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Lena was always described as a common girl by those who knew her. But not today. Something was odd about her today, as if she wasn't the same woman she used to be. She was more focused, more determined than she could care to remember. That package had to be delivered in time no matter what. Her long legs that were covered by blue tight jeans walked faster ignoring the pain from those high heels she is wearing. Lena reached the big building and looked up to it's trademark logo. This is the CWA headquarters. She entered the front door and walked to the reception desk.

"Good morning and welcome to the CWA headquarters, how can we help you mam?"

Mia was 30 years old and worked for CWA for two years now. She isn't big about wrestling but there is something about the glamour of this company that attracts her and makes her want to work here.


Lena is a beautiful blonde with short hair and perfect body. But there is something about her that makes you want to run away from her. As if there is something evil in her. Her sunglasses cover her once beautiful blue eyes that are now rolled to the back of her head. Lena is clearly indoctrinated. Indoctrinated by a force so dark and manipulative that forces her to do something otherwise she wouldn't have to do. She is here against her will, yet it was her own two feet that walked her in here.

Lena handed the package to Mia and just for 1 or 2 seconds their hands touched each other. Lena's hand was cold. Cold as ice.

"You must sign this paper Miss...Wait...Where are you going? Mam?"

Lena turns around and walks away. Steadily but quickly she disappeared before anyone could notice where she was headed.

Security is tight in CWA. No package gets by without the proper signatures and security checking. Mia thought about throwing it away but she felt a voice in her head. A whisper in the back of her mind. The indoctrination had began.


"This video was delivered in a package earlier this morning in our headquarters. What should we do?"

Earl is behind everything in CWA. The shows, the logos, the promos, the superstar's attires, everything. He was chosen by the board of directors.

"Air it. The world needs to know more about Azazel."


We cut to a sight of the Earth as it appears from a satellite. Then it shows footage from humanity's greatest discoveries over the history. It then focuses on the evolution of the civilization through technology.

We see a man on a black robe with a black hood sitting on a desk reading the Bible.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

He closes the book and leaves it on his right before taking off his hood to reveal himself as Azazel.

"Clique Wrestling Alliance. I am the Harbinger of your perfection. I am Azazel. Most of you think of me as some lunatic that went over his head. I am not crazy. I am finally enlightened. I now see the true purpose of my existence. I am not a prophet. I am not a druid. I am not a savior either. I am only a servant to those who came before me. Before all of us. Has anyone of you ever wondered what was before everything we know? Before the Humans, even before the Dinosaurs there was them. They were created by the Lord all mighty to preserve Earth. Tools to His investigation of finding a perfect place for us to be created and live. When He decided that Earth is to be our home He tried to wipe out His creations. But they wanted to stay, they wanted to live. Earth was their home. But it was taken away from them by their own Father. They fought back when no other choice was left. The Lord send his Sons, the Archangels to deal with their threat. Most of them were wiped off by the Archangels. Some of them found a way to save their spirits on Earth. They succeeded. And when God thought that the land was secured he created Adam and Eve. He created the Garden. It's funny...You'd think that God had to know everything. Yet he didn't know that some of His tools survived. They found a place to hide. They found...the Garden."

Azazel gets up and takes off his robe to reveal a tattoo on his right shoulder with a dragon like monster in it.

"They were called tools. But now they are known as our preservers. They are...Leviathan."

Azazel sits back down on his chair.

"Global Collusion. CWA, you created an empire using the term "wrestling" as an excuse to draw people's attention and make a fortune out of them. You give them Clowns, Masked Men, Nightmares and even thugs like the one I crushed last week and you even dare to call them Legends. You know nothing about Legends. I will show you what Legends look and act like. I will crush...your Krash. I will break the 2nd seal and then the third one and then the forth one and then the final one. And when all seals are broken the prophecy will be fulfilled. Leviathan will no longer be preservers. They will be...Conquers."

End of video.

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{interview set.}

(standing at the interview set are Toxic Rain and Wade Able. Wade is looking up with his hand covering his mouth as Rain begins the interview.)

TOXIC RAIN: I'm standing here with one half of the CWA World Tag Team Champions, Wade Able, and tonight he along with his Able siblings will do battle with First Class one last time, only this time it will be a ladder match. Wade how are you and your brother approaching a match you've never been in since you began your run here in CWA?

(Rain reaches the microphone out to Wade, who still has his hand over his mouth as he breaths heavily into the microphone. after a few moments he finally takes his hand away.)

WADE: (whispering) You know that's a good question. What on earth do we do.....when submissions and pins are meaningless? A ladder match? It is a fun and interesting concept. This match is going to allow us to be.......creative. So I cannot believe I'm actually saying this, because everyone knows exactly what kind of team the Able Family is, but this match makes us more lethal. Nothing will hold us back. No rope breaks, five or ten counts, DQ's, tag ins, no boundaries. So Cal......Rob......Rob.....Cal.....This will be our final battle, whether you go down or we,, you go down and stay down. I've collected your heads, tonight we eat your hearts.

(Wade looks down at the floor for a few seconds, then lets out a loud grunt that startles Rain. Wade glares at the camera.)

WADE:It's funny, I think this is going to be new level of madness for us. And if you think we're unstable, this little birdie is telling you, we're not the only ones.

(Wade looks over at Rain for a moment, cracks a smile, and walks off the interview set. Rain cringes as the camera fades away.)

{arena back entrance.}

(Will is alone as he stands next to the arena entrance from the back parking lot. He leans against the wall and puffs away on a cigarette, thoughts floating in his mind.)

WILL: The final battle is looming. What wreckage awaits us? And I do mean us, it would be unrealistic of me to say that I won't feel pain as I'm dealing it out. But that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that these guys just won't learn their lesson. They keep coming back for more, their hunger for us almost matches the same binge of brutality that has had us craving for the last few months. But Cal and Rob keep losing and therefore....their hunger goes unnourished. These men are starving to death to beat us, to capture our gold. Wait.....maybe we aren't the ones they crave, it's the gold, but you can't gorge on that gold, without consuming us first, but they haven't.....and they won't. We're tough to chew, and I think it's hard for them to swallow the reality that they can't.

(taking the cigarette out of his mouth, Will exhales the smoke and flicks the cigarette through the air. he takes the pack out of his back pocket, shakes for another, but there's only the sound of nothing. he looks confused as he wonders....)

WILL: No more?....Huh, I thought I had one more left. Did somebody take my last smoke?

