Hey Daddy/Forlornication

Derrick finally arrived at his Dearborn, MI, home at around midnight on the 1st of September. His mind was flooded with tears after the conversation with his daughter. He'd been a wrestler for the last 11 years and was accustomed to pain,but this was a whole new level.

How long had he fought and scratched through the indy circuit just to get to this point in his career? How often had he dreamed of making the big time so he'd have a better chance of caring for Amy? Now he had his shot, landed a slot in the FWA, and was ready to make a name for himself. What did it matter? He was told he had no daughter by the one lady he cared about most. Maybe she'd come around in time,but Derrick couldn't help thinking maybe he'd just failed; utterly and completely.

It was with these thoughts that Derrick rounded the second floor landing of his home. After dropping his bag off in the bedroom and retrieving a change of clothes, Derrick decided to draw a bath and try to soak his troubles away.

Derrick soaked and tried his best to purge all the thoughts that were plaguing him. The only thing he'd ever wanted to excel at was being a dad, but it seemed the universe didn't want that of him. Instead it seemed he was just destined to be the bad man he so closely resembled.

Suddenly his new found fame seemed like too much of a burden to bear and Derrick found himself rising out of the tub, almost like a man possessed. Without drying, Derrick made his way back to his bedroom. His mind was a void as he reached for the alarm clock/radio by his bedside. The world had shifted sideways as he plugged it in and prepared to re-enter the tub. His vision cleared for one moment and he paused, his toes a few inches above the water.

If I do this, they win. He thought aloud. Amy will blame herself, or me for being so selfish. I can't do that to her. As much as it might be easier.

Derrick threw the clock at the bathroom mirror, where both shattered. He let the water out of the tub and decided he needed to go out,and get his mind off things.


It's two hours from last call when Derrick finds his way into the Courting Crow Tavern. Loud, bass-filled music assaults his senses. Several people are gathered around the pool tables at the back of the tavern and a few others sway like the limbs of willow trees on what passes for a dance floor. Old, lecherous men gawk at the barely clad co-eds enjoying their night, and a few lonely-looking ladies seem to gawk in envy.

Derrick aprroaches the bar and orders several whiskey sours which he downs in rapid succession. An attractive,yet tipsy blonde in a floral sundress, pulls up a stool next to him.

Miss Tipsy

Hey Daddy! Why so glum? Buy a girl a drink and I'll cheer you up!

Derrick Dobbens

Barkeep. Get the lady what she wants.

Miss Tipsy

What if what I want is you sugar? Looking at those muscles I bet you'd be one hell of a ride.

Derrick Dobbens

On any other night you might be right.

Miss Tipsy

Awww. Come on daddy, don't be like that. Have some drinks with me, I'm sure I can turn that frown upside down.

Derrick found he had no strength left to resist, and for the next two hours they drank heavily. At last call the two left together, propping each other up and laughing. Derrick took Miss Tipsy back to his place. He was intending on giving her exactly what she wanted, but Mr. Happy had other ideas. After twenty minutes of trying to keep his mind in the game, finally, Derrick relented and collapsed on top of his new friend, sobbing uncontrollably.

Miss Tipsy

Hey Daddy, that wasn't quite the reaction I was looking for. Maybe I should go.

Derrick Dobbens

That's not my name.

Miss Tipsy

Oh? What is it then? Cryslikealittlebitch? Are you an Indian or something?

Derrick regained his composure and propped himself back up on the bed.

Derrick Dobbens

You should call me Darryl, and I'm a VERY bad man.

From outside his home, a single, desperate scream can be heard. Then there is silence.