I do not play this game. I do not play by these rules. I am of myself, within myself, and ready to fulfill a pledge I made years ago. Through my rot, I am as pure as the gold in which I always claimed to be. I am no liar.

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    Cogito Ergo Sum

    People say nothing can prepare you for in-ring action besides competition; I am just beginning to learn that.

    I walk up the ramp a victor after a grueling match against Alana Allure. She is a fierce competitor who I have nothing but the utmost respect for. There were times when I thought I was in big trouble.

    “Way to go, Star, you can beat a girl! You’re nothing but a damn quitter!” a fan hastily screams from the stands.

    I knew this was coming. I just had no concept of what it would be like to feel alone. To question whom I am, what I am, and where I will be. I have entered into a desirable and familiar realm, yet one that is all too foreign.

    My home surroundings are the same, but different. My parents and friends look at me differently. My distant relatives view me as a leper of society- but I was not prepared to be their ticket to riches.

    The bright lights blur my vision. I push my way through the curtain and shake hands with the technical staff that help make my entrance possible.

    To be a professional wrestler, one must be an outcast. Not in the sense that they are all lepers, but it is a long and harrowing road the public often can’t perceive. It is all too similar to baseball- people see the players on the field and assume the grind is not much of a grind at all. They don’t see the hard work, dedication, 5 AM workout sessions, or sessions in the trainer’s room. Nobody feels the emotional distress of being away from your family for six months, or the strife a locker room environment may bring to a private person.

    I stretch my shoulder and wipe my forehead as I continue my walk to the locker room.

    “Excuse me, Mr. Star!” an aggressive voice yells from behind.



    I reluctantly turn around to view a formally clad reporter sticking his iPhone in my face. He already has the recording application switched on, so I have to be careful.

    “My name is William Bay with USA Today.”
    He shows me his press credential that is bestowed from his neck.

    I simply nod in acknowledgment.

    “I was assigned to cover your match tonight for a national story we are planning on running regarding domestic violence in professional sports.”
    He says.

    My patience turns to a malevolent fervor.

    They are freaking using my victory against Allure to highlight men-on-women violence.

    “In light of professional athletes being arrested for physically assaulting their significant others, what do you believe it says about your character that you have performed on a national stage against a woman and inflicted physical harm in an effort to come out superior?” Bay rushes through his question.

    It is all a blur to me. I knew what was coming. His fluff was as needed as another fear mongering news network serving up a dose of propaganda.

    I take a moment to ponder this once closely and try not to react impulsively. I refuse to let myself become a national story.

    “This is the business of professional wrestling. Allure and I are equals in the ring. As competitors, it would be sexist for us to not compete against one another. We are in a setting in which we both agreed to the circumstances and have expressed no ill will toward the hand being dealt.” I say, hoping I made myself perfectly clear.

    He fires back immediately. His classes in political correctness have likely mirrored my training in the minor leagues.

    “Would you say it is appropriate for men and women to be competing against one another considering the circumstances?” Bay says.

    I chuckle. He truly is from a different realm.

    “Wait, wait—before you continue, Bay, I need you to know who I was is not who I am, or whoever the hell you want me to be. I am not a role model, nor have I ever proclaimed to be one. I was a baseball player- I am no longer one. If you wanted to drop that iPhone of yours one day and step out into the world of business, I guarantee you wouldn’t want people questioning your ethics in a different industry. I am NOT Ray Rice, nor am I an abuser. In fact, I believe your comments are equally as sexist in assuming women can’t compete with men.” I fire back.

    He snarls.

    “Physically, there are differences—“ Bay says. I cut him off.

    Nope. He has no idea who he is talking to, and probably has never seen a FWA show.

    “Let me ask you the question, Bay. Do you know who our champion is?

    Bay mumbles to himself. He stutters a bit. I have not the least bit of tolerance.

    “Come on, have you done your research?” I push forward. I want these reporters out of my life.

    “No, no…I can’t say I do.” Bay mumbles.

    “Gabrielle Montgomery. The most beautiful and powerful woman in sports today. She competes head-to-head with males and comes out on top. Why? Because she is that damn good.” I’m a runaway train at this point.

    “Let’s be honest here. You didn’t come here to get my opinion. Nope- you wanted to put me at the center of a national news story and create something that doesn’t exist. You don’t enter another man’s world as blind as a bat in the daylight and get to create a narrative to fit your agenda. I’m not smashing people over the head with baseballs bats, spiking females in my spare time. I am a professional wrestler.”
    I continue.

    “Oh, and don’t expect me to stop. Do you want something to report? Report how I am now 2-0 in FWA. Make a headline saying I am in the process of proving everyone wrong. Talk about how I have nine hours of sleep in the last three days, how I sleep in hotels five days a week, see my family three or four times a month, and don’t remember what a homemade meal tastes like. No- In fact, I can’t even consider my past. Mile High is less than two weeks away and I have the biggest task of my career in a X-Division showcase.”

    I take a brief pause to grasp Bay’s response. I’m not sure if there is anything but a quiet shock and a slight tremor. For a second I believe I have gone too hard on the guy.

    “I am once again in the ring with Allure- I need to prove my victory tonight was no fluke. In addition, there are five other ruthless competitors just as motivated as I am to take the next step. Don’t think for even a second I am underestimating Digby, Ghost, Toner, Matt, or Humanity. We are all on the same playing field and anything can happen here. I can only train as hard as possible so I can walk away knowing I did my absolute best. Knowing I can continue to prove people like you wrong.”

    I finish my diatribe as I take a breath. I pat Bay on the right shoulder and turn around.

    I hear a “Thank you, Mr. Star” about as genuine as Calvin Klein cologne from China town from behind me.

    I briefly close my eyes and wonder back to minutes ago when I walked up the ramp.

    What makes me, me?
    Who am I?
    How do I know I’m following the right path?

    Cogito Ergo Sum.
    I think, therefore I am.

    I think I am a professional wrestler.
    I am taking every step to make myself one.


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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    The Mile High pre-show continues on after the fans just witnessed an amazing match between Future Shock and Sovereign Force. The crowd is still abuzz when suddenly the lights go out...

    Dave Weinstock: Seems like someone forgot to pay the electric bill...

    The screen comes to life and "Motherless Child" begins to play and Ghost appears on stage much to the delight of the sold out crowd. He's in his wrestling attire along with a long, black trench coat as he slowly walks down to the ring.

    Lucy Pinder: It looks like we'll be joined by Ghost, who has a match later on tonight in an extreme rules elimination match to determine who will be the next contender for the X-Division title

    Dave Weinstock: Yeah, so why is he out here now? Is it possible that we are actually going to hear this guy speak?

    Lucy Pinder: He has spoken before Dave

    Dave Weinstock: Yes, but never in front of a live audience Lucy, this is going to be big!

    Ghost enters the ring and is handed a microphone, but before he speaks he goes to the outside to grab a steel chair and once back inside places the chair down in the ring and sits down. He waits for the crowd to quiet down before his music fades out and he speaks.

    Ghost: For a couple of days now thoughts have been swirling in my head, and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm really cut out for this, should I be doing this?

    Ghost stops and sits silently as the crowd is still buzzing.

    Ghost: A wise man once said, "The reason that we fall is to pick ourselves back up". That got me to thinking that I can't be doubting myself, and that this is something that I need to do for all of you. Because if you haven't noticed this place is slowly being injected with a cancer, and I feel like that I'm the only person that can put a stop to that once and for all.

    The crowd likes this as they begin to cheer.

    Ghost: Now, I'm sure that all of you are wondering why I'm out here speaking because I'm seen as this dark, mysterious figure that looms in the shadows without saying a word. Well, I was being told by people that, "Ghost you need to speak out more" and I realized that they were right. It's time that I speak out, and let my voice be heard.

    He takes a second to pause.

    Ghost: Last week I was placed in a 3 on one handicap match against the man known as "The Monster of the Midway" Michael Garcia.

    The crowd boos this name.

    Ghost: You would think that the odds would be placed in the favor of myself and my two partners, but what I failed to realize is that I was only being used as a pawn. The three of us were used as pawns by the man who runs this X-Division, Lord Vincent, just because of some personal vendetta he has out for Garcia. Now, we fought valiantly but in the end the monster was just too much and we succumbed to his power, and then Garcia took it upon himself to further damage Darryl Digby while Vincent watched on until the time was right and he got the last laugh for himself.

    Ghost: I know that all of you may not see it now, but Vincent is becoming part of the problem. Now, while I don't condone the actions of Michael Garcia and his plans of wanting to destroy this division, but if Vincent isn't careful he's going to do that himself if he keeps it up.

    The crowd unsure of how to react to this.

    Ghost: Vincent, you've only been in charge for a short time now, but in that time you're already letting that new found power of yours get to your head. I thought you were better than that Vincent, but now I'm beginning to think that I was wrong and you're just like the rest of the evil and corrupt in the back. You're not the same man that you once were, and it's about time that someone knocks some sense back into you.

    The crowd still unsure of this, but some cheer liking this new aggression from Ghost.

    Ghost: Who knows? Maybe I'll be the one to do just that. From now on you need to keep me out of your personal issues because I'll be damned if I ever let you use me as some sort of pawn in your game of chess, keep that in mind for next time or else Michael Garcia and Devin Golden will not be the only personal issues that you have.

    Most of the crowd cheers for Ghost, while supporters of Vincent boo him for what he has said.

    Ghost: Moving on to tonight where I face not only five men, but a woman as well in an extreme rules elimination match to determine who will be the next person to challenge for the X-Division title. Just like in the past it seems like the odds are stacked against me, but I will not let that stop me. In the past I let these opportunities slip by me, but now I won't. I will do whatever it takes to walk out of this match the winner, and it'll help me in getting one step closer to getting an X-Division title shot.

    The crowd still buzzing and cheering now for Ghost's determination.

    Ghost: It doesn't matter if I have to go through "Meth-Head" Matt, Darryl Digby, Humanity, Danny Toner, Jay Star, or even Alana Allure. Before you know it the darkness will fall on you, and in that very moment you'll know that your judgment day has come...

    With that darkness does indeed fall on the arena, and when the lights come back on Ghost is no where to be seen but his chair is still there like it was never even moved.

    Dave Weinstock: Well, that was interesting I guess

    Lucy Pinder: Ghost showing a new found aggression that we aren't used to seeing from him, and you have to wonder if it will help him gain the victory here later tonight?

    Dave Weinstock: You're right Lucy, and he talked a big game so lets see if he can back it up and make good on his promises.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    The day started out as beautiful but the demeanor and the mood quickly changed as dark, gray skies loomed overhead. Standing in an urban residence, surrounded by homes that had their lawns cut very beautifully was of course our North American Champion, Drew Stevenson who was dressed very casually and had the title belt draped over his left shoulder. Standing on the sidewalk, we could see what looks to be a married couple fighting as the husband is out in the yard begging and pleading and the wife is screaming and throwing things at him for something that he did. Just watching this argument from afar, you can see a very strange look expressed along the face of Stevenson as he slips his hands into the warm pockets of his blue jeans while glancing over at the camera which is positioned to his right and begins to speak.

    "It all started last week Jethro. Now I don't expect you to understand what I am talking about, but I promise you that everything that I have talked about has started. I told you Jethro that you have made me become the very thing that I hate, you made me take a good, long look into the mirror which is what I told everybody else to do in the past and you made me realize that all along; I am what I have hated all along."

    As the husband and wife continue to argue, the North American Champion simply continues to speak.

    "Do you see that argument over there Jethro?"

    Stretching out his index finger on his right hand, he points at the husband and wife who are still arguing-the wife is of course much angrier than the husband who is apologizing over and over again.

    "That is the very definition of your career. You see, you started out and you had everybody talking about you, even me. You started out and you had every single person eating out of the palm of your hand because they wanted to see what you would do next. Just like their marriage, once upon a time you were in the house, getting all comfortable and happy but your biggest problem Jethro was that you became too comfortable and complacent and look at you now?"

    Opening both hands and stretching them out at the camera; he was using hand gestures to get his points across.

    "You are the man that everybody is betting against in this matter. There is like a twenty to one odds that I'm going to beat you and those numbers are not even correct because it should be more like a million to one that I am going to beat you because trust me Jethro; I am going to beat your ass to the point that nobody here recognizes you. In case you haven't gotten the memo, a lot of people here want you gone and I am going to do the FWA a favor by disposing of you."

    Nodding his head up and down very slowly, you could feel the tension in the air as he speaks with such conviction.

    "I asked you what you were going to do now that you had my attention and you know, you have not done anything with it. I think that you realize that you bit off way more than you can chew and now you are not sure how to backpedal your way out of it. Well, I am here to tell you Jethro that you cannot backpedal your way out of this predicament. Your mouth wrote a lot of checks that your ass cannot cash but you see, I'm the kind of guy that when your mouth write checks? Whether your ass can cash them or not, you better believe that I am going to find a way to make sure that they get cashed."

    Narrowing his dark brown eyes to reveal a fire and intensity that very few truly have, he takes in a deep breath as his large frame extract outwards and then slowly retracts inwards as he exhales the breath trying to regain his composure.

    "Because just like that relationship over there? I am the man who is going to rip and tear everything away from you and that is something that I hate to say because I was the biggest advocate for guys such as you rising to the top. It was because of me Jethro, because of ME that many people began getting noticed and that is because I was the voice that never shut up. Any and every time the suits around here made a decision? If I did not like it or think that it benefited a lot of the newer crop of people, then you always knew that I would be the guy who would voice his opinion when many of you just sat back for whatever reason or another. So now that I have to be the guy to rip and tear everything away from one of the newer guys? It proves that I am everything that I hate, and if you think that I like being a hypocrite then you don't know me at all Jethro."

    With his breathing beginning to get much heavier, it was pretty clear that he was getting angry. Pointing at himself with his thumb on his right hand, he continues to speak as the tone in his voice reveals just how fired up that he is.

    "But I know that you don't want to know me Jethro. All along you wanted to get into my head, you wanted to be the first and only man to get under my skin and you succeeded-you really did and it wasn't because of the things that you said but because of the things that I learned about myself when I stood across that ring from you. I never expect you to get it and that is because you never stood up and defended anybody here in the FWA whereas I have. I know that many people here either love me or hate me, but it is documented and recorded that I was the first man to enter any and every press conference around here and I was the last one to leave because I can say it with a straight face, I am the most verbal man here in the FWA today. When something is on my mind? You know damn well that you're going to hear about it. So now that you have put me in this predicament that I have to tear every single layer off of you and just leave you there, yeah, it gets to me because I now realize that I am one of them…"

    Pointing out into the distance, he wasn't really pointing at anything or anybody in particular but just using it as a metaphor. Breathing very heavily, it is clear that he has lost a lot of his composure and is now speaking out of pure, raw passion.

    "... I am one of the guys who is okay with ripping everything out of a newer guy hands. I am one of the guys that I preached against for a very long time, I am one of the guys who saw a happy marriage and now begins to watch as each layer that I peel away from you Jethro leads to what you are seeing right here-a man losing everything right before his very eyes. Do you I understand that? Do you even have the slightest clue as to what is going on or do you really think that you're going to walk into Mile High and manage to take the North American Championship off of me? Now don't answer that, it was simply a rhetorical question-one that does not require an answer because I already know what you're going to say should you open up your mouth and finally be heard. You are going to say that I am full of shit, you are going to say how it is time that I bow out, that I walk off into the sunset to never be seen or heard from again but you and I both know deep down that is never going to happen."

    Shaking his head from side to side, he narrows his eyes once again as he is as serious as a heart attack with every single thing that he is saying right now.

    "What is going to happen Jethro is what has been happening all along and that is that I am going to finally strip everything away from you. It all started last month when you knew that you had to cheat in order to survive. You pretended like it was all planned, like it was you just trying to get into my head and like I said, you managed to get into my head, you managed to get my full attention but after all of that happened? You have begun to realize just who I am and what I am about. You have realized better than anybody else here that I will do whatever it takes to retain MY North American Championship, even strip away every single thing and leave a man nothing more than just that, a mere man. Now answer me this Jethro..."

    Once again placing his hands back into his pockets, he simply watches the married couple for a minute as the husband storms off towards the car and the wife slams the door shut, clearly everything not working out. With the husband in the car, he starts the engine and speeds off down the road as Stevenson watches him drive away.

    "... What are you willing to do to become the North American Champion? Now before you answer that, I want a real, legit answer and not one of those stupid answers like "oh, I will do anything" because you have shown me these past few weeks that you will not do everything to become the champion. You see, you will never understand the predicament that you have put me in because you don't know what it's like to realize that you are everything that you hate. You don't understand what it's like to have to fight against the very thing that you preached but I do Jethro; I know what it feels like all too well and I want you to think about this-if I am willing to admit that I am a hypocrite, if I am willing to admit that I am everything that I have hated since the very beginning around here then what makes you think that I won't do any and everything in my power to keep MY North American Championship?"

    Pausing momentarily, he nods his head once again as he knows that Jethro can see the truth and at Mile High? He is going to make sure that Jethro understands once and for all just how he feels.

    "Yeah, nothing further really needs to be said because I know that you know that everything that I speak here and now is nothing but the gospel truth. Face the facts Jethro; there is no denying that you are good when your head is in the game but as of late? You have been a ghost around here, you have not said a single word about anything and maybe upon looking at it right now, I was wrong, maybe I have already stripped everything away from you and this match that we are going to have Sunday night? Maybe that is the final nail in the coffin."

    Growing quiet very quickly, he nods his head and kind of shrugged his shoulders before turning around with his hands still in his pockets. Walking off into the distance and down the sidewalk, the camera records him as he gets smaller and smaller until finally, he disappears and is no longer seeing.


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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    The Final High

    Denver Colorado; the mile high city. A fitting place for one of the most seminal events the FWA had to offer yearly – Mile High.
    Mile High was a time that people like Ashley O'Ryan especially took notice. Out of all the Pay Per View events, this was the one where he felt the most at home. Yet, Mile High meant change in the air. The events of any Mile High could send the FWA in any of multiple directions. Ashley would know. He had experienced both the most painful defeats and glorious victories at Mile High over the years.

    Nobody felt the oncoming of change after this Mile High like Ashley O'Ryan.

    This Mile High
    was Ashley's last.


    In a small seedy Denver bar is a dark corner. The sort of corner a man goes to drink in solitude.

    This is exactly where Todd Salum finds Ashley O'Ryan

    There is the baring of a teeth filled grin from Ashley, like a Cheshire cat appearing from nowhere in the darkness.

    Ashley: Salum.

    Todd glances at the table. One bottle, empty, lays on its side. Another soon to follow it's fallen comrade.

    Ashley: Well don't just sit there! Sit me boy, sit! It's been too long. Far too long. You know, you were always one of the ones good to me...

    Cautious of this surroundings, but more so of Ashley himself, Salum sits across from the Irishman bathed in shadow.

    Salum: Professional courtesy...

    Ashley: Professi...

    He laughs. Salum questions himself in tracking down The Irish Switchblade.

    Ashley: No no me boy. Professional courtesy does not extend as far as this. Nobody would put up with it fer mere courtesy. Admit it, Toddy boy, yer pretty little loif just won't be the same without me. Sure, there are, and will be, plenty of better interviews...but none of them will be me.

    Todd Salum remains silent

    Ashley: Always playing 'ard to get. I loik that about you Salum. You were always up to something. You always had some motive...but you always had me curiousity piqued just enough to wonder wot it is you were after. To be frank, if I 'ad a few more drinks and you were yer sister...

    Ashley stares at the glass in his hand. Salum with out doubt questions himself in tracking down The Irish Switchblade.

    Ashley: Of course with you ' must mean business. When it comes to me and you, it's always business, isn't it?

    Salum: To tell you the truth, Ash...HQ didn't send me here. I tracked you down on my own initiative. With you announcing your retirement...

    The grin again

    Ashley: So you will miss me!

