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Thread: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

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    Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    Post promos here. Deadline is Friday, May 9 at midnight pacific time, Saturday May 10 at 3 a.m. eastern time and 8 a.m. British time. This isn't a typo. We're giving all one extra day because the promo thread's posting was delayed. No extensions.
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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    They say a picture can tell a thousand words, well for the briefest of seconds, a mere instant in time such a picture displays itself before our eyes. Gabrielle Montgomery. Lingerie. A pole. What more needs to be said? Well there is the way her caramel skin sparkles under the light. The way the pink lingerie hugs her body tightly. An overworked pink bra straining against those thirty four double D breasts. A tiny little pink G-string hiding away that sweet little slice of heaven. Pink fishnet stockings wrapped lovingly around her legs. It is a glorious sight to behold, one that long after it has faded away continues to play out in all our heads. Over…and over again. Only each time, somehow, someway something else becomes more and more prominent. Its not the sway of her hips, the bounce of her breasts or the way her teeth delicately graze her bottom lip. It is the shower of money, raining down upon the Caramel Goddess. Each dollar bill a potential symbol of success, power and glory. Each bill would just be just another one in the bank account of a woman like Gabrielle, or a man like Thomas Princeton. But as that image of pink lace and green money fades away, the world around us, an expansive ocean of beauty, but one whose details matter very little replaces it. For in the centre of this place, stands a large mirror that captures the reflection of the very beauty we had witnessed moments earlier in a state of undress. Now though, those succulent caramel curves are all hidden away behind grey pinstripes. Gabrielle, the vision of perfection that she is, is now in a state of dress uncommon for her. That mouth-watering skin tone all hidden away behind the tight confines of a business suit. A slate grey suit, over a white dress shirt and a red tie. It is certainly a different look for Gabrielle, smart and sophisticated…but yet in its own way still sexy. After all try as they might, those pinstripes can’t hide the suppleness of her body, and the light shadow cast by her grey bowler hat can’t hide away her full, soft, pink lips, sweetly invigorating brown eyes, or the simple warmth of her features. She smiles, intoxicatingly, with the corners of her lips framed either side by gold hoop earrings as she begins to speak…

    Gabrielle: I feel like I should dislike Thomas Princeton…I feel like this week especially I should bring myself to hate him, hate the man that I am set to compete against. Whether we can admit it or not in this business hate is a great motivator, it can inspire, it can invigorate and it can remind us of the evils of some people. But try as I might when I look at Tom, I see not an adversary I want to desperately defeat, or embarrass. No when I look at Tom…I see similar to what I see reflected in this mirror before myself…

    I see someone blessed with wealth, with…good looks, with intelligence…but more than that I see someone who once achieved greatness, I see a former World Champion from years ago. A former World Champion who has fallen from those peaks of greatness and yearns to experience those thrills again. In Thomas Princeton I don’t see a simple adversary, I don’t see someone I just want to beat, I see so much of myself. I see someone with an excellent past and an uncertain future. I see more than anything else somebody who just wants to be great once again, to stand atop the world, with millions cheering for them, and celebrating with them.

    Gabrielle takes a deep breath and then slides her hat off, tossing it aside and revealing her long brunette hair, currently slicked back into a ponytail. She runs her hand through those luxurious locks and then returns her attention to us slowly.

    Gabrielle: I can see that Thomas and I are two sides of the same coin.

    We are both driven individuals in and out of the ring, we are both loving parents and partners. There are things that I can frown upon Tom for doing, but nobody can discredit the way he loves his daughter and adores his wife. Just as Carmella and Ashley are my greatest joys in life, bigger even than the joys of my career. But at the same time, and I know this is true for Tom as well; they also inspire me to achieve my very best in the FWA. The way that my daughter looks at me as the most amazing woman in the world…I want to live up to that. I want to be exactly who she thinks I am, and Tom…well he may hide it at times but I’ve seen him with his little girl and I know he’s the same.

    That inspiration is unrivalled, the experience of having your child look at you like that, to expect great things from you is truly amazing. It is a common bond, an unshakable motivation to achieve bigger and better things. I never give up, as long as I can still move I will fight as hard as I can. Now I am faced with someone who has the same will to fight, the same desire to win. This will actually be one of the greatest tests of my career. I have competed against so many people who are driven solely by their own need to succeed, solely by that want to see their name in lights. This is something else, Tom presents too me that same drive that I give to all my opponents…

    The suit and tie Caramel Goddess pauses for a moment or two, just sitting there and letting her thoughts swirl around her head.

    Gabrielle: This drive can make anything less than the best so hard to swallow, oh sure my Mella always congratulates me, and hugs me no matter if I win or lose. She is simply proud and in awe of me being a wrestler. She see’s greatness in absolutely everything, as I see greatness in all her drawings. But these expectations make coming up short harder to swallow. Such drive and passion makes not being as great as the sparkle in her adoring eyes a cold reality. In recent times I have seen my name become a stepping stone for young, hungry wrestlers like Drew Stevenson and Wake Walker. Men striving to win their first World Championship, men seeking to achieve what I, and what Tom have achieved in the past.

    My…male doppelganger knows this same feeling. In his pursuit of once again becoming the North American Champion, he watched Jason Gryphon pass him by, win the Title and almost become World Champion. He watched Shane McLean rise to the occasion and become the new FWA World Champion…

    It can be a bitter pill at times…right Tom?

    Our past being so glorious, can make anything less than greatness feel like a step down. Between us there is ten Championship reigns in the FWA, an impressive figure no matter which way you look at it. From the days of Executive Excellence where we travelled the world, winning various Championships as a group. Things were so much simpler back then and the world was our oyster…just waiting for us to show what we can do. You, your wife Aja, Alexx, myself…and Jack…we were all so close back in those days. I remember you and I more than anyone else had so many discussions back then about someday being World Champion. You a man used to always getting his way whether through persistence, charm, talent or that very large…bank account…

    Her last few words had slowly sauntered out across her lips, with a devious glee.

    Gabrielle: And myself a woman inspired by her childhood dreams and the support of her family always. Four years ago I became the FWA World Champion, and a year later you became the FWA World Heavyweight Champion Tom. Those were glorious days for the both of us, I remember this moment after you won that Championship, and I saw you backstage…we didn’t say a word, we both just smiled knowing that those dreams had come true for the both of us. Those were the days, the glorious days that we dreamed of…and the glorious days that now haunt us with memories of just how it felt to be on top of the world.

    But these feelings of disappointment are unbecoming of me…and I know a big difference between you and I Thomas; your money has long defined you. Now I am no poor woman but my fortune, my wealth is a tool to give my family the absolute best. I ensure my daughter has the best childhood, that Ashley experiences a life he deserves, and that my parents after all they have done for me get to enjoy the fortune they led me too. Your money though Tom has always defined you, it has been one of your biggest tools in your career. Your fortune, your fine Armani suits is who you are. I’m not saying that’s wrong, we all use those skills, those weapons that we possess. Who am I to look down upon your money flaunting ways when I have used my sexuality, my curves to get myself a win or two in the past?

    Who could forget that infamous Whip On A Pole match with Anthony…

    She seductively raises an eyebrow and smirks; an expression of teasing intent and pure happiness.

    Gabrielle: But that is just where the differences start…I don’t hate you Tom in any way. We have that history together…including one unforgettable night years ago…but you are not just a mere reflection of me Tom. You are a reflection of what I want to be better than. Since losing the FWA World Championship I have divorced twice, I have lost my role as General Manager, I have been set on fire, I have come one move, one second away from reclaiming that gold belt on several occasions. I want to leave all that pain in the past. I want to celebrate the joys of my life, I want to celebrate my daughter, my relationship with the most amazing man I have ever known and all those other great moments by reliving the thrill of winning that Championship.

    I want to leave my sorrows firmly in the past, and what better way to do that than too defeat a reflection of my own career?

    It is…unfortunate it turns out Tommy that you remind me of myself, I don’t just want to beat you, I need to beat you. I need to win and move on from this chapter of my career. I need to bury the disappointments, and I need to take out a few frustrations as well. Last week the man I love was about to get down on one knee…but that moment was ruined by Stu St.Clair…a fool who hates his friend’s happiness…

    Gabrielle shakes her head solemnly, her beautiful features suddenly gripped by sorrow.

    Gabrielle: It just keeps getting more unfortunate for you Tom, I have this yearning to be as great as I once was, and this wrath building inside of me every time I think of that Snake…all of this comes to a head against you Thomas. Just remember that none of what happens out there in that ring is because I want to hurt you, it is simply because I need to beat you for so many reasons. Even watching Shane McLean become the FWA World Champion…while I am happy for him it reminds me so much of when I shocked the world! Everywhere I look I see something to inspire me, to drive me…too make me want that experience once again. None more so than in your smug smirk Tommy, one not too different from my own.

    She flashes that invitingly intoxicating and deliciously devious smirk of hers, one corner of her mouth curling up as she does.

    Gabrielle: Everything about you, is everything about myself that I want to move past. I in fact will move past…

    She just smirks further and then with an expertly easy flourish of her hands she tears away her pinstriped pants…revealing those mouth-wateringly smooth, divinely long caramel coated legs of hers completely bare.

    Gabrielle: Nothing you can do can stop this reality Tommy. You are driven by your wife, by your daughter, driven to make them proud. I am driven by mine, and driven by my desire to be better than the both of us are now. I can recapture that glory, I can be great again and see the smile it creates on Mellys face, the love from Ashley and the amazement of my parents. You and I really do have so much in common, but I don’t want too anymore. I strive to be the very best, I strive to prove to others and too myself that I am a World Champion. This self-pity is beneath me, I strive to be as happy in the ring as I am out of it. To be once more as great a wrestler as I am a lover, a mother, a daughter and a friend.

    This is the reality I want, this is the reflection I want to gaze upon. I want to look upon myself, upon my career and see the Best Ever…not a businessman who’s best days are behind him like you Tom. In this new era, a time of new stars being made there are those who will be left behind in new shadows…and those who will thrive, and create an even bigger shadow of their own. I’ll let you guess just which one you are Thomas Princeton…just don’t guess wrong, because your signature tool, your signature weapon; those millions of dollars have no effect on me. You can’t buy me Tommy, no matter how much money you throw around…but very few people can resist me…

    Even fewer still can thwart me. Now is the time where I rise up into the bright lights of a glorious new day while what I once was continues to toil away…

    The Caramel Goddess, in her grey jacket that just covers her sumptuous posterior smiles sweetly and confidently. Her brown eyes sparkling, and her candy coating shimmering under the light that slowly fades away to black.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    Scene opens up with a grey sky and black clouds as rain downpours heavily onto the ground. There is some isolation in the area as it is just on the outskirts of a dreary looking forest. The sounds of familiar and unfamiliar coming from that dreary forest. Before you see the dreary forest there is an old black bar fence wrapping around a small property. It has a sharp pint on each of the bars. There is a black steel bar door that is open and swings back and forth. The camera crew push the door open and step on through on to the property. The grounds minus the stone pathway looks like an abandoned cemetery. There broken tombstones on the ground. A few unearthed graves. There is a cross standing over a grave with a crow perching on the cross. The crow caws menacingly. The camera crew walks as the approach a log manor. There is black smoke rising out of the chimney. There is a balcony on the floor. There is door from the balcony into a room that light is coming from. There is light from the one of window while the other two windows from the camera men’s view are dark. The camera crew open the door as it creaks open. The camera crew enter and closes the doors as they dry there shoe on the rug in front of the door. They turn left down a small hallway. Then see a flight of stairs going up to the second floor. The camera crew turn left and see a door on the right a flickering light coming from the room. The camera crew enters the room. There is a fireplace with a roaring fire blazing. There is crackling on from the embers in the fireplace. Outside there is flash of thunder as it smashes the ground. There is a couple devil arm chair off to the side of the fireplace. Off to the side is wine collection in display case with a door with cupboard full of wine glasses. Off to the corner is a bureau desk with a candle light. There is a man wearing black shoes with white washed blue jeans. He is wearing a black leather jacket unzipped. He has long brown hair. He is writing away in a diary. There is the sound of a pencil scribbling away while out the room of footsteps coming near the room. You hear the person outside being angry and seemingly very frustrated. The camera crew turn to the man writing away and they uses the camera to zoom in on what he is writing.

    May 14th, 2014
    Path of Misery

    Everyone say we are who we are. We choose who we want to be. We let pride blind us. While many let their morals be nonexistent and the evils of their heart run wild form all the jealousy, greed and of course hatred. They let who they are slip away like a candle going out. There are not the same person they were they are twisted and jaded. Their view on reality is distorted by the thoughts and feelings that they are getting from their black hearts. They say I have a black heart. That heart inside of me is gone. It’s been gone for a long while. Venom runs through me but I am not the one who is evil. I do have a sick sense of the world but I am not consumed by darkness. I am in control of all things. Every single thing I do is for a reason. Everything I do is justifiable or as some say everything I do is for justice. There is no justice for me as vengeance was and is what consumed for so long. They tell me the fear they had in me is gone. Then why do they quiver in fear as I walk down the ramp way to the ring to face them? Are they not filled up with courage as they would like to make you believe? Or rather are they filled with nothing more than hot air? Regardless they couldn’t tell a bit of the truth so the world can believe the lie. They call me a liar when I am nothing more than a snake. You can always trust a snake to be honest and dishonest. You can never tell what I am thinking or what I am doing. The thing is you have to do is trust me. Trust is the key….

    • Suddenly the diary is grabbed a right hand. There is now a scribbled line going down the page as the diary gets pulled away. The man throws the diary and is almost on the verge of being consumed from the flames from the fireplace. The camera looks at the man’s face who just through the diary almost into the fire. He is wearing a white dress shirt with black dress pant on black shoes. His hair medium brown length and recently combed. He has a nice stubble beard as it’s “The Irish Switchblade’ Ashley O’Ryan. The man on the chair stands up and slowly turns around. He has a white shirt underneath his black leather jacket. He has a long thick black beard. He has a light blue eye and a pure white eye as he stares at Ashley O’Ryan with a bit of anger. He is Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: What in the hell are you doing Ashley? You just about burned my diary into the fire.

    Ashley: Oh, I see I FINALLY got yer feckin attention.

    * Stu has a sly look on his face as he stares at Ash

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: What’s wrong Ash did someone crap in your oatmeal? Or are we trying the whole action speak louder than words again?

    Ashley: You dare lecture me on such things after last week?

    • Stu smirks.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Yes. Simply put I have your best interest in mind.

    * Ash tilts his head back and raises his left hand on his hand then slowly bring it down. Ash has a disgusted look on his face

    Ashley: My best interests? My best interests involved you being at the damn ring during my match last week loik you bloody said you were going to be! Or was the possibility of 'aving Brian Carter and Chris Kennedy take advantage of that situation in my best interest too?

    • Stu grins as he shakes his head before speaking

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: I was pulled away as I had ‘business’ to tend to. Which trust me was for your best interest. You got a one up Carter years back at Back in Business. Not to mention got a one up on Kennedy taking his FWA Unified World Heavyweight from him. When he thought you were beneath him. Me not being there shouldn’t make the difference if your heads in the game. Clearly your head wasn’t in the game two weeks prior when you couldn’t make the save when Carter laid me out with the spear when we faced Carter and Kennedy two weeks ago. Especially on Fight Night last week your head was not in the damn game from the get go.

    • Ashley shakes his head in disbelief.

    Ashley: So wot, that was you punishing me? Fer crying out loud Stu, yer my partner. Partner! Do you even 'ave any concept of that word anymore? Or does that only matter as long as you get the final say? At least two weeks ago I was THERE!

    • Stu smirks

    Stu: Who said I was punishing you? I would have punished you it would have already happened. You know me better that Ashley. What I am getting at is your head wasn’t in the game two weeks ago. Thanks to last week I figured out why. Nothing wrong about getting married. However we are a tag team. Even the belts say Unified Tag Team Champions. We didn’t get back on top of mountain in the tag division after breaking up as a tag team back in two thousand and eight. I can’t tell you what I was doing during your match but you need to trust me.

    • Ash shakes his head and exhales before speaking

    Ashley: You think that me proposing to Gabrielle was going to be a detriment to Vodka and Venom?! That me proposing to anyone was a detriment to our team? Is that seriously wot you think? Bloody 'ell..

    • Ash shakes his head and rolls his eyes

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: It wouldn’t. What I am getting at is your head is not even game. Do you even care that you lost to Carter last week? Or do even care we got defeated by Carter and Kennedy two weeks ago and now were defending our FWA Unified World Tag Team titles against them this week on Fight Night?

    Ashley: You want the truth?

    • Stu rolls his eyes.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Yes I do Ash. I would love to know.

    Ashley: The truth is I 'onestly don't give a crap about losing to Carter last week, or losing to 'im and Kennedy the week before. And, dear tag partner of mine, would you loik to know why?

    • Stu rolls his eyes yet again

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Yes I want to know why you don’t care about losing.

    Ashley: Because I've beaten both those bastards, when it mattered! Years ago, when Carter stole my son, I beat 'im because it mattered! Chris Kennedy beat me again and again..but I beat 'im when the title was on the line, because it mattered! They think they 'ave the upper 'and, and that is great. Because we are Vodka and Venom, and anybody going into that ring thinking they 'ave the upper 'and with the titles on the line is in fer a world of humiliation.

    • Stu face goes serious as he looks at Ash.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: There we go now it finally sounds like your head is finally in the game. I don’t have bring up why don’t settle for mediocrity. Now do you trust me? You seem recently have a lot of trouble trying to trust me. Might as well clear the air so to speak.

    • Ashley grabs Stu by the collar suddenly

    Ashley: Don't you ever question if my 'ead is in the game when it comes to title shots. As fer trusting you, I trust you as my tag partner. In the ring.

    • He lets Stu go

    Ashley: But that 'as nothing to do with my personal life. If you think I can't balance both those things then maybe the real question should be do you trust me?

