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First Class Promo

(We cut to the dark streets of Cape Town, Cal Cannon and Claire Young are rushing along the path.)

Cal Cannon: I cannot believe this happened. I mean arrested! Jesus Christ he works for the classiest man in the world. I cannot associate myself with criminals.

Claire Young: Relax I've got contacts in the South African police it's no big deal.

Cal Cannon: As soon as we get in there I need to see him. We've got a lot riding on this match dammit!

Claire Young: Cal just shut up and let me do the talking I'll get you to see Rob in no time.

(They hurry into the police station as Cal sits in a chair waiting while Claire doe some business with the receptionist a more senior officer appears and they hug much to Cal's bemusement. Claire comes over to Cal.)

Claire Young: You're in.

Cal Cannon: How do you know that man?

Claire Young: Don't ask questions I'm not employed to explain myself I'm employed to get things done. The man will show you to where they're keeping Rob.

(Cal gets up and follows the policeman into the cells mainly full of drunkards as Cal has a disgusted look on his face. The policeman stops opens the door to the cell.)

Policeman: Because you are one of Claire's clients you can take as long as you need.

(Cal puts on a fake smile and walks into Rob's cell. Rob is just sitting there wearing black jeans, a black vest and looking down at the floor with his long hair obscuring his face.)

Cal Cannon: What the bloody hell do you think your doing? Getting arrested like this. I can have you fired you know. CWA they could fire you as well or at least suspend you or fine you, i.e me large sums of money. This looks terrible for my public image. So what happened then? Your response better be phenomenally good on your gonna find yourself back on the streets eating fish bones out of dustbins.

Rob Rampage: They're everywhere.

Cal Cannon: What?

Rob Rampage: Everywhere I go I see their faces like their taunting me, teasing me, daring me to lash out and loose it so I can end up like this.

Cal Cannon: Sorry whose faces?

Rob Rampage: The ones who think they've won the war. The ones who think they put me in danger but they need to realise that I am the danger.

Cal Cannon: Listen Robert, we need to focus on the Collegiate Rednecks not these imaginary faces. They're a good young team and we're gonna need a good strategy to beat them.

Rob Rampage: I see their faces on everyone I wrestle too. I am wrestling them every week, no one else.

Cal Cannon: Well that's a good thing because you can take out all this aggression on the Collegiate rednecks and we kick their arses as opposed to some random people in a bar that you mistake for someone else.

Rob Rampage: Don't you see. I will not calm down I will only keep falling further and further into this never ending abyss until I face them, the real them!

Cal Cannon: Don't raise your voice Rob come on. We cannot underestimate these Collegiate Rednecks they almost beat .....

Rob Rampage: They almost beat them! The ones who have caused all this, the ones who have taken what should be ours time and time again and our now laughing in our face. But I'm not laughing! And soon they won't have a face.

Cal Cannon: So this whole falling off the deep end thing is about the Able Family?

Rob Rampage: They are disease that keeps coming back for more. They've knocked us down over and over again but they've never finished us off. Collegiate Rednecks I don't care what kind of a team you are but to me your just them. And what I'm going to do to you is rip you in half just like I will do to them and at Global Collision I want them and I want no limits!

(Cannon looks slightly inspired by Rob's words as he stands up.)

Cal Cannon: You hear that Isaac Richman, Noah Hanson, whoever is running the CWA these days you better stop worrying about who runs this company because if me and my partner don't get what we want their will be no company to run because I swear I will burn this son of a bitch to the ground! First Class vs The Able Family at Global Collision for the tag team titles in a match where there are no rules! I don't care if it's a steel cage, a hell in a cell, a street fight, a ladder match but my partner and I need a match where we can inflict unimaginable amounts of pain on these creepy bastards!

Rob Rampage: Collegiate Rednecks, the honeymoon is over because your gonna get taught exactly what happens when people I shouldn't be wasting my time on get put in my way.

Cal Cannon: Collegiate Rednecks, Able family in fact the whole CWA you will listen and honour our demands because we are simply better than you!

(At that moment Claire opens the cell door.)

Claire Young: Well Rob you are free to go.

(Claire leaves and Rob slowly follows behind her. Cal stops and looks around the cell and smirks before following in pursuit. As the door of the dank cell shuts the camera fades to black.)
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Here's to another great story. Enjoy the read.
Title: Choices: All but the right one!