    Salum: I'm just trying to understand. I'm a journalist. A reporter. I can't stand the unanswered. It gets under my skin. I need to seek the truth out. You-you have always been so all over the place through the years. Predicting a constant pattern with you is near impossible. To know the truth, I have to wade in.

    Ashley: Heh... Well instead of drowning in the marsh, why not drown in the rest of this bottle of whiskey with me.

    He starts to pour a second glass for Todd

    Salum: Well I don't...

    Ashley leans into the light and stares at Todd. His eyes piercing, telling him to drink the damn drink. Todd grabs the glass. Ashley raises his in a toast

    Ashley: And on the eighth day the good Lord invented Whiskey; and 'e gave it to the Irish - to give the rest of the world a foitin' chance!

    Salum: Salud.

    Both men down their drinks in unison. Thanks in part to the man across the table, Todd Salum had gotten much better at holding his liquor over the years. The first one was no problem. The seconds one wouldn't be either. The third might be a different tale.

    Ashley: want to know why I am finally pulling the pin? Well, I could say a woman drove me to it. Or two women. I could lay blame on different people fer different reasons. But at the end of the day, that isn't it. If anyone thinks that someone else would cause me to retire, that person is a bloody fool!

    Salum: So why are you...?

    Ashley: You know the feeling you get when you return 'ome after being on the road so long? That sudden comfort that the best four and five star 'otels couldn't even come close to providing? Fer years that was the feeling I 'ad every time I walked down that ramp and into that ring. No matter wot moit 'appen, I felt at 'ome. But then that feeling started to fade. But now seeing that ring gives me a feeling of agitation. The comfort is gone. The ring doesn't feel loik 'ome anymore. I don't 'ave a 'ome anymore.

    Salum: Will you miss it?

    Ashley: The past, parts of it aye. There are other parts I will regret until me last breath I am sure. But I don't see myself in it's future. Not loik this.

    Todd nods in understanding

    Salum: And yet, they schedule you in the Mile High Massacre match...

    There is a tinge of sadism in Ashley's smile

    Ashley: Such a quaint little name. When the brass found out about me retirement, they rushed to get me in. Ashley O'Ryan's final Mile 'igh, in the main event. That's sure to put some money in their pockets. Heh... But don't worry. I moit be retiring, but I still aim to win.

    Ash reaches into a pocket and pulls out a deck of cards.

    Ashley: Come on, one round. Texas 'old em. Loser buys the next round. I'm trying to get better so I 'ave a chance against that damn son of mine when I see 'im next.

    Salum: How is Colin?

    Ashley pauses shuffling for a moment, looking into the cards

    Ashley: Experiencing a life I couldn't give 'im... 'e is good.

    Ash places a handful of peanuts on the table and distributes them as makeshift chips. Twelve on each side, and an ante of one each in the middle. He deals two cards to Todd, and two to himself.

    Todd looks at his cards

    King of Hearts ♥
    Ace of Clubs ♣

    He slides two peanuts into the pot.
    Ashley calls.

    He burns a card and lays the flop down,

    10 of Spades ♠
    Jack of Spades ♠
    Queen of Spades ♠

    Ashley: Heh...

    Todd looks at his hand. A straight. He has this.

    Salum: Something funny Ash?

    Ashley: Just thinking.

    He pulls the ten♠ and jack♠ off the table

    Ashley: Ryan Rondo, and Jason Gryphon. Let's be honest. These two are interchangeable in this match. They made it in, and one day they will be big. These kids 'ave talent. They are better then most of the cards in the deck. Winning the X-Division and North American championships, those are good starts. And they will get there in time.

    He puts the cards down and picks up the Queen♠.

    Ashley: But neither of them can 'old a candle to 'er. Gabrielle. The Caramel Goddess..the reining queen of the FWA. As good as Rondo and Gryphon good as they will be...there is no chance they can get that belt. Not with her around.

    Salum: What about you?

    Ashley: If yer asking if it's personal...she 'as the belt. This is me final championship foit. That roit there is personal.

    Salum: I mean...

    Ashley: You mean in loit of recent events.

    Salum: You did have a falling out. It would be understandable if you were bitter.

    Ashley: Why? Because she left me hanging by the 'eart that I shouldn't 'ave exposed to be with 'er ex? She sapped that hope loik loit into a blackhole? Because I lost not one but two women that, 'ad things gone differently, I could 'ave built a future with?
    Gabrielle made 'er decision. She can go on interviews about 'ow sweet I am, and 'ow sorry she is it went the way it did. She can act sorry and guilty, while going back to 'er perfect little family loif.
    As far as the match is concerned, Gabrielle Montgomery means everything to me.
    But Gabrielle Montgomery means nothing to me.

    His words are sharp as a sword as tosses the Queen♠ back on the table.

    Todd bets 2 more of his remaining 10 peanuts. Ashley looks at his cards, and calls.

    The turn

    4 of Diamonds♦

    Salum: The hell with it...

    Todd goes all in.
    Ashley raises a brow and ponders for a moment...
    Then calls.
    All in.

    The river
    King of Spades♠

    Ashley picks up the card

    Ashley: You ever notice 'ow these cards are always two-faced? But the king is almost always 'olding a sword. No matter which side, they are ready to stab, to attack. Loik a snake with it's two fangs, dripping with venom, waiting to strike.

    Salum: St.Clair is the King?

    Ashley: If there was anyone with the drive to bring Gabrielle crashing down, it is Stu. No matter which side of 'im you see, the danger is always real. Gabrielle and Stu could foit a thousand matches and at the end still not be any closer to finding who is better. Unless one 'as the drive to go further then the other. We 'ave all seen 'ow far Stu 'as gone to get at Gabrielle. He knows few, if any bounds.
    But remember, while the King is mightier in the deck, the Queen is the strongest of the chess pieces.

    He puts the king back

    Ashley: So...wot you got?

    Todd puts his cards down, a smile on his face.

    Salum: Straight! Ten through Ace.

    Ashley nods

    Ashley: That's good. You beat this.

    He puts one card down, a 9 of Clubs♣. A lower straight.

    He puts his fingers on the four Spades on the table.
    10 ♠
    Jack ♠
    Queen ♠
    King ♠

    Ashley: All these, the same suit. Loik all the people they represent in the same match.
    I'm going into that group. I'm going into that ring. This is me final time entering that ring in an event loik this. If any of them think that me retiring makes me less of a threat...that I am there simply as a token gesture...they could not be more wrong. Any one of these people could, and loikly will get another chance. Fer me, this is it.
    So they can try all they moit, from Rondo and Gryphon, to Gabrielle, to the Snake 'imself. They can all claw and scratch. But at the end of it all...”

    Ashley lowers his second card

    Ace of Spades ♠

    Ashley: They will never, ever, beat an ace!

    ♠♠ Royal Flush ♠♠

    Todd Salum, one final time stares in disbelief as he hangs his head as we pan out

    Salum: How do you always do this to me?

    fade to black

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    OOC: Tag Title Promo


    Scene 1 - “Roll Doubles, Get Out of Jail.”

    “Thanks officer, I’ll take him from here.”

    Officer - *removing cuffs from the Rockstar* “Sure thing Frank, just - keep him out of trouble, okay? This can’t keep happening.”

    Frank Blaze - “Oh believe me. Randy and I are gonna have a real nice talk during the car ride back. This WON’T happen again.”

    Frank guides an exhausted looking Randy through a few sets of double doors and to his car parked outside in the parking lot. Randy Looks like he hasn’t slept since we saw him last, and a twinge of a hangover might linger in his head. Randy buckles in and takes a deep breathe, readying himself for the verbal barrage that is sure to follow. Blaze pulls the car out of the parking lot and onto the main highway.


    R3 - “I uh, got a bit carried away.”

    FB - “Carried away? You destroyed an apartment, assaulted a citizen and then RAN FROM THE COPS! That’s not carried away! That’s losing your damn mind!”

    Randy stares out the window, not acknowledging anything Blaze has to say.

    FB - “Look, I don’t know how many more times I can pull strings for you. With Sam running for office, someone is going to take notice of his brother bailing you out over, and over, and OVER again. I can’t chance it bringing any negative press on his campaign. From here on out, if you get into trouble, I’ll pick your ass up, but I’m not pulling anymore strings. The last string has been pulled.”

    R3 - “So what you’re saying, is that you’re retiring from a life of tampon thievery?”

    FB - “What?”

    R3 - “Because you’re done pulling strings…”

    Ba dum tissssssss

    Frank literally pulls the car over.

    FB - “See that is EXACTLY what I mean! This is a serious matter, and all you’re doing is cracking jokes.” *stops yelling* “Is… Is this a cry for help?”

    R3 - “Say what?”

    FB - “Don’t play stupid. You and I both know about your past. The painkillers. The alcohol. The rehab. The withdrawal. The meetings. Leaving the wrestling business altogether. You fought and scratched and clawed and you got away from all that stuff. Sure enough, as soon as you get back in, this all start again. Are you asking for help without saying it? Becau-”

    R3 - “Stop. Please. It’s nothing like that. It’s just… I got carried away. Like I said. Won’t happen again.”

    FB - *sighs* “Look, I’m not trying to make accusations or anything like that… I just want you to know I’m here if you need help. I’m your friend. Let me be that for you.”

    R3 - *adamant* “Thanks Frank, but if I had a problem, I would know it, and I would let you know, and I would let you FIX me. Okay? Can we go now? I have to figure out my living situation now that I have to move.”

    Awkward silence fills the car as Frank pulls the car back onto the road.

    R3 - “Any chance of me staying wit-”

    FB - “Don’t make me be the bad guy, please?”

    R3 - “Figured as much.”

    The car fades into the horizon.
    Scene 2 - “Waterworks”

    The car pulls up outside of the same apartment that we saw last time. The Rockstar collects his things from Frank Blaze’s car and climbs out, not even bothering to say goodbye. Randy tries to keep a low profile as he slips past Carl, the doorman, and the cute receptionist in the hotel lobby. He makes a quick turn towards the eleva-

    Manager - “YOU!”

    R3 - *under his breath* Shit…”

    Manager - “I said I wanted you out. What are you doing back here?”

    R3 - “Man my things are still here… just give me a few-”

    Manager - “NO! Now.” *pointing towards the door* “You go, or I call the cops.”

    R3 - *sighs* “Look, I’m sorry for what I did. I really truly am. Let me pay for the damages, I’ll even repaint the apartment myself. And maybe I could…” *looking over the brim of his sunglasses* “...throw a little extra in it for you? For your troubles?”

    Manager - *scoffs* “Are you INSINUATING that I can be BOUGHT?”

    R3 - “No sir, not at all… but, take a look at this…”

    Randy pulls his checkbook out of his bag, and realizes the damn thing has been getting a lot of use these past few days. He fills out a check, signs it, tears it out and hands it to the manager.

    Manager - *calmer* “Well I nev- that’s a lot of zeroes... “ *scratches his chin, deep in thought* “...double it and you’ve got a deal.”

    R3 - “Sir, you drive a hard bargain, but you’ve got yourself a deal.”

    Manager - “...and you’ll take care of the damages? I don’t need to do anything?”

    R3 - “Not a damn thing. I’ll take care of everything. You don’t need to lift a finger.”

    Manager - “Okay, but if this happens again, you’re out.”

    R3 - “It won’t.”

    The two shake hands and Randy hits up the elevator. Floor 6, Unit 66. He drops his things right inside the door, takes a few more steps and plops down on his bed. He doesn’t move for a few more minutes. Upon reopening his eyes, he scans the apartment, looking at the damage he caused. Shaking his head, he reaches to the end table for his cell phone, checking it for messages. There are a few from different news outlets looking for comments, which he just deletes. Another from his father, appalled that he would get into that sort of mess again. The last message is the most important:

    ”Jane’s Carousel. Brooklyn Bridge Park. 5 PM. Be there.. - Ayla.”
    After reading the message from his new partner, Randy practically has to grab himself by the collar and pull himself out of bed. Half a pint of nearly expired Chinese food and a steaming hot shower later, Randy stands - wrapped in a towel - in front of his closet. Rummaging through hanger after hanger of clothes deemed unworthy, he finally happens across exactly what he was looking for:

    His finest black Armani suit. He slaps on a red dress shirt, leaving the top few buttons unbuttoned, followed by the suit and a black leather belt, and then tops it all off with a pair of fine black alligator boots. Randy pulls his hair back into a ponytail, puts on his sunglasses, and pops a piece of gum into his mouth. Collecting his phone, keys and wallet, he soon finds himself on the elevator. Bottom floor, then the street. He hangs an immediate left and heads towards the A-Train Station at 8th Ave and 42nd St.

    No, that’s not where they made Albert.


    Scene 3 - “Railroad”

    Randy reaches the train station, and checks his watch, realizing he has a few minutes to kill, so he pulls out his cell phone. The battery is getting low, so he realizes he has to make this quick. He unlocks the phone, loads the camera app, clicks “record” and holds it at an awkward angle.

    R3 - “Dearest Rockstars, thank you for your kind thoughts and support during these troubling times. It’s been a rough few days, but its a true pleasure, now more than ever, that I can stand here and say to you: Welcome to the Rockstar Revolution Radio Show! Yes, we know we’re not on the radio, no, we don’t care! I know these are usually weekly things, but unlikely circumstances create unlikely events, and as a result you get the pleasure of seeing my pretty face twice this week!” *winks*

    R3 - “So, anyway, I’m on my way to meet my partner, Ayla El, for the first time. She wants to meet at some carousel, which is odd, to me, but when a pretty lady speaks, a smart man listens. She seems like a pretty bad-ass chick. Elimination chambers and whatnot, so that’s not a concern for me. What does concern me is the randomness of this whole thing. Like I said earlier, we’ve never officially met - let alone tagged together. I’d feel a lot more comfortable if Frank was my partner, or even Chris Palmer. But you gotta play the hand you’re dealt, and I just hope we can be on the same page.”

    R3 - “Our opponents seem to be. They seem to work pretty well together. I mean how adorable, they’re even both named after presidents. Carter and Kennedy? More like Ford and Taft, am I right?” *laughs to self* “But in all seriousness, no one has been able to beat them for months. They’re on fire. On a roll. So why should I think that Ayla and myself could take them down? Simple. Heart. Desire. Opportunity. The premise of the Revolution, whether or not it’s an on-screen presence, has been taking opportunities, whether or not they’re given to us. Taking opportunities by the balls and beating them until they beg us to stop. We said that by hook or by crook, we were going to take this company by storm - so whether its Frank, Sam or even an outsider like Ayla by my side, I’m going to scratch and claw and fight and bleed and sweat for every little opportunity, and when I get it, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it slip.”

    R3 - “Ever since I first walked through those big double doors of the FWA, I’ve been overlooked. Digby, Garcia, Toner, Matt, Takaab - have all doubted me. Other’s have too… but I’ve taken out everyone in my path. I’ve done exactly what I said I would do, time and time again. Sooner or later, the entirety of FWA, the entirety of the world, are all going to have to take notice, and give me the credit I deserve. Sooner or later, they’ll all have been bent over my knee and spanked until they scream that I’m their Daddy, and they’ll start to show me the respect I deserve. In due time, they’ll all come to see that I’m not just some pushover, washed up Rock-and-Roller with a partying addiction.”

    R3 - “...and that starts now. With Garcia, with Carter, with Kennedy. I don’t care who you put in front of me, I’m going to handle it. I don’t care if it’s one president, two presidents, or all damn forty-whatever of them, zombies and all. I’ll mow them down, because that’s what I’m about. Having fun, kicking ass, and stealing the spotlight. That’s just how I roll.”

    A train approaches from the distance.

    R3 - “I’m going to wrap this up for now. I’ll see you on the other side.”


    The camera shuts down as the Rockstar climbs on the train. It’s kind of crowded, but he manages to snag a seat. He surveys the landscape. Your typical homeless man, stinking up the joint. A group of Goth looking teenagers, trying so hard to be different that they look the same. A hipster. A mother. A biker chick. And Randy. He shakes his head, crosses his arms and lowers his chin to his chest, trying to catch a few minutes of sleep between stops. Quickly finding that he’s too wound up to sleep, he allows his thoughts to run wild. He allows his deepest fears and hopes to creep into his mind, unable to drown them out with booze or pills or pretty ladies at this moment.

    Thoughts of a Rockstar - “What a run. What a week. I really need some sleep. Or a beer. No! That’s what got me into this mess in the first place. I can’t keep relying on that shit to keep my sane. What I really need is one good day. Just one. One good day to drag me out of this pit. To drag me out of this quicksand I seem to be stuck in. Two steps forward, one step back. Seems like the harder I try, the further I fall. I keep acting tough, but I’m so scared I won’t get out. I’m so scared to end up back where I was. I don’t want to spend another night in a cardboard box. I just need one good day. One day where everything doesn’t go wrong. One day where I don’t get shit on. One day where SOMETHING goes my way.”

    Thoughts of a Rockstar - “Mile High. That will be my day. It has to be. Come hell or high water, I need to make it mine. The Tag Titles… That Gold Strap… if anything could justify all of this… if anything could pull me out of this funk… that would do it. I can’t lose. I can’t allow it to happen. I can’t fail. I don’t want to know what might happen to me if I do… I don’t know where I might end up… I just... keep spiraling. Spiraling. Falling. Plummeting. How do I catch myself? How do I even start? Mile High is the only answer. Mile High is my ultimate destiny. My final solution. My saving grace. My victory lap. My renaissance."

    Thoughts of a Rockstar - "My. One. Good. Day.”

    Randy’s mind finally settles and he finds himself drifting off to sleep when all of the sudden:


    Randy is abruptly brought out of his near catatonic state by the screaming of the mother, child in hand, in the direction of the biker chick. He slowly raises his head, looking in their direction. The mother sits on the left side of the train, the biker chick on the right. The biker chick raises her arms like: “I don’t want any trouble” and turns away from the mother.


    That pissed off the biker chick, who rises from her seat and steps towards the mother, still child in hand.

    BC - “Look lady, I don’t know what your problem is, but you better knock it off before I knock that weave off your damn head!”

    M - *appalled*“This is MY hair! How dare you say that!”

    BC - “Yeah well maybe if it didn’t look like some cat coughed up a hairball, ran it through the spin cycle, shit on it and then put it on your head, maybe I wouldn’t have to!”

    This brings the mother out of her seat, child still in hand.

    M - “Yeah well maybe you need to learn some manners! Didn’t your momma teach you better than that?”

    BC - “She damn sure didn’t teach me to pick a fight with a baby in my arms!”

    M - “Oh?”

    Suddenly the mother TOSSES THE BABY to the Biker Chick who catches it, a ”what the fuck?” look on her face as she makes sure the baby is okay. Before she can process what’s happening, a fist is flying at her face. At the last possible second, she manages to wiggle out of the way, twisting and turning to keep the baby safe. Biker chick pulls a canister of pepper spray out of her jacket and points it towards the mother, who now acts almost scared for her life.

    BC - “Take ONE more step… I dare you!”

    The mother freezes in place, afraid to make a move.

    R3 - “Ladies…”

    Randy attempts to step in to diffuse the situation, but this startles the biker chick, who instinctively sprays the pepper spray all over his face.

    R3 - “WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! AHHH!!!”

    He begins wiping his eyes, trying to remove the sting of the spray, but to no avail. All he sees is a sea of red and yellow, and every little bit of light that gets through feels like a mini dagger through his cornea. In the midst of this, the biker chick has given the mother back her child, and dug out a tissue from her jacket. One of the Goth Kids offers him a bottle of water, which he gladly accepts.

    R3 - “Thanks Ozzy.”

    He does his best to rinse out his eyes while not getting any water on the suit. Not an easy task, but he does a pretty good job. Randy can finally open his eyes enough to see, and realizes everyone is looking at him. He shakes his head, again closing his bloodshot eyes, hoping his tear ducts will rinse out what chemical is left.

