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Thread: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

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    Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    Post promos in this thread. Promo deadline is Tuesday, June 3 at midnight pacific time, which is Wednesday, June 4 at 3 a.m. eastern time and 8 a.m. British time zone.

    No extensions. No ragrets.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014


    Last time we caught up with Beatrixx Black, she was out at night, shouting at teenagers and showing off her skills ahead of her debut match. Now we’re back on the streets, but this time it’s in broad daylight and the streets are packed with normal people going about their daily business. However, they are not alone. Somewhere amongst them is the attention-loving rapping-turned-wrestling oddball Beatrixx Black. The camera can’t find her at first as we go through numerous static shots of shoppers, beggars and couples making their way down this busy street. But eventually we find her and once we do it seems impossible that we ever could have missed her. It’s not her most extravagant outfit, but her six-inch heels, diamond-studded leather jacket, denim shorts and prominent piercings nonetheless make her a sight to behold even before one takes into account the blue dreadlocks. She seems to be on her own and keeping her eyes dead ahead as she walks down the street, drawing glances from everyone, including mothers guiding away the eyes of children and perverted middle aged men simultaneously aroused and enraged by Beatrixx’s aggressive self-confidence. It seems as though she’s keeping herself to herself, right until she passes a businesswoman in her mid thirties hurrying down the street...and licks her face. The woman turns and looks at Beatrixx, shocked, angry and scared all at once. Not content with having done this, Beatrixx then spits in the woman’s face and laughs at her dismay. As a final insult to injury she kicks her in the crotch. Though this is also partly to immobilise her as after this she runs down the street in the direction of the camera. Just as she reaches the camera and runs past she notices it pass. As she’s gone by a few feet she turns her head and looks the camera right in the lens with an overjoyed grin on her face.
    The camera freezes.


    Now we’re in a particularly grim looking alleyway, complete with overflowing bins, blankets on the floor indicating a regular resident and all varieties of trash mounting up against the walls. On one such wall rests Beatrixx, leaning with one foot pressed against it and her head in the air, laughing. She looks down at the camera which is at stomach height looking up at her.

    ”That was fun, huh babies? You see the look on that bitches face! You see her prob’ly on her way to work or summin’, she just think she’s so great then all of a sudden bam! She din’t see me comin’ huh? ‘cos they never do. None o’ ya’ll seen me comin’ last Sunday at Aftershock, ya’ll were probably sittin’ in yo seats just waitin’ for a glimpse a’ those fine ass titties on that Gabrielle huh? Ya’ll were wantin’ to see that Caramel Goddess, huh babies? Someone like that? But then ya’ll saw me and ya’ll woke up, ya’ll saw who you really wanted to see all along, ain’t that right? Ya’ll just didn’t know it. ‘Cos I got that power, that’s just who I am. Everybody likes to pretend that I’m nasty, but I’m just a freak, and ya’ll love freaks really. You see errybody lookin’ at me back there? They don’t look at none o’ you like dat, dat’s fo sure. ‘cos they’re drawn to me, they jus’ can’t stop once they get a taste and now that’s what ya’ll got at Aftershock, ya’ll got a taste o’ Beatrixx Black and now just like all those losers back there ya’ll be wishin’ now that you can see more o’ me, even if ya’ll don’t know it. It’s deep inside ya. It’s an addiction. Well don’t worry babies, ‘cos this week on Fight Night I’m gonna feed the addiction of all ya’ll. That’s right, I wouldn’t leave ya’ll hangin’, I wouldn’t do that to ya’ll. Thankfully, those guys in suits backstage, they was watchin’ too an’ now they can’t get enough o’ me, they just wanna see me as much as possible, so they’ve given me a Number One Contender’s Match in my GOD DAMN DEBUT! THAT’S HOW MUCH THEY LOVE ME! But oh yeah, I ain’t a fool, I know there’s some other bitch in that match, wha’s her name again?”

    This is a genuine question directed at the cameraman, who mouths the name of Beatrixx’s opponent. Beatrixx laughs, hitting the wall with the palm of her hand as she does so.

    ”Oh yeeeah, Dinorah Redgrave. Oooh, she got all a ‘dem tattoos, huh? She’s so edgy, you know those things are forever right? Oh my goooddd! And, you know, ah’m gonna have to whisper this just because it is so god damn edgy...”

    Beatrixx leans down and whispers into the camera, putting one hand over the side of her mouth as if to hide the words from the world.

    ”I heard that she listens to rap music. With the swears an’ everythang!”

    Beatrixx laughs again and stretches back up to her full height, still only five foot six but looming down at the crouching camera nonetheless.

    ”Oh my God! Can ya’ll believe they’re even puttin’ this girl in the same company as me? This girl whose makin’ a livin’ offa been all edgy an’ everythang, with all her tattoos. Well I’m sorry sistah but I just gotta see if I can compete with that!”

    With that, Beatrixx effortlessly kicks the side of the camera and knocks herself out of frame. The camera falls to the ground and we briefly cut to black.


    When we come back, one of Beatrixx Black’s rap singles is playing, titled ‘Most Dangerous’, which mostly includes a criminal record set to music and various boasts about sexual and violent exploits. Whilst that is on the soundtrack, we follow Beatrixx through a series of disturbing events as Beatrixx terrorises the general public. These acts range from the comically trivial to the genuinely shocking:

    • Beatrixx sits in the passenger seat of an open top car screaming sexualised obscenities at members of the public regardless of age or gender.
    • Beatrixx gyrates against a random male stranger then when he grabs her to try and push her away she turns around and slaps him in the face.
    • When a mother is standing on a bridge with her back turned to her child holding a stuffed toy, Beatrixx steals the stuffed toy and throws it off the bridge.
    • Beatrixx stands in the middle of the road blocking traffic. When a car starts honking at her she walks over to the driver’s window and screams at them until they drive away.
    • Beatrixx follows a man down the street pretending he’s an ex-boyfriend, shouting about how he cheated on her and throwing bracelets and necklaces at him.
    • Beatrixx breakdances in the street and gets angry, chasing away people whenever they stop to watch her.

    When the song fades out we are back in the car with the first act of general public disturbance, with her shouting at people out the window. Once the song finishes Beatrixx laughs at the camera and tells the driver to pull over as she’s got some more stuff to say to “this loser” (in reference to the camera.


    Beatrixx conducts her final part of the promo in a high-end jewellery store, much to the confusion of the staff and security of the store. We can hear that off-screen a production crew member is trying to reason with security, but this doesn’t concern Beatrixx who is evidently having far too much fun walking backwards around the store, eyeing up jewellery and talking to the camera again as she does so.

    ”Oh but I know what ya’ll are thinkin’, what does all this tell ya’ll about me, right? Ya’ll wanna learn about the lady behind the heels and the hairdo, yeah? Well tough luck babies this is all there is. I’m jus’ like all of you but the thing is I got bigger balls, ya’ll. We all jus’ pretendin’, our whole damn lives are jus’ a gimmick. Me an’ Dinorah, we both pretendin’ to be the same thing. We both pretendin’ to be edgy, we both pretendin’ to be dangerous...but I got bigger balls than her. While she think she getta be dangerous by gettin’ a few tattoos I’m out here doin’ it for real. I’m the most dangerous bitch there is. I’m the most crazy, freaked out, nasty lil’ girl in the whole damn world. I’m everything you want babies, and I’m everything you fear too, ya’ll heard? That’s why ya’ll can’t get enough of me but ya’ll think ya’ll hate me too, ya’ll are just confused. But shh baby shh, all ya’ll need to do is watch me on Fight Night, ya’ll are gonna like it even if you think you hate me and you know it. Oh an’ Dinorah Redgrave I got one more thing for ya...I can get tattoos too.

    At this point it’s becoming clear that security aren’t going to put up with Beatrixx Black and her team for much longer, but Beatrixx only has one more point to make and she’s going to make it whether they like it or not. With security visibly being held back, Beatrixx turns round and the camera pans down to her ass! She pulls down her shorts to reveal her pants and tattooed on one ass cheek in a quick handheld scrawl is three words...




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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    These hoes ain't loyal

    The paint is dry, scraped off and smeared across the skin. Sweat loosens up the clingy substance's grip to the cheeks, jaw and forehead as the white meshes with gold and gold begins to cross over into the white's territory on the face. This is a likely and constant scene after matches for Whyte Thunder, bearing his heart and soul for a good 15 minutes in front the FWA's live audience.

    What isn't a likely scene...or, better yet, a likely what he's hearing tonight.


    "YOU'RE A FAKE!"


    "LAY DOWN, B*TCH!"

    "GO AWAY!!!"

    The venom continues, in all directions, as Whyte Thunder walks the entrance rampway after his victory against James Syncidate, the last remaining remnant from "The Syndicate" era of the FWA. Whyte Thunder only needed seven or eight minutes to effectively defeat the former Back in Business main-eventer, but he wanted to give the fans a good show.

    He wanted to give the fans a reason to cheer him again.

    But all he heard, the entire time, were boos. Boos after boos. Critiques after critiques. The fans no longer love him...and it's all Wolf's fault.

    Whyte Thunder quickens his pace as he continues walking the entrance aisle and disappears from the live audience's sight. He takes three steps through the curtain, turns down the dark entrance tunnel and emerges in, as WWE and other companies call it, "the guerrilla position," the room immediately on the other side from the FWA's video screen and scaffolding supporting the entrance stage.

    "I don't get it."

    The FWA stage hands and major officials and booking members stare blankly back at Whyte Thunder, who is catching his breath fro him performance...FOR THE FANS...before completely losing his mind.

    The entire backstage audience, now eight to 10 people, stays in silence as Whyte Thunder paces back and forth. This is a side the fans don't get to see, the side that's acknowledging the behind-the-scenes business.

    "In my past, they've booed me. A different person, with a different name and different mindset, all in the past...they booed that person. And that's what I wanted...I didn't want followers. This...this isn't right. Something isn't right.

    And in that exact moment, Whyte thunder recalls something a good friend recently told him. It was Lucian W. Ace, in his hospital room, near the end of the conversation. They made their agreement, but Whyte Thunder still had a heavy heart. He was affected by the fans' boos. He wasn't used to it. He didn't know how to react.

    And Lucian told him,
    "They don't know what they want."

    In this current moment, as a hardly tired Whyte Thunder continues pacing in the guerrilla room, he calms himself.

    "They don't know what they want....or maybe they do, and they've just changed what they want.

    He's resorted to talking to himself, and he walks out of the room and away from everyone. But he isn't walking to his locker room. No, he's walking out to the ring again.

    The boos restart, and Whyte Thunder scowls as he briskly walks to the ring. The ring announcer prepared to announce the next match, Whyte Thunder walks amid a sea of vile spewing from his former fans as he rolls into the ring and grabs the microphone.

    "I hear you...I HEAR ALL OF YOU!!! EVERY LAST PERSON!!! YOU WANT TO BOO ME?!?! F*** YOU!!!

    The crowd's boos grow louder as this keg is about to explode. Fans don't like being told those two words, and Whyte Thunder, having lost his cool, committed maybe the biggest sin of them all when it comes to performer and customer.

    "You've turned your back on me...just like Ryan Rondo did...just like Wolf did...just like everyone else...Xavier Xander Xerxes. Carmine "Grim" Reaper. Draven St. Germain. I thought...I thought I was finished...with trying to gain revenge against those who wronged me. I thought I was finished at Back in Business, when I dropped Ryan Rondo, had some DAMN REMORSE...and put the past in the past!!!

    Isn't that what we, as humans, should do?! Forgive and forget?! Well...where is it from you, huh?! No...wait, I ain't asking for forgiveness from you...because I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG!!!"

    The crowd then begins a "You laid down" clap, clap, clap-clap-clap chant. This only infuriates the former World Champion even more.


    "I had a heart...I showed care...for my Back in Business. But you people, you'd rather me F***IN' END HIM!!! You're used to be sooo sooo different. You used to have a heart, just like me. Oh used to have morals, you used to have a code, you used to understand when someone was being...unselfish."

    Whyte Thunder is pacing the ring as he speaks, nodding his head up and down as if to recall all of the crowd's sins in this epic tongue-lashing. Whyte Thunder is fuming, but he takes a deep breath, and lowers his voice. Then, he begins speaking at a slower pause, with even more pauses between words.


    "But one laying help someone...who NEEDED IT.

    Whyte thunder stresses the phrase "NEEDED IT" as he uses hand motions to emphasize his points.


    "Where would Jason Gryphon be?! You guys tell me...where would he be if not for that win?! That was a boost...that was a confidence jolt...that was a CAREER-SAVER! And I was the one who orchestrated it. But this isn't about Jason Gryphon, is it? This poor kid is getting dragged into this little war between Wolf and I. This is about Wolf...doing what he always does...and taking things a little too far. Yet, you guys are the ones who support it. You enable ALWAYS DID with him!!! When he was medical experts...NOT TO WRESTLE...he went out and wrestled anyways...and you cheered it. You have ALWAYS been there telling him to keep stepping over the line, no matter who it hurts...and this time, he hurt the integrity of this business, of my career and of another's accomplishments."

    The crowd then begins a "Cena Sucks!" chant directed at Whyte Thunder.


    "Yeah...hustle, loyalty and respect. I've got it. I've also got the three I's: intensity, integrity and intelligence. All Wolf has is intensity...ain't no integrity left after he decided to "retire" and never was any intelligence to begin with. Hustle...maybe...loyalty...hell no, he'd sell you guys out just like he did me...if it means he gets to keep pushing the damn envelope...and respect? You know the answer to this one.

    What about my motto: Heart of a Champion? Well...let's just say heart isn't about putting yourself first. I have a heart for this business, a heart for this company and a heart for the guys busting their asses. I thought you guys had a heart, too, but I guess somewhere along the way...your heart went a little rotten. Now you just want selfishness and shock and gore and all the glitz and glamour that comes with putting people down instead of propping them up. Wolf wants to talk about putting floaties on the kids and helping them swim...I'd rather do that then shove them into the deep end and laugh as they drown."

    The crowd continues booing as Whyte Thunder is now leaning over the ropes, his elbows against the threads, microphone hanging from his limp wrist. He snickers and snarls as the crowd continues booing, and he closes his eyes to try and contain his anger. He still isn't used to this reaction. After six years in the FWA, he's only had three or four months truly being booed, and back then, he expected it. This...this isn't a character...this is about a moral divide.


