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Thread: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

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    FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    Post promos in this thread for the 9th Anniversary Show. Promos are due Sunday, Sept. 7 at midnight Pacific time/Monday, Sept. 8 at 3 a.m. Eastern time and 8 a.m. British time. So the Sunday/Monday crossover.

    No extensions.

    Here is a countdown clock so you have no excuses
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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    Foreclosure of a Dream

    Scene opens in a small, dimly lit room. One old, grungy, light bulb dangles in the center of the room. Darryl Digby sits on a sturdy, straight-backed wooden chair, underneath it. His head is lowered and the long strands of his greasy hair mask his features as he begins to speak.

    Darryl Digby

    My daddy always told me,”Son, you always pay the piper, when giving the devil his due”. Well Randy, the devil hasn’t yet begun to settle those debts. You will pay, Rockstar. Oh you will pay dearly. You might be asking why I chose you. You might be wondering what sin you must have committed to bring my judgment.

    I could tell you why. I could tell you it’s because of what you represent. That it’s your Rockstar persona, a demigod amongst the sheep. I could tell you it’s because you are the bright hot light of the spot. That it’s because you shine in a dull and desolate world. I could tell you why, but how is so much more interesting.

    Prepare to be bathed in baptismal fire, Randy. Get ready to pay the piper, music-man, because this little ditty is a dirge. This is going to be a requiem for the dream that used to be your life.

    I’m going to make an example of dear ol’ Randal Ramone. Mark my message well, my faithful, for Randy is not the last. I’m coming for you all; my judgment will rain down on this company like the hail of a thousand winters. I am the oncoming storm.

    Darryl stands suddenly, knocking the chair over as he does. Reaching above him, he grasps the light bulb and illuminates his furrowed brow as he speaks again.

    Darryl Digby

    The Devil’s Reject is coming for you FWA. You always give the Devil his due.

    Darryl crushes the bulb in his hand, a single drop of blood becomes visible as the camera fades to black.


    Derrick Dobbens was sitting at the back of a bus bound for his home in Dearborn, Michigan, after the taping of his debut match on SMASH! He was tired from the road and his match. He was tired from putting on the mask of the bad guy. It was always such an easy fit for him, given his looks. At his core though, the artist now known as Darryl Digby, was just a sweet, simple guy, who didn’t ask or expect too much from the world around him.

    Derrick was texting his daughter, Amy, as the wheels rolled on. Derrick had gotten his girlfriend,Sheila pregnant in highschool when he was only 16. Sheila had been a senior at the time with high hopes of becoming a doctor when it happened. It changed the course of her life from then on.
    Sheila had dropped out to take care of their Amy, and resented Derrick for it.

    The resentment grew so deep that she accused Derrick of being abusive and filed for sole custody. The judge took one look at young but already very tall, Derrick, and was only too quick to believe every word. None of it had been true but Derrick had worn the mask of the bad guy since puberty, and wasn’t too surprised by the outcome.

    He was able, (with the help of his parents), to at least get visitation rights, and for the last 13 years he devoted every second of those visits to dote lovingly on his pride and joy. Now being on the road as much as he was, wrestling the world over, those visits were far fewer and in between than he would’ve liked. Still he did his best to text or call when he could and as the bus sped on, he continued his conversation with his darling little girl:

    Hey sweetheart. So have you talked to your mother about coming down for Christmas?

    I told you daddy, I’m spending Christmas with my mom.

    You spend every Christmas with your mom.

    Yes. That is my point dad.

    Come on. Throw me a bone here darling. I never get to see you anymore, I just want one Christmas.

    That was your choice dad. Maybe I’ll come out for a week this summer.

    Sweety, please. Just come out for Christmas.

    No. Keep pushing and you won’t see me at all.

    Why? Am I really asking too much??

    You really want me to answer that? Fine. Yes you’re asking too much. You’re asking me to give up my life to make you feel better after what you did to mom and to me. You chose to beat mommy and go be a rassler and never see me. I didn’t ask for that. You think this has been easy for me? At least I’m still a good enough person to talk to you.

    Well don’t do me any favors.

    Ok I won’t. Goodbye dad and when I’m rich and famous and solving the mysteries of the universe you can just sit back and think. Blocking now.

    It hit Derrick like a kick to the teeth. It was the foreclosure on his dreams of being the dad he had always wanted to be. The dad that his ex had never allowed him to be. The phone slipped from his hand and hit the bus floor, the battery popping out as it did. Derrick put his head in his hand and began to weep.

    The wheels rolled on.

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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread


    Where had she been, this past month? Well, as anyone who tuned in to Fight Night could see, Beatrixx Black was for all intensive purposes where she always was. In the ring, causing controversy, fighting and trying to ascend the ladder to the top of the FWA. However, anyone who watched her could see that something wasn't quite right. Ostensibly Beatrixx Black was the same person now as she was at the end of July, but if one were to watch her behind the scenes they wouldn't say the same. After 30 days of silence from both Beatrixx and her people, we are now finally granted access to her personal life once more, with a familiarly-handheld, typically-revealing promo. This one though is something a little different. This isn't posing and posteuring. This is Beatrixx Black being herself, and that makes her more dangerous than she's ever been before.


    "I don't know about this...Bea, are you sure?"

    The response doesn't come from the familiar drawling raspe of Beatrixx, but rather from a similarly off-screen production assistant. All we can see are a man's shoes. From the tile on the floor and the harsh lighting it becomes quickly evident that we are in a corridor in some kind of private medical facility.
    "She said this was what she wanted...besides, it's in her contract."
    "But she's been making so much progress..."

    The worried woman had a tone in her voice that seemed to convey real fear and concern for everything that was happening around her. When the camera is finally hoisted up onto someone's shoulder it is her who we see first. She is of average height, mousy and has long brown hair. She is clutching her grey cardigan shut with one hand and gripping on to a blue clipboard with the other. She looks to be upset.
    "I don't think this is best..."
    "Ya'll talkin' bout me?"

    The voice was quieter than usual, but it definitely belonged to Beatrixx. As if called by a siren song, the camera whipped around instantly 180 degrees to the star of the show. Only for once she didn't look like a star. In fact, she looked similar to the worried woman. She was wearing a cardigan of her own along with a pair of jeans, and although her hair was dreadlocked as usual, it was its natural blond colour for once. Beatrixx Black was showing less skin than she ever had on camera before, and what was most unnerving was that she actually looked comfortable with that.
    "Sally, I told you I want this. I gotta wrestle at the pay-per-view, right? Well then I gotta do a promo, and they gonna see it eventually."
    She spoke a little more coherently than usual, and looked at this woman apparently named similarly to Beatrixx's arch nemesis, with love in her eyes that she usually only reserved for hard liquor and burning buildings.
    "But you're not that person anymore, Beatrice."
    "Exactly baby, and that's what I'm gonna tell 'em."

    Beatrixx then walked over to Sally and kissed her on the lips, lightly and without any intention to tittilate or send a message. The camera followed her nonetheless, so when she turned away from Sally and to the familiar lens, it felt just for a second as if the bile was going to come spewing out again and Beatrixx was going to come right back, spitting venom at her opponent and screeching obscenities. She didn't do this.

    "So hey ya'll, it's Bea Black and I know you ain't been hearin' none 'a me lately. Ya'll not knowin' where I been, 'cept when I...'cept when I been gettin' my ass handed to me in that ring. Yeah, I know, I know, Saddle Sally been claimin' all kindsa stuff, that she broke me, that she's dominant, et cetera. Well I...I wanna tell ya'll that that ain't the case. I got some stuff to explain but in order to do that I got somebody I wanna introduce."
    Beatrixx's body language has been subdued almost as much as her speaking style, but she smiles genuinely as she steps to the side and gestures towards Sally.
    "This right here is Miss Sally Harper, my therapist, my girlfriend...but don't tell the board of psychiatry that, heh...and she's the one I gotta thank. I know, ya'll be thinkin' "hey, why does Bea wanna thank this woman when she been losin' this past month, ever since she stepped in the picture?" and well, I got an answer for ya'll. See what Sally said is that I was...mentally unstable...and she noticed me when she was flickin' channels one day and she saw me on Fight Night uhh...she saw me tellin' a christian girl she had a miscarriage then jumpin' on her stomach like a bouncy castle. That wasn't...that was the old me. So she convinced me to go an' see her an' well...I just ain't looked back. I know my performance is sufferin' but it's my mental health tha'ss important, right?"
    Beatrixx looks to Sally like a dog looking to her owner for approval and grins when she gets a sanctifying nod.
    "But I gotta do this promo...I gotta talk about Saddle Sally...and I will...I'll talk about...yeah, I gotta cut a promo about why I think I'm gon' win this match at the anniversary show, the big birthday thass...thass what I'm gon' do..."
    At this, Sally the psychiatrist seemed to become unreasonably alarmed.
    "No, you know what? This isn't a good idea. I want to talk to you right now Bill, cameras off."
    Bill, evidently the production assistant talking earlier, put his hand over the camera for a few seconds before it turned off.

    There is a couple of seconds of total blackness.


    We then seem to be watching a conversation we shouldn't be allowed to watch. There is no sound, and it is being filmed on a small camera, perhaps even an iphone, from around a corner. Whenever it looks as though someone is looking towards the lens, the camera suddenly zooms aound the corner for a few seconds until it is safe to film again. The conversation is taking place between Bill and Sally, the psychiatrist. What is surprising is that both people seem passionate, but Sally seems to show no cynicism in her devotion to Beatrixx. She isn't wanting to control her or manipulate her, but instead her expression as well as her passion shows that she seems to genuinely care about her girlfriend. She begins to gesticulate wildly, and for a moment catches sight of the lens. As the camera is fired back around the corner again, it quickly cuts to black.


    When we come back, we are in what looks to be a meeting room. Rather than a traditional desk and chair set up though, it looks like the kind of room in which an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting would take place, with bare walls, a huge open space and plastic chairs dotted around the room. Sitting on one chair directly in front of the camera is Beatrixx Black. The camera is turned on in what seems to be the middle of a conversation, and Beatrixx looks concerned.
    "Yo, so she doesn't know we here? Man...I dunno if I'm comfortable with this..."
    The voice of Bill came from behind and to the left of the camera.
    "It's fine, we spoke to her, she gave us her approval to talk to you about the match one-on-one. She said it would be best."
    "Well...uh...I guess..."

    Noticeably sat next to Beatrixx is a bottle of pills, which she picks up, nervously unscrews and takes two of with a small paper cup of water. She swallows them and exhales deeply.
    " do you feel about Saddle Sally?"
    "Well I mean...I mean she is...she is still a wack bitch, yo. I mean, I changed but she ain't. She ain't done nothin' 'cept throw her wait around, kickin' me while I'm tryna' get well, while I'm tryna' get healthy. And I gotta...but I mean...I wanna...I guess I just gotta take it until I feel I'm well enough."
    "So you're going to lose this match on Sunday, then? If you have to?"
    "Naa, naa, thass not what I been sayin'. Naa, I'm gon' win, I just....Sally said I can't be sacrificin' my mental health for a...for jus' a fancy belt."

    There is slight anger and pain in this phrase as it comes out of Beatrixx's mouth, as if at one point she took great offense in it. Bill seems to pick up on this.
    "So you think pleasing your friend, Sally, is more important than getting revenge on your enemy, Sally?"
    The repetition of the names seems to confuse the drug-addled Beatrixx.
    "Naa, naa, you're tryin''re tryin' to trick me. What'd I even wanna get revenge on Sally for?"

    Beatrixx eyes follow Bill behind the camera, as he seems to be making a gesture of some kind. She then looks down and lifts up the cardigan to reveal the brand left on her by Saddle Sally two weeks ago.

    "Yeah...I didn't forget that...but Sally says that's just one of the trials I gotta overcome. I gotta step in that ring on Sunday and say I'm...I'm better than you bitch, I'm above you. I gotta beat her ass to the mat...yeah...I gotta destroy her. I gotta make that bitch beg to be put down like the rabid fuckin' dog she is! And you know that shit makes sense, you know she a bitch humpin' my leg 'cos that bitch seriously wanna fuck me, right? You know? You seen that bitch, ever since I got ontoppa her las' month she been fixated on been all over me, touchin' me an' shit. Hell, I bet she want this match to be a strapon-on-a-pole match, ya'll know?"

    What would normally be a miniscule intake of breath in the middle of a rant is instead a harsh emergency break. Beatrixx even goes as far as to cover her mouth, though the camera still picks up her smile, as wide as it is, stretching even out of her extended palm. There is a flicker of light in her eyes, and Bill tries to stoke the flames.
    "Hah, I do know, Beatrixx. So what you're saying is you are going to fight her?"
    Beatrixx launches to her feet.
    "You damn right I'mma fight her! Bitch be sayin' she wanna humiliate me?! Bitch be jus' tryin' to drag me down to her god damn level. I ain't lil' sister christian fuckin' some meth dealer try'na score then uh-oh, lil baby on the way, better stick a coathanger up my coochie and blame it on the good lord. Yeah yeah, that lil doctor's note may've said miscarriage but I know lil miss saddle sally be slippin' a few dollars his way an' maybe slippin' his lil pencil dick down her throat too to get that shit changed from the truth. 'cos tha'ss what you all about. You all about lookin' like you on top, you gotta straddle me, you gotta brand me, you gotta grind yo'self against me to show people that you the queen bitch well guess what baby doll this bitch commitin' regicide on Sunday. You always try'na dodge the truth, you always try'na change the subject, you always try'na hide behind yo li'l championship belt and say that no shit matters because you the champion. Well, lil baby, I'mma take yo belt offa you an when yo panties sink to the ground an' yo lil bare ass on display to the nation, not for the first time, you ain't got nowhere to hide. I'mma be a priest and I'mma make you confess to all yo sins, lil miss cowgirl, an' make no mistake. I don' give a shit what it does to me, there ain't enough pills in the world to glue this broken bitch together. You brand my ass, you spit in my hair you gon' be lyin' on that mat regrettin' you didn' do more because you talk about humiliation...well you know the levels I will go bitch, you know the shit I do every god damn gotta wonder how low I can make you go. When I consider my shit normal, you gotta think what I call degradin, and now you wanna humiliate you? You better hope you don' lose...'cos you can't imagine what I do once I take yo title an' you got nothin' left to hide behind. Let me tell you...that lil, quotation marks, "miscarriage" of yours, it just gon' be the-"

    The door slams open all of a sudden and both Beatrixx and the cameraman wheel around to face the person who has just walked in. Flanked by two security guards, it is psychiatrist Sally Harper. She looks angry. Beatrixx looks...angry. and excited. and mildly aroused. The camera cuts to black.

    It looks like the end.

    There is nothing on screen.


    Until there is static, and we get a picture again. It is Beatrixx holding the camera now, just inches from her own face. Although we mostly cannot see below the top of her chest, it is clear that she is naked. She is still in the same room, but it has been completely destroyed, with windows broken, chairs smashed and lying all around the room, and five people lying in various states of consciousness. They are Bill, the cameraman, Sally and the two security guards. Beatrixx is the last woman standing and as we can see from the light illuminating her face, she is watching a fire she presumably started engulf the wall in front of her. In the distance we can hear police sirens, but much closer is the laughter of Beatrixx Black. She kisses the camera, then drops it with a smash. The screen is cracked, but we are left with a shot of Sally Harper crawling away from a huge stack of burning papers, as the footsteps of Beatrixx Black echo down a nearby hallway.


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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    Giggling, laughter, happiness. The camera follows the excited footsteps of little Carmella Kennedy who charges through the halls and passages of a dilapidated old building. Her every footstep is exaggerated as she does her all too keep up with her playmates. A trio of older kids; Alexis and Colin O'Ryan along with Micah Ignito. Daughters and sons of great wrestlers, of legends, of icons who all have one divine figure in common. And as they tear through the smaller rooms and eventually into one large expansive room full of dusty old pews and relics of a Goddesses greatest glories, it becomes clear exactly where they are. It is a place that has not been visited for a long time now, a place not seen by the FWA faithful for years. In years past it was often full of people there to see their Goddess, there to bask in her ethereal caramel glow and pay homage to her greatness. Now though it hasn't seen life for the longest time, a thick blanket of dust covers everything, hiding the splendor of what was once the Church of Gabrielle. In recent years she has embraced her humanity through love, through marriage, through watching her daughter grow into a young woman. Her divinity faded ever so as a result...but the wars she has endured, the setbacks, the hurt it has all stoked those flames once more. Her wrath, her compassion, her divine whims have roared back to life, no longer hidden behind a facade of being just a beautiful woman...she is the Goddess once more, bathed in a renewed caramel aura. One of confidence, love, warmth, desire...and greatest of all; the need to punish the wicked. Her children, the son of the woman she loves, the siblings of the man she loves and the daughter of the man she loved all come to a stop, gazing upwards, towards the FWA's most celebrated deity. Gabrielle. She stands atop the altar, which has become a podium, a dais, a rostrum holding our Goddess aloft. She is gorgeous, beautiful, seductive, inviting and eternally dressed in that alluring caramel hue. It bathes her from head to toe, coating every inch of her body. Its a part of her legacy, part of her splendor, the simple sparkle to her skin, and the suggestive warmth to it. Richly dark, sweet, as sumptuous as it looks, the most delicious of candies. And it is all wrapped up in tight, curve hugging purple satin. A divine dress fit for a Goddess, it smugly caresses her supple body, hugging her firmly, performing the duties that any man or woman would love to perform in its stead. Completely shoulder-less it cups her large famously thirty four double D breasts with a vigor. The cleavage heavy neckline concealing those magnificent orbs is held in place almost solely by the size of her bosoms. From there the purple satin hugs her stomach, wraps around her hips and clings tightly to her posterior, squeezing her ass like a lovers cheeky touch. Her legs though...they are suggestively on show thanks to a slit up the front of the dress that otherwise cascades down past her stiletto heeled feet to pool up on the ground around her. The slit reveals her long legs, smooth to the touch, warm to embrace and exposed all the way up along her thigh. But Gabrielle is more than just a mouth watering caramel body tightly wrapped in a gorgeous purple dress. She is accessorized by gold hoop earrings, a stunning diamond necklace and several diamond rings. But sparkle as they may they cant upstage the twinkle in her bright brown eyes, or the rosiness to her cheeks...and certainly not the delightful smile kissed to her lips. She is stunning, so stunning, such a beautiful, beautiful face and all framed by her long dark brunette hair that is ever so slightly curled and adorned with a single red rose nestled among her brown locks. She stands there upon her podium with a slight suggestive sway to her hips, a moistness to her lips and a deviously growing twinkle to her eyes. And just when it seems like it cant get any better...her voice, that amazing voice breaks the silence that had fallen over everything.

    Twenty seven...twenty

    No I speak not of a chapter, nor a verse so your GaBibles can remain closed...just as my divinity formerly was. For I speak of age, my age...twenty seven years young. Yet I am expected to simply step aside, I am treated as if I am too old to still be here competing for a World Championship. I am looked at as if my prime, my time has simply passed and it is a new era for new stars...not former Champions.

    It sickens me...

    After all that I have done, all that I achieved long before I even turn seems to be all forgotten yet somehow held against me. Somehow being a former Champion in this day and age is a bad thing, somehow it is used against me. Rather than being seen as a badge of honour or a marker of respect I am instead demanded to step aside. Everyone is obsessed with the new, obsessed with new faces, with new Champions. And yes these things can be a breath of fresh hair. But there is one thing that is not disturbed by the new, and can never become truly old...a divine beings wrath.

    No matter the age, no matter the era a God or a supreme Goddesses wrath is never to old. It never goes out of style and it never simply fades away to be replaced by the whim of man. I have endured these slights for long enough, I do not appreciate being ignored or worse yet told to simply go away. But before everyone stockpiles food in fear of a famine, or heads for cover in the wake of a swarm I do not despise or even dislike the men fighting to make this new era. Men like Drew Stevenson who have proven their worth time and time again. Men like Jason Gryphon who have stormed to the top with a quickness.

    Then you have those like Shane McLean...a veteran, a long time standout within the FWA ring, but one who found his greatest success when the term "new era" was bandied about. There's Ryan Rondo a guaranteed star of the future, an impressive young talent. Then there are those like Frank Blaze, like Ghost, like Kaizen who are seeking to make an impact and get their names in the brightest lights. How can I despise such ambition, such drive...such a quest for glory?

    I cant...

    The Caramel Goddess runs a hand slowly through her soft luxurious hair.

    After all I was once a young woman watching the greats of the day compete for glory. The difference is every one of them who laces up their boots does so with the knowledge that if they try hard enough they can be World Champion. Me...I had a seemingly foolish dream and twenty years of watching woman succeed as mere valets or in cat fights. Despite that I never gave up, I never gave in and I worked harder than everyone else to get there, To get to that point when I stood in that ring four years ago at Mile High overjoyed and overcome as I heard those sweet words: "And new FWA World Champion...Gabrielle".

    A look of euphoria crosses her face as she gazes upwards for a few moments, reliving those glorious seconds where she realized her dream.

    So I know exactly what it is like to chase a dream, what it is to strive for such glory. I get it. But I never demanded the greats of days gone by to step aside, to leave, to give I wanted to beat them, I wanted to better them and stake my claim as a true great. A true Champion...and not a pretender standing in the middle of an era created just for me. I'm not PAJ. I picked up the torch when Matt Boudreau could no longer carry it, I became World Champion by beating all who were put in front of me and never taking a backward step. Even those who I looked down upon, those who I felt superior too I still respected them, because I respect what that Championship belt means and stands for.

    But now, in this day and age the this very industry has a sickness within it, a sickness of disrespect. But sadly I am used to it...

    Silence, an eerie silence as the Children of a Goddess are silently in awe and wonder of the Caramel Coated One, who simply lets her last few words hang in the air like a dagger.

    When I started my career as a fresh faced twenty year old, no matter how badly I wanted to be World Champion the only people who ever took it seriously were my parents...and the sadly late Christopher Stalling's. Not Jack, not Julian, or anyone else, I wasn't seen as a future World Champion in Executive Excellence nor even when Sinful Sensuality reigned atop the Tag Team division. And yet this new era of wrestlers think they have any real complaints...

