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Thread: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

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    FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    The show opens with the official Fight Night signature.

    The cameras then cut to an elevated shot from inside the arena, giving everyone at home a good look at the screaming masses of wrestling fans in attendance. The crowd is cheering their heart out as some wave signs and FWA merchandise, while others jump up and down and try to attract the camera's attention. The sound is deafening inside the arena as we cut to a floor shot of the commentator's table where Piers Gallagher, Langdon Trafford, Harry Baxter and Sam McDonald are ready to kick off the show!

    Langdon Trafford: Welcome everyone, to the most dangerous night on TV! And our "new era" continues tonight with a slate worthy of a Pay-Per-View audience! Plus, it's our annual awards show as we celebrate the highs and lows from the year 2013!!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Vodka & Venom's tag title reign will be tested by the upstart tandem of Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter, we'll know Saddle Sally's opponent at Aftershock for the Women's title and in our main event...champion versus champion as the new World champ Shane McLean faces North American champ Jason Gryphon with the four competitors in the PPV Triple Cage match surrounding the ring.

    Harry Baxter:
    Wake Walker, Gabrielle Montgomery, Thomas Princeton, The Mist all in action. And a three-on-one first blood match featuring Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird against Amber, Tracy and Jethro Warren.

    Another big explosion of pyro erupts from the stage, drawing even more cheers from the fans.

    A familiar theme hits the PA system as the general manger of Fight Night walks onto the stage. The crowd reacts with another mixed ovation but a loud burst of emotion commences regardless. G-Rich walks down the ramp wearing one of his patent ultra-fibered, custom-fit and designed suits. He slides into the ring and pulls out a microphone which he already had in his possession. The crowd noise starts to die down and he smiles as he raises the mic.

    G-Rich: Ladies and gentleman of the FWA… Ever since I ushered in this new era for the FWA everyone seems to have an opinion. Everyone seems to want to voice their displeasure here, or happy thoughts there and that is all well and good but regardless of the disgruntled this new era IS going to happen. We have a new FWA champion and his name is Shane McLean. No longer is he the joker I recruited into the Unholy Uprising. No longer is he a “rising star” or whatever term you wish to use. He is the champ. That title makes it legitimate and with all due respect to Ryan Hall, he won it fair and square. Now, I admit to playing a little bit of puppet mastery when setting up the match when “The Last King” was most vulnerable but this is something I am sure he respects… A new era MUST come… just like It did when he entered the company so many years ago. Times change. People change and for the FWA to survive it needs to change. We have been through a lot, I stayed by Matt’s side when you were at each other’s throats, I kept the Unholy Uprising going when you left to go do God know what only months after forming the stable. We created the Unholy Uprising together… but it was MY child. I raised it… You were just a deadbeat father who checked in every now and then and took it to a baseball game. So let’s be real here my friend… I have turned the other way, turned the other cheek and let a lot slide in our time for the sake of our friendship. I helped you rise to the top when I pulled you from the fire and you became FWA champion at the Rebirth of the FWA in 2007. You remember don’t you? A lot of debts are owed on your behalf and now you can consider this the repayment. You have had your time in the sun Ryan, now it’s time to let the other stars shine and take your walk to retirement. I am sorry… but this is the reality of the sport. Yo –

    “Absolute Zero” hits the PA system and the crowd erupts into a frenzy of emotion, much more mixed than it previously was. The boos are still loud and roaring but you can hear the long term, die hard fans screaming their hearts out for Ryan Hall.

    The Last King walks out onto the stage also dressed in the height of gentleman clothing, adorned in a beautiful suit and his trademark aviators which hide his eyes from everyone. He scans the crowd and then his eyes fall on G-Rich. He doesn’t say a word and rather walks down to the ring and slide in… He demands a microphone from someone nearby. The crowd reacts and he waits for everything to quiet down before speaking.

    Ryan Hall: Hello brother. It’s been a long time since we’ve been out here together hasn’t it? So many things have changed and the entire outlook of the meeting is reversed what most figured it would be. The normally would be the shocking reunion of the two original founders of the Unholy Uprising. The true soldiers who changed FWA for better or worse and both Hall of Famers. Yet… Here we stand in such a strange and perplexing scenario aren’t we? Things have changed alright… I have changed… The FWA has changed… and certainly YOU have changed, Brother.

    G-rich shakes his head but Ryan Hall quickly puts a finger up to intervene.

    Ryan Hall: I am out here today because you claim there is a new era dawning in the FWA. You claim the old regime like myself are on their way out and you say I should start thinking about my retirement… You have made a lot of points over the past few weeks. A lot of which I can agree with and it’s true, Shane McLean… The man that back in the UU days I would get drunk and make dance is now the FWA champion. It’s a new era alright… but it’s an era of complete shit. THIS is what you want? You want McLean as the champion? Well… I won’t question your business decisions because you have always been the corporate minded side of this partnership while I always have my mindset of conquer and destroy… It’s true we have been through a lot and it’s because of our history that I was shocked you would pull such a cheap set up on me just to put the FWA Undisputed champion in the hands of a fool. You pulled a fast on me while my sights were completely set on destroying Wolf… You used that opportunity to do something for yourself and you know what…

    There is a chilling silence.

    Ryan Hall: I respect that old friend. I do. From the bottom of my heart I respect your desire to still change the FWA. I admire the fact that you were able to fool of a master of the game like myself and it just shows me that you haven’t lost a step in all these years. Now I am sure everyone is wondering what am I planning on doing knowing that you essentially spit in my face but they know nothing.

    Murmurs in the crowd break the speech of the Inferno. Ryan Hall ponders for a moment before outstretching his hand towards G-Rich. G-Rich awkwardly looks at him before taking his hand and shaking it.

    Ryan Hall: I forgive you. I accept your apology.

    A mixed reaction from the crowd momentarily breaks out. However, suddenly Ryan Hall yanks G-Rich in closer until they are almost nose to nose with each other.

    Ryan Hall: However… As you know there are limits to my mercy. You know what comes next and you know it’s on you.

    Ryan Hall grabs G-Rich by the throat and slams in in the middle of the ring. He rips his tie off and begins to savagely beat on him with punches and elbows. It’s a quick and to the point beating and the crowd quickly dies down to completely silence as the sequence taking place in front of them is all too real. Ryan Hall punches G-Rich over and over again and blood is flowing from his nose and a few cuts on his face. It’s a savage and brutal attack and G-Rich is gushing blood all from just Hall’s fists and elbows. A security team rushes from the back and storms the stage. Ryan Hall’s eyes reflect a cold darkness as he directs all his rage from everything that has transpired on the security team. He takes them out one by one… Sending some over the ropes and others he knocks out with punches. The last security guard is a pudgy little guy who takes an elbow and a knee to the face. Ryan Hall grabs him by the throat and it’s as if he sees a ghost in the face of the man as he begins to punch him over and over again until the man in motionless. The crowd is silent and the rest of the security team is either indisposed or retreating.

    The Inferno’s eyes turn back onto G-Rich and suddenly he slides out of the ring and reaches underneath until he finds a large duffel bag that has been planted there. He throws it in the ring and re-enters himself… He opens the bag and pulls out a large container of gasoline and a zippo lighter. The crowd reacts as you would expect them too and the cold expression on Hall’s face finally relapses into a state of inner peace as he pours gasoline all over his long-time friend. He throws the empty gasoline container outside into the crowd and begins to walk around the ring, periodically flicking the zippo lighter’s flame into existence. Each time he looks at the fire and then at G-Rich.

    Finally he walks over to G-Rich and kneels in front of him. He takes the zippo lighter and flicks it open as the flame automatically bursts to life. He holds it close to G-Rich and slowly inches it closer and closer to the point where it’s a miracle it hasn’t ignited yet. At the very last second he blows the flame out and a devilish smile slides onto his face.

    Ryan Hall: I accept your apology. Our friendship is what saved you but that’s over now. This new era is going to burn… I spared you but your five rising stars won’t be so lucky. They will burn. THEY WILL BURN.

    He closes the lighter and drops it on the chest of the gasoline covered G-Rich. His theme music hits as he exits the ring and walks to the back… Leaving G-Rich alone in the center of the ring surrounded by unconscious security guards.


    Camera’s cut backstage to a commotion, the sounds of yelling, a table being flipped over and then a door kicked in as Gabrielle narrowly dodges a kick intended for her head from Stu St.Clair. She springs back to her feet and clubs away at The Snake, striking him repeatedly as quickly as she can over and over again, dropping Stu down to one knee. The Caramel Goddess backs off for a moment and that’s all opening The Snake needs as he spears her into a wall and laughs as she slumps down to the ground. Stu stomps her several times before an assortment of security, FWA staff and a few jobbers come into try and break up the fight. Stu has none of it though and throws Pablo the Potato throw a wall which sends the security team backing away. As Stu goes after Gabrielle though he’s meet with a stiff Savate kick from her which sends him stumbling backwards. Gabby grabs a handful of his hair and slams his head off a table several times. A woozy Stu manages to shove her away though as Ashley O’Ryan arrives on the scene, getting between the two of them as the security and FWA staff take their opportunity to swarm on Gabrielle and Stu, holding them at bay.

