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Thread: Back in Business IX YouTube Pre-Show

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    Back in Business IX YouTube Pre-Show

    The FWA video feed, which has been airing past Back in Business shows all day, goes pitch black before finally airing the show's theme song, "Highway to Hell" by ACDC.

    Once the hype video finishes, a logo fades out and a brightly lit TV studio comes into focus with a table surrounded by three chairs and the red and white YouTube logo in the background.

    The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance presents...

    The Back in Business IX YouTube Pre-Show

    Lucy Pinder: Glad to have you, FWA fans from around the world, my name is Lucy Pinder and welcome to the FWA Pre-show. I am joined by an array of FWA past and present characters, including our current Fight Night general manager, G-Rich! He is sitting to my right, and to my left is former FWA Women's champion Aja Melissa and the always-entertaining former Television and tag team champion Anthony!

    All three say their openings and introductions, and Lucy retakes command.

    Lucy Pinder: It's a special night here in the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance as we celebrate Back in Business IX from CenturyLink Stadium in Seattle, Washington. First, though, the YouTube Preshow where some of our best superstars will compete and this panel of experts and former FWA champions will dissect some of the biggest matchups on this year's show.

    Anthony: Without a doubt, I think everyone is looking toward the main event. WOLF and Ryan Hall for the FWA World Championship inside Hell in a Cell! Aside from Sara Wolf's death, and I was incredibly saddened by the news, but the feud and the FWA world goes on. And this death has directly impacted this feud and the two men in it so much that it's impossible not to anticipate a bloody, hellacious, personal battle inside that cell. They wrestled at last year's Back in Business and this is the rubber match, the one everyone has wanted to see. It's the "End of an Era."

    G-Rich: That it is, and as I said a few weeks ago, the FWA is at a turning point. We're about to enter into a fresh new period with many new faces rising to the top and going up divisions. I'm actually most interested in that aspect. I know I'm the special guest referee for the World title match, but I want to see how someone like PAJ does against a legend in Gabrielle Montgomery. I want to see if Ryan Rondo is a man of his word and will deliver the beating to his former best friend, Whyte Thunder. I want to see whether Jason Gryphon is ready for the big time in this North American title match.

    Aja Melissa: And as a former female wrestler, and quite a good one at that, I want to see how Ayla El does in this Women's title match. She's been so controversial during her time in the FWA. She's right back in a Women's title match at Back in Business ONE year, if you all remember, after she faked her own death, something that becomes even more disgusting and hated with Sara Wolf's actual death and the death of Matt Boudreau just a few years ago.

    Lucy Pinder: No doubt, tonight will be one for the ages. Before we discuss all these matches, and more, any further, let's go live inside the CenturyLink Stadium for the first match on this YouTube Pre-show!

    Shannon O'Neal & "Queen Bitch" Mackenzie Roberts vs. "61" Susie Sue & Warlock Wendy

    This match doesn't take long at all. Shannon O'Neal starts for her team against "61" Susie Sue. Shannon lands a few tough forearm jabs before connecting with a running knee lift into the stomach. She lands a whip off the ropes and a spinning backbreaker followed by a grab of Susie Sue's hair and yanking her back down to the mat with one tough tug.

    Shannon aggressively slaps the hand of Mackenzie Roberts, who hits a nice missle dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Susie Sue flie to the opposite side of the ring and reaches up just in time to tag in Warlock Wendy. The new jobber fodder charges but Mackenzie, a former Women's champion in her own right, ducks and lands a nice back elbow, followed by a snap suplex. Mackenzie whips Warlock Wendy into the turnbuckle and lands a corner leg lariat. She then runs off the ropes and hits her "Bitch Kick" finisher and covers as the crowd chants along

    Winners: Shannon O'Neal and Mackenzie Roberts

    When the match concludes and the referee raises the two females' hands in the air, they lock eyes with one another and yank themselves apart. Shannon O'Neal mouths off something to Mackenie, who just rolls her eyes and snubs her nose up at the rookie wrestler.

    Back in the YouTube Pre-show studio...

    Lucy Pinder: Great to see Mackenzie Roberts back in action and also nice to see her and Shannon O'Neal get a big victory. That brings me to the FWA Tag Team titles. Vodka & Venom have had their differences for many years since forming in the FWA. But as five-time FWA Tag Team champions, no one is better. Lucian Ace and Christian Quinn are testing the duo. Can this new team pull it off?