    Laughter slithers forth from between her soft pink lips. Laughter that Carmella, Colin, Alexis and Micah join in on.

    You people don't know real struggle, you especially Phillip. What were you here for a year at most when you originally came to the FWA? A year of doing nothing spectacular before deciding you wanted easier competition and left. The only time I have ever had off is when I was physically unable too, when I was incapable of stepping foot inside an FWA ring. Still it took me four years, four years non stop competing against the best that the FWA would put before me. Two Women's Championship reigns, Two Tag Team Championship reigns, and three times I competed for those Titles at Back In Business.

    Yet I never had a Championship opportunity handed to me, I had to step into the ring with the World Champion and defeat him on on one...just to get the opportunity to compete against five other men in a Mile High match, and if I lost that would have been that. I would have had to fight on for another four years. Nothing has ever been handed to me on a silver platter like it has been too you Phillip.

    But you know what...

    A loud sigh brings a pause to her poignant words as she takes a moment to compose herself.

    I actually feel something that I have never felt before...jealousy. Just look at me, clearly jealousy has never been a common feeling in my life, sure people have been jealous of me, but me jealous of them? This is a whole new feeling, a first for me and I am truly jealous of you PAJ for one particular reason. You see when I was an unproven wrestler with stars in my eyes and a dream of being the World Champion...I had to do it the hard way, I didn't get an era dedicated to me. I didn't finally get a Title shot simply handed to me...let alone a series of Title shots!

    The FWA never stood still to dedicate an era to me, no General Manager ever selected me to be their protected Champion. I never got a stream of Title opportunities one after the other, month after month until I finally won. I never got any of that, I got the occasional pat on the butt and a constant stream of mocking for being a woman trying to compete against men. I never had it easy, and as much as that struggle has made me a better person, just once it would have been nice to get all the benefits and all the privilege that you've been handed Phillip, or Ryan Hall before you, or the countless others who have been favored over me.

    Instead in eight years, eight long years full of six Championship reigns, two marriages, two divorces, the most amazing daughter I could ever hope for, the horror of being set on fire, even a term as General Manager myself, and so much more I have witnessed so many people take up that role behind the desk. Matthew Robinson, G-Rich, Drew Jolson, Shaun Madden, Robbins Thursgood, Dinorah Redgrave, Jillian De Silva...and many others. Former wrestlers, faceless suits, former friends, idols and a few nobodies...a varied group if ever there was one. But one thing they all had in common, was I was never the chosen one. At best I was the one to put in bra and panties matches, or send back down to the Women's division whenever I got any momentum.

    In all that time the only General Manager that ever looked out for me, that ever supported me was a General Manager that I had to have a hand in putting in power. After nearly four years of proving that I was without a doubt the best female wrestler on the roster, as I followed in Jillian De Silva's footsteps by defeating men the likes of Aut Pax Aut Bellum, Thomas Princeton, Duke Drazin and even the great Matt Boudreau I had to turn to The Great Siege. I had to turn my back on the fans...on the purity of my dreams and fight the good fight no matter what that meant. It was at Mile High in two thousand and ten that it all came together for me...and for the next ten months I lived what a little girl with pigtails thought would be easy, but a grown woman learned was much harder.

    The Great Siege put Mountain Rush in charge, he stood as the Fight Night General Manager...for the first and only time I had someone in management who looked at me as Champion. Not even Matthew Robinson did...well maybe a certain kind of Champion in a certain kind of arena...

    Dinorah Redgrave a supposed friend was no better, she took my job and undermined my every decision. Even during my own term behind that desk my authority was constantly questioned as I took the FWA to its greatest heights and only ever rewarded myself with the rematch I was due for over a year. Now I stand here in my forlorn and ruined church in two thousand and fourteen watching as a man who ran away when things got tough, but a man who has been praised at nearly every turn and handed everything he has...gets a General Manager to choose him and pick him to be the greatest. No struggle, no sleeping with the boss...just the deck being stacked against me once again...

    The beautiful Gabrielle with her teeth gritted and a look of fury upon her face takes no notice as an errant breeze rips into the halls of her church and whips at her hair with an intensity.

    But once again that is something I am more than used too. For a month straight Ryan Hall, Jimmy King, Ryan Rondo...and you Phillip as well made my life hell the last time I sought to be World Champion. Before that Dinorah made sure to make my rightful rematch two years ago a Trial By Fire match...and put...another man in there against me as well. Before that there was Duke Drazin given shot after shot after shot against me until he finally got lucky, Chris betrayed me and Duke stole my Title all in one night.

    Another loud sigh that brings Carmella to her feet where she charges over to stand in front of her mommy, wide eyed and concerned yet awestruck.

    There is a history here of me having to work so much harder, having to overcome the odds and outshine every single other wrestler in the world just to get one shot at greatness. While PAJ lost the night after Back In Business...while PAJ LOST at Aftershock, and while PAJ took advantage of Ryan Rondo's hard work at Red, White and Bruised I was in a war with Stu St.Clair. I was suffering but never giving up. I was hearing the words of a father who had lost faith in me...but never relenting. I survived and won the toughest battles of my life against someone who truly didn't care about wining or losing...just hurting me.

    It didn't stop me though, even when I could barely walk I was still out there in that ring. So Phillip I have to ask...after everything I have endured what exactly are you going to do to stop me?

    Oh sure you have Robbins Thursgood by your side...but we saw last week what happens when Thursgood tries to stick his nose in my business. He had to scamper away to safety and you ended up flat on your back Philly. Thursgood is nothing I haven't seen before, I've covered that fact already. As for you, well sure you have that most coveted of Championships currently bearing your name but what has changed since Back In Business?

    Answer...nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    I'm still better than you, as I am better than everyone else. Last time we faced off in the ring one on one I added to your woes and your losing streak, while your wife tired of you and your sexist views. I sent your world crumbling around your head last time PAJ, now I get to do it all over again. I get to take the FWA World Championship, the symbol of supreme greatness from you. I get to show you that a suit choosing you means nothing if you simply aren't good enough.

    Being chosen from the crowd to be looked after does not make you a great Champion. The proof is in your reign PAJ, put aside your ego and your foolishness and I know you cant be happy with how things have played out for you. You lost to Drew Stevenson, Robbins saved you from Stu...then you were layed out by me. Three weeks as Champion so far and not a single impressive moment to speak of. When I won that Championship I backed it up by winning week after week...most impressively just one month after defeating five men in the Mile High match I defeated five men in an Elimination Chamber. That's how you carry yourself when you are the World Champion.

    A very smug smile has sauntered across Gabrielle's lips as she casts her eyes upwards proudly. Her "Caramel Children" as they are follow suit, proudest of all is little Carmella Kennedy doing her best to mimic her mother.

    That is how I will carry myself as the World Champion once again. Taking on all challengers and beating all challengers. It is almost organic that after I beat you PAJ my attention will turn to defending my newly won Title in a Mile High match...four years after I first won it. But lets not get ahead of ourselves here, Mile High still has my grand re-coronation ahead of it. The downfall of Phillip Alexander Jackson and the rise of Gabrielle Madison Montgomery. It will be...beautiful.

    Not just because of the ups and downs of the past four years. Not just because now I have a family to celebrate with me but because you should not be the World Champion PAJ. Not in the old era, not in the new era and not in any other era. You've never proven yourself to be good enough, being World Champion is not just about being better than some, or having the right friends, it is all about being better than everyone else. When it comes to that I have no peer. For the past year I have stood head and shoulders above everyone else.

    A Tag Team Championship reign only ended when my former sister in law decided this career wasn't for her. Trial By Fire...a night of numbers and abuse of power. Carnal Contendership where the flap of a butterfly's wings would have seen Wolf go over the top rope.

    They were my low points, but low points that have held me higher than everybody else.

    Since then there has been nothing but success. You, Stuart, Shane, Ryan, Princeton, Aut Pax Aut Bellum...all just some of the names I have bested since then. Just some of people old and new alike that I have defeated in this new era.

    Gabrielle smiles from ear to ear, full of confidence and a great desire to step foot in the ring and right her career, proving herself to everyone.

    Everyone asks for it, they cheer for it, they want it...they even demand it. This new era, this new dawn, a new age in the FWA. But I refuse to simply roll over and give in. I wont just step aside and let someone take my spot simply because they are younger than me.

    That isn't how this industry works.

    You want to be the best, then you have to beat the best and throughout my career that is exactly what I have done. There was a time where it was my face all over every poster, my image proudly displayed by the FWA. It was me that people screamed for to be given just one opportunity. Now all I see is PAJ's face on every poster, PAJ is the one beloved and promoted constantly. But all of that just drives me even more. Phillip doesn't deserve all that special attention...attention he gets just because when I was wrestling the best women in the world he was still in high school.

    That's not how this industry is meant to be.

    I've worked hardest of all for eight years here in the FWA constantly showing just how good I am. I've won over a hundred matches here, I've done everything ever asked of me, all I want in return is the glory that has been stolen from me and the respect that is being denied to me. G-Rich...Robbins whichever one of you is General Manager when the Anniversary party is over will want to shower the FWA's Goddess with the praise and love I am due. I fight and win regardless of the era. That is what makes a true Champion.

    Silence for a few moments more as Gabrielle lets her words sink in.

    Gabrielle: And thus comes the ending to the most forgettable reign the FWA has ever seen, and in its place rises something far more divine and glorious. This and any other era is mine...

    Carmella excitedly claps and hugs her mothers legs, as her other children applaud as well. But away from it all, in the back of the church watching on with a look of pure amazement is a little girl that no one can see. Four years old, brown eyed, brown hair tied into pigtails with pink ribbons and a tan complexion. She stands there silently watching her older self on the verge of greatness once more. This time it is exactly what the little girl imagined, a woman fighting by herself, a woman with a family, a woman about to be the World Champion...

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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    Scene One - “Out of the Darkness, Into the Light”

    We open to the unconscious body of “Rockstar” Randy Ramon, lying on the floor, backstage at Smash. Daryl Digby has just “smash”ed him, headfirst into a concrete wall, and left him for dead. Paramedics have not yet arrived on the scene. Slowly, the subconscious - some would call it a “soul” - of the Rockstar begins to rise from his stationary, lifeless form. Suddenly we are taken down a dark, twisted, stormy, mess of a path - deep into a realm of darkness.

    And then light.

    A man stands alone at a podium before a set of great golden gates.

    “Ah Randall, I see you’ve found your way home.”

    R3 - “...St. Peter?”

    SP - “That is correct. Do you know where you are?”

    R3 - “I’m guessing it ain't the Playboy Mansion…”

    SP - “The wha.. nevermind. Randall you are in heaven.”

    A clearly disappointed look comes across the face of the fallen one as he responds.

    R3 - “Ah... shit, I died? That’s mildly inconvenient. I left a half drank beer in the fridge…”

    Saint Peter is clearly taken aback.

    SP - “That’s what you’re going with? THAT’S your concern?” **Reading a list** “Not the fornicating, not the taking of the Lord’s name in vain, not the excess violence or cursing or that time you smacked Chris Palmer’s Mother?”

    R3 - **chuckling** “Good times… but you’re right. How the hell, er, heck did I get here? I don’t belong here.”

    SP - “Loopholes. You’ll come to understand in time.”

    Randy is visibly confused, but notices something else is clearly wrong.

    R3 - “Wait a minute old man, if this is heaven, where is everyone else?” **Looking around** “I mean, I always kinda thought there would be a line to get in or something…”

    SP - **Laughing** “Turns out its a slow day today. And on our slower days, I like to give tours. Would you like a tour of heaven, Randall?”

    Visibly caught off guard, Randy immediately begins checking his appearance.

    SP - “None of that matters Randall, just come with me.”

    Saint Peter leads the Rockstar through many rooms of heaven. Some have magnificent golden ceilings, others have huge pillars and monumental statues. One room has a table so long that from one end, the human eye cannot perceive the other. There is enough food on said table to feed the Roman Empire seven times over. Wine flows from jugs in every corner of every room.

    R3 - “Incredible.”

    SP - “...and it’s all yours if you want it.”

    They step through a great wooden door. Carvings on it seem to read “Here Lies Father Time,” and on the other side are huge walls lined with millions and billions of clocks. Grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, big clocks, clocks of all shapes, sizes and colors. Randy steps as close to the middle of the room as he can and turns in place, admiring the show. He notices that some of the clocks are moving faster than others, much faster than usual earth-clocks. Others are moving significantly slower.

    R3 - “What is all this??”

    SP - “This is Father Time. Every clock on these hallowed halls belongs to a soul on earth. Every time that person tells a lie, their clock speeds up, bringing them closer to the end. Every time they tell a truth or do a good deed, the opposite occurs.”

    Upon further review, Randy spies one clock in particular spinning almost faster than the eye can perceive. He points to it.

    R3 - “Saint Pete, man, whose clock is that?”

    Saint Peter chuckles.

    SP - “Oh, that one belongs to --” (i)

    Suddenly a voice comes peering into the light…

    Voice - “RANDY! RANDY! WAKE UP!!”

    The view begins to fizzle between heaven and earth, where Paramedics are attempting to wake Randy up. Heaven-Randy doesn’t seem to want to leave. The paramedic breaks a tube of smelling salts and sticks them half way up Earth-Randy’s nose, sending heaven-Randy back down the spiral of light and darkness, back through the twister of unconsciousness and back to reality. He sits up in his place.

    R3 - “What the…?”

    The paramedics urge him to lay back down. They say he needs his rest. Ever the Revolutionary, he forces his way to his feet, nearly falling in the process. He takes a look around the room, and as the disorientation fades away, he realizes that he’s back in hell, I mean on earth, and the pearly gates are all gone. The happiness he felt moments ago slowly becomes replaced by rage. Rage towards Digby, who left him for dead. Rage towards the paramedics for waking him up. Surprisingly, Rage towards Digby for NOT FINISHING THE JOB. He clenches his fists as he heads for the door. The paramedic forces a bottle into his hand as he steps outside.

    Paramedic - “Painkillers. Take two of these tonight and get to a hospital!”

    The door slams behind him, and as he approaches his H2 for a change of clothes, a backstage reporter practically bowls him over trying to get a sound byte.

    Reporter - “Randy, anything you want to say to Daryl Digby after this attack?”

    Randy pauses. Thinks deep for a minute, still obviously feeling the pain in the back of his skull.

    R3 - “Tell him Jarvis Tate called and he wants his gimmick back.” (ii)

    He forces the camera away as he opens the trunk of the truck and begins looking for a pair of non-bloody jeans.

    Scene 2 - “Do Not Mix With Alcohol”

    We cut to post “Fight Night,” post debut of the “Revolution” and post epic poop from somewhere near the Revolution locker room. Randy sits on a bar stool, at the counter of the same bar where he recently dropped the bald, dart-infested thug. He holds the pills in his hand that the paramedic gave him on the way out of the building.

    R3 - “No, I can’t let myself do it.”

    He places the bottle down on the counter in front of him and orders a Tullamore Dew on the rocks. Randy takes a big swig almost immediately after the bartender pours it. Relaxation flows through his veins and his stomach turns warm as he feels the weight of the past few days escape him. He again looks at the bottle of painkillers. He frustratedly pushes it to the side and takes another mouthful of Dew. He lifts his arms over his head and stretches deep, releasing tension from every muscle in his body.

    Bartender - **seeing his almost empty glass** - “You want another one Randy?”

    R3 - **thinks for a quick second** - “Yeah, I need it after today.”

    Bartender - **pouring** - “You alright? I thought you seemed off.”

    R3 - “I’m alright. Just got ambushed by some jackal with a deathwish. No concussion or anything though, so that’s a plus.”

    Bartender -“Glad you’re okay.” **noticing the bottle of pills** “I thought you gave that shit up?”

    R3 - “I did. I mean I thought I did. I mean I’m in a lot of pain. I don’t know. They gave them to me after I got jumped. These aches and pains, the temptations, that’s why I got out of this business… it’s too much.”

    Bartender - “I told you that you were crazy to go back. If you’re worried about drinking money, why not take a job here a few nights a week? I just lost a bartender, and I’ll pay you enough to cover your tab.”

    R3 - **smiles** - “Nah, Jake, thanks, but I’ve gotta do this my own way.”

    Bartender - “Alright, have it your way.” **Reaching for the bottle of pills** “Why don’t you let me take care of those for you, so you don’t do anything stupid?”

    R3 - **snatching the bottle away** - “Thanks, but no thanks.”**finishes his drink** “Just refill this, would you?”

    Randy slams the bottle down next to his glass, hell bent on not letting such an insignificant mold of carbon and oxygen control him. He tries to not pay attention to it, but the damn thing might as well be doing back flips and holding up a sign that says “eat me!” Feeling himself sink lower and lower and unable to stop it, he grabs the bottle and removes the lid. He looks inside at the little white pills. He pours a few out on the bar. He slides them around with his finger, trying to get enough nerve to pick them up, but simultaneously trying to find the strength to walk away. Neither will come so he finishes his drink.

    R3 - **holding up his empty glass** “One more, man?”

    Jake bring him his last drink of the evening. Randy pays his tab and turns from the bar. Even though every bone and muscle in his body is telling him not to, he succumbs to the pressure and guilt and self loathing and pain and downs a few of the pain pills. He chases them with the contents of his glass, then slams it down on the bar.

    Randy cracks his neck and checks out the inhabitants of the bar. A cute girl sits at a table alone, near the karaoke setup. She looks sad, and her martini has barely been touched. The Rockstar checks himself and struts on over to her.

    R3 - “He’s not coming…”

    Chick - “Huh? Oh… yeah I kind of figured. I’ve been here an hour and a half already. Three years ago, we agreed that if we were both still single, we’d meet here tonight. I know he’s not seeing anyone, so I guess I’m being stood up.”

    R3 - “That’s a damn shame little lady. Tell you what, I gotta do this thing real quick. How about you give me a hand, and then I’ll show you a real good time?”

    Chick - “I’d like that, but what do you need me for?”

    R3 - **holding out his cell phone** - “Just record me. I have to do a quick video for my YouTube channel.”

    Chick - “Oh… are you, like, a celebrity or something?”

    R3 - “You know it bay-bay!!”

    He turns away from the chick and climbs up on the karaoke stage, turning the machine on and grabbing the mic on the way by. Some brief feedback immediately cuts through, but quickly fades. He adjusts himself and starts to speak as soon as he sees the chickadee recording.

    R3 - “Yo bitches! This is another weekly edition of the Rockstar Revolution Radio Show! Yes we know we’re not on the radio, no we don’t care! Topic of the week is idiots with a deathwish. Namely, Daryl Digby. What exactly is a Daryl Digby, you ask? Short answer - it’s a scared little man. A man who prides himself on causing chaos and wreaking havoc as a way of covering his own insecurities. Really pathetic if you ask me.”

    A small crowd has gathered near the stage.

    R3 - “That’s right, move on in. We’re coming to you live tonight from Jake’s Bar and Grille, right outside of fuckyouville. Now Daryl-boy, he thought it was a good idea to jump be from behind while I was trying to get a little action. Playa’s gotta play, am I right?” **He winks at the camera, winking at both the audience and the gal behind the camera** “Daryl-boy, he thinks I’m a joke. A clown. Some peon who he’s just gonna bowl over. Naw man, that aint me. I’m a fun loving guy, as you all know. I like to raise a little cain myself, most of - hell, all of the time, but sometimes you gotta throw down. Sometimes, you gotta nut up and defend what’s yours. Your pride, your respect, your career. All things Daryl tried to take from me this evening.”

    A much larger crowd has gathered. Some have come in from outside to see what the fuss was all about.

    R3 - “See Daryl, you might think that you made a deal with the devil, but I’ve got that bitch on speed dial! He and I go wayyyyy back. I’m the guy that hunted Johnny down when he kicked the Devil out of Georgia. I’m running with the devil like Van Halen sang about. I dance with the Devil every night bay-bay. You? Pfft… You’re just a deranged lunatic in a hawaiian shirt who gets his rocks off drawing pentagrams and writing 666 all over his copybooks. YOU’RE the joke. But there’s nothing funny about what I’m going to do to you when I get my hands on you. Daryl…”

    The larger crowd that has now gathered rightly begins to boo every time they hear Daryl’s name.

    R3 - “That’s right my Rockstar’s. Let’s have some fun with this. When I say Daryl, you say BOO!”

    The crowd revs up in anticipation.

    R3 - “DARYL!!”

    CROWD - “BOOOOO!!!!”

    R3 - “DARYL!!


    Randy is eating it up, but noticing his vision fading slightly to a blur.

    R3 - “And when I say ROCK, you say STAR! ROCK!!!”

    CROWD - “STARRRR!!!”

    R3 - “ROCK!!!”

    CROWD - “STARRRR!!!”

    He’s running around the stage now, getting his blood pumping, but feeling weaker every second.

    R3 - “...and when I say APPLE…”

    Suddenly the mic hits the floor, moments before Randy does the same. He lands face down, unconscious, ass in the air like he wants it in the butt.(iii)

    Chick - **from behind the camera** - “Oh my god!”

    The crowd rushes the stage, trying to check on the fallen Rockstar. He lays there unconscious as Jake can be heard in the background on the phone.

    Jake - “Blaze? Yeah it’s Jake…. Yeah we have a problem…. Yes it’s Randy again…. See you then.”

    The feed abruptly cuts.



    (i) Contact me for the punch line.
    (ii) Jarvis Tate is an old character of Digby’s who was also dark and twisted, admittedly in a different way.
    (iii) He doesn’t.
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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    Riding With Revolution – 09/04/14

    -=-[Begin Scene]-=-

    Revolution begins to leave Fight Night a little worse for wear after brutal matches from Fight Night, Smash and nGw it is clear that Revolution's schedule is now becoming a full one for this newly founded stable. On top of that Frank Blaze was attacked by Darryl Digby and having to deal with Marcus Thane. It seems when you get a little bit of a hot streak everyone comes after you.

    Frank Blaze:
    I swear to god when I get my hands on Mist I'm going to kill him for costing us the match. At least if the rumors are true FWA is getting off their ass and doing something about his pitiful performance.

    Revolution gets to the parking lot and wait around as FWA's own Katie Goldsmith and FWA Cameraman Mark DeWitt make their way over to meet Revolution.Revolution has agreed to allow Katie and Mark to record their travel to the Pay Per View in Memphis for an upcoming DVD release “The Birth of a Revolution.”