    I ave ad enough of this! I ave tried to stand back and let it all play out, oping you two would come to your sense but I see that wont appen, you two are determined to tear each other apart. Well I cant just stand by and watch this 'appen…I’m telling you both now at Aftershock I’m going to be the guest referee!

    Ashley just shakes his head, takes another look at Gabrielle and Stu before quickly leaving as Gabrielle and Stu resume shouting at each other.


    Sally goes up to the microphone and accepts the award, she tips her hat to the crowd.

    Sally: Welp I'm gonna keep this real short since we all know the only reason I got this was 'cause Gabrielle was runnin' out of space on her mantle.

    Crowd laughs.

    Sally: But seriously, this is amazin' to win. I've worked very hard to get where I am in this company, and there is still so much left to do. But I'd like to think I played a part in breakin' the glass ceilin' here in the FWA. We went to havin' no women's division to havin' women main event some of the biggest Pay-Per-Views of all time. It's jus' incredible to me. I don't even know if words can fully describe how absolutely proud I am to a part of this federation and to know the great women that I do.

    The women's division gets stronger each and every year and this year will be no different. 'Course, I'd like to think I have somethin' to do with that! But this ain't a league fer' models who jus' wanna find their next break this is fer' serious hardcore wrestlers who are willin' to give their bodies, their lives, their sanity fer' once chance. One chance to stand up here on a stage like this and tell the world....THANK YA'! This award means that finally somewhere, someone out there sees me as the best. And that person would be damn right! Thank ya' and God bless!

    Non-Title Match
    Dinorah Redgrave vs. Saddle Sally

    Dinorah Redgrave enters to a nice pop from the crowd, they've missed her and she looks fit as ever to get into the ring. She waves to the fans and salutes a group of military men on leave who are more than happy to see Dinorah help start off the Fight Night broadcast. Dinorah slips into the ring and pounces around getting herself even more amped for the fight. Saddle Sally enters next with the title belt around her waist she is booed by the crowd, but she just rolls her eyes as some fans boo her. Her knee brace is still on, and her walk has slowed due to it. She swings her hips suggestively as she takes off the title belt and raises it high above her head and then climbs into the ring. The ref is handed the title and the two women stare each other down for a moment, then the ring bell sounds.

    The two women go at each other and grapple with one another. Both women seem evenly matched in the strength department. While Dinorah may have more upper body strength Sally definitely has the lower body strength to keep herself planted. Both women are at a stand still until Sally pulls Dinorah in and headbutts her right into the forehead. Dinorah holds her skull in pain while Sally grabs her and put her right into a DDT! Dinorah rolls on the mat in pain, the commentators wonder if she just suffered a minor concussion. Sally stalks Dinorah and then grabs her by the hair and forces her up so she can pull her in for a clothesline lariat. Dinroah just flops onto the mat like a cold fish. Sally covers Dinorah 1...2...Dinorah kicks out!

    Sally doesn't seem too surprised as she hops back and grabs Dinorah by the hair once again but Dinorah is ready this time and elbows Sally in the gut twice and then grabs her and Irish whips her off the ropes, Sally stops herself but it's on her bad knee and she winces in pain and that's enough for Dinorah to run up and hit Sally with a cross body lariat. Sally gets up fast but only to be knocked down by a clothesline from Dinorah. Sally wobbles to her feet and Dinorah comes from behind and hits a bulldog right onto Sally. Dinorah then drops an elbow to the chest of Sally and hooks the leg 1..2..Sally kicks out!

    Dinorah like Sally isn't that surprised by the kick out. The two women get to their feet and begin trading blows before eventually getting back into a locked grapple. Dinorah goes for a shoulder suplex but Sally counters it and tries a suplex of her own but her knee gives out and Dinorah is able to grab Sally and hit her with a shoulder suplex. Sally lands hard on her back. Dinorah bends down to grab Sally but Sally slaps her across the face and then grabs Dinorah by the neck and stuffs her face first into her crotch. Piers Gallagher mentions that this movie is called the "Muff Diver Special" Sally holds Dinorah there who is caught as Sally starts to tighten her legs around Dinorah to try and force her to either tap or pass out. Dinorah struggles for a few moments but then she manages to find Sally's bad knee and gets under the brace and starts clubbing it with her forearm. Sally lets out a howl and releases Dinorah from her grasp.

    Sally tries to stand to her feet but Dinroah comes from behind and kicks the back of Sally's knee causing her to buckle violently. Sally holds her leg in pain as Dinorah stalks her and waits for the right moment. Sally tries to get up but Dinorah grabs her by the hair and shirt and then throws Sally shoulder first into the ring post right through the ropes. Sally lets out an painful grunt. Dinorah is in the driver's seat, Sally crawls out of the corner but before she can even think of a strategy dinorah leaps up and connects with a big spin kick. Sally falls to the mat. Dinorah covers Sally 1...2...Sally kicks out!

    Dinorah is getting frustrated, she picks up Sally and lifts her up for a suplex but Sally slips out and counters it into a DDT! Sally is too hurt to cover Dinorah as she chooses to spend her time to catch her breath and nurse her bruises. Dinorah gets up and Sally goes for the Elk's Horn but Dinorah counters it and pushes Sally off her, Sally steps back but then leaps and hits a missile drop kick to the chest of Dinorah. Sally wastes no time and grabs Dinorah and puts her in the lasso submission hold! Dinorah is in pain, but she manages to reach out and grab the bottom rope with her hand. The ref forces Sally to break the hold 1...2...3...4 Sally breaks the hold, and begins to argue with the ref as she does this Dinorah manages to rush from behind the distracted Sally and roll her up for the pin! 1...2...3!

    Dinorah and the crowd cheer in excitement as Sally looks a bit shocked as Dinorah gets her arm raised. Sally seems to be pondering a retaliation of some sort but decides against it and instead sulks out of the ring nursing her bad knee and hurt shoulder. Dinorah stands tall in the ring, what a great way to return to the FWA!

    Winner: Dinorah Redgrave via pinfall

    PAJ appears on stage with his entrance music to accept the award. He stops at the podium and speaks into the microphone.

    PAJ: I am happy to accept the award for most improved wrestler of 2013. It is the first step to forgiveness in the era of respect. I am genuinely humbled by the people of FWA who have accepted me into their hearts. To beat some well respected athletes to this award is an honor. I came back to FWA to work hard and hope that FWA would forgive me for the sins I have committed in this company throughout my career. I came to FWA with a reputation and not a good one but now we have begun to rebuild the bridges of friendship. FWA continues to grow after I helped almost destroy it under the orders of Jimmy King but we have become stronger, united FWA locker room. A locker room united by the New Era of FWA. Where we have the chance to solidify the legacy of FWA and show the world what we can achieve because for the SECOND time in FWA HISTORY we will step into the Triple Cage with the FWA World Championship on the line. Six determined competitors with the ultimate goal of the FWA World Championship. I will put on a show for you all and I believe that if I give it everything I have I will walkout with the title but whoever wins will have to be at their absolute best. Thank you FWA for the award. The bridge to forgiving me isstarting to be rebuilt.


    Piers Gallagher: Last week we all saw Ashley O’Ryan presumably moments away from proposing to Gabrielle Montgomery. Now recently a video from earlier in the night filmed by an FWA fan has surfaced.

    Harry Baxter: You’ll have to excuse the grainy camera footage of Ashley and Gabrielles father; Marcus…but this is a revealing conversation.

    The titantron then begins to play a slightly blurry video of a bar.

    Ashley: Thanks fer taking time to do this Marcus. I know you got a lot on yer mind, facing Stu and all. This won't take long.

    Marcus: Hey I wont complain if I miss my match...I'd feel bad but...well you know...

    Ashley laughs

    Ashley: I do gotta ask, why did you agree to this? You could 'ave refused and left town. Nobody would 'ave thought any less of you for it. Not when it comes to Stu.

    Marcus: For years I've watched my little girl take matches against men twice her size, or even three times her size and win. She inspires me and I wanted to make her proud of though that I'm moments away from it, I dont know how she does it.

    Ashley: A lot of intense training for one thing. Trust me, the way she talks about you, you don't need to fight a man like Stu to make her proud. She is proud of you already.

    Marcus just smiles and nods his head.

    Marcus: I'm glad to hear that, her mother and I have always been proud of her. But enough about wanted to talk about something Ashley?

    Ashley: Yes, Mr. Montgomery. It is actually regarding your daughter.

    He raises an eyebrow.

    Marcus: Knowing my daughter this could be any number of things. Whats on your mind?

    He takes a deep breath.

    Ashley: As you may be aware or not, Gabrielle and I have grown close. Very close. We've 'elped each other through dark times. She is an amazing, amazing woman and there is nothing I would want more then yer permission to propose.

