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Thread: FWA SMASH 7/10/14 results

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    FWA SMASH 7/10/14 results

    July 10, 2014

    The crowd inside the arena erupts as the yellow and black SMASH logo fades into view. The crowd is cheering as Lucy Pinder and David Weinstock welcome the fans watching at home.

    Lucy Pinder: An EXPLOSIVE lineup for you fans! Welcome to another episode of SMASH live on and across the multiple FWA viewing platforms!

    David Weinstock: Trace and River one on one as Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird and Jethro Warren heat up toward their "Lock and Load" match at Red, White and Bruised. This should be fun, folks!

    Lucy Pinder: Robbins Thurgood is still the interim general manager on Fight Night and still permanently running the show here on Smash.

    David Weinstock: Don't forget we have Eyesnsane and Clown of Death" Ted in tag team action AND the return of Alana Allure, a former FWA Women's Champion.

    Video shots are shown of the fans in the arena before a highlight package is shown of Alana Allure's past accomplishments in the FWA.

    Lucy Pinder: We're expecting big things but will Mackenzie Roberts and Shannon O'Neal just let her walk in and get an easy win? I think not!

    Shannon O'Neal vs. Alana Allure vs. Mackenzie Roberts

    The match begins with Shannon O'Neal quickly lunging at Mackenzie Roberts with a barrage of clubbing blows and punches. Shannon grabs Mackenzie's blond hair and flings her onto the mat before trying to continue her offense, only for Alana Allure to step in the way with a short-arm clothesline. Alana turns and easily lands a swinging cradle suplex on Mackenzie as the crowd begins a very loud "Welcome Back! Welcome Back!" chant for the former Women's champion.

    Alana runs off the ropes and lands a running forearm to the ribs of Shannon O'Neal, who falls to her knees. Alana whips Shannon into the ropes but the rock-n-roll fighter lands a leaping forearm clothesline and follows with a nice forearm uppercut. Shannon runs off the ropes and hits a spinning wheel kick as Alana rolls to the apron. Mackenzie blindsides Shannon with a clubbing blow to the upper back and sends Shannon into the turnbuckle. She charges but receives a boot to the face and Alana hoists her onto her back and applies a backbreaker rack and then drops for a neckbreaker slam!!! Alana hooks the leg for a pinfall!

    Lucy Pinder: Oh, and there's Shannon breaking up the pin with a leg drop to the back of Alana's head!

    Shannon O'Neal sends Alana into the ropes and telegraphs a back body drop, which allows Mackenzie to roll up with a school boy, but Alana lands a low-angle baseball slide into Mackenzie's spine. Alana then sprints to the turnbuckle, steps to the second rope and leaps for a top rope leg drop to Mackenzie!!! Alana hooks the far leg!

    Lucy Pinder: Alana may have it here! Two! T...No! Not quite!

    Shannon broke up the pinfall attempt again and this time grabs ALana by the hair and flings her head first into the turnbuckle. Shannon steps up to the second rope and begins her 10-punch count. By punch seven, Alana reverses with snake eyes dropping Shannon face first into the turnbuckle. Alana goes for a sitout side powerslam, but Shannon locks her ankles around the top rope and counters with an unorthodox, rope-aided bulldog!!! But Mackenzie Roberts lands a standing dropkick to Shannon and hooks Alana's legs!

    Lucy Pinder: Oh my! Mackenzie is going to steal one here...TWO...THR...NO! Alana with a shoulder up!

    Mackenzie Roberts rises to her feet but receives a swift kick to the ribs from Shannon O'Neal, who whips Mackenzie across the ring and lands her "Paradise City" bicycle kick!!! But Alana Allure, ever the opportunist, grabs Shannon by the hair and back and flings her through the middle and top ropes to the outside floor. Alana then hits her "Whisper in your Ear" finisher on an already-done Mackenzie Roberts and covers!

    Lucy Pinder:
    What a return for Alana Allure! The former Women's Champion had made an impact and statement here on SMASH!

    Alana Allure rises to her feet and celebrates as Shannon O'Neal watches from outside the ring.

    Winner: Alana Allure

    In the backstage area, SMASH general manager Robbins Thurgood watches the television as Alana Allure celebrates. He is interrupted by Caspian Campbell and Heatmaker, who express their displeasure teaming together.