    Katie Goldsmith:
    So are we ready to go?

    Randy Ramon:
    Yea we're just waiting on transportation and here it comes now.

    Just then a large white Rolls Royce Phantom stretch limousine comes around the corner and Katie looks somewhat upset.

    Katie Goldsmith:
    Did you not read the memo from FWA about limiting the costs of travel expenses?

    Randy Ramon:
    Yea, I read it but you forget I'm a Rock star. I paid for the transportation out of my pocket Katie don't worry FWA isn't footing the bill for this ride. Anyways I refuse to travel by lesser means.

    Ghost is the first in the limo as he finds a quiet corner as the silence behind Revolution's violence. Blaze Brothers make their way in and then Randy as Mark DeWitt and Katie Goldsmith converse for a moment outside. Frank pops his head out and speaks.

    Frank Blaze:
    You guys getting in here?

    Mark DeWitt and Katie Goldsmith finally make their way in and close the door behind them Frank goes over to the wet bar and grabs a water out as he doesn't drink any alcohol and he tries to avoid caffeine at all costs.

    Frank Blaze:
    Anybodywant something while I'm here?

    Katie Goldsmith:
    Jack Daniels and Coke please. I could use something stiff.

    Randy Ramon Sam and Frank Blaze try to refrain from stating the obvious.Frank makes Katie her drink and hands it over before taking his seat and putting on his seat belt. Just then the black window separating the back from the driver comes down.

    Where to Mr. Ramon?

    Randy Ramon:
    Memphis, Tennessee Eddie if you please.

    Randy rolls the window up as they begin to drive off Frank takes a moment to look around inside the limo. The limousine is plush in design with a hard oak finish and the seats are made of Corinthian leather the limousine has all the amenities one would expect from a vehicle this nice and a few others obviously it contains a wet bar with many choices of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. The limo contains television, radio, phone as well as Xbox One and Playstation 4 with various games including FWA's latest title. He also eyes a Blu Ray player with a collection of FWA and nGw shows.

    Frank Blaze:
    So we have a few hours to kill before our first stop I don't know about you but there's something I've always wanted to do in a limo.

    Frank rolls the back window down and waits until they come beside another limousine and Frank tries to motion to the next limousine gesturing for them to roll their window down, they oblige and Frank speaks to the person dressed in an impressive three piece suit and tie.

    Frank Blaze:
    Pardon me sir, do you have any Grey Poupon?

    Frank rolls the window back up laughing as a few others laugh along with them Katie Goldsmith is seen rolling her eyes but Mark DeWitt closes in on Frank Blaze and you can see he's wearing distressed blue jeans with small tears on either pant leg and a black t-shirt with the red Revolution star with the white R for Revolution.

    Mark DeWitt:
    Frank we got a lot of time to kill how about cutting a promo right here with your friends for the Pay Per View and your match?

    Frank Blaze:
    Sounds good Mark just let me know when you're ready I got a lot to get off my mind anyways.

    Mark DeWitt begins fumbling with his camera as he tries to prepare for the promo and it seems he's finally worked out the kinks with the camera.Frank is now sitting between Randy and Sam Blaze. Ghost is sitting by Katie and Mark DeWitt out of camera range.

    Mark DeWitt:

    Frank Blaze watches as Mark counts down two and one on his fingers then points to him as Frank smiles and begins to speak.

    Frank Blaze:
    Let me introduce you to two men you may know by now. The man on my left is my brother Sam Blaze we're brothers on top of being great friends this is the man who convinced me that we should get into the Wrestling business. He is married with a beautiful wife yet the two of them sacrificed to help me pay for the opportunity to wrestle in Japan and Mexico and get from place to place. Now the other man to my right he is Rockstar Randy Ramon and he has been wrestling longer than anyone else in The Revolution and is talented beyond measure he may not be a blood relative but he may as well be for how close we are. I am the luckiest man alive to have these two great men here next to me and supporting me as I will always support them.

    Frank Blaze nods agreeing as Sam Blaze pats his brother on his back.

    Frank Blaze:
    This weekend will be without a doubt the biggest of my life as I enter a match not only with my Revolution brother Ghost but Mist who cost us our trios match on Fight Night, Marcus Thane who can't help but interfere in Revolutions business but also Kaizen who walked out of a tag match we were in because he knew he couldn't beat me, Danny Toner and Prince Assad round out the rest of the lineup. An impressive lineup of talent to say the least all but for Mist who' I beat with ease and on any given day could beat him again and while I've got my heart and eyes set on the Tag Team Titles I am not overlooking this match nor am I overlooking the very real ability I could walk out as the next X Division Champion and I will do whatever I must to make that a reality.

    Frank Blaze opens his black bag and pulls out the nGw Heavyweight Title and looks at it fondly as a smile crosses his lips. Frank places the title back in his bag and zips it up as he looks back into the camera.

    Frank Blaze:
    I proudly represent nGw by holding their World Heavyweight Title and am prouder of that accomplishment than any other in my wrestling career However this week I have the opportunity afforded to me to win another title and proudly represent the X Division brand in which I so heavily believe in. There is no doubt when you talk about X Division style wrestlers in FWA today my name has got to be at the top of the list.

    Frank Blaze looks at his brother for support he then looks down at the vehicles carpet his hair falls in his face he lets out a sigh.

    Frank Blaze:
    When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child,reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things... or so I thought. I thought my past would stay in the past not to come haunt me again. Marcus Thane told me that I cannot out run my shadows, but the truth is that is exactly what I have tried to accomplish for years now. My past contains very real demons including my brother and I dealing with our mother dying and having to move out and live on the streets, Added to that list are a series of violent matches I wish I could outrun including my history with Darryl Digby and the kind of ultra violent death matches I had in Japan. As it now seems I cannot outrun my shadows any further than the truth is I will need to confront them and wrestle with my shadows head on. After this Pay Per View I'm going to take out the likes of Darryl Digby, Meth Head Matt and Marcus Thane and any other scourge of the FWA that portrays itself as a negative influence to the kids who tune in to watch me wrestle if I want to be a role model I need to step up and act like one. Kids I am going to ask you not watch my next few matches because they will be for mature audiences only but I will do what I must to make FWA a family show once again that parents can be proud to bring their children to come see FWA once again..

    Mark DeWitt changes out the DVD in the camera as he speaks.

    Mark DeWitt:
    Frank thanks so much that was great.

    Frank Blaze:
    No problem Mark it's easy to cut great promos when you mean every word of them. I can't wait to get some tag team matches under my belt because after we take out FWA's trash we'll be going for the Tag Team Titles.

    Katie Goldsmith:
    Okay Frank it's clear what your goals are in FWA but what title do you think Randy should go after?

    FrankBlaze: Some
    one told me I should watch our for Randy taking my nGw championship but if I had to lose it I couldn't think of anyone better to beat me.As for FWA however, I think he could be North American Champion or World Champion if he got the opportunity to fight for it. Although I think Ghost would be a great North American champion as well.

    Randy Ramon:
    Well here we are for the night. Blaze Brothers you guys got a room, Katie and Mark you two have a room and I have my own room of course. We''ll head out at 10am tomorrow so get some rest guys.

    Frank looks at the time it's 10:30pm he looks around at where they are and sees the billboard outside reading “Four Seasons” Eddie the driver opens the door as everyone begins to file out finally Sam taps Frank on the shoulder and the two of them file out last as they walk with Randy into the reception area at the request of hotel staff Mark DeWitt cuts off his camera.

    -=-[End Scene]-=-

    Revolution Arrive – 09/06/14

    -=-[Begin Scene]-=-

    The Limo arrives in Memphis, Tennessee and the limo pulls out in front of the arena where a crowd has already begin to gather around the front door Revolution members Frank and Sam Blaze step out to play up to the crowd as the rest go around to the back. Frank walks over to the fans and proceeds to shake hands with the fans.

    Frank Blaze:
    So who's ready for the Ultimate X Match tonight?

    A “Future”chant breaks out among some of the die hard fans.

    Frank Blaze:
    I'm pumped up and I'm beyond ready for tonight it won't be an easy match but I am going to try to walk out tonight with the FWA X Division Belt around my waist so I can add it to the collection with my nGw Championship belt. Tonight is going to be a barn burner and I can't wait for that bell to ring because all of you will get to witness The Wave of the Future tonight. I want to walk out tonight as a winner and I hope some of you want that too.

    Katie Goldsmith walks around to the front with Mark DeWitt and she addresses Frank Blaze,

    Katie Goldsmith:
    Frank can we get an interview with you in front of some of your fans?

    Frank Blaze nods as Sam Blaze heads off to sign a few autographs and take some photographs with the fans who came out early. Mark DeWitt gives Katie the countdown 5...4...3...2...1...

    Katie Goldsmith
    : Welcome FWA fans to the 9th Anniversary Show Pay Per View, right now I am here with one of the most promising rookies to graduate from the nGw Academy and in fact he's the current reigning nGw Champion I'm talking about none other than “The Future” Frank Blaze, Welcome Frank, are you prepared for your match tonight? Some may say it's the biggest match of your young career here in FWA.

    Frank Blaze:
    Theywouldn't be wrong Katie this is a huge match but also a huge responsibility. I don't know who will walk out the winner tonight butI can tell you if this was based off hunger and desire alone I would be the new champion because no one is hungrier and no one can match the desire I have to be champion here in the FWA. Granted Iwish it was for the Tag Team Titles but make no mistake I'm not looking past this match by any stretch I want a win tonight. I want to walk out holding the X Division Championship high above my head and hear them announce the new X Division Champion Frank“The Future” Blaze.

    Katie Goldsmith:
    Let's talk about the Revolution, what do you think your brothers chances are against Meth-Head Matt?

    Frank Blaze:
    WellKatie my brother and I don't imbibe alcohol, we don't drink caffeine,we don't use drugs and we don't get tattoos. We're all the better for it and somebody who needs drugs to function on a daily basis will never beat true role models like us.

    Katie Goldsmith:
    What about Rockstar Randy Ramon vs. Darryl Digby?

    Frank Blaze:
    Honestly I wish it was Sam and I getting our hands on Digby but no need to worry I know Randy can get the job done and whatever is left of that sad sack of crap I will finish off on Fight Night. People like Meth-Head Matt and Darryl Digby send the wrong message to kids and it's for the parents and for the kid why Revolution will work on removing them from FWA so we can be a family show once again. But look Katie I'd love to sit around and talk some more but it's time to get warmed up as my match is up soon it was a pleasure as always Katie until next time. For those who haven't ordered the Pay Per View do it now because you won't want to miss any of the action tonight.

    -=-[End Scene]-=-
    The Name is Frank Blaze ...

    Applesauce Bitch

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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    Psycho Circus

    The screen slowly fades in. We're staring off into a lush forest as we're blanketed by night. The moon hovers above, swollen with light and imposing in its firmness, casting shadows every which way. Crickets chirp, moisture drips from the highest branches onto those below and all is still. The camera slowly begins panning away from our beautiful nature shot and brings into view a gigantic tent that is spiked into the ground on four sides. Spotlights planted in front of the tent dance and sway, shouting their existence to the heavens and drawing attention to the red carpet beside them. The tent itself is glamorously decorated with black, white and red stripes with diamonds imprinted all over the place. The entire tent shines under the moonlight revealing a glittery exterior for extra showmanship.

    The camera begins slowly following the red carpet towards the entrance. As we get closer we can hear the familiar sound of carnival music playing from within. If we were children riding on our father's shoulders into an amusement park this would be a welcoming sound. But we're in the middle of no where under the cover of darkness walking into a mysterious tent. Unsettling is an understatement. As we get within a few feet of the entrance a loud cackle materializes through a PA system and echoes through the trees.

    Jack of Diamonds: Come one! Come all! Come on in to the Psycho Circus! We've got fun, we've got food, we've got war and we've got games! Bring your friends; bring your family! Bring that girl from the bus stop you're really into because we all know she'd say yes....(laughs)

    As Jack finishes his pitch the camera steps inside the tent. Colorful lights adorn the inside and stretch in unprecedented patterns across the ceiling. The aforementioned carnival music is blaring through multiple speakers, chiming in synchronization with the flashing lights. Trapeze artists fly from one side of the tent to the other with ease. Jugglers joyfully juggle, dancers dutifully dance and that thing clowns do. As the camera looks around trying to take everything in, it slowly looks to the center of the tent. Two rings covered by two cages rest in the middle of the controlled chaos. The outside of the cages are covered in the same lights that line the inside of the tent. A barbershop quartet stands on top of the cage. The camera begins pacing towards them and we can hear their song.

    “One, two, three, four/I declare an Era War/five, six, seven, eight/who survives inside the cage?”

    We're now face to face with the cage. As the action continues around us we see two familiar subjects, one in each ring, staring gleefully at their surroundings. In one ring “The Last of His Kind” Jack of Diamonds. In the other, “The Queen of Hearts” Shannon O'Neal. Shannon has a pink heart painted onto her face covering her right eye. Jack, never to be outdone, has red diamonds covering each of his eyes while the rest of his face is painted like a traditional clown. His traditional red jacket now boasts gold trim and his bowler hat grew a few inches to a full-blown top hat. In one hand a microphone, the other a whip.

    The lights in the tent are suddenly dimmed and spotlights from atop the tent target our hosts.

    Queen of Hearts: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; children of all ages! The Old Era of FWA proudly brings to you: The one, the only, the best AND last of his kind: Jack! Of! Diamonds!

    As Shannon and the rest of the carnival crew begin rapidly applauding, Jack cracks his whip and steps forward for a bow before speaking.

    JOD: Thank you...thank you! And welcome to the Psycho Circus! We've got entertainment for the entire family! If you enjoy daredevils slinging their bodies back and forth at death defying've come to the right place! If you enjoy strongmen performing massive feats of've come to the right place! If you enjoy watching wars waged at the cost of life and if you enjoy seeing careers end at the hands of unforgiving've come to the right place!

    The tent breaks out into frantic applause yet again. The trapeze artists fly over the cages as Jack cracks his whip once more. A midget on a unicycle begins doing doughnuts around the outside of the cage and the tent is full of energy.

    JOD: Because ladies and gentlemen, the magnificent structure you see before you will decide the fate of eight careers. It will decide the fate of an Era. It will decide the fate of a company! And it is my humble honor to be at the forefront of FWA's Old Era and our charge into the future. I am the ringmaster! I was handpicked by our beloved G-Rich to guide our team to victory and to retain Richie Boy's control over the FWA and we intend on delivering. And what an odd turn of events this has been. Just a few months ago I was no where to be seen, missing in action for years and now I'm back. I'm here, ladies and gentlemen and I couldn't be happier to stand before you tonight on this momentous occasion.

    More applause and cheering overtakes the tent. Shannon can even be seen shedding a tear as she passionately claps for her Jackie.

    JOD: It's funny how things come full circle, folks. Nine years ago, back in the beginning days of FWA...the best days of FWA...G-Rich and I actually faced off against each other. We faced off in a Buried Alive match to decide the Number One contender for the FWA Heavyweight Championship. Richie Boy might have won and gone on to greater things but I left an impression. Oh, yes! I left an impression indeed because all these years later after he buried me six feet under he's asking me to resurrect the Old Era. He personally requested that I lead the assault against the New Era and subsequently save his job as the General Manager for FWA. So here I am, in all my glory and all my pageantry, cracking the whip at the New Era to keep them where they belong. Out of our way!

    QOH: Oh, Jackie!

    The ground begins shaking as a majestic elephant donned in golden attire stomps into the tent. An equally dressed dancer stands atop the elephant, tossing “Last of His Kind” t-shirts to the others in attendance. Jack has now joined Shannon's ring and begins dancing with her in exaggerated swooping patterns. Jugglers, clowns, strongmen, midgets; every single one of them now dressed in their new JOD apparel. The quartet on top of the cages begin singing again:

    “Ah, love 'tis something, to feel your kind hand,
    Ah yes, 'tis something, by your side to stand”

    The quartets expertly harmonized vocals suddenly turn to screaming as they fall through the cage into the ring below. A sickening thud sounds through the tent as they land simultaneously, crumpled up unconscious beside each other. No one in the tent seems to care much as everyone continues performing their duties. Jack and Shannon continue dancing in the adjacent ring. Jack's sudden desire to switch rings makes sense now. Perhaps he knew what was going to happen?

    QOH: Of course he knew.

    Jack spins Shannon one final time before kissing her hand and stepping into his original ring. He gingerly steps over the quartet and ties his whip around the first ring rope. The carnival performers, all of whom refused to stop when the accident occurred, now halt their activities once again to listen to Jack.

    JOD: Would you look at that? Four men who worked together with one common goal. All laid out at my feet. I did this to prove a point. Also I hate a cappella. But mostly to prove a point and that point is quite simple. I don't care how great the New Era thinks they are. I don't care how washed up they think anyone on my team is. I don't care what they think of me or my return to FWA. I don't give a damn about any of that. All I care about is winning and asserting our dominance.

    Do you see what I just did? I brought four men that I hired crashing down through a steel cage and onto the hardened mat of a wrestling ring. I could have killed them. They might not be able to walk again and I don't care. Because I need you to know...Mac, Ryan, Drew and Jason....I need you all to know. That I will not stop until each and every one of you are out of commission. This all started off as a circle jerk about who was better and who contributed more to FWA over the years. People like to point out that I wasn't around very long and me returning to take part in this war seems redundant. Every week it's all I hear and everyone seems to ignore that I never left by choice. I left because I was injured. I was eighteen years old with my entire life ahead of me and I was struck down with an injury that could have confined me to a wheelchair if I wasn't careful. So I made the most difficult decision I ever had to make and I retired. I didn't abandon this company. This company abandoned me!

    Jack sneers as one of the a cappella singers begins crawling on the mat.

    JOD: I didn't say you could leave.

    Jack picks the singer up and hoists him on his shoulders before dropping him with his Jack of All Trades.

    JOD: (snarling) War games.

    I assure you this will be more of a war than any game, children. And after hearing people like Jason Gryphon and Drew Stevenson run their mouths about me walking away while they made this company. You idiots, you don't listen. You don't get it. So do you know what I'm going to do to you? I'm gonna hurt you. I'm gonna break you and I'm going to put you through the pain and misery and agony that I went through. I'm going to force you onto the sidelines and leave you with nothing but the ability to watch as FWA goes on without you. I want your success and everything that you built to only be visible through your rearview mirror because I'm takin' everything you have. You've made this personal. I came back to rebuild my legacy and you couldn't keep your noses out of it. It's funny how I'm a nobody and I didn't do anything for this company yet everybody wants a piece of Jack.

    Shannon blushes with a hearty smile.

    JOD: Especially you, Jason. You started the trend of running me down and everyone else piled on the bandwagon. Fight Night was just a taste of what you can expect. I took you out with ease, Jason. Now imagine what's going to happen when we're locked inside two cages. Oh, I can imagine what's going to happen. I dream about it. I fantasize about it. I salivate at the opportunity to make it happen. Are you ready, Jason? Because I'm going to dismember you in front of your loyal Gryphons and they'll have a new name to chant.

    Everyone in the tent begins chanting “JOD, JOD, JOD.”

    JOD: But what about The Monster and The Emerald? Neither of you lasted very long in the battle royal so how long can you last in a war? Drew, it's well documented that you've beaten me in the past but that's exactly it. The past. My second match in seven years but I'm back, baby. Jack is back and the warrior in me that's been dormant for far too long is awake. The New Era might be able to boast that they have a “Monster” in Mac but you've waken the beast in me by disrespecting me and you're going to regret ever taking my name in vain. Oh...and don't forget that I have three others with me that wanna watch you burn just as much as I do.

    The carnies former “JOD” chant has now transformed into “BURN, BURN, BURN.”

    JOD: That leaves you, Ryan. Last week was a trip, huh? You and me, the final two left in the battle royal. Both of us hitting the ground at the same time and being declared co-winners? So where do we go from there? We go to war, obviously. I've already said that I admire the way you conduct yourself. You're old school with a New Era label and I have nothing against you other than that label. But as far as I'm concerned we have unfinished business after Fight Night. No mater what, Ryan, just now that I have my eye on you. During the War Games and after.

    Jack steps through the ropes and enters Shannon's ring once again. The motionless a cappella singers still paint a brutal picture on one side, while Shannon's elegant dress and chipper attitude paint another.

    JOD: Shane, Thomas and Stu. My brothers in arms! We've been brought together for one purpose and that is complete and utter dominance over those that have disgraced our names. They've disgraced our careers and our accolades. They've disgraced the company that we've built!

    Thomas. Shane. Your time came after mine and last week was the first we've ever been in a ring together. But did you feel the magic? The chemistry? Did you feel the electricity coursing between us as we did battle? Because I didn't!

    QOH: Oh, my!

    JOD: I need you, Shane. I need you, Thomas. You're not fighting a battle anymore...this is a WAR. And when you wage a war you have a band of brothers along for the ride to not only watch your back but protect it. Bring it, gentlemen. Show me that you belong with the Old Era and that you weren't simply tossed in as warm bodies. And Shane...if you're going to use my name you better make sure you use it properly. Dig deep and unearth those ancient dinosaur bones and use 'em to beat the holy hell out of the New Era!

    QOH: Dinosaurs are cool.

    JOD: Stu. A true legend. If there's anyone that understands what I've been saying about honor and respecting FWA's legacy it's you. You've been here longer than just about anyone, Stu. We've been in the ring together before and we went through a lot getting the FWA off the ground. You know what we fought for. You know what we clawed and scratched for. I know you feel the same way about FWA that I do, Stu. I just know it. Fighting alongside The Snake.

    Jack begins looking off into the distance as if he's reading a marquee.

    JOD: The Diamond and The Snake. It has a ring to it, eh? Which is funny because this war has two rings to it. You dominate one. I dominate the other. We take what is rightfully ours. We take FWA.

    Breaking out into one final chant, the carnies begin enthusiastically chanting “The Diamond and The Snake.” High above Jack the Trapeze artists begin flying back and forth yet again, never tiring. The elegant elephant is still stomping around and fire-eaters and sword swallowers have come out of the woodwork to ply their trade. The Psycho Circus is in full-swing as Jack and Shannon begin dancing again. The carnival music from long ago returns and plays louder than ever.