    Anthony: Look...Lucian Ace is one of the best we have. Easily. When he's at the top of his game, he's better than anyone. But there's something about Vodka & Venom. They are so in tune with one another. It'll be tough. I think Lucian and Quinn CAN win...but I'm not sure if they will.

    Lucy Pinder: Another tag team match is Brian Carter with a mystery partner...against the returning Aut Pax Aut Bellum! G-Rich, you know these three, and maybe even the fourth person, all too well. Thoughts?

    G-Rich: I haven't a clue who the fourth person is, but I know "The Infection" is as talented as they come, again, when he's on his mark. When he returned with Wake Walker, who we'll all see wrestle shortly, the FWA got a huge leg up on competition. That's BIG, getting those two. And APAB may be the greatest tag team ever. So we're looking at a match between legit stars, in the undercard, no less, that came together at the last minute. There's a reason these three want on Back in Business and it's because of how important the show is. And APAB hasn't really been the same APAB we've known and grew to hate during that record title reign. If they come out and give a strong showing and win, Lucian and Quinn or Vodka & Venom, whoever leaves the tag team champions, better watch out.

    Lucy Pinder: Strong words. More when we return, but now, it's the first of the X-Title tournament as the returning The Mist faces Thomas "Iceman" Jones!

    X-Title Tournament
    (Extreme Rules match)
    The Mist vs. Thomas "Iceman" Jones

    As the match begins, The Mist receives a fairly large contingent of the crowd cheering for him. Iceman Jones also has quite a few fans backing him for this one. The Mit and Iceman Jones lock arms in the center of the ring as the returning wrestler gains the upper hand with a side head lock. The Mist continues wrenching around the neck and head before Iceman Jones overpowers hiim into the ropes, but the Mist fires back with a shoulder bump. He follows with a beautiful run off the ropes and a running headbutt into Iceman Jones' noggin! The Mist sadistically smiles like the old Gangrel as he peers into the sold out Back in Business audience. He brings Iceman up, but the CWA transplant fights back with a barrage of body shots to the Mist before running off the ropes and hitting a nice clothesline!

    Iceman Jones grabs The Mist and lands a stalling vertical suplex holding his opponent in the air for a good five seconds before dropping him onto the mat back-first!!! Iceman Jones rises to his feet and waits as The Mist pulls himself up using the ropes. Iceman charges but the Mist ducks and flips Iceman over the top rope and out of the ring!!! Iceman falls hard onto the floor as The Mist steps through the middle and top roes and follows. A few stiff right hands send Iceman Jones reeling around the ring. Iceman Jones is able to land a stiff elbow into the nose of The Mist, but the returning wrestler fires back with a rake of the eyes in this Extreme Rules match.

    Sam McDonald: In the X-Title tournament, extreme rules apply! Nothing is out of bounds for this one as The Mist seems to take pleasure in nealy ripping out Iceman Jones' eyeballs from his socket!

    Iceman Jones grabs The Mist by the hair trying to regain his sight, but The Mist its "Dimensional Paralysis" with a karate chop to the back of Iceman Jones' neck! Iceman jones becomes stunned and even paralyzed for a brief moment, falling face first against the ring apron and then onto the outside flooring. The Mist grabs Iceman Jones and sends him back first into the apron and finally rolls him into the ring and hooks both legs for a pinfll try.
    (.................1......................2.......Kick out)

    Langdon Trafford: One thing I remember is how strange The Mist was from back in the day.

    Sam McDonald: He was one of the most interesting wrestlers we had. And I can look at him in the ring and tell by his mannerisms he isn't quite all there, but the fans love it!

    Iceman Jones is struggling here in the middle stages of the match. The Mist grabs Iceman by the neck and sets up for a falling neckbreaker, but Iceman Jones fights out and hits a belly-to-back suplex out of NOWERE! Iceman Jones and The Mist are both down for about six seconds as the crowd begins coming to life inside Seattle, Washington. The Mist is up first and throws a right hand but Iceman Jones fires back with one of his own. Back and forth they go before Iceman finally gets a string of consecutive haymakers in. The Mist tries evening the playing field with a headbutt, but this time Iceman Jones headbutts The Mist first! Both men feel the effects as they stumble away from one another. Iceman Jones plants The Mist with a running elbow to the face and follows with his Falcon Arrow maneuver!!! Iceman Jones now goes for the cover on The Mist!
    (................1....................2......Kick out!)