    • Stu fixes his collar on his shirt and smirks

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Well I have already stuck by you this long. I might as well see this to very end. So yes I do trust you. I do not want you loss focus with what’s going on in your life again and let destroy the one good thing you got going on your life that you are good at it. I am not talking being a father but a hell of a fighter. There is no denying you’re a hell of a fighter. Right now we got Brian Carter and I did mentor him. He was and still is a ‘diseased’ soul when I brought him under my wing. He brainwashed your kid and tried to take him away. I know him well enough he wants to get in your head one more time. He isn’t just looking for ten pounds of gold around his waist. He wants to finish what he couldn’t do years back.

    • Ashley smirks a little

    Ashley: One thing I do know, I'll be damned before I let those two be the ones to end our reign as tag champs

    • Stu grins for a moment.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: You are preaching to the weaver of nightmares if you would. If you look at Kennedy. The guy’s ego is so big it could pass as another planet if you would. Nothing is ever good enough for him. He never gets the buzz or the hype about certain people. He looks down at them like they didn’t even matter. But because he is the so called ‘Astonishing One’ Chris Kennedy he is better than them and gives everyone the impression you just matter. Everyone has an ego but arrogance is the downfall of so many. He is so full of himself he might as well be one of those blow up castles. Hell the guy didn’t see the reason why you had a reputation not just being here form close to the start but you being a hell of a fighter. You took him out at The Anniversary show dethroning him ending his reigning as the first ever Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. He didn’t take losing to you gracefully. It was like he left in order so he didn’t have to admit he lost to you. He then what disappeared opposed a masked luchador Mexican wrestler to get into the Carnal Contendership so he could have his ‘dream match’ with MC Fromage. Also once again become champion again.

    Ashley: The guy always did tend to look down 'is nose at me. Never really got that. I guess I'm "past my prime" or something? If that's the case, it must 'ave really stung when I got that belt from 'im.

    • Stu grins before he speaks

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: If you are past your prime than what does make him?

    Ashley: Hmm....shallow? As for Carter, apparently that little wanker still needs to be put in 'is place. I thought 'e learned 'is lesson years ago. But no, 'e comes back and spews the same stupid rhetoric as years ago. 'e comes back and dares mention my son, and all 'e tried to do as if 'e was the 'ero in that story.

    • Stu nods his head then slowly speaks

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: He is shallow. Brian ‘The Infection’ Carter is a wanker. He took claim last week saying on the lines I knew better and stayed down after I was hit by the spear. So many people and you can verify this Ash. Every time someone says they put me down…{*Stu smirks*] I don’t stay down. The reason why I keep so many people down is through The DDT because of intimidation and fear that comes with it. Once I hit the DDT it’s all over. It’s the end. Putting me down with The Spear didn’t keep me from wanting more. It’s almost like I am being encouraged to have more. Wolf through off the top of a Hell in A Cell lid and I went through the lid. I got up because I wanted more. The only thing is infected about him is his soul. Now he is being lead by someone he thought was underneath him a few years ago. How does that work?

    Ashley: Hmm...that's the thing, despite our many many differences, we don't tend to let ego get in our way. Those two bleed ego. Even if they did somehow get the belts from us, I don't see their reign lasting long before the team crumbles from the inside.

    • Stu shakes his head.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: They bleed ego indeed. I find ego is far from it. He Carter has ego rightfully so but he doesn’t have arrogance like Kennedy. The man took his ball and went home after Mile when he lost to ‘The Last King’ Ryan Hall in a Mile High match. He did say he doesn’t see the big deal or understand why Ryan Hall is a big deal. Ryan Hall started from nothing and brought notoriety from his famous battles in FWA to Kellihmer, to G-Rich and many more and still more to come. That sort of stuff it’s like you either got to be that dumb or that damn arrogant. I think it’s both because let us not forget he is a second generation wrestler with his father being Kerry Kennedy.

    Ashley: If they aren't a Kennedy they don't matter 'as always felt loik it would be 'is motto..

    • Stu pauses for a moment and stares at the ground then back at the camera. He then slowly begins to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Looking back Kennedy thought only was he beneath everyone on the FWA roster he dared ventured into signing with CWA. Right before CWA owner Jimmy King bought the company and turned a few talents over to his side. Kennedy went over there and couldn’t cut the mustard. That’s no surprise there. IF things don’t go Chris’ way he disappears then comes back at every few months at a time. Yet he is above everyone else. He criticizes others for not holding the course if you would. But he can’t do it so in essence he is a hypocrite. He is the self absorbing hypocrite if you would. He questions why Vodka and Venom are still here or dare I say relevant. Not to mention where his rematch for losing the title to Hall is? The same man he claimed wasn’t that much of a deal. Kennedy I will tell you why you haven’t gotten your rematch yet. Simply put you left for a few months and you got to earn a chance for that FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title like the rest of us. Reason we; Vodka and Venom are still here and relevant is because we worked hard to get back up the ladder. We fought hard to get back up there. You chastise guys who have a big name who were gone for wanting to start back at the top. Well you are once again a hypocrite because you wanted to start back at the top.

    • Ash clenches his right fist before he speaks.

    Ashley: As for "The Infection", much loik gangrene I should have cut you off years ago. The moment you made yer way into me loif and crossed that line, I should 'ave ended you. Mark me words, Carter, I will not make that same mistake twice. You come back and dare mention my son? There isn't a power on this planet that can protect you. You beat me in a foit, sure. But that is just the start. I promise, when you so much as think the name Colin, you'll be nervously looking over yer shoulder.

    • Stu looks at Ash then at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Not only did I mentor him but so did Ryan Hall. Ryan taught much longer than I did when I took him under my wing. He is devious he did after all walk away with the North American title knocking off Alexx. But he got caught by ‘Prime Time’ Darnell Porter. If I know Carter like I do well.. at least the one I remembered. He has not let that loss slow him down. He has since then most likely trained harder not to get caught up like he did by Porter via submission of The Prime Experience again if I am not mistaken.

    • Ash shrugs

    Ashley: Okay the man 'as some talent. So does Chris. I'm not exactly expecting them to roll over in the ring and let us keep our belts just loik that. But that suits me fine. If every title match was on easy mode it'd get dull. They'll at least bring the level up to medium at the least, which is nice.

    • Stu nods

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Despite Kennedy’s arrogance it was no mistake him winning the FWA World Heavyweight title on three different occasions. He is crafty but he is no Snake or Irish Switchblade if you would.

    • Ashley picks up the diary, putting it in Stu's hands.

    Ashley: So, we can at least agree on one thing, if Vodka and Venom were to come to an end, it won't be because of those two.

    • Stu puts the diary on the bureau. And walks toward the wine display. He opens the doors and pulls out an eight year old bottle of Pinot Noir. He pulls out two wine glasses from the cupboard. He opens the bottled. He takes the cork out with a corkscrew. He pours the wine into two glasses. He holds one glass with his hand as he stares at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Most likely when one of us retires and goes back to suffering in the real world. Carter and Kennedy when know your no fools. One of is full of arrogance while the other has an ego. With age like a fine wine comes wisdom. Venom is flowing through me like wine being poured into a glass. You want to talk and say I am using fear and intimidation and it’s old. But what truly is old is when people say that and it does people in. No if ends or buts about it. Word of mouth spreads history always tells so many stories. I am part of history with what I have done the good and mostly the bad. It speaks for itself. This isn’t the jersey shore were everyone gets off being arrogant dumb asses. There is reaction for every action you take. Your arrogance and ego will meet its reaction. If you want play with chairs well get ready to bleed. There isn’t blood on my hands. [*A sadistic smirk comes over Stu’s face as he briefly pauses*] The blood is pouring from your head giving you a crimson mask. Seeing that makes me want push how bloody I can truly make you. Once I start I do not stop. Hell I can even continue after the bell rings. I am unpredictable of what I can do. I could burn someone on national television for a potential third time. Just watch. Ash could brawl till you’re on your knees CRAWLING and WIMPERING for an ounce of mercy from this man. I am not giving you any mercy. Hell Ash has no mercy after what you Chris have done with your mouth and Brian with trying brainwash and takes his SON Collin away from him. There is blood boiling over as we speak.

    • Stu swirls his glass of wine and take a small taste as he glares sadistically at the camera.

    Ashley: I need some fresh air.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Okay.

    • Ashley indicates to the cameraman to follow. He steps outside on to the balcony and takes a deep breath as rain continues to fall heavily from the sky.

    Ashley: Ah, I love that forest air.

    • He looks back at the cabin before addressing the camera again

    Ashley: Okay, between you and me, I 'ave no doubts that me and Stu are going to retain our belts. That isn't the foit I'm worried about. The man interrupts one of the most important moments of my loif, and acts loik it was no big deal. Loik 'e was doing me a favor...
    'aving Stu St.Clair as a tag partner is unprecedented. When it comes to the tag belts, we can lock that down loik Fort Knox. While I consider 'im a friend, our ideals are not always the same. Our views are sometimes far from the same. 'e doesn't want to say where the 'ell 'e was when 'e no showed my match, but frankly I'm sure I know where 'e was. If 'im roit, me and 'im will discuss that later.

    • Ashley O’Ryan pauses then speaks

    Ashley O’Ryan: I'm sure Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter will believe they see dissension within Vodka and Venom. I'm sure Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter will believe they can take advantage of that. Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter are dead wrong. The titles will remain with us.

    • He pulls the ring he was going to offer Gabrielle last week out of his back pocket, looking at it with great care

    Ashley: Once that is out of the way, I am going to focus on more important things.

    • He repockets the ring

    Ashley: And there ain't a damn thing that's going to stop that.

    • The door for balcony opens and Stu walks carrying with his glass of wine. He closes the door and stand right beside Ash. Both stare at the camera and begin talking.

    Ashley O’Ryan & Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Here’s looking at you kids.

    • Stu raises his glass of wine. Ash and Stu make the Vodka and Venom salute with one hand while thunder flashes the night sky as it crashes down on the ground. The rain continues to down pour heavily as the camera feed slowly fades out.

    End of scene.
    credit to xxhhhxx

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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread


    FWA LIVE EVENT. The day before FIGHT NIGHT

    Wanda Wells and Susie Sue circle the ring, their eyes locked onto eachother as the bell rings and their match begins. They lock up and there is a bit of a struggle, before Susie Sue gets the better of the exchange and maneuvers herself around to the back of Wanda Wells. Both women have been in the FWA for years, and neither woman has ever captured the FWA Womens Title. In a division thinner than Moira Crawfords chest, these women both have plenty to prove. Now is their time, and both of them want to shine, both of the want a crack at a Womans title that is, for all intents and purposes, anyones game at this time. Saddle Sally hits Wanda Wells with a German suplex, then another, then another to complete the 3 Amigos. Impressive as it is, it gets a luke warm reaction from the crowd who isn't at all interested in this match on the FWA Live Show card. Susie Sue picks Wanda up and Irish whips her into the ropes. On the rebound, Wanda Wells hits Susie Sue with a big boot. The crowd begins to chant "THIS...IS...BORING. THIS...IS...BORING...THIS....IS...BORING". Wanda picks Susie up off the mat and they lock up once more. Suddenly, XXXO by MIA plays, and Dinorah Redgrave comes out with a giant smile on her face, the first time she has been seen in the FWA for over half a year. The crowd is now chanting "HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT." She struts down the ramp, and Susie Sue and Wanda Wells look confused. Dinorah has a mic in her hand, but says nothing as she makes her way down. She hits the ring and says nothing. Wanda begins yelling at Dinorah inaudibly, as does Susie. Out of nowhere, BAM! Dinorah hits the Dinorah Cutter on Wanda Wells. Wanda is out cold and the crowd just goes ape shit. Susie Sue's jaw drops and she tries to run, but Dinorah grabs her by the hair and pulls her back, turns her around and hits the Dinorah Cutter on her as well. The crowd has woken up, Dinorahs return has them absolutely pumped up. She pics the mic up and grins from ear to ear.

    Dinorah Redgrave:
    I'm baaaaaaaack!!!

    The crowd goes wild, popping loudly for the former FWA Womens Champion. Dinorah pauses a bit to take it in, nodding her head and smiling. She looks down at Susie Sue and Wanda Wells, laid out on the mat with little birdies and stars circling around their poorly dyed heads. She shakes her head in disgust before bringing the mic back to her face.

    Dinorah Redgrave: Oh what a feeling, what a feeling! I can’t even begin to tell you all how much I have missed this. Standing in this ring, hearing all of you cheer me on, it’s bringing back a flood of emotions that I haven’t yet let go. You see, when the PWS network shut its doors, I resigned from the FWA board of Directors and subsequently, I forfeited my role as FWA General Manager. Sitting behind a desk, booking matches and listening to superstars complain to me day and night, that wasn’t for, that’s never what I wanted. You see, Gabrielle may be everyone’s favorite superstar, the current “flavor”, but once upon a time, she was the FWA General Manager. And for all of you who weren’t tuning in then, she had run FWA into the ground. The FWA board of directors saw her unfit to run a multi-million dollar company and I was given an opportunity I would have been stupid to pass up. But If I am being completely honest, I hated EVERY minute of it! I don’t belong in the General Managers office, pushing pencils and pecking away at a keyboard. I belong in THIS RING, DOMINATING! Day in and day out, all I do is think about what a mistake it was to leave all of this behind? And for what? To star in a few reality shows? Is this really what I've become? I decided that I deserve more than that, I decided I can do better than that. It took me sitting back, and taking a look at where I was and looking at where the FWA was to decide that not only I could to better than that, but the FWA can do better than that. I am not just here for ME, ladies and gentleman, I am here for alllll of you.

    You see, when I was here, when I was Womens Champion, this division was STRONG. When I was champion, Alana Allure, Madison Lea West, Sara Wolf, Ayla El, Raquel Wednesday and so many more were watching me with eyes wide open, waiting for me to slip up. The division was beautiful then, and I was the star of it. I look at the FWA Womens Division as it CURRENTLY is, and my heart genuinely goes out to each and every one of you. The fact that you all have to sit through one of the WORST Womens Divisions this company has ever had, well it just pulls at each and every one of my heart strings. You poor, poor things. I mean, the crown jewell of the current roster is Saddle Sally, a woman who, during my time as Womens Champion, was for all intents and purposes nothing more than a jobber slash manager slash soft core porn reject. Someone who couldn't even make the freaking PRE SHOW card when I was Womens Champion, is now the one and only undisputed FWA Womens Champion. And why is she the Womens Champion? Well boys and girls, she is champion for the exact same reason Aut Pax Aut Bellem were tag team champions for 2 years in a dead division: OPPORTUNITY. Because when you look at everyone else the division has to offer, you begin to understand why. You have Mackenzie Roberts, a woman who spent more time whoring herself out at the Elite Knights than she actually did in the ring. You have Zoey Ellis who has come and gone so many times that she makes Nolee Lacroix look like Devin Golden. Then you have the Shaquille O'neal or whatever her name is. Probably the most talented of the bunch but still softer than baby shit and twice as green. Tomorrow night, the 3 of them will compete for a chance for to face the FWA Womens Champion at Aftershock. This brings us back to woman of the hour, Saddle Sally. The woman who took advantage of the slimmest roster we have seen in years, the woman who took advantage of a HUGE opportunity. But if anyone knows a thing or two about opportunity, it's the FIRST AND ONLY FEMALE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY WINNER, DINORAH REDGRAVE!!!

    The crowd goes wild once again as Dinorah starts to get amped up, circling the ring and nodding her head in approval of very pro-Dinorah crowd.

    Dinorah Redgrave: And when opportunity knocks, I answer. Saddle Sally is no better now than she was 3 years ago, she hasn't progressed, the division has regressed. This company needs someone WORTHY of that title, the same title held by Gabrielle, the same title held by Jenny Ignito, the exact same title held by the likes of Sarah Wolf, Madison Lea West, Aja Melissa, Veronique, DINROAH REDGRAVE. The FWA and the FANS of FWA shouldn't have to suffer due to a weak division. I remember, once upon a time, when I was General Manger, I had asked Gabrielle to step up and represent the Womens division, since it had taken a big hit. I could have thrown the belt on Ayla El or Saddle Sally, but I DIDN'T, because they weren't good enough and I was going to be DAMNED to let them have a run simply because there were "all we had". So I asked Gabrielle to compete for the Womens Title. She pissed and she moaned, said she was too good for the womens title, all that jazz. But eventually she did what I told her to do, she did what was right for the division. But even still, something about that whole situation left a bad taste in my mouth. No female wrestler, no matter how good, should be TOO GOOD for the Womens Title. The Womens Title should be treated as a WORLD TITLE for female wrestlers, not a Vagina-centric midcard title. Gabrielle, even though she was the first Womens Champion, NEVER respected the Womens Championship. Ayla El never respected the Womens Championship, and Saddle Sally certainly doesn't respect the Womens Championship. The Womens Championship is not a stepping stone, it's the CORNER STONE of Womens wrestling.

    Tomorrow night, I will have my first match since returning to the FWA. I will be facing the Womens Champion Saddle Sally. I personally requested this match. Why? Because once upon a time, Ric Flair said "to be the man you have to beat the man". Well, in this case, the one I'm gunning for may LOOK like a man, but as far as I am concerned she is nothing more than a little BITCH. You see, All I have to do to remind everyone that I am the GREATEST wrestler the Womens division has ever seen is BEAT the Womens Champion. I beat Saddle Sally one on one non-title, and I am instantly in the running for that title. And it won't matter who the new Womens champion will be after Aftershock, I will be the one right over their shoulder, having earned my rightful contendership in just one match. I've beaten Saddle Sally more times than I can remember, and she has NEVER beaten me. Considering that, I am the clear cut favorite even if I'm not the one with 20 pounds of gold around my waist. I am going to remind Saddle Sally exactly where she falls on the totem pole compared to the legends that made this championship what it is. And again, I'm not doing this for me. I am going to save this promotion from obscurity for ALL OF YOU!

    Dinorah paces around the ring some more before exiting the ring and heading towards the announce table. She climbs on top of the announce table, getting closer to the fans. The crowd pops wildly as she points to the crowd before bringing the mic back to her face.