    Marcus: You want to propose to my daughter?

    Ashley: One hundred and fifty percent yes, sir.

    Marcus sighs and runs a hand through his hair as Ashley just looks at him, waiting. Its clear he is uncomfortable with the response so far.

    Marcus: I dont know how to say this...but Ashley I can appreciate how happy you have made her, how you have helped her move on from Chris and her latest divorce. But I cant just sit by and see my little girl marry again so quickly...she'd be setting herself up for more heartache...especially with a drunk like you. So no Ashley...I'm sorry but I cant let that happen.

    Ash cocks his head

    Ashley: A drunk loik me? I 'elp yer daughter smile again, and yet that is still all I am?

    Marcus: You cant beat that part of you Ashley, my daughter seems to even be encouraging it. But I cant encourage you and her getting married.

    Ashley leans back, rubbing his face

    Ashley: I'm aware of my problems. I'm aware of my past. Gabrielle 'as 'elped me channel those things. I know I can do the same fer 'er. I'm sure I already 'ave. If I thought being with me would break 'er 'eart I would 'ave never pursued a relationship in the first place.

    Marcus: This isn't a discussion Ashley. I like you as a wrestler and as someone
    who has been there for my daughter, in the short term...but my daughter can do better. So sell the ring you bought and think about finding love elsewhere...

    Ashley burns a hole through Marcus, his teeth clench

    Ashley: ...Pardon? No I'm actually curious, better how?

    Marcus: Ashley, she deserves somebody more stable, somebody who wont kick a pregnant woman...and wont stay friends with a man who despises her.

    Ashley: Loik I said, I'm aware of my past. I regret some of it but I can't change it. As fer Stu, aye me and 'im 'ave a 'istory. We are also tag champions. That's loik a binding contract. I don't expect you to understand... But know that Stu holds no sway in my feelings fer Gabrielle.

    Marcus: You asked for my permission Ashley, I said no. That's all there is too it, you might love her, but I cant trust you, I dont believe you are the man to make her happy everyday. My daughter wont be hurt like that again, I wont let it happen, and I will appreciate that if you do love her, then you will respect her fathers opinion.

    Ashley stands up, still staring at Marcus, slightly trembling.

    Ashley: Good luck in your match.

    Marcus manages to crack a nervous smile as Ashley walks over to the bar in silence, not saying another word to him. Marcus then quickly gets up and walks out, Ashley stands at the bar for what seems like an eternity. He pulls the box out of his pocket, opening it. He stares at the ring then slams it shut.

    Ashley: The hell with him!

    He exits with a determined look on his face.


    As come we come back from commercial, "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis comes over the loud speaker and out from the the back walks out a surprise special guest for this year's FWA Award Show, Michael J. Fox. Michael walks up the podium and smiles as the crowd as they begin to chant "This Is Heavy!" over and over again.

    Michael J. Fox:
    FWA is where you will find some of the best athletes in the world today. This company has a unique distiction of find talent of the outskirts of nowhere and turning them into household names. It was over a year ago where some of these men where unknowns and now, a mere 365+ days later, there names are almost universal. As FWA looks to find it's next great superstar, they can no longer afford to look to the past, they need to focus...on the Future. The nominees for FWA Rookie of the Year are Jason Gryphon, Michael Garcia, Jethro Warren, and The Mist.

    A video package for each of the four men that are nominated play as their names are called out my Michael J. Fox. We go back to him after all of the videos have been played.

    Michael J. Fox:
    And the winner is..............JASON GRYPHON!

    The crowd jumps to their feet as Jason Gryphon's name is called out by Michael J. Fox. "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas begins to play as Jason Gryphon make his way out onto the stage in a stylish business suit with the North American Championship on his shoulder. He shakes the hands of one of his idols as he grabs a hold of the Rookie of the Year Trophy and rises it high before putting it back down on the podium.

    Jason Gryphon:
    What a long strange trip it has been, My Gryphons! One year ago I made my debut here in FWA and since then we have risen to the top of FWA in a record time. I just want all of you to know that without you by my side none of this would have been possible. You have lifted me up in my darkest hours and have forced my to push myself beyond the limits of humanity. The trophy is just another example of the rewards that can be accomplished when you accept the Gryphon into you heart! I ask all of those that have not done so yet, Be A Gryphon! The power is inside of all of you to do amazing things just as I have done so in FWA and I am not going to stop anytime soon. Tonight, I will step into the ring with FWA World Champion Shane McClean and I will defeat him in front of all of you and in front of the four other men that stand in my way of becoming the World Champion at Aftershock. I stand before you know as the North American Champion and the 2013 FWA Rookie of the Year but in two days, I will add another treasure to my menagerie, the FWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Jason Gryphon raises the North American Championship and the 2013 FWA Rookie of the Year Trophy high above his head as his Gryphon rise to their feet and give their leader a stand ovation for his victory. He turn around and he walks with Michael J. Fox off the stage and to the back.

    3-on-1 Handicap Match
    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs Jethro Warren, Amber Warren, & Trace

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a 3-on-1 Handicap Match. Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by River and the talented actress Anna Kendrick, he represents the BIRD Empire. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird.

    “Ameno” by Era plays and the crowd cheers loudly as Vincent, River and Anna Kendrick comes out onto the entrance stage from the back. They make their way down the ramp as Vincent has a serious expression on his face. When they reach the ring, Vincent climbs the steps then stops and whispers something to River, Vincent then gets into the ring and waits for his opponents while River and Anna wait outside of the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: And his opponents, Trace, Jethro Warren and his beautiful wife Amber.

    “Dark Grounds” by Adrian Von Ziegler plays as Jethro, Amber and Trace come out from the back. Trace smugly looks at his former allies while Jethro kisses Amber passionately as the crowd boos loudly and yell “slut” and “whore” towards Amber. As they begin to make their way down the ramp, Vincent gets out of the ring and once they are half way down the ramp, Vincent, River and Anna charge at them and they exchange blows with Jethro, Trace and Amber (respectively) causing the crowd to cheer loudly.

    Security come out to separate them but Jethro and Vincent break free from the Security that was holding them and go back to laying into each other. Security tries to get more help from the back only for Trace and River to knock out the Security that were holding them back while Amber and Anna hit the Security that was holding them with lowblows.

    River and Trace punches each others hard as Amber slaps Anna's face with her wedding ring causing Anna to bleed. Anna pissed off, punches Amber's nose hard causing her to bleed. River and Trace quickly goes to pull Anna and Amber off of each other. Vincent hits Jethro across the tempo with a Spinning Heel Kick at the same time Jethro connects with a Yakuza Kick. The Security, Medics and the Referees pull Vincent and Jethro apart as their respective faces are covered in blood from the kicks the other had landed. The crowd chants “Let Them Fight” during the whole scuffle and the Referee of the Match goes over to Kurt Harrington.

    Kurt Harrington: The Referee of the Match has just informed me that he is calling off the Match, so this Match is ending in a No Contest



    The white wals of a hospital room are shown as Lucian W. Ace, wearing a hospital gown, lays in bed with about as aggravated and pissed-off an expression as he can have. He's looking restless as he sits up, looking out the door toward a figure that has stopped. The door flings open as one of the hospital patient attendants walks in, offering Lucian W. Ace a welcoming smile.

    Patient attendant: have a visitor.

    Lucian's expression doesn't change, and he snarls back with a snicker.

    Lucian W. Ace: Whatever.

    After just a couple seconds, Whyte Thunder walks through the door. The hospital employee whispers something in his ear before leaving and shutting the door, and the face paint-wearing superhero of the FWA walks forward to the foot of the bed.

    Lucian W. Ace: I thought you only lived in the shadows now...

    Whyte Thunder: I can still be the FWA's guardian angel and visit someone who needs a guardian angel.

    Lucian Ace looks up at Whyte Thunder with a somewhat disgusted expression.

    Lucian Ace: What the hell happened to you?! I thought you were the man who would take Ryan Hall's World title from him! I gave you, you specifically, the Golden Opportunity briefcase for that reason. Now you're making hospital visits. Are you John Cena making my wish?!

    Whyte Thunder doesn't grown angry with Lucian's sentiment. Rather, he laughs it off and tries changing the subject.

    Whyte Thunder: I told you I owed you a favor. I told you I owed you the first title shot when you returned. Seeing as I'm not the champion...I don't know what I can give you.

    Lucian Ace: So is that what this is about? The big bad superhero of the FWA wants to fulfill his obligations and be gone. Is that right?!

    Whyte Thunder is taken back a bit, maybe because Lucian has a point in his assessment. Whyte Thunder doesn't respond, as he's been in verbal spouts a little too often lately.

    Lucian Ace: I sense doubt in your body language. I sense a little bit of resentment, too.

    Whyte Thunder's expression changes from warm and welcoming, like a clown visiting a sick kid, to agitated and "done." He's at the end of the rope and turns to walk out the room. But just as he opens the door...

