June 26, 2014
Live from U.S. Cellular Center in Milwaukee, Wisc.

The crowd inside the arena erupts as the yellow and black SMASH logo fades into view. The crowd is cheering as Lucy Pinder and David Weinstock welcome the fans watching at home.

Lucy Pinder: Another week...another SMASH! It's good to be back in the chair with another action-packed show streaming live on FWA.com and inside the Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S. Cellular Center!!!

David Weinstock: An X-Championship match, the debut of "Shingami" Jones in a four-way match for Number one contendership to the X-title, a three-team tag match and Shannon O'Neal and Mackenzie Roberts teaming up!!!

Lucy Pinder: But the big events came from last week, when G-Rich named Robbins Thurgood the new SMASH general manager! And with G-Rich out this week after Wake Walker and Thomas Princeton nearly committed murder on live TV, we hear Robbins Thurgood will be the interim Fight Night general manager!

David Weinstock: It's a fast rise for Robbins Thurgood, who was an FWA talent assistant and notably Shannon O'Neal's main assistant the past few months.

A video replay shows of Wake Walker and Thomas Princeton trying to sacrifice G-Rich last week on Fight Night. They are foiled, though, in the end but the stage is set.

Lucy Pinder: We'll get more to that big development later, but first...The Mist defends his X-Championship against....

is this name correct?

David Weinstock: Jib-Jab McGoop? Never heard of him.

Lucy Pinder: I figured you jobbers all had a support group.

No DQ match
The Mist (c) vs. Jib-Jab McGoop

When the match begins, The Mist levels Jib-Jab McGoop with a running knee lift into the ribs. He follows with a sidewalk slam and then a nice suplex as the crowd cheers on The Mist's power. He grabs Jib-Jab and tosses him around the ring like a rag doll with repeated elbow strikes. Alester watches from outside the ring as the defending X-Champion lands a big boot against the corner and a neckbreaker. The Mist follows with his "Severe Disfigurement" finisher as the crowd cheers. Jib-Jab gives up pretty quick as The Mist celebrates his win.

Winner and STILL X-Champion: The Mist

The Mist celebrates after the victory with Alester, but Danny Toner's theme music overlaps The Mist's own. This Danny Toner theme music, "Greenback Boogie" by Ima Robot, causes The Mist to become disgusted. Alester must contain him from any additional violence afflicted to Jib-Jab McGoop.

Lucy Pinder: It seems one of our new additions, Danny Toner, is getting into the mind and under the skin of our X-Champion.

Backstage in a nicely lit, quaint, relaxed office with a wooden table near one corner and a leather couch along an adjacent wall, new SMASH general manager Robbins Thurgood is standing and re-positioning photos and portraits of himself on the walls until they are perfectly straight and orderly.

A finger taps him on the shoulder, somewhat startling him, and he turns around but changes his expression from surprise to a pleasant smile.

It isn't returned.

"I wanna know...what your damn deal is?!"

Shannon O'Neal, with her tattoo-filled arms and blond hair waving down below her shoulders, glares a hole through Robbins' smile.

"Just making it, Shannon. You should know that, since that was your entire interview....remember?"

Shannon doesn't appreciate the sass.

"You haven't talked to me in a week. E'er since you 'came the GM, you haven't said a damn word to me. I thought it a shock you even gave me a frickin' match!!!"

"Listen up...'cause this is the real world. I don't need you anymore. I wanted on television. You, with your little promos and life pains and inner struggles and all the bullsh*t you ranted on and on about, got me in the minds of the FWA fans once again. All I needed...now...I don't need you.

Now, the door is over there...but before you leave, I want to inform you...the FWA will be making roster cuts. You're on the short list."

Shannon appears as if she got the wind knocked from her body. She looks down at the ground and turns around in a frightened state.

Mackenzie Roberts and Shannon O'Neal vs. "62" Susie Sue and Olga the Ogre

Shannon O'Neal starts in the ring with "62" Susie Sue. Shannon lands a big right hand to the face and begins beating down onto Susie Sue with pummeling blows into the skull and upper back. Shannon whips Susie Sue into the ropes and follows with a big back body drop. Shannon then lands a short-arm clothesline. Mackenzie tags herself in, but Shannon shoves her tag team partner. They trade shoves before Susie Sue makes a much-needed tag to Olga the Ogre, who explodes with a double clothesline. Mackenzie and Shannon both anticipate it early enough to duck and land a double-team hip toss. Mackenzie follows with her "Bitch Kick", but Shannon blind tags and lands her "Paradise City" bicycle kick. She covers for the easy win.