{locker room.}

(Ami sits alone in the locker room. she looks down at the Tag Titles resting on her lap.)

AMI: Soon you will not be on my shoulders when I walk down to the ring when me and my brothers face First Class again, and possibly for the last time.

(she looks up and closes her eyes.)

AMI: Ok, I'm trying to get used to not seeing them....

(now she pushes the belts, causing them to slide off her lap.)

AMI: Now I'm trying to get used to not feeling them....

(she begins to bite her nails as she's squeezing her eyes tightly shut, then she pulls her fingers away.

AMI: Oh the separation is killing me!....But it's a temporary ordeal. And it'll make our reunion much, much more euphoric.

(as Ami speaks, a figure walks around behind here, but she doesn't notice the presence, or does she?)

AMI: My brothers should be here shortly, we must confer one last time before our ladder match.

(the door opens and it is Will and Wade entering. Wade sits on the floor next to Ami as Will stands.)

AMI: Dear Wade, and sweet Will. This is a match unlike any we've had in CWA. Pins and submissions are unnecessary. No rules and anything goes. Beat them down, beat them until they're nothing but a couple lifeless corpses....and then you can climb the ladder and......

(she picks the belts up off the ground.)

AMI: And bring these home, where they belong.

(Will and Wade both nod their heads in agreement. she reaches out to touch both her brothers.)

AMI: It's time...

Will turns and quickly leaves the room. Wade springs up to his feet as he snarls, then exits. Ami stands out of the chair, looks down at the Titles.....

AMI: I know you're here.......and it is glorious.

(still looking at the belts, Ami walks out of the locker room. the camera, stationary, picks up a cloud of smoke drifting into it's view.)

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A Video is shown from backstage, A Camera Set up and Bruce Knight, sitting in his locker room on a bench, Looking at the floor with his hair down, covering his face and blocking any sight of emotion. He begins to talk towards the camera, not lifting his head to do so.

"Let me tell you...what I've been feeling these past few weeks. Every week, It's the same old deal, I come this close to beating Al Nova and then, out of nowhere...He somehow crawls his way out of my hands and defeats me. Do you know how that feels....Do any of you know how it feels to lose to the man you hate most in this world, week in and week out?"

Knight begins to laugh before lifting his head and flicking his hair back, grinning as he faces the camera.

"It feels Great...The Feeling of Rage and Anger flowing through my mind...the thought of breaking Al Nova becomes clear after every loss and at Global Collision...I will break Al Nova...I will make sure that he can't stand up after this match...and I'll leave him there, in the ring as a crippled shell of his former self. A High Voltage Title Shot is on the line but I don't give a damn about that as all I want to see is the destruction of Al Nova and the screams of his fans as they witness the fall of the man they love."

Knight goes towards the camera and picks it up, putting his face into it, looking angry over something.

"But that won't satisfy me....No...There's also those people, those people who are plotting against me....You see, they won't be happy should I destroy Al Nova....No, They'll plot against me....they'll stop me from getting the High Voltage Championship...But they won't be able to contain, I'll take them all out...I'll find out who is conspiring against me and I will take them out...I'll make sure no one stands in my way....and Al Nova will be the first victim to fall...and I will leave Pakistan as the one and only victor of this match, I will leave with a title shot awaiting me and I will leave Al Nova with the worst injuries he has ever seen."

Knight knocks the camera off before going back to sitting down on the bench in his locker room.
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(Brian: What... is the meaning of life? Are we simply here to die like lamb of slaughter? I... I hate this life... Sometimes... I hate myself...

Humanity: We are God! We are immortal you dolt! There is no room for self-pity, only hate. Hate others, not yourself. It's the Doctor's fault!

Brian: Stop...

Humanity: Kill! Kill all who stand in your way!

Brian: STOP! Stop... stop... p... please...

Humanity: . . . Feh... You're too weak. Just like the others...

Brian: I'm not weak... I'm Human. A Human with emotions... A Human who feels sadness deeply rooted from his heart...

Humanity: That sadness must turn to anger...

Brian: . . . Maybe... Maybe you're right...)

Brian's Locker Room

Stacy Kobain gently raps on the door, and quietly opens it. Brian sits, melancholic, on a folding chair. Brian doesn't look up... wrapped in his own self, he is aware not. Agonizing thoughts... Stacy was discouraged that Brian was in his own hell...

Stacy: B... Brian?

Brian still doesn't look up. However, he acknowledges her presence.

Brian: Hey Stacy... Looks like it's time I defend my... High Voltage Championship...

Stacy sighs and takes a seat quietly next to the disturbed Brian Zewbowski.

Stacy: Mmhm... You gonna win?

Brian doesn't look over, but stares at the placid grey wall.

Brian: I... I don't know...

Almost like shattering glass, Stacy stares, wide-eyed at the ever-so-serious Brian, whom just spoke words of doubt.

Brian: For the longest time, I was so sure of my own immortality because of the physical pain I could withstand... But now that I am faced with mental pain... I... I wanna give up... Everything Humanity has been about is not the me you know... but the me the people know. I don't wanna fight anymore... there's nothing to fight about...

Stacy: Brian... look at me, please...

Brian, slowly turned his head, tears just beginning to formulate in his eyes... he is met by a small smile on Stacy's face.

Stacy: I'm human too... I have my problems as well, but I've learned to deal with it... I talked to my family and friends... I cried because it made me strong, and the same goes for you. You may be a wrestler, and the stereotype is that they don't cry... but you can be the first to break that lie. Brian, I'm asking you... please let it out on me...

Brian's tears began to well up more and more, however, he struggled to hold them back...

Brian: Enigma's suffered an intense amount of pain as well... but he's never known what it's like to love and be loved... and it hurts because someone whose loved me more than anything in this world is gone... and I can't be without her! I just can't! I jus-

Stacy hushed him, placing a finger on his lips and looking into his eyes.

Stacy: You have me. Brian, I Love you more than anything in this world.

Brian raised his eyebrows in surprise. The tears now began flowing down his cheek, in a show of what seems like the very first piece of emotion we've ever seen from this "Sadistic, Twisted" Human being.

Brian: S-Stacy..?

Stacy: Brian, You're mother was strong for you and raised you to be strong.

Suddenly, a rough rapping came at the door of Humanity's chamber. Seeing as the door was unlocked, it was opened, and in came a grizzled and wizened man, who catches the eye and attention of Brian Zewbowski.

Brian: . . . Dad?