    "You want me to shove them into the deep end? Let's do it. The Mist gets his swing. The X-Champion, a title I held for a record eight months. Back when I was loved for my heart, back when YOU PEOPLE had a damn heart, I made that championship great...I bled for it, I cried over it. It was mine. the first concrete accomplishment I ever had in the FWA. Now it's The Mist's accomplishment, the thing he gets to show off and say, 'I AM THE X-CHAMPION!' I should feel a connection to this man...I should feel respect and admiration. He is in my legacy, in what I helped create, amid the likes of equal legends like Darnell Porter and Moira Crawford and Ryan Rondo and Alexx and so many others. I should be excited to wrestle this man, for the first time, and give them a showcase of past versus present.

    But I'm not. All I have my mindset on is DESTROYING this man. Because that's what YOU PEOPLE ask for. YOU want me to hold them down, shove them in the deep end and LAUGH as they drown. That's what you want, right?! You want me to kill the WILL of The Mist, make him look like James Syndicate...turn him into a life-long jobber...make his accomplishments, and all of his potential, a distant and foggy memory in the FWA's history. That's what you have asked for...A vile, cold killer. Not "The Guardian Angel." Not the superhero. Not even "The Golden One." But a heartless bulldozer, the object of your enjoyment and NOTHING more."

    As Whyte Thunder softens his voice, becoming more of a disappointed father than a screaming mother, he looks out to the thousands of fans filling the arena for this live FWA house show and connects with them on a heartbroken, hurt level. Like a puppy that was dropped on the side of the road by the 18-year-old boy he loved, gave everything for, waited for at the bus stop and cried when he went on summer camp each year.

    "I thought I was doing things the right way. Either I'm wrong, or I was wrong about all of YOU."

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    The somber arena is suddenly woken up by the intoxicating jingle of the imminent arrival of FWA debutant, Heatmaker. Brushing the black curtain to the side and stepping out on stage; Heatmaker drops to his knees holding sweets and lollipops in each hand. A cheesy grin plastered on his face as he gets back to his feet and waltzes down the ramp. The new comer receives a some what muted reaction as he stops to hand out the sweets and lollies to the out stretched hands of each little child as he goes; even stopping to kiss an infant baby and posing for a picture.

    The Heatmaker slides into the ring and starts running around like a school boy at Christmas; blowing kisses to the fans who don't seem as joyous as Heatmaker and they begin booing him. Heat stops in the center of the ring and gives a double thumbs up before collecting an awaiting microphone.


    Choo! Choo!

    Everything is Awesome and it is amazeballs tonight. But, it seems not everyone here is feeling the happiness just yet. But fear not. Keep Calm and Heat On, Heatmaker is here to bring the joy to all of your hearts. I know, I feel just as epic as you all do right now.

    People often ask me; Hey, Heat. Why are you so happy? Well it is quite simple really... You see...

    OMG! this little boy in the front row has a Heatmaker sign! He's on the Happy Train!

    Oh golly gosh. where are my manners. Where was I again? Oh yes! And that is why Heatmaker is always happy.

    Jewbert. I don't know much about you. But I can see just by looking you in the face just how happy you are. I mean, your THE Jewbert Jackson. I feel so happy to be facing such a legendary opponent for my first match. It, it makes me so happy that I feel like Twerking all night long to the brand new One Direction song.

    I am really sorry that you have to be the first person to lose to Heatmaker in FWA. So here, I signed this HAPPY TRAIN t-shirt for you. It says "To Jewbert Jackson, never give up, rise above hate. Your best friend in the whole world - Heatmaker"

    Now, don't go selling that on e-bay.

    Heatmaker extends his hand towards Jewbert Jackson.

    Hey, Jewbert. Have a good one.

    Heatmaker grins widely as Jewbert Jackson shakes his hand.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    We open to a dimly lit room which is basically furnished. A solitary wooden chair is adjacent to an old oak-coloured table. On the table there is one single white-wax candle (lit) and this is where the dim light is coming from. It isn't an eerie setting more so a basic setting. Sitting on the chair is none other than Danny Toner, the self-made millionaire and the greatest damn thing to hit FWA. He smiles showing a perfect set of white teeth.

    Danny Toner:
    "What is this, you may ask? What is the rags-to-riches, self-made millionaire, "got more money than you could care for" Danny Toner doing in the most basic, derelict of settings? Why isn't he shooting this video on a hi-tech camera in one of his luxurious homes or yachts? I'll tell you freakin' why; because even though I've climbed to the very peak of the financial world, because even though I have every woman in the United States trembling with lust and every man shaking with fear and admiration ... it all means nothing. Such is the nature of the wrestling business; the very business that I am dead set on conquering. In fact, some would say if it didn't happen in the realm of FWA, it didn't happen at all. That's why my setting is of the most stark contrast to what my real life actually represents because in this world I am nothing, I have nothing and mean nothing. Not being the focal point is something that has always irked me. I follow the spot-light, crave stardom and DEMAND attention. You don't know who I am or what I am but when The Greenback Boogie hits that PA System and I strut out onto that ramp I can safely predict something. I can guarantee every single set of eyes in that arena will be firmly on me. When I enter the arena nothing else will matter, everything else will be irrelevant and everyone else will be inferior because I'm Danny freakin' Toner and try as you might - you can't help but take notice of me. I'm sitting here announcing, admitting, that at the moment in FWA I am absolutely nothing but that's only a phase. As it happens, it's going to be a very short phase because in just four nights, at Fight Night, I walk down to the FWA ring for the very first time and I instantly become memorable. That's a promise I will keep. It's only going to be a matter of weeks before I cement my status in FWA and soon, very soon, I'll be a champion, a somebody. Remember; these are just words ... but people hear what they want to hear."

    Danny Toner winks at the camera before the video goes static.

    Join FWA =)

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    Pop is gay

    "Aerosmith have mercy on my soul...I f*ckin' hate rap."

    The icy words of a no-shit-taking, all-shit-talking, shoot-from-the-hip blond flamethrower. And that flamethrower isn't a wrestler, but a fighter.

    Shannon O'Neal is tending to her bumps and bruises from a disappointing FWA Women's championship match against Saddle Sally, the defending and still-reigning champion of all females in the FWA. Shannon gave her quite a battle, but a similar story to Trial By Fire, she looked out of place.

    Shannon didn't seem like she belonged "at the top" of the FWA women's division. She, more or less, seemed there "by default." These are the snarky comments from some of the pro wrestling experts and devoted fans. They're the ones not loving Shannon O'Neal's brawler style, especially in an era of pure indy wrestling. Shannon continues to cast aside any possible label of being a "wrestler." She was a "fighter" before signing with the FWA, fought her way through life and fought her way to a relative amount of success on the L.A. Strip's bar scene.

    She tested her hand in the Hollywood mixed martial arts scene, struggled, but kept with it. She has a puncher's mentality, not a grappler's one, and that alone has been the biggest deterrent from her achieving the success she is so absolutely confident can be a reality. She has accomplished small feats, such as defeating Mackenzie Roberts and all the other has-beens and future unemployed wrestlers, but she's without the staple victory for her FWA career.

    And she f*ckin' hates rap.

    "Can't stand it. Hate. Hate. Hate. More than Saddle Sally. Just can't stand it."

    Shannon O'Neal's rant is somewhat surprising to Robbins Thurgood, her confidant and best friend in the FWA. Thurgood, like always, wears a collaed shirt and tie with slacks and black dress shoes and socks. He's fumbling through a new ice bag for Shannon's ribs, which received a nice blue-and-black circle from the match.

    "The FWA has a rap girl. All is going to sh*t."

    "Why do you care about Beatrixx Black when you're going to face Zoey Ellis on Fight Night?"

    "I got Zoey Ellis for Fight Night?!?!"

    Shannon's expression changes from one seeking vengeance and holding disdain to one pleading for mercy and wishing for a different outlook.

    "They're sendin' me back down to the bottom."

    Robbins Thurgood laughs and shakes his head.

    "It's f*ckin' true, Robbie! This is what happened last time, ain't it?! I challenged for the belt, lost and all your little FWA buddies ain't believin' in me anymore. So they send Shannon back down, 'cause she ain't good enough."

    Shannon offers a blank stare down to the floor.

    "They sent me down to face this pop girl. Britney Spears meets Taylor Swift. You know what I think of when I see Zoey Ellis walkin' around, still cashin' the checks, going through the motions with her barbie doll make-up and sparkle eye shadow? I think of those bubble wraps you can spend hours popping for no reason except it makes a good sound. And I don't know why I think of this. I just do. I want to pop, Zoey Ellis, I guess. She seems poppy enough to pop. Glitter and glam.

    Well I'ma give her a wham, bam, thank 'ya, ma'am."

    Shannon looks up into the air and then turns to connect eyes with Robbins Thurgood, who has stopped cold and stays still with his mouth wide open for about six seconds. Just staring at his protegé.

    "Since it'll be a submission match...

    Maybe it's time you became...a wrestler."

    Shannon looks back at Robbins with a blank stare. Hoping to help her improve as a wrestler and better her chances going forward, Robbins placed a feeler with that last statement. But after five seconds of backtracking, and noticing Shannon O'Neal just a second away from giving the tongue-lashing of all tongue-lashings, he backs off.

    "Maybe not."

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    I look in the mirror looking at the scars on my face that were given to me by that sinister Jethro. I lightly touch the scars.

    Vincent: Jethro pulled the Kama that the traitorous bitch, Amber, stuck into my back, from his boot. I kicked him in the gut, grabbing it and tossing it into the ring. However, unbeknownst to me, Jethro had somehow pulled the hidden blades from my belt buckle. He must have pulled it while I was glaring at Amber. Anyways, when I turned my attention back to Jethro, he gave me these scars on my face.

    Anna (from the shower): Yeah, but you did pay him back later in the match.

    Vincent: That's true, and now he has a physical scar across his chest.

    Anna Kendrick turns off the shower and steps out allowing me to see her in all her glory.

    Anna: And by giving him that scar, you made sure he didn't walk out of Aftershock with the Championship that is rightfully yours.

    Before I can respond, we here a knock at the door of our private suite. Anna dries herself off as I head downstairs into the main room of the suite where River waits to meet me.

    Vincent: What's up?

    River: Well, FWA's next show is going to be in St. Paul, Minnesota. Near where your history with Jethro all began sir.

    Vincent: Is that so?

    Anna (coming down the stairs): I've been meaning to ask, what exactly is the history between you two? Because I only know what's been released to the public, and I best of all know to take anything that is reported through the media with a grain of salt.

    Vincent: Essentially, back in 1994, before I took control of the BIRD Empire, I was assigned to assassinate him. He was a kid at the time and it was his own parents that were the clients that contracted his death. I decided not to assassinate him, but instead use him as the paving stone to my ascension in becoming the current leader of the BIRD Empire.

    I instead assassinated his parents and blew up the then leader of the BIRD Empire. However, when I assassinated his parents, they were in the front seat of their car, their car ended up going into the intersection and they got t-boned by a pick-up truck. Jethro spent many years in a coma while I marched my way to my current throne, along the way I cleaned out the old guard.

    Anna: Oh my god

    Vincent: And in cleaning up the old guard and all of the allies of the old regime, I ended up getting kidnapped and experimented on by his insane scientist of an uncle.

    Anna: Was.... was that why you were at that abandoned hotel in Switzerland during the recent FWA European Tour?

    Vincent: Yeah, pretty much. Now I know that this is a lot to take in.

    River: Sorry to interrupt you boss, but you must know that your match at the next show, is directly after Jethro's match. You'll be facing one of FWA's recently signed Wrestlers, Caspian Campbel while Jethro faces the returning Sullivan.

    Vincent: Interesting. I'm not sure who has it worst. Me facing a rookie or Jethro facing someone who has been targeted by the returning Monster, Mac.

    River hands Vincent a tablet.

    River: Here is his FWA Dossier.

    Anna comes over and looks at the tablet over my shoulder.

    Vincent: Hmm... his real name is Damian Stannis Roode while “Caspian Campbell” is his stage name.

    Anna: It appears that he has many adult themed nicknames, he must be compensating for something.

    Vincent: Really? I've been through hardcore matches left and right. I've been to hell and back for the FWA, and they want me to face a porn star reject who is trying to cling onto the last remaining 15 seconds of fame.

    River chuckles.

    River: It's funny that you should mention 15 seconds. Scroll down.

    I scroll down and both Anna and myself sees one of Caspian's failed porn scenes showing that he blew his spot in less then 15 seconds.

    Anna: Oh god, that is really embarrassing.

    Vincent: You know, I'd rather face Dave and have to worry about interference from both Mac and Jethro then face that 15 second or less porn star reject.

    I continue to look at the history of Caspian that the FWA knows and the stuff that the FWA doesn't.

    Vincent: So, Caspian thinks that he is a skilled Submission Artist and a Brawler. Man, Caspian doesn't know shit about brawling let alone know how to properly make someone tap out.

    Anna: Perhaps that's why the FWA wants you to face Caspian. So you can show him the world of true hardcore pain, and not the 15 seconds he failed to experience in his previous job.

    I look up at Anna.

    Vincent: You might be right.

    Anna kisses me as River excuses himself from our suite. I pull Anna down onto my lap causing her to giggle as River closes the door behind him.

    [I WIN]

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    Jethro Warren vs. Dave Sullivan

    Pt. 1 – Drown

    Scenes from Aftershock fade in, in muted black and white. Scene after scene fades in and out perfectly synchronized to a muted drum beat. The opportune distraction from Jethro Warren's brother in arms, Trace, River with the save on Alester. Like a game of chess, the pieces fall into place. Jethro, with his sunken, obsessive eyes locked on the Mist, waits for the King piece to fall into mate. With a brilliant flash of color, Jethro clenches Mist and drops him with the Warren-Flowsion. Fade to black and white, once again. The drum beats grow louder and louder... louder as he grabs his vicious kama blade and goes in for blood. Perfectly synced with the drum beat, the white slowly flickers darker and darker into black...

    Langdon Trafford: The lights have gone out! Warren's got that vicious kama blade. We have a new... The lights are back on!!! It's...


    Warren attempts to fend off, the already bloodied, Vincent. The drums grow louder and faster, almost supersonic. Vincent blocks Jethro's kama blade strike, and with a brilliant flash of red across the screen, PHOENIX brings down the devastation of the Bird Empire. Vincent's zanpakutō slices deeply across Warren's chest. Blood pours everywhere as Vincent quickly crumbles to the mat, clutching his chest in agony.


