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Thread: FWA.Com Vblog Diary- KAIZEN #1

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    FWA.Com Vblog Diary- KAIZEN #1

    On, new beat correspondent Kelvin Hockensmith files a video diary entry from Tokyo, Japan.

    FWA Video Diary Entry#1:

    SEP 7th, 6:55AM The camera shot opens with the shot of a busy sidewalk. The sun is out, and cars and taxis roll in and out, stopping only briefly and occasionally getting in each others way. In the distance, a young woman hugs her parents. In front of them, a man tries to pull a cart out of a row of carts but can’t quite seem to get it unstuck.

    Everyone passing by is carrying or pulling bags.

    The camera moves upward to the left. A large green sign reading “Terminal 2 – International” becomes visible.


    The camera turns around to see a man dressed in a suit with no tie. He is pulling a single small black suitcase along with him and wearing green earphones. As he gets closer, the camera catches what appears to be slight bruise marks on his clean shaven chin.

    The man is KAIZEN.

    KAIZEN: “…lets go.”

    KAIZEN walks briskly towards the terminal door. The camera follows him, bobbling around KAIZEN’s midsection as if the camera is now only being held with one hand.

    FWA Cameraman: “The flight isn’t until 9, if possible could we stop for breakf…”

    KAIZEN stops and turns around. The camera stops and focuses on his face. While he expression is blank, his eyes are cold and piercing.

    KAIZEN: “Listen you…. The only reason I am tolerating your presence is because General Manager G-Rich expressed that I had no choice in the matter anymore. If it is your job to document me, then shut your mouth and do your job. Do not for one second think you can dictate to me what I should do or how I should do it.”

    KAIZEN turns around and continues to walk. The camera momentarily stays still and watches KAIZEN’s back grow smaller, then snaps back into it and hustles to follow KAIZEN into the terminal.


    SEP 7th, 7:08AM, Memphis International Airport, Memphis, Tennessee The camera is sideways, nearly on the floor, as cords and handheld equipment flash by the camera, being rolled up to go into cargo. The audio suddenly goes out but the camera continues to roll. On the top corner of the screen, the disconnected mic is seen being wrapped up.

    A pair of feet walk up to the camera. The cameraman stops rolling the cords. A cup of coffee is placed in front of the camera, with a loose green headphone dangling on screen momentarily. The headphone and the feet disappear.


    SEP 9th, 10:25AM, Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan - The audio of the camera comes on before the video, with the sound of the PA announcing in Japanese. A car door is heard sliding shut. The video comes on.

    The camera is in the back seat of a taxi. KAIZEN is in the passenger seat, speaking to the taxi driver in Japanese. The taxi begins to drive. For a few moments, nothing happens and the camera just focuses on the back of KAIZEN’s head.

    “Are you new?”

    The camera jumps a little, either out of shock or from a dip in the road. KAIZEN turns around and gives the camera another sharp look of disapproval.

    FWA Cameraman: “Uh…… uh…. Beg your pardon?”

    KAIZEN sighs.

    KAIZEN: “I have not seen you backstage before. Are you new?”

    The camera shakes a little as its operator fidgets.

    FWA Cameraman: “Uh… yes, I just started with last month…. This is my first visual assignment…”

    KAIZEN turns his head back around and looks out the passenger side window.

    KAIZEN: “You are respectful. I like that, you will do fine. Be confident.”

    The camera fidgets some more.
    FWA Cameraman: “Oh…uhhh… thanks, thanks a lot!”

    KAIZEN: “The other cameraman gossips like a housewife and stares at the interviewer woman in an uncomfortable manner. I despise him.”

    FWA Cameraman: “oh…. Haha, yes, we’ve noticed the same thing! My name is Kelvin, by the way.”

    KAIZEN: "...."

    KAIZEN continues to stare out the window. As Narita Airport fades out of view, the placid, green, and square blocks of Japanese buildings whizz by. The sound of airplanes rise and fade in a steadily declining hum.


    SEP 9th, 11:51AM, Kawaguchi-Aichi, Tokyo, Japan The taxi stops at a building slightly outside the city center. The building is white and non-descript from the outside and could pass for any quiet office or storage building in Aichi, save for one difference: a giant sign on the outside of the main door that reads:

    KAIZEN pays the taxi driver and exits the vehicle. The camera follows him out and goes to the back of the taxi to grab bags. As the taxi leaves, the camera jogs to catch up with KAIZEN, who is striding towards the doors.

