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A Video opens up from backstage, in Knight's locker room, Where he is standing with the eagle rod from Beijing. A Camera crew points a camera towards him as he looks and smiles.

"Here we are again, CWA, the source of all chaos and anarchy soon to come. Sydney is in for a treat because they get to watch Bruce Knight fly his way to victory against the man who thinks he defeated me last week. Now, Al, Last week was a three way and if I remember, You defeated Carver and not me. Now, just like I will do in ACW...I will defeat you and I will move onto to complete my goal, be it to win gold or to create the despair in which this company deserves.

Al, You are a man who panders to the crowd, a man who thinks of only those who cheer him on...a Attention seeker. You don't think of yourself and for that, your downfall shall be quick.

Chaos will reign supreme in CWA, Anarchy shall run wild backstage and the Eagle shall guide us to the true meaning of freedom...The Eagle shall lead us to the despair that CWA wants and needs...The destruction of CWA shall come from Freedom...From Chaos and disorder...

And Al Nova shall be the first to fall beneath it's glory...beneath my boot. Nova, Your End will come as I, Bruce Knight, Rises up the ranks and shows everyone in CWA the true definition of Chaos!"

Knight turns his back on the camera as the video finishes, with Knight slamming his eagle rod down on the floor, a bang being heard at the end.
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*Static fills the feed before it switches to live camera footage. Unlike the times before, instead of the camera coming down the dark and dank hallway to find Nightmare’s door the feed actually starts in the corner of his room! The familiar light in the middle of the room is swinging back and forth, but there’s no one in the room! Even though no one’s there, you can still here the sickening laughter of Nightmare emanating throughout the dark and dank room. When the laughter stops, the light in the room abruptly stops swinging by itself! The camera turns around and reveals…NIGHTMARE! He’s sitting in the corner with his hood over his head, grinning with gritted teeth. He sits the camera down in the corner, gets up and hits the light bulb so it starts swinging again. He starts pacing back and forth in the center of the room, staring directly into the camera as the light swings back and forth as well. Before he starts to talk, you can hear the faint sound of moaning. He throws his head back and starts cackling at the sound, then stops and stares into the camera again.*
Nightmare: Who’s crying now Cannon? Huh?! WHO’S CRYING NOW! Last time we checked, it was YOU CRYING OUT IN PAIN while the Nightmares were BREAKING OFF A PIECE OF YOUR FRAIL HOLLOW SHELL! If it hadn’t been for your lapdog trying to box with God, you’d STILL BE SCREAMING! OH HOW THE NIGHTMARES ENJOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYED THAT SOUND! They enjoyed it so much they’re begging for more! Don’t you hear them begging for more?!

*Nightmare raises his hands to the sky and the moaning intensifies. He lowers them back down and puts a finger to his lips and the moaning quiets back down to a background level. Nightmare starts pacing again.*

Nightmare: You know Cal, it’s appropriate that we’re going to be in the Land Down Under for our next encounter. Because people who don’t believe in Nightmares, people like YOU and my parents, they all end up SIX FEET DOWN UNDER! You said I was neither here nor there. Neither here nor there huh? Well, I may be neither here nor there, but your remains will be EVERYWHERE! My parents tried to tell me that the Nightmares weren’t real and that I shouldn’t pay them any attention just like YOU PAID ME NO ATTENTION! HOW’D THAT WORK OUT FOR YOU HUH?! My mother laid me down to sleep one night like she did every night. And like she also did every night, she told me to forget about the Nightmares. She told me that she and my father would protect me. But they were wrong. They LIED TO ME just like YOU lied to yourself AND EVERYONE ELSE when you said you were BETTER THAN US! The Nightmares were the ones who protected me that night when they woke me up. The Nightmares told me to go into my parents’ room with the kitchen knife. It was the Nightmares who saved me that night when I found them being STABBED TO DEATH IN BED! If it weren’t for the Nightmares, I’d be as far down under as my PARENTS RIGHT NOW AND AS FAR AS YOU’LL BE! But my Nightmares protected me while theirs took their souls BECAUSE THEY WERE NON-BELIEVERS JUST LIKE YOU! We already had a taste of your soul when we latched onto your leg AND MADE YOU SCREAM! At Adrenaline Rush, we’ll FINISH THE JOB! We’ll make your Nightmares come true and then you’ll be as far down under as my parents! When you meet them in the darkness, be sure to tell them one thing for me Cannon. Take this one word with you to the grave your butler will have to put you in to tell them.