    In brilliant black and red, Vincent continues to assault the wounded Warren. Security tries to separate the two men, all set to the backdrop of Mist retaining his X-Championship. Warren attempts to fight back, but Vincent clearly has the advantage. The movements start to flicker as the drum beat slows.......... with the chaos and carnage slowly fading to red.

    CUT TO:

    BACKSTAGE- Security has finally pulled Vincent away, but the chaos continues...

    Jethro Warren: GODDAMMIT, MOTHERF**KER!!!!

    Across the expanse of the main backstage area, Jethro staggers backstage, clutching his chest as he screams in agony.

    Jethro Warren: SON OF A BITCH!!!!!

    Jethro, with every part of his body below his neck covered in blood, stammers backstage, his blood soaked boots slip out from under him as he falls chest first on the concrete. Like a piece of raw, bloody meat, blood splatters everywhere from his still bleeding chest. The camera man quickly races over to the beaten X-Division challenger as Amber, with tears streaming down her face, and Trace race through the curtain to try to help Jethro.

    Amber Warren: Baby, please stop moving, let the EMTs help you

    Jethro Warren: I'M F**KING FINE!!!

    Jethro pushes away Amber and Trace as he slowly staggers to his feet and stammers his way down the hall, clutching his chest.

    Trace: Jethro, man... Stop!

    Jethro Warren: SHUT... ughhhh... THE FUCK UP... Traaaaace...

    Jethro stumbles, in near unconsciousness, and slams hard into a white brick wall. Blood smears all over the paint like a graphic horror movie scene. Two EMTs quickly race over to Jethro as he doubles over and slides down the wall. A camera finally gets close to Jethro as blood just gushes out of his chest. His skin is bright white due to all the blood loss. Jethro lulls his head up. His sunken, black eyes sink into the camera momentarily. He weakly growls.

    EMT: Jethro, you need to stop moving. You're going to die if you don't let me help you!

    The EMT attempts to put pressure on his chest to stop the bleed, but Jethro pie faces him and pushes him away.

    Jethro Warren: Get... THE F**K AWAY... ugh, son of a biiitch... GET THE F**K AWAY YOU A**HOLE!!!

    Jethro wheezes as he clutches his mortal wound. Again, he looks into the camera.

    Jethro Warren: youuuu... YOU MOTHERF**KER!!!

    Jethro grunts, as his sunken black eyes lull up into his head momentarily before locking back onto the camera.

    Jethro Warren: One of us is gonna end up dead..... DEAD YOU DUMBF**K!!! YOU... You were suppose to be............. *GGRRRRR* stepping stone to my greatness... Blood... blood f**king everywhere!

    Amber Warren: Baby... baby...... relax, we need to go to the hospital... Let the guy do his job.

    Jethro Warren: SHUT UP!!!

    Jethro weakly shoos Amber away as he slowly rounds and tries to pull himself back up. He groans in agony as he gets his feet back underneath him. He's still doubled over though. Trace pulls Jethro upright and props Jethro up. Amber sinks underneath his arm and clutches his chest. The EMT hands her a towel to try to absorb some of the blood.

    Jethro Warren: GODDAMMIT, I'M F**K... F**KING FINE!!! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU BLACK...............

    Jethro doubles over in pain. Amber slips on the blood, but holds tight to her husband.

    EMT: We need to go to the hospital, now!

    Trace: Come on, brotha. Walk with us.......

    Jethro Warren: I... ain't f**king done yet... Vincent............. I'm gonna kill you.......... I'M GONNA TEAR... your life stump from stump... I... will win this f**ker!! I WILL DEVOUR EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR......... I will...

    Jethro is so weak at this point from the blood loss, he can't hold himself up or keep his eyes open. Quickly... Trace and Amber lead him down the hallway.

    Jethro Warren: This... all this f**king blood is NOTHING! NOTHING!!! THE BLOOD OF your loved ones will drown... I WILL F**KING DROWN YOU!!!!

    Amber Warren: Jethro............. stop...

    Amber and Trace post up Jethro as they race down the hallway. The once white, brick wall and grey concrete floor now have congealed blood literally blanketing the scene. Undecernable screaming can still be heard down the hallway from Jethro as the scene fades to black.


    Pt. 2 - Value

    We fade in from black to the present. Fight Night Live, in St. Paul, Minnesota. The literal aftershock of Aftershock. Todd Salum is standing by, outside of Jethro Warren's locker-room with Warren's trusted confidant, Trace.

    Todd Salum: FWA fans, far be it from me to say, but in all my years working for the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance, I've seen few matches more outright violent, and a finish so disturbing and life threatening. Much less, literally come back nights later and wrestle again. Trace, Jethro has been very low key today both inside the arena, and on Twitter. I have to ask about his status.

    Trace: Status? You saw what Vincent did. How would you feel?

    Todd Salum: Couldn't even fathom getting sliced by Blackbird's sword... Will he be able to compete tonight?

    Trace: *chuckles* Man dude... most people wouldn't come back from that. You saw the footage FWA posted on their pay-per-view post show. It was hell just getting him to go to the hospital. He demanded a match.

    Todd Salum: Yeah, he's got Dave Sullivan tonight. Um, Trace, do you mind if we get a word with Jethro?

    Trace: Lemme check.

    Trace opens the locker-door slightly and leans his head in.

    Trace: Boss? … Alright.

    Trace pushes the door open and enters Jethro's locker-room, quickly followed by Salum, and the cameraman. Jethro is sitting on a plush, couch, already in his gear. A truly disgusting patchwork of heavy sutures criss-cross his chest. A noticeable bit of color has returned to his complexion, but his eyes still remain gaunt... and black. Amber, looking as if she's still slightly shaken up, sits on Jethro's lap. Her arms wrapped loosely around Warren's neck and chest.

    Todd Salum: Jethro... before I start, how are you feeling?

    Jethro Warren: Never f**kin' better...

    Jethro almost has a whisper-like quality to his voice. Obviously, he's still in great pain, and cannot speak at full volume.

    Todd Salum: Look, Jethro... I'm not going to lie to you. I was shocked seeing your name on the card tonight for Fight Night. Why are you so adamant about getting a match tonight?

    Jethro Warren: Shouldn't it be obvious? That X-Championship was mine... and Vincent took it and damn near killed me. I don't have the f**king time to mope around and take time to heal. I don't have time to bide my time like one of the other jackasses in this company. Every moment counts... Every second building to getting what's mine...

    Todd Salum: Fair enough... this week, you do have you hands full. Dave Sullivan is just as violent as Vincent, and just as sadistic as you are...

    Jethro Warren: Just as sadistic as I am... that's cute... As children we are taught the value of life... It's something both of us stopped giving a s**t about a long time ago. I don't care if my enemies, even people around me... suffer at the boot-heel of my greatness. Obviously, Dave's the same way... but that's where the similarities end. Everything Jethro Warren does is done according to plan... The next step... The next stepping stone to greater things. Sullivan, on the other hand, wants to waste his life, piddling away his life on the needle. Wasting away to nothingness, while Jethro Warren steps towards personal greatness. To him, people are shadows... nothing between him and his fix... to me, people are things... pawns, victims, stepping stones... Temporarily useful, utterly disposable. There is no comparison beyond the lack of respect... for that very value most hold very dear.

    Jethro grabs his e-cigarette of the end-table, adjacent to the couch. It's blue tip dimly lights as he takes a drag off of it.

    Jethro Warren: Trust me Dave... tonight, you are just a pawn... and while I grant you the serenity you're looking for. Oblivion... It is not granted as a gift. *chuckles* To me, you're just a junkie... without value or worth... and that's exactly how I'm going to treat you. Not as an equal, as an opponent, or even a thing that shares a trait with me... You're a message. A series of letters and actions... Vincent... what I do to Dave Sullivan tonight... Is just a message... a physical demonstration of how I will tear your life limb from limb... stump to stump... I will drown you, Vincent... It's too late to save yourself, or anything you hold dear. Sullivan is just the beginning, and you'r life is the coda...

    Jethro exhales a mass of water vapor from his e-cigarette.

    Jethro Warren: Todd, you got what you wanted... Trace, kick him out.

    Without warning, Trace grabs Todd by the scruff of his smart blazer and drags him out of the locker-room, pushing him out into the hallway before shutting the door on him. Todd, looks at the door, dumbfounded, for a moment, as he straights his suit jacket out.

    Todd Salum: That was a little scary.........

    The camera quickly shoots down and to the left. Cut to black.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    The Big Man in the Big House

    Behind The Steel, Behind The Bars
    I Feel So Strange, Like A Man On Mars
    Yet I Feel At Home With These Lost Soul
    All Of Whom Have Played Societies Roles
    Although They May All Be A Bit Uncooth,
    The Time Has Come To Learn The Truth.

    We are two days removed from the chaos that was Aftershock and FWA continues the move towards a new direction as Shane McClean retained his championship inside of the Triple Cage Match. That is not the only big story coming out of Aftershock though. Jason Gryphon appeared to have had a psychotic break as he wrapped his arms around Ryan Hall’s body and flung himself down three stories to make sure than Ryan Hall would not regain the World Championship. That was two days ago but right now, another day has begun in Minnepolis, Minnesota and the people of this cold and dank city are continuing to go about their normal lives as one man is stuck inside of the big house. After his brutal fall inside fo the Triple Cage Match at Aftershock, Jason Gryphon fell even further. He is a man that has been used to be the best of things his entire life but after Aftershock, the love and admiration of his fellow Gryphons was replaced by the distain of fellow inmates who have been locked up for various reasons. Jason was arrested for the destruction of a 200 year old statue of Jesus Christ inside of a Minnesota Balisica. Sometimes in moments of passion and fury, you do not think about the consequences your actions but that is not usually the way the North American Championship works. He is usally a right mind about everything that he does. He even plans out his meals and clothing two weeks in advance. Something is obviously wrong with the leader of the Gryphonism religion. He has been in the slammer for the past two days after his arraignment waiting for someone to post his bail. There has been no word from Jason since he was thrown behind the steel bars of the Minneapolis Jail. Outside of the jailhouse, dozen of Jason’s followers have formed a protest outside of the building demanding that their hero be released from his incareration. This is not the only happening outside of the jail, a limo has just pulled up outside of the jailhouse and as the driver comes around and opens the door. A elderly man has gets out of the limo and when his face meets the sun, it is plain to see that the man is none other than Anthony Gryphon, Jason Gryphon’s father. Anthony is a very famous celebritiy lawyer that has made a fortune off of the misery of celebrities that have fallen from grace. It appears that he is now here to do the same for his son who appears to have taken a figurative fall right after he made a quite literal one at Aftershock. Anthony Gryphon, in a suit that probably costs more than a used 2005 Ford Mustang, walks inside of the jail house and makes his way up to the front desk as he surveys the chaos that is going on around him. Anthony walks up to the Desk Sargent and slams his briefcase up on the desk.

    Anthony Gryphon:
    My name is Anthony Gryphon and I am here to post bail for my son so if you would be so kind to go fetch him for me.

    The Desk Sargent picks up a stack of papers and begins to go through the paper.

    Desk Sargent:
    Who is your son?

    Anthony Gryphon:
    I truly hope that the requirements for the detective exam aren’t as hard as finding a piece of paper with the name of two people who happen to share a last name.

    Desk Sergeant:
    Now listen here bub…

    Anthony Gryphon:
    No! You listen to me, if you do not bring my son out to me at this very instance, I am going to slam this department with a lawsuit so big that it will make the text books for the next millennia! Now GO GET MY SON!

    Desk Sargent:
    Alright, calm down, who Is your son?

    Anthony Gryphon:

    Desk Sargent:
    Oh, THAT guy.

    Anthony Gryphon:
    What do you mean, “That Guy?”

    Desk Sargent:
    The guy that won’t shut up about his phony baloney religion.

    Meanwhile in the back of the jail facility, Jason Gryphon is not just sitting around and waiting for something to happen. He has decided to make the most of his time while he has been locked up. He is sitting on the cold concrete of his cell and in the cells that surround him, the prisoners are doing the same. You have drunk college kids, gangbangers, and all around scum of the universe, sitting on the floor of their cells while Jason Gryphon is talking to them about their lives and trying to save their lost souls. There is a bandage around his ribs that are trying to help him heal from his brutal fall that he took at Aftershock.

    Jason Gryphon:
    …and that is how the power of Gryphonism can be used to save your souls. Right now all of you are on the path of damnation but you cannot recognize it. Whether you use the grape to hide your pain or you use guns against your fellow man because they are wearing a different color from you, or you just want someone to feel the pain that you feel every day, you have the power to change your life. You have all been taught from a very young age that you have to play a certain role in society but I am here to tell you that the role that you are playing has been miscast. You cannot live your life based on what someone else has wanted you to be. I know that of which I speak. From a very young age I was told by my father that I HAD to follow in him footsteps and be a lawyer. I was destined to fulfill some sort of preordained prophecy about him having an heir to his throne. It was the one thing that I had been taught but when I had the conciseness to think for myself, I realized that being a lawyer was the last thing that I wanted to be. I wanted to be an archeologist and I wanted to be responsible for bringing treasures back to the forefront after they had been buried for thousands of years…or at least that is what I thought that I wanted. When I lost my wife, when she was taken from me, I fellow into a depression so deep that I never thought I would be able to dig myself out of. I just wanted to lay in one of those holes that I had made in the Earth and wait for someone to cover me with dirt so I could be with her again. I soon realized that being an archeologist was just the Gryphon’s way of getting me to him. When I found that golden idol of the Gryphon, it was if I had been struck by lightning. Suddenly, I had an ephinany about what my true calling in life was. It was to honor my wife and do something that would truly make her memory mean something. That is why I chose to fight, because the Gryphon, pointed me in the right direction, and he can do it for you too.

    Frat Boy #1:
    Oh for God’s Sake would you just shut the hell up! For the past to days all that you have done is talk about your dead wife and some made up Mythological creature and I am sick and tired of it. You are such a loser! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!

    Suddenly the second Frat Boy that is in the same cell with the first one grabs his friend by his hair and smashes his face into the bars, breaking the first one’s nose, the blood begin to pour from it causing the young drunkard to pass out from the pain.