    R3 - “Still not my week…”

    He mutters as the train pulls to a stop. Randy looks around and realizes he’s reached his stop and quietly skulks off of the death trap on wheels. After getting his senses about him, he returns to the surface and heads off in the direction of the carousel. His cell phone battery still has about ten percent left, so he reloads the video camera and goes in for round two.

    R3 - “No, I haven’t been crying. But I really don’t want to talk about it. The things you see on the subway. Shit. I’m calling a taxi home, that’s for sure. Crazy people. Anyway, I’m just a few short blocks from the carousel. It’s odd, but I’m getting a tad nervous. Funny - I’ll rock a stage in front of a hundred thousand people, perform on TV in front of millions… but one pretty girl… oh! I almost forgot.”

    The Rockstar looks around, and after a few minutes of searching, spots what he’s looking for. He makes his way over to a small stand, manned by a little old lady in a sundress.

    R3 - “Yes ma’am, a dozen please. And no, I haven’t been crying.”

    LOL - “Are you trying to win her back? It’ll take more than these flowers.”

    R3 - “WHAT? No… I said I haven’t been crying. I was viciously assaulted in the Subway.”

    LOL - “Uh huh… that’s what they all say. Twenty bucks.”

    R3 - *shaking his head, once again* “Thanks lady.”

    He pays the woman the money he owes her and resumes his trek to the carousel, carrying the flowers awkwardly at his side, as if he’s embarrassed to be holding them. Nevertheless, he retains a confident gait.

    Scene 4 - Round We Go, Pass Go, Collect $200

    R3 - “Look, the bottom line is this. I don’t care what it takes. I don’t care what I have to do, or how I have to do it, but I’m walking out of Mile High with gold around my waist. The road back to this business, into FWA, back to this point has been too damn long. I’ve worked too damn hard, and I’m not letting anything stand in my way. You know one is the loneliest number that you’ve ever seen, but it takes two to make a thing go right. Just the two of us are going to be victorious at Mile High, making these chumps look like Lumps in the process. Until next time, always remember to FUCK OFF! MONOPOLY BITCH!!!

    Randy again clicks the camera off, sliding the cell phone in his pocket as he arrives at the carousel. He looks around, but sees only little children and parents. No Ayla. He makes his way around the amusement ride, still no partner in sight.

    R3 - *shrugs* “When in Rome…”

    The Rockstar buys a ticket and hops on the carousel, deciding he can get a better view of the entire place from there. Still nothing. The carousel starts moving. It goes around once, twice, three times… up and down, round and round he goes...a dozen times, and then slows to a stop. Still nothing.

    R3 - *sigh* “Five fifteen. I guess she’s not coming.” *looks down at the flowers in his hand* “Typical. Nothing goes my way.” *looking towards the sky “I just need ONE break… can you help a brother out??”

    Randy lowers his chin to his chest and again allows the melancholy to take over. Suddenly an unfamiliar hand lands on his shoulder. Randy turns and looks… be continued...
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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread


    Back to her old habits, Beatrixx Black is somewhere she shouldn't be. But rather than some opulent palace for her to destroy, Beatrixx is getting in touch with her roots. Unflatteringly lit with a strip light, she is sat in the early hours of the morning, alone save for her cameraman in a graffiti-coated bus station. She spits on the floor, but she doesn't look like how she normally does. She is practically saintly, by her own standards, dressed in cut-off jeans despite the freezing cold night and an oversized hoodie, she almost looks like a functioning member of society. There is no flashy introduction here, instead after the camera finishes looming over every inch of Beatrixx's unwashed form, the title of the promo flashes on screen as the action freezes.


    "So I'm the queen now, huh babies?" Beatrixx snorts, not looking at the camera. She looks contemplative as her feet, barely touching the ground, make circles on the stone floor. "But ya'll never had a queen like me before. When ya'll be gettin' those royalty bitches like Gabrielle, like Dinorah, like my esteemed opponent Saddle Sally, they seem like they born for the role, an' they try so damn hard to convince ya'lla that, tha'ss fo sho. Struttin' aroun', crowns on they head, they try'na play like they made fo' the role. But me? Ya'll knew when ya'll started gettin' on my side, ya'll started seein' the future play the present, ya'll knew that things be changin' under my rule. 'cos ya'll know I'm the only one here that ain't fake. So when I say that this ain't all how I expectin', ya'll know I'm tellin' ya'll the truth." Beatrixx laughed, finally looking at the camera to show that she means what she's saying. She laughs in a hollow manner. Being unable to resist the urge within her to act out, she briefly lifts up her hoodie to reveal her women's championship being used as a makeshift bra.

    "Yeah, ya'll know what I'm sayin'. When I win the women's championship, ya'll be thinkin' hey, Bea Black finally gettin' the respect she deserves, huh? Yeah, tha'ss what ya'll be thinkin' but nuh-uh that ain't what happened. Because when this sweet bitch finally got that gold aroun' her waist, what happened? Lil Miss Drama Gabrielle got herself the FWA Champ belt an' now everyone back to the old guard, huh, treatin' her like she the queen. Well as long as this ass concerned, I'mma keep fightin' till ya'll all bowin' on yo knees, an' that includes Gabrielle an' her lil bitch fans too." Beatrixx is getting on a roll now, and she stands up with an unexpected ferosity, causing the cameraman to stumble back a couple of steps, giving the lens the familiar shake it often greets Beatrixx with. This pleases Beatrixx a little, and she smirks as she starts prowling her way towards the camera, still delivering her promo.

    "But ya'll babies know somethin'? Ya'll wanna know my lil secret? I respect Gabrielle. I do, an' as I'm sure it'll displease her to know, she gon' jus' be a casualty on my way to the top once I get to her, because she got talent and she know what she doin', even if she is the most self-absorbed asshole in this whole company. Naa naa, she earned her spot, ya'll wanna know who I really wanna get? Well, I guess maybe it ain't too much of a secret, but I'm talkin' about my lil downhome, country-fried, baby-killin', ex-champion frenemy Saddle Sally. Yup, ya'll saw that comin' didn't ya. Because she jus' can't take the fact that she lost to me. She lost. No 'outside interference', no 'powers of God', no babies slippin' outta her coochie to distract her, just me kickin' her ass and pinnin' her to the mat for one, then two, then three. An' now she kickin' up a fuss an' try'na get on Gabrielle's good side jus' so people'll listen to her again? Jus' so she can pretend like she matters now she ain't even got this?" Again Beatrixx lifts up her top and flashes the belt at the camera. However this time she keeps it held up for the moment.
    "Yeah! Ya'll see this! This is mine now! So unless you shovin' yet another dick in it you can keep yo mouth shut!" Beatrixx laughs, nasally and loudly, almost intentionally in the most grating way possible. She puts her top down again.

    "So this Sunday, we gotta hardcore match where anythang goes. Now I could start listin' all the things I could do to ya, Sally, but hell, everybody's seen the havok I wreak on a weakly basis. You? Your jus' a lil' girly girl try'na prove she can play tomboy. Well Sally, this is yo las' chance. Yo las' chance to justify all yo whinin', all yo bitchin' an' all yo asskissin' to Gabrielle because when I beat you YET AGAIN, I'mma make sure that no-one ever gon' respect you again. You goin' right back to the minors, Sally. 'cos I'm on top now an' I've been toleratin' this behavior for too long. I'm the queen, bitches, and now I'm gonna start rulin'." She finishes the promo by lifting up her hoodie one more time and shoving the camera into her women's championship belt, before it cuts to black.


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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    A Brave New World

    The time has come for history to be made. We are only a few days away from the Mile High Pay-Per- View extravaganza where the FWA World Championship will be on the line. The current champion Gabrielle will put the championship on the line against Stu St. Clair, Ashley O’Ryan, Ryan Rondo, and most importantly Jason Gryphon. The one time North American Champion and one time X-Champion has done everything that he needs to do in order to qualify for a shot at the World Championship. He has beaten former World Champions, current World Champions, and even Hall of Famers like Ryan Hall. This Sunday, Jason will get the chance to shock the world and a shock quite a shock it would be. According to the Vegas odds, Jason Gryphon is the long shot at walking away as the World Champion. He currently is running at 15 to 1 odds against all of his challengers. Gabrielle is the heavy favorite to retain the championship while Gryphon’s friend Ryan Rondo is the dark horse to steal the gold away from the Caramel Goddess. This has done nothing to deter Jason in his efforts though. He has been training like a madman to get the most out of this opportunity because he does not know when he will get the chance to become the World Champion again. The leader of the Gryphonism movement is determined to walk out of Denver, CO with the Heavyweight Championship of the World draped over his shoulder.

    Our journey today begins inside of a posh bedroom suite. The room is cavernous and the sound of a pin drop could echo throughout it. There is tasteful art work scattered throughout the area from some of the world’s most talented artists. The plush bed is attached to the ceiling through four columns on the bedposts. There is a large lump in the middle of the bed, hidden under the covers. The sounds of footsteps can be heard from outside of the doorway and soon the double doors to the room begin to slowly creak open. The footsteps continue as they enter the room and it is soon revealed to be a man in a dark suit, wearing a pair of white gloves. He reaches to the bedside table and he picks up a can of arousal spray and empties it over the lump in the bed. A hint of rosewater and jasmine fills the air and the lump in the bed begins to move. The man in question appears to be a butler and as soon as the smell fills the room an arm is freed from under the covers and the sheets are slowly pulled back. The body of Jason Gryphon is revealed in a pair of black satin pajamas as the covers comes off.

    Good Morning Sir. I trust that you had a pleasant and restful sleep?

    Jason Gryphon:
    Yes Nigel, it was the best sleep that I’ve had in months. I cannot believe that I argued with you when you said that proper pillows would help with my sleep cycle. These goose down pillows are amazing.

    Presenting a suitable sleep space is one of the first tasks that I learned from my father. He was a Gentlemen’s Gentleman as well. He taught me a great many things before he passed.

    Jason Gryphon:
    I didn’t know that Nigel but I am sure that he would be as extremely happy with you, just as I am.

    Thank you Master Gryphon and as much as I would love to leave you to your own devices today, we have a schedule to keep. I have prepared your clothes for the day and they in the dressing room awaiting for your approval. Please try to hurry sir, they are waiting for you.

    Jason lightly groans as he moves his legs over onto the floor. He gets up onto his feet and stretches his back before moving over to the dressing room that is just out of sight.

    Jason Gryphon:
    What is the feeling out there today Nigel? Do you think they are really ready for something like this?

    From my brief observations of the situation, they all appear to be in good spirits. They need someone like you in power sir. You are a good man that never gives up when it comes to doing the right thing.

    Jason Gryphon:
    I know that. They know that I am the one that fight for them and I am never going to stop especially now that I am finally getting everything that I have deserved for the longest time.

    Gryphon walks out of the dressing room wearing a stunning custom made business suit that appears to cost more than the economy of most third world countries.

    Jason Gryphon:
    How do I look? Do you think the Versace suit is a bit ostentatious?

    You look stunning Sir. I would have not picked that suit out for you if I did not believe that you could pull it off. Now, right this way, they are awaiting for your arrival.

    Nigel leads Jason away from the bedroom and they make their way over to another set of double doors. Nigel opens the doors and the roar of a crowd can be overhead as he steps up to a microphone.

    Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Please, allow me to introduce to you the man that you have all come to see, the first Supreme Overload of Earth, JASON GRYPHON!

    The crap erupts as Jason makes his way out onto the balcony and as he does, it can be seen that this is no ordinary wrestling crowd of fans of a few hundred people. When Jason comes out to the edge of the balcony, a crowd of thousands upon thousands of people can be seen and they are all chanting Jason’s name. They sounds of their admiration of him can be heard from miles away as everyone wants to see him or be seen by him. There are two large television monitors set up on either side of the balcony so that people off in the distance can see Gryphon as he speaks. Jason raises his hand to the sky and almost immediately, the crowd is silenced.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Thank you my Gryphons! This day has been a long time coming and I am proud to say that it has finally arrived. Earth will finally have the order that it so richly deserves! Some people said that it could not be done and others questioned why they should be following someone like me but you all silenced the detractors. You tell them that you were ready for a new and better world. When people said that I could not form a religion, I proved them wrong, when people said that our religion would not to hold, we proved them wrong, and when people tried to stop us from taking our rightful control over this planet, they were dealt with in swift fashion. You are no longer a bunch of ragtime misfits screaming from for me at wrestling events. You have now evolved into something much grander. You see my Gryphons, no longer will we allow the lowest of the low have feel reign over our society. No longer will the uberrich and psedo-celebrities dominate the airwaves. It is now time for the most intelligent among us to help civilization reach it peak. It is the dawn of the age of the Gryphon and this planet will now become a haven of enlightenment for all men, women, and children. False prophets and false Gods will no longer control how we all live our lives. Tolerance and acceptance will become the law of the land while men of science and literature will lead Earth toward a new golden age.

    The crowd loudly cheers for Gryphon as he begins to stir the crowd toward his cause. They are eating out of the palm of his hand as he begins to tell them about his plan to create a more perfect society.

    Jason Gryphon:
    I may be leading this movement but without all of you behind me, there is nothing to lead. You will now have more advantages that you have ever had before. You will be able to get a great education, you will be able to get the healthcare that you need, and you will no longer be discriminated against because of the color of your skin, your social standing, or your sexual orientation. The belief in Gryphonism is the belief that we are all the embodiment of power and speed. We have the ability to take control over any facet out of our lives thanks to the belief in the Gryphon. There is nothing that can make you soar with the eagles if you refuse to believe in the Gryphon but none of you have that problem. You all have taken your place in the sun by being the truly faithful to the cause. You went out and spend the message, you took positions of power in every major government, and you handed them over to me. I am your Supreme Overlord and I will never stop thanking you for the faith that you have in me.

    Gryphon smiles widely as he looks down and sees all of the people in attendance cheering his name so loudly that it begins to rattle the windows of his mansion.

    Jason Gryphon:
    It was your faith in me that caused any government that stood in our way to fall by the wayside. Your faith and our armies are the ones that laid waste to the established order so we could rebuild this world in our image. First it was China, then Russia, then Europe, the Middle East, and finally the United States, they were all toppled by us and the power that we have inside of us. Now, our world will exist without the arbitrary boarders that some politician put in place hundreds of years ago and now we can truly have a united front and stand together as one world. We will be united under one banner, our banner. No longer will we have need for the Stars and Stripes, the Union Jack, or the Hammer and Sickle. The only thing that you have to believe in now, is the power of the Gryphon, and that is more important than any symbol that could be stitched on a piece of cloth. We conquered this world together and now it is ours to rule. All over this planet, my Gryphons, you are leading the charge, just as you did when I made my debut in FWA.

    Two large television monitors that are on either side of Jason’s balcony begin to show highlight of Jason’s FWA career beginning with his debut at Back in Business years ago.

    Jason Gryphon:
    You will all be able to choose to live the life that we want without people telling you that you cannot. That is exactly where our movement began. I still cannot people that all of this started in a wrestling ring but sometimes you cannot chose how you are thrust into prominence but you can control how you stay there. When people told me that I wouldn’t be able to get things done in the ring, I did what they thought that I couldn’t. That is what made my career in the FWA. People thought that I would not be able to become the X-Champion because of the competition at that level but I beat the champion and brought that title back to it's former glory. No one thought that I stood a chance of becoming the North American Champion because I was facing Shane McClean and a former World Champion in Thomas Princeton but I beat them both and took the gold. Ryan Hall was a Hall of Famer when I beat him in the middle of the ring and I still did not get the recognition that I deserved. It was only when I took control of the world that people rallied around my banner.

    Gryphon begins to unbutton the buttons of his expensive suit and flings it open to reveal the FWA World Championship around his waist.

    Jason Gryphon:
    All of this began because of what I know wear around my waist. It is a symbol of the hard work and the dedication that is instilled in my soul. Our world began to form on the day that I won the FWA World Championship at Mile High in 2014. No one thought that I could get it done but I proved them wrong just like I always did. When I got inside of the Cell with four of the top competitors in FWA History, I was the longshot. Everyone was expecting Gabrielle to retain or for Ryan Rondo to walk out as a champion or for The Snake to slither to another championship reign, or for Ashley O’Ryan’s fairy tale to a happy ending but none of those things happened. They didn't happen because I refused to let them. Everyone who spoke venomous words against me were choking on their own tongue when they saw me climb up the ladder and grab a hold of my destiny. The FWA World Championship was my destiny from the first moment that I stepped foot in a ring. No one, not Ashley or Gabrielle or Stu or Rondo, could stop me on that fateful night because I was a man possessed with achieving his goal.

    Jason reaches down around the back of his waist to take the World Championship from around his waist and raises it high above his head to the joy of the crowd who continue to cheer his name.

    Jason Gryphon:
    The level of competition in that match was something like I had never faced before. If I wanted to take the gold, I had to beat the current champion, two former World Champion, and a man that everyone thought could be the champion. Ryan Rondo was one of those men. Rondo is someone that I still consider a friend to this day and now that I have control over this world, I will make sure that he is set up with the finest indulgences that this planet has to offer because of his loyalty to me. If there is one thing that I must teach you all, it is that I desire loyalty above all other things. Those who are loyal to me and the cause will receive rewards the like which were only available to the super rich in the old world. I now have the power to give you all fabulous vacations, fast cars, expensive clothes and food the likes of which will make your taste buds explode. It is my pleasure to give those things to Ryan Rondo because I know that I can give them to him and because I know that I cannot give him the one thing that he truly desires, which is the FWA World Championship. This championship is mine and mine alone and I will not let it go, even for a friend. That is how much this belt means to me. I would give Rondo the world before I would give him what belongs with me.

    Gryphon takes the title from on high and drops it down around his shoulder before he begins to speak once again.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Now that I know what being the World Championship means to everyone that ever laced up their boots in FWA, I refuse to let go of it's power. I know because I can feel the energy of every World Champions before me flowing through this championship as it rests on my shoulder. I can feel FredEx, G-Rich, Ryan Hall, Chris Kennedy, and everyone in between, included Stu St. Clair. I know how much he wanted to have that one last moment of glory as he career began to fade to black. This was one time where I was glad to take that moment away from him. Stu is someone that has forgotten the power of the people that made him a star. He forgot about the fans, he forgot about Ashley O’Ryan, and he forgot what it means to be a man of honor. His obsession with rising to his previous glory destroyed him from the inside out and proved that Ashley was right to leave him.

    The crowd in attendance loudly boos the name of Stu St. Clair, one of the men that Jason defeated on his rise to the top of the industry. Stu may have given everything to FWA but there is no respect for him with this crowd.

    Jason Gryphon:
    We all cared for Ashley O’Ryan. He was a good man that everyone loved to cheer for and in the months leading up to his final matches, we all wanted Ashley to find a bit of happiness but it seems as if the fates did not want to be kind to a man that was filled us with so much love. He had a chance to be with the love of his life Gabrielle but Gabrielle was the one to tear his hearts out in front of the entire world. He had a chance to make up with this best friend Stu St. Clair but all that hope for that ended when I pinning Ashley and put the final nail in the coffin of Vodka & Venom. Finally, he had the one last chance to become the World Champion but once again I was the one to take that away from him when I climbed up the ladder and took the World Championship. When someone who has such high hopes for themselves ends up crashing and burning, it does something to their soul. I never knew how that night would not only affect Ashley but how it would affect Gabrielle.

    Jason looks over at one of the large television monitor and an old newspaper headline that reads, “Former FWA Champion Committed”

    Jason Gryphon:
    That fateful night was a night that I will never forgot and for one reason, it was the look on Gabrielle’s face when I pulled down “her” championship. You could see the utter heartbreak in her eyes when she knew that I was going to be the one to make her a transitional champion. The second that I yanked down the gold, you could almost hear the snap in her brain as he popped. She, more than anyone, didn’t think that I had what it took to become the World Champion. I was glad to prove her wrong. Gabrielle was one of the most dominant forces in FWA and one of the few remaining that I had not conquered. Inside of the Mile High Massace, I crossed her off of my list in glorious fashion, by taking the one thing that meant more to her than her own child. She tried every trick in the book to try to get another shot at the gold but when I turned down her sexual advances, the voices in her head took over. They knew that she had lost everything that meant something to do. She had lost her championship and she had lost her greatest means to try to get it back, her beauty. The last thing I heard from Gabrielle is that she is locked up in some looney bin. Gabrielle was a very vain individual and and vanity, it’s my favorite sin.