Winners: Shannon O'Neal and Mackenzie Roberts

After the match, the two winning females are once again at odds. Shannon and Mackenzie begin shoving one another for the blind tags before Shannon tackles Mackenzie and mounts her with a series of punches. Mackenzie rolls on top and slams Shannon's skull into the mat with a fist full of hair. Shannon rolls over again and steps up, and then stomps five times into Mackenzie before the referee pulls her away.

David Weinstock: These two girls are not the best of friends. We know that much from the past, but they have exploded here tonight.

Lucy Pinder and David Weinstock spend five minutes recapping PAJ's return to the FWA, except now known as "Phillip A. Jackson."

Lucy Pinder: I guess my question is...do you think Phillip A. Jackson will be in the FWA World Championship match at Trial By Fire?

David Weinstock: Do I think he will be? Maybe. Do I think he deserves to be? Yes. But then again, Shane McLean had a choice, one given to him by Fight Night general manager G-Rich. He chose Ryan Rondo. Those are the breaks. You take it on the chin, and hope to get another chance next time. That's how it works.

Lucy Pinder: For someone to speak of taking it on the chin, it'd certainly be you, David.

"The Clown of Death" Ted and James "Eyesnsane" Hughes vs Aut Pax Aut Bellum vs Whyte Thunder and Lucian W. Ace

James "Eyesnsane" Hughes starts the match with Dan Ward. The two former rivals lock up in the center of the ring. Eyesnsane locks in a side headlock and Dan Ward shoves him into the ropes. Eyesnsane makes a nice return leg lariat rebounding off the ropes and quickly runs off the ropes and plants Dan Ward with a clothesline. Eyesnsane lands a variation of elbow strikes before tagging in his partner, "The Clown of Death" Ted. The new signee lands a shoulder block and then a snap swinging neckbreaker to Dan, who is struggling. Ted whips Dan into the ropes but a blind tag from Andrew Johnson saves APAB. Ward hits the mat after a chop from Ted, but Andrew Johnson lands a forearm smash to the upper back. Andrew follows with a back suplex and covers, but kick out at one and a half.

Andrew grabs Ted and whips him into the ropes. Ted flies back with a jumping forearm but Andrew dodges it and rolls him up with a fist full of tights.

Elimination: "The Clown of Death" Ted

APAB celebrates, but Whyte Thunder quickly hits the ring and levels Andrew Johnson with a clothesline. He follows with a huge uppercut to the chin and whips Andrew into the turnbuckle and lands a corner clothesline. Whyte Thunder tags in Lucian W. Ace, who immediately brings the crowd to its feet with a springboard DDT. That moment of approval is short-lived, as Lucian winks and then mocks WOLF with a spear! Lucian tags Whyte Thunder back in, and the face paint-wearing superhero plants the inferior Andrew Johnson with "The Oath" sitout faceplant. Whyte Thunder casually hooks the far leg, and easily gets a 1-2-3.

Eliminated: Andrew Johnson

Dan Ward tries staying out of the ring in fear, and Eyesnsane does his best to bring down the new, powerful duo of Whyte Thunder and Lucian Ace. Eyesnsane with repeated forearms to Whyte Thunder before whipping him into the ropes and landing a leaping lariat and thena leg-hook STO!!! Eyesnsane covers, but Whyte Thunder kicks out at barely a one count.

Eyesnsane backs Whyte Thunder into the turnbuckle and begins laying repeated right hands into the stomach. He tries a dragon suplex, but Whyte Thunder counters and lands a big headbutt followed by tagging in Lucian, who springs to the ropes and lands his "Hyoryu Senbi" springboard roundhouse kick!!! Lucian covers and gets the pinfall.

Eliminated: James "Eyesnsane" Hughes

Dan Ward, knowing he's two against one right now, steps off the apron when the referee beckons his entrance. The ref counts him out, and Dan Ward allows Whyte Thunder and Lucian Ace to win.

Winners: Lucian W. Ace and Whyte Thunder

Lucy Pinder: Such an impressive showing from Whyte Thunder and Lucian W. Ace. I wonder if WOLF was watching?

David Weinstock: These two will face WOLF in a Buried Alive match at Trial By Fire. Lucian Ace, WOLF's long-lost son, has made it a point to go after his father. And Whyte Thunder, ever since WOLF's post-retirement comments, has been doing the same. IF...Whyte Thunder and Lucian Ace win, then WOLF will no longer go into the FWA Hall of Fame.

The commentary team reviews the recent feuding between "The Monster" Mac Michaud and Dave Sullivan.

Lucy Pinder: Dave Sullivan hasn't been too impressive since returning, but he also hasn't let Mac Michaud's attack from a few weeks ago just go to the wayside.