    Frat Boy #2:
    Please continue me Mr. Gryphon.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Thank you Skip, you have just taken the first step toward becoming a Gryphon. We are all behind these bars because we did not think about the consequences of our actions. We thought that we could get away with our crimes and just go about our daily lives but that is not the case in the world that we live in. As we move forward, we must pay for the consequences for our actions, we have to move forward. That is what life is about, the cause and effect. The cause of myself getting locked up was because I went into a church and expressed my feelings about the God of Christianity and unfortunately my use of expression caused me to smash a 200 year old statue. Now as I sit in here locked up away from those that mean the most to me, I am asking all of you to think about how your actions are going to affect the world thats around you. Fate has lent all of you a hand today by putting me in the same cell block as all of me. I am here to help you. I was put here to show you lost souls the way to get back on the straight and narrow. You can cast aside the sins of your past and embrace the Gryphon. He has the power to make you a better man, just like he has done with me. He has made me, stronger, faster, and he has made me a champion. When you accept him into your heart, you will be able to cast aside the shackles of humanity and become something better! Do you think that a mere mortal could have survived a three story fall? No, they would have been nothing but a meat sack rotting in the middle of the ring. He helped me survive because he needed me to continue my good works and good deeds by bringing more and more people to praise his name. He wanted me to bring his message to all of you. Skip has shown that he has the power of the Gryphon inside of him by shutting up that drunken fool. Rocco, you are as being as a mountain but as stubborn as an ox. I can tell you that those people that you run around with do not care about you. You are mere muscle to them as they go about spreading their poisons to the addicted. The Gryphon will make both of you better than what you are, he can help you let go of your humanity and become all powerful Gryphons!

    Gryphon smiles the criminals in the holding cells begins to clap for his words. He knows that his words are begin to affect these poor unfortunate souls.

    Jason Gryphon:
    It is our humanity that made up do these fool hardly things and even I have been limited by the human emotions that run through my body. I have tried to rise about those petty thing like jealously and hatred so that I can become closer to the Gryphon but sometimes as we look at the world that we live in, the one thing that you can do is to try to rise above what is in front of us. Case in point, two days ago I was inches away from claiming my dream as I stood on top of the Triple Cage. I mean I could see my face in the golden face of the title as I stood in front of me. However, from behind came an obstacle from my past that tried to put the brakes on my rise to glory, that obstacle was none other than Ryan Hall. I thought that “The Last King” was in my past but sometimes the past likes nothing better than to come up and bite you on the ass. I thought that after I took the World Championship from Hall that all of my trouble with him would have been over and down with but that was not the case. The very second that I saw Hall coming up from behind me and putting his hands on the World Championship, something snapped inside of me. I knew that if I did not act, then everything that I had done over the past month would have been for nothing. I made sure that Ryan would not become a championship again by wrapping my arms around him as tight as I could and by flinging myself off the top of that solid steel structure. Our bodies were pressed together as we literally fell from grace before crashing to the mat. I acted without thinking about the consequences. Sometimes the world will applaud you for that and sometimes you just so happen to wind up in a place like this. In order to make Earth a better planet for us all, you must be willing to make sacrifices. Are you willing to do that boys?

    Jason gets to his feet as he looks over at the two cells that are next to him. Skip and Rocco stand to their feet and give a simultaneous, “YES!” Gryphon smiles widely as he knows that he has saved two lost souls today in a place where people’s soul come to die far too often. He reaches across to hold Rocco’s hand as a tear begins to form on the mountainous man’s eyes.

    Jason Gryphon:
    It’s Ok Rocco, I have seen bigger men than you come to tears over the truth. The truth is that sacrifce is what makes us Gryphon’s better than humanity. We are willing to do what must be done in order for things to get better. Human’s are a vain and selfish people that have done nothing to stop the destruction of this planet. This is why we are going to continue to fight to make sure that the worst of human kind do not continue to get the rewards they should not get. They will not get the spotlight, they will not get the admiration, and they will not get the gold. That is the message that I sent on Sunday when I was willing to put my dreams in hold in order to save this world for the carnage of having someone like Ryan Hall as champion would bring. Now, I know that I am not done with Ryan Hall, he is going to want his pound of flesh for what I have done to him over the past month but I can tell you that I am no longer afraid of him. No matter what the sinners and the non-believers would have you say, I am ready to go up against the best that this world has to offer in order to save my Gryphon’s one ounce of pain. People like Whyte Thunder and Wolf can run their mouths about me but I do not give a damn about their words because if they can ignore everything that I have done over the past year, then they are both fools, and if you take the words of fool to heart, than you are one yourself. I have challengers coming at me for all sides but I have something that they do not. I have a legion that are willing to stand up and fight for me. I can hear them from outside screaming for me, demanding that I be released. Soon, their cries will be answers and when I am free, I shall free those that have believed in me! Freedom for one Gryphon, means FREEDOM FOR ALL!

    As Skip and Rocco stand up and cheer for Jason, the large steel doors to the Cell Chamber opens and his father and the Desk Sargent come into the room. They walk over and the Sargent unlocks Gryphon’s cell.

    Desk Sargent:
    Gryphon, you’re bail has been posted so for once, just shut up and get out of my jail.

    Jason Gryphon:
    I leave you now my Gryphons but remember that there is nothing getting in his life than to Be A Gryphon! Follow the path and salvation shall be yours.

    Skip and Rocco get to their feet and begin to chant, “Be A Gryphon” as Jason walks out of the room. The Desk Sargent begins to order them to shut up as they continue to chant louder and louder as Jason and his father walk out of the room.

    Anthony Gryphon:
    My son, the jailbird, I didn’t think you had the power to embarss me anymore than you possible had when you because a “wrassler” but somehow you always seem up to the challenge of making yourself you foolish.

    Jason Gryphon:
    I do apologize for having to bring you into this situation father but I am not sorry that I was locked up. It has given me a chance to show the world just how devoted my Gryphon’s are to the cause. I was in jail for two days and I converted two new people to the cause with just my words, no action was needed and thanks to your being here. I am sure that TMZ and other media outlets are outside waiting to see what is going to happen next.

    Anthony Gryphon:
    I know that, God forbid that your mother was alive to see you bring such disgrace on our family.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Mother was the one that always told me to follow me dreams and now I am doing just that. You can continue to make your living off of the suffering and misery of others but I have a different calling. I was put on this Earth to teach the Salvation of the Gryphon. He has given me a voice with which to scream his message and I am not going to let him down. Thank you for being yourself though, I knew that you could never doing anything “selfless” without bring a legion of people for a press conference but these camera are for me.

    The Gryphon’s open the door to the jailhouse and Anthony has a irriated look on his face as he standing in front of all of the televsion cameras that are there to see him rescue his son from the horrible conditions of the prison cell. Anthony advises Jason to get into the car but the younger Gryphon is not done with his preaching as his followers, who were protesting, a second ago, come over to give him a loving embrace.

    Jason Gryphon:
    My Gryphon’s, Thank you for being here on the day of my liberation! We are standing on the threshold of the evolution of our species and the world needs to see the power of the Gryphon! I am here to say that in front of all of these cameras that today is the day to abandon the Gods of old! Where is your God when your oceans are being poisoned and tree are being leveled to make way for another mini-mall that you do not need? Where is your Muhammad when corrupt corporations and politicians allow for carbon monoxide to be pour into our skies and cause Global Warning? Where is your Vishnu when children are being tortured and brainwashed in Africa? They are nowhere and it is time for you to stop believing in Gods that do nothing to help while you beg for them to intervene. The only way our planet is going to survive extinction is to abandon the worthless relics of yesteryear and movie into the future. Ladies and Gentlemen of the media, THE GRYPHON IS THE FUTURE! My name is Jason Gryphon and I am the FWA North American Champion! I have fought for everything that I have ever gotten and now it is time for all of you who have never watched the FWA before to tune in this Friday Night. There I will put on a display that truly shows why it will be in this planet’s best interest to listen to my words and act on the future. This week I will put my championship on the line against a man that is the abidamy of what I am fighting against and that man’s name is Drew Stevenson. Life is about actions and consequences but Drew has never payed the price for his role in the theft of the X-Title. On Friday, Drew will finally have to pay the his crimes. His actions will finally have consequences and those consequences mean getting his ass handed to him in front of the entire world!

    The crowd instantly boos the name of Jason’s challenger on Fight Night to the delight of the man himself, who climbs up onto the top of his father’s limo and continues to preach to the converted.

    Jason Gryphon:
    It was mere months ago that Drew Stevenson and I faced off against each other in a ladder match. It was a stipulation that I picked in order to showcase my abilities. I did just that in the match but my hubris caught up to me when I took my eyes off the ball for one moment. When Jimmy King put a plan in motion to get my championship off of me, it succeeded because he knew I was having my problems with Ryan Hall at the time. The moment that Ryan Hall’s music hit, I took myself mentally out of the match and the only thing that matter to me was getting my hands on Hall for that moment in time. I did not care about Drew Stevenson, I did not care about the match, and I did not care about the X-Title. That was my mistake and it cost me dearly. Drew Stevenson took advantage of the situation and stole the X-Title from me on that night. Those moments when I had to slide of out of the ring without my championship because of mistake that I made were some of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. That was because I felt like I had let all of you down and that is something that I cannot live with. I wanted more than anything to get back into the ring with Drew and get my rematch so I could reclaim what was mine but I was shot down my the establishment. After that loss, I put everything that I had into making myself a better wrestling and a better person because I didn’t want to fail again. I have done that and I stand here before you as the FWA North American Champion. I have evolved to the next step in my career and that is something that Drew cannot say. Drew has been with the company longer than I have but as you can see, I have overlapped him when it comes to being the better competitor. Drew has been riding that victory for months. He has failed to do anything of any significance since that day!

    Jason wipes the sweat from his brow as his follower begin to surround the limo to listen to his preach his gospel about Drew Stevenson as he talks about this history with the man he will face on Fight Night.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Drew won the X-Title from me and then turned the championship into some sort of abomination called the Emerald Championship. He made my champions into a tribute for himself because he got lucky once. He turned it into a joke. That is Drew Stevenson in a nutshell. He gets lucky once and he does nothing afterward to keep that momentum going. I have done everything that I can move past that loss and transform myself into the man that you see before you. Drew is still the same small petty little man that is begging for someone to look at him and give him the time of day. Sadly for him, the establishment is finally giving him what he so desperately seeks. He is on the main event of Fight Night, in a championship match, but he has to face a brand new Gryphon. I have become better than I once was as I am not longer a man, I am a Gryphon! I am the embodiment of the Lion and the Eagle and I have transformed all of you! I have overlapped and overtaken Drew in everything that he has done! He has been stagnating while I have been thriving. I have gone toe to toe with World Champions and I have beaten them. I am the one that ending Ryan Hall’s reign of terror, something that Chris Kennedy and WOLF couldn’t do. I was the first man to put a dent into the reign of Shane McClean. I should be the #1 Contender for the World Championship right now but I have other things on my mind. My mindset right now is very similar to what it was the last time that Drew and I faced off against one another but history will not repeat itself. Ryan Hall could step foot in the ring as I am beating Stevenson from pilar to post and it will not affect me. My one concern tonight is about correcting a mistake from my past and when I put my mind on something, nothing can stop me, especially not a self serving egomaniac like Stevenson. Let me ask all of you, WHAT HAS DREW DONE?!?! Why does he deserve a shot of our championship? The truth is HE DOESN’T DESERVE IT! Drew, I know that somewhere you are watching this so listen up, for the past 6 months, you have been riding the coattails of your one lucky night against me but this week on Fight Night “Emerald”, YOUR LUCK HAS RUN OUT!

    The crowd in atttendance joyfully cheers for Jason as he walks over to the back of the limo and falls off of it, into the waiting arms of those that believe in him. The crowd lifts Gryphon high above their heads and Jason crowd surfs off into the distance, ready for his championship match.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    How Mackenzie Got Her Groove Back:

    A dark room. Of course no light is being shown. A single chair sits in the middle of the room as the camera man turns on the overhead light so we can actually see something. As the light starts to lighten the room we see a woman starting to walk into the room from the corner. She has a black dress on and she has a veil over her head. She walks then sits down on the chair and she reaches down and hits play on a CD player and the funeral march starts to play. It is loud at first but she quickly reaches down and she turns it down. She then speaks and as she speaks we know that it is Mackenzie Roberts.

    Mackenzie Roberts: The death of Mackenzie Roberts has happened hasn’t?

    Mackenzie bows her head and turns the music off and shakes her head.

    Mackenzie Roberts: Mackenzie Roberts doesn’t have it anymore. Everything that she has worked for has gone out the window. She will go down in history as the woman that used to be good that used to be Women’s Champion but once she lost the title she became a useless piece in the FWA. She is a piece that can be thrown out and a new piece can come in and take her place and no one needs to think of her anymore. Not even speak her name she is out, she is no longer what the FWA needs. Someone with such a huge ceiling has crashed down to the floor and went all the way down to the basement.

    Mackenzie nods her head and looks at the camera. The veil still on and she sighs.

    Mackenzie Roberts: Here lies Mackenzie Roberts. She can’t hack it anymore. She should only be a manager now. Everyone warned her when she decided to be a wrestler that she wouldn’t be good. Yeah there might be some highs in her wrestling career but after that there would be a lot of downs. She won’t be able to succeed. Even if she ever touched the Womens’ Title that would be it. She would hold it once and that was it. She isn’t good she isn’t smart and she sure as hell doesn’t have the looks. She is a Barbie plain and simple. The FWA is moving on from that she has no place here. Good riddance to the Queen Bitch of the FWA.

    Mackenzie reaches down and he she grabs the CD Player and chucks it across the room and it breaks upon impact on the wall. She then reaches behind the chair and she grabs a tiara and she looks at it. She then rips the veil off and puts the tiara on.

    Mackenzie Roberts: I’m better than this! The demise of Mackenzie Roberts is a little over done in my eyes. Oh of course the past few weeks I have sucked, I have looked bad and I have looked like a Barbie in that ring. I’ll take the heat for it, and I will take the ribbing for it.

    Ever since I lost MY title I have become nothing but a cog in the wheel. Nothing but a woman that can’t step in that ring and do things. I know that and I know that I need to work harder but when people who just came into the FWA or just came back to the FWA can get a title shot over me it kind of eats at me. I should have come back here and not needed to earn a shot. I shouldn’t have needed to face Shannon O’ Neil for what is mine. I should have just walked up and faced Saddle Sally at Aftershock and beat her for MY title.

    Mackenzie shakes her head.