Brian's Father: Yeah, it's me. I've been hearing about the root you've been in about Lisa dying.

Brian looked away, almost mortified at the fact he's being talked to by his old man about this situation.

Brian: How can you do it, Dad? How can you smile and laugh and get on with your life when Mom's gone?

Brian's Father raised an eyebrow, and sighed.

Brian's Father: You know Brian, your mother taught us all a lesson about life, and that lesson is that Death is a part of life... We'll all die one day. That doesn't mean we should be sorrowful because of it.

Brian looked up, hearing the words of his father very carefully.

Brian's Father: We should be inspired to do the best we can, even in the darkest of times, even if we want to lay down and rot. We must live life to the fullest, and Brian, you have done a good job. But your journey isn't over yet, you have a long way to go. Do you think Cyrus Truth has ever given up his dream of becoming CWA Champion?

Brian: But he was already the CW-

Brian's Father: Doesn't mean he's given up on it. He continues to fight for that title, the one thing he is determined to have over everything else. Brian, you shouldn't give up on your dream just because your mom is no longer with us. You have to fight, and fight hard. This is going to be the hardest fight of your life, but when you get past it, everything will become clear. Trust your old man, he's been around the bend a few times.

Brian didn't know whether to be amazed or saddened at his old man... but the sweet voice of Stacy cleared his mind of any doubts soon after...

Stacy: Brian~

He looked over to her, and to his astonishment, she carried the face of confidence in her!

Stacy: Give 'em a good fight! You have nothing to be sorry for. Give it your all and you win tonight: For yourself.

Brian stood there in silence for a moment, before curling a smile upon his face, one of relief and certainty. He knew he was going to win: even if it killed him.

(Humanity: The power of love, eh? Not bad... It's most certainly the most powerful thing in existence. Even more powerful than my hatred for all of mankind, but Brian, and Stacy? They are going to be special. I can just tell. Their love will bring the end of Enigma, even if Brian has to die in the process... even if he has to sacrifice everything, he'll do it for her. I don't think they need me anymore... but I'll stick around for the ride. It's going to be interesting.)
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Within a cheap hotel room in Islamabad, Pakistan, we join the White Wolf himself, former CWA World Heavyweight Champion Krash. Late at night in Pakistan, dressed in a snazzy red gown over a white dress shirt and black trousers, the Baron of Badassitude sipped on a cup of tea as he traversed the internet on his personal laptop, mostly looking at pictures of cats.

As the Awesome Australian Athlete giggled at an image of a rather confused cat wearing a Fez, his email icon poped up, indicating he had a new email. Krash paused his nightly search and opened up his inbox, frowning briefly. The new email had no recognizeable sender, and it's title was simply 'With regards from Samarium.'

Odd. Probably spam.

And yet, intrigued, Krash opened up the email, and was greeted with a link to a newspaper collumn.

Settling his cup of tea down on the coffee table, Krash leaned closer to his laptop, carefully reading the newspaper clips and piecing together the implications in his head.

"Super." He muttered flatly.


Our scene opens somewhere within the backstage confines of the CWA arena, as we join CWA Highlight Reel, none other than Krash, in his personal locker room. Dressed in a sleek velvet purple waistcoat above a black t-shirt and brown trousers, the multiple-time champion sat on a bench, leaning against a locker as he ran a hand through this neatly-affixed blonde hair.

"Azazel." He muttered to no-one in particular, staring into a dark corner of the room. "What an interesting name. Certainly a unique one, by today's standards." He continued, flicking a stray piece of hair away. "And I like to think I know a lot about unique names. I mean, hello? Krash? Come now."

Beside him, on the floor of the locker room, a cheap boombox stereo sat. As if punctuating his last statement, Krash kicked the side of the boombox gently, causing it to stutter, before playing a soft, barely audible, Toreador March.

"Now, the name Azazel is a very interesting one." Krash stated. "Once you get past the truckloads of Supernatural and X-Men discussion, there's quite the biblical background to it. And I'm not a biblical or religious man in the slightest, but I feel as though this newfound murderous psychopath naming himself this isn't just a neat coincidence for appearance's sake."

Reaching into one of his waistcoat pockets, Krash flipped a folded sheet of paper open, whipping on a thin pair of reading glasses. "It is said within the Book of Enoch," He read, squinting at some of the words. "It was the fallen angel Azazel, who taught men the art of warfare, of making swords, knives, shields, and coats of mail. And it was the goat-like demon Azazel, who taught women the art of deception by ornamenting the body, dying the hair, and painting the face and the eyebrows. He revealed to the people the secrets of witchcraft and corrupted their manners, leading them into wickedness and impurity. And there arose much godlessness. Until at last He was, at the Lord's command, bound hand and foot by the archangel Raphael, and cast into the darkness beneath a blizzarding desert. Placed upon the sharp and jagged rocks, forever covered in darkness as the sand swallowed Him whole, to abide there for all eternity, face covered so that He may never see the light. But the damage was done. The whole earth had been corrupted through the working and teachings by Azazel. To describe all sins, describes Azazel himself."

Krash let out a shallow breath, folding up the sheet of paper and tossing it off-screen. "Now, this all could just be a coincidence, myself putting too much thought into a label, but hey. Food for thought." He stated, placing his reading glasses on the bench as he stood up, stretching. "And I, in my infinite wisdom, somehow got roped into a match with this psychopath. But hey, it's cool. Suspected murderer or not, I'm happy to oblige, let the guy have his ten minutes of infamy before the cops round him up. I'm cool like that. Although if the guy does end up murdering me in our match, I'm totally going to haunt the CWA arena. Ain't getting rid of me that easy."

Nudging the boombox with a toe, Krash silenced the music. "So, what can we expect for Krash vs Azazel? Honestly, I don't know. Especially after seeing what he did to Derek Vendra, I'm aiming to just survive the fight. A win would be a wonderful thing, but so would living to survive another day."
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First Class Promo

(We cut to a room with black walls where Cal Cannon stands alone. His hair is all scruffy and he seems to have not shaved for the past few days. Gone is the sharp suit and in its place a faded t-shirt and a pair of jeans with multiple rips in them. Cal instead of smirking as he usually does has a more crazed look in his eyes and a huge grin.)