    The television monitors that are next to Jason begins to show imagines of world leaders handing over their countries to the armies of Gryphon are that stood up and took control of the planet.

    Jason Gryphon:
    We now stand together in the year 2020 with the World on a string that we control. I stand here on this balcony as the longest reigning FWA World Champion of all time! It has been six years since that night in 2014 when I took the World Championship from Gabrielle and the beginning of our world dominance was foreshadowed. I have always said that without all of you, I am nothing, but because of you all, I am greatness personified and I am now bigger than Jesus. I am the Supreme Overload of Earth and I am still the World Champion of the FWA. There is nothing that will stop us on our path to creating a perfect planet. All of this started with a battle cry of “We are Mythology” and now that the prophecy has been fulfilled. We will now be remembered throughout all time! We will never be forgotten! We are Gryphons! We…

    Before Jason can finish his statement, the sound of a rifle going off in the distance can be heard and the back of Jason’s head is now blown off and Nigel as the shattered skull fragments of Jason’s head on his suit. Jason’s lifeless body falls off of the balcony and crashes onto the ground. The sounds of men, women, and children crying to be heard as people surround Gryphon’s body as it lays on the ground. Blood begins to fill the cobblestone streets from the exit wound. We focus on Jason’s eyes before the camera pulls back to reveal the image of a smiling Gabrielle from behind a rifle.

    Jason Gryphon:
    No! Gabrielle!

    It was all a dream. Jason, now cover in sweat has just woken up in his own bed with beautiful blonde twins lying on either side of him. They wake up when they hear Jason scream.

    Jason, Jason, calm down, it was just a dream. You were having a bad dream but who the hell is Gabrielle? Were you dreaming about another woman while you are in bed with us?

    Jason begins to climbs out of the bed and begins to put on his clothing that is scattered around the room.

    Jason, where the hell are you going? Get back here! It is the middle of the night.

    Jason looks over at their worried faces and tries to calm down but something has come over him after his dream. He buckles up his pants and puts on his shoes.

    Jason Gryphon:
    I’m off to create a better world.

    Jason, now fully dressed, grabs his car keys from off the nightstand and heads out the door, leaving the two pretty ladies with a disappointed look on their faces as he goes out into the night air.

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    *Eyesnsane is backstage after his loss to Jack of Diamonds, when he is approached by Lucy Pinder. She looks completely together, almost as if she just stepped out of a magazine. James places his hands on his hips, with sweat dripping off of his face and down to the floor. He is looking right into the camera; there is no hint of emotion visible on the face of this man. While not looking happy, for a man that just lost, there is not even the hint of disappointment. James stands before the camera looking serious and stone faced.*

    Lucy: That must have been a tough loss.

    J: It was a loss, tonight was just a night. That match was just a match. You know what I love about this business?

    (She shakes her head “No”, and shrugs her shoulders, while not saying a word.)

    It’s the fact that sooner or later, I’m going to face him again, only the next results will be different. Jack, believe me, I learned who you are and what you are about out there. And there will be another time and another place for us to meet again. I owe you one, and I always pay my debts. What are my thoughts? Well my thoughts are many; can’t you see what an opportunity this is for me? If I beat Shannon, that would have to put me in title contention for the Woman’s title immediately.

    (She shrugs her shoulders looking confused.)

    You have to understand me; you see I believe everything can be settled in the ring. It’s a fact that women can beat men in the ring, just as men can beat women in the ring. The funny thing to me is that this fact is an old one. It has happened before in this company and others and I have no doubt it will happen again. All this back and forth talk is crazy to me, what we need a revolution because there are some women in this company who know damn well they do not want to compete against men, or because they feel as though they can’t. Meanwhile women that can, most notably Gabrielle win titles. Which is supposed to mean what? She won the world title; maybe let’s say Shannon does not want to really compete against men, so in her career she becomes the women’s Champion. She should be just as proud of that title reign as Gabby is of hers right?Personally this whole thing is about titles, and not who wins them. I think Women’s champions feel slighted. Should the women’s title co-main event? Is the women’s title as important as the World title? All this talk is title envy to me, in a perfect world if all were equal, there would be no women’s title and we could all just fight for the remaining ones and let the chips fall where they may.

    (He takes his right hand and rubs his chin a bit, as if thinking about his next remark carefully.)

    What do I think? I think that this is an attention grabbing stunt. Who is Shannon? A woman who wants to cry foul that somebody is holding her back, because they succeeded where she has not yet been able to. A woman claiming the success of others is stopping her from progressing, not her recent in ring performances. Let’s just not pay attention to the results, just focus on the name thrown out there.
    Shannon has been floundering since my return, and that is being nice about it. While at the same time, the Jack is chasing the big brass ring, so to speak. I think that’s not really a good look for her. I also think that is her main concern, as she perhaps feels herself sliding into the irrelevant zone. So she rolls the dice on a Gabrielle attack, and thus far it has paid off right? She has been the talk of the company. Not because she is posed to challenge for the women’s title, not because this is her chance to be 3 and 0 in Pre-Show main events. Everybody is talking about her because she called out Gabrielle for something that from the looks of things right now, she herself could not do. Also, I think all of our great fans, and fans of this business in general can see right through the smoke screen.Now, let me tell you what I know. Thanks to you, I know who my next opponent is. I know how to prepare, as it will be no different than how I prepare for any match. I know how to compete to win in that ring, and each and every time I do, I hold nothing back. I know I am facing a woman, but I refuse to see gender. All I see is somebody in my way of moving on to claim more FWA titles. I know I am a former FWA champion and I am getting in the ring with somebody still attempting to become one, and I know, that means I have a duty, and that duty is to show her firsthand what level she needs to rise to, to claim a title of her own. I know that I’ll be ready, and I know she better be, she better be watching this footage, over and over again. Finally, I know the fans are ready, I know they are ready to see her bluff get called, I know they are ready to see me, shut her pretty little mouth for the time being. I know this was not what she was expecting.

    (With that James turns and nods his head at Lucy, and then turns around and walks away without another word.)


    *We see James, wearing a white collar shirt unbuttoned, from the top down to the third button. There is a black belt crossing his body, as the shot zooms out slightly you see him in a vehicle driving down the road, his eyes remaining fixed on the road as there seems to be no noise coming from the car, we notice a lot of blue sky out of the window on what appears to be a bright sunny day.*

    With all the questions that get asked of me, with all the talk I hear that surrounds my name, on the occasion it comes up. Causes me to reflect, and these drives from venue to venue, help in giving me time to clear out all the noise and just focus. You know how and why I got into this business? My grand father, not to say he is some kind of wrestling legend, because he’s not. Much like myself, he was a fan. Hooked from the days of Abdullah the Butcher, a time and era when you could see the sort of transition from bare knuckle fighting to something more, family friendly. I was a kid, and I can’t remember how old I was, but I sure do remember the first time I saw an event, I was going through some of his old VHS tapes and saw one titled Wrestlmaina. I remember looking up at him and asking, what’s this? With a grin on his face he said wow, you know what, go ahead and play that one, you might just like it. Just like that, I was hooked, he and I would watch every bit of it I could find on TV.

    (We see a shot from outside of the car, showing us that James is driving a jet black Audi A8 on a state highway.)

    I did not become a wrestler because it is a cool thing to do, I did not do this to start or launch an acting career. I’m a fan, a guy who as a kid dreamed of being here. A guy who dreamed of winning titles and becoming as great, if not better than those performers I was a fan of growing up. I asked him if he ever wanted to be a wrestler, which is when I had my first talk about scripts and what’s real and what’s not. I did not care that outcomes were predetermined, I did not care that guys I was used to seeing at each others throats were in some cases best friends. I did not care who the champion was, I just wanted to see the good matches. It was lost on me that there are and were people whose job it was to make other people look good.
    Not too much longer after that did I finally convince my parents to allow me to study overseas, the school I went to was in Fo Shan, China. Where I was taught and cared for by Master Wong, and Master Lilly. After years of martial arts, and of course my other studies, I grew into a man, a man who was sent to then study under Matt Hughes, which was great, as I was back in Illinois, from there, the rest all leads to the here and now. I know who I am, and I still want to be one of the, if not the best wrestler on this planet.

    (He turns his head slightly looking over his left shoulder, then quickly back to the front of the road.)

    I could tell you all that I am a grand slam champion twice over in Camelot Wrestling, I could read off a list of title won in LOW, and if you have a subscription to the FWA network, then you can watch me win the Young Lion’s title, you can see me beat some of your most talked about X-division champions, you could even watch me wrestle away the tag team titles from APAB, and considering how those two turned out, it would also remind you all that they once cared and once upon a time, they were for real.
    I know I’ve said a lot, but Shannon just has no idea, no clue as to who I am. She likely thinks this is just going to be some walk in the park, maybe she and her little buddy Jack have a special surprise for me, and if they do, I could care less. I am James Hughes and the FWA is my mountain to climb, this is my opportunity to continue to make, my family, and friends proud of me, proud of what I accomplish, and proud of the skills I have worked hard over the years to perfect. I see this match as a win, win for me. Even if by some chance, Shannon gets her hand raised, she will have had such a hard time doing so, I and I alone will have kept her relevant. By being that first, man that she beat, but to what end? Will it mean she can suddenly challenge Gabby out of nowhere, will it make her suddenly next in the women’s division all about any woman but her right now? Ah, but my win tonight, will go a long way to solidifying me as a hard nosed competitor who can and will face anybody, anytime, and at anyplace. I just don’t see this as me beating up a girl, this is the FWA, where a woman is the world champion, where women have a bit of a history of exceeding expectations, just take a good look at Gabby, Veronique, and Ayla, or Moira.In the end, I’m living my dream. I’m becoming that guy I wanted to be as a little kid, and as I continue to climb the mountain that is the FWA, Shannon O’Neil, is just another foothold on the climb for me to grab and use to get where I’m going.

    *Scene fades to black.*

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    Cameras are rolling. The night sky is clear with all the stars shining brightly. The moon glows in the night sky. The fall crisp air blows ever so gently. There are many trees swaying one being pine trees with pine needles softly falling on the barren ground. Leaves from other tree are on the ground and they are red and some are yellow. To the right off the trees is a pound with bulrushes surrounding the perimeter of it. There is a small dew mist rising from the pound. There are leaves from the trees floating on the top of the pound. An owl’s hooting is heard in the background coming from the thicker part of the forest where the trees are. Left on the dirty ground is an envelope. There is little bit of dust from the dirt on the envelope. The camera crew opens the envelope open. They pull out a paper that has all the edges of it burned. They unfolded the envelope and there is red wax dropping on it; presumably from a red candle. It is written in red ink.

    When You Wish Upon A Star
    October 5th 2014

    When you wish upon a star
    Makes a difference who you are
    Anything your heart desires
    Will Not come to you

    If your heart is in your Nightmare
    No request is too extreme
    When you wish upon a star
    As dreamers do

    Faith is unkind
    She brings to those she loathes
    The bitter fulfillment of
    Their secret longing

    Like a bolt out of the blue
    Fate steps in and sees you through
    When you wish upon a star
    Your dreams will not come true…

    As my nightmares becomes reality and I enjoy the spoils of my malevolent ‘deeds’.

    • The camera crew fold it up as they look confused and a bit disturbed by it. The camera crew slowly makes their way around the pounds passing three rotting logs that have moss growing on them with insects and bugs festering on them. They reach the other side of the pound. Only to see red candles in bronze candle holders. The camera crew walk closer to it and sees the candle sticks have been laid out in a full star position. The camera crew hear a twig snaps as something is coming near. The sound get closer as it comes from behinds the bushed and douglas firs. The camera crew sees someone walk through. They can make out what he is wearing barely. He is wearing black boots with white washed blue jeans with a tear in the left knee area. He has a black leather jacket on that is not done up with no shirt underneath it. His left hand is free while the right hand is holding something. He has long brown hair and a long thick beard. The camera crew tries to make out more of the face then suddenly the figures moves his right arm. He brings his right hand close to his face. He moves what he clenched in his fight hand up a bit being a lighter. He flickers the lighter as the flame reveals his face. One light blue eye and a pure white eye that has the image flame reflecting off it; it is none other than Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair. He begins speaking in his all too familiar tone of voice.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: No more dreaming and pretending I have another shot at The FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Title. The shot came from G-Rich as I am a replacement for Philip A Jackson. The reason given to why I have taken his place isn’t that I took matter into my own hands. [*Stu lets out a huff with a sinister brief smirk.*] Philip would be in worlds of pain with an IV hooked up to him from the pure bloodlust of what I could do with my two hands and my intelligence. However that is the not the case rather he ambushed and tried to put ‘The Richest Man in Pro Wrestling’ G-Rich out of commission. However it backfired as he was caught on camera doing so. Philip and Robins Thurgood were caught on camera doing the deed. What amateurs. I got his place and damn straight I EARNED IT! BUT… [*Stu points at himself*] I wasn’t in the original match lineup to face Gabrielle was Jason Gryphon, Shane McLean, Ryan Rondo and Philip A Jackson. Somehow Shane Mclean out performed me when it was old era vs. new era inside The War Games. Also Gryphon and Rondo were on the losing end of the match. They may have no taken the fall but they lost.

    • Stu slowly exhales as he glares in the camera as his breath is seen from the cold.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: I was not considered in the plans. It was the new blood minus the exception of Gabrielle and Shane McLean. I have to ask the simple question WHAT ABOUT ME? WHAT ABOUT THE SNAKE? G-Rich tried to make it right but I am ignored regardless because I have been here for so long. It was six years ago at Mile High I won my very first FWA World Heavyweight title beat Shawn Cortez. Having a chance to attain it one more time has value to it. I have been in the Mile High match three different times. I gave up a victory in one to ensure my brother was for one no longer the champion. Number two I tried to break him in half to ensure the monster I created was stopped once and for all. However he survived. Maybe this time will be different. Maybe this time I bleed to get my hands and pull the title down and attain the title for the first time in three years. While at same time make others bleed just to show them I am not the one to be ignored or OVERLOOKED and longer. My expiration date hasn’t come yet and I will be damned if anyone is going to play the same old he is washed up card. Followed by he is a shell of a shell of himself or he is just old.

    • Stu pauses as he exhales. He shakes his head back and forth with a slight breeze beginning to blow.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: They want to right me off and forget of what I have done. I have NO MISCONCEPTIONS of who I am. I am the living Khmer Rouge. The most sadistic wrestler in the world today. They can ignore me but I am not going away. I do not plan on retiring. Unlike Ashley O’Ryan who is in this match because Shane McLean gave his spot in the match to him. Ash has his last chance at fleeting glory chasing for gold. All that glitters for him isn’t gold. He isn’t getting his gold watch for his time served. I am his last match this is just one chance for fleeting glory for a man who’s personal’s life is almost as bad as mine. I would like to see the Cinderella man like everyone else see him walking away the belt and go out on top at champion. Sadly like most of us when we wake up…it’s only a dream… but you cannot take the feeling away. Ash I have made you bleed; turned you into a monster and made your one time wife disown you causing estrangement. What could I do to what I haven’t done to you when I turned my back on you six years ago? [*Stu pauses as he smirks before continuing*] Though in actuality you turned your back on me but who’s counting? This is your final paper view appearance and your final shot at the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title.

    • Stu pauses as he glares into the camera lens with the breeze running through his hair with a hoot of an owl heard in a distance along with crickets chirping.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: You have pulled the impossible into the possible like beating Chris Kennedy the man that was untouchable at the time. Not only did you match him punch for punch and move per move. You scored a pin fall on him and claimed the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title when Jack Severino, Wolf and a couple others could not. You pulled it off and you had everyone at your side when you were at your highest. Yes that was your second World title victory but to me that one stood out more. The gears were turning when you came back in Twenty Twelve. You scored a victory over me and then over came Chris Kennedy. I hope I see that Ash not in your retirement match against me but at Mile High my friend. You owe it to the fans, family and of course yourself. Hopefully you thank Shane McLean and give him a hardy handshake unlike someone who is also in this match up.

    • Stu pauses as he cringes for a brief second. He shakes his head with disappointment staring at the ground. He then stares at the camera

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: I have said the man has talent and I want to care for him but caring isn’t a luxury I can afford. I warned him once. I warned him twice and even last week I told for a third time. Vengeance will ruin you. You will no longer be noble. Everything will change you and there is no second chance. I have lured people thought he years for vengeance against me but they feel every time. I am looking at you ‘Living Mythology’ Jason Gryphon. I am looked at as the destruction of everything the root of everyone’s problems. A man who brings men to do evil things they would never do. Physiological I am damaged goods. Socially I am a loner and … [*Stu pauses and smirks unpleasantly *] the more I think about it. There are advantages not disadvantages because physiological I can manipulate them and screw with their heads. I can make them think things that can hurt them. [*Stu pauses as he chuckles unflatteringly*] I never had to ‘play’ them on you Jason because you are corrupting yourself. There is no voice in your heard or better yet in your ear whispering to damn yourself with vengeance.

    • Stu goes quiet as he slowly exhales into the night air as crickets chirp in the background.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: It was almost as if your judgment is clouded. There has been a lot of bitterness brewing this year from Drew Stevenson stealing the North American title to not walking away with a future title shot when Jack of Diamonds does. But what I think was the root was when Jimmy King bought CWA and brought Ryan Hall to his side. You looked up to him for guidance and saw what he did as the ultimate betrayal. Something you didn’t want to see happen or imagine. Yes I know the future is yours but it is not in your hand at Mile High. Mile High is known for risks trying to reach to grab the title as it is hung with steel cage walls around the ring. Bad things have happened in that match. Everything comes at a price when you climb. The average man can take some many falls. It can take several falls just to get one successful climb to grasp the title. Jason I have been ignored by ignorance. You made yourself a target in the open. You do not even know how to be the target when you are the actual weapon itself.

    • Stu pauses as he looks at the candles then looks back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: You tried to take The Jack of Diamond’s head off two weeks ago. He hasn’t forgotten. He isn’t driven by revenge but you bruised his ego. He can ‘fix’ you so you can no longer climb and achieve your destiny. Hell even if he screws with you; you will lose yourself completely. Your mind will be ravaged and those fans that looked at you with high regards will be shattered. They once looked up to you for what you stood for. Now they look at a man who is far worse than the one who wronged him. Trust me Jason you will not be able to look yourself in the mirror if you do cross that line. Yes it is your time to shine but it’s my time to rise above everybody in this match and attain the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title. There is another who wants to shine more than anyone in the match. He even wants to outshine me. He made a promise to a sick child granting a wish. [*Stu’s face is serious as he smirks and lets out a quiet brief laugh before continuing to speak*] I thought you would know Ryan Rondo that you never make promises you know you certainly cannot keep. I thought I was low person for ruining my friend’s life and hurting others entire life. But you….

    • Stu pauses as he snickers with the breeze still blowing through his hair.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Promising a child who could die that you will win the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title…; [*Stu chuckles as he smirks for a second before his face goes seriously cold*] could push that child over the edge. Rondo you may think you’re doing a good deed and you will get good karma so the odds of you winning will be better. But in actuality because of what you said could put you in the same lime light as I. You will be viewed as a monster Rondo but worse than me. I would never cause harm to a child where you did because you broke a promise that meant a lot to that child. Don’t worry Rondo that will occur after the match. However during the match you will be broken as you try to grab that belt. You think getting emotional and showing your softer self will help you at Mile High like showing that sappy video of you with that child? You think people may rally for you because of how a big heart you have? Well you are right that people will rally for you because of how big a heart you have.