*Nightmare goes over to the wall and grabs the source of the moaning. IT’S THE CAMERAMAN FROM LAST TIME! Nightmare drags him over to the camera, and then turns the camera up on its end. He grabs the cameraman, sets him up for Bad Dreams and looks down at the camera.*

Nightmare: LIARS!

*Nightmare then delivers Bad Dreams to the cameraman on the camera’s lens, making the feed go back to static until it cuts off*
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*The camera opens to a close up shot that appears to show a black dot on a white background. This image takes up the whole picture, then the camera begins to zoom out revealing top and bottom edges. As the camera draws further out a line is revealed to one side of the dot, and as the dot becomes smaller, and the lines all become clearer, the image comes into perfect view revealing the true image that originally appeared as a simple black dot on a white background. It's a domino laying flat on it's back.

The camera continues to zoom out in a spiraling motion as more and more is revealed. It appears the domino piece was but one of many set up in an elaborate design atop a large ornate table. It must have taken forever to put together.

Instantly the camera cuts back to the single domino piece, and a moment later a hand comes in from camera left to smoothly pick up the domino. The camera follows the hand as the holder spins the domino piece like a coin in his fingers. The camera zooms out from the hand to reveal Prince Pain sitting in a tall wing backed leather chair in his study, right next to the large table of standing dominoes.*

Prince Pain: One more domino to fall, one more casualty to my pain. Not much of an 'enigma' to that now is there? It's all pretty simple really. You Stand. You Fight. You Fall. Just like a domino in a row fighting to stand against the very gravity that forces it down due to it's own mass. It stands on it's edge hoping to maintain balance, to stand tall in all it's ornate glory, and then with just a little flick, all that hope is gone, standing tall no more, falling as nothing more than another tiny piece of a much larger scheme. You getting all this? You getting the picture here?

Mr. Enigma, if I am not making myself clear enough, let me spell it out for you in a fashion a little more befitting of a simple mind like your own.....You are nothing and you will surely suffer my wrath. Despite your grandest delusions you are just as fragile as this domino in my hands, and just like all the CWA hopefuls before you, and like this table of dominoes, you will fall at my will. You are as insignificant in my journey as this single domino on this table of many. The only significance is that like the rest, you too will fall as if it were preordained by design. In a lot of ways it is just that, MY predetermination, it's MY design. One more piece in a long line that twists and turns, up and down, through obstacles of many kinds.

I don't know who you think you are, what you think you are, or if you've even figured that out in any way. What I do know is that you couldn't be less of an "enigma" to Prince Pain. What do you think you bring to the table that I can't or haven't overcome before? What makes you think, of all the people I've faced, champions and challengers alike, that YOU of all people will or ever could threaten the throne of The Prince? This is not "The Little Engine That Could" okay. You don't have a big enough engine and you NEVER could, you got it? Let this sink in to your warped mind.

I know going through all of this one must think "Okay, so if all you're saying is so true then why should I even show up? After all, it's not like I have a chance and you're just going to pulverize me, so what's the point? Am I supposed to just say 'Ya know what, you're right, let someone else take a crack at it' ?" Well let me clear the air on that if I may. It's not like I expect in telling you all this, that you'll just come to the realization that I am right and turn away quaking in fear, submitting to this impending disaster about to occur on your person, forfeiting the contest to save your hide. In fact, I'm counting on quite the opposite, and that's the point.

See I'll do you the service of at least letting you know where you stand before you no longer can. I'll go ahead and level with you before I level you. I just want us to be perfectly clear on the matter. Besides, it's fun! Every show one of you desperate hopefuls tries to rise to the occasion, determined with all your might to vanquish the horrible Prince of Pain and claim some whimsical glory you've imagined in your mind. And, every show you fail, miserably.

I consistently deliver on my word yet you fools keep coming as if somehow I will relent, as if somehow for some reason, by some MIRACLE one of you will rise up like some heroic force and slay the giant. Well this is reality kid, and in reality you don't slay giants, you get eaten by them, you get crushed by them. I am the giant that looms over CWA with the World Championship in my clutches in a death grip that has not and will not weaken in the slightest, in fact I'm only getting better ever time I destroy one of you fools. It's not that I expect you all to stop coming, it's just that I find it humorous that you continue to do so with any amount of hope. It's such a pathetic thing to see in such helpless and feeble creatures. You're like dominoes thinking your fate is to do anything but be played with and ultimately fall. You, Cyrus Truth, everyone in CWA for that matter. You're all just dominoes waiting to fall after what I have set in motion.

