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Thread: Fight Night promo thread 4/18/2014

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    Fight Night promo thread 4/18/2014

    Publicar promociones aquí. La fecha límite para promociones todo es el miércoles, 16 de abril al tiempo Pacífico medianoche, jueves, 17 de abril en 3 hora del este. Sin extensiones.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 4/18/2014

    “Human beings, we have dark sides; we have dark issues in our lives. To progress anywhere in life, you have to face your demons.” - John Noble

    There is nothing. The scene is empty. We see nothing but black. A Darkness is consuming our vision.

    'Champions are leaders. Champions are target.'

    We see Ryan Hall and then go back to darkness.

    'All the other knights want the champion. They want to be best.'

    We see PAJ, Ryan Rondo, Shane McLean, Jason Gryphon and Drew Stevenson.

    'Some are born to ascend to their destiny quickly.'

    We see PAJ, Jason Gryphon and Drew Stevenson.

    'While others are forced to fight for years to get the chance.'

    Shane McLean and Ryan Rondo appear but we are once again cast into darkness and a pitch black world.

    'At it's core our world is dog eat dog. Those who win are at the top. Those who lose are at the bottom. It is a simple and uncomplicated world. However, nothing is set in stone. It is ever changing. All things end. Even ones that seemed unbreakable. In three drops of a hand everything could come to an end.



    For whom the bell tolls is yet to be seen. Driven by betrayal. A Dark cloud approaches our kingdom. For the darkness to subside one Last King will have to fall...I am broken. I have nothing. Everyone has turned their back on me. I pushed everyone away or they ran away out of fear. They are all jealous. I have the power to decide the fates of every man. The power scares them. I embrace the power. For I have the power. I have lost everything but I can gain more than I have ever had. I don’t need anyone because they are all weak. They all think betrayal will hurt me but it will make me stronger. I am not weak. Not like the pathetic underlings that pollute FWA. I will burn them all to the ground. They will have NOTHING and I will be their champion. The undisputed voice they will be forced to listen too. In the end the darkness consumes us all.'

    A bright light overpowers the darkness suddenly...

    ...There is a wince in pain as PAJ sits up holding the massive bruise on his face from Back in Business. PAJ looks around confused for a brief second on a lumpy, cheap mattress that sits on the floor. PAJ shuts his eyes in pain and moves his head so it is facing down to the floor to try and fight through the pain.

    PAJ: What the fuck happened?! Jesus Christ, my head hurts...alot...What time is it?!

    PAJ looks over at the clock. Still trying to regain his composure. PAJ picks up the alarm clock and it goes off in his face...

    “Some people have to learn
    Some people wait their turn
    Some people but not me
    I was born a champion”

    PAJ puts his hands to the sides of his head in pain as the alarm clock drops to the floor and smashes instantly stopping the music. PAJ rubs his eyes and they are red as PAJ opens his eyes and looks around the room. It is a dank motel. There is water in the walls. The old, broken TV remains unfixed. The room has been wrecked. PAJ looks to his side and sees a woman sleeping next to him. She is trying to ignore the noise by covering her ears with the pillow. PAJ picks up the pillow and stares closely at the woman.

    PAJ (mouthing): Who is that?!

    PAJ looks down at at first glance smiles because the woman is almost a spitting image of his wife but PAJ shakes off his cobwebs and sees it isn't. PAJ wakes her up by gently shaking her. PAJ greets her with a smile on his face.

    PAJ: Good morning, I assume we had a good time last night...

    The woman smiles as she looks at PAJ. The women smiles back PAJ continues to smile before he snaps into a serious face with anger in his face.


    PAJ breathes heavily and the woman is taken aback and scampers out of the bed covering his dignity with the blanket that was on the bed. She quickly picks up her clothes and hurriedly puts them on as PAJ continues to angrily stare at her. The door is slammed shut. The room shakes. PAJ looks over the side of the bed and reaches down and picks up a phone from the mess that is all over the floor. PAJ looks at his phone.

    200 unread messages.

    50 missed calls.


    PAJ isn't compelled to look at them and puts his phone on the bedside table. PAJ yawns and begins to wake up.

    PAJ: I feel something different. Since Back in Business everything has been weird. I have had a headache every single day since. I just can't seem to shake it. I haven't woken up in the morning in the days since. I never woke up later than eight in the morning. It's like I am fading in and out all the time. I keep forgetting things or my vision goes blurry.

    PAJ gets up from the bed and opens the bedside cabinet drawer and pulls out some medicine. PAJ drags himself over to the sink and pours himself a glass of water. PAJ puts the medicine in his mouth and takes a sip of water to get the pills down.

    PAJ: Much better...


    PAJ gulps down the rest of the water and surveys the room. It is still a mess. The floor is covered in debris from the room. PAJ picks up the nearest pair of trousers he can and quickly puts them on. PAJ walks over to the door looking through the eye hole before leaning his head out of the door and seeing his driver outside.

    Driver: You said to come and get you when you see a woman leave the room.

    PAJ sluggishly waves his hand and nods.

    PAJ: Uh...yea...right...give me five more minutes.

    PAJ slowly closes the door confused. PAJ picks up the clothes he can pick out that are his and grabs them. PAJ puts on a vest and puts on some shoes. He grabs his phone, wallet and other essentials and heads out the door and into the car that is waiting outside. PAJ sits in the car with a commotion outside. His driver hands someone some money and then gets in the car and rolls down the divider.

    Driver: Sorry about that sir, there shouldn't be a problem now.

    The driver puts the divider between the passenger and driver back up and starts the engine. PAJ sits forward rubbing his hands on his face to try and wake himself up. PAJ sits back and tries to go to sleep but the pain is too much for him and he sits straight back up. PAJ rummages through his pocket and takes out his phone. PAJ looks down at his phone through tired eyes and sees that most of the messages are from FWA saying he is in trouble for being late throughout the day. PAJ scrolls down and sees a message from Kayne West. PAJ smiles and then looks at the message intrigued.

    PAJ smiles again. PAJ locks his phone and tosses it onto the empty seat next to him. PAJ looks over at the seat empowered by the seat that his wife used to sit in before looking back out of the window and watching Seattle pass him by.

    PAJ: People think this is a glamorous job. Celebrities talking about us on Twitter. Support and messages from Kayne West. It is far from glamorous. Why do people do it? Everyone has different reason but I do it because I am very, very good at it. No matter the cost. I win because I have to. It changed me. When I came into the this business I was cocky and I couldn't back it up but I always went down swinging. Now I just swing and they all fall but Back in Business was humiliation. I was betrayed. I was beaten. I lost to a woman but I lost sight of everything and I have paid dearly. I forgot the one rule I have always given myself from day one. I lost sight of my ultimate goal. Winning. I didn't focus on winning. It was about so much more but it just overcomplicated things. I might not be the best wrestler but I can damn say that I am the best at winning. Why did you think my wife was there in the first place? She was there to make sure I won but she got a stick up her ass and decided to do what is right. I don't things because they are right or because they are wrong. I do things for me. The Syndicate was for respect. Team King was cementing myself. Since the end of Team King it has been all about me. It was meant to be about winning but it has been about losing and that all ends now because I have finally figured out who I am. I am the man who doesn't need anyone. I don't need to trust anyone. I know I am the best and any reassurance is now a sign that they are not to be trusted. My own GODDAMN wife turned on me because she is jealous that I still get to be on TV and maintain my status as the superstar while we pretended she actually mattered.

    PAJ laughs, cheering himself up by degrading his betrayer. PAJ sighs.

    PAJ: I am better than that. I don't need to insult her. We had some good years but they died long ago. She has been dead to me for years. I wanted to re-ignite the spark but she let her desire overpower what I had taught her. I am not proud of her and I will never mention her name again. I don't know how long it's been since Back in Business but I know that she is smiling her ass off wherever she is. Just like Gabrielle is smiling. Just like FWA is smiling. They wanted to see me suffer didn't they? They weren't giving me the chance. They were walking me straight into a trap. Well I am in a corner now. It is time to swing again and prove to the world that Gabrielle doesn't matter and the only thing that matters to me is within my grasp. The FWA Undisputed Championship. The prize I have talked about since day one. I said it when I won the North American Championship...I think...That the Undisputed Championship is the only title that will ever matter to me...even if I didn' sounds like it is something I would say.

    PAJ holds his head again but fights through it.

    PAJ: There is one thing I can remember very clearly in the last few days. All the little jokes at my expense from everyone about how I lost to Gabrielle and I got whipped by my wife. Who is degrading women now? I made them relevant again and I have no regrets. They will meet their maker one day that will plummet them back to nothingness but that is not me. I have bigger fish to fr-DRIVER! PULL OVER!

    The driver pulls over quickly. PAJ opens the door and leans out before puking all over the side of the road. PAJ stays leant over for a few seconds breathing heavily again.

    PAJ (whispering): You're better than this! You are in are in are in control...

    PAJ takes a few deep breathes to regain his calm and slowly shuts the door and sits back up calmly. PAJ is seemingly feeling better.

    PAJ: It is the only title that matters to me because it is the only title that people will remember. Every single guy in this business wants one thing. A World Title. I have zero in FWA but I do have World Championship experience and that is why FWA knew they could trust me but only to get so far. I have carried the target and the envy of being a champion. In FWA I have carried the same envy from jealous on-lookers and I tore through FWA like a speeding bullet downing everyone in my way. I only need to down five more and I will have achieved the thing I set my heart on. I will make FWA squirm. They are dangling the carrot in front of me but they will not let me grab it because of my past. They have been stacking the deck because they think they are Vegas and that the house always wins. Sometimes the house isn't as secure as you think.

    PAJ smirks but is struggling to maintain his cool. PAJ looks at his hand and rubs his ring finger where his wedding ring would have been if he was still wearing it. It rocks PAJ slightly but he recovers.

    PAJ: When they dangle five carrots out one of them is bound to be grabbed. I will grab the carrot. I will fight them for it and then I will take it from them and I will never, ever give it up because it is my nature to be a winner. I don't care about other people seeing me as the best any more. I don't care about landmark victories. I care about winning. Back in Business has opened my eyes and closed my mind. In my mind, I am the best and I have been since I came back. Ryan Hall and Chris Kennedy have been nice place holders keeping my seat warm for me but they all know it is my time. Ryan Hall knows and it will eat away at him for the rest of the week until Fight Night comes. I have been on both sides of Ryan Hall. Friend and Foe. Both times I came out in a better position. You did beat Adrian Wolf but then Adrian Wolf is overrated that I will always remember. I do not like Adrian Wolf but I did want you to win because it will be great when the guy who copied me loses his legacy to me. You were scared. It wasn't Jimmy King that made you turn on FWA. It was me. I knew you were unsure about it but when I turned on FWA you knew. You knew that you had to side with King. I was the closer. I was the threat. If you hadn't turned on FWA. King would have given me the one thing that did make up your mind. Having to defend your title against me. You fear me, Hall. You can't beat me. I have beaten you. I have used our 'friendship' to get close to you to see your strengths and weaknesses and to improve my standing but at no point did you get any better. You only fell. Something is drawing me to you, Ryan. Like a voice inside me is saying you are the answer to everything but I am not quite sure why? Maybe the stars have aligned. Maybe it's fate or maybe it's pure coincidence but you are different to everyone else that will step inside the chamber. Maybe somewhere deep inside me there is a burning desire to you but more likely I will put it down to you are the one that really matters in the match. You are the one guy that five wrestlers will look at because you are the Undisputed Champion. The others believe they want it. Only one of us actually has the ability to take it. The winner? PAJ. The others, I like the belief they have in themselves, but they are no danger. I am the danger.

    PAJ has his fire back. PAJ faces is overcome by a huge, confident smirk.

    PAJ: That isn't me quoting a television show. That is me delivering the truth to the uneducated ass-holes with a reference they spend their days masturbating too because it was cool for about five minutes. They understand who I am now. They understand the danger you are all in. This isn't about talent, size or all our big mouths. This is because...I have my fire back...I have cleared my mind...

    PAJ slowly smirks again

    PAJ: I have a purpose...

    PAJ looks straight forward with a serious demeanour.

    PAJ: To be a winner again. I haven't won in a long time and yet I am still good enough to be an Undisputed Title match. Guys like Ryan Rondo and Shane McLean stuck around stinking up the place either staying the their partners shadow or by being a goof-ball who panders too much. They had to work their asses off to get where they are. They scrapped and worked just to get the chance. I coasted her. I took my foot off the pedal and people still I have the same opportunity as them. Fair? No. G-Rich just plays favourites. Don't get it twisted. I deserved a shot two months ago. I deserved a shot a month ago. I deserved a shot at Back in Business. Why should my opportunity be tainted by guys who don't deserve it for a while yet. Maybe I will dangle carrots both of your ways WHEN I win the Undisputed Championship. I know what makes both of you tick. You are known quantities to me. I know your limits. I know you are where you deserve to be floating in obscurity between the North American Championship and almost main eventing and then trying your hardest to replicate me just like everyone else. Especially you Rondo.

    PAJ shakes his head in disgust.

    PAJ: You were, as people like to say, over. You were the guy who they screamed for. You were the hero of the people. FWA's home-made golden boy. Mr. FWA. You turned your back on a good thing on a leap of faith. You are no bad guy that is why I couldn't wait to see the back of you. You are soft. You are weak. You need someone to look up to. Whether it was Devin Golden, Jimmy King, Ryan Hall or me. You are a follower. You can't be a follower, stuck in your comfort zone by riding coattails of others if you want to be the Undisputed Champion anywhere in the world. Embrace your hatred. Embrace your true potential and then one day after I have gotten bored and left, just maybe, you could be a champion but you are just a scared pretty boy about to walk into hell to face more than just a demon. The question is, do you try and beat the devils that you know or the ones you don't? After all you are only human, you couldn't possibly be expected to beat every demon that comes your way.

    PAJ winces in pain again.

    PAJ: God damn it!

    PAJ takes another breath and manages to force the pain back.

    PAJ: has been a while. I cant say that this is friends reunited once again. You were a clown back then and you are still a clown now, I am surprised you don't wear make up like Devin Golden and actually become a clown but before I explain to you why you couldn't possibly become Undisputed Champion.

    PAJ starts to slowly clap sarcastically looking unamused.

    PAJ: You made history...yay...good for you. Three Time North American Champion. It's like winning on the practice teams it means nothing. There is nothing other than second place while there is a better, more prestigious title in the FWA Undisputed Championship. I was the best North American Champion in history and you tarnished the belt and it is a joke belt now because of it. No matter who is holding it. Just look at Back in Business. Princeton, McLean and Gryphon. Truly disgusting. It is probably part of the reason I threw up. I was a dominate champion. The two guys I beat for the belt are both gone not just from this company but from the industry. It doesn't matter how many times you win something. It is about being a dominate champion. It is about being a winner. You are a loser just like you have always been. Your antics caught up with you and now you have nothing. The North American title is your everything because you are deemed it's greatest champion after losing the belt three times. I hate you. People for some retarded reason think you are funny, talented and a good wrestler. You feed off the cheers. You feed of the masses. I washed my hands with them a long time ago. Even when I go to events and I play nice for twenty minutes, it takes every fibre of my being not punch every man, women or child that is there in the face because I don't think they deserve my time. Just like you don't. If I am lucky you will be long gone before I ever see you in the chamber but if you are still stinking up the place. Be warned because I will destroy you because I don't discriminate everyone gets the same treatment. Whether they betray me, are a women, a man even a child.

    PAJ smirks with pain in his face.

    PAJ: Or guys that I have so little clue about I wasn't aware that they existed until a month ago. They hold titles...I..yea..they do? Yea...but that means I should know them? No. They are below me. They do not matter to me. They are trying their little hearts out though. Especially Drew Stevenson, I do pay attention to Twitter, you think you are so noble, so clever and so fresh. Yet when people go bored of your act, you signed a deal with LOW? About to repeat the process are we? Nothing gets past me, Drew. Especially the fact that no-one cares what ramble on about anyway considering your 'fresh and new style' reeks of Punk. Are you trying to be something you will never be? There is nothing new any more. There are winners and losers. Undisputed Champions and nobodies. As of this moment I am a nobody but when they put someone who actually has good ideas and a solid set of skills I will become worried. I never get scared. You take what you believe in and shove it down people's throats. Who cares what people think? Why change anything? You got a title because of who you are. I got to the top by being me. No-one has ever tried to tell me different because I refuse to give in and I show the world that I am not a pussy. I guess if you weren't so boring it wouldn't matter as much. I am funny, charming and entertaining. I grip people to the television and immerse them in our world. I don't break the flow. By

    PAJ scratches his head randomly.

    PAJ: Doing something that is too different or is completely pointless. The people might care about Twitter and The Emerald Pride but inside the walls of FWA. We are all laughing at you. I sat with guys I don't like just so we could laugh at your Twitter because it doesn't matter. No-one is scared of words on a screen. People are scared of me because I made them scared by beating opponent after opponent because I am natural born winner. In the words of Al Davis...Just Win, Baby. It is a philosophy that I will be bringing back for me. Good luck everyone else. When I win I'll send you a Tweet of the belt because at least in that world you matter but in reality you don't. You think people care about Pure Wrestling?! This is an entertainment business first and for most, Drew, I hate that too but it is simple nature. I go with the flow. I don’t rock the boat but I get things changed. I betrayed a company yet I was still accepted back by the new management because I am trusted even if they don't like me. Could they say the same about you? A guy who thinks he is better than everyone because he is a purist? Nothing is pure any more. Not wrestling or marriage. Two core values that guys like us have. So why are you willing to risk it all by being an elitist without the talent to back it up? You have fear. You have stuff to lose. I have nothing to lose any more because it has all been taken away. The chamber doesn't scare me. You don't scare me. No-one in this match scares me because I know that I am a winner. I know that I am the last of a dying breed. I am The Last Great Englishman. I thought I would save this person until the end. For a special reason that did escape me for a while, partly why you are last too, Jason Gryphon, Our North American Champion. A man who holds a pinfall victory over me. That is special but make no mistake. You didn't wrestle PAJ. You wrestled me pretending to be something he is not. I was lost that is why I lost to everyone in the build up to Back in Business. You caught me on a bad day. We all have them. It is a fatal flaw in humanity. It is time to set the record straight because I am better than you and even though everyone knows that it doesn't matter. What I know is law. I know I will set the record straight. I know that you faced me in a downward spiral but I am back and I am on the rise. There is no Myth just a true living legend that certainly out does the Living Myth of Jason Gryhon and why is that? Betrayal would break a weaker man but I have embraced the laughs and jokes about woman and girl power and I will make everyone pay when I stand over FWA as the next FWA Undisputed Cham-

    The driver beeps the horn and PAJ is suddenly flung forward despite wearing a seatbelt PAJ is flung head first into the divider. PAJ holds his head in immense pain and we see nothing but black again.

    Our saviour has returned. Time to slay a king. Claim the throne. The Darkness is born.

    We are hit by a bright light again and we see PAJ holding his head in pain after the collision. No-one is seriously hurt. PAJ opens his eyes again and looks forward eyes glazed over. With a slightly fuzzy memory as he groggily slurs...

    PAJ: The Next Undisputed Champion.

    PAJs vision is blurred as he holds his head in pain again. PAJ looks around not taking anything in as we hear arguing outside between the two drivers. The scene slowly fades to black.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 4/18/2014

    My own prison.

    Back in Business had all gone as planned. Stevenson beat Divine, retained his Emerald Championship and everything looked perfect - that was until G-Rich decided to strip him of his title. That put a huge damper on things; in fact, it had taken a perfect evening and shattered it. However, after G-Rich had decided to make that call, it was then notified that Stevenson would be in the Elimination Chamber for the FWA Heavyweight Championship and that was when all of the demons began to rise.

