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Thread: "Rockstar" Randy Ramon Status Update

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    Battleground "Rockstar" Randy Ramon Status Update

    The following Facebook post was posted by "Rockstar" Randy Ramon at 1:37 PM on Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

    Sooo I finally came down off that mushroom high. Lost the whole damn weekend! Still don't know where this frozen turkey came from, but bet your ass it will come in handy this Thanksgiving! #foodcoma

    Something has been sticking in my head since I met St Pete last week. When I asked how the hell I was in heaven, he said something about a deal or a bargain, I don't remember, and that I would know more in time, but it doesn't make any sense... right? I mean, it was a dream... but it felt so real. Something is pulling me closer, telling me to dig deeper. Maybe I'll head home to Detroit this weekend and see if Pops knows anything. I dunno. Haven't caught a Lions game yet either... #homecooking #Megatron #DetroitRockCity

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    Re: "Rockstar" Randy Ramon Status Update

    A mystery wrapped in an enigma.

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