Oh, and one more thing. Cyrus Truth. It's been announced that you will be at ringside for my match. You should know now that I am a man of my word. I said I'd call your match down the middle and I did. I'm going to give you my word once again and you can bank on it. If you try to distract me, if you interfere in my match at all, if you try to attack me in any way, there will be consequences, simple as that.

*And with that Prince Pain carefully places the last domino piece on the end of the table and knocks it over causing this extraordinary arrangement to start falling...and the camera fades to black with the sound of the dominoes falling*
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Title: The Exodus! Pt.2: As the World Turned!

Thunder, lightning, snap crackle and pop into the depths of a very dark night as the camera gains focus and we see and very despondent Enigma standing over a recently paved grave in the torrential downpour of the rain. With a limo nearby and Red inside looking on, where one would normally consider safety, the other in the storm throws caution to the wind.

There is an old saying Pain that when it rains, it pours and in my case, it wasn’t just about the rain, but the pain inside that to the core removed any once of concern if there was any to begin with. Here, at the site of the late mother, right next to the site of my former lover, have I since those early years had something so close ripped from me without cause just to prove a point. You see Pain, it was in China that the rising son, became the setting son and yet the king without his crown.

Another crack of lightning struck and this time in a close proximity to Enigma. Inside the limo, Red’s patience was wearing thin and very quickly as Enigma was unmoved.

Flipping on the digital video to get a good look at Red, the driver says, “Look, I know you are concerned, but when Enigma gets like this, trust me, just hold on for the ride.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” says Red in a nonchalant response crossing her arms. “You just keep your eyes on the road or wants there of it while I stay focused on I don’t know; the man I have been engaged to the past whatever,” she says followed by a laugh to lighten the moment.

“Yes mam.”

Back to Enigma, the rain continues to fall down his face along with a little color from his face and hair from the remainder of what was there as a result of the match earlier that night. Emotions running wild would be an understatement as the weather was the least of his concerns just as the flight was to Australia. With the next strike of lightening, an equivalent streak of anguish rushed through Enigma, taking to a place where we see a man tied to a stomp in chains by his wrist. Suddenly, a group of roman soldiers walk up and begin to beat, strike, spit and kick at him repeatedly until he falls out, or so they thought.

A voice is then heard in the distance yelling to the masses that stand around and yet do nothing, “Repent! Please, I beg of you all repent for the kingdom of glory is at hand!”

As the old man yelled, just a quickly did he get jumped by other Roman soldiers after he was pointed out by others that surely did not want to be confused for being him. After the soldiers got to him, then drug the man over to the one being condemned, jabbed a spear in his side, chopped off his head, and then smeared his bloody neck piece all over the condemned mouth. As the condemned sat there, not that he was being humiliated enough; his mouth was now also covered in another man’s blood. Only thing in this case, the man was crying out for him and those that were condemning him.

Prince Pain, there is a fine line between what is just and what is unjust and when that line becomes blurred, there has to be someone of something that redefines that standard. There also has to be someone likewise that raises that standard to ensure its sustainability for future instances. Prince Pain that line was when you stuck your nose in a deal that was not intended to bare your prints in a case that was meant to grow cold. Just as vengeance is best served sooner than later but no matter the time, in its time of being on time, consider this the time of your condemnation. Enigma will redefine the standard by which your name only implies but at the end of the day, is just that, a name without any real functionality of power. One that has been given and yet one that has never been truly tested to yet hold what was earned in its value. In the great down under, you will be condemned and brought to a level of humility just as with CT and this time, right in front of him and the rest of the world to see. What happened to CT will be small compared to what I shall do to you title or not. And when it is all said and done, whatever happens to you following your timely humiliation whether it is by CT or another, Enigma will hold no responsibility or concern as a result of it.

Back to the condemned, a spirit then lowered itself in the mist of the Roman Soldiers and as it descended, as if by command, the Soldiers walked off as if to take a break.

The spirit then stepped up to the condemned and says in a solemn voice, “You think this is a coincidence? You think that you are going to just come into existence and rule just because you claim it to be your time?”

As clouds cover above the condemned and the crowds standing around, a bolt of lightning comes from the cloud’s striking the condemned in the back, sending him back to the ground. After the strike, a jolt of electricity sends the man back to the ground and in such a way that for a brief moment, he did not know if he was going to be able to endure.

The dark angel then kneels down to the condemned and makes the request for him to, “…stay down! It would be best that you just give up because your time has passed and for someone among you that is not you, their time is now.”