    • Stu smirks as he clenches his right before he continues to speak

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: You can have the greatest intentions that make everyone’s heart glow with warmth but something always happened to change it. Franklin Roosevelt captured America’s heart when he purposed a second bill of rights but he didn’t see it happen. Nor did it happen. Tragedy always follows those who want to attain greatness a make a change. That child will not see you win the big one nor will anyone else see you attain that FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title. I know you can play hard Rondo throughout the years but I do not think tonight will be your night. You may wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires. Will come to you. If your heart is in your dream. No request is too extreme. When you wish upon a star. As dreamers do [*Stu pauses as smirks sinisterly before he continues*] and I will shatter your dream. Those dreams will never happen even if you wish upon a star. Hell even selling your soul to the devil will not make it happen.

    • Stu smiles unpleasantly as he brings his hands up and clenches them together briefly before dropping them to his side before continuing to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Mile High is your last chance you are going to have till next year as Jack of Diamonds has a ‘date’ at Trial by Fire facing the winner of the Mile High match with the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title. You might be the last star in sky Rondo but I could extinguish you in this match if I wanted to. [*Stu snickers as he pauses*] I could enjoy someone being viewed worse than me for making a promise to an aligning child he knew damn well he could never keep. From breaking promises or soon to be [* Stu smiles disgustingly*] to breaking hearts. I have said it once that she is like the neighborhood bus and it holds true. She broke a man’s heart to only go back to Chris Kennedy. She did after all go from Jack Severino to Jenny Ignite to Ryan Hall to Cameron Cross to Anthony Jackson to Aut Pax Aut Bellum to others then to Chris Kennedy. I told Ashley you were a black widow but who can trust what a snake says after all? The snake did have Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. I see everything and hear everything.

    • Stu pulls out his lighter and starts flickering as small flame is seen. He eyes the flame and stares back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: You pledged yourself to be a different person and all about your daughter and Ashley O’Ryan gave you a chance. He was caught up with you as you made my PERSONAL PROBLEMS become public knowledge. You hurt me where no else has. You hit the sensitive subject and I have accepted he isn’t running into my arms to wishing me a happy birthday. I was brought back when you ran me down on ESPN. I felt venom flow into my veins as it reached my fangs. I was my old self again and I accepted who I am and there was no lingering misconception there. I didn’t need to try to make everything right and apologize. For that that is the one time I thank you. I knew you were poison to my venom if you would. Ash let himself fall in love and be blinded by it. I faced you once at Aftershock and you were the victor but the victor was I. I knew if you did care about him you wouldn’t have risked hurting him when you rammed me into him causing him to hit the exposed turnbuckle. I knew from point blank you and Ash were not going to last.

    • Stu pauses as he flickers his lighter again for thirty seconds. He stops then proceeds to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Ash gave you one last chance and purposed to you while I was laying on the ground bellow the stage from the Last Man Standing Match at Red White and Bruised. You didn’t know what to do and pretended to be hurt and confused. You were hurt physically by yours truly. You already made your mind up that you were done with him before Aftershock. Gabrielle I cannot forgive for you have done to me. I gave you purpose in your life Gabrielle. IF IT WASN’T FOR ME YOU WOULD NOT HAVE WON THE FWA UNDISUPTED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE FROM PHILIP A JACKSON AT THE FWA ANNIVERSARY SHOW! I am the reason for success and it had nothing to do with your daughter or being back together with Chris Kennedy. I gave you purpose in your life. I poured the cheapest nastiest bottle of whiskey over you. I even tried to set you on fire on national television and if things went my way your body with be scared permanently by the fire. [* Stu smiles unpleasantly*] The fans may not like the smell of burned flesh but the smell is something I treasure. I gave you all the reasons in the world to rise to occasion oppose to sleep your way to the top.

    • Stu goes quiet as he clickers his lighter and stares at it. He walks up to the candle stands all with candles in them. He flickers his lighter and lets one candle in a bronze candle stick holders at a point. He lights the candles all around the point. He rises up and stares at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Gabrielle what you have right now is everyone’s attention. I take full credit for giving you that attention. To be honest I do not give a damn about the controversy around you. All it is to me a little bit of nothing that I couldn’t care about. I would have to be paid quite a lot of money to give a damn about it. [* Stu smirks as he glares at the camera*] Even then I still wouldn’t care even with the cash coming my way. I know along with everyone who was there in the back watching on a monitor along with everyone who watched in person and on paper view that the Mile High Massacre Match is the very match you won your first FWA World title. You won the belt from Rocky Creed. It was an easy for fact as you didn’t have anything to loss. You were smart enough to not make some promise you knew you couldn’t keep like a promising a dying child you would win the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title. [*Stu grins as he briefly pauses*] You have the title now and you have no guarantee you will walk out with the belt. This isn’t about leaving you bloody and unconscious… even though I could do that quite easily.

    • A sickening smile crawls across Stu’s face as he pauses for a moment. He bends over flickering his lighter. He lights another point of the star with all the candles in the bronze candle stick holders. He has also lit the candles from the two points of the star together. He rises back up and glares at the camera with a sinister smug look on his face.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: It’s all about climbing are grabbing the belt. Let’s face fact Gabrielle you got lucky getting the title shot after I made you barely walk out of Red White and Bruised in our Last Man Standing Match under your own power. You shocked everyone when two weeks later and not even at seventy percent in good health knocked off Ryan Rondo, Shane McLean and myself to challenge for the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Title at The FWA anniversary show. Gabrielle in this match you are really pushing your luck. I do not think Chris Kennedy or his sister and your former partner who was FWA Tag Team Champion with you Danielle Kennedy will come to your aide. I do not think any of those protesters against your with this whole controversy will be your saving grace. They can enter the ring but they will leave broken from many hands. Not because we care but rather we want them not even to be an afterthought in this match. I will bloody one of them just for being in the ring so they know that I am very much lethal and dangerous. Gabrielle this is no charity I am giving you. Even though if I did start a charity it would be one for your retirement from the sport of professional wrestling if I CROSS THAT LINE AND BE THE KHMER ROUGE!

    • Stu slowly exhales as he flickers his lighter. He lights the candles from the last point in the star to the third point. He rises to his face with a bitter look on his face before he continues to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: You broke Ash and I could break you for that but I could be non violent and focus on attaining the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title. [* Stu pauses as he smirks then chuckles*] Or I could have both for the simple reason of people thinking I AM AN AFTERTHOUGHT AND YESTERDAY’S NEWS ALSO I AM A SHELL OF MYSELF. I will leave my mark so people can fear me without believing the arrogant and ignorant. Winning that title and causing mass destruction is what I need and the people need to see so they believe. Fear will make them remember and then they will recall what they said about me being a shell of myself. THEN THEY WILL FEAR FOR THEIR LIFE IF I CHOOSE TO STRIKE THEM DOWN AND MAKE THEM SUFFER LIKE NEVER BEFORE! [* Stu pauses as a twisted looks comes across his face with a frightening smile*] Gabrielle I gave you purpose and at Mile High I will take it away and leave you in ruin. This will be the night you live forever as the memory constantly plays in your mind. As I break your spirit.

    • Stu bends down as he goes back from the point he start on the star. He lights the candles in the candle stick holder to the next point. He slowly rises to his feet. He had a sickening twinkle in his eyes.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Six years ago at Mile High I ruined one man to attain my first FWA World Heavyweight title. Now today I do it again to be FWA Undisputed Champion for a historic record breaking fifth time. I have already proved since being here in two thousand and seven I am better the best. I am more sadistic and smarter than the rest. This match is mine. This is my redemption and I am not wishing on a star to make it happen. I am not wishing on a star to no longer being an afterthought from people’s pure ignorance. I am going to make it happen and make my name known once more as the most sadistic man in professional past, present and future. Now it would be best to start believing in nightmares because you are in one!

    • Stu bends down as the breeze still lightly blows with crickets chirping. He flickers his lighter. He lights the remaining candles in the star formation with him standing in the middle. A crow starts cawing in the background as it flies overhead. Stu spreads his arms to the side with his hair move ever so slightly from the breeze. The camera feed cuts out.

    End of Scene.
    credit to xxhhhxx

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    The light of the rising sun sneaks across the horizon. The sun’s light slowly bathes a small seating area right next to the East River in New York City, a park that houses the renowned Jane’s Carousel. There’s no one in the area. A soft breeze wafts by calmly, the only sound for a while, until a few leaves nearby rustle along the ground. Click. A black spiked heel hits the ground and breaks the serenity. Ayla El walks with a dominant pace towards an empty bench. The breeze gets a bit stronger, but the cool air doesn’t touch her skin, her body protected by an authentic fur coat – the collar pulled up, mostly blocking her diamond earrings that hang glamorously from her ears.

    Ayla reaches the bench, and looks out to the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge. The vastness of the river along with the sunrise is an awe-inspiring sight. It seems to be getting to Ayla, her hand placed delicately on her voluptuous chest, her soft breaths causing her chest to rise and fall in a hypnotic rhythm. Everything just seems too beautiful – so in sync. The sun rise, the water flowing down the river, the wind blowing, and Ayla’s breathing. Ayla takes a seat on the bench and promptly crosses her legs. If a peeping Tom were around and in the right angle, he could easily see up her black mini-dress.

    Looking at this glorious sight, everything feels like it’s meant to be. Life was meant to happen. There are people that argue that existence was all just one big scientific mistake. I don’t believe that. I believe that everything happens for a purpose, and everyone’s existence was meant to happen. There is a grand scheme of things. Humanity was meant to be… but what about these little wonders? The cool air that brushes against my face? The water that rushes down the river? The sun rising every day? The breaths I take? No, they’re all meant to be no matter how small. The wind finds a way to blow, water finds a way to flow, the Earth moves so that the sun can rise and fall, and I breathe to live. When something is meant to happen – it finds a way to happen. Nothing can stop it. Just look at the Brooklyn Bridge. People need to cross the East River, and this magnificent structure was the result. The construction of that bridge was inevitable, it was meant to be because there was a need for it by the people. Whether it is a need of the people or something small like a breeze that crosses my face… if it needs to happen, it will.

    Ayla gently flicks her auburn hair to the side. She looks deeply towards the Brooklyn Bridge, as the sun slowly crawls up the blue sky, its light bathing more and more of the Earth. The cars are piling up in traffic on the bridge.

    Even if there is a temporary prohibition in the way of what needs to happen – it will happen someday. Many years have gone by since I joined the FWA, and I’ve only ever been given a single one-on-one women’s championship match. There was a huge gap between my debut in the FWA and my first women’s championship match, a gap of several years. Since day one in this company, I said that I deserved to be women’s champion… it was something that was meant to happen, it was all just a matter of when. And, of course, the inevitable happened. I won that one-on-one women’s championship match and became the women’s champion. There was no mistake about it. I know that I was meant to be women’s champion, and when I got the opportunity it became a reality. My dream became the FWA’s nightmare, and I was damn proud. Not only that, but I am proud that I never lost that title to anyone. Losing the title to someone was not meant to happen, and that’s why I it never happened and never will. However, the time has come for me to fulfill another victory that is meant to happen. At Mile High, I have been apparently selected ‘by chance’ for a tag team championship match.

    Ayla turns around and looks at the iconic Jane’s Carousel that inhabits the little peaceful park. It’s too early for the carousel to be operational. Ayla smirks, as if she’s in ‘the know’ about something.

    Nothing happens ‘by chance’ in life. This match is meant to happen. My return to the FWA happened at such a perfect time, there’s no way to argue that everything was perfectly lined up for me to succeed. When I returned to the FWA the women’s division, something that was stagnant and dead before my arrival, got attention from a simple statement. My first match back in the company was against the North American champion, and in that match I shined brighter than any woman in the FWA. I haven’t lost a step when it comes to wrestling because Ayla El is the greatest women’s wrestler of all time. So when the greatest woman of all time is handed an opportunity for a tag team championship match, the situation comes across like a rhetorical question – you know the answer to the question, just like you know the result of my championship match. There is no denying that my immediate rise to glory is meant to happen. There have been many bumps in the road, but this is my moment and it is not going to be ruined. All the stars have lined up. I feel just like I did the very first time that I had that one on one women’s title match... I know that this is meant to be.

    Ayla turns her attention back to the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s now bathed completely in glorious, warm sunlight. The traffic built up quite a bit on the bridge, to the point that there is no movement of the cars on the bridge.

    The current tag team champions are the Kennedy-Carter Administration. I admit that I have never encountered either of these men before, but they are the obstacle blocking me from my goal. As simple as it sounds to just sit back and let things that are meant to be just happen, effort and vigilance has to be put in place. From what I gathered about the two men holding the tag team titles, they are extremely powerful and dangerous men. But, the first thing that came to my mind when I began to analyze their psyche’s was this – if they’re so powerful and dangerous, why are they stooping so low and fighting completely random teams? Are they actually as pathetic as the presidents they are named after? Facing random teams every week in a tag team championship match – wow! To the imbecilic people that watch FWA week in and week out, to them that is impressive, but Ayla El knows what it’s like to always want an advantage. The Kennedy-Carter Administration are simply looking for the easy advantage. Random teams have a small chance of actually working together, while your experience as a team will automatically grant you an advantage. Such intelligent thinking from two people masquerading as presidents.

    Ayla shakes her head in disappointment. She wears an evil smile that is accentuated by her dark red lipstick.

    The Kennedy-Carter Administration are nothing more than mere imitations of the presidents they are named after. They feed the world lies, just like those presidents. The lies are that they’re actively looking for REAL competition because they deserve to have some decent teams to defend their titles against. Well, the lies and the propaganda ends at Mile High. There will be no pulling strings, no politics, and especially no more hiding. The Kennedy-Carter Administration are trying to pull the wool over the world’s eyes by painting this beautiful image of how powerful they are. They’re the tag team champions! They’re defending their titles every week! What they’re both doing is hiding from their own mediocrity. Brian Carter and Chris Kennedy just can’t hang in the main event scene anymore. Chris Kennedy’s wife or ex-wife – whatever – has got the gold and the attention. Brian Carter can’t even get near the world title. So I can imagine that this bothers them… it haunts their dreams. They want to hide in their little make-believe land and keep telling themselves that they’re such dominant tag team champions… well here’s something that might make them realize that their little dream-world is about to become a nightmare. The Kennedy-Carter Administration is meant to be MY stepping stone.

    Ayla has a sly smile on her face. Her eyes burn with a passion – not only is she overwhelmed with emotions, ready to win this match, but she also enjoys those wicked words that get under other people’s skin.

    It might be depressing to them, but it’s just a fact of life. The FWA could only churn out so many horribly weak teams until you had to face Ayla El. I am not weak. I am not a push-over. I am a strong and powerful woman. I’ve been in hellish elimination chamber matches with men only. That may not seem like something special to you two men, but it says something about me. I stared down Stu St. Clair in that steel chamber and I didn’t flinch. Put one of those other girls that cry for equality in the FWA in that situation and see how fast she gets her damn period. So if the Kennedy-Carter Administration think that I’m a woman and therefore I’ll be an easy win, they better try and think again. I’m not a loser like Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton. I’m the damn Iron Lady – Margaret Thatcher! So Brian Carter, just like your apparent idol president Carter – this one tag title reign is about to come to an end, and surprise, surprise – it’s going to be your only run as tag team champion. And Chris Kennedy, the fan boy of JFK… well let’s just say that we all know what happened to JFK, and it looks like at Mile High it’s going to be your own assassination.

    Ayla gently leans her head to the side, her auburn locks gracefully tumbling along her shoulder. A weak breeze blows by, the beautiful strands of hair waft along the currents of the air. Ayla has a deadly smile on her face. Ayla looks at the Brooklyn Bridge – the traffic has cleared. She pulls out her iPhone and sends a message to her partner in success at Mile High.

    The time flies by as the sun moves across the sky. Ayla sits, taking in her surroundings until the sun is almost near setting, and it’s about 4:30PM. She stands up and walks towards the New York City mainstay – Jane’s Carousel. It’s in full operation right now – the horses and chariots of the carousel go round and round to the music of a carnival.

    When the carousel comes to a halt, Ayla climbs up and sits in an elegant white chariot. Her manicured fingers glide over the chariot, feeling the depth of the lines that flow along it. Ayla savours the moment, watching the world spin around her. Eventually the carousel stops, but it doesn’t stop where it began.

    My tag team partner should be here soon… normally, I’d say that I don’t need a partner and the truth is… I don’t. However, I’ve looked into the person that I’ve been randomly placed with, and his name is ‘Rockstar’ Randy Ramon. I may not need him, but this man needs me. Not because he’s incapable of taking care of business in the ring, oh no… he is quite capable in the ring, which makes me believe that having him on my team will only make it even more certain that we will leave Mile High with the tag team championships. The reason that he needs me is because he needs someone to guide him. His life is a trainwreck. He is always getting into trouble. He doesn’t know how to channel his skills into something positive. He is a classic case of someone extremely talented trapped in a horrible lifestyle. I’ve seen so many people that have talent waste it all because they can’t focus on what’s important. I see this match at Mile High as Randy Ramon getting something he was meant to have – the tag team championship and me.

    Ayla playfully curls a strand of her hair as she stares out at the blur of a world as the carousel spins.

    Randy Ramon needs me to guide him. And I’ve thought about this long and hard. Why does someone with so much talent act out and get into trouble like this? Why is he wasting his life away? After some soul searching the answer came to me – he never got his chance. That was the moment it hit me, all of this really was meant to be. Randy Ramon is like me, he never got his chance… I know the anger that builds inside when you know that you have what it takes, but people keep telling you ‘no’. It hurts like hell… but unlike me, Randy Ramon doesn’t know how to channel that anger into success, instead he channels it into his own self destruction. Well at Mile High, I am going to open his eyes and show him that this is his opportunity – don’t mess up. Someone like Randy Ramon needs someone like me, he needs someone to guide him and show him how to turn all of that anger and hatred for the people that keep holding you down into something positive for yourself. I’m sure that winning the tag team championships will be the first step to Randy Ramon’s enlightenment.

    Ayla smiles as the carousel slows down. Again, the carousel stops somewhere different. Ayla checks her watch – 5:00PM. A man in a suit gets onto the carousel and it begins to spin again, Ayla sees the man and keeps looking at him with intent.

    Every stop on this carousel is by chance… but nothing in life is by chance.

    The carousel goes around once more with Ayla’s focus turned solely to the world beyond the carousel, she doesn’t look forward. The carousel stops at 5:15PM facing the Brooklyn Bridge. Ayla looks at the bridge, then her gaze moves to the man riding the otherwise empty carousel.

    Ayla gets up from her chariot and walks towards the man. Click. Her steps are strong and focused as she finally reaches the man and places her hand gently on his shoulder. Ayla moves up to his ear and whispers softly.

    Mile High is ours.

    Ayla smirks one last time, taking the flowers from the man as the scene fades out.

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep'

    The Old Testament

    The Book of Elizabeth: Origins 1:1

    The scene opens to the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada. The only place where you should be in Sin City, On the strip. We see a woman, drunk off her ass, a broken heel on her left shoe. Her other shoe in her hand. Her tights are ripped with her leg protruding out of hole. Her hair is a mess. The women is limping and swaying from side-to-side as she walks down the famous Las Vegas Strip. She has a huge smile on her face. The bright lights continue to shine as blue and red ones fly past her down the strip to a woman out cold. The woman looks back over her shoulder.

    Lizzy did good...

    It is Elizabeth Gotteskind but not as we know her. It is wild party girl. A group have gathered around the woman. The Police get out of their cars and the crowd point towards Elizabeth as the suspect. The police man approach but Elizabeth is too out of it to even realize as she slurs her words.

    Hey! Wassup Officers?! Here for a dance.

    Elizabeth starts to try and grind against one of the officers but they remain professional and stop her and keep her about a foot away to talk to her.

    Police: Ma'am? Do you know anything about what happened over there?

    Me?! NAW! Far as I remember she...she...was like...ummm...ya know...walking and she fell over umm...the curb. Yea...the curb...

    Police: That is not what witnesses have said

    They be lying...I..i...I...