    The camera slowly back out of the tent and fades to black.

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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    Greetings Professor Falken, Shall We Play A Game?

    There is nothing but blackness on the screen and people could be confused that there is something wrong with their screens until the sound of a Zippo can be heard clicking and a flame from the lighter showcases the body of Jason Gryphon in an amber glow. First, only Jason’s face can be seen as it is lit up by the glow of the candle. The flame moves around and begins to light more and more candles that are positioned around his body as he sits in a circle of flame. Soon the room is filled with the same glow that Jason’s face was in just a few moments ago. The room that Jason is in is extremely quiet. The only sound that can be heard now is the breath of the former Noth American Champion as he begins to meditate on the screen. He is seated in the Indian position with his palms up and open to the universe around him. The silence is deafening as Jason slowly breathes in and out, waiting for the perfect moment to make his point to those that have turned in at home.

    Jason, just in a pair a Calvin Klein boxers and a bandage taped around his stomach, begins to sweat. The flames that surround him begin to heat up his near perfect form. One of the founding beliefs in the religion that Jason found is that meditation can be the cure to sooth a trouble soul and it appears that Jason is deeply troubled even though he is has been very successful as of late. Jason has always been able to calm himself and find a sense of inner peace when he mediates but something seems to be blocking him at this moment. The camera begins to focus in on Jason’s eyes. They are closed, trying to concentrate on his breathing, but under his eye lids, you can see that this eyes continue to move. This is making it difficult for him to acquire that sense of inner peace that he is trying to find. Finally, as quick as a flash, Jason’s eyes begin to open and the blue that surrounds his cornea can be seen, almost piercing through the camera into the soul of anyone watching. Jason wipes the sweat from his brow and run his hands through his long blonde mane of hair as he begins to speak.

    Jason Gryphon:

    As I sit here in the middle of this cleansing fire, there is only one thing that is going through my mind, and it is playing over and over again like a needle skipping on a record. There is an old latin saying that saying, Si vis pacem, para bellum. If you translate the text, it says, “If you want peace, prepare for war.” The word WAR has been so watered down in our society these days that everything is a “war.” You have Cupcake Wars, Storage Wars, and even Wizard Wars. People have forgotten what it truly means to go to war but at the FWA 9th Anniversary Show, I will make them remember what the word actually means. I will put everything that I have on the line in order to do what I know needs to be down. I will spill my own blood and the blood of others to do what I know is right. The right thing is going to be shutting up the Jack of Diamonds and earning myself a World Championship match. This is a war that I have been preparinng for the last year and a half. It is a war to prove that I am the best thing going in this industry today. It is no longer about proving that I am the future of FWA because that is something that I have already done.

    I have beaten the best names that this company has put in front of me. I am destroyed Hall of Famers and conquered World Champions. That is something that I could not have done if I was a rookie fresh off the farm from nGw. It is something that I have earned through blood, sweat, and yes, even a few tears. This Sunday is about proving that I am the present of this company. I am the one that the Establishment should be putting their faith in and I am the one that should be getting championship matches on Pay-Per-Views. I have asked myself in the past what I would have to do to earn my rightful spot in the main event scene and I have finally gotten my answer. I have to go to War with 7 of the best men that have ever stepped foot into a FWA ring. I have to go to war with against my friends while standing beside my enemies. I have to beat them and I will beat them.

    Jason closes his eyes briefly and breathes in the smoking from the flames. When it exhales, the smoke comes out of his nose, making it seems like he is about to breathe fire.

    Jason Gryphon:

    The past few weeks have been something of amazment but something also of great trial and tribulation for yours truly. For weeks, I proved to the world that there is no one better than me at what I can do in the ring. I have defeated another former World Champion, Ashley O’Ryan, in the middle of the ring. In the span of one month, I have beaten three of the best former champion in FWA History and I am going not to stop beating the best until I am recognized as the best. I will not stop punishing the figures of the past until I am giving my fair shot at the FWA World Championship. I know in my heart of hearts that there is no one better than me right now in FWA. Gabrielle and PAJ may have a lock on the World Championship at the moment but their moment will come swiftly to an end when I lead my team to a victory inside of the War Games match.

    This is the match that I wanted to have at the 9th Anniversary Show. I needed a chance to showcase my abilities and the abilities of the future of this company. It is this fact that has cause some people to use underhanded tactics to try to take me out. It is because they know they have to do whatever it takes to beat me in the ring. Jack of Diamonds showed on Fight Night that he is one of these people when he cowardly attacked me before the Battle Royal. It was going to be one of my finest hours in the middle of the ring, taking out everyone that is a threat to my acsension to the World Championship scene in one fatal blow but Jack-hole decided that he needed to take to get an advantage over me by taking me out of the match. He may have won that little battle but the war is far from over. It is going to take more than a brutal attack with a steel chair to keep me out of the WarGames match.

    Jason reaches down and his takes off the ACE Bandage that is wrapped around his stomach. The welps from Jack’s attack can be seen as the candlelight flickers.

    Jason Gryphon:

    I have to team with some of the people that I respect and others that I despise in the locker room. It was decided that I must team along side Ryan Rondo, Drew Stevenson, and Mac Maclaud. One of these men, I have never faced, one of them, I have beaten, and the other has defeated me twice. Out of all of these men, Rondo is the only one that I would have picked to be on my team. Drew Stevenson and I have a past as everyone who has ever tuned into FWA can know. That bastard stole two of my championships with the help of Ryan Hall. As for Mac, well, I could not give a damn about what the so called “Monster” can do. They all have their strengths and their weaknesses but the one think that all of them have in common is the fact that they are hungry. They have never been the World Championship before and it is something that they want more than anything in this and any other universe.

    The sad fact is that when the Establishment decided to add the final stipulation to this match where the person that scores the pinfall earns a title shot, it took away the personal element from the match. The WarGames match should have been about which generation of stars is better. It should have been about proving our dominance over the relics of the past but no. It has become about which one of us can score the fall and become the #1 Contender to the World Championship. It’s not like I have a problem with the stipulation considering that I will be the one to win the match for my team. The stipulation has already caused some added tension to an already tense situation and you can bet that there will be some backstabbing on both sides of the ring.

    Jason Gryphon stands up and he kicks over the candles that surround his sweaty body. Soon, the flames surround and spread on the floor and light it up. A black and white pattern on the floor is revealed and a giant chessboard can be seen. There are three pieces on the White Side and four pieces on the black side. The white side features his teammates and the black side features his opponents for the WarGames match.

    Jason Gryphon:
    This match is all about how you play the game and my Gryphon’s, when I play a game, I play to win. I study all of the moves that can be made, I study my opponent, and when the time is right...I STRIKE! I am the perfect example of speed, strength, and intelligence. I am not just a piece of meat that the ladies love to make cat calls toward. Underneath my chiseled exterior lies the mind of genius. It is a mind that is always thinking two steps ahead. It is as if my opponents are playing poker while I am playing chess. One is a game of luck while the other is a game of skill. I have the skill to to lead my team to victory inside of the WarGames match. Together, I and only I, can prevail this Sunday and earn a World Championship shot but if I have to go through my own team to get it, that is just what I will do.

    Jason walks over to the pieces on the board that he is going to team with this Sunday and look into the piece that has Ryan Rondo’s face on it.

    Jason Gryphon:

    I have no problem teaming with Rondo because he has earned my respect in the back but the fact that I have to team with Rod Sterling’s minions is something that makes me want to retch. I have to stand side by side with the man that stole two of my championship and pretend that everything is just cool between us. That is not something that is going to be easy to do but I will make do it considering that my reputation is on the line. I am the one that called out the stars of the past to step up and I will be the one to lead the stars of the New Era in a glorius victory over those that I have conquered in the past. The 9th Anniversary Show is going to be about honoring the stars of the past while at the same time paving the way for the stars of tomorrow.

    Ryan Rondo, Drew Stevenson, Mac, and I are the stars of tomorrow but make no mistake, I am the star of all stars. I am the white hot light that gives life to the FWA Universe. My first partner, Ryan Rondo, has done pretty much everything that there is to do in FWA with the exception of becoming the World Champion. Rondo and I are both poised to become the next great champion of this company but just like the Highlander, there can only be one. The difference between Rondo and myself is that when my back is pushed into a corner, I survive and I thrive. Rondo has been given in his chances but he has always come up short when he has the chance to become great. He is the perenial 2nd place in this company. He is the silver medalist, he is the Nancy Kerrigan, and when it comes to this Sunday, he will once again come in second place when I am the one that scores the victory.

    Next we have, Mac Michaud is one of the most confusing superstars in this business. He has the capability to be one of the greats but never follows up on his success. He is a former X-Division Champion and a former Televsion Champion. When things are going “The Monster’s” way, he can be one of the most destructive forces that the business has ever seen but as of late, when nothing seems to be going right for him, he runs away and hides until he thinks of a better time. I am counting him this being one of those time when Mac comes to show the locker room just how much they should fear his name. I need him to be at his destructive best. If he isn't, I will show him my destructive past that has slayed monsters in the past.

    Finally, a man that I truly hate, Drew Stevenson. He has done nothing to earn my respect, but he has done everything to earn my disdain. Much like myself and Ryan Rondo, Drew has done everything that is truly needed to become the World Champion. He probably will be the champion sometime down the line. He is a former X-Champion and the current North American Champion. However, both of those accomplishments have come off of someone else's hard work while the championships has come from around my waist. If I had my choice, I would have swapped him out with one of the rookies that just debuted because they have more respect and dignity than Drew Stevenson has ever had for this business. I do not trust that son of a bitch as far as I can throw him. He is nothing more than a thief and there is no honor among thieves. If he tries to steal my moment away from my like he stole my championships, I will have no problem beating the Emerald colored piss out of him before I move on to winning the match.

    Jason takes two steps forward and one step to the side. He does this again until he is in front of the piece that looks like Thomas Princeton.

    Jason Gryphon:

    I have little interest in who becomes the General Manager at the end of this little battle because in the end, it will always be my Gryphons that will decide the future of this company. However, why is it that the establishment that runs this company cannot see my worth? How come they cannot see what my Gryphons see? Maybe I need to care. Maybe Thurgood will see why I should become the #1 Contender to the World Championship. It is a fact that G-Rich as been to blinded to see but I have to say that the team G-Rich picked is filled with some of the most talented people in this business. Unfortunately for him and fortunate for me and my team, I have beaten 75% of his handpicked fighters.

    Let’s start out with Princeton here. Ole Tommy is one heck of a fighter, he is a former World Champion and shows the conviction of a man of his experience years but it was only a few months ago when I defeated him. I didn’t just defeat him; I beat him to become the FWA North American Champion. It was in a triple threat match when Shane McClean put his championship on the line against Thomas Princeton and me. I had to fight and claw my way into the match but I did it. I was put into the championship match and I won. It will not be the last time that happens in my careers, I can assure you of that. In that championship match, Shane McClean was the champion at the time. I defeated the man that wasn’t the champion but I walked away from the championship around my waist.

    Shane McClean is the most honorable man on the G-Rich's team but that does not mean that I will take it easy on him, not in the least. When Shane McClean won the World Championship inside of the Elimination Chamber, everyone thought that it was a day of celebration. We all believe that a day day had dawn in the company but that celebration did not last very long, especially for me. I was the one that he beat in order to become the champion. I had an bad arm that was injured the night before and Shane singled that ligament out. I lasted 3 mintues inside of Shane’s Dimaond Ring hold but after three mintues of agonizing pain, I had to tap out. Some people thought that I didn’t have what it takes to defeat Shane McClean and I proved them wrong. A few weeks after an Elimination Chamber match where McClean became the World Champion, I defeated him in the middle of the ring. I was the first man to put a dent into the Reign of Shane, which is before he lost the championship the PAJ.

    Jason knocks over the pieces that look like Shane McClean and Thomas Princeton. Jason takes two steps over and one step up so he is right between the pieces that look like Stu St. Clair and Jack of Diamonds.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Stu St. Clair is one of the most decorated wrestlers that this company has ever produced. He is for sure a first round Hall of Famer when the time comes for him to retire. When that day comes, I will be there to shake his hands for giving me an incredible match, a match which I won. Stu has had to deal with a lot as of late, his best friend betrayed him and he lost the chance to face PAJ for the World Championship. When it rains, it pours, and this Sunday is going to be a downpour for "The Snake." You see, Stu was on the list of former World Champions that I needed to beat in order to validate my point that I am the true #1 Contender when it comes the World Championship. Over the past few months, I have faced former World Champions current World Champions, and the future World Champion. Thomas Princeton, Shane McClean, PAJ, Ryan Hall, Stu St. Clair, and Ashley O’Ryan have fallen at my hand. Most of them are the relics of a bygone era that need to step aside and let the new wave of talent roll through the tide but all of them, I have beaten.

    Jason walks over and pushes the piece that looks like Stu St. Clair over, leaving only the one that looks like Jack of Diamonds.

    When it comes to relics, there is no one more dusty than the Jack of Diamonds. This bastard thought that by coming in and belittling everything that the new era of talent has done would make him a matter of substance again but he was wrong. The only thing that he did was to paint a target on himself and it is a target that I am aiming for. He may not be the one that I will pin or make tap out inside of the WarGames match but he will be the one that I will make regret his choice of stepping inside the ring with. His “grand return” has done nothing but make me laugh. In his first match back against actual competition, what does he do? He loses! This is the man that is going to put a stop me and my ideals? This is the man that the establishment thing is going to challenger me for my rightful place in the spotlight? Ha! The only thing that the Jackhole of Diamond is doing is wasting my time! He has shown himself to be not only a loser but a coward as well. What else do you call a man that attack someone from behind and tries to end a mans career with a barrage of chair shots? The thing that Jacky does not realize about me is that when you knock me down, I GET BACK UP, when you hit me with chair, I GET BACK UP, and when you hit me with everything you have, I GET BACK UP!

    It's time for you to face the future JACK and it is a future without you in it. As long as I am here, you ain't got not future Jack! You are an A-1 Nutball if you think that you are going to stand in my way of getting what I have earned. For you to think that you are better than me is either the most pathetic thing that I have ever heard it is is the most deluded. I am better than you JACK in every single way! Everything that you have accomplished, I have done and I have done it better. I have beaten men whose laces you could not tie up on your best day. I helped a revived a long dead X-Title division and carry the banner on its back. I was a longer North American Champion than you and when it comes down to brass tacks, I am better man than you JACK. When people come to spend their hard enough money to escape their our reality and enter ours for a couple of hours, it is my name that they are chanting. It is my T-Shirt that they are buying, it is my autograph that they want, and it is I that they have come here to see. You are noting when compared to me JACK, hell, it is not even a comparison. You are a Loser, Jack-hole. I am JASON GRYPHON! I AM A WINNER! I AM UNSTOPPABLE!

    Jason's voice echoes throughout the structure as he walks over to the Jack of Diamonds piece. Jason looks the piece in the eyes and nails a spinning kick that takes the pieces head off of the body. Jason leans down and picks up the head before tossing it off to the side to where the flames surround the board, the head is quickly engulfed in flames and melts in front of Jason.

    Jason Gryphon:


    Jason turns his back on the flames, holds his ribs, and slowly walks away as the flames that burn around the chessboard. Soon the image of Jason Gryphon has gone into the darkness but the fire that he created, still burns strong.

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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    The scene begins inside of an apartment where a bulletin board is seen with photos of the following people attached to it:

    The Mist - Frank Blaze - KAIZEN - Marcus Thane - Prince Abdullah Assad - Danny Toner

    A dark hooded figure suddenly appears, and removes his hood to reveal himself as Ghost. In his hand he holds a small, black baseball bat and he twirls it in his hand while staring coldly into the camera and then points it at the picture of Danny Toner.

    Danny Toner, the only man in this match who I am unfamiliar with. I have done my research on you though, and from what I can gather you are mine who sees himself as a fast talker. A man who has a way with words, and has a knack for persuasion. He claims that he can talk the talk and walk the walk...

    Ghost looks at the photo he's pointing at.

    You seem like a smart man Danny, but I don't think that you truly believe in what you say. You say what you say just to make yourself come off as some sort of common man, and you're delusional if you honestly believe that of yourself. You say that people hear what they want to hear, well I'm sure that you will want to hear what I have to say to that...

    You say that you can talk the talk and walk the walk, but are you willing to prove it? Are you willing to put to that to test and prove that you really are who you say you are and not some fraud? I hope you are or else I'll do it myself and expose you myself to the whole world so they can see you for what you really are. Just an ordinary man like anyone else that talks a big game, but flounders when it matters most.

    Now he points at the photo of Prince Abdullah Assad.

    The man that chosen to mock the very country where he's been given the chance that some can only dream of doing, but he's so blinded by his own ignorance to see that. I respect his right to freedom of speech, but I do not respect him. He mocks those that are not as lucky as he is, and for what? So he can feel better about himself because he's the type that only thinks of himself. The world is full of them, and unfortunately for him he's about to be met by the one man that will stop at no cost to bring them down.

    Now he points at Marcus Thane.

    A man, who is much like myself, but he is fueled by rage and blind hatred. You see, unlike me Marcus has chosen to go down a route that I almost saw myself go down at one point in my life. It's time that I'd rather not revisit at this time, but lets just say that I realized the error of my ways and I feel like I've chosen the right path. I chose to take a stand against those that have chosen to bring their evils upon this world, and Marcus Thane is one of those people. Marcus Thane has chosen to spread his hate and negativity on this world and wants nothing more than to just hurt people.

    Well, you see Marcus, you continue down that path and you will only fall deeper into a downward spiral that will be your own downfall, and the only man that can be blamed for that is yourself. Will you be man enough to admit that? Only time will tell if you continue down this path of yours.

    Now, KAIZEN.

    Last week I spoke of ignorance, rage, and when I spoke of you KAIZEN I spoke about your arrogance. Your arrogance where you believe that you are better than others, and that you are much smarter than others. Much like Marcus, you are going down a dark road that will not end well for you. You're a smart man and I'm sure you would know better than that, but will you open up your eyes and see the truth for yourself?

    Now he points at Frank Blaze.

    Frank Blaze, a man who at first I was unsure if I should trust, but he did not give up on me. He poked and prodded and somehow I have joined up this little group of him and his other buddies. I usually work alone, but I gave it more thought and have decided a little bit of help never hurt anyone. Although, none of that will matter in this match, and I'm sure that Frank understands this. If it comes down to you and I Frank, it's nothing personal but you know the saying "Every man for himself".

    Now he twirls the bat in his hand and points it at the camera.

    Seven men enter this X-Division match, but only one will walk out. Only one will walk out with the prestigious honor to call themselves a champion. Will I walk out with that honor? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain, and that is justice will be served upon those that step in my path.

    With that the scene comes to an end.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    The once beautiful garden that was filled with every type of imaginable flower that you could think of was now long gone. As time has gone by, those flowers eventually died because they were not immortal and their time has come and gone just like everything in life.

    Sitting on an old park bench was an elderly man. He had both hands wrapped around a cane and just stared out at something that was in front of him but what exactly was it that had his attention? As the cameras cut out slowly and dramatically, we saw that it used to be an old garden but now it was empty. As the old man was in a catatonic like state, a child around the age of seven years old walked up to the man and took a seat on the bench next to him. Looking at him with that child innocence, the little kid kicking his feet back-and-forth while asking the old man a question.

    "Hey grandpa, why do you always come out here to this old, empty garden?"

    Snapping out of his catatonic like state, the old man who was now bald turned his head to look at his grandson.

    "Once upon a time, this used to be the most beautiful garden that you would have ever seen. It had every single type of flower that you could ever imagine and people came from far and wide to see the beauty that it had to offer."

    Scrunching his face up not quite understanding, the little kid continued to speak to his grandfather.

    "What happened to the garden grandpa?"

    Sitting there for a moment, he began to think about all of the old times and all of the wonderful memories that you have right here in this garden. With a few tears running down his cheeks, he looked over at his tiny little grandson and began to answer his question.

    "Well you see, eventually everything dies. It sounds incredibly harsh but that is how life works, you see Drew-nothing lasts forever, not you, not me, nothing in this world and that is why things have to change."

    As the child looks incredibly confused, we see everything begin to change as the old man disappears but the child is all grown up now and sits on the same bench where his grandfather used to sit. Staring out at that same empty garden where his grandfather used to sit and relive his memories, it was no longer empty as there were once again beautiful flowers that filled the garden for everybody to see and enjoy. Not looking at the camera directly, the man was of course Drew Stevenson and he currently sat on this bench with many things running through his mind but one thing could already be seen and that was that he was incredibly calm, cool and very collected heading into such a huge matchup.

    "You know, I have never quite understood why men and women in this business refuse to accept the fact that times change and their time eventually will be up. I understand that you always want to live in your glory days, that you want to relive those memories over and over again that were the best parts of your life but that can't happen because it's not logical. You see, as I sat right here on this very bench at the tender age of seven years old, my grandfather told me that everything eventually dies and that things have to change and he was right about that. Now I know that every single person representing the old era does not want to hear that but it doesn't matter if you want to hear it or not because you know that every single thing that I say, every single word that comes out of my mouth right now is nothing but the cold hard truth."

    Twirling his grandfather's cane in between his hands, he looks down at the ground and continues to speak.

    "It's not a reality that any one of us wants to hear but nonetheless; it is reality and it is a bitch to swallow. You see, that is how life works-we all have to eventually swallow that jagged little pill and yeah, it tastes bitter and it's not something that we want to admit but it's something that will happen regardless because things have to change or things will permanently perish. Now I want every single one of you on team old era to answer me this but do you want to see everything that you worked to build just fade away? Do you want the once beautiful kingdom, the self proclaimed golden era to just crumble and become nothing?"

    Looking back up to where the camera is positioned, he shakes his head knowing the answer already.

    "No, I don't think that you do want that because every single one of you worked incredibly hard and busted your asses to build the FWA what it is today and that is something to be respected but that also means that you have to come to terms with the fact that the new era is where it's at and whether you like to hear it or not, that is exactly what is going to happen at the ninth anniversary show."

    The look on his face shows a confidence that very few have and as he pauses only momentarily, he is quick to start speaking again as he has a lot to say regarding the match up and all of his opponents.