    3 a.m.
    Location unknown

    Thick glass surrounded him and behind that thick glass was seemingly endless amounts of steel mesh. The glass "pod" as they called it housed those who they saw as threats, who they saw as those who had the ability to defy and dethrone the Last King but no pod or amount of steel mesh that was like that of a cage to an animal could stop fate or the inevitable future for the FWA or for the self proclaimed "Last King". Looking around the dark pod, the darkness symbolizes that of the hope in which people believe that the throne can see a new King and that’s because Hall has held it for so long now that it has become what people know. You see, they don’t know any different, they only know what they can remember and that is currently the Last King still having the throne. With Stevenson’s dark brown eyes staring off through the small little window, out into the beautiful night sky, his mind begins racing back to the times of old, the times that he has sacrificed everything in himself week in and week out just for the sake of the FWA, even when nothing was on the line except pride.

    Past, present and…

    It all started May 2nd, 2012. That is when Stevenson made his way into the FWA and man did he come in with a bang. Immediately telling the world that he was the highest paid wrestler, even over FWA Heavyweight Champion, Chris Kennedy raised some eyebrows as they were very intrigued to see what he would be like; especially after going to and seeing his long list of accolades and seeing that while he was a “rookie” within the walls of the FWA – he was hardly a rookie within the life blood of the industry as a whole. Now you see, whether you loved or hated Stevenson, you couldn’t deny just how good that he was because he waltzed into this company marching to the beat of his own drum and almost two years later? He still marches to the beat of his very own drum while everybody else made sure that they fit the mold that the FWA wanted.

    Sacrifice, the means of giving up something of value: a giving up of something valuable or important for somebody or something else considered to be of more value or importance.

    Sacrifice was something that Stevenson knew all about because before he came to the FWA? He had sacrificed himself all around the globe and became a huge Mainstream star and upon joining the ranks of the FWA – he gave up all of that fame, all of that notoriety and all of that glory to pursue something different, something fresh, even when it seemed like the FWA never appreciated him – he still marched to the beat of his own drum, he expressed his thoughts and opinions when everybody else was too afraid to and it seemed more and more likely that his sacrifices would go in vain around here.

    “They tell me that the story has already been written. That Ryan Hall, your Last King has already been chosen to be the victor because of the men he has beaten throughout his reign as the King, as the FWA Heavyweight Champion. I disagree that the story has been written because my hand has never placed the pen to the paper. You know, back when I first signed my contract here – I remember a good friend telling me that there was no other promotion like the FWA; that it was truly one of a kind, that it took more from you and out of you to be labeled as THE MAN in the eyes of the powers that be and I’ll admit, my good friend was in fact correct on that statement. Through almost TWO YEARS of sacrificing myself week in and week out, here I stand in front of you as the man who will defy everything that the Last King preaches and I’ll be the Assassin in the night who takes the throne that Ryan Hall has fought so hard for and bled to keep. You see, everybody told me that one man could never make a difference around here but *I* proved that theory to be busted. When they said that my opinions were nothing more than mosquito’s buzzing in the ear of Titans, I made sure that they had no choice but to listen to me because my buzzing only continued to get louder. I kept hammering away at them until they had no other choice than to acknowledge what I was saying held validation. Despite what many critics and haters will tell you, *I* never spoke just to hear myself talk, no, I spoke with one hundred percent conviction because the truth needed to be set free and not a soul here had the balls to step up and open that cage to let that little birdie fly.”

    Pausing, he spoke with every ounce of conviction that he has in him.

    “But *I* did and I sat back and watched as Ryan Hall managed to defeat once upon a time Legendary wrestler, Wolf. Am I surprised that happened? No, I’m not because *I* predicted it but I’m not going to sit around and be intimidated, I’m not going to see this as me staring into the eyes of Death simply because Hall has ended every other challenger that set forth inside of his throne room. No, you see, *I* know that even though Hall has beaten man after man? If you cut him? He WILL bleed! He isn’t this Immortal entity that everybody has branded him, he hasn’t transcended into a being that nobody can beat because it has been proven in the past that Hall is mortal, in fact, it was not but a year ago that Chris Kennedy made Hall his whipping boy every time that they squared off in the middle of that ring and I know that the people are talking. Oh yeah, they are all placing high dollar bets on Hall walking out and retaining the FWA Heavyweight Championship but what people fail to understand is that eras end, hell, go ask Wolf about that because after Hall took him to hell and back? He lost his smile and rode off into the sunset leaving everybody in tears, well, everybody except me that is.”

    With his voice lowering, he chuckled because it held nothing but true emotions. There is no denying that Wolf had created this very angry yet great legacy but just as Stevenson had preached in the past? It was time for certain guys to move up; time for new blood to be injected into the life force of the FWA and this chamber match was the very needle that would inject that blood.

    “Let those people cry, let them mourn the loss of an FWA Legend because others will step up and take his place. It’s just how life works, when somebody sees the end of their road? Another takes that first step on his and *I* am the man who will make sure that every ounce of blood that he has lost will not go in vain. When this company had me on the cross…”

    Beautiful blue skies have long since faded and turned into dark, gray, nasty skies that tell the looming story of a man who has sacrificed everything in him for the sole purpose of the FWA. With lightning flashing, thunder crackling and rain beginning to pour down very methodically, a man on across having been crucified could be seen. Stakes through the hand, stakes through the feet, it was the very disgusting image of somebody other than our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ having been crucified.

    “… I eventually rose from the dead, I shed that old skin that everybody said made me complacent and I did things that made every single person in this company turn their head to see. When Aayla said that she did it first? I called B7 and sank her Battleship when I not only did it better but I also defeated Divine to put that theory to rest. Back ages ago when I suckled on and nurtured from the tit of Gabrielle Montgomery, I remember when everybody revered her as the absolute BEST that the FWA had to offer right alongside her ex husband, Kennedy and in that little story – not a soul had written that I would ever beat her but what happened? *I* made sure that those little stories were nothing more than just that, stories, as I competed twice that night and still managed to defy the odds to beat Gabrielle. You see, the moral of this story is that when big matches arise? Everybody turns their heads away from me, believing that I can’t get the job done but as I have proven throughout history here – I get the job done when it matters the most. Need proof? When everybody saw Mac Michaud, the monster as this unstoppable force here in the FWA? It was me who ended his undefeated record, it was me who RIPPED that X Championship right out of his grasp and it was me who proved that no matter how invincible he seemed – he was nothing more than a mere mortal, a mere man who bled like we did, who fell like we did and I have proven that time and time again with superstars here in the FWA who have been labeled the next unstoppable force.”

    With lightning flashing repeatedly, it looked like a war had been breaking out in the skies; like the Gods were angry. The man on the cross brought his head up; it was revealed as Stevenson who was still alive but just barely. As he spoke, the tone and demeanor reflected a change, as if he had just been resurrected from the Heavens.

    “Does the name Jason Gryphon ring a bell? Why of course it does and that’s because he is the FWA North American Champion. Now he seems to be on top of his game, gaining opportunity after opportunity, turning heads of all who watch him and getting them to talk about him. It seems like a long, lost, forgotten memory by now but it wasn’t that long ago when I did what nobody thought I could do and I beat Gryphon in front of the world. I listened to all of the critics that day, I heard everybody saying that Gryphon wanted it far more than I did, that he was just the better man but when time came for the dance? Gryphon couldn’t shatter the Emerald, sure, he tried, hell, they all have and just like when Gabrielle tried downplaying me, she learned the hard way that Emerald’s are everlasting and that I wasn’t going to be denied. I REFUSED to be denied any longer and after I brushed her hair and put her down, it became apparent to the powers that be that whether they wanted me at the top of the mountain or not; I was going to defy them. When they thought that they were feeding me to Gryphon? All along it was the other way around, they were in fact feeding him to ME to satisfy MY hunger because I became better, I became stronger, I became the six million dollar man overnight and if you think that the new North American Champion can be the man to shatter the everlasting, think again because I broke him once and I’ll do it again.”

    With his deep toned voice getting quieter and softer, he spoke with such conviction that you had this pretty good feeling that the times were changing. With the rain dropping in a very rhythmic pattern, it was almost soothing and calming.

    Up in the sky told many stories, you always heard the stories of the Gods, the heroes that achieved great things and you always heard, especially recently of the last this and that. Now normally; it was about the Last King and his many, many triumphs but one story was one that lingered and had attention even though many tried covering it up as it was a threat to Hall’s reign.

    They called this story; the last star in the sky.

    Ryan Rondo always had a very bright future, that was much was known from the very moment that he stepped foot inside of an FWA ring. He was the last star that the FWA had in the sky before the war torn FWA Kingdom had fallen into turmoil. The past men to have held the Holy Grail of our sport were all corrupt, selfish “leaders” who had the FWA’s best interest at heart but in reality? That was always a lie, a blatant one at that and many heroes stood at the forefront trying to defy the villains but in the end? Those villains always had certain powers on their side that made sure that they would win and that drove many to the edge of madness and insanity.

    “The last star in the sky was always a story that parents told their children at night before bed. It embodied hope; it embodied that heroic nature that everybody loved about the good guys, the heroes. That’s what you were Ryan, you were the ultimate hero. You donned that red cape, you gave the little people hope when there was none to be had and even you, the ultimate hero alongside Whyte Thunder was pushed over the edge by the corruption that plagued good souls. You turned away from your years worth of friendship, you threw away all of your morals, all of your values, and you embraced the Hate that began festering inside of you. That is what happens when war and turmoil ravage the lands, you begin to adapt to your environment, hell, you were the perfect example of being a product of your environment Ryan because we all know that the last star still flies high in the sky. We can see it shining every single week, only getting brighter and closer. Many believe that you are the hope that this company needs, the shining light, the hero that the FWA needs to end the ravaged, turmoil lands but unfortunately? War and turmoil never end. No, you see, there will ALWAYS be that guy or girl who embraces the hate, you might be the light that gives people hope but that’s where it stops Ryan – you GIVE them hope but that’s not reality and that’s not what will happen at Fight Night.”

    With silence suddenly filling the cool, rainy air, one single, solitary star shined brighter than the rest and that was the last star in the sky, Ryan Rondo.

    “The closer you get and the brighter that you shine? It excites people because they want to see Ryan Rondo as the FWA Heavyweight Champion but that’s just not going to happen, at least not this week anyway. You can be the hope that puts smiles on people’s faces, you can go back in time and relive your glory, your fame, you can reach out and grab that brass ring, the same ring that I have my hand on, the same ring that Hall has a death grip on and the same ring that everybody else is trying to reach out and grab but only one of us can take that FWA Heavyweight Championship home with them and be labeled as the best, and despite how many of you are in this upcoming war looking to end me? You better believe that if your hand touches the brass ring that I am about to RIP out of Hall’s cold dead fingers, you have my word, yes my word that I’ll cut off that hand and watch as you fall down the mountain plummeting to your death.”

    Chuckling while still being nailed to the cross, the last star in the sky races towards the Earth looking to make its mark, its impact, something that will undoubtedly put Hall’s Kingdom in great peril. Watching the star get closer and closer, his head rises higher knowing that this war will take its toll on him but every war does. It’s what we do in that war that matters and the vast story of the Last King, well, it was coming to an end and very soon.

    … The future!

    With his eyes opening, he looks around seeing that there was fire everywhere. Quickly getting to his feet, he looks around to see a man out in the distance. Looking around to see if the area is safe, he wonders how he got down from the cross as well as to where he is. Running up to the man, he stood there and noticed that this was the Last great Englishman, PAJ! PAJ was one of the stories because everybody has been saying that he too is one of the future stars here in the FWA, that he’ll be a World Champion sooner rather than later but just like Hall, they both share a common bond, one that would spell disaster at Fight Night.

    “Another last of… You know, there have been many last of’s in this war and that is because one is an old King who will watch as his Kingdom crumbles, the other is the hero that will help bring the King to his knees before drawing his final breath and PAJ, the last great Englishman is a man in search of greater success. He has heard many people, including some within the walls of this very company tell him that he is the future, that he will lead the charge here in the FWA someday but that time will be later rather than sooner. You hear about all of this future talk and that is because they all know that Ryan Hall will see his last war in the near future. No warrior, no King, nobody or nothing lasts forever and the powers that be knows that Hall’s time is beginning to dwindle but PAJ will NOT be the man who steps up and claims that FWA Heavyweight Championship as HIS. No, you see, every single person in this match has been labeled as the future, has been labeled as the next big star except one and that one is ME! Now sure, the occasional mention has been dropped on FWA television when the commentators mention it but other than that? They all think that my rock won’t skip very far when thrown but they couldn’t be more wrong. PAJ can be branded as the future, McLean can be branded as the future, Gryphon can be branded as the future, Rondo can be branded as the brightest star, the future, whatever you want to call him and Hall can be branded as the BEST but when we all go toe to toe in the biggest war that has hit the FWA in a long time?”

    Looking as serious as a heart attack, this very maniacal grin crept up along his face as he looks and speaks with such conviction.

    “You will in fact be the last PAJ, the Last Great Englishman who ever received an opportunity at the FWA Heavyweight Championship and the Last Englishman who FAILED in his attempt at becoming the future of the FWA. But don’t you fret PAJ; I’m not that bad of a guy, you see, I’ll gladly give you a proper funeral after I’m finished proving that you are not the future because *I* am and don’t worry, when you’re buried six feet under and the worms are feasting off of your corpse? You will at least be able to look over and see that *I* dethroned the King. You and the rest of the Last’s and the so-called “future’s” will see that your attempts didn’t go in vain because Ryan Hall, truly the Last King will have earned that moniker because *I* put it into effect after I did what Wolf couldn’t do, beat him and end the Tyranny that Hall has created since the very beginning. You will be the Last Great Englishman PAJ, I promise you that because it will be by MY hands that you see that moniker come into fruition.”

    With the Last star in the sky having destroyed the massive castle upon striking it from the Heavens, rubble was everywhere as Stevenson out of the corner of his eye could see that PAJ in all of his attempts had been run through and defeated by Ryan Hall. With intense fire everywhere, black smoke filled the once illustrious castle as Stevenson brought his right arm up to block some of the smoke from entering his lungs. Taking off and darting up the stairs, the once red velvet carpet trimmed in gold lining was partially burnt as Stevenson manages to enter into the throne room. Stopping dead in his tracks, he opens his eyes and looks around to see that he is sitting in the glass pod of the Elimination Chamber. Grabbing a hold of the steel mesh and pulling himself up to his feet, he looks around at the structure that could very well end their careers and as it computes to him, he just doesn’t care as the FWA Heavyweight Championship means that much more to him. Taking in a deep breath, the pod opens as Stevenson steps out into the center of the ring, the entire arena empty. Seeing a glare at his feet, he looks down to see a small little diamond at his feet. Bending down to pick it up, he holds it in-between his index finger and thumb and brings it up to where he can view it closer, nothing but a smirk stretches along his face.

    “Don’t think that I forgot about you Shane, because I haven’t. I remember in our last encounter, you had the world believing that Diamonds were better than Emeralds. Yeah, you managed to beat me and I remember that you bragged about that. I remember that YOU were the man who when I lost to had all of these people believing that I was never as good as I always preached. But see Shane, you were wrong; hell, every single person who has ever doubted me has been wrong and I have proven that when it mattered the most. Oh yeah, I know that you can tell the world that you have already beaten me because you have. I know that you can continue preaching to the masses that you are the diamond in the rough, pun intended, and that you will finally be found at Fight Night when you walk out of the Chamber with the FWA Heavyweight Championship but those are nothing more than hopes and dreams Shane. You see, children always try to stay awake all night to meet Santa but they fail. They write letters to him hoping that he receives them, reads them and makes the toys for them but those are only hopes and dreams Shane – doesn’t mean that they will happen because they CAN’T happen. Do you understand that Shane? Hell, all of you? You can have these hopes and dreams of walking out of the Elimination Chamber weighing ten more pounds than usual and while those are in fact wonderful aspirations to have, they will not come into fruition because *I* will make sure that they don’t.”

    Closing his hand and making a tightly balled fist around the diamond, he begins to pace the ring, the single spotlight shining down from the rafters giving this more of a passionate feel. With his deep toned voice echoing throughout the emptied arena here in Salt Lake City, Utah, he speaks with such conviction as he flat out knows that this is quite possibly his only chance at becoming the FWA Heavyweight Champion so he better seize the day or he will never get this chance again.

    “From here on out Shane, you can have the only gem moniker here in the FWA because I am dropping The Emerald. You see, I don’t need to a moniker to tell everybody that I am everlasting here in the FWA because love me or hate me? You already know it. I am above a moniker, above a nickname that defines what people think of us because what I will be called after Fight Night can’t be beaten by silly little monikers and that is the FWA World Heavyweight Champion.”

    Smiling and laughing a little, he looks directly at the camera and stops pacing. Bringing his arms out, he keeps that smile expressed.

    “Go ahead, all of you, cast judgment and throw stones. Doubt me, tell the world that I’ll choke, tell them that I talk too much – tell them whatever you want because by the end of Fight Night? The ONLY thing that will matter is that the FWA Heavyweight Championship will be in MY hands because despite the fact that everybody else in this match has more accolades here than I do? Keep in mind that it was because of ME, because of the things that *I* said that so much new blood is being injected into the big picture and when Fight Night goes off the air?”

    Tilting his head to the side, he simply laughs.

    “Every stone that you have cast against me? *I* will repay you. Every time that you have judged me? *I* will make sure that every single word that you said against me goes un-validated and every brick that you have thrown at me?”

    Narrowing his eyes, he just stares into the lens of the camera.

    “*I* will have FINALLY built my Kingdom and I will walk over all of your fallen, broken, lifeless corpses to make sure that everything that I have ever said comes around in full circle. No more bricks can be thrown because *I* will be walking out of this very Chamber as the FWA World… Heavyweight… Champion…”

    Closing his eyes again, the spotlight slowly fades to black. Things were looking incredibly grim for Hall as there were so many new guys looking to take what he holds so near and dear. The FWA Heavyweight Championship is the prize that everybody within the company wants and at Fight Night this week?

    You will have a new champion and his name is Drew Stevenson!


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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 4/18/2014

    noun \ven-ˈde-tə\
    : a very long and violent fight between two families or groups
    : a series of acts done by someone over a long period of time to cause harm to a disliked person or group
    River: Ar.... are you sure you're ready for this boss?

    Turn that camera on River.

    River nervously turns the FWA camera on and we see Vincent sitting in G-Rich's chair in his office immediately after BIB IX went off the air and looking at a nearby mirror with his back to the FWA camera and River.

    Yesterday during the Back In Business IX PPV, you fired the first bloodied shot Amber

    when you literally stabbed me the in the back with that kama. You, your new “husband”, your sister and a former ally thought that you all left me to die in that ring, but I surprised you all and the crowd when I got to my feet under my own power. You may have advanced in the X Tournament, you may have stolen and brainwashed Amberand somehow convinced her sister, Jasmine, and my former ally, Trace to join your side Jethro, but believe me when I tell you this. I don't care that G-Rich had informed me that until I am able to pass a psychological exam, I am banned from laying a finger on any of you, that matters not to me because I WILL have my revenge against you three assholes.

    And Misty, don't worry your pretty deranged little head, I haven't forgotten about you. Now people around here seem to think that you're some two-faced psychopath that is to be feared. Tis is unfortunate for you because after the “Quake with Fear” Death Match in which I came face to face with Death himself, I no longer fear anything let alone anyone. You can throw everything you have at me in our match, but as I proved at the end of my match, there is no way to keep me down. That is, without cheating.Misty, you might think that you are fit to hold that championship belt, that bloodied X Championship Belt.

    As I point over to the wall on my right, the FWA camera sees blood drop from my still bloodied hand. I turn my head to glance at the bloodied X Championship Belt that is on the wall beside me, allowing the FWA camera to see part of my bloodied face

    However, I don't believe that to be true. In our upcoming Match, you'll have to prove to not only me, but the entire FWA Universe that you are able to go to any and all extremes, to do what is necessary to keep and hold that coveted, bloodied championship belt. I lost that once, but after kicking Death in the ass at Back in Business, and remembering what had been done to me in my past, I've regained that focus. That drive. So I will show you, I will show everyone why the X Division is the most bloodied, most brutal, most ruthless and the single most hardcore Division within the FWA.

