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Thread: Red, White and Bruised 2014 YouTube Pre-show results

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    Red, White and Bruised 2014 YouTube Pre-show results

    The FWA video feed, which has been airing past Red, White and Bruised PPV shows all day, goes pitch black before finally airing the show's theme song, "Summer of '69" by Bowling for Soup.

    Once the hype video finishes, a logo fades out and a brightly lit TV studio comes into focus with a table surrounded by three chairs and the red and white YouTube logo in the background.

    The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance and Jimmy King present...

    The Red, White and Bruised YouTube Pre-Show

    The crowd inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania cheers loud as the capacity has reached around 60 percent for the start of the pre-show matches.

    Lucy Pinder: Welcome, folks, to the Youtube Preshow here at the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance's Aftershock Pay-Per-View! We're live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Wells Fargo Center and ready to continue the new era of the FWA with a star-studded triple threat match for the FWA World Championship, plus Gabrielle Montgomery against Stu St. Clair in a Last Man Standing match, Ryan Hall against the up-and-coming Jason Gryphon, and WOLF fighting Lucian W. Ace and Whyte Thunder in a Buried Alive match!

    David Weinstock: G-Rich is still out of commission, which means Robbins Thurgood again will be in charge of this FWA live event! Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter defend their tag titles against Thomas Princeton and Jethro Warren, and Drew Stevenson, "The Emerald," goes against Ashley 'O Ryan in a North American championship encounter!

    Lucy Pinder: Let's start, though, with "The Monster" Mac Michaud against Dave Sullivan. It was on this same YouTube pre-show before Aftershock that Mac returned, attacked Sullivan and made his mark on the FWA. Now we're at the encounter, following Sullivan's disqualification win against Mac last week on Fight Night, and what was once a lopsided feud has turned a little bit.

    David Weinstock: Dave Sulivan is showing signs that he's ready to fight back tonight, so it'll be interesting whether that happens in full with a big victory against the former TV champion and X-Champion.

    Loser Leaves Town
    Tim the Taint Licker vs. "Shingami" Jones

    Before the match begins, Robbins Thurgood appears on the entrance rampway with a microphone in hand.

    Robbins Thurgood: You guys thought it would be just you two, didn't you? No, no, no. Meet..."The Savant," KAIZEN!

    KAIZEN's theme music plays as the arena is drawn to the appearance of a former MMA competitor turned FWA wrestler. KAIZEN makes his way to the ring with sheer determination and attention given to this match.

    Loser Leaves Town
    Tim the Taint Licker vs. "Shingami" Jones vs. "Savant" KAIZEN

    Lucy Pinder:
    This is a huge turn of events! Now we have the possibility of two people being terminated in this match!

    When the bell rings, KAIZEN quickly lands a series of elbow strikes to Timmy the Taint Licker and a cartwheel elbow strike follows as he lands a springboard strike and watches the Taint Licker roll to the apron. "Shingami" Jones tries his hand, but KAIZEN quickly locks in a guillotine choke on the possibly "future endeavored" FWA wrestler. KAIZEN releases the choke and throws "Shingami" back with a fierce German suplex. He follows with a springboard moonsault and lands one last elbow stroke to the Taint Licker, who falls from the apron to the outside floor. When "Shingami" Jones rises to his feet, KAIZEN hits his "BREAKER" power move and the "X.U." finisher. He hooks the leg as the Taint Licker can't recover and enter the ring in time to break it up.

    David Weinstock:
    Quick work from KAIZEN, the Savant! And peace out, Timmy the Taint Licker and "Shingami" Jones.

    Winner: "Savant" KAIZEN

    A video package airs highlighting the upcoming match between X-Champion The Mist, and his challenger, Danny Toner. After that video finishes, a voiceover hypes the buried alive match between Whyte Thunder/Lucian Ace and WOLF.

    "The Future" Eddie Beltran vs. Slim Jim

    Eddie Beltran makes his way to the ring receiving a scarce reaction for the new FWA wrestler. He makes a strong impression with his trash-talking mouth as the brawler enters the ring and eyes up his opponent.

    Lucy Pinder: This man, Eddie Beltran, appears to be another strong addition to the FWA roster.