    Robbins Thurgood: You guys aren't happy with this? Well I'm not happy with the effort and production you've put out since joining the FWA. How about this? If you guys lose, you're both fired. If you get to keep your jobs, for now.

    Aut Pax Aut Bellum vs. The Yürei

    Inazuma Kazuka starts the match making his debut while Inazuma Izaya, formerly of The Ronnin with Lucian W. Ace, watches from the apron. The aname, Asian team stands opposite one of the greatest ever as Andrew Johnson takes the lead for Aut Pax Aut Bellum.

    Kazuka and Andrew Johnson circle the ring three-quarters before teasing a wrist lock. After a few seconds, Johnson goes for a cheap kick to the gut but Kazuka catches the try and flips Johnson onto his back before landing a front-flip pin!
    (..............1...............2........Kick out!)

    Johnson springs up irate and tries for a clothesline, but Kazuka ducks underneath and hits a nice Judo throw before tagging Izaya. The more experienced member of The Yürei locks in a bear hug and lands a body-to-body suplex. He covers, but a kick out at barely two. Izaya grabs Johnson for an arm wrench, but Johnson counters with his own and lands a knee thrust to the stomach. He tags in Dan Ward, who goes to the top turnbuckle for a double axe handle while Johnson continues wrenching and twisting Izaya's arm at the shoulder. Dan Ward goes for a cover, but Izaya kicks out at one and a half. Ward whips the speedster into the ropes and Izaya flies back with a spinning heel kick. He pounces with a leg sweep and front head lock. Tag made to Kazuka, who lands a spinning back fist to the open ribs while Izaya keeps the head lock. Kazuka runs off the ropes and tries a clothesline but Dan Ward ducks and lands a big back body drop. Ward makes a much-needed tag to Andrew Johnson, and APAB land a double-team stalling suplex on Kazuka!

    Andrew Johnson whips Kazuka into the ropes but a baseball slide and dropkick changes fortunes for The Yürie. Kazuka tags in Izaya, who lands a superkick to the chin. Tag made to Kazuka, who hits his "Soul Eater" reverse STO and pins for the 1-2-3!

    Winners: The Yürie

    In the backstage area, Shannon O'Neal is irate as she angrily flings boxes and what have yous around the hallway. The losing streak seems to be getting to her until she points at the camera.

    "At the pay-per-view, me and you, Alana Allure. You going to strike at the best opportunity and steal my shine? Toss me out the ring after I hit my big move? Fine...when we go one on one you won't have any way to sneak up on me. Get ready because you've been here one week and you're already on my worst list alongside Saddle Sally and that ****-sucker Mackenzie Roberts. Try and pull that sh*t again and see where I put you. The only list you'll be on then is the injured one."

    James "Eyesnsane" Hughes and "The Clown of Death" Ted vs. Caspian Campbell and Heatmaker

    "Eyesnsane" begins the match for his side while Caspian Campbell does for his own. "Eyesnsane" quickly gains the upper hand after a grapple and rear waist lock. He lands a combination of elbow strikes fo the back of Caspian's skull. Then he hits a shinbreaker low-angle dropkick to the knees. Eyesnsane is in complete control as he tags in his partner, who immediately lands a clothesline and begins hammering away with a barrage of kick variations to the stomach. Ted sends Caspian across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle but Caspian dodges a clothesline and tags in Heatmaker, the sensual character who struts around the ring with the crowd giving a mixed reaction.

    He locks in a low rear waist lock and nearly grabs Ted's crotch before the lock is broken and Ted lands a violent kick to the ribs and a barrage of knee strikes. He lands a fireman's carry and another solid kick into the upper spine as Heatmaker cringes in pain. Ted runs off the ropes for a running knee to the seated Heatmaker, who leans back and avoids the blow but springs up too slow as Ted lands one more solid, swift kick to the chest, causing a loud "SMACK" sound. He follows with his "Laugh now, Cry later" finisher and has the leg hooked after the drop!

    Winners: James "Eyesnane" Hughes and "The Clown of Death" Ted

    Smash Main Event
    River vs Trace

    Kurt Harrington: The following is Smash's Main Event, and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, representing the BIRD Empire, he is Vincent's bodyguard, River.

    “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” by Eurythmics plays causing the crowd to cheer and sing along. River comes out in suit and tie, and wearing a pair of black leather gloves that he pulls tight to his hands before getting into the ring.