The scene opens with the picture of a young man in his room, getting his things together as his mother, who is in the other room fuming still from earlier in the day as a result of his disobedience.

His mother walks back into his room as he was planning to go to the local community center and says, “And just where in the hell do you think you are going?”

In defiance still, the young man ignores her initially and as she takes a deep breath, he mumbles, “…whatever man.”

The mother tries to grab at her son and he snatches away from her as he asserts himself. “Get your hands off me! You ain’t my mother anyway.”

Hurting to the mere sounds of those words given all that she has done for him and given the fact that she adopted him, she could only shake her head as she walked into the front room, standing in front of the door. With tears in her eyes, he approaches but she stands firm.

As a single tear falls from her right eye and then the other, she wipes it away and pleads with him.

“You are my son and I do not approve of your behavior but if you walk out that door, you HAVE to understand, that as it stands, there is always the chance that you might not return.”

Pride, arrogance, a loss of purpose, neither gets you anywhere in life and none of them gain you anything in the sense of righteousness. Like many of today’s youth, and Nightmare, and you Humanity, still have not learned your place. In time Humanity, just as with this young man, our time will come but for now, Nightmare, once again, like a bad dream, you still have not found a way to wake the hell up. Consider yourself as your false reality and me, the fact of the matter in that false world of yours that brings a sense of truth that now Nightmare, you are all too familiar with. Just as I have before, allow me to tell you a different story but as before with a similar ending. Like a parent to their child, wisdom and experience are always the best teachers but in this case your own ignorance will be your final curtain call. And allow me to say this; just because a person knows better does not mean that they do better. You know Nightmare just how much better I am but even in that, not even you believe in yourself that you can top what best in me which is also what turns out to be what is best for THIS business…in the CWA!

As the young man’s adoptive mother looks on hoping to get through to her son, he drops his head as if to say that he was at least thinking about what was being said. He then takes a deep breath, looks back at her, kisses her on the cheek, and walks back to his room, leaving his bag by the couch. His mother takes a deep breath of her own, grabs at her son as he is rolling his eyes behind her. He exits the front room, grabbing his bag in the process and back to his room. He closes the door behind him and turns up the music. Relieved, this time, his mother did not care as she went back to cooking. Hours later, she goes to the room after calling him for dinner. After he did not come, she opens the door to his room and found him gone. He left out of his bedroom window.

Mom looks back in the other direction and utters to herself, “Oh Lord!”

Before you get your hopes up Nightmare, consider yourself and the situation. You see, Enigma has a sense of purpose that eventually will lead to greater pastures. Just as a table of promise will be prepared before my enemies, consider the table or in this case the big picture. You see Nightmare; you are only a stepping stone to bigger part of an ultimate process that you won’t ever be able to comprehend. Over the years, where Enigma has been transformed, you found yourself stagnant and complacent. Like the boy’s mother, where you got comfortable Enigma knew that as times changes so would he have to change. Just as we meet before at the PPV and even before that in tag team competition, you never found a way to surprise me but rather, follow the ignorance of you mind in hopes that what you believed was more than what you found to be the truth. I am the way, the truth and the light and no may shall come to the title of Champion but by me!

As the young man made his way down the road, he approached his friend’s home, walked around to his window, knocked a view times, and climbed right in.

He saw his old friend and said, “Man what’ good.”

As his friend looked back at him and slapped hands, he responded, “I’m good. That mom of yours still talking crazy?”

“Of course she is,” says the adoptive son. “Parents never learn and always think they know better than we do.”

His friend on the other hand, trying to maintain a sense of logic, then added, “But look at it this way; Some things you might not ever have because those parents you talk about know we wouldn’t know what to do with it if we had it now.”

“Yeah… Whatever.” Changing the subject he then asks, “…you got some of that stuff.”

His friend gives him a joint but makes sure that he tells him, “…just make sure you blow that sh** out the window. I don’t want my parents coming in here looking at me crazy because of you. Don’t give me your problems.”

“Yeah, yeah…I got you.”

