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Thread: Fight Night 3-21-14 Results

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    Fight Night 3-21-14 Results

    The show opens with the official Fight Night signature.

    The cameras then cut to an elevated shot from inside the arena, giving everyone at home a good look at the screaming masses of wrestling fans in attendance. The crowd is cheering their heart out as some wave signs and FWA merchandise, while others jump up and down and try to attract the camera's attention. The sound is deafening inside the arena as we cut to a floor shot of the commentator's table where Piers Gallagher, Langdon Trafford, Harry Baxter and Sam McDonald are ready to kick off the show!

    Langdon Trafford: Welcome everyone, to the most dangerous night on TV! One week until the biggest night of the year, BACK IN BUSINESS IX, live from Seattle, Washington!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Get this...WOLF and Ryan Hall are BOTH here in the city of San Francisco tonight and G-Rich is in the ring for his interview with both men!!! Plus, we have Drew Stevenson against Shannon O'Neal, Christian Quinn versus Ashley O'Ryan and the big six-person tag team match to close the show!

    Harry Baxter:
    Whyte Thunder, Gabrielle Montgomery and Saddle Sally versus Ryan Rondo, PAJ and Ayla El. This is going to be a war zone!

    Another big explosion of pyro erupts from the stage, drawing even more cheers from the fans.

    Everything in the ring is set up for edition of the G-Rich Lounge. G-Rich is ready to host a segment with two biggest enemies in the history of FWA.

    G-Rich: Welcome to another edition of Fight Night! I'm here to interview two man whose hatred for one another spans over year of encounters. They stole the show at last years Back in Business but this time it is personal. On one side you have the FWA Undisputed Champion, The Last King, The Mad Chameleon, The Unholy Angel, The Inferno Ryan Hall and on the other side you have The Beast, The Angel of Death, The Last Rebel, The Dark Heart of FWA Wolf! The biggest match in our long history between the two biggest stars FWA has ever seen inside the Devil's Playground. This war already took its casulty in one innocent woman. There are questions to be answered and we will answer them tonight!

    Broken Beat and Scarred hits the PA system and Wolf comes out to the ring.

    Wolf: F*ck this shit... Gimmie that...

    Wolf yanks the microphone out of G's hand. Wolf pulls a cigarette out from behind his ear. Taking his lighter from his pocket, he lights it before continuing.

    Wolf: What we're here for is what we're always here for, isn't it folks? Ryan f*cking Hall... Tonight, Hall is going to give a little interview of accusing me. I have looked in the mirror and the man staring back at me? He had a clear conscious. I loved Sara with all my heart and I have nothing to do with what happened to her. If it hadn't been for Ryan Hall she would be still here with me. It might be the time for me to stop chasing with the new hungry breed of superstar but I won't hang my boots until I put them firmly in Hall's ass. Tonight we'll all sit here and deal with Hall opening his mouth to spew the bile that Ryan Hall spews. I can already smell the stench and the asshole isn't even here yet. At least that's what I've been told...

    Wolf takes a drag off his smoke.

    Wolf: But it's cool, Hall... Go ahead. Enjoy your face time. Spew your bile. Fill the ears of the FWA Universe with your never-ending bullshit. Please, far be it from me to deny you your right as an American to Free Speech. Tell the world how it is all my fault.Tell her how you didn't help her at all in her time of need, but instead, exacerbated the situation. Explain how you HAD to play her... You HAD to lie... You HAD to violate her... You didn't have a choice. Did you. And when you lay all that out, Hall. When you open your heart make sure you emphasize the point. Make sure EVERYBODY IN THE F*CKING WORLD KNOWS, HALL! Make sure they know WHY you had no choice but to be a piece of shit... Why, Hall... Tell them all...

    He takes another drag, exhaling as he almost whispers...

    Wolf: Tell them you are afraid of me.

    He pauses for a moment.

    Wolf: It's fine,Hall. They'll all understand. In fact, it will add a layer of insight as to why it was you didn't want to give me the title match I DESERVE. It's fine, Hall. Because at Back in Business... It'll all end for you. I'll take your title to honor all the love she has given to me, then I'll end your career to honor all the years we have spent together... And the best part of it all, Hall? It'll be LIVE AND IN TECHNICOLOR, BROADCAST ALL OVER THE F*CKING WORLD, AT THE BIGGEST SHOW IN THIS F*CKING BUSINESS! Everyone will watch me bathe in buckets of your blood and drink bottles of your tears while I wear that fine, fine, strap around my waist. Everyone, Hall... Everyone... will watch me CRUSH you. All they need to do is call their local Cable TV or Satellite provider.