    "Now of course I expect for every single person on team old era to listen to what I say and to retaliate saying that I am completely full of shit. I already know that is going to happen and I also already know that many of you will target me because I know that I am probably the least liked guy in this entire match up and I am okay with that because I have always liked knowing that the bull's-eye is on my back because it drives me, it makes me thrive to be even better than what I have been and let's face it-I have been pretty damn good in this company and at the ninth anniversary show? Every single one of you in this matchup, from the old era to the new era are going to see that I am the man to beat around here."

    Extending out his thumb on his right hand, he pointed directly at himself to help really get the point across that he is the man to beat and that he is the future of this company.

    "You know, it wasn't very long ago that I was the man to preach how we needed a new era to step up and for the old era to step back. Back then of course, every single person that listened to me speak kept saying how I was whining, how I was complaining, how I was bitching, moaning and groaning but look where we are right now."

    Looking up at the beautiful blue sky and all around him, he used his right hand to motion all around himself.

    "Old era versus the new era, something that I predicted a long time ago and now something that has come to fruition. Yeah, I am going to come right out and say it but I am the FWA's Nostradamus because every single thing that I say and every single thing that I predict seems to come true and I hope that every single one of you are listening because at the ninth anniversary show? The new era is going to beat the old era, we are going to usher in an era that has been needed for a very long time and I don't care who stands in my way-whether it be Stu, whether it be Jack, whether it be Shane or even you Thomas Princeton-I just don't care because I am going to lead MY team to victory and show everybody that the future is here and now."

    Narrowing his dark brown eyes, he was still as confident as ever but his blood was beginning to boil as he thought of every single person that doubted him throughout the years. As he continued to speak, his voice lowered and became much rougher as he was speaking with intensity and conviction.

    "Jack, you and I recently have had a war of words and we have even stepped into that ring against each other. I can admit that you're good and that is because you would not be here in the FWA if you were not good but as I told you in our very first encounter, you are not better than me and quite frankly; you will never be better than me. Every single person who tuned in to Fight Night the week that you and I faced off saw the better man win and if you think that is going to change now that the stakes are higher? Trust me man, you have another thing coming because that is not going to happen. You see, I get that you are still pumped that you were one of the guys who lasted until the final two last week but you fail to realize that you never won. I mean, really, who in the hell is glad that they were Second place? I know that it's damn sure not me because I always shoot to win, I always thrive to be the best and had it been me in your shoes last week? I would've not been pleased with the outcome because you never won, you were second best and if that's all you care about is just to coast on by then this match between you and I, this "supposed" war is already over for you because while you are okay and content with being second-best? I am never content until I am the best and that is what I am going to be in this War Games match at the ninth anniversary show, the best and you have my word on that Jack!"

    Taking a moment to pause, he takes in a deep breath of the wonderful fresh air while looking back into the camera with much more to say.

    "Stu, you and I have not really had a lot to say about one another but you and I have had words in the past. I don't know if you remember but when I first signed here, I basically called you out and your response was that you were simply going to kick my ass. Now you and I both know that has never happened nor will it ever but this is your chance to finally back up every single thing that you had to say about me back then and I hope for your sake that you come ready because should you and I square off Stu? God help you because I know that you are the golden ticket to the chocolate factory, I know that pinning and eliminating you from this matchup is a big deal and you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be me who takes you out back and puts that bullet right into your head old yeller. Oh I know, you will have lots to say about that and I also know that you have heard that so many times before but the difference is Stu is now you are fighting for your era. I mean, what is the legendary Stu "The Snake" St. Clair going to say when some punk kid as you have called me manages to beat you and show that the old era is on its last legs? I will answer that for you right here and now because there will be nothing to say. You see St. Clair, nobody denies that you were great once upon a time and quite possibly the most dominating man here in the FWA but that was once upon a time and just like a fairytale, I am going to prove that here and now? It is nothing more than a myth so if it is a fairytale that you are looking for then I suggest that you call it quits, go home and watch some Disney cartoons with your granddaughter because if you choose to step into that ring against me then I will not be responsible for what I do to you and trust me; I will do WHATEVER it takes to ensure that MY TEAM walks out victorious and to ensure that the new era is in fact here and if it has to happen through your blood, or Princeton's blood, or Shane's blood or even Jack's blood-you have my PERSONAL guarantee that I will do just that to ensure that we no longer have to see the old era on top of the marquee any longer."

    With his dark brown eyes staring dead on into the camera, it was as clear as day that he spoke with one hundred percent conviction. Any and everybody who has listened to Stevenson talk over the last year would know that he has been the biggest advocate for seeing the old era take a step back for the new guys, the new era to finally get their chance.

    "Shane, how have you been lately? I mean, for the man who is the ace of diamonds as you like to call yourself it just seems like you have become nothing more than that lump of coal that I called you back when we faced off about a couple months ago. How does it feel though? I mean, I wouldn't know what it feels like to drop lower and lower on the marquee because I only continue to get better, I only continue to rise up the ranks and I keep showing each and every week that I can't be held down. You on the other hand? Well, it's almost as if your heart just isn't in the sport anymore and maybe you will prove me wrong but I don't think that you will."

    Shaking his head, he simply sits there on the old wooden bench knowing that the new era was on the horizon.

    "You see Shane, I want you to tell me what makes you better than me and don't use that whole crap about how you have been here longer because that means absolutely squat. What I want from you is facts, I want you to provide solid proof of why you are supposedly better than I am because every single time that you and I have squared off-I have always been the better man and you know it to be true. You know that when that bell rings, this is the biggest match of your career and hell, it is also the biggest match of my career but the difference between you and I is that my heart is still in this business. I continue to get better, I study the tapes for hours on end and I do everything in my power to ensure that I am one step away from grabbing the brass ring here but you cannot say that because it seems like you no longer care. Now as I said, maybe I am wrong but I am going to bet that I'm not; so prove me wrong Shane or watch as your old era goes up in flames and with me being against you? You can bet your sweet ass that going up in flames is exactly what will happen to you and the rest of the old era that looks to cling and clutch onto the former glory that all of you once had."

    Grinning from ear to ear, it stretched along his face very slowly-like that of the Cheshire cat.

    "Last but certainly not least, Thomas Princeton. You know, it's kind of funny because you and I have never really had much to say to one another. In fact, I'm not sure if you and I have ever really ever spoken to one another to be honest with you. However, that does not matter to me because as far as I am concerned? You are the enemy and you're just another abled body standing in my way that I have to get through and eliminate to ensure that the new era, the men and women that you guys try holding down finally get their opportunity. But I know Thomas, you are hungry, right? I mean it has been a long time since the name Thomas Princeton was at the top of the marquee and labeled as the best so this is kind of your way at reliving your former glory, isn't it?"

    Nodding his head up and down very slowly, he was being completely honest and kind of a prick to boot.

    "I mean, when was the last time that you felt ten extra pounds of golden and leather around your waist? It has been so long now that I bet it's almost nothing more than a memory and trust me; it will continue to be a memory because I don't care who you are and I don't care if you was to come out and speak as my biggest supporter because all I see out of you is the enemy and I'm going to treat you like the enemy at the ninth anniversary show when every single person sees that Thomas Princeton, arguably one of the biggest and best that the FWA HAD to offer becomes nothing more than a memory. You are just like Shane in my opinion in that you have seemingly lost your smile, you no longer step into that ring and give it one hundred and ten percent and when you step into that ring against me, a man who goes above and beyond, a man who gives one million percent? You will realize very quickly that the new era has passed you by and if for some reason you need further proof of that then I will gladly make you tap that canvas repeatedly so you know that what I say is the gospel truth; you can bank on that!"

    Looking out at the beautiful garden that has been rejuvenated since the new era has come to fruition, Stevenson simply smiles as this very garden brings back so many wonderful memories to him. While keeping his eyes locked onto the beautiful garden, he is not quite finished yet as he still has one more thing to discuss.

    "Now to my partners, the new era-you can love me or you can hate me, I don't really care but what all of you need to understand is that we have to be on the same page. I may not like most of you and I may think that most of you are standing in my way to becoming the FWA Champion, which you are but even I can admit that right now? The biggest thing for all of us to focus on is to put the old era down, to make sure that the new era rises up and you have my word that if you follow my lead? There will be no doubts whatsoever that *I* will lead every single one of you to victory unlike Jason who we followed last week and was not led to water."

    Pressing his hands on the wooden bench, he gets up to his feet and takes one last look at the beautiful garden that he created.

    "As I said earlier, everything has to die eventually. Times change and here in the FWA? The ninth anniversary show is where everything changes and the once beautiful garden of the FWA is finally brought back to fruition, courtesy of yours truly..."

    Stretching his arms outwards to embrace the love, he simply smiles as Mr. Rod Sterling steps into view with the FWA North American Championship draped over his left shoulder.

    Mr. Sterling,
    "... Drew Stevenson!"

    With both men smiling from ear to ear, the arrogance was there but so was the confidence. As they turned away from the camera and walked off no longer seen, we caught one last glimpse of the beautiful garden that used to be dead.

    The old era was the empty garden that had long since perished but the new garden? It was the new era that was flourishing and going to take this company into the future.


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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread


    Prince Abdullah Assad is sitting at a throne. He has his turban on and he has a sly smile on his face. He is wearing a black robe and in the left corner it says “FWA” on the sides of the robe it has pictures of the men he will be facing at the Anniversary show. Assad runs his hands over his robe and touches the FWA mark for a little bit longer then the faces of his opponents. He then moves his head back and forth cracking his neck, he speaks and as he speaks you can tell that he means business and that he wants to win…nay needs to win this match.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: The Anniversary Show is going to be a time when I Prince Abdullah Assad will be crowned a Champion once again. I’ve been there before I have held the title that I’m fighting for. I’ve climbed that mountain and I have smiled on top of it and I have beaten a lot of people to get there and I will do it again Go ahead and call me arrogant, call me an asshole call me anti-American because I am every single one of those things and I don’t care who knows it. I don’t care whose toes I have to crush to get what I want, I don’t care if I have to spit on people I don’t care if I have to burn a flag because I will do every single one of those things to show the FWA how much of said jerk I am.

    People talk about me all the time don’t think I don’t hear it. Don’t think I don’t hear the laughs when I walk down the hallway with my turban on. I don’t care because I do what I want with the heritage that I have. Unlike most Americans that want to hide what they believe I put it on my sleeve. Why? Because I don’t care what people think if you let that happen you won’t go anywhere in life. If you worry what people think about you, you will always look over your shoulder wondering who is coming after you. The fans…

    Prince Assad shakes his head and scoffs a little bit.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: …The fans of the FWA are jokes. They turn their backs on anyone at any given time. The wrestlers in the back that try and kiss up to the fans are fooling themselves. You don’t need to pander to the fans because in all reality they don’t care about you. All they want to do is come here and get their jollys off to the women that wear next to nothing to that ring. Unlike my wife a classy lady that doesn’t need to show off to be pretty. Most of the “women” here have to wear low cut clothes to show off their cleavage thinking that it’ll get them somewhere. No it won’t all it makes you look like is a slut that if I dropped a dollar in front of you that you’d drop right down on your knees in front of me. But oh the men love it don’t they, they let their tongues spill out of their mouths as they watch a useless match.

    Prince Assad chuckles and readjusts in his throne.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: But I digress I should be talking about my match. I know it is an Ultimate X match and to be honest that is going to be a tough road to hoe. I get it. Every man in this match is going to be on the same level now. No one has an advantage because in a match like this anything can happen. I could be on the cable getting my way near the title and I could slip and someone could get back up there and grab what is rightfully mine. I understand that anything can and will happen in this match. Which is fine because unpredictability is the best thing in a match like this. The Mist isn’t favored because well the title is out of his hands he has to earn it like everyone else. He could be drinking a cup of coffee or talking to a girl in the front row and his title could be gone just like that.

    Assad snaps his fingers and sighs. He then points to one of the photos on his robe and it is “The Future” Frank Blaze.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: “The Future” really? Tooting his own horn much?

    One of the people that I hate the most is people like Blaze. Listen to him speak he wants to pander to the fans he wants to give them what they paid for. How cute. The thing with ole’ Blaze is that he hates talking smack or putting people down oh well that is what this business is about boy. It is about getting a mental advantage over your opponent.

    Assad points to his head and smiles a sly smile again.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: When you talk bad about who you are facing you get that little doubt into their heads wondering if they are actually good or not. That is where I have Blaze yeah he might be able to jump around the ring like a Mexican jumping at American border but when I talk crap about him when I make him doubt himself I win. He might have that title in his hand but then he will think about what I said and he will slip. He might be “The Future” but not this day not now. He will lose and he will have to think about the future a little bit more now, because it won’t I swear it won’t happen at the Anniversary show he is going to let the fans down.

    Prince Assad moves to the next picture of Marcus Thane.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: What is it with this match and the nicknames people have in it?

    “The Master of Shadows.” How mysterious how dark how stupid…

    …Look having a name like that might put the fear of Allah in some but to me it just makes me laugh. Marcus Thane wants to expose people he wants to show the world that nothing is just black and white. That sometimes evil people can be good and good people can be evil. Now that is a noble idea and all but in all reality it isn’t the truth. He can have those ideals if he wants but it is just not true. I don’t have a good bone in my body and I know that. I am an individual that doesn’t want to be nice because it doesn’t pay to be. I have been a jerk all my life and look where it has gotten me don’t you want to be me?

    Marcus Thane hides behind the shadows because he can’t handle the truth of society. If he walked in my shoes for one day he would see the truth. He would see what I have to deal with day in and day out. Hiding in shadows does nothing for you it clouds your judgment even more. The same thing that Marcus Thane is telling us that he wants to show us he is doing. Isn’t he in the end hiding behind shadows? He is a very mysterious man because he doesn’t tell you what he is thinking even though that is what he wants to do. Saying people are evil but aren’t? Thane needs to stop hiding and tell us how he really feels then maybe people will start to take him seriously. But until then he needs to keep hiding in those shadows because no one wants to hear him talk in circles anymore.

    After talking about Thane Assad sighs and points to the next person.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: Ghost.

    Come one get a better name or something.

    Assad shake his head.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: He wants to save the FWA from corruption okay go ahead. Everyone says that they want to do that. It is an old song and dance everyone wants to make a change where they are working or what they are doing. But it takes a real man to do it Watch the Great Siege they did what they wanted when they wanted. Ghost won’t he is by himself. How can you take on an army by yourself? Yeah it is great that he wants to make a change but it is hard to change when everyone else has tried to do it. Who cares that you want to make a change. Ghost needs to stop talking about it and maybe try and do something. Ghost isn’t going to be a factor in this match because he will be too worried about changing something that he doesn’t know how to start a change.

    Winning a title starts that change and maybe Ghost will think about that but probably not. When I won the X-Title I started to make changes because people started to see that I meant business so maybe Ghost will fight for the title but I doubt it because he probably isn’t smart enough to realize it.

    Assad moves on to the next face.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: Kaizen.

    The one man that might toot his own horn more than I do. He says the FWA has never seen someone like him because he is fast and he is smart. Okay. I’ve heard that all before I get it he is trying to plant the seed of doubt in people’s minds and that is a good way to do it. Make people think that they can’t beat you right off of the bat. I do that as well because well gain an advantage anyway you can. I see that he has ton off accolades out of the FWA but he doesn’t get it does he? The FWA is different no one cares what you did overseas the same goes for Blaze and who he was trained by. Who gives a shit no one wants to hear about the past all they want to know is what you’ve done in the FWA. Kaizen might have been good overseas but when you get here it changes. You get on the same playing field everything that happened in the past is the past. Is it going to help him that he won titles back there is it going to help him that he fought his ass off in MMA? No because that isn’t the FWA, FWA is where everything is faster and smarter. Kaizen is not FWA material he should just go back overseas where he is actually a known commodity.

    Assad smiles and then goes down to the next face. Danny Toner.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: Danny Toner.

    A man that can talk the talk and walk the walk. A man that will tell people one thing and do another. Now that might be a man that I could get along with. A self-made millionaire cool. But again it doesn’t matter if you have money because I do myself so he has nothing on me there. Toner is probably the biggest competition for me in this match. He is no nonsense and he will do what it takes to win so I’d love if him and I were on the cables at the end fighting for the title. He would be a Champion I would look up to unlike this guy.

    Prince points to The Mist.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: I have beaten him before and I will beat him again, there is no need to talk about the “champion” because he won’t be after this match he will go back into the hole he crawled out of and never be heard of again.

    Prince gets up and he turns his back to the camera on his back is a picture of himself with the X-Title below him he begins to speak.

    Prince Abdullah Assad: You might not like the picture here but it is going to happen. I will win this match because I am smarter I am faster and I have the history unlike the other men in this match. I will be a two-time champion and I will have a huge smile on my face I will be a champion you can all be proud of.

    Assad laughs an evil laugh as the camera fades to black.

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    WWE Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    They shall lick the dust like a serpent,
    like the crawling things of the earth;
    they shall come trembling out of their strongholds;
    they shall turn in dread to the Lord our God,
    and they shall be in fear of you.
    -Micah 7:17-

    ake Pontchartrain, New Orleans. The sun glistens off of the water below the bright orange sky. Soon enough, day will turn to dusk and the banks of Lake Pontchartrain will come alive with sound of crickets cricking and frogs croaking. Desmond Fox and his bald headed beauty, Mackenzie Roberts, stand about 3 feet in water, several yards from Bayou Laurier. Desmond has a Budweiser in one hand, and the Holy Bible in his other hand. Mackenzie walks a step behind him, looking at her savior with adulation, admiring the way this American hero carried himself. Her icy blue eyes follow Desmond's every mannerism. They walk out deeper into the water and when they reach a suitable spot, Desmond takes a big swig of his Budweiser, finishing the entire bottle, his Adams apple bobing up and down as the cold American beer washes his throat. Desmond tosses the empty glass bottle far out into the lake, Mackenzie swooning over the power of his throw. Desmond opens up his Holy Bible and tucked inside the book, between the cover and the first page, is a photo of Desmond Fox in his United States Military uniform. The photo shows us a distinguished gentleman, a decorated war hero and a man of honor. The man in the photo is a stark contrast to the man currently holding the bible, his greasy white wife beater and muddy camouflage cargo shorts depicting a man whose entire life is in the dirt. He looks the photo up and down and realizes that the man in that picture is long gone. It's not some mind blowing revelation, and Desmond isn't particularly upset about it either. His dirty fingers thumb through the pages of the bible.

    Desmond Fox: Mackenzie, you know where all those snakes went when St. Peter drove 'em out of Ireland? Many of them slithered off to all the other corners of this world, making the world outside of Ireland as wicked and foul as that despicable country itself. One of those Irish serpents resides here in this great United States of America. Ashley O'Ryan. The Irish Switchblade himself, man. He never drew a dime in his own country, then came to the States to be a star, making money that SHOULD have been made by red blooded American men, taking main event spots from those of us that were born on this soil. Does he appreciate his good fortune? What do you think, Mackenzie? I've been thinkin' bout a lot of things, MacKenzie. A lot about what it means to be a God serving American in the age of Barack Hussein Obama, the serpent scum that he is. Ya' can't hope to reason with the snakes, not in this day and age. Atheism is the "cooool" thang, man. Dissing this U-S-of-A, that's "hip", brother. I tell you what though, It's gonna come a time when Jesus Christ almighty descends from that big blue sky, and all the Atheist commie homos gonna hafta' ANSWER for their sins, they gon' hafta 'splain to Jesus why they've committed crimes against this country, this beautiful land we've been blessed with. Jesus is gonna' and drive the serpents from this great lands like St. Peter himself once did. Me? I ain't waitin' for Jesus. I'm going to start with that vile excuse for a human, Ashley O'Ryan. I know that it's his buddy Stu St. Clair that claims to be a snake, but it's like they say: Birds of a feather flock together, Snakes of scale go tail and tail. You see Mackenzie, Ashley O'Ryan doesn't deserve to be in this country because his actions are ultimately un-American. He cheated on his wife, the mother of his child, with that disgusting 'stralian whore, Gabrielle, pouncing on her while the ink on Gabrielles divorce papers were still wet. Does that sound like a God fearing, American man, Mackenzie?

    Mackenzie Roberts: Absolutely not, Desmond. That's unbecoming of a foreigner in our country.

    Desmond Fox: That's right, Mackenzie. ESPECIALLY since he is a former FWA Champion, appearing on live TV each week. This man should be a role model and show us WHY he should be allowed in this great country. He is supposed to represent the American dream, but all I see is an American nightmare. And not just from the likes of him, or his Canadian fucktard buddy Stu, and the Aussie tramp Gabrielle, it's every man. The media, the internet, your local street corner, everywhere man. I mean, you got ISIS cutting the heads off of innocent Americans, and what the fuck are they talking about on E! News, on The Today Show, on Good Morning America or TMZ? They ain't talkin' bout Steven Sotloff, an innocent American journalist who got his fucking HEAD cut clean the fuck off!! If they ain't talking 'bout him, then WHO or WHAT the fuck are they talkin' 'bout at all?? JOAN FUCKING RIVERS, an 80 something year old woman in 30 year old skin, who has contributed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to this country. SO SAD, REST IN PIECE. For fucks sake, man. If they aren't talking about the fact that, while Barack Obama is taking vacations, trips to stone hedge, shopping with his daughters, ISIS is holding dozens of American CIVILIANS hostage, THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS THE NEWS TALKING ABOUT!?! Jennifer Lawrence's NUDES have leaked! She is SAD about it! OH NO! What about all the sad mothers who will never see their sons again? You think Pat Tillman's mother gives a FLYING FUCK if Gabrielle's sex tape is released, or that Ashley O'Ryan has a drinking problem? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, Man! Nobody gives a FUCK about Ashley O'Ryan.

    Desmond thumbs through the bible, looking at all of his scribbling on the pages, red ink drawings at the tops and bottoms of each page. American Flags turned upside down, Bald Eagles being crucified, "666" with the McDonalds arches around it.

