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Thread: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

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    Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    Post promos for Back in Business IX in this thread, unless told otherwise. Deadline for all promos will be Saturday, April 5, at midnight pacific time and Sunday, April 6 at 3 a.m. eastern time and 8 a.m. British time zone. That is one full week to write and post your promo(s). Five writers have multiple characters in matches.

    NO EXTENSIONS, unless it is a once-in-a-blue-moon emergency situation, and you must let us know as soon as possible.

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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    "Who the f*** is Warlock Wendy?"

    Those are the words starting the video, which is nothing but a black screen for a couple seconds before opening to a very up-close shot of the beautiful and intoxicating-yet-spitfire Shannon O'Neal. She is laying face-up in a chair with one arm, her right arm, out to the side and her left arm laying along the side of her body in the chair. Sitting next to her and wearing a button-down collared shirt and dress pants is Robbins Thurgood.

    "Is she of those creepy org people from Warcraft III?"

    "You played Warcraft III?"

    "Yes, now shut the f*** up and quick changing the topic."

    "All I know about her is she's a new 'jobber' hired by the FWA. They gave her a funny name trying to recreate the female version of Lord Dog and Jugem Jugem. Basically, ever since Lord Dog, jobbers have been getting over based on their names and just the general ridiculousness of their characters. FWA has found a hidden money pit with this, and they're doing whatever they can to get the most in the most ways before it dies out from overkill."

    "I was about to say I haven't seen that Lord Dog person around lately. Anyways...ow. What the f*ck?! That hurt like hell!"

    Shannon looks off the camera to where her arm is outstretched, and an unknown voice replies back, "Sorry. I'm almost finished." Shannon O'Neal is wearing a black tank top with the words "The Roxy" on it, named after the L.A. Strip night club and music venue. She has on tight jean shorts and her blond hair is tied into a ponytail in the back and flipped behind her head as she lays back into the seat.

    We now notice she has a nose piercing, something she didn't have for her promotional video for the most recent Fight Night against Drew Stevenson.

    "Warlock Wendy and Susie Sue. I love it. I go from wrestling the X-Division champion about as tough as I could to tagging with Mackenzie Hoe-berts. Stupid sh*tbrain bimbo. Whatever."

    "Look at this as a blessing in disguise. You get pretty much an easy win on the biggest show of the year..."

    "I don't want an easy win, you f*ckin' Einstein. I want to go out there and kick the best's ass, and then I want to take the next best and kick that person's ass. I'm done with this whole PG-rocker thing they had me doing. Rock ain't PG, not the rock I'm used to. My personality ain't vanilla ice cream."

    "All done," as the off-camera voice speaks again.

    The camera pans out, showing the entire setting. The tattoo parlor's sketches and photos of the artist's work are framed on the walls. The artist sits back in his chair, puts down his instruments and smiles as Shannon O'Neal turns her body to look down at her shoulder and arm. The wound is still fresh, but it's legible to the camera.

    "What does it mean?"

    "What the hell you talking about?"

    "What does the tattoo mean to you? What significance does it hold?"

    "Not everything needs to have some stupid f*ckin' significance. I'm a high school dropout, not some astronaut."


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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    A breeze softly billows through the open curtains, a gentle and cool embrace from nature in the stillness and peace of the night. Not cold, but not hot, just a perfectly relaxing late night river of air. It dances amongst the silver curtains that frame the open floor to ceiling window and teases the grey bed sheets of the large bed taking pride of place in the center of the room. Several obviously expensive paintings hang on the wall, though a small crayon drawing of a little girl holding a gold belt above her head seems to stand out more than the other priceless artworks. The rest of the room is decorated with the occasional flower and what appears to be a women’s police uniform littering the floor. We can’t be quite sure though as everything is loosely shrouded in shadows that are in turn pierced by the pale white glow of the moons light. It is a faint glow just bright enough to reveal the happy occupants of this lavish bedroom. Ashley O’Ryan wearing a broad smile upon his face as he rests his head on a red pillow, and Gabrielle Montgomery grinning from ear to ear as she rests her head on Ashley’s chest, with his arms wrapped around her soft, warm body in a loving embrace. This is the world we all bare witness too; the bedroom of two joyously happy people enjoying the warmth of each other’s body, and the tenderness of their touch. Gabrielle begins to stir and those vibrantly sweet, deeply brown eyes of hers flicker open, she presses a kiss to Ashley’s chest and then slowly sits up, the bed sheet falling away from her body and Ashley’s hand falling away from cupping one of her breasts. Her long flowing brunette hair cascades down past her shoulders, messy from her slumber but still elegant and beautiful. She can’t stop smiling as she gazes down at Ashley happily and runs a hand through his dark brown hair, before pressing a kiss to his cheek. Gracefully she then slides over to the edge of the bed, the remaining sheet sliding off of her succulent caramel curves as her long, smooth, toned legs reveal themselves and her feet daintily touch the floor. The Caramel Goddess in all her grand splendour, with that mouth-watering body loosely covered up by a lacy pink nightie, stretched to its limit by her jaw dropingly spectacular breasts, and her thick, barely covered ass. All that caramel covered skin on display, in her bedroom, late at night…what more could the FWA audience want? But despite how far the neckline plunges to reveal her cleavage, despite how high the hemline is, as she sits there with the curve of her posterior clearly on display, she somehow sits there not as a lewd sexual desire come to life, but as a pure beauty, happy, warm, loving and in turn loved. Under the moonlight, in her bedroom she is more than just an iconic wrestler, more than a sexual fantasy come to life, she is a strong, proud and beautiful woman. As she gracefully gets to her feet Ashley rouses for a few moments, his sixth sense to admire the view waking him up the second before the pink lace hides her ass away. The lovable Irishman smirks happily and nods his head, Gabrielle feeling his eyes upon her shakes her hips as she gracefully walks away, and through the hallways of her mansion. She passes room after room until finally she walks through a large, expansive second lounge room and out onto a balcony overlooking the crystal clear blue water of her marble pool. She glances over her shoulder for a second and those glimmers of happiness no longer dance in her eyes, she seems somehow instantly troubled away from the touch of the worlds luckiest Irishman. This stunning woman rests her hands on the balustrade as a sigh manages to escape her lips while she admires the view for several moments until the pitter patter of little feet captures her attention and brings that smile back to her face.

    Gabrielle: Mella!

    She turns around…but is not greeted by her most adorable daughter, but rather by a pigtailed, pink ballerina attired equally recognisable face. Her big brown eyes match Gabrielles, and she has a cheeky yet sweetly familiar smile. It is none other than Gabrielle herself, or as she once was, a little four year old girl with big dreams and a bigger grin. She waves at her older self and then grabs onto the hand of the woman she will become in twenty three years’ time.

    Little Gabby: Hellllllooooo.

    Gabrielle: Hello…

    Little Gabby: This house is amazing! Is it really ours?

    Before Gabrielle can answer, her younger self giggles.

    Little Gabby: You don’t have any pants on!

    Gabrielle just giggles in reply, and then takes a moment to gaze back out over the scenery and clear her mind before she turns her attention back to the wide eyed little lady standing there with her hands adorably on her little hips. The little ballerina then rushes up to her older self and wraps her arms around her, giving her a big hug.

    Little Gabby: You looked a little sad, but my hugs always cheer mommy and daddy up when they’re sad.

    She grins adorably and brings a smile to Gabrielle’s face.

    Little Gabby: You should be happy, because we got to be the Champion, just like Kerry!

    Gabrielle: That we did…but it feels like so long ago now.

    Little Gabby: And we even got to meet Kerry too!

    Gabrielle: We did that too…but he’s no longer with us.

    Little Gabby: You’re living our dream. Gabrielle the wrestler.

    That smile dances on Gabrielle’s lips once more…for just a moment until she turns her head away and just admires the view once again for several seconds in silence as little Gabster scrunches up her face, concerned with what’s on what is to be her mind.

    Gabrielle: Yes we did it, we really did, and we achieved more than I ever thought we would. We really did become a World Champion, and for ten months at that. We got to lead the Women’s division, and take women’s wrestling to higher and higher levels in America. We found love…several times over, created a family, created a legacy to be proud of. We have accomplished so very much, I know that. Your dream became my reality and all things were so amazing. I can see why it would seem to be so perfect from the outside looking in.

    Little Gabby looks up at her adult self quizzically.

    Little Gabby: But we gots to do it all!

    Gabrielle: Honestly…I think you have rose tinted glasses on, and I say that as someone who knows exactly what that’s like. I do love the FWA…I wouldn’t have had these opportunities anywhere else, it would still just be your unfulfilled dream. But I’ve given seven years to this company, I’ve accomplished so much…and still get so little in return at times. I still have to fight so hard to get anything, harder than anyone else. I’m the second longest reigning World Champion in history…but I still have people looking down at me and treating me like I’m just a pair of tits for their amusement. It isn’t as perfect as it looks like from your eyes. I’ve suffered heartache, loss, disappointment, and have been ridiculed just for being a woman.

    I can’t escape any of that, it’s one thing to want to be stronger than those hurtful words, wanting to ignore them, it’s another thing entirely to hear them day after day and not let it get to you. After all how can you just ignore pain? Despite everything, despite three separate Tag Team Championship reigns, despite three separate women having been World Champions, it feels like nothing’s changed for women in wrestling. Now at the age of twenty seven I’m being told my time is over and I have to just step aside and let newer faces take over…

    Another sigh escapes those beautiful lips.

    Gabrielle: There are those days where I wake up in Ashley’s arms, with Carmella cuddled up to me after sneaking into our bed during the night and I wonder if I can really go on. I wonder if I want to get up, get dressed and walk out under those bright lights, where misogyny still runs rampant, pointless deaths are too common and I’m being told my times over and I have to let others march towards greatness just because…

    Everyone talks about youth, about bringing in new faces to replace the old, building for the future. I’m still young, I’m no older than the likes of Drew Stevenson, Ryan Rondo, PAJ, Jason Gryphon, Shane McLean…yet my former glories somehow mean I’m old and disposable. I’ve given my life to this business, I left the comforts of home, of family, of childhood friends behind and dove headfirst into a brand new world. Most people would have no idea what that’s like, to uproot everything and move to the other side of the planet chasing a dream.

    The wind has suddenly turned cold, whipping away at Gabrielle’s long hair and stinging at all her exposed candy coated skin. She shivers against its bite, but does not cower, the ballerina by her side however is unfazed by the cold, but her future self’s words however sting at her little confidence and happiness.

    Gabrielle: You know what though…maybe they’re right, maybe my time is coming to an end. I look back over the last few months of my career and all I see is failure. I lost the Tag Team Championships. I couldn’t win the World Championship, and couldn’t win Carnal Contendership. Then worst of all last week, where I should have made a statement going into Back In Business I couldn’t do a thing. I’m proud of my abilities in the ring…but PAJ was all over me, and I couldn’t do a thing other than get the luckiest rollup pin in FWA history…before getting laid out once again. Another Fight Night…and another night where I end up sprawled out in the ring with somebody celebrating over me.

    Maybe I’m just not good enough anymore…

    Maybe this movement for the future is for the best, maybe it’s time I truly hung my boots up and let the FWA move on without me. Everything can return to the way it was…women go back to dark matches and the Women’s Championship; my legacy…it can-…well looking at its past year with Ayla vacating it by faking her death, a former Champion in Sara Wolf passing away, with her memory now being used to fuel hate, and the Championship itself being relegated to opening shows instead of stealing them…its already fallen as hard as I have. Though at least it still sparkles in the light…while I feel mine burning out and fading away.

    Little Gabby squeezes Gabrielle’s hand firmly, and looks up at her with those big brown eyes. But The Caramel Coated Goddess just looks away and out over the water of her pool.

    Gabrielle: Everybody always thinks my life is so perfect, so happy, so wonderful. They see the fantastic house, the amazing collection of cars, the wonderful men in my life, the blissful romance, the ravishing lust…fame, fortune, talent, success…and most of all my amazing little girl; Carmella, and everything seems so good. But this is what plagues my mind. How do I sit back and watch all my triumphs become further and further in the past, while my present is full of failure and I’m told its all over? If I didn’t have Carmella and Ashley in my life…I would have nothing. I would be empty and alone, watching my work become but a memory and younger, newer wrestlers taking my spot already.

    Once having been great does not comfort me here and now. A past of success does not cheer me up when I am down. Yes you get to live your dream when you grow up Gabby, but all dreams end the same, you wake up and have to face a different reality. Our dream ends eventually…our dream stops being a fantasy and just becomes just a memory. I think that’s worse…when you dreamed anything was possible. The entire world was our oyster…the memories though…they mock me and tell me that it’s all over.

    Your sweet little dream becomes a haunting nightmare when its all said and done. After enjoying such success how do we go back to dreaming about being great instead of just being great?

    How do I imagine a world where Sara Wolfs memory isn’t butchered and abused for ratings? How do I imagine a world where Ayla El hasn’t forever stained my legacy? Where a man I loved didn’t turn his back on me and rob us of living our dream for longer? How do I dream about a world where I didn’t hurt Jenny, where I didn’t use Micah as a pawn, where I didn’t sink to such depths? How do I imagine a world where my career didn’t come crashing down?

    Little Gabby: But we still got to live the dream.

    Gabrielle: I worked so hard, I accomplished so much. I defied all expectations and climbed further and further up the ladder.

    Little Gabby: We got to live the dream.

    Gabrielle: Now…when I think about stepping into the ring I feel sadness, regret, sorrow…and maybe even a little fear about the Gabrielle that will be out there in the ring.

    Little Gabby: You’re not listening, we got to live our dream!

    Gabrielle: I’m so happy with Carmella, with Colin, with Alexis…with Micah…they’re not all my kids, but I love them all. Seeing Jenny always makes me so happy. Even Moira and I manage to get along well enough. And Ashley…I feel so happy, so loved, so adored, so safe in his arms. He always makes me smile, laugh and feel so amazing. Then my mind turns to the FWA…and the happiness of my family slips away.

    Little Gabrielle folds her arms and jumps up so she can stomp both her feet on the ground. Then as she looks up at her adult self she seems to be giving the cutest little evil eye ever.

    Little Gabby: We still got to live the dream though. We got to do everything, we made mommy and daddy sooooo proud, and Kerry showed us all his Championships and we got to be Champion and we got lots of fans, and we have this house, and I think that little Carmella looks up to us!

    She nods her head and grins as she looks up at Gabrielle, silently willing her to smile and rejoice like she would her parents when they were feeling down. And for the briefest moments it works, and Gabrielle cracks a smile, however faint.

    Little Gabby: And remember when we gots to meet the All Blacks, and we got them to sign lots of pictures, and teach us how to throw the ball like them, and we got to help out at a training session, and it was so amazing!

    She grins even more and watches Gabrielle’s smile grow slightly.

    Gabrielle: Well I didn’t say there hasn’t been some great moments.

    Little Gabby: Remember how proud mommy and daddy were when we won the World Champion Title! That’s what I want more than anything else. You got to have that, but I haven’t yet, but when I get all growed up like you I do! And I think if we kick PAJ’s naughty bum then we can be the big Champion again!

    Gabrielle: That simple huh?

    Little Gabby: Yep.

    That familiar smile kisses the Caramel Coated Goddesses lips as she shakes her head and then steps back from the railing. After gazing out over the calming water for several more seconds and squeezing the little hand held in her own she sits down in the most extravagant deck chair the world has ever seen and crosses her legs one over the other.

    Gabrielle: If only it was…

    Gabrielle runs a hand through her hair as her younger self grins and then fires off an impressive little kick.

    Little Gabby: We just have to do that to his silly face and then we is the winner!

    She grins proudly and then charges over towards Gabrielle, scrambling up onto a matching chair. Her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she does, signifying her concentration on climbing.

    Gabrielle: If only I could see the world from your eyes again, everything is so promising, anything is possible. It must be truly beautiful. You can look at PAJ and happily see just one kick felling him…me…well my chest was red for a couple of days after our last match. It’s tougher than you think it is and that idealized version of me you have…is in the past. I may only be twenty seven but…I’ve been competing at the top for so long now, that was never going to last and I can sense, I know that its already happened.

    Nothing would make me happier than to beat PAJ at Back In Business. The biggest event in wrestling; the FWA’s grandest stage. To take a man who turned his back on this company and tried to kill it off and defeat him in my first ever non-Title match at Back In Business…I would enjoy that. Especially after everything he has said about me, said about all women, he deserves to get his ass kicked, but if things play out like they have for me for so long I won’t be the one who gets to do it.

    Little Gabby: But we have to do it. PAJ has been mean and naughty…and I grows up to be the bestest wrestler ever! We can do it!

    Gabrielle: You should have come sooner and watched when we were truly great. Oh sure I wouldn’t trade my personal life for anything, nothing could make me give up Ashley and the kids but I have suffered so much heartache and loss this year already. I could fight, I could give it my all…and lose, but then what’s the point. This time last year I retired however briefly…maybe history should repeat itself. It’s better to go out while the good memories are still fresh than it is to go out when no one remembers them…

    Little Gabby: You need to listen to me. We can do this Gabrielle. We can beat anyone because we want it more than everyone. I don’t want to grow up to be so sad and to have to give up my dream.

    The little ballerina pouts as Gabrielle’s sadness grips her tiny little being.

    Gabrielle: I lived your dream and it was glorious…

    Little Gabby: But now you want to give it all up.

    The future Goddess folds her arms and sighs loudly.

    Gabrielle: It’s not that I want to.

    Little Gabby: Then don’t give up!

    Gabrielle: I…I…

    I don’t want too, I would love to beat PAJ, to get out of this funk, out of this wrestling rut, get another shot at the Championship I was robbed of and win. I still want that, but I don’t want to watch it become less and less of a reality through no choice of my own.

    Little Gabby: But you want PAJ to do it instead?

    Gabrielle just shakes her head…as the corner of her mouth curls into that wickedly sinful smirk of hers.

    Gabrielle: Of course not. PAJ turned his back on this company, if it was up to him the FWA would be out of business right now and he would be competing in a CWA ring. But what’s his reward?

    He gets a World Championship match after Back In Business…me I have Stu St.Clair still breathing down my neck and everyone talking about the future of the FWA and how there’s no place in it for anyone who has already been the best of the best. I stood up and fought for the FWA, I defended it…and now have to put up with someone with a name like PAJ disrespecting me every week like this was the stone ages. I don’t want to put up with that, I don’t want to let him get away with that.

    Little Gabby: He won’t because we’re the bestest!

    Gabrielle: I haven’t always been perfect, I have been selfish, I have hurt people for my own amusement and for the sake of my career but I’ve never gone that far. I sought to change the FWA at times, to better it, to revolutionize it, to make it a better place for women and men. I fought to ensure my legacy. I worked so hard, I fought even harder for every single inch. I watched a woman like Jillian de Silva fight her way to the top and then have to fight ten times harder just to stay there. I thought she had changed things, but no Moira Crawford had to do the same, as did I. Now so quickly I feel it slip away. I feel all my hard work slipping away while PAJ talked a big game and last week he actually backed it up.

    He made me look inferior and I can sadly admit that.

    But after everything I have done someone like PAJ should not get to take it all away and diminish it. He and the likes of Ryan Rondo and Drew Stevenson crack their crass jokes. Men who haven’t achieved one tenth of what I have somehow see it right to belittle me and all I have done. That is not right, the FWA may want to move onto a new future, new faces, a different world full of disrespectful people like this and the abuse of a dead woman’s memory…but it’s not what I want. It’s not the FWA I fought for, it’s not the FWA that eventually accepted just how good I was…just how good I am. But when I look deep inside myself, when I see all I’ve done, where I have come from…how much just being in the FWA meant to me back when I watched Kerry religiously…it’s not something I can just let slide.

    The little girl jumps up to her feet, standing on her chair she does a quick little happy dance and then leans over excitedly towards Gabrielle who smiles back at her, a renewed vigour to her face and that sparkle in her eyes.

    Gabrielle: PAJ does not deserve to make his name off of me. He talks such a big game every week, in his mind he is already a legend of this business. Sure he had everyone talking at the start of the year, praising him, complimenting him. The world was telling him how he was going to accomplish great things. But…nothing has happened. I have been lost in my own thoughts, I have doubted myself, I have questioned my future and looked upon my past forlornly…but at least I got to the top of every mountain.

    Two time Women’s Champion.

    Three time Tag Team Champion.

    Former World Champion!

    But PAJ hasn’t even come close to living up to the expectations put upon him. He aligned with Jimmy King, he tried to make the very FWA crumble around his ears. But in the end it was Jimmy King himself who was left broken and humiliated. Ever since then, ever since I eliminated PAJ from Carnal Contendership he has gone from failure to failure. Of course…in a way I can relate, if PAJ…whatever that name means was a decent person I would feel for him. As it is though, the man he is I have no sympathy for watching him suffer, I have no sympathy for watching him fail at every turn.

    Gabrielle turns her attention directly at the camera, as does her younger self. Those four, sweetly brown eyes piercing the lens and capturing the attention of their audience.

    Gabrielle: You may have gotten the better of me last week PAJ…but I still won. I still managed to dig deep and get the victory for myself, for the stunning Saddle Sally and for Devin Golden. Sure you got more than your fair share of shots in and you left me laid out and I have wallowed in pity ever since…but I still won. You can talk a big game, you can launch all the post-match attacks you want but if you’re not at least getting the occasional win it doesn’t mean much. You were good out there, but not good enough. That said I’m not happy about that match, the only thing I want to remember from it is how soft Saddle Sallys lips were…

    Little Gabrielle winces in disgust and sticks her tongue out.

    Little Gabby: Ewww she’s a girl, you kissed a girl!

    The little girls reaction makes Gabrielle giggle and shake her head in amusement.

    Gabrielle: See not everything is exactly as you dreamed it!

    Grown up Gabrielle giggles again as toddler Gabrielle just shakes her head.

    Little Gabby: I don’t want to do that, I just want to wrestle and be the bestest!

    Gabrielle: You just want to beat PAJ don’t you?

    She just nods her head excitedly and then shows off her karate kick once more as Gabrielle watches on with a warm smile upon her beautiful face.

    Gabrielle: Impressive, I don’t think PAJ has any idea just what he is in store for, it’s even a surprise to me. It is amazing how strong a dream and the impression it leaves can be. When I was your age, when I was you the one thing I wanted more than anything else was to be a wrestler. When I achieved that, the dream ended and became a reality instead. Then it became a mocking nightmare of what I once was. But looking back at the wide eyed little girl with an impossible dream that I once was…how can I ever truly accept defeat?

    My career may not be where I want it to be, my family may lure me away into their arms, giving me happiness that the wrestling ring can no longer promise me, but I cant just give up. The future may be trying to take over, but looking at my past…I’m not going down easily. I’m not just letting someone like PAJ brush by me and go on to do things that I still want to accomplish. Last year at Back In Business I was briefly retired, but honoured as I awarded the first ever Christopher Stallings memorial award…it is one of my crowning achievements. Having my career forever tied to such a great man.

    Back In Business has always been good to me. I became the first ever Women’s Champion at Back In Business II. Then the following year I became the inaugural two time Women’s Champion. At Back In Business IV I was a Tag Team Champion with Jenny, Sinful Sensuality; the partnership that forever changed my life. Two years later I successfully defended the World Championship at Back In Business VI.

    I do great things upon the greatest stage, I am never mediocre at this event. PAJ you are the lowliest of all my Back In Business opponents. But now, after witnessing the sparkle in my eyes that motivated me to travel the globe with no promises of success I want to beat you more than anyone else. You are not just a victory, beating you is not just a way of shutting you up, not just a way of punishing you. It is all these things and more, it is me getting my career back on track and that is the most important part of all.

    Little Gabby: Yeah we’re gonna be the bestest again!