That’s right Nightmare, like a joint, take it all in. And Humanity, listen close because I want you both to take a good look at the future of the CWA! Where you Nightmare thought that you would send a message of embarrassment, in the end, you became an example for the world to learn of my real intentions. Even when friends do things that don’t make sense, even in their sins, sometimes, they still find a way to say something that even if it is a little bit to hold on to, you might want to take heed. Not only take heed, but in this case, spread the word! You see Nightmare, impulse is what caused some to lose sight of their destiny but in the case of Enigma, the process of purpose is what drives him to achieve it. Where you remained the same, I blew past you and looked back only to see your failure catching up to you and eventually embellishing you soul. Remember Nightmare, success is where preparation meets opportunity. Enigma is an example of that success. His path is a testimony of his preparation and your defeat again and again will be precedence of Enigma being prepared for that very opportunity.

The two men then defiant to both of their parents take off to the local community center.

As both boys leave his friends home, his friends mother sees them leaving and yells, “Get back here! When you get home, you will have to come see me!”

His friend looks back along with the adoptive son laughing as his friend says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…and all you going to do is drink, get drunk again and forget what you ever said.”

They continue to laugh as they head on to the local community center.

Logic, as with time, is something like maturity that not everyone gets in time before something bad happens. Nightmare, something bad is going to happen to you at Adrenaline Rush and come AR, what a rush it will indeed be. You see Nightmare, sometimes, it is better that you listen but just like those boys and many other of today’s youth, they never learn until it is too late. At AR, it will be too late and your nightmare will finally end. And don’t believe what mommy told you about thinking about your dream all over again and trying to control it because that is just as much of a lie as you thinking that you will win. Again Nightmare, just like ignorance, a false sense of what is true and based on fact versus what you want to believe based on fallacies’, often cause those with an ignorant mindset to suspend their sense of logic to do what you feel is okay or that makes sense. Prepare yourself Nightmare, because for you and as an example to those watching at ringside, the real nightmare begins when I arrive. You on the other hand, will be dead on arrival.

Once the two boys got to the pool, they did what was at present the point, enjoyed themselves with other friends and of course the girls.

That Nightmare is your problem as well. You did not learn when we first met that I was the truth and the uncommon standard setting new rules that all would soon learn to follow. You from the first beginning took me as just another guy in the bunch rather than owner than grew and managed the product. So many of us take ownership of opportunities and task that should have never been taken while others of us, they understand their role and know that that is all they are…role players. You Nightmare, you are only a role player in this game of entertainment while Enigma, I’m just passing through. While you wait on whatever whoever has for you, Enigma takes it and shows all others how assertiveness is done.

After all the fun was all said and done, the adoptive son was about to head home as he says, “Hey man, it’s getting late so I am about to walk on back. Are you coming?”

“Nah,” his friend says. “It’s not late enough. Mom usually drinks about an hour or so from now and then maybe I’ll head that way.” Looking back at the girl next to him he adds, “Plus; my new friend and I need to get a bit more acquainted.”

They slap hands and agree as he heads out of the front of the community center. Suddenly, a care rolls up, several shots are fired, a moment of silence is sensed, and just as suddenly as they came, the car, with tire tracks in their wake, speeds off back into the distance.

On the ground, the adoptive son sees flashes of his day passing him by as he immediately reflects on that argument he had on Facebook just weeks earlier where he was making threats to some locals. Surely, he did not think that by that afternoon, blood and bullet holes would be the beginning of his torment. Not only was he not saved spiritually, he ignored the signs that could have saved his life as well.

The scene shifts to a grave site nearby just days later where many of the boy’s adoptive family were all dressed in black and in tears as the pastor read his eulogy and many others gave their final goodbyes’. Even his friend that was at the pool with him earlier that day was there with his parents but unlike before, now, with nothing to say and still in utter disbelief. His adoptive parents were in tears too, but his adoptive mother, she was not. She was emotionless as she could not stand there any further as she left the site and others could only wonder what was really on her mind.

In the distance, Enigma stood against a much taller grave site monument looking on, shaking his head.

Nightmare, I’m going to tell you this one last time. If you value your life and your future or whatever it’s worth, don’t show up to AR because for me, for the fans and definitely for Humanity, I will make a painful example of what happens when you enter the ring with a man filled with purpose. I will help you understand what it means to value something within the proper perspective. And I will show the world what it means to know that excellence is a habit, not just an action. But whether you are there or remain caked up in your home hoping you never had to be there at all, either way, there will be a show, a sacrifice, and message that will be made simple and just as clear for all of humanity and he himself to know that Enigma is a wrestling god! Think on these things Nightmare because at AR, anything less is not just uncivilized, but also illogical. We are what we represent and Enigma, represents humanity will come to know, love, and fear. Just as you had no choice in the match; neither will you have a choice in your defeat or how it happens either. Who will stand in the great day of Enigma’s wrath…no one!