    Desmond Fox: Ashley O'Ryan, you ain't that dude you think you is, man. You see, like the tale of Adam and Eve, you and your homosex life partner Stu St. Clair had a good thinking going in your secret garden, but then Gabrielle slithered into your lives and told you to bite the apple, so you did, and what the fuck happened man? Your fall from grace found you on the ground, your garden destroyed. Vodka and Venom, NO MORE. And since you let that hoe put a wedge between you and Stu, you have become a borderline jobber, history once again proving that your biggest strength....was Stu St. Clair. See, that's why you can't beat pieces of shit like Drew Stevenson. You ain't the man you used to be, and the man you used to be wasn't that much to begin with. And I got another newsflash for you, ain't gonna beat Desmond Fox either. Because I can't be stopped, my mission to not only cleanse the FWA, but AMERICA, of foreign filth like Ashley O'Ryan is far too important to be ceased. At the 9th Annual FWA Anniversary show, Desmond Fox begins his journey to the top of the FWA, and Ashley O'Ryan continues his descent into obscurity. We are two sides of an escalator. I'm going up, he's going down, and here's where we cross paths. It's poetic, ain't it, Mackenzie?

    Mackenzie Roberts: It truly is, Desmond. You are as creative as you are wise.

    Desmond: Of course, I am. Now...are you ready for the final part or your transformation, my dearest Mackenzie?

    Mackenzie: I was born ready, Desmond.

    Suddenly, Desmond grabs Mackenzie by the back of the head and shoves it under water. She is squirming, but Desmond is too strong. As he holds her head under water, he raises his Holy Bible in the air.

    Desmond Fox: Today marks a momentous and incredibly special occasion, the christening of Mackenzie Roberts. We are here today to dedicate her life to God and America, and to pay our thanks to our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, for bringing this wonderful young life into the world. May her journey through life be filled with happiness for her country, PRIDE for her country, and may her obstacles be few and far between, as a young woman in God's America. May she always feel loved and secure, in GOD's America. May she forever be held in the palm of your hand, JESUS. Keep her clean, Jesus. Keep our father God in her heart and keep American soil beneath her feet, and only American flesh between her legs. AMEN.

    Desmond lifts Mackenzies head from the water and she gasps, water filling out her mouth and nose, her face a slight tint of purple. A few seconds more, Mackenzie would have been dead. But as far as Desmond Fox is concerned, she is finally alive.

    -The End-

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    Thomas Princeton Promo

    Inside a dark hotel room

    The blinds are down and the room is shrouded in darkness as Thomas Princeton sits at the foot of his bed in his slacks, button up shirt and dark green tie. He seems to be lost in thought, when suddenly his phone begins to ring. He answers it quickly, a small grin on his face.

    Tom: Hello?

    Aja: Hey Tom. Just calling to check in. Is everything ok?

    Tom: Yeah,...Yeah. No. No, it's not alright.

    Aja: Is there anything I can do?

    Tom: No, I'll be okay. I just gotta get past this match. I have to show up here, people are talking.

    Aja: I understand....well there is someone who wants to talk with you.

    Tom's face lights up.

    Tom: Put her on.

    There is a pause and then a tiny voice is heard.

    Claire: Hey daddy!

    Tom: Hey sweet pea how are you?

    Claire: Good! How are you?

    Tom: I'm doing just great, especially since I'm talking to you. What did you do today?

    Claire: I played with some play-doh and made a castle! Then I played out in the sprinkler.

    Tom: A castle! Oh that sounds so cool! What color was it?

    Claire: Mommy says she's going to send you a picture of it.

    Tom: Tell mommy thank you. What's in the castle?

    Claire: A princess!

    Tom: A princess? Is she you?

    Claire: Yes she is!

    Tom: That sounds great sweetie I--

    Tom is interrupted by a knock at the door.

    Tom: Daddy's ride is here, I'll call you later.

    Claire: Oh, okay.

    Tom: Daddy loves you!

    Claire: Love you too daddy! Bye!

    Tom: Bye...

    Tom hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath before getting up to leave the hotel room.

    Inside the FWA arena...

    The crowd begins to boo as "The Orange Man" plays over the loudspeakers. Thomas Princeton comes out to jeers from the crowd, he keeps focused on the ring and climbs into it and is handed a microphone. One of the local talent for the house show is being carted off by EMT on the side. A victim of a match with Darryl Digby. Tom taps the microphone a few times to test it out, then takes a breath and begins speaking into the microphone.

    Tom: My subordinates! Welcome to another house show for those who live too far to travel or are too poor to attend the FWA 9th anniversary show! Next to Back in Business I'd argue in many ways this is the 2nd biggest event the FWA holds every year! And look at me in one of the marquee matches of the night. WAR GAMES! A title that depending on your age will either give you the vision of Ferris himself saving the world with his computer and a few chess moves or what it is now. The old vs. the new! The next generation versus the one standing in the room of victors, accolades and prestige. Our ladies in waiting. Now we have to defend our turf, our pride our legacy against some rookies and those who while they may have been around for a while are not considered veterans. They may have been in battle with us, but they haven't been in the trenches. Not when this company was still on the verge of making it or not, not back when CrossFire was still a foreign concept or when most of us didn't even know the WC network existed. It was some far off land, far away from the PWS network. We built this company into what it is with sweat, blood and even a few tears. We gave everything! Our health, our sanity, our time, energy....our families. All were sacrificed so that you all could sit in these seats right now and listen to me talk, to see champions rise, to see a man named Phillip A. Jackson reach the pinnacle, to see Gabrielle lay down with another man or woman depending how things fell together. YES! Because of people like me now you know who Jason Gryphon is, you get to see Jack of Diamonds come back, you get to see the world reunite. The FWA isn't rebuilding it's been built! We're just adding new floors! So for Robins Thurgood, a man who has been with the company for less time than Wet Willie is going to insult me he'd better have another thing coming! Because when the old ear wins he's going to be out of a job an I'm going to make sure that everyone knows he's a failure.

    And if you ever try to crawl your way back into the FWA I will kick you down back to the Hell hole you crawled out of! Nobody in this company will ever respect you! You are a fraud! G-Rich started this company and broke his back to bring it to what it was. You Robins Thurgood are nothing more than a glorified valet going to wrestler to wrestler trying to prove your worth! You aren't even a good GM! You aren't half the man that G-Rich! Or Amanda Lee or Drew Jolson or Mountain Rush, or Chris Stallings! Those were true GMs that brought out the best in this company, but you are a parasite that hides behind the wrestler you deem the best or rather the one stupid enough to buy into your bag of lies! What have you built? What have you created? Nothing. Absolutely nothing! And you dare align yourself with the new era? I may have some issues with some in the new era, but hell I have problems with those in the old era! You been in the company as long as I have and you make enemies. It's only natural. But you wouldn't know anything about that would you? Oh wait, you do. You do because nobody likes you!

    Some of the crowd actually cheer for the verbal smackdown of Thurgood.

    Tom: Now this War Games match, at first I admit I thought it was pretty stupid. I can't stand half my teammates and don't really care about this whole new era versus old era stuff. You are what you are and that's what matters most. I could care less if I'm the very last member from the old era of the FWA as long as I'm still relevant as long as I'm winning gold as long as I'm in the hunt I could give a damn! But now this has gotten personal, it's become more than a matter of pride it's become assurance that the FWA will not become a barren wasteland. Mark my words subordinates and mark them well, Robins Thurgood will only lead to this fed's destruction! Thankfully the team that assembled on his side of the coin is one we don't have to worry about too much.

    Just listen to the team I am a part of, the old era...Stu St. Clair! This man has won more World Heavyweight title reigns than anyone else! And he was a hair length away from possibly doing it again with the FWA World Championship! Jack of Diamonds also known as JOD a man whose reputation was so palatable, so grand that even after years of not being a part of the FWA people still clamored about his return! The former world champion Shane McLean the only man to hold onto the tag titles by himself....heh I even had a role to play in that. And then there is of course myself, a triple crown champion! When I look at the new era....well to be polite let's just say that I don't see the same kind of pedigree.

    Is anyone on this team a world champion? None of them. NONE OF THEM! People want to talk about me being a failure? Well at least I climbed the summit! I've fought and won against some of the greatest of all time! I've won FWA awards for best feud, storyline, twist, stable you name it! You may want to write me off but I've done it all! I've crushed people who have stood in my way, and no matter how many times people have counted me out that has just made me come back stronger and better!

    Drew Stevenson is a man so pathetic he had to create a title to feel more important. What the North American title wasn't good enough for you? After all it's history? Maybe it frightened you, the pressure of having to live up to those great names that came before you. Stevenson has spent so much time with one foot out the door with this company I'm surprised that he's fighting for any era at all! Drew Stevenson, he's the future? Please! He's not fit to be the face of this brand! Drew Stevenon is still struggling with his own identity, his own path and he's going to blaze a new path for this company? The new era has to be one that sees this company as something bigger than themselves. Now all you subordinates can say things about me, you can call me a thief, a brute, a charlatan, a power mad psychopath but the one thing you all could never say with a good conscious....NEVER say that I don't care about this federation. The FWA has been my life for the past seven years! Do you think I don't look up at that marquee and see nine years and don't think about what it took? That I've been here for 80% of it all? What do you think Drew? Do you think I never once disagreed with the management? That I never got burn out? That I wrestled matches, hurt both physically and mentally? I mean what do you think this is? This isn't some game, this isn't just some spotlight where you get to be the never ending star! This is about a sport, an art a way of life and yes I want to be the best at it! I want the record books to speak on my glories.

    Tom pauses for a moment, he looks out into the crowd, his face softens up a bit in a way it maybe never has. As Tom speaks his voice cracks.

    Tom: B-But I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to go down as the greatest FWA wrestler, I won't even be in the discussion really. And for so long, that was what I wanted. I wanted everyone to say that Thomas Princeton was the best ever, bar none, hands down, no competition! But I have competition. And those people are going to be at my side during the War Games match. Stu St. Clair, that psychopath....that talented man. I've gone against him several times. Sometimes I've won, sometimes he has. We've both shortened our careers giving each other everything we have. Stu has been here longer than me, he's an old dog. And he got lucky sometimes that's for sure. Everyone does, but he never didn't earn it. I will never call him my friend, but damn do I respect him.

    Jack of Diamonds, JOD I remember watching him on TV back when I wrestled small time in Boston and Roxbury. Man he had the stuff, the swagger, the moves, the clothes, the charisma! Anyone with sense wanted to be him when they entered the squared circle. And now I get to wrestle with him, and it's almost flattering. But I also have to realize that I've accomplished more than he has with this company. That I've stayed with the FWA during the good and the bad, heck when I debuted the FWA was in the pits. But we came back, we made it worth watching, we made it worth while!

    Shane McLean I've talked about the tag team titles enough, let me talk about the truth about you. I once thought you were a joke, just a gimmick with feet. But you've proven yourself time and time again. You have managed to survive the highs and lows of a long career and this year you finally reached the top. I won't go so far to say I'm proud of you or anything like that but I am impressed. Everyone wants to write you off. They forget it was you who took Ryan Hall to the limit at Mile High in 2007, they forget that it was you who won the I Quit match against Rodel Montanez, that you always were a threat for the North American title, that you were funny and likeable that you could beat anybody they put you in the ring with! That's what people need to know about McLean, that he was and is the underdog who toppled giants and did the impossible!

    What have you done so important Ryan Rondo? Betray the FWA and your friends? Even I've never done that, and I've done some terrible things. How will people remember you Rondo? You talk about how you hate being known as the pretty boy, but maybe the only reason you're known as that is because you just simply can't make people care otherwise. You know what? Sunrise-Sunset was a cool tag team, one of the best! But what did you bring? What memories did you create for the fans, for yourself? Everyone likes to make fun of Aut Pax Aut Bellum but they held the tag team division down when nobody else could! Sinful Sensuality got people to record every episode of Fight Night! You two were good, you are good but is it enough? No! It's not, I can tell it's not, it eats at you every single day. Drew Stevenson, you're known for getting mad at the brass, making a faux title and a few wins here and there. So what?

    Mac Michaud the Canadian. So much potential but you still struggle, your insecurity seeps through every word you say on the microphone. You don't think you belong, you don't feel you can beat anyone. You stay in your lane and pretend to be a wrecking ball! But if that's the case prove it! I don't see you making challenges to the big dogs, just the mutts you know you can beat up! Hard for me to believe someone who held such prominence on the PWS network is a part of the "new" era but that just shows how little you've done in your time here in the fed. I'm not afraid of you, because you don't belong in this match! You belong in the X title match fighting it out with those guys. But this is the safety for you, a match where you can safely pretend that you are a hot shot because you've got other wrestlers who can do the heavy lifting for you! Well I see right through you and I can't wait to clock you over the head a few times!

    Jason Gryphon, you want this so bad. You have the exact opposite problem of Mac, you are always trying to prove yourself. You've always got something to prove, someone to beat. But you like skipping steps and you have a delusional sense of self importance! You think of yourself as some sort of leader for this team, but you're not! You are just another cog in the machine of the FWA and you can't stand that it's the reality. Fact is you are not the crowd favorite, you are not the face of Fight Night. PAJ is the face of this company right now and I think we can all agree Gabrielle and Shane McLean are far more popular than you. Hell I'm more popular than you right now. The new era!....Boy, you don't even know what that means. You're not that fresh. KAIZEN is new, Blaze is new, Beatrixx Black is new those people are the future. You belong on our side. The greatest myth about Jason Gryphon is that he is this under the radar up and coming star. Gryphon is everywhere and yet you are still here fighting me and for what? For Robins Thurgood or for your pride? Does it even matter to you? What do you want out of this? What is this? Another legend you can attempt to take down because you think that means something? Let me let you in on a little secret Jason who you beat doesn't make a difference in the end, who you are does. And right now I think you need to to really reevaluate your motivations for this match. Do you want to win this to prove you are the future or do you want to win because you are the future? And there is a big difference.

    Tom straightens his tie a bit.

    Tom: Drew, Mac, Jason & Ryan...if you had to describe your career, your mythos in two sentences or less how would you describe it? Your tag line? Your calling card? What makes you, you? Identity, it's so important. I've got a little daughter, she's growing up so fast. What is my identity to her? She knows, heh, she knows what she is. She's a princess! Typical right? She's a little princess and that's who she is, and that's great, that's special. That's wonderful, but what am I to her? Am I her father? Am I her hero? Or am I just some guy who shows up every few months to say hello for a few days. Who am I to her? Who am I to all these subordinates? Am I the prince of darkness or do you all just consider me a foot soldier now? This War Games match should be just another match, but it isn't just another match. We've pretended it was something it wasn't for so long that now it's real. And now it means something, it could mean everything and it's just here in our laps. We've got to put on a show, fight each other until there is nothing left, and yet....we're still not the main event. We aren't the way the anniversary show closes. No that's Gabrielle and Phillip A. Jackson's duty. And it should be. We're fighting for the the future and they are the present.

    And for those who wonder what I think of these FWA wrestlers in just a few short words let me say it out loud. And for many of these you'd better write it down because I'll probably never say it again....Jack of Diamonds, a wrestler with impact and vision. Stu St. Clair, tenacious, unwavering, consistent and bold. Shane McLean, honest, funny and determined. Drew Stevenson, brash, strong, but too cocky. Jason Gryphon, hungry, clever but insecure. Ryan Rondo, tactical, brave, creative but also lacking in inspiration and grit. Mac Michaud is imposing, impactful but also unchallenged and hesitant. And how would I sum up myself? I could say that I am intelligent, that I'm loyal, I'm forward thinking, I'm determined, I am a leader, I am bold. But I could also say I'm inconsistent, sneaky, too emotionally driven....the list on both sides could go on and on. But I've always taken that and just balled it up. Because Lucy Pinder can go on and say Matt Boudreau or Ryan Hall or whoever is the greatest of all time, but that won't be everything. There will be more to the story when I'm said and done! You can be the greatest but there will always be someone who had more talent, more skill, more bravado. Albert Einstein one of the greatest minds of his time was asked once in an interview how it felt to be the smartest man on the planet and he said "I don't know, you'd have to ask Tesla."

    Tom pauses to smirk and nod his head knowingly.

    Tom: I am superior to the greatest, I am more impactful than the most memorable, I am more of a threat than anybody no matter who has held which title how many times. I am the best at what I do! So the sentence that sums me up is plain, simple, cliche but as ever accurate today as it was 7 years name is Thomas Princeton....and I'm better than you!

    Tom drops the mic and heads up the entrance ramp smirking the whole way up. He goes backstage and quickly goes into the bathroom. He sits in the stall, but he's not there to use the bathroom. He just sits there for a moment, and then gets a buzz on his phone. He opens his phone and on the phone is a picture of his daughter's play-doh castle. He smiles, a real smile. Not a smirk

    Tom: It's beautiful.

    Tom then breaks down and begins to cry, he cups the cell phone in his hand and puts it to his head burying his face in his palms as he lets out a cry and begins sobbing alone in the bathroom. Fade to black.

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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    OOC: worse case of writers block ive ever experienced. I apologize to everyonee

    The scene opens to an extremely dark room. You stare at the silence not sure what is going on. You can hear the faint sounds of footsteps, slowly getting louder which heightens the fear that you feel. The footsteps stop and you can only hear the rocking of a chair back and forth...back and forth. Slowly that fades away as a lone solitary light turns on near the ceiling. It sways back and forth showing a light breeze that blows through the room. The light gives flashes of what appears to be a small dark room, one window in the far right provides the refreshing breeze. You start to see a figure walk towards the camera. He is huge, wearing a sweat stained wife beater he walks with a purpose towards the camera. His long hair unkempt just like his beard. He walks very stuttersteppy as he starts to speak

    Mac: Anniversary is a moment you remember. Something that is forever etched in the history books. Tonight is the 9th Anniversary of the FWA a night that will live on in infamy. Its the date that the old era and those that hold on to it realize that their time is Over. I don't care about my partners, I wouldnt piss on them if they were on fire. I am here for myself, I am here to represent Rod Sterling and I am here to show I am the most dominant force in the FWA.

    You can hear mac's theme music start and thats when you realize he is in the basement of the building.

    Mac: It is destruction time, I Stand Alone...very fitting for after this match I will be the last man standing.

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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    Cameras start rolling in the early hours of the dawn with the sky being bright red over ocean with the ominous saying echoing through the cameramen's head ‘Red sky at morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night, sailors' delight.’ There is a flock of seagull flying in front of the sun in a v formation aiming towards the camera. There are a couple white clouds amongst the red sky. The beach sand is still warm despite summer’s end is coming near. On the beach is massive pile of rock towering at about ten feet tall. At the top of the rock pile is a flagpole mounted with a flag waving. The flag is white with blood stains on it with a black demonic grin baring teeth in the centre of it. On the beach is a broken end bow of a wooden vessel dating back to the eighteen hundreds. The wood is rotten yet the broken bow of the boat is still standing. The camera crew goes across the beach coming across a broken compass beside the remains of what once was a wooden lifeboat. A hundred yards from the broken compass is a rusted out anchor that has part of a rusted out chain still attached to it. Three hundred feet from that is a broken stern of a boat with it facing towards the camera. The platting on the stern is a faded bronze and surprisenly a few windows in tact. The camera crew look to the ground and find a paddle with an etching carved on it.

    September 2nd, 2014

    A storm is threatening my very life today. If I don't get some shelter oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away.
    War and children, it's just a shot away. Ooh, see the fire is sweeping our very street today. Burns like a red coal carpet. Rape, murder! It's just a shot away. Inches from happening again as last breaths are taken hoping for something an act from the supernatural to save them. There is nowhere to run or hide. The storm is coming through as we look for some refuge to find shelter before the storm consumes everything in its path.

    • The camera crew looks up off the ground reading the etching carved into the paddle and they hear a noise from the stern of the boat. They hear footsteps in the hot sands as the footsteps get closer and closer. Coming around the corner of the stern is a man wearing black boots with white washed blue jeans with a rip in the left knee area. Wearing a black leather jacket unzipped with no shirt underneath. He has a thick long brown beard with long brown hair to his shoulders. As he gets closer the cameras zoom in a see a light blue and a pure white eye. It is none other than Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair. He walks to end of the stern with the end intact and glares at the camera. He begins to speak in his all too familiar tone of voice.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: A storm has come and gone but is never truly gone. Every storm gets worse from the last one. People question themselves. The religious one while in church for answers for why these things occurred but they get no answer. So they ask themselves is god dead? I have survived many a storm in my life time from a once innocent child to living Khmer Rouge standing before you now. Those storms shaped me to who I am today for better or worse…depending on who you ask. [* Stu smirks softly as his face before serious.*] There is more bloodshed on my hands then any FWA wrestler in the past and future wrestler for what I have done here. I have been here for seven years as FWA moves into its ninth year. Everyone forgets the groundwork that went into this company so there is a company for new wrestlers like the opposition I am facing at the Ninth Anniversary show in Memphis Tennessee on September Ninth. This match is something I have never competed in. I have [*A sickening smile comes over Stu’s face while he pauses ever so briefly before uttering another word*] ‘played’ in a steel cage, hell in a cell, ladder match, steel chain matches, elimination chamber match, last man standing matches, stairway to heaven match, mile high match and the infamous trial by fire match. I have yet to be into the combat zone known as the War Games.

    • Stu pauses as he embraces the morning breeze blowing through his hair. He continues speaking.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: There is no safety in numbers inside. It is ultimately survive or fail and be broken. Blood has been shed in these matches but the pale in comparison to the broken backs, neck and broken bones suffered inside the War Game sinister structure. I don’t fear blood covering my face giving me a crimson mask nor do I fear broken bone as long as I get what I want. [*Stu points at himself with both hands as he speaking*] What about me? What I want is a chance that I was never was never given by friend nor foe. The person who scores the winning fall gets to challenge for The FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Title facing either ‘The Reborn’ Philip A Jackson and ‘The Little Girl Who Stands Strong and Sturdy Like a House of Cards’ Gabrielle Montgomery. I have already proven that I am smarter than Phillip and I have a stronger will power for survival than Gabrielle. Taking the belt from either of them is will simple because I am the most strategic person FWA has seen in its nine years of operation. Enough about them for now. I have been here for seven years and I earned everything from being Tag Team Champion multiple times to North American Champion to Four Time FWA World Heavyweight Champion.