    Dinorah Redgrave: Each and EVERY one of you. It doesn't matter if the FWA is on the PWS network, the CWA network, USA, SPike TV or the Cartoon Network. Without all of you, there is NO FWA. Don't you deserve a champion that didn't start out as some barbie doll super model? Don't you deserve contenders of actual merit, and not ones named Zoey Ellis or Mackenzie Roberts? You deserve so so so much more than you have given. And I am not the one who owes you an apology, but someone does. And since G-Rich won't give it to you, since Gabrielle won't give it to you, since NONE of the ones that actually owe it to you are going to give it to you, I WILL. Words can not express how sorry I am that you people have been force fed dog shit. But those days are done. Under my watch, the Womens division will reclaim it's glory days. I can't promise you that Gabrielle will ever step down off of her high horse and return to the division she belongs in, I can't promise that Aja Melissa or Moira Crawford will come out of hiding, I can't promise any of that any more than I can promise to bring Matt Boudreau back from the dead. But what I CAN promise is that sooner rather than later I WILL reclaim the FWA Womens Championship and that all of these bottom feeding skanks will have to better themselves if they ever hope to beat me, and consequently I will have made the Womens Division all that much more better.

    And when I DO reclaim the FWA Womens Championship, my reign will be long, my reign will glorious, I will reek CARNAGE on the entire FWA. I wont use The Womens Championship to "go on to bigger and better" things. I already know I can beat ANY man in the back. I can beat Drew Stevenson, I can beat Jason Gryphon, I can beat PAJ, I can beat my ex-boyfriend Ryan Hall. I can beat Chris Kennedy. I can beat Devin Golden. I can beat ANYBODY, and I don't need the mens titles to prove I can run with the boys. The Womens Championship IS a world championship, and I will see that it finally gets the respect it deserves. You think Saddle Sally respects that title? Do you think Saddle Sally respects all of you? Do you even think Saddle Sally respects even herself? She comes out here in these skimpy outfits and she she flashes her ass, but she gets into that ring and she wrestles like a Michael J. Fox in an earthquake: All over the place and depressing to watch. Myself, on the other hand, wants nothing but the best for the FWA and I will make sure thats what you all get. Saddle Sally is no champion, she merely was lucky enough to marry a jobber in Zaire Wyoming, the same jobber who passed Sallys ass around to the boys and girls in the back to earn his spot in The Great Siege. How did Dinorah Redgrave earn her spot in the FWA? Through blood, sweat and tears. Through hard work and determination. I spent 6 years in the independents before I even had my first FWA Tryout match. You think you know anything about FIGHTING, Sally? The last time you had a REAL fight was when Zaire tried to convince you to do anal. You are nothing to me Saddle Sally. You are nothing to THEM, Saddle Sally. And I know, that when you look at yourself in that mirror at home, you are nothing to YOU, Sally.

    Dinorah hops off of the announce table and heads back into the ring. She climbs up and sits on the corner turnbuckle.

    Dinorah Redgrave: Saggy Sally, not only do you represent everything that is wrong with this division, you represent everything that is wrong with womanhood. You don't set any example for these girls. You don't show them how to fight, all you show is skin. You don't take bumps, you take selfies. You are going to learn once and for all that just because you are "champion", doesn't mean you are the best there is. You were in the right place at the right time, but that won't be the case tomorrow night on Fight Night. Baby girl you are in for a rude awakening, because when I rearrange the pretty little whore face of yours, you won't even have your good looks to fall back on. And you will go into Aftershock with a huge loss stripping you of any and all momentum. When the dust settles and the curtain is called on our match tomorrow night, it will be YOU laying on your back like you always do, looking up at the house lights, wondering where it all went wrong. Well I will tell you where you went wrong. You underestimated me. You got comfortable. You got stupid, but above all, you simply DIDN'T belong in the same ring as me. The mark of any great champion is the ability to defeat any and all challengers, and you will prove, NO...I WILL PROVE, that you don't possess that attribute. Throw on your best cowboy boots and come on down to my RODEO, Saggy Sally. Unlike you, I am a FIGHTER. Unlike you, I am a LADY. And this going to kick your f*cking head in.

    Dinorah drops the mic and exits the ring, the crowd chanting her name as she makes her way to the back, ready to remind all of the FWA exactly what she can do.

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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    I open the doors to the laboratory that I was once experimented on, and as I get to the research table I find a journal. I pick it up and open it to a random page.

    Day 12

    It has been 12 days since I've set up shop underneath an old hotel in a remote village in Switzerland. I have decided to capitalize on an old tale involving the woods around this village to capture test subjects.
    Day 17

    I have captured about 7 test subjects and unfortunately they don't meet my physical requirements.
    Day 18

    I have uncovered what might be a perfectly preserved specimen from ancient times. I will begin studying this specimen before I start looking for a new batch of test subjects.
    Day 25

    It has been about a week since I found the specimen, and none of the test subjects I had captured seem to be taking to the host's blood or stem cells.
    Day 38

    Several days ago, I had given up the charade of using this village's lore in getting test subjects. I had decided on grabbing anyone I want from this Village and all neighboring villages. While they all have accepted the DNA from the Host, there have been some unfortunate side affects.
    Day 45

    Yesterday I found out that my idiot brother and his wife died after being assassinated by a member of the terrorist group known as the BIRD Empire while my nephew is currently in a coma. More then likely, it was done because of some dumb-ass “get rich” scheme my brother came up with. However, this does give me a new cause for my research because while I pretty much despised my brother, I did have strong feelings for his wife, so once my research is complete, I'll find a way to use it to make the sniveling cowardly nephew into the monster that will take down the BIRD Empire.
    Day 77

    It's been about a month since my sister-in-law died, and I've received word that the man who assassinated her and my dumb-ass brother is in Switzerland. My research is almost complete, but before I use it onto my nephew I will use it on the man responsible for her death.
    Day 78

    I found him and I had made sure that he was put under heavy sedation. Bonus, I have more test subjects in the people that he was meeting. I've replaced them with the recent test subjects and have made it look like ritual suicide.
    Day 79

    I have checked the DNA of the Test Subject named Blackbird, and it is remarkably similar to that of the Host's DNA. This is very unusual, but none the less, I am going forward with injecting Blackbird with the Host's DNA.

    It has been several hours since I injected Blackbird with the Host's DNA, and so far there hasn't been any rejections. Tomorrow I will harvest Blackbird's DNA and look to see if it will work in my nephew who is still in a Coma.

    I see that that was the last entry in the journal so I put it back down onto the table. I turn and walk towards the destroyed chamber that I used to be in, I then look over towards the central chamber. I feel emptiness coming from it, and just as I am about to look inside of the chamber, I hear a commotion coming from upstairs.

    I look over my shoulder then look back at the chamber and look inside to see nothing but a lot of blood covering the entire inside. I take a step back and feel bones break beneath my boots. I look down and see the skeletal remains of the scientist that had experimented on me. I notice that the ID on the lab coat says “Warren” on it and shake my head as I pick up the skull.

    Vincent: You were going to get your nephew to destroy my BIRD Empire with use of your research. Unfortunately, you're goal will never come to light, because while your nephew and I are locked in a mortal battle, he will never destroy my BIRD Empire. Although, I am curious as to what happened with whomever was in that central chamber.

    I toss the skull aside and leave the laboratory, heading upstairs to the abandon hotel. As I leave the hotel, I see River talking to a limo driver.

    Vincent: What's going on here?

    River: Well, someone wants to talk to you in the limo.

    Vincent: Oh? Who?

    River: Their driver won't tell me.

    I start moving towards the limo as the limo's driver opens the back door. River grabs my left arm stopping me.

    River: Boss, are you sure about this?

    Vincent: You're here, so I'll be fine.

    River: Did you get the answers you were looking for in there?

    Vincent: Almost. I got answers to questions only for more questions to arise.

    River lets go and stands by with his pistols in full view and ready to be pulled out of their holsters with ease when two bodyguards step into view holding their own pistols. Before River can pull out his twin pistols, I stand between him and the unknown person's bodyguards motioning to them both that there isn't any need for this and then walk towards the limo's open door. I lean in to see who is in the limo.

    Vincent: Well, this is a pleasant surprise, how were you able to find me all the way out here Ms. Kendrick.

    I step inside the limo and close the door behind me.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    Blood of the Faithful




    Crimson Red River That Flows Like A Wine
    All Gryphon’s Rise To See This Sign
    Speed of Eagle, Strength of Lion!
    We Shall Transform Earth Into Zion!
    We Fight Together For All To See!
    We Will Make Them Part Of Our Mythology!

    It is amazing what can be done in one week when people are properly motivated. In just over three weeks, the large farm that Jason purchases has become a small little town. The people have helped build small cabins for people to stay in, they have built a garden for fresh fruit and vegetables, and they have finally completed the main work, the church. The wood and cement foundation of last week on the Gryphon’s compound has now been done to a glorious finish. Every piece of wood and nail that was show last week when Jason was given a speech about his six man tag team match as been put onto the building. The church has been finished in a beautiful Victorian style with a sign out front that reads, “First Church of Gryphonism.” On the roof of the church there is a very bell that begins to ring, signaling that it is time for the faithful to make their way into the Church. The men, women, and children they have not left the compound in over three weeks due to their faith in the power of the Gryphon make their way out of their cabins, the barn, the farmhouse, and the fields to come together inside of the Chapel for the first time since its completion. When you go inside of the church, you see all of the hard work that Jason and his followers put into this endeavor. There are two rows of pews inside of the chapel that lead up to the altar where a podium sits. Next to a podium there is a large crate that has yet to be opened. Once the people have entered the chapel and sat down, the bells from the steeple silence themselves and a voice comes over the speaker system that has been installed next to the podium so everyone on the compound can hear the inspirational words from the head of the church.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a long journey but finally we have made it. Today is the day that will be remembered for all time. The Sermon on the Mount will pale in comparison to what you hear today. It is time to put aside the false Gods of the past and step into the future of salvation! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you the man of the hour who you gave the power, JASON GRYPHON!

    The leader of the Gryphons walks out onto the stage and the crowd stands to give him an impressive ovation. Unlike a tent revival preacher, Jason is not wearing a suit, he is wearing a colorful ceremonial robe over his normal street clothes. His hands are unexposed until the moments that he walks up to the podium. The podium is a piece of art with a detailed G stenciled into the large Oak. Jason looks around and smiles at all of the faces that have packed the church for the first true sermon on Gryphonism. The crowd waits patiently for their leader to speak his first words.

    Jason Gryphon:

    Good Morning to the Faithful!

    The Crowd:

    Good Morning Jason!

    Jason Gryphon:

    I am so glad that all of you could be here today for this historical event. Today is the first true day of our religion in our first church. It is the first of many churches that will be built throughout the world as he go out and spread the word. Some of you may be wondering what will be asked of you now that we have built the church and I am here to tell you that the only thing you need to do is spread the world. You are the first disciples of Gryphonism and you need to go out throughout the world and spread our message of peace and hope. The power of the Gryphon is inside of all of us. The Gryphon is what give us our power and our strength. By using the gift that he bestows on all of us, we shall become immortal just like him. I am not talking about living forever when I say immortal, which would be eternal youth, which is nothing something that even a Gryphon can achieve. When I speak about immortality, I speak of your names being remembered forever. Your name can be remembered if you go out into the world and put your mark on the world by doing great work and if you help the humans realize that being a Gryphon is better. There will be times when they will call you crazy or stupid of worse but when they do, just think of me. Just as I do every week in the FWA, you need to get into the faces that try to put you down and you need to use force if necessary to get your point across. Just like all of you have believed in me, I believe in you. Your faith got me to wear I am today.

    Jason moves his hands to underneath his robes and unstraps the FWA North American Championship from around his waist and raises it high above his head and the crowd gets to their feet and cheer as they see the gold. Jason places the title on the podium so the crowd can continue to look at the championship.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Our faith has helped me in so many ways and it is now time for it to help you as well. Are you unhappy with your job? Believe in the power of the Gryphon and you will find out that any job is a good one when you do it 100%. You may not like your job but when you go in and give it everything you have and more, people will begin to notice your inner strength and you will be rewarded for it. Are you unhappy because of your financial situation? Don’t be, money is just a piece of paper that the government hands out to you for goods and services, services that you can find here in our new home. If you are hungry, we will feed you, if you are homeless, we can give you a roof over your head, and if the days get so dark that you are thinking about ending your life, you will always have a hand to hold that will get you through the dark times. If you are here in this church today, you have agreed to be a part of a family of people that will help its fellow Gryphon. The Gryphon will not let one of you go hungry, The Gryphon will not let one you be despondent, the Gryphon will be here when you need to be lifted up into the cloud and see the light of another tomorrow. I know that of which I speak, as you saw last week, I had dark days in the early days of my career and I was so low that Devin Golden pitied me and let me beat him. I did not need or want his pity and one tainted moment does not besmirch everything that I have done since then which includes winning the X-Title and the North American Championship. I will continue to survive and thrive with all of you beside me. This week, Shane McClean will see just how powerful I have become since our last meeting.

    The crowd in the church loudly boos the name of Shane McClean, the man that stands in front of Jason Gryphon before Aftershock.

    Jason Gryphon:
    It was a only a few week ago when I said that I would forgive Shane McClean for what he did to our Mythology at Ace’s High when he tossed me out of the Carnal Contendership Match but I now realize that those words have fallen on deaf eyes. What does Shane McClean do with our act of kindness? HE SPIT IN OUR FACES! He stole from us once again! As the old saying goes, fool me once but fool me twice shame on me. I will not be fool again by Shane McClean and his flippant attitude. Everything that Shane McClean has accomplished over the past month has been because of MY work and I don’t know about all of you but I am sick and tired of being the one whose shoulder’s Shane McClean stands upon to reach out and grab the glory that should be mine! If it was no for me defeating Ryan Hall and taking him out of the match, there is no way that Shane McClean would have become the champion. I defeated the man that no one believed could fall. When it was done to me and him, I lasted three minutes inside of his deadly finisher with a busted up arm! The pain that I was in turned my entire body white with agony. Last week, I was the one that once again did the heavy lifting lifted in beating down Drew Stevenson and that is the moment when McClean thought it would be a good time to steal from us again. He tagged himself in and stole the victory from us. Everyone knows that Shane McClean is no match for our Mythology. I defeated him and Thomas Princeton to become a champion once again and I know that he is no match for me in a one on one contest. This week, the World Champion will come face to face with his worst nightmare, a 100% healthy Gryphon that is ready for every trick that Shane McClean has up his sleeves. Without us, Shane would be nothing and now because of us, he will once again be nothing. I am going to expose his weaknesses in front of the entire world and the four other men that will be standing outside of the ring watching our men. Rondo Rondo, PAJ, Drew Stevenson, and Ryan Hall to witness the glorious return to form of Jason Gryphon. The very same Gryphon that has beaten World Champions, Won Championships, and has amassed a legion of followers that are ready to fight until the very end to make sure that all of our dreams come true. I encourage Rondo, PAJ, Drew, and Hall to bring a notepad out to the ring because I am going to give them a lesson on how to beat the World Champion, however it is something that Ryan Hall knows all too well already.

    The crowd cheers loudly has the North American Champion brings up Ryan Hall’s defeat at the hands of their leader. Jason Gryphon walks over to the large crate that is on the stage and picks up the crowbar that has been placed on it. He slams the crowbar down on the crate, creating a large boom.

    Jason Gryphon:
    I did not become the North American Champion by putting faith in others. I became the champion by putting my faith in all of you and in myself. Now, as I begin to look to the future, the one thing that I am focused on now is to be able to stand up in front of all of you as the World Heavyweight Champion. For the past year there has been nothing that we could not accomplish together and now we are moving towards goal that no one every believed was possible. Those that I thought we’re my friends in FWA always seem to turn their back on us all and now I know that I cannot trust them. Devin Golden may not have believed that I could not get anything done in this business but he was wrong, dead wrong! Now that his career is dying, the locker room will be looking for someone to take his place as a leader and that person is Jason Gryphon! They will follow the path of the Gryphon or they will be ripped apart by our talons. We will only give them one option as they come face to face with the man that holds their destiny in our hands, Join or Die! When you join the Church of Gryphonism, you have agreed to elevate yourself, you have agreed to evolve beyond your human limitation. That is precisely why we cannot judge the actions of other than have refused to seek their salvation through the power of the Gryphon. The reason they fail is because…they are only human. I am willing to accept anyone into our religion because that is the way of the Gryphon but in order to be welcomed into this Church, they must accept that being human is not good enough to be accepted by human. Acceptance is not just a fading word that is used by the political left to push an agenda. It is about coming together as one, no matter your race, religion, or sexual orientation. I have come to realize that in order to be truly saved by the King of the Creatures, you must be willing to put your blood on the line and that is not just a figure of speech. I mean it quite literally. You must be willing to sacrifice the precious gift of life in order to receive his blessings in the beyond. This is where the contents of this crate come into play.

    Jason pries the crowbar into the crease of the crate and takes off the top. You still cannot see what is inside, so Jason walk over to the front of the cage and undoes the front portion of the crate, yanking it down. Inside of the huge create in a huge golden idol of a mythological Gryphon, the very one that the North American Champion dug up in Greece years ago.

    Jason Gryphon:
    There are Gryphon all around the world, not just the ones that have made a home here. It pays to have a Gryphon that just so happened to be a U.S. Customs agent.

    Gryphon begins to tear apart the remaining pieces of the crate so that the idol can now be seen by the majority of the people that happened to be inside of the Church. Jason touches the idol and walks back over to the podium on the altar. From under the altar, Jason pulls out a large dagger and yanks it out of the sheath.

    Jason Gryphon:
    This idol was the starting point for our religion. The second that I dug it up, it was if destiny had screamed out my name. It was fate that I found this statue in my darkest days after my wife pasted into the next world. It gave me a reason to live when more than a few nights I wanted to take the wheel of my car and drive it off of a bridge and get swallowed up by ice cold water. This idol is just as I am now, it is a golden symbol of our faith. Gold is beautiful and it lasts eons without changing, without corruption, but now Gold must be turned red. Everyone religion that has come into providence over the past 2000 years have had their origin based in blood. Ours shall be no different. I can see that some of you are hesitant about this obstacle but you need not to worry, I shall not cut you to the quick. If you want to be accepted, you must be the ones to place the cold steel of the dragger into your skin and let loose the crimson tide that is inside of you. I want all of you to stand up of your own accord and if you do not feel that you cannot give yourself fully to this endeavored, you are welcomed to live and return to your petty and wasted lives that you one had. I know that this is a lot to ask but I need to know that everyone one of you inside of the house of Worship are willing to put your blood on the line to keep this house standing and to spread its message to the entire world as I have done. Join or Die, it is that simple.