Cal Cannon: 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months or one year. That's what it has come down to, that's how long I've been waiting for this moment. You see it was one year ago that I debuted at Global Collision 2013. I participated in a battle royal which I lost but that was something I was gonna have to get used to. All my life I had been handed everything because of my money and who I was. But upon entry into the Clique Wrestling Alliance all the handouts stopped. I had to earn everything and for a while that didn't work out. I lost and lost and lost to so many guys that didn't deserve to beat me. I came into CWA expecting to main event five star attraction and do you know what happened! I ended up loosing to Mercenary X, a flash in the pan whose completely disappeared from CWA, on the fucking pre show! This was rock bottom for Cal Cannon. I'd gone from young cocky future star to pre show looser to some nobody. But slowly things began to change. I brought in the one person I needed to put me over the top and that's my bodyguard Rob Rampage. With him I turned my career around and while I would never admit this to his face he became a brother to me! Seeing him go crazy in the past few weeks has made driven me to succeed.

(Cal then looks down and laughs to himself before taking a sharp intake of breath and staring at the camera.)

Cal Cannon: But what really defines Cal Cannon, what I will really be remembered for is that feud. The feud of 2014, the longest running most brutal feud I have ever had the displeasure of being involved with and that's The Able Family. February 14th 2014 in Richmond Virginia is a date that will forever be etched in my mind because that's the first time we faced them. That's how long this has been going. We lost on that night but that was just something First Class were gonna have to get used to. March 4th - Retribution: loss. April 30th - Worlds Strongest: loss. July 7th - Kings Reign Supreme: loss. Loss, loss, loss, loss, loss, loss loss!

(Cannon is almost shouting uncontrollably at this point until he stops him sped and turns back to the camera and half heartedly smirks.)

Cal Cannon: That's the story of this feud with The Able Family we never win yet we keep going after them again and again and again but of the four times we've met myself and Rob have never picked up a single victory. Do you know what that does to a man like me! Someone who is perceived as important in this country. I don't get invited to fancy parties anymore I don't do media appearances any more I can't remember the last time any brand wanted to be associated with Cal Cannon because in their eyes I'm the Able Family's punching bag! But I am not a looser, I am not a looser, I am not a looser, I am not a looser!

(Cal seems to be on the verge of tears as he stands up and knocks the stool over and gets right up close to the camera.)

Cal Cannon: This time it's different Able Family! There is no self regard there is no ifs or buts! I will try every trick in the book I will do whatever it takes to get those tag team championships that I should have been entitled to since day one from you! With a tear in my eye I can honestly say that for the first time in my life when we beat you at Global Collision I will have EARNED a title I will have EARNED an accomplishment. And I will not stop until you are lying on the mat in a pool blood with your pretty sister Ami down on her hands and knees crying at your feet while she's sees the best two damn athletes on this business today hold the most prestigious tag team championships in the world high above their heads!

(Cal puts his hands through his hair a few times before the lights in the room switch on and the camera pans out to see we are in a massive wear-house. Just to the right of Cal is a ladder and Rob Rampage is standing at the bottom of it.)

Rob Rampage: This right here is not just a ladder. This is a symbol of everything we've tried to accomplish in CWA. We've been stuck halfway up this ladder for so damn long and have always been kicked down from the top you Able Family. But that all changes at Global Collision because we've finally got the chance to physically grab you from the top of that ladder and drop you all the way to the floor. It's no secret that I'm not in the right state of mind right now to think logically but truth is in a ladder match you don't need logic. You need heart, you need toughness and you need no fear! I've talked about never getting your faces out of my head well after this match you won't have any face to torment me with.

(Ramapge climbs the ladder as does Cal as Claire Young appears at the bottom of it.)

Claire Young: I know this match will be dangerous and many other managers would weigh up the risks and decide that it wasn't worth it and the likelihood is that my clients will get seriously hurt. But I've seen it in their eyes and I know how much this match means to them and I know that loosing is not an option. These men are First Class athletes and are more than ready to become CWA World Tag Team Champions.

(Cal is now atop the ladder with Rob.)

Cal Cannon: Time and time again I've said Able Family that we're gonna beat you because we are simply better than you. But if this feud has taught me anything it's that being better just doesn't cut it. Able Family we will gets you not because we are better than you but because we are going to hurt you and cripple you and make sure you can't climb this ladder. And then when Rob and I grab the championship belts high atop the ladder for all of Islamabad, no the world to see, then and only then will we be better than you!

(We fade to black with a shot of Cal Cannon and Rob Rampage high atop the ladder.)


(Backstage First Class are standing by with Michelle Kelly.)

Michelle Kelly: First Class for months now you've been feuding with The Able Family and you've yet to beat them. Tonight you have one last chance to take the CWA Tag Team Championships from them in a ladder match. Your thoughts?

(Cal looks focused and grabs the mic straight from Kelly's hands.)

Cal Cannon: Our thoughts! Michelle this isn't about thoughts this is about raw emotion. For months these bastards have beaten us over and over again but tonight that all changes. One of two things are gonna happen tonight Michelle and that's either First Class are finally gonna EARN those championship belts or I'm gonna be carted out of here on a stretcher coughing up blood with severe injuries. Hell both of those things may happen because this is a ladder match and the gloves are off there's no holding back. We are going stairs http the top and Able Family you will be left in a heap at the bottom.

(Claire Young then takes the mic.)

Claire Young: I was hired by these two men for one reason and that's because I am the best manager in the world and it's my job to make sure my clients are the best in the world and First Class are on the cusp of being the best in the world and tonight they cross that line.

(Michelle finally gets the mic back.)

Michelle Kelly: So Rob.......

Rob Rampage: No more questions. It's time for the end.

(Rob starts just destroying the set as Michelle Kelly bails. Cal smiles crazily as we cut back to the arena.)
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Title: “Humanity”

As we look upon two chairs with their backs to each other; one made out of stone and the other, a soft and comfortable recliner and yet equal in size, the camera cuts to the right. There we see from the feet level moving up the legs of Red, Enigma’s main squeeze walking seductively into the all-white painted room in a tight red dress. She sits on the large sofa made of stone with little to no padding and makes herself quite comfortable in the rough and rugged seat.

She stares into the camera intently while she states, “And now, here we are destined for greatness or destined to make history?” Pausing for a second, she looks down then back at the camera and continues, “Which one are you?”

The scene shifts to a police station where we see a man in cuffs and yet with a smile on his face.

While one officer takes the things from the man’s pants, the other continues to try to ask him pertinent questions.

The office, looking as though he did not want to be a part of this assignment asks, “Name.” Growing more and more aggravated by the second, he says again, “Name…oh what the hell, just give me his wallet.”