    I...saw it with my own eyes...yea...they were not even can...they lie like that...specially to the police...Why you lettin em do that to you?!

    The two officers look at each other and they aren't buying any of it.

    Police: Ok, well we will have to place you into custody while we sort this out. Ma'am put your hands behind your back.

    Elizabeth has a very brief moment of clarity in her haze. For a brief second she saw a way out. A better way of being. That is all it was as Elizabeth returns to her ways. Elizabeth smiles and places her hands behind her back. As the officer goes to place the cuffs she runs down as fast as she can before face planting after about five steps. The officers quickly cuff her and escort her into the back of the Police Car that is parked on the strip. We don't need to see the commotion. We just need the facts so we follow Elizabeth in the back of the Police Car to the station.


    The night fades to give way to a groggy, sluggish Las Vegas Morning at LVPD.

    The next morning we see Elizabeth in the Drunk Tank at the police station. She is surrounded by all the other woman who enjoyed themselves a bit too much. Elizabeth sits up holding her head wondering what happened.

    I actually got caught?! Goddamn, I musta been crunk!

    Elizabeth gets to her feet and looks out the bars. The officer notices and he signals to someone nearby. More officers come and they escort Elizabeth from the Drunk Tank to an interrogation room. Elizabeth doesn't have any idea what is happening. She is tossed into the chair in the interrogation room and the bright light shines into her eyes. Elizabeth struggles to see what is happening but hears a voice.

    Elizabeth! You have quite the rap sheet. I know you who are. I know everyone like you.

    Elizabeth is mesmerised by the words. She can't see the interrogator on the other side of the light but she gets lost in the words but takes none of it in.

    Every woman who lives in this town thinking that they can handle the bright lights and acting like they are in a sorority. This isn't college anymore. This is reality. You need to change your ways Miss Gotteskind before you wind up on the streets or inside the walls at McClure.

    Elizabeth continuing to stare into the lights.

    McClure...Is he my angel?!

    The light is switched off. Elizabeth snaps out of the trance at looks around at the blank, cold room that she is sat in. With a mid 40s cop talking to her.

    How did I get here?! I was in a better place!

    Miss Gotteskind, believe me...I wish you were but last night you broke the law. That woman you beat up she is in a coma. They don't know if she will wake up. She was a beloved member of the church community. If she dies, I am pushing for murder. You better hope that someone is watching out for the both of you. You are a highway to McClure if you don't stop what you are doing right now.

    Elizabeth scoffs.

    I didn't ask for your help. You think you're better than me. I am this town. I ain't some skanky party girl. I am Elizabeth Gotteskind. The hottest woman in this town. Just because this town can't handle me. I didn't do nothing. Anybody who say I did is just jealous, you feel me?!

    The officer, much like his colleagues last night, is unimpressed by her grandiose statements. The officer flicks through file before a knock on the door. The Officer goes over and gets message from someone outside.

    Well it looks like today is your lucky day. Someone posted your bail. It looks like you get to walk out of her but you'll be back. People like you always mess up their bail conditions. Ill see you then, Miss Gotteskind.

    Elizabeth laughs and cockily walks out smiling at the officer before winking on her way out of the door. Elizabeth never found out who posted her bail but she assumed that it must have been the voice that had spoken to her.

    Could Elizabeth change?! Will the woman wake up from a coma?! Will any Police Officer ever be impressed?! Find out next time Elizabeth Gotteskind: The Old Testament!

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    *We see a grey desk, that is shaped like the letter “C”, a black leather chair with the back towards the camera sits in the middle of it. There are six files from end to end spread across the desk. The room appear dark, with the exception of light, more like a glow coming from a wall off monitors, just opposite the desk. Each monitor showing continuous footage playing of six FWA stars, six men that are in the X-division and competing in the X-Division Showcase, an elimination match.*

    Mile High, this is part of what you work your ass off for. Sure some will say this is not a title shot, but it is a great opportunity none the less. This is a night that will see titles defended, and moments made, by those alert enough to seize them. Tis is a night that will see the X-Division title defended by Marcus Thane, as he faces Kaizen.
    However, as meaningful as that fact may be. those that can, will be in this match, no ordinary match mind you, an extreme rules match. Somebody must have had a vision of throwing a piece of raw meat into a pit of wild hungry animals, because that is what you all will see in Denver. All of our fans will get to literally see the X-division sort its self right out. One way or another, we are all about to find out right where we stand.

    In this life, there are moments, moments we must know how to recognize. Moments where you can either go right, or you can go let and the choice makes all the difference in the world. For my part in the FWA gender talk, I see it for what it is. One of these moments, or at least it seems that way. Having already won the women’s championship, winning this match will no doubt propel me toward becoming only the second woman in the history of the X-Division title to win it. But that is a different talk, for a different day.

    *The chair turns to the side, but facing away from the monitors so that the light, makes the black leather shine with the look of a gloss finish. With a profile view of the chair we see the shaded silhouette of a woman sitting in the chair, with her arms on the armrests, using the elbows for support as the hands appear clasped in front of her.*

    The division could go in so many ways tonight, I could not help but fall into my old ways of scouting, a useful thing I picked up in my experience. I found myself pouring over information in an attempt to get a feel for my challengers, as they are. Assuredly one of them will be wearing more make up than I will in the ring, of course I’m talking about Ghost. A man hiding behind make up talking about handing out justice. A man who as he says wants to bring back honor and prestige to the title. As if the 31 other champions to have held it did not do enough, and were not momentous enough to build that titles legacy, far out of the reach of the likes of Ghost.

    I get it, I see the appeal and with time, much more time. I think he will come into his own, the potential is easy to see. He’s just not there yet, he has not realized what that, certain level is just yet, let alone figure out a way to get himself to that level. He has to learn that each and every match is a title match, whether it is on the line or not. Every match is an opportunity, because you never know who is going to see what, or what is going to happen next. My advice is to not let yourself be distracted tonight.

    *She leans back in the chair, which makes a noise similar to a whisper.*

    There are from time to time, things not even I understand. I can easily see that Meth head Matt needs help, lots of help of different varieties. Seeing him last week was disturbing, and to be perfectly honest. I thought the man was a joke of some kind. How do you take a drug addict seriously. How did the company come to the conclusion to sign this guy? Did you see him last week? I don’t care at all about fighting men, but this guy is going to make me get tested after this match, for everything, just to be safe.

    I have trouble imagining him as a wrestler, and well since he is under contract, I guess that means that he is. I kept saying there has to be a catch, something I’m not seeing, but this man literally spends all his free time getting high, or being high. I thought we had a wellness plan, I thought we had a zero tolerance policy, I mean this guy could come out here all smacked up and hurt somebody, I do mean really hurt somebody.

    Jay Star, is a man who just managed to slip past me last week. A talented athlete and should he decide to actually take this seriously and make it his only focus, I see him having a high ceiling. Then again this is a man, who obviously does not think he, of all people should have to pay dues. Jay, do you really think this is going to be any easier than working your way up from the minors?

    This night should play to your strengths, last week you spoke about us not being ourselves and become something else, something primal, I believe you said it was. I believe you thought to be accurate, although more about tonight. Extreme rules, which means you can come on down to the ring with your favorite Louisville slugger, all set to tee off on who ever gets within range of your swing. I’ve seen that swing and I’ll keep an eye out for it, because you can bet your bottom dollar that weapons will come into play. That with guys calling themselves Ghost, “The Effigy of Death”, and the “Devil’s Reject”, oh yes. Thing are going to get primal, medieval, barbaric, and that’s just how far I’m willing to take things. You got just a taste last week, a sample if you will of things to come. At least once my hand is raised, you of all the others will not be surprised.

    *The chair turns in a slow and deliberate manor, not making a sound as she faces the monitors. We see her black hair resting on her shoulders, a white collar shirt, tucked into a black skirt stopping just above the knees, yet the shirt allows a great view of her beautiful round breasts being supported, not squeezed, by a black bra. Showing her legs covered in what look like sheer stockings.*

    What’s there to be said about a man who revels in the past? You seem to be another big violent monster type, we all better watch out for right? You’re one of the Mr. Hardcore types, that little episode you had a couple of weeks back, was well interesting. Perhaps you relive those moments as a way of showing how tough you are. Then again, maybe those were just the good old days, you know back when you were in your prime for that moment in time.

    Your green and it still shows a bit. Now that’s not a bad thing, well a horrible thing, but it is not where you want to be. This is one of those moments when the lights are brighter and any and everything you do is amplified. Have you even thought about where you stand in this division? Ready for this kind of match, I believe you are. You are in fact the one person in this match, who I just think is going to enjoy himself. Just try not to have too much fun.

    Darryl you are a head case. Funny thing is I’m not even joking, I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your voice. I think I would be one to know one when i see one. Let me just tell you what you are in for, here just like in that pseudo world you come from, you are going to beat yourself half the time. Skeletons and demons, they are all around you and falling out of your closet.
    This is not me pretending to know you, this is not even me attempting to make some kind of plea for you to get help. Sooner or later you’ll find your own way, but then again, those demons have ways of making you face them, and in your case the sooner may be the better. Look, tonight you are going to be out there with myself and the rest of the division, and we all want to win this match, and this mach is where our heads are at, you’ll do well to stay checked in.

    *Once she turns to face the camera, she stands to her feet and the chair rolls backward slowly. She glances down at the desk, while shuffling some papers.*

    Mr. Toner, I’ve been told talk is cheap, I’ve also been told that you are a self made millionaire, who is a big talker, which is something that gives me a bit of a giggle. I question your desire, rich spoiled brats come through these doors every so often wanting to come “play” wrestling. What expectations do you have? Have you bought your self some stock in the company?
    If nobody has taken a moment to clue you in, I will. You can’t buy these fans, you can’t buy these titles, you can’t buy what we do. It’s not that easy, never has been and it never will be, and for you to allow yourself even the slightest bit of a thought to the contrary, is delusional. When somebody tonight slams a chair into your head, or bounces you off of a ladder, you will se that your money will not be there to save you.

    *She walks out from behind the desk and moves just in front of it, folding her arms in front of her. Tilting her head to the left just slightly, with a smile on her face.*

    More important than all of that, tonight is not only whee I turn the X-Division upside down it is no doubt a night where I will make my mark. This is more than just Mile High, this is going to be my moment. This is going to be a night that makes people realize, I’m important, that I’m more than just a woman in a man’s division. Tonight is my first step toward truly making my mark in this company, toward building my own legacy, and toward my career.

    For years, since I have been in this business it has been about everybody else first but me. While I’m not complaining, it is past time for a change, it’s past time for me to put Alana Allure first and foremost in everything I do. I wanted this chance, this opportunity, because I know I can handle it, and because I can see a very clear destiny in front of me. This is the right path and it will lead me to become the second woman to hold the X-division title in this company, but it will not stop there.

    Let me be clear, nothing anybody else has done or will do, is going to ever hold me back from anything. What I do, I do for me and for all of the FWA fans around the entire world. When you all say I can’t, that just makes me want to excel even more. I never said anything would be easy and I never expected anything to be given to me. I have always had to work for everything I have gotten, and that’s fine with me. That’s what I prefer, because nobody can take away what you do with your own two hands, and these two hands of mine are going to take hold of the X-Division and I will not let go until I am good and ready, until I have dominated this division, and it is going to start right here in Denver, by any means necessary.

    *Scene fades.*

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    The exterior of a passenger jet cruising through a bright blue sky. We quickly cut inside the massive airliner and find ourselves staring at the currently locked and occupied toilet. Grunts and groans emanate from within, before one last loud grunt brings an end to all the noise and out steps Gabrielle Montgomery wiping her mouth off. She dusts off her knees, adjusts the hemline of her dress and happily smiles. Something about the whole scene however feels off...

    Gabrielle: This is what you all expect when you think of me and Mile High isn't it? To hear the words Mile High and the name Gabrielle spoken together is to conjure such images as this. I cant blame anyone really, I've never shied away from my sexuality. It is a part of me, a part of my legacy. But Mile High is not about your Goddesses sexuality. No for you see Mile High has so much more importance in my divinity. It is a blessed term, it it my status atop the tallest of mountains. A Mile High above all others, it is where everything truly came together, it is where my divine status fully came to be. Mile High is the legacy of a Goddess, the standard bare of my greatness. Mile High is where I will reign supreme once more, it is where I am unstoppable and where my Goddess-hood is at its most pure.

    A shot of a huge mountain, it spans from the earth and ascends to the very heavens themselves, into a world of clouds and angelically sweet music. It is the sight that greets us as The Caramel Coated Goddesses soft voice becomes but a memory for now. The huge monolith, a stark contrast against its otherwise plain and flat surroundings, like a diamond in the rough, a delicate flower growing through the cracks in the sidewalk or a drop of caramel in a sea of simple blue water. It is atop this mountain where our attention is next transported and where The Goddess herself now rests. Upon a throne made of solid gold, sat atop the very world itself, with a smug smile upon those lips. This is what we see first of Gabrielle, of the Goddess herself. The Current reigning and defending FWA World Champion, the very best of the best, and she sits there in devious glee a mile high atop the world fully aware of that fact. Though she is dressed delicately and provocatively in the finest silks and lace, she is not a sexual fantasy on this day. Her poise, her grace, that smile and the gold belt before her all come together to remind us every second that she is a Goddess, a Champion and an Icon. The hemline of her dress is short...very short. It reveals those long smooth legs in all their glory, elegantly long legs crossed one over the other and capped off with red soled dagger heeled Louboutin stilettos. Her little black dress, very tight against her legendary curves exposes no all. Instead the neckline proceeds all the way up to her neck, furthering this elegant aura she has about herself. Her elegantly smooth neck is also adorned with a pair of gold necklaces, that match her large gold hoop earrings that sparkle from amidst her long slightly curled brunette hair. Those gorgeous locks are also delicately adorned with several red roses. She is a picture of beauty but not lust, sensual but not sexual. With her deep brown eyes sparkling and her caramel coated complexion radiating a divine beauty on this day Gabrielle is all about the Goddess that she is, the icon of a woman's strength and determination. This is Mile High after all, the stage where she truly became immortal, the pedestal that elevated her to being a great. That very fact exudes from her body as her words once again grace our ears.

    Gabrielle: I return to the stage of one of my greatest glories. It was the year two thousand and ten, The Great Siege was taking over, Rocky Creed was the FWA World Champion, Matt Boudreau had sadly just lost his greatest battle, Jenny Ignito and I were happily married.

    A lot has changed since then.

    I stepped into my first Mile High a young woman determined to fulfill her childhood dream...but never really expecting too. I had risen through the ranks of the FWA; the first Women's Champion, the first female Tag Team Champion. I had fought and defeated some of the very best in the world. But it still seemed like a pipe dream back then. Standing inside that huge structure with five much larger men...the odds were not on my side. But in the end that didn't even matter because I left that cage as the FWA World Champion...

    Gabrielle Montgomery, the First Lady of Pro Wrestling, The Caramel Coated Goddess grins from ear to ear in pure happiness and pride as she remembers that moment. Her smile only grows further as she gazes upon the shiny gold belt that bares her name. The FWA Unified World Championship itself stands upon a pedestal, literally and figuratively. The most coveted prize in the industry and its hers once more.

    Gabrielle: And I wasn't just another Champion, I held that Title for ten months a feat that only the late Matthew Boudreau has ever surpassed. Since then there have been eight other World Champions, men like Ashley O'Ryan, MC Fromage and Ryan Hall. I watched eight other World Champions crowned after me, and each time it took me back to that Mile High in two thousand and ten. It reminded me of when I climbed this mountain and first reigned supreme.

    I chased that feeling, that triumph, that glory. Seeking it out once more but for four years it was the likes of Chris Kennedy, Phillip Jackson and Shane McLean that beat me there. But despite their moments in the spotlight, four years after the biggest night of my life in this ring...I will step back inside that cage this time already with my name upon the very prize that everyone is fighting for. Where I once stood hoping against all odds that I could win and walk out as the FWA World Champion...I will now stand knowing that I am good enough to do exactly that. Knowing that I have reached the summit of this mountain twice in career. Knowing that despite everything that has been thrown at me I am still the very best in the entire world.

    Gabrielle clasps her hands together, that excitedly happy smile still firmly pressed to her soft lips.

    Gabrielle: I say this not to brag and I will not regale everyone with the stories of my triumphs on this day any longer. For looking to the past never does anyone any favors. I am days away from stepping back inside that cage, days away from fighting against Ryan Rondo, Jason Gryphon, Stu St.Clair...and...Ashley O'Ryan. Four people determined to dethrone me, some motivated by their own glory, and some also motivated by their desire to hurt me. But I feel no fear, no concern, I am not worried. Ever since I defeated Phillip Jackson I have been looking forward to stepping back inside this cage. I have wanted to return back to where it all began, to relive that match, that moment where it all comes to an end and I step outside of all that steel with a gold belt in hand.

    The very thought of recapturing that glory, of winning another Mile High match, of competing against and defeating four of the very best in the history of the FWA at once has me very excited. Shannon O'Neals attempts at fame and glory are all forgotten, she talked a big game but all her lies were for nothing. They didn't change anything, they didn't corrupt reality and they certainly didn't somehow make her career a success. All that matters is this Mile High, taking place just weeks after I won this Title back, and I refuse to lose it, especially so soon.

    I can do what is one of the hardest things to do in this company; step inside that Mile High cage and retain my Championship. So few have ever done it before, Mile High has long been a coronation for new Champions. A night where we witness a new star ascend to the mountain top. Last year was no different, it was the night where Ryan Hall became the World Champion one last time. But this year...well no tradition last forever. This is a year where the defending Champion will leave as the reigning Champion. I say this not to disparage my opposition, not to talk myself up...but because it is a simple fact.

    I did not work as hard as I have over the past three years to finally get this Title back only to lose it again. I was robbed of this Title when I held it the first time, I was betrayed and it was stolen from me. A year went by before I even got an chance to try and win it back, another two after that before I finally did. So Ryan might be motivated and emotionally dedicated, Jason might be striving for glory, Stu might be out to cause pain and become the only five time World Champion in the FWA and...

    ...and Ashley, he might be seeking to fittingly end his career on top of the FWA, but none of them are me. None of them are as good as I am. That is not ego fueling my words, that is me simply evaluating all of our careers. I am the FWA World Champion for a reason, I've held this Championship for eleven months total now, almost an entire year of my twenty eight years has been spent as the undeniable best in the world. Mile High is the perfect opportunity for me to further prove that fact. I've won this match before, I've won an Elimination Chamber before, just weeks ago I won a four way match for the right to now be the World Champion.

    That's me, that's what I have done, that is why I am here; beating the odds and continually proving to the world just how good I am. But lets take a moment to analyze my opponents and what they bring to the table.

    Still she smiles, as she uncrosses and then recrosses her naked legs and ever so gleefully leans towards us. She's enjoying this, the thrill of being Champion, and the impending experience of being in the Mile High Chamber again.

    Gabrielle: There's "the new Gabrielle" as he has so been dubbed in some circles; Ryan Rondo the man who has come oh so close to being the World Champion oh so often as of late, but just fallen short. I know that pain Ryan, that anguish...though I would imagine it would be even worse for you. I had a few opportunities spread out over a few years. You though have fought for the FWA World Championship, or the right to compete for it no less than four times since Back In Business. Four times in less than four months you have just came up short in the biggest match of your career.

    The Fight Night after Back In Business you watched Shane McLean leave the Elimination Chamber as World Champion. At Aftershock you had to watch Phillip Jackson leave the Triple Cages as the new World Champion. Then when the numbers were cut down to three at Red, White and Bruised the result was the same; PAJ walked out as the anointed "greatest wrestler in the world". It didn't end a couple of weeks later you and I were in that ring along with Stu St.Clair and Shane McLean. I won then and went on to the Anniversary Show where I won this Championship...while you Ryan were on the losing end of your own match.