The condemned manages to look up and utters with every fabric of energy left in him and says, “Just as man shall not live by bread alone, so shall I not give in to your demands or live by the standards of others.”

With that, the condemned drops his head as the dark angel rips his overcoat in a sign of disgust and just as he appeared, disappeared but not before raising his staff. As if a sign to the soldiers, they came back and beat on the condemned even more and with even more vigor than before. Another soldier then brings out a wooden cross and acts as if he mistakenly drops it over the back of an already battered back of the condemned. The condemned then takes hug gasp of air as the weight of the cross on his battered back begins to literally and figuratively sink in as the splinters begin to act like spikes in his skin.

Pain, do you understand what you have signed up for? Do you understand the bounty that has been placed on your head? Whether you understand or whether you have to be made to do so, CT along with the world at large are going to get one hell of a show as Enigma allows you to understand just what it means to not tempt what you do not fully want to know the truth of. Just as CT may or may not want to believe, he along with all of CWA knows that he was not the better man that night. Unfortunately for you Prince Pain, you shall have to endure the remainder and more of what you thought should have been stopped. You see rather than you have the pleasure of thanking me for taking care of you “little” problem you become part of it. Now, redemption shall be bitter sweet as Enigma has bitter reality of bring forth for himself a sweet truth and with all levels of passion and pleasure.

The condemned is suddenly unchained and piece by piece, nailed to a cross as the crowd, along with the Roman Soldiers mock his yells in pain and ignore his prayers for mercy.

One of the soldiers comes over ask the condemned, “You want mercy, you want it to all stop…okay,” as he walks off laughing to his face.

As he returns, he returns with a crown make of wood held together with a tone of nails pointed in all directions. The soldier forces the fake crown on the condemned head as it rips through his skin and even more blood rushes from his head and into the ground.

Just as many must bear their own cross whether a just reward is to follow, Prince Pain, you are nothing more than a paper champion or in this case, an administrative rose. Yeah, right now, you’re all perked up for all to see in all your want to be splendor and yet behind it all just a mere shadow to others greatness. Many can walk the walk and talk the way they think one should as champion but you Prince Pain are no champion. While administration plans your future and you try your best to live in what has been drawn for you, Enigma creates that future and he alone dictates his own direction. That is the power of creativity and that is the influence of ones reach. That is also a reach that you have not yet attained but a reality that was actually given and not even close to being earned. While Enigma puts in the work to earn and surpass all others you ride on a pass. Come AR, there will be no pass, there will be no mercy, and there will be no grace to you. You want those things in this life, go to church and pray for your soul because at the end of the night, there will be blood, a sacrifice will be made and as I said before, whatever happens afterwards is not at all a concern to me.

Back in the courtyard, vultures begin to fly in the mist of the area as to say that the smell of death was already in the mist and just waiting to happen. As many of them land on the tops of buildings, the Romans with the condemned now nailed to the cross hoist him up until the cross with him on it falls into a hole and is now sitting upright.

The blood falls and the pain intensifies, the condemned looks on at all the others that said they would always be there for him, and the soldiers that mocked him and at the dark angel that only he could see.

The condemned looked on and yelled, “Is this what you wanted to see! Does my sacrifice fulfill your lust for blood!?”

The soldiers looking on get tired of his questions as one says, “Die already!”

He then grabs a bucket of alcohol and climbs up a ladder and pours it on the head of the condemned as the pain multiplies. Another soldier then grabs a bow and arrow and as with target practice shoots at the condemned until one of the arrows lands straight into the center of his chest. His breaths begin to get shallower.

Pain, you see, there has been a lot thrown at Enigma over the years and yet over that same period of time, Enigma found a way to rise above it all. Not just rise Prince Pain, but to dominate. And such as it was in the past, so shall it be in the present. And just when you think that Enigma is down, so shall I find a way to rise and again like the second coming of Christ rule where others yet fail to believe.

The condemned finally gives his last breath and the scene fades back with another strike of lightened to the present day as Enigma is seen kneeling down and rubbing across the name of his late mother. Just then, a man walks up from behind him and grabs his fiancé Red from out of the limo at gunpoint. He pulls Red out into the rain threatening Enigma to give him money in exchange for her life.

Enigma, not flinching at bit, looks on and ask, “What happens when a man feels robbed and yet crucified all at once?”

The man holding the gun then yells back in the mist of the rain, “Are you crazy?!?”