    A man is standing by the doors of the building reading a newspaper. He is a lanky, rail-thin white male with short matted brown hair and a long face. The mans eyes have bags under them, and he is wearing a worn-out white t-shirt, sweat pants, and flip flops. As KAIZEN approaches, the man breaks out into a huge smile, puts his reading material down on the small wall surrounding the building entrance, and meets KAIZEN.

    “Eyyy, luke oo iz come back to Jah pan, oui? You meez me? Ah?”

    The man is “Basilisk” Eamon Harindoquay.

    KAIZEN embraces Eamon. The camera finally catches up parallel to the two men. As they separate, the camera catches the first known recorded instance of KAIZEN smiling.

    KAIZEN: “Eamon-sensei, still as lively as ever I see. I watched your exploits at Abu Dhabi this year, what is it now, 6 years in a row you have been the openweight champion? You should just take one of these years off and give the rest of the field a chance, you know, go relax back in France and just take it easy.”

    Eamon: “Hahaha mon frere, surely you jest. You know ze creed of our geem, I shell not cede that title oontil somewan worthzy takes it from me. Zat man was sappus to be you, remember?”

    Eamon pats KAIZEN on the back as they walk through the doors of the gym. The camera passes by where the men just were and swivels down onto the paper that Eamon was reading. It is the sports section of the Asahi Daily Shinbum, and one of the headline boxes is a black-and-white image of KAIZEN and Marcus Thane balanced on top of the X-wires at the FWA 9th Anniversary PPV. English subtitles flash at the bottom of the screen, translating the article headline.

    “KAIZEN Falls Short in Championship Challenge”

    The camera moves on and quickly follows the men through the door.

    Inside, it is visible that the building has been mostly hollowed out and split into four different sections, with every type of gym equipment, cages, rings, ropes, and crossfit structures all present. As KAIZEN and Eamon pass by, many of the neophytes who had been working out stop and run over to him. Their comments are subtitled at the bottom of the camera shot.

    “Welcome back, brother!”

    “KAIZEN, how is America??”

    “Brother KAIZEN, welcome back!!!”

    “Have you felt any real white woman tits in person yet, brother?”

    “Brother KAIZEN, we are all cheering you on!”

    The camera scans the gym members faces. They are all shining and bright, genuinely excited to see their returning brother. KAIZEN too, is almost an unrecognizable figure; far from his surly, arrogant self, he is smiling and greeting those closest to him, occasionally stopping to give a light bow to those far away from him.

    A man approaches from the other side of the gym. Everyone except for KAIZEN and Eamon suddenly freezes.

    The joyous atmosphere evaporates.

    The man approaching has shocking dyed-blond hair and a muscular build. He is dressed in jeans and a black shirt with the words “Tiger Army” pressed on the front in white. Around his right shoulder, a giant silver championship belt rests on his torso.

    The man is the reigning Super Puro Japan World Heavyweight Champion,
    “BURNING” Naoto Kotani.

    KAIZEN and Kotani reach each other and stare into each others eyes, neither man showing any emotion.

    Eamon: “Hey nao, be eezy you two…”

    The camera focuses on Kotani as Kotani’s mouth suddenly curls into a grin.

    His words are curiously left untranslated.

    Kotani: “お帰りなさい... 半雑種犬.”

    After a brief pause, KAIZEN jumps Kotani, throwing wild punches while tackling the SJP Champion to the floor. All of the gathered onlookers suddenly start roaring and cheering. As Eamon desperate tries to break up the brawl, they start chanting in one voice.


    KAIZEN is getting the better of the exchange. Kotani is left to cover up and turtle as KAIZEN throws wild punches from on top of him.

    Suddenly, another man enters the fray. The man uses his two giant tree-trunk like arms to separate KAIZEN and Kotani. Free from KAIZENs assault, a flustered Kotani grabs his championship belt and storms toward the exit, almost running over the FWA Cameraman as he goes.

    Kotani: “LOSER!”

    Kotani kicks open the door of the gym and disappears.

    Breathing heavily, KAIZEN watches Kotani leave as Eamon shoos all the trainees away back to their routines. The man who broke up the brawl speaks to KAIZEN with a smile. He is a giant of a man, towering over everyone else, and his voice sounds like the distant rumbling of a thunderstorm. He is wearing an all-black rugby kit with a silver fern emblazoned on the chest.

    “Now now… not even a day back and already starting fights again, KAIZEN-kun? You are far too smart to just fall for Kotani-kuns taunts.”

