Jason Gryphon is walking backstage with a disappointed look on his face after losing the War Games match. Katie Lynn Goldsmith comes running up to Jason before he makes it to his locker room.

Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Jason, do you care to comment on the War Games match?

Jason stops in his track and casts a look of anger towards Katie that she has never been before.

Jason Gryphon: It appears that everything old is new again Katie. After what happened tonight, it would be very easy for me to blame Mac for losing the match for the New Era but I can't. I blame myself. I knew that Mac didn't have the heart or the determination to fight for the right to face the World Champion. I should have put up more of a fight when Thurgood put him on my team but I didn't. Now thanks to Mac, Jack of Diamonds now has a World Championship Match, the one thing that I was fighting against. There is still one thing that I can do that I was robbed of tonight, I can annihilate Jack. You see, now that G-Rich is still the General Manager of Fight Night, he can show the world that he is not the pathetic fop that everyone believes he is. G-Rich may not want to give me my deserved chance to become the World Champion but I will be good God damned if he robs me of my chance at vengeance against Jack-hole.

Jason looks right into the camera.

Jason Gryphon: G-Rich, you have two options. One, you make Jason Gryphon vs Jack of Diamonds for this Friday on Fight Night or two, I put you back on the disabled list, PERMANENTLY!

Jason Gryphon opens the door to his locker room and slams the door in Katie's face.