The other officer then looks back and responds, “Ah, he doesn’t have any identification.”

“Another Jackass…great!”

They continue with processing while the scene flashes back to another man, sitting in an office, with more than enough paper on his desk while he also relished in the profits of the business. He sits back and to himself, begins to laugh.

They saying is that pride goes before the fall. But just like humanity, it wasn’t more or less pride, but foolishness. How foolish? Let’s begin. First you are in a more than lavish but perfect scenario of all the time and opportunity of a near perfect world all to your own and yet, that is not enough. Second, you go off course and a snake begins to talk to you and that is not enough to say, let me step back and think this over. And finally, you make a decision influenced by a desire. How unfortunate. Humanity, CWA is the so called perfect world and for whatever amount of time, you have held a title that at the end of the day has lost meaning with you. The key difference in what will be after it is all said and but done is that where Enigma represents destiny you have only attained the level of an expectation. You see Humanity, it is cool, and have your false expectations as you may. That is about all they will ever be, while Enigma, he will continue to not only maintain those same standards, but redefine them.

Another image comes up where we see this man, a manager in a lucrative wine/alcoholic business venture not just mistreat those around him, but also just when he thinks no one is looking, take cash for himself, but also pay out cash to so call save money under the table. While some dealt with it over the years, others, were getting tired of what was an apparent case of a state of a complacent mind taking over common sense.

The man then heads out to the club one night with some of his closest friends, along with some money from the safe to have some fun.

“Man this is going to be one night that we never forget,” he says speaking in excitement.

One of his friends ask, “So where we heading?”

“Ah; to the strip club.”

His friends eyes get big with excitement as one of the three men cracks open a bottle of vodka bought earlier that night and another some marijuana.

“Time to get turned up tonight and just maybe, I might even try to tip one of the lovelies home,” he says with a very sarcastic laugh to follow.

Every man has two tales to his tape but the question remains for us all, which side and on which day will you choose to view that which you choose and then again be able to live with those choices and their consequences. Word had been getting back to Enigma who placed this man who worked hard to get to a role of leadership in this role, but somewhere, something changes and where he was once focused, like you Humanity, he became misguided and just plain foolish. Was it not enough when Nightmare learned not to poke the beast? Was it not enough when CT made claims of victory before the war was fought only to learn that Enigma fears no man nor does he have mercy on the same? You speak in bold terms your claims to keep what you have not earned to be respected as and yet you think that my words are nothing more than that? So many questions with just as equal or more answers. Rest assured Humanity, like humanity in all its glory or at least intended glory, you too will fall short or you own expectations to a god destined to rule his people…including you.

While at the club, the man begins to bite into an apple while a few girls come around giving him lap dances and other do their thing on poles.

With money in his hand and woman on his lap he utters to his boys, “This is the life right here.”

Soon after, across the club, sitting in the back and looking on through a small slit in a partially opened door, Enigma looks on and he is not at all happy at what he sees or with the intel he has received to confirm everything he has heard.

Enigma notions to one of his boys in the back as he sees the signal, nods back, and heads out the back door. Enigma, dressed like a pimp, walks over to his so called manager of one of his local plants and sits right by him.

Looking surprised and trying to play it off, his employee and old friend, looks on in a fake reaction of excitement, laughing and joking the entire time, “Man I was not expecting you here. What’s up?”

“Neither was I expecting you here Darryl.” As Enigma sits back and the girls leave, he pulls out a cigar and takes notice to the large stash of ones in Darryl’s hand and others in his pocket. “Man, you definitely got some cash there I see. That wouldn’t be my money now would it?”

Darryl pauses and then laughs it off as he quickly responds, “Really E; really? No why would I do some sh** like that? Come on man!”

In life as with the history of “Humanity” or mankind or whatever you would like to call it, many things have impeded people and progress and like them all this is no different. Have you ever taken the time to walk around the CWA and just take a good look in the mirror? Surely you haven’t because while you had your head stuck up your own a**, there was a man of destiny waiting until the right time along with patience to take what rightfully has always belonged to him. While you have to parade around the federation trying to win friends and influence the masses of your greatness, I prove greatness at every show. While you boast of what you will do, you at the same time, have remained stagnant and yet try to be creative to accomplish what complacency has prevented you from going the extra mile to achieve. You can run with a clique or be the one that everyone wants to run with the face of the matter remains just as Nova, Pussy Pain, Cry me a Tigris river came to know, Enigma could give two pieces of sh** about you and you claim to glory because at the end of the day, you are nothing. Like the crap that comes out both ends and recycled in the same, so are your words full of nothing more than fluff while your actions have shown little. Enigma has come to change that and set a new tone and while you bank on history and hope, understand this; Hope has not ever won anything without evidence to prove its worth and history, well, that is just about all you will become after Enigma is done handling his business.

Enigma puffs a few breaths of smoke and at the same time orders a glass of vodka to go with it.

“Darryl, you see, one thing you should know by now is that when I ask or deal with something, I have done more than just research.”

Enigma along with two other men sit alongside him, looking dead into his eyes as Enigma has a look of someone that is cold and at any minute will pop off.

“You see Darryl, I have tried to be patient and the more appropriate route but that is not working.”

Darryl, sensing that his old friend was indeed growing a bit more tense with the situation thought if anything to come clean now or feel the wrath that he knew was a definite possibility.

Breaking down, before Enigma could say another word, he quickly utters, “Look man, I’ll take the money back and yes I did take a few stacks, but you know me, I’ll own up to mine man and take care of it.”

“Own up to it,” says tense Enigma, “At this point, you have nothing else for me. I gave you an opportunity and what did you do with it. You stopped growing, you stopped challenging yourself and you became complacent and comfortable.”

Enigma calms down a bit before saying, “And then you took my money.”

Enigma then looks around in a rather sadistic twist and then says, “You see Darryl, now, it won’t be about the money but more so about sending a message.”

You see Humanity, while you were out there making moves of impulse; Enigma was making all the right moves based on divine providence and intelligence. Humanity will fall and oh how the cookie will crumble, but know this Humanity, you will be humbled.

The scene shifts back to Red who is still sitting in the stone made sofa. She stares at a TV monitor and on it she watches the entire situation with Enigma and Darryl as it unfolds like a show. All she could do was shake her head.

“Here is where the situation goes from bad to worse,” implies Red with sorrow in her voice.