    I have fallen from the Ultimate X Structure, from the very top of that structure straight to the mat below. I broken several ribs, dislocated my shoulder, I have more scars all over my body then the WWE has Talents and Employees. I have bleed for this company, and more specifically, I have bleed for the X Division in my goal of winning, keeping, and reclaiming the X Championship. I have been through hell and back, I have faced a very weak and pathetic Grim Reaper, I have faced death and won.

    I've been in matches that would kill normal wrestlers, I've been in various Death Matches from a Taipei to the most recent “Quake with Fear”. I've been electrocuted, I've had sharp objects stabbed into my body, hell I've even had my ex-fiance literally, figuratively and metaphorically stab me in the back with a kama. Before I was focused on pursuing Carmine into having a rematch where he was at his best, I was focused on the X Championship, hell I was even focused on a red wedding.

    That was then, now is much different. I give fiendish chuckle Misty, unfortunately you are caught up in the crossfire of my latest obsession. I am now focused, 100%, on ending Jethro Warren's life and making his and his new wife, Amber Warren's lives dangerously hellish. I tilt my head to the right a bit Jethro Fucking Warren. You've started a war, one of which you are not financially, morally, ethically, and whatever, strong enough to win. Because I plan, one dropping the full entire weight of my Empire down on your head. And with my last breath, I'll take your soul straight to hell. For I am Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird, Lord of Clan Blackbird, Leader of the BIRD Imperial Forces, and GOD of the BIRD Empire. There is nothing you, nor anyone can do to stop me, from ending your and Amber's life. May your pathetic mortal god have mercy on your miserable souls, because I won't go easy. You both drew the first blood, but now it is

    I lift a mask to cover my bloodied face, and I get off of G-Rich's chair grabbing one of his old black felt hats. I look at a nervous River and the FWA Camera as I put the hat on. I hold up and look at a black and crimson red domino piece which I kneel and then set the piece down, then lightly flick it causing it and other similar domino's to fall on the floor between that of G-Rich's desk and where River and the FWA Camera is standing.


    As I stand up, I look at River and the FWA Camera.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 4/18/2014

    Money is a great desire to most, a symbol of status, of success, or simply the key to freedom. Freedom to live your dream life inside the beach front house, with a garage full of Ferrari’s and a stunning young wife half your age.

    Money, like sex appeal is something that Gabrielle Madison Montgomery does not have a short supply of. But unlike the sparkle of her mouth-watering caramel complexion money is not something she overly flaunts. Sure her bedroom may be larger than most people’s houses, her sprawling mansion estate worth more than most city blocks. And it may contain a garage packed with Mercedes Benz, BMW and Lamborghini’s finest. But the wealth she has accrued through her career and through a civil divorce has been spent on her family, and her closest friends. It is the spoils of such a sentiment that we witness today from inside Gabrielle’s estate. To a soundtrack of laughter, giggling and plenty of splashing, this house is a home of merriment on the eve of Easter. With the sun high above in a cloudless blue sky, its warm rays bathe the entire landscape with a golden hue. It is the perfect day for a family to make happy memories. Crystal clear blue water dances within its marble home, then rippling and exploding as excited kids leapt into it. Carmella Kennedy, Micah Ignito, Colin and Alexis O’Ryan, these are the children having the time of their lives. Carmella and Alexis separated by a few years are two headstrong, giggling young ladies, while Micah and Colin entering their teenage years enjoy reconciling a friendship as their parents look on. Ashley O’Ryan, with a grin plastered firmly on his face laughs at a joke told by Marcus Montgomery. Leah Montgomery meanwhile sits down next to a gorgeous young woman, with hair the colour of flame…Jenny Ignito herself. The former Great, long since unseen but here on this day at her ex-wife’s home. Though somewhat apprehensively across from them all sits another former Great, an inspiration to billions; Moira Crawford hand in hand with William Cryos. It is a gathering of people who could delve on the past and feel nothing but pain. Ashley watching his ex-wife with her new lover, Jenny smiling at her ex-wife’s new lover. But the merriment of their young kids and the woman who has brought them all together on his holiday, a woman who’s presence is currently absent holds the hostilities at bay. The Caramel Goddess as she is known is not out there under the sun, relishing its warm embrace sparkling off her mouth-watering skin, instead she simply watches on from one of her homes kitchens. We cant see it, but everything about her body language suggests that a warm smile blissfully resides upon her soft lips. She stands there in awe and excitement for the gathering before her eyes, one hand on her hip and the other casually resting upon the granite bench top. Just silently watching her daughter and the other children she has played a role in raising enjoying this Easter surrounded by family. A joyful and innocent moan, a delicate whisper of a sigh born of complete happiness saunters forth from her mouth as she runs a hand through her luxurious hair. Long dark brown locks that are mostly tied back casually into a ponytail, save for a few loose strands of hair that frame either side of her face. At the opposite end of this woman’s stunningly curved body, her feet are not daintily held aloft in expensive Louboutin stilettos but rather simple white flip flops. Just as it is not an extravagant designer dress hugging her curves, desperately trying not to give in to her body’s voluptuousness and explode off her body in tatters…no she’s dressed much more simply in blue denim short shorts and a red baby tee. But even though her sumptuous caramel coating and life affirming curves are clearly on display as her long, smooth legs are left bare, a diamond navel ring glistens against the inches’ of skin exposed between her tee and her shorts…and most delightfully the thin straps and low neckline of her tee leave bare enough cleavage to inspire a thousand poets…she is not a lustful desire, but rather a mother, wife, daughter and friend enjoying the greatest spoils of her life. After those customary few seconds that seem to last forever have passed, it is her voice that delights us all.

    It is the moments like this that are truly special, I have achieved so very much in my career, away from home. It is a career that has in fact given me this home and given me these people in my life. But through every great achievement in my career it is my family that has celebrated with me and celebrated for me, and it is my family that has picked me up when I am down. These simple moments, watching them all together whether they are still as close to me as they once were or not are truly magical. Carmella, my little angel, my little Princess, she means the world to me. As does Micah, the little boy, well he’s all grown up now, but I helped raise him and still consider him family. Colin and little Lexy are my sweet Ashley’s children, two kids who I have watched grow up for years and now consider to be my family as well.

    Just days removed from Back In Business and one of the most personal and meaningful wins of my career, it is this seemingly simple moment that I treasure more. Family is the most beautiful of life’s treasures, sweet and pure. A happy family gives so much joy, so much appreciation. I have been stuck on my failures, my shortcomings…but I wouldn’t change a single thing in my life, for it would rob me of this beautiful day. It would take me from the scene of watching my parents with the woman I loved, the man I…love now and our children…

    She pauses for several moments as the sun filters in through one of the large floor to ceiling windows and sparkles upon her candy hue. In her reflection against the window, her ethereal brown eyes sparkle with a similar beauty and vibrancy.

    But the people who have been close to me are not just limited to those who sit outside basking in the beauty of today. There have been so many others in my life…in days gone by Aut Pax Aut Bellum…Dan, Andrew and Mackenzie were very close to me. They were as close to me as family, maybe even closer. We travelled the world together, we revolutionized professional wrestling and took over Fight Night together. The Great Siege became a grand legend. Long reigning World Champions, the longest ever Tag Team Champions…it was alongside them that those dreams I had as a little girl finally came true. For that they have a very special place in my life and an idealized place in my heart. I will always consider them to be friends, no matter what.

    But competition comes first, winning comes first…making my family proud of me comes first!

    That sensation I get when Ashley takes me into his arms and congratulates me is second to only one; that feeling of amazement when my little Melly looks up at me with her big brown eyes and does a happy little dance before embracing me with a hug only a daughter can give. I win for myself, for the little girl I once was and the little girl in my life now. So while I was close to Andrew and Dan, while they were there by my side when I became the FWA World Champion, in that ring everything changes. Even if we were still as close as we once were I would still go down to that ring willing to go to the limit just to win.

    In the shadows of Back In Business where the world witnessed the strength and ability of a woman competing against men, I wont take a backward step this week. I refuse to take a backward step. I am teaming with two of the best women in the FWA today, there is so much pride in this match. Andrew Johnson and Dan Ward were great Champions, great friends and great wrestlers…but so much of that is in the past tense. That’s no slight against you though boys, I’m not taking a shot at you there. I more than most know just what it’s like to succeed and succeed until it can all become very underwhelming. I’ve felt that, I’ve experienced those moments where the rush of the crowd no longer outweighs the warmth of my bed. Where the thrill of competing was no match for the joys of family and relaxation…

    So I can understand why you two and Mackenzie decided to take some time off, I completely get it and maybe you’ve all found that spark that saw Mackenize debut in the FWA impressively and saw Aut Pax Aut Bellum hold the FWA World Tag Team Championships for over two years. Maybe like I did you’ve all had that moment of clarity and rediscovered just what it was that brought you here in the first place.


    But I know I have. I know that my partners Saddle Sally and Shannon O’Neil have. Sally has emerged as one of the great Women’s Champions. She stands alongside myself as a two time Champion and a Back In Business winner. Shannon has taken women like Sally and men like Drew Stevenson to their limits. I have the utmost respect for my partners as I do for my opponents…but I believe in the two women I will be teaming with. I trust them and know I can rely on them, while I cant help but wonder just where Aut Pax Aut Bellums minds are. While I won, and Sally won at Back In Business, the two men I once considered as close as family made their return to the FWA and lost…

    A sigh escapes Gabrielle’s lips as she slowly shakes her head.

    The greatest tag team of the modern era returned and lost to a makeshift tag team. But that moniker was never true…Andrew and Dan were great, nobody can deny that. But the man whose arms I lay in every night he is a part of the greatest tag team of all time. And he is my new family. In Ashley’s arms I have found everything I could ever want, he accepts everything about me and supports me in everything I do. So maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised that the hype was too much in the end…

    The legend has grown bigger than the men and the woman it is all about. We were all great at the same time, but that faded away as the years kept passing by. Some of us though from that time recaptured the magic, but many of us wont. I didn’t see that same hunger in your eyes at Back In Business, just a brief flicker of stardom under the spotlights. That’s why you all came back, not for the glory, not to climb atop the mountains once more…but to just be famous again…

    Gabrielle shakes her head once more as a glass door slides open and in charges a very excited Carmella Kennedy.

    Mummy! What are you doing? You is missing all the fun! Come on mummy!

    Gabrielle smiles from ear to ear, as does her daughter who clamps onto her mother’s hand firmly and tugs on it. Gabrielle just giggles and squeezes her hand back.

    Mella, my widdle Princess! Mummy just has one more thing to do okay?

    Carmella nods her head as Gabrielle then turns to face the camera, her attention captured by her daughter as her last words escape her mouth.

    Andrew, Dan, Mackenzie…relevancy has passed you all by, this is a new era where some from the past will see their days atop the world become a distant memory, I am not one of those people however. I see inside myself new born dreams and desires, I see that passion I had when I would jump up and celebrate for Kerry Kennedy as a little girl…

    Gabrielle and Carmella smile lovingly at one another, before turning to face their reflection in the window. A reflection of Carmella hand in hand with another little girl. Little Gabrielle, a woman full of dreams and desires, a woman who grows up to be a World Champion. A woman with so much unconquerable ambition and drive.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 4/18/2014

    ~Mind & Matter~

    The arena is like an empty arena thing. The silence is like a silenty thing. The threatening steel structure over the ring, well, that is indeed like a steel structurish thing – threateningly. And the man who stands inside, staring up at it, that is like a Shane McLean thing. Yes, everyone loves a subtle simile to create the image in our mind right?

    But the eyes gazing up at the cold dark steel beams above are not filled with love. In fact, it’s hard to tell what emotion they are showing. Anyone believing it is fear would be informed otherwise by an over pompous therapist specialising in body language that it most closely resembles regret.

    Regret? Not what would be expected of somebody getting there opportunity to become the best there is, the champion of the world, surely? But then, this is not regular pro-wrestling is it? Well, it’s FWA, where gimmick matches take pride of place, but you get the drift. McLean brings his eyes back down from the hell in the heavens, and his eyes drift around the Elimination Chamber, resting upon one of the empty pods. But it is not empty. Standing within, is the first of his opponents, “The Last Star In The Sky” Ryan Rondo. Not all is correct though, his eyes are misted black. These lifeless orbs stare out at Shane McLean, and he begins to speak, though it sounds as though it is coming from a badly tunes radio.

    Ryan Rondo:
    “I want Shane McLean to realise that there is NO HOPE LEFT…McLean, you’re hanging around for some reason. The Rondo curse takes a while to come into effect. Soon, the curse happens to you McLean. I’ll accelerate the process by beating you again. And again if you want. And on and on and on…”

    Shane McLean stares back at Rondo, now so used to hallucinations he can’t even muster to fear them. But what is the sense in ignoring them? Instead, he chooses to interact with them.

    Shane McLean:
    “Cursed? Who knows, perhaps I am. It’s easy to see that something continues to bring me down. Each time I’m on a high, I crash down again, then scrap my way back to that level, perhaps a little further each time. But these falters, are they going to continue to hold me back? Is that your doing Ryan? After my return, I had yet to meet any problems, I was going strength to strength. That changed the night you turned against me, turned against the FWA. Perhaps you did curse me, but you cursed yourself in the making. The people of the FWA, they loved you, and turning on them is something you will realise you cannot live with. They still want to cheer you, still rallied for you at Back In Business. Your own curse cost you that, perhaps you will go to realise you were offered the antidote at Back In Business. Maybe you heard them, I know I did. Maybe they registered in you. Maybe you did not just apologise to Golden, maybe your apology was to all the FWA. No hope? The reason I linger around is because of hope, I hope to do my best for the people who will fill these seats tomorrow night. Maybe you will find your hope also. We know how evenly matched we can be, a tier below what we have in store tomorrow. You beat me for the North American Championship, and I in turn beat you to take it back. The Championship is different, the stakes higher. Alone in this ring, we could take each other to the limits, but you have been shown your true limits. It was impressive, admirable even. But whilst that brings a new part of us to life, it also kills something of us. We are born and die between those bells every night. Maybe your curse will be my final death, you could be right there, but you have also been wrong: there is always hope.”

    Shane turns to face away from his former and future opponent, only to be greeted by another. In the next pod, a man who holds a Championship which Shane has never held, Drew Stevenson, with his rechristed X-Division Title, the Emerald Championship. Stevenson has the same black jewels for eyes, gazing at McLean. Shane waits a moment, and Stevenson’s voice comes, distant, crackling.

    Drew Stevenson:
    ”Shane, unlike you who is happy and content with the FWA – I am not and I will do what many of you are too afraid to do, that being to defy everything that they stand for. When yes men like you do everything that they ask you to Shane; there will ALWAYS be a guy like me who does what is right for the business…When that bell sounds and you and I look into each other’s eyes? The first and last thing that you will remember is me dumping you onto your head with one HELL of a nasty suplex…Shane, you do realize that after I drop you with the best suplex in the business today that I will then lock you in that Career Killer, the most devastating submission hold in wrestling. You will either tap or you will snap, I don’t care which …trust me Shane, I WILL beat you...”

    Shane’s expression breaks, he enjoyed that one, and his smirk reflects as much.

    Shane McLean:
    “What if I had trusted you huh? Hell, what if I’d backed you? You didn’t beat me Drew, no matter how crisp the suplexes were, no matter how many varients of a hammerlock you knew, you couldn’t beat me before. You are right to prize your talents, you are good, damn good, and improving contsantly, but you are wrong to misjudge mine. For every counter hold you have in your arsenal, I have counter counter holds. As devastating as your Career Killer is, The Diamond Ring would break you faster. One day, your name will be up there in the lights, I assure you, but drop the Mike Mundane stuff, your war isn’t with the FWA, or the business men behind the scenes, your war is with everybody else in that locker room, waiting for you to stumble, waiting to step in front of you on that same race to the top. Tonight, your war is with four of us looking at the same finish line as you are, and one man waiting there. But we’re going to have to grit and crawl, claw our way there, it won’t be kissing ass to get there, like you seem to think I have done. I don’t kiss ass to get forward, and that’s probably why you’ll find me in the mid card, squandering my days away. Frankly, I don’t care where I am, as long as it’s here, in the FWA ring. Where I am happy, and content. But after tonight, that could be changed, maybe for me, maybe for you.”

    Shane now tucks his hands into his jeans pockets and wanders to the next pod, waiting to see who is coming next. His face becomes a look of distaste as he sees PAJ, who bursts into scathing fuzzy words.

    ”There was a point in my career where I, for some stupid reason, believed that you were someone I could learn from. That's what I do. I learn. I adapt. I conquer. When we got into the ring. We had no chemistry and I learned nothing from you. The most boring man I have ever faced. You pretend to be funny to pander to a shrinking set of fans that you have. You are stale. Boring. You are everything you pretend not to be …I know what you do is wrong. You steal and cheat to titles YOU DIDNT EARN. You are a dishonourable man. Which is no surprise coming from a pathetic, jealous Scotsman like you all are. Just like life, just like history, The Last Great Englishman will stand tall over yet another low-life Scottish bastard”

    McLean fakes a grimace at the words, then gives a patronising look.

    Shane McLean:
    “I hate that the battle for independence that Scotland faces is broadcast between us to the world, because you are a foul representation of the English people. I will concede you are possibly right on some points you make though. Maybe you did not learn anything from me. In fact, I’d like to think you didn’t, because I would not be best pleased with the assocaition with scum like you, who so willingly betrayed the FWA in it’s hours of need. Maybe I didn’t earn my chances at Championships. It is of course possible, that I was put in these positions not through my ability, but through nostalgia. I do not doubt there are those better than me, perhaps more deserving than me. Perhaps you are right I have a shrinking fan base, but I do not do this for just those who cheer for me, I do what I do what I do for every single person who follows the FWA as passioantely as I do, whether they save their voice for more popular stars, bigger names than myself. And you are most certainly right that I am indeed a Scottish bastard, because I am damn proud of that. But boring? I’d like to think the only boring I shall be doing, is boring my fist into the back of your skull, via your face, you little reprobate. The Last Great Englishman sounds past tense to me, and I will not stop in making you a thing of the past if the chance comes my way.”

    McLean whips away from PAJ’s sneering face, and halts as he sees the final pod. Stood within, Jason Gryphon is holding up the North American Championship.Shane walks slowly towards him as he speaks.

    Jason Gryphon:
    “Shane McClean not only betrayed me but he betrayed all of you. The person that Shane McClean shows the world is not the man that he truly is. Shane McClean is a man that would stab a good man in the back in order to get what he thinks he deserves. Ace’s High was the moment when the world saw the monster before the man that Shane pretends to be. That person took a moment of weakness that I had and stabbed me in the back inside of the Carnal Contendership match. Together Shane and I could have worked together to clean the ring of those that did not deserve a World Title shot but now he works only for himself and in doing so he betrayed every one of my creatures. Ace’s High will be a night that we will forever remember. It is the night where Shane McClean showed his true color and they are yellow. McClean has a yellow streak going down his spine that he will forever have to live with because of what he did to me, to us. I was eliminated by a man that so many of you have trusted in the past. How does Shane repay that trust? He eliminates your King! He throws us out of the match and dashes our hope, our dreams, of getting our hands on the ultimate evil of the FWA. Now Shane McClean must pay for what he has done and he will pay at Back in Business. McClean took something very precious to us and he will not get away with that, I will not let him. Shane, you took away our dreams so I’M TAKING YOUR REALTY! I’M TAKING YOUR PRIDE, YOUR EGO, AND YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP! Shane McClean has hid behind the mask of the fan favorite for too long and now with his true colors showing, he will expose his sheedy underbelly and now I pull out my claws and rip his lying guts out.”