    Gabrielle: I couldn’t have said it any better myself…

    Gabrielle smirks as she gets to her feet with little Gabrielle closely behind her. They both lean against the balustrade and admire the view, admire the moon high in the sky. A moon that will soon give way to a rising sun that promises anything is possible on a brand new day.

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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    Mackenzie Roberts: "I'm back and I'm getting what is mine. Simple."

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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    Tales from the Memories of the InsanePart One

    You feel elevated, as if you were floating. A mixture of weightlessness and the very slightly nauseating feeling you would get from swinging with your eyes closes fills you. The feeling runs through your body, growing deeper and more intense with every heartbeat. You feel your heart beating behind your ears and in your chest, as if you had just run a mile. You feel air hitting and moving around your face. You are in the air, the sky is a dark blue that is almost to the point of black. Thick cumulonimbus clouds fill the dark void-like sky. The clouds seem to swirl around you, the droplets of water from inside the clouds dampening your clothes.

    You feel the clouds going up through you, getting faster and faster, until you realize, the clouds aren't coming up into you, you a falling though the air. You see the ground getting closer with every passing second. You close your eyes just as you are about to hit the ground, waiting. You open your eyes and you are about a foot off the ground, staring at it. The grass is overtaken by mud and water as you find that it is pouring down rain. You are propelled forward towards a large, red brick building. As you get closer you notice more of the details of the mysterious building. It looks almost like a castle you would find in medieval Europe. Multiple towers and turrets shooting and jutting out of the enormous building. A large, rectangular, red brick wall surrounds it, a gate at the front and the back. You slowly make revolutions around the building, before a high pitches sound rings in your ears, and you get the feeling of being underwater, only you aren't wet. Your vision and hearing impair, as the scene before you evaporates into a dark substance that you can't quite tell if it is smoke or water.

    The odd substance moves around, constructing a new scene, you are hovering in front of what used to be a house, now it is just smoldering ashes, police, firemen, and EMTs are on the scene, their flashing lights illuminating the area in red and blue. Their sirens filling the air. A few EMTs are running into the ruins of the building, carrying two stretchers. A small boy with long dark hair, who appears to be unconscious, is being put into the back of an ambulance. The feeling of being underwater once again fills you as the scene disperses into that odd dark substance, forming a new scene.

    You are watching overhead of what appears to be an alleyway, a short redheaded girl is sitting against a wall, hyperventilating. Though she is short, she is unmistakably in her late teenage years, 16 or 17 at least. A tall man, wearing a grey and black hoodie is seen lying on the floor, a bullet wound though his chest, the thick blood pooling around him. He is dead. A second man is seen standing in front of the first man, holding a Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol, pointing it where the first man would have been standing. The second man is tall, with long hair fixed so that it is covering the right side of his face. You fly forcefully down at this man, approaching the back of him rapidly. When you are a mere millimeter away from him, a blinding white flash fills the area.

    You are now on the ground, looking at the same scene, but from ground level. You are holding a Glock 19 pistol in your right hand, looking down at the man you had just shot. Tears run down your face as your breathing becomes uneven. The pistol drops from your hand, cracking onto the ground. You step over the man you had just shot, running toward the woman who was hyperventilating. You can see clearly now that she was actually shot in the stomach, and struggling to breath. Her breathing slows as you approach her, the life leaving her eyes as her head droops down. She is dead. You stop in front of her, dropping to your knees. You hold her, wrapping your arms tightly around her. You sob into her shoulders as you squeeze her tighter. You being sobbing deeply.

    You: Amber!

    You continue crying into her lifeless body.

    You: Why... why did you have to go? Why did you have to leave me?

    The scene disperses once more, only this time it doesn't reconstruct.

    The man known as the Mist shakes his head, trying to forget what he had just been day dreaming about. The Mist stands on the sidewalk of a busy intersection, looking up at a small tan building.

    The Mist: This is the place.

    The Mist waits for the cars to stop, before crossing the street to to the tan building. The building looked as if it was a house or an apartment. He walks up a set of metal stairs, which wrapped around one side of the building, leading to the second floor, they looked as if they were stairs for a fire escape. He walked up to door with a small window on it and knocked. A tall, elderly man opened the door. He looked very young for how old he was, the only indication of his age was the white hair atop his head. Other than that, he looked as if he were in his mid 30s.

    The Mist: It has been quite a long time, hasn't it, my friend.

    The elder man looked at the Mist and smiled.

    Man: Jacob.

    The Mist: Alester.

    The two men hugged and Alester beckoned for the Mist to come in.

    Alester: So you're back into wrestling for the FWA I see.

    The Mist: Yes, I had a break from it for a short period, but I felt the need again.

    Alester: Your need? That isn't a good sign. Just remember what I taught you. Concentrate that need. But, don't get too carried away.

    The Mist: I know that.

    Alester: So who is your next opponent?

    The Mist: "Iceman," its probably meant to sound intimidating. Really it just makes me crave ice cream.

    Alester let out a small chuckle.

    Alester: You are an odd one, Jacob. How can you be so calm before fighting?

    The Mist: I think we both know why, I enjoy pain. Not to mention this man is just a puny show off. I'm going to rip his heart out and wear his intestines as a necklace.

    Alester: What did we say about getting carried away? You can't let yourself want that. No matter what. Do. not. kill.

    The Mist: I'm sorry Alester, its just... they tell me to do it.

    Alester: They?

    The Mist sighs and then continues.

    The Mist: I'm hearing them again, they're faint, but I hear them.

    Alester: This isn't good. From now on I will be with you 24/7, excluding during your matches of course.

    The Mist: Thank you, Alester.

    Alester: For?

    The Mist: For looking out for me, even since I was a child you've been there, helping me keep my sense of reality. You made sure I never did anything I'd regret.

    Alester: You're welcome, Jacob. Now then, lets divert our attention from "them." Tell me more about your next match.

    The Mist: Well, apparently this "Iceman" character, jeez he might as well call himself Santa, claims he was a "hitman" of sorts in a separate wrestling association, CWA.

    Alester: Sounds like he has some experience.

    The Mist: It still won't be enough. This man is all talk, he won't do a thing to me. All he does is showboat, he's cocky, arrogant, and all around just unpleasant to look at.

    Alester: This is your big return. I'm expecting big things.

    The Mist: But of course. I am going to absolutely destroy him, pure, undying annihilation will come his way. Nothing but pain and sorrow. This man might think he's badass because he doesn't anything when he hurts people. He thinks he's tough and intimidating, when really he is just an infant, scared and alone in this big world. I relish in pain. He probably doesn't see me as a threat right now, probably thinks he'll just breeze through this fight with the new guy. He's wrong.

    The Mist's breathing becomes uneven, his voice becoming wild and deranged.

    The Mist: He is wrong! If he thinks he'll just fight me and survive it, he's in for a rude awakening! I will down Armageddon and rip out his essence. When I finish with him he will be little more than a shell of his former self! I have lived in fear my entire life! I have become accustomed to what fear is! What it truly means to be scared! I have honed fear and turned it into a tool! If he thinks he has once single iota of a chance against me, he's wrong! I have suffered through my whole life, just wanting things to change, but it doesn't change unless you put in the effort! After everything in his life comes down in shambles, after everything he has lived for is but a smoldering remnant of a former man, then, and only then will I allow him to die! I will beat him within an inch of his life, and then hang him by his entrails!

    Alester: Jacob!

    The Mist shakes his head, slowing his breathing.

    The Mist: I'm sorry Alester.

    Alester: It is okay, Jacob, just don't give into your need, for this man's sake you need to restain yourself, understood?

    The Mist: Understood.

    Alester: Good, last thing we want is for you to be charged with murder.

    The Mist: Yes, I suppose.

    Alester: I believe I will go make some tea.

    The scene dissolves.

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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    We here at deliver to you the Drew Stevenson Back in Business IX promo.


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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    October 1994

    As I make my way towards the Order of the Solar Temple's secret underground chapel in Switzerland, I pull the leather fingerless gloves that I am wearing tight, then make sure my custom Winchester Model 1895 is fully loaded. I cock it, then head into the chapel to confront the group's co-founder Luc Jouret to inform them that the BIRD Empire was severing ties to their group. Just as I am about to speak, I am knocked unconscious from behind, I periodically would go in and out of consciousness and see unknown people staging a mass suicide of the group.

    Unknown Hours Later

    I wake up floating in a chamber surrounded by machines and other chambers that has other people in them. I look over to see a scientist doing something to a person on a table, next to them is a floating female monstrosity inside of a chamber. I then realize that the chamber I am floating in, is connected to the main chamber that the floating female is in. The scientist then turns to face me, showing me that he is covered in blood, blood from the person he was experimenting on. The scientist makes his way towards me saying something that I am not able to hear but by reading his lips, I make out him saying that I'm next.

    The scientist puts a gurney in front of my chamber then touches the console next to my chamber causing the liquid that I was floating in begins to drain. After it drains completely, the door to the chamber opens and I fall forward onto the gurney. I feel rubbery fingers slide across my bare back.

    Good, it looks like her cells have taken. I wonder what, if any powers, you've gained.

    I feel something sharp cut into my back, then feel an odd sensation as I feel my skin close up

    Excellent, seems like you have accelerated healing.

    The scientist then rolled me over onto my back, and it was at this moment that I realized that something was wrong because apparently my eyes had been closed this entire time, yet I was able to see.

    Lets see what your eyes look like.

    I feel his rubbery hands grasp my head with his thumbs over my eyelids. He raises them then immediately gasps and takes a step back.

    Yo.... your eyes...

    I grab the scalpel he had used on my back, and instinctively stab him in his neck leaving him to bleed out on the floor. I pull a metal pipe from the outside of the chamber that I was in, then uses it to destroy the other chambers, specifically the main chamber. I grab the whiskey bottle the scientist had on him and pour what is left in it over the room. I then take the metal pipe and create a spark setting the room on fire.

    I find my way out and up some stairs where I appear in a library. I put my bloodied right hand against a wall of books feeling pain coming from my shoulder blades. I hear garbled voices over several radios coming from the rest of the house as I make my way over to an unlit fireplace when the pain gets to be too much for me to take, I let out a gut-wrenching scream. As the unknown people open the doors to the library, they gasp in shock and surprise.

    Unknown Voice – Vinc.... Vincent?
    Present Day

    1-2 fuck you
    3-4 blow the door
    5-6 poisonous mix
    7-8 tis our fate
    9-10 they win
    demonic laugh

    Jethro Warren, I was perfectly content on keeping things between us business like and keeping the past buried. But then you stole my future, so I must now kill yours. I have to look to the past, look to my past, to show you the terrifying truth.

    When it was simply business, I was calm, cool and collected. I handled our business in the ring within the confines of the rules. But now that you've made this more personal, god save your soul for I plan on destroying your body.

    Because after I end your pathetic life at the Back In Business PPV, I plan on finishing the wedding between Amber and me while we stand over your grave. I then plan on winning this X-Division Tournament... I don't even know what G-Rich was thinking when he added that element to our already chaotic match, considering the fact that while we both want the X Title, we want to kill each other more.

    Anyways, I plan on recapturing MY Championship Belt and disposing of that filthy monstrosity called the “Emerald Championship”
    I roll my eyes or whatever the hell that sick disgusting freak Divine plans on calling it, back to its original bloodied and true glory as the X Championship.

    So even though I allowed you to live all of those years ago when the BIRD Empire, under its old management, was contracted to assassinate you just so your parents could get some big payday. I allowed you to live then because it wasn't your time and mostly because it helped serve up the true appetizer that was my coup d'etat of the old management. Thus began my ascension to becoming the BIRD Empire's current leader.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    From Wolf's Back in Business VIII promo...

    A few of the children squeal at this statement, as fairy tales were an important part in their lives. A few of the children start naming off their favorite parts of the stories; the princesses and the monsters. One of the men cough, a common action, but it seems to strike the teacher like a blow. She turns to Wolf, shushing the crowd with her finger.

    "I do believe Adrian wants to tell us what a perfect fairy tale is."

    In reality, Wolf didn't want to have any part of this whole experiment, but he had to be. This whole thing, the appearance of the murdering child in front of his peers, was to test his reaction in public. Wolf hadn't asked to do this; he was forced. And there he was, twenty some pairs of eyes staring at him. The straight jacket was constricting his movement; he couldn't hide from the eyes. He had to speak.

    "Well you have to have the heroes."

    A girl in the crowd speaks up.

    "Yeah, and they have to be beautiful, and strong, and perfect"

    Wolf shakes his head.

    "No, they cannot be perfect. Even the hero has to have faults. No, the heroes in this fairy tale all have their problems. But they get past their faults to face the enemy."


    The Hero I Once Created...

    Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald

    This was his exodus. The punching bag careened against his knuckles as he imagined Ryan Hall’s ribs breaking on impact. The room was quiet, cold, and empty save for him and the equipment. The dense thuds coming from the bag could barely fill the room, but they filled Wolf’s ears, each one dying to just be replaced with another. This was his Exodus. He escaped from the world this way, he escaped from his obligations this way, he escaped from his distractions this way. There was only him and the bag. The universe shrunk for this moment; all of existence a simple exercise room. His head filled with images of the ring; the bright lights, the screaming crowd, the intense exhaustion, but at the same time none of these; it all focused itself down to a simple image of him driving his jabs deep into the body of Ryan Hall. He was absorbed by the moment. His complete attention was driven into this one act, and he felt like he could do it – punching the bag with reckless abandon – for the rest of his living days. For others, meditation came in the form of deep breathing and solemn chanting, but for him, mediation came in the form of concentrated violence.

    A line from a song he once heard popped into his head,”Heaven is a special place in hell where you watch the people you hate get hurt.” He couldn’t agree more. He smirked, his arms reeling back into position after every strike, this was his heaven.
    This is everything. There is nothing else. My existence boils down to this. Keep punching. Keep jabbing. His thoughts rang out without an echo in his head, they were clear, pristine, they were powerful. One, two, one, two. Keep it up. They have nothing on you. They can’t stop you. No one can stop you. They see your name, and they have second thoughts. This is where he found his inspiration, in the dead of night, when nothing could possibly interrupt him. You don’t have any second thoughts, do you? Of course not. You are Wolf! You win championships. You end careers. You are a future hall-of-famer. He found his rhythm, he was immersed in it, he could almost hear an orchestra playing as the soundtrack, a raging-bull-ish montage of slow motion punches, just short of being a ballet of sorts. It was not your fault. You are innocent. You loved her. You did everything for her.

    RING! RING! F*ck! F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! Wolf had forgotten to turn off his phone. It was gone, his concentration, his bliss, his focus, his rhythm; it was all gone... In an instant...

    He lowered his arms in defeat. There was no way to get it back, not now anyways.. His mind was still burning with frustration, but he tried not to dwell on it. He often wondered what it would be like to be on the decline and the thought of it did not please him. As he had known for quite some time, wrestling was his life, and he had tried several times to leave it, but was pulled back every time, forced to continue. If there was ever a day where he was forced to stop competing, or continued to compete to the point where he was a pathetic shadow of himself just trying to hold onto glory, like so many other wrestlers around him, he hoped someone would put a bullet in his head and end his suffering. It brought him back to his session with his therapist a week ago. He could even smell the cheap candles his therapist often left burning because he believed the scent gave a ‘relaxing aroma’ that allowed Wolf to feel ‘at peace’ so he could ‘be open’ or whatever stupid bullshit he spewed, most of the time Wolf didn’t even pay attention. In fact, he wasn’t sure why he continued to go. It was a contact given to him by Sara, but now Sara was long gone. No matter the reason, he had been there that previous week and now he was reliving it after after he lost his focus in an instant.


    “You ever think about the plight of a superhero?” Wolf had asked, laying back in the cliché chair/couch thing that Wolf didn’t really know the name for.

    “How do you mean, Mr. Wolf?” The therapist responded, an eyebrow cocked as if the question had sparked some sort of deep down curiosity, as if he was about to stumble onto some part of Wolf’s mind he had been shut out of for quite some time, and it very well might have been the case. Wolf didn’t like opening up to his therapist about his deep thoughts. He came in, and then left. However, this time, there was something on his mind he felt he had to share.

    “Superman will never win, Batman will never win, its all fruitless in the end,” Wolf sighed.

    “Is this something that I should be worried about? I mean, would you care to explain?”

    “Its not like I’m going to shoot myself or anything, but if you think about the superhero, what is his purpose?”

    “To save people, I would presume.”

    “Right, but what is the end result? Sure, they can save millions of people while they are alive, but they aren’t looking for numbers; they are looking for a solution to the problem, but with the way they handle it all, they’ll be able to handle a good majority of it, but there will always be that small few that manage to get around them. That small percentage represents the failure of the superhero, and even if they get all the bad guys, more will still spring up eventually.”

    “Well, then I guess it is the prerogative of the superhero to keep fighting.”

    “That would be the only solution the hero could have; either keep fighting or give up, but what about when they die? Superman isn’t going to be on his death bed thinking ‘oh, well, at least I saved a shitload of people,’ no, of course not, he is going to be thinking about all the people he won’t be able to save when he dies. In the end, he loses, no matter how much work he puts into it. His only REAL solution, aside from giving up and turn away from the world, is to destroy it so no one will be able to hurt it anymore. He would have to kill EVERYONE in order to save them.”

    “May I ask what has sparked this line of thought?”

    “I had this dream. I was flying around as this superhero.”

    “Do you fancy yourself as a superhero, Mr. Wolf?”

    “I used to. I used to think that I had the potential to change this world. I was crazy enough to believe that it was going to be me, a professional wrestler whom no one likes.”

    “Not anymore.”

    “No, the dream was the start to the tearing down of that idea. See, like I was saying, I as flying around as this superhero. I don’t know how I knew was a superhero, I just felt it. I was the typical flying position; arms stretched forward, straight as a broom, swerving around buildings in sort of metropolis-esc city. I remember thinking that everyone looked pretty small from up there, like I was a god hovering over the head of ants. They all seemed so hopeless, so helpless, so without meaning as they wandered aimless through the streets to their respective jobs. I remember feeling sorry for them. That was their whole existence, and here I was, flying overhead. I heard a scream off in the distance so I raced to its source and found a woman in peril.”

    “How was she in peril? Was she falling out of high up window? Was she being attacked by some monster?”

    “No, it was this sort of mad scientist. It was all super cheesy, like something out of a B-movie. It seemed easy enough, so I struck a stupid pose, did some sort of long-winded superhero speech, or some garbage like that. The next thing I know is that he pulls out what looks like a laser gun, I shit you not. He is pointing a goddamn laser at me, and before I can do anything to stop it, he fires the thing at me. I’m sent flying backwards, through the wall, and down in the city street. I was sitting in a crater made by my body and I went to get up, but I couldn’t move. I tried as hard as I could, but my limbs wouldn’t budge. I f*cking hate that feeling, I wanted to scream, but it wouldn’t let me. My whole body was stiff, besides my neck for some reason. So I look down and see that my body is decaying. Its falling the f*ck apart! I’m freaking out and I look to see if anyone would help me, but they all just walk over me, they don’t give two shits that the only superhero in the city is slowly crumbling away beneath their feet.”

    “I imagine that can be very distressing.”

    “That’s not even the half of it. I look up into the sky and I see this little blue streak running across it. I’m not sure what it is at first, but I try and find the source of the streak and I find out it’s another super hero. He is bigger than me, he looks stronger than me, and he is flying faster than I ever could. He swoops into the building I was just shot out of, the thing explodes and the next thing I see is a blue streak darting out of one of the windows with the damsel in distress in his arms, embracing him like he was the lover of her life. Then I look down at my body and the decaying mess that it is and people are still just walking over it, some even spitting on it as its passing by. It all starts fading to black, my time as a superhero is over, they don’t need me…”

    It was the End of my Era.


    “Then I wake up, at least this sort of space between awake and not awake, a sort of extreme daze, but my body still won’t move.”

    “Sleep paralysis?”

    Wolf: “Yeah… shitty sleep ending with a shitty way to wake up. I did all I could for the maiden. I did all I could for Sara. Who knows if a younger, faster and stronger hero would have succeeded. I know I did all that was in my power. It wasn't my fault so why it made me so angry when Ryan Hall blamed everything on me? Then I think about: why. Why did it piss me off? I'll tell you, because it was meant to. So, good job I guess. Because... When you're afraid, when you're faced with the truth, when you realize you've bitten off more than you can chew? You sling ignorant insults. I do too. But I do it all the time. For me, it's a way of life. But it just makes you the only "last" you can believably claim to be: "The Last Ass." Because I will go to the grave praising your in-ring ability, Hall, but I'll also go to the grave cursing your name. Because you are easily, the dumbest, pettiest, most ignorant, egotistical cock I've ever met, Hall. You're so blinded by the delusion that you actually matter that you don't realize there are people all around that have mattered much more, for much longer. That are FAR from "mediocre" regardless of what you'd have everyone else believe. You are not a special snowflake, Ryan. You are not a standout - unless I make you one just like I did last year.”

    He takes several hissing pulls off his cigarette before he finally speaks.. Exhaling his last pull, he finally pipes up.

    Wolf: "You're not a special snowflake, there is at least three other guys trying to make a career off of being God's gift to wrestling. I'd call it a tired gimmick, but some guys can pull it off. Others, like Hall, play the part well... But at the end of the day? This business is only so much about grit and toughness, the rest is all about attitude. Charisma. Wit. Knowledge. These other guys? Hall and those like him? They may do well, they may even pick up a title or two, but nobody is going to remember them. They're just going to be "The Rick Martels of The World." Which is why Hall should be thanking his lucky stars he's got a guy like me. Giving him all this free publicity, taking time out of MY day to even mention that he can take a punch.... That people actually believe I beat guy worth beating. Not just: Another Rick Martel. Ryan Hall should be on his knees praying to his chosen deity that I continue to find him worthy of my time. I'm the only guy that made him relevant since Sean Kelleher stopped his streak. Because frankly, there are a lot of guys I want to kick the shit out of. I have never met a more egotistical douche than Ryan Hall. A guy that is so wrapped up in himself that he doesn't even bother to learn a little history. He doesn't bother to give respect where it's due. He thinks that by making established guys out to be nothing more than shit somehow makes him out to be "better." I'm not a nice guy. I know that, everybody knows that. But even I know the two cardinal rules of this business. First and foremost: "If you tell everybody you're fighting shit, IF you win, who did you beat? It doesn't matter because that guy is shit." And second: "Just being a cock only makes you one thing... A cock." I tried to impart these things to Hall, but they didn't take. Hall has one defense mechanism... Act like a twelve year old. When in doubt, talk retarded amounts of shit. Shit that he can't back up.

    A shrug

    Wolf: "Ryan Hall is a talented fighter, a current champion - but holding a belt and deserving to hold a belt are two very different things - It's a good thing he's a fucking fighter. It's a good thing he can take a punch. It's a good thing he knows what he's doing between the ropes... Because if he didn't? At Back in Business? I'd f*cking kill him."

    "Is this what fuels your hate for Ryan Hall?"

    Wolf takes a drag off his already burning cigarette with a chuckle. He thinks for a moment, exhales, then answers the question.

    Wolf: "SINCE WHEN DO I NEED A F*CKING REASON TO DELIVER A BEATING? WHAT KIND OF SOCIETY HAVE WE BECOME WHEN A MAN CAN'T SIMPLY HATE ANOTHER MAN FOR NO APPARENT REASON, DOC!?!I could come out here and tell you this match is about getting the belt, BUT THAT WOULD BE A F*CKING LIE! I could tell you this is about revenge against Hall for Sara, BUT THAT WOULD BE A F*CKING LIE! I could tell you this about respect, BUT THAT WOULD BE A F*CKING LIE! This is about slapping a little reality, not respect, into someone who seems to have lost touch with it."

    "But you'd take the title if you won?"