Enigma walks off into the distance and disappears as the weeping for another young promised life doesn't erase the pain or bring back the now lost.
We cut backstage where Nero James and Zack Sullivan are found preparing for their upcoming tag team match against The Able Family and Bruce Knight. Nero is sporting a new look with a short buzz cut hairstyle as he's wrapping up tape on wrists while Zack sits on the bench nearby staring blankly into the lockers in front of him. He finally stands up and faces Nero, who is just finishing up putting on wrist tape and looks a bit surprised by Zack's sudden movement.

"Are you okay?" Nero asks with a concerned look on his face.

"Yeah man I'm fine" Zack responds back but Nero isn't buying it.

"Are you sure? You've seemed a little on edge lately"

Zack looks at him and lets out a sigh.

"I don't know man, it's just that..." he trails off before finishing his sentence. Nero sensing it's something more places his hand on Zack's shoulder.

"Look, I know it's been rough for you and I understand your situation so if you're ever feeling that urge to start using again, please let me know before you do anything drastic, okay?"

Zack gives him a look of somewhat relief.

"Okay man, it's just that it's been tough fighting them off"

"I know man, but you have to be stronger than that because you've come too far to let it lead back down that road, and I know that you don't want to go back down there right?"

"Hell no!" Zack responds back.

"That's what I want to hear brother, and I want you to be focused for tonight because we face the tag team champions along with their partner Bruce Knight"

"What about out partner?" Zack asks with concern.

"What do mean? Al Nova"

"Yeah, can we trust him?"

Nero looks surprised by this.

"I think we can and I would've hoped you thought so too. The guy is good, and all he wants to do is go out there and put on a show for those fans, which in the end is what we're all here to do."

Zack looks back up at Nero once more.

"You're right man"

"Of course I am, now I don't know much about this Bruce Knight guy but Al has some history with him so we'll let Al deal with him while we take out Will and Wade. Can you just imagine if we manage to beat them tonight, do you realize what that could mean for us?"

"A shot at the tag team titles"

"Yes! That's exactly what I'm talking about!"
"I don't know man, The Able brothers seem really good, I mean they are the tag team champions for a reason"

"I know man, I know that they are impressive but if history has shown anything is that they are not unstoppable because they have been beaten before and I guarantee that it will happen again."

Nero notices Zack's concern.

"Look, I know things haven't really gone our way in the last few matches that we've had, but I've got a feeling about tonight. It's all going to change tonight because a win over the champs will put us right back on track towards a shot at the tag team titles!"

Zack smiles, loving Nero's confidence in their team.

"Alright man, if you say so...we got this one in the bag!"

"You're damn right we do!"

The two high five each other when suddenly there's a knock at the door, and Nero goes to open it and finds Al Nova standing outside decked out in his wrestling attire.
I'll post it here:

Al Nova steps into the arena dressed in his purple gi attire from head to toe, stepping into the locker room as he prepares himself looking onto Nero & Zack who are at concern but at the same time pumped, he walks in and puts his arms on their inner shoulders and inhales loudly before exhaling just as loud

Al Nova:

Tonight boys is time, I've been saying this for weeks now, Al Nova wants championship gold and I couldn't help but overhear your little conversation, you both want it as well. Well....a win tonight buts gold round our waists in the foreseeable future, you both the tag belts, Me, the X-Fly Championship. I am just damn good in the ring, my moves are so electric and the buzz will keep us going. Bruce Knight is a competitor, I've beaten him on two occasions now and I have teamed with the Abel Family, in fact I was on the losing side, they are beatable. I'm coming back strong, a strong patriot who connects with all the dragons across the world.....

Al Nova steps past them as he walks dramatically away and turns back, now placing his arm on their outer shoulders

Al Nova:
The time is now, you guys handle The Ables, prove to the Dragons tonight that you deserve a run at the belts and put doubt in the mind of the Ables. I'll handle....once again....the Welsh Dragon Bruce Knight, with the Elbow Drop of Death. The most powerful move in all of Professional Wrestling, Bruce Knight has felt it's sting and tonight, he'll feel it's wrath just one more time. As the saying goes....One small elbow drop for man, one giant elbow drop for championship glory, now lets get out there and show the South African Dragon what we are all about!