    • Stu patches as he clenching his right fist. He shakes his head side to side and stares at his feet. He looks straight back up and stares back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Everyone claims I am old and broken when the truth is I am thirty three. I am far from over the hill. I am still the future despite what they say. They can talk and argue till their blue in the face but you cannot disagree with the fact. I am still in my prime. My best days aren’t gone. Those days are still coming as I plan on trying to make [* Stu raises his right up raising his pointer finger up*] one person [*Stu lowers his hand down*] drown in a pool of their own blood. Gabrielle pretty much collapsed after barley surviving the last man standing match. I rose up minutes later. As for this team I am on all I can say is G-Rich must be saving some money. He picked myself, Jack of Diamonds and Shane McLean. Yet he didn’t pick up ‘The Last King’ Ryan Hall. Is G-Rich still have bad blood with Hall for turning his back on FWA and joining CWA with Jimmy King’s champagne to cripple FWA to its knees. Hall would ensure victory for us but no matter we got Thomas Princeton but he is no Ryan Hall. You have to look closely at this new era team. Two of those people are lead by a Saul Goodman wannabee named Ron Sterling. He claimed that FWA gave me my own brand on Crossfire because I couldn’t hang with Boudreau. I would have had no World Title reign if I was on the same brand as The Late Great ‘The Idol’ Matt Boudreau.

    • Stu pauses as he stares up into the red sky for a moment. He then stares into the camera and laughs quietly then slowly begins to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: On Crossfire I was supposedly a big fish in a little pound where on Fight Night it was the opposite. [*Stu laughs then continues speaking*] The reason why Matt Boudreau had ***h a long reign was he had no competition. Plus I beat him in a World Champion vs. World Champion in a Tribute to The Troops show in December of Two Thousand and Eight and it was no fluke trust me. On Fight Boudreau toyed with wimpy Rocky Creed and the only other two was **** Drazin and Gabrielle. Crossfire even sent Drazin to Fight Night to give Boudreau a run for his money because of the lacking challengers he had for his uneventfully long reign as FWA Champion. Crossfire we had Shawn Cortez, Ashley O’Ryan, Darnell Porter, Devin Golden, Jack Severino, Moira Crawford, Nemesis and my Hall of Fame brother ‘The Angel of Death’ Wolf. You need to get check your facts Rod if you are going to spout off your version of the truth. Truth is Rod you claim I am broken shell of myself. Bet you wouldn’t have the balls to say that to my face especially inside the sinister structure known as The War Games. Your spineless Rod and you couldn’t even tell the truth to your own mother because you are a liar. You are not even a good one and this is coming from the snake. You saw you lead your two clients to ***cess more like they found dumb luck if you ask me.

    • Stu smirks as a light tide splashes on the shoreline of the beach as he slowly continues to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: I am looking at you ‘The Monster’ Mac Michaud first. Yes you are a man who gave up a childhood dream of one day playing in the NFL and maybe playing in the Super Bowl and perhaps attain a Super Bowl Victory. You gave all that to enter the military and you went insane. I do not have to be a doctor or a former member of the military to understand it because I am ‘mentally sick.’ [* Stu pauses as disturbing sickening look comes over his face as he snickers for a brief second. He slowly continues as his face goes serious.*] What did you think was going to happen when you are in combat with a man you don’t know when you been told to kill him with a gun. You load the magazine full of bullets, than pull the hammer back and aim. You aim for between his eyes or his chest where his heart beats. For a brief second you realize you are snuffing this man’s life away. You fire and you hear the bullet leave the barrel of the gun. Everything goes silent as you hear the bullet go through the air and pierce through the man’s body and blood drains his body through the single hole. That cycle continues to happen with every bullet fired. That guilt catches up to you as you question our own morals.

    • Stu pauses as he slowly exhales for a moment. He moves his head to the right a little then moves it back to being straight and glares as he continues.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Being barked at by your fellow soldiers and then the sergeant yell at you when you are questioning your own morals makes you snap. There is no more right or wrong. The moral compass is broken beyond repair. You are seeing the dead in your dreams like you would if you were experiencing post traumatic stress disorder. You are no super soldiers but you feel like a monster. Destruction constantly on your mind. I have made monster before Mac. I made Jack Severino and my own brother into Monsters. I Turned Moira Crawford into my twisted puppet. I let Ashley O’Ryan use his own vengeance against me turn him into a monster. I have slain my monsters Mac. I already know you got height standing almost seven feet which means also you got some power. I do not need to out power you because that is what a FOOL would do. I would play off your power and have you be a battering ram when you crash into a turnbuckle or your teammates. [*Stu smirks*] Yes you won the X Division title and won the Television Title while setting a record but you haven’t faced someone like me.

    • Stu pauses as exhales and chuckles as the water continues to splash the shoreline of the beach.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: I AM THE LIVING KHMER ROUGE MAC. I am very intelligent, excellent strategist and above all else the most sadistic killer you will ever encounter. With your height and your mind being filled with destruction your thinking you are going have a walk in the park in the War Games. Truth be told you are going to lose something in that match. It will be your pride and your surround by chain link fence with a roof on top. It will feel like a prison with you feeling like the Baddest inmate of them all. After this match… [*Stu chuckles ever so softly*] you will be a sniveling cowering, afraid of his own shadow little bitch. Trust me and Rod Sterling will have no use for you leaving you worse then you were when you left the military. Now client number two ‘The Emerald’ Drew Stevenson. Rod takes credit for your ***cess when it took you till December of last year to win the X Division title. Three months ago you stole Jason Gryphon’s North American title. I will hold nothing against you for doing ***h a thing because you got what you were after. No one cares you got help also they see is a champion in the record books.

    • Stu pauses as he slowly exhales then continues

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: You are ‘The Emerald’ and apparently Rod Sterling sees the green which means money for him. Hopefully he is not skimming you for every nickel you earn. What can I say about that I haven’t already said in the past? Nothing much besides talking a big game then crapping the bed. This is an opportunity Drew that you need to think about Mr fourth decade. Ego isn’t going to get you anywhere in this match Drew. Have you even seen who is on your team? It’s Jason Gryphon. Can you trust him Drew? Is there any chance he will trust you given you robbed him of his title? Odds are there is no trust there Drew. I am sure Saul Goodman wannabee over there won’t help you smooth over things. He will make it worse with his words and make it go downhill by offering him a bribe. I am pretty sure Jason doesn’t take bribes and I am sure he wouldn’t trust one coming from Sterling. I already know my team doesn’t me Drew because I can handle myself. As for yourself Drew I think your team doesn’t trust you and to be quite honest I don’t think you will be able to handle yourself.

    • Stu pauses then grins as the tide from the ocean hits the shoreline of the beach as he continues to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: On the subject of handling yourself I look at ‘Living Mythology’ Jason Gryphon. I gave credit Jason I told you I like you by caring for you isn’t a luxury I can afford. I see you as a paladin defender of the weak if you would. But when we were in the ring I smelled it on you. Vengeance it is going to corrupt you. You already have a man you have issues with taking your North American Title away. That is going to make you think about getting vengeance. You have the right structure to do it in as he cannot run from you. It’s everything you could want to inflicting vengeance. Vengeance will consume not just your body but you mind and soul. Ashley O’Ryan wanted to get vengeance upon me in two thousand and eight he let himself go crazy. He kicked a then pregnant Jillian De Siliva Edwards in the stomach. I didn’t have to destroy him as he did it to himself and seeing Ewan get justice was the cherry on top. That is a prime example but it is your choice what you want to do Jason. Heed to the old saying if you want vengeance dig yourself two graves one for your enemy and one for yourself.

    • Stu pauses as he looks at the sun in the red sky and slowly exhales. He then stares back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: The sky is the limit Jason but don’t let vengeance control you will fall faster than the sky then Icarus did. I will not stop you but in fact kick you will you are down just for my personal amusement. [*Stu smirks*] If you want to play Jason I will I got the perfect environment. I can manipulate this sinister structure into my weapon of mass destruction. I have got people watching this on ppv and of course those inside the arena. [*Stu chuckles*] I can make those head turn away as women nearly faint because of me being the living Khmer Rouge. I have done it before and I have no hesitation in doing it again and again. As long as I am ‘enjoying myself’ I will continue to do so. Another person who enjoys himself is Ryan ‘I don’t think is so Amazing’ Rondo. I have already said you have made headway in the last year. Winning Television gold and The North American title. Turning your back on FWA to take a chance with Jimmy King of CWA to get a huge opportunity. Turning on your one time friend and partner Devin Golden. [*Stu pauses and smirks before continuing to speak*] I thought Stevenson was the man on the team that wasn’t going to be trusted. Come to think about it is you they shouldn’t trust. I am already reading you Rondo you do not care about any of them rightfully so. But I will be damned if anyone particular Jason Gryphon will allow you to even attempt a pin fall to attain victory to get a FWA Undisputed World Heavy Weight title. I do not think he will allow you to get it as you tried to take away his and everyone’s livelihood when you joined Jimmy King to put FWA six feet under.

    • Stu looks at his feet and moves a head a bit and see the wooden paddle by the remains of a wooden lifeboat. He then turns attention back to the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: You and this new era be taking from us but now we will be doing the taking. I am taking by reputation which you continue with other say I am a shell of myself. FEAR RONDO has an ‘astounding’ way to get people to change their perception on things. Your perception of me is and will change. This is the War Games. I personally want to see you nearly drown in a pool of you own blood for what you have said about me. I couldn’t care what you saw about anyone else or anyone on my time. Respect will be beaten into and I will take the victory not for the team but myself to get a chance at being FWA Champion for a record breaking Fifth time. You are up a creek without a paddle and there is no way you’re going to find shelter if you would. There is no hope. Who is going to save you on your team? Even The Nearly Seven Foot Monster on your team wouldn’t come to your rescue. Sterling isn’t going to help as only helps his current clients not to mention he is locked out of the ring. There is no escape. Without the old era and me being one of those guys along with G-Rich there wouldn’t be an FWA for you or any of these new era wrestlers it’s always take take. Well the taking stops at The War Games.

    • Stu pauses as a sick smiles comes over his face as he has both his hands go through his hair. His arms and hands drop back at his side.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: My course of actions as the living Khmer Rouge will bring fear into reality. Blood will be poured bones broken but I am taking the reward. I have earned this reward and the new era will realize I am still the future and I am not going anywhere. [*Stu smirks as he looks to the ground for a brief moment and looks back at the camera.*] I already got my reservation ready in hell have you made yours yet?

    • Stu smirks for a brief second. He then spread his arms to the side. The sound of the ocean tide hitting the shoreline. The red sky in the morning is still bright. Off in a distance a crow perches on the flag as the camera briefly turns. The crow begins cawing. The camera faces back at Stu as the camera feeds slowly ends

    End of Scene.
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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    Sam Blaze gets out of the limo and looks around as they've arrived in Memphis Sam walks around with his bag he heads to the Revolution locker room and puts his bags down as he hears a knock at the door. Hesitant remembering recent runs with Marcus Thane and Darryl Digby he opens the door slightly and sees Katie Goldsmith. Sam decides to open the door all the way and allows Katie and the FWA Cameraman inside.

    Katie Goldsmith:
    Sam, you face Meth-Head Matt someone your brother has vocally spoken out against on several occasions do you share the same vocal opposition to Meth-Head Matt?

    Sam Blaze: Indeed I agree with my brother 100% we need to get rid of the negative influences like the Meth-Head and make this a family show once again.

    Katie Goldsmith:
    Your brother is going for the X Division Title tonight and he seems to be one of the odds on favorites to win the title do you think this will cause further delays in the start of Future Shock's career here in FWA?

    Sam Blaze: Great question of course I'll be cheering for my brother to win he deserves the title after he beat Mist for a 3 count in nGw but yes I do fear if he wins this title Future Shock plans will be placed on the back burner again and not by our own choice but by FWA management and their board of directors. Frank and I are ready to go after the tag team division with reckless abandonment and make our way to the top of the division but since we're not the FWA bookers we're held to their mercy. All the same though bringing home a title to the Revolution would do wonders for building us up as a dominant group.

    Katie Goldsmith: Speaking of Revolution let me ask about Ghost, he seemed an odd fourth choice for the group as he doesn't really fit the profile well why did you guys choose to go with him, and is he 100% loyal to the Revolution?

    Sam Blaze: Ghost and Frank teamed together a few times and have got the opportunity to know each other in and out of the ring and I think they have mutual respect for each other but I have no problem with Ghost and I'm certain he can be trusted.

    Katie Goldsmith: Let's for a second ponder your brother winning Ultimate X tonight, if that happens what is next for "Shocking" Sam Blaze if the tag title hunt is put on hold?

    Sam Blaze: I only came to FWA for the tag title hunt and I'm a patient man if my brother wins the X Division belt then more power to him I will just fight for the honor of the Revolution and work on our message of removing vile trash like Darryl Digby and Meth-Head Matt from the company once and for all.

    Just as Sam finished his thought Frank Blaze walks in with the nGw Championship around his waist.

    Frank Blaze: Thank you Katie but my brother and I need to talk if you wouldn't mind..

    Katie Goldsmith leaves in a huff as Frank Blaze rears back and smacks his brother across the back with some force as Sam turns around to look at his brother.

    Frank Blaze: Are you ready?

    Sam Blaze:
    What the. of course I'm ready.

    Frank Blaze: Don't give me that bullsh**. Are you ready? Because the win you had last week was on sheer dumb luck there is no way you are going to beat a guy like Meth-Head Matt with a half-assed ill prepared match this week. This is a big week not just for me, not just for FWA but for Revolution man this is our real coming out party we talked the talk last week but this week we need to walk the fu**ing walk. So I'll ask you once more Sam and I better get a stronger response from you this time. Are you ready?

    Sam Blaze: You're god damn right I'm ready let me at him. I'll kick his ass all over the ring.

    Sam Blaze leaves for his match pumped up and energized the camera looks at Frank Blaze who's laughing and he looks into the camera. Giving a wink to the camera.

    Frank Blaze: Works like a charm.

    Frank Blaze is heard laughing as the scene cuts away.

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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    After a solid three seconds of silence, a steady heartbeat can be heard as a Giant Red X appears on the Tron above. The X fades in and out with the beat of the heart before slowly fading away as the heartbeat gets incredibly faint and then....

    The image of the X is replaced by a fast paced collage of great moments in the history of the X Division as Imagine Dragons "Monster" plays in the background.

    I'm only a man with a chamber that's got me...

    (Ryan Rondo's first X Division Championship victory is shown)

    I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me...
    (Dave Sullivan is shown mercilessly laying into Prince Abdullah Assad)

    A Monster, A Monster, I've turned into a monster...
    (Mac Michaud delivers an F5KO to Mike Mundane, Ryan Rondo and Cameron Cross in ***cession)

    I'm only a man with a candle to guide me...
    (Devin Golden is shown taking a running dive over the top rope onto a group of competitors outside the ring)

    I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me...
    (Jason Gryphon flies off the top rope, crashing down onto Dave Sullivan

    A Monster, A Monster, I've turned into a monster...

    (Wolf holds his newly won X Division Championship high)

    A monster, A monster, I've turned into a monster...
    (Devin Golden is shown holding his X Division championship with pride, as the camera pans around, it now shows Whyte Thunder)

    A Monster, A Monster...


    The screen fades back out and the Red X appears again with the same heart beat playing in the background...

    Revenge is a real bitch.


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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    Through the Looking Glass

    *The sun shines brightly on an open field, where we see grass that looks like a chess board. There are alternating white and green squares of the same size. A single leaf falls in front of the camera, causing the view to change as it looks up into the tree, where we see a person in a cat suite, with a huge smile on its face that seems to stretch from ear to ear.*

    Cheshire cat: It seems as if our game is soon to begin, once again. The Queen of hearts must have found another opponent. Hmmm, perhaps I will wonder just who will win. As if the outcome really matters, because win or lose the Queen never loses.

    *People walk out on the field in costumes dressed as playing cards. The first set of people come out with heart logos on their costumes. Shortly thereafter they take their place on the field. We see the cat again now laying on a branch, staring into the sky and paying the field no attention.*

    CC: Diamonds and girls are said to be best friends, though a proper spade would allow you to search for pearls, but if a beating is to be given, then perhaps the best thing is a club. Ah so many a choices, yet seemingly only one voice….

    *As the voice trails off, an opposing set of costumed people take the field on the opposite side of the board, wearing spades as logos on their outfits. The brightness of all the colors is enhanced by the sun sitting high in the sky, a sky void of any cloud cover. Looking back at the tree and the cat, part of the large trunk of the tree moves a bit as some dust falls off the tree floating gently in the air downward until it settles on the green blades of grass. When we see the trunk open, as if it were a door, and out steps Alana Allure. She has a puzzled look on her face as she steps out of the tree which closes behind her immediately. She turns around and looks at the tree, the cat is nowhere in sight, she is wearing a white cotton t-shirt, that looks comfortable and blue denim jeans with all white Nikes on her feet. The bronze skinned, curvy beauty turns around to face the field and just stares as a voice can be heard, although no one is seen.*

    CC: Ah, another day and another test. Before you stands a board of chess, no need to stress or feel under duress; although it is a must you do your best. Failure here will halt all your progress.

    AA: Who, who said that?

    *Alana turns her head quickly, looking all around for the source of the voice, while seeing nobody near her. She is spoken to once more.*

    CC: She gets impatient if she is made to wait, I would suggest making your move with haste.

    AA: I don’t know who you are, or where you are, but I am not sure what to do here.

    *The man in the cat costume appears from behind the tree, stepping into view of the woman. *

    CC: In this game, the player whose pieces are on the white squares moves first and that would be you.

    AA: Who are you, why am I doing this, what?

    CC: All well placed questions, yet unimportant. I am the only assistance you are being offered. This is the Queen of hearts chess set, and the only way you will be permitted to continue on in your journey is to pass this test of your intelligence. To lose is to lose your head, ah but to win. Well in all my years, none have won, so you would be the first able to move on, if you should win.

    AA: Look, I am not even sure how I got here, especially after the path I’ve been traveling, but I need….

    CC: Correct, you need to win in order to move on, simply tell the pieces where they are to go.

    AA: Great

    *Thinking to herself, “I should have paid more attention when James and Ted were attempting to teach me this game. There was something James kept doing to Ted. What was it called? Damn it!”*

    AA: e4!

    *A costumed man representing one of Alana’s pawns moves forward two squares, and stops remaining still.*

    AA: Funny, when I woke up this morning I was thinking, about beating Shannon and moving on to capture the FWA women’s title. A title that will be decided tonight between two women I have defeated. Sally being the champion and longer tenured of the two has fell victim to me on multiple occasions. While on the other hand we have the company’s favorite part timer, who after losing to me in recent weeks has not looked all that great lately. I have no preference what so ever as far as which of them walks out the winner that is not my concern. Getting myself in a position to become a two time FWA women’s champion is very much my goal and focus.

    *The corresponding piece moves to e5, seeming to match the opening move made by Alana. Seeing this, the former FWA women’s champion folds her arms in front of her. Using her right arm to support her left that she then uses to grab her chin, it becomes clear that she is trying to remember or think of something.*

    AA: Bishopc4!

    *A piece from the back row begins walking diagonally on the white colored squares of grass, until reaching the fourth square out.*

    AA: Today’s FWA is a very different place, then again both times and people change. I know full well I am one of the very best women to ever step foot in an FWA ring. I still may aspire to reach higher levels of accomplishment, like Gabrielle and Moira have. Yet I have no qualms about blazing my own trail in this company. I don’t know if I will be allowed to compete for tag titles, the North American title, X-division, or the World title.
    Yet, I know that’s the future, in the here and now, I will not be deterred. I will not let the fans down, and I plan on ushering in a new era in the women’s division. Sure my goals and aspirations are lofty, but shouldn’t they be? I’ve proven myself a champion and great manager and leader, my upcoming opponent told you as much as best she could anyway.

    *Once again the corresponding piece moves from across the board seeming to mirror once again the first movement as “Bc5” is all that is heard.*

    AA: I’m not looking past Shannon. I have my eyes and mind set right where it needs to be. I know full well that for all my talk, Shannon is good at what she does in the ring. If she were not, I doubt the company would have signed her in the first place. She’s not some piece of eye candy running around like a chicken with her head cut off.
    Shannon is the opposite; she is a skilled performer, who knows her way around a ring. She has a sort of raw talent, the kind of raw talent that will carry her quite far in this business, and that’s a great thing. It’s great for the fans who want to actually see women wrestle; it’s great for the company as a means of getting more talented women in the door. It will be great for me as I want to compete against the best of the best that this industry has to offer.
    Queen to h5!

    *The queen piece moves diagonally along the white colored squares and out to the fifth row. Such a powerful and prominent piece is looking imposing as it seems to peer ominously at the opposing pieces.*

    Voice: Knight to a6!

    *As the corresponding piece moves to the requested square. We see a grin slyly appear on Alana’s face.*

    AA: We must be honest, both with ourselves and our fans. Since my return to date I hold wins over MacKenzie, Shannon, Beatrixx, and Sally. It’s not bragging if it is true, and those are facts say what you will about the triple threat match and tag team matches. Yes I can win with or without Sally, it matters not, I captain a winning team. I am ready for our one on one encounter Shannon, I am ready to step up and perform at this anniversary show. I am going to continue to prove why I was a champion in the past and why I will be a champion again soon. When that bell rings I am going to show you why all of the great FWA fans cheer for me.
    I know I am long winded and I say a lot of things. However I am more than capable of backing up what I say, when I say it. So I hope you are ready Shannon, I hope you watched film, I hope you have been training, hell I hope you woke up and ate your Wheaties. You have to see the big picture beyond just this match, this is both of our opportunities to shine, and to prove we both belong off of the pre-show and on the big card. You had better be ready and able to keep up, there is no half stepping with me girl, oh and beware of us, how did you put it, classics. You just never know, what a crafty ol gal like myself may have in store.
    Queen takes pawn, f7, checkmate!