    Wolf: "If? F*ck that, WHEN, motherf*cker. When I win, yes, I will take the title. Because as much of a pain in the ass as it is to be champion, I think I give an air of legitimacy to the belt. Like, when people look at FWA and see me as it's champion? They know that this isn't a place for sissy f*ck-face douchebags like Ryan Hall. This is a place for mean motherf*ckers. This isn't a place for whiny little shit bags, who want to take their balls and go home every time something isn't going their way. This is a place for men that dig their heels in and get ready for a fight. This is a place for people that stick it the f*ck out and earn it. Years, f*cking YEARS I've been on this roster NONSTOP. I have wrestlerd more matches than so called biggest veterans Ryan Hall and Ashley O' Ryan put together. I've been it's champion twice, not because I couldn't pull the trigger. Not because I couldn't win the big one. Not because I'm not good enough to be considered, f*ck, we both know that shit isn't true. It was simply because I didn't need to hold the belt. I didn't feel it was necessary to prove anything to anybody. But with the influx of rectal haberdashery into this place, we need someone that is going to make the world take notice. Make sure we don't become a f*cking joke. That motherf*cker is me. I'm the guy to put guys like Drew Stevenson with their little shoots in their places. I know it, you know it, G Rich knows it, the only one that doesn't know it is Ryan Hall. Ryan Hall doesn't speak my language. Ryan Hall is an alien to me. Sci Fi movies are pretty f*cking popular, so you tell me... What the f*ck do you do with an alien?"

    He thinks for a second

    "Communicate with-"


    Wolf whips his cigarette onto the canvas, the ember explodes at his feet.

    Wolf: ... It's got something for me. Satisfaction. Closure. Violence. A fight. Because that's what I do. I fight. I entertain, but I'm not an entertainer. I'm crazy, but I'm not a lunatic. I'm the Alpha and the f*cking Omega. I'm the man. Often imitated, never duplicated, I'm the biggest, the baddest, the meanest, the most sadistic man in Professional Sports. Period. It's a lesson I teach often, to the same people, but it's one that never really sticks. I've got my lesson plan drawn up, I've got my syllabus written, I've picked the f*cking reading. All that is left is to teach, with pounds of flesh and buckets of blood. At Back in Business, those things older than time itself get what has been coming to them for so long. F*ck the gimmicks; at Back in Business, I kick the shit out of Ryan Hall, BECAUSE I CAN, BECAUSE I WANT TO, BECAUSE I F*CKING NEED TO!

    “That sort of ‘superman final solution’ that you mentioned beforehand? Destroy the world before it can destroy itself?”

    “Something of the sort, I guess. I realized that there is no winning as a superhero.”

    “Mr. Wolf, I think this has less to do with being a superhero and more to do with your fears of having to let go at some point.”


    “Hear me out. I’m not an expert in dreams, but to me, your superhero status has less to do with you saving people and more to do with your view of your own abilities. I think you are worried about the day you might find yourself on the downward slope, and being forced to witness as a younger talent not only beats you, but becomes better than you ever were. You are scared that you will leave having changed nothing, that you might be a record that’s easy to top, and that the people will love this new talent. You know you have no other choice with the End of this Era approaching.”


    “Hey, I don’t blame you if you are reluctant to believe that. When you put your heart and soul into something, its hard to believe that there will be a day where you won’t be able to be a part of it anymore. If you acknowledge the fear, that means you have to acknowledge the possibility of that, so I can see why you might look at me and not want to accept that what I’m saying might be the truth. Akira Kurosawa had a quote about how is life was film and if you subtracted film from him, there would be nothing. I imagine that’s the same thing with you and wrestling. You tried to leave, twice, but you couldn’t stand being away from it, because you feel that wrestling is your purpose, without wrestling there is nothing to your depth.”

    “…I think we are done here.”

    Wolf didn’t want to accept that as the truth. It was far easier for him to believe that the dream was showing him something different, because it was easier for him to just turn away from the rest of the world and generalize that none of it was worth saving. He wanted to believe his time was better spent fighting, instead of worrying about whether or not he was falling to pieces. He refused to believe that he was ever going to subpar, but lately the idea has been harder and harder to shake. How long did he have before he started to deteriorate? Will he get that last title run? What if he was already declining? What if, forever more, he was a little less than he was, every day chipping away at him until he was finally old, gray, and decrepit? No, now was not the time for that. He needed to keep his head straight. If he had even an inkling of doubt, Ryan Hall could exploit it and gain the advantage in the match and that would result in ultimate defeat.


    He turned to the punching bag. He threw a punch in an attempt to get back into it, but as soon as it landed, he knew that he didn’t have it in him to get back into the swing of things that night. He sighed heavily and grabbed his towel to wipe the sweat off of his face. Suddenly, he felt dirty, he could sense the grime under his fingernails, he could feel his shirt clinging to him with sweat, he could feel every inch of his body coated in one germ or another and decided he should go take a shower before heading off to bed.

    As he showered, his mind wandered off. He let it wander. Untamed by focus, he let it touch everything from pressing matters to purely surreal thoughts. He didn’t hang onto any of it for anything longer than a moment. As soon as the thoughts came, he let them go, to be lost and forgotten until they decided to rear their ugly heads once more. This was his relaxation, his sort of aimless drifting through different trains of thought. Nothing had weight, it didn’t mean anything for that moment, it was an even playing field. When he was done, he dried himself off and went to bed where he slept peacefully until the next day. If he dreamed, he did not remember what it was about the next morning, which he was okay with. When he did wake, he felt rejuvenated, a bit more optimistic, the thoughts of last night gone like a distant memory.
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    Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now, therefore ye kings. Be admonished ye judges of the earth. Serve the lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    Psalm 2:8

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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    The Origin of Salvation

    The moment has finally come for Jason Gryphon. After months of scratching and clawing his way to the top of the mountain, he has finally arrived in Seattle, Washington to get what he has demanded since the night after Ace’s High. He has a match with Shane McClean and Thomas Princeton for the North American Championship. This month has been filled with pain and triumph, big wins and shocking moments, all of which that have lead to tonight’s show. This month Jason scored a bit of revenge against a person that caused him so much embarrassment, Divine. He scored one of the biggest wins of his career against the up and coming PAJ, and after a bit of controversy, he was able to move himself into the North American Championship match after being the special guest referee in a match against his other two challengers. Finally, last week on Fight Night, after the upper management decided to turn Fight Night into Showtime at the Apollo, Jason was laid out by Thomas Princeton. The last thing that anyone saw of Jason and Shane were of them lying on their backs after being clocked by a clothesline from Thomas Princeton. After dusting himself off and rolling out of the ring, Jason has been preparing a speech to give to his creatures. He sent out a message on Twitter to all of the 2,324,589 people that follow him on the social media site. There is no telling how many people will actually show up but even if it just one person, Jason Gryphon will go out there and give 100%.

    It is another cold and soggy day in Seattle, Washington, the home of Starbucks, Grudge Music, and Dr. Frasier Crane. The sky is littered with grey clouds as far as the eye can see and the only thing that is making up for another rain soaked day is a special appearance from FWA Superstar Jason Gryphon. We start at the bottom of the Seattle Space Needle where hundreds of chairs have been set up to give Jason’s creatures a place to gather. There is a large speaker system set up so everyone in a nearby radius will be able to hear it. The popular tourist destination has been closed to the public for the day in order for Jason and his creatures to have a moment alone together before the biggest Pay-Per-View of the Year. As the minutes begin to go by, every one of those chairs begin to fill up with fans of the former X-Division Champion. Many of them are wearing Jason’s T-Shirts from and carrying signs of support. After a few moments the crowd begins to get restless and begin to chant Jason’s name hoping that he will appear. Suddenly, an elderly black man comes out from the elevator at the base of the Space Needle with a microphone in his hand. When he comes out into the crowd, he is revealed to be Zeus Jordan, the man that trained Jason when he was just started out. He is a long way from his gym in Richmond, Virginia so if he is here, you can bet that this announcement is something special considering that Jason couldn’t blast Jordan out of his gym in the past.

    Zeus Jordan:

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, that you for choosing to join us here today. It is going to be a historic day, so consider yourselves lucky that you are here. My name is Zeus Jordan and I am the man that trained Jason Gryphon.

    The crowd gives him a boisterous round of applause for his involvement in training the man that they have come to love.

    Zeus Jordan:
    I was personally asked by Jason to be here tonight because he has something big that he wanted to reveal to all of you. Jason is a very talented young man and I knew from the moment that he walked into my gym in Richmond. There was something in his soul that needed to be let out. When he came to me for the first time, he was nearly a broken man. He had lost the most important thing in his life and needed to let the world feel the same pain that he was feeling at the time. I was the one that gave him a voice to scream with and a body to make others feel pain. Now look at him, he is one of the most recognizable faces in the world. He is on television every week, he has T-shirts, hats, mugs, and action figures with his ugly mug on it. I did not make Jason the man is today, all of you did that. All I did was take the lump of clay that he was and I brought him to life, just like the Zeus in Ancient Greek Mythology. I told him about the legend that was behind his name and he turned that into the Mythology that all of you follow today. Jason Gryphon now has the strength of a Lion and the speed of the Eagle. That is what helps him to win matches and championships. Now, Creatures, if you want to see a Gryphon, all that you have to do is look up!

    Zeus points his hands to the heavens and the people in the crowd turn their heads to the sky. Jason Gryphon makes his way out at the top of the observation deck of the Space Needle as “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas plays over the loud speakers on the ground. Near the edge, there is a microphone on a stand as Jason appears in his signature black and white sleeveless hooded rope. He pulls the hood of the robe down and smiles as he looks out at the horizon. Near the bottle of the structure, Jason Gryphon’s creatures begin to chant his name before he makes his way over to the microphone.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Hello, My creatures! I thank all of you for coming out on this dark and rainy day. You are the truly faithful and I promise you that your devotion will not be in vain. You are here on a day that will change our relationship forever but before I get to that, we must discuss the road so far. It has been one year since I made my debut in FWA. It has been a year of triumph and tragedy, high’s and low’s, and successes and failures. It all began with a dark match at last year’s Back at Business. That one match started our legacy together. It gave us the purpose that we needed to come together and face the forces of injustice. It all started with Michael Garcia. A big ugly monster that’s only purpose in this business was to cause us pain. He tried to black ball us in this business and got me fired. Thanks to all of you, I was brought back and I vanquished Garcia and Dave Sullivan to obtain the X-Division Championship. It was our first taste of gold and I guarantee you that it will not be our last. After nearly four months of being a champion, our title was stolen thanks to the interference of Jimmy King and Ryan Hall, our championship was stolen from us. I put the blame for that loss not only on Drew Stevenson, Ryan Hall, and Jimmy King, I put that loss on myself. I never should have trusted Ryan Hall in his plan with the Seraphim. After months of trying to get my revenge on Hall, upper management refused to put us in a match together for fear of what I would do to him. The only way that I could get him only was to win the Carnal Contendership Match. I would have won, if not for interference by a man that should have been by our side. Shane McClean not only betrayed me but he betrayed all of you. He took away our chance to seek our vengeance against Hall so now here we are three days away from Back at Business and our vengeance two names, those names are Shane McClean and Thomas Princeton.

    The creatures in attendance boo the fan favorite that screwed over their hero. The jeers can be heard from the ground as Jason smiles standing high above the Seattle skyline.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Let’s us begin with the literal fly in our ointment, Thomas Princeton. I first encountered this muscle bound moron about a month ago and I have grown to dislike him more and more every day that I have to be around him. Princeton is just another cookie cutter coward with more muscles than brains and he would have been easy to defeat on Fight Night if the upper management had decided to protect him from our wrath. If they would have done the right thing and put me in a match with Princeton instead of trying to turn our ring into the Comedy Central of sports entertainment, it would be a one on one match between Shane McClean and myself. They know that together we would have not only defeated Princeton but we would have banished him from the business just like we have done with so many of the men that we have battled in the past. You see, when you go toe to toe with Jason Gryphon, you are never going at it one by one. You are facing me and everyone that cheers for me. You are facing a Mythology so great that men are either forced men to leave the business and take jobs at local Applebee’s or they come face to face with us and they lose their minds. Thomas, all you had to do in order to save yourself was just to stay the hell out of our business. My Mythology is stronger than all of the muscles that you have put together. Instead, you are now forced to step into the ring with two men that both have their eyes on something far grander than just gold. Shane McClean and I want respect. We are will to do whatever it takes to earn that respect. A war is coming Princeton and unfortunately, you are just going to become a casualty of it.

    Jason takes the microphone off of the stands and begins to move around more freely.

    Jason Gryphon:
    It is amazing how many things can change over time Thomas. You see, before I arrived in FWA, I was just an archeologist digging around in the sands of Ancient Civilizations, hoping to unearth something that would give my life relevance. I found that one thing; it was a Golden Statue of a Gryphon. That idol was an omen for me. It showed me that I was not being true to myself and that is something that cannot be tolerated in this life. You must always be at your best if you want to make something of your life. In order to become the man that I am today, I had to pull my head out of the dessert sand like the proverbial ostrich, and come face to face with my destiny. It is my destiny to become of the greatest FWA Superstar of all time and it is your destiny Thomas to be forgotten along with the myriad of other superstars that believed that had what it takes to break the glass ceiling. I do not say this things to you to be hurtful Thomas I say them because they are the wisest truth that I know. You just do not have what it takes to defeat myself or Shane McClean in this Triple Threat Match. You are the third wheel in this match between two men that have an honest beef with each other. If you had a brain behind your idle eyes, you would be aware of that. You would know that you do not have a place in this match. Shane already beat you in a title match, so you should be at the back of the line. It is not some conspiracy that I did not see your foot of the rope but it does not matter, a win is a win. The only reason that you are in this match is because G-Rich pities you and decided to give you another match. I will make you pay for your greed in the middle of the ring if you decide to get in my way this Sunday.

    The large crowd on the ground begins to chant for Jason as the rain begins to pour down more heavily on the Seattle crowd.

    Jason Gryphon:
    My creatures, we are getting ready to go into a match against the only three time North American Champion and a former World Champion. Yet, are we afraid? No! We stand tall getting ready to face this challenge with our collective heads held high, waiting for battle like true warriors. That is something that will not change over time. We will already be ready for the challenge and we will always win in the end. We may lose a battle but will win the war. As we move forward we are facing a challenge that we have never faced. We have never faced Thomas Princeton or Shane McClean in a match. The fear of the unknown is something that gives humans a empty felling in the pit of their stomach’s but we are not human. We have long since moved past the need for fear. Thomas Princeton, time changes all things. You were once a World Champion but you have long since past your prime and yet you still think that you could beat a man that is at his peak at all times. You are falling down the mountain head over heels while I am climbing up it in a brisk stride, getting ready to plant my flag at the top. When you have long gone from this company, I will still be here bringing smiles to the faces of the people that you despise. Those smiles continue to drive me toward all of the great things that I want in this business. Money, Fame, Power, Gold, all of these things can be achieved through the embracement of the FWA Universe but you are too stupid to see that. Everything that you seek is at your fingertips but I will be the one to snatch it away from you. I will snatch your pride away from you right before I snatch the North American Championship from Shane McClean.

    The fans in attendance boo the name of “The Ace of Diamonds” before Jason moves inside of the Space Needle, making his way to the elevator with the microphone in his hand.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Times changes all things in this business. It makes friends out of former rivals, it makes bitter enemies out of best friends, and it pits those that could have changed the industry together, against one another. That is the story between Shane McClean and myself. Shane and I have been two sides of the same coin for so long. We always try to do the right thing for the FWA Universe. We make sure that all of you get your money’s worth for supporting us as we go out and give 100% every time we step foot inside of the ring. If things had played out differently, Shane McClean and I could have teamed up to take the Tag Team Championships away from Vodka and Vemon. We both want to keep getting better and better in order to become the best superstars that we can be. We live for the fight and we fight so that we can live. We both want to be champions. Shane in the only person in FWA History to be a three time North American Champions. He is also a former tag team champion and a former television champion. I am a former X-Division Champion and the final FWA 24/7 Champion. If only we put our minds together instead of coming the place where we are at now, we could have become something great. It was not meant to be however as fate decided to lend a hand and show the man behind the mask. The person that Shane McClean shows the world is not the man that he truly is. Shane McClean is a man that would stab a good man in the back in order to get what he thinks he deserves. Ace’s High was the moment when the world saw the monster before the man that Shane pretends to be. That person took a moment of weakness that I had and stabbed me in the back inside of the Carnal Contendership match. Together Shane and I could have worked together to clean the ring of those that did not deserve a World Title shot but now he works only for himself and in doing so he betrayed every one of my creatures.

    Jason pushed the down button and gets on the elevator and silently rides down the elevator, adding to this tense moment. When Jason walks out of the base of the Space Needle, he is greeted with the smile of his most devoted fans.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Ace’s High will be a night that we will forever remember. It is the night where Shane McClean showed his true color and they are yellow. McClean has a yellow streak going down his spine that he will forever have to live with because of what he did to me, to us. It seems as if every new superstar that comes into this company wants to be the newest evil son of a bitch. It would seem logical for the only good men to stand together against such a threat but no one is willing to stand with me to face that threat. I entered the Carnal Contendership Match with one goal in mind, I wanted to get my hands on Ryan Hall. I did not care about main eventing Back at Business. I did not care about becoming the World Champion, the only thing that I wanted was a shot a vengeance. It is a shot that FWA Management refuses to give me. It has been three months since Jimmy King and Ryan Hall’s alliance took something dear from me away and the only thing I wanted was to get my hands on Ryan Hall. I wanted one match but in order to get that match I had to win the Carnal Contendership Match. During that match, I eliminated a Hall of Famer, I shocked the world by avoiding elimination, and I walked over Ryan Rondo to stay in the game. I was inches away from receiving my just desserts and then the unthinkable happened. I was eliminated by a man that so many of you have trusted in the past. How does Shane repay that trust? He eliminates your King! He throws us out of the match and dashes our hope, our dreams, of getting our hands on the ultimate evil of the FWA. Now Shane McClean must pay for what he has done and he will pay at Back in Business. McClean took something very precious to us and he will not get away with that, I will not let him. Shane, you took away our dreams so I’M TAKING YOUR REALTY! I’M TAKING YOUR PRIDE, YOUR EGO, AND YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP!

    The crowd loudly cheers as Jason screams to heaven his upcoming battle plan against Shane McClean, proclaiming that he will walk away with the North American Championship.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Mr. Clean, that championship that you hold in your hands like a precious child will be ripped from your arms on Sunday. It will be placed in the hands of a man that deserves to be the North American Champion. It will come home to our Mythology. It will finally be safe when I win the triple threat match. Anything less than a complete and totally victory this Sunday will not be tolerated. I do not care if I have to take Princeton’s head off with a Lion’s Lariat or show McClean the grace of The Eagle’s Wing or vice versa. I will walk into Back in Business as Jason Gryphon but I will walk out as the North American Champion. Last year I started my career in a match that no one could see but I won anyway. This year, there will be people tuning in just to see my match and my victory because of everything that I have done for my creatures in the past 365 days. I have been something that they could believe in, something that they could put their trust in, and I have not disappointed them. When I set my mind on something that I want, I will go to extreme lengths to get what my fans and I want. Right now, we want the North American Championship to be draped on my shoulders as we stand triumphant over the broken bodies our two men that Bufford “Mad Dog” Tannen would delight in calling YELLOW! Shane McClean has hid behind the mask of the fan favorite for too long and now with his true colors showing, he will expose his sheedy underbelly and now I pull out my claws and rip his lying guts out. Now as I stand at the foot of the greatest achievement of my career, the only thing I have to do is defeat Shane McClean and Thomas Princeton in a Triple Threat Match. It is so true that history has a way of repeating itself whether you want it to or not.

    The crowd cheers as Jason Gryphon makes his way into the crowd and lay his hands upon his most devoted followers.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Shane and I have climbed up the ladder of success since we started in FWA. We both took separate paths and we have never faced each other in the ring. That will change this Sunday. I will continue to climb up that glorious mountain of success before I toss both Thomas Princeton and Shane McClean to the side. You see, anyone that has ever stepped inside of the ring with me, anyone that has tried to block my success, has been eliminated. My path to the top has been littered with the shattered careers of those that have tried to stop me. This Sunday I will add Thomas Princeton and Shane McClean to that list. It is a list of that includes Dave Sullivan, Michael Garcia, Alexander Sokolov, Alexander Askerov, and even FWA legend Mac Michaud. Soon after all of these men faced me, they were wiped away from the memories of the FWA. I defeated them, I took their titles, and I took their legacies. I will do the very same thing to the both of you at Back in Business. You may think that you have an advantage in this match considering that I do not have to be pinned or tap out in order for this match to come to an end but if you believe that, then you truly are not students of history. The first championship that I won, I won it in a Triple Threat Match. I defeated a man with a deep history in FWA and a man that thought his muscles made him unstoppable. There is an eerily similar to the situation for his match, isn’t there? I am more determined than ever to make history repeat itself this Sunday. I will become the North American Champion and I will be the champion that these people deserve. I will go out to the ring every night with that championship in my hand and I will continue to fight for what is right with all of these glorious people standing up and chanting for our Mythology. I will represent North America better than anyone ever has before in the history of FWA because that is who I am. I am a fighter that will not quit until all of the breath has left my body.

    The crowd begins to form a circle around Jason as he continues to place his hands on their heads, almost to feel their devotion to him.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Before I move onto the business of the day, I must say one thing about the World Championship Match that takes place at Back in Business between WOLF and Ryan Hall.

    The crowd instantly boos the name of Ryan Hall as Jason mentions him.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Wolf, I know that Ryan Hall has hurt you in so many ways. That is the way he stays relevant, he tries to cause people as much pain as he can. I know that you have lost someone close to you and it hurts but I am sorry, I cannot root for you to win the championship at Back in Business. The job of taking the World Heavyweight Championship off of Ryan Hall belongs to yours truly. I am not looking past Thomas Princeton and Shane McClean but I am looking forward to the future. You see, on the Fight Night after Back in Business, I have been booked into an Elimination Chamber Match for the World Championship with four men that have never been the World Champion and the World Champion himself. Hall, I need you to listen to me now because you haven’t in the past. I need you to pull out every dirty trick that you have under your hat in order to retain that championship. I need you to win the Hell in the Cell match because I need you to be the World Champion inside of the Elimination Chamber. After months of avoiding me, we will finally be locked together inside of a of our industries most sinister structure. Finally, I will be able to give you the beating that you so richly deserve. In one week’s time, I will walk into Fight Night as the North American Champion and I will leave it as the World Heavyweight Champion. Thanks to all of you being by my side, in one week, I will be the ULTIMATE FWA CHAMPION!

    The crowd loudly cheers for Jason as he brings up the idea of him holding both the World Heavyweight Championship and the North American Championship at the same time. It would be an incredible feat for someone just one year into his FWA career.

    Jason Gryphon:
    I started at the bottom of this business and I worked my way up to the top. Just like George Jefferson, I reached that Deluxe Apartment in the sky. I was sitting on my throne, looking down at all of you from a perch but I have come to realize that a true leader cannot do that. In order to truly lead, you must be among the people. I shouldn't and cannot look down on all of you down from some pedestal. I am now here for all of you whenever you need me. If you want to share your joy or your sorrows with me, I am here for you all.

    Jason walks through the crowd, placing his hands on the bodies of several fans as he walks through the delighted crowd.

    Jason Gryphon:

    Now I come to the real reason that invited all of you here to this meeting in Seattle. All of you have been the most devoted of my creatures. You have spread the word about our Mythology every since the day I started my career. You have spread the word through Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, LinkedIn, and every other social media that I can’t think of. You have made fan videos on YouTube, Fan Fiction on, and have posted beautiful works on DeviantArt. All of these things have helped to grow our brand, our Mythology. You are the ones that have been there since the very beginning that now I am going to reward your reverence. For a movement to continue to grow, it must continue to evolve beyond its origin. Every great moment has had to have their word spread across the world. That is why Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism have been so successful. Their message continues to be spread to this very day. Even through fear of death, the missionaries of these establishments continue to spread the word. That is why you are here today. You have all been the first missionaries of Gryphonism and now it is time for an event to occur that will change the world. All of you will be the first of the creatures to evolve into something greater that what you are now. Everyone that is here today, you are no longer suitable to be called MY CREATURES!