    Lucian Ace: Wait...I do have to ask you for a favor...

    Whyte Thunder stops, and turns to look at Lucian Ace, who is still sitting in his bed. Whyte Thunder's expression has changed now to inquisitive and curious.

    Lucian Ace: That is why you came, right?


    "The Amazing" Ryan Rondo appears at the stage and stops in front the podium.

    Ryan Rondo: I know I let my fans and friends down, but I wanted to make a statement. At Aftershock, I will make a statement. Shane McLean was the better man two Fight Nights ago. Ryan Hall, Jason Gryphon, PAJ and Drew Stevenson WILL NOT be the next FWA World Champion. It'll be me...While I am somewhat ashamed of this award, I'm also pleased with it. It shows and is proof I am capable of amazing, surprising things in the FWA. I just need to channel that toward positive outcomes.


    Non-title match
    The Mist vs. Wake Walker vs. Dave Sullivan

    When the bell rings, Dave Sullivan immediately goes after The Mist, who had his sights set on Wake Walker. Sullivan lands a barrage of kicks to the midsection and clubbing right hands into the upper spine of the newest X-Champion, who backs against the ropes and raises his forearms and fists as a defensive block of the face and head. Sullivan turns and keeps an eye on Wake Walker, who stays standing in his same position when the bell rang. Dave Sullivan lands a few knee thrusts into the stomach before sending The Mist across the ring into the turnbuckle. He glares at Wake Walker before charging at The Mist, who lands an elbow to the jaw and then a sidewalk slam!

    When The Mist rises, Wake Walker lands a diving, low-angle shoulder thrust into the back of his calves. The Mist falls forward to his knees as Wake Walker lands a few stomps into the lower spine. He grabs The Mist by the neck and whips him into the ropes before landing an aggressive clothesline! When Dave Sullivan rises, he lands a clubbing forearm to the back of Wake Walker and shoves him against the ropes before landing a roundhouse kick to the side of the head. He watches Wake Walker stumble to the side and seated against one of the turnbuckles before turning and being leveled by The Mist's running shoulder tackle! The Mist grabs Dave Sullivan and hits a quick suplex before bouncing off the ropes for a standing leg drop. The Mist covers, but Wake Walker breaks it up at barely a two count!

    Wake Walker grabs The Mist and lands a few closed-fist shots to the forehead. With The Mist reeling, Wake Walker whips him into the ropes and hits a huge scoop powerslam and hooks the far leg.
    (..............1................2......Kick out)

    Wake Walker grabs The Mist before seeing Dave Sullivan charge and ducking under his clothesline attempt. He turns and lands an elbow to Sullivan, but The Mist grabs Wake Walker around the waist and lands a release belly-to-back suplex! The Mist looks down and grabs Dave Sullivan, who fights back with a barrage of punches before landing another roundhouse kick, this one to the other opponent! Dave Sullivan continues his ground-and-pound attack with Randy Orton-esque stomps around the midsection before sitting atop The Mist and landing elbows across the face!!! After about five, he hooks the near leg!
    (...............1...................2..........Kick out!)

    Dave Sullivan rises but Wake Walker lands a running big boot out of nowhere!!! Dave Sullivan rolls to the apron as Wake Walker pushes him off and onto the floor with his boots. Wake Walker turns to face The Mist, who is pulling his fatigued self up. The Mist has taken a large brunt of the aggression and attention as the X-Champion, and Wake Walker lands a fan-approving butterfly suplex in the center of the ring!

    Wake Waker grabs The Mist and goes for his "Fall of Starre Mountain" finisher, but Dave Sullivan slides in and breaks it up with a forearm to the back. Sullivan grabs The Mist and whips him into the ropes, but The Mist lands a big body tackle. Wake Walker lands a running forearm taking Mist down and then hits Dave Sullivan with his "God's Judgment" finisher. He covers and The Mist can't recover quick enough to break up the count!

    Winner: Wake Walker

    The cameraman cuts to the back locker room as we see the Inferno himself, Ryan Hall sitting in silence. He is holding a FWA magazine and on the cover it states "A new era" with a picture of Shane McLean holding up the FWA title in victory. His expression is cold and lifeless... He is staring at the magazine with a strange look in his eyes as he takes out a zippo lighter. He lights the magazine on fire and watches as the image of Shane McLean and the text burns away and tosses the flaming magazine into a nearby trashcan. While all this is going on Jason Gryphon happens to walk into the locker room holding the North American Championship on his shoulders

    Jason Gryphon: "You know Hall, I knew the day would come when you would lose the World Championship and I KNEW I was destined to be the one to cause it!"

    Ryan Hall smirks and lets out a little laugh.

    Ryan Hall: "I am sure you will treasure that moment for the rest of your career... because that's just how important I am to the cause. You see... Greg wants to call this a new era yet pinning me in a match you didn't even win is what passes as a career accomplishment these days. You hold onto that pride, that fire that helped you pin me... because am far from done with you. I see all your desires... Your lust... I can see it all burning in those eyes of yours. You think you can stay the fan favorite and still fulfill your hearts desire? No. The path you are walking requires self-sacrifice. It requires giving things away and losing for the fans sake. You are mythology correct? That is what you desire? Soon... Your desire will eat you alive and you will realize the sacrifice is not the person you are. You are a conqueror like me and we sacrifice nothing. You can't give stuff away and take everything at the same time. It doesn't work that away... Soon the Inferno inside you will come to light."

    Jason Gryphon rolls his eyes and brushes shoulders with Ryan Hall as he walks out of the locker room. However, he stops at the door.

    Ryan Hall: "Soon my pupil... You will see the aftershock of your actions..."

    Ryan Hall walks into the hallway and starts towards the main stage. "Absolute Zero" hits the PA system and all the usual fiery pyro and light shows commence as The Last King makes his way to the stage. After a minute or so he finally walks out and walks directly down the ramp. The Inferno grabs a microphone and slides into the ring and stands upright. The crowd begins to boo with an uproar of negativity towards Ryan Hall and he patiently lets them get it out before speaking.

    Ryan Hall: "So apparently I am supposed to give some acceptance speech for feud of the year… Not wrestler of the year… not heel of the year… But feud of the year. Apparently, my efforts have only been recognized when it’s me bashing Wolf’s face in and apparently as soon as it’s over everyone wants to cast me aside and watch something else. Isn’t that right?"

    The crowd cheers in agreement.

    Ryan Hall: "Well f*ck that! One loss does not define a king just like one win doesn’t make one. I have not been unseated just because a crown doesn’t rest on my head. I am the last king and I shall be the one who gives FWA a bright future and not this bleak abyss of puke and shit that Gregory has planned for all of you. I don’t accept that. I don’t accept that and I don’t accept this award. What I did to Adrian Wolf wasn’t for show. It wasn’t for all of you in attendance and for any of you lazy fat bags of puss at home. I did it because I wanted to destroy take everything from Adrian Wolf. I wanted to take his wife… but I killed her. I wanted to take his pride… but he already through it away. I wanted to take his career… but he quit like a fucking coward! You may look at me and think I am just being a whiney little bitch but then you would just be clueless to the real world, clueless to the reality that shapes my life. You know nothing about me and that’s why you would rather see someone you know everything about, someone with the depth of a kiddie pool in Shane McLean be the champion? Someone who is nothing but a one line joke… It’s pathetic. It makes me sick… Is this the future you all want? What will the feud of 2014 be then at this rate… Shane McLean vs Home Depot… No wait… How about Pablo the Potato vs Shane McLean vs a sense of humor. We all know sense of humor would win by count out because McLean would never find it."

    The crowd begins to boo as some McLean chants spark up throughout the crowd.

    Ryan Hall: "The feud of the year for 2014 will be Ryan Hall vs The New Era of the FWA. You can consider all your new talent on notice because I am going to show you that the wrath of the Inferno has only just begun… I don’t sleep… I don’t dream… I don’t rest…. I LIVE THIS SHIT 24/7 BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I DO! I TAKE AND TAKE AND TAKE AND DESTROY! Wolf may be gone… A joke may be sitting on the throne but the last king is still alive and I am going to take back my kingdom… or burn it down in the process."

    Ryan Hall drops the microphone as “Absolute Zero” hits the PA system and the crowd responds with a resounding mass of boos. He exits the ring and heads towards the back as we head for a break.


    No. 1 contenders match for Women's Championship
    Shannon O'Neal vs. "The Queen Bitch" Mackenzie Roberts vs. Zoey Ellis

    The match begins with Shannon O'Neal and Zoey Ellis flinging fists back and forth before Zoey goes into the feetle position to defend. Shannon whips Zoey across the ring to the turnbuckle and lands a big corner splash followed by Mackenzie Roberts' sole kick to the stomach. Shannon O'Neal lands a kick to the stomach of Mackenzie and lands a right-hand fist to the face before clotheslining her over the top rope.