    Absolute Zero by Stone Sour hits the PA system and Hall walks out. The fans begin to boo in a furious uproar that radiates the tension felt by everyone in this arena. The Inferno takes him time... taunting and teasing them with every step and motion he takes... or doesn't take. He slowly walks down the ramp as both him and Wolf locks eyes and a smile sneaks into the corner of Hall's face. He slides into the ring and into the interview area and takes a seat in a previously prepared share. He never breaks eye contact with Wolf however... his eyes ignore G-Rich and everyone else in attendance as he lifts a microphone to his lips.

    Ryan Hall: Reality... Is is a tricky little c**t... isn't it Wolf? No matter how hard we try to change it... How hard we try to grasp it... it always falls through your finger tips. It's like a slippery piece of soap that you drop in the shower and the harder you try and pick it up, the harder you squeeze it, the more your fight for it, the more it gets away from you. Meanwhile... while you are wasting your time with this nonsense some sneaky son of a bitch sneaks up behind you and f**ks you in the ass. Well Adrian... Unfortunately for you the reality.. the piece of soap is the only woman you ever loved and kept you human in dead and while you are dealing with this uncertain fate... this tragic string of circumstances that we have arrived at. I am going to f** you and f**k you hard.

    The audience boos in attendance and Wolf's fists tighten up.

    Langdon: Wow how shameless is Ryan Hall...

    Piers: I don't think I have ever heard him talk that foul.

    Ryan Hall: The life and death of Sara Wolf... A tag team champion... A women's champion... An inspiration for women wrestlers everywhere... The person she was, is and would have been is dead and gone and that is something that doesn't fall on my shoulders it falls in yours. You can grit your teeth, bare your teeth at me and snarl all you want but you can never change what is... You can't change reality. The reality is your killed your wife... YOU did this... YOU are the one who start this chain of events... but I will be the one to finish it. All I wanted was the FWA championship... That is all my avarice has ever wanted and last year... at Ace's High I was poised and destined to win Carnal Contendershp and walk in Back In Business as a conquering king reclaiming his kingdom... A KING. THE LAST KING. THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME!! NOT CHRIS FUCKIN' KENNEDY... but it was your reality... your resentment... your mediocrity and jealousy of what I had obtained in such little time that drove you to attack someone you once idled. You wanted to defeat Ryan Hall... but really you just wanted to be Ryan Hall, but you could never be me Wolf... NEVER. That is because I am not a mediocre... wild untamed beast like you are... and that is why YOU attacked ME. You brought this all on yourself and if you weren't ready for the consequences then you never should of jumped in that ring and eliminated me you mongrel. You had no right to lay your hands on a king, a true heir of this industry. You weren't prepared... and you weren't ready. You may have won a few battles... Back In Business last year may be a chip on your war belt but a war is never won with the first battle... it's a game a chess were you have to think ahead... and certain... SACRIFICES must be made. Sure, I shook your hand... I called your my friend and said I respected you but I also gave the entire roster a confession, a warning that I wasn't a snake and that lying and cheating is only another move in this sweet sweet game I love and crave. I never considered you a friend and I never respected you... and when I saw a chance to end your career when Sara approached me, I accepted it and jumped at a chance to end this little game of ours early... and I DID.

    Boos from the audiences and Wolf grows more intense and hostile.

    Ryan Hall: Only... The reality of it all was it a lie. I shook your hand and I sent your packing but you had to sneak your way back in... You were never truly gone and thus... This little game you start was never really over. After all... To win in chess... You must take out the KING... corner him... cut off all routes of escape... and usually... the easiest way to do this is to remove the QUEEN from the game. SO... For the sake of the game I sacrificed my pride... I sacrificed my kingship and laid my hands on a maiden wench that was not worthy of a king's touch. I showed her that her world was a lie... her reality... was that she wasn't a queen at all and you weren't a king. I forced the truth on her... Over and over and over and over again. She was nothing more than the bitch of a mongrel mutt... She was trash. She was dirt. She was nothing. With every touch... With every kiss.. With every sensation she realized that her life was nothing but a living tragedy. So... she ended it all... She ended it all because she couldn't face reality.

    Wolf throws his chair outside the ring and starts toward Wolf. G-Rich intervenes and holds wolf back but barely contains him. Ryan Hall isn't finished however. He stays in his seat.

    Ryan Hall: She couldn't take that fact that she a bitch, a mut, a mongrel peasant and when she felt what a real man was like... HER REALITY SHATTERED. So Wolf... You say my reality is that I'm just afraid you? Don't be daft... How could I ever be afraid of the man I hate my than anything. If anything... If there is any fear it is that I won't break you enough... that I won't be able to shatter your reality into more pieces than hers. Back In Business... I will show you the terror that Sara felt... the terror of reality shattering. I'm going to shatters yours... Just like a I shattered that lowly loose little cun-...

    Wolf has had enough and throws G-Rich to the ground and tackles Ryan Hall, effectively breaking the chair he was sitting on.