“No,” answers Enigma as he continues, “no I am not, but that is the wrong answer.”

The man then says, “Screw your answer old man. Give me what I ask or she gets it.”

“All that I have, I give to thee,” says Enigma as he pulls out a knife.

The man looks on and says again, “What the…”

And before he could finish, Red moved her head slightly forward as if she knew what was coming as the man fell backwards to the ground with a knife now firmly planted in his forehead. He was not exactly dead, but definitely affected as the knife hit a section of his brain where his nerves were he was still alive, but unable to react to anything else such as pain. Enigma suddenly looked at Red as she shook her head in the process.

As Enigma began to search the trunk of his limo for some tools, Red asks, “Why do you think evil in your heart?”

Enigma stops what he was doing for a second, looks down at the man, snatches his knife from his forehead while he responds, “Everyone shall pay for the pain that has been done to me.”

Red walks up to Enigma and rubes his shoulders in the mist of the rain requesting, “…look let’s just get out of this rain, head to the next stop and let hell have its way at that time but for now, this man has paid enough.”

Enigma looks back at the man as blood and water mix from all the rain. He then says, “Again, it’s not enough until I say it is enough. What he thought to do to us, three times over shall the same be done to him.”

Red gets inside as Enigma walks back to the man who now cannot even speak or move. Enigma patches up his wounds but in the middle of the night, leaves the man lying in the rain. After they pull off, the limo suddenly stops as Enigma goes back and stuffs a leftover burrito in the man’s mouth; old fries down his pants and in his jacket along with other food and drinks pored over the remainder of his body. Later on that night long after Enigma left the scene, raccoons came along and feasted on the old food while in the process, biting the man as well. Due to his body failing him, he never made it to the next morning because his lungs collapsed no longer allowing him to be able to breath.

You see Prince Pain, even when I try to be a man of mercy, grace and mercy just don’t allow themselves to remain in the same sentence as my deeds. Time has run its course and again death has shown its hand and unlike this case being a cold case never to be solved, come AR, it won’t be a case of unsolved mysteries, but instead, a bloody act of first degree murder. All you had to do was call the match and the rest let me have my way. But you wanted to steal the spotlight for yourself and make for a lasting impression at the end of the show. Well Prince Pain, your welcome but this time, CT will be the one watching and one can only wonder if he will be as willing to save the soul of the condemned…and that in this case Prince Pain is you!

Ever wonder how I got these scares…come AR, that won’t matter because Enigma plans to share them with you along with the pain that was endured in their unwanted reception. Just as you represent the condemned so shall you in the same represent the humiliation of a soon to be fallen so called champion and very soon will lose the precious symbolism that in the beginning you never earned or will keep! One way or the other Pain, Enigma is coming for the world title and there is nothing that you, CT, or the CWA can do about it!

The scene fades to black as the thunderstorm gives way to daybreak and a new day.
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"There's no place like home."

Our scene opens on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, home of CWA's own White Wolf, the Baron of Badassery, none other than Krash as he exited his '58 Plymouth Fury in front of his personal home and sanctuary, something he hadn't seen for a good while now and had started to miss. Yes, after what felt like ten years, he was home, on Australian soil, his legal residence just a few meters away. And it felt grand.

Slamming the driver's door shut with a loud 'THUNK', Krash thrust his hands in his jacket pockets, shivering slightly against the cold winter wind as he approached the front door of his home. Gazing around at the dusty outback, his isolated home the only building for quite a while, Krash whistled into the air.

His whistle echoed, going on answered in the night. Kneeling down beside a welcoming mat, he patted his hand around beneath the mat, closing his fist around a key. Twirling it between his fingers, he slid the key into the lock and gently pushed the door open.

"Home, sweet home." He said aloud to the empty house. Happily, he noticed the housekeeper he hired to keep the place in liveable conditions during his absence, and made a mental remainder to give - what was his name? Julian? - his personal thanks. Flicking on the lights, Krash threw his personal carry bag on the soft leather couch, striding across the living room and opening the balcony doors, stepping out onto the balcony overlooking the bright lights of Melbourne.

People like to call places like New York 'The City That Never Sleeps', or be forever wowed by the amount of neon lighting in Tokyo's night, but honestly, neither of them can hold a candle to Melbourne at this time of night. Krash observed the bright lights with tired eyes, before ducking back into his home and closing the balcony doors.

He would have to either drive or fly up to Sydney within the next few days for A-Rush, but until then he would savor what little time he had in his own personal home.