    Zoey Ellis lands a standing dropkick to Shannon's back as she falls to the mat and rolls to the apron. Zoey Ellis goes for a suicide dive to both, but both sidestep to dodge the move. Shannon and Mackenzie grapple on the outside before Mackenzie flings Shannon back first into the ring steps. Mackenzie grabs Shannon by the hair and whips her into the fan barricade and then follows by whipping Zoey toward Shannon, who ducks and flips Zoey into the front rows of the crowd.

    Mackenzie charges and Shannon ducks and flips her over the barricade and landing on top Zoey Ellis! The entire arena cheers as Shannon reaches over and grabs Zoey Ellis by the hair. She pulls her over the barricade and rolls her into the ring. Shannon goes to the top turnbuckle and lands a flying crossbody followed by her "Paradise City" running bicycle kick. Shannon covers as Mackenzie is climbing over the barricade and back to the ringside area.
    (..............1......................2.....Mackenzie rolls into the ring.........3....just as Mackenzie lunges to break it up!!!)

    Winner and New #1 contender: Shannon O'Neal


    The fans cheer wildly as "Bounce" hits over the speakers, and out walks the unlikely FWA World Champion Shane McLean, in ring attire but with a tuxedo jacket on over a bare chest and a bow tie. Try as you might, nobody actually looks good in a bow tie. Bow tie's essentially look like an invite to ram blunt objects into the offender's anus. One thing that does look damn good on him is the FWA World Championship belt though. McLean walks up to the podium and accepts his award, looking at it blankly before breaking into a grin. His music has faded out to equally loud chants of his name, but they settle with a raise of the Diamond's eyebrow. Had we ever named it before? Ah well, it is named now.

    Shane McLean: "I spent many years away from the FWA, missing it dearly each and every day. I knew I had made my mark in history, and could actually be proud of my accomplishments in my first run, holding the FWA Tag Team Championship and North American Championship. But I always knew, deep down, that I needed one more accomplishment, and I always knew I would come back for it."

    Shane shuffles the FWA World Championship belt on his shoulder.

    Shane McLean: "The X-Division Championship! Seriously, that baby was conceived inside my very mind, and I injected my lovegoo to give it life, and I want all the holders of it to picture that every time they fasten it round their waist. So yeah, I came back for it, plan being I would nurture it for a bit then fulfill my destiny of forming a tag team with Mike Mundane, but instead I accidentally won the TV Championship, North American Championship and...the FWA World Championship."

    The crowd roar at this and Shane is grinning ear from ear. This is a happy man. As happy as a man can be without Swedish twins.

    Shane McLean: "So whilst I am very thankful for this award, let's be honest, I really deserve it!"

    Before Shane can say another word, "Invisible Man" by Theory of a Deadman kicks in and out walk Bobby Thunder and Shawn Docherty. Shane rests his award down on the podium and crosses his arms at the interruption, but waits for an explanation. Shawn Docherty is first to grant it.

    Shawn Docherty: "Shane, everyone was glad to see you back, really they were, but they missed somebody out for the best return nominee. You see, these people, they were ill, they were sick. Can't you hear, they are...CALLIN' FOR THE DOCH-TOR!!??!!"

    The arena remains silent, and a cough is heard from the stands. Maybe that dude does need a doctor, but presumably Shawn is not who he is looking for.

    Bobby Thunder: "Naw, naw dawg, these people aren't callin' for you, it was me they were most down to see back! C'mon people, let me hear the ROAR OF THUNDAAAA!"

    A baby starts to cry. The two men begin to argue and Shane rolls his eyes, wandering off to the back leaving them to argue. They notice he is gone, then look to the podium, and both grab the award at the same time. They tug of war over it, before dropping to the stage and rolling around. At some point during this the award is dropped, and the two try to lunge for it, dragging each other back. Andy Koesterman runs from the back and picks it up to a wild reception. He runs to the podium and yells into the microphone.

    Andy Koesterman: "YES!!!"

    He runs off with the award as Shane returns to seperate his friends, picking them up by the scruff of the neck and dragging them over to the podium. He stares off to the side of the stage where Koesterman had escaped.

    Shane McLean: "It seems like one of my prizes has gotten away, but there is still one I still have. We all know, it could very well also escape my grasp this Sunday inside the Triple Cage match, but I am going to go out there and do exactly what we always do, and that's have some fun, no matter what!"

    Shane raises the FWA World Championship high into the air as Bounce begins to play again, Thunder and Docherty having a slap fight behind his back.


    There is a knock on G-Rich’s office. G-Rich sits in a chair, enjoying a drink and going over some notes on a notepad. Upon hearing the knock, G-Rich turns his head to the door and mutters, “Come in”. He continues to look down at the notepad as Wake Walker enters into his office. Upon seeing Walker, the crowd boos. Wake stands there, smirking. G-Rich looks up and makes eye contact with Wake Walker for a few seconds.

    G-Rich: …Can I help you?

    Wake Walker: Maybe. Perhaps not.

    G-Rich: I don’t have time for games, Wake Walker, what do you want?

    Wake Walker: I’m here… because I want stronger competition, G-Rich. The pathetic individuals you’ve placed me up against that you call, “wrestlers” aren’t truly competition. I don’t understand why you’re wasting your time with this silly little gimmicky triple cage match. The fact that you’re constantly having six men duke it out for the championship tells me that you simply don’t know who is main-event caliber and I’ll tell you why it’s so hard for you to figure it out: It’s because all of the six guys you have in that triple cage match are individuals that simply aren’t good enough. However, your problem goes deeper. You may have all these wonderful stars that can bring it but when it comes right down to it… none of them have what it takes. You search, G-Rich, you search for that dominant individual who will be a few levels ahead of the rest but the harder you search, the more you begin to come to terms with the fact that there isn’t anybody in the FWA that can take that spot…that can fill the void that the likes of Boudreau, Kennedy and Hall have left behind. That is, until I decided to come back. I’ve defeated every single opponent you’ve put up against me, G-Rich and if I remember correctly, you told me right after announcing my match against Hendrix that you’d have big things in store for me. Well, it looks like all of that was a lie because ever since then I’ve been in rather underwhelming matches. You know it, G-Rich, you know that I am the next big thing and you know very well in your heart of hearts that I will someday become the FWA champion. Why do you continue to delay the inevitable? Instead of main eventing Aftershock, like I should be, I’m stuck having to sit back and look at the FWA wasteland. I’ve seen wrestlers…wrestlers who are supposed to be legends such as Gabrielle and Thomas Princeton crumble in front of my very eyes and it’s all a depressing sight to see. I’ve had to resort to helping Thomas Princeton get a second wind in his career but only because I pity him.

    G-Rich: So what’s your point? Did you just come here to waste my time?

    Wake Walker: No, I came here to give you a warning.

    G-Rich: A warning? What the hell are you talking about?

    G-Rich stands up and looks at Walker angrily.

    Wake Walker: Give me the champion, Rich. Give me the champion or else.

    G-Rich: Or else what!?

    Butch and Michael, Wake Walker’s security personnel come up behind Walker.

    Wake Walker: Or else, I’ll make you I take out those frail legs of yours with my friends right here and ensure you can never walk again. Give me suitable competition at Aftershock, Rich.

    G-Rich looks at both Butch and Michael.

    Wake Walker: This is no empty threat, Rich. I’m serious. Give me suitable competition or else. You don’t want to deal with me. I’m unlike anybody else you’ve had in this company. I will terrorize you… and the FWA if needed.

    Wake Walker walks away but before he does, Wake Walker throws a smoke bomb in the room. Wake and his security exit the room. G-Rich picks up the smoke bomb, wondering what it is and then it blows. We see a ton of smoke and coughing until the scene fades to black.

    Gabrielle vs. Thomas Princeton

    Gabrielle enters first to a big pop from the crowd, Thomas Princeton comes out next to decent level of heat from the arena. Tom and Gabrielle circle each other and then the ring bell sounds and Gabrielle lunges at Tom with a ferocity Tom is caught off guard by as he is grabbed and then kneed in the gut as Gabrielle hits Tom with a fury of forearms and kicks trying to soften him up early on in the match. Gabrielle has clearly entered this match with a chip on her shoulder, but even Tom wasn't ready for this as Gabrielle Irish whips him off the ropes and then hits him with a pinwheel kick knocking him flat onto the mat.

    Gabrielle then grabs Tom on the ground and puts him in a headlock. Gabrielle is choking him out but Tom eventually powers out of it and lifts Gabrielle onto his back and then in a surprising and out of character move for the princes of darkness he hits Gabrielle with a rolling Samoan drop! The crowd has to show respect for that but it's short lived as they begin to cheer as Gabrielle gets up and undeterred spears Tom and begins clubbing him with right arms. Tom is in a bad spot and manages to kick and roll his way into the ropes forcing the ref to break up Gabrielle's barrage.

