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Thread: In the Mouth of Madness, with, Darryl Digby

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    In the Mouth of Madness, with, Darryl Digby

    *Derrick Dobbens had always been imposing even from a young age. He was nearly 6'4" by the time he began high school and the world had always assumed the worst.
    Derrick grew up poor in Standish, Mi, a small town near the "thumb". With little to do other than work on the dairy farm and play sports at school, Derrick took the most enjoyment from watching Saturday Night's Main Event wrestling when he could pull it in on their small black and white set. He decided at 16 that was what he wanted to do with his life.
    Straight out of high school, Derrick joined Thrasher Brawly's Dungeon, one of the lesser known, but nonetheless good, wrestling school. Derrick went from there to work the indy circuit in the northeast, for several years. His first persona, given to him by Thrasher himself, was Dangerous Derrick. With his size and look he was forever destined to play the heel no matter how much he wished it could reflect more of who he was. He was cast as the heel from the jump and would remain that way for the rest of his aspiring career. Determined to be the best he could be and to hone his craft, Derrick went to Japan, where he initially got work at Red Sun Wrestling under the persona of Murder-Man. That fed was as stiff and technical as they come and Derrick learned much from working there.
    In 2005, Red Sun Wrestling closed it's doors, but Neo-Pride Wrestling came calling. It was there that the "Devil's Reject" was born. It was also there that his first signifigant rivalry would develop. from a young up and comer named Frank Blaze.
    They had a series of brutal matches that culminated in the Japanese Death Match; the most brutal match the world would ever know. Darryl Digby,(as Derrick was now known), was a monsterous maniac that night. For the viewers of that match, what made it memorable was not the barbed wire being drug across Frank's face. It was not Darryl Digby superplexing Frank through a table into thumbtacks below. The most memorable part of that match was when "the Devil's Reject" tore the foot part of Franks boot off his foot and then began to chew on it. That was what all of Tokoyo was talking about the following day. It was so twisted. So bizarre and so totally unforgettable that it garned Darryl a fresh look from the States.
    Frank Blaze had recently gone back to work for FWA, and there recruiters approached Derrick to reprise his "reject"role. Derrick was thinking about this as he waited to go through airport security. Finally it was was Derricks turn to go through the bad guy detector. At 6'8", Derrick towered over the TSA agent that waved him into the new fangled metal detector.*

    "Sir i'm going to need you to stand here a moment"

    *The TSA agent approached the bohemoth of a man gingerly*

    "Do you have anything in your right back pocket?"

    *Derrick felt behind him and sure enough there was his wallet*

    "I'm sorry it was my wallet."

    "Sir we're going to have to pat you down. Do you have anything else on your person?"

    "I'm sorry I forgot to remove my wallet but i just heard them call my flight, is this really necessary?"

    "Don't give me attitude sir. Now place your hands above your head."

    *It was like this everytime he went through security. Just because he was built big and mean and ersembled big and mean did not actually mean he was big and mean, but that never crossed anyone else's mind.*

    "Stand over here while we examine your bag."

    "I'm going to miss my flight, if I do i could be out of a job. Please?"

    "Stand over here, NOW!"

    *Finally Derrick resigned himself to the situation and it passed. He did manage to make his flight, barely, and when the plane landed he knew he was on his way to bigs. His break had come, FWA was finally calling after all those years of struggle. Derrick knew he had to make an impression and he knew just who to make it with.

    Several hours later Derrick was wrapping up his first promo for the fed*

    "I am death. I am stalking. and I am right behind you....See you around"

    "That's a wrap. Good job everyone. Good to have you onboard Darryl"

    *Darryl Digby leaves the taping area and heads to the lockerrooms. Finally he sees the one he's looking for and slips inside Frank Blaze's room to deposit the "remembrance gift" he has for him.*

    "See you real soon old buddy!"

    **Fade to Black**

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    Re: In the Mouth of Madness, with, Darryl Digby

    Sorry you cannot post in the open promo section until after you've promoed for your first match. Fed protocol. This thread will be closed until your first match.

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