David Weinstock: I'm predicting Davey boy falls into the jobber line after this week. Mac Michaud should ruin him.

Main event
X-title No. 1 contender match

Heatmaker vs. LeBron Carter vs. Caspian Campbell vs. "Shingami" Jones

As the match is set to begin, Danny Toner appears at the top of the rampway.

Danny Toner: Management has provided me an opportunity in my young FWA career. I have the opportunity to win the X-Championship at Red, White and Bruised. And, for some reason, so do the four men standing in the ring.

Danny Toner begins walking toward the ring as he continues talking.

Danny Toner: I don't believe that's fair...in fact, I'm willing to put my own spot on the line to prove how UNFAIR...this actually is.

Danny Toner then steps up to the apron as the four men face him, and only ropes dividing.

Danny Toner: Let's go...one on four...and whoever pins me...gets my spot in the X-Championship match. How about it?

The four nod their heads in approval as the referee rings the bell.

X-Championship No. 1 contendership match
Danny Toner vs. "Shingami" Jones, Heatmaker, LeBron Carter and Caspian Campbell

Danny Toner is surrounded and swarmed by the four hungry FWA wrestlers, who beat him down with repeated and unrelenting right hands. The referee finally separates three — "Shingami" Jones, Heatmaker and LeBron Carter — from the action. Caspian Campbell continues beating into Danny Toner as the referee has them going one on one with the other three on the apron.

Caspian whips Danny Toner into the ropes, but the underdog lands a crowd-pleasing superkick right under the chin. He lands his "Closing Statement" right after and covers for the 1-2-3 pinfall.

Eliminated: Caspian Campbell

Next is Heatmaker, who lands a nice clothesline on Danny Toner and begins wearing him down with a series of provocative head locks and arm wrenches. Danny Toner eventually gains the upper hand with a spinebuster and then a double-axe handle off the top turnbuckle. Danny Toner whips Heatmaker into the ropes and lands a running, jumping knee right into the face. Heatmaker appears unconscious as Danny Toner again hits his "Closing Statement" finisher and earns the pinfall.

Eliminated: Heatmaker

Next is "Shingami" Jones, making his FWA debut. "Shingami" impresses the viewers and announcers with his brawling style. He has Danny Toner seated against the turnbuckle as he drives his boot against his foe's throat. Shingami brings Danny Toner into the center of the ring and lands a double-underhook liften into a gutbuster!!! He goes for the pinfall, but LeBron Carter breaks the count.

Lucy Pinder: LeBron Carter doesn't want this new guy to steal the win! He wants the spot in the X-Championship match!

While the two are arguing, Danny Toner clotheslines LeBron Carter over the top rope. Shingami Jones again gains the upper hand and this time hits a suplex lifted and dropped into a neckbreaker. He goes for the pinfall!
(................1...................2..............Kick out!)

Shingami Jones thought it was over, but then Danny Toner shocks everyone by grabbing "Shingami" Jones' legs and applying his variation of a Sharpshooter, which he calls "The Clincher." Danny Toner keeps the hold applied for a good 15 seconds before "Shingami" tries moving his way toward the bottom rope. He pushes his upper body off the mat using his hands and arms and tries reaching, but LeBron Carter grabs the bottom rope and pulls away from his tag partner's reach!!! The crowd boos LeBron Carter, who smirks as "Shingami" wrenches in pain. Danny Toner pulls him toward the center of the ring and reapplies with additional force. He keeps the hold locked in for another 25 seconds and finally "Shingami" Jones must tap out in the center of the ring.

Eliminated: "Shingami" Jones

LeBron Carter hits the ring thinking he has an opening, but Danny Toner lands a ferocious headbutt and plants him with a third "Closing Statement" facebuster!!! The crowd cheers as Danny Toner makes a relaxed leg-hook cover.

Winner: Danny Toner

Lucy Pinder: What a performance from Danny Toner!!!

As "Greenback Boogie" by Ima Robot plays, it suddenly stops. Danny Toner turns around, stopping his celebration, and looks to the entrance way. He's expecting a visitor, and gets into the fighting stance.


Just the hollow piano chords from "Lavender Town Music," all introvert and loners, until another piano stroke joins in. The Mist's theme music continues for about 30 seconds with this eery feeling, until the X-Champion walks out from the shadows and emerges with his championship.

The Mist, eating a sandwich, begins laughing at his next challenger. Alester stands beside him, and the crowd begins chanting "Mist! Mist! Mist" as Danny Toner brushes it off with a "shoulder brush" gesture.

The show concludes with The Mist continuing to eat a sandwich while Danny Toner celebrates his win and upholds his smug personality in the face of a psychopath.