Al Nova gives both a hard smack on the back to psych them up and walks out of the locker room shortly followed by Nero & Zach[/QUOTE]

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The Scene opens up in Africa, inside a hotel room, with Knight standing outside on the Balcony, looking over the city with a leather jacket on and a pair of ripped jeans. He noticed the camera yet does not turn around but simply talks over his shoulder.

"It's Beautiful, isn't it? Cape Town, South Africa...A nation in Africa with little to no Chaos...All Peaceful...all quiet...But me, No no no, I'm not gonna be quiet...I'm not gonna stand here and talk about this pitiful place, one that could be riddled with"

Knight turns around the face the camera, looking angry and crazy, his hair messed up and a twitch being seen on his left eye.

"No...I'm gonna talk about a man who is driving me crazy, a man who deserves to be left in this dump and that man is Al Nova. This man thinks that he is better then me, I can see it in his eyes...I can see them, all of them, The Fans, The guys backstage....they all think I'm Crazy...Even my partners, the Able Family think I'm crazy...but I'll show them...I'll show them I'm not crazy when I push Al Nova off of that Top Rope he loves so much and when He falls onto the barricade, Breaking his ribs in the process...oh think of How much Pain he'll be in....Oh, I get joyful just thinking about it. The Able Family can take out his two allies....but Al Nova is MY PREY, HE IS MINE...I WILL CRUSH HIM, I WILL HURT HIM.

Al will fall just like everyone else back here and if you think I'm Crazy, Well Newsflash for ya, I'm not....You all are. Everyone is conspiring against me, The Able's, Al Nova, The fans...Everyone! But when you my back is against the wall, that is when I become dangerous...It's when I realize that the voices were right...that everyone is out to kill me.

No one is on my Team....I Am Alone in this world without any real allies...except him....

Al, I will make sure that Cape Town is your casket...I will defeat You Al Nova and if the Able Family get in my way, I will not hesitate in attacking them....Keep your Enemies close....But Keep the Conspirators closer....

Knight leaves out through the door, leaving the hotel and going deeper into Cape Town.
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(South Africa plays host to this edition of Adrenaline Rush. and as Dreammare begins to play, the fans are brought into a frenzy. and the mixture of boos and cheers increase in decibel level as the tag team champions, lead by their sister holding the titles, enter the arena. they stand together for a moment, then Wade begins his march to the ring with Will and Ami casually following. Wade circles the ring, until he kicks the steel steps, then walks up them to the apron. he tears off his vest as he walks along the apron, then takes his spot at the corner and he wraps the tag rope around his wrist. Ami and Will enter the ring, while Wade is now standing on the bottom rope, bouncing around as he's incredibly excited for this six man tag match. Ami is given a microphone as she stands next to Will in the middle of the ring.)

AMI: Welcome back to CWA Adrenaline Rush. We are live in Cape Town, South Africa.

(fans erupt in cheers for getting a shout out.)

AMI: Shut up! This is only a statement of fact and was in no way trying to garner a reaction from you people.

(and now the fans quickly turn on the Able Family spokeswoman.)

AMI: Much like my brothers, South Africa has had a history of violence. But our course of violence is a just one. We've been in China, Australia, and South Africa, and pretty soon we'll be in Pakistan, Moscow, London, and Mexico. We are truly on course for global domination. But before we're joined by our partner, Bruce Knight, we would like to analyze the three men that will stand across the ring from us.

WADE: WAIT! (snarls)

(Ami and Will turn to see Wade reaching his hand out towards them.)

WADE: Tag me in!

(Will walks over and tags Wade in. he climbs in and Ami hands the microphone over.)

WADE: No analysis, no breakdown........(whispering) I'm here to collect some heads.

(Wade walks behind Will and tears off his vest.)

WADE: I'm gonna give you back this microphone.......make it quick, I wanna hurt people!

(Will puts his hand gently on Wade's chest, Wade turns to look at Will. Ami grabs the microphone and Wade slowly backs up. he steps through the ropes and take his spot in the corner again.)

AMI: I will make it quick, dear Wade, because tonight you will collect your heads. Because tonight, it will be a three plate binge of brutality. Al Nova, Nero James, Zacky Sullivan, tonight your names will live forever, because you will be added to the very long list of victims that we've recorded in CWA. And just we're not subject to any unnecessary scrutiny, I would like to say, viewer discretion is advised.