    Shane McLean sighs and looks at the man who just days ago took the North American Championship from him.

    Shane McLean:
    “Jason, you make me sad. Not sad because you took the North American Championship from me. Not sad because you ended my undefeated streak at Back In Business. No, what makes me sad is I see the climb on the ladder of success is making you light headed the further you get from ground. I’ve been rooting for you, even raised your hand as a deserved winner. What saddens me is your words. You may have been running on passion, but the thirst seems to have taken control. You resent me for a loss you suffered, believe me a coward for abiding by the rules of every man for themselves. This lead you to show anger, hatred, greed. I can sing your praises, and indeed did, but you began to show signs of corruption entering your spotless soul. I know these things, my first time as North American Champion, I had turned my back on the people who loved me in much the way they love you. I thought only for myself, put blame on others for my losses, wished ill of those who were merely to compete against me. So yes, you may think the man I am as a charade, a mask as you put it. No. I’ve been that man before, and I shall not again. Gryphon, I plead of you, do not make my mistakes. Do not venture onto the heels path. We need true heroes who can never be questioned, and you will become the face of the FWA, the hero needed and deserved by all those who scream of your mythology, but you do not need to let greed and hate fill you and overcome you to get there. You needn’t think of destroying me, you done all that you needed to. You became the North American Champion, and one day, perhaps as soon as tomorrow you will become FWA World Champion. But do not become something else.”

    McLean shakes his head sadly, wishing the real Gryphon stood before him to heed his warning. Shane begins to walk to the next pod, but realises he has returned to the first, as Ryan Rondo stares back at him. McLean turns on the spot, and in the opposite corner, leaning on the ropes, stands a blank eyed Ryan Hall, the ultimate prize around his waist. McLean stares at the FWA World Championship, and the look of regret filters onto his face once again. Why? No answer forthcoming, the eyeless Ryan Hall takes his chance to issue distant words.

    Ryan Hall:
    ”I don't like you Shane. Maybe it's your quirky jokes or maybe it's your false sense of justice, regardless it's unbecoming of one who bears the name of the Unholy Uprising…Calling yourself the Unholy Jester does seem kind of fitting cause you were definitely the joke of the Unholy Uprising of all our one thousand and one members. You thrive on your personality and your witty little jokes to carry you farther than your actual talent would normally take you….Tell me Shane... what do YOU have to offer ME? Nothing I haven't already seen... quirky jokes and creative jabs aren't going to help you when that bell rings and you're stuck in the pits of Hell face to face with the Devil himself…Shane... To you I am nothing more than a fleeting dream that you desperately try to hold onto but yet the more and more you focus the cloudier the vision gets. I am the dream you might as well forget about when you wake up. I exist in a reality completely separately from your own and yet I listen to your words every week and they tell me one thing: You are a fool.”

    His words echo out, but Shane McLean is unphased by them.

    Shane McLean:
    “I am a fool. Absolutely. I had to be to step into this business, and I have to be tomorrow night to step into this structure with you and these four there. As for my lowly standing in the Unholy Uprising, this makes me glad, because those actions we took, are regrettable to look back upon. Regrettable, but eductational, it showed me the man I did not want to be as much as it showed you the path you wished to continue upon. And once G-Rich stepped aside and Matthew Boudreau – God rest his soul – passed on, you were ready to become the top dog in the FWA. As an arrogant, evil, manipulitive bastard, but we can hardly fault that, look how dominant you are. Do I believe you can be beaten now? No. I genuinely do not think there is anyone now who can match you. Wolf was our last hope, and you ruined him. You destroyed him. You’ll destroy anyone who gets close to your throne. The thing is Hall, you probably agree with what I’ve said, and that is where I hope the Last King shall fall. Because one day, perhaps soon, perhaps many years from now, you will not see it coming, because you do not believe it possible, but somebody will overthrow Ryan Hall. Ryan Rondo. PAJ. Stevenson. Gryphon. It could be anyone of them, and that day could be tomorrow. But there is one other person it could be. It could be me. It could be Shane McLean.”

    McLean dips his head, once again looking at the World Championship belt. His eyes come back up to Hall’s face, and he jumps back in shock, that now before him stands himself. The Unholy Shane smirks at the real Shane, stroking the FWA World Championship belt. His words are clear.
    Shane McLean:
    “You know it’s not those men who truly matter don’t you? It’s not those men who can make you fail. It’s me. It’s them.”

    The Unholy Shane gestures to the pods outside. The true Shane McLean turns to look, and in the pod which once belonged to Rondo, now Shane McLean stands within, dressed as a clown and spraying water from a flower onto the glass.He speaks.

    Shane McLean:
    “I don’t care, I just want to make people laugh. Laugh at me, aren’t I so funny?!”

    Shane is godsmacked and staggers, loking to the next pod, where Shane McLean is also within, sitting in a chair and eating popcorn, which is falling upon him.

    Shane McLean:
    “I love this! I’m not a wrestler, I’m just a fan! It’s not about me, it’s about the FWA! F-W-A! F-W-A! …”

    McLean is shaking, he seems to be scared of these members of the pods more so than the previous, but he stumbles to the next, bracing himself. Here he sees himself, clinging to the chainlink wall, hobbling, holding himself up, one leg not able to bare any weight.

    Shane McLean:
    “I’m hurt. I can’t…I can’t do this anymore. Just let me out. It’s over!”

    McLean looks over his shoulder, not able to look at this image of himself, but instead is now looking at the final pod. This Shane McLean appears normal, but sad, miserable in fact.

    Shane McLean:
    “I’m just not good enough. I’m a failure. I’ve let everyone down. Let myself down.”

    McLean closes his eyes, trying to blank out the visions. He reopens them to find the pod before him is empty, and looks to the others. Clown, Fan, Hurt and Failure are gone. The real Shane McLean continues to look distressed, and turns, but the Shane McLean wearing the World Championship remains before him. He nods down to the World Championship belt, then looks himself in the eye.

    Shane McLean:
    “Do you even want this?”

    Shane McLean stares back at himself, stunned. His mouth flaps, but there is no answer. Why can’t he answer? Before his eyes, the vision begins to fade away, leaving Shane McLean once again alone in the Elimination Chamber. But the voice rings out one final time.
    ”Do You Even Want This?”



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    It’s not a dark alley or a dreary room but I guess it’ll have to do. I mean what is a setting anyway? It’s just an empty canvas. Blank and awaiting someone to give it meaning. It’s just the background and we’re just the audience, anxiously anticipating him. He’s the one that gives meaning to the land he steps on. He’s the one we’re here to hear and see. He’s the artist the canvas needs, the savior the people yearn for, the rainmaker of the land, or simply, “The Infection” for short. These days people dig him, most days people don’t. But on a day like today what’s not to dig? Blue skies and warm air as spring has finally broken through just as the sun has broken through the few clouds scattered in the sky above. Talk of canvases is appropriate as this moment is picturesque. Today is akin to a work of fine art, a moment captured in time and preserved for all to see. If they just open their eyes of course. And right now, they should be opened wide as our view pans down from the sky above to the Earth below, and the man who keeps it all centered. With his trademark long black hair, a lighter-than-usual stubble, and those deep green eyes, we find ourselves in the presence of none-other than “The Infection” Brian Carter. The sprawling abundance of greenery around Carter fumes with jealously that even on this pristine spring day it can’t match the shade of “The Infection’s” iris and the sporadic winds that blow through the landscape, as the last reminders of winter, feel inadequate that they cant send the same shiver down humanity’s spine that Carter can. Unconcerned with the feelings of the scenery, like a wolf dismissing the thoughts of the sheep, Carter is seated on an old, stained wooden bench that seems somewhat out of place in this beautiful, modern, apparent public park. But despite its age and condition this bench serves adamantly in holding up Carter, the man who holds up the world. “The Infection,” under the sun and blue skies, with the trees blowing in unison with his long black hair, is truly a glorious moment in time.

    BRIAN CARTER: I am a victim of time and circumstance. The man I am today is a result of how, where, and when I was plucked from non-existence and given form in humanity. For all my idiosyncrasies, differences, and irregularities that is the one constant that remains between me and everyone else; none of us can create our own path, at least not from the start. And you now what else, none of us can even reach the finish line exactly when, where, or how we want to. Destiny is a fallacy. Pre-destination is a joke. I believe that we all hold the power to control our future. However the universe has the power to guide, alter, or otherwise outright crush that future at the drop of a hat. For all my power and ability, a swoop of faith can wipe me off the face of the earth tomorrow, or hell, right now. *Carter pauses and gazes upwards, as if expecting something catastrophic, although it never comes to fruition* And despite my prowess, intelligence, and passion, there was nothing I could do to stop myself from being born into of family of thieves, crooks, junkies, and liars. All I could do was escape. And when I made my great escape from the Carter household which featured, even seemingly flaunted its leaky ceilings and running toilets, and made it to the FWA, I could not control which individuals also found their way here at the same point that I did. It’s just time and circumstance at work once again. In the FWA I’ve forged allegiances that at the time I would have fallen on a sword to protect, I’ve cursed men’s names and damned their families for generations to come, I’ve committed unspeakable acts of violence, and I’ve suffered unbearable amounts of pain. But the scary thing is, all of it was unwarranted. The acts of violence that I committed should be reserved for the worst of humanity, but instead they fell upon the men who time and circumstance placed in front of me. The men I swore brotherhood too, they didn’t deserve my loyalty, we just wound up in the same place, at the same time, and shared some of the same ideas. The men I’ve cursed are no worse than any others, no worse than myself even, but they just wound up across the ring from me and the pain I’ve suffered, I didn’t deserve it, I just found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. You see all of us in the FWA, I don’t know if we belong here and I’m damn sure it isn’t our destiny to destroy each other over leather and gold. But we exist in a vacuum. Right here, right now, it’s all we know. This is our own world, a microcosm of life. And the worst part of it all is, there’s no escape. This is the path I’ve chose and the life I’ve carved out. So all the pain I’ve suffered and the suffering I’ve dished out, all the things I’ve said and dark thoughts that cross my mind, none of it will stop. Just or unjust. That doesn’t make me a martyr for the FWA, nor do I believe it should make me a villain. It just makes my life what it is; a product of time and circumstance.

    Time is eternal, but most else around us isn’t. As magnificently as the trees behind Carter stand, in a matter of months they’ll be baron and empty. The sky above could turn to rain at any moment and the flowers that line the grass alongside the bench that Carter rests on will wither and die soon enough. Even Carter himself will one day soon be gone, as Huntington’s Disease will claim another victim, however “The Infection” will remain forever.

    BRIAN CARTER: And you see, timing, it doesn’t just dictate how we will live our lives, as if that wasn’t enough. It goes further; it determines how people will view our lives long after we’re gone. Take me for example: No matter what I do, from here on out, time and circumstance has made it so that Brian Carter’s first ever win at Back in Business, was shared with Chris Kennedy. There we stood, a few weeks back, both eager to be featured at the biggest event the FWA has to offer so much so that two guys who never really knew each other decided to take a leap of faith and forge a bond of trust to make it to the grand stage. We emerged victorious from our battle with Aut Pax Aut Bellum and all worked out so well and merry that we find ourselves as allies once again this week, in yet another tag team contest. Now you see, here’s where things get interesting, because although time and circumstance have led us all to the FWA at this time, it is up to us to determine how to live in this environment. It’s like the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Well now, the universe had driven us to the vast and unforgiving ocean that is the FWA, but its up to us to see who sinks and who swims. Now Kennedy and I, its safe to say that we never envisioned ourselves as tag team competitors. I guess you can say we often don’t play well with others. So then the best way to explain our pairing is that we seemed to gravitate towards each other. As I said, it worked out well at Back in Business and the fans, as they do these days, seemed to love what we did. But this week their allegiances, as well as our mettle, will be put to the test again, more than ever maybe, as we take on the FWA Tag Team Champions, Vodka & Venom.

    Nature is alive and we can tell when it cries. And at the very mention of Vodka and Venom, tears suddenly fall from the sky with a higher proof than O’Ryan’s drink of choice. However, this doesn’t last long as the presence of “The Infection” keeps the damage to a sun-shower rather than a tsunami. Carter runs his hands through his long black hair that is now a bit wet, as the sun tries to fight back through the clouds.

    BRIAN CARTER: Boy for those who think Carter and Kennedy is an odd couple, the pairing of O’Ryan and St. Clair must make their heads spin. You’ve got your feisty little Irishman with a sorted past and the big, bulky, sadistic monster with a sorted character. And if that wasn’t enough, lest not forget that these are two men who tore each other limb from limb in the past. Now these days I’m trying not to be so damning of others, but honesty is an entirely different thing. And the fact is, that while time and circumstance brought these two men to the FWA in the same period, it is not what has made them into the men they are today or made them do the things they’ve done in the past. Now I’ve done things here too, so I’ll shove that stone in my pocket instead of hurling it at the glass house, but the fact is, I’m a man of cerebral calculation, my actions are designed to help my ascension and just as Kennedy and I gravitated towards each other, St. Clair and O’Ryan both descended so far into darkness that they met each other at the decrepit, muddy floor of humanity. They come trough the curtain every week, and smile with their mouths closed to hide their fangs, and you fans cheer them and hell, I won’t blame you, not because its right to cheer them but instead because they are fooling you. Well I, Brian Carter along with Chris Kennedy am here to remove the wool from in front of your eyes and show you the real Vodka and Venom, a sight that I’m sure will not only make permanent residence in your nightmares but leave a bad taste in your mouth that’ll stick around for weeks.

    Carter swallows hard as this one seems to be a bit more personal. He gazes off into the distance and continues.

    BRIAN CARTER: Ashley and Stu are not just champions of the FWA, they’re heroes to all. Their music hits and the crowd erupts. They dispatch of their foes and the crowd erupts yet again, praising them as conquering heroes. They’ll slap hands with fans who love their whole big and little, friend and foe dynamic and the fact that I’m standing here speaking ill of them will lead many if not most to believe that Brian Carter is already turning his back on the FWA masses just a few short weeks after embracing them. But no you see that is an untruth. Anyone could come out and speak ill of their competition, especially when it’s a couple of universally accepted scumbags like Aut Pax Aut Bellum. But to come out here and damn heroes, that’s a little tricky, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for all of you, to open your eyes and topple a pair of false idols. Some may call my words blasphemy and turn their backs on me already, but after this Friday, after what myself and Chris Kennedy do in the ring, there will be no denying it. So the logical question arises, how in the world can I see this evil in Vodka and Venom, but no one else can seem to? Well unfortunately, I learned of the character of these men first hand. I’ll start with St. Clair, since the thought of discussing Ashley O’Ryan makes me so physically ill that I need to delay it as long as possible. You see buried deep in the annals of FWA history, during a time many of today’s FWA fans may not have been around to see, Stu St. Clair and myself were actually allies, within The Age of the Fallen. Stu was the leader and I the undisputed blue chip prospect. Stu saw something in me, a fire that burned so bright yet still managed to seem so dark, and recruited me to his flock of monsters. You can call it time and circumstance at work once again. I was lost during that time, driven to madness by Stu’s now ally Ashley O’Ryan, but as I regrettably promised earlier, I’ll get to him in a moment. Looking back at my time with Stu it would be easy for me to say that I saw a monster in him and while I did, that’s not the worst thing to come from my Age of the Fallen experience and my time alongside “The Snake.” No, instead, the reason why I hold such contempt for Stu St. Clair is because I saw the kind of man he was… and it made me realize that I was so much worse. Despite the depths I’d seen him sink to, I knew I could and would do much worse. Despite the snake that was coiled around his heart, I knew the Infection that runs through my blood is much more deadly. Stu St. Clair showed me a monster within myself far worse than I ever knew I possessed… and Ashley O’Ryan was the first to feel my true wrath.

    Carter brushes his hair behind his head and rubs his palm across his stubble. After the brief pause, he fights through his contempt for “The Irish Siwtchblade” and tells their story.

    BRIAN CARTER: I did horrible things to Ashley O’Ryan years ago. He deserved it. He deserved much worse. To this day, he deserves more. In Ashley O’Ryan, I saw my father: An unreliable man of vice who is unfit to raise a son, let alone live a functioning life. And in Ashley’s sweet son Colin, I saw myself, a young boy of innocence who time and circumstance forced out as the spawn of a man who didn’t deserve the gift of seeing my birth or being my father. Now I won’t ruminate on Ashley for long, because frankly even speaking his name is enough to drive me to near hysterics, so let me make this quick. Long ago, I tried to save Colin, by destroying Ashley. Some say I kidnapped the boy but in reality I freed him. And by kicking his father in the head, repeatedly might I add, I thought I could finally make him crawl away from his son and back into a bottle, stopping Colin from continuing to grow up the way I did. Now long story short my madness overtook me and on the grand stage of Back in Business I failed to defeat Ashley, but I discussed that shortcoming at nauseum last week. But now, in 2014, the faces may have changed, but the circumstances have not. Now, all of the FWA fans have taken the place of poor Colin O’Ryan who at this point, unfortunately, is likely a lost cause due to his father’s influence. All of you fans are now the innocent, naïve little boy whom Ashley O’Ryan has tricked into thinking that he is a good man. You all love him and you cheer for him as he raises his shining title high to distract you from the darkness in his heart, but after this week, when I break him in half and split him open with a Spear and you all watch the darkness ooze out of him and stain the ring, there will be no more denying it, there will be no more fooling of the FWA fans, and I know one thing for sure, there will be no stopping Brian Carter.

    History doesn’t stay in the past. It shapes the present which dictates the future. Which means, unfortunately, that the story of Stu. St Clair and Ashley O’Ryan’s influence over “The Infection” will always remain within Carter. Let’s give that story a happy ending, where the heroes triumph over evil.

    BRIAN CARTER: When I returned to the FWA I said I wanted to ascend to the top. I said I wanted to take as much of this place with me as I could and I said that you all were welcome to come along for the ride. But this week, time and circumstance has intervened and made it so that before I could go forward, I have to go back. And I won’t fight it. We all have skeletons in our closets and demons in our past and I’ve never run away from mine. And this week, I will extinguish two of those demons in Ashley O’Ryan and Stu St. Clair. I’ll save all you FWA fans from the trap they’ve placed you in. I’ll show you their darkness and my light and you’ll stop cheering for them and your cheers for me will grow so much louder. Chris Kennedy is with me in this battle on Friday. And you all know damn well he has no love lost for St. Clair or O’Ryan; hell the later even stole his FWA Championship once before just as he has stolen all of your innocence. But on Friday that all goes out the window. Our history dies and the future, Brian Carter, lives. Time and circumstance may have placed us in this match in this dark corner of the FWA, but Brian Carter will lead our emergence from this evil.

    And with that, a last cold brush of wind passes across the land briefly interrupting the sunshine that had finally reemerged after the brief rain, as Carter stares outward. Through it all, “The Infection” remains seated, like a king perched on his throne or a preacher seated on a stone. At Back in Business the question was, either peace or war? This week, there’s no doubt; it’ll be war.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 4/18/2014

    Home Sweet Home

    The sweet sounds of a beautiful young woman singing an amazing song our heroes can be heard as there is nothing but blackness on the screen. The song is about the need for heroes in our world. This company, the country, and this world are in desperate need for heroes.

    The FWA has been holding out for a hero and one arrived a year ago in order to help bring an justice to the chaos that the company was in. That hero was Jason Gryphon. He is strong, fast, fresh from the fight, and larger than life, everything that Ella Mae Bowen in singing about in this cover to Bonnie Tyler’s classic, “Holding Out For A Hero”

    Flashes of the greatest moments of Jason Gryphon’s career are shown on the screen, moments like his FWA debut at Back in Business last year when he still covered his face in black paint trying to hide his identity like some costumed hero from DC Comics. As the song continues, more moments from the past are shown including Jason’s X-Division Championship victory, his win in the Ultimate X Match, and his victory against legends such as Devin Golden, Mac Miclaud, and PAJ. Finally a shot of Jason holding the North Amercian Championship from his victory on Sunday is shown. The hero has arrived but whenever a hero comes, the villains follow.