    Jason walks over to the statue of the Gryphon that is off to the stand. He pulls the Dagger to his hand and rakes it across his large extremity. Jason’s face does not change and he pulls the knife across his skin, the blood begins to pour from his hand. He places his hands on the statue and the gold that was once on the statue begins as red as a Dwarf Star. Jason clinches his bloody hand around the dagger that that he just used to cut himself.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Who will be the first to put their blood on the line? Who amoungst you will become a full member of this church and join us as we stand against the forces of cruelty and injustice that this planet will put into our way as we crave out a place for ourselves on Earth! Stand Up! Join or DIE! BE A GRYPHON!

    Almost simultaneously, every person that is inside of the Chapel stand up and they line up in a single file to stand in front of Jason and the golden statue of the Gryphon. A middle aged father of two is the first to take the blade from Jason. He rakes the blade across his skin and his blood joins Jason’s on the statue. His family soon follows suit, his wife and their two children have the knife whipped across their skin and their blood drips on the floor before they place their hands on the statue. Soon every man, woman, and child has placed their blood on the golden form of the Gryphon. The gold color of the shimmering statue has been replaced with that of red tide of blood. The statue is now dripping with the blood of the true followers of Jason Gryphon and his religion. When the last man has joined the bloody union, he hands the blade back to Jason and he raises it high above his head.

    Jason Gryphon:
    You have all made me very proud. On this day, you are all truly Gryphons and together there is no one that can stop us, especially Shane McClean!

    The faithful rise to their feet once again and circle Jason before embracing him on the altar of the Church, a huge smile is on the face of “Living Mythology” as he is no longer just a Gryphon, he is a Messiah.

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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    ~Jacking Off~

    Sunlight splits through the trees of a glorious forest as calm classical music plays. You know the one. The one that goes "Da-num da dum-dum-dum, da-da-danum-dum-dum, dana, danana, da naaa". Yeah, that one. As it fades out, it is replaced by another musical sound. Whistling. The scene pans down to the foot of the trees where a man is sauntering his way through the forest. A red-flannel wearing, bearded man with a sharp object of destruction over his shoulder. You'd be forgiven for at first believing the man to be Cactus Jack, but in actual fact it's Lumber Jack. As we see the man's face better, his identity is revealed: It's Enrico Palazzo! No, no it isn't. Of course it isn't. You've known it's going to be Shane McLean from the second you seen the little squiggly line either side of the title. Seriously, what is that thing? Does it have a name? What purpose does it actually serve in the world of punctuation? I'm serious, this is not a rhetorical question, I expect an answer in the Promo Discussion Thread. So, Shane McLean is dressed as a lumberjack for a promo for a lumberjack match. What a cliche. His whistling has turned to singing as he marches through the forest.

    Shane McLean:
    "Oh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK
    I sleep all night and I work all day."

    Shane passes by two trees with faces, one the amused face of Shawn Docherty, the other of the unenthusiastic Bobby Thunder, who provide backing singing.

    Shawn Docherty & Bobby Thunder:
    "Oh he's a lumberjack and he's OK
    He sleeps all night and he works all day."

    Shane continues through the forest, still singing.

    Shane McLean:
    "I cut down trees, I eat my lunch
    I go to the lavatory
    On Wednesdays I go shoppin'
    And have buttered scones for tea.

    I cut down trees, I skip and jump,
    I like to press wild flowers.
    I put on women's clothing,
    And hang around in bars..."

    At this moment Shane pretends to have just noticed the camera, and speaks with a gruff, failed attempt at a Canadian accent.

    Shane McLean:
    "Oh! 'Allo there, and welcome to Morning Wood! Now, you may be asking what's a big good looking fella like me doing hosting a show about trees, and I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm a lumberjack see? I got me big clumpy boots, me razor sharp axe, an itchy hat, and me mandatory flannel vest. I also got, like every lumberjack has, my big-ass belt buckle!"

    At this, Shane tears open his flannel vest to reveal the FWA World Championship worn around his waist underneath. Shane smirks through his bushy pretend beard and rests against a huge tree behind him. He looks over his shoulder as it's blackened wood, and up it it's leafless branches. Despite it's dominance over the others around it, this tree is rather lifeless and ugly looking.

    Shane McLean:
    "Ah, the largest and oldest of all the trees in the forest, the Hall Oak. Once it stood and flourished as the grandest tree of all, none could even come close to it's grandeur, but in recent times, something has happened, it has lost it's leaves, you could be forgiven for mistaking it as dead. This tree however, is merely dormant, and shall no doubt re-bloom at some point, ruling over the forest once again, stronger than before. Despite how impressive a specimen it is, it has been woven into myths and legends, nightmares for some, due to it's unsightly black skin-

    A yell from off camera breaks Shane's train of speech.

    Bobby Thunder:
    "Hey!! Not cool bro!"

    Shane blows a kiss off camera and gives a wink. The camera looks up at the branches of the tree, stretching out above.

    Shane McLean:
    "It's branches seem to form claws, looking to grasp out and clutch it's prey, to reclaim it's throne as King of the Forest."

    The camera pans back down to where Shane is stood, now facing the tree with his back to the camera. A trickle of running liquid can be heard, then stops. Shane bounces on the soles of his feet as a zip is heard going up and he turns back to the camera and begins to move on a little, and comes to an area of two types of tall flowers coming into bloom, bathed in an area of sunlight, one red and white, the other maroon. Shane points to the red and white first, and then the maroon, naming them.

    Shane McLean:
    "Pajilion, Rondodnium, just beginning to emerge into life once again. You see, recently there was no light getting to these, and in the darkness spread on them by the Hall Oak blocking their sunlight, they became twisted and quite hideous. Now though, the sunlight is finding it's way through the branches and with this new found light, they can go on to be beautiful and bigger than they have been before. We just have to hope that they continue to prosper in the light, and avoid the darkness should it return."

    Shane glances back at the Hall Oak, and notices a emerald green bush growing to the side of it which had not been in view previously. He leaps over to it and inspects it.

    Shane McLean:
    "Drew-weed. Though it might not look like much, this menace of a plant causes havoc on all the other plants. See it winds its roots into all those around it, sapping it's sustenance from them. So whilst it may not look the most vicious, under the surface it wages war on all the others, and this specimen is getting strong, and could soon be wiping out the life around it. But it's not the Hall Oak, Rondonium, Pajilion or Drew-weed I'm here to see today..."

    Shane stands and looks at a tree growing in the middle of a clear area. He walks over to it, a smile on his face. It is no taller than him, beginnign to bloom nicely though despite clearly in the infancy of it's life.

    Shane McLean:
    "This here is the rare Gryphane Birch. Just a sapling, but it's not often one of these comes along, and there's definitely something special about it. Possibly it could grow to overcome the Hall Oak. This one has grown so much over the last year, and it seems to be growing faster than ever. It is esential for it at this stage that it continue to grow if it is to meet it's potential great heights. Many will try to cut it down for a rare mytho-log just for the sake of it. It is a shame that it is in our nature to wish to destroy something for personal gain isn't it..."

    An evil smirk begins to stretch over Shane's face as he places his axe against it's trunk.

    Shane McLean:
    "Yes, shame isn't it..."

    Shane swings the axe high over head, and brings it back, but instead of going for the main trunk, he swerves and takes a small, branch off it. McLean smirks into the camera, his pale blue eyes glittering.

    Shane McLean:
    "But a little pruning now and then won't hurt."

    ~The Ace of Diamonds~
    ~Shane McLean~
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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    Chris Kennedy
    "The "i" in Team is in the A-Hole"

    Tell me what you know about dreamin’ dreamin’
    You don't really know about nothin’ nothin’
    Tell me what you know about them night terrors every night,
    5 AM, cold sweats wakin’ up to the sky.
    Tell me what you know about dreams, dreams
    Tell me what you know about night terrors, nothin’
    You don't really care about the trials of tomorrow
    Rather lay awake in a bed full of sorrow

    I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold, hey
    I'll be fine once I get it, yeah
    I'll be good.

    "SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!" Everyone in the room chants as Chris Kennedy downs yet another shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey. He slams the glass down as the room full of wrestlers, strippers, and C-List celebrities cheer him on. Kennedy chuckles. The whole room is a blur, his deluxe sized hotel room nothing more than a mesh of colors reminiscent of an oil painting. He sees playboy model Kendra Wilkinson clapping for him and he zones in on her cleavage. The atmosphere in the room is vibrantly energetic as a very drunk Chris Kennedy celebrates another day of being rich, handsome and in his 20's. Former FWA TV Champion Joey Ortiz pours Kennedy another shot. Chris Kennedy stares off into space as Danielle Fishel (Topanga of Boy Meets World) gives him a deep shoulder massage. Kennedy looks past all of his fake friends, he looks past all the Hollywood wannabes and their fake smiles. His vision focuses to the center of the room. He sees one man, and everyone around this one man is nothing more than a blur. That man is none other than multiple time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, The Legendary Kerry Kennedy.

    Kerry Kennedy: Are you f*cking kidding me, Chris?

    "I just did cocaine with Daniel Tosh!" Former FWA star AJ Hart says as he exits the bathroom, followed by a gentleman who most definitely isn't Daniel Tosh. Chris Kennedy looks on in confusion as his father starts to slowly vanish slowly ala Back To The Future.

    Kerry Kennedy: Get your life sorted out, Chris.

    Kerry vanishes and Chris wipes his eyes to try to make sense of it all. He pauses a bit as Joey Ortiz tugs on his arm trying to get his attention. Kennedy eagerly grabs the shot glass. "SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!"
    The clowns all yell as we fade to black.

    "And it's a bittersweet symphony that's liiiiiiiife" blares through Chris Kennedy's phone. "Try to make ends meet You're a slave to money then you die" the music continues as a sleeping Chris Kennedy springs up. His bloodshot eyes open wide and a look of panic as he realizes it is 2:00pm. "I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down, You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet, yeah" the song continues as he looks around the room for his phone phone. Kennedy then see's the phone on the glass coffee table and gets up to get it, stumbling a bit. Kennedy is incredibly hung over and possibly still drunk. "No change, I can change I can change, I can change But I'm here in my mold I am here in my mold But I'm a million different people from one day to the next" Kennedy reaches for the phone. The name on the screens reads "Brian Carter"

    Chris Kennedy: Carter, Hey. Yeah, man. No, I'm focused man, I'm ready.

    Chris looks around the trashed hotel room and see's roughly 13 sleeping strippers (and maybe a few prostitutes) laid out on the furniture and on the floor, all of them in a drunken slumber. Chris Kennedy is not focused. But Chris Kennedy is always ready.

    Chris Kennedy: We've got this. We've already beaten Vodka and Venom. Hell, my little sister and my ex-wife have beaten them, I'm not worried. No, Carter, you don't understand what I am saying, my kid sister literally beat them for the Tag Team titles. This will be a piece of cake. What? No I haven't been drinking. I've...I've been at the gym all morning, yeah. Training. Yeah. Yes. Okay. I got you. Carter, you don't have to worry about me, my friend. Need I remind you that I've beaten Ashley O'Ryan more times than I can recall, and that you have two wins over the guy in the past two weeks? What? What about Stu? Are you kidding me? That guy is so far past his prime that he's made a joke out of his entire career. He is an Atari, you and I are Playstation 4, Carter. They say the classics never go out of style, well that's a lie. Just listen to me, okay guy? You don't have to be so serious all the time. If we can't have fun doing this, than whats the point? Yes, that's right, Carter, the point is to win titles. So using that logic, I've done it all. 3 Time World Champion, first ever Undisputed Champion, former X-Division Champion, former Tag Team Champion. That's a lot of titles, and guess what bro? I was having fun the whole time. So lighten up a little, okay? Alright bud, I'll see you in a few. Ciao.

    A nearly naked Chris Kennedy puts the phone down, and looks at the newest copy of FWA Magazine that is placed on the coffee table. He lights himself a ciggarette and flips to the only section of the magazine Kennedy ever reads, The Insider. He takes a moment to read the article, which he reads with guilded interest as he takes a long, hearty drag from his Marlboro Menthol. The camera focuses on the piece that peaks Kennedy's attention.

    Some FWA officials are concerned with the heavy amount of potential main eventers and the thin X-Division, tag division and North American division. This exact phenomena nearly caused the FWA to split last fall into two brands, but the PWS Network's demise stalled those discussions, as did a reduced roster. One name everyone misses from before the switch was Michael Garcia. The high amount of main eventers will be solved in the coming months, though. Like said before, Wolf's career is coming to a conclusion, as is Whyte Thunder's and Ryan Hall's. No word yet on Thomas Princeton, Gabrielle, Stu St. Clair and Ashley O'Ryan (although the latter has hinted at retirement a couple times). One FWA official recently said, "This is like any sport. You never want to stay past your expiration date and become stale. You never want to stay so long than you can't 'go' anymore and you're just going through the motions. I hope, for their legacies, they recognize when it's time to leave."
    Chris Kennedy: "You never want to stay past your expiration date and become stale. You never want to stay so long that you can't 'go' anymore and you're just going through the motions." Well William H. Macy, oh Jesus H. Christ! If that doesn't completely sum up Vodka and Venom, I don't know what does. Two over the hill shadows too far in denial to see that they have completely tarnished their entire legacies, and all for what? To cling onto that fading sense of glory? Are their lives so sad and empty that they'd rather remain in the FWA, embarrassing themselves? Does they take comfort in knowing that once upon a time, they were something special? The sun has set on the possibility of Stu St. Clair ever becoming the FWA Champion again. He is done. He is nothing more than a fossil with leathery skin and a bad attitude. The guy still thinks the world owes him something, as if is still the Stu St. Clair that reigned supreme half a decade ago. If we are being honest, Stu St. Clair wasn't even that good back then, nowhere near as good as he thinks he was. It must have sucked being him in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, NOW, watching a new generation of superstars come in and just crap all over him. Watching his brother eclipse him in terms of talent and skill, watching ME eclipse him in terms of what I had achieved in just my rookie year alone. It must have been hard watching MC Fromage come in and embarrass him as a showman. Hell, it had to have been hard watching guys like Ryan Hall and Ashley O'Ryan, who had been here longer than him, throw age restrictions out the window and win world titles while he spun his wheels in feuds no one cared about. Does Stu St. Clair even care that he currently holds the tag team championship? No. He'd rather spin his wheels revisiting a feud with Gabrielle that no one cared about the first time. Why? Because Ashley O'Ryan is neglecting their tag team? Stu St. Clair is neglecting tag team competition in favor of a singles match with Gabrielle, because Ashley O'Ryan was neglecting tag tag team competition in favor his "singles" activity with Gabrielle. How much sense does that make? I mean, really, if you have ever talked to Stu St. Clair for more than 20 seconds then you already know that making sense is not the guys strong suit. Jumbling his words together, speaking incoherently, never staying on one topic without quickly bolting to the next one. The guy is a f*cking joke, and he has been a joke for the past 4 years. Only thing is, this joke isn't funny anymore. I feel bad for Stu St. Clair, and while I don't aim to put him out of his misery, I will give him a wake up call. Consider this match as an intervention for poor old Stu St. Clair.

    Chris Kennedy makes his way to the large glass wall that overlooks the entire city. Oklahoma City isn't really much too look at but it does have it's merit. They call Chicago the windy city, but whoever coined that moniker had never been to OKC. Kennedy watches as the wind passes through the trees outside his hotel room, the leaves dancing in the wind. The weather was one of the few things Kennedy actually enjoyed about the city, however with the wind carries that putrid stench that permeates from the city dump near I-240. Brilliant planning on behalf of city Hall. Kennedy leans in against the glass, and gazes off as he continues his rant.

    Chris Kennedy: Stu St. Clair and Chris Kennedy have never faced each other one on one. But every single time we've faced each other in tag team competition, he has always come up short. And the reason for this, quite simply, is because Stu St. Clair relies too heavily on Ashley O'Ryan. That's understandable. When you consider that the only time this ENTIRE DECADE Stu St. Clair has been relevant was when he is a part of Vodka and Venom, you understand exactly why Stu is so scared of Gabrielle taking Ashley away from Stu. Ashley O'Ryan is Stu St.Clair's everything, Ashley O'Ryan COMPLETES Stu St. Clair. They are soul mates, and Ms. St. Clair has a sand spur up her twat because Gabrielle aims to steal her man. This entire situation would be laughable if it didn't have such a negative impact on FWA ratings. We are on a new network, people, we really have to make a lasting impression. This little soap opera my ex-wife has found herself in is anything but good for business. They are all making a circus out of the FWA. But that's okay. Every promotion needs it's clowns. They need their Santinos and their Doinks, I get it. It just hits me right in the feels, knowing that the FWA's current clowns were, once upon a time, respected men that others aspired to be. It's a crying shame, is what it is.

    Chris Kennedy turns around and scans the room. He honestly can't remember any of the these people sleeping on his floor. He doesn't remember much of last night, with the exception of the wise words of Kennedy's father Kerry. Why Kennedy subconsciously progresses his dead father as an avatar representing his conscience is a mystery.

