posted an article on Azazel and Oliver Quinn's claims on the existence of Leviathan; mythological creatures that were supposedly created by God before mankind to preserve Earth. The article focuses on whether Azazel's story could in fact be legit or just a way for the superstar to keep himself relevant. There are currently three theories around the subject:

Theory 1 - Maximilian Cooper a.k.a. Azazel is suffering from hallucinations due to the extended use of drags and/or illegal vitamins. Max was approached by Quinn who used his resources from Overlord - If it really exists for that matter - to place Max back in the pro wrestling world in an attempt to perhaps raise his own bank account using Azazel and the Leviathan storyline that Cooper came up with in his tortured mind. It could be possible that Quinn was the one to sell the drags to Azazel luring him into believing that Leviathan exist and take control of him. People like camera men and interviewers who have recently been indoctrinated by Leviathan were paid by Quinn to further establish the storyline. The missing reporters' case is legit but the video logs found in Samarium were made by Quinn with hired actors dressed as the actual Will and Mikel that died last month, to sell the Leviathan angle.

Theory 2 - This theory has two sides. Either both Cooper and Quinn are working together on the Leviathan story to make money and stay relevant or they both actually believe that Leviathan are real. Those shown as indoctrinated by Leviathan are part of Overlord or some other faction that either work with Quinn or do actually believe that they are indoctrinated. The missing reporters could also be part of Overlord and either turned on each other under the influence of following orders from Leviathan or just fighting over money.

Theory 3 - Leviathan do exist and Quinn is using Azazel to bring them in flesh by acquiring the "Conduit" an unknown object speculated to be the World title belt. Leviathan use ancient gems, gathered by Overlord over the years, to take full control of humans that touch the gems. If the World title is actually the Conduit then Azazel will probably look to challenge the champion at some point. If the Conduit ends up at the hands of Quinn and Overlord then humanity's fate is in high danger. Of course that's the most unlikely case scenario out of the three. Or is it?