    Beltran quickly seizes control in the opening seconds with a strong grapple, head lock and side hip toss. He allows Slim Jim to rise before landing a kick to the stomach, a pummeling blow to his upper back and a run off the ropes and thez press. Beltran slams Jim's face into the turnbuckle and lands repeated short-arm clotheslines before stepping to the second turnbuckle for a double axe handle! Eddie Beltran covers but Slim Jim kicks out at two.

    David Weinstock: This is a flat-out demolition.

    Beltran grabs his foe and whips him into the ropes. Slim Jim rebounds with a clothesline attempt, but Beltran ducks and hits his standing uranage finisher out of nowhere!!! Eddie Beltran kneels next to his opponent, shrugs and hooks the leg.

    Winner: "The Future" Eddie Beltran

    Robbins Thurgood is walking backstage through the hallway and runs into Beatrixx Black, who bumps into Robbins before nearly blowing a lid off at the interim Fight Night general manager.

    "Whatcha' thinkin', runnin' into mah?"

    "Was that English?"

    Beatrixx Black cocks her head back in more of a "Are you shitting me" expression, as if she can't believe Robbins crossed the line.

    "That be the damn problem wit' you dressy-ass white people, always puttin' down mah speakin' and words. Well let me tell 'ya little pretty ass somethin'. Get a pen and paper out 'cause you gonna' haveta' start writin' down what I say, when I win the Women's belt, I'll be speakin' a whole lot more."

    Beatrixx Black walks away with her emotions building up and anger channeled toward her two opponents. Robbins Thurgood, at first startled and somewhat frightened by the crass and crude personality, watches her off.

    "I'm scared of her, but I like her."

    The Yürie vs. James "Eyesnsane" Hughes and "The Clown of Death" Ted

    Eyesnsane and Inazuma Izaya start the match as the crowd is fairy hot for the new teams in the FWA tag team division. Eyesnsane and Inazuma circle the ring once before locking wrists. Inazuma gains the upper hand and Eyesnsane counters with a wrist lock. Eyesnsane quickly makes a tag to Ted, who puts a boot into the stomach while Eyesnsane has the wrist lock applied. Ted whips Inazuma into the ropes and lands a shoulder block. Ted grabs Eyesnsane by the neck and shoves him into the ropes and lands a swift kick into the thigh, and then a karate-style kick into the other thigh. He whips Inazuma into the ropes, and the former member of The Ronnin flies back with a spinning back elbow!

    Lucy Pinder:
    Here's the athletic ability these two teams can show!

    Inazuma tags in his partner, Inazuma Kazuka, and he makes an impact quickly with a running clothesline. Kazuka follows with a Judo throw and a quick pin, but a kick out at one and a half ends those hopes. Kazuka goes to the top turnbuckle, and leaps off, but Ted dodges it and fireman carry slam!!! Ted quickly tags in Eyesnsane, who lands a reverse neckbreaker on Kazuka. He begins building an attack with leg-hook reverse STO and covers, but Kazuka kicks out!

    David Weinstock: TED and Eyesnsane are working well together tonight!!!

    Eyesnsane tags in TED, who hits a big-time gutbuster!!! TED then grabs Kazuka and hits his "Laugh now, cry later" finisher as Inazuma Izaya puts his head down and Eyesnsane pounds his palm into the turnbuckle with each referee count.

    Winners: James "Eyesnsane" Hughes and "The Clown of Death" TED

    The group from Moscow, Russia will tell you...

    it's a hard card to play.