    Langdon Trafford: Iceman Jones isn't going down easy against this dangerous wrestler!

    Iceman Jones wastes no time bringing The Mist up and placing him halfway onto the ropes. With The Mist hanging on the ropes, Iceman Jones kicks him square in the gut as the crowd cheers. Iceman Jones then heads to the top turnbuckle as the crowd rises up. As The Mist pulls himself up, Icean flies off for "The Best Dropkick in the World!!!" Iceman Jones hooks both legs as he pins again!

    Piers Gallagher: What a beautiful dropkick from Thomas "Iceman" Jones and what an amazing match here on the Preshow!

    The crowd exudes an "oooh" after The Mist kicks free. Now half of the fans are starting a "Let's go, Mist!" chant inside the stadium. Others are chanting "Iceman Jones! Iceman Jones!" Iceman lands a few forearm uppercuts and greedily tries for a full nelson slam, but Mist is 6'7 and weights around 250 pounds. It doesn't work quite the way Iceman wanted as The Mist counters with his own Sidewalk Slam!!!

    Harry Baxter: The Mist regains control as we're approaching a 14-minute mark for this match! I'm shocked at how well BOTH have done here.

    The Mist grabs Iceman Jones by his bald head and whips him into the turnbuckle. He charges but Iceman Jones sticks up a boot for The Mist to run into face first. The Mist stumbles back as Iceman Jones charges out of the turnbuckle at his larger opponent, but The Mist hits a big boot and plants Iceman Jones onto the mat!!! The Mist kneels down and covers again!

    Langdon Trafford: This could be it right here! ONE....TWO....THR...NO! ALMOST!!!

    Sam McDonald: Iceman Jones with a shoulder up at the last second!

    The Mist grabs Iceman Jones and immediatey puts his opponents head between his thighs bent over. The Mist is setting up for his "End Times" finishing powerbomb! He flips Iceman Jones up onto his shoulders and over his head, but Iceman Jones begins punching rapidly into his opponent before landing on his back!!! Iceman Jones slides off and shoves The Mist stomach first into the turnbuckle as hard as he can! Iceman Jones then lifts The Mist onto his shoulders and prepares for "The Ice Plunge" Alabama Slam!!! But The Mist counters with a falling neckbreaker slam after fighting off the shoulders!!!

    Piers Gallagher: The Mist finally ends this series of reversals as the victor! And now he's going for his finishing submission!!!

    With Iceman Jones laying face down, The Mist drives his knee into his foe's back and pulls his head and legs up and towards one another almost forming a "U" shape with Iceman's body!!! All while still driving a knee into the spinal cord!!!

    Sam McDonald: This is terrifying to watch!!! The Mist calls this the "Severe Disfigurement!"

    Piers Gallagher: If Iceman Jones doesn't quit soon, severely disfigured will surely be his doctor's opinion!!! He may be about broken in half!!!

    Its about 10 seconds in and Iceman Jones refuses to quit. However, his head and legs and back are all occupied and his arms cannot reach the ropes. He can't muster enough strength to push himself up and move toward the ropes and he can't crawl, either, since some of that power comes from your middle and upper body. After about 20 seconds in the submission, one of the straight-up toughest competitors in the FWA finally gives in and The Mist relinquishes the hold about two and a half seconds later.

    Winner: The Mist

    Harry Baxter: There it is! What an amazing match! The Mist moves on in this X-Title tournament to face either Jethro Warren or Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird, who will surely beat the crap out of one another in that death match later on tonight!!!

    The crowd inside the arena gives a fairly loud and lengthy standing ovation for the two competitors. The Mist stays in character as he crawls to the ropes and sticks his head between the middle and bottom ropes with his eyes bulging and tongue out. He oddly rolls through those ropes to the apron and lands on his feet on the outside floor. He kind of stalks around the ring as the crowd all applaud his victorious effort. They don't leave Iceman Jones out, though, as he uses the ropes and referee's help to get up. Holding his back and limping, hardly able to walk, Iceman Jones gives a painful, half waive to the fans cheering and showing support even in a losing effort.