    Several of the fans in attendance get a worried look on their faces as Jason says that he can no longer be his creatures. A young girl even begins to cry as she hear the news. Jason sees the young girl crying and he walks over to wipe her tears.

    Jason Gryphon:

    You are no longer creatures because you are the first of the next step of the evolution of our new religion. All of you have now proven yourself worth enough to be called GRYPHONS! Everyone here, your encouragement, your trust, and your faith have made me the man that I am today and it is only right to reward your faith with a faith of my own. A new faith that you can believe in, one that will lead you to your true salvation, you are the first disciples of the one true faith, Gryphonism. When you join my faith, you will become a force of nature that cannot be trifled with. You will become a Gryphon. You will have the strength of a lion, the speed of an eagle, and the knowledge of the ages. Put your trust in this faith and you will have rewarded more than you cannot possibly imagine. It is time to throw away the false prophets of the past to the side and put your faith in me and in yourself. It is now time for all of you to go forth and spread the word of this new faith. Go to the four corners of the world and make people see what you have all seen from the very beginning. Make them see that together, not only are we a Mythology but make them hear this new message of hope. That message is, BE A GRYPHON! From the highest mountains to the deepest oceans, make that message heard! The world needs to know that when they reject the faiths of the old worlds and become a Gryphon, the world is at your feet! It is the time to make every man, woman, and child see that in order to reach true salvation, they need to BE A GRYPHON!

    Jason throws his hands to the sky at the same time a loud thunderclap is heard off in the distance, putting a powerful period on his statement about becoming a Gryphon. The crowd begins to close in on Jason, wrapping their arms around him while they chant, “Be A Gryphon” as loudly as they possibly can. Jason has a huge smile on his face as he fans lovingly embrace him with all of their might. Meanwhile, the clouds open up and start to pour a downfall of rain onto Jason and his newly christened fellow Gryphon’s. The camera pans up as the chants continue to be heard while a lightning bolt hits the top of the Space Needle. The scene fades to black with “Be A Gryphon” continuing to be chanted by his disciples.

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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    A Civil War in 'Hell'

    An unmistakeable sound kills off the quaint, seductive and pleasant morning silence. One loud extended blasting sound heard maybe 6 miles off but traveling through the scarce trees and plentiful open fields in deep southern Pennsylvania just outside downtown Gettysburg. And it stays ringing in the ears.

    Soon after the first, two more of the same sound follow. Birds scatter from trees in excitement. The wind settles after a swoosh. Once again, silence resumes, but not with the same pleasant aura. Instead the silence brings suspicious fear of what that sound caused, the pain it caused immediate and the pain it still causes. The blood of soldiers covering the earth's floor, their lives on the line and pride the root of downfall.

    It's a dangerous sound. It's the last sound many people hear. That and then darkness. Even if not darkness, it can kill so many other things. It's the sound of war, fighting, battle, mindless recession toward inhumanity and so much other negatives.

    "That's them."

    A deep voice is the first reaction. It's a sturdy older man, one who has been in his fair share of wars, holding no second thoughts about what must be done. He understands war is war and people die at the sound of a gun shot. That's the way the world works in his mind, the mind of a 50-year-old Union soldier who served in the War of 1812. Even though this one is more personal to his family, he's still mentally ready to go. He's like a WOLF, in a lot of ways.

    Behind him is his own brother, another man standing at the front and holding a musket in his hands. This man is the same, another servant who understands pulling the trigger is necessary at times. He likes rabbit in his STEW.

    Females weren't usual suspects for fighting, but the one who moved from MONTGOMERY refused to not be at the front of the battle. Another who could handle a hot, piercing rifle and the cold, bitter, unforgiving setting of war.

    But then there was this kid...not a kid in size or age but a kid in heart. And all this kid could think about was the sound of that gun fire in the distance. All he could think about was whether the finger pulling that trigger was for the face he knew all too well. All he could think about was whether he'd be able to look his friend in the eye, put a bullet into his chest and put an end to his life.


    There are many stories from the American Civil War about friend fighting friend, father fighting son, and brother fighting brother. In the end, that's all it was. We were all The United States of America, a collection of provinces tied together by an agreeent of government principles yet unique enough to pleasantly divide ourselves unlike any other nation at the time. Yet, when the Civil War came, it was states once considered "united" fighting one another. States once considered "friends" were fighting bloody battles against one another. "United" became "divided." We were "The Divided States of America."

    A war fought on the basis of geographical division - like all wars, really - was heightened of the fact because it was within itself. In the 1860s, for the abolishment of slavery or oil or irrigation or pride or taxes or whatever it was, the South seceded from the United States of America to form "The Confederate States of America." This ensued a bloody war between the North and South, with the North winning and Southern assholes chanting a rally cry of "The South will rise again" ever since. The war takes on a notable symbolism to slavery and the end of it in America, but it also took on the symbolism of how quick friendly neighbors turned into unfriendly opponents.

    In Pennsylvania, the Union Jack waves as part of the northern army. Right below in Maryland, the stat was divided as one of the five "border states," without allegiance to the North or South cause. Slavery was allowed but the state did not secede from the Union. Yet, many people sympathized with th confederate cause, sported Confederate cross flag for the southern rebellion ad even went south to Confederate state Virginia to fight for the cause. As this GETTYSBURG family heads out the door and groups with its division of soldiers, everyone knows how close to home this hits. The Pennsylvania-Maryland border is around 25 miles away. There are family members divided, friends who go to the same school separated by a difference in opinion or a misunderstanding.

    "I don't need you having second guesses about this. You don't do what you're asked of, then you may as well be fighting against us."

    The voice is directed at the aforementioned adult man with the child's heart.

    This kid, surrounded by family members ready for this battle, is a Pennsylvania resident and soldier in the Union's army. His best friend for so long, a Maryland resident, is with his family as part of the First Confederate Army of Virginia ready to aim, fire and kill.


    Listen to children talk and you usually find the pure, untarnished, perfect mindset of what we're intended to do as human beings. Children aren't born to hate. They aren't born to fight. They are taught those things by others, and they learn.

    Listen to children talk and they talk about all things with an untainted care.
    "Don't step on ants, because it hurts them." "Leave bees alone because they were made to live on earth just like us." We are naturally inclined at first not to hate, but to love. We are naturally inclined not to make enemies, but to make friends. We are naturally inclined at first not to let our differences and misunderstandings grow into something greater, but rather to put them aside, settle them or accept them as differences adding to the beauty of a healthy relationship. We are naturally inclined, at first, to make a positive of anything.

    We see this the most in childhood.
    "You like fish? I do, too. Let's be friends." Just one example of how simple and beautiul friendship is in the younger stage of life. Yet, through the course of life and the evils of the world slowly impacting our mindset and adult "role models" teaching of hatred and division through their words and actions, we follow in line. Eventually, we become more inclined to fight, not make peace. We let quibbles grow into feuds. We force out own beliefs onto others instead of accepting the beauty of different backgrounds and views. With this, friendship turns from simple and beautiful to complex and difficult.

    Very few tend to keep those idealistic, pure, childish views through life, but there are some who do, and thank God for those.

    We, as humans, are mostly incapable of admitting fault. Our pride is too big, so we fight one another to show we won't back down from our "noble" stance.

    On the eve of war, with the geographical sides being drawn, the two friends met. Very close to the border, in fact. No one in the family knew about it. Only them. Pennsylvania wanted to talk. Maryland seemed passive about "talking." He even seemed somewhat put-off. Both knew what this meant.

    "I don't know why you're mad at me, though."

    "Because you stand on the side opposite me. It is that simple. I am Maryland now with Virginia. You are Pennsylvania."

    "Just like that? Now I have to fire a gun at you?"

    "You think you'll be firing the gun at me? I've seen you shoot. If we come face to face, it'll be me firing at you."

    "I don't want any of that to happen."

    "Just the way it is. I've been told you're a bad person because you stand with Lincoln. I believe it. I've forced myself to believe it and forced myself to be OK with it."

    "I'm not OK with it, nor will I ever be."

    That same silence resumes in present day, but not the quaint and peaceful version. This one is a solemn, remorseful one, like a paying of homage.

    A foggy morning tag teams with the plentiful surrounding trees to block away the building sunrise around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The fog hovers so low it impairs sight of some tombstones planted in the earth. But there are so many graves, marked with the fallen soldiers' names, stacked row after row in perfect symmetry. A morgue of war, of petty differences blown bigger than they should and friendships torn with each skin-piercing bullet, this place is to American war history what the bible is to religion. This place is one of the most significant battle settings of all time. It was the turning of the American Civil War, and a record number of people died fighting for the same things we fight for today.

    In a fittingly somber mood for the scene, Whyte Thunder walks into the field-turned-graveyard from one of the tree lines and through the rows of tombstones. With his usual white and gold facepaint, black T-shirt and black trench coat, his black boots step through the muddy ground just hit with a heavy rain shower the sunset before.

    The superhero makes a slow walk through the cemetery, glancing down at some names on the tombs. Young men. All of the ones he notices are for young men. 26 years old. 23 years old.

    "April 18, 1945 - July 2, 1963. 18 years old. Still a kid," Whyte Thunder thinks to himself.

    We've never heard Whyte Thunder speak a single word on screen since returning back in October. Not a single word. We only get a look into his in-depth thoughts, intended for just himself but revealed in a monotone, indistinctive voice. Only one time has he spoken, but that was not as this dark personality but as "The Golden One" Devin Golden last week on the last Fight Night before Back in Business IX.

    As he continues walking slowly through the tombs, his mind races and wheels begin spinning. All the thoughts he's had for the past month and a half, ever since Ace's High, resurface as he prepares to face "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo, also the last great tag team partner for the FWA veteran and the last best friend.

    After months and months, he speaks.

    "I hate this. I hate death. I'm not scared of it, but I hate what it represents and how much that scares others. I returned to the FWA a it's watchful protector, the man willing to fight Chris Kennedy as he was kicking our brand when it was down. I was the one ready to give Ryan Hall his biggest fight yet for the FWA Undisputed World Championship. I was the one standing alongside WOLF and Gabrielle Montgomery against the allies of Jimmy King and the CWA.

    But now I have to protect someone who doesn't want my protection."

    A light gust of wind sweeps through the rectangle battle field. Whyte Thunder continues walking through the annals of American war history before halting right in the middle. He pauses and for the first time looks directly into the viewers' eyes and souls with a pierced heart and damaged inspiration.
    "I haven't completely given my side of everything that has happened. For a year, Ryan Rondo was nothing shy of the best wrestler in the FWA. Confidence eluded him, but his skill was second to none. Not MC Fromage. Not Chris Kennedy. Not Ryan Hall. Not WOLF. Not Stu St Clair. Not Ashley O Ryan. Not Gabrielle. He was the best. I wanted no one else as my tag team partner. And as I helped build that confidence, everything came full circle. I helped create my own problem."

    Now we see that Whyte Thuder is holding something in his hand. The camera comes closer until the object is in view. It's one half of the FWA World Tag Team title belts, the retired championships from log ago. During Sunrise-Sunset's reign, Devin Golden dressed as Whyte Thunder and Rondo as the Maroon Monsoon to "win" these defunct championships. They hold significance, especially since Whyte Thunder stands before about to fight Ryan Rondo, in a strange paradox.

    "When Ryan Rondo turned his back on Shane McLean in the unification inferno match for the North American and Television championships, he showed confidence. And when he won, he showed the skill. Joining "Team King" was an act of confidence. And being recruited was an acknowledgement of his skill. The trick he played on me at Ace's High was another way he exuded confidence, and pulling it off was skill he always had. Coming to the ring and saying the things he has said is nothing shy of extreme confidence, and now I must deal with this full-circle agony. I must deal wth a man capable of beating me and confident he can do it, too. That's a dangerous task even if I wanted this match. Two years ago, right before Sunrise-Sunset started, I could beat Ryan Rondo because he wasn't confident he could beat me. Now, it's much much different. This is the dream match everyone has wanted ever since Sunrise-Sunset ended. This is the dream matc everyone has wanted to see like Triple H and Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy, Edge and Christian. Only problem is they asked for it under respectful circumstances. This won't be respectful. This isn't the way I wanted this match to happen."

    Whyte Thunder's mind races to the soldiers who died on this field. He wonders how many were friends fighting one another. He wonders if one shot the other, or if even they shot one another an dies together amid their own stupidity.

    And that's what Whyte Thunder thinks deep down of this feud with Ryan Rondo: stupidity. He sees one tomb for a Pennsylvania resident. He sees another for a Maryland resident. They're side by side, no more than three feet part. Possibly on opposite ends when alive, but now right next to one another in death.

    "I have tried everything to avoid this. And at the end of the day, I truly don't know what this is about. What one anger and resentment stands above all others. Ryan? Is it the feeling I was selfish and about myself during Sunrise-Sunset? Is it the anger toward how it all ended with Vodka & Venom and how you feel I should've done more to prevent that? Is it the fact you think I'm not strong enough to be World Champion and want to prove it? Is it just the general, stereotypical little brother-big brother opposition where you're attempting to prove a point? That's why you chose Tapei Death Match for the first stipulation, right? To beat me at my own specialty and prove a point? Or is it just pissed off feelings at the world and a destructive tendency to throw everything positive away and block out all those trying to help? It is, at least in part, all of those things. But you've never made it clear the biggest reason why you want this match.

    I may be an old, washed-up veteran with an old, wased-up veteran's body, Ryan, but I am a kid at heart. I've wrestled more than 100 matches, won the FWA tag team titles five different times, am the longest-reigning X-Division champion ever and a one-time World Heavyweight Champion. I am a triple crown winner and a future Hall-of-Famer. I have been here six years and am 32 years old. My knees hurt, my back hurts and my brain cells are shrinking in number each week. I don't have much let physically to give this business, but I am still young at heart. I am still a kid. I still hope for the best in people and see the good when others don't. I looked for and saw the good in Stu St. Clair when he led the Age of the Fallen. I look for and STILL see the good in Ryan Hall and PAJ. And I look for and try to bring out the best in YOU, because you truly can be one of the best ever, Ryan. But you need to get the hate, this new-found hate, out of your heart. Don't do it that way. Don't lack a conscience, like Hall. Don't lack sympathy, like WOLF. Don't lack the ability to walk away, like Gabrielle.

    Be young. Be a kid. Never grow up. Don't give in to this thing called hate. Love. Always love. Don't let the FWA's ways tear apart what makes you you and what makes me me.

    I've made it clear I don't want this match. I made that crystal clear when I didn't select a stipulation for the second fall of this Three Stages of Hell match. Stu and Ashley refer to one another as brothers, not by blood but by friendship. Ryan Rondo is not my brother, but he is my best friend, and it means the same thing. Yet, ask him and he'll label me like anyone else in the FWA, if not worse. I've tried talking to him, asking him to have a level head and let's put it all behind us. Had he come out last Fight Night and called this off, and everything at Ace's High wouldn't matter. I'm past putting individual accomplishments ahead of friendship and love. I don't need World titles. I do need my best friend. I don't want a war with my best friend. I honestly don't have much desire to go to war with anyone anymore. I see what it does to people. I see how it shortens careers, lives and everything else. I'm not WOLF. I'm not an angry person. I'm not Gabrielle. I dot have something to prove. I'm just trying to write the last chapter of my story here, where I accept my career and all the events and am happy with what I've accomplished. But I'm being backed into a corner, and all of the pleading and talking has done me no good. I have no other option but to fight."

    Whyte Thunder lays the tag team title belt on this hollowed, blood-filled ground. He looks down at it and mourns once more. It's almost like he is laying to rest the belt, a symbol of his friendship with Rondo and the antics and memories they have. He is placing it in Gettysburg, where so many other friendships and brotherhoods died. Misunderstandings and pride.

    "Like these souls, we were once united. They were all part of The United States of America until The Civil War in the 1860s tore them apart into violent division. We once were united, Ryan, as Sunrise-Sunset. And beyond that in-ring monicker, we were united as best friends in and out of the ring. Now, we are divided. Sunrise and Sunset are no longer connected in similarities but divided in differences. This is our Civil War.

    I don't know where all of these souls went after they died. Heaven, maybe. Hell, maybe. I know where our friendship is going. I won't throw the first punch, but I know you will. And from there, history and heartbreak and longing for a restitution will no longer be in play. Our friendship will go to down to hell. Fitting with the name of our match — three stages of hell — our friendship will die in Seattle, Washington at Back in Business IX unless YOU, Ryan Rondo, do something. I have tried everything and done all I can. If you're ready to take this to hell, then maybe that's the last chance to fix this. Sometimes people come back from hell. The United States of America went into hell with the Civil War and the once-divided states returned stronger than before.

    But these soldiers didn't.

    Sometimes you can ome back from hell.


    As Pennsylvania stands in the previously seen field of Gettysburg on July 1, 1963, his family members to each side, the sun rises completely above the surrounding trees. There aren't any tombstone markings yet in this earth. Just a beautiful grassy field with one side rows and rows of alive human beings sporting the American flag. On the other side similar humans, coming from Virginia and Maryland, except in Confederate uniforms.

    That same quaint silence dominates the setting as neither side offers more than an anxious flinch. Pennsylvania looks into the sea of opposition an spots his friend-turned-enemy, Maryland, with a similarly scared expression in return. After weeks and months of talking about how the differences will lead to war, the hour of action is always tougher to handle. Yet, Maryland is holding a musket and Pennsylvania is holding a musket. Bullets are loaded and ready to fly. One sound will end all second thoughts and begin friend versus friend.

    "It's time to grow up, time to stop being a kid."

    Like before, that sound is unmistakable. It murders the silence and ushers in anarchy. Two sides standing opposite a battleground just waiting for the green light. A war zone tearing tendons, breaking bones and once again proving no matter what we learn, we always revert back to violence and survival.

    Once the sound is heard, Maryland hoists his rifle up and aims at Pennsylvania, just as instructed, and Pennsylvania retaliates with an aim right back. The video pauses as greyish-white smoke from the gunfire causes a curtain of invisibility around this Gettysburg field. No idea who hit and who missed, who lived and who died. But there will be more chances to hit and kill.

    It all starts with that first sound, the welcome of war.



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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    -'A look into the past'-

    The scene opens to a party in a normal garden somewhere in England. The parents all stand on a decking by the house, drinking, smoking, gathering around a BBQ as the kids play on the grass that covers a large part of the garden. It is a hot summers day. The parents are all laughing as the kids, all around 9 and 10, enjoy themselves playing games with each other in a friendly manner except for one of the children. This boy is cheating, taking short-cuts and hitting the other children. The children grow more and more annoyed and pushes the other boy who hits the floor as parents rush over.

    Child: Play fair! Everyone else is! What makes you special?

    Parent: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

    The child gets out his best puppy dog eyes as he pleads to his mother.

    Child: He wasn't playing fair! I just want things to be fair!

    The child on the floor dusts himself off and gets to his feet with a smile on his face. We recognise this smile even for someone at such a young age. The boy stares the other in the eyes and then looks down ashamed.

    9 year-old PAJ: I'm sorry if you thought I wasn't playing fair but I like winning. I'll start playing fair.

    The other child smiles and the two begin to walk off. The other child and the young child that would become PAJ walk off together. PAJ trips up the boy and starts hitting him as a women rushes over and pulls PAJ off of the boy dragging him by the ear away from everyone else.

    PAJ's Mother: If you don't play nice then Mummy won't buy you an ice cream on the way home.

    9 year-old PAJ: But mum...I...played nice...honest...I'm a good boy...we were just play fighting...honest...

    9 year-old PAJ looks to the floor and looks ashamed of himself but from her elevated position his mother cant see the wry smile on his face.

    PAJ's Mother: I believe you but you need to just take it easy on them. You're special remember that, ok?

    PAJ looks up with sadness on his face but manages to smile as his mother assures him.

    9 year-old PAJ: Ok!

    The Young PAJ scurries off with a smile on his face and quickly goes back outside to “apologise” to the other children and parents that are there. Time passes without incident until the pair head back to PAJ's childhood home. 9 year-old PAJ is asleep in the backseat of the car just as it pulls into his house's driveway. 9 year-old PAJ is woken up by a voice.

    Mother: Hey, were home? Why don't you head inside and play with your toys?

    9 year-old PAJ is groggy and looks around as he wakes up then angrily stares at his mother who grows impatient waiting for him to get out.

    PAJ's Mother: Well are you getting out? Or are you going to sit there and mope?


    The screams were so loud that the windows are vibrating. PAJ's mother is taken back by this and sit there in shock before slapping her son across the face then instantly regretting it.

    PAJ's Mother: I...I...I'm so sorry...

    If looks could kill PAJ's mother would have been killed in that moment but PAJ just stares at his mother, eyes wide, furious with his arms folded. The 9 year old PAJ doesn't move. Doesn't speak. Just sits there in silence as his mother “grovels” for his forgiveness. PAJ's mother knows she isn't getting anywhere quickly and asks the neighbour for help to talk PAJ out of the car.

    Neighbour: Your mother told me that you are being a grumpy goose and you won't get out of the car.

    PAJ looks past his neighbour and to his mother who begs for PAJ not to say why he won't get out. PAJ shrugs and reaches his hand out to his neighbour who helps him out of the car. PAJ never breaks eye contact with his mother.

    Neighbour: There you go!

    The neighbour looks back to PAJ's mother.

    Neighbour: Now what was all that about?

    PAJ's Mother: Oh you know how he gets. He just sooo stubborn and sometimes he won't listen to me.

    Neighbour: Boys will be boys.

    His mother laughs nervously but is deeply troubled from that. PAJ runs into the house ignoring his mother. His mother thanks the neighbour continuing to brush off the incident and lie to their neighbour as they both continue to talk with smiles on their faces.


    The young PAJ is sat at home in his room with his arms folded after the 'incident'. His mother comes through the door. Her hair a mess, wearing just a t-shirt. PAJ refuses to look at his mother as he continues to sit on his bed as he begins to be drunkenly slammed by his own mother.

    PAJ's mother: will ne-ever amoun...too nuttin...


    PAJ's mother:'ll grow up...and be someone office...just like yur father...

    PAJ turns his head over his shoulder to look at his mother barely being able to stand with a bottle of wine in her hand. PAJ is ashamed but also motivated. PAJ turns his head back away from his mother as he begins to think through his options.


    We rejoin PAJ at the age of 18, his formal education has finished and he is free to do as he pleases, PAJ is approached by his mother and PAJ fakes a smile as he mother sarcastically praises him.

    PAJ's mother: You made something of yourself! You finished school just like pretty much everyone. Well done you're not retarded.

    Her tone dramatically changes to a much more serious tone with real anger behind her voice.

    PAJ's mother: Now get the FUCK out of my house!

    She throws a box at her son and laughs as it hits him in the head. PAJ shrugs it off and gets to his feet and looks at her.

    PAJ's mother: You can put some of your stuff in the attic since I signed you up to the army. Your signature needs to's easy to forge. Now follow in your father's footsteps and die so I can get more money and so that I can continue to live as I-

    PAJ stops his mother mid-sentence. PAJ looks his mother in the eyes and takes three steps forward backing her up against the wall. PAJ puts his hand up against the wall next to his mothers head and stares straight at her with anger. Something inside him has snapped.