    Mackenzie Roberts: Oh I know I get to face Saddle Sally on Fight Night. How grand but the title isn’t on the line. Why? Saddle Sally knows that if that title was on the line I’d beat her. I’d prove to her that I’m still better than her. I could have one arm tied behind my back and I’d still beat her.

    Mackenzie puts her hand up to her mouth and shakes her head.

    Mackenzie Roberts: Wait! I hope FWA management didn’t hear that because they will make me do exactly that.

    But no worries it is fine. I don’t care what the FWA does to me because I will come back for what is mine. The cowgirl bitch shouldn’t be holding that title. She just holds it because the FWA felt bad for her for being here so long and not holding anything except Zaire Wyomings junk and hunny let me tell you that is nothing to smile at. He might be able to work it but when it comes down to it he comes up a little short. Just like she will when I face her at Fight Night. Oh of course the fans are going to want her to beat me because well I’m a bitch and no one likes me and everyone thinks that I should just walk away from this company. But the funny thing is I’m not going to leave I’m going to keep doing what I am right now. I’m going to get my groove back and I’m going to get my title back. No one can stop me it is as simple as that. I will by the end of the year win what is mine. Saddle Sally has no shot at Fight Night. Then the FWA is going to have to put me back in the title picture. Saddle Sally is a paper champion and she can’t beat anyone all she did was get lucky against Shannon and that won’t happen against me. I will make her bleed tonight oh and no it isn’t her time of the month.

    Mackenzie winks.

    Mackenzie Roberts: No one in the FWA gets me, only my boys and one other man does. He will be on our side, he will be the light of the FWA. Just the management doesn’t see it yet.

    Saddle Sally better be ready cause the bitch is back.

    Mackenzie smiles and blows a kiss to the camera as it fades to black.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    "Take me out to the ball game" the organ version is playing as Saddle Sally walks outside Target Field in Minnesota. She is wearing a Twins baseball shirt, that is a bit revealing showing off her navy blue bra. She has on high socks that are modified to look like baseball socks with high heels. Her knee brace is underneath one of her socks but her legs look as toned and sexy as ever. Her shorts are tight and are causing a lot of men and women behind her to take double takes as Sally walks with the camera almost like she's on some sort of travel channel show.

    Sally: Howdy ya'll I'm right here at Target nestled here in the twin cities of Minnesota. This is where the Twins come every year to disappoint their fans, but that's alright 'cause today they will have some entertainment that won't disappoint!....Me!

    Sally motions for the cameraman to follow her which he gladly does as she struts through the ticket gate and into the bustling stadium. She turns and begins to walk backwards flawlessly in her heels as she speaks into the camera.

    Sally: This year hasn't been a great year fer' baseball. It's America's pastime but it's havin' trouble competin' due to it's higher ticket sales, outrageous parking prices, concessions and the feelin' that one game doesn't make too much of a difference. If ya'll ask me the season should be shorter, but who am I to talk? I come from a sport that goes all year round. Course I am a part of a sport bigger than America, it's a damn international phenomenon. Still, Accordin' to Yahoo Sports ticket sales are down a almost 7%. Ya' might wanna blame to economy on that but actually whether Republicans like to admit it or not Obama's economy has been on the uptick. It's not that Americans don't have money, it's that they'd rather spend it on somethin' a bit more engagin' and I can't blame 'em.

    Sound of a batter being struck out is heard, the crowd applauds.

    Sally: Now other than our sports greatness over this one's what does baseball have to do with the FWA? Or better yet what does it have to do with my match this week against Mackenzie Roberts? Well a lot actually. In fact it has a lot to do with my match against Mackenzie and a match that will be takin' place later in the evening one between Beatrixx Black and Dinorah Redgrave. This is an important week fer' me here in the FWA, it's my past and my future collidin' all in one night!

    Ya' see I'll never pass up a chance to take on Mackenzie inside the ring. Never! That woman has earned bruises for a lifetime fer' the way she tried to destroy my marriage. And I've tried to be Christian and forgive and forget but I jus' can't forget. The scars will always be there, and I'll always be glad to add on a few new scars to her body when I take her on. Mackenzie knows she's screwed, she knows she doesn't have a snowball's shot in Hell of beatin' me. I'm on a hot streak right now and she's 'bout to get burned to a crisp! Does she actually think she has a chance against me? I'm the FWA Womens Champion, I ain't the gal she tried to stomp out last year, nah I'm a lean, mean fightin' machine! I the curveball slider to her up and easy. She ain't got a chance, I'm gonna wail on her like a manager would against home plate!

    Sally stops to admire her surroundings as a batter strikes the ball, it's a grounder to the shortstop. The runner tries to sprint to first but it's no use the shortstop gets the ball to the first baseman and that is the 3rd out. The inning is over, it's now time for the Minnesota Twins to take the bat. The crowd applauds.

    Sally: Speakin' of home plate, did ya'll know that in 2014 the MLB decided that it was "too dangerous" to allow home plate collisions anymore. Players gotta slide in. What a pathetic bunch of hogwash! These aren't baseball players anymore, they're golfers with bigger clubs. They're soft, weak, and out of date. And America is slowly gettin' sick of them. Jus' like I'm sick of Mackenzie Roberts. She struts 'round with the biggest and baddest team at the moment, she aligns herself to whichever she thinks will help her win, but it's bull, it's common, she's a fraud. She's jus' another AAA athlete tryin' to make it in the big leagues and she's out of her depth!

    She is a right handed pitcher with a bad back, wet glove and a broken finger! And I am the slugger, Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Hank to slam a line drive right into her skull! 'Cept in the ring it ain't a ball or a bat it's my fist and my knee!

    Mackenzie Roberts, think that I am going to slow down jus' cause I'm winnin' she's hopin' that somehow I've gotten complacent. But she's wrong, so very, very wrong 'cause now I am more hungry than ever to win. To stay strong so that when people look back at my reign they see that I wasn't some fly by night champion. I wasn't a fluke, I was the New York Yankees, the St. Louis Cardinals! And not the Washington Senators or the Cleveland Indians! Mackenzie I will make ya' wish you'd never thought it'd be clever to try and lure my husband away from me! Oh, I'm gonna make ya' so sorry all over again! There will never be enough times I can beat yer' brains out! There will never be enough blood to satisfy my hankerin'! O' child yer' in fer' one hell of a beatin' on Friday! I'm gonna give ya' what baseball players like to call a real raspberry!

    Sally peers out onto the field as she walks down another level closer to the baseball diamond. The Twins are up to bat and right away the Twins batter hits a pop up and is called out. The crowd grumbles a bit as the next batter enters. As Sally walks down closer towards the front row seats you can see all the people staring at her great figure. One young boy reaches out to touch her and her mother yanks his hand away. Another mother covers both her daughter and her husband's eyes. Sally just confidently walks up to a man selling salted peanuts and takes some. The man is too awe struck to ask her for money.

    Sally: I love salted peanuts. Best part of the game, best baseball snack food out there. I know I shouldn't have many, they ain't good fer' my blood pressure but I've gotta indulge myself a bit. I'm still young...ish.

    Sally begins to suck on the salted peanut in a rather...suggestive way. She licks them and drops them to the ground, licking her fingers and stroking the peanuts in and out of her mouth while she moans (in satisfaction?) as she licks them she also licks her salty fingers, pushing her finger deep into her mouth and stretching her tongue over them. She sees a man whose mouth is wide open sitting in the chair staring up at her. She hands him the bag of peanuts.

    Sally: Bust a few nuts for me sweetheart, I might come back for 'em.

    Sally gets close to the net that protects against foul balls and continues to talk to the camera.

    Sally: Now as easy as Mackenzie is gonna be, and she will be easy...I gotta look to the future as well. That was that past and future stuff I was talkin' 'bout earlier. See Beatrixx Black and Dinorah Redgrave are goin' head to head this week and the winner gets to face me. That should be mighty interestin'. Beatrixx is a rookie, but I got a feelin' she's 'bout to show the world. Maybe it won't be this week but it's comin' she's on the horizon and I gotta keep an eye on her. She really could surprise some folks. Then ya' got Dinorah Redgrave I've had a lot of run ins with this lady, and I gotta say she's got talent. But she ain't better than me, not now. Still they both are out there, they're gettin' close I'm gonna be goin' against one of them soon. And I gotta' be honest, I can't wait. I really can't wait to face 'em 'cause I want to show the world what I'm made of.

    That's why I'm makin' this video, sure I always have fun trash talkin' with Mackenzie 'cause she's trash and I like to kick her 'round like an empty soup can but I always wanted to put my chips on the table a bit. Whoever wins this week between Beatrixx and Dinorah I wanna take on next week. I dont wanna wait until Red, White and Bruised. Sure one of them can face me them, but I'm itchin', I'm rearin' to get my hands dirty right here and right now! So whoever wins I wanna next week! Title match, make it happen management, shoot...ya'll think I'm playin' 'round out here. But this ain't baseball, we don't spend the length of a woman's pregnancy to find out whose got the stuff, we do it here in the now, 'cause we aint' some pansy sport where you only run in short bursts and ya' can't even ram into someone at home plate. This is a contact sport, and I love livin' up to that description.

    A Twins player makes a big hit to the wall, it doesn't go over but it's more than enough for him to make first base. But in a surprise move the runner tries to get to second base, it's clearly a bad choice as the right fielder has more than enough time to get it to the second baseman. Now the runner is trapped in a pickle, and while he fights the inning is quickly over as it's now out number 3. Sally grins as it's time for the 7th inning stretch.

    PA: Alright ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the 7th inning stretch!

    The song "Take me out to the ball game" begins to play and everyone stands up to sing. Sally joins in with them, but as she does this she walks back up the steps to a designated space inside the halls of the stadium. She is handed a bat by an FWA plant and in rolls in a styrofoam model of Mackenzie Roberts painted cheaply.


    Sally begins to smash into the model with her bat, first knocking off Mackenzie's arms with fervor. She begins to hit her on beat with the song.


    Sally takes her bat and caves in the stomach and chest of Mackenzie's model


    Sally prances around gracefully in her heels and then hits Mackenzie with three hard blows across the torso and waist...


    Sally clobbers Mackenzie's model head with the bat sending it flying off the body and into the stands. A woman screams as the fake head lands in her lap. Sally giggles


    Sally puts down her bat and stares into the camera with a big devious smile.

    Sally: Yippie Yippie Ki Hi Yay!

    Sally walks away as people in the arena begin to applaud her...and her assets as she kisses the air like she just hit a home run.

    Saddle Sally 3x FWA Womens Champion
    2013 & 2014 FWA Women Wrestler of the Year

    The Semi-Published Works of iMatt

    "An Affair of the Youth" feature film production journalElsa, The Great (Frozen fanfic)

    Walt County

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    Memories of the Insane Part Six

    It has been about one week since your arrival back to Alester. Right now, the both of you are outside, Alester allowed you to rest after the incident, and this is your first day of training. The sky was filled with clouds, thick, grey, they cover most of the sky, blocking out the sun. Because of the clouds, even though it's barely the afternoon, it looks like the evening. Thunder rumbles off in the distance.

    Alester: Jacob, are you paying attention?

    You: Huh? Oh y-yes!

    Alester: Alright then, this being your first day of training, I'll go easy on you. Front leaning rest position...move!

    You scramble down the ground, staying in a push-up position, your arms fully extended. The seconds go on, Alester just pacing back and forth in front of you.

    Alester: When I say down, go down, when I say up, go up, and yell what number you're on. Down!

    You go down.

    Alester: Up!

    You go up.

    You: One!

    This same process continues until you reach fifty, you began slightly struggling at around twenty-five. Your sweat drips onto the ground, being absorbed into the dirt. You finally collapse onto the ground and fifty.

    Alester: Get back up!

    You: I can't!

    Alester: If you can't do 100 push-ups, then it's 200 sit-ups!

    You: F-Fine!

    You struggle to get up and continue, finally reaching your breaking point at eighty-two, falling to the ground.

    Alester: Alright, you couldn't do 100, so lie down, knees bent.

    You do so as Alester walks up to you, standing on top of your feet to keep your legs from coming up.

    Alester: This will be done the same way as the push-ups.

    Alester yelled up and you went up, down and you went down, yelling the number you were on. You barely made it to 200, gasping for air.

    It was now late afternoon, the sun making the dark clouds appear orange and pink.

    Alester: And now to finish our first day of basic training, we're going on a four mile run, when I say run, you run, when I say jog, you jog, when I say walk, walk.

    You: Yes, Alester.

    You walk with Alester outside of the gate and onto the road. You begin running with him, at first you stay pretty caught up to him, but after a while, you start to slow down, still following his commands, as every two minutes or so he'd tell you to run or jog, almost never telling you to walk. Alester seemed barely fazed by the run, he kept steady breathing and other than the sweat coming off of him, you wouldn't be able to tell he'd been running. After a while you return back to the enormous house, Alester sits you down on a leather couch, taking two glasses of water, handing one of them to you.

    Alester: This is your new training regimen for the next five weeks, then we'll get to your real training.

    You: Real training?

    The thought almost terrified you, this was just basic, you were horrified of what the real training would be.

    The Mist shakes his head, forgetting the memories and straitening himself up.

    The Mist: Vincent, this isn't the first, but the second time you've stolen my prey from me. I would have done fine in that match after you were eliminated, but no. You decided to be a selfish and whiny child who had to ruin the fun of the game for others because he lost! I was going to make Jethro Warren bleed, you took the pleasure me...y-you...took it from me! It was mine!

    The Mist grabs his head, almost as if he had a migraine headache. He breathing became slightly raspy and uneven.

    The Mist: I..wAnted th-the plEAsure of s-sEEing his blood dr-drain OUt of him due t-to mY hands. angEred Them. They wAnt you dEad. They want me to kill you. I trY nOt to listen to ThEm b-but...they are violent...oh so violent. They frighten me. They threaten me. It's either me or you. I don't want to kill. Alester says killing is bad. I don't want to be a bad boy. I'm a good boy. I..I'm a good boy.

    The Mist's grip on his head tightens as he drops to his knees, shrieking.

    The Mist: I'm sorry mommy! I'll be a good boy I promise! I'll be good for you mommy! I'm a good boy, I'm a good boy, I'm a good boy, I'm a good boy.

    The Mist curls up into a ball, slightly sobbing into his knees until suddenly he looks up, a terrified look on his face, he looks quickly around him as if looking for something.