    The man is Tiga-guns 7-foot colossus, “Goliath” Tau’a Whitlock.

    KAIZEN catches his breath as the camera moves down from Whitlocks face. As KAIZEN looks up, Whitlock suddenly gives KAIZEN a happy man-hug which KAIZEN can only partially match in enthusiasm.

    KAIZEN: “I just gave him what he wanted, that’s all…. Good to see you too, Tau’a. Has your contract situation been resolved?”

    Tau’a Whitlock sighs as he, KAIZEN, and Eamon walk towards a small office in the back of the gym.

    Tau’a: “Things don’t look good with SJP mate, but the halls of life has always provided me with more doors than dead ends~”

    Eamon: “Lord… zank you KAIZEN, you made Aristotle here go off zagain…”

    Tau’a: “…. I have received offers from promotions all over the world, even one from a FWA-affiliated property called nGw. Have you ever heard of it?”

    KAIZEN responds immediately.

    KAIZEN: “Nope, don’t think I have.”


    SEP 9th, 12:30PM, Tiga-gun GymKAIZEN enters the back office of the gym. Even though Tau’a Whitlock and Eamon Harindoquay stay outside, the camera elects to follow KAIZEN. Inside the office, sitting behind a desk laden with papers and fiddling with a controller, is a muscular, middle aged man with a grizzled face and a tribal haircut. The office is adorned with pictures of the man in his wrestling prime, with belts, cups, plaque and more awards, trinkets and measures of accomplishment than can be counted at once.

    The man is
    MINORU the Tiger.

    KAIZEN stands by the door, ignoring the chairs in front of the desk. He bows towards Minoru, who puts aside the controller, sits back in his chair, and smirks.
    Their conversation is subtitled at the bottom of the screen.

    KAIZEN: “Minoru-sensei, I have returned.”

    Minoru: “Well, well, well…… you look to have put on a little bit of muscle…. Not bad for a brat!”

    KAIZEN: “….”

    Minoru: “How is Jacimir’s gym? He been doing you right by?”

    KAIZEN: “Yes, Jacimir-sensei has been taking good care of me and giving me top-quality instruction.”

    Unlike with Eamon and Tau’a, the conversation now is very stiff and formal by KAIZEN.

    Minoru: “Well, besides Eamon there is no better jiu-jitsu teacher in the world than Jacimir... still, how good can it really be if you came back here without that X-Championship?”

    KAIZEN: “….”

    KAIZENs face is stoic. The camera zooms towards him but cannot see his eyes.

    Minoru: “You have been slacking, brat. All that time wasted talking and instead of a title, you bring back a camera? What, you think you’re some kind of American celebrity now?”

    Minoru laughs and gestures at the camera.

    KAIZEN: “….the new GM of FWA forced me to bring him along….”

    Minoru pops out of his seat and walks up to KAIZEN. He pats KAIZEN on the shoulder.

    Minoru: “Now, now... don't give me that surly look. Get your gear on. No more words. Its time to train.”

    Minoru then looks into the camera as KAIZEN exits the office.

    Minoru: “Keep filming! You’re about to see something good!”

    -End Entry #1-
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    Re: FWA.Com Vblog Diary- KAIZEN #1

    This is fuckin' awesome.

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    Re: FWA.Com Vblog Diary- KAIZEN #1

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One View Post
    This is fuckin' awesome.

    thank you for reading it! there are three parts to this series and theyre all written already, just waiting to post them in a manner that makes chronological sense leading up to the next fight night.

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    Re: FWA.Com Vblog Diary- KAIZEN #1

    Yeah seriously man this was freaking brilliant.

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    Re: FWA.Com Vblog Diary- KAIZEN #1

    On, beat correspondent Kelvin Hockensmith files a video diary entry from Tokyo, Japan.

    FWA Video Diary Entry #1.5:

    SEP 9th, 12:02PM, Tiga-gun Gym, Tokyo, Japan – The camera switches on to reveal personal workout section of the Tiga-gun gym. In the dimly lit area, boxed away from the rest of the complex is a 6-sided MMA cage and a wrestling ring; there are no machines or weights in its the section. On the right side of the room, a large projector screen hands down from the ceiling, wired to a digital projector and a laptop on the other side of the room. The camera surveys the room, noting its gritty bareness, with all the items in the room except for the projector looking weathered and battle-worn.