Our scene opens backstage within the vast labyrinth that is CWA hallways, as we join lead CWA Interviewer Michelle Kelly, standing before a large black backdrop displaying the CWA logo. Dressed in a classy sienna jacket over a black tee, with some neat blue jeans beneath, she winked at the camera, causing quite a few wolf whistles to come her way from the live audience, watching on the titantron. Smiling, she smoothed out a crease in his jacket, before bringing her cordless microphone to her lips.

Michelle Kelly: G'day, mates!

Her Australian accent wasn't... quite as good as one would hope, but points for trying, and the CWA fans shouted a cordial 'G'DAY' right back at her.

Michelle Kelly: Michelle Kelly, here backstage at the CWA arena. It's been quite the night tonight, but it's far from over, and as a matter of fact I'm here with one of the participants of the next match, someone I'm sure you all know and love...

The CWA fans quickly caught on, murmuring their approval.

Michelle Kelly:
Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming a former CWA World Heavyweight Champion, a multiple-time CWA Tag Team Champion, and in his own words, 'The most handsomely talented man in all of CWA, the Baron of Badassitude, the uncrowned King of CWA, the White Wolf himself...'

If they didn't know now who she was reffering to, they certainly did now.

Michelle Kelly: None other than Australia's own, Krash!

The camera panned out slightly as the fan-favorite stepped into frame, back the the camera, the colorful neon lettering on the back of his otherwise black waistcoat displaying his name proudly. The audience cheered loudly as Krash turned dramatically, a playful smirk on his features and a hand resting against his cheek. Dressed in the aforementioned waistcoat, along with a deep purple version of his wrestling trousers with a black trim, and a simple red tie, he winked at the camera, no doubt causing a significant number of ladies - and probably some men too, let's be honest - to swoon.

Michelle Kelly: Krash, we're in your home country, Australia. You're the hometown hero, almost everyone out there is chanting for your arrival as we speak. Being a wrestler, you travel a lot, so how does it feel to be in your homeland after so long on the road?

Krash glanced at Michelle, then the microphone in her hands, before gesturing to it with his free hand. Getting the hint, Michelle handed the microphone to Krash, who held up a finger to the camera as he twirled the microphone in his hand.

Krash: Now... Now, I heard that, that... loud, eardrum shattering sound you CWA Fans said once Michelle stated who I was. And honestly, that was the greatest sound I have heard in my life. So... Just so I can milk this for all it's worth...

Krash turned his back to the camera once more.


The fans in attendance did just so, stomping and applauding.

Krash: Because, returning home for the first time in more than a year, THE single greatest athlete to ever grace a professional wrestling ring, your own, you know him, you love him, you send him love letters in your spare time. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, put your hands together and welcome home... Krash!

The fan's cheering somehow got louder as Krash turned to the camera once more. Except now, Krash started walking purposefully, microphone still in hand, through the halls as Michelle weakly protested in the background, before ordering the cameraman to follow him. The camera quickly caught up with the strolling Krash, who glanced at the camera and smiled once more.

Krash: Oh, that's a good sound. Such a wonderful sound. Yes, you have heard that right, folks, Krash is home. And I have only one thing to say about that. I have travelled the world, slept in some of the worst hotels and entertained some of the best crowds, but let me tell you one thing...

Krash paused before a tall, black curtain.

Krash: There's no place like home.

With that note, Krash disappeared through the curtain. Silence reigned for a few seconds, only broken by the crowd's passionate chanting of Krash's name, and the camera faded the black...

Krash: Actually, I might have more than that to say.

Krash's voice echoed throughout the arena as he stepped out the other side of the curtain, onto center stage of the arena. Now seeing him in person, the fans in attendance exploded with cheers, and Krash stood, basking in the warm reception. He theatrically bowed down to the chanting crowd, twirling the microphone - Michelle's microphone? He's going to return that, right? - in his hand.

Jim Taylor: Look who's here! Krash himself, schedled for a match against Jack Gekko up next! Man, does he look happy to be here.

Chubby Carlos: It's like he said - you can wrestle all around the world, but there's always a soft spot in your heart for your home.

Tim Coleman: Isn't he from Melbourne, not Sydney?

Chubby Carlos: Home country, not necessarily home city. Either way, he's got this crowd wrapped around his finger.
Krash: You guys are louder in person.

This small crack sent a wave of giggles across the audience, and Krash began strolling down the ramp towards the ring.