    Langdon: Ryan Hall has gone to far... and now he has unleashed the WOLF.


    Wolf is on top of Ryan Hall laying left after right hand to his face.Wolf stands up dragging Hall up by his hair as he whips him into the ropes Hall on return gets knocked down with a clothesline. Wolf runs to the ropes bouncing off he comes back with a leg drop across the throat of his enemy. Wolf gets back to his feet as the fans cheer Hall holding his throat. Wolf grabs Hall by the hair and picks him up into a military press tossing him over the tops rope to the mats on the outside as Hall hits the guard rail. Wolf watches him as he bounces off the ropes and uses the top rope for leverage leaping over the top and landing on Hall on the outside.

    Langdon: All hell is breaking out between these two men.

    Wolf gets back to his feet and looks under the ring pulling out a steel chair as he taps it against the steel steps waiting for Hall to get back to his feet as he does so Wolf cracks him in the face with the steel chair and Hall hits the deck once more. Wolf starts to dig the top edge of the chair into the ribs of Hall while he's down G Rich calls security to stop this. But Wolf raises his middle finger to them and slams the steel chair down hard into the knee cap of Hall. Wolf taking his time to taunt, yelling 'Get up, come on, Get up!' to Hall who is gritting his teeth trying to break through the pain barrier already. Hall using the guard rail to help himself up as the fans cheer, in one swift moment he pushes himself off the guard rail into the chest of Wolf as the two now face to face Wolf snarls and goes to hit Hall with a right hand but Hall blocks and hits Wolf back, the two getting into a slug fest left after right, right after left on the outside of the ring knocking the spit out of each others mouths, Hall ducks a slug attempt from Wolf and nails him with an enziguri kick to the back of the head finally taking Wolf down. Hall reaches under the ring pulling out an iron pipe as he runs as Wolf who is standing slowly ready to swing at him but Wolf anticipates the move and back body drops Hall into the fans onto the concrete floor. Wolf climbs over the guard rail picking Hall up as he drags him through the fans hitting him in the back of the head as they move along. Wolf grabs a Wolf is a Murderer sign and tears it in half as the fans around him boo. Picking Hall back up he Irish whips him and sends him hurtling into a wall Hall bounces off and falls to the floor. Wolf grabs Hall by the hair dragging him back to his feet as he walks along and drags Hall through a pair of curtains.

    McDonald: This is horrible, somebody get back there and stop them!

    Baxter: Folks we will keep you updated with this brawl in the bottom corner of your screens you'll be able to watch the fight while the rest of the Fight Night is going on, we'll be catching up fully between this epic brawl.

    Piers Gallagher: Last week we saw a return video for Wake Walker, a former FWA wrestler. Right our first match of the night...we get his return. What do we expect?

    Sam McDonald: We should expect someone hell bent on reaching the top. He went toe to toe with Matt Boudreau and is back. Wake Walker never won a championship. I predict that changes in a hurry.

    Langdon Trafford: But his opponent tonight, Thomas "Iceman" Jones, is a tough one. This guy is proving he belongs in the FWA and is shedding the past label of being a CWA guy.

    Wake Walker vs. Thomas "Iceman" Jones

    The crowd begins a "Wake Walker" chant as the former FWA star stands in the ring. He and Jones lock up and struggle to the ropes, where Iceman Jones lands a knee lift and a swift uppercut. Whip to the ropes is countered as Wake Walker hits a clothesline. Walker follows with a butterfly suplex and covers for a one count. Wake Walker continues his return on a successful route with a whip to the ropes and a big boot. He then sends Iceman to the turnbuckle but Iceman Jones explodes with a body bump and then hits his powerslam.

    Iceman Jones grabs Wake Walker and whips him across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle. He flies back with a big jumping clothesline and then a running forearm to the back of the head. Iceman Jones goes for a cover, but Wake Walker kicks out at barely a two count. The action continues going back and forth with each man getting a couple power moves in. Iceman Jones once more takes control, this time with a big boot out of the turnbuckle.

    Iceman lands a series of stomps and forearm jabs before hitting a back suplex. He covers but Walker kicks out at two. Iceman Jones tries for a whip into a short-arm clothesline but Walker ducks below and plants Iceman with "The Falle of Star Mountain." Not trying to go for the pin, Walker then hits his "God's Judgment" finisher and then pins as the crowd chants.

    Winner: Wake Walker

    G-Rich appears at the top of the entrance stage area with a microphone.

    G-Rich: Iceman Jones...I have big plans for you. Despite this loss, you've proven yourself a worthy competitor and one not to be taken lightly. You're showing me something, some fire and heart. I love that. So at Back in Business' pre-show, it'll be you against a returning superstar in the first of two X-Division tournament matches. The other will be Jethro Warren against Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird! The winners of those matches...will face on Fight Night to determine the winner of the tournament and the newest contender to the X-Division title.