(Ami twirls the microphone around, then tosses it through the ropes. Will gets his arms loose in the corner as Wade smacks his brother on the back to get him motivated. Ami takes her spot at ringside as she runs her hands through her black hair.)

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Al Nova is seen backstage doing some lunges with custom tinted purple barbells talking to himself unaware of the cameraman filming for CWA as he begins to psyche himself up for the match.

Al Nova
Come on Nova, the Dragons are ready, we've moved out of the opening spot and now I get to prove to the Able's that I was not the weak link, ha! Ho! They'll see that the Purple Dragon Al Nova, A patriot at heart and a crowd pleaser is the correct path to championship glory to the High Voltage Championship, because two men, like the Ables have become obstacles in my path, Enigma defeated me fair and square in our bout but now, now Al Nova's racked up a few wins over the Welsh Dragon and tonight he'll prove that he can defeat tag team champions, with Nero and Sullivan on my side, their hunger and tenacity cannot fail when combined with my awesome ability, our power level will be far greater than 9000.....

Al Nova opens up his locker and takes out his white headband, tying it tight around his head and he roundhouse kicks the door shut before turning back around and continuing his monologue aloud

Al Nova
Mr. Enigma or Humanity, either man has not come face to face with the ELBOW DROP OF DEATH, The move that has put away many stars and tonight it will meet it's mark.....shhh my pet, soon you'll get yours, because whether it's Bruce Knight or either Abel, your life will flash before your eyes just like the cameras when I take off, flying through the air like the Purple Dragon I am, and when I collide, your life will be over. Nobody kicks out of the Elbow.....

Al Nova stops to tie up his wrestling boots and then adjusts his purple gi his wearing

Al Nova
High Voltage was created for me to hold. I'm going to make my mark in CWA as it's High Voltage Champion, because nobody's power level is electrically charged as mine, Their power levels are nothing compared to mine, and their moves, well compared the arsenal that I and the Dragons know, are just not up to scratch, Nero and Sullivan will be worthy partners, tag team glory awaits them, just like High Voltage Championship glory awaits me. CWA Get ready, because I'm sayian it's time for some Elbow Drops.....

Al Nova then walks out of the locker room and to the door where Sullivan and Nero are to meet his partners, standing at the door
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*Static fills the feed until it switches to a handheld camera view. The camera pans around the room and reveals the familiar, dark dank room of Nightmare. The camera keeps turning, passing the light bulb swinging in the center of the room until it sees some familiar faces. The camera turns until it reveals Stacy Kobain, standing by a throne being occupied by the CWA High Voltage Champion, Humanity. Humanity stares coldly into the camera, never taking his eyes off of it as if he can see the people at home staring back at him. The camera keeps turning and reveals Nightmare sitting in the corner! The hood of his jacket keeps anyone from seeing the top half of his face, but his mouth is curled in a sneer. He keeps moving the camera around his head, like he’s playing with a new toy.*

Nightmare: We’ve been told by the CWA that none of the backstage personnel want to interview me anymore. Something about us causing the disappearances of several camera crew members has the rest of the camera crews that are left afraid to speak to us. So they gave us this nice new camera to film ourselves instead of risking the lives of their crew based on our mood at the time. But enough about us.

*Nightmare stands up and moves over in front of Humanity’s throne and starts pacing back and forth, While he’s pacing, you can see Humanity in the background following the camera with the icy cold stare of his.*

Nightmare: We wish to talk about that children’s puzzle that calls itself Enigma. You see, the Nightmares have been focused on him ever since he escaped their clutches. OBSESSED if you will! They WONT STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM! Their voices plague my thoughts night in and night out. “When will you finish him?” “When will he take his Last Slumber?” “When will he SCREAM?” THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS THEY ASK NONSTOP!