    PAJ: You need to listen to me. I am an adult. I make my own choices. You will see what you have made me. One day, I will snap. One day, there will be someone who will step over that line and remind me of you. Someone who has their legs open twenty four hours a day. Has had more 'boyfriends' than she has friends. Someone who is so sad, lonely and craving for attention...just like you. I am moving out...don't worry about that but I will make something of myself after years of you berating me. Years of you talking to me like I am a piece of crap. I am the best thing you will ever have and I am the best thing you will never see again. While your were fucking whoever smiled at you I did things that I was good at and now I have a job lined up in America, not as an officer worker, not as a bitch...or a loser but as something that will make me a star so go outside...find a guy who smiles at you and pounce of him and suck every bit of youth and dignity he has left so you can absorb it like a demon. You do it in the hopes you wont wither away into nothingness and die a lonely old hag with no-one who cares about her. You are poisionous driving everyone away who gets close to you because you have an attitude problem that makes you think you are better than everyone you meet. I will never have that problem because I know my place in this world. I hope one day you are happy but you will never see me again and that makes me happier than I have ever been.

    PAJ brings his hand down and backs off the wall allowing his mother room to breath and move again. PAJ takes a picture off the wall and looks his mother square in the eyes. It is a picture of her and PAJ together. The only picture of them she likes. PAJ smashes the frame on the floor and picks up the photo and rips it in half. PAJ slowly begins to smile. PAJ was the happiest he has ever been by torturing and berating someone who has wronged him. PAJ pulls out a suitcase from underneath his bed and leaves the room as his mother stand there is shock shaking at the devil she just helped unleash on the world.


    We return to a cloudy, overcast day on the broken deck in the garden of the house in the middle of nowhere. The grass has overgrown and is starting to be so high that it is going over the crumbling walls that surrounded the garden. PAJ sits on a broken deck chair looking out at the place that used to be so alive. PAJ has his hands between his legs as he sits forward in the chair, staring out into the garden. PAJ brings his right hand up, putting his index finger in the air as he looks straight forward.

    'One constant that I have always had in my life in lies.'

    PAJ puts his finger back down and puts his hand and looks straight at where the incident happened.

    'There is no truth in my world. Everyone is working an angle or trying to use you to make their pathetically lonely lives better. From a very early age my parents lied to me. They used me. That is no way to live right? The chief culprit? My Mother, that lying bitch. She used me to sleep with the neighbour. To get his attention she used to upset me so she could go get him to calm me down and then make her move. What a whore, right? But I don't blame her. She was sad and lonely. Why do women feel the need to have to use their bodies to get to the top? Latching onto hope that someone will love them until the day they die? Who wants that? Who lacks the self-esteem to bounce back through anything in their way rather than continuing to bounce off it?'

    PAJ snaps his fingers and points forward to show he knows who he is talking about.

    'That's right. I do know someone. Her name is Gabrielle Montgomery. A good girl at heart who just got lost from all the bad things...'

    PAJ breaks down in laughter after fighting to keep a straight face.

    'Never mind. I can't say that. I had this whole thing where I would say Gabby is just the product of mistakes and mistreatment by men but she is a good girl at heart but she isn't. She knows what she is and why I chose to make sure that I end her career. It isn't jealousy. Most of it isn't because you are women in a position that belongs to me. Most of it is because you are scared of progress and doing things by yourself.'

    PAJ stares blankly at the floor and crushes leaves below his feet. PAJs lips curl up into a small smirk and brings his eyes back up.

    'You are just like the English. Always wanting to blame someone. Always wanting to find an excuse for their own incompetence. People are scared of their own weaknesses and it is always someone else's fault that they continue to sit on their asses and do nothing about it. I have been through all these things. I was too small. I wasn't a real man for being average. English guys don't become World champions. I don't only punish you because you are a woman. It is simply a way to get under your skin. I punish you and all the other female wrestlers on this roster because you want to use it as an excuse. Why are you always opening the show? Why are we always looked down upon? Does my ass look big in this? It is simple. You expect respect but you do not earn it. You use your gender as an excuse and it makes me sick that you would believe that makes you anything less than anyone else. I fought my shortcomings and now I am one of the premier talents every week on Fight Night. People line up around the building for hours just to see me talk for five minutes. They hate every single minute but they don't look away because I have brainless assholes in my hands. They smile when I shut my hand and crush everything. I am not naïve to all the crap you have put up with but for you to learn you must be sent to the brink. For that to happen you need me. You need me to send you to the brink. I have forced a lot of guys out of this company. Clay Reitmeier, Sean Moore, Darnell Porter, Mac Michaud so what's one more? They all broke after I beat them and were never the same. Will you break? You will because you are weak, eye candy who got to the top by always being 'on' top. You wanted to be the best in the business and break ceilings and change everything. We are the same. I wanted to do the same for people I hate, just like you, don't pretend you care about the rest of the women in the back just like I don't care about a nation full of fools or a former company of mine full of self-righteous pricks trying to bury history and wishing that I would take them seriously. Just like you wish I would take you seriously. You aren't a threat. No-one is. For large parts of my FWA career I was an under the radar superstar but now I am what I have always been a superstar. I am the one last shining light that FWA has. I do admire you, Gabrielle, you are fighting the same stereotypical crap I put up with but you have it so easy don't you? You have guys who pander to your every need and guys who are weak and the knees there is no struggle for you. I was a joke, a quitter, nothing more than a one company man on top of all the English stereotypes and all the quips about being a small wrestler. I broke those notions and I tore into everyone who ever even smirked at a joke they heard in a hallway as the walked past and grabbed my rightful respect. You didn't have to earn it because everyone just loves you don't they. You go girl! Girl Power! What a load of shit. There is no power in being handed everything. Power comes from taking what is yours and keeping it. I walked the hard path and I am better than you because of it'

    PAJ has a big smirk on his face and is very pleased with himself as he continues.

    'You wanna know how good I am? I made you and women everywhere relevant again. That is something heroic I should be recognised for. Even though you are just like every other women in this business and pretend that most of the time you a wetter than a slip and slide you are adored. You still conform to everything that is wrong with women in this industry. It is why you and all the other women faded into the background and became irrelevant and why Saddle Sally versus Ayla El is listed JUST above the dark matches. People don't want to see Women wrestle but I made you all relevant. I am a pioneer for women everywhere and I should be celebrated not held down against my will and given a make over. People are talking all over the world about equality. Talking about female wrestlers all because of me. Without a strong man women are nothing. It takes a guy like me capable of taking all the crap from feminists about my treatment of you, even though I am right, to get people to start the discussion. I am making you a star again. Doesn't it feel great to be right in the middle of all this progression? I feel GREAT.'

    PAJ smiles but motions his hands downwards to show he wants people to settle down as he leans his head slightly forward.

    'Though let's not get too excited, Ok, Gabby? Let's go back to a few months ago? You lacked direction. You were going nowhere and you were unhappy. Then I came along and gave you that hope. I gave you that drive. I truly am a God because I have resurrected the dead. Though, I am not a merciful God because I will smite you but don't let that worry you for now. Just enjoy the resurrection of your career while it lasts. I wouldn't worry too much though I'm sure Ashley O'Ryan's kitchen is nice and big for you to enjoy yourself. You can live in heaven where you make sandwich for Ashley and all his loser friends that come over and you can truly be living life rather than my oppression. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Or would you be a disappoint just like every other women. Every women that has come into my life has let me down, including my wife, every single one. They don't understand the burden of what I go through to make sure they are happy with their lives living off my money and my name. Maybe you will turn up at Back in Business and beat me but I don't want to go too crazy but it would be a nice excuse for you. I got beaten to a pulp while attached to a guy who was simply too much for me and now I am a stay at home mother who doesn't live with the father of her child. You have no more excuses. You have freedom of choice. You weren't forced to stay with the False Idol, my former mentor and your ex-husband, Chris Kennedy. You were allowed to do as you please because you don't need excuses. I want a world where excuses are punished and for everyone to just live in peace and harmony at the bottom of my throne. End the excuses and make something of yourself'

    PAJ shakes his head in disapproval looking downwards with his eyes shut. PAJ's eyes slowly open and his menacing brown pupils are at the top of his eyes. PAJ tilts his head back up.

    'Heed the warning though and learn from women who have made something of themselves. Learn from the past mistakes made by female leaders. Since we are going head-to-head in a Steel chain match I think we should look at another metal. Iron. Some of you know where I am going with this. The Iron Lady. The biggest bitch in the history of the UK. If you ever need a lesson in how to destabilise and destroy an economy then you have the perfect teacher. She broke a country. She turned people against one another and she sent us to wage for an island across the other side of the world but when she died people forgave her why? Because she was the first female prime minister in the history of the UK. Why does that make a difference? It doesn't make you any different and that is the excuse that stopped her legacy being torn to shreds and shot down. When she was a terrible leader. Why should she get special treatment? Why should you get special treatment and have the excuse that you are a women protect you from everything you have done wrong. I am not held to those same standards because I don't get a free out from everything I do because I am a man. I couldn't care less who is standing across from me. Come Back in Business my legacy will be forged in steel and coated in the blood of FWAs beloved, Gabrielle Madison Montgomery, before heading to Fight Night to surround my legacy in solid gold. There is no more time for excuses. EVERY MAN, EVERY WOMAN TO EVER EXIST...Who is a loser now?'

    PAJ looks forward but his emotions are mixed. PAJ is smirking as his eyes water, realising what he has become, PAJ looks out at the overgrown garden and is swept away in the moments that took place here that shaped him and made him who he is today. Where the hate inside of him was born. PAJ steps forward to the edge of the decking as it creeks and bends because of it's age. PAJ puts his hand on the grass that is just in front of him and laughs. PAJ spits on the floor in disgust and walks away as the scene fades to black.

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    ~Back At Business~

    ~Back At Business~

    Construction is taking place in the CenturyLink Field, as crew are assembling the stage and ring for Sunday’s FWA extravaganza, Back In Business IX. Despite the busy rush taking place on the floor, it appears still due to the empty seats surrounding. We scan over them, taking in the vastness of the arena, only to realise there is one occupied seat, high up in the stands. The camera zooms in towards the figure, and then fades into a closer camera, showing Shane McLean sitting in a seat, resting his feet up on the back of the chair in front. He is dressed casually, almost scruffily, aged jeans, worn trainers and a faded out hooded top. Contrasting his attire is the gleaming FWA North American Championship hung over his shoulder.

    Shane McLean:
    “Back In Business. Some people who are not too familiar with the history of the FWA just don’t get it. Why name an annual event every year ‘Back In Business’? What about ‘Still In Business’? ‘Business As Normal’? As I said, they just don’t get it. ‘Back In Business’ is a reminder that FWA’s heart once skipped a beat, that all seemed dead and lost. It is a celebration of FWA’s survival and rise to be far more than anyone had ever dreamt. And this year, it rings true once again. All seemed lost, the PWS network crashed, FWA found itself with nothing but hope left. Hope which turned to fear of what was to come as Jimmy King of the CWA stepped in, ready to strip the FWA of it’s most precious commodities: Pride, Passion, and Drive. That fear would turn to elation as the FWA done as it always has, rose up stronger than ever. The CWA was banished, traitors lined to be punished, and the FWA grew stronger once again. Indeed, it is Back In Business, and that is why, once again we celebrate the FWA, after another turbulent year, and all it has overcome.”

    Shane looks up into the rafters where the Back In Business hangs over all beneath it.

    Shane McLean:
    “I love the FWA. Maybe people get tired of hearing it, but I do not get tired of saying it. This is my life, and it makes sense that the night to celebrate the FWA means a lot to me also. Christmas, Birthdays, they pale in comparison to Back In Business. It brings out something special in everyone, the fans can feel it, and there is never a crowd quite like those who attend Back In Business. And the stars of the FWA, it does something to each of them also. Everyone steps up their game, pulls out all the stops. You know you are in for a tough battle when you are competing at Back In Business.

    Perhaps it’s my love of the FWA being intensified that gives me an edge at this event. I’ve appeared at a third of them, and have came out on top each time. When I get out there at Back In Business, I know that I’m not going to let anything keep me down, no matter how battered I have been, I will keep going, no amount of beating is going to keep me on the mat, no amount of pain make me give in. Nothing can beat Shane McLean at Back In Business!”

    Shane looks down to his North American Championship belt hanging on his left shoulder, considering something.

    Shane McLean:
    “But this time, I don’t have to be beaten. In the past it has always been me and one other opponent, both knowing we only had each other to overcome. In those situations, having faith in ourselves is half the battle. Only half obviously, as my opponents at previous events no doubt thought they would walk away as the victors. They were wrong. The issue this time is, it’s not enough to assure myself I won’t be beaten, I need to know I am going to win.

    Such are the highs and lows of the Triple Threat match. Loss does not require defeat. One of us shall be left with the vile acidic taste in our mouths of leaving empty handed despite not losing the match. On the upside however, you can always sense when somebody is not going to go away, somebody is not willing to lose, and this allows you to reformat a game plan to get them out the road whilst focusing attentions on the opponent whose flame is dimmer.

    Does that mean I believe one of my opponents is not up to the task? Do I believe one shall be willing to accept loss? No. Nobody in this match believes they are going to walk away without this gold. But alas, only one of us can, and one of us must be at fault for that. Passion will decide who loses, whilst intelligence will decide who wins.

    Thomas Princeton is as smart as they come. The man has shown this intelligence in all walks of life he has pursued, and as the Prince of Darkness, has also applied the ability to disregard such weaknesses as playing fair to do so. His black heart pumps greed to his finger tips and toes, but most importantly to his brain. He does not care about anything other than success. It might appear then that this would cause a lack of passion for the business, but unfortunately for myself, that is not the case. He may not care about the fans, or the FWA on the whole, but his passion for success rivals that of mine for this company. He will not care about going out to steal the show, leaving the fans in awe and talking about the amazing performance we put on, no, all that matters is victory, no matter the circumstances. Not that his disregard for honour hasn’t provided some talking points, though not surprise. When he showed his true colours, turning against myself, people spoke only of how it happened sooner than perhaps expected. Perhaps his execution was too early, as he has now twice failed to capture this Championship, once even in this format of match. Whilst I go in with faith in my ability to overcome Princeton yet again, he will be formulating a new plan, correcting previous errors. My duty is to create new flaws for him, something I do indeed have a skill for.

    Jason Gryphon is an altogether different matter. There is no familiarity between us in terms of competing against one another, save for our paths crossing during Carnal Contednership. Whilst I understand feeling no love for those who cut off our dreams, he must realise in the spirit of competition, he was just another body I had to go through. Despite understanding, as he no doubt does, this has turned to a personal vendetta for Jason, and why not? It makes sense for him to target me, as coming after the North American Champion is another step up for a man destined for greatness. People want him to succeed, and he intends to make that happen. This is where the familiarity lies for myself and Jason, there are perhaps no two men in the FWA who have quite as matched personalities. We love the FWA, we love the fans who make up our audience, in return we are greeted with great adulation for this, and whilst we thrive in this, we both are no doubt humbled by it secretly. We are servants to their wishes. It is not uncommon for crowds of Jason Gryphon banners and signs to fill our arenas, chants of Mythology to sound out throughout the night, and I applaud him for this. The drive to be the best in the FWA has corrupted many, even admittedly myself at one point, but Gryphon has my stamp of approval, here we have a good man, a great competitor, and an excellent future. It is not just myself that sees this, if you ask anyone in the back who is going to be a huge breakout star in years to come, I guarantee Jason’s name will be forthcoming. I even personally hope so. I wish him all the luck in the world with it, and will be honoured to congratulate him one day as he stands as FWA World Champion. The one issue I have, is the route he is taking. It means overcoming me. I will prove a stumbling block, halting him like a Snorlax on a perfectly Snorlax sized path. He need not be disheartened by this though, as he can take a page from Ryan Rondo and even in loss go on to move on to greater things, I just hope, and trust, that he shall do it with the same dignity and love he has shown to get here. In another time, we could be friends, partners. Who knows, maybe one day we shall, but for now, he is not my enemy, he is my competition. My beautifully haired, ruggedly attractive competition.”

    Shane McLean smirks.

    Shane McLean:
    “You may be waiting for me to start rolling off the jokes right? Wondering when Bobby Thunder and Shawn Docherty will show up to be abused perhaps? But after Gryphon and Princeton’s attempts to kill the good art of humour on Fight Night, it is time to take things seriously. Back In Business deserves no less. It is an event that will continue to make stars for years to come, and bring out a different side of those who already are here. I will have fun, I always do, and I am honoured to again compete at this event, and continue my streak at the event also. I give all of you my word, and to Jason and Princeton, that I will give you everything I have, and then everything else. This is the event that defines the FWA, and that defines Shane McLean. This is your event, and I am your Champion, and I shall continue to be your Champion. The Diamond Ring is open for Business, and it’s about to pick up!”

    Shane smiles, looking down at his “Diamond Ring” where his next battle shall take place. He seems all in all happy at his surroundings, as excited as the fans who will fill these seats in a few short days time, one not knowing their seat had been filled by the North American Champion, he himself, a fan until the end.

    ~The Ace of Diamonds~
    ~Shane McLean~
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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    It’s all a matter of perspective, as it always is really. You either view things as half-empty or half-full. And tonight, as the stars litter the sky your perspective either shows you the world above as a baron nothingness, or as an eternity, filled with wonder and glory. The same can be said about the human eyes. When you gaze into a person’s eyes, you can either see a cold, dark, shallow gaze or get lost in depth of the iris like a wayward sailor at sea. And tonight, through our perspective, under a full moon that hangs in the glorious, star-filled sky we are met by the deep, fluorescent green eyes of “The Infection” Brian Carter. With his signature long black hair dangling down and his heart almost visibly on his sleeve, Carter gazes outward, taking in the open, green field we stand in, while we look Carter is his eyes, trying to gaze inward at “The Infection.” A few triumphant trees stand in the background, but aside from that our setting is a near open canvas. It is simply us and “The Infection” under the night’s sky. Call it a date with destiny or a glimpse into his world, via those same deep, green eyes that look back towards you, as he begins to speak.

    Brian Carter: I’ve built this castle, made out of glass. A house of cards, really. Standing… without substance. It looks magnificent on the surface. Hell, you could see it shining from miles away. But the fact is, this castle, this glorious grandeur, is hallow. Empty. Liable to blow over at the first strong gust of wind. How did I do it? How could I have possibly pulled the wool over all the eyes that the FWA has to offer? Well, listen up and I’ll tell you. It’s sort of like magic. Misinformation, sleight of hand, deception… mostly. I’ll tell you to watch my right hand with promises that that is where all the power lies, but it’s my left hand that’s pulling rabbits. Same way Houdini would saw some pretty little blonde in half or one of those boys in Vegas will escape from fifty feet of steel chains, tied upside down, in a tank filled with sharks. Yeah, deception, that’s my game. That’s how I did it. That how I built the illusion of Brian Carter.

    Carter’s words echo within the vast field, repeating the wise words that fall ever-so delicately from his lips. After a small just of wind brushes through the land on this unseasonably warm April night, Carter brushes his hair behind his head and continues.

    Brian Carter: Last time we spoke, I let all of you in on my dirty little secret. I pulled back the curtain and told you that Brian Carter, “The Infection,” the man who used to call himself “Greatness’ Reality,” had, in… reality, actually accomplished nothing in this company. But if I didn’t tell you it, you may have never realized it. I mean, between my own ranting and raving about being the best, other people’s praise of potential, and constantly leaving only to come back with these big, elaborate, dramatic returns to lend support to the belief, nay, the myth, that Brian Carter is greater than the sum of his parts, it would be impossible to notice my, dare I say, mediocre career. But now, as you can see, that’s all over. I’ve opened myself up to you. I’ve toppled the house of cards and shattered the glass castle. Look upon this scene. I stand here amidst no grand spectacles. I have no demonstrative illusion planned for you. You just see a man, alone with his thoughts and a camera. You see me, you see Brian Carter, for who I really am. For what I’ve really done. This is not to say that I am weak. This is not to say that I won’t one day accomplish everything that I’ve ever said I would. And most importantly, this is not me telling you that I’m even one bit less than as great as I’ve told you I am. Instead, this is simply me, admitting to the world and to myself, that from now on I’m not just going to talk my way into success, into immortality. I’m going to earn it.

    A motivated “Infection” is a frightening proposition, isn’t it? I mean what do you get the man who has everything? You light a fire under his ass and witness the results. And as far as those results go, you may admire them, or they may make you cringe.

    Brian Carter: I guess you can say things change. That’s really the only thing that’s consistent in this world. And it’s not just me. So far the FWA faithful seems to have changed a bit as well. They seem receptive to Brian Carter these days. After walking through that curtain last week for the first time in a year, I heard cheers. Hell, I even heard a few of them chanting my name. Up until this point, it had been boos, hisses, and jeers. I had almost grown to find comfort in it, but hey I’m receptive to change too. I can dig the masses getting behind me. You see when I came back, I said that I wanted to take as much of the FWA with me when I was gone for good. And if the FWA fans want to come along for the ride, that’s fine with me. So far, it’s one up and one down. Jethro Warren learned the first hand that this “walking corpse” has a lot of life left in him. But last week was just the first, minor step in my ascension. Completed just in time, for the next challenge.

    As Carter speaks, a few stray clouds move across the sky, seemingly slowing their pace to hear “The Infection” speak. But alas, eventually, they must continue on their journey. As must Carter. And the next stop on that journey, is none other than…

    Brian Carter: Back in Business. The absolute premier event that the FWA has to offer. I’m heard many misguided individuals come along and say that it’s our version of the Super Bowl, but no, it’s so much more than that. It’s immorality. Its impact is unspeakable. And it is also the shinning example, of all that Brian Carter hasn’t yet done. You see I’ve been on the card for one Back in Business. It was supposed to be my coming out party. A chance for me to shine when the stars were brightest, or whatever other cliché you want to throw out there. I had two matches that night; a knock-down-drag-out brawl with Ashley O’Ryan and a the Golden Opportunity Elimination Chamber, a chance to skyrocket my way to the top of the FWA. You see long story short “The Infection” was a non-factor that night. Insignificant. O’Ryan wiped the floor with me and not only didn’t I win the Chamber Match, I was more in the way than in the mix to win. And there, in that one night, you have a microcosm of Brian Carter’s FWA career thus far: A world of opportunity and gutter’s-worth of accomplishment. But today is a new day. And Brian Carter is a new man. Different, evolved, focused. So when Aut Pax Aut Bellum made their glorious return last week and brazenly threw down the gauntlet for an open challenge at Back in Business, my mouth began to water, my bones began to tingle. Seeing me walk out to accept that challenge may have been the very last thing the FWA fans expected and it was certainly not something good ol’ Dan and Andrew expected to see. But it happened. It’s real. And now no matter what those boys say or do, there’s no getting out of it.

    Trapped in a situation. Frozen in a moment in time. Like the aforementioned escape artists in Vegas. But this time there’s trap doors, no key, no way out.

    Brian Carter: You see people are always looking for an answer. They look to the stars, or even the cards for the truth. They can’t handle the pain of not knowing. They hate the uncertainty. Hell, I’ve been there. But you know in some cases, the only thing worse than not knowing, is actually knowing. And now, Aut Pax Aut Bellum KNOWS, that they have to stand across the ring from me at Back in Business, they KNOW what they’ll have to do to beat a man as driven as I am, and they KNOW that they don’t have that in them. And not only that, but they get the best of both worlds, because they have no idea who my partner will be. Now I ain’t one to spoil surprises, so I’ll let my parter unveil himself to you all when the time comes. But I will tell you this, like “The Infection” coming out to answer the challenge, or a perfectly timed Brian Carter Spear… you’ll never see it coming.

    “The Infection” can strike from anywhere. A dark alley, or a sunny field. You may never see it coming, or he could walk up and announce himself to you. Either way, the result is the same and it’s devastating. The clouds have past. The wind has slowed. And Carter begins, again.