Krash: So! Tonight, I'm sure you all know the deal. I, the Awesomely Aussie Athlete, the Baron of Badassitude, have a match in a few minutes against none other than the businessman brawler himself, Jack Gekko...

On cue, the crowd erupted into boos at Krsh's opponent's name, although there was a surprising amount of cheers for Gekko scattered across the arena.

Krash: Yeah, that's the one. So I figured, why do the normal backstage talky-talk thing when... Well, you lot really make a case for yourself, I don't have to explain it much further. So! Jack Gekko...

Strolling around the ring, Krash shrugged off his waistcoat and tie, tossing them to aside while he hi-5ed and shook hands with several ringside audience members.

Krash: You failing to get the big W against Prince Pain at King's Reign Supreme a few weeks ago must sting, doesn't it? No amount of money can burn away that feeling of failure. Now, you put up a good fight, credit where credit is due. I was watching backstage, and there were quite a few moments where I was convinced you'd add "CWA World Heavyweight Champion" to your resume. But... Ah, hindsight and all that.

Krash rolled into the ring, leaning against the ropes as he stared up the aisle.

Krash: I know how badly you want a rebound win tonight, Jack. Really, that's one of the only things that can curb that sense of failure. Trust me, I understand. But I can't let you achieve that so easily. See, tonight marks the night I kickstart my journey to the next big thing of my career. Watch a pawn become a king, huh? Nah. How about, you watch a king become a legend?

The fans cheered in approval and Krash strolled around the ring once more, before stopping in the dead center.

Krash: So, Lindsay, if you don't mind... Ladies and gentlemen, the following bout is schedled for one fall! Introducing first, from Melbourne, Australia, weighing in at 205 pounds, 'The White Wolf', KRASH!

The crowd began chanting his name as they stomped in the arena, and Krash flashed the fans a quick smirk, before Jack Gekko's theme began to play...
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Hey Jimmy, here is my promo, just a tad late, hope it will be allowed


Al Nova is backstage with Toxic Rain moments before his match and the opening match of CWA Adrenaline Rush, dressed up in his classic Purple Gi attire with an Australian Flag Belt and Headband. Al exhales loudly as he then cracks his neck carefully, still feeling the effects of Carver's attack as he lifts his knees up while Toxic makes the intro

Toxic Rain:
Ladies and Gentlemen joining me tonight is The Purple Dragon, Al Nova.....Al, can we get your thoughts before you head out to compete against Bruce Knight

Al thinks for a moment before looking at the camera

Al Nova:
Well Toxic, it's a shame that I'm not in action against James Carver, because a match against a man on his home turf is far more a challenge that Bruce Knight. The reason I walked out of China the winner after I DROPPED..Say it with me Toxic

Al Nova & Toxic: The Elbow Drop Of Death!

Al Slaps his elbow as he pulls the mic back to his mouth vocal range

Al Nova:
I dropped the deadliest move in all of professional wrestling right into the heart of this nations home bred hero. But as you see Toxic, I'm dressed for the occasion, because Australia will be behind the Purple Dragon as he goes one on one with Bruce Knight, a man who I did not, I repeat, did not defeat last week....This match Toxic is to tie up lose ends. I walked out the winner of our triple threat match, because I picked my spot, Knight was out of it, Carver had him beat, but no one, nobody kicks out of the Elbow Drop of Death, not James Carver, and not Bruce Knight. So to answer your question Toxic, my thoughts of Bruce Knight, he's good, but he is no dragon. CWA doesn't come to Australia very often, so I will make a scouts honor to every fan of the Dragon in that arena, to hit all of your favorite moves, you call them with me and together....we will defeat Bruce Knight.

Al Nova holds the microphone up with both hands as the crowd become a little more lively

Al Nova:
Now if you'll excuse me Toxic, the people are summoning the Purple Dragon

Nova then walks off camera to start his match
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Cal Cannon Promo

(We cut to a darkened room where a large shadowy figure can be seen.)

??: Nightmare..... a frightening or unpleasant dream. Unpleasant doesn't even begin to describe what's going happen to you. And it won't just be you who never wakes up no. Humanity, Stacy Kobain, Wade, Will and Ami Able all of you will never wake up. This Nightmare is mine and I chose when you wake up and I can assure that won't be happening. You have crossed me so many times Able Family that you have a tsunami of pain that I owe you. You'll be praying you have to face Collegiate RedNecks for the rest of your lives because if we ever step in the ring again...... I'm gonna rip your fucking faces off!

(Rob Rampage steps out of the shadows)

Rob Rampage: Movement and Ables you will feel the rampage!