    You might be thinking "fifth time is the charm", you might be feeling confident in surviving your recent cage and chamber matches, but I'm telling you now Ryan; Mile High is unlike anything else you have ever experienced. Its cramped, its dirty, its many people locked in a cage all at once and there can only be one winner. You don't get to rest, you cant hide, you cant relax. Even I won my first Mile High match by a finger nail...or two. That's how hard fought it is in there.

    That's what you and Jason Gryphon cant be prepared for. Elimination Chamber, Triple Cage...they just don't compare to this match. You cant describe it, or truly prepare for it, you just have to hope that a part of you is truly ready for what it entails. No amount of followers, no matter how devoted they may be can prepare you for that. Jason you get your "Gryphons" together and create a human Mile High cage and battle inside of that all you want. Or you can indulge in whatever other training methods you fancy, but actually being inside that're in for a shock.

    She pauses for a few moments, the corners of her lips curling into somewhat of a cruel smirk as she continues to otherwise pleasantly smile.

    Gabrielle: I say this not to discredit you Jason, I like you, and I like Ryan. Two young upstart or not so new wrestlers striving to be the very best in the world. How could anyone hate that? I was once in that exact same position, and nobody gave me a chance either. More than that Jason you managed to do something that I never could...defeat Ryan Hall. A Trial by Fire match that ended with Ryan and the CWA standing tall, and a Back In Business Main Event worthy match on Fight Night that ended in a draw. Then you came along, you uncrowned the supposed "Last King" then you effectively retired him not long after.

    How could anyone not respect that?

    So my confidence over you is not foolish pride, I am not counting you out, nor you Ryan either. I respect and admire what you two are doing, now leading the charge for the new era. Backing down from no one and more often than not winning when it matters. But as good as you both're simply not me, you're not Gabrielle, you're not Divine.

    But can I truly blame mortals for not achieving the levels set by a Goddess?

    That smirk grows as she suddenly gets to her feet, elegantly taking a few steps towards the World Championship where she admires her reflection and her name proudly emblazoned upon it.

    Gabrielle: It is the dream of every man, woman or transgender friend of Ayla's that steps foot in any wrestling ring to be the FWA World Champion. It is a dream that very few ever achieve, to hold this Title takes more than a miracle, more than a lucky win, more than just one moment of greatness. You truly have to be great to stand atop this mountain. You have to be consistently great, consistently better than everyone else. Its not about capitalizing on an era thrust upon the FWA, it is about you capitalizing on your greatness. I never got an era dedicated to me, I just focused on getting better and better whether I was out there fighting Matt Boudreau or wrestling John Nicole in a bra and panties match.

    So despite all your motivations Ryan and Jason do you truly have that last bit of dedication within yourself, that is born completely from your own efforts to take the last step to greatness?

    Gabrielle pauses and lets her last few words hang in the air for several seconds. As she does two figures emerge from the shadows, two figures of completely contrasting height to one another. The smaller one to Gabrielle's left wears a huge grin on her face, pink ribbons in her hair and a little pink Tutu all capped off by those sweet brown eyes. The one to our Goddesses right, matching her height, her curves, her skin tone, and her devious little smirk while dressed in a similar but much more cleavage exposing black dress. It is Gabrielle as she was twenty four years ago and Gabrielle as she was four years ago. The trio join hands and all smile, a sweetly disturbing image of our Goddess at three different times in her life; the young dreamer, the determined and somewhat cruel Goddess of The Mountain, and the Caramel Goddess as she is now.

    Gabrielle: From an early age in my FWA career I knew I was destined for great things. A man like Christopher Stalling's does not single you out with praise for nothing, and from an even earlier age in my life I dreamed I was destined for those great things. Though I always had doubts, there was never a single light bulb moment that made me realize just how great I could be. From the days of battling Jenny Ignito and even stepping in the ring with Jillian de Silva I knew I could achieve my wildest dreams.

    In your eyes Ryan and your eyes Jason I see the fire, the hunger, the passion, the emotion, the desire...but I don't see the belief. You both need that Championship to prove to the world, and to yourselves that you are that great. You've both defeated former World Champions; Ryan Hall, Stu St.Clair, Jack Severino, Ashley O'Ryan, PAJ and others. But when those bright lights are at their brightest do you two believe that you can win, or do you need to see that Championship in your hands to believe it?

    That is the difference between the greats and the almost's.

    The youngest Gabrielle seems almost giddy, the mountain , the World Title with her name on it, the confidence and swagger oozing from the woman she will become all adding up to her young mind. While The Goddess Gabrielle once was just smirks, she knows she's that good, she knows that the oldest Gabrielle is speaking of her triumphs. While Gabrielle the mother and divorcee simply locks her attention upon her Championship. Her eyes no longer gazing into our souls as she never once looks up at our vantage point.

    Gabrielle: The greats have that desire withing themselves to achieve the very best they can...for themselves. Not to prove it to anyone, but to show everyone that is how good they are. That is what drove Stu St.Clair to four World Championships, Ashley O'Ryan to more Titles than anyone else, and myself to more Titles than any other woman. As much as I despise Stu St.Clair the man, I respect him as a wrestler...and Ashley...


    I guess Stuart is happy about all of this at least. The Black Widow hurt Ashley just as he predicted, just as he tried to warn Ashley about...and just as I denied with all my heart.

    A sigh escapes those soft lips of hers and the incarnations of younger Gabrielle's both frown. To them Ashley is the ideal husband and a great friend.

    Gabrielle: I never meant to live up to Stu's idea of myself, I fought against his every word, disgusted that someone could look at me in such a callous light. I knew I was better than that and that Stu was just trying to hurt me and hurt Ashley before he was left all alone. and I we were set to go on and start living the perfect life together. We were having so much fun, our kids all got along...everything was perfect until you proposed to me. I said no not because I didn't love you, but because I did and do love you. I didn't want to rush into another marriage, I wanted to rediscover the innocent, loving woman I was. The woman who could truly be a devoted wife.

    But plans don't always work out as we imagine. If they did after all this would be my second Mile High defending the World Championship in a row. But instead my hair was set ablaze by MC Fromage in my first Trial By Fire match. My plan for you and I though Ashley was so much more important. I saw a loving husband, and an adoring father in you. Carmella adored every second she spent with you, as did I. But I ruined it all and now in what is to be your last match we have to face off. You Ashley with all your hurt, sorrow and anger...and me filled with remorse.

    How do I fight against that?

    How do I bring myself to stop the man I loved from having the storybook ending to his career?

    Well...I know that Ashley O'Ryan as much as he may dislike me for how things ended between us would want nothing short of my best in his last match. I cant disappoint him again, and I cant disappoint my Carmella by giving anything less than my absolute best out there. So Stu if you were expecting less than my best out there, and were looking forward to cashing in on all this turmoil you will be sadly disappointed Snake. I took everything you could dish out, everything, every trick, every shot. I was left aching for weeks after our war at Red, White and Bruised but I still won.

    I still beat the Snake at his absolute best, it is one of my greatest triumphs. A match that many would not be able to walk away from, let alone find a way to win. Yet I did, I endured it all Stu and I beat you. Despite any joy you might feel in being able to tell Ashley "I told you so" I know that last the same time that fact is burned in your mind. You did everything you could and it still was not enough. What do you have left up your sleeves now Stu? I've seen it all already.

    Any thoughts of Vodka and Venom being on the same page again, aligning again and securing the match for one of you two. But even after you both managed to come together last week against Ryan and Jason that is simply not a possibility. Ashley still choose me over you, I don't brag about that anymore. But he saw the true cruelty that still exists in you Stu and was horrified. So you can fill his head with thoughts about who I am, and how I hurt him but he saw just how much of a monster you still are and wanted away from you.

    When Ashley has the chance to retire as the World Champion he wont be helping a cruel monster like you succeed. I know him far too well for well for that, even though he will be focused upon hurting me in this match and I don't blame him for it, his drive for personal glory, a drive he hides underneath his love for his family will have him focused upon the Championship belt that currently bares my name.

    Again a sigh escapes her very being. The youngest Gabrielle, the one who formerly had a huge smile on her face and was practically jumping for joy as she heard about all she would grow up to achieve now has a tear in her eye and looks down at the ground.

    Gabrielle: For more than just the guilt I feel I find myself rooting for you Ashley, if anyone deserves to go out on top it is certainly you. More than any other wrestler, myself included. You're an icon of the FWA, a true legend, a true icon, a man of great deeds and even greater heart. Someone who has entertained us all for close to a decade now. But I have to play the role of party crasher and send Ashley into retirement on a loss...

    The older but still younger Gabrielle now looks just as sorrowful as the little four year old, one of her dearest friends is now retiring...heartbroken.

    Gabrielle: Because of that this will be a victory that I cannot entirely enjoy. Stepping foot inside that cage and defeating four of the best in the world will be a great triumph but hurting Ashley again that's something I do not look forward too, even Melly will be torn with her cheering for mommy and the man she'd call "monkey daddy". It tarnishes just how much joy I can have in retaining my Championship...but at the same time I cant even consider losing it.

    My plans for you and I did not work out, now the dual ideas of what I want to see from this match...well one of them has to falter. We cant both win, not anymore. Especially with Stu breathing down both of our necks, I think he'll actually want to make me pay more than you do Ashley. He'll enjoy his lies having come true in a twisted way, perhaps even more than he's enjoy being the World Champion.

    So much to consider, so much to fight for. But when I stand back and just gaze upon that Championship...I am reminded of what this truly is. This is a Mile High match, this is a return to where I first achieved true greatness. This is a match where I compete against four of the best. Two of them have stood where I stand now, the other two want too. I cant afford to get caught up in the emotions of sorrow or pain. Not when the little girl inside me is so caught up in the dream come true, and the Goddess I once was has yearned to recapture these glories.

    The trio of Gabrielle's slowly begin to smile again. The little girl witnessing her future, the Goddess witnessing her resurgence back to the top of the mountain and Gabrielle herself, THE Gabrielle seeing in her reflection upon the gold Title belt just how much it all means to her. Those smiles slowly return, after all while there is cause for sadness, there is so much more reason to smile. The Goddess will march back to where she was made truly divine...and emerge from that place a legend.

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    The New Era

    “It is the day of Mile High. Denver has been buzzing for a while. The FWA has started to return to prominence after a near collapse. And once again, a world title match has everyone hooked. What will happen? Will Gabrielle’s recent controversy affect her retaining the belt? Will Ashley O’Ryan make the fairytale ending for his fairytale story? Can Stu St. Clair become resurgent once again and be the slithery serpent like being we’ve come to know him as once more? Can Jason Gryphon continue to cultivate the millions with his words of wisdom and hope by shocking the world? Or can the man on a mission, Ryan Rondo finally make it to the top after so long? All these questions are answered TONIGHT! Live on pay per view! Order now!”

    Todd Salum’s voiceover on a Mile High PPV promo assaults Ryan Rondo’s ears as he sits, alone, in his own locker room – it’s the afternoon of the event, he’s training himself and preparing himself for the task later on that night. He sits and goes through the same damn things in his head to hype himself up and keep that mindset throughout the night. Have the mindset of the victorious and that is what you will become. Mentality is as important as any physical or technical attribute. Nobody in this match knows that they’re going to win for sure. But in the next half an hour, after he psyches himself out… that changes. He will know that he is winning the match. For sure. It’s not a cocky thing… it’s the mindset that breeds the skills you see in the ring. He knows that he can be technical as he’s shown against people like Mac Michaud, Stu St. Clair himself amongst others. He knows that he can be physical as he’s shown in the brutal encounters he has had with Devin Golden. There’s been so many times in his five year FWA career where he has shown he can be the best at anything there is. Now it’s time to prove it.

    “The Last Star in the Sky” sits in a steel chair, facing towards his hangers where his blue suit lies – something to wear later at the after party too – whilst wearing his shiny emerald green and white, Sunrise-Sunset branded, wrestling gear and an “The Amazing One” t-shirt. Two past memoires of a past Ryan Rondo. One that learned a lot under the watchful eye of a friend and one that won the hearts of so many fans. Maybe they’re both. Maybe he just likes the idea of wearing the things of the past that have made him who he is nowadays. The concentration is broken by a continuous vibrating sound that ends with a smack. Rondo turns around to have seen his phone smacked onto the floor from next to his pocket due to the vibrations.

    He bends over and picks it up. A text.


    Rondo chuckles to himself. His mother may be slightly young for her age but her texting bravado is amusing. Always in capitals and not knowing how to do smiley faces. This is going to be the mother of a world champion. She’s always been supportive, always been the one to cheer him on. But the second part of his text is what surprises him the most. Rondo’s father and he never saw eye to eye anymore. Infact the memory of it is something that contributed to the sort of person Rondo comes across when speaking on the mic nowadays.

    It was the day of Ryan Rondo’s 18th birthday, his father beckoned him into his office lounge for a ‘talk’. His father was the sort of rich old guy who always seemed to punch above his weight, he liked to smoke cigars and was well connected. Ryan Rondo did not come from a poor background, no, his family have always been well off.

    “Take a seat, son! You’re 18! I think it’s time we celebrated!”

    His dad sat him down at a chair at his big oak table and went around to the other end to sit opposite Ryan. He pulled out two Cuban cigars and handed one over to his son.

    “Not only are you 18 but I got you a present. A present you’ll celebrate for the rest of your life! I got you that scholarship to Harvard Law, you’re going to do it! You’re going to be a lawyer. Dan’s well on his way to becoming a great politician and you can be DA one day. The Rondo name will continue to burn brightly.”

    Rondo’s father lay back, one of his waistcoat buttons struggling not to pop, as he lit the cigar and twirled it around before puffing out a big bit of smoke. Ryan did not light his cigar, he put it down and looked at his dad.

    “Dad. I have to tell you something.”

    His dad leant forward and looked at him.

    “Hmm? If it’s the thing where you got stoned then so what? You smoked a little weed, you know how it is… you should’ve seen your Mom back in the day!”

    His dad always had a hearty chuckle… and chuckle he did. It was one of those chuckles that you could tell this guy… probably was an asshole.

    Ryan shuffled uncomfortably in his seat.

    “No, Dad. I don’t want the scholarship.”

    His dad paused… then laughed for a moment… then paused again then suddenly went a pale colour. That was Ryan Rondo’s first ever pipebomb.

    “You better be kidding me?”

    His dad spoke every word louder and more hostile than the one before.

    “I don’t want it. I don’t want to be a lawyer, Dad. I don’t want the life you have planned for me. I want to be a professional wrestler. I want to climb to the top rope and dive off of it like the world has never seen. I want to be a world c… ”

    Before he could even finish speaking he was met with a thunderous retort

    “YOU WHAT!?”

    Cigar flying out the mouth, hitting the carpet and burning it before going out.


    Ryan never liked being insulted by anyone or being patronised. He didn’t have to like his father.

    “You know what? Fuck this. I knew you wouldn’t understand! I don’t need your money, I don’t need your scholarships. You’ll see, one day. I’ll be the best wrestler there is and the world will know the Rondo names for reasons other than money and corruption! I’m out of here!”

    Ryan got up, never looked back and stormed out the door. He heard his father shout that if he left, he was never to come back. He didn’t go back. He went to his mother’s house. A broken family became even more broken that night.

    His dad and him have never had a five second conversation since… and suddenly, he’s here.

    This isn’t a story about Ryan Rondo and his daddy issues. It’s about so much more than that.

    Rondo sits and scrolls through his phone – you’re told never to read internet forums. He lurks at some place from time to time. Right now he sits reading a discussion thread about Mile High… Gabrielle has seen her fair share of criticism in forum posts but he always sees the same things from just about the same people.

    ‘Rondo will fail. He will always be the guy that never was. The guy who got close but won’t be remembered. The guy who can’t win the big one. Choke artist. Inferior to the top tier in every aspect.’

    As he sits there, he thinks about it. No word there is true. It’s all lies.

    There’s so much fuel to burn in his mind to get himself ready to prove those who doubt him wrong. He knows there are four other people in this match that aren’t counting him out. They’re the only ones who realistically matter.
    He sits and looks up at the ceiling, the voice in his head begins speaking to him. Of course, he’s just speaking to himself… he’s not suffering from psychosis or anything else.

    “Four people are all that stands in the way. Just four, normal people. It doesn’t matter what Dad thinks. It doesn’t matter what the IWC think. It doesn’t matter what Gabrielle thinks. It doesn’t matter what Stu, Jason or Ashley think. It only matters what I think. And I think I’ll prove everybody… no, I know that I’ll prove everbody wrong. I’ll show the world that the new era has finally arrived and that Ryan Rondo is at the forefront. I’m the one that everyone has needed, I’ve been right before their eyes and they won’t know until now.”

    The sitting Rondo hops up and begins to bounce up on down on the spot, a pre match warmup. What goes through his head right now is what will go through his head ten minutes before the match. It will go through his head as his music hits and he heads to the ring. It is what will run through his head many times throughout the match. It is what will run throughout his head until his arm is raised victoriously.

    “Everyone wants this! Gryphon, Stu, Ashley, Gabrielle… they can all win it. But they WON’T. I’ll win it. It’s MY TIME. Nobody wants this more. Nobody beats my drive, my ambition… nobody beats me anymore.

    Gabrielle wants to tell the world that she’s overcome so much time and time again to get where she is today and that is perfectly fine with me. But she can’t use that to try and beat me or make people cheer for her because I have overcome so many damn obstacles myself that her words mean nothing to me. I’ve spent four and a half years on the back burner of everyone’s minds and that has kept me back with people telling me I’m not good enough or confident enough to get the job done. I’ve had my own father doubt me from day one. I’ve had my brother doubt me too, I’ve had almost my entire family think of me as lowly because of what I chose to do. But tonight… tonight is the night that I prove them ALL WRONG. Tonight is the night that people finally realise that I am amongst the ranks of the best… because right now, I am THE BEST. Only recently have people decided that I am a force to contend with and that will continue to be the impression I leave. Gabrielle has overcome so many obstacles in her career – being stereotyped as a female wrestler, the sex tape and just in general, criticism… but there is one obstacle that she is going to fail at getting past tonight. That’s ME!”

    After a shift in movement, Rondo continues to warm up with some shadow boxing, the sweat starting to pour down him now as he continues to be deep in thought.

    “Stu St Clair thinks that he still has it. Thinks that he can be the dominant force that he once was. I respect Stu and I know he respects me. No matter what we say, we will always have a level of respect for each other. But I’ve outshone him too many times to let him get the best of me now. He might be as powerful as he was but I know that I could beat any Stu St. Clair now. I know that I could overcome the snake whenever I have to. He’s as dangerous as ever… but I’m at the best I have ever been. Can Stu really bring himself to ruin Ashley O’Ryan’s night? I can, I’ll do it in a heartbeat. Stu St. Clair is forever a great… but that is not going to stop me from being the one to win this match. Everybody here will find their way into the Hall of Fame one day… but this is my turn to begin my path in that direction.”

    After a few minutes of shadow boxing, Rondo opens his locker room door and walks out into the corridor and makes the walk that he will make later that night. As he walks he begins to think about the mindset that his opponents will adopt… they’ll have thoughts swirling in their head.

    “What will Ashley think when he realises that this is the last time he will be making this walk? Will he decide to turn it up another gear? Will he feel emotional? I feel so very sorry that he is going out this way. Ashley O’Ryan really is one of the greatest. He has won the big one, he has dominated the tag division and he captured everybody’s hearts. You always hear people slate him as an alcoholic and woman beater who kicked a pregnant woman… but everyone makes mistakes. People still accost Rondo for the Shane McLean incident. Ashley has lived with it and tonight he makes his final bow. But that doesn’t mean he deserves to take my chance away. Ashley O’Ryan is a hero but his swan song is not to be a night of him being victorious… it’s unfortunate that I have to make him play second fiddle to me becoming the champion. It breaks my heart that I have to prevent Ashley O’Ryan from having the ending he deserves – but this is what it takes to be champion. The courage to make decisions that some may revile you for. It’s true. Rondo turned his back on the FWA universe but if he didn’t, he may not be in this match… he may not have broken out. Ashley O’Ryan will not win. But I am honoured to be apart of his final hurrah. He and Stu ended the fairytale that was Sunrise-Sunset, I was against Vodka and Venom with Gryphon in their final tag match… and now tonight, I am with Ashley O’Ryan in his final match. Our story’s have intertwined too much recently but tonight is the final chapter of it all.”