    Brian Carter: Now I won’t sit here and run down Aut Pax Aut Bellum. Dan and Andrew have storied careers here in the FWA. But you know what, that won’t matter on Sunday, when the lights dim, the bell rings, and all eyes are on us. Instead, those storied careers will just factor into their downfall. Because you see Dan and Andrew have everything that I want. The championships, the respect, the accomplishments. And if I want all that, and boy I do, in fact, I want all that and so much more, and in that case, I must keep winning. And Andrew and Dan are up next. But you see boys, its ironic, because just as you two have everything I want, I have everything that neither of you will ever possess. I have the intangibles, the power to force change with my bare hands, the innate qualities that set me above the rest; in simple English, go ahead and call it the “it” factor. You boys may have what I want, but you’ll never have what I possess.

    Carter pauses briefly.

    Brian Carter: Now you two have accomplished a remarkable amount, with what little you really have. I’ll chock it up to hard work and chemistry and I can respect that. But that only goes so far. And it’s likely why neither of you have ever ascended higher than tag team glory. And it’s also why you two don’t stand a chance on Sunday. You may have teamed for years and worked hard to perfect your craft, but when you face a man who’s is FINALLY committed to pairing his intangible abilities with focus and determination, and then pair him up with a partner who has done it all in this company, you two simply don’t measure up. The date is set; etched in stone for all eternity. All that’s left to transcribe is the result.

    At this point, the first hint of morning appears to be coming along. The moon is descending, ever so slowly as the sun begins to turn the sky different shades of orange, ever before it appears itself. The stars are disappearing one by one. Change is a constant in this instance. However, Brian Carter remains. Always.

    Brian Carter: Everything I am, is everything I shouldn’t be. At Back in Business, I continue to change that. Aut Pax Aut Bellum is the next task to topple. And on the grand stage of Back in Business, you can rest assured that I’ll leave it all in the ring. I’ll unload the arsenal and empty the barrel. For victory, for my first Back in Business moment, I’ll give so much of myself that there may not be anything left of “The Infection” when all is said and done. So Andrew, Dan, and hell, even that little wench Mackenzie, I want you all to listen closely. Lend me your ear, if you haven’t already, because this Sunday you stand between me and the next step, the most important one to date in fact, in me becoming the man I’m supposed to be.

    Even after those last few words taper off and echo throughout the landscape that is being painted a pinkish-orange via the rising Sun, Carter continues his to gaze into the camera. However, after a few seconds something off-screen catches his attention and he turns his head ever so slightly, leading his dangling black hair to cover his face. There’s a few agonizing seconds of anticipation and curiosity, before the answer to this mystery and a few others is finally revealed. A man walks into view, alongside Carter, before slowly, yet confidently turning his head and joining Carter by gazing into the camera. And that man, is “The Astonishing” Chris Kennedy.

    Brian Carter: Every week, you boys inherently ask your opponents a question just via your name. Before every encounter, it’s “Aut Pax Aut Bellum,” either peace or war? Well, as I’ve been known to do from time to time allow me to turn the tables and leave you two with a question of my own. Armed with an ally in my newly revealed “mystery” partner, driven by desire, and fueled by “The Infection,” how badly do y’all wish you could just make peace with us, instead of go through the war that awaits you?
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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    Here is a story. A man walks into a store. For the last couple of weeks he has been saving up in order to afford an item he really wants. Commercials had been driving him insane with desire and he couldn't take it anymore, but now was the day he was finally going to buy. Oh, how excited the man was, his heart fluttering with joy as he walked passed the front doors and continued onward past rows of various nick-nacks, clothes, food, etc etc etc. His feet stomp along as his own personal war-drum as he is determined to make that one solitary purchase, to not be distracted by anything. Eventually, he finds that he has been walking around in circles for the last couple of minutes, unable to find the item he has been waiting so long to buy.

    “Can I help you with anything,” an nearby employee asks with a smile plastered upon his face. The man just looks over at him, mumbles awkwardly to himself and declines the mans help, claiming he is just 'looking around'. The employee walks off to help another costumer and the man is beside himself, still unsure of where his future prized possession could be. He could of told the employee about the item he was looking for, but he didn't. He could get another employee and explain his dilemma to him, but he won't. The man, with his inability to ask for help, will never find the thing his heart truly desires.

    Do you see the moral of this story? I would hope so. See, the majority of people know what they want, but they don't know how to ask for help. The rest, well they don't know what they want, but that's beside the point. People will spend their whole lives wandering through strange places and phases in their life to try and find something they aren't sure they will ever get to see. If they are lucky, they will have a sudden realization on their death bed and pass on, but most don't even have that sort of satisfaction, they simply die never knowing. Hearts are broken, lives are destroyed, artists become drug addicts, and enlightenment drifts a few more years away.

    As a society we are bitter, sarcastic, and we have become slaves to instant gratification, hoping to be validated by people we hardly know. The harder we work to make others happy, the harder it becomes to ask for help. A sort of anxiety comes over you as thoughts start darting through your head; “I'm just going to seem annoying if I ask for help”, “I don't want to be a burden”, “It'll just be awkward”. You sit there twiddling your thumbs, trying to figure it out by yourself, trouble-shooting the best you can, completely unaware you don't have the supplies necessary to fix your problem.

    For years, Ace thought he was the helper. He believed that people needed him to fix their problems and see the light of day. He dedicated himself to trying to make people see a better way of living by using himself as an example. The people rejected him, scowled at him, beat him down, and then left him to die. He tried to shout at them, he tried to show them a Utopian world, but they just scoffed and kept stuffing their faces with deep-fried trash and shoving cheap gifts into their children's arms. Ace thought he was the way out of all that, but it took a Christian Quinn to show him that he needed help. Until he had appeared, he had no idea that his head was barely holding above the water, but now that he realized he needed the help, he accepted it with open arms.

    I may be a Puppet. But puppets can say things that humans can't say.

    The day started with a bloody nose. He wasn't sure what caused it, but it really didn't matter, because he knew it was an omen to how today was going to be; frustrating and filled with little inconveniences. When he looked outside, that was immediately what he saw. The snow around the city had melted and been driven around until it was nothing more than muddy slush, making the town ugly and depressing. It was if the day had decided to take on a mood, a melancholic impression made through visual signs. Even the people walking down the side walk adapted the day's solemn expression with their eyes on the ground and trudging on through ice and slush, maybe even cursing god in a sort of petty way. That was how Seatlle seemed to operate; the snow was already depressing enough, but watching it melt away was even more so. In this reflection of the window he saw himself with the tissue lodged into his left nostril, an ever so silly sight that caused him to let out a brief laugh. He wanted to joke that he got the bloody nose by fighting a bear, but a joke like that would have been good last week, this week there was no more playing around, it was time to get back to work.

    Ace rose from the edge of his bed and raised his hands as if addressing an audience. He looked out his window towards the ugly city and imagined there was an arena there instead and that he was standing in front of thousands upon thousands of people. They didn't cheer or boo, they jut sat their silently with their eyes attentively on Ace. There was no feeling of hatred, of maliciousness, or of spite...just neutrality. The audience sat there, listening to him, waiting for his words. Not on the edge of their seat for what he'd say, but sitting with an open mind. That was all he was asking for.

    Lucian Ace: They say there isn't anything that will stand the test of time anymore. We live in an age where the only things that get invented are merely improvements on what was already invented. Look around you where ever you are and tell me if you see a single person you think could invent something to change life as we know it. The wheel, electricity, the car, the Internet, telephones, space travel, do you honestly think you will ever see something as ground breaking in your life time? No because these days all you get are smaller versions, ridiculous inventions, gadgets. Toilet seats with built in beer coolers, dog leashes that have email access. Ridiculous things that won't stand the test of time. They say our music industry is the same. Will there ever be another Beatles? A rolling stones? A led Zeppelin? will anybody in the chart today be remembered 20 years from now? Probably not because there's no Passion there anymore. Everything you get in todays society from your TV, from your music, your appliances, and yes even your professional wrestlers they all come off of a production line. Built for short term use, short term entertainment with no view to lasting or standing the test of time because they can always be replaced by the next batch. Look around the FWA roster, look around the Fight Night roster and do you see any stand out legends? No. There's a void ready to be filled by a young, a hungry superstars....those superstars are Christian Quinn and myself. Why? because there are a million drunken irishmen on this earth and no matter how good they may be, they can always be replaced when they break. Drew Stevenson, PAJ, Ryan Hall, Stu St. Clair they could all be replaced at the snap of your fingers if they were injured or if they left. Harsh? probably but it's true. I have trained away from the American circuit so I didn't become just another statistic with the rest of them because that's all the American circuit produces anymore. I learned self discipline in the middle east, I learned my move set in a Japanese DoJo where we were ran into the ground every single day. I brought the 720 DDT to American TV....

    He pushes his hand back through his hair, he shakes his head giving himself a moment

    Lucian Ace: It might sound like 'just another insult' or just another way to build myself up but it's not. I crave original competition. I look around and the entire company is ridiculous. I'm meant to believe the cocky, cool, witty Ashley would double up with a mental patient who dresses like Jake Roberts and has no concept of personal hygiene. Really? Where am I here? Did I wander in to TNA by accident? I came to FWA because I was promised the most real wrestling company I was going to find in America. I didn't come for TNA with a marketing plan. I didn't come for WWE with curse words. I came for a wrestling company I could believe in. You people want to know why I call myself the Shinning Light in professional wrestling? All you have to do is look around me, look around me at my peers and you will see exactly why I'm a flicker of hope. I'm innovative, I'm an artist and that...THAT is what FWA and especially the tag team division was meant to represent. [ He glances the cameras way ] Allow me to apologize that I'm not in some random location, introducing you to a host of random characters you'll never see or hear from again but this isn't a glimpse into the life of Ashley O Ryan. This is me, talking about my opponents and my match this week. You don't like that? Turn off now. I don't care, I don't need 'ratings' to get a pay cheque and I won't whore myself out publicly just to get a point across. Save that for the people with nothing to say. Save that for people running from the truth, save that for people like Ashley. [ His brow arches ] Ashley, you're good. But you're not a beast. You're cunning, but you're not a genius. You're in possession of the tag team title belt....but you're not the champion.

    He looks as if he's almost trying to stop a pending smirk creeping over his lips, trying to keep a straight face about it all but the fact was is that he was arrogant. Or confident...depending on who you ask.

    Lucian Ace: When was the last time somebody looked at you and said you were the best Ash? huh? In all honesty when did that last happen? You're good, you DO have the belt but it's a temporary deal and you're the one ridiculous enough to try and convince yourself otherwise. You're not better than me, you're barely even in my're a footnote. I want that title. Thats the be all and end all of all your ridiculous wise cracks. I want my title and come Back in Business will be taking it. Let me Enlighten you and the rest of the misfits that have landed on their good luck charm being put onto the same show as professional wrestlings last and seemingly only hope. I spent years of my life in seclusion from the outside world in Japan and the Orient perfecting my skills. I don't show up here like a McDonald's employee and count down the minutes till it's home time I show up ready. I show up prepared and if thats not heart, if thats not dedication to the business then I don't know what is.

    He sneers.

    Lucian Ace: I aspire to be great, I aim to be the one thing on a card you never forget. Being just another baby kisser isn't even on my agenda because I won't fall back into the crowd. I'm a shooting star, everyone stops when I pass by and they marvel. They stop, look, they stare at the majestic beauty of my work and then like a flash I'm gone out of their lives as fast as I came in. But they never forget, never once do they forget that experience. I go above and beyond in the ring because I can, because I love wrestling I just don't give a damn about what anyone else thinks about how I do it. As far as I'm concerned these boys should be using me as their muse, drawing inspiration from somebody who is actually dedicated to the art form of professional wrestling rather than the pay check and perks of professional wrestling or the never ending supply of children to kiss like the rest of them. Speaking of face value, and jerk offs....

    He chews at the air with a disgusted look on his face shaking his head as if he'd eaten something particularly bitter.

    Lucian Ace: Stu St. Clair. Stu not only are you far too ugly to ever hold championship gold you're far too ugly to be in the same building as me. You look like a crystal meth addict, you look like you've fallen on hard times. You look like you've been going down on Rosanne Barr for the last twenty years. You're an atrocity to look at with your ridiculous out of date hair and those kindergarten designed tattoos of yours. A title is what you make of it Stu and so far all you've been doing is putting it on the line against opponents you knew you could beat. All you've been doing is running around the country hiding from challengers and selling lemonade on your home made stand because you are too afraid to face a real challenge. It ends tonight Vodka and Venom. You have no substance, nothing. So while you're on your soap box crying over the fact I just don't care enough about you, think to yourself....why don't I care? You're uncomfortable to watch, if your job title is wrestler, if you truly do pride yourself on what you do in the ring then why could I care less about facing you huh? Why don't i feel this match? Why do I want to get the belt and get the hell out of here and move on to greener pastures? Tell me that Stu. I can light up any night, any sky, any canvas in any arena in this country because I'm an artist and even with tools as bad as I have in this match I can and will create a masterpiece because I don't know any different. Test your mettle as a champion and I will take you seriously, but only after the second bell rings on Sunday night, because until then you're still the walking brain fart you put yourself across.

    He shrugs

    Lucian Ace: Most of the great names in history were shunned before they were embraced. Jesus, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King, Kurt Cobain, Ben Franklin visionaries in their own right thought to be crazy, provocative in times where people didn't want to think outside the box. Shunned for trying to change something for the better. What Martin Luther King did for racism we are doing for tag team division, what Ben Franklin did to change the future forever we are doing for tag team division, what Bob Dylan did for music, turned it into art...we are doing for tag team division. We will envelope, eclipse and history book your title reign this Sunday and like Easter Sunday itself instead of Jesus rising from the grave it will tsg team wrestling with the Messiah of the Mat at the helm but Hey....Hey VV...

    He whispers softly

    Lucian Ace: I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.

    There was a moment of silence as the arena faded away and Lucian was back to looking out his window to the ugly slush covered city. He wasn't on a stage, just in his room, beside himself. With that, Ace realized that his nose had stopped bleeding and felt a bit amused by it. Now his day could really begin. He got dressed and made his way to the front door, and as he left, he left behind his fears, his worries, his thoughts of compromise, He felt free to do as he pleased, to be as agile as ever. He finally picked a path and traveled down it, willing to never look back and wonder what life could have been.

    Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now, therefore ye kings. Be admonished ye judges of the earth. Serve the lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    Psalm 2:8

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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    At FWA Fan Axxess...

    Excited FWA fans are packed getting ready for the biggest night in the FWA. They are all wearing their fan passes many with FWA themed merchandise on whether it be t-shirts, hats or even costumes. They stand around talking to each other and going to different booths to get autographs and buy the latest products. There is a small stage near the center of all this and a tech intern runs up and starts checking the microphone levels. Then signaling to some other crew members he hops off the stage. People begin to gather around, what is about to take place? As they wonder this the lovely Amy Duke comes onto the stage. She speaks into the microphone.

    Amy Duke: Ladies and gentlemen, please give your undivided attention to...Thomas Princeton!

    Amy cheers and applauds Tom as she steps off the stage but the crowd boos him as Thomas Princeton in his signature suit and tie climbs up onto the stage and takes the microphone grinning at everyone.

    Tom: Hello subordinates! Normally I would do this inside the arena, but you all have paid so much to be here at this fan access experience. And if there is one thing I appreciate it's capitalism, but don't worry despite my last name I am not here to teach economics I'm here to talk about my match on the biggest stage the FWA has to offer. My North American championship match against Shane McLean and Jason Gryphon!

    The crowd cheers the names of McLean and Gryphon. Tom rolls his eyes.

    Tom: Oh give me a break! Why do you all admire those men so much? What do they offer you? I can't understand why you all would want to cheer on such inferior specimens. I will be the one who claims victory at Back in Business, the prince of darkness will be the one to reign when it's all said and done. I have fought and clawed my way into this position only to have it threatened at every turn. But after everything I am still competing in the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year and arguably the biggest night in all of sports entertainment. No matter the obstacle I have managed to overcome it and now I find myself at the apex of this story, the roadblock that I must drive through in order to become the North American champion this federation deserves and needs. I feel a great sense of pride that I have come this far and I feel an even greater sense of joy and anticipation for what I will accomplish tomorrow as the entire world watches their so called heroes fall to my powerful hand!

    Tom holds up his palm and clenches his fist in a symbolic gesture.

    Tom: This is a big night for everyone involved, and because of this importance I feel it's my duty to fill you in on just what is going on here. You see Shane wants to win tomorrow simply because he is the champion and champions hate losing. I can't fault him for that, who wouldn't want to continue their reign? But he knows at his core the core of his being that he isn't good enough for that title. He's just a has been clinging on to whatever makes him feel valid or special. But he's not special, he's just someone who got lucky. He came in during a volatile time for the FWA and he managed to win. It was more a stroke of luck than it was talent. And Gryphon wants to win because he just wants so desperately for people to pay attention, for people to believe in him. But be honest with me people, who actually does? No, he's just happy to be in a match at Back in Business, but it's nothing. Absolutely nothing can convince me that Gryphon really cares about the North American title, he just needed a resume booster. Now he had a chance for a one on one match for the belt, I offered him a chance to fight me, but he refused to help me and thus the deal was taken off the table. Both Shane and Gryphon are just happy to be here, but I am meant to be here! I deserve to be here! I am destined to be here! That's what makes this match so important!

    Now I came back tot he FWA and it was a mess and piece by piece I helped rebuild it. I did what was necessary to ensure the continuation of the FWA and my thanks in return was the hatred of the FWA fans. Tsk. Tsk. I'd say I'm surprised but I already know how all of you operate. Yes, I betrayed Shane McLean but that was only because I was tired of carrying his dead weight! He was trying to be this hero for the FWA but he was failing and so I decided to just take him out of his misery and expose him for the weakling that he is. The FWA ended up sorting itself out and I ended up line for the true prize in the now stable federation....the North American championship! The gold has been my goal for over a month now and if you think some wannabe and a wash out are going to stop me then you have obviously not been watching the same television programming!

    For those of you loyal fans, which I assuming is most of the people here...then you saw me kick Jason Gryphon's ass in a comedy routine. That's right I won a comedy routine, it wasn't very hard not when the biggest punchline was Gryphon himself...but regardless of it's prestige it was a win that I am most confident got into the psyche of young Jason Gryphon. This young wrestler has no idea what kind of nightmare he just put himself in. I am not to be trifled with, and at Back in Business I will hold nothing back. Jason can go and ask anyone who has ever faced me at Back in Business....I take no prisoners and I am merciless! And I do not take well to little boys who want to become men at my expense! The punishment for interfering with my destiny will be severe young Jason Gryphon it will be most severe.

    Tom smirks as he pauses to look at the fans, all sneering at him but transfixed. Locked in with him as he speaks, he pivots a bit and continues to speak.

    Tom: Shane McLean with all his dodging me, with all his quirks, with everything he threw at me to keep me from ending up in this match with him tomorrow it was all for nothing. See Shane fear me! He's worried about me, concerned about me, cautious of me. He let me get close, I did and then I turned his world upside down! I am not theatrical like Vincent Blackbird or Stu St. Clair. No, I just say I'm going to do something and then I go and do it. My words are very powerful, they aren't just empty threats. I can command a room with my words and I can move mountains with my threats. And yes with your words you can make people laugh and smile. But I've proven I'm more than adequate at that, you even judged so. And let's not forget the cheers I once had showered on me while I was....more of a fan favorite let's say...I am everything that he is but better! All reigns must come to an end and at Back in Business I will be the one who opens up shop once again and makes all who desire the NA title cower in fear! Fear they have learned from Shane as he recants his experience losing to me in front of the entire world!

    It doesn't matter what Shane or Jason attempt to use against me I will counter it all. I am fully prepared to do whatever it takes to win! Shane and Jason they have the rules they abide by, I do not. I will scratch, claw and fight with every inch of my body to ensure my victory. It will be a truly memorable match, and a genuinely memorable night. It will be the night that Shane falls and Jason learns the cold hard fact that he is not good enough for the North American title, never has been! I have Jason, I have studied Jason, I have gone against him and color me unimpressed. There is nothing he has to offer that gives me great concern. He may believe in himself but that's where it is because Vegas odd must surely have you at the bottom.

    Is Shane supposed to scare me? Does anyone honestly think he's going to go the distance? He's not champion material, he doesn't even wear the belt with pride. He's a place holder, a transition, an asterisk. And now it's my time to be the one that claims the gold. The one that people read the title history to admire, to study to know what greatness was like. But don't worry fans of Shane he will not be forgotten everyone will continually watch him lose to me at Back in Business IX so they know how I the true champion began my time, my reign, when I reached my destiny! Back in Business IX will be the end of Shane's era, the beginning of Jason's education and the dawn of a new day. And that day will be for me, the sin will shine bright on me that sun will the lights of the arena lighting up the ring for all to see and I will bask in it's warm glow! My name is Thomas Princeton, and I am better than you!

    Tom smirks and then exits as the crowd boos him. Tom just simply walks away and into a limousine which drives him away as angry fans encroach on him futilely.

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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    Cameras are rolling and there is a white fog covering the sky. Mountain with pine trees are standing tall majestically. There is still a bit of snow on the tops of the mountains. The ground is covered with wet snow and exposed dirt patches.There is no sunshine breaking through. The camera crew start walking towards clear cut section of Douglas fir in a bit of forest. The camera crew’s feet sink as they walk through the wet snow. As they pulled their feet up their boots and shoes are covered in wet mud from the ground underneath the snow. The camera crew continue walking and they come across size sixteen boot prints in the snow. Near by are a slightly smaller pair of boot prints in the same direction. They continue walking and they come across a raven with red tint in his eyes as he looks up as he his feasting on a chipmunk. The raven shrieks and then continues feasting. They continue walking and they come across three skulls tied to a rope hanging from a tree of to the side where the clear cut didn’t cut through. They walk and come across an old wooden cabin that has collapsed from the snow and elements. The camera crew looks and to survey the collapsed cabin. They come across a door with a note wrapped in plastic lying on top of the door.

    Break on Through To The Other Side
    April 4th2014
    You know the day destroys the night. Night divides the day. Tried run tried to hide but I broke through the other side. I am no longer bound to evil temptation nor am I clinging on to have humanity. I am at the point where I do not need to redeem myself. I am my own man. I have burned candles and both ends enough for two life times. It’s no secret I boozed to hide the pain that reared its ugly head and mocked me when I feel sadness and pain. My head was in a black place wasn’t sure who I was or hell where I was. The only thing that mattered is I made it through a day and moved onto the next on and the one after that. I thought I was still myself but I wasn’t home. I could fight but not like I was known for. They said I lost my way and I was a cliche ofmyself. They saw a glimpse of fire at Back In Business one year ago and got people excited. That fire flickered until Ashley O’Ryan and I won the Tag Team Belts for the first time in five years and retained two weeks later against the champs in a rematch. Lost the belts and then Gabrielle hit a sore spot. I was back boozing to numb myself. The numbing wasn’t work until I saw her on ESPN. Criticizing and destroying my life. It was like I was nothing more than some joke and has-been. I like having my life private not having the world invade my personal life. She dished out my dirty laundry and something took a hold of me. It was that calmness I had when I waste nightmare of FWA. The fire and hate was there. Sadistic tendencies took control. I was controlling them it wasn’t me driven by darkness. It was all me. I broke through that door and haven’t looked back. I had help from Ash but the reaper is staring at them and the reaper is me. Nightmares I have weaved live on and as the new ones emerge. As I see disrespect thrown to the way of Ashley O'Ryan when he is trying to help. Now it is time to cut them up.

    The camera crew continues walking down the clear cut path and come across and old fort. There are wooden barriers. The crew steps through and see the wooden walls go around with one other door on the opposite door There is cell with an iron gate to keep people held. There is amass pile of wood stacked along with firewood set up to burn in the fire pit. There are four troughs for horses that are blackened heavily. An iron gate on the other side of the fort rises. The gears turning is heard as the iron gate is raised. The iron gates stays up as a man standing over six feet tall is seen. He is wearing whitewashed blue jeans. He is wearing size sixteen boots. He is wearing a black leather jacket unzipped with no shirt underneath. He has thick long brown beard with long brown hair. He has one light blue eye and one pure white eye staring at the camera crew and of course the camera that is rolling. Stu walks several feet forward to where he is almost a fair close distance to the camera. He is silent as he studies them. His face goes serious he begins speaking in his all too familiar tone of voice.