For months now, the plan has been worked to perfection, loses have been the sacrifice of progress, and yet you believe in the fallacies of not only your mind, but also of you propaganda? Like Darryl, your plans were caught, your stories were not believed, and like a fire gone bad, you and your pathetic call for “remember me” and “Humanity will still be champ” in the tabloids will die out in a cloud of smoke and over time dissipate into the wind.

Back at the table in the nightclub, Enigma quickly becomes the recipient of alcohol to his face, a quickly overturned table. While the crowds began to yell and scream among the chaos, the two men with Enigma get caught up in the confusion as Darryl rushes for the first exit he sees.

Enigma laughs as he brushes himself off and standing to his feet he says in sarcasm, “Wow, what a day.” Pulling out his phone, he clicks on a number and then asks, “…you ready?”

The voice on the other end replies, “It’s already done.”

Rather than putting on the chase, Enigma gently walks out of the club just as he came after a few patrons came over and placed everything back in order.

You try to give people a chance to correct their ways and yet, they don’t read the warning signs or take advantage of an opportunity. So many times, you think that those you grow up with are similar in those that you have established a sense of trust and yet, a taste of flexibility equates to an opportunity to relish in one’s own flaws? Darryl like “Humanity” has been given chance after chance after failed chance to move ahead and yet, sin and selfish ambitions got in the way. Like Darryl “Humanity” has lost its way, has lost its drive, and has lost its will to justify what it means to hold the title of being the best and thus being a champion.

Taking a road less traveled and suffering challenges along the way was never easy nor was it never expected to be so. While some rebuke my style, as such with “Humanity” or those like him that suffer from their own “nightmares” have to respect it. To be in the ring with the best and push the best to their best, that is the identity of a champion, a winner, and the upside of “Humanity” or for a lack of better terms, mankind. Yet in that, we have those like Darryl, like Humanity, Nightmare, Nova, and the like, that rest on their past, their traditions, jokes and whatever else that can get them a win or one leg up.

The next scene then shows Darryl sneaking and jumping in his car unsuspected or so he thinks and taking off back to his apartment. He speeds down the road even getting a ticket along the way.

Again “Humanity” will never understand that in life we all make mistakes but for some, some of those mistakes are unforgivable. Darryl made one of those unforgivable mistakes. Even with “Humanity” there is only one unforgivable sin and that is the sin of blasphemy. “Humanity” you like the world itself, you made claims that your efforts won’t atone for. “Humanity” in this war has come against a beast, a demon of sorts that not even God can save you from. Even in life, there are times where we say things, do things, intend things that there is no turning back from and that God himself allows us to suffer to no end whatever eternal flames that engulf us in the process. But “Humanity”, this is a process that you will not pass…A process that does not have at its end a finish line; a process that will end with your own blood all over the ring for all of humanity to see. You think that you were the savior for humanity and all of its kind…you ain’t shi*!

We now see Darryl walking into his apartment and as soon as he opens the door, he does so slowly as if he was anticipating something.

Walking on in, he laughs as he says, “Mind playing tricks on me. I need to stop.”

He walks over to his stove to heat up some food and rather than turning it on, he thinks to himself and then pops some leftovers in the microwave and with the click of the button….(BOOM!!!!!!!)…goes his apartment complex. Moments later, the local police and fire department show up along with the local news reporters. Hours later, it was reported that Darryl was killed as a result of a gas leak.

Back at Enigma Towers, Enigma sits at his desk as Red brings him a drink as she says to him, “Flawless.”

Enigma smiles as the scene fades to black and the camera fades back to the two recliners (one made of stone and the other made of its typical comfortable materials). Only now, no one is in either.

What’s the point…like “Humanity” you must choose your own path. It appears that time has already passed, because Enigma is not one for the typical nor is he one for tradition. Enigma walks alone in this business and like “humanity”, you too Humanity shall both fall and fail just as mankind has done all its unfruitful existence. And just as it took one to restore them all, you’re again looking at the one that shall restore the pride that goes along with the prestige to be called CWA High Voltage CHAMPION!

The scene fades to black as we here 3 tolls sound off in the distance. We again now go back to the beginning where we see the man standing with a smile on his face in cuffs. He is being held in connection with the apartment explosion for questioning but no arrests have been made at this time.

And just like that “Humanity’s” times up and without a trace of what you thought that meant while it lasted and as for me, my time…it’s perfect and it will be more than memorable. It will be inhumane to all that shall be humbled before my wrath!
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Al Nova is seen in some clips that have been taped. He is in a dark room doing some posing and the clips being slowed down and added graphics. Nova flips his head up and we see purple water splash off them. We then see Nova walk down the tunnel at the Australia CWA Adrenaline Rush Show. Al Nova then disappears through the curtain and we go live to Al Nova backstage in his purple gi, with a lighter purple around his neck as he is taping up his wrists. Al is unaware of the cameraman filming backstage

Al Nova
Tonight is the night. I've been waiting patiently and winning matches, night after night and I stand toe to toe with a familiar foe. Bruce Knight opposes me and all the dragons in our journey to the title. High Voltage is ours for the taken, just 2 steps away, 2 victories away and I add another belt around my waist, a much more valueable belt than this white one. A Title that means I will always be in CWA's history books, this match is history in the making

Al Nova finishes taping his wrists and sits down to tie his laces as he continues his monologue

Al Nova
The dragons are ready to see the move I've perfected. The move I have defeated Bruce Knight with. CWA's most dangerous and powerful move, the Elbow Drop of Death! Bruce Knight knows the sting of defeat and I have yet to see any rise in his power level. For he does not have the fans on his side. As they channel with me, they rise my power, they RISE my adrenaline and we deliver high impact, jaw dropping moves. Tiger Knee, Golden-Plex, all staple moves and many have earned me my spot tonight. Bruce Knight my adversary you are about to meet Al Nova, The Purple Dragon and I am going to power up like nothing you've ever seen. My power level last CWA, combined with Nero and Sullivan outmatched yours and the Ables, but without the tag champions, your true power level will be revealed, but it will not matter how much you stack, no matter what form you take, the Dragons and I will blast you down, and with the Elbow Drop of Death, my fate will be sealed.

Al Nova hops to his feet and slaps his elbow as we get a close up

Al Nova
My fate as the Champion of Voltage, High Voltage Championship awaits a new holder, one who's heart is pure and connected with the dragons, my heart, my fate, my title. I am ready and my patience shall be rewarded. Bruce Knight, this will be your final defeat at my hands, because you provide me my final obstacle to conquer. I shall and will overcome you as I have done and then I'm coming for the title. Get Ready.....