    And your opponent for Back in Business...will be...THE MIST!

    Langdon Trafford: WOW! Another returning star from old days!

    G-Rich: As for you, Wake Walker, don't think I'm not impressed. Here in the FWA, we're on a path of new eras and fresh faces in the spotlight. Wake Walker...I have VERY BIG plans for you. Stick around.

    With the crowd waiting...the theme music of Aut Pax Aut Bellum plays and the entire arena explodes into half cheers and half boos as the greatest tag team in FWA history appears at the entrance with Mackenzie Roberts!


    Dan Ward and Andrew Johnson walk down the rampway and slap hands with some of the fans. They seem happy and enjoying themselves with all smiles. They interact with some of the children in the front rows and are adhering to the crowd.

    Langdon Trafford: We heard the rumors but this makes it official! Aut Pax Aut Bellum is back!

    Harry Baxter: And what does that mean for the tag team titles. Whoever wins at Back in Business between Vodka & Venom and Christian Quinn and Lucian Ace better know APAB is coming for the belts!

    In the ring, Dan Ward has a microphone.

    Dan Ward: San has been far too long.

    The crowd explodes with cheers as the ones booing have been swayed over to believe APAB are faces now.

    Andrew Johnson: And that goes for the FWA, too. Because we've been sitting at home, semi-retired, and watching the FWA almost die...almost go to those hooligans in the CWA. We wanted to help so bad...but we couldn't...because

    Mackenzie Roberts:
    Well...because we had better things to do.

    The crowd then begins booing as the trio all laugh at their expense.

    Dan Ward: Help you?! After all the years of hate?! You should know better by now. We are Aut Pax Aut Bellum and we are the greatest thing ever. And it's Back in Business season! APAB draws. APAB brings in money. APAB is on the show if APAB wants on it...and that's why we've been given the green light not only to return with new contracts but also to offer an OPEN CHALLENGE to ANYONE in the backstage for a tag team match at Back in Business. You beat us...and you...well, you don't have to worry about that, because we won't lose.

    The crowd boos as the group begins leaving the ring through the ropes. However, they are stopped when "The Infection" Brian Carter's music plays!!! The crowd explodes as Brian Carter appears at the entrance and stares down Ward, Johnson and Mackenzie Roberts. The crowd begins an "In-fec-tion!" clapping chant as Brian Carter's long, greasy hair hangs over hs eyes.

    Langdon Trafford: BRIAN CARTER!!! YES!!!

    Sam McDonald: We also heard the rumors HE would be coming back! Holy cow, what a night! HOW MANY RETURNS WILL WE HAVE?! A FORMER NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION! A FORMER MEMBER OF THE GREAT SIEGE!

    Brian Carter: An open challenge, eh? Well, I've made it known that I'm interested in finding a spot on the Back in Business card. So...I see this as a perfect opportunity. Take this as me answering the call, and I'll make sure I find a partner. Brian Carter...against Aut Pax Aut Bellum...I think we just made this PPV go from a B to an A in three minutes.

    APAB stand in the ring leering at Brian Carter, who smirks and drops the microphone as he walks toward the ring and APAB scatter, protecting Mackenzie Roberts from harm's way.

    "The Infection" Brian Carter vs. Jethro Warren

    Fans are also pumped when "The Infection" comes to the ring for the first time in more than a year! The greasy-haired former North American champion stalks around the ring but Jethro Warren isn't at all fazed. Jethro holds his own during the feeling-out session for the first three minutes of arm wrenches and head locks. Jethro lands the first power move with a swinging fireman's takeover! Jethro then whips Brian Carter into the ropes but the returning wrestler locks in an inverted headlock and plants Jethro with a backbreaker! Carter grabs Jethro violently and locks in a front head lock and backs Jethro to the turnbuckle. He lands repeated body shots and then fakes a whip across the ring before hitting a drop toe hold with Jethro's face going into the second turnbuckle!!

    Brian Carter grabs Jethro again but the X-Division contender lands unorthodox Yakuza kicks and then a top rope clothesline! Jethro covers but Brian Carter kicks out. Brian Carter is pushed into the ropes and Jethro hits the "Warren Lungblower!" He hooks the leg!
    (............1..............2....Kick out)

    Jethro once more heads to the top turnbuckle and flies off but Brian Carter lands a right hand and then a knee lift to the face and a reverse DDT!!! Brian Carter steps away as Jethro pulls himself up using the ropes but Carter causes the arena to erupt with cheers as he hits his finishing spear and hooks the near leg!