    Stu‘The Snake ‘St.Clair: Help something that is given and never taken for what is worth. Whether it is depression with suicidal tendencies or addiction in the case. It is never taken. I didn’t need help but Ashley O’Ryan was there then I needed him. He knew Would talk to him when I was ready. I was never alone he was only a phone call away.

    In the dark corner of the cabin, in a charcoal suit, his hair covering most of his face, Ashley O'Ryan smiles. His eyes focused on the fire crackling. He glances over for a moment then returns to the fire.

    I pulled myself up and I am back the money recapture the FWA Tag Team title from the Sisters of Destruction to being in The Mile High Massacre Match I got reacquainted with my old ways. Except I was in control I wasn’t on impulse. It happened well naturally if you would. Ash was happy I was on my feet. After he knew I was there when Moira filed for divorce.

    Ash’s eyes shift. He looks at a small box in his jacket pocket and quickly puts it back

    I am no Mr friendly neighbor like Mr Rodgers because I am not. I am who I am and Ash accepts me for who I am. Even so far to letting go of the anger and hate for what I did to him. Also to the point it was seven years ago to the day that Vodka and Venom was born. Through thick and thin we been through a lot. I am not Mr Sentimental because I most certainly not. There is a friendship there which is more than I can say about Lucian Ace and ‘The Instant Classic’ Christian Quinn I look at Quinn. I see it in the way he dresses and his facial expression even to the way he smells. He nothing but a conman. Hell he is worse than the snake! I don’t make deals all I do is talk with my sharp tongue. He dresses slick and tries to have the perfect poker face if you would at all times.

    ·Stu pauses for a moment as he slowly exhales. He then begins speaking

    Stu'The Snake’ St.Clair: Difference between Mr Quinn and me is I always have the better poker face. Nobody knows what goes through my mind. I can change what you think will happen on a dime. I have done on many occasions. Christian I already see you got that expensive Rolex around your wrist. You have expensive tastes. Like the new suit sand nice shoes to even cars. You like your lap of luxury if youwould. Nothing would suit you more than acquiring gold in FWA. Hell some may figure you would con yourself into getting a title opportunity whether it is The X Division Title or The North American Title or the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title. But you know what Christian? [Stu pauses as he smirks for a moment before he continues talking ten seconds later] You’re smarter than that Christian. You didn’t get to have the lap luxury for being an idiot. You see the FWA Unified World Tag Team titles and think that is the perfect title to go for. All you need is an insurance policy so you have someone watching your back. You will be the brains and they will be the muscle. You can ensure that deck is rigged in your favor. You can get rid of someone if they do not live up to your standards or dare I say disappoint you dearly.

    Stu pauses a sick smile comes over his faces then slowly continues to speak

    I know that variation with that with my Age of The Fallen.

    ·Stu smirks as he pauses for a moment. He stares at the ground then slowly looks up back at the camera.

    Stu‘The Snake’ St.Clair: It is always fun starting from the ground floor up of who dare I say lives up to your expectations. Every single person that I recruited in Age of The Fallen lived up to their part until I got rid of them. Only one I didn’t do away with was ‘TheInfection’ Brian Carter. He is the perfect protege. He was as sadistic as I was and same drive. Just needed someone to help him focus. But that is a different story for a different time. Already see you picked out ‘The Silver Soul’ Lucian Ace. Nineteen years old won the Golden Opportunity Match inside the Elimination Chamber with shot for the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight tile whenever he wants in the next year. However was never able to cash in on it. He is well disciplined and trained. He has everything in his favor. He went through cancer and he needed something to lean to the edge off. Something to help him forget. Look at him now he is trying to drink like a fish. Ashley O’Ryan looks at him and sees an all too familiar sight.

    Stu pauses for a moment as he stares up at sky for a moment. Then stares back at the camera.

    He sees himself when he was at one of the lowest points in his life. Ash offered him help instead of thanks; Lucian takes it one step further. He and Christian Quinn laid him out. Somehow Quinn manipulated Lucian Ace into thinking he was a solution when Christian is more of a cancer. Not to mention handsome collateral damage for bonus hurting Lord Vincent Blackbird. Ashgot his chance to even the score one week later.

    ·Stu stares at the white fog and shakes his head side to side. He slowly begins speaking again.

    Stu‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Ash got his chance and so did Lord Vincent Blackbird. I was there for the three on three tag team bout. They picked up the victory pinning Ash. I got laid out by an accidental chair shot and Lord Vincent Black Bird was taken out by Jethro Warren. Ash was laid out again. Week after Ash took on Christian Quinn Quinn knocked off Ash that night. Now at Back in Business they have now at shot at The FWA Unified World Tag Team titles that As hand I hold. First and foremost these two need a history lesson on Ashley O’Ryan. You can beat Ashley O’Ryan into the dirt. Hell even bury him but

    Stu chuckles as briefly pauses

    Ash will always get back up and continue to fight. Ash has an iron will and is too stubborn to give up. I ruined this man’s life for a point of time but he keep on fighting and never once did he give up. Both us were written off we went for the FWA Tag Team Title for the first time in five years. We didn’t give up and we won those titles not once buttwice last year. Those belts are around are waists still because we are a team. Also more importantly neither one of us gives up. Hell if I start something or someone starts something with me I see to the bloody end. [Stu pauses and smirks sadistically]Look at us now we are defending the belts at Back in Business this year and that should say something how effective we are as a team. There is no team there with Lucian Ace and Christian Quinn. Christian is manipulating him and ready to stab in the back with a knife at any given moment Christian Quinn wants to.

    ·Stupauses for a moment and stares down at the ground. At the same timehis clenches his right hand and continues to talk.

    Stu‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Lucian is letting his addiction blind Ash who was trying to help him. Lucian trusts a man when he is nothing but a con artist. Yes I know along with others know he was getting over cancer. But that alone shouldn’t affect his judgement. He trusted someone who glitters. But let us not forget the old saying all that glitters is not gold. Let’s face it Lucian you have a disease and it’s killing from both end of the candle if you would. One is the cancer. There is your suppression of it through addiction. You see Lucian Ash tried to mange you. [Stu pauses as he smirks then slowly speaks again]Thing is Lucian you can’t manage cancer. You got to cut it out of there. I have motivation do to just do that. You attacked Ash trying to help you and you let yourself get conned by Christian Quinn. I got to ask you Lucian what is deadlier.

    Stu smirks as he lets out a sick sound laugh then slowly continues

    Is it me venom or my answer to the chemo? Both will destroy your body. There is a chance for survival but your fate rests in my hands. I doubt Quinn will feel any guilt or remorse leaving you at my disposal. He will find someone to trusting like yourself and someone easy for him to manipulate. He will be moving on to big and better things so he can get that taste of gold that eludes him in his lap of luxury. Lucian he is no friend but a con man. I am a snake. So who are you going to believe?
    Ashley:Con or not, that be a mute point now.

    Ashleybreaks his silence, still focused on the flames. He adjusts his tie and cracks his neck.

    Ashley:I love redemption stories. 'ow can I not? I've 'ad starring and supporting roles in a few. I thought this would be another one. Unfortunately, it seems that isn't going to be the case. I wanted itto be. I wanted to save someone this time around. See, me and Stu arepart of the same coin, just different sides. Two sides to a balanced scale. Stu is the justice. Looking to cast judgment down like the fires of 'ell. As fer me...I'm the mercy. I'm the check and balance. I do my best to make sure Vodka and Venom don't cross that very thinline past wot we are foiting against. Aye, our own gain and glory is on the line. But it goes further then that. It goes past a tag team match, championships on the line or not. Meanwhile, Stu keeps the otherside strong. The side that shows that without justice there can be no mercy. And without mercy there can be no true justice. For one without the other is a weakness. But together is a strength.

    When mercy is deserved, I make sure that balance is kept. When judgment isdeserving, that's when the coin is flipped. Neither Christian Quinn,nor unfortunately Lucian Ace showed they desired, or deserved mercy.

    Lucian...It's not often I try. That should say something to you. I prefer liveand let live. I don't loik to involve meself in problems I known something about. So when I did try to 'elp, when I did speak up, it was because I know the path you walk down. Not by speculation but by experience. You may see gold at the end of the tunnel, but will thecost be worth it?

    Ash walks over to a bookshelf, picking a book off the shelf and flipping through it

    You might think it but I know what is in the darkest recesses of that path. Loik Stu mentioned, Not all prizes are worth their weight in gold.

    He starts to read,

    All that glisters is not gold;
    Often have you heard that told:
    Many a man his life hath sold
    But my outside to behold:
    Gilded tombs do worms enfold.
    Had you been as wise as bold,
    Youngin limbs, in judgement old
    Your answer had not been inscroll'd
    Fare you well, your suit is cold.

    Christian and Lucian, you be walking down a path that 'as only one possibility. You moit think you 'ave control, but me and Stu 'ave the belts and therefore, on the lever to the gallows.

    Justice is needed to balance the scales.

    Like the fires of 'ell.

    The glow of the fire lights up Ashley's face as he smiles darkly

    Farewell to you both. May find the mercy we could not show you in the end.
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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    "The Man Who Lived Forever"

    Our scene opens in an abandoned movie theater. The projector flickers on and off, sending a faint light towards the large, blank screen. The flickering illumination is the only defiant force against a darkness that tries to drown out everything. Try as it might to hide what is there, it can't drown out the light, because no matter how black the darkness is, there is always that one that one beacon of light shining on, exposing that which is hidden. The only sound that is heard is the projector reel spinning, through there is still no image on the screen. We hear a single, solitary cough echoing from the back of the theater, making us aware that there is at least one individual in the movie theater. Suddenly, the image on the screen makes itself present. Fuzzy and out of focus, if only for a few moments before correcting itself, is the Golden Opportunity Elimination Chamber from Back In Business VI. Standing victorious in the ring, while 5 other individuals lay defeated and unconscious, is The Astonishing Chris Kennedy, one arm proudly raised while the other arm clutches his Golden Opportunity briefcase proudly to his chest.

    "Chris Kennedy has done it! The 2010 FWA rookie of the year has clutched a HUGE victory in his Back in Business debut!" Langdon Trafford yells, the excitement in his voice being shared by everyone in attendance. The scene fades as the camera zooms in on a smiling Chris Kennedy. We cut to the next scene, one year later, Back in Business VII. As Adrian Wolf is lain out on the mat, a charging Jack Severino is met with the devastating super kick known as The Bittersweet Chin Symphony. Severino hits the mat and Chris Kennedy drops to pin him. 1...2...3.

    "OH MY GOD! KENNEDY RETAINS THE FWA CHAMPIONSHIP, and WINS the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! In what is sure to be a historic night, Chris Kennedy made good on a promise he made one year ago and he has UNIFIED the world titles!" Langdon yells, his voice high pitched with gilded enthusiasm. Chris Kennedy PROUDLY holds BOTH titles high above his head as the Astonishing Era continues, no signs of letting down.
    "I can't believe it, Langdon! Sweet Baby Moses, Chris Kennedy is the LAST EVER World Heavyweight Champion, the FIRST EVER Unified FWA Champion and the ONLY man to ever hold both the FWA Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. This has been the end of one era, and the begging of an entirely new one!" Piers Gallagher announces with a child like excitement. The scene fades and we are, once again, transported to the following Back in Business, Back In Business VIII. Chris Kennedy Irish whips MC Fromage into the ropes and ducks a clothesline from Fromage on the rebound. When MC Fromage turns around, Chris Kennedy NAILS him with The Bittersweet Chin Symphony. Chris Kennedy drops down to the mat and takes back what was rightfully his. 1...2..3.

    "CHRIS KENNEDY HAS RECLAIMED THE FWA CHAMPIONSHIP! My goodness! The Astonishing One has turned his Carnal Contendership victory into huge opportunity, and he capitalized! MC Fromage kept the title warm for Kennedy, but in the end the Guru of Gouda was just another victim as Chris Kennedy remains UNDEFEATED AT BACK IN BUSINESS!" Langdon proclaims before the screen goes black and the lights come up. No more footage to be shown, and with all the lights on we see the dingy movie theater, which looks as if it was closed for business quite some time ago. It's depressingly dreary, and the movie posters on the walls (Battleship, Savages) indicate that the theater has been closed down for at least a year. That's when we see him. Sitting all the way in the back, munching on popcorn, is the 3 time FWA Champion, the former Golden Opportunity holder and Carnal Contendership winner, The Astonishing Chris Kennedy. He is nonchalantly munching on popcorn before he is aware of us watching him. He smiles and continues munching on popcorn, his feet propped up on the chair in front of him.

    Immortality. It's the one thing every man wants. More so than money, the one thing that everyone subconsciously desires is to live forever. I thought I was a god, that I could never die. I thought no one could ever beat me. Then I faced Devin Golden. And I lost. I could go on and on about how I didn't show up, mentally. I could go on and on about how, if Devin Golden had faced that same Chris Kennedy that beat Wolf time after that time, that same Chris Kennedy that humiliated Ryan Hall at every turn, that same Chris Kennedy that Stu St. Clair was afraid to face, well then I could say that Devin Golden would have never stood a chance. I am not going to do that. The reality of it is, Devin Golden beat Chris Kennedy, and in doing so provided me with the reality check that I so desperately needed. That hot headed movie star that thought he ran the world, that naive fool whose arrogance was rivaled only by his bank account, that man was anything BUT immortal, so much in fact that he is now dead. I was knocked from my pedestal, and have to climb my way back up. But I begin my climb with a renewed vision, an acquired wisdom that acts a light, illuminating my path and leading me back to where I belong: The FWA. I have learned a lot in my brief time off, and the thing I have learned about immortality is that, you obviously can't live forever. But your NAME can. Your legacy can stand the test of them and reverberate through history long after your body is decaying below the ground. That is, if you make your name count for something. See, I know what I have achieved and I know what I am capable of. I am not done proving myself. Chris Stallings once told me something that I will never forget. He told me, that to stay relevant, you have to remember that everyone involved with the FWA shares the same mentality. From the fans that buy the tickets and order the Pay Per Views, from the guys in the back lacing up their boots all the way down to the suit and ties that run the show. And that mentality is "What have you done for me lately". I never truly understood what that meant until I recently logged on to to view the FWA title history. And to be completely honest, it hurt my feelings. I held the FWA Championship for a combined year and a half, but does that show on My history in this company has been erased. An article recently posted on the same website issued a call to arms for a new era, and listed all the stars that dominated from 2010-2013. Everyone was named, from Golden to Wolf. Everyone, except for me, the one man who undisputedly dominated that era, holding the title longer than everyone, the only one to hold both world titles, the only man who, for 4 years, could have actually been called the face of the FWA. And I get it, I really do. The same people who tried to stop me, the same people who tried to stifle my legacy, are the same people who now run the show. I could sit here and cry about it, citing politics and egos, but all that will do is put me on their level. Talking about injustice doesn't fix anything, talk is cheap. Chris Stallings was right. "What have you done for me lately" is the motto they all live by. So to remind everyone just WHO THE HELL I AM, it's time to take ACTION.

    Chris Kennedy gets up from his seat and struts down the aisle, putting a Marlboro Menthol between his lips and lighting it, before stopping in front of the screen, turning around to face the empty seats in front of him as if he was entertaining an audience of invisible film goers.

    So I guess the million dollar question is "Why team with Brian Carter?", or perhaps it's "Why answer Aut Pax Aut Bellums challenge?" Well I am here to tell you that both of those questions are irrelevant, however my reason for returning coincidentally answers both. I am back for one reason particularly. My legacy. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter that I am a 3 time FWA Champion, it doesn't matter that I was the last World Heavyweight Champion, First ever unified champion, Tag Team Champion, X-Division Champion, Golden Opportunity Winner, Carnal Contendership winner, movie star. None of it means anything to those that follow, none of those accolades last forever. They essentially equate to nothing more than momentary bragging rights. But the streak, the fact that I have NEVER lost at Back In Business, it keeps me coming to Back In Business, and it gives me something to KEEP fighting for, year in, year out. I am going to team with "The Infection" Brian Carter, and add yet another win to my history, the same history that those in power have tried to rob me of. This year, I will go 4-0. Next year I will go 5-0, the year after that 6-0. Then 7-0, 8-0 and so on and so on. As long as I have a heart that pumps blood, Back In Business will ALWAYS belong to Chris Kennedy. It will always be my stage, and through Back in Business, Chris Kennedy will live on forever. The man who main evented 2 consecutive Pay Per Views, will be the man synonymous with the event. How poetic is that? The night I return, the night I am actually business. It's almost as if the event was preemptively named after me. I'm no longer arrogant enough to actually believe that, but it does give me goosebumps simply entertaining the idea.

    Kennedy pauses, lost in thought for a moment as his cigarette hangs from his lips.

    This is good news for Chris Kennedy fans, but not for Aut Pax Aut Bellum fans. And by Aut Pax Aut Bellum fans, I mean all 3 of them. Dan and Andrew, and that guy with the dreadlocks who was run off last year by The Syndicate. Another part of history that just "never happened" since the FWA switched networks. The funny thing is, this match could be billed as "The Great Siege vs The Great Siege", since all four of us were in the Siege. While Brian Carter and I represent two completely different eras in The Siege, there was one common factor. Dan and Andrew, always and forever, through ever incarnation of The Great Siege. So Brian Carter knows first hand, just like I, what complete pieces of human excrement Dan Ward and Andrew Johnson are. The Only man that loves Andrew Johnson more than Andrew Johnson loves himself, is Dan Ward and Vice Versa. The only thing that rivaled their arrogance was their ignorance. When you consider that they were the sole reason I quit The Great Siege, you can begin to see why they are such abrasive individuals. Aut Pax Aut Bellum consider themselves the greatest tag team in the history of the FWA. They have certainly won the title enough times to have a dog in that fight, yeah sure. That's on paper. When you apply common sense, you begin to see Aut Pax Aut Bellum for who they REALLY are. Unlike tag teams like Sunrise-Sunset and Vodka and Venom, teams that defended the titles each and every month, Aut Pax Aut Bellum had a 2 year tag team title reign where they never defended the titles. They boast about a 2 year reign where Andrew Johnson was, in an embarrassing effort, chasing the FWA title between Mile High and Trial By Fire. While teams like The Smash Brothers and The Bovine Stallions were getting overlooked. Then, once the tag division became too hot for APAB to ignore and they were FORCED into defending their titles, well, you remember what happened. And every time they won them back, they would lose them almost as quickly as they won them. They were proven a fluke time and time again when paired with the likes of Sunrise-Sunset, Vodka and Venom, Hell I remember when me and Jack Severino beat APAB for the tag team titles prior to Back In Business VII. I've beaten them in a HANDICAP MATCH, TWICE. I've watched them embarass themselves time and time again. And when they were sent packing from the FWA a year ago at the hands of The Filthy Animals, they vowed they would one day return. You've got to feel somewhat sorry for them, as once again the paths of Chris Kennedy and Aut Pax Aut Bellum have passed again and I have also returned, on MY NIGHT, Back In Business. I'll be goddamned to lose here, on MY stage, against a team that I have beaten on my own without any help. As far as Brian Carter, I have always respected him. Who knows if this new found alliance will go beyond Back In Business. I am not saying otherwise, and if we can make an impact on the tag team division than that's awesome, but all my energy is focused on the immediate future: Back In Business. The Showcase of The Immortals. If I've learned anything from Highlander, it's that the immortals only remain immortal by beheading the next immortal. Funny thing is, Devin Golden taught me the same thing, I was just paying attention that time. This sunday, Chris Kennedy returns, and Aut Pax Aut Bellum does what they do best: They LOSE.

    Chris Kennedy takes a hearty drag from his cigarette and heads for the door behind the projector screen. On the other side of the door is a long hallway leading to an exit. On the way down the hallway, Kennedy observes the flickering florescent light hanging from the ceiling, barely providing any light, just a strobe flashing in random increments. Kennedy opens the door to the exit and his eyes squint as they come in contact with sunlight. A calming warmth comes over Kennedy's face and the birds are chirp above him. With a new sense of clarity and a skip in his step, Chris Kennedy makes his way down the street, beginning his road to Back In Business.


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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread


    With the faint blue tip of an e-cigarette, the rain drizzles down on a somber scene. It's dark... wet... The sun has set on another dreary day in Seattle. Even without the rain and cold... Pioneer Square is a place where you don't want to dwell. Even with the claims of it being rich in culture and vibrant with history... When the sun goes down... It's just as dank and seedy as the next rat-hole. Down the street, the pushers are selling their wares, and the whores just the same. Going down the wrong side street, or leering a bit too long, could mean your life. There is no safety. No security. No future... Just a series of nameless faces racing towards destruction.

    Jethro Warren: It's not safe...

    As the drops of rain permeate his simple suit, Jethro takes another drag off his e-cigarette.

    Jethro Warren: The life we lead, and where it travels... It's not safe. No matter which side of the coin you look at... It's not safe. A man hell bent on realizing his potential, by any means necessary... Since we began this little thing, Vincent, that's all I've espoused about. Nameless faces being in the way of Jethro Warren realizing his potential, but you're no different. When we started this thing... you thought I was just some jobber that needed to be squashed. *chuckles* I needed to make a statement... Hell, and you would've done the same thing. The sad fact is... we're no different Blackbird. Just like this never-ending Seattle rain... Chaos permeates our existence. It envelops us. Hell, it created both of us. It brought us from then... to now. It's not safe to be either one of us. Never has been, never will be.

    Jethro stops momentarily, his hands motion forward, as if trying to convalesce his thoughts. A slight grin appears on his face.

    Jethro Warren: But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know... I'm reiterating this to your bride... sweet Buttercup...

    Jethro chuckles slightly as he takes another drag off his e-cig.

    Jethro Warren: Amber. Amber. Amber. I know your boyfriend has probably painted me as the dreaded monster in your little Bird Empire Fairy Tale... *chuckles* Lord knows he's right... But everything isn't as black and white as a Disney princess movie. It's not safe for you. Make all the assumptions you want about me... But you need to see the reflection of your life with Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird. It's not safe. It's never been safe for you. All for the sake of your boyfriend... You've been dragged through kidnappings, armed assaults, biker gang infighting, violence, blood... Damn near on a weekly basis... You were put in harms way, inadvertently, because of this hatred. This blood-feud between us. But you know it goes deeper... You've never been safe. Your family knows it... Hell, your sister asked me to interfere to stop your wedding. You know... Before Jethro Warren made his debut, and after this match. You know you'll never be safe.

    Jethro leans back on the park bench. The rain continues to fall a little more heavily.

    Jethro Warren: You'll never be safe with Vincent. You won't be safe with me either. Hell, I don't even want to marry you. I just want to destroy Vincent. It won't change with marriage. It's not safe. You know you won't be. I'm giving you a way out. No more Sons... no more Bird Empire... Safety... Run while you can. Not because I care... Not because I'm a kind, caring man. I just want to see you destroy Vincent. There's so many things I've done to Vincent, waged war on him physically and spiritually. I'm not stupid. I know Vincent is a driven man, quite like me. He's not “Quaking with Fear” for our match at Back in Business IX. He's has the fear of god in him for what I'm gonna do next. I'm going to make you bleed Vincent. I'm going in with the full intent of blowing limbs off, and dramatically shortening your life, but I know... the final nail in the coffin for Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird would be if Amber flew the nest. If I can take that away from you. I would leave you far more... a broken man on a meaningless throne. Amber... Beautiful Buttercup... I want you to watch... every second of this match, come Sunday Night. Every second of violence and brutality... And ask yourself... Are you safe?

    Jethro looks up to the blackened sky. Rain pouring on his face, he smiles slightly as he takes one more drag off his e-cigarette.

