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    *Without warning your screen goes black and after a few moments you begin to wonder if something is wrong with your computer, just as you reach for the keyboard, you hear the sound of a woman’s voice, loudly but as if she is whispering in your ear.*

    Once upon a time, there was a man. A man who only knew one thing that he wanted to be a warrior. Not some random fighter, not to attack wildly and without purpose. He desired only to prove himself worthy of being called a warrior. Although he was flawed by his heart. His trust to easily placed where it should not have been. He was forced to watch what little he had built, being dashed to pieces as it all crumbed down around him.

    How fragile the mind of humans, a warrior with a heart, was and is doomed to fail. As some say he most certainly did at his attempt to prove who he was, to prove he belongs. To prove he can and will stand head and shoulders above all those that oppose him. He was tormented by those he called ally, as they became enemy. By those who he so foolishly allowed to touch his heart, only to watch it be eaten before his very eyes. Even the one, he called friend, a true warrior he had to watch fall to never rise again. It was said he was broken, that all he had represented was destroyed and that he would never be able to prove himself. He floundered and became a pea, lost in a land of giants, while his own mind turned on him. Not only had his decent into the maelstrom began, but it completely consumed him, taking him to the deepest darkest depths of his own mind.

    The light now having gone from him, as he remains shrouded by the deepest darkness imaginable. He now communes with the unseen, speaks words not heard outside of his own head. While all that he knows, and all that he has left is one, deep rooted desire. One unrelenting goal his soul will not allow him to avoid. This man equally embraces the war and the fight. Gone are his sense of morality, of platitudes, of fellowship, all replaced by the only thing to sustain the man though it all, by the one and only thing the man has left.

    There has been a great passage of time; so much so that they believed him dead. They believed him to be destroyed. They believed he was never to return, never to be seen or heard from again. Death is not the end; but merely a transitional state. Though the slumber is quite the same; the magical land from whence he was ejected, is and will find itself unprepared for the awakening…….

    *As the silence sets in, a phrase appears across your screen in all white letters.*

    “Eyes Wide Open”

    *In the blink of an eye, returns to normal.*

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    They're baaaack!

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    *Closer browser out of fear of a screamer pop up*

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