    Winner: "The Infection" Brian Carter

    Fight Night returns from commercial break to Jethro Warren in his lockerroom. Even through he's still hurting from his hellacious match with the Infection, Brian Carter, Warren has a slight wincing grin on his face as he tightens his bowtie. As he continues to dress for a very formal occassion, loud knocking is heard at the door.

    Jethro Warren: Go away!

    The loud knocking continues. The grin slowly fades into an annoyed look. He grumbles.

    Jethro Warren: What!?!?

    A group of security guards quickly enters the locker room.

    Jethro Warren: Let me guess... I'm getting kicked out.

    Guard 1: G-Rich has given you the rest of the night off, but you have to leave.

    Jethro Warren: I don't get to stay for the wedding?

    Jethro chuckles slightly.

    Guard 1: G-Rich said get your stuff and go.

    Jethro's face twists into an even more annoyed look as he leans over to zip up his bag.

    Jethro Warren: I'm sure you're gonna show me to my car as well.

    Guard 1: Mr. Warren... we're just here to do our job.

    Jethro scoffs as he grabs his bag and exits his locker room. The security guards quickly follow, not even letting him be two feet out of their reach.

    Langdon: I just got word from the backstage area and Wolf and Hall are still at it!

    Wolf stops walking and slugs a fist into the jaw of Hall and hooks him nailing a DDT onto the tiled flooring of the backstage area. He stands and grabs a trash can emptying it out he places it over the head of Hall wedging it over his shoulders immobilizing him as he helps him back to his feet Hall stumbling around wedged inside a trash can as Wolf unzips the front of his pants and pulls out a pair of nunchakus and starts beating the sides and top of the trash can with the oriental weapon finishing it all up with a big boot knocking the dented trash can down. Wolf climbs onto the snack table looking for a flying elbow onto the trash can but Hall rolls out of the way and Wolf elbow crashes into the tiled flooring. Hall struggles back to his feet trash can still on him as he runs and leaps dropping a splash as the trash can lands on the chest of Wolf no doubt hurting both men. Hall rolls off and eases the can off of him, his face his bust open at this point and he looks exhausted. as he tries to get back to his feet. Wolf however on his feet first grabs Hall by the hair and goes to Irish whip him but Hall reverses and Wolf hurtles through a glass office window as Hall stumbles backward trying to regain composure.

    Langdon: Ryan Hall just threw Wolf through the window!

    McDonald: I hope this is the end of it or we might not have a main event at Back in Business!


    We come back from commercial to see the ring decked out for the wedding of Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird and Amber. In the ring, are Vincent Blackbird and his best man River along with groomsmen Filip “Chibs” Telford, Happy Lowman, the Vice President and Sergeant-at-Arms of SAMCRO, and Trace, former president of SAMMIA, while members of the BIRD Empire and the various charters of the Sons of Anarchy are in a section of the crowd. Amber's bridesmaids and the maid-of-honor, her older sister, make their way to the ring and stand opposite of the groomsmen. “Here Comes the Bride” plays and Amber comes out from the back being accompanied by her mother and father. They help her into the ring the stand off to the side.

    Reverend: We are gathered here today to witness the wedding between Vincent Blackbird and Amber. Love, true love will follow you forever and guide you to find the strength within each other. As you exchange rings, you will say your vows to one another.

    River hands Vincent one of the rings.

    Vincent: With this ring, I vow my love. And I promise always to cherish you and protect you. I promise to put you first above my corporate and professional careers.

    River: What else?

    Vincent: And treat you as good as my leather and All of the members of the Sons of Anarchy, except for Chibs and Happy join in ride you as much as my Harley.

    Amber blushes as Chibs, Happy, Trace smirk, while Amber's parents appear confused trying to figure out what that meant and Amber's older sister rolls her eyes in disgust. Amber goes to get the ring from her older sister when “Dark Grounds” by Adrian Von Ziegler plays and Jethro Warren makes his way out from the back despite being told to leave the arena by order of G-Rich.

    Jethro stops in front of the ring and simply nods and Amber's older sister grabs her as former members of the Sons of Anarchy that are loyal to Trace start brawling with the other members of the Sons and the BIRD Empire. Vincent motions towards Chibs and Happy that they can go help their guys in the crowd, then after they hop the barrier to help their guys, Trace hits River and the Reverend with a Stunner.

    Vincent sees this and grabs Trace nailing him with the Wrath of the BIRD Empire, but as Vincent gets to his feat after hitting the move, Jethro slips into the ring and nails Vincent with the Fire Flowsion. Jethro smirks then heads to the back while Amber's older sister drags her with Jethro as their parents look on stunned and shocked. Vincent crawls over to when the Reverend is laying and grabs his mic.

    Vincent: Jet.... Jethro, this ends this Sunday because at the Back In Business PPV, I challenge you to a “Quake With Fear” Death Match. I challenge you to a match where the ropes are replaced with barbed wire electrified with 200 volts, and the mat covering the floor around the ring will be replaced with barbed wire boards also electrified.

