season four, episode six; The Show Must Go On. Ducard telling Bruce that he knows that he is Batman is just another twist in the story and considering the power that Ducard has already, he now has an even stronger hold over Bruce. Alfred's view about social media is absolutely amazing...god I love your Alfred so much. It is nice that Barbara and Dick are now putting all their primary focus on Arthur Brown and hopefully we can get Robin vs. Brown at some point during this episode. Gordon getting Cash to keep an eyes on Crane, also means that Doctor Crane might be someone that we have to watch out for perhaps in season five? season six? Another FLASHBACK and I really can't quite put my finger on who the person that was Ra's former student might be...which I good because I love a bit of mystery. Roman firing Nygma is a great sharp turn in the plot, as not only does it create another enemy for Roman but also might lead to the Riddler well and truly becoming a fully former character. Bruce seems to have worked out who the other prodigal son is and now I am super curious to find out who exactly he think it might be although it would be interesting if Bruce wasn't even correct in his assumption. Barbara working for Batman and for the Police is already creating a conflict of interest, because telling Robin where Brown is before informing the police could be a recipe for a disaster. Dick battling Brown is something that is coming up and it is always interesting to see just how competent Grayson is going to end up being. Langstrom being revealed as the Human Bat is certainly a game changer, and this creates yet another problem that Barbara and Dick are going to have landing on their lap (considering that Batman is still out of the picture). Langstrom is one of those characters this isn't bad in a traditional sense, so I am curious how exactly you are going to treat him in sense of trying to contain him. Robin saving Vicki was very well done, asking Brown the true identity of Batman is great question because it is a reoccurring question that has been revealed in Prometheus and so creates a strong parallel for both location with the main parts of our narrative. Ducard is Prometheus? Honestly I had never heard of this character, but it is always good to gain a bit of an education whilst reading something you enjoy. I really enjoyed his whole explanation of the facility.

Really looking forward to find more about Prometheus and your introduction of the character has also educated me. Can't believe how much of this I have been getting through this weekend.