    *As the piece responds to her command, the opposing King of hearts after a few moments, takes a knee and bows his head in defeat, with nowhere to move and no piece that can save him.*

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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread


    “The best or nothing at all.” - Gottlieb Daimler

    The best is meant to set an example. The best doesn't always hold the belt. The one with the belt is a target. It is all eyes on them. From the management, to the wrestlers, to the fans. The champion is constantly under pressure to perform. They have the weight of a company on their shoulders but they try and fight through it. It is their burden to bear. They either fold like a house of cards or they stand tall and make sure that they are never forgotten. The first defence is the key. The eyes of the world constantly looking and judging. Will the champion crack or thrive as he wears the burden around his waist?


    The scene opens on a bright sunny day outdoors in an unspecified location in America. There is a repeating loud popping noise from all over the area. Phillip A. Jackson sits on a wooden chair that is painted white unfazed by the noises around him. At his feet there is dry dirt that is being swirled around from the wind of the outdoors, some of it getting up into his face. He puts on a pair of sunglasses to prevent this from happening again as he looks disgusted with what he is seeing. As we look around further we see targets that have been set up all over the place and people are shooting a variety of guns at them at an outdoor shooting range. Phillip A. Jackson continues to look disgusted and looking around at everyone there and looking them up and down and judging them. The odd person noticing this happening and ignoring it to the best of their abilities. Phillip A. Jackson is wearing an black sleeveless workout hoodie and sweatpants with the FWA World Heavyweight Championship shackled around his waist. Phillip A. Jackson diverts his attention away from the people at the shooting range.

    |Phillip A. Jackson|
    There is something so...uncivilised about this place. Such an American thing to do. A shooting range. I have never fired a gun. I am civilised. This is place where people come to practice killing. I am sure that we are ABOVE such uncivilised behaviour. What can drive someone to behave this way without a care in the world. I can only imagine what kind of lowlifes that actually come here.

    At that moment, a well dressed man in a suit, carrying a pistol in a holster on his hip walks past Phillip A. Jackson who sees the irony in the situation. The man walks to the line of target that stand opposite of where Phillip A. Jackson is sat.

    Appearances are deceiving. I know that and Gabrielle knows that. Gabrielle being a female wrestler but is one of the toughest wrestlers in FWA and me being a smaller wrestler with the ability to take on the biggest and the baddest in this company. Just because a man dressed in a suit and acts like he is the best thing in the world doesn't make it so. Only I can do that. That man could be ANYTHING. He could be the real deal or he could actually just flip burgers at McDonalds and just been to a funeral which is why he is dressed up. Maybe he has come here to relieve stress from whatever problems common people have. I cannot pretend to understand whatever problems that 'real' people have but I do not sympathize with them for being content in their self-inflicted mediocrity. People defined by their own shackled, sheltered existence where they live on what forty thousand dollars a year? They are defined by their jobs and their own lives where they rely on living on the little things that make it worth it. I rely on the greatness I achieve. I overlook the small things because the small things are irrelevant to those who need something to make themselves feel better. I am a champion but...

    Phillip A. Jackson slowly rises to his feet and reaches around to his back and unstraps his belt lifting it up high before he throws the FWA World Heavyweight Championship away into the dirt.

    The FWA World Heavyweight Championship does not define me.

    Phillip A. Jackson looks down on it smiling as his hard earned World Championship belt lay in the dirt. Jackson lifts his head back up and looks at the camera with the top of his eyes. Pointing with one hand at his title belt.

    It is not the end of me. It is the beginning. Guys like Shane McLean, they have talent, but they don't have the one thing that makes them a great champion. The ability to walk through the FWA hallways without ever looking over their shoulder. They don't believe in themselves as a champion. They are consumed by the one repeating thought. How will I hold on this title for another month? How will I retain the title? Their lives become about the title and nothing more. They start looking at the small things they can do to get by because they are scared of being champion.

    Jackson looks up properly this time with a confident smirk on his face. Jackson takes a step to the right and moves closer to the camera as the camera follows him.

    They become blinded by the championship and don't stop and look around. That is why so many careers have been defined by titles. So many dreams shattered by the obsession of worrying. Phillip A. Jackson has never questioned who he is. You could name anyone in FWA and you could say somebody about them that defines who they are to you. I look at people like Ryan Rondo, Drew Stevenson, Jason Gryphon as the nearly boys. The guys who you think will make it but will eventually fade back into the midcard mediocrity. You have Chris Kennedy, A visionary, A leader, A true champion, The man that made me but to others Chris Kennedy is a sleazy pretty boy who grabbed FWA by the throat and strangled it. Or Gabrielle, A once great female wrestler, sticking it to men of FWA, who slowly has faded away until she beat another washed up wrestler, a broken champion and a nearly boy. What do all of them have in common? They are defined by what they achieved. They are shackled to their pasts. Phillip A. Jackson has no history in FWA. Phillip A. Jackson arrived from the broken, shattered shell of PAJ, who had all sorts of history, but Phillip A. Jackson walk in, won it all and lived happily ever after. Out of the darkness came the light.

    Jackson looks up at the sky and indicates the heavens opening. A light somewhere above Jackson is turned on and a light beams down on the champion. Jackson snaps his head back into focus and looks viciously down the camera.

    PAJ was defined by his past, he was the LOW guy, he was the guy who always quit, he was the guy who stole your heart with his wimpy crap before Phillip A. Jackson RIPPED your Goddamn hearts out. Phillip A. Jackson has nothing to hold him back. I have no baggage. I am whatever the hell I want to be. I can define whatever I want to be. I am not some guy who won the title. I am Phillip A. MOTHERFUCKING Jackson. I am motivated by being the best regardless of whatever has happened, whether I win a title or lose a title. Whether or not I lose it at the first attempt or whether I destroy Gabrielle like PAJ should have done at Back in Business. The title is just a prize to make you all cheer, boo or sit there with your mouth open as you stand in awe as I walk to the ring. That is because there is NOTHING that holds me back. I am a new man. I am reborn. That is where your problem lies. You haven't changed. There will be people who view you as temptress, a maneater or a whore but I am not that classless and I said I would keep this civilised and will not take a cheap shot. You were the same Gabrielle you were a year ago. I am constantly changing and developing which is why the FWA World Heavyweight Championship won't consume me. Too many champions are destroyed by the very thing that they think is their legacy. Too many champions lose their heads when they become champions because they want to escape the pressure of being the champ. These things do not apply to me. I am the new face of FWA. I adapt to whatever situation comes my way. A belt is just belt. My legacy can take the hit but you can't afford to lose what you are. You thought I forgot about that...oh no...You have the weight of a gender on your shoulders. You are the last remnants of the female movement in FWA. You are an outlier in this company. A statistical anomaly. You are THE Female Icon to many, many young girls around the world. You allow them to believe that women wrestlers everywhere can compete with male wrestlers but only one VERY talented female wrestler currently compete with the best in FWA. There were others but you remain as the sole outlier. You carry that with you everyday and you do nothing to help all those other women around you get to your level. You inspire a GENERATION and yet, you do nothing. You dont help anyone be just like you. Are you that arrogant that you cannot take another women competing at your level? Has it been just you for so long that you cant stand the sight of another successful women competing against the REAL talent in FWA? Why are you trampling all over their dreams. How dare you. You act all humble and grateful and everyone just FUCKING loves you but you are RUINING EVERYTHING. People look up to you like you are a goddess, a caramel goddess to be exact, and you look down on them. You pity them because somewhere deep down inside of whatever the hell you are, you can see it, you know it that there will NEVER be another woman that will reach your level but you lie to them by making them BELIEVE that they have that chance but because you are poor old innocent Gabrielle you are overlooked. If that was me? There would be another line outside FWA Headquarters that demanded I be forced to do my duties. To go along with the line of all the jealous, ignorant fans that believe I am the devil. You carry that around with you everyday and you do nothing but smile and carry on like nothing ever happened.

    Jackson leans forward and takes his sunglasses off and shrugs condescendingly.

    How can you live with that, huh?

    Jackson steps to the right again and the camera has to adjust again. In the background we can see people looking at him as they finish up in the shooting range. Jackson continues to ignore the looks coming his way.

    I have to live with the target on my back. I have to live with the hatred that comes my way from almost everyone in this company. Since the DAY I came back I have had to check around every corner because there was always someone waiting to strike. People didn't like me and I knew it. I carried it through everything I did. Then I became FWA World Heavyweight Champion and since that night, about a month ago, I have had people wanting to talk to me. Wanting to ask me what it is like. Congratulating me while they eye up my back for a knife to be stuck in and that is the only reason they came to congratulate me. I guess that is the difference between us, Gabby, I know what I am. I am the BEST. Everyone else is just jealous. I don't lie about it either. I am honest and open about everything I do. There is no ill intentions in my actions. I am a leader. A true example of great leadership. That is what Robbins Thurgood saw in me and that is what the blind people of FWA didn't see. That is why I am a target. A target for hate from the fans. A target for those striving to be where I am right now. All the envious eyes make me smile and what makes me smile even more is that most people miss the target because they try way too hard at not missing rather than focusing on hitting. I guess that is where I get the advantage. I just have to beat whoever won the number one contendership but that is not easy. I stand in the middle of a ring knowing that there are always eyes watching me. Four sets of eyes like laser sights looking at the target. They all had a chance to get a shot but everyone else is always looking. I carry that everyday. My struggle is real. Yours is a lie. Yet the devil is the champion and the angel is the challenger but you know what? Who cares? Ill let people think whatever the hell they want to think. They all know what they really are. I draw the ire of those below me because people are overcompensating for their own shortcomings. I guess THAT is why people come to places like this. I am happy to be your targets. I am happy to carry the burden or being champion. I will THRIVE under the pressure. I will beat Gabrielle because I know EXACTLY what she is and she doesn't have a damn chance.

    Phillip A. Jackson stands in front of the target that was behind the camera when he began. He has his arms out to the side almost begging someone to pull the trigger. Jackson smirks knowing that no-one dare pull the trigger and believing that he is invincible. The camera zooms in on Jackson's face and he smirks as the scene quickly cuts to black.

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    Re: FWA 9th Anniversary Show promo thread

    Post Madness…..

    *We see Ted walking down the hallway backstage after his match. Sweat covers his revealed upper torso, and the man has a smile on his face that is lighting up the backstage area. As he gets closer to the camera, he looks right into it and once right next to it….*

    T: I learned quite a bit tonight. I listened very carefully to what the men whose titles we will be taking at the Anniversary show think of us. Did you all enjoy the King Kennedy speech, the one from the man who is supposed to be the “face” *Ted make air quotes with his hand gesture* of the FWA. I do like how he took his little buddy to the zoo to show him what a lion is. What a nice guy that Kennedy dude must be.

    I have to wonder where he hides his robe as he passes judgment on so very many people. So I guess by his logic we should just not show up, and they can mark him and his boy down for a win already, because that’s all I heard. Comparing my brother to a mindless piece of meat, a mere morsel of food, really? What an astonishing vernacular. No he did not give you any kind of a real fight before, which is why he was supposed to dominate, Jay tonight.

    However we all just saw what went down, we all saw the great King Kennedy choke on his words. With all that confidence and how sure he was of himself in the end all the guy could do was roll in the ring and just barely beat a count. Now I’m sure that little action in Kennedy’s mind has justified his speech tonight, but where I come from, we call winning by count out a b**** move. Yeah dude you got a “W”, barely so I guess luck was on your side, tonight. So go ahead celebrate, go on your stupid little show and tell as many people you can, how you have your title defense all wrapped up, do you cause as I saw it, and as how all these people saw it, you ain’t ready yet kid, we’ll be seeing you real soon.

    *The scene cuts to the parking garage, where we see a solid black, stretch limo with tinted windows, just outside the exit door. The camera moves closer to the window as if trying to see through the tint. Suddenly the window rolls down, revealing James, sitting inside the vehicle.*

    J: Brian, Brian, Brian. I see the more things change as it relates to you, the more they stay the same. You know until hearing you speak out there tonight, I had forgotten how boring you are. I just want to apologize to all the FWA fans for having to have to listen to a man speak, who essentially has the colorful personality of vanilla. However; at least one could say you get straight to the point, unless we all pay attention to what is you are saying.

    I get that you are some kind of infectious disease, in your own mind that is. Oh and you came here to conquer the FWA, again, as this is your second return. Only you need Chris at your side to well, accomplish anything of note this time around. Oh I remember you well enough as I was leaving during your first return. Personally as I had to listen to Chris pass judgment on me tonight, you know I can’t wait to hear you form more sentences, to only serve the purpose of making you more laughable than you already are.
    So go ahead, spew your dribble as if you are someone to take seriously. Join in the condemnation of James Hughes after all Chris leads, you know your damn roll and follow. At least for as long as he keeps you around. Will you last longer than the siege? Longer than the syndicate? The question is how long will it take him to realize you are holding him back? You and your boss are in for one hell of a wakeup call. Then again, you asked for it. You and your boss want to be beaten, you want to be showed your own mortality. You two have the right one.

    *The window rolls back up…*

    The Hermitage, Memphis, Tn.

    *A crowd stands with their backs to the camera, listening to a tour guide. It’s the start of a guided tour of this historical landmark…..

    Guide: The Hermitage is a historical plantation and museum located in Davidson County, Tennessee, 10 miles east of downtown Nashville. The plantation was owned by Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, from 1804 until his death at the Hermitage in 1845. Jackson only lived at the property occasionally until he retired from public life in 1837. It is a National Historic Landmark.

    The plantation that Jackson named Hermitage was ideally located 2 miles from the Cumberland and Stones rivers; the land was originally settled by Robert Hays, grandfather to legendary Texas Ranger John Coffee Hays and Confederate General Harry Thompson Hays in 1780. Hays sold the 420-acre farm to Jackson in 1804. Jackson and his wife Rachel moved into the existing two-story log blockhouse, built to resist Indian attacks. After Jackson built the main house, it was disassembled and rebuilt as two one-story buildings used as slave quarters; a part of it still stands behind The Hermitage. Initially Jackson operated the cotton farm with nine African slaves, but this number gradually grew to 44 slaves by 1820 as the farm expanded to 1,000 acres.
    Now if you all will follow me this way…

    *The voice trails off as the crowd begins to disperse all heading the same way, following the guide. All except for two men, that appear to have on solid white tops and baggy blue jeans. The man on the left has on a pair of black and white Addidas, while the man on the right is wearing all white Nikes.
    Those two men then turn around, revealing themselves to be Ted and James. Their shirts are baseball jerseys, Ted wearing a Chicago White Sox with a “Sox” logo on the left. While James is wearing a Chicago Cubs with the “Cubs” logo in blue surrounded by a blue circle. Ted places his hands in his pockets as the camera moves in closer.*

    J: History holds a great deal of importance, it can be the key to understanding the present, or it can be a harsh lesson never learned that transforms into a recurring situation. History gives us great insight into who we are and what we are doing and of course where we are going.

    T: Is that why you dragged me out here to look at a former slave owners house?

    J: No, not at all. You see last week Chris talked about a lot of history as he saw it. However he had a point to prove in putting me down the way he did.

    T: No, not the knight in shining armor riding in on his white horse to save the FWA from being the wasteland of mediocrity he portrays it to be.

    J: I detect a bit of sarcasm in your voice bro. I did try to warn you about how most around here think they are the absolute baddest of the bad.

    T: You surely did. I mean at least he made sense as he did his best to make s*** personal.

    J: Really, you thought he was trying to get personal?

    T: No, he got personal. I mean dude sat there with his boy and talked all that cash money s*** and at the end of the day, the man could not even pin you, he could not make you submit. On the one hand he is supposed to be the best in this company and you, by his judgement are crap, and in the end he could not get the job done.

    *James chuckles a bit.*

    J: Well it all sounded familiar to me. Whether they know it or not, history is in a way repeating its self right before there very eyes. He gave his opinion of what was going on back then as if he was ever in management. Or as if anything I was or was not going through made a bit of difference to him. However he saw things is a very mute point especially now, all these years later, it’s rather sad that the past is the best he had to use against me.

    However he left somethings out. Which is what you do when you are doing your damnedest to make your point. Chris did not want to talk about me being the Young Lion’s champion, because then you have to recall, Anniversary shows, much like the one we are moving closer and closer to. I’ve found that my achievements are only big deals to me. Ted, did you know that I have appeared in quite a few super shows, as the Young Lion champion, and back in the two show days around here that meant a match against whichever guy had the X- division title. So during my six month reign, I put some feathers in my cap, I beat each champion that stepped up, from the heartbroken Juan Lopez. Let’s see there was the triple X guy of great siege fame, oh and there was one more guy, who is even still here. I have listened to people call that dumb luck, but it sure looked consistent.

    T: Maybe that’s what Brian is going to bring up here tonight.

    *The two men begin walking down the sidewalk back toward a gravel parking area.*

    J: No chance on that, besides there is much more fitting history that it better suited for tonight’s comparison. As he was retired or somewhere else at the time doing what ever guys like him do, perhaps infecting people as that seems to be his favorite thing to do. Watch out ladies, that guy Brian Carter is a killer.

    T: Stop, man please. God if I was drinking milk just then, there would be a youtube clip going viral. Although since we are talking about viruses and such, I remember Brian Carter from the time you were leaving. Man was the company behind him or what? It seemed like every other commercials I saw had something to do with him. I remember that march to becoming a two- time North American champion. I even saw a shoot or two of his back then, cause they were pressing him hard.

    J: Yep I can recall. His name was mentioned around so many titles you would have thought he was made of leather and gold. I remember him beating Alexx for that title, and how happy and proud he was and how that was just a stepping stone, until he ran into FWA part timer, and sports hero. Darnell Porter.

    T: Wow, then what happened? It’s hard to say, I left, and apparently so did he, until recently. What back in March the guy beats Jethro Warren, and had had Kennedy dragging his weight ever since.

    J: Careful, some may say the same thing about us.

    T: I find that unlikely, then again I got pinned and you got counted out.

    J: True, but when we team up…

    T: They loose. Whoa, so B-ri has been in the FWA three different times?

    J: Yes sir, during his first run he could not win a title to save his life, during the second he was the transitional champion, taking the FWA from Alexx as he was on his way to Darnell, and the FWA kept right on rolling. Then again I am not going to compare myself to somebody who has already peaked. Far as I am concerned about Carter, he can say what he likes at the end of the day I held just as many titles for a longer time and did it in a fraction of his career here in the FWA.
    History my friend, when you explore all of it can paint one hell of a picture, it all just depends on what you include or don’t.

    *Having reached the parking area, as the two men have kept walking, while we’ve heard the speech, the voice of the men have been joined by the sound of gravel crunching beneath their feet as they take each step.*

    T: Ok, I dig that. I feel bad now cause I obviously lost to some dude I had no business losing to in the first place.

    J: Use that, bottle that up and when the bell rings tonight, open that bottle and let them have it. I like to look at each match as my last one, and you should to, tomorrow is not promised to anyone and if you need proof just look back at Killemall’s last match here.

    T: All Carter did was talk s**** last week, though he sounded kind of punch drunk.

    J: Watch out bro, he’s death. As in the death. You heard him.

    T: Yeah whatever. Dude can miss me with all that s****. So, Carter your dying, you have a terminal illness and you think that gives you the right to look down your nose at people and to disrespect the entire tag team division. Wha, wha. We beat these guys and those guys, like you really do a lot to help. Your sick dude, either that or you’re faking it to try to get some of the Bordeaux magic. That man was really talented, and in your case Huntington’s is just in the process of taking out the trash.

    You got a diagnosis and you use it as a gimmick, jeez dude, that’s so 80’s. You asked what I thought is so funny. It’s you attempting to keep up with Kennedy, a man not even near your league. All I learned about you last week is that you are very beatable, and you are willing to grab at sympathy because of your illness.
    Everything that fell from your mouth was rank stupidity. A diagnosis does not mean you are living in death, it does not even mean you are dead. All it means is that your batteries are already nearly gone. Happy 40th by the way, like you having some years on you means a damn thing. You’re almost 40 and you’ve been here almost however many years, and by your own damn records you only recently started winning. Last time you thought you were tough s***, when it got to hard you packed your s*** and hit the door. Unlike my brother, I don’t think Kennedy will drop you as a partner after we beat you all here tonight. I think you will quit and use your illness as an excuse.

    *Ted places his arm around the shoulders of James as the two men have move from the gravel onto the near by grass. Seeming content to enjoy their stroll yet with a healthy amount of their thoughts on their opponents.*

    You can talk all the crap you want, but at the end of the day you are not special, you are not anything different than me, or the next man. You want to convince people that everybody is beneath you, then do something, win something after all these years why not try and live up to all that crap you talk.

    J: You all asked for a challenge, you all called out the roster, you both think you are the greatest tag team to hit the FWA. You claim to be better than Sinful Sensuality, Than Cameron Cross and who ever he tags with, Executive Excellence, than Vodka & Venom and the former greatest tag team of all time APAB. Now let me translate, you two are proud of the fact you could be two women, one of which has been retired for how ever long. Big deal you beat some random pairing of guys. You beat Stu and Ashley and did nothing more than sweep away what was left of APAB, years after their prime. Wow, Chris you beat the siege all over again. You put names on your list of those who are closer to retirement than their prime.

    It’s funny how everything goes full circle, you see when last I did tag teaming here there was a best tag team in the FWA, just like there is now. They disrespected me, they talked crap, they put down the division that they were champions of, just like you two. They were supposed to just beat me and Kills and move on to bigger and better things. Yet history shows us that I am one of the men who beat the best tag team in the FWA then. Last week showed that what was once easy, according to you Chris. Is much more difficult for you, beating me that is. At the anniversary show, history will repeat itself, and once again another “best tag team in the FWA” will fall, and I will once again play an interigal part in just that happening, and when the bell rings and our hands are raised, you will have gotten just what you asked for. A real challenge, one you could not overcome. A team that when it really damn mattered you could not beat. Take a good look at these faces, neither of us is past our prime, neither of us are laughing about anything, and while you have already reserved tables for your victory party at Elite Knights Restaurant. Neither of us are going to quit or look past this night, and this very moment, neither of us are planning on walking out of here without those titles. So you and Dr. Death over there better bring a gun, cause you are going to have to kill us to beat us. Neither of you have learned from history, so tonight, we doom both of you to repeat it.

    *The two men finally stop their walking. James turns to the right, with his profile toward the camera. While Ted turns away, with his back toward the camera. The two men have made their way to the top of a nearby hill and the remaining light of the day surounds them both as the scene fades to black.*

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