    Lucy Pinder: Why is River coming out in his suit and tie? Doesn't he know he has a Match?

    David Weinstock: I Don't

    Before David could finish his sentence, “Dark Grounds” by Adrian Von Ziegler plays and Trace comes out through the crowd in street clothes and a leather jacket/hoodie combination as the crowd boos him loudly.

    Lucy Pinder: Now see that is what you should wear to a fight, not a business suit.

    David Weinstock: They hate each other because River just slid out of the ring and hopped the barricade making his way up towards Trace.

    River and Trace charge at each other and connect with left and rights causing the crowd to cheer loudly. Trace ducks a right, grabbing a cup of beer from a random person in the crowd throwing it in River's face before kicking River down the steps. River, having landed on the floor hard after being kicked in the chest from Trace, wipes the beer from his eyes, charges at Trace hitting him in the midsection with a shoulder tackle forcing Trace to fall backwards onto the steps hurting his back.

    Trace begins to use his elbows to strike at River's back while River punches at Trace's ribs. The fans continue to cheer at the chaos with some close to the action shouting that Trace sold out and that Amber is a whore, while others shout that Vincent is going to slaughter Jethro at the Red, White, and Bruised PPV. Trace headbutts River hard stunning River, Trace then pushes River off of him tells the the fans to shut the fuck up before flipping them the bird.

    Trace grabs River and goes to toss him over the railing only for River to block it and tosses Trace over the railing. Trace manages to grab onto the edge of the wall, kicking himself off and diagonally towards the adjoining wall utilizing his extensive parkour knowledge to land safety to the floor below then looking up at River and flips River two birds. Trace heads down the tunnel into the back as River jumps the railing to the floor below giving chase and forcing the FWA to scramble finding any cameras in the back to follow the action.

    FWA manages to get a camera guy into the area just as Trace is sent flying into the catering table causing the food and drink to fly to the ground. River comes into view and is about to swing a catering tray only for Trace to duck and a innocent, FWA Worker to get hit in the head with the silver tray. River looks at the dented tray, shrugs his shoulders tossing it aside, looks for Trace seeing him head towards the parking garage.

    River gives chase, but as he rounds the corner he gets jumped by several members of the Vultures MC. The boos from the crowd can be heard in the background as River is beaten with baseball bats and kicks to the midsection. Trace smugly stands over the injured River holding a fiddle before smashing it over River's head causing him to be cut open.

    Trace: Whose second fiddle now bitch? Pick him up!

    Trace orders two of his men to pick River up, but as they do they and the crowd hears the roar of Norah, Vincent's customized motorcycle. Trace turns around to see several of his guys go flying as Vincent drives through them while hitting others with the metal bat he is wielding denting the bat in the process. Vincent leans over as he brings the rear of his motorcycle around sending it sliding towards Trace, River and the two Vultures that were holding him.

    Vincent's motorcycle takes out Trace at his legs as River elbows and takes out the two Vultures that were holding him kneeing one of them in the face breaking his nose. Vincent tosses River a spare bat that he had, River catches it then cracks his neck and twirls the bat around getting the feel of it as he walks around Trace whom is struggling to get to his feet.

    River: Batters up

    River swings the bat at Trace's head breaking the bat over his head as the EMT's and Police arrive on the scene.

    River tosses the broken bat aside as he and Vincent put their hands on the back of their respective heads and getting down on their knees while the Police stand stunned at the carnage before them trying to figure out what had happened. FWA Cameras catch Amber and Jethro who are standing in the far background of the parking garage, having just “arrived” at the Arena.

    David Weinstock:
    I can't believe what we had just seen.

    Lucy Pinder: River will most definitely be arrested for this, most likely Vincent will as well.

    David Weinstock: Trace is going to be in the hospital for some time, so it will be interesting to see how this will all affect Vincent and Jethro's Match at this Sunday's Red, White, and Bruised PPV.

    Lucy Pinder:
    Folks...if this is an appetizer for Red, White and Bruised, then we're in for quite the violent show. Another episode of SMASH in the books...tune into Fight Night tomorrow to see how the big rivalries and the World Championship triple threat matches head into the PPV.
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    Re: FWA SMASH 7/10/14 results

    I hope I did David and Lucy justice

    [I WIN]

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