    Chris Kennedy:
    You know, I always thought I had a firm grasp on sanity. A crazy notion when spouted out by a man who has an extensive collection of masks to hide his face behind. But I'm not La Muerte Blanca and I'm certainly not the Son Of No One. I am the son of the legendary Kerry Kennedy and his voice calls out to me long after his death, defying everything I thought I knew about my sanity, or lack their off. I don't believe in ghosts, but I believe in human psychology and I know that the visions of my father, the sound of his voice reverberating between my ears, is all in my head. He is a reflection of that part of me that wants to be a better man, that tenacious spirit that strives to be a cut above all the rest. I may not be perfect, but I am sure as hell trying, each and every day, to be a better Chris Kennedy. The will to better yourself and keep being better than you were the day before, that's a quality I possess that Stu St. Clair and Ashley O'Ryan never will. I get better and better as time progresses, and they just fade further and further into obscurity. All this stuff you see, the booze, the women, the hard partying, none of that stuff define who I am. I am the plucky, happy go lucky social drinker, Ashley O'Ryan and Stu St. Clair are pair of filthy drunks. A single day in the life of Kennedy, and neither of those two can hang. At the site of a bottle, Ashley O'Ryan's mouth starts to water and his entire life around him collapses. Stu get's just one drop in him and he is even harder to understand than he was before, if you can believe that. I am 100% confident Brian Carter and I will make quick work of these two bums, and I will once again have championship gold around my waist. Make no mistake, that Chris Kennedy after a long night of drinking, dancing and f*cking is still 200% better than a well rested Stu St. Clair or a completely sober Ashley O'Ryan. Add in the Infection Brian Carter and Vodka and Venom's odds become exponentially slim.

    Chris takes another drag of his cigarette before turning back around to the view overlooking Oklahoma Cities less than impressive landscape.

    Chris Kennedy:
    I feel like I am in full Zack Morris mode, monologing to an invisible audience while the cast and crew around me is frozen in time.And I guess I'd be doing the audience a disservice if I didn't mention the elephant in the room, the fact that Ashley O'Ryan is currently banging my ex-wife. At least that's what everyone keeps asking me about. And that puzzles me. Why would I care about Ashley O'Ryan banging my ex-wife, when half of the FWA Locker room, down to the catering crew and the sound guys, down to the kids working in the concession stand have all had a piece of that sweet sweet caramel cream pie. Gabrielle is a class act and a fantastic piece of ass. She is a competent mother to our child, I suppose, and she will always be a good friend. But I could give a rats ass about who she sleeps with. If Ashley O'Ryan thinks that he can get in my head with that, if he thinks I have any lingering feelings for her that will play to his advantage, he is sadly mistaken. While I dive face first into open legs of Victoria's Secret models, I am happier than I have been in years. Ashley O'Ryan is head over heels in love with the girl, because she does things to his little Irish Shillelagh that Moira Crawford had never heard of. I was 15 once, I remember the rush of confusing emotions that comes over an inexperienced little guy when a woman finally touches him in that special place. So I get it, Ashley. And I don't care. Because I DON'T WANT GABRIELLE. I want the FWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP. That is the ONLY thing that you have that I want. And it isn't because there isn't anything wrong with Gabrielle, old bird still has some juice left in her before she prunes. I just got bored with her is all, while the FWA Tag Team Championship is new to me. It's shiny and will look good on my trophy case with my World Heavyweight Championship, my two FWA Championships, my X-Division Championship and my previous tag team championship.

    Chris Kennedy grabs his gray t-shirt off the back off the couch. He reaches underneath the coffee table to grab his jeans. He slides them on before strutting to the mirror on the adjacent wall. He fixes his hair and checks himself out, his face scruffy and his eyes redder Clifford The Dogs dick.

    Chris Kennedy:
    Ashley O'Ryan, you have already taken from me the only thing that ever mattered to me, The FWA Championship. But I got my win back. I beat you, and I beat you, and I beat you several times after that. But none of them ever made up for it, none of them ever made us even. I could beat you 100 more times and it still wouldn't make us even, you STOLE my championship from me. NOW is my chance to truly even the score. Now is my chance to take something from you in the FWA Tag Team Championship. Now, I know that the FWA Tag Team Championship doesn't mean shit to you, especially compared to how much the FWA Championship meant to me, but it's okay. Consider this a debt settlement. I take this belt from you, Ashley, and we are Even Stevens, we are Lizzy Mcguire, we are Zack and Cody. I wash my hands of you and leave you with nothing other than my sloppy seconds, though by time she made her way to you after our divorce, you were probably "sloppy sixteen".

    Chris Kennedy heads over to the bar area and puts his cigarette out in the fish tank nearby, dropping it into the water as Angle Fish scurry away to avoid the foreign object being thrust into their ecosystem.

    Chris Kennedy:
    But you know what? None of that matters. All that matters, is that Brian Carter and I mesh, just like we already have on the past month, and we win those tag team championships. I have the utmost respect for Brian Carter. He reminds me of a more serious, less flamboyant version of myself. We have a similar ring style, comparable skill set, a fierce desire to win that is mutual. Inside that ring, we are like a two headed Cobra. Outside of that ring, we are day and night. He is all business, all the time. I, on the other hand, believe in the motto "work hard, party hard". It's a damn good thing that championships are won INSIDE of the ring, and Carter and I will be on the same page. Just like President Kennedy and President Carter won the hearts of demographic party, Chris Kennedy and Brian Carter WILL win the hearts of the FWA Universe, and make our waists a little heavier in the process. I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Vodka and Venom can't say the same.

    Kennedy throws on his jacket and exits the hotel room, the scene fading to black as the door shuts behind him.

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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    I hesitate to even begin to describe the visuals before you, as words cannot be found that are quite as horrific as the scene playing out before your eyes. The aroma around us is so offensively putrid that you’ve never been so grateful for anything in your life, as you are to be watching this scene unfold via the comfort of your living room, rather than being here firsthand. But don’t get used to that comfort, it won’t last long. And while you may be immune to the smells, the sounds are a different story. There’s no escape from them. That faithful buzzing, not quite menacing in itself, but when combined with your knowledge of what it represents; it can make your teeth rattle and not from it’s vibrations, but from fear. You’ve heard it in horror movies and the depths of your nightmares, it’s blade wailing wildly and it’s motor humming along. Take a deep breath and leave now if your squeamish, because what you’re hearing is a chainsaw and what you’re lucky enough, not to be smelling is dried blood and dead carcass. But don’t be alarmed; we aren’t immersed in a murder scene, but rather a slaughterhouse. Rows upon rows of hanging meat slabs make up the floor of the bloody paradise, as animals are pushed through the door, sliced to the T, and hung here dripping blood and unrecognizable in form. The sun shines through some skylights in the ceiling, showing the unfortunate souls who work here a glimpse of life despite being surrounded by death. However, as it often does for those who are filled with misery, the sunlight just makes them hurt worse, like a hungover Irishman getting a face full of bright lights or the heat a man feels after suffering a snakebite. Here, the sunlight doesn’t offer hope it just boils the blood on the floor of this hell, contributing to the unrelenting stench we’re immersed in and the general misery of the scene. But fret not, because just as into every life, some rain must fall; even in the lowest depths, someone eventually comes along to offer their hand. And it’s always him. Cloaked in a black t-shirt and tan pants that are thus far blood free, with his trademark long black hair dangling on either side of his deep green eyes, “The Infection” Brian Carter strolls steadily into the scene, surrounded by blood and horror, yet somehow calm and unwavered by it all.

    BRIAN CARTER: Much like last week I must forewarn, that these days my words are a bit more random, wild and strange than usual. It would also appear that my choice of location is equally as perplexing. But hell, if I’m going to do this I might as well dive my hands right into the sludge of it all, right? You know, about six weeks ago, I turned over a bit of a new leaf. I evolved and let everyone into my world. I opened up “The Infection” and allowed some sunlight into the darkness of my temperament. Yeah that was the plan, but you see that’s not what has happened. And that’s not because I’m not receptive to change, but instead because Ashley O’Ryan and Stu St. Clair had other ideas. When you all look at them you’re drawn by their smiling white teeth and golden waists. But when I look their way, it’s their devilish eyes that drawn me in, or try to at least and that’s because they want to drag me down; numb me with a bottle and a bite so that I wake up once again in the horrific past that they created for me long ago. The last time it happened, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and went on with my life. But this time, I’m going to grab hold of 20 pounds of leather and gold to pull myself up. You see all of this isn’t a metaphor, it’s just why beat around the bush? Why not surround myself with some of the worst visuals life has to offer, since next Friday I’ll find myself in the ring with the worst of the FWA. I’m not here in this place to tell Vodka and Venom that I plan on slaughtering them, although that may be an accurate description, and the reason that I don’t need to tell them that is because I’ve done it two weeks in a row. Over the past week weeks I’ve thrown Spears the way of Stu St. Clair and Ashley O’Ryan that didn’t just split them in half, but also have seemed to break their entire relationship wide open. And I guess it is fitting, in this slaughterhouse where animals are shredded in two, because you two have been trying to tear me in different directions, not between good and evil but between misery and sorrow. I mean come on boys, this is what you wanted right?

    Brian Carter’s eyes circulate around the room before they lock on one singular slab of beef. It seems no different than any other, but “The Infection” thinks otherwise and approaches it. He cups his hand and catches a few drops of blood, before gazing into the crimson puddle in his palm as if looking for his reflection. The green iris of “The Infection” meets the red courage in his hand, before he raises his hand up and wipes the blood across his shirt…

    BRIAN CARTER: Brian Carter immersed in the blood and sludge, up to my neck in it like quicksand. You want me trapped in the past. Trapped in the madness that Ashley O’Ryan brought about in me five years ago and lost in the confusion of the tales that Stu St. Clair would spew back in the Age of the Fallen. But I refuse to be trapped in the same cycle of misery that you two call home. I worked, preserved, grown, evolved, and most importantly, survived, for 26 years to be the man I am today and as great as this man is before you I plan on being even better tomorrow and even better the day after that. And even better on Friday when Chris Kennedy and myself raise championship gold in the air. All the while, you two will stay immersed in the same bloody sludge that now runs down my shirt. Either as partners or as enemies, you two are destined to be bound at the hip for all eternity, feeding off of each other until there’s nothing left. You can call yourself partners and for a short while longer, you can even call yourself champions but it’s painfully obvious that neither of you two have each other’s best interests at heart, I mean just look at the good old “Snake” sabotaging Ashley’s marriage proposal last week. You two are destined to do this dance forever. Friends, enemies, combatants, and then back at it again. Misery loves company and it doesn’t think that three is a crowd and that is precisely why you two want drag me in to your eternal web of sorrow. But that won’t happen because the very things that you two hide behind will be the same things that raise me up. That shining gold that you two use to draw attention away from the true darkness of your character, will instead allow myself and Chris Kennedy to shine like the stars we are. And those fake smiles that you both wear and those half-hearted waves you throw to the fans? For us, those will be genuine and the FWA faithful will see the difference in our eyes, they’ll recognize us as the conquering heroes who defeated the false idols and elevated ourselves to the throne.

    Carter pauses but instead of quickly resuming, “The Infection” gets lost in the bloody massacre surrounding him. It’s inescapable. Blood is around him, above him, and even beneath him, as his feet stick to the floor as he paces around. How can he even stand it? He’s seen worse.

    BRIAN CARTER: I don’t have expectations. I have visions. And in time my visions always manifest in reality. And it’s not because of divine intervention, but instead because I go out and I do it. I take what is mine, it’s justice, it’s manifest destiny. And Vodka and Venom stand in my way just as they have before and just as they stand in each other’s way as long as they exist. I said a few weeks ago that I KNEW, Ashley O’Ryan left to his own devices, would eventually destroy himself, and look at the facts before you. He surrounds himself will people who will destroy him. First, the real snake of the FWA, Gabrielle. Then the FWA’s most blatant serpent Stu St. Clair, who at this point I think only exists to cause Ashley pain, be it emotional or physical, because make no mistake, after Kennedy and I take their gold, it’s only a matter of time until Vodka and Venom is tearing each other’s guts out in the middle of the ring again, leaving a scene much like the one I’m in right now. Damn, maybe this place is a lot more metaphorical than I thought.

    The blood has dried on Brian Carter’s black t-shirt but not before it dripped down onto his pants as well. Carter throws his hair behind his head, and then looks himself up and down. There’s blood on his clothes and blood on his hands. It may not be the last time.

    BRIAN CARTER: You see contrary to popular belief I don’t like being the bearer of bad news. I don’t enjoy being the man that makes the world confront the harshest realities of life. In a perfect world I wouldn’t have to come out here and explain to you all that Ashley O’Ryan and Stu St. Clair are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Wait, scratch that. St. Clair is a wolf, albeit with a deceptive smile; O’Ryan is no more than a waterbug. But I digress and the fact remains that I don’t take solace in causing you all anguish by showing you the error of your ways in cheering for these men. I do not wish for you to hate me for it, in fact I want your support, I want you all to follow me so that I may lead you to the promised land but at the same time I don’t expect you all to understand. St. Clair and O’Ryan have dug themselves into your psyche and the only way for me to change the collective mindset of the FWA audience, is by burying them myself. Except I won’t use dirt, *Carter looks around* I’ll use blood. It’s more bitter than the hardest whisky and more poisonous than the deadliest venom. But enough with the clichés. And enough of this bullshit. Enough of Brian Carter staying up most of the night just to wake up with a knot in my stomach. And most of all, enough of Ashley O’Ryan and Stu St. Clair. I may not be able to rid the FWA of these undercover monsters in one foul swoop. But what I can do, along with Chris Kennedy, is take their championship gold and then, watch them strangle each other all the way down the rabbit hole, while we rise once again.

    Please excuse the quick trigger and the short quantity of words, but the time has finally come. “The Infection’s” temperament is resolved, but I assure you, take cover, for his breaking point has been reached. His fists are clenched, and along with Chris Kennedy, he ready for war. He’s ready for everything Vodka and Venom has to throw at him and he embraces it. You can see it in his eyes, his deep green eyes which watch as a switch is apparently turned on and the hanging meat slabs begin to rotate around the room, dripping blood along the way. Yet, as always, admist all of the movement and the chaos, “The Infection” remains still. And as he stares deeply into the camera and you know that any moment we’ll fade to black, you take solace, as you look at your your true idol and one half of your next, FWA Tag Team Champions, "The Infection" Brian Carter.

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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    Getting Back to Where I Belong:

    The scene opens up and we are in the locker room of Mackenzie Roberts. She is sitting in a chair and she is looking at a picture in her hand. We get closer and we can see that it is a picture of her when she won the FWA Women’s Championship. As she is looking at the picture you can see a tear falling from her cheek and she wipes her eyes and sighs. She then crumbles up the picture and throws it against the wall. She leans back in the chair and shakes her head.

    Mackenzie Roberts: That was a moment for me. When I beat Saddle Sally and gained MY title. MY title that I worked so hard for. When I beat Sally I became what I wanted to be I got out of the shadows that were my boys and did something that put me in the history books. That is what I wanted that is what I craved for but then it quickly vanished. Sarah Wolf became my next enemy and she beat me she took MY title and now I need to work MY butt off again for what is mine.

    Mackenzie runs her hands through her hair and shakes her head towards the camera.

    Mackenzie Roberts: On Fight Night I leave my boys behind in the locker room and I go out there against Shannon O’ Neil and Zoey Ellis for a chance at Saddle Sally. When I win this match I will be able to go to Aftershock and I get to beat down Sally again for MY title and I will get back what is truly mine.

    When you look at me you see how damn good looking I am. When I walk down to that ring and get into it and start fighting you get to see how damn good of a wrestler I am. You see a lot of people have forgotten about little ole’ me. They forget to realize that when I was at my peak I was a damn good wrestler and everyone feared me. Everyone wanted to step there game up against me because they saw that I meant business. Oh I heard the jeers and the snickers when I said I wanted to be a wrestler. Everyone saw me as a manager but when I won that title everyone started to realize that maybe I actually did have talent.

    Mackenzie points at the crumpled picture and nods.

    Mackenzie Roberts: When I lost to Sarah Wolf that is when everyone started to turn their back on me. They started to say that is what happens when a manager tries to become a wrestler she can’t do it and that is when I went into my dark place. That is when I went home and thought about it and realized that I have to work even harder to achieve the goals that I want that I need.

    I know at Fight Night I will have my hands full. Zoey Ellis doesn’t bother me because I know she can’t do anything, all she is going to be is the girl that gets pinned in this match. Watch what happened last week when I pinned her, and then watch what Saddle Sally did to her, and you know if Sally beats you down then you have no talent at all. Zoey Ellis is someone that comes back and forth here in the FWA. She is here and then she is gone at a drop of a hat. Why she is in this match I have no idea. She has done nothing to get a shot at the title. It should just be me and Shannon O’ Neil in this match.

    Mackenzie gets up and starts to walk around the room.

    Mackenzie Roberts: Shannon and I go back she was the one that showed me that I needed to go home and recharge so with that I have to thank her. I have to kiss her and hug her and tell her that it is her fault that I am better than I ever was. Because without her I would have just stayed in the doldrums that I was in and never did anything else. This is going to be my come back song, I will win this match and then I will walk into Aftershock and win MY title back. Shannon won’t beat me if she gets the win in this match is because she is going to pin Ellis that is it. My back won’t be on the mat I won’t be pinned I won’t be laughed at. I’m not going down that road again, I’m taking the higher road and I am becoming the number one contender for MY title.

    Mackenzie stops and tosses her hair.

    Mackenzie Roberts: Then at Aftershock I will beat Saddle Sally and I will take her out and I will win MY title back! So get ready Mackenzie Roberts is back.

    Mackenzie kisses the camera and walks away.

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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    An interview area has been set up complete with a step and repeat that has the FWA logo plastered all around it. The lovely Amy Duke stands in it in a form fitting pink dress and a microphone, she primps her hair a bit as the camera starts to broadcast. She stares into the camera with her bright eyes and begins to talk.

    Amy: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time....Thomas Princeton!

    The crowd boos as Thomas Princeton appears next to Amy in a dark gray suit and a red tie. He grins malevolently as he looms over her, Amy isn't scared however...if anything she's turned on as Tom waits for her to initiate the conversation.

    Amy: Thomas Princeton, this week you take on Gabrielle Montgomery in singles action, this is an opponent you've faced many times before. Does this familiarity help you in anyway?