    Walking through the stage to an empty arena, he feels slightly spooked that he’s staring down at the ring that Ashley O’Ryan makes his bow. He’s also staring at the first wrestling set up his father will ever see. He’s looking at the ring in which he will finally get the gold. He will walk down that ramp and stare at so many fans… they’ll become a blur but he will know that some support Ashley, some Gabrielle, some Stu… and some Gryphon. If Ryan Rondo wasn’t in this match, he’d be supporting Gryphon too.

    “Jason Gryphon is my friend, a trusted one at that. But he knows that the New Era teamwork and the future teamwork down the line is non existent tonight, as do I. This is Jason Gryphon vs Ryan Rondo vs Gabrielle vs Stu St. Clair vs Ashley O’Ryan. There’s no teams here. Every man will go for it. I’ve played my part in the New Era team but now it’s time to play my part in the story of myself. I’ve said for months that I will not stop, I will not quit and it’s still true. Jason Gryphon is a future champion but his time is not now, he is not the one to stand out for the new era, that is what I am going to do. Jason Gryphon will become one of the greatest but not at my expense. We will be friends no matter what but for one night only, we aren’t going to be friends in that ring. He wants to deliver the belt for his fans… I can’t allow that. I’ve got time against me and a promise to keep to everyone.”

    “The Last Star in the Sky” Ryan Rondo makes his way into the ring and he takes a quick walk around, surveying the empty arena. Who knows the wave of chants that will wash over the match?

    He takes a quick panoramic of the arena all whilst giving himself food for thought.

    “This is my time. I’ll stand tall, finally. I’ll look at my father’s eyes and I’ll show him that he was wrong. I’ll show those that doubt me that they are wrong. I am not the man that could have been in the FWA, I am not a choke artist. I will be THE MAN in the FWA and I will show that I am capable of the greatest things. I’ll show the world a burning light that never shined so bright. I will trade a limb for a victory, I will do anything to walk out with that belt strapped against my waist. I’ll go until every teardrop, drop of sweat and drop of blood has left my body. I will not quit until I, and the rest of this arena, hear the words FWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and RYAN RONDO in the same sentence. I am the champion that the FWA yearns for, I am the man that the fans needs... I can be the flag bearer for us all. I will do everything in my power to fulfill the promises i've made and win that belt. There's nothing that can stop me. THE FWA IS MY HOME. IT'S TIME THAT I SHOWED THAT I BELONG HERE MORE THAN EVER!

    This isn’t going to be the peak of Ryan Rondo, it is only the beginning. The true beginning of the new era. The beginning of the Ryan Rondo era.”


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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    "I accept"

    The glorious lights shine bright on the main drag of Hollywood's Sunset Strip. A bumper-to-bumper setting shows tens up to around 30 cars going in either direction, parking, taxi cabs waving down customers and vice versa. The busy, boisterous block is shining with glowing colors all around, from the old-fashioned movie theater-style clubs to glistening bars with large overhead shining signs advertising whatever special for that night. Slick-dressed men slide down the street with proud, happy, soon-to-be-frivilous faces. Some wear tuxedos. Others wear coat and a collared shirt. Maybe they have a nice gown dress, or whatever.

    This is the 2001 version of the Hollywood Sunset Strip, a setting famously for the rock-n-roll scene of the 1970s and 1980s. The hair metal scene exploded this area, but now the feeling has extremely altered to a classier, more professional feeling. The music scene changed from the long-haired, rock-n-roll standard to the new age, punk rock aura.

    And with it, this mile-and-a-half stretch of Sunset Boulevard famous for its wall-to-wall billboard advertising and service industry venues used to be the hottest place in California for up-and-coming bands to make a name for themselves. Guns 'N Roses, Motley Crue, Poison, Van Halen, L.A. Guns, Quiet Riot and so many other famous bands started on the Sunset Strip.

    That's the history.

    That's the identity.

    That's what it means and why it's important.

    But with the end of glam rock and the rise of pop punk, and before that Nirvana and the grunge age, the central music activity shifted to Echo Park and Silver Lake. The Sunset Strip just wasn't what it used to be.

    And it needed someone to bring it back to glory, even if that someone was starting at just one bar, one venue. The Roxy, arguably the most famous.

    *Knock, Knock, slow creaking sound*

    A gorgeous, wavy group of blond hair strands first emerges in the increasing gap between the door and the wooden frame. Eventually, the makeup-donning, medium-sized breasts hyped up by a black "The Rocky" tanktop with white lettering right across the bust. The skin is revealing down to just around the flattening-out as a young, 18-year-old Shannon O'Neal walks into the brown wooden room.

    "Yes, Shannon. Sit down. Thanks for coming to see me."

    Shannon takes a seat with her tattoos marked down each arm but no nose ring, no boisterous earrings. Nothing of that sort.

    "Shannon, let me ask you a question. You moved here three years ago. A high school dropout. I know the story. But why?"

    Shannon repositions herself and looks up to this faceless voice, presumably her boss or the venue's manager or whatever, and gives her best, most elegant answer.

    "My mother, sir. She worked here in the Sunset Strip during the 1980s. I always heard stories growing up. As a 6 year old living in Indiana I got to hear stories about Guns 'N Roses, Poison, Van Halen. Living with my dad and in a bible-believing small town in Indiana, it just wasn't me. I wanted to live my mom's stories. And when she stopped telling me good stories, well, I wanted them even more.

    So I figured I'd stop dreaming and start living. Then I found out why she stopped telling me good stories in her phone calls and everything."

    Shannon O'Neal feels confident in that answer, that story. She's not entirely sure, though, why she's here. She knows the club isn't doing well, hasn't been getting nearly enough business and has resorted to all other clubs' much-disagreeable practice of "pay-to-play" business tactics. Aside from that, this meeting could be nothing more than a get-to-know session, but Shannon feels there is something more.

    "Shannon, you've been here for a year. You know better than anyone the times we've fallen on. Business hasn't been great, but I have confidence it is turning. Point being, I need help. I knew I had a solid bartender when I hired you from The Troubadour. I never knew I had a solid potential manager."

    Shannon's face rises up, her eyes widen with surprise. She never expected this. Not a career.

    "I need someone to run this place. I need someone to make this into something. What do you say?"

    Shannon O'Neal stutters for a few seconds and then goes silent. Her mind is lost in thought.

    "I don't know. I...I mean, I know I'm smart but I just never thought of this as a career path. My band is starting up. I don't know about the time commitment. I don't know about...I appreciate the offer's a lot of responsibility and I just don't know."

    A two-second pause follows. Shannon feels like the weight of the world is lifted off her shoulders.

    "Alright, well, I need to make a decision today. I wish I could give more time, but I can't."

    Shannon nods her head and gets up. She mutters a soft, respectful "thank you" and heads for the door. She almost feels like she made the wrong decision. Almost. But then...that almost becomes a "definitely."

    "Hey, Shannon, can you send Alex to my office? He was my second option."

    She smiles and nods, but deep down she's bursting with a mixture of anger and tears. Hearing someone else's name in this drives her insane. Alex? ALEX?!?! She would've been perfect for the job, and she threw it away. And now she feels she can't go back, even though that's completely silly.

    She keeps walking, and eventually finds Alex.


    Shannon O'Neal is wiser. That's what happens when you live life. You experience things. You make mistakes. You make fork-in-the-road choices that lead you down a specific life path and then more paths and more paths and more paths and like a tree with branches leading to branches leading to branches, you eventually look back at your entire life's story from the first day to the present and see how everyone else's life differs from yours, where it specifically differed and how similar yours is to another's and all the other psychological examinations one could make.

    For instance, Shannon O'Neal, now a 31-year-old, late-blooming wrestler is visibly different in her life's road than Gabrielle Montgomery. Shannon O'Neal is wiser. She is experienced in living life and making tough decisions.

    As the blond-haired, tattoo-sporting, nose-ring expressing FWA female walks from her locker room, she notices a group of female FWA fans privy to a backstage experience at the Mile High pay-per-view. Shannon O'Neal is courted with hand waves, screams and cheers. Her smile is beaming, from ear to ear. Jack of Diamonds closes the locker room door behind Shannon, who walks up to the excitable group.

    "Shannon, you HAVE to beat Eyesnsane tonight! You've become a role model!"

    Shannon O'Neal smiles and nods her head. She offers a shy "Thank you" and "I will do my best." At the heart of all her critiques and brash comments about FWA World Champion Gabrielle Montgomery and the general state of how women are viewed in the FWA compared to men, she's still the same shy, self-aware, introvert personality with thousands of goals for her life and tons of regrets.

    "'re the woman that has to change everything!"

    That's the next statement, and the one that hits.

    "You do realize how important this match with Eyesnsane is, right?! I mean...if you win this match, a woman who has been so vocal about everything beating a man, you reinforce everything you've said. You'll be the true savior of the FWA's women's division."

    "Well...I don't know about that. We have Beatrixx Black and Alana Allure...but I will do my best."

    An FWA backstage employee walks up and ushers Shannon O'Neal away from her fans. She smiles and waves back to the foursome, who offer more "good luck" sentiments as the shy, tweener Shannon O'Neal walks to the entrance tunnel for her upcoming match.

    And in that moment, she thinks of the challenge proposed to her. From her words, her hard work and her ability to stand up for what she feels is right and what she feels NEEDED to be said, she has been asked to take up the ever-important role of savior. She is asked to be the person changing everything.

    Not Alana Allure. Not Beatrixx Black. Not Saddle Sally. Not Ayla El. Her. Shannon O'Neal. All eyes are on her. All words are about her. She's tried deflecting responsibility the entire time, but she knows there's no hiding from it. She stood up and said what she said. Now she needs to do what must be done.

    It starts tonight. Against James "Eyesnsane" Hughes. A one-time FWA Tag Team Champion. An established FWA veteran. A blossoming contender in the North American championship division. A stingy competitor without any fear or restraint from physically harming a member of the opposite sex so he can leave a match victorious. A noble personality who also has lived life, made good and bad decisions and is far along his own tree branch.

    But he isn't taking on a new responsibility, the weight of an entire gender of fans on his shoulders.

    It must be restated. Shannon O'Neal stood up and said what she said about Gabrielle Montgomery and her stranglehold on the limitations of women in the FWA. Now she must do something to change these wrongs. It starts tonight...against James "Eyesnsane" Hughes, one of the most respected veterans on the FWA roster.

    Poor bastard.

    "I accept."

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    Re: FWA Mile High promo thread

    Doubting Marcus

    The lights are very low, and there is low rock music heard somewhere in the background. As we focus in we see a bar. A run-down dingy looking dive bar. The floor and walls look stained from time, as if nothing inside had been renovated since the 1970's. The smell isn't too pleasant either. It smells like a mixture between cigarettes and stale spilt beer, or maybe mold? Cigarette smoke fills the area, and even though it is illegal to smoke in bars in New York City no one seems to mind. Looking around, there are only about three men in their fifties or sixties scattered along the stools at the bar. The bartender, who is about the same age, converses sporadically with them. Behind him is an old sign meant to look like a street sign that reads 'R Jay's Pub'. In a small back room there are two gray-bearded men who seem to be in a motorcycle club playing pool. The tables along the perimeter are all empty. Well, except for one. In the corner table, the least lit part of the bar sits "The Monarch of Shadows" Marcus Thane. Thane has a black leather jacket on with a black t-shirt underneath. His black hair partially dangles over his face as usual. Thane takes a sip out of what appears to be whiskey on the rocks as he stares off downward at the table. It's clears that his thoughts are elsewhere.

    Thane: What the hell am I even doing here? This place is disgusting, and what am I accomplishing anyway? Do I even really want to see him? I doubt he wants to see me. I don't know... I have plenty of other things to worry about other than this. I should be getting focused and ready for my match with KAIZEN. I barely beat him last time, but now it’s a Last Man Standing match. And now, just because he got the ever underachieving Mac Michaud in his beat the clock challenge and managed to beat him about two seconds quicker than I would have grabbed my flag and shown Vincent that I am in charge of this division, people are doubting me once again. People always doubt me though... kind of how I'm doubting my decision to come here.

    Not only do I have my match with KAIZEN to worry about, but then my prize for winning is a match with Randy Ramon for my title. This kid might seem a little goofy and off the wall, but he took some tough guys out to earn that spot. And of course now I have the fearless leader of the X-Division, Vincent Blackbird, on my ass. Trying to show people that I don't deserve this belt. I think he is just worried that I mean more to his new playground than he does. Then there is Michael Garcia who wants to take out the X-Division, meaning me. Not to mention guys like Danny Toner, Meth-Head Matt, and Darryl Digby trying to make a name for themselves by taking my title. Even Alana Allure has made it public knowledge that she believes she can take my title from me. I don't mind, there will always be a target on your back when you’re on top. My point is, do I really need to be making another enemy at this point?

    But, this is Brennan O'Brien! He's like a big brother to me. Well, he used to be at least. I still remember when he moved into my building from Ireland. It was about a year after my mother passed. Brennan was a few years older and looked out for me. Brennan's always been big and he could handle himself, but he didn't know the neighborhood and its little intricacies. For that reason I had to look out for him too. As we got older, we did some, well, less than reputable things. We had other people work for us or help us out, but the constant was always me and Brennan. I left that lifestyle a few years back, I was done adding to the evil in the world. I decided to focus my hate into something more productive. I started wrestling, but Brennan was less than thrilled with me leaving the business. We had a falling out because he wanted me to stay in that life. He said there was some big job that he needed me for. I just wish he would've understood my take on it. Things got pretty ugly between us before I left. The last I heard, Brennan was in prison. I heard he got about five years. I didn't even know he was out. Maybe I'm just losing it, maybe that wasn't him I saw outside of here the other day. Even if it was, what makes me think he'll be here again? Great, now I'm even doubting myself...

    Thane loses his train of thought as he hears the front door open. Everyone in the bar goes silent for a moment and then begin whispering here and there to each other as Brennan O'Brien walks in. We get a better look at his size and he has to be close to seven feet tall. Brennan's hair is pulled back in a ponytail and he has a full beard. His clothes fit loosely and he is wearing a black vest with a white t-shirt underneath, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of brown boots. Thane does not move, but just shifts his eyes to stare at O'Brien as he makes his way through the bar. Everyone else is trying not to stare at him. They clearly know who Brennan is, probably not for the best reasons, and they make their distance clear. Brennan looks to the corner to see Thane staring blankly at him, drink in hand, and cracks a menacing little smile before stopping at the bar. Brennan receives two drinks and continues on his way over to Thane still smiling. Thane's expression hasn't changed; he still stares, without emotion, at Brennan. Brennan places the drinks on the table before holding his arms out, with no reaction from Thane. Brennan speaks with a slight hint of an Irish accent.

    Brennan: No hug? Not even a handshake?

    Brennan pulls out a chair and sits across from Thane as he slides one of the drinks toward Thane before gulping down his own, whiskey neat.

    Brennan: On the rocks for you.

    Thane: What do you want?

    Brennan: What do I want? Aren't you the one who came here to see me? I figured you were here to apologize. You bailed on me. You got me arrested.

    Thane: I got you arrested?! I had nothing to do with that. I told you I wanted out; that I was making changes. I was done with living that way.

    Brennan: You left me without back-up, with people I couldn't rely on. I did four years because of that. I just got out last month!

    Thane: And you just happened to stumble past my interview?

    Brennan laughs a little before speaking, but there is no joy in his laugh.

    Brennan: No, no I had to get your attention. I had to make sure you know that you owe me. I need you to come back and help me make up for lost time. You and I used to be feared out here. We could make some real money.

    Thane is almost in disbelief at what Brennan just said. He goes to speak several times before being able to compose himself enough to have a coherent thought.

    Thane: No, Brennan, YOU were feared. I was respected. You were the reckless one who would snap at the drop of a dime. I was the architect; I knew how to keep our hands clean, how to keep you cool. It's really no surprise to me that you got arrested once I left. You were off your leash. It was only a matter of time I suppose. But I told you I'm done with all that. I'm sorry about what happened to you, but I'm at a different time in my life.

    Brennan has another glass of whiskey neat brought over to him while Thane still works on his original drink, the one Brennan brought him sits there untouched. Brennan takes a long gulp from his glass before speaking.

    Brennan: Too busy with your wrestling career? (Brennan says this sarcastically, clearly disgusted at the fact.) I see you on TV, and you've changed. You go out there and preach against evil after all of the evil things we have done? I just don't understand.

    Thane: I preach against evil BECAUSE of how much I've seen; how much I've been a part of. It cannot hide in the shadows anymore. I'm doing well in the FWA; I won the X-Division Title. Things are changing for me.

    Brennan: I know, KAIZEN almost had you though.

    Brennan smirks as he says this. Thane looks at Brennan and sort of cracks a slight grin himself, trying to fight it back. It's maybe the most emotion we've seen from him this whole time.

    Thane: Almost, but he didn't. And he won't this time either. Everyone seems to doubt my title reign, doubting that I'll be able to keep the title. It makes it tough sometimes, they can almost convince you of your own inferiorities. But, I step up when I have to. They'll see, sooner or later, that I'm not going anywhere, and I will not lose to KAIZEN.

    Brennan: I know you won't. Especially not in a Last Man Standing Match. I've seen you take a few beatings in your life, but I've never seen you stay down. You would get back to your feet no matter what happened to you. I swear if you got hit by a truck you would try to walk it off. Just know that these people who place any doubt in your skills, or your heart, do not know the real you. You have a drive unlike anyone else, and I have never doubted you for a second. KAIZEN doesn't realize the animal that's getting unleashed in a Last Man Standing Match.

    Thane cracks a full smile now and almost laughs.

    Thane: So, you've been watching this wrestling stuff, huh? I thought you were so against it.

    Brennan: Oh, I am. But I had to keep tabs on you. (Brennan pauses for a moment before showing a more serious demeanor.) Listen, I'm happy to hear things have changed for you, but they haven't for me. I need to make some money; I'm basically living on the streets. Me and you will be doing some business, there is no discussion here. We can do this friendly, or not so friendly. I hope we can get along, we're like brothers after all. But, this is happening either way… I'll be seeing you soon.

    Brennan finishes off his drink before getting to his feet. He pulls out a napkin with his phone number on it, folds it in half, and slides it to Thane with a small smirk. Thane is sitting up in his seat and stares coldly at Brennan. Brennan lights a cigarette, takes a drag, and heads back out the front door.

    Thane takes a deep breath and grabs the napkin off the table, stuffing it in his pocket. He slouches back in his seat as he thinks to himself.

    Thane: What the hell was that about? He really expects me to do that? I wish I could help him out, but I'm not doing whatever it is he has planned. . I doubt he would actually try to hurt me. But he has been in prison for some time... that could change anyone. Am I really sure I can trust him either way? I doubt it.

    Enough of this, I should be focusing on KAIZEN. No one besides me thinks I can beat him again. I am sick of being doubted. Am I the only one who believes I can prove I deserve to be the X-Division Champion? Like Brennan said, no one can keep me down, I will keep fighting until I am dead or pretty close; it isn’t very easy to stop me.

    Thane pauses for a second as he realizes what he is saying

    Thane: I guess there is one person who has never doubted me, sometimes to his own fault. So why should I be the one to doubt him now? We are brothers. Sure, he has been a evil person, but so was I at one time.

    There is a long pause as Thane contemplates an idea.

    Thane: Maybe there is a way that I could help both of us out…

    A smile forms across Thane’s usual stoic face as he finally finishes his original drink. He then picks up the drink Brennan bought him, cheers’ no one, drinks it ice melted and all, then exits ‘R Jay’s Pub.’

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