    The Mist: They crave for blood. It's going to be mine...or it's going to be Vincent's. Oh the beautiful blood. I don't want to lose mine, but they need to be satisfied for now. They need know not to torture me. I need to give them an offering.

    The Mist stands up in a sort of trance, walking over to the kitchen and pulling a knife out of the silverware drawer. He opens his palm and drags the knife across it, piercing the skin and causing it to bleed. He watching the blood pool in his palm. He watches, grinning wildly as the drops of blood slowly trickled to the ground. The Mist walked over to a cabinet and opened it, no longer in a trance, he took bandages from it and wrapped them around his hand.

    The Mist: And now onto my latest opponent, Whyte Thunder. Now listen, Whyte, I have no quarrel with you. My business is with Blackbird and Warren. Yes, you used to be great, but now you're a washed up has-been who hasn't been notified that his time in the spotlight has been over. I see you not as an opponent, but a stepping stone, a mile marker. Soon, people will know the Mist. They will know to not tread into the Mist. Though I have no quarrels with you, that doesn't mean I won't be going all out. I'm going to utterly pulverize you. Wrap you into my grasp, from which you'll never be able to get out of. You will sink into the shifting sand, which will end up crushing your lungs. You will be no more. I am Mist, and I am here. I am here for one reason. To help Them pass Their Judgement. They have deemed you as impure, therefore I have no choice but to get rid of you. If I don't...they might get violent again. I don't want them to hurt me. It's agonizing! I don't want to go through it again!

    Alester then, walked into the room.

    Alester: Jacob, what's going on, what's with all of the yelling? What happened to your hand?

    The Mist ran to him, throwing himself into Alester and wrapping him in a hug.

    The Mist: They want to hurt me again, They want me to hurt unless I do what they say. I don't want to do what They say, you say that what They say is bad. I don't want to be bad. I want to be good. I'm good, right Alester?

    The scene slowly fades out into darkness.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014


    *A black limo cruses the streets heading toward the arena. *

    So many questions, yet they all come to the same conclusion. What happened, where did you go? Where you hurt, did she break your heart? If you really want to know, I’ll tell you. I learned. I learned a lot about life, a lot about this business. You could say I evolved.
    To some of you, you’ve never heard of me, and you have no clue as to who I am. Frankly, I’m sure some of you, as Mr. Sterling put it, could care less. Some of you, a lesser percentage, may have come across my name if you partake in the history of the FWA. One of a very few to hold the long extinct Young Lions Champion. One of a few to say they took straps away from APAB, well the one’s who used to be the best tag team in the FWA.

    *Inside the limo..... James is facing forward and looking down toward the floor board of the vehicle and shaking his head from left to right in disapproval. A white cotton t-shirt and blue jeans make up his simple, yet relaxed look. He looks up and and at different moments the sunlight catches his eyes just right, almost making them glow.*

    Some of you, remember this face you now see before you.

    *The look on his face turns more into a glare, the coldness of which makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.*

    Go ahead, cling to what you remember, take some comfort in what you you think is familiarity. The man I face tonight, is no stranger to me. No not at all, he and I go all the way back to the very beginning of his career. In all these years, I’ve seen you for who you are. Remember well I’m not some guy just walked off the street still wet behind the ears. I’ve been in the ring with you, I’ve stared you right in your eyes, and I’m still here. Still standing and finally, after all these years getting a math against you, one on one.

    *He leans back on the seat and glances out of the window. Footage begins to play that shows James going through various exercise routines, weight lifting, and martial arts sparing.*

    When it it comes to this man, and let me repeat that for the unlearned. This man, I am getting in the ring with tonight, is just that, a man. Now I am one that fears no man, there is no fear in my heart. He sweats, just like i do, he bleeds just like I do, he breathes air, he hurts he feels pain, He can go out there and bark and growl with the best of them, or so he’ll tell you. You have to understand this man and his little buddy are all talk, all the time. The only problem with people that run their mouths like he does believe there own hype. Don’t get me wrong the man stumbled his way into TV title run. The height of his glory days, as I recall. Seems we both have unfinished business, and much like we never went anywhere. You and I are going to pick up where some say we should have ended, but none the less was going to be un avoidable. Then, now, it does not really matter at some point this is what it was going to come down to. I want you to be ready, because I am going to be. There’s no shame at all in me. Mac, I have something to prove out there tonight. I have to prove to each every FWA fan that is in each one of those seats. I have to prove to each FWA fan watching at home, that I belong! That I deserve to stand shoulder to shoulder, and eye to eye with the giants of this business and this company, and I know to do that, I have to go right through you, Mac!

    *Scene fades to black, which leads to a slow fade in. James is sitting right leg over left on the floor of the locker room. Absent a shirt, he sits ready for action wearing his red trunks, with black trim. Black tape is wrapped around both his fists and wrists, along with his ankles. Sweat races down his face from his forehead while his eyes remain closed.*

    Let me tell you all something, right now. I did not come back to play any kind of games. I did not come back here to be average, to be roster spot in the middle of the road. I came back here for each and everyone of my fans. And I came back to take my rightful place as an Icon here in the FWA. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to believe it; however I will make you accept it. Soon you’ll know doubt have something of sorts to say about this match. I’m sure somebody, somewhere is on the edge of there seats, just waiting to hear Mac all wired for sound. Are you going to flare your nostrils, beat your chest, growl into the camera as you try to convince the world you are some scary monster. Segway into your banter about ripping and tearing flesh, while breaking and crushing bone. Perhaps you have reality issues as this is not a Marvel movie. I have no clue as to what you were exspecting to get, nor do I care. I am who I am, and it could be you or anybody else on the roster and my focus and mind set would be the same. Mac you are an obstacle, something like a chair that is in my way. Sure, I could move you, I could knock you right over, but why beat around the bush. I would much prefer the direct approach, as I’m sure you would.

    *James’ music hits the PA system as he steps through the curtain. The crowd erupts at the return of the man as the curtain falls back into place, and the scene fades out to black.*

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    *Tall brown double doors open up to reveal the parking lot area, in a flash we see four clowns walking two by two, just after them we see Ted, though not in costume like the others, he is wearing solid black trunks, no shirt and black gloves. As he steps through the door way and into the light, we see half of his face covered by disturbing clown paint in the colors of black, grey, white and red. Two more clowns appear behind him as the doors close and they begin to walk down the hallway of the backstage area.*
    All the world’s a stage and each of us play our parts. Or some such crap. Let me tell you one thing as we get this started. I have had only one expectation coming into the FWA, and that’s to not be taken seriously. Let’s just face the simple fact that I am one new to all of this. Google me, only to confirm that I am new to this business. Not fighting, no that’s something I’ve had to do all my life. To simply say I’m from Chicago does not really convey the message. All that crap they tell you about inner city schools, gang violence, and just blatant random acts of stupidity. All that shit is real kid. I lived it, grew up in it and had to attempt going to school in it. As you can see survival is and always has been a must.
    *Stage hands and crew members stop and stare at the man and his colorful entourage. Each clown sporting face paint that you would never want to see, reminiscent of something from a Stephen King movie. They quietly make their way through the various hallways in their formation.*
    I will just go ahead and thank Max now. You see tonight he plays a very important part. At his end is my beginning. The two of us are going to get in that ring, to fight a battle already determined. The clown of life versus the clown of death, with a foretold outcome. You need only look to your life experiences, to see what I mean. There is but one constant to life, and that is the end. You can avoid it, delay it, and make the mistake of thinking you can hide from it. But when it all comes right down to it, death wins.
    I have a very realistic idea of how this goes, of how this will all play out. I followed my brother’s career here, I’ve watched this show on many an occasion, both when he walked these very halls and when he took his leave. You will do well to understand something right now. As much as I am here to watch my brother’s back. I do have my own agenda for being here and it will become very clear starting tonight. Start writing your jokes; get all your best material ready. Let this appearance and persona lull you into that cozy place where your mind tells you I am nothing more than a formality, a footnote in the history of this place. Think of me as the man at the poke table that has been dealt the worst possible hand. I am far from out of my mind, as I get to know this place, it becomes more and more apparent that I am among the very few here that are lucid. I keep it simple, I signed a contract to fight, my expectations are to be given matches to fight and in doing so will putting my foot, well you all know the rest. So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages; I hope you have come to this event, with a level of expectation. I hope you are all ready to see the sights and sounds of tonight’s event. As I can assure you I have come to entertain you, to amaze you, and will be from this day forward exactly what you are not expecting me to be. I am not like the others who parade themselves about for you. The ones who spew the same old tired song and dance, no I am anti normalcy. My name is Ted, and you all will adjust or at the very least, go down swinging.
    *The clowns on either side of him all stop walking once the group reaches the gorilla position; the six of them turn to face each other creating a lane for Ted to walk through before he passes through the curtain. Ted’s music is keyed up and begins to play all throughout the arena. Ted, standing at the end of the lines of clowns, rolls his shoulders and shakes his head from side to side, and then proceeds to walk through the line, past the curtain and steps out on to the stage, receiving a bit of mixed reaction, most likely due to being a rookie, but also being associated with James.*

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    The scene opens to an extremely dark room. You stare at the silence not sure what may jump out at you at any moment. You can hear the faint sounds of footsteps, slowly getting louder which heightens the fear that you feel. The footsteps stop and you just hear the rocking of a chair back and forth...back and forth. Slowly that fades away as a lone solitary light turns on near the ceiling. It sways back and forth showing a light breeze that blows through the room. The light gives flashes of what appears to be a small dark room, one window in the far right provides the refreshing breeze. You start to see a figure walk towards the camera. He is huge, wearing a sweat stained wife beater he walks with a purpose towards the camera. His long hair unkempt just like his beard it appears wherever he was he didn't really care for personal grooming habits. His head tilts as he stares into the camera and slowly opens his mouth to begin talking.

    Mac: Why Mac Why...Why Mac Why.... WHY MAC WHY!!!!! That is all anyone has been saying since I made my shocking return to the fantasy wrestling alliance. Why did you attack David Sullivan? Why did you re-align yourself with that slimeball Rod Sterling? The answer for both is quite simple: Because I can. David Sullivan is a weak human being. He is a waste of life and it seemed some people forgot that now didn't they. I was perfectly content staying home, I made enough money during my time in The Syndicate to retire if I wanted to. I never had to lift a finger again. Then my phone rang....and Rang...and Rang. Rod Sterling blew up my phone for months until I literally just blew it up I was sick of the guy. Then he showed up at my house uninvited. That took a set so I heard him out and what I heard MADE ME SICK. Guys I used to defeat going for the world title, My former syndicate brothers out of the main event spotlight. Lord Blueballs and The Mist threatening my legacy as the hardcore icon. I had to come back to claim what is re-claim my title as the One True Monster of the FWA.

    The Monster runs his hands through his long hair as the sweat trickles down his face. The Monster is back but he seems different, more subdued then before but the fire in his eyes burns brighter then ever. Mac pulls at his long beard that is touched with gray as he resumes talking.

    Mac: It is very fitting my first official night back in the company that I do battle with one of my long term enemies. Myself and James Hughes have quite the checkered past you might say. From bitter rivals in the old Legends of Wrestling where we did war in some of the sickest hardcore matches around for the chance to be the X Factor champion. Then our time in FWA, what a rollercoaster that was wasn't it James? When Over The Edge started to stagnate, when that buzz started to dissipate who did you call? The one man you knew could make an impact because he had already made an impact at your expense. So you tied yourself to the Monster train and carry you I did for a long ass time! I single handedly kept OTE in the public eye. Quickly after my debut I dominated the SMASH roster and won the X Division title and unlike you and Daniel I defended it again...and again...and again proving the monster was no flash in the pan. When I shocked the wrestling world and laid out Keegan hightower and turned my back on over the edge I changed the game! You lost your mind james, you lost the little bit of focus you had. Keegan Hightower has never been seen in a wrestling ring since, and you fled the company not too long after. That is what I Do! I ruin lives, I destroy fantasies. Look at the year 2013 in the FWA...the year of the syndicate. Who was right there running shotgun with Chris? It sure a hell wasn't you James. The syndicate revolutionized the FWA and where were you? Sitting at home eating cheetos in Chicago? You pulled a CM Punk before Cm Punking was cool. You walked away, yet there I was week in and week out kicking ass.

    Mac has that old familiar glazed over look in his eyes that countless victims saw just before they got demolished in the ring, The intensity in Mac's voice had been ramping up throughout the promo and it is at a near fever pitch at this point as he rips and tears at his hair as he talks.

    Mac: Enough of the history lesson James, as we all know those who live in the past are set to repeat their same mistakes. The monster is not perfect, of course he has made mistakes. I was right in the beginning of my 2nd Television title reign right here in the FWA when I just snapped and didn't give a shit and now that title is gone. That is a mistake that would haunt a lesser man but I am not no mere man. I am "The Monster" Mac Michaud. I thrive on pain...i am fueled by destruction and that destruction began last week and it continues tonight. It seems some people have forgotten exactly who I am. It is time to awaken the beast that lays just under the surface. The beast that claimed more victims in the FWA then anyone else. I am finally focused again and that is a scary thing for those who oppose me. Rod Sterling made me see the light, showed me the error of my ways and brought me back from the brink of disaster.

    Mac Stalks closer to the camera, his gaze fixed on the camera. The Fiery intensity in his eyes are punctuated by the twisted look on his face. The Monster is back and finally at 100% and you can see it in his mannerisms. The weakened monster of the end of his lat run is dead and gone. Mac stares into the camera and begins speaking in a very low hushed tone.

    Mac: I am here...I am here to claim what is MINE! What is it that I am here for? It is quite simple. I am here to reclaim my LEGACY! There was a time in this company I was known a a career ender, A title Winner and a destroyer of lives. I am back to do the one thing I do better then anyone in the world. That is RIP PEOPLE APART! Systematically destroy them both physically and mentally and it all starts tonight with James Hughes. James I don't care where you have been. I don;t care what brought you back to the wrestling business. All I care about is that you stand in my way of reclaiming my legacy and that just can't happen. Your blood will be shed, You will be left battered and broken and I.....WILL ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF IT!

    Mac sits down on the ground and begins rocking back and forth slowly as the confused viewers look on. A sudden flash appears on the screen and you hear "CHANGE" when the flash goes away Mac is gone!