    Jason Gryphon (Voiceover):
    I am the hero that these people deserve. I will be the one to right the wrongs that lie within the sleep giant that is FWA. I will fight evil in whatever form it takes and I will stand tall at the end of the the battle like all great heroes have done. Odyseus, Perseus, Alexander the Great, Jason Gryphon...

    The faces of the five men that Jason Gryphon will face this Friday in the Elimination Chamber can be seen while the woman continues to sing. Clips of them doing some of the most shameful acts in FWA history are shown. They are moments that all of the challengers should be ashamed of and many of them have to do with Jason himself. "The Ace of Diamonds" Shane McLean can be seen dumping Jason over the top rope in the Carnal Contendership match and the clip shows Jason looking dejected as he has to make his walk to the back from of the ring. There is a clip "The Last Great Englishman" PAJ attacking a defenseless Gabrielle and standing over her body while her little girl is forced to watch. You have a shot of "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson standing over the body of Jason Gryphon in their ladder match for the X-Division Championship after the interference from Jimmy King and Ryan Hall cost Jason his title. There is a shot of “The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo betraying his best friend Devin Golden and standing over him with an evil smile on his face. When the footage of gets to a clip of Ryan Hall, the uplifting music stops and there is a dead silence on the screen. Soon a picture of Ryan Hall is surrounded with flames as the theme from the Exorcist plays over the screen, the devilish music that haunted a generation plays as we see Ryan Hall performing several of his most heinous acts which include teaming with Chris Kennedy and laying out Jason backstage and standing over him. Ryan’s face vanishes from the screen and it is replaced by the smiling face of Jason Gryphon. “Holding Out For A Hero” finishes playing with a show of Jason Gryphon surrounded by his loving fans to show the difference from the ultimate evil in FWA to the ultimate good.

    Jason Gryphon (Voiceover):
    There used to be good in all of the men that I must face inside of the Elimination Chamber. Now their hearts have been infected with evil. I must stand in the ring on Friday as the only man with a pure soul. It is up to me to save FWA from those that would do it harm, it is time for a change.

    Spring has begun its rule of the seasons. It is the annual season of life and rebirth. Everything that had died in the winter from the cold and ice and sleet and snow are finding a way to come back to life after their harsh treatment from Jack Frost and his merry band of winter warriors. As the bloom beings to appear on the dogwood trees and the sweet smell of roses begin to fill the air, it signals that life is filled with nothing but change but also a never ending immortality for those that know how to survive. Jason Gryphon has done just that. He has learned how to survive and now he stands on top of the threshold with the North American Championship on his shoulder. It is amazing what kind of difference that a year can make. The bloom on Jason’s rose begin with a dark match one year ago at Back in Business and now he is fully flourished with the sweet smell of victory coming off of him. From wrestling in a dark match, all the way to earning the X-Division Championhip, to earning the North American Championship. Everything that Jason has done this year, every goal that he has accomplished, he has earned them. It took a month of plotting and planning but Jason got his North American Championship shot and he made the most of it. He shocked the world by winning another championship but this time, doing it with just one arm after a devastating move from the former champion Shane McClean that pulled Jason’s arm out of the socket. Both Thomas Princeton and Shane McClean put up a valiant effort in their attempts to earn the North American Title but Jason was more prepared for this match than he was with any match that has come before it. Getting to celebrate championship wins with this newly created Gryphon’s will be a moment that Jason will never forget. Afterwards, the agonizing pain from the doctor having to shove Jason’s arm back into place felt as if it was the sweet tickle from a butterfly as Jason stared at his newly won championship. Sunday night, good finally triumphed, and it was glorious. Now Jason must once again look to the future, he must now defend his championship but first, he has the chance to become the World Champion.

    Winter has faded, Spring has arrived, and there is no place that exemplifies this than on Jason Gryphon’s new farm. The new North American Champion has sold everything that connected him to his previous life. He sold his 1964 Shelby Cobra, he sold his cabin in the mountains, and sold every piece of stock that he had in various companies such as Apple, IBM, SONY, and Microsoft. Jason used that money to buy a place where he would feel more at home. He bought a 1000 arce old farm in Rural North Carolina. It is a quite piece of home where Jason and his fellow Gryphon’s can congregate in peace while they discuss their new religion. The farm comes complete with a farm house where Jason can rest after a long hard day of traveling around the world defending his championship, a barn filled with prize horses, cows, and pigs, and his own private lake. It is surrounded with large pine, oak, and dogwood trees that give the place a bit of elegance as the plants are now coming back to fruition. The love and trust that Jason is shown by his latest invitation to those that have proven worthy. It is now midnight on April 16th and there are a line of cars backed up on the small dirt road that leads to Jason’s home. He has invited his Gryphon’s to a special midnight ceremony to discuss the Power of Gryphonism as well as the give them some words of encouragement as he prepares to walk into the Elimination Chamber on Fight Night. The cracking sound of the rubber from car tires hitting the stones in the road can be heard as those that have already arrived on the scene slam their car doors and look around Jason’s new home. There are signs in the dark green grass telling the Gryphon’s where to go once they leave their cars and trucks. Dozens of men, women, and children can be seen walking to the large lake that Gryphon has on his property. They surround the lake and begin to make small talk about how much they love Jason. While they wait for Jason, some people are taking the time to listen to some music, drink some beers, or even smoke some weed. After it appears that everyone has arrived, there is a loud whinny heard from the barn. Jason Gryphon makes his way out of the barn riding a large black stallion, making his way down to the lake in a pair of boots, jeans, and an opened buttoned shirt. He has the North American Championship around his waist. His flowing black hair makes his look like he just stepped out of a romance novel of the Old West. Jason has the reigns of the horse in his hands as the stallion quickly makes his way down to the lake, tearing up the green grass of the farm as he strides with pride. Once they are down to the lake, surrounded by the followers that Jason loves, he hops down off of the horse and smacks it on the pastern. The horse, sensing its freedom, runs to the other side of the farm and begins to chew on some hay. The crowd cheer gleefully as Jason makes his way over to his Gryphon’s and he touches a few of them on their forehead. Jason take his championship from around his waist and puts it on his shoulder.

    Jason Gryphon:
    My Gryphon’s welcome to your new home!

    The crowd gets to their feet and gives Jason a raucous round of cheers as Jason welcomes them to his new home. The sound of their cheers echo throughout the wooded area and the sound waves from their ovation cause the local birds to fly out of the tree, hoping to find a new place to roost.

    Jason Gryphon:
    I thank you all for coming because I am going to need all of you to make this place feel like home to all of us. You are all welcome to stay here for as long as you want. The closer you are to the heart of the Gryphon, the stronger your hearts will be. I praise all of you for getting this movement off to an amazing start. In only 5 days, our religion has already gained 100,000 followers on Twitter and we are not going to stop until the entire world knows what it means to reach their ultimate salvation. Sunday was the start of a new chapter in all of our lives. This championship that I have on my shoulder is the symbol of that chapter. Back in Business was about righting the wrongs of the past and we did just that in the middle of the ring. Together, we defeated both Thomas Princeton and Shane McClean to become the North American Champion. Now we must look to a day of new challenges and new challengers. However, before we do all of that, we have the chance to do something so incredible that it would define our legacy as the greatest collective of all time. We have the chance to enter the Elimination Chamber match on Friday as the North American Champion but exit it as the World Champion. We can hold the two most important championships in FWA in our grasp. If we want to happen we have to defeat five other men, including a man so evil that not even Hell would want him in their dimension. We get the opportunity for our ultimate revenge. We can take the World Championship from Ryan Hall and save FWA once and for all from his terror. The four other men in our match, I have had some sort of match up in the past but Ryan Hall has been the one to run from us. Inside of the sinister structure, he will have no choice but to finally face me for his sins. His sins are the most grievous out of all of the others in the ring but we cannot overlook them in order to get revenge. We must study all of our enemies in order to defeat them.

    Jason sits down next to two couples with children and he places his North American Championship in the grass. The children walk over to Jason and he tassels their hair. The youth of this movement are a reason that Jason has been fighting so hard. He wants them to have a better tomorrow, today. Jason closes his eyes and a flash of Drew Stevenson is shown on the screen holding the X-Division Championship.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Let’s begin with the lowest man on the totem pole, Drew Stevenson. Drew and I have only faced off once before in the past and that one time, he stole something that belonged to us. We were three months into a successful X-Division Championship reign and we were put into a match with “The Emerald.” That is the night where everything changed for us. We were walking around with high hopes that the stink of that we did with Ryan Hall and his ideals of The Seraphim had been washed away from us. I was shown on that night that you cannot run away from the sins of your past, they will also find you eventually. I was found by Ryan Hall in the middle of the ring. That bastard distracted me right as I was about to pull down my championship and defeat Drew Stevenson. That night ended with Drew Stevenson standing on top of my unconscious body as you all looked on in disgust. It was one of the worst nights of my life because I knew that I left you all down. That is something that I swore I would not do again and I never have. I may have lost a match here or there have but I have never lost something more than a battle, I have won all of the wars that have been placed in front of me. For months, Drew Stevenson has been carrying around a championship that he stole from my Gryphons. HE IS THE THEIF! Nothing more and nothing less. The worst part is that I never get my chance to get the X-Division Championship back. I was refused a rematch by Jimmy King because he knew that I would have gotten the championship back and that would have mucked up his evil little plan. This Friday, Drew Stevenson will face the wrath of the Gryphon’s that he has been hiding from for months! He will feel our talons digging into his flesh and he will SCREAM FOR MERCY!

    The crowd cheers Jason as he mentions all of the delightful pain that he will cause to Drew every what he did to them.

    Jason Gryphon:

    Drew was a cocky son of a bitch when he stole our title and he has only gotten worse since that time. The sad fact is that just like when I was champion of the X-Division, there were no real challenges, you win the title and then creative has nothing for you. I was the only true challenge that Drew Stevenson has had in almost three months. When you have no true challenges, you are forced to defend your championship in matches that have been pushed together just to fill a spot on the card. Drew Stevenson has had no one to truly challenge him as the X-Division Champion or as he dubbed it, “The Emerald” Championship. In an effort to try to make himself appear to be more than what he is, he “exiled” himself from the organization and finally, he will be rightfully stripped as the championship. I do not know why he has been given the chance to become the World Champion by G-Rich but I will make sure that his dreams of leading this company will go up in flames. I will not allow someone that has done nothing but derile by Gryphons for the past months to gain the Ultimate Prize in our business. Drew gave up on the FWA and he gets a chance to become the champion? It is just not right. I have done everything in the past to earn this shot but Drew abandons the company and he is given a chance to lead it. I will not let him get that chance. Friday Night is the night when “The Emerald” will get crushed into dust by the power of The Gryphons! He will play for the theft of my championship with HIS BLOOD!

    Jason smiles as everyone that is in his new home are so happy around him. They are all chanting Jason’s name and he looks out amongst them with a caring face. Jason closes his eyes once more and a flash of PAJ comes over them

    Jason Gryphon:

    I want all of you to look up in the sky tonight. Every one of those stars is a gigantic nuclear reactor but all we can see are just tiny little flickers in the sky. All of us are just little flickers of life down here on Earth but we have the power of a nuclear reactor inside of us. We can use that power when it is asked of us and there is no better example when we went one on one with PAJ. No one expected that we would be able to conquer a man that many believe to be a Future World Champion. Everyone thought that it was just going to be an enhancement match in a vague attempt to try to make PAJ appear to be more than a threat that he truly is. We were able to surprise everyone that night, weren’t we? I went one on one with one of the biggest names in the company today and I won. PAJ never saw that loss coming, he was expecting a quick win but we are never going to be anyone’s stepping stone. We are the next step in the spiritual evolution of humanity. That is the essence of our new movement. We will shock the entire world with what we are truly capable of as we take our revolution to the streets. If we want the world to become a more evolved place, we cannot have the sexist and bigoted ideals of “The Last Great Englishmen” infecting the hearts and the minds of these young children.

    Jason rises to his feet and begins to walk around the lake, looking at all of the children that have come with their parents.

    Jason Gryphon:
    PAJ is someone that plays by his own rules and thinks that he is nothing going to be punished for only doing what he thinks is the right now. What he believe is wrong and when you do something that he wrong you must be punished. PAJ does not follow the rules of man or God and so he must be punished by those that have the will to do it. If we are going to make our religion work then we are going to have to form a sense of rules and honor for all of us to live by. The first and most important rule is that in order to reach salvation, you must be able to accept those that are different than you. I do not care about your race, your class, your religion, or your sexuality. The only thing that I care about is the well being of my believers in the power of the Gryphon. I want all of you to be happy here as we forge a new path into the future, a future where people like PAJ are a thing of the past. We can all make that future a reality and I will do my best to make pain remember that fateful night when he came face to face a man that would stand in his way of success like a proverbial Iron Curtain. PAJ SHALL NOT PASS! If the bigoted Brit believes what Gabrielle did to him at Back in Business was all of the humilation that he would suffer this week, I am glad to be the one to tell him that he has never been so wrong. He will not get the glory that he so desperately seeks because the World Championship belongs to one man and that man is Jason Gryphon. I WILL BE THE WORLD CHAMPION!

    The crowd is in awe of Jason’s new attitude. He seems more powerful than ever before. The air of confidence within him has exploded 10 folds. IT’S OVER 9000! Jason closes his eyes ago and this time an image of Ryan Rondo flashes on the screen.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Our main concern now is the building of a better world through the power of Gryphonism and in our new world, we cannot stand to have someone that would betray their best friends for a self-entitled sense of glory. We cannot have people like Ryan Rondo. In an effort to make himself feel better about the failures in his life, he decided to turn against the one man that had always been there for him. He decided to turn against Whyte Thunder. Before Devin Golden was Whyte Thunder, he was someone that would always be there for the up and coming talent in FWA, including myself. I can honestly say that if it was not for Devin Golden, I would not be here today. Golden was a guiding hand that put me back on the right path and I am where I am today because of him. I cannot see how someone would dare to betray someone that had done so much for him in the past. Ryan Rondo was a Judas but it was only a few day ago where it has appeared that Ryan Rondo has turned over a new leaf. Thunder and Rondo have appeared to have put their differences aside and hugged it out at Back in Business. My question is, “Can Ryan Rondo be trusted?” Can we trust a man that would slap his brother with one hand and pull him in with a hug with the other? The answer is no. Inside of the Elimination Chamber, the only person that we can trust is each other. We must look to each other for guidance. You look to your brothers and your sisters here in our faith. It would be wrong to have someone like Ryan Rondo as our champion because inside of the heart of the man that would stab his own brother in the back is the heart of the man that would do the same dirty deed if given the oppurtunity.

    Jason and his followers rise to their feet and he grabs the hand of a beautiful young lady and kisses her hand as he looks over at the other people who have surrounded his private lake. The stars in the sky are twinkling and the lake is so clear that it appears that there are two skies, one in the sky and one in the water.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Trust is one of the basic tenants of all religion and it must be one of ours as well. There are people that we cannot trust in this business and every single one of them are inside of that Chamber this Friday. Does the Gazelle trust the Lion? Does the Shark trust the Orca? Do the Allies trust the Nazis? No they do not! We must trust those that have earned our trust and no one inside of that chamber has earned that type of trust with us yet. They are all looking to tear us down right as we are at our strongest. Ryan Rondo is a two headed snake that will try to attack us with both sets of fangs. Ryan Rondo has done everything that can be done in FWA. He is a former North American Champion, he is a former tag team champion, a former Television Champion, and a former X-Division Champion. The only thing that he has not done is to become the World Champion. He wants that championship so bad that he can taste it. Unfortunately for him, we are going to but another sour taste in his mouth when he comes up short once again in his quest to be the best. This Friday, for all of us, I will kill the snake. We all know that a Gryphon is the personification of a Lion and an Eagle. The eagle is the natural enemy of a snake so this Friday and I am going to take Ryan Rondo in my hands and I am going to feast on his venomous body and make sure that he will come nowhere near the World Championship. If I have to, I will eliminate every single person in the Elimination Chamber Match if I have to in order to became the World Champion. I am what I am and I do as I say. We all learned that on Sunday when I defeated Shane McClean.

    A flash of an image that features Shane McClean can be seen as Jason closes his eyes again. The crowd boos Shane McClean as Jason grabs the North American Championship and raises it high to symbolize this victory of the former champion. As he does this, Jason begins to make his way toward the lake, getting his feet wet with the water from the lake, his footprint becoming imbedded with the dirt.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Shane McClean is a good man that made a horrible mistake in his past. When he eliminated me in the Carnal Contendership Match at Ace’s High, he unknowingly set the course for all of this to happen. McClean is the one that pushed me to become more than just a simple fan favorite. He pushed me into becoming the leader of a movement that will help shape the course for the next millennia. Shane McClean made me the man that I am today. He also made me believe in the power of forgiveness. After everything that has happened over the past few weeks and I can finally say that I forgive Shane for his sins against us all. What type of a leader would I be if I could not forgive those that make foolish choices? We all have done things in the past that we wish others could forgive us for. Some of us have lied, some of us have cheated, some of us have stolen, but we as Gryphons can forgive those they have straid from the path of the chosen. We can find those people and give them the wings of the eagle that they need to soar to such amazing heights again! As another great leader once said, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone!” However in this new utopia of ours, we will not pick up the stone in the first place. We will be able to look those that have turned against us in the past square in the eye and we will be able to tell if they are truly sorry. If they are sorry for their misdeeds, we shall welcome them back with open arms but if they lie to our faces a second time, they shall feel the pain of a thousand claws ripping the flesh from their bones!

    The crowd cheers for Jason as he mentions what will happen to those that will betray them for a second time. The mood in the crowd has turned from a fun loving family cookout to one of a tent revival in the Old South. The crowd are hearing the chosen words from the man whose job it is to lead them and they are lapping it up like cheer booze at Disney Starlet’s Sweet 16 party. They are welcoming the words of Jason Gryphon and the words are filling everyone here with a message of hope and a warning to those who do not believe.

    Jason Gryphon:
    I believe that Shane McClean is sorry for the pain that he caused us because deep down, I know that he is a good man. He is always someone that the people have been able to look up to but he did make a mistake. In order to be forgiving for one’s sins, you must be given a baptism and on Sunday I did just that to Shane McClean. I gave him a baptism by fire. He came into the pits of eternal torment when he came face to face with the power of Gryphonism. Now his sins have been washed clean. He saw that his power was no match for ours and in order to get the forgiveness that I wanted to give him, he had to make a sacrifice. In order to give the him forgiveness of our movement, I had to take away something that meant the entire world to him, the North American Championship. In order to give something wholly, you must be able to give up something in return. As we both walk into the most heinous structure that our business have to offer, I will not harm Shane unless he decided foolishly again to try to harm me in the first place. He is also someone that he done everything that there is to do in this business except to become the World Champion. We both want to become the World Champion but that honor goes solely to the chosen one, it goes to Jason Gryphon. I do have some words of kindness for Shane though. He can now walk into an FWA arena with a clear conscious and know that you all are free to cheer for him as you wish. You no longer must boo Shane McClean because I HAVE FORGIVEN HIM!

    The crowd gives Jason give a round of cheers as he explains the power of forgiveness in his new religion. For the past month, Jason has been on a mission to make Shane McClean pay for what he did to him but now is able to show the man forgiveness after the result of their match at Back in Business.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Finally, last and more certainly least we come to Ryan Hall.

    Just the mention of the name Ryan Hall brings an epic chorus of boos that resonates throughout the wooded area, making it seem that the land is haunted.