    Langdon Trafford: Jethro Warren and Lord Vincent are two tough competitors, but so is Iceman Jones and he had to give in once The Mist locked in "Severe Disfigurement." I don't think Lord Vincent or Jethro would fare much better if they found themselves having their spinal cord cracked, and head and legs pulled a lot closer to one another than intended. It's been quite a while since the FWA has had a wrestler with such a painful submission move!

    Back in the YouTube Pre-show studio...

    Lucy Pinder: Wow. Absolutely What a submission move right there from The Mist!!!

    Anthony: He reminds me a little bit of a young Anthony.

    Lucy Pinder: He will face the winner of another match on the main card. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird against Jethro Warren with a lot on the line. Not only will the winner advance in the tournament BUT they also earn marriage rights to Lord Vincent's long-time girlfriend, Amber!

    Aja Melissa: This has been easily the most personal feud maybe besides Whyte Thunder and Ryan Rondo, and Wolf and Ryan Hall. And I don't know if it isn't the most personal feud. These two guys hate one another and if Jethro Warren wins...I would not want to be Amber.

    G-Rich: And the winner of that match faces The Mist, but who will be the X-Champion after this show? Drew Stevenson has spoken quite a lot, but he has also backed it up. Remember, he beat Gabrielle Montgomery 1-2-3 a few weeks ago on Fight Night. He has come out swinging and fighting each week ready to face the best of the best, the legends and future Hall of Famers. He has asked for this tough schedule. And DIVINE...well, there's a lot of headaches there but also a lot of mind games. DIVINE plays those games and gets in the head, and Drew Stevenson is more a straightforward, come-at-you type personality. Could DIVINE get in his head and pull an upset? Because on paper this is probably the easiest one to call.

    Lucy Pinder: Not an easy one to call is your decision on who will face Wake Walker tonight. Ever since Wake returned, he has made headline after headline about his contempt for authority and overall lack of discipline. You've welcomed it, but you've also said you want to test his aggression and violence. So...let's see how hard of a test you've prepared, general manager.

    A slow, intoxicating beat echoes throughout the Century Link Field as “The Waiting Makes Me Curious” slowly bombards the open air stadium. Wake Walker steps out onto the lavish entrance stage for FWA: Back in Business IX and heads down to the ring.

    Wake Walker: I'm done waiting. I'm done wasting my time. That washed up legend, G-Rich, has me stuck on the YouTube show with some surprise opponent that's going to teach me a lesson.

    Wake slowly slides into the ring. His arrogant, obnoxious attitude clearly isn't brought down by how staggering and loud the boos are, directed at him. His head slowly turns at he pulls himself to his feet.

    Wake Walker: I don't give a f**k who G-Rich has picked for me. Just one of his loser buddies he knows, that probably sucked up to him for a chance to be in the same ring as me. So come on... I don't care who it is. Lets get this over with and you can get back to your little spot under G-Rich's desk.

    Moments pass as no entrance music plays. A wave of confusion falls over the arena. Wake cracks a slight smirk, and turns his attention back towards the audience.

    Wake Walker: So no opponent? Really G-Rich... nice going. Did your old, senile ass remember to book somebody to fight me?

    Langdon Trafford: I'm not sure what's going on here... Do we have a mystery opponent ready for Wake Walker?

    Piers Gallagher: Is he coming..... Wait, wait, wait...

    Just as the camera pans up to the entrance ramp. Dio's “Rainbow in the Dark” begins to blare throughout the arena. Standing up on the entrance set, an older man, with a touch of grey in his hair, dressed in a familiar black singlet, black kickpads and a black t-shirt.

    Piers Gallagher: What??? Is that Maxx Hendrix!?

    Langdon Trafford: Hendrix? No way! He hasn't been in the FWA in years. Maxx Hendrix is Walker's surprise opponent!

    Hendrix, glaring at Walker, makes his way down to the ring. Walker just laughs as Maxx gets closer and closer to the ring.

    Wake Walker: Really? Really? This is who you bring in! This has to be a joke. Another dottering old FWA has-been...

    Hendrix steps through the ropes and into the ring. Without warning, Wake quickly lunges towards Hendrix with the microphone. Maxx steps the side, bars Walker's arm, smashes him in the face with a quick forearm. Forces him down to the mat, steps over him and quickly smashes him with a few brutal crossfaces. Wake Walker quickly slides out of the ring, blood gushing from his nose. Hendrix picks up the microphone.