    Shannon O'Neal vs. Alana Allure

    The crowd is especially hot for this one as the rock-n-roll chick, Shannon O'Neal, comes out to her theme music and Alana Allure comes to her own introduction. They stand on opposite sides of the ring as the crowd begins trading chants for each of the female competitors. They lock up in the center of the ring until Alana backs the rookie against the turnbuckle and releases to the referee's digression. Alana backs up and smirks as Shannon circles the ring once and they lock up a second time. Again, it's the former FWA Women's champion Alana Allure backing Shannon O'Neal against the turnbuckle with a forearm to the neck and jaw as the referee counts to one, two, three, four and Alana backs away. Alana smirks again as Shannon tries for a kick to the stomach, but Alana backs up quickly and avoids. She does the "Dikembe Mutombo finger wag" and Shannon O'Neal begins a half circle as Alana watches. They lock up again in a grapple right in the center of the ring and this time it's Shannon getting the upper hand as she backs Alana into the turnbuckle. The crowd buzzes with a sarcastic cheer as Shannon presses her forearm into Alana's throat before releasing. She does the finger wag right back to Alana, who startles her opponent with a sudden grapple and shoves Shannon back first onto the ring canvas. Alana then pounces on Shannon and slams her head into the mat five times before grabbing her by the hair and flinging her into the turnbuckle. Alana charges, but Shannon dodges. Alana stops her momentum against the turnbuckle and Shannon lands a sole kick right into the stomach of Alana, who keels over and receives a kick into the ribs from her foe.

    David Weinstock:
    Shannon O'Neal showing her aggressive side as she's had enough of Alana Allure's toying.

    Shannon O'Neal grabs Alana Allure by the hair and whips her into the ropes. She follows up with a jumping knee to the chest, and hooks the far leg, but only receives a 1 and 3/4ths count. Shannon grabs Alana by the neck and whips her into the ropes, and telegraphs a hip toss, which allows Alana to counter with a shoulder rack into a falling neckbreaker!!! Shannon falls to the canvas as Alana lays atop and hooks the far leg with her arm.
    (.................1.................2.Kick out!)

    Lucy Pinder:
    Big-time neckbreaker from Alana as Shannon is on the down slope!

    Alana sits up as Shannon rolls onto her stomach and pushes herself up. Alana follows Shannon to the ropes and lands a series of forearm jabs across the face of her new rival. Alana then whips, but Shannon reverses and sends Alana off the ropes and hits a nice spinning wheel kick!!! Alana rolls to the apron and Shannon runs off the ropes and tries for a diving tackle through the top and middle ropes, but Alana sidesteps and Shannon flies through like a wayward, off-target suicide dive!!! Shannon hits the floor rather hard causing a loud THUD sound that causes the fans in the front row to groan, grimace and stand up and look over the railing out of concern.

    Lucy Pinder:
    Oh my God! That...that looked...that looked brutal! Shannon may not be able to finish this match, David!

    David Weinstock: If that happened to me, I'd be down for a pinfall, just from that.

    Shannon lays unconscious, unmoving for three or four seconds before stirring. Alana's expression was rather shocked as she looked behind from the apron with her eyes wide and mouth open. She steps off the apron and kneels down as Shannon tries getting up, and Alana changes her mentality to aggression with repeated stomps into the lower back. Shannon can't get up to an attacking position as she's repeatedly kicked back down onto her chest and stomach by Alana Allure. The crowd is buzzing as Alana grabs Shannon and flings her back first with authority and meaning into the painful, unforgiving steel ring steps. Alana walks up to her wreckage and grabs Shannon by the hair and rolls her foe back under the ropes, into the ring. She steps up and makes a trip to the top turnbuckle. Shannon rises and Alana flies off for a moonsault to Shannon, who dodges and takes advantage of Alana landing stomach first hard on the canvas!!!

    Lucy Pinder:
    Oh my! What a miss! And both have taken HUGE bumps!

    Shannon rests against the ropes and waits for Alana Allure to rise back up. Shannon puts her hands on her knees and catches her breath with two more deep breaths before landing a series of forearms to the face of Alana. Shannon's next move is an aggressive whip into the ropes and a big back body drop. Alana, though, counters with a sunset flip pin!!!
    (................1.................2........Kick out!)

    Both spring to their feet and Alana hits the scream machine out of nowhere!!! She covers with both legs hooked as the crowd gives her a HUGE pop for the move.
    (...............1...................2...............Shoulder up!!!)

    Alana thought it was over, and the crowd even gave a resounding "three...OOOOH!" on the pinfall attempt. Alana grabs Shannon by the neck and lands a forearm uppercut, and then scoops Shannon onto her shoulders for an inverted sitout powerslam...but Shannon counters with a front necklock sitout slam!!! Shannon lays over Alana for a weak cover and can't hook the leg!
    (................1...................2..............Shoulder up!!!)