    Jason Gryphon:
    It has been a little over three months since that man stuck a knife in my back and twisted it even more so by becoming the World Champion. How could it be that a man so evil could be rewarded for all of the evil things that he had done? He did not just try to hurt me, not just to hurt the fans, but to this company as a whole. As our home lay in ruins from an attack from the outside, Ryan Hall could have been the one to lead us into a brighter tomorrow. Ryan Hall is a Hall of Famer in this business. He has done everything that there is to do, including becoming the World Champion. He could have been the one to help fix the damage as FWA lay in ruins, instead he turns his back on everyone that has ever laced up a pair of boots in the locker room and decided to tear this company down. His alliance with Jimmy King nearly succeeded in ruining the FWA forever but there were those that stood up for justice and would not let that happen. I count myself honored to be amongst those that decided to stand up and fight. Jimmy King and his minions may have gone by the wayside but the consequences of their deceit still linger. After months of trying to be the one that would bring back the fair and just world that FWA was become the dark days came, WOLF could not get it done. WOLF decided to pack it in after a noble fight. There is nothing more honorable than to put up a good fight in a war where you know that you are in the right. WOLF’s sword has been placed inside of a stone and I will be the one to pick it up like a preverbial King Arthur and wield it in battle. I will finally come back to face with Ryan Hall this Friday and I will cut him into pieces in the middle of the ring before I take what is most important to him, the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

    The crowd loudly cheers as Gryphon raises up the North American Championship in one hand but with another, there is an empty hand. That will be where the World Championship will go.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Ryan, I made the biggest mistake in my career by believing in you. I believe that together we could have changed FWA history. The most sickening part is that I still believe. I believe that together we would have been the agents of change. FWA and the love of these people would have been in our hands, they would have been a weapon of untold power and that is all that you sought for the past three month. You wanted the power of being the World Champion while all I wanted was to be accepted by these people as a hero and a champion. We both have what we have wanted but while my Gryphon are giving me strength, your need for power has poisoned your mind. We are on different sides of the battlefield and I am sorry to say Ryan, you brought a knife to a gunfight. You will once again wield the knife that you stuck in my back all of those months ago but this time you better go for the throat instead of my back. If you want to stop being from being the one that defeats you and takes your championship, you are going to have to kill me. It is my destiny to be the one to stop you and now you are finally within my grasp. There will be no more running and there will be no place for you to hide. I will be the one to strike you down inside of the Elimination Champion and everyone that tries to stop me will be thrown into the steel mesh and their body will be a broke mess of blood, guts, and flesh. I have a duty to my fellow Gryphons and it is to show them they power that lies within them all. In order to do just that, I am going to beat you within an inch of your life and I will beat you in the middle of the ring. I know deep within my soul that it has to come down to you and me in the Elimination Chamber. I have beaten PAJ and Shane McClean. I have walked over Ryan Rondo’s body to survive a match and I have evolved beyond the competitor that I was when I faced Drew Stevenson. You and I must survive so we can finally end this torment that lies within us both. My soul will only be cleansed when I made you pay for your sin. For you Hall, there is no such thing as forgiveness; there is only torment and loss. I will beat you, I will take your title, and I will become FWA’s ULTIMATE CHAMPION!

    The crowd once again gives Jason a standing ovation as he lift their spirits with the description of what he is going to the man that betrayed all of them when he betrayed Jason. As he holds up his championship, Jason continues to walk into the waters of the lake, going waist deep.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Tonight is the night when all you of you will be transformed from creatures. I can no longer rely on creatures to stand behind me, I need Gryphon’s to stand beside me! All of you were chosen because I know deep down in your hearts that you have the strength of a lion and the speed of the eagle. You are all ready to pounce when an injustice is about to occur and you will all fly gracefully into the skies when the battle is over. You will finally know the truly glory of salvation once you have been given a baptism in this lake. Before I go into battle with the demons of my past and my future, I ask all of you that have been chosen to stand next to me to join me in these healing waters. Our spirits must be high as we go to war with those that are not worthy to stand next to us. The waters in this lake will wash away the sins of your past and you will finally be able to fly. You will fly with me to Salt Lake City, you will walk into the Elimination Chamber with me, and you will have me smite those that stand in our way. One by one they will all fall until we get Ryan Hall alone in the ring for the first time ever. It will be then when we all all surround Hall and FEAST ON HIS BROKEN BODY! Shane McClean will not stand in our stand in our way. Ryan Rondo will not stand in our way. PAJ will not stand in our way. Drew Stevenson will not stand in our way. They will all feel the Lariat of the Lion as we slowly but surely realize our destiny. Our destiny is to become the FWA World Champion!

    The crowd continues to cheers Jason as they walk into the cold waters of the lake. Men, women, and Children inch slowly but surely into the waters of the lake as “Holding Out For A Hero” begins to play in the back. The scene fades to back as everyone in attendance, including Jason himself, fall into the water.

    This house is clean.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 4/18/2014

    "What do you want to accomplish in the FWA?"


    The date: June 12, 2013. The city: Los Angeles. The setting: Backstage in an arena on FWA's tour through Los Angeles, home of a soon-to-be FWA women's wrestler. Sitting on one side of the table, an assortment of FWA officials including head trainers and one well-known face, Robbins Thurgood. On the other side, a blond, tight shirt-wearing, jeans shorts-sporting, foul-mouthed, tattoo-showing girl in her late 20s maybe, with a nose ring, lip ring and two obnoxiously large hoop earrings.


    She can't give an answer. Through her entire life, she's pretty much flown by the seat of her pants. It's all really been on a whim. She left Lafayette, Indiana for Los Angeles, California. Not a lot of thought went into it. She passed an opportunity to attend college for a music career, turned bartender career. Wasn't a very long decision-making process. She never really needed to answer the question of "What do you want to accomplish," because the answer was simple.

    "I just want to make it."

    That seems rather simplistic, and maybe borderline content. Some would say Shannon O'Neal is setting the bar rather low with that answer. Some are in this very room, and her response gives a puzzled, concerned expression.

    "Why not more?"

    "Well, I mean, I know that sounds wrong. But hear me out, ya know. Every part of my life has been about reaching for the stars, never settling for just being ordinary. I left ordinary for extraordinary, Indiana for California. So there's nothing about me that screams 'status quo.'

    But along with that, you gotta' know where I've come in life."

    "Tell us."

    And Shannon does just that, from her childhood raised as a small-town country girl with a rock-n-roll attitude to the living-the-dream rebel who hopped on a Greyhound bus with little to her name "just to see if she could make it." And then she gets back to her original answer.

    "That's all I've tried to do in life, because MAKING so damn difficult, ya' know? Just...just getting there...that's 95 percent of the battle, and if you can GET THERE...then you've really accomplished something.

    So just being in this room, with you guys, interviewing for a spot on the FWA roster...that, to me, is an accomplishment in itself. And getting a tryout...or whatever comes next...would be another accomplishment, a big one. A roster spot...knowing how amazing that would like, woah. Holy sh*t, ya' know? Holy f***in' sh*t.

    So you ask me what I want to accomplish, and it's tough to sit here and spout off things championships and stuff. The truth is...I can't think about anything but putting one foot in front of the next. Sure, I have dreams. Anyone does. But as for accomplishments and goals...just making it, just making it THERE. How cool would that be? I'd cherish every moment, man. I'd cherish every match, win or lose, because it's special. I would've f****in' made it. Amazing."

    The interview panel is somewhat taken back by this response. Usually what they receive is the "status quo" (pun intended) about winning championships, putting on classic matches for the fans, making the Hall of Fame and being the best ever.

    "You seem very...different...from most. I like that. Is there a way we can grab that...your personality...and put it on screen?"

    Robbins Thurgood speaks up for the very first time with that statement, and immediately Shannon O'Neal smiles. Not because she is attracted but because she is flattered. Some of the other interview panelists snicker and grumble under their breath about Shannon being a little too "far out there."

    "The way I look at it, my personality got me here. And if I make it to the FWA, then my personality would've gotten me there. Ain't no reason to change up."

    One more question comes from the panel.

    "Let's say you received a spot...let's just assume it for a moment. You said your accomplishment goals would be to make it...and then after that?"

    "Well...just to live it, and to make the most of it. Work hard, let my personality shine, and whatever happens, happens. Like I said, I'm me. I'm not an overthinker, but I am an overworker. And I appreciate my life and where I am. Ain't no hippie, none of those crazy drugs, although I've been offered before. The Strip, ya' know? But man, there are so many people in the FWA who look like they're just going through the motions. And some even look like they're taking it all for granted.

    Look at...what's their name...that tag team...they're always saying how great they are."

    "Aut Paux Aut Bellum?"

    "Yes! Aut Paste...whatever. I ain't even gonna' try and pronounce that sh*t. But look at who they were, when they were young. Feuding with Confederate Funeral, Jenny and Gabrielle. All those great teams. Yeah, I've seen some stuff from back in the day. I remember these two young kids with gleam in their eye wanting to be the best. Then they made it...and kept making it and making it and making it and somewhere along the way...after what was it...two and a half years as champs...they just kind of...

    stopped really wanting it. They just look like they're here for a paycheck. No drive. No energy. No emotion. It's all just falling flat. I don't know, man. It's sad, ya' know? It's kind of sad to see superstars...some of the best at this profession...just visibly look like they don't care anymore.

    And that's one thing I promise I'll never let happen. I'll never stop caring. Even after I make it...I want to keep making it, every f***in' day, until the day I retire and call it quits. Every f***in' day I want to prove to you guys, the fans and myself that I BELONG...that I made it for a reason and I want to keep making it. That's my only goal, my only accomplishment. To make it...that's it."

    As the interview ends, the positive vibes are sent Shannon's way. It seems she could receive a tryout, maybe a roster spot in the future. Who knows? Her wrestling experience is kind of light, but the FWA officials love her passion and the uniqueness about her. They've never had an interview quite like that, never heard an answer quite like that.

    That was nearly one year ago. Now, on April 18, 2014, Shannon is preparing to face Aut Pax Aut Bellum and Mackenzie Roberts with the current Women's champion, Saddle Sally, and one of the greatest of all time, Gabrielle Montgomery.

    As Robbins Thurgood approaches Shannon, in the locker room, he asks if she's ready.

    "Remember what I said in my interview?"

    "Never forget it."

    "Do you think I've made it?"

    Robbins seems a bit perplexed by the question. And he doesn't give an answer. He just asks again if Shannon is ready, which she nods her head "yes" and sits up, wondering why her best friend in the FWA left her hanging on the limb.

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    Saddle Sally Promo

    On the Justin Mariol radio show...

    Justin: Welcome back to the Justin Mariol show, I am here live with the current FWA Womens Champion Saddle Sally. Sally thank you for joining me on the program today.

    Sally: Of 'course I'm glad to be on. It's been a while.

    Justin: Well we have a lot to catch up on, but first of all congratulations for retaining the championship at Back in Business, it's never easy going against Ayla El.

    Sally: Ya' that was a big match fer' me and I was happy to walk out of there the champ still. That was no easy feat fer' me, but I've got a lot of confidence now goin' into the comin' weeks and getting ready for the next Pay-Per-View Aftershock. I don't know if I'll be on the card yet fer' that but gotta be prepared.

    Justin: Now that you've gotten past that hurdle I know you will be teaming up once again with Shannon O' Neal and Gabrielle this week. After the last time you teamed up with Gabrielle I must admit I'm looking forward to seeing you two on the same team again.

    Sally: Welp don't get yer' hopes up too much. That little tactic of a kiss was used to help win a match. And it was a last resort kinda thing, we ain't lookin' to do that right now. I know Aut Pax Aut Bellum are one of the best of all time, but they've been slippin' as of late and I fully intend on helpin' my team pick up a significant win. Plus it's always fun to kick Mackenzie Robert's butt! I hope you got that kiss on DVR 'cause I don't think you'll be seein' another one anytime soon.

    Justin: Awww Sally don't do that to me and the fans. You know you and Gabrielle are my OTP.

    Sally: Ya' I'm sure we fueled quite the library of fanfiction on that Fight Night.

    Justin: So you think APAB are on the decline?

    Sally: I remember a time when hearing ya' were gonna go up against Aut Pax Aut Bellum was basically a death sentence I mean you had no chance of beatin' them, they were undefeated but Mackenzie Robert's has poisoned that team like she tried to poison my marriage and they are really strugglin' my advice to them? Drop the dead weight. Mackenzie is nothin' more than a parasite, and every week that goes by that is revealed more and more. I mean they don't really think that if they could barely handle a ring rusted Brian Carter and Chris Kennedy that they can take on a team with our momentum? Gabrielle just beat PAJ in one of the best Back in Business matches of all time, Shannon O' Neal is red hot as always and of course I am still the champion! Mackenzie is out of her depth and APAB doesn't have the fight in them to take us on effectively. It's gonna be a girl power kind of night!

    Justin: Can we expect to see your friend Tiffany Reinhart by ringside?

    Sally: She's had my back all this time, I don't reckon a reason she wouldn't be.

    Justin: See! You need her to have your back, admit it you're still a bit nervous about APAB.

    Sally: I mean it's any given Friday here in the FWA, but that don't mean I'm nervous. Ya' can't jus' walk out there and expect to win. You never can, not even when yer' goin' against Susie Sue or Wanda Wells. Ya' gotta always be sharp or someone can take advantage of ya'. But again I'm not worried. I've got a great team that knows what they're doing and there is jus' so much that we have goin' in our direction right now. I think that we are at the cusp of a new era in female wrestlin' here in the FWA and I'm so proud and honored to be a part of it. APAB and Mackenzie Roberts will also be a part of it. Jus' on the losin' side I'm afraid.

    Justin: A new era of women's wrestling? What do you mean by that?

    Sally: Well ain't it obvious? Fer' a while with the start of the division one woman would dominate the division. Jenny Ignitio or Gabrielle. And after that it became a title ladies played hot potato with, but now with me holdin' the title I've got a feelin' in my gut we're in line for another long title reign, and this will make sure that everyone has to work to be as good as me, and I think there is somethin' beautiful and progressive 'bout that.

    Justin: A bold statement to say the least.

    Sally: I'd be in the wrong business if I wasn't.

    Justin: Can't argue with that, well good luck Sally this week. I'll be rooting for you!

    Sally: Thank ya' kindly Justin. Ya' take care now. Yippie Yippie Ki Hi Yay!

    Sally ends the call

    Justin: Alright when we come back I'll be talking to my panel on if Evolution vs. The Shield. Is this great for the WWE? A nostalgia kick? Or just HHH flexing his ego once again?...

    Saddle Sally 3x FWA Womens Champion
    2013 & 2014 FWA Women Wrestler of the Year

    The Semi-Published Works of iMatt

    "An Affair of the Youth" feature film production journalElsa, The Great (Frozen fanfic)

    Walt County

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    Re: Saddle Sally Promo

    These Strings Are Just Too Hard To Pull

    “They knew who you were. They didn’t care. They didn’t see a point to you. They knew you’d be a failure. They were right.”

    With an aerial view of a children’s hospital in the big city, we can see a man standing by the window and looking outside. Upon zooming into him, we see that it is Wake Walker who seems to be admiring the extent of how high up he is. However, Walker can’t help but to look up. Roughly seven more floors are above him; towering over him. Walker shakes his head, as if to try to shake himself back into reality from his dream-like state and he tucks his head back inside the building. The cameras switch to the same room that Walker is in; a rather dark room. Walker leans against the wall, still looking outside but having closed the window. Behind him is an empty hospital bed and his two security personnel: Butch and Michael. The two lackeys stand idly by, waiting for some sort of command. Finally, Wake Walker sighs and turns towards them. He stretches his arms out, almost as if he were asking for a hug. However, as he stretches his arms out, he begins to speak.

    Wake Walker: Well, boys, we’re here. The Children’s Hospital – possibly one of the most depressing places on Earth. The FWA felt I was being a little too rough around the edges and acting erratically, so they sent me here so that I may perhaps connect with a child or two. We’re scheduled to have two visits but quite frankly, I only have the patience for one. Butch and Michael, the child is in one of the adjacent rooms. He is suffering from an advanced stage of cancer. The cancer in his brain has spread far too much and at this point, there’s nothing the doctors he can do. Surprisingly, this child remembered me and chose me out of all the other FWA wrestlers. It’s clear that he enjoys the work that I do. Thus, I do not see any possibilities of any danger being present at this point in time. The two of you can leave, you can consider today your day off. You’ve done well. You’ve done a lot for me, Butch and Michael. It’s no secret that that I not only work for FWA, but also for Galveston Island Wrestling – GIW. There, you have helped me secure many victories and have helped me reach a point in my career that I felt was almost impossible to reach once again. You’ve both earned this day off. Here, take this small token of my appreciation. Go to a steakhouse, enjoy yourselves.

    Walker reaches into his pocket and takes out five one-hundred dollar bills and hands them to Butch. Butch raises the money in the air, as if to thank Walker, and subsequently exits the room and the hospital with Michael. Walker stands in place, still leaning on the wall and looking down to the floor when suddenly, one of the coordinators of the hospital enters. She is a slim white woman with a nice figure that Walker appreciates.

    Coordinator: Alright now, Mr. Walker! The patient has requested to spend a few minutes with you completely alone. So, I’m just going to brief you on what his name is and what his favorite things are. The patient’s name is…

    Wake Walker: That won’t be necessary. I know exactly whom I’m talking to. I’ve done my research. Thank you, though. If you don’t mind, I’m going to head in there now.

    Walker exits the room and walks down the hall to the next room. Walker knocks on the outdated wooden door a couple of times and then turns the doorknob. There, lies a small child in bed, looking at Walker with his stoic eyes. Upon seeing who Walker really is, the child sits up very slowly, enduring pain to do so, and reaches in for a hug from Walker. Walker, however, simply heads to the window and leans on the wall, not looking at the child. The child lays down again and stares into the ceiling for a few seconds. There is an unnerving silence engulfing the room until Walker speaks to the child, never turning his head in his direction.

    Wake Walker: It must be hard, Gregory. It must be hard to come to the realization that your time left in this world is limited – very limited. The reason I didn’t hug you is because this isn’t a time to celebrate. This is a time to mourn. You had your whole life ahead of you but the higher power decided to cut it short. This higher power, this God… how could we allow such a thing to occur? A young bright kid such as yourself doesn’t deserve this type of fate and it fuels me with anger every time I think about people who are screwed by those who think they are above everybody else. I don’t know why you picked me as the person to come visit you, and maybe you’re regretting it now as I speak, but I relate with you in many more ways than you can believe. You’ve watched the show, Gregory. You’ve seen the blatant disrespect that the FWA has shown Wake Walker by putting me in matches against the likes of Thomas Jones and the decrepit Maxx Hendrix. Not only that, but they included Brian Carter in the main Back in Business pay-per-view card and kept me on the pre-show, despite the two of us returning on the same night. They reduced me, Gregory, to being an attraction on a live Youtube show. That, is perhaps the biggest insult that anybody has ever done on me. People like G-Rich feel like they own the place, walking around like they can do whatever they want with no ramifications to worry about. Unfortunately, G-rich is mistaken because I take note of every single little way that FWA disrespects me and when the time is right, those individuals who tried to screw me over by booking me very poorly such as G-Rich, they’ll get exactly what’s coming to them.

    Walker tries to contain his anger by performing some breathing exercises. The child look in the direction of Walker, completely captivated by every word he’s saying.