    Sounds come down from the hallway leading to this section. The camera swings around to reveal Basilisk” Eamon Harindoquay and “Goliath” Tau’a Whitlock chatting with each other and walking down the hallway towards the ring. Both men have changed clothes; Eamon is now wearing a blue gi with the French flag on one shoulder and the Japanese flag on the other, and Whitlock is sporting black and silver wrestling trunks along with fingerless black gloves. Eamon briskly walks past the camera and swipes his fingers over the laptop computer a few times to wake it up.

    Whitlock looks towards and acknowledges the camera’s presence in English.

    Tau’a Whitlock: “Hello, friend. What is your name?”

    FWA Cameraman: “Uh… hi, my name is Kelvin, and I’m from the FWA here to record KAIZEN’s trip….”

    Whitlock gives out a hearty laugh and walks over as Eamon fiddles with the computer. A few smacking sounds of ‘oomph’ are heard and the camera shakes wildly. The camera view goes up to reveal the 7-footer Whitlock jovially patting Kelvin Hockensmith on the back.

    Tau’a Whitlock: “It is so good to meet you, Kelvin! I never imagined we would have American friends here to document our little corner of the wrestling world!”

    Kelvin Hockensmith: “Oh yes, MINORU and Tiger Army has many fans in American… I am a big fan of yours too Mr. Whitlock, I still remember your King of Destroyer match against Kiril Vemola at Destruction 2005. When you have him that Event Horizon through the table, I went wild in my living room!”

    Tau’a Whitlock: “….”

    The camera moves up to Whitlock’s face; the eyes of the giant are now moist and his lips are quivering.

    Tau’a Whitlock: “I… uh… its so good to know…. Fans so far away still remember the work I did so fondly….thats all I have ever wished for…. thank you, I….. OH COME HERE, YOU!”

    The camera is wildly jerked around again as an emotional Whitlock picks Kelvin Hockensmith up into the air for a big Samoan hug. Eamon rolls his eyes as the projector screen finally turns on to reveal what is on the laptop screen: Youtube.

    Eamon: “Mon dieu…”

    More sounds emanate from the hallway. As the camera is lowered back down, a very youthful man sprints through the door. The man has black hair with red highlights, is dressed to wrestle with green wrestling tights, and is wearing a Mexican-style rosary around his neck. He excitedly bounces up and down and looks around the room. At this point, the audio switches back to Japanese, and everyone’s comments are subsequently subtitled for the FWA audience.

    “Where is he, Whitlock-sensei? Where is brother KAIZEN? I can’t believe he didn’t say anything about coming back so soon! Where is he where is he???”

    Tau’a Whitlock: “Haha, calm down… he is speaking with MINORU-sensei and they’ll probably be in shortly.”

    The man suddenly stops jumping around as the camera focuses on him.

    “…. You think MINORU-sensei is still mad at him? I mean, that Ultimate X match was unfair to begin with…”

    Tau’a Whitlock: “Now now, don’t make frivolous excuses for him, Masato-kun. Besides, I don’t think MINORU is mad, just….”

    More sounds come from the hallway. The gruff rasp of gym leader MINORU the Tiger is heard berating someone in Japanese.

    Tau’a Whitlock: “….just a little disappointed.”

    Eamon pulls up a video on the projector screen. The title of the video is:

    “FWA 9th Anniversary Show 09/06/2014 – X Championship Match FULL – FULL SHOW ON LINK!1!”

    KAIZEN and MINORU both emerge from the hallway. Both men are dressed to wrestle, and MINORU immediately rolls into the ring and starts doing warmups against the ropes. KAIZEN gives the FWA camera a quick disapproving glare and stares up at the projector screen with a sullen look until the teenager with the rosary jumps on his back.

    “Welcome back brother!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    KAIZEN manages a smile as he headlocks the man and gently flips him onto a mat.

    KAIZEN: “Get off me Triple-M, good to see you too. How is your training at the Pankration Gym?”

    The young man, “Millennial” Maya Masato, scoffs at KAIZEN’s question.

    Maya: “Pankration is crap! Their training is slow and they treat me bad there and bully me all the time! I wanna come back to Tiga-gun early but MINORU-sensei keeps saying no!”

    KAIZEN: “Haha, everyones got to do a couple of training excursions, like it or not. Maybe the reason they bully you is because you don’t know when to shut up.”

    Maya: “Noooo, I bet the reason why is because they’re just mad you beat their ace SHIRO at the last Young Lion tournament!

    KAIZEN: “SHIRO-sensei to you.”