    Maxx Hendrix: Enough talk...

    Hendrix lobs the microphone at Wake like a grenade, just barely missing him. With a look of sheer anger, Wake Walker clutches his obviously broken nose. Hendrix taunts him to come back into the ring.

    Piers Gallagher: Wake Walker definitely barked up the wrong tree tonight.

    Langdon Trafford: Walker's gonna be in for a looooong night.

    YouTube Pre-show main event
    Wake Walker vs. Maxx Hendrix

    The referee calls for the bell to begin the match. Walker still clutches his face as the referee begins to slowly count him out.

    1... 2...

    Hendrix yells “Get in the ring, you fucking asshole,” loud enough for the ringside camera to pick it up.

    3... 4...

    Wake Walker demands that the referee back Hendrix into his corner so he can get in the ring. The referee forces Maxx back as Walker pulls himself up to the ring apron. Walker screams at the ref to push Hendrix even further back, which the referee obliges. Walker steps into the ring slowly. As soon as he's fully in the ring, Hendrix shoves the ref out of the way and rushes Walker again, pounding him with a series of lefts and rights, pushing him into the corner. Walker ducks out as the ref attempts to force Hendrix off Walker again. With the distraction, Wake belts off a few rights of his own. He shoves Hendrix out of reach and goes for the big boot, Hendrix catches his foot, flips him over and wrenches in a quick Achilles tendon hold. Walker grunts in agony as he quickly reaches for the rope. Hendrix wrenches down on the hold, forcing the ref into a count.

    1... 2... 3... 4...

    Hendrix releases the hold, only to pull him towards the middle of the ring flips him over and locks that same leg in a side leg lock. Wake vainly reaches for the ropes as Hendrix looks as if he's trying to rip his leg off. Walker sits up and tries to pull Hendrix's arms off his knee, but he's got it locked down like a vice. Walker desperately beats down on Hendrix's arms. With one last attempt to get free, using his free leg, Walker clips Hendrix on the side of the head with his boot. Hendrix loses his grip. With the ability to plant his other leg, Wake kicks him with much more power to the side of the head. He follows up with another brutal kick with finally causes Hendrix to release the side leg lock. Walker flings himself on top of Hendrix, firing off brutal rights and lefts to the side of his head. Double underhooking him, Walker brings Hendrix to his feet only to flip him back down to the mat with a Butterfly suplex. Walker staggers around trying to get his balance on his targeted leg. Hendrix slowly sits up, but before he can gain any more movement, Walker drops all his weight into a clothesline on the downed Hendrix. Hendrix favors his head as Walker staggers back to his feet. He wipes the excess blood from his bloody nose and begins brutally kicking and stomping Hendrix's head. Hendrix slowly fights to get to his knees as Walker continues to fire off brutal kicks to his head. Walker grabs Hendrix by his head and neck, whipping him to his feet, only to throw him into the ropes. On the rebound, Walker snaps Hendrix back down to the mat with a brutal power-slam. Walker synches Hendrix's leg.

    1... 2...

    Hendrix kicks out at two. Walker slams his fist down on the mat. Again, he wipes blood from his busted nose and hooks Hendrix leg again for the pinfall.

    1... 2...

    Hendrix kicks out again. Out of nowhere, Hendrix throws a wild punch from his back that narrowly misses Walker. Walker hovers over Hendrix and fires off a few rights before pulling him back to his feet. Walker slings Hendrix's arm over his and motions for The Fall of Starre Mountain. Hendrix elbows out of it. Walker staggers back. Hendrix lunges towards Walker and is met with a brutal big boot knocking Hendrix square in the jaw. Hendrix staggers away from Walker, Walker lurches back, grabs him by the waist, hooks his arms goes for God's Judgment. Hendrix barely flips out, lands on his feet and immediately hooks Walker in the full nelson. Hendrix struggles to take Walker to the mat to properly apply the Maxximum Clutch. Walker, from over his head, fires off a few shots on Hendrix's head. The referee leans in to check in on Walker, who with the distraction, low-blows Hendrix. Walker quickly swoops and hooks Hendrix's arms behind his back, lifts him up and drops him behind with God's Judgment. Hendrix is out cold. Walker is sitting on the mat, breathing hard as he wipes blood once again from his nose. A sour look comes over Wake Walker's face as he scrambles back to his feet. Looking down at the prone Hendrix, and then to the crowd. He points at his head and then motions to the ground. A slight grin comes over his bloodied face as he motions it again. Walker grabs Hendrix again, pulling him to his feet. He slowly hooks his arms again and lifts him up. Only this time, he tries intentionally to drop the full weight of God's Judgment on Hendrix's head. He slides onto his knees with a grin on his face and covers him.