    Jethro: I accept, but only if you agree to the following condition. When I win Jethro looks over towards Amber who is struggling to escape from her older sister's hold. Amber has to marry me.

    Amber stops struggling and looks shocked at the condition then starts saying no.

    Vincent: Fine.

    Amber looks at Vincent feeling betrayed and devastated as Fight Night goes to commercial.


    Saddle Sally is in her usual cowgirl attire walking backstage with the title belt around her waist. She is whistling some simple tune when all of a sudden Ayla El comes from behind grabs her and tosses her into some stage equipment. It topples over and she lands on the ground hard. Ayla El begins to laugh.

    Ayla El: What's the matter champ?

    Sally grabs her braced leg. She grips it and lets out a moan of pain.

    Ayla El: Having trouble getting up? Here maybe I can help you with that!

    Ayla El grabs Sally's leg and then stomps on it. Sally lets out a big scream. She is trying to crawl away as Ayla El laughs and then DIVINE comes up and grabs Sally by the face and slaps her.

    Ayla El: Doesn't seem like you have much chance here Sally. Why don't you just give me that title now?

    Sally: Go screw yourself!

    Ayla El: Oh, such language from the Christian!....And yet here you are lying on the ground, where is your God now?

    Ayla El and DIVINE laugh once more and then suddenly Tiffany Reinhart charges in and tomahawk chops DIVINE down onto the ground. Ayla El doesn't even bother and just starts to retreat.

    Ayla El: See you in the ring Sally!

    Ayla El runs off along with DIVINE. Tiffany helps Sally up who is still holding her leg.

    Sally: Thank ya' kindly.

    Tiffany: No problem. Are you okay? How is your leg?

    Sally: I think the damage may have been done, but I'll survive. Ya' were pretty handy out there cowgirl.

    Tiffany: Well, I try my best.

    Sally: Reckon' you'd be good fer' lot of things. Wanna help me out here? I think we might be able to work somethin' out.

    Tiffany: Honey I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

    Sally and Tiffany leave together with Tiffany helping to prop Sally up against her as her leg recovers.

    Ashley 'O Ryan (w/ Stu St. Clair) vs. "The Instant Classic" Christian Quinn (w/ Lucian Ace)

    As the referee signals for the bell to get this match underway, both Ryan and Quinn circle one another trying to feel the other out. Embracing in a collar and elbow tie-up, Quinn strikes first as he is quick to apply a headlock onto Ryan. Putting his hand on the lower back region of Quinn, Ryan tries shoving him to the ropes but Quinn stops dead in his tracks as Ryan falls to a knee with the headlock still applied. Keeping the headlock applied tightly, Ryan fights to his feet with the crowds help and grabs Quinn around the waist hoisting him up for a textbook backdrop which causes the canvas to rattle with authority as Quinn holds the back of his head. Sitting up and getting to his feet, Ryan lets out a scream and darts for the ropes – climbing up to his feet, Ryan springboards off of the middle rope looking for a shining wizard type kick but Quinn ducks under it causing Ryan to hit the canvas pretty hard. Quickly getting back to his feet and turning around, Quinn grabs him and hits a devastating Spinebuster which rocks the canvas. Hooking the leg, he looks to pick up the win here.




    Getting the shoulder up, the fans show their approval. Flashing a smirk, Quinn yanks Ryan to his feet by his dark auburn colored hair, pushing him into the turnbuckle, he knife edge chops him incredibly hard as it echoes throughout the arena and also receives a “wwwooooo” from this capacity crowd. Knife edge chopping him again and again, Ryan clutches his chest in pain as it looks red and raw. Walking out of the turnbuckle, Quinn stalks him and upon moving in like a predator – Ryan balls up his fist and punches Quinn right in the jaw causing Quinn to stumble away. Upon turning around, Ryan darts in with a modified dragon whip that floors Quinn. Getting back to his feet, Ryan begins ascending up to the rope; measuring the fallen Quinn, from out of nowhere Quinn shoots to his feet and darts in shoving Ryan off balance as he crashes down onto the turnbuckle groin first which slows his momentum down. Climbing up to the top with Ryan, Quinn punches him in the jaw and then shoves his head underneath his arm. Grabbing Ryan by the tights, he hoists him up and falls backwards hitting a superplex that causes the fans to go nuts for as both men lie there seemingly unconscious. Starting the standard ten count, both men are flattened.







    Quinn begins to get up.


    Ryan begins to get up.