    Tom: Well subordinate this is certainly not foreign territory as you have mentioned. Gabrielle have crossed paths many times, in one or another. So I'd say one advantage outside of the obvious of knowing her style and her move set is also the fact that I am not frazzled by her. Not by her appearances, her sensuality or even her accolades. There was a time hearing the name "Gabrielle" would make grown men quake in their boots but those are slowly dying off and becoming rarer by the passing week.

    Amy: Care to elaborate on that?

    Tom: Oh Amy my dear, you know me all too well. You see the goddess bleeds. It bleeds like the ancient Greek gods did when the philosophers began to question their existence. She bleeds like the stones of old temples long forgotten by secular man, she bleeds like a woman giving birth to an unnatural child. She bleeds because she has lost to a man that nobody ever thought she would lose to. A man who she shouldn't have taken lightly, but she did. A man who was once so dangerous he took a coffee pot and beat in Duke Drazin's skull with it. His name is Wake Walker and she had managed to do something that few ever could...scare Gabrielle.

    You see this might be the first time in her storied career where Gabrielle has really taken the time to realize the fact that it will one day have to come to a halt. She has managed to beat it all...pregnancy, child birth, betrayal, loss, sacrifice, you name it she has felt it, faced it, fought it and even beat it. And I'm not saying anything as foolish that Wake Walker will end her. Don't be so dramatic, that's not what I'm saying at all. Her career isn't over, it's not dead, she's still got plenty of tricks up her brassiere. But this is the beginning of her final leg, and what along, slender, toned and beautiful leg it will be but it's the last one nonetheless. Wake has just shown us that she is struggling. The Gabrielle I knew would have torn him limb for limb. But those days are ending, fading like the color of her hair.

    It's quite remarkable actually, I always figured it would be some young hot shot who just kind of stumbled into her on a bad day, but this is interesting. This is a wrestler she has no real past with, and yet he was there in the background waiting for his chance and boy did he take it as it arrived. It's nothing short of beautiful. You can tell she's going to come out with everything she has against me. She has to, she had no choice. It's do or die time, and I think she will begin to die. And it gives me immense pleasure to think that I could be the arm of the grim reaper for her career. Wolf is gone, how much longer call Hall last? She's one of the ones from my era, my generation. It seems only fitting that I be one of the ones to take her out. To put her in her place, to show her time is done and my time is soon to begin once again.

    Tom clenches his fist in front of his face, he eyes the air he crushes like it's Gabrielle's body no....her soul. His eyes are transfixed until Amy breaks his gaze.

    Amy: But you just said she will be hungry for a win. Do you think you can beat her with all that motivation behind her?

    Tom: Is her motivation to save face stronger than my motivation for power and absolute respect? I think not. It's all about perspective and as badly as Gabrielle wants to win to prove that she isn't the new welcoming committee for stars on their way up she will just end up proving exactly what she was trying to avoid eventually. And when I beat her in the ring she will quickly have the revelation that I am going to continue to rise while she will continue to fall.

    Amy: So you're saying that this is the end of Gabrielle's career?

    Tom: Not yet. But it will certainly feel like it.

    Tom gives a smug smile to Amy.

    Amy: How can you be so sure of this?

    Tom: Because my name is Thomas Princeton,....and I'm better than her!

    The crowd boos as Tom just laughs and walks away off camera.

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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    Foggy, snow-filled footgage of Axl Rose wearing assless chaps shaking his ass toward the hundreds of fans inside the Roxy. A flat-screen television comes into vision with the low-quality video continuing to play, as the early version of Guns 'N Roses plays a live edition of "Welcome to the Jungle" for the rabid fans on the Hollywood Strip.

    Lights inside the room are off. Just the illumination of the television toward the center of the room, where a blonde female sits fixated on the TV screen. She's sitting, upper body leaning forward and one elbow resting on her left knee. Her right arm is bent from the elbow, on her knee, up toward the TV with her right hand holding a remote control. It's as if she's using the remote, pointed directly at the TV, except no channel changing or volume adjusting. She's in a physical trance, locked in a position and unable to escape this consciousness to realize her unorthodox position.

    Shannon O'Neal, in her pre-match outfit, shows no emotion whatsoever. Her flowing blonde hair drops below her shoulders, half in front waving down to her perfect C-cup cleavage. The other half rides along her back around the straps of her black "Music Box" T-shirt with white lettering around the cups for her breasts.

    As she continues watching, gazing into the TV screen with the volume barely audible enough to make out the song and lyrics, the door swings open and removes her from the fixated state of fandom. In walks Robbins Thurgood, Shannon's best friend in the FWA and personal attendant helping her grow accustomed to the FWA way of life.

    "Isn't Axl Rose dead?"

    Shannon grunts in response and raises the volume to aggravate Robbins Thurgood.

    "oooooh, I...I wanna watch you bleeeeeed!" in the words of wise, young Axl Rose.

    Shannon O'Neal leans back in the chair as Robbins Thurgood flips the light switch, lighting up the common locker room for all FWA female wrestlers. Dinorah Redgrave's locker is labeled, as is Mackenzie Roberts' locker, as is Zoey Ellis' locker. Saddle Sally's locker isn't labeled anywhere, because as Women's Champion, she has her own.

    Shannon O'Neal now sits upright and continues watching, folding her arms just below her tits as she continues holding and lazily pointing the black remote control toward the television, resting on a poorly constructed TV stand near one of the walls of the room.

    "Aren't you a big fan of analogies, Robbie? Aren't the people who run this hellhole big fans of metaphors and all that literature sh*t?"

    Robbins Thurgood tries responding, but fails, and Shannon looks at him and then looks back at the TV as Guns 'N Roses finish "Welcome to the Jungle."

    "This is me."

    "Axl Rose?"

    "No...early Guns 'N Roses. Axl Rose moved from Lafayette, Indiana, my hometown, to the Sunset Strip. Guns 'N Roses was formed and went around to these small joints on The Strip, playing for a handful of fans, trying to make a name. That's where I am now. You know what the significance of this sh*tty video quality is? This is the show they broke through...made everyone realize their potential and raised eyebrows of record labels. Right here...this is where they earned that title match. This show...playing these songs. Raw as f*ck. Axl was on point. Slash was on point. Izzy was on point. Duff and Steven. They were monsters on this show. F*ckin' monsters."

    As the singing and guitar playing concludes, Axl begins talking in how scratchy, yet still young and somewhat pure, voice. The words are hardly audible as Shannon continues.

    "This is me. I'm about to walk into The Roxy and earn my title match. I'm going to walk in this sh*t and lock my spot at the next level. These guys, a little-known band from the streets and whore houses of L.A., got their shot and didn't waste it. They made the most of it. That's what I need to do. This is my chance. I can't let it go to waste."

    "Well, if that's the case, you better get out there. The match is supposed to start in six minutes. I actually came to find you, because they were worried up in the front."

    Shannon O'Neal mutes the TV set, rises from the chair and comes face to face with Robbins Thurgood.

    "You don't believe in me, do you?"

    "I believe in you, but I worry that you don't believe in yourself."

    "I believe in myself as much as Guns 'N Roses believed in themselves. You know how I know they believed? Because they didn't break up. If they didn't believe in themselves, believe they could make it big, they wouldn't have kept going through the motions. I believe in myself. If I didn't I wouldn't be in this arena.

    Mackenzie Roberts and Zoey Ellis are just like me...two other bands fighting for a big-time deal with a record label. I have to outperform them. This is like if Guns 'N Roses, Poison and Nirvana all walked into the same bar trying to outperform one another to land the tour with Aerosmith and the big record-label deal."

    Shannon O'Neal is on a high right now, and Robbins tries to stop her rant by pointing to his watch. He isn't able to pause his protege, who continues ranting, this time about her opponents.

    "Mackenzie Roberts wants everyone to think she's 'back.' This b*tch tag teamed with me at Back in Businezz, pissed me off and then lost with her boy toys against myself, the greatness known as Gabrielle Montgomery and Saddle Sally. Then Mackenzie and APAB won because Sally and I had Zoey Ellis' dumbass on our side and she f*ckin' sucked a**.

    Look, I get it. They could win this sh*t. They really could. But here's the deal...I'm hungry. I want this. I know I failed at Trial By Fire in the title match with Sara Wolf and Saddle Sally. I wasn't ready. First huge concert and I didn't step up to the level needed to shine. Now I'm mentally prepared to rise back up again. You wanna' know what Mackenzie's problem is? She's got that APAB mindset. APAB came back and put Vodka & Venom on notice, essentially. As if they can walk back in and immediately get a title shot. F*ck that, poonbags. Others have been here fighting their a**es off, so you can wait. Mackenzie, this little princess, is the same. And that don't fly around here.

    Zoey Ellis' problem? She doesn't take it serious. I guess that was everyone's thought about me...that I don't take this sh*t serious? Guess what? I'm still here, ain't I? I'm still out here fighting my a** off trying to be the best I can be, and still wanting to 'make it,' like I said to you when I poured my emotions and personality on the table. Zoey Ellis doesn't take this seriously. And because of that, she'll never realize her full potential. She's got some, no doubt, but her mind is elsewhere. She's walking into her biggest concert thinking about her next photo shoot. And Mackenzie is walking into it wondering why she even needs to perform well to get the label contract.

    Me? I'm ready to prove it every match, every concert."

    "Shannon....your music plays in two minutes. Get your a** to the front!"

    Shannon is taken back a bit by Robbins Thurgood's cussing, something he's never done before when speaking to her. She smiles and walks by him, opening the door to the locker room and walking to the hallway before turning around.

    "It wouldn't be Axl Rose-like if I didn't show up at least a *little* bit late, now would it?"

    Robbins' stern look grows more stern, but Shannon laughs it off and continues out of scene down the hallway. Robbins Thurgood's expression changes to a half-smirk, half-smile.

    "Maybe I should believe in her."

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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    Inside a pitch black room...


    Nothing can be seen, nothing is heard. It is complete and utter darkness. Everything is still, silent and mute. No light is reflecting in and it stays like this for several moments until suddenly a loud thunderous noise is heard like a industrial generator turning on and a single light drops. The whizzing and whirling sound of a conveyer belt hums as Saddle Sally in deliciously tight jeans that show off her lower curves and a blue and white plaid shirt that has been tied up to show off both her cleavage and her perfect mid drift. She has on a light brown cowboy hat which she tips to the camera right as the conveyer belt brings her right under the bright light. She stands there for a moment, just staring into the camera with a look of neither intensity or playfulness. It is a blank slate, but she is smiling with her eyes. Then her face turns serious and she begins to talk.

    Sally: The Main Event.

    Trumpets and horns blare, it sounds like something out of "Tron: Legacy" or maybe "The Matrix.

    Sally: The peak of Friday nights in the FWA. The reward of yer' day in day out grind, the workouts, the trainin', the bruises, the missed Christmases, the reason ya' have frequent flier miles ya'll never get to use for a vacation. The main event was somethin' so distant fer' me fer' the longest time. It kept chasin' after it like a kid in a park with a net who wanted to catch butterflies. Ya' didn't even know what you'd actually do if ya' caught a butterfly ya' jus' wanted to say ya' caught one. I chased after that fer' so long. And then one day I caught it, not only once but twice. And I won both times. Oh what a day that was, I was on top of the world, cloud nine. It that day was some good home made grub it would've have been BBQ pork ribs and a buttery biscuit! MHM!

    Yep that was pretty special then I won on the grand stage better known as Back in FREAKIN' Business! I kept on winnin' too until a certain someone named Zoey Ellis ruined that all fer' me by losin' in a tag team match and jus' like that a win streak spannin' several months was over. It was disappointin' to say the least. And so now here I am the Women's Champion in the curtain jerkin' match but I'm not openin' up the show 'cause I'm a loser nah, I'm openin' up the show 'cause my opponent is the one nobody cares about. The one nobody wants to see, a woman so vile that when she passes by people spit on her path. Her name is Dinorah Redgrave.

    Suddenly a digital projection of Dinorah Redgrave's profile appears behind Saddle Sally, she doesn't even turn to acknowledge it but she knows it's there. She knows it looms behind her.

    Sally: Dinorah Redgrave, my opponent for this Fight Night. Now I reckon she's just itchin' fer' a knock down, throw down fight and she fer' sure is gonna get all of it and the kitchen sink, but that ain't good news fer' all ya'll Dinorah fans. Nope! See Dinorah she's back in the FWA 'cause she wants to redeem herself, she wants to show us that she can actually be a household name and not the tramp stamp walkin' billboard of waxed philosophy and bad decisions that she is. She wants to show us that we have all somehow been bored while she was gone and that we need to praise her return like the Phoenix risin' from the ashes. But I ain't gonna give her that respect, not when it's 'cause of people like her that our women's division suffered for so long, that ya' had some of our best stars booked in the show open in mindless disorder, that ya' had champions CHAMPIONS on Sunday Night Smash. Nah ya' see Dinorah will use a key tactic when selling her return and it's called selective memory. She wants ya'll to remember only the good stuff. Her bouncy boobs, her sexy hips, her ink that gets the part of yer' brain that does bad things to send pleasure down to the brain that only thinks on one track. Dinorah wants to fool ya'.

    Study her, know her, examine her. She thinks she's so ground breakin' but name two amazing things she did. What did she do to make the FWA better? To enrich yer' lives? Yer' experience? I've got the answer...absolutely nothin'. Jus' a waste of space, space that she filled with her Devil's Tower sized mountain of bull crap! Dinorah only cares 'bout herself ladies and gentlemen. She only cares 'bout her agenda and her feelings don't be fooled! Now me, I am yer' guidin' light, yer' captain in a storm. That storm is the one we find ourselves in right now, tossin' 'bout the dangerous waves of life!

    The image of Dinorah Redgrave is waved away by the animation of an ocean wave.

    Sally: This is a cleansin' storm like Noah and the ark, a storm that is ridin' us of the weak, the meek and the unusable of the FWA! While Zoey and Shannon fight for the right to be defeated by me I will take you Dinorah Redgrave and banish ya' to a life I once knew all too well, of irrelevance, of bein' the one that nobody expects, that nobody cares 'bout that nobody remembers. Oh I'm gonna have SO MUCH FUN kickin' yer' butt inside the squared circle! I can't wait to make ya' cry! All that time of ya' underminin' me of ya' takin' me fer' granted and now I'm in the position of power and I've gotta feels pretty darn good!

    Now what can't feel might swell is the situation Dinorah finds herself in. I feel bad fer' her. It reminds me of when my dad would take me huntin' when I was a little girl....

    Now there is a display of Sally around the age of 10 with her dad as he dad holds up a fair of birds they just killed.

    Sally: When he took me huntin' he would talk to me about how to catch rabbits in a little snare trap.

    A gut wrenching sound effect of an animal being caught violently in a snare.

    Sally: I wonder if Dinroah has ever had rabbit's stew? It's real good! Anyhow, if the rabbit wasn't killed by the snare it would panic. It would start freakin' out. Rabbits have this thing they can do a self destruct sequence if ya' will. One of the few animals known to do it. See rabbits, like some people like to dart 'bout and act pretty and special and cute...but they're the softies, the weak links of the food chain and they know it. So instead of facin' their demise like wolves or bears would they twist their own neck so hard they snap it. They take the coward's way out, weak yes...but maybe smart. I mean my pops and I were jus' gonna snap it's neck fer' it anyway and then...we were gonna skin it! And gut it!

    A very graphic video of a rabbit gutting is shown, the guts are tossed to the side as the skinned rabbit is cooked.

    Sally: If Dinorah has a lick of sense in her she'll do the same thing. Not snap her neck, that would be violent....this is a sport after all. A contact spot, but a sport. No, no the best thing she could do is jus' not even walk down the ring. I am the wolf that will eat her, and that ring is my snare. This entire division is my snare! And ya' have walked right into the den of mother wolf. A lot has changed since ya've been gone Dinorah, and by either a cruel act of the almighty or yer' own karma finally catchin' up to ya; you've been pitted against me!

    A conveyer belt pulls the FWA Women's Champion out of the darkness right next to Sally who not even looking to her side picks it up and places it around her waist.

    Sally: Is this what ya' want Dinorah? The title? Well get in line! I've got a lot of ladies who would do anythin' to hold this title and they've been here waitin' in the wing fer' me. Fer' me to give them a chance, a chance that will lead to their destruction. I almost feel sorry for ya' Dinorah, ya' have no idea what kind of wrestler I am now. But ya' will, ya' will when I blow out yer' spine with an Elk's horn! Ya'll be back into retirement as soon as ya' started. I will wipe the very memory, yer' legacy from the minds of the good ol' FWA fans. I am their queen now, I am the one that they pay money to see and yar' nothin' more than a former corporate floozie whose come back for one last shot at glory. Ya' look ridiculous like a mountie ridin' a horse backwards! I will skin you inside of that ring! And send ya' back home with yer' little cotton tail tucked between yer' legs.

    Another conveyer belt this time comes to out to Sally and stops right in front of her, she looks down this time and admires a white rabbit that is inside of a cage. She takes it out of the cage and starts to pet it, never breaking eye contact with the camera, she looks almost demonic, like she will eat the rabbit. She just grins and grins.

    Sally: And then another rabbit will jus' show up in yer' place. I mean after all ya'll breed non stop, jus' a world full of rabbits runnin' 'round waitin' to be trapped. No complaints here though...more food fer' me!

    Sally laughs and puts the rabbit back in the cage then she yells out into the darkness.

    Sally: Put that in a stew, I'm cravin' a nostalgic meal tonight...

    Sally looks into the camera and smiles.

    Sally: See ya' in the ring little bunny.

    Sally just stands still and lets the belt take her back into the darkness just as the light shuts off with an industrial click. Then the tune of "Peter Cottontail" plays ominously in the background as the camera cuts to black.