    1... 2... 3!!!

    Winner: Wake Walker

    Walker pulls himself off of Hendrix, wiping blood from his nose, again. He slowly pulls himself back to his feet. Still staggering around on his targeted leg, The Seattle audience boos Walker. Hendrix is completely out cold from the back-to-back God's Judgments lifting his arm slightly to cover his head. Walker stares at Hendrix, in complete contempt, before spitting on him.

    Langdon Trafford: What a disgusting human being. You won the damn match, Walker!!!

    Walker is slow to exit the ring and head towards the back. Hendrix is still motionless in the ring as the YouTube preshow comes to a close.

    Back in the YouTube Pre-show studio...

    Lucy Pinder: Looks like Wake Walker answered the challenge, but what a brutal beating he and Maxx Hendrixx gave one another! Great call there, G-Rich, on bringing in Maxx for that type of match.

    Alright, it's time for some predictions. Anthony, we'll start with you. You're a former FWA tag team champion and FWA Television champion. Who wins the tag team title match, and who walks away the North American champion?

    Anthony: Um.....I'm going with Vodka & Venom to keep the FWA tag team titles, and I'm going with the one I know for the North American title. Thomas Princeton reclaims his throne as the champ, becoming a three-timer in the division.

    Lucy Pinder: Aja Melissa...if there's anyone who knows Gabrielle Montgomery on this panel, it's you. Can she pick up another Back in Business victory, or will PAJ's rise continue? And who wins the Women's title match?

    Aja Melissa: I'm picking Gabby. I have to. She's my friend and one of my greatest opponents. I was her 100th match. And it's the big stage. PAJ has crossed a line long ago and keeps crossing it further and further. He's a talented rising star, but I'm going with Gabrielle here. And for the Women's title...I'm going with Saddle Sally. I think she's ready to signify herself as the best female wrestler and maybe it's my disdain for Ayla El, but I'm about tired of this contrived controversy.

    Lucy Pinder: And G-Rich...two matches for you to pick. Lord Vincent against Jethro Warren in the death match, with Amber on the line, and friend versus friend as Whyte Thunder goes against Ryan Rondo.

    G-Rich: I'm taking Lord Vincent. I know what a man looks like when his loved ones are threatened and he'll answer Jethro's violence with more violence. Lord Vincent was made for a match like this. He picks up the biggest win of his career. And I say the same for Ryan Rondo! I think "The Last Star in the Sky" is ready; I don't think Whyte Thunder wants this match. You never go with the person who doesn't want to fight. Ryan Rondo wants to fight. He wants to end the friendship and prove himself. I'm taking Ryan Rondo in a not-so-big upset and I think Ryan Rondo is an FWA World Champion in 2014.

    Lucy Pinder: No predictions for the main event since G-Rich is the special guest referee, but that one will surely be a great one.

    Anthony: *cough* WOLF *cough*

    Aja Melissa: Ryan Hall....Ryan Hall retains.

    Lucy Pinder: Thank you for joining us again on the FWA Back in Business IX Pre-Show. We're just moments away from presenting our biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, so sit back and enjoy!

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    Re: Back in Business IX YouTube Pre-Show

    Just an FYI, the entire Back in Business show will be posted later this morning, probably in about 10 hours. All matches are sent in. We're just finalizing a few extra tidbits and then posting the show, in three parts, all at once in a separate thread.

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    Re: Back in Business IX YouTube Pre-Show

    I think that everyone [except for you and Jethro's handler (to an extent)] will [hopefully] be surprised at the outcome of the Vincent/Jethro Death Match

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Back in Business IX YouTube Pre-Show

    Great preshow.

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    Re: Back in Business IX YouTube Pre-Show

    Great pre-show indeed!

    Saddle Sally 3x FWA Womens Champion
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    The Semi-Published Works of iMatt

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    Re: Back in Business IX YouTube Pre-Show

    Some great writing there. Amazing preshow, can't wait for Back in Business to start.

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