    Tom is looking worried as he stumbles still clinging onto the rope as he slides chest first into the turnbuckle. Gabrielle is too busy arguing with the ref to notice Tom removing the turnbuckle cover from the middle of the ring he grins while the crowd boos him. Tom then darts out of the corner and grabs Gabrielle and lifts her up for a modified reverse suplex. Gabrielle flops onto the mat and then Tom stalks her, as she stands up Tom connects with a big boot to her skull forcing her right back down again. Tom smirks as Gabrielle dazed uses the ropes to stand her momentum has been cut off as Gabrielle lets go of the ropes Tom pulls her in towards him to her can uppercut her right in the jaw. Gabrielle falls down and gets tangled up in the ropes, Tom begins to stomp on her but the ref eventually forces him off.

    Tom holds up his arms in feigned innocence as Gabrielle gets herself out of the ropes. The two wrestlers grapple up and tom slams his forearm into the back of Gabrielle but the caramel goddess holds strong and manages to get up under Tom and knee him in the gut and then grab him for a sloppy but effective reverse atomic drop. As Tom hops in pain Gabrielle grabs him into a shoulder suplex. Tom hits the mat hard, Gabrielle covers him 1...2 Tom kicks out. Gabrielle tries to put Tom in a scissors hold but he's too quick and is to his feet and promptly kicks Gabrielle right under the jaw. You can hear the impact of the kick and he crowd "ooos" in shared pain. Gabrielle is rolling on the mat in pain, Tom eyes the exposed turnbuckle. He begins to lift Gabrielle up and he tries to Irish whip her into the turnbuckle but she counters it and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle!

    Tom's back goes right into the exposed turnbuckle and he screams in pain. Then Gabrielle spears him slamming his already hurt back right onto the metal once more. Tom stumbles out of the turnbuckle looking dazed and holding his back. Gabrielle sees her chance and grabs him for her finisher 34DDT! The crowd cheers wildly as Gabrielle hooks the leg 1...2...3! Gabrielle gets her arm raised while a frustrated Tom slams his fists onto the mat.

    Winner: Gabrielle Montgomery via pinfall

    After the match, Wake Walker appears at the top of the entrance ramp.

    "Again, Tom?! Seriously?! Gabrielle used to be one of your followers in Executive Excellence. Now she's defeating you. This is sad. This is beyond sad. I think it's time to put the dog to rest."

    As Thomas Princeton rises to his feet, Wake Walker hits "The Fall of Starre Mountain" in the center of the ring. He kneels down next to an unconscious Thomas Princeton and whispers into the microphone...

    "Time to wake up, Tom."


    Backstage, Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter are walking to the ring. However, they are stopped in the hallway by Aut Pax Aut Bellum members Dan Ward and Andrew Johnson.

    Dan Ward: Just wanted to tell you two "good luck."

    Andrew Johnson: Yeah, good luck and get ready...

    Dan Ward: Because we want a rematch from Back in Business...

    Andrew Johnson: And if the tag titles are on the line...even better.

    Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter step in their faces, and APAB back down. Mackenzie Roberts walks up and steps between Ward and Johnson with her arms around each's shoulders. She smiles and gazes at Kennedy and Carter.

    Mackenzie Roberts: Save it for Aftershock, boys.

    FWA Tag Team Championship match:
    Vodka & Venom (c) vs. "The Infection" Brian Carter & "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy

    Dragonforce's The Last Journey Home begins to come out of the speakers and the former FWA World Champion Chris Kennedy makes his way out from behind the curtain. He stands on the stage and waits for his partner to come out. Around The Fur by The Deftones plays and Chris Kennedy's tag team partner "The Infection" Brian Carter comes out to meet his partner. They walk to the ring in a show of solidarity. They get into the ring and wait for the Tag Team Championships. Mr Crowley by Cradle Of Filth play and the FWA Tag Team Champions come out together and raise their championships high in the air. They walk to the ring and come face to face with their challengers. The crowd is on their feet for this championship match as the referee takes the championships and calls for the bell.

    Stu St. Clair and Chris Kennedy will start things off in this match, the two former World Championship go nose to nose with each other before they begins to hit each other with closed hands fist. Both of them try to gain the advantage by hitting each other harder and harder. Stu finally takes control and whips Kennedy into the ropes. Stu takes him down with a arm drag, Kennedy comes back, and Stu takes him down with another arm drag. Stu holds Kennedy's arm and begins to wrench Kennedy's arm. Kennedy is able to work out of the hold and kips up before hitting Stu with a Step Up Enziguri. Kennedy bounces off of the ropes and hits Stu with an big elbow drop. Kennedy walks over and he tags in Brian Carter. He gets down onto his knees and begins to level Stu with a series of punches. He bounces off of the ropes and hits Stu with a big boot and he sits up. Carter goes for a cover.


    Carter picks Stu up and goes for a Reverse DDT but Stu counters the hold with a Flatliner. Stu walks over and tags in Ashley O'Ryan. Ashley quickly hits Carter with a series of clotheslines before hitting Carter with a Knee Lift that takes him off of his feet. Ashley bounces off of the ropes and he stomps on Carter's midsection with both feet. Carter is holding his guts as Ashley goes to the apron, waiting for Carter to get to his feet. Ashley goes for the Springboard Bulldog but Carter moves out of the way and Ashley hits his tailbone on the mat. Carter picks Ashley up and hits him with a Inverted Headlock Backbreaker. Carter drags Ashley over to his corner and tags in Chris Kennedy, who leaps over the top rope and hits O'Ryan with an impressive slingshot leg drop. Kennedy goes for the cover.


    Vodka and Venom are determined to hold onto their championships here tonight. Kennedy picks Ashley up and tosses him over the top rope and punches him in the gut. Kennedy goes for a Hanging DDT but Ashley counters it with a Drop Toe Hold that sends Kennedy's neck bouncing off the second rope. Ashley goes running, bouncing off the opposite ropes, and hits Kennedy with a Tiger Feint Kick. Kennedy is dazed and Ashley hits a Springboard DDT. The crowd is on their feet and Ashley shoots the half and cover Kennedy.


    Ashley is stunned that Kennedy's persistence and picks the former World Champion up. Ashley hits him with a series of European Uppercuts and when Kennedy bounces off the ropes, Ashley takes him down with a Fujiwara Armbar. Kennedy is in pain as Ashley wrenches his arm, the same one that Stu worked over eariler in the match. Kennedy is slowly inching his way over to the ropes and gets his foot on the ropes, forcing Ashley to break the hold. Ashley picks up Kennedy again but this time he is met with a fierce standing dropkick. Both Kennedy and Ashley are crawling to their respective corners and they both tag in their partners. Carter hits Stu with a clothesline and stand in the corner, Stu comes running but Carter hits a Drop Toe Hold onto Stu and his head bounces off the second turnbuckle. Carter quickly rolls Stu up and makes the cover.


    Carter, frustrated that he cannot finish St. Clair off, beings to hit him with a series of boots to the midsection. Carter goes up onto the top rope and waits for St. Clair to get to his feet. Carter leaps from the top when Stu finally rises and goes for a Double Axe Handle but Stu catches him with an Atomic Drop before locking in a Bearhug. Stu works over his challengers back, squeezing tightly as the referee asks Carter if he wishes to tap out. Carter refuses to quit and hits Stu with a series of headbutts, causing Stu to let go of the Bearhug. Carter bounces off the ropes and goes for a Back Body Drop only for Carter to counter it into a Reverse DDT. Carter goes for the cover.


    Carter walks over to his corner and tags in Kennedy. He goes to the top rope and nails Stu with a Missile Dropkick as he gets to his feet. He tosses Stu out onto the apron and nails his Rope Hung DDT that he tried to hit Ashley with eariler. Kennedy goes to the corner and signals foronly "THE BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY" for Stu to catch his foot, grab his arm, and hit a Arm Wrench Short Arm Clothesline. Stu tags in Ashley and he lifts Kennedy up onto his shoulder. It looks like they are going for the Doomsday Device. Ashley leaps off the top and but Kennedy rolls Stu up and Ashley hits the canvas. Kennedy and Stu get to their feet and Kennedy nails Stu with a "THE BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY" that sends him out of the ring. Ashley gets to his feet and sends Kennedy into the ropes, where Carter makes a blind tag. Ashley hits Kennedy with an Enzuigiri but he does not see Carter comes and gets leveled with a "SPEAR." Carter goes for the cover as Kennedy keeps Stu at bay.


    WINNERS and NEW FWA World Tag Team Champions: Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter

    The historic run of Vodka & Venom has come to an end as the crowd stands up to give the new champions a standing ovation. Stu pulls Ashley out of the ring and they walk to the back to give the new champions their moment. The referee comes over to bring Kennedy and Carter their new titles. They raise them high above their heads, triumphant in victory.

    Langdon Trafford: With Stu St. Clair and Gabrielle Montgomery set to go to war, and Ashley 'O Ryan caught right in the middle as the guest referee, I'm wondering if this is the end of Vodka & Venom.