    Maya: “Whatever! I’m going to win next years tournament anyway and make it 3 Tiga-gun victories in the last 4!! Then Pankration will be really mad!”

    MINORU: “You two schoolgirls done chatting?”

    KAIZEN and Maya look up at the projector screen, where Eamon has played the video. The ending segment of the X-match is being played, and we see KAIZEN seem to get the upper hand on Marcus Thane, but then inexplicably hesitate and stare down at the belt. And then, one superkick later, KAIZEN crashes down to the mat below and Thane claims the belt.

    The FWA camera moves away from the screen and focuses on KAIZEN in real time. KAIZEN stares at the screen, emotionless.

    The camera moves catches a glimpse of his right hand at his side. It is shaking, balled in a tight fist.

    MINORU: “Play that part again, Eamon.”

    Eamon rewinds the video back to the part where Thane and KAIZEN are on the ropes. The same segment plays out again.

    Maya Masato looks away and winces. Tau’a Whitlock looks at the FWA Camera, then back at the screen.

    MINORU faces KAIZEN and beckons him into the ring. KAIZEN obliges.

    MINORU: “If I wanted to be a real stickler, I could pick 100 things you did wrong, brat. But… seeing as it was your first Championship match in America and that there will multiple people getting in your way, I’ll give you a pass on that. But you better explain yourself, brat…. What were you thinking right about here?”

    MINORU gestures to Eamon, who rewinds the video and pauses it at the moment KAIZEN is looking down at the belt, and a few seconds before Thane would land that decisive kick.

    In the ring with MINORU, KAIZEN remains silent, still staring up at the screen. MINORU takes a few steps towards him.

    MINORU: “You had that Championship won right there… yet here you stand before us empty handed… tell me, what happened? What on earth were you thinking? Could it be you’ve gone soft since going to America?”

    KAIZEN stares back at MINORU, his eyes flaring. The camera moves closer to the ring as MINORU continues.

    MINORU: “… or is it that you’ve been living it up and slacking, and your body can’t keep up with that brain of yours anymore?”

    KAIZEN: “…I don’t kn-“

    As KAIZEN speaks, MINORU delivers a huge open handed slap to his student. The clapping sound of the blow cuts through the room, as Maya and Tau’a gasp and the camera recoils out of reflex. In the ring, KAIZEN is staggered by the sudden blow.

    From behind the computer, Eamon bursts out laughing.

    Eamon: “WOOOOWWWWW…. My verd, that wuz eh good heet! Bravo!”

    In the ring, MINORU growls at KAIZEN.

    MINORU: “I’ll smack that surly look clean off your face brat… you know the ironclad rules of our gym, and you know damn well iron sharpens iron. So come on, where is your pride, brat?? Don't you dare bring that mopey sad-sack KAIZEN into my gym ever again... show me the real KAIZEN… remind us all of what you’re really made of!”

    KAIZEN charges MINORU in a rage…. And is easily caught by MINORU in a drop toe hold, with KAIZEN’s face thumping into the mat right in front of the camera. MINORU effortlessly transitions into a modified crossface and taunts KAIZEN as he cranks the submission.

    MINORU: “Hahaha, are all so-called geniuses that easily provoked?”

    After a few brief moments of struggle, KAIZEN rolls into an inside cradle and MINORU releases the hold. The two jump up and engage in a volley of strikes. The camera struggles to follow the action in the ring. Maya Masato gets excited and starts jumping around and slapping the ring apron.

    Eamon slowly walks up beside Tau’a and the camera.

    Eamon: “Vut ees vrong wis KAIZEN? He look so tense still…”

    Tau’a Whitlock: “I’m not sure, my friend… whatever it is, we may have to take him to deep waters to get it out of his system…”

    Eamon: “Agree.”

    Tau’a Whitlock: “Also… I am very sure that the video we are using is infringing on the intellectual property of FWA and is not an approved source of redistribution… could you not have used the FWA Network instead?”

    Eamon: “………..”

    In the ring, KAIZEN has been pushed into a corner by MINORU and has turtled up while MINORU delivers rapid fire kicks to the torso which KAIZEN can only partially block.



    KAIZEN opens up and is about to return fire when a loud buzzer goes off. In an instant, a large shadow flashes by the camera and enters the ring. KAIZEN turns towards the camera in time to eat a vicious crooked-arm lariat from Tau’a Whitlock. The camera momentarily looks over at the space Whitlock was just a second ago.

    MINORU laughs and slithers out of the ring. Whitlock picks up KAIZEN and places him gently into a corner, an act of mercy which draws a rebuke from the gym leader.