    Wake Walker: This is how we’re both the same, Gregory. The same way G-Rich felt he was entitled to manipulate the career of Wake Walker, God has done to you. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you deserve any of this? Why you, Gregory, WHY? Why couldn’t it have been somebody else? Why did God specifically hand-pick you to go through this suffering? Think of how devastated your mother must be, Gregory. Your father, your siblings, your friends – they’re all devastated. Because of their neglect to have you seen at an earlier time, you find yourself in the position you’re in. All of this isn’t your fault, Gregory, it’s theirs. However, I’m going to suggest something completely different than what the hospital staff had in mind. When you asked for me to come visit you, you wanted to hear ME speak and not the ones who tend to you every day and here’s my god-honest opinion. Every single person you know at this moment sees you as a burden, the same way the FWA is beginning to see me as a liability. Every person in your life pities you, as if you were some dog that was on the verge of being put out of its misery. They look down on you, Gregory, as if you were lower than them. Why, then, Gregory, do you choose to continue to fight? Why do you still wake every day, so that you can be stuck on your bed watching the same old re-runs of the same old cartoons? Your time is up, Gregory, and at this point in time there’s nothing any of the doctors can do. Right now, you’re just an object to everyone right now that is being used as an emotional dumpster. Why continue to live when everybody you know sees you as being pathetic, Gregory? Unlike you, here’s where we differ. You see, the FWA as a whole sees Wake Walker as an individual who never quite made it to the top. They see Wake Walker as an individual who is destined for mediocrity the rest of his life so they peek down, past their large noses and look down on Wake Walker as if I were a terminal ill patient like you but that’s where they’re wrong. Unlike you, Gregory, I have plenty of hope in this world – plenty of hope. You, on the other hand, don’t. Unlike you, Gregory, there’s still a purpose behind my fighting back but you, all you remind me of is a small rabbit that is being constricted by a serpent. Fighting is futile. The more you move, the more you end up hurting yourself in the long-term. But, I guess you could argue that the long-term doesn’t really matter there. My point is, Gregory, is – why continue to live? Why continue to suffer? Why continue to be the butt of all the jokes at school? We all know that your family doesn’t really care for you, the same way nobody really cares about Sarah Wolf’s passing in the FWA. I, am still able-bodied and all the fighting that I do still matters, which is why I continue to walk out of every Fight Night, the winner of every single match. Nobody has been able to leave a mark on my face and I don’t expect anybody to do so any time soon.

    Walker breathes some air out and chuckles for a few seconds. The child continues to look at Walker, almost as if he were accepting the words Walker was spouting at him. The child adjusts himself a little, as if to make himself more comfortable – enjoying the storytelling and the truth that Walker is saying.

    Wake Walker: Sarah Wolf. Oh, the amount of mourning that the FWA did after you passed. Wolf became so radically emotional and everyone in the locker room pretended like they cared for a bit – up until Back in Business. In the end, the major story the FWA was concerned about wasn’t Sarah Wolf’s death, but rather, the epic battle between Ryan Hall and Wolf. Now that Wolf has been squashed by the mighty Ryan Hall, Ryan Hall has moved onto bigger and better things like the “Quest for the Best” Elimination Chamber match. For the next few weeks, you may hear the name of Sarah Wolf mentioned here or there but after about a month, I guarantee you that nobody will make a peep. The only person who will remotely care is Wolf, who has now retired and has some time to mourn but even he will move on, he’ll sail on and simply replace Sarah Wolf with another woman. The same way Wolf and the entire FWA locker room will do that with Sarah Wolf, your friends and family will do the same with you. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll be the talk of the talk at school; for a couple of days. Soon, though, the name of Gregory will be nothing more than an afterthought in your school and shortly after that, your parents will simply make another replacement and try to forget about you because your very life consisted of being the dark timeline in their lives. Every mistake they ever made with you they’ll make sure they don’t make with the new child. The FWA thinks I’m disposable like you, Gregory, but I’m not. I don’t really care if they see me as a newbie climbing up the ranks or as some sort of experiment that they’re conducting because, in the end, I know that I will be a success in the FWA. I’m going to make a name for myself and people will always remember the name of Wake Walker, the most polarizing superstar in an era that desperately needed it. I will fight for my life as a wrestler in that company, and I will show the world just how strong I am. I am the new blood that the FWA heart circulates around the many chambers of the company, and my legacy will live on forever in the annals of time. Perhaps, Gregory, I might even dedicate some of my success to you. For now, I suggest you take my advice. You’re fighting a fight you can’t possibly win. It’s over. Meanwhile, I’m fighting a fight that nobody thinks I can win but the end result will only be that much more satisfying when I succeed in doing the things I say I’m going to do. Wake Walker thinks logically and it’s time, Gregory, that you said goodbye. You’d had enough of the belittlement the world has thrown at you. The exact floor we’re on is a testament of that. Everybody knows that the most important individuals that are being cared for are at the very top floor of this building and the fact that they’ve shoved you in the very middle is only further evidence that you’re as important as the life of a sardine in a metal can was. I, too, have been shoved into the cyclical nature of the “middles” but I won’t be here for very long. I will rise, be it slowly or meteorically, to the very top for the better good of the FWA and in the name of individuals like you and I, Gregory; the individuals’ society never really expected anything out of, the individuals that were never meant to be. It’s time, Gregory. You don’t have to take any more of this mistreatment. Close your eyes, Gregory, and don’t fight it. Don’t fight against what you can’t defeat. Let death win, for ultimately, he will always come out victorious.

    Wake Walker approaches Gregory and places his hand over the eyes of Gregory and begins to close them. The heart monitor, to the very left of Gregory, shows signs of a fading heartbeat. Walker stares at the machine intently, waiting for the exact moment of departure. Finally, once the heart rate of Gregory has reached dangerously low levels, the heart monitor begins to make the noise everyone doesn’t want to hear. Nurses and doctors rush inside the room as Walker slowly backs away, allowing them to go through with their futile attempts at resuscitation. Once they’ve given up, Walker exits the room. Walker texts Butch, “You still have your day off but tell me where the two of you have gone out to eat. The boy passed away”. The scene fades slowly to black, only to re-introduce Walker, Butch and Michael in Outback Steakhouse. As Butch and Michael feast on their food like rabid dogs, Walker plays with his fork very carefully and occasionally pokes the steak only to further lose interest in it. With some food falling from his mouth, Michael looks at Walker and begins pointing the fork at him as if he were going to speak and ask something, but Walker quickly mutters a sentence that stops Michael in his tracks.

    Wake Walker: I think I killed him.

    Michael drops his fork and begins cleaning his mouth with a napkin. Butch looks on, a bit worried, as Walker opens his mouth in order to explain.

    Wake Walker: I explained the hopelessness of the situation to the boy and he seemed to take in every single word I said to the heart. He’s a better place now. He’s not suffering anymore, but I still am. I’m still suffering and I have this pain within that only the FWA bookers can fix. Backstage, at Back in Business, I approached Jason Gryphon because I was so disappointed to see him become champion. I told him that I thought the champions of now were pathetic, and it’s true – I really do think that. Nobody can ever compare to my hero, Matt Boudreau, but he’s part of the past now. Jason Gryphon took my comments towards him as if I was gunning for his championship belt but the truth is that I’m not. I have no interest in his second-rate championship. The only championship I’m interested in is the FWA world championship and whilst I look onward at all these other third-rate superstars competing with Ryan Hall in the Elimination Chamber, I can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed in myself for having said those words. Now, Gryphon will begin hyping the idea of a title match between he and I and the FWA will only follow suit and they’ll make it happen only in spite of me. The FWA is going to make that match happen just so that they can claim I was interested in other affairs; as a reason for why I didn’t compete for the world championship. The simple truth is that I’m above Jason Gryphon and I wouldn’t mind going out there to prove it in front of the world so that they can see just how serious Wake Walker is this time around. However, I would much rather have a non-title match against Ryan Hall to prove my worth. Then, and only then, would the FWA and G-Rich truly see the extent of my potential. Some people have criticized some of my performances against the likes of Thomas Jones and Maxx Hendrix, claiming that I’m talking myself up to be bigger than I really am when I’m not performing at the exact level some main-eventer like Ryan Hall would but the simple reason for why I have been a little lack-luster (although victorious) is because there’s no reason to not be. When the FWA places me against a nobody like Thomas Jones and a has-been that was in his prime several years ago when FWA wasn’t even as popular as it is now, I have no reason to exert myself too much because I can take out those individuals rather easily. Again, if the FWA could only take a risk for once and pull the trigger on me and place me against Ryan Hall is a one-on-one title match, they would know that they’ve made a mistake with their selection of superstars that they chose to enter the Elimination Chamber. However, I’ve begun to notice that complaining over and over again about the dim-wits running the show isn’t doing me much good, so I suppose I’ll have to take these matters into my own hands. I’ll just have to pull the trigger myself and after a couple of weeks of sheer domination, people like G-Rich will take notice and the FWA crowds will beg and plead the FWA to place me against a higher caliber of opponent just so that they can see me fall. However, I won’t indulge their little fantasies. I’m going to take out whomever it is that FWA places in my way and it just so happens that my obstacle for this week is Christian Quinn.

    Butch and Michael stop eating and they place their elbows on the table, listening very carefully. One of the waiters comes over and offers to refill Walker’s water cup. Walker says nothing so the waiter assumes Walker does want a refill. After refilling Walker’s cup, the waiter leaves. Walker takes a look at the cup for a few seconds, swiveling the water around in the cup; manipulating it.

    Wake Walker: Christian Quinn is one of FWA’s biggest failures who would be a wonderful example of what a mediocre FWA superstar looks like. For the last couple of weeks, all of us have painstakingly had to go through Christian Quinn’s diatribes about how he somehow knows what’s best for his partner, Lucian Ace. Unfortunately, Lucian Ace is a feeble-minded individual who was at a desperate point in his career as he slipped away, slowly, into a mediocrity. This results in Lucian listening to Quinn, joining the two into one of the worst tag-teams I’ve ever seen. Just like Maxx Hendrix, Quinn has delved in and out of the upper echelons of the company but has always found himself simply not being good enough. In fact, over the past few months, Quinn hasn’t exactly done a lot of winning. Do you want to know why Quinn doesn’t win, Butch and Michael? It’s because Christian Quinn is a loser who doesn’t belong in an FWA ring, but rather, a psychologist’s office. Christian Quinn claims he isn’t a manipulator, but rather, a mentor of sorts. Well, the wrestling business and especially the FWA isn’t about who can help others the most. The FWA is all about making a name for yourself. Our jobs as superstars in the FWA is to make ourselves seem larger than life but all Quinn has succeeded in doing is making himself look like more of a manager than a wrestler. Unfortunately, he isn’t a very good manager and has dragged Lucian Ace along with him in this horrible path of losing. Granted, Lucian Ace is in the Elimination Chamber, but let’s realistic – he won’t win. Lucian Ace doesn’t have what it takes to defeat Ryan Hall at this very moment because as sad as it is, Ryan Hall is in his prime right now and Lucian Ace has allowed himself to be strayed away from his goals by this puppeteer that calls himself Christian Quinn. Funny enough, for all this talk about how Christian Quinn somehow knows what’s wrong with Lucian Ace, I don’t see Christian Quinn in the main event this week. He’s stuck with ME, and we all know how low the FWA looks down upon me!

    Walker takes another sip of his water and takes a small bite of his steak. Walker chews with conviction, eat chew being performed as if it’s trying to make a statement. Walker cleans himself.

    Wake Walker: Christian Quinn is like a blind man trying to lead another blind man down the correct path. It’s pretty pathetic to see it, but when you see the two screw each other, it’s going to be pretty entertaining! Christian Quinn has become delusional and has filled himself with the delusion that somehow, he is better than Lucian Ace and knows exactly the path Lucian needs to take but the simple fact is that Christian Quinn can’t help others if he can’t even help himself. He called Lucian Ace an untalented wrestler that had somehow lost his flare in wrestling, and perhaps be did – but to call Lucian Ace untalented when you yourself as just as untalented is very laughable. Quite frankly, I don’t take Quinn seriously at all. He talks all about his physique, as if somehow that’s going to save him from being completely outclassed. Quinn, you can go ahead and brag to the world about how chiseled you are and you can make lame jokes about your “guns” but the reality is that no matter how many steroids you take, or how many push-ups you do at the gym, you’ll never be as good as Wake Walker is because Wake Walker is FWA’s saving grace. Quinn can go ahead and continue to think that the FWA actually cares enough about him to induct him into the Hall of Fame sometime in the future but the Hall of Fame isn’t anything to aspire to. Christian Quinn is irrelevant, and so is his buddy Lucian Ace. If the FWA ever wishes to induct Wake Walker into the hall of fame, I can tell you right now that Wake Walker would have absolutely no problem declining the induction. You see, that’s because Wake Walker is consistent. I don’t go around insulting everybody one day and then turning around the next week with a smile on my face, hoping that the crowd cheers me. No. To want to be in the Hall of Fame is to want praise for your accomplishments, and everybody knows just how little I care about that. I don’t care if people get on their knees and bow down to me each and every week, although they should. So when Christian Quinn goes ahead and contradicts himself by blasting Lucian Ace for being a fan-favorite and then later turns around and states that he wants to be a hall of famer some day is quite absurd and pathetic. Honestly, looking around the locker room, I’ve seen so many wrestlers that claim they hate the crowd and they go ahead and blast them but later they worry when they’re in bed at night, wondering if they’ll ever be considered one of the greats. I know that I’m one of the greats and whether the FWA or the pathetic people in the Fight Night crowds accept that or not is none of my concern. This Fight Night, I’m going to steamroll my way through Christian Quinn and expose him for the failure that he truly is because his words are hollow and if there’s anything I hate more than the authority in the FWA – its phonies. When you look at Wake Walker, what you see is what you get. You may not like my foul attitude or some of the ways I go about winning my matches, in and out of this promotion, but everyone will soon have to accept reality for what it is. Wake Walker is the next big thing in the FWA and this week on Fight Night, I’m going to make sure the match is an instant classic. That match will be an instant classic because it’ll be the match when everyone realizes the true extent of Wake Walker’s superiority over the mid-card talent in the company, if we can even call them “talents”. Christian Quinn will be rendered irrelevant and after his precious little buddy, Lucian Ace, fails in epic proportions and comes back with his tail between his legs after the big bad Ryan Hall takes care of him, they can go back to being the collective nobodies that they really are.

    Walker feasts on the rest of his meal and promptly asks for the check from one of the waiters. After waiting a few seconds, the waiter delivers the check. Walker hands the man cash and tells him to keep the rest. Walker stands up as Butch and Michael look at him, in amazement of how quickly he finished his meal.

    Wake Walker: Quinn likes to think of himself as someone who pulls the strings around here, but we all know that’s false. The only strings he’s pulling is that of a failure like Lucian Ace. Someone as pathetic as him couldn’t handle pulling these strings because…

    These strings are just too hard to pull.

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    Thomas Princeton Promo

    Park City, Utah...
    40 miles away from Salt Lake City

    Thomas Princeton sits out on a patio deck overlooking the quaint but beautiful Park City. It's a ski town with a homey feel. Tom sits in a stylish sweatshirt and dark jeans, he sips from a glass of scotch on the rocks as he looks away from the camera taking in the scenery. His mountain boots flipped up on a table.

    Tom: I have a house here in Park City I like to rent from time to time. This is where the Sundance film festival is held every year, this ski town transforms into Los Angeles as the film world descends upon it's snowy mountains. The kind of place where a new shirt costs more than the tires on your car. Fresh air, minimal crime and the best food money can buy. This is class and sophistication. It's a world that is foreign to the likes of Jethro Warren. He'll be staying in Salt Lake City that cesspool of filth. He'll fit in right there, dirty air, streets filled with crime and food I wouldn't even feed my dog. And yet he will see himself as better than me, he will see himself as a man who has surpassed me or that is more in sync with the world. It's fallacy, it's just his imagination getting the best of him. Yes, the grass does look better on the other side, but Jethro is the kind of man who doesn't even want to peek over the fence. He doesn't want to torture himself with a life that he can never have, he doesn't want to even tease his mind with such delusions of joy.

    Jethro I must admit is an evil little bastard. That "red wedding" was quite the attack on Vincent Blackbird, I was laughing at the end of it. I have to at least admire a man who can bring Vincent to such a dark place. I mean that cross he put on him with his own woman! WOW! That's something special, that's a Back in Business memory you never forget. I wish I could forget my Back in Business match, but such is life at times. I could beat Vincent Blackbird on a Tuesday with one arm tied behind my back. I am not holding his victory to any real weight. I just found it amusing, much of how I find Jethro...amusing. But not much more than that.

    It's all about perspective. That fence that I am talking about the one with the grass on the other side. Here I am sitting on that other side, the side Jethro will go to his grave saying he wants no part of most likely and yet here I sit. Jethro will say he already has what he desires what he wants because he has Amber. His prize, his trophy, his pot of gold at the end of his blood stained rainbow but any woman that easy to sway either is a whore or cannot be trusted. Maybe in actuality she is both. I don't care one way or another but I am looking forward to seeing how it progresses your career. That being said your career progression will not include passing through me, no I will be like a dam, like switchers on a train track, I will divert you towards another direction. I am the mountain you cannot climb on your journey, and you are standing too close to me to realize that. Perspective is key.

    Tom leans back into his chair and sips from the scotch glass. He then stands to his feet and walks over to the barrier of the patio and rubs his chin pensively.

    Tom: You see Jethro I admire your attitude but I fault your vision. You aren't thinking big enough, but the reason you aren't is because you know deep down that your insecurities about the grand stage are justified that you will never live up to the Jethro those who hate Vincent or those who hate me want you to be. If it weren't so sad it'd be quite funny actually. I don't want to crush you though, you're the kind of chaos and the kind of strategy he FWA needs. You are like maggot therapy eating the dead flesh in a last resort. I am however am antibiotics or a virus itself there to disrupt and destroy the enemy. You are not my enemy Jethro you are merely my opponent. I am a better wrestler than you there is no arguing that, but I want you to know before I defeat you that it's nothing personal. I just like winning, and I like my spot on this side of the fence. From my perspective you are just another man I need to hit with a good BTY clothesline. My name is Thomas Princeton...and I'm better than you.

    Tom takes his drink and enters back into the ski lodge condo as the camera fades to black.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 4/18/2014

    What This Means To Me

    “The Last Star in the Sky” Ryan Rondo stands at the curtain, ready to go out and look upon the atrocity that is the Elimination Chamber which is being practiced being lowered to the ring as a safety measure. He stands in his green and gold wrestling tights along with the Sunrise-Sunset t-shirt that he was found wearing frequently in 2013 when they were tag team champions. He takes a peek out at the slightly darkened arena in Salt Lake and looks at the monstrosity of a structure built to wreak havoc. He’s seen it before… but he has never looked upon it when he was scheduled to be in one. It stirs some uneasiness in him. He comes out from behind the curtain and walks down to the ring…

    He limps down the ramp slightly, still feeling sore from his epic battle with Devin Golden at Back in Business. His head has a bandage on it and he has a fat lip. But that doesn’t change how he feels. He feels proud as he walks down the ramp. Proud knowing that when he makes the same walk for the actual match, the fans will chant his name and cheer him on again. It’s been a good few months since Ryan Rondo has had the crowd behind him. He stands outside the chamber and looks it up and down.

    This is it he, he thinks. This is the chance he has needed all along. This is the match that can elevate him to new heights. But this is also the match that could end his career. The dangers and the peril forced upon him are like nothing he has faced before. Five men all gunning for that belt as well as him: Ryan Hall, PAJ, Jason Gryphon, Drew Stevenson and Shane McLean. Plexiglass chambers. Steel chain. A lot of punishment awaits him. He looks at the chamber door, slightly ajar… and he decides that he wants to see how it feels to step into the ring with a steel behemoth looming over you. How he’s going to feel when he stands in the squared circle for a title match. He opens the door and walks up the steps and jumps into the ring and bounces around a little. He stops and looks out through the chamber walls and just imagines the crazy amount of fans all chanting and cheering for him or someone else. The atmosphere will be electric and that’s what fuels him. He stops and takes a look around.