*Nightmare smacks himself in the side of the head twice and manages to calm down before he starts pacing again, while Humanity’s eyes never leave the camera lens.*

Nightmare: But finally, FIIIINALLY WE WILL HAVE RETRIBUTION! We will finish the job we started and send you BARRELING INTO THE DARKNESS OF YOUR OWN SUBCONCIOUS! Especially now that we’ve seen…your nightmares. We’ve seen them and we’ve read them like the storybook you read out of EVERY WEEK! You ramble and yammer incoherently on and on AND ON for HOURS talking and talking about your “tortured” past and your “fragile” soul. You focus on yourself and your past so much, it actually puts us to sleep! We’ve had to rewind and fast forward through your 2 hour babbling sessions just to hear what you say about US! It seems that your entire world focuses so much on the past that you actually try to relate the present to it! So for all those who are curious and want to skip two hours of TWISTED STORYTIME with Puzzle Boy, we will tell you the future. Enigma’s future is that he will speak INCESSENTLY about himself and his “tragedies” for about half an hour, then look up from his storybook long enough to try to convince everyone that we are the weak member of The Movement. But there IS NO WEAKNESS IN THE MOVEMENT! He will say that The Nightmare is nothing more than a fairy tale. He will say that since he's beaten us before, that he will be able to do it again. But keep in mind that he doesn’t say these things from a place of knowledge. He says them from a place of IGNORANCE AND FEAR! HE’S TRYING TO LIE TO YOU CHILDREN! We know why he lies. We know why he only glances up from his book every so often to talk about us. It’s because he knows that when he looks up from his book, he has to leave the past behind. He feels he’s SAFER with his attention in the past because HIS BOOK CAN’T HURT HIM LIKE WE WILL! He’s afraid of having to look up from that story because he has to focus on the future and HE KNOWS what his future holds. So you go ahead and you keep your head down if you want to. Keep your safety blanket of lies for as long as you can! Because when we get to you, there will be no more going back to the past for you because WE WILL BE RIPPING YOU APART IN THE PRESENT! And the only thing in his future is an ETERNITY OF…*whispers loudly* BAD DREAMS!

*Nightmare laughs maniacally before moving over to the swinging light. Nightmare stops laughing, puts his head back down, and grabs the light.*

Nightmare: Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who's afraid of the storybook HACK?! Enigma the last time we went one on one, God made you an offer to join the Movement. We made the mistake of taking it easy on you because it's a little hard to join something when you're SIX FEET UNDER! But this time, we don't care if we have to slice open your eyelids because we will MAKE you see what we see! And what we see coming for you is...THE END!

*Nightmare clicks off the light and the feed turns to static.*
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We see a panning shot of the back stage area in the arena in Cape Town Africa. As the shot moves past the general locker room, we see what appears to be a separate smaller room off to the side, where a hand draw sign reading,"REDNECKS" is crudely hung over the doors sign that reads,"Maintenance". From down the hall or up close, yelling can be heard from inside where Ryan Timmerman is verbally tearing into his slightly responsive partner, Josh Stenson.


Josh, who in the confined, slightly renovated, and glorified closet, is sprawled out on a metal frame lawn chair in the corner. He is wearing old work boots, torn and dirty jeans, and a sleeveless flannel shirt. All the while, he looks like a train wreck. Josh is bruised and beaten, running on very little sleep, having not changed his clothes or showered any time soon, cans of beer and trash from fast food litters the floor around him as he cocks his head to the side, squinting up at Ryan letting out an obnoxious belch.

Josh: What, I stopped using the bucket a long while back.


Josh scratches multiple areas on his body as he shakes his head while flashing a meaningless smile.

Josh: Hey man, sometimes business just needs to happen on the fly. You just gotta go with it, and sometimes call an audible. Know what I'm saying bro?

Ryan: No "BRO", I don't know what you mean, you're freakin insane! Plus don't insult me with references to sports, you can barely stand upright at the moment.

Josh: Dude, you forget I'm an MVP in my softball and bowling league. Real recognizes real, and I got real mad skills dog!

Ryan standing in full aggressive posture, angrily points an accusing finger at his estranged partner.

Now this makes even more sense! I'm glad you're so good at softball, bowling, drinking, and being a fat lazy slob!

Josh looks slightly offended, but not really as his left eye twitches a little.

Josh: Why you gotta be hatin bro?

Ryan: I'm "hatin" cause we got our a**es handed to us by the Able family!

Josh: Yeah man, I think I remember that. Those dudes are pretty tough. I like'em.


Josh scratches his chin and ponders this. Eventually he grimaces as he feels the still nasty bump on his head that accompanies all the other bumps and bruises from their last match. He nods slowly.

Josh: You're right man...


Josh: Yeah, that Ami is a babe for sure. I was gonna hit her up for them digits, but if you're really into her that much, I'll sit on the bench and let you have this at-bat bro.

At this point Ryan completely loses it and grabs Josh by the shirt, yanking him out of his chair and screaming in his face.