    MINORU: “What the hell was that? You helping him train or trying to seduce him?”

    Tau’a Whitlock: “Come on KAIZEN-kun. Focus. You are much better than you’re showing!”

    Whitlock pairs up his plea with a huge knife edge chop that blows KAIZEN off his feet again. As the camera focuses on KAIZEN slumped in the corner, Eamon scoots over and speaks to the camera in English.

    Eamon: “you look a beet shock, Calvin.”

    Kelvin Hockensmith: “….well, I literally have never seen KAIZEN getting dominated like this…. You’re right sir, this is a shock.”

    Eamon: “Hehe…you know, his nickname, ‘Savant’, I gave to him.”

    Kelvin Hockensmith: “You coined it?”

    Eamon: “Oui! I has known KAIZEN-kun for many year, many year. He can see thing in ze ring zat other people cannot see, you know? He is very smart… but always angry too. Always angry. The anger, eet hindering his growing.”

    MINORU sits back and catches his breath while Maya continues yelling. In the ring, KAIZEN has resorted to using speed maneuvers to avoid Tau’a Whitlock, but eventually is caught with a big boot right to the face.

    Eamon looks up at the buzzer.

    Eamon: “Eez my turn next! You better record this and make me look very good good!”

    The buzzer sounds and Eamon slides under the bottom rope as KAIZEN is on his hands and knees. In one fluid motion, Eamon slingshots himself over KAIZEN, rolls him on his back, and has locked in an armbar. KAIZEN quickly looks for leverage but cannot and frantically flails in pain.

    MINORU: “Tap all you want, brat! He’s not going to stop!”

    Eamon sits up and forcibly graps KAIZEN by the collarbone. He then sits back and turns into a triangle choke. As KAIZEN struggles and postures up, Eamon uses his free arm to grab KAIZEN’s leg and sweeps into a rolling kneebar. The camera focuses on KAIZEN’s face, twisted and contorted in pain. The camera catches a glimpse of the projector screen and the time on the bottom right corner.


    Kelvin Hockensmith: “…has this mauling really been going on for an hour?”

    As Eamon continues to crank submission after submission, MINORU gets up, turns off the buzzer, and goes to the ring apron. He takes a look at KAIZEN and then suddenly yells:

    MINORU: “Masato-kun! Your turn! Go!”

    Maya: “Oh, I’m in this too?”

    Eamon rolls out of the ring as Maya Masato jumps over the top and starts running the rope as KAIZEN, fatigued, beaten, and drenched in sweat, tries to stand in the middle of the ring.

    Maya: “Prepare yourself, brother! Japan’s lucha genius is coming!”

    Maya Masato launches himself in the air for a superman punch. At the same moment, KAIZEN suddenly straightens up and lets out a huge roar. The camera catches both Eamon and Tau’a Whitlock jumping in surprise.

    Across the ring, MINORU the Tiger smiles.

    KAIZEN then catches Maya with a huge European uppercut midair. The force of the blow send Maya spinning sideways back-first into the mat. Breathing heavily and in a manic frenzy, KAIZEN pounces on Maya’s fallen body, pulls him up, and locks him in a Gotch-hold. He lifts Maya Masato up for a Gotch Piledriver. The camera focuses in anticipation.

    KAIZEN snaps to as Eamon and Whitlock quickly hit the ring. Whitlock grabs Maya’s legs and slowly lowers them down back to the mat as Eamon pats KAIZEN on the shoulder to calm him down.

    Satisfied with his work, MINORU re-enters the ring as Tau’a Whitlock carries a dazed Maya Masato out of the ring.

    MINORU: “Finally… now you are sharp. Training can actually begin.”

    MINORU then gestures towards Eamon, then the camera. He says something in untranslated Japanese.

    Eamon: “Sorry Calvin! Looks as eef you gotta wait outside! But don’t worry, ve vill get him back to you in wan pieze!”

    MINORUadds something else for Eamon to translate.

    Eamon: “Also, he say that he allow you to film zis part so next time the brat shoot heez mouth off, you have zis video! To humble him! Haha!"

    The camera takes the hint and backs away from the ring and goes through the hallway. As he leaves, the sound of MINORU barking orders to KAIZEN in Japanese is heard. Sounds from the X-Championship match come back as someone has turned the video back on to point things out.

    The conversation is one-sided. There is no sound of retort or reply.

    -End Entry #1.5-
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