    With both men to their feet now, the referee stops the count and both men begin trading punches. With Quinn gaining the upper hand, he takes a step back, looks for a clothesline but Ryan ducks under it and as Quinn quickly turns around – Ryan kicks him in the midsection and then plants him with a DDT. Quickly climbing to the top rope, he measures him up again and jumps off hitting a perfectly executed Simple twist of Hate driving the leg across the throat and chest portion of Quinn. Hooking the leg, he pulls back as far as he can as the referee drops down to make the count.




    Releasing Quinn’s legs, Ryan rolls off of him as the referee reaches down grabbing his wrist and raises his arm into the air after that hard fought victory.

    Winner: Ashley O' Ryan via pinfall

    PAJ is standing in the backstage area with a microphone in hand. He is standing next to Todd Salum, FWA's backstage interviewer, who isn't asking any questions but rather giving PAJ this self-directed air time.

    PAJ: You've all seen the nonsense, heard the lies and deceit. Gabrielle Montgomery as a main-eventer? A woman...standing in the ring with me, a future World champion and the last great Englishman of our time?! Not a chance in hell. Gabrielle...I'll see you later tonight...when I, with no help from my tag team partners, give you a preview for the beating you'll receive at Back in Business. You see...people have asked me why I am treating a woman so poor. How could I live with myself or call myself a 'man?' The way I see it, I'm giving Gabrielle exactly what she wants. She wants to fight for the men's World title, be considered with men and looked at the same way...well, she gets the same treatment. I will mentally and emotionally abuse her, and then I will physically destroy her, just like I have so many men in the FWA. She wants to be considered equal, so she gets equal treatment.


    Wolf is slowly trying to get back to his feet inside the office but Hall runs and leaps through the now hole in the wall and lands on top of Wolf the fans start up an 'FWA' chant around the arena Hall grabs the telephone chord and starts to choke Wolf with it

    Langdon: I have never in my life seen two despise each other as much as these two men despise each other!

    Releasing the hold on the choke Hall stands up grabbing a stapler off of the mahogany desk as he writes down something with a sharpie on a piece of paper taking Wolf and he staples the paper to Wolfs chest as he yells out in pain we see the paper reads 'I'm a murderer' Hall then beats Wolf around the head with the stapler. Tossing it aside he pushes the door of the office open and walks out. When we cut the camera back to the ring.


    “The Emerald” Drew Stevenson vs Shannon O’Neal

    “Feels Like The First Time” is playing over the loudspeaker as Shannon O’Neal stands already in the ring waiting for her challenger to make her way to the ring. "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play and the “Emerald Champion” Drew Stevenson makes his way out onto the entrance stage to a chorus of boos as he drapes his championship over his shoulder, almost delighted in that hatred that the FWA Universe has for him. Drew makes his way into the ring and put this championship over in the corner, not wanting the time keeper to touch his championship. The referee calls for the bell and the match is underway.

    Shannon comes out of her corner ready to go and Drew simply laughs at the young lady. Drew comes out of the corner and asked “Do you really want to do this?” Shannon takes exception to that and slaps Drew across the face as hard as she can. Drew pushes her and she bounces off of the ropes. Shannon comes back with a spinning heel kick, knocking Drew off of his feet. Drew rolls out of the ring to gather his thought as Shannon calls for him to come back into the ring. Shannon bounces off of the ring ropes on the other side only for Drew to slide back into the ring and hits a big clothesline. Drew goes for the cover.


    Drew pulls her up by her long blonde hair and smashes her head into the turnbuckle ten times, makes her fall to the ground again, dizzy. Shannon is on her back on the mat when Drew grabs her leg and begins to work it over with an Achilles Tendon Lock. Shannon is screaming in pain but she will not quit. She is able to get her other leg up and she pushes Drew off of her, pushing him to the mat. Drew and Shannon both get their feet at the same time and Drew tries to whip Shannon into the corner but she reverses. She walks over to Drew and begins to hit him with several knife-edge chops before sending him off to the middle of the ring. She gets onto the turnbuckle and leaps off with a Theisz Press and goes for the cover.


    Shannon gets off of Drew and begins to stomp her feet onto his body joints before locking in a grounded side headlock. She wrenches Drew neck, trying to make him pass out but he will not. Drew is able to power out and pushes Shannon off of him and back against the ropes again, this time Shannon comes back and goes for the Paradise City Bicycle Kick but Drew moves out of the way. When Shannon turns around she walks right into The Final Conflict. Drew immediately goes for the cover.


    WINNER: “The Emerald” Drew Stevenson

    Drew walks over to his corner of the ring and picks up his Emerald Championship and stands over Shannon’s fallen body with his title raised to the sky.

    Divine's theme music interrupts Drew Stevenson's celebration as the s/he wrestler and Women's Championship challenger Ayla El appear at the entrance.