Al Nova then ties his white headband taut and walks out of the area as the camera ends
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*Press Play And Begin To Read As The Music Starts*

*The scene opens to pure darkness, a black screen as the voice of a single child is heard singing the hymn "Ave Maria" on a still, cold night.

The camera fades into the dark interior of an unnamed cathedral. The pews are empty as the voice of a single unseen child echos from the vaulted stone ceiling, finding no sanctuary. *


*Next, the camera cuts to the image of scarred hands worn from years of tribulation and struggle resting flat on the sacred cloth of a polished wooden altar. Two candles burn atop the altar providing a subtle glow to the interior of the alcove. The camera moves upward revealing the profile of a man, half of his face lit by the light of the candles, the other half concealed in shadow.

The hymn begins to seemingly draw back as a deep, familiar voice begins to intone the shepherds prayer.*

" The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever."

*With the camera still focused on his half lit silhouette, Prince Pain takes a brief moment of contemplative silence. As the music of "Ave Maria" continues to echo in the background, Prince Pain lifts his head from prayer and locks his gaze upon a cross suspended directly in front of him at the edge of the candlelight without ever turning to face the camera. He then begins to speak.*

"I have walked through the lowest valley, I have lived in the shadows, and I have tasted death. I have fearlessly faced evil while there was no one with me. I have been the bearer of both rod and staff, and sat at the table of my enemies. There was no anointment, and my cup was empty while those of my enemies' runneth over with only failure and blood. In the absence of goodness, I have shown no mercy.

Yet it was not always so. There was a time of innocence in my life when I sang the hymn, lit the candles upon the altar, and poured the wine. I used to believe that my world would always consist of green pastures. That the still pool of my young mind would remain undisturbed forever.

But what the Lord giveth he also taketh away. I was discarded at my birth into an institution founded on the principles of love and compassion, and operated on the greed and sadism of dogma and deceit. Eventually I learned to separate the truth from tradition and the word of God from the word of man. I learned where to place my loyalties, and where fools gold was planted.

If you think, Cyrus Truth, that I am an unprincipled man, bound only to my cruel passions, then you know nothing about me. Just as the church was once my only sanctuary in this world, so I have found solace in CWA. Make no mistake, I will not be bound by the dogma of the CWA anymore than that of my former home. But I will also not betray that which has exalted me. Above all else I value the freedom to forge my own destiny.

At Global Collision any doubts you have about my commitment to CWA will be erased. Noah Hanson has even less control over me than you have over the outcome of this match. I know exactly who you are Cyrus; the man, the legacy, the exile. A broken shell of your former self, consumed by fear and distracted by your own lack of control over a bureaucracy you believe will destroy you.

Do not fear Noah Hanson Cyrus, fear me. CWA will flourish in my hands as I stand as the true embodiment of everything that a champion is supposed to be. I will be it's pride, I will be it's honor. What you haven't realized is that the destruction you fear will not befall CWA. That has been reserved for you."

*Prince Pain pauses momentarily and slowly turns his face to the camera. The candlelight pools in shadows around his eyes and in the hollow of his cheeks, reflecting in the cold blue orbs. With great conviction in his voice he begins to speak again.*

" The CWA ring is now MY house, and I shall not suffer any but myself to dwell within as champion."

*As Prince Pain stares with resolve into the camera "Ave Maria" comes to a close. Prince Pain reaches out with his hands and simultaneously snubs out the light of both candles. The cathedral falls to darkness and the camera fades to black.*
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Backstage at Global Collision, a cameraman is in the locker room panning over the bags and shirts of various CWA stars. The camera stops as it zooms in on an open bag with a T-shirt, a new Cyrus Truth shirt that simply says "No Salvation for the Damned." Next to the bag is the man himself, the number one contender to the CWA World Heavyweight Championship Cyrus Truth. His long black hair is covering his eyes as his head is bowed down. He's certainly prepared for battle as he's in his tights and wearing his sleeveless hooded ring coat, his wrists tightly taped and his boots tied on tight. It's silent save for Cyrus's controlled, hushed breathing until The Exile finally speaks:

Cyrus Truth: It shouldn't have been me.

Cyrus sighs loudly as he raises his head to stare directly into the camera, using his hand to push aside the bangs hiding his eyes. He looks even more tired than he has over the last few weeks, but that steely determination is still there. Disheveled and despondent, Cyrus Truth still has the aura of a battle-hardened Wayward Warrior.

Cyrus Truth: With the World Heavyweight Championship...and so much more...hanging precariously in the balance, the man who is facing Prince Pain should have been someone else. It should have been a true hero, someone who was above the pettiness that has infected our locker room. Someone who could show Noah Hanson that the scumbags don't run this company and be strong enough to uphold the values upon which the Clique Wrestling Alliance was built on and should still hold dear. Not me. Because I've been a great many things in my time here in CWA, but a hero? No...never a hero. At least, never in my own mind.

Cyrus cracks just the slightest of grins as he rolls his head, loosening the muscles in his neck.

Cyrus Truth: When I was cast out into exile, I was defiant...angry. I took the title of "Exile" and wore it like armor, and sought to prove to those who had forsaken me that I not only could survive the rigors of the Long and Winding Road, but that I could carve my legacy in the process. I didn't care if I was loved or reviled, so long as I was remembered. As long as I left my mark, that was all the proof I needed to show the world that I existed. That I mattered. Three years ago, my path took me to CWA, and I made my mark. But something happened that, despite my indifference to them, I didn't expect. The fans...they cheered. They cheered and roared and cried out to the heavens that they had accepted me not as a talented performer, not as a legend...but as a hero.

Cyrus chuckles, as if such a thought was ridiculous.

Cyrus Truth: Me...a hero. I don't understand why. I never proclaimed any love or appreciation for the fans. As I've said, I didn't care if they cheered or booed as long as they weren't silent. I killed their legends, and yet they see me as a hero! It's insane to think that someone like me, a relentless and ruthless warmonger, could ever be a hero to a single soul, much less the millions of CWA fans. But yet...

Cyrus pauses. It seems he's not sure what the right words are, or perhaps he's not entirely sure what to think of all this. But his expression turns sullen as he continues to speak.