    Saddle Sally 3x FWA Womens Champion
    2013 & 2014 FWA Women Wrestler of the Year

    The Semi-Published Works of iMatt

    "An Affair of the Youth" feature film production journalElsa, The Great (Frozen fanfic)

    Walt County

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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    Apolitically Correct

    Through the vault-like door of Wake Walker’s bathroom, the sound of water running down the sink is heard. It’s almost mystifying for a few seconds before it simply blends in the background of the setting which is Wake Walker’s bedroom. Finally, a very audible and squeaky noise involving the sink handle is heard. The door is pulled open, creaking very eerily. A few seconds pass, maybe a little too many for our comfort until finally, we see a foot come out the door and then another. As if camouflaged by the blue rug on the floor, the blue shoes are very hard to notice if it weren’t for the white stripe on them. Finally, Wake Walker exits from the restroom. With a noticeable limp, he slowly makes his way towards his bed until finally, he simply collapses on his bed face down. He rolls over, very lethargically, and then stares up at the roof of his room. He mutters a few words to himself.

    Wake Walker: I did it… I defeated Gabrielle. Nobody thought I could do it…but I proved them all wrong. Guilty of being right. It feels so good to be a winner. This… this reminds me of the time my lecturer in high school freshman year was pleasantly surprised by me…

    Almost seemingly out of the paranormal, the room begins to become filled up with haze, a mist of sorts. The more and more time elapses, the more drastically visibility in the room is damaged. Finally, it gets to the point where all we can see is mist. As if we were in a helicopter, we zoom past the mist and make our ways directly above a school in the middle of a very busy and urban ghetto. Some children can be seen entering school. As if we were eagles, we zoom in directly on a very young Wake Walker running to the school roughly three blocks away. By this time, most if not all of the children have already entered the school in a timely fashion. Wake, after narrowly avoiding disaster twice with two cars on his way there, runs up the steps of the school which have been imprinted with several motivational quotes by some of the founding fathers of the school. Almost typically, we see that there is a mural of Martin Luther King with a very ubiquitous quote that has lost practically all of its meaning. In fact, the very school itself seems to have lost all its meaning serving as temporary housing which provides babysitter services to disadvantaged teenagers who would simply never get anywhere in life. After entering the main hall, Wake looks around and then begins to walk in a certain direction and enters one of the classrooms. As he does so, Wake’s professor was standing in front of the class giving a lecture. He stares holes through Wake Walker and tells the entire class to excuse him. All of the students, of a myriad of colors, look at the professor as he exits the classroom and tells Walker to come with him. The professor closes the door behind him and then stares at Wake, moving head from side to side. A name-tag on the man that says, “Stallahan” is indicative of his name.

    Professor Stallahan: You silly little numskull. How many times have I emphasized that attendance is the most important thing about school? Even if you spend your entire day in the back pestering the other children, at least you’ll be able to pick up a fact or two that you can regurgitate back onto society. Why, Walker, when I’ve always placed so much importance on the benefits of going to school, have you decided to show up late once again?

    Wake Walker: I’m sorry, professor. I … I just haven’t been feeling good ever since my parents passed away. It’s been three days now since that fact and I just haven’t been able to get over it. Also, the place where the county has put me in is kinda far from he-

    As if he had some sort of rage building up inside of him, the professor inches his head closer to Walker and proceeds to look at him in the eyes as if he were ready to send a poison-packed message to Walker.

    Professor Stallahan: Listen up, you little runt. I don’t give a shit about any of the stories you make up in order to show up to class late. I've had enough of bogus excuses and besides, even if your parents did die, why the hell would I care? Just tell me one good reason why the hell I should care. You’re here to learn, dammit, and quite frankly you’re just not doing a good job of it. You can cry all you want but in the end, I don’t give a shit about you. You’re here to show up and that’s it. That’s all you’ve got to do: show up… and you can’t even do that? It’s no wonder this school has some of the worst test scores that have ever been seen in this county, it’s because of little failures like you. Little failures that come into school for no fucking reason, draining the god damned money out of the hands of the government which could be better used to provide incentives for corporations. Oh, I’m sorry, do you not know what the word, “corporations” means? I wouldn't be too surprised, but don’t you worry about it. It’s not like you’ll ever be in one. It’s not like you’ll ever have a career of substance in your life. It’s not like you’ll ever achieve anything notable in your life. Now, however, I look at myself and I wonder why I even waste my spit on any of you. It’s not like it matters. This entire school doesn't fucking matter. You come to school so that I can have a job, that’s it. Now, we’re going to have a test right now and you better write down a thing or two that you remember from class or else, your ass is dead meat. Understood?

    A single tear runs down the cheek of Wake Walker and falls to the floor, splashing very insignificantly. The professor storms back into the room. Again, the image we see becomes a little fuzzy and returns us to Wake Walker who is curled up in his bed. He opens his eyes and then takes a look at the time. Only a few minutes have gone by. Wake, still curled up in his bed, begins to speak.

    Wake Walker: Professor Stallahan was one of my biggest naysayers and even though a lot of what he said was true (about the school and the kids that went to it) he was wrong about me. He didn’t expect me to become anything of significance in life, much like a lot of the FWA officials thought about Wake Walker. None of them saw THIS Wake Walker coming. No, they thought they were getting the same clown who’d do their bidding for them and dance and sing for the crowd but they, too, were wrong. Gabrielle, one of the wisest individuals in the FWA who has insurmountable experience, she didn’t expect any sort of competitive fight from me but boy did I prove her wrong. In fact, not only did Gabrielle get a fight she didn’t expect but she also LOST that match against me. I mean, I don’t mean to toot my own horn but please, how many people can really say they’ve defeated Gabrielle fair and square? Not many at all. It seems like the entire time I’ve been back to the FWA, all I’ve been doing is proving people wrong and after Princeton struggled so hard against one of the many jobbers FWA has in their disposal, I couldn’t help but to go down there and give him a little pep talk. I let Thomas Princeton know what I saw from him and quite frankly, what I’ve seen is a man who has allowed all the luxuries his fortune has provided get to his head. I proved Princeton wrong in the sense that I shattered whatever false reality he has built up in his mind and I simply spit out the truth at him; the truth that he has become merely a shell of his former self.

    Wake adjusts himself in bed, fixing the pillow he was resting his head on as if to get comfortable to fall back asleep yet again.

    Wake Walker: Despite all of that, I seem to be talking to myself again. I always try to get myself to stop doing this but it seems the more I try, the more it happens.

    Wake rests his head on his pillow once again and begins to fade off into asleep. Again, the mist and haze returns and we seemingly start yet again where we left off. Wake Walker is standing there, outside of the classroom and he looks down at the single tear. He makes a certain noise, as if to express his frustrations and as if to pump himself up before heading in. When he opens the door, the professor slowly moves his head towards Wake Walker, revealing himself to also have the same face as Walker. Walker, looking astonished, looks towards his fellow peers in order to get reaffirmation over whether he is seeing the same thing they’re seeing. However, what he sees next is the biggest terrifying sight. Every classmate of Walker also has the face of Walker. Walker, seemingly getting himself into position to sprint out of the class, is stopped when the professor points at the chair which is positioned directly in the front-middle portion of the class. Walker slowly sits down and then looks down on his desk. The professor motions for the entire class to begin the exam. Every student, systematically, opens their exam at the exact same time and they begin to get to work. Walker begins reading.


    Question 1) You are now undefeated in the FWA with 4 wins and you have just come off a victory over Gabrielle, probably one of the most legendary wrestlers the FWA has ever seen. How does it feel?

    A) Damn, son, it fucking feels GREAT. Do you have any idea how much of a privilege it is to even face Gabrielle in the first place? Like, god damn. Drew Stevenson got the privilege of facing Gabrielle and, he too, also won and look at where his career has gone! He’s going to be competing against several other individuals in the second ever triple cage match. Truly, Gabrielle isn’t a stepping stone, but rather, she is the biggest test FWA can possibly provide and now that I’ve passed the test, only great things are on the horizon for me. I mean, if I managed to defeat Gabrielle, then really – who can stop me? Matt Boudreau, my hero, would be proud.

    B) It feels the exact same as it did when I defeated any other competition. Gabrielle is nothing special and she’s been running around, pretending like she’s some sort of big shot who has established herself as a legend. If I remember correctly, wasn’t Gabrielle a part of a tag team that was composed of primarily of sluts? Like, seriously, wasn’t that really her old gimmick and now all of a sudden we’re supposed to go ahead and believe that she’s completely turned around for the best and that she’s a caring mother? Sometimes, a lot of the wrestlers that perform in the FWA truly come off as schizophrenic. One day they’re acting a certain way and then the other they’re the complete opposite of what they were yesterday. Gabrielle is no different but quite frankly, I already knew I had won the moment I laid my eyes on the card.

    C) Defeating that slut is no different than the slut of my mother that my bad used to beat. Okay, sure, they’re both dead but in retrospect, do I really give a fuck? Like, come on. My mom was the biggest bitch you could possibly imagine and my dad was quite the dead beat. The fact that they’re dead has only HELPED me if anything. This Stallahan professor character has a pretty fucking terrible name but come to think of it, it doesn’t really matter. He’s really only a secondary character that I may mention maybe once or twice in the future so why should I give a shit about his name? What, I’m beginning to go a little off-topic? Is this beginning to anger you? Is this segment simply not making any sense? Well, GOOD, it’s not supposed to because this is a motherfucking dream. Yeah, that’s right you fucking idiots, this is a dream much like all of the other silly little adventures Matt Boudreau went on with Alexza, that other slut who’d suck the champions dick only to get a little bit of recognition on TV.

    D) Speaking of Matt Boudreau, doesn’t Gabrielle kinda remind you of him? Like, seriously. The two depend so heavily on colors in their segments and they seem to fetishize the word, “multicolored” to the point where I’m beginning to wonder if they’re both the same person. In any case, I don’t give a fuck about answering the question because Gabrielle doesn’t have half the talent that I do and quite frankly, just like Gabrielle, Matt Boudreau was overrated as hell and besides, in the end, nobody besides me who continues to drop his name really cares about him. All Matt Boudreau was a guy who didn’t exactly have the best of competition when he was around and the same goes for Ryan Hall. Now that Ryan Hall is beginning to have some competition, at least, slightly stronger competition, he loses the title almost instantly. Coincidence? I think not. I’d go on and on about how I’m competing in probably one of the most competitive times in FWA history but I’m going to save that answer for another question.

    Question 2) So you just said some mean things about Boudreau, but how much of it do you really mean?

    A) None of it! Boudreau was a god damned saint and he and his precious Alexza were a gift from the heavens that unfortunately, we will never see again. Matt Boudreau defeated all that stood in his way and if you’re going to go ahead and call him mediocre then you must be absolutely nuts! Sorry Mr. Boudreau, sir, up there somewhere in the sky. I didn’t really mean to say mean things about you, honestly!

    B) All of it. ALL of it. Matt Boudreau was overrated and the fact that some people out there really go on to say that he was the best of all time is pretty god damned sad. Matt Boudreau was facing a significantly weaker roster and he simply was the better of all those mediocre wrestlers. Matt Boudreau was the best mediocre wrestler around and his little disease which ultimately caused his untimely demise was evidence of it. If Matt Boudreau was truly The Idol, then that son of a bitch would have made it and taught that disease a thing or two but instead, his death only proved one thing: that he was a fraud.

    C) The FWA is a fraud.

    D) If I had a dollar for every time Matt Boudreau was called the best, I’d have more money than Thomas Princeton… but I’d have even more money if I received a dollar for every time Ryan Hall called himself the best or even thought of it.

    Question 3) So… Thomas Princeton, what was all that about?

    A) Let us try to be honest with ourselves for just a moment. I understand that a lot of the people who inhabit the FWA are just merely actors. That is to say, I understand that they pretend to be someone they’re not. Well, Thomas Princeton is not one of those people. Thomas Princeton, back in the old days, would go around and make it known to everybody on the entire roster that he was rich as hell and that he could buy you out with a quick snap of a finger. He was a part of Executive Excellence and let me just tell you – that faction was hugely successful. Absolutely. They had legendary individuals like Alexx, Diamond Jack Severino and even the now legendary Gabrielle. Thomas Princeton was even the FWA champion at some point. So… what happened? I’ll tell you what happened: all that affluence that Thomas Princeton was enjoying in his daily life simply got to his head. That’s right. Thomas Princeton screwed Thomas Princeton. Thomas Princeton’s ego grew so large that he no longer sees the need to try at all. Normally, I’d be perfectly happy. I mean, some guy who could very potentially be a possible threat to my run as a wrestler is out on the sidelines with what appears to be a psychological issue he can’t seem to get over! Great! No, not great. In fact, this is absolutely terrible. Though I never really liked Thomas Princeton, I always got a nice kick out of the way he treated people some times and the fact that he could back up the things he said was even better. But now…all I see… is a man who is merely a shell of his former self. It’s pretty pathetic and if there’s anything I can do to give Thomas Princeton a wake-up call, then I will do it. You see, even though Thomas Princeton was champion at some point, I don’t feel like Thomas Princeton ever peaked. All these other superstars like Ryan Rondo and Shane McLean…they’ve already peaked. They’re done. Thomas Princeton isn’t. I know so.

    B) Let’s be honest. Thomas Princeton has been pretty pathetic struggling to defeat hugely lesser opponents and in a few days, he has a match against Gabrielle. Anyone who thinks Thomas Princeton has a chance in hell is only fooling themselves. Thomas Princeton is absolutely done, and what better way to make an impact for myself than to kick the fallen Thomas Princeton whilst he’s down? There is no better way and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thomas Princeton has turned into a really pathetic cockroach in the FWA. I call him a cockroach because no matter how much we wish he’d just leave, he just doesn’t seem to go away. He, just like a lot of superstars on the current roster, are a select group of individuals who have already done what they could’ve done in FWA and need to step back and let the younger generation do something about it. I’m absolutely sick of seeing Thomas Princeton on my god damned television, can we put on something better like Shark Tank or something?

    C) What do you mean? I was simply trying to make a statement on the old and irrelevant Princeton. What do YOU mean “What was that all about”?

    D) Thomas…who? Wasn’t he part of the FWA a long time ago? He’s still here?! Wow. Next thing you’re going to tell me is that Saddle Sally still wrestles!

    Question 4) So, how are you liking the new era?

    A) What new era? Oh, you mean the new era that we might as well call, “This isn’t really an era but because the whole main event scene in the FWA has been pretty boring and we didn’t really expect Shane McLean to win, we’re going to go ahead and call it an era” era? Really? Tell me. In what possible ways does this new “era” even qualify as an era or justify being called that? We’ve got the same old people competing for a title in a massive triple cage match but the simple truth to all of this is… none of the people besides perhaps Ryan Hall even deserve being in that match. Let’s be honest. The FWA is suffering from the fact that no new blood is really joining the FWA and they’re stuck with the same old people competing over the title that everybody wants. The truth is that not everybody deserves a shot at that title and the fact that all of these people who have stuck with the FWA are getting title shots only because they have stuck around the FWA with their mediocre careers is absolutely sickening. So what if they’ve been around for so long? I could’ve stayed in the FWA for a very long time but after seeing where exactly my FWA career was heading I went ahead and I made a big decision that no man in the FWA has ever been man enough to do. I sat back down and looked at my career on a table and I realized…I realized that I was heading in the direction of mediocrity. Sure, I had some nice feuds with Razor and The Rebel Bad Ass but in reality, those two guys weren’t really all that important. Razor was a nobody and The Rebel Bad Ass is the equivalent of someone like Thomas Jones, Vincent or Jethro Warren. You know, Rebel was one of THOSE types of people. Sure, anyone who watches the FWA regularly would be easily able to recognize those names but if you put any of those individuals in the squared circle against somebody like Ryan Hall – I can guarantee you with my life that they would all fail immensely. The Mist also finds himself in this group of people, though he is slightly newer. The point I’m trying to make is that…I left for my own good. So I joined GIW and ASW – which would never compare itself with the FWA in terms of the talent that they had but in order for me to improve on my skills and on myself in general, I needed to defeat the amateurs of GIW on a consistent basis in order to refine my skills to the point where I’d be good enough to main event the FWA. I promised myself I wouldn’t return until I was sure I could return and climb up the ranks relatively easy until I got my hands on the FWA title and guess what? That time is now.

    B) The time is now because I the strongest I have ever been. When I said I told myself I wouldn’t return until I was sure I could win the big one, I wasn’t lying. Let’s be honest with ourselves. The old Wake Walker wouldn’t have been able to have defeated Gabrielle. No way. This Wake Walker… is focused, but most of all – he is focused. I don’t know if any of you have noticed but when I speak, I don’t hold any punches back. That’s because I…I like to tell the truth and I frankly don’t give a shit if any of the wrestlers backstage or even the FWA administration have a problem with any of the things that I say. I have my god damned opinions and believe me, I’m going to go ahead and express them whenever I god damned please. Wake Walker is the greatest wrestler of all time. That’s right. You heard just now, or rather, you read me just now since this is still a test (and a rather experimentalist one at that and you better believe that all of this shit is written on the test. Doesn’t make sense to you? Deal with it. This is my god damned dream and I’ll do whatever the FUCK I please). I have returned stronger than I had ever imagined. In fact, I don’t just believe that I can go ahead and win the big one. No, I see a much greater future on the horizon. Every week on the FWA, we seem to talk about how some of the best wrestlers coming out of Fight Night involve Stu, Matt Boudreau, Hall, Khelleher, etc. Sure, those names were great. I don’t deny that. Those individuals were certainly above the rest of the competition in their respective times but this Wake Walker… this body that I’m in… it’s far more potent than my wildest dreams had ever hoped. This Wake Walker isn’t just a superstar who’s going to win the FWA title.

    C) This Wake Walker is going to establish himself as a legend in the sport. Don’t believe me? Well, why don’t I point you to some of the matches you’ve seen from Wake Walker already? For the past two or three weeks, I’ve consistently had the best performances in the company. I’ve outperformed Shane McLean, I’ve outperformed the fallen Ryan Hall, I’ve proved myself with each and every week that I’ve been in the FWA since my return that I am the best wrestler the FWA has ever seen. My undefeated record is evidence of this … but the reality doesn’t end there. I don’t promise to be a legend like Stu, Boudreau, Hall or others. No. I am far above each and every single one of them whether you’d like to admit it or not. You’ve never seen anybody with half the capabilities that Wake Walker has and that is truth. When you look at the work Wake Walker can do, you can’t help but to place him among the current greats such as Jason Gryphon and the FWA champion himself. You know Wake Walker can hang but that small feeling in your stomach that you feel whenever you see the work Wake Walker can do…that little bit of fear that you have in the pits of your stomach… that fear is telling you that you’re looking at the real deal. You’re not just looking at someone who is going to eventually become champion of the FWA, you’re looking at the next and the final legacy.