    Langdon Trafford: WOLF has stated leading up to the show he did not wish to participate in FWA programming...and that's unfortunate because these are two prestigious awa...

    Just then, "Calling all superheroes" plays throughout the arena as the crowd rises to its feet and the face paint-wearing Whyte Thunder appears amid the darkness of the venue. His gold-and-white coloring on his face offers the only color amid the lightless setting, and his black trenchcoat and black hair are hidden within the secrecy. Whyte Thunder walks to the podium, where WOLF's two awards rest. The lights once again come on as the music and introduction ceases, and the crowd offers a mixed reaction.

    Whyte Thunder: I find it sad you people will cheer for this man...who refuses to stand before you...yet some of you boo me. I've given years of my own lifespan for the FWA...and Wolf has taken his ball on to his retirement home, which is fine. We all head to retirement sooner or later. But instead of going with grace and dignity, he has, as many have noted, gone out with his fingers in the air directed not only at hard workers like myself and Shane McLean and others but at all of you...

    The crowd groans and begins a "WE WANT WOLF! WE WANT WOLF!" chant.

    Whyte Thunder: I have repeatedly put myself on the backburner and the FWA first. Had that not been the case, I would've beaten Jason Gryphon 1-2-3 in the ring. Instead, I laid down because I felt it was in the best interest of this company and Jason Gryphon's career. Call me a carbon-copy of The Authority, or John Cena, or whatever. Call me whatever you want. I've heard the names all throughout my career, how I'm nothing but a vanilla fanboy. Only thing is, lately, those voices have grown louder and louder. Apparently the line is drawn somewhere between "Don't lay down for someone who badly needs a quality win for his confidence boost" and "Accept whatever is said by a spit-fire, loud-mouthed, fan-favorite truther known as WOLF."

    The crowd continues booing and groaning, with very few trying to stir up a "Whyte-Thunder" clapping chant.

    Whyte Thunder: It's unfortunate, because of this....

    Whyte Thunder: The face of the year. I guess that matters little to you people. I received this award because I have consistently put the FWA at the top of my priorities. I fought the Syndicate. I resurrected a dying tag team division. I stood opposed to Ryan Hall and Jimmy King. I have ALWAYS...ALWAYS been here for the FWA...making it better...making it stronger. And I am booed for that, yet I have the hardware to prove what I say is true.

    Whyte Thunder picks up all three awards — his one and WOLF's two.

    Whyte Thunder: If WOLF wants his awards, he can come to Aftershock. I think this back-and-forth thing has gone long enough. It's about time he and I talk face to face. And if he shows up, if he's man enough finally to put aside his little shtick he's playing and show up on an FWA program, then I'll surely give him the two awards he undoubtedly deserves to have. If not...I'll just send them onward to the FWA Hall of Fame. Like I said, I'm not out for my own.


    After announcer introductions, "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson is standing in the center of the ring with his entrance theme slowly fading into silence as the sold-out crowd explodes with half cheers and half boos. Many fans begin a "Ste-ven-son" chant inside the arena, while others try drowning the praise out.

    Drew, “All you hear about is the new era that we created. First off, let’s get one thing CRYSTAL clear because there seems to be a lot of confusion going on. See, WE never created anything but *I* did. You never heard Shane McLean or Jason Gryphon tell it like it is, instead, they sat back, smiled, and accepted their roles within the company while *I* was the guy who grabbed this company by the balls and brought it to its knees. So before there are anymore of this we created the new era crap, no, it was all me because without my word shattering the glass ceiling that kept many of you from getting the opportunities that you are getting now? You would still be seeing the same three or four people at the top stinking up the place.”

    With a very devilish grin stretching along his face, he tilts his head to the left and continues to speak.

    Drew, “Now that we have gotten that out of the way, it sure seems that a few of the old schoolers around here aren’t overly fond of us “new age” bumpkins headlining the shows and quite honestly, I find that laughable. You see, I get that you sit in the back or at home having watched your career just pass you on by and you start reminiscing about the good ol’ days, about the days that you considered to be the Golden era. Now it’s only human nature that we as people see our greatest times as the best and when things change? We are the first to think that the changes suck. Hell, kids from the eighties will to this day tell you that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon kicks the crap out of ANY of the cartoons to this day and that is their opinion which yes, I agree with. But you see, times change and so do promotions because if they didn’t? Then the FWA would eventually fade away once the Hall’s, the Wolf’s, the Gabby’s, the Kennedy’s, etc. ride off into the sunset because their bodies can go no more.”

    Pausing, he simply stares into the camera.

    Drew, “To those that hate what we do? Suck it up or don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out because I can’t speak for everybody else, nor do I care enough to but I refuse to live in somebody else’s shadow. I don’t want to be referred to as the next Ryan Hall, or the next Wolf. I don’t want to be compared to Chris Kennedy or Gabrielle because I’m not them nor do I want to be them. I am Drew Stevenson, the one and only and there will be nobody after me that can be compared to me. So when we enter that triple caged environment? Love what we do, hate what we do – it really doesn’t matter because we do it different than you, we’ll do it BETTER than you and for the first time in a long, LONG time here in the FWA? Nobody can predict the outcome!”

    Leaning back, he flashes that trademarked Stevenson smile.

    Drew, “This little truth bomb was just for you Gabby!”

    Blowing her a sarcastic kiss, our scene cuts to static.

    Champion vs Champion Lumberjack Match
    Jason Gryphon (c) vs Shane McClean (c)

    All four of the the lumberjacks have surrounded the ring after giving their speeches about how each one of them will become the World Champion. "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas begins to play over the speakers as Jason makes his way his way out from the back to a standing ovation. He walks out onto the stage as the first verse of this song finishes. He points to the heavens as he has the North American Championship around his arm and a continuious stream of golden pryo shoots out of the stage. He walks up to several of his youngest Gryphon's in the crowd and places his forehead against theirs. He gets into the ring and goes up onto all four turnbuckles, pointing to the heavens. He looks around the ring at the four men that could decide his fate doing this match before looking at the stage and waiting for Shane. The FWA World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out onto the stage as Bon Jovi's "Bounce" begins to play. The crowd continues to stand on their feet and cheer as Shane makes his way down to the ring after raising the World Title high above his head and giving high fives to people who have their arms extended over the barricade. Shane McClean slides into the ring and he too looks at the people that are around the ring, every one of them wanting to be the one to take the championship from him. Jason walks over to Shane and raises the North American Champion in his face. Shane McClean does the same thing with the World Championship before the referee pulls them to their separate corners. The referee takes their titles and hands them to the time keeper before making this way to the middle of the ring and calling for the bell. This match is now underway.

    Jason and Shane walk to the middle of the ring and face off against each other They do a little trash talking before Jason hits Shane with a knife edged chop. Shane reciprecates, hitting Jason with a chop of his own. Soon in the middle of the ring there is a knife edge chop battle. The chests of Shane and Jason begin to get beet red as they chop each other Shane finally stop the chopping, grabbing Jason's arm and whipping him into the ropes. Jason ducks a clothesline attempt, bounces off of the other set of ropes goes for a "LION'S LARIAT" right out of the gate. Shane is about to duck Jason's arm but grabs a hold of it and tries to drag him down for "THE DIAMOND RING." Jason quickly gets to the ropes before any damage could be done. Both back to their feet now. Jason locks Shane in a Side Necklock before tossing him down to the mat and wrenching the neck. The crowd claps loudly for Shane McClean to get to his feet and he finally does. He pushes Jason into the ropes and when he bounces back, he is hit with the ShaneKick followed by a Snap DDT. Jason Gryphon is down and Shane bounces off of the rope and hits Jason with a knee drop to the head. Shane picks up Jason and goes for the Tairal but Jason ducks the move and when Shane comes back around he is hit with a Float Over DDT. The North American Champion for a a quick cover


    Jason is only able to get a one count. He picks up Shane and pushes him into the corner. Jason comes running but Shane lifts him up and over onto the apron before hitting him with a clothesline. Drew Stevenson and PAJ surround Jason. Drew gets in a cheap shot on Jason while the referee is distracted and the crowd boos before he is dumped back into the ring. Shane grabs Jason to the middle of the ring and applies the Figure Four Necklock onto Jason in the middle of the ring. Jason stays locked in the hold for about a minute before the crowd begins to rally him. He stands up with Shane on his shoulders and hits an Electric Chair Drop, sending Shane to the mat. Jason picks up Shane and goes for a clothesline but misses, when he turns around, Shane hits a clothesline of his own, regaining control of the match. Shane whips his opponent off the ropes and catches him with an atomic drop, he then whips Jason off ropes and runs to the opposite ropes, they meet in the middle of the ring but Shane hits a kick to the mid-section, before runnning off adjacent ropes to hit a rolling neckbreaker. Shane quickly goes for the cover.