*Mere moments earlier, outside in the hallway* Michelle Kelly being followed by a cameraman, walks past the locker room and stands outside the maintenance closet. All the while eavesdropping on a bit of the commotion going on inside. Upon catching wind of a potential scuffle, she knocks on the door.

Josh: Come on in!

Ryan reluctantly lets go of Josh who like a rag doll, succumbs to gravity and flops back down in the lawn chair which almost topples over due to the weight. Michelle opens the door and is immediately slapped in the face by the pungent odor from within, but coughs and fights her way through it as she speaks into her mic facing the dirty duo.

Michelle: Gentlemen, sorry to intrude but I'll get right to it. Rumors on the internet, social media, and even back stage has lots of rumors and mumblings of what is going on with you two lately. And I really can't even say lately considering you haven't been here in CWA for very long at all.

Josh puffs his chest out a little bit and looks over at Ryan in a cocky way.

Josh: She called me a gentleman.

Ryan who is trying to regain some composure, ignores him and looks right at Michelle.

Ryan: We've traveled a long and hard road to get to where we are at now in CWA, and even though we are still relatively new to the CWA-

Josh cuts Ryan off.


Both Ryan and Michelle don't even respond or seem to care and continue talking.

There may be a hiccup, a pot hole, or even a road block that tries to stop or slow us down. But we always find a way to fight through the crap and come out on the other side looking even better.

Michelle: I see, and-

Now Ryan cuts off Michelle by pulling the mic right out of her hand, to which she is not happy about.

Ryan: Do you see? What makes you any different than any of those people? Absolutely nothing.

Josh: You're all the same!

Ryan: Yeah, we're new here, and yeah we're off to a bit of a rocky start.

Josh: Think we're fazed by that? NOT A CHANCE DARLIN!

Ryan: But we thrive off of people not believing in us. We're no stranger to being outcasts. Sure some might say we aren't a good match up as a team, or that we're an odd couple. But we find ways to pick up where the other has lead off. Sure we're cut from a different cloth, but that's just another small element that makes us better than everyone else.


Michelle isn't buying into the speech as she shakes her head with a unimpressed smile.

You really impressed everyone with your upset victory over the Able family. They were just telling the fans earlier how impressed they all were actually.

Josh begins laughing hysterically as he covers his mouth, almost falling out of his chair.


Ryan who was remaining calm now looks even angrier than before.

Ryan: Look here bit-

Josh cuts him off before he can finish and takes the mic for himself, holding his hands up in front of Ryan.

Josh: I got this bro...

Michelle snorts at that remark and crosses her arms in anticipation of Josh's response.

That there Able family, they ain't all they cracked up to be. Did they get the win over us? heck yeah they did, I give'em props where the props are due. A lot of tag teams would be proud if not lucky to be "ABLE" to say the same thing.

Michelle is holding in a laugh as she turns to Ryan who just rolls his eyes and groans. Josh stands up alongside his partner and slaps a hand on his shoulder.

We've faced a lot of teams here in the good'ol U-S of A as well as the various teams in AMLL. And whether you know it or not, I'm telling you we beat the best of them and beat them good. Be it a victory or loss though, we always leave our mark. People always point out that we're rednecks, and I'm damn proud of my upbringing and who I am. But people seem to forget and overlook one important thing.

Josh turns the mic over to Ryan finally, who looks past Michelle and right into the camera.

Ryan: We're the Collegiate Rednecks! We're the freakin elite of the rebels and the outcasts that you people shun and overlook. We've been the underdogs since day one and we've never had anything handed to us! We know you don't care and we know you don't believe in us.


Ryan: As far as the Able family goes, they are no different either. And their time will come. As for tonight, we have the opportunity of a quick tune-up match against the First Class.


Ryan: Mine as well be your only class, either way we're gonna take your a**es to school!


Ryan: You got ego's? We got bigger ego's. The big difference is we back those big ego's with massive talent, drive, and ridiculous god given talent!

Josh drops to his knees and puts his hands in prayer.


Ryan: We got heat right now with fans and fellow talent? Screw them. People are talking about us? Of course they are. You'll be pissed off and talking about even more when we're done and our hands are raised in the air in victory!


Michelle grabs her mic back and leaves as the interview has come to an end. The camera fades to black as both Ryan and Josh can be heard laughing and exchanging high fives.