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    This weeks episode: RED VS BLACK
    Our scene opens in The Fluid Ink Tattoo parlor, St. Paul, Minnesota. A single, solitary fluorescent light flickers on and off above Dinorah Redgraves head as she sits back in the tattoo chair, taking a long drag off of her cigarette. The Tattoo artist, Chad, is older and covered head to toe in tattoos. Chad has done ink for Dinorah just about every time she has been to Minnesota and is one of her favorites for his keen attention to detail and his jovial nature. Dinorah has been in this chair for the past 3 hours and Chad is just taking a quick break before putting on any finishing touches. He steps out for a bit and Dinorah peeks under the most rag on her inner forearm. She smiles with child like excitement as her new ink occupies her silky white skin. A sense of euphoria comes over The Valkyrie Of Carnage as she smiles at the camera

    Dinorah Redgrave: The human body, much like the human mind, is a bare canvas that begs to be filled. My mind is ever growing, and my body is ever changing. As cliched as it sounds, there truly is a story behind every single one of my tattoos. Each one more fantastic than the last, each one fascinating in it's own right. Take for instance, this one....

    Dinorah seductively pulls her shirt up to reveal a sexy black laced bra. She puts her index finger on her belly button and slowly slides it up to her rib cage where she has the name "Rinoa" tattooed in cursive.

    Dinorah Redgrave: Rinoa Redgrave was my twin sister. I don't talk about her much because, well, Rinoa was never born. When she was pregant, my mother suffered from something known as fetal resorption, otherwise referred to as "Vanishing Twin Syndrome". That's a foreign concept for most of you, exactly 99.7% of you actually, so allow me to explain. Vanishing Twin Syndrome happens when a woman is pregnant with twins, and one of the fetuses dies in utero. The dead fetus is then absorbed by it's living twin. The other twin consumes it's fallen sibling. F*cking brutal right? Probably the most metal thing you have ever heard. Rinoa never made it out of our mothers womb, but she will always be a part of me, I don't feel as if I "absorbed her", I feel as if we merged, became one, two spirits in the same vessel. And so, her name was my very first tattoo, right here on my rib cage, over my heart where my sister belongs.

    Dinorah unbuttons her black shorts and pulls them down slightly below her waist, revealing her hip and a tattoo a blue, female demon with butterfly wings. The blue skinned beauty smiles and looks you right in the eye, as if the tattoo was alive.

    Dinorah: This ones name is Lilith. In Jewish Folklore, Lilith was Adam's first wife before Eve. Lilith was cast out of the garden of Eden for being subservient to Adam, and refusing to have missionary sex with him. Because she was of a free mind she was not only cast out of Eden but she was banished to hell and branded a demon. Lilith was my mothers name, and I got this tattoo to honor her 6 years ago when she killed herself. That's really I am going to say about this one...

    Dinorah then points to her wrist, it's a date written in cursive. 04/18/2011.

    Dinorah Redgrave: April 18th, 2011. The day I defeated Sara Wolf to become the FWA Womens Champion. This was the greatest day of my life, I was so naive and had so much to learn but my energy and excitement compensated for my devolving skills and lack of experience. Sara Wolf was the reigning FWA Womens Champion for over a year....and I ended it. Suddenly, that new girl Dinorah Redgrave everyone was talking about, was HERE. That girl everyone said would be the FUTURE of the FWA, became the PRESENT. I think back to that time and I get nostalgic. But then I realize it was only 3 years ago, I am still in my mid-twenties and I am NOT done here yet. It's time to add another date to this one, right underneath. That leads me to an opportunity I can't refuse, even if it means putting a halt on another stars "push". That star, is Beatrixx Black, who I see a little bit of myself in, but not nearly enough. She is scrappy, she is tough, she takes no shit. She is hungry and she wants the Womens Championship. That's all fine and dandy but that is where the comparisons END. Those are all qualities that EVERY woman in this business should possess. Let's focus on the qualities we DON'T share, shall we? Thankfully, the differences outweigh the similarities.

    Beatrixx Black, I say this with all due respect, you have got to be one of the ugliest women I have ever seen, and that should worry me because a woman who looks like you has nothing to lose in that ring. Pro tip: It doesn't worry me in the slightest bit. Fight Night is going to be a sad night for you, almost as sad as the night that you slithered out of that abortion bin and back into the arms of your horrified mother. I know I shouldn't harp on you for your physical appearance, especially since that has absolutely no bearing on your performance, however it leads me to wonder, if God let your genetics run a muck like that, what makes you so sure that God is going to favor you in this match? I mean, look at you and look at me. I am one of the most beautiful women the FWA has ever seen, and you look like a transgender who couldn't afford a decent pair of tits.

    Dinorah takes another drag of her cigarette and smile

    Dinorah Redgrave: Beatrixx baby you are new here and you probably don't know me so let me give you a crash course on just who the f*ck I am. I am DINORAH REDGRAVE, The Valkyrie of Carnage. UNDEFEATED since my return. Former Womens Champion. Only woman to EVER win a Golden Opportunity, former FWA General Manager. Everything about me screams POWER. All signs indicate that I am a winner, and that I am not even in my prime yet. What do the signs say about you? That you're brash, arrogant, and above all else you DON'T take this seriously. You don't have the desire in you to actually win the Women's Championship. This is your first match on Fight Night, your 2nd match total and you have a chance to become number one contender? I BEAT SADDLE SALLY TWO WEEKS AGO, I SHOULD ALREADY BE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER! But don't you worry, I am not going to cause a stink over it, because that would imply that I thought you had a chance against me, which you don't. It infuriates me only because, since I retired from the GM's desk, this place has gone to hell. This is a promotion where if you beat the Womens champ, that does nothing for your ranking. But defeat a rookie jobber, and the world is yours, you shoot strait to the top. It's an idiotic system, but I don't care to be honest. I want the FWA Womens Championship and will complete all these tedious tasks put before me. On Fight Night, I will destroy Beatrixx Black and I will find myself face to face with Saddle Sally, who I will beat for the fourth consecutive time. At Red, White and Bruised, I will reclaim my Womens Championship and remind women like Beatrixx Black exactly WHY my paycheck has 3 more zeroes than hers.

    Dinorah finally removes the wet rag on her forearm to expose her newest tattoo. It's a Valkyrie, and it looks very similar to Dinorah. Dinorah smiles once more, she can barely contain herself.

    Dinorah Redgrave: In Old Norse mythology, Valkyrie means "Chooser of the Slain", as the Valkyries agents of chaos, selecting which soldiers would perish in battle and which ones survive. Beatrixx Black, your fate has already been decided. Meet The Valkyrie in that ring and I shall reveal it too you.

    Dinorah simply smiles as the camera simply zooms in on her new and her new tattoo.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    "So it's true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love."
    ―E.A. Bucchianeri,Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

    "What the hell did you expect from all this Ashley? That the match would end with Stu and Gabrielle hugging? Suddenly Stu would be your best man, complimenting your caramel skinned blushing bride at the reception?"

    Upon a roof top on high, Ashley O'Ryan stared out into the vastness of the city. Cars and people passed by from below, unobservant to anything but themselves. Drops of rain hit his head and shoulders, bouncing off the concrete and hitting his feet and shins. He pulled the silver flask from his jacket, taking a swig. He held the liquor in his mouth, moving it around his tongue as he looked on. He wasn't looking for anything from the view, except maybe a distraction. He swallowed the liquor.

    “A distraction...”

    He laughed under his breath.

    “That's wot loif seems to be. A series of events, some worse then the other. In between those, distractions. Little pointless things that transition us from one even to the other. Moments in loif that give us something to do, but don't actually 'old any impact in our lives later on.”

    Another swig.

    “Sometimes these distractions 'elp us ferget wot was and wot moit come. Sometimes not. Roit now, I don't know what would. Try 'aving a woman who gets you; a woman with beauty and passion. A woman who you want to be with. Now 'ave 'er father, and yer best friend trying to convince you that not only is it a bad idea, but that they are willing to try to stop it from 'appening. Try being in the ring, trying to be an unbiased referee to the woman you attempted to propose to, and the man who has been yer friend and partner fer years. The man who stopped the aforementioned proposal.

    They were roit, no matter wot there was one guaranteed loser in that match at Aftershock. Me.”

    He takes another swig, moving it around in his mouth in contemplation before swallowing.

    “The funny thing is, I 'ave no idea 'ow much I've lost yet. I left that ring and that building in pain. Emotionally, physically, and mentally. I can't even tell if it was bloody worth it. Grief, all for love. Love of a woman, love of a of some foolish idea that I could help everyone involved come to some sort of understanding...”

    He takes a big swig, letting the liquor slowly coat his throat as it passes down.

    “But of course, thats me curse. The best of intentions 'ave paved the road to 'ell. I never understood that, why they wouldnt be paved with bad intentions, until now. Bad intentions, or the people who 'ave them at least, can be redeemed. Fer the most part at least. But 'ow do you redeem a good intention? It was already good. It was an intention that meant well, but fell short enough to not only not 'elp the situation but per'aps even make it worse.”

    He brings the flask to his lips, then stops just short. He shakes it. It's empty.

    “But until that gets sorted, I can be distracted fer a bit. With all due respect to you and yer talents, Ryan Rondo, but that is all you are to me at this time. Roit now, you are a trip to the grocery store. You are a casual lazy sunday doing a crossword puzzle. You are an hour and a half browsing the mall. You are just something to distract me fer a bit. Something that later on in time I won't even look back on in any sort of memory because there will be nothing worth memorizing.”

    He pockets the flask,

    “And then, either the next distraction comes along, or a course of action starts becoming clear.”

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    LIVE FROM STUDIO 6B IN NEW YORK CITY....IT's THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JIMMY FALLON! Tonights guests, from The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance, the current tag team champions Brian Carter and Chris Kennedy! From X-Men: Days Of Future Past, it's Ellen Page! Musical guest Coldplay!

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's Jimmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Fallon!!

    A well dressed pair of gentleman known to the world as Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter can be seen in a backstage near the catering area. Chris Kennedy is fixing tie while his tag team partner Brian Carter paces around nervously.

    CHRIS KENNEDY: Will you relax a bit, Brian? It's just an interview. Have you never done late night talk before?

    No Chris, You know I haven't. It's not really my thing. When I've made as many bad movies as you have, then maybe I will be comfortable with looking link a buffoon on TV.

    Well played, sir...

    I thought so.

    I know this isn't your thing, but let's get through it and we can then tackle whatever your "thing" is. Maybe we can go to a cemetery and quote Edgar Allan Poe in the pouring rain.

    I find Poe's work to be sub-par at best.

    Right, well, yeah. Okay. Whatever.

    Suddenly, the red light turns on and Chris knows all too well. It's time to shine.


    Out on the stage, the eccentric funnyman entertains his audience.

    Jimmy Fallon: Ladies and gentlemen, our next two guests are the current FWA Tag Team Champions and I will admit I am a pretty big fan. Oh yeah, I am! This week, they have a non-title match against the FWA CHampion Shane McClean and the #1 Contender PAJ. Let's hear it....for Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter!

    Kennedy and Carter come out as the Roots play their own rendition of The Deftones "My own summer". Kennedy is all smiles as Carter manages to fake one. They take their seats.

    Jimmy Fallon: Wow guys, huge fan. Chris, I've had you on the show but this is a first for Brian.

    Brian Carter:
    Indeed it is, Jimmy.

    Chris Kennedy:
    Brian Carter is a man of action, not words. Then you have me, Words are Weapons an' all that. I could talk a guppy out of a fishbowl. Brian would rather break the bowl. And that's fine too.

    Jimmy Fallon: I was going to say, you guys have very similar in ring styles but on the mic you are very different. Do you feel like that plays into your success?

    Chris Kennedy:
    We are two sides to the same coin, Carter and I. Look at his first North American title reign, look at any of my FWA Championship reigns, guys like us, we don't lose. Yeah, you can chalk it up to him being the disciplined work horse and me being the charismatic "good cop", but really all that does is sell our merch. It doesn't win us matches.

    Jimmy Fallon: Now Brian, outside of the FWA you are very private. You have always seemed to place the glory of winning over fame and fortune. But paired with Kennedy it looks like you've got all elements.

    I’ve always had a thing for bright lights. Be it the Sun in the sky, the stars at night, or especially, the shine that emanates from championship gold when I raise it in the air. However, the one thing that never caught my eye was the spotlight. I wasn’t used to it. You see all my life, no one knew or cared who or what Brian Carter was. And then, when I came to the FWA, that all changed. People recognized my ability from jump and before you know it, the spotlight was overwhelming. I burned in it and I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t in some ways help facilitate my previous downfall. But as time went on and I grew into the man before you today, I became appreciative of the spotlight for I realized its value. I realized that the brighter I was, the more people would see of me, and then the more people would follow “The Infection.” And now, in this present circumstance brought about by my tag team partner, I find myself under seemingly endless spotlights and in front of countless cameras. This is as good as any an opportunity to allow the entire world to see “The Infection” first hand and follow Brian Carter, however I’m a man who believes in sacrifice and therefore, allow me defer from ruminating on my own prowess and instead, use this time to discuss the opponents of The Kennedy/Carter Administration this week, PAJ and of course, the oh-so-esteemed FWA Champion, Shane McLean. And sacrifice aside for a minute, if you’re not yet following “The Infection” then you just aren’t paying attention. Because although it is true that myself and Chris Kennedy only compete against ourselves, it would be ignorant of me not to point out the impressive feat we’ve accomplished in recent weeks, knocking off quite possibly the two greatest tag teams in FWA history, Vodka and Venom and Aut Pax Aut Bellum, in dominant fashion might I add. That’s years of FWA history erased in a simple fortnight. You see various leaders, specifically United States Presidents have lived under the premise that the pen, is mightier than the sword. However, nowadays, nothing is mightier than The Kennedy/Carter Administration. And this week, McLean and PAJ will find that out first-hand as we will defeat them post haste. You see in The Kennedy/Carter Administration, we are making history and setting precedents. And the precedent has already been set for what happens when a house divided comes against us; they cannot stand… because we knock them down. Two weeks ago Vodka and Venom were united by nothing but gold. And without substance to a partnership, that gold is superficial and meaningless. St. Clair and that worm O’Ryan were at each other’s throats for weeks ahead of our golden encounter and when they faced the union of Chris Kennedy and myself they stood no chance. And boy, if you don’t learn from history you sure are doomed to repeat it, because now, McLean and PAJ, fresh off of tearing each other apart in as many barbaric encounters as a rotten mind could conceive, will enter a tag team match against the rulers of said division.