    Jason kicks out of the Wham, Bam, Bash. Shane mounts his challenger and hits him with a series of closed hand right before the referee pulls him off of Jason, telling him that he is risking a disqualification. Shane walks over his opponents legs and quickly tries to lock on the The Flower of Scotland but Jason is trying disperately to stop him. He finally does and pushes Shane into the ropes. Shane locks his arms around the top rope so he doesn't bounce back but Jason kips up and clotheslines Shane over the top rope where he is met by Ryan Hall and Ryan Rondo. They both inch closer toward the World Champion and Shane has his eyes on both of them. They do not see Jason bouncing off of the ropes on the inside of the ring and all three of them are taken down by a Suicide Dive by "Living Mythology." Jason pounds his chest triumphantly before picking up Shane and dumping him back into the ring. Back inside of the ring, Jason goes for his own version of the Cloverleaf but Jason like before, it will not lock in, Shane bounces Jason off of the ring and when he comes back, he is hit in the gut with a big boot and Shane nails the Argyle Street Cutter. Shane goes for the cover


    Shane now has a determined look on his face as he stand up and begins to put the boots to his worthy challenger before hitting him with a series of elbow drops. Shane goes over to the turnbuckle and climbs it, he is going for the InShane Legdrop. He jumps but Jason moves out of the way. When they are both on their feet again, Jason picks Shane up for a suplex but he keeps him in the air for almost 30 seconds before slamming him to the mat. Jason stands back and waits for Shane to get to his feet once more and when he finally does, Shane gets clocked with a Knee Lift followed up by a Neckbreaker. Before Jason can go for a cover, Drew Stevenson gets up on the apron and taunts Jason. He looks over at the man that cheap shotted him eariler and hits a huge spear through the middle rope. Both Drew and Jason and down. PAJ picks Jason up and dumps him back into the ring. Shane, now back to his feet, walks over to Jason and successfully locks in The Flower of Scotland. Jason is screaming in back as his legs and back and being worked over Jason crawls over to the ropes, but Ryan Hall pulls them back so Jason cannot reach them. Ryan Rondo hits Hall with a Pele Kick on the outside and he lets go of the ropes, letting Jason finally reach them, forcing Shane to left go of the hold. Shane picks up Jason and goes for the Shanerui but Jason push Shane off of him and when he bounces back off the ropes, he is hit with the Spinning Side Slam. Jason goes for the cover.


    This time it is Jason with the determined look on his face. He picks Shane up and lifts him high about his head with a Military Press. Shane is able to wiggle his way free and when he goes to his feet again and kicks Jason in the gut, hitting him with The Diamond Heist. Shane doesn't go for the pin, instead he back up and waits for Jason to get to his feet. When he finally goes, he goes for the Lethal InjectionShane, but Jason pushes him off and he bounces off the ropes. Shane comes back and this time nails Jason with the "LETHAL INJECTSHANE." Shane goes for the cover.


    Piers Gallagher: Impossible! How did Gryphon kick out of that!

    The crowd is on their feet as Jason kicks out of one of Shane's most deadly moves. Shane cannot believe that Jason kicked out but he is not done yet. He grabs Jason's arm and pulls him into the "THE DIAMOND RING." Jason is screaming in agony as Shane locks in the hold. Jason tries to work his way over to the rope but Shane rolls him over and away from them. They are in the middle in the ring with Jason in pain. He has his arm up like he is about to tap but then the crowd begins to chant "Be A Gryphon" over and over again. Every chant filling the leader of the Gryphons with an ounce of strength. Jason rises to his feet with Shane on his side and he hits him with a Sidewalk Slam. Shane gets to his feet and Jason bounces off the ropes, hitting him with the "LION'S LARIAT." Jason crawls over to Shane and drapes his arm over Shane's body, going for the cover.


    Harry Baxter: Oh my god! What a match these two men are putting on for us here tonight ladies and gentlemen.

    The crowd is on their feet chanting "This Is Awesome" as both of these men are giving everything they have for this audience in attendance here tonight. Both Jason and Shane inch to their feet and begins to hit each other with a series of punches. Jason hits a punch and then Jason hits a punch, which one of these men with take the advantage. Jason grabs Shane by the head and drags him over to the corner, trying to go for the Tornado DDT but Shane breaks free and lifts Jason up for the Shaneplex. Gryphon is down and Shane decided that it is time to end this and take out one of his World Championship challengers at the same time. He back up to the opposite corner and signals for the CONCUSHANE. Shane runs at Jason but the North American Champion side steps and Shane bangs his knee on the second turnbuckle. Jason gets to his feet and lifts Shane up, quickly hitting him with an Inverted Crucifix Powerbomb that Jason has dubbed, "HUMANITY'S DOWNFALL." Jason hooks the legs and goes for the pin!


    WINNER: "Living Mythology" Jason Gryphon

    Harry Baxter: I cannot believed what he have just witnessed! The crowd is on their feet for both of these men!

    Piers Gallagher: How in the hell did Jason Gryphon just defeat the FWA Heavyweight Champion of the World?

    Harry Baxter: He did it through sheer act of will and with a little help from his legions of Gryphons. Shane has nothing to be ashamed of in this match, he gave it everything he had but on this night, The Gryphon flies high!

    Jason stands up and he is all smiles as he looks down at Shane McClean. He reaches down and he pulls Shane McClean up to his feet. Jason extends his hand to Shane. He look around at the fans giving them both a standing for their match and Shane shakes Jason's hand. They raise each other's hands but as the celebration begins, Drew Stevenson and Ryan Hall come up from behind and attack them both. PAJ and Rondo get into the ring and attack Hall and Drew. Soon there is a huge brawl in the middle of the ring as Shane and Jason get to their feet and begin to beat each on the men that surrounded their ring only second ago. Fight Night goes off of the air with Jason and Hall punching each other, PAJ and Rondo kicking each other, and Shane and Drew hitting each other with knife edged chops.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    Now that is what you call a Go-Home Show! Congratulations to the new Tag Team Champions!

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    Epic show all around.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    I really liked the role Ryan Hall played in this show. Well done.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    I want to first and foremost say thank you to my tag partner Lionhart (Brian Carter) for writing an amazing promo that really put us over the top.

    I want to thank Matt for allowing Dinorah's return match to be with the Womens Champion. It will go down as one of my favorite Dinorah moments.

    I want to thank Mac Michaud and PAJ for working with me to create The Syndicate, probably my favorite FWA angle I've ever been a part of. It wouldn't have worked if Mac and PAJ didn't keep La Muerte Blanca's secret and play all of their parts to perfection.

    I want to thank everyone who voted Chris Kennedy/Wolf for match of the year. Wolf will ALWAYS be the Stone Cold to Chris Kennedy's Rock, and everytime they meet it's electrifying. 3, 4, 5 years ago when I retire Chris Kennedy, I can only hope Wolf comes out of retirement to be his final opponent.

    I want to thank everyone who voted Chris Kennedy "Heel of The Year". It is an AMAZING feeling holding a "Face of the Year" and a "Heel Of The Year" award with the same character. Let's me know that no matter what I do, I'm doing it right.

    I want to thank TGO and all who helped for putting up such an awesome show! Fantastic from top to bottom. Congrats to all other award winners.

    Last edited by Jiggy; 05-14-2014 at 09:32 PM.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    Show credits

    Match writers:
    TGO (x2)
    iMatt (x2)
    Jason Gryphon (x2)
    Altyrell (x1)

    Segment writers:
    Wake Walker
    Jason Gryphon
    TGO (x4)
    Drew Stevenson
    King Epicity (x2)
    ETE/Jabber (x2)
    ETE (x2)

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    Great show. Congrats to the winners.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    Big thanks/congrats to my partner and a tip of the cap to ash and stu on a great match and reign. Congrats to Gryphon on the big win too. Great work by everybody on the show, very well done. Aftershock should be awesome.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    Great job by everybody and congrats to all the winners.

    Fantastic results!

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    Great show as always, and congrats to the new tag champs
    This could all lead to some interesting things

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    Congrats to all the winners; match and award alike.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    The show is not perfect, but it is acceptable

    Wooo I have evolved from the heel of the year to the wrestler of the year also feud of the year for the third year in a row and a second match of the year with the same guy! Thanks.

    BTW I'm not going anywhere!

    Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now, therefore ye kings. Be admonished ye judges of the earth. Serve the lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    Psalm 2:8

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    Good show, good lead in to Aftershock and what a lot of stuff going on but it was well balanced. HUGE win for Jason Gryphon and the new tag champs! Congrats to those 3 in particular.

    It was nice going against Dinorah again, I'm sure our paths will cross again in the future and I think Aftershock is going to be a highlight PPV!

    Saddle Sally 3x FWA Womens Champion
    2013 & 2014 FWA Women Wrestler of the Year

    The Semi-Published Works of iMatt

    "An Affair of the Youth" feature film production journalElsa, The Great (Frozen fanfic)

    Walt County

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 5/16/2014 results

    Good work all around everybody.

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