Cyrus Truth: Prince're no hero either. That's one thing that you and I have in common. We don't fight for causes...we fight for ourselves. We fight because that's what we were built and honed to do. But the difference is that I can fight for a cause if the cause is worth it. Can you say the same? Can you set aside your own personal glory to take up arms against an enemy who seeks to undermine something greater than yourself? Last Adrenaline Rush, I told you exactly what was at stake in this match of ours. Not just your glory or my legacy...but the entire fate of the Clique Wrestling Alliance, it's past, present, and future. The World Heavyweight Championship and the man who bears that title are the only things that can stave off the poison that Noah Hanson and those who align with his ideology have and will continue to inject into CWA. Are you that man, Pain? Or are you simply more of that poison?

Cyrus cracks his knuckles as his sullen demeanor changes to one of fiery passion.

Cyrus Truth: Regardless of where you stand, Pain...I can't allow you to leave tonight with that championship belt. You cannot walk out of this arena still bearing the title of champion. The stakes are far too high to take even the slightest of risks that Noah Hanson can sink his claws into the World Champion and bend him to his twisted machinations. It is a shame that the fate of an entire company and those who hold it dear fall on the shoulders of a battered and broken Exile, but the weight of the world will find my shoulders a very familiar home. I am not the Cyrus Truth of three years ago, that impetuous and headstrong firebrand who would fight a war just to fight a war. I am a touch slower, a touch more broken, and just a touch more vulnerable. But Pain? This battered body of mine still houses a soul that still burns with pride and dignity, a soul that is not afraid to burn you to ashes...a soul that is as rigid and unyielding as tempered steel. You're stronger than me, meaner than me, and maybe just a touch crueler than me...but I have one thing that still trumps all of that. I can't be stopped. I refuse to be stopped. How can you hope to stop me when I can't even stop myself? Face the Truth, Pain...against a soul like mine, a broken and battered body is enough to stop the likes of you.

Cyrus slicks back his hair as he stands up, standing tall. The weight of the world may be on his shoulders, but he's not budging.

Cyrus Truth: Noah Hanson, I'm not going to let you have a chance of bringing Prince Pain into your fold. Because tonight, I'm fighting for CWA. Tonight, I'm fighting for the boys in the back who still believe that slimeballs like you should not dictate the future of OUR company. Tonight, I show Prince Pain the full fury and rage of an old warrior who has committed himself, body and soul, to a cause well worth fighting for. My name is Truth. I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with warriors great and small. I cast down the CWA Legends one by one and made them all but a memory. I've fought a thousand battles and beaten countless foes, leaving them as carrion along the edge of the Road. And tonight, I play the role of a hero despite being the worst choice for one. Because that's what the people deserve...the people who've committed so much of their lives to the Clique Wrestling Alliance. Tonight, for just one more night...I will be their champion.

Cyrus stretches out, clearly focused on the task and battle at hand. He walks past the camera man and out the locker room door, fully prepared for the fight of his life and to take the fate of CWA on his shoulders once more...
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CWA cameras have caught up with Nero James and Zack Sullivan, who are seen in a gym located in Islamabad where Global Collision will be taking place in just a few days. Zack is working out hitting a punching bag while Nero stands by coaching him.

Nero: That's it man, you got!

Zack continues hitting the punching bag even harder than before and then starts to lose his mind until Nero calms him down.

Nero: Alright, alright take it easy there man, why don't you take a breather?

Zack takes a breath.

Zack: Fine, whatever you say

Zack takes a seat on a bench and takes a drink from a water bottle when Nero sits down next to him.

Nero: I like what I saw, but you gotta calm down or else you're gonna wear yourself out and it'll cost you the match if you do that in the triple threat.

Zack takes another drink before responding.

Zack: I know man, I'm just feeling amped up and ready to go!

Nero: I get that man and I like the intensity, but save it for the match, okay?

Zack: Alright, I gotcha

Just then the door to the gym opens and in walks Michelle Kelly with a camera crew.

Michelle: Hey guys, we were just wondering if we could get a word with you in regards to the big match coming up at Global Collision?

Nero: I don't see why not

Michelle: Well okay then, firstly last week you guys defeated the tag team champions along with Bruce Knight, how does that feel?

Nero: Well we can't take all of the credit because our partner Al Nova played a big part in the match and helped us gain that victory, but it feels good knowing that we have a victory over the champs and I honestly believe that things are looking up for us.

Michelle: About that, Zack will be taking on Nightmare and Ryan Timmerman in a triple threat match to determine the number one contender for the tag team titles...

Nero: Zack is more than ready and I have faith in him to go out there and do us proud and win us that tag team title shot! Isn't that right Zack?

Zack stands up and faces both of them.

Michelle: Zack, do you share the confidence that Nero has?

Zack: Yeah, I do actually. Nero has helped me overcome a lot in past year since I have known him, honestly if it wasn't for him I don't know where I'd be right now.

Michelle: How are you feeling going into the triple threat match against Nightmare and Ryan Timmerman?

Zack: Well Michelle, it's definitely a big challenge that's for sure but honestly I have faced worse. I remember when I got my first big break here in CWA I faced off with Humanity on numerous occasions, and each time Humanity had my number but I kept on getting back up and fighting through it all and I'm still here today.

Zack takes a breath before continuing.

Zack: First off I'd like to start with Nightmare and I know right away that he'll probably go on some spiel about he's going to introduce me to my worst nightmare and all that jazz, but what he doesn't know is that I'm more than ready to take him on. Like I said before, I took on Humanity and while he was big and nasty I stood toe to toe with him unafraid. Same applies to Nightmare, who hangs around Humanity for some odd reason, but hey who am I to judge? Although, I would say that they do make quite the team seeing as how they're both insane but I digress. Nightmare is about to be introduced to his worst nightmare, and that's Zack Sullivan!

Nero pats Zack on the back.

Zack: Then there's Ryan Timmerman, mister all star athlete. I had to deal with guys like him in high school so I'm familiar with his type because he's no different then the rest of the jocks. Big and dumb, so I'm not too worried about him. Yet, I won't overlook him because him and his little buddy beat us before, and I won't let that happen again.

Nero looks proud of Zack as he speaks once more.

Nero: You hear that boys, Zack is ready to attack! He's going to run through you two and earn us a tag team title shot so Able boys I hope you two watch real closely because you're looking your next challengers, and soon to be next CWA Tag Team Champions!

Michelle: Well you heard it here first fans! Thank you guys, and good luck Zack!

With that Michelle leaves as Zack and Nero get back to training.