    David Weinstock:
    This has been a fantastic match, Lucy! Absolutely fantastic, and it's not even on the main card! How can anyone follow this up?

    Shannon then rolls to the turnbuckle and catches her breath while seated. Alana crawls to the ropes and grabs the middle rope and pulls herself up. Shannon yanks up using the middle turnbuckle and when Alana turns, Shannon is there with a kick to the stomach!!! She runs off the ropes and goes for her "Paradise City" bicycle kick finisher, but Alana explodes with a HUGE roundhouse kick to the side of the head!!! Shannon is stunned for a good second as she stumbles back to the ropes, and possibly is concussed. Shannon stumbles away from the ropes as Alana follows with a sitout double leg slam!!! Alana goes to the turnbuckle with the crowd cheering as Shannon is laying face down in the center of the ring. Alana raises her arms in the air and flies off with a double leg drop to the back of Shannon's head!!! Alana rolls Shannon onto her back and hooks the far leg!!!

    Lucy Pinder: There's ONE.....TWO.....THRE...NOOOO!!! ALMOST!!!

    Somehow, Shannon O'Neal is staying afloat in the match after the beating she's taken from her opponent. Alana Allure cannot believe it's still going on, after a two and 9/10ths count. Alana Allure grabs Shannon by the hair and whips her into the ropes! Alana tries for a spinning wheel kick but Shannon ducks and tries for a backslide pin out of nowhere!!! Alana rolls through it, though and sets up for her "Whisper in your Ear" flatliner finisher! Shannon blocks it, though, by grabbing the turnbuckle and quickly pounces on Alana, who's on her back, and tries locking in a sharpshooter!!! Alana wiggles and fights it off, and eventually kicks Shannon right in the stomach. Shannon keeps over as Alana tries an inside cradle, but Shannon blocks it and uses her lower-body strength to lift Alana up in the cradle position with the crowd going CRAZY!!!

    Lucy Pinder:
    Look at this strength from Shannon, and she's been beat up in this one, too!!!

    Shannon whips her body around and releases Alana toward the turnbuckle!!! But Alana lands in a standing position on the second turnbuckle, steps to the top turnbuckle and flies back toward an unsuspecting Shannon O'Neal with a flying kick to the side of the head!!! But Shannon reacts just quick enough to duck her head and avoid the high-risk move!!! Alana Allure lands face first into the canvas yet again, and Shannon uses the very last of her endurance to sprint to the ropes, rebound off and hit her "Paradise City" bicycle kick right as Alana Allure is hunched over and recovering!!!

    Lucy Pinder: Shannon O'Neal with her finishing bicycle kick!!! That's the game-ender!!!

    Shannon lays across Alana's upper body in a diagonal way and hooks the far leg back toward her.

    Winner: Shannon O'Neal

    The pre-show YouTube feed goes black and then changes to the white room of a hospital. G-Rich is being pushed out, in a wheel chair, before he pushes himself up and walks away from the nurses' assistance.

    "I had a rope tied around my neck, not my damn legs broken! I can walk! I'll be fine."

    The nurses, seemingly had it with G-Rich's rude and defensive output, roll their eyes and storm back into the hospital. G-Rich walks, slowly, down the ramp and reacjed the front pull-in parking for cars picking up discharged patients, such as the permanent Fight Night general manager.

    He opens the door to his requested limosuine and asks the driver how quick they can make the next Fight Night-hosting city, Wilmington, Delaware.

    "I need to be there. All these dang red diamonds and letter sightings. It isn't the FWA if there isn't some mystery or masked attacker, right?"

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    Re: Red, White and Bruised 2014 YouTube Pre-show results

    Great work! Fantastic commitment to making Alure/O'Neal a great match even though it's on the pre-show, and you nailed Beatrixx's voice better than ever before! Definitely looking forward to the main results now, and hoping this is a sign we might even get them a little early!


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    Re: Red, White and Bruised 2014 YouTube Pre-show results

    Good to see some people leave and others get back on the uptick.

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