    D) Wake Walker will be the end of FWA’s so-called “era’s” because from here on out, every era will involve Wake Walker in some respect. First, it’ll be the new era when Wake Walker finally wins the big one and thereon, the era of Wake walker will take over and continue forever. FOREVER. I don’t say these things because I want to go ahead and intimidate the rest of the superstars, I say them because they’re true. The “new era” hasn’t truly begun until Wake Walker has won the FWA championship and trust me, the greatest wrestler of all time will have absolutely no problem doing this.

    Question 5) So… what are you trying to say? There is no new era?

    A) There is no new era. This is just the same old shit except now, the FWA head officials have absolutely no idea what to do. They’re stuck. They’ve got 6 main eventers duking it out for a championship none of them deserve.

    B) Awww, what’s the matter? Are some of you reading and in total disagreement? Well, why don’t you go ahead and bring it at Aftershock? Perhaps after I defeat whatever poor shmuck you guys feed me at Aftershock, you can go ahead and cry your little crocodile tears of hatred. You hate me and I love it. I love each and every single tear that comes down from your pathetic cheeks.

    C) You’re irrelevant. You’re the kings of mediocrity.

    D) Deal with it.


    After going through the five questions, Wake Walker sets his pencil down and then looks around the classroom to see if anybody else has finished. The entire class, whose faces are all still that of Wake Walker’s, stare holes through Wake himself. The professor stands in front of the classroom with a not-so-impressed look on his face.

    Professor Stallahan: Absolutely pathetic, Wake Walker. All of your fellow classmates finished a long time ago. Were those entire 5 multiple-choice questions really that hard for you to complete? I find that very depressingly sad.

    Wake looks flustered and tries to explain himself.

    Wake Walker: Well, yeah, it was only 5 questions but those answers were so long! Are you kidding me? What type of multiple-choice exam was that? That exam was the making of a madman… a quite bipolar one at that, too!

    Professor Stallahan: Shut the hell up. Well, since you’ve wasted all of the class’s time for long enough, why don’t you go ahead and step up in front of the class and talk about your opponents for the next Fight Night – Dave Sullivan and The Mist?

    Wake Walker: My next opponents…? What are you talking about?

    Professor Stallahan: Just shut up already and get up here for your oral exam!
    Oral Exam: Cunning Linguistics

    Wake Walker looks around the class, hoping for somebody to tell him just exactly what the heck the professor was talking about. After seeing that he isn’t going to get any help from any of the creepy individuals around him, he decides to stand up and slowly make his way towards the front of the class. Planning to wing it, Wake Walker simply starts saying whatever comes to his mind.

    Wake Walker: Dave Sullivan says he has returned because he wants to people to remember his name. In fact, Dave Sullivan has returned for a lot of the same reasons that I have. Dave is completely aware that he was a laughing stock in the FWA but now… he feels like something’s just different. Unlike Dave Sullivan, who probably spent his time off from FWA in some sort of mental institution, I spent my entire time off bettering myself. Unlike Dave, I actually have a good reason as to why I think I was good enough to return. Just like Dave, I too was a laughing stock. In fact, a lot of people in the FWA used to compare to me to the epic duo of the Philadelpia Steaks of Doom, if any of you even remember those fat greased bastards. Dave says he’s not here to win a championship and I completely agree with him because based off the effort Dave Sullivan put out against Pablo the Potato, I’m not sure he could ever possibly win a championship title in the FWA if he even tried. Pablo The Potato, arguably one of the most pathetic jobbers the FWA has contracted, can still walk after the match. That simple fact: The fact that the potato can still walk is a giant sign that you’ve failed already, Dave. Perhaps you had your little stint back in the FWA and you’ve returned just like Brian Carter, great… but the simple fact is that out of all the individuals that are now returning to the FWA…I will be the most successful out of them all. Dave Sullivan was a nobody a long time ago and he will continue to be a nobody again. Can’t you just understand, Dave? It’s low-effort individuals such as yourself and Thomas Princeton that end up in the same positions that Jethro Warren and The Mist find themselves in. You may be entertaining like them…but will you ever win a championship of actual importance? Absolutely now.

    Wake begins to snicker to himself. Every student in the class listens onward intently.

    Wake Walker: Speaking of irrelevant championships, how’s about a round of applause for The Mist finally winning something in his pathetic life! The X-Division champion is one of the greatest belts the FWA has ever seen. It’s been held by some of the greats such as…. Uhh… It’s been held by some of the greats such as….uhhhhh….. Well. What can I say? The X-Division championship is an absolute joke and the fact that you’ve won that title doesn’t mean a god damned thing, Mist. You can go ahead and finally uplift yourself from your psychotic emo state you always find yourself in and claim that you’re some sort of great champion but the simple fact is that you’re not. The X-Division championship title (which pains me to call a “championship title”) is nothing but a toy that no talented individuals like you and Vincent can dispute over so you don’t bother the big boys over the North American division and the world title division. Mist, I may not have watched FWA as avidly as I would like to admit but I did watch you on some of the first matches you were ever in and I remember quite fondly your battles against a young man named Tobias Robison. He turned out to be a nobody and is nowhere to be seen but boy oh boy did that young man sure get under your kind! Your dual-personalities were absolutely brimming with anger! I found it all too hilarious. Mist, you can go ahead and call yourself a monster who’s going to absolutely destroy me because of your size or even your weight…but the simple fact is that size doesn’t matter in the FWA. I may not be the biggest guy in the FWA, but I am the most talented. After all, I am the greatest wrestler that has ever entered the FWA.

    Wake Walker reaches into his pocket and grabs a piece of lint and then shows it to the students and the professor watching.

    Wake Walker: You’re kind of like this piece of lint, Mist. Absolutely without importance. Come this Fight Night, I’m going to go ahead and simply walk through you, the same way I’d simply walk through a haze of mist. You see, if I’m driving down the interstate highway and I see mist up ahead – quite honestly, I grow a little bit worried. In fact, I might even go as far as to say that looking at mist might make me a little scared but after I simply step harder on the gas pedal and drive through the mist I find out that I was in no real danger at all. Mist and Dave Sullivan, you’re both kinda like real mist – you may appear scary but I’m just going to drive right through the both of you. I don’t care if you’re here to make impacts or if you’re here to hurt others, you’re not going to do any of those things at the expense of Wake Walker. No. Mist, your height may be able to intimidate individuals but it doesn’t intimidate me because in the end, I know that you’re just a harmless cloud of vapid vapor with absolutely nothing to offer. Just like I’ve stomped my last four opponents, I’m going to stomp through the two of you and put you in your places. The two of you may believe that you’re these great pairs of wrestlers but no matter what you think, it doesn’t erase the fact that I’m simply better. After I emerge victorious on this Fight Night and I put you both in a hospital and they diagnose The Mist with severe ADHD, I will go ahead and move on to bigger and better things at Aftershock. I beg of the FWA. Please. Please give me some actual competition that can at least pose some sort of threat to me. Please. I beg of you! I’m sorta like a lion… I go ahead and I mow down individuals and quite frankly, I’m quite hungry and no matter what the FWA has thrown at me thus far, I just can’t seem to be able to satisfy my appetite and I’m starting to get angrier and trust me, if you thought The Mist was sick and twisted… you wouldn’t want to see any part of what I can do. I can get as sick and as twisted as The Mist, maybe even more so as evidence here in this quite nightmare-inducing dream, but one thing is for sure: Wake Walker is headed for the top and nobody can stop me. Absolutely nobody.


    Wake Walker raises his arms in the air. Suddenly, the room begins to become misty and hazy to the point where we can no longer see anything. Finally, our scene is switched to Wake Walker in his bed, still curled up. He opens his eye and begins moving. He sits down on his bed and holds his head.

    Wake Walker: Gosh… I’ll be lucky if I can ever fall asleep after THAT. Geez, The Mist says he’s sick and twisted… I’d hate to see him inside MY dreams.

    The scene fades to black but not before we see a few words on the screen.


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    Re: Fight Night 5-16-14 Promo Thread

    Memories of the Insane Part Four

    Drip, drip, drip.
    You hear the light drops of water slowly dripping off the edge of the roof outside, the rain that had been going on for hours now had finally died down. You're in your jail cell-like room, lying on your bed. It was dark, the night had fallen long before. You look over to the clock, 4:16 AM, you had just woken up, a dream about Amber waking you from your sleep. The feeling of pain, of loss overcome you from thinking about her. You turn over, lying on your stomach, sobbing quietly into your pillow.

    Once you lift your head up again, you see that it is now light out, you wipe the dried tears off of your eyes as you look over to the clock again,
    8:54 AM, you stand up and stretch, knowing that in six minutes the doors would open and you would get to go to breakfast. And sure enough, six minutes later, the doors open and the underlings who had woken up all went to the cafeteria for breakfast. You get in line and get your food, eggs and a slice of bread, and you go to sit down. You stuff the bread into the pocket of your jeans. You don't eat. You just sit at the table, thinking of Amber, her death. You see Danny, Rick, and Jared sitting at a table across from you, you clench your fists tightly.

    After breakfast you and the rest of the underlings are allowed out into the courtyard. You sit alone at the very edge of the yard, leaning against the tall fence. The thoughts of sadness, loss, and anger once again overwhelm you as you think about Amber. You look to your left at the corner of the fence, seeing that it isn't well connected to post, you could easily crawl out of it, and get away from them. At least for a little while, you'll need to come back for food and shelter, but you could leave for however long you want until you need to come back, and so you do. You crawl through the small gap in the fence and out into the small forested area that surrounds the backyard.

    You prop yourself up against a tree, taking in the fresh air, the slight breeze, the smell of nature. Just then, you hear a weak whining sound. You look to your right, where you heard it from. You see a small black dog, lying in the tiny cave made by the tree roots curving upward and then going into the ground. You move closer to it, seeing that it seems to be paying a lot of attention to it's right paw, licking it and carefully resting it on the ground. You move in closer, the small dog seeing you this time and growling slightly, but too weak to stand up and run away. You move closer, ripping a piece of the bread you had in your pocket out and sitting it right in front of the dog's nose.

    The small, black dog sniffs it for a little bit before finally extending it's neck and eating it. You sit down next to it, carefully placing your head on it's back. It growls at first but slowly stops when you begin scratching and petting it. You take the rest of the bread out and feed it to the dog. You hear the the intercom telling all of the underlings to return inside, and so you go, no one even noticed you were gone.

    The same sort of routine continued for about three weeks, you would come out after breakfast with a piece of bread for the dog, you had decided to call it Al, after Alester.

    You wake up on a Friday and hurry and get ready, today being the one day a month where the good underlings who didn't get in much trouble would get to go by bus to the Willamette River, surprisingly even though you had gotten in fight, you were allowed to go on the trip. The bus ride was long and boring, and the entire ride there the something in the bus was making a high pitched, moaning sort of sound.

    You finally got to the river, and got out of the bus, walking onto a pier and sitting on a bench, taking in the ocean breeze. It was still only 10:30 in the morning, so not many people other than those from the orphanage are there. You see Danny, Rick, and Jared walk by with a bag, snickering to them selves. They signal for you, being as bored as you are, you decide to see what they're up to.

    You stand up and follow them, they stop at the edge of the pier and put the bag down.

    Danny: Oh, you're going to love this!

    Danny unzips the back. He pulls out a small, black dog, Al. He holds all from the extra skin on the back of his neck, Al is whimpering, but starts wagging his tail and trying to move forwards when he sees you.

    Danny: I wonder if your little dog can swim.

    Jared: Even if he could, the currents too strong, he'd be dragged away.

    Rick: He'd probably drown.

    Thunder is heard as storm clouds approach, the wind gets stronger. Rain begins to drop down, the wind making the water in the river flow faster and more violent.

    You: Put him down.

    Danny: Oh, you would want that wouldn't you?

    You: Put him down!

    Danny: Do you really think I'm going to just listen to you?

    You: Give him to me!

    Danny: You must care about this dog almost as much as you care about that bitch, Amber, though seeing as you seemed close to her, she probably deserved to die.

    Just then, something snapped, you couldn't hear anything but your own heartbeat getting faster, you didn't see anything but Rick, Jared, and Danny standing there with Al in hand. Nothing mattered. They deserve the fate that's coming to them. They deserve judgement. Do it Jacob! Do it. Do it! DO IT!

    You charged at them, screaming, you punched Danny in the face, making Al fall out of his hands and causing him fall backwards, hitting into Jared. Danny fell into the river as Jared tried to grab Rick for balance, pulling Rick off of the pier with him. You looked off the edge of the pier as Jared, Rick and Danny all fought the strong current, it was winning, pushing them down the river and under water.

    You picked up Al and ran, ran away from the pier, away from the river, away from the buses, knowing only one place you could go.

    The Mist jerks awake from his sleep, sweat dripping off of his face. He stands up and walks down the large staircase, into the kitchen. Alester is standing there, seemingly waiting for him.

    Alester: Ah, you finally wake up, it' 3:30 in the afternoon.

    The Mist: I was tired.

    Alester: I can tell.

    The Mist takes a glass off of the counter and fills it with water from the sink, taking a sip from it.

    Alester: So what is your next fight again?

    The Mist: A triple-threat match. Me against Dave Sullivan and Wake Walker.

    Alester: Well, let's start with Dave, what do you know about him, in fact, imagine I'm Dave, talk to me as if you were talking to him.

    The Mist: Alright. Dave, you are a worthless piece of matter. You saw all of the right choices you could of made, and chose to ignore them, chose to go with the wrong choice that would ultimately lead to your downfall. You fell victim to a curse, an addiction, heroin was it? I myself would have easily shaken off such an addiction, I only have one addiction and that is pain, I love to deal pain, feel of harming another, the taste of their blood, the smell of their fear, the sound of flesh getting ripped and pulverized by my boot, the sight of the aftermath, after the one who was once a man was annihilated by me. It's all so beautiful, and get ready, Dave, soon you'll be just as beautiful, your entire body will be dismembered and brush you off into the breeze. You have however, suffered a similar fate to me, consumed by the darkness, oh boo hoo. Grow up! Something didn't go your way for a while and you crack under pressure? I have lived through things that any normal man would give up on, I didn't break! I didn't succumb to drug abuse! Because you did just proves that you weak! Weak and insignificant!

    The Mist breathes heavily as he stabilizes himself.

    Alester: Alright, good, sounds like you know all you need about him. Now lets move onto Wake. Give me the same treatment, only picture me as Wake.

    The Mist: are a byproduct of 4 billion years of evolutionary success, yet this is how you came out. I'm saddened by your ignorance. I saw reports of you recently asking for new competition, well I'm here, your prayers are answered, though not by God, your prayers were answered by the devil, and the devil has a price. That aforementioned price is your well being, your very essence, your soul will be cast into Judgement tonight, you will shown your impurities. Judgement has passed and you have been deemed...unworthy, impure, foul, insignificant. Those that have that fate decided by Judgement will be dragged through hell, you will face your demons in this match, Wake, just as Dante did, you will have to face the demons, unfortunately you will fail.

    "My Professor made fun of me! I got beat up! Waah! Waaaah!" That's all I hear from you! It's worse than Them, at least They aren't begging for attention. All you are is an attention whore who wants people to feel bad for him. I do feel bad for you, Wake, I pity you, I pity you because you're so paltry, you are infinitely small and unimportant. I've suffered fates far worse than you, but did I care what the others thought? No! Did I beg for attention? No! Will you beg for your life by the time the match ends? Yes!

    Wake, know this, I'm not generous, I don't go easy on anything or anyone, I always put all of my effort into everything I do, I might just push a little harder just for you. You see, Wake, unlike you, I have a pathological need to fight, to harm, to kill. Winning my matches helps quench that need, keeps me from breaking away. You think your life is hard, but it isn't, you have no idea of the horrors in this world, I will open your eyes.

    Where as my need is to hurt, you seem to have need for attention, you need people to like you, to care about you, to make you think you're important, you feel the need to prove yourself. All you'll do is fail, Wake, so why are you even bothering? The day you actually make something of your life, stop craving attention, and stop trying prove that you're important and that people should love you, because why the fuck not, is the day that I end up a model for Victoria's Secret, and to be honest, I don't I have the right curves to pull that off.

    You aren't the "god" you seem to think you are just because you beat Gabrielle, good job, you beat up a whore, that happens on a daily basis, and most people aren't proud of the guy that does it. You beat a sex object, nice job, that would be the equivalent of me punching a blow up doll repeatedly. You aren't skilled, you're selfish, always thinking about "what can I do to make people like me?" "What can I do to make me seem more important?" maybe make something of yourself, you don't impress me Wake.

    When I lock Severe Disfigurement in, when our match comes, even after the bell has been rung, I won't let go until your spine completely shatters under the pressure, similar to how Dave Sullivan cracked under pressure and resorted to drug abuse. You already weak from your match with Sexpun, so you're just going to that much more fragile, that much more easy to break. It'll be like you're made out of cardboard, I will bend your spine 180 degrees and then send you down to hell.

    By the end of the match you will be broken, every bone in your body shattered, every organ punctured and ruptured. That is the only feasibly possible way you can pay your repentance for your sins, the only way you can be purified and pass Judgement. I can see it, it's faint, but it's there, inside of you, Wake, you know what that is? Potential. Potential that you constantly waste by being such a disgrace of humanity! It's really unfortunate that you won't use that potential to the fullest, if you did you might, might be able to beat me, though I don't see you listening to my advice, so oh well. I guess I'll just have to teach you what true pain is. You face Judgement. Judgement will be passed. And Judgement will not accept you. And you will be damned by Judgement to forever roam the depths of hell, a vagabond, will your soul burning in flames the entire time.

    Alester: Well I'd say you've got him down, well done, you've been studying.

    The Mist: Thank you Alester.

    The scene faces into darkness.

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