(We then cut to a fancy restaurant where Cal Cannon and Claire Young are having dinner.)

Cal Cannon: This place is so overrated I mean the food's so bloody expensive and it's not even that good. Australians really don't know how to cook. Just slap anything on a barbecue.

Claire Young: Well you can't expect much from these scumbags anyway.

(Cal then leaves a $100 Australian bill on the table and he leaves with Claire. Cal begins to face the camera as he walks down the deserted Sydney street with Cal Cannon.)

Cal Cannon: You see Nightmare you are just like the people who run that restaurant, a fraud. You talk the talk but quite frankly you are just playing second fiddle to the High Voltage Champion Humanity. I mean what exactly have you done in this company without the help of your partner apart from spout utter crap!

Claire Young: Cal Cannon is better looking than you, he's been more successful than you and he's more talented than you. Nightmare is unquestionably the weak link in the Movement tag team I mean a blind man can see it.

Cal Cannon: Now from what I understand your superior Humanity and his poor innocent valet Stacy Kobain are coming to the ring tonight to compensate for your lack of talent. Now I'm gonna warn you two right now! If you even think about interfering Stacy then Claire will take care of you and Humanity, I do respect you more than most here in the CWA but my partner has recently gone completely insane so if you get involved he will send you to the hospital!

Claire Young: As for the Able Family and this goes for Ami too if you do interfere in this match or any matches that First Class are involved you will end up in the hospital. My associate Rob Rampage has been hit hard by the number of times we've been screwed out of the tag team championships so many times so he's not afraid to do something illegal because he is beyond reason. And Ami although I'd love to slap you myself I'm afraid you will be speared before I have the chance.

Cal Cannon: Anyway bare that in mind my friends because it's only a matter of time before we bring our titles home. As for you Nightmare I'm going to beat you on Adrenaline Rush because I'm simply better than you!

[FONT=georgia](Cal and Claire walk off laughing as we cut to just an image of a wall covered in red writing. The writing reads 'fear the rampage')

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{interview set.}

(standing at the interview set is Toxic Rain with her guest, Ami Able. there seems to be a mounting tension as Ami avoids making eye contact with Rain.)

TOXIC RAIN: Joining me at this time is Ami Able, and tonight your brothers with face the new tag team, the Collegiate Rednecks.

(after Rain finished her question, Ami looks down at the ground for a moment. then she looks at Rain.)

AMI: I'm so glad you and I could do another interview together, Rain. It's been too long.....but I'm afraid that I can take it from here.

(Ami takes the microphone from Rain and waves her away. Rain walks off the set and leaves Ami alone as she sits down on the floor, legs crossed. the camera dips down to get a shot of Ami looking up.)

AMI: Stenson, have walked into something that you cannot begin to understand. You're right in the middle of a binge of brutality. And the only thing that could make it better than it already has fresh meat.

(Ami looks down as she twirls the microphone around a few times.)

AMI: And this is why my brothers are not here with me. They are just chomping at the bit that I told them to stay in the locker room to properly focus on their upcoming match. You know, it is an interesting phenomena, ever since my brothers have become the Tag Team Championships, new teams have been formed and new teams have arrived. It seems that everyone thinks they're capable of undertaking the task of knocking the Able Family from the top of the tag team mountain. A mountain we've built from the fallen teams we've left in our wake. And when Will and Wade step into the ring with Stenson and Timmerman.......I wonder if the injuries they'll suffer will force them to extend their stay in Sydney, for an undetermined amount of time? A question that I'm not only curious to find out, but I'm painfully yearning to see what happens. I wanna know how many things I will correctly predict will happen. And when I think about these things they make me.....

(Ami begins to bite her lower lip and run her hand through her hair. she takes a few breaths.)

AMI: The suspense is torturing me.

(Ami closes her eyes, most likely thinking about what may happen in the match tonight. then two pairs of feet approach from each side. One pair of feet have the toes tapping the floor, the other pair remain stationary.)

AMI: Hello, dear brothers.

(crouching down to Ami's right is....Wade.)

WADE: It's time sis.....

(Ami opens her eyes and smiles.)

AMI: Ready or we come.

(Wade rises up, then he and Will walk off the set. then Ami stands up, the camera follows her, and continues as she walks off the interview set.)

Nice turnout from everyone and everyone haad great promos, but the MVP of the show goes to...KRASH! Fantastic promo from him, I especially enjoyed the interaction he had with his fellow Aussies and him announcing his own arrival.