    Carter takes a second to soak in the lights and cameras as the audience, both in person and worldwide soaks in his words. Carter adjusts himself and the shinning FWA Tag Team Championship on his lap, which outshines all of the lights in the room, however still cannot outshine the man who holds it. And that man, after allowing you time to re-grip your seats so that you could once again latch onto his words, nods at his partner, Chris Kennedy, before he begins again.

    BRIAN CARTER: Everyone around here wants to be special. They claim to be the last, the first, or the only. PAJ calls himself “The Last Great Englishmen” but I regret to inform him and his home country, that it is the prerogative of Chris Kennedy and myself whether his type is extinct following this week. And McLean, he’s the “Ace of Diamonds,” right? He thinks that makes him unique, because there’s only one in the deck. But little does he know, or at least care to admit, that there are plenty of decks in this world and Brian Carter shuffles them all. Shane McLean isn’t special. Like PAJ, he’s just another man, whom time and circumstance has driven into their current position of high-standing. They are just another two men and you know it’s been said by many that two great individuals cannot beat one great team. And I must admit, this is one occurrence in which the cliché is correct. Because the comradery, the chemistry, and the will to sacrifice for one another within The Kennedy/Carter Administration is simply too strong to be defeated by two men who aren’t willing to go the same lengths for one another. The only similarity to be found in our two teams is that there is gold on either side but in the same way that the gold on our side unites us, the gold on their side will tear them apart. The FWA Tag Team Championships are a sign, a symbol of just how special the pairing of Brian Carter and Chris Kennedy is. These belts aren’t just leather and gold when they’re around our waists; they’re unity. But the story is oh so different just a few feet across the ring, because that FWA Championship will be the root of all evil for Shane McLean and PAJ. I mean, after going through the battles he has over the past few months only to come out of each encounter empty handed, do you honestly believe a man such a PAJ will hesitate to take a shot at our new champion if the opportunity arises? And McLean, he’s been around these parts as long as anyone, he knows how it works when you reach the top of the mountain. He’s probably expecting PAJ to come after him at some point from bell to bell and I wouldn’t be too surprised if he decided to strike first. They are both trains, fueled by desire, runningtowards each other on the same track. And you know, I told myself I wouldn’t go here, but while we’re on the subject of the FWA Championship, I genuinely don’t know what’s more fascinatingly feeble: Shane McLean as the FWA Champion or PAJ as one of his strongest contenders. I’d ask “what happened to this place” but the reality is I know the answer and I know who is at fault for this sad state of affairs. And the fact is, the culprits are The Kennedy/Carter Administration. It’s clear as day to me sitting here under these translucent lights that the extended absences of Brian Carter and Chris Kennedy have sent this company into a tailspin. I mean it wasn’t too long ago that PAJ was getting my partner coffee back in The Syndicate. And, for those who have been around a little longer, I’m sure you’ll remember when after only being in this company a month, I completely outshined McLean in The Unholy Uprising. But fret no more because The Kennedy/Carter Administration has stepped into power, and we’re here to ascend to the top of the FWA and set everything below us in order, by putting all of our contender’s in their place. It started with Aut Pax Aut Bellum, it continued with Vodka and Venom. And then, we ran over each of them again for good measure. And now, it’s Shane McLean’s and PAJ’s turns to drop to their knees before their rulers.

    CHRIS KENNEDY: I want to touch on something that Carter said a bit ago. Shane McLean was in Unholy Uprising with my partner here, And PAJ used to carry my bags around when I led the Syndicate. One would think that PAJ and McLean know us well enough to know what to expect, One would think that after knowing us so well they could be ready for every possible scenario. Then you come to the saddening realization that PAJ and Shane McLean aren't prepared for anything. Shane McLean is holding a championship he has no business holding, the gold around his waste loses it's value every second it's in his possession. I am not really worried about the state of the FWA Championship at this time, however. My goal, my sole focus, is on the Tag Team championships. Even though our titles aren't on the line, we still want to do everything in our power to win this match. Why? Because like Carter said, at this point we are only competing against ourselves. We've already beaten TWO of the GREATEST Tag Teams of all time, within the same two week time frame. There are no worthy tag teams left. so what do we do? We have to take out the FWA Champion and the number one contender. Stu St. Clair couldn't stop us, nor could Ashley O'Ryan. Andrew Johnson and Dan Ward EMBARRASSED themselves trying to stop us and where are they now? Not with these belts around their waists. Now, this IS a non-title match but I'd be more than happy to make it for the title, because like I said, guys like Carter and I, we don't lose. Certainly not to the likes of PAJ and Shane McLean. Shane McLean lack the qualities that define a champion. He lacks discipline, he lacks longevity, he lacks anything remotely resembling skill. Guy has charisma in spades but that doesn't win matches. The fact that Shane McLean is the current FWA Champion speaks volumes about just how far the main event scene has fallen since I took my little break. Brian Carter should be competing for the FWA Championship, but will he get a shot anytime too soon or does he get overlooked yet again? You already know the answer but thats okay. Because instead of dominating the FWA title scene like Carter and I WOULD be doing right now, we only have eyes for these tag team titles. If Sunrise-Sunset taught me anything, it's that the tag team titles are every bit as big as the FWA Title. I didn't quite understand that at the time, but holding the gold, now...Yeah I get that. And no one is going to stop the Kennedy/Carter Administration, not even the FWA Champion.This guy next to me is THE INFECTION BRIAN CARTER, I am the ASTONISHING CHRIS KENNEDY. On our own we were unstoppable. TOGETHER, we are more than just a mere force to be reckoned with, we are a bonafide super power.

    Kennedy lifts the tag team championship above his head with his left arm.

    CHRIS KENNEDY: So while Shane McLean is sitting down in his sandbox jotting down funny dick jokes for his composition notebook, While PAJ is laying in the dark WISHING he was still serving me my drinks in The Syndicate, while Vodka and Venom are slowly deteriorating into nothingness, and Aut Pax Aut Bellum are sitting around collecting easy paychecks, ILL BE HERE. Carter will be here. We WILL not lose. The KENNEDY/CARTER Administration will secure our spot among the greatest tag team champions of all time. This week, the current FWA champion and his rival are going to learn first hand to never bet against the incumbents. Our time, Jimmy. OURS.

    The scene fades as the episode cuts to commercial

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 6/6/2014

    (Rondo's RP, which was emailed to before deadline)


    Somewhere, a few days after a harrowing World Title match at Aftershock, "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo sits backstage, at a FWA house show, in his locker room. He is sitting on a steel chair, staring off into space as he ties blue tape around his wrists in preparation for his upcoming house show match against Ashley O'Ryan... a match that is to be repeated a mere few days later on Fight Night. Rondo sits in his azure shiny blue wrestling tights with silver detail and trim along with a newly designed T shirt bearing his new moniker. He has the same expression etched on his face that he had when he walked down the ramp at Aftershock: an expression of determination. He still has that fire, that confidence that he can win that belt. He isn't surprised that Shane McLean is still champion. He isn't as crestfallen as PAJ. He might be hurting as bad as Gryphon and Hall seeing as he took a plunge down through a table from the top of the cage. Ryan holds his left side and smiles a little, it doesn't faze him in the slightest. McLean, PAJ, Stevenson, Gryphon and Hall aren't his priorities right now. Ashley O'Ryan is. Although, Rondo really has not paid much attention to O'Ryan over the last few weeks. For once, he doesn't know how to go about this promo business.

    "Screw it."

    "The Amazing One" stands up and walks towards the door of the locker room and goes to open it... but he pauses. He needs to cut this pausing business out. He paused when he had that title at his fingertips and it cost him. He choked. Well, that won't happen anymore. He needs to make an example and unfortunately, Ashley O'Ryan has to be that example.

    He opens the door and walks out into the venues hallway corridor. This could be anywhere in the world in Ryan Rondo's mind as he pays no attention to his surroundings as he walks towards the arena entrance, trying to get into a Drew Stevenson mindset as he looks to walk to the ring. It's something that feels alien to him but shouldn't: walking to the ring to address fans about an opponent. That's right, he's going to walk to the ring and talk about things... no fancy metaphors or drawn out symbolic stories. Just Rondo, a mic and the rest of the FWA universe listening. He makes his way to the curtain and waits. It doesn't matter where he is, who his opponent is or what the occasion is... when he stands at this curtain, awaiting his theme music to play, he gets goosebumps. That's just one reason why he loves what he is doing, win or lose. Good guy or bad guy.

    His familiar music, 'Anti Faith by Anavae' hits and Rondo walks out to a somewhat surprised crowd - who know that his appearance is rather early as his scheduled match isn't for later that night. He tries to hide the slight displeasure showing on his face as he walks down the ramp towards the ring with a mic in hand. The cause of this displeasure... would be the small amount of boos hidden amongst the larger amount of cheers that greet him. It does grate on him that some people can't look past his faults.

    He high fives plenty of fans as he walks doen to the ring before jumping in and posing for the crowd. He takes the mic and lifts it up to his lips.

    "You know. I don't usually do this. This whole thing where I come out and hype you guys up about my match and whatnot, it just isn't me. But tonight's different. After the week that I have had, I wanted to come out here and interact and get things said. I have a lot on my mind. A lot."

    The crowd stays quiet as Rondo begins to pace around the ring, clearly animated by whatever is running through his mind.

    "I went to the Aftershock expo and I walked around in plain sight of people and I overheard everything. The hype that went behind Jason Gryphon and his new act of trying to be a Christian Quinn ripoff."

    The people in attendance boo the mention of Quinn's name whilst Gryphon gets a mixed reaction.

    "I heard people speak about their trust in Ryan Hall to restore the old Era. I heard PAJs name get crowed on and on about. I heard about McLean. I even heard about Drew Stevenson too."

    The fans boo and cheer in response to the appropriate names.

    "But the worst part is that I barely heard anyone speak about me. Now I am not being a crybaby and complaining about it. But it hurt. It hurt to realise that I was the one who was under everyone's radar and not considered... either because I haven't been good enough or I have been outshone or... and worst of all, as I heard someone say, I don't deserve it for what I did to Shane McLean at Trial By Fire."

    The crowd stay mostly silent as Rondo continues to speak although a small "You sold out" chant begins to break out. Ryan is visibly annoyed by it and scratches his temple with the mic.

    "I don't know what it's going to take to make it up to all of you. To Shane. But I will one day be that man that you all want to be the champion. When the chamber was announced , everyone had their own horse to back... but when Shane won... he became everybody's horse. Everybody wanted to see him retain..."

    Rondo pauses for a moment as the crowd cheer McLean's name, not even a hint of a boo. Something that Rondo feels must be turning him green with envy.

    "...hell even I wanted to see him retain! I always had respect for Shane but I was never a fan... until he won the chamber. You know, when I went flying through that table at Aftershock, I was out cold for a while... I woke up and was sure I was out of the match. I then silently prayed that Shane was still in it and on his way to victory. I saw him next to me and I was crushed. Because I knew that was what you guys wanted and all seemed lost! It set a fire under my ass and I told those EMTs to leave me alone because I had to get up and fight and continue to make a show of it for each and every single one of you who didn't want to leave disappointed. I couldn't guarantee Shane winning but I know that I have the ability like no other to turn matches on their head and send everyone home happy. I can't quite gauge how good I did because Shane did win. And I am happy for him. FWA has the champion it deserves... and the champion that you guys want!"

    The crowd begin to warm to Rondo's words and cheer for some of the things he is saying.

    "One day, me and Shane will cross paths again. And you guys will get the match from us that you deserved in the first place. No Jimmy King. No betrayal. No title burning. Just Ryan Rondo. and Shane McLean."

    The fans pop for it and show appreciation for Rondo's words as a smile slowly starts to creep across his face.

    "Now that's out of the way. Tonight you guys were meant to see me take on Ryan Hall..."

    The mere mention of 'The Inferno' draws a venomonous reaction with a chorus of boos ringing around the arena.

    "But, he is still nursing to his wounds. So instead, you guys get to see me take on a man that is respected by many and myself, Ashley O'Ryan."

    Ashley's name draws a very similar reaction to his own. Mainly cheers, some boos.

    "Ashley is someone I respect. How can I insult him when he has done so many things that I have not? He has defeated Chris Kennedy, he has won the FWA world title, banged Moira Crawford and Gabrielle..."

    Each achievement gets a louder cheer as Rondo lists them but he stops and stares callously at the crowd.

    "But he is someone that I want to defeat. Ashley was part of the reason why Sunrise Sunset drifted apart and he is also someone who is starting to divide the FWA fans with his soap storyline. I don't care for it in all honesty but it is clear that Ashley's name is falling lower and lower. I am not going to insult him or degrade him but honestly, what are you doing man? Stop being a slave to others and think of yourself."

    Rondo outstretches his arms and mouths the words "see what I mean?" as the crowd seemingly separates into two as one side chants for Stu St. Clair and the other for Gabrielle. Ryan cares for neither as they have nothing to do with him.

    "Tonight isn't going to be about the soap storyline, Ash. It is going to be about me versus you. For the fans and for nobody else. It is time that I start paying them back for all the support over the years and to right wrongs and it starts tonight when we face each other. I have no ill will against you but I want you to realise that this situation you have means nothing when you start to lose fans because of it."

    Rondo looks to put the mic down and leave the ring but stops for a moment. He shakes his head at himself for pausing again but he lifts the mic.

    "I guess you could call it Old Era versus New Era. But in my eyes, there is no new era, just a passing of the torch and tonight can be another example of that. For far too long Ryan Rondo hasn't been the name on the tip of everybody's tongue, hasn't been the man who everyone has been speaking about... that's going to change. I haven't been myself since Back in Business but tonight and Fight Night will mark a change. There was a Ryan Rondo that lit the Tag Team division on fire and set the TV title ablaze."

    He hears cheers and boos in response to these feats he has mentioned. Rondo then looks towards the stage and points.

    "It starts tonight with a defeat of Ashley O'Ryan tonight and at Fight Night... that'll put everybody back there on notice. That'll show them that right here in this ring is a Ryan Rondo who is going to blow the main event scene wide open. And that's a Ryan Rondo who won't turn his back on the fans because... I wouldn't be where I am today without you all."

    Rondo gets cheers in response to his heartfelt monologue as he puts down the mic and poses for the crowd. He picks it back up for a brief second.

    "Oh yeah. Rod Sterling is a punk."

    He puts down the mic as the crowd cheers and laughs. He exits the ring and high fives more fans, even stopping to take a selfie with a few before walking up the ramp to the back.

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