    “There’s nowhere to run. The weak will be found out. People are made and broken in this sort of matchup. It applies to all of us. Ryan Hall might be the champion but that carries extra pressure when everyone is gunning for you. Of course, being the arrogant minded scumbag he is, he will assume that he could manhandle all five of us. Shane McLean might not have the guts to do what was right, he couldn’t do it when he faced me in the North American/TV title unification match. Jason Gryphon just won the North American title, can he cope with the workload it would take to win this matchup after Back in Business? Or will he falter just like he did against Drew Stevenson a while back? Of course, everybody falters when it comes to the Emerald who is no doubt the greatest wrestler… to have done absolutely nothing substantial in his FWA tenure. Then there’s PAJ, a man who’s own wife turned the screw on him. A man who insults females yet gets beat off of one. A hyped up prospect who’s nothing more and nothing less than a failure. And then there is me. “The Amazing” Ryan Rondo. A man who has been slapped with the underdog so many times and come up trumps. A man who knows what it takes to win every single title in this company aside from the females division and the world title. A man who believes he has what it takes to dethrone the Last King.”

    Rondo walks over to one of the chambers and looks at it. He steps inside and surveys the view, his back to the rampway and facing out towards the announcers table. He doesn’t like the view much. This chamber makes him feel out in the open. A rabbit in the headlights. It makes him feel very much like when he was the X-Division champion. Someone who didn’t know the gravity of what it meant to hold the belt. Someone who forgot to put the effort in. Someone who felt like he was more talented than he was, at the time. That was Ryan Rondo, the rookie prospect, the naïve one.

    “Much like Drew Stevenson, I used to have an awfully high opinion of myself when I was holding a belt like the X Division. I thought I was revolutionising the world of wrestling too, I thought I was groundbreaking in so many ways. But, honestly, everyone just views you as that guy holding the diddy little belt. And that’s all anyone ever thought of you recently, Stevenson. The only reason you are here in this matchup is because all you do is moan and complain about not being given a chance. About not being put in the high profile matches. About favouritism despite the fact it is clear to a lot of people that you are far down the pecking order. You feel so insignificant about the attention that you receive that you had to change your own belt’s name. That’s disrespectful and a spit in the face to every champion that has held that belt before you: Me, Devin Golden, Wolf amongst others. I can’t allow you to disrespect the things that I’ve cherished and cared most about. I can’t allow you to insult the fans integrity any longer either. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve won the X division belt three times or the Emerald championship; it’s still the same thing. The only difference is, most people tend to win the X division belt on their way up. You won it on your way back down from being a midcard prospect. You got found it and you couldn’t hack it. You’re not going to be able to walk in here and treat us all like dirt and walk away with the belt. You might fool yourself into believing that you have the skill, you have the wisdom and you have the talent to beat us all… but look at yourself man, the fans think you’re a joke, the higher ups think you’re an attention whore and you’ve just come out of the X Division where you were wrestling the likes of Divine. Do you really think Divine can compare to the likes of me, Ryan Hall et al? You aren’t a champion in any shape or form, you don’t deserve to ever hold a belt with such prestige. I’ll show you what a true champion looks like, I will show you true talent wrestles. You think you have the right to complain about not being given a shot and being stuck in the FWA doldrums for a while? I spent three years there before I broke out of the X Division, I’ve got the patience and I know what it takes. I want this more than you. This belt isn’t an ornament to me, it’s a symbol of pride and honor. You just want it as a piece of arm candy and bragging rights. You’re not going to be able to win in a chamber match with that mentality. Not with me around.”

    Ryan steps out of the chamber and feels a slight pain in his leg, still hurting from when he landed awkwardly after his ladder spot against Golden at BIB IX. He walks over the chamber across and looks at this one, you can see just about every single fan in the arena from this one. Instead of going inside and admiring the view, he slowly begins to climb the turnbuckle next to it. Climbing slowly and carefully, he reaches the top and then he turns around, grabbing the roof of the chamber and climbing on top. He looks down at the ring and admires the view, his heart begins to race, heights are always his forte when it comes to wrestling. But what really gets his adrenaline pumping is the sheer anticipation from the crowd and the adoration from them for putting his body on the line. It’s in stark contrast to how he felt when he won the NA Title, the sheer hate from the crowd didn’t make him want to put his body on the line for them, it made him angry, wanting to beat up whoever he faced. It turned him against his best friend, in a way. But Rondo thinks about how this time, the crowd wants him to win, they will him on. He used to be a hated man but now he’s back again as Ryan Rondo, the fan favourite. But he’s not the only one…

    “I sit up here and think about how the fans will cheer for me. But there’s other people in this match that has their hearts too. Jason Gryphon is one. In a way, he is me with a different twist. He has risen up the ranks quicker than me. But he still captured every single one of the FWA fans hearts doing so. Just like I did. Everytime he steps out of that curtain, he shouts about his creatures and how he loves them all et cetera. It’s such a simple move but it’s true because I feel the same way about the crowd. I started here saying that my drive was the crowd and putting on shows for them and that is exactly what Gryphon feels too and I can do nothing but respect that from him. Does it mean I am going to let this chance pass me by and lose? No chance. It will hurt that I have to beat Gryphon, another crowd favourite, to get to where I want. Some will boo, some will cheer, but at least people will be cheering. I’d rather lose to Gryphon than anybody else in this match up because I know that would make the fans happy too. I hope he feels the same way but he may not. However, Gryphon has never ever had a matchup of this magnitude and he wilted against Christian Quinn of all people. Gryphon might have the North American title on his shoulder, he might have done what I could not in beating McLean and Princeton but that doesn’t mean he wants this more than me. It doesn’t mean that I will let him pass me by just for the sake of the fans. Because I want this too, I want this more, I want to do this for the fans more than he does. He has just won his belt, the hunger will have subsided but me? I’ve been waiting and the fans have been waiting a long time to finally see Ryan Rondo in a FWA Title match and they will not be disappointed no matter what. Gryphon has yet to set foot into the ring with a fan favourite Ryan Rondo. The applause, the cheers he gets won’t prepare him for the applause and cheers that I do. He will wilt when he realises that despite having a lot of support, there’s someone out there with more, maybe he will realise that me as the FWA champ is the best thing for us both. One day, down the road, I could face him for it. Fans would love it.”

    The former North American and Television champion slowly climbs down, sighing slightly on the way, disappointed that he has to take out such good guys to get to where he wants to be. It hurts him a lot. He feels it now. The regret, the guilt. Something he never felt when he turned his back on Shane McLean. Something he wishes he felt. Something he wishes he could erase. But it opened his eyes. Ryan Rondo can be a viper when he wants to be. He steps into the ring and leans down in the corner of the ring. Looking to strike. It was the same with Mac Michaud when he won the Television title, Rondo spotted an opportunity and took it. This is Ryan Rondo, the opportunist.

    “I am not happy with what I did. I am not proud of it. But I am not ashamed of it totally. I wouldn’t be considered for this matchup. Shane McLean understands what and why it happened. But does he forgive me? I do not know. He has to realise that I had an opportunity infront of me and I took it. That’s the sort of mentality that I need to win this matchup. I can’t sit about and make jokes about everything and expect my talent to just carry to me to the title. I have to have the vision that Shane McLean lacked at that moment. I have to have the vision to see when and where to strike. That’s what makes a champion; they’re opportunists. Will Shane McLean have the balls and the vision to strike when it matters most? Or will his good heart hold him back? I admit that I had no good intentions in betraying Shane but it is different this time. In this chamber, everyone is the enemy. There’s no FWA vs Jimmy King. It’s Ryan Hall vs Ryan Rondo vs Shane McLean vs PAJ vs Jason Gryphon vs Drew Stevenson. It is every man for himself. I won’t be betraying the FWA by betraying anyone in this match – because there are no sides. I am on my own side this time. And I wish for nothing more than to not have to feel guilty about striking against McLean or Gryphon. The others, I could care less for. I am not doing this for me though. I am doing it for the fans. I am doing it for the FWA. This time, I am not on Jimmy King’s side or any bad guys side. I am on the FWA’s side and I want to be the champion that the fans want and need. A champion who has the vision to do what’s best for the FWA. Can Shane McLean do that? I don’t know if he could but I am not going to count him out at all.”

    “The Last Star in the Sky” picks himself up and again focuses on the chambers. The glass this time is his aim. He walks over and surveys it. The glass is hard and is surely going to be smashed at some point. Someone is going to break through it just like how PAJ and he have both broken through their glass ceilings recently and elevated themselves to a new level. Rondo is a breakthrough star right now along with PAJ. Rondo has been ever since he won the Tag Team titles, that’s what set him on the up. PAJ has just played the asshole role far too well…. Both of them know their capabilities now and believes there is no limit. This is the Ryan Rondo who realised his potential.

    “PAJ broke through from almost out of nowhere to become a real star. Just like many of us have. He did it in his own way, just like I did. He realised that he has the potential to be the biggest douchebag in this company. A douchebag that thinks he has the talent to beat everybody. The difference with me is that I don’t brag about thinking that I could beat everybody. I am not a douchebag like he is. I have potential, it’s a well known fact. I can do almost anything I want or set out to do. But the idea is to not get big headed. PAJ has his own expectations of himself and that is his pitfall. He expects too much, he lacks vision and doesn’t realise it. I fully accept that I have my own pitfalls but I don’t let them bog me down. He does. He might have eliminated me in the Carnal Contendership but he blind sided me. Now there is nowhere for him to run this time. If he wants to brag about being the biggest breakthrough star the FWA has seen in some time, I will oblige to that and bring credence to it also as I toss him through this chamber on my way to winning my first FWA title. People won’t forget about that. PAJ is remembered for all the wrong reasons, right now he’s the guy who got outsmarted by two women. How much will that disgust him in his own pompous mind? He’s not got the mettle to do this. He’s rattled. PAJ doesn’t deserve to be the champion of this company. I do.”

    Ryan stops looking at the chamber and comes back to the center of the ring, perhaps the only place he hasn’t been surveying yet. The simplest spot. Standing in the center. He stops and thinks about how it must feel to raise that precious title above his head. He could be standing here victorious as Ryan Hall lays beaten. A beast defeated. A king dethroned. A new hero for the FWA locale. This is Ryan Rondo, the hero, the savior.

    “Ryan Hall has ruined this title and this company for far too long. He is no doubt one of the greatest champions to come into this ring. But he will NEVER be the greatest. No matter how shocking he becomes. No matter who he retires. He will never ever be able to be the greatest like some claim Matt Boudreau to be. BECAUSE HE IS NOT THE MAN THE FWA LOOKS UPTO. HE IS NOT THE MAN THE FWA COUNTS ON. HE IS NOT A HERO. HE IS THE VILLAIN. HE ISN’T THE CHAMPION WE WANT. He is cold and cruel enough that he has no feelings, nothing holds him back and that is what it takes to get to the top. Or so he thinks. Another way to the top is by being the hero. By being the person that everybody needs. I’M THAT PERSON. WHYTE THUNDER WAS THAT PERSON. I ruined it. This is a mistake that I must correct. Ryan Hall shouldn’t be in this match, it should be Whyte Thunder or Wolf. It’s all my fault. And it is time for me to make up for my past mistakes. I’m ready to be the man who is touted as the savior and the hero of the FWA again. I should’ve been this man three months ago but I failed. I won’t fail this time. Ryan Hall might have the experience of being in a title fight with a magnitude such as this. But he doesn’t have the experience of facing a Ryan Rondo hellbent on making everything right again. For the fans. He doesn’t have experience facing five hungry challengers at once. He can beat Wolf mercilessly, he can destroy Chris Kennedy, he can end careers of many people. But he won’t get past me. I will make sure of it.”

    Looking out to the crowd and back to the ramp, Ryan closes his eyes and outstretches his arms in the center of the ring and imagines the sheer jubilation from the crowd as he hoists the FWA title above himself in victory. That feeling will be the greatest thing in the world. No, not the feeling of having the FWA title to himself. It would be the feeling that finally, the FWA has another World Champion that it can call its own. A champion that the fans will look up to and adore. A champion that will defend the belt with pride and honor instead of betrayal and wickedness. Ryan Rondo isn’t going to be happy with just winning the belt for himself. What will please him the most when he stands here, bloody, battered, unbroken with the belt lofted high above his head for everyone else to see, is that he will have finally accomplished what he had set out to do when he first joined the FWA. Give the fans a champion to be proud of. All of the things Ryan has been in the past: A hero, an opportunist, a breakthrough star with tons of potential, a fan favourite, the naïve rookie are what will carry him to the belt. And to give the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance the champion it not only needs…

    … but the champion it deserves. That’s what it means to him to be the man on top.

    This is Ryan Rondo…. The Champion.

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    Re: Fight Night promo thread 4/18/2014

    Memories of the Insane Part Two

    You feel the wetness of the rain thickly dampening your clothes, causing them to stick to your skin. Though the rain falling down onto you is frigged, you feel warm. Tears streak down your face as you hold the lifeless body of Amber in your arms. Amber had been your only friend while you were at the orphanage, other than the caretaker, Alester, she'd been by your side since you arrived there, three years ago. Now she's dead, murdered by a man neither you nor her knew. That man was killed by you. After seeing what he had done to Amber, you had snapped, punching him in his face and disarming him. After disarming him you had shot him in the chest, killing him instantly.

    The blood still leaks out of Amber's stomach, being absorbed into your clothing, making your shirt and pants sticky. You here distant sirens coming closer, along with footsteps, seemingly running.

    Alester ran into alleyway you were in, stopping when he saw the scene in front of him. Alester brought a hand to his mouth, a shocked expression on his face. The pistol on the ground, the dead man bleeding out through the chest, and you, holding a lifeless Amber in your arms.

    Alester: Oh my. J-Jacob, what happened?

    You respond to him, your voice broken up and barley audible.

    You: A-Alester? I...I...He shot A-Amber. And th-then I...I killed him.

    Alester stood there for a moment, before walking toward you and hugging you, trying to comfort you, it works somewhat. The sirens draw nearer as police and ambulances park outside the alley, officers and doctors running into it. Amber and the unknown man who shot her were taken by the ambulances, you and Alester were taken in a police vehicle, likely for questioning.

    A high-pitched sound rings through your ears as the scene in front of you explodes into smoke, shifting and reforming.

    You are sitting in a wooden chair in a large, well lit room. There are four empty chairs beside the one you are sitting it. There are multiple old fashioned portraits lining the walls, each hand painted. There is a large wooden desk across from you with multiple objects on it, pencils, pens, a computer, a small filing cabinet, and many stacks of papers and files. A door is behind the desk leading to a back room.

    It has been almost two months since you had seen Amber die. It wasn't easy, but eventually time had started to heal the wound that she had left. You were now waiting in Alester's office to talk to him. In any other moment you would have probably walked into his office to talk to him, but you wanted to wait for him this time, what you were going to talk to him about was very important, so you wanted to work out what exactly you were going to say it your head.

    About twenty minutes passed and a man opened the door to the back room and walked into the office. This was Alester, he was the caretaker and owner of the orphanage you lived in. He's been with you since your parents died in the house fire. He met you while you were in the hospital, having been struck in the face with a piece of burning wood that flew out of the house when something exploded.

    Alester stopped when he saw you in the room.

    Alester: Ah, hello, Jacob. How are you?

    You: I'm okay I guess. You?

    Alester: I'm doing wonderful. So, what brings you here?

    Images flash into your head. One of a house considerably smaller than the orphanage you live in now, though you instantly recognize it as a different orphanage. Another image overlooking the seen of Amber dying, your screams of agony echoing through the air. A third image of a small dog, it was a tiny black dog, no bigger than a bowl, it was obviously a puppy, sitting in front of you, wagging its tail. A fifth of three boys at about the age of sixteen standing over you, one was shorter than the others and blonde, one was at about average height with brown hair, the third, who was slightly taller than the second one had black hair. They all had blood on their knuckles. They were grinning and looking down at you. A final image of the three boys in the last one in the ocean during a thunder storm, they are trying to fight their way out of the large waves.

    You: I wanted to talk to you about something important.

    Alester: Yes?

    You: I want to be moved to a new orphanage.

    Alester: You do? Why would you want to leave this place, I thought you felt happy here.

    You: I did, but... there's too many memories here. If I dwell on them it might drive me insane. I thought it would be best for me to just move on.

    Alester: I understand, Jacob. I'll work out the paperwork and find you a new orphanage to live in. I'll miss you though, you're like a son to me.

    You: I feel kind of the same way, I see you as a father, though I still need to move on.

    Alester: Alright. I'll start looking for a new place to transfer you to now.

    The last three images that were flashing into your head start appearing again, flashing madly, one after the other as a high pitched ringing noise gets louder and louder.

    The Mist awakes from his day dream as he felt the car park. He was being driven to the old orphanage that he use to live in with Alester. Alester was driving the car, he let the Mist come back after he said he wanted to watch him constantly.

    The Mist: We're here.

    Alester: Indeed.

    The Mist: This place brings back many memories. Some good and some bad.

    Alester: I'm sure. Let's get you moved in.

    The Mist: Right.

    Alester opened the trunk of the car, both him and the Mist picking up bags of luggage and carrying them into the large redbrick building.

    The Mist: I've missed this place. Why aren't there any kids here?

    Alester: This place isn't an orphanage anymore unfortunately. I retired after the last kid I had left. Now I'm a therapist, that was building you and I met in last week in fact, my office.

    The Mist: Ah, I wondered why I wasn't meeting you here.

    Alester: Now then, in case you forgot, I'll give you the tour.

    Alester led the Mist throughout the house, pointing out every room, until finally stopping and the Mist's room.

    Alester: And this will be your room.

    The Mist: Thank you.

    Alester: So, who are fighting this week?

    The Mist: A man whose name is almost as odd as yours.

    Alester: A name as odd as mine? You've found a name that is nearly as odd as Alester Nicholas Fenrir Richardson III?

    The Mist: Heh, yeah. His name is Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird.

    Alester: Hm. Interesting. Do you know anything about him?

    The Mist: Honestly, not that much. His past is shrouded in mystery. This man's life is almost as enigmatic as my own. So in that way, I feel connected to him. Though that won't save him. I need someone to vent my 'need' on, and unfortunately Lord Blackbird drew the short straw. Now then, we make response to him.

    The scene cuts to black, then to static, then to the Mist standing in front of the camera.

    The Mist: Is it rolling?

    Alester: Yes.

    The Mist: Greetings Lord Vincent of the clan, Blackbird. Though we are going to be in battle against each other, I do respect you...slightly. You seem not to fear as much as you should. You are probably feeling pretty confident about this match right now. Some may call it bravery, I call it stupidity. If think you will beat me this week you are sadly mistaken. You will have the full force of an apocalypse brought into you. It will be mayhem, chaos, and I look forward to every minute of it.

    It will be fun to watch you squirm as you try to escape from me. I will bring hell upon you. Unlike you, I have a 'need' to fight, a 'need' to win. Accomplishing this will help me to not do something I'll regret. It keeps me from doing horribly things to good people. That is why I need to beat you. However, I do respect you. I respect you because of your confidence, unfortunately, confidence and tenacity will only bring you so far, it this case it will only delay the inevitable. I will beat you Lord Vincent. And I will do it as brutally as possible. You insult me by being as confident as you are about this match. Who knows, I might even end up committing some of the things I'm trying to stop myself from doing by fighting, just because you piss me off that much.
    Kill him?Yes. No.Yes.No.Yes!No! Yes! NO!

    The Mist's breathing becomes unsteady as he tries to compose himself.

    The Mist: I need to win this. You won't stop me. No one will stop me. I won't allow it. In our match, Lord Vincent, you'll be bloody and battered, and I'll be laughing. I don't know why I want it, but I do want that X Championship, even if I must pry it from your cold dead arms, I will acquire it. Why do I want it though? Perhaps I feel this will help calm my need? Maybe I just want it out of spite to you. Either way, I know one thing, I will have that championship belt. I will go to every odd to attain it. Like I said earlier, I need to win to help calm my need, meaning I will win no matter what. I will go to any extreme. I will push my body to its greatest extremity to beat you. Even if that means... death.

    The Mist begins laughing maniacally as the camera cuts off.

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