    Jethro Warren: And if you're a whore for danger... I'll take you on a ride Vincent couldn't realize in his worst nightmares. Sunday Night... Nobody's safe...

    Lightning cracks against the pouring sky. A quick flash of brilliant light illuminates Pioneer Square. Even with a moment of full lumination, it doesn't make anyone who happens to be out on this cold, rainy night any safer. The pushers, junkies, homeless, whores... even Jethro, don't scurry when in full sight. Just a bunch of nameless faces... with their own rhymes and reasons... on their way to certain sin and destruction.

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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    Broken Glass

    Reality is such a tranquil and delicate thing… Like a lily pad floating on a pond it only takes one ripple to send it crashing to the mossy depths below.

    All it takes is one moment, one circumstance, one event to displace one’s self from their world and send them spinning through a swirling space of realities. One second… That is all it takes for your entire existence, your perception, your reality to shatter into a thousand splinters and before you know it… Purple has become blue… Red has become green… Up has become down.

    In the end… All it took… was four simple words.

    She passed away, Wolf.

    In a fraction of a second he felt a fracture in his consciousness… A forever kind of change that shattered his being like humpty dumpty falling off of the wall, forever broken… never to be put back together again in the same way.



    The sounds of glass shattering fills his head as if a gigantic swarm of bees are buzzing around his head in place of his brain.

    All that can be heard is the shattering of glasses… The breaking of reality.


    Are you ever gonna wake up baby?

    Who… is that?

    Hello? Sleepy head… It’s past noon.

    That voice… I know that voice… But how?

    Alright… I guess I am coming in bed with you.

    In an instant he feels her presence… So familiar but yet so different, an eerie unshakable feeling strikes through him. He opens in eyes and finds himself laying in the middle of a bed with a woman on top of him. A woman he knows… A woman who died.

    Finally, you’re awake… I thought I was going to have to get handsie.

    Ryan Hall: “… Sara?

    Sara:Well… Duh? Who else would be climbing on top of you in OUR bed? Something you wanna tell me big boy?!

    She feigns anger in a playful manner and Ryan Hall although confused looks at her with a straight look on his face.

    Ryan:Only you baby… I just had a really bad dream… A long, long dream and I have finally waken up.

    She smiles and kisses his forehead.

    Sara:Well, I’m sorry baby… I am glad I could break you away from your nightmare.

    Ryan: “If you only knew…

    Sara:That’s why I married you… To save you from any nightmares that may haunt you. That’s why I became Mrs. Sara Hall.

    Days pass by as Ryan Hall begins to settle into perfect life with the perfect wife and talk a beginning a family begins. They begin to babble back and forth whether they want a boy or a girl, the pros, the cons and the endless small talk that goes along with such a big decision.

    The night has finally come… Ryan looks as Sara lays still in bed and motions for him in a seductive manner. She bats her eyes and spreads his legs as Ryan’s head becomes a little bit foggy. This all feels a little… surreal to him.

    Ryan: “Be right back babe… I need to wash up.

    Sara:You better hurry… Or I’ll start without you.

    He shakes his head and walks into the bathroom. He turns the sink on but that foggy feeling only grows and grows and before he knows it he is falling forward and crashes into the mirror. Before he knows it there is shattered glass all around him and he is laying on the floor in a hazy daze. He looks at one of the pieces of glass and sees he’s reflection.


    It’s not HIS reflection… In it is a man he forgot all about… A man who’s life he is living… Adrian Wolf. In a brief moment the strings holding everything together snap. This reality… This life… His wife… Everything… IT’S ALL WRONG.




    Ryan Hall finds himself standing there… Wondering what he just experienced… What he just felt. He looks at a nearby clock and it has only been a few seconds since G-Rich announced the death of Sara Wolf. A myriad of scenarios run seamlessly through his overhauled mind… He can’t process everything he feels but one thing out of all of this he manages to comprehend… This isn’t his fault. It can’t be his fault… To admit fault would be to admit everything he’s done to this point has been wrong.


    There is only one person to blame… Only one person could be responsible for this…

    Ryan: “This is your fault Wolf!




    3 days before Back In Business

    Tick… Tick… Tick…

    Tick… Tick… Tick….

    The small hand on the old round clock hanging on the wall continues to move… tick by tick… Time continues to press on, forever moving forward although the perception of time becomes a bit distorted. The hand of the clock ticks over and over again but it’s as if with each passing tick the seconds are moving slower and slower. It’s like watching paint dry on the wall. The room is fairly sized with fainted lighting with only an old lamp in the corner to give light to the black void that fills that room. In the corner of a room is a desk with dozens of old books and papers. Finally, there comes a fly who buzzes across the room and lands on the knee of a man sitting in darkness leaning back in a chair. A striking shadow covers half of the sulking man’s face. He continues to sit in silence when suddenly he strikes a match that illuminates the darkness. He stares at the match for a moment before leaning forward and lighting a picture. As we finally get a glimpse of the picture we see it is of Adrian and Sara Wolf both looking happy as the film whispers to ash. He holds the ashes in his hands and blows them away.

    Ryan Hall
    Beginnings… The starting point of a story and something you would think is so basic and simple that it doesn’t need a further explanation than that… BUT… What happens when someone takes the pages of the story and throws them up in the air. They aren’t labeled… They aren’t numbered… You have no idea where the pieces fit and thus the only way to truly know where the pieces fit you must read the story… BUT… Here is where it contradicts itself. You must begin somewhere… How do you choose? How do you decide? The beginning of a story can be anywhere, anytime, anyplace or anything. It’s all a matter of perspective that puts us in a perplexing predicament. For instance… The story of Ryan Hall could have many beginnings… Many viewpoints and who knows where the end of our story will be? As I am looking through the glass I see myself but it’s not me… It’s a clone, a doppelganger, a fake! This life I am living… This reality of mine has been shattered into a thousand pieces as if it were a fragile thing like glass. There is no real way to put it back together again… You must simply pick up the pieces one by one and work for there. Well… This may not be the beginning but IT IS. It may not be the start of the story but for me… Reality starts here.

    He wipes the ash off his hands and finally stops sitting idly as he stands up and walks across the room. The Last King stops at a table and opens a bottle of scotch after grabbing a glass and pours it about one quarter full. He takes a sip and sighs.

    Ryan Hall
    It’s a strange sensation that is stirring about in my head… This is the end of an era. Back in Business… Ryan Hall vs Adrian Wolf yet it feels like the beginning but maybe… that’s because I am already dead. In spirit I mean… obviously I am still alive but in that single moment I felt the strings come loose. I could feel the sewn stitches that comprises the sadistic self-serving monster that is Ryan Hall tearing and breaking away. Like my reality and everything that comprised my life was a sheet of glass that was demolished and destroyed by a sledgehammer. I don’t know what exactly happened…. But in those brief seconds I saw that everything I have said up until now, everything I’ve done was all in vain of a false finish line. There is no end game in the game I’ve mastered and in that was the birth of my ultimate greed… My lust… My envy… My jealousy because I had everything YET I had nothing. It was a strange sensation yet it set ablaze a fire that willed and wished to destroy the source of its heartache. You probably don’t understand what I am saying and maybe you’re not supposed to or just not ready. I am a four time FWA champion… A Hall of Famer… One of the biggest names in wresting history… The current face of the company… The current champion… I AM THE ONE WHO SITS ATOP THE WORLD AND YET I FEEL LIKE I AM SITTING ON TOP OF THE GRAND CANYON AND MY OPPONENT IS LOOKING DOWN ON ME FROM MOUNT EVEREST! I didn’t understand this at the time. I did not understand what I was missing and what he had that I didn’t… BUT I certainly do now…

    He shakes his head as he raises his face out of the shadows and stares at an old stain of the wall. A scar the mansion suffered during one of his drunken escapades I am sure.

    Ryan Hall
    It was the simplest thing of all… LOVE. FAMILY. BONDS. The greatest treasure of them all… And no matter how many opponents I defeat before me I will never be close to the X on the map because I am using the wrong map. I feel like a fool in retrospect but if I regretted any of my actions then I wouldn’t be Ryan Hall now would I? This is the path I have chosen and through a seemingly endless string of events I have found myself right back at the starting point. The FWA championship? The HOF? The title of greatest ever? How could that possible rank against the joy of the fulfillment of another… the attrition and nutrition you gain from the love of other people and the magical excitement of children. This is all stuff I had long since written off as unnecessary obstacles in the way of my professional endeavors… Yet in the end it was something that drove the fire inside me wild. Yes, that’s right… I will admit it. Despite everything, my victory over Wolf at Payback last year and the look in his face as he watched me grab that title at Mile High… I still envy that dirty, flea-ridden bastard… Because he may not have the accolades that I possess but he possessed something I could never gain. He possessed the trust and love of another… The more I talked to her the more it sickened me but I didn't at the time realize why… When she selflessly came to me before Payback, worried to death about her husband’s health I could see something in her eyes that I have never seen someone give me… Something that sparkled… Was it love?

    The Inferno walks back over to the chair and sits down with his drink. He sips on it slowly, admiring the well-aged taste of the scotch he loves so much. He catches a sparkle in the crystal cup and his world begins to shift. The world twists and distorts and it is as if reality itself has broken into pieces once again. That sparkle… Is no longer in the crystal glass but in the eyes of Sara Wolf… Or…


    …In the eyes of Sara Hall rather. Ryan feels feint and takes a step back. The room comes back into focus as the fuzziness fades and instead of a dark-lit study we are now it what looks to be the same location only now it’s full of light and beautiful additions. The wall is full of priceless art and designs and instead of a study we are given a family room.

    Sara:…Baby? Did you hear me?

    Ryan: “Um… Sorry no. Could you repeat that?

    Sara:I said I’m pregnant…

    Ryan takes a step back and looks into Sara’s eyes… she looks at him with her eyes sparkling for approval and a relieving answer. Ryan Hall remains in silence for a few moments before scooping her up in his arms and embracing her. He kisses her over and over again… Each kiss… Every smooch… Reassuring his love to her and their unborn child.

    Ryan: “This is the great day of my life.

    Sara:I dunno what I would do with you… My life is in your hands.

    Ryan: “…And I’ll never let go.


    Darkness…. Blackness… Dimness… The happy light is replaced by the obscurity of Ryan Hall still sitting in a chair staring the broken shards of the crystal scotch glass. He looks at the pieces on the floor and figured he must have dropped it when the sparkle caught his eyes… What a strange thought… or was it a dream? No matter… He shakes it off and proceeds to clean up the broken pieces of glass and tosses them in a trash can that resides on the other side of the room.

    Ryan Hall
    Success is such a fickle strange little term… It’s all about the perception of the individual who using it. I always thought of success being based off accomplishments, accolades and the marks and scars you leave on this world that lets everyone know… You once stood here… Walked these streets… Ran through that intersection. It’s about people knowing who you are and thinking… Damn, that guy was a BEAST. Well… That’s what I always thought anyways. Now I’m on the brink… Teetering between the realities of what I want and what I need. I don’t quite understand it but maybe my uncontrollable thirst, that malevolent avarice was just me climbing the wrong ladder. Maybe success isn’t based on how many FWA championships I win or how many people recognize me as the great in the world. Maybe it’s about the simpler things… The things I disposed of like yesterday’s garbage. A girlfriend? A partner? A wife? Who would need these things when I can get whatever I want out of a girl and ditch her the next day? Why should or… Why DO I care about these ridiculous things? Because it’s the one thing I never could obtain and HE had it… HIM… THAT BASTARD HAD IT ALL ALONG!

    The sound of the mad chameleon kicking the trash can across the room is heard next. It ricochets off the wall and rolls into the middle of the floor as trash spills everywhere.

    Ryan Hall
    In the end I hated you for different reasons than I had originally thought… It wasn’t just that we’re complete opposites. You’re the good guy with a mean streak who was unwillingly put into the role of hero while I am the bad guy with no rules who willingly played the role of a villain. Our worlds are two completely different things… Our realities our incompatible and we can NEVER understand each other so what’s the purpose in trying? You’re a beast in the ring… Yet so am I. You have all the tools to beat me but I have all the tools to beat you. You could say we are in a deadlock and it’s up to you or me to figure out what is going to be that deciding factor that puts my will above your own. You think you know me… You all think you know me but in MY reality you don’t know anything at all. Who could you know who Ryan Hall is when I don’t even know?! There is one thing I know however… I hate Adrian Wolf… For all the unclear reasons and for all the valid and reasonable ones I hate his guts and to even step into that ring with him makes me what to tear the molars out of my mouth. We are both living in Hell… We are both shattered and broken but only one of us realizes this… I blamed you for everything. I blamed you for the death of Sara Wolf because if you never attacked me at Carnal Contendership then this string of events would have never been triggered. Yet… That was all I lie I was telling myself.

    He lowers his head in silence for a moment before looking back up with serious, fiery eyes and a frowning mouth.

    Ryan Hall
    I killed Sara Wolf.

    He walks in circles around the room as it pondering thoughts to himself.

    Ryan Hall
    That’s right… It was MY actions that caused Sara Wolf to spin out of control and it’s my conscious that has suffered because of it. It’s all because I envied what that bastard had… It’s all because he had the one thing I didn’t… SO I TOOK IT!!! I TOOK IT IT ALL AND IT FELT… FANTASTIC! INVIGORATING! AMAZING! … TO FEEL THE SAME THINGS YOU FELT WHILE INSIDE HER… It was a moment of clarity for me. It was a moment I fooled myself into believing I finally had everything. I FINALLY HAD IT ALL… but reality doesn’t work that way. For my high to exist… It came at the cost of the lowest of lows that Sara experienced. I killed her… It was my desperate act that through her into madness… I DID IT. There… It feels great… I feel like the burden is finally slipping… I feel like I am finally free of when I saw that sparkle in her eyes disappear… The sparkle I desired… That sparkle that I destroyed and burned like an Inferno does. My nature… Drove her to kill herself… My nature… took away that sparkle.

    Ryan looks to the center of the room only to find that SAME long dangerous looking shard of the broken crystal. He walks over and picks it up… Looking for the same sparkle only it doesn’t come. He angrily throws it to the ground and it shatters into even more pieces… So delicate… So fragile that glass is… As the glass shatters into dust he sees ONE LAST SPARKLE…





    He wakes up… confused and in a dazed hearing her voice from the other room. There was a frantic tone to it… Something was wrong.

    Ryan: “Sara? What’s wrong!?

    Sara:My water broke… The baby… It’s coming…. IT’S COMING NOW!

    A panic begins to dwell inside Ryan be he musters up the strength to settle himself down and get everything ready. He starts to throw things into a bag and grabs his keys.

    Ryan: “Come on baby… The doctors on call right now, if we leave right away we can make it!

    Sara:O-Okay… I love you.

    Ryan: “…And I love you Sara… And that little boy inside you.

    He holds her up as they rush outside and he helps her carefully into the car. He starts the ignition and puts the car into gear. He doesn’t bother to check the street and in a rush jolts the car forward into the road. He drives away with haste… Minutes later they get caught in traffic and Sara begins to scream!

    Sara: “It’s coming!!

    Ryan attempts to pull around another car.

    Ryan: “Don’t worry baby… I’ll get you there.

    He pulls around the car and drives around the traffic jam and back onto the street. A dangerous maneuver but he gets away with it and speeds off down the street through an intersection. Only… A drunk driver blows through a red light, also speeding recklessly, and crashes into the passenger side of the vehicle. Everything goes blurry and hazy and Ryan loses consciousness…


    …. And we’re back… Same room… Same Ryan Hall… but an entirely different reality. Ryan finishes cleaning up the trash can mess he caused and falls back into his chair with a big sigh. He grabs a pack of nearby cigarettes that happened to be laying on the table and puts a stick between his lips. He pulls a zippo lighter out of his pocket and lights the deathstick… taking a long drag and soon he finally exhales as the smoke fills the room with hazy second hand smoke.

    Ryan Hall
    In the end… I only have myself to blame for the truth of my reality. I am alone… I always have been, even when I was with Jenny I never felt like we were really in love. We were just attracted and driven mad by each other lust and angst. We fed off of each other’s aura and fire but in the end all fires burn out… And all aura’s fade away. Love doesn’t fade away and that’s something I never had the pleasure of experiencing. No… Never. Yet… It’s something a mongrel like Adrian Wolf gets to experience?! What the fuck kind of backwards upside down alternate world is this where Wolf gets to have ultimate prize while I end up with a fully trophy case but an empty heart?! FUCK THAT! FUCK ALL OF IT! I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS REALITY! I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT A KING LIKE ME IS LOWER THAN A LOWLY PIECE OF GARBAGE LIKE ADRIAN WOLF!! YOU DIDN’T DESERVE SARA! YOU HEAR ME? YOU DIDN’T DESERVE TO HAVE SOMEONE WHO LOVED A BROKEN BEAST WHILE I SIT IN THE SHADOWS! YOU CAN HAVE THE FUCKING BELT ADRIAN, I DON’T CARE! YOU WANT RAGE?! YOU WANT THE INFERNO?! YOU WANT TO SEE THE INNER MOST MONSTER THAT I CAN POSSIBLY MUSTER?! WELL YOU CAN FUCKING HAVE IT! I CAUSED THE DEATH OF YOUR WIFE BECAUSE YOU WERE UNDESERVINGLY GIVEN SOMETHING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MINE! YOU WANT TO BASH MY FACE IN!? GOOD…. I CAN’T WAIT. I WANT TO TASTE MY BLOOD AS I WATCH YOUR POOL IN FRONT OF ME! YOU WANTED HELL AND I WILL GIVE YOU HELL. I WILL GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANT EVEN IF IT KILLS ME! I AM THE INFERNO! THE LAST KING! THE AVARICE OF THE WORLD AND THE RIGHTFUL HEIR TO ANYTHING OF VALUE IN THIS WORLD! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A PILE OF ASH!

    During this outburst, Ryan Hall had jumped out of his seat and is yelling at nothing but air. Wolf isn’t there in person but for Ryan Hall he is there in spirit… and he is holding nothing back. He paces the room back and forth with heavy breathing… periodically he takes a puff of his cigarette. His heartbeat begins to slow down as does his breathing… He finally regains control of himself after a brief moment. He falls back into his chair and smashes the cigarette into the palm of his hand. A small smile creeps onto his face.

    Ryan Hall
    Well, that’s how you like to do it isn’t it Adrian? Loud, aggressive and just letting everything go. That’s your style but that’s my style… I know that’s how you want this match to go but I am going to beat you MY way… The way that has won me all of the accomplishments, titles and accolades that I now secretly despise. Your will has never been equal to the power of my mind… This game I love yet loathe has been my obsession and I know all the tricks, all the secret passage ways and all the ways to leave you laying in the dirt. You may be the bad ass person on our roster but I am definitely the smartest and the most conniving… After all it is because of these traits that YOU and I possess that we find ourselves fighting each other in the biggest match on the biggest stage with the biggest story. I will shoulder the blame for the crimes I have committed and that doesn’t change the facts that you had what I wanted and I still haven’t settled the matter. The wolf will walk into the righteous ring of ferocious fire and he will meet his judgment. The judgment of a king! ‘Because in the end Wolf… You are always walking my shadow… and I am always walking in yours. You had what I wanted but unfortunately that bond has been severed and all that’s left is a life insurance policy and a death certificate. You no longer have anything I desire so there is no reason on this earth for me to hold anything back. I want nothing from you but your blood, your tears, your screams, your wails… This story is one of greed, heartbreak, loss and vengeance. However… This story won’t end with the ending you desire. I said from the beginning that this story has been thrown up into the air and the papers have fallen… scattered into a thousand pieces. The ending you all crave will be the one that I singlehandedly pick out… but I will tell you one thing. It WILL end with the complete and total destruction of everything Adrian Wolf has left. For everything that you can came innocence on… There is twice as much to give in to the guilt. We’re both sinners, we’re both murderers, we’re both demons walking the Earth full of normal people in suits, ties and briefcases. The ending to this story cannot be guessed but one thing is certain… Vengeance will rise from the flames of fate… and someone will burn for the sins and the death of that we have stained, blood red, on our hands. Whether it’s you or me one of us will answer... and one of us will BURN.

    A last waning wisp of smoke leaves the hand of the Inferno and as the smoke rises it grows more and more intense. It grows to such a dense, immense volume that it covers up the sight of everything. The world becomes distorted one last time…


    The smoke shifts and morphs until it becomes the smoke from the crash site of the fated lovers in Ryan and Sara Hall. Ryan wakes up surrounded in smoke and begins to pull glass out of his arm and chest. Blood is everywhere and he realizes after a moment of dizziness that it’s his. He checks himself and realizes that there is nothing serious. He’s okay… but he was thrown from the vehicle as he forgot to put on his seatbelt and in that instance it all comes flying back to him. He jumps up…

    Ryan: “Sara!!!

    He looks around but sees no one…

    Ryan: “Sara!!

    He finally sees her… A jumbled mess of blood and charred skin… He runs to her but she is pinned within the vehicle… Her seatbelt has become her prison… Her constraint of death. He cries out as he desperately tries to open the door but the vehicle is too damaged. He hears her take her last dying breathes and then everything goes silent. He falls to his knees and sob. In a few moments he hears sirens as the EMTs are finally making their way to the scene. He feels light-headed but he finally remembers the other vehicle… and the one responsible for this. He stumbles to his feet and walks toward the other vehicle. He almost trips over some debris and barely keeps himself upright. He walks as close as he can but finally falls to his knees and keels over. He squints with his eyes and that’s when he sees him. A tall, strong and hairy individual… He is passed out but still alive. There is broken liquor bottles all around him that spilled out of the car when he got out and on his workers jacket there is a name… And his name is Adrian.



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    Re: Back in Buxinexx IX promo thread

    From the static, springs forth grainy black and white footage of some of the most hardcore, violent, extreme wrestling the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance has (sometimes reluctantly) put forth. From the top of the card to the bottom of the card. Guys and girls like “The Inferno” Ryan Hall, Stu “the Snake” St. Clair, Ashley O'Ryan, Gabrielle, Moira Crawford, Jenny Ignito, Baphomet, Carmine “Grim” Reaper, The Rebel Badass, and countless others inflicting horrible pain and damage upon one another. Usually without any sort of remorse. The footage fades to the one man with the least regard for his opponent's well being.

    ???: You want to be violent? You want to inflict pain and agony on your opponents?

    With a raspy, somewhat familiar old timer's voice echoing in overdub, Footage flickers back and forth of Wake Walker's heinous career as a wrestler with utter disregard for his opponent. Past FWA footage, current FWA footage, using ten security guards to take out his opponent in GIW. Wake Walker has unleashed a wave of violence and utter disregard on this federation and others.

    G-Rich: Wake Walker appears to think he's the most dangerous man in the FWA. I have an idea. Let's test him and really see where he's at.

    ???: Wake... you're a dime a dozen. One of the many kids, I see, that runs around in every promotion thinking their s**t don't stink. Utter disregard for who's on the other side of the ring... Utter disregard for any of the other guys in the back. Do your own thing. Hurt your opponents without a goddamn care in the world. Disrespect this business I love... Wake... It's been a long time since I've stepped into an FWA ring. But age hasn't made these bones brittle, or my ability shrink. This Sunday... you're going to come face to face with danger... with violence... Don't worry... you can keep your security guards and weapons and all that s**t I don't need them. When that bell rings... I'm gonna keep you in that ring, inside those three ropes... and put you in holds... that all the young bucks like yourself, are gonna have to look up in dusty old books after the PPV. This Sunday at Back in Business... I don't need cheap gimmicks... cause I am the weapon, I am the rod that puts you in your place. Back in Business... The Hook and Shoot Machine returns to the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance.

    At this point, the footage has faded from violent hardcore wrestling to footage of classical technical wrestling. Even without the blood, agony is still strewn on the faces of the victims. The footage fades back to static, followed by the Back in Business IX logo.

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