    Ayla El: Drew've been outspoken against FWA management in weeks past. Do you think you're innovative? Don't you know I did that LOOONG before you ever thought of it?! I knew I didn't like you. And now I see you trying to ride my coat tails and getting into the Elimination Chamber when my obedient servant DIVINE should be in there to win the FWA World Championship. No matter, though, because at Back in Business...DIVINE will beat you and WILL prove you're nothing more than a small little man with a microphone. The Emerald Championship will be no more. After Back in Business, it'll be the Ayla El Memorial Championship, courtesy of DIVINE's victory over YOU.


    The small screen now becomes the big screen as the men have notably slowed down a little but are being no less vicious they are now in the corridor sector of the arena as Wolf bounces Halls head off the tiled walls giving him a few gut punches every now and then keeping him worn down They s top outside an office as Wolf rams Hall into the door practically knocking the door off it's hinges as they fall inside. The office is that of G-Rich as Wolf grabs his desk placard and hits Hall in the head with it repeatedly until Hall gives Wolf a crotch kick and a DDT onto the tiled floor finally both men laid out now in the office as Hall slowly leans over Wolf grabbing the desk name placard and beating it down into Wolfs face with vicious ambitions. Hall gets back to his feet slowly a small wound opening on his head which starts to bleed as he touches at it he winces. Grabbing a brief case he uppercuts his adversary. He places the briefcase over the face of Wolf climbing on the mahogany desk and jumping off with a leg drop onto the case; grabbing Wolf by the hair he starts to pick him up as he goes to nail a suplex onto the hard wood desk Wolf stops and reverses dropping the front suplex onto his own shoulders so Hall now lays across them as he looks for the Final Howl. Hall elbows Wolf in the side of the head blocking it slipping down his back and nailing him with an inverted DDT.

    Folks we'll be back to this brawl soon!


    The brawl came goes full screen once more as we join the two in the same office they were in before the match the office now looking a complete state as Wolf tied into the swivel chair with the telephone chord we see Hall beating him with the receiver of it before pushing him out of the door and into the hall he takes a run and starts pushing Wolf down the hall and bam Wolf collides legs first and head first into one of the loading cages backstage. the chair topples over and Wolf groans in pain. Hall grabs one of the beer kegs from inside and picks it up and drops it down on the knee of his nemesis starting to beat at him with it and bend his knee around the keg really taking the vertical base out from under the future challenger.

    Piers: Look at these two idiots.

    Langdon: This is pretty brutal it has to be said.

    McDonald: If you were watching the small screen you could have seen multiple attempts to break this thing with no result

    Hall leaving his enemy there with his leg wrapped around a keg he grabs a near by steel chair folding it up coming back and slamming it down hard against the shin of Wolf, picking Wolf up again out of the mess of chord as he kicks Wolf in the midsection and calls for it and nails a Inferno Cutter right in the center of the hall way. Hall stands back up bringing Wolf back to his feet he goes to nail under but Wolf reverses and hits him with a fall away slam tossing him a little down the hall way as he gets back to his feet noticeably favoring the leg Halls been working on as he limps after the Inferno who is starting to crawl down the hall slowly getting back to his feet. Wolf runs and nails Hall in the back with both fists knocking him back down again. Backstage workers are getting well out of the way of both men as Wolf grabs Hall and picks him back up once more ramming him hard into the wall so much so that plaster board holes. Before Hall can fall down Wolf has hold of him once more leading him down the hall taking as best a run as he can he sends flying into a photography studio.
    Langdon: These two men are going to destroy this arena!

    Piers: There won't be anything left of the sports center after this!

    Wolf enters the room instantly picking up one of the tripods and bringing it down on his broken rivals back, once more and again Hall laid in a pool of his blood.


    Stand-up comedy contest:
    "Living Mythology" Jason Gryphon vs. Thomas Princeton (judged by "The Ace of Diamonds" Shane McLean

    There is a podium set up on the entrance way of the Fight Night arena and from the back of the arena comes Conan O’Brien’s famous sidekick, Andy Richter. He steps up to the podium and some cheesy late night music begins to play over the loud speakers.

    Andy Richter:Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Fight Night Laugh Lounge! I am Andy Richter and I am here to introduce to you the match you call your King but he is also the Court Jester. Please get on your feet for JASOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON GRYPHON!

    “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas plays over the loud speaker and the fans in the arena stand on their feet as the #1 Contender for the North American Championship makes his way out to the ring after shaking hands with Andy. Jason is decked out in a sport jacket over one of his T-Shirts. He goes over and grabs a mic after he steps into the ring.

    Jason Gryphon:

    Thank you! Thank you my creatures. We have a great show for you tonight and let me just say that it is a great day for FWA!

    The crowd gives Jason a round of thunderous applause as he begins to warm the place up.

    Jason Gryphon:
    Everyone please give a hand to Andy Richter for being here tonight. How are you Andy?

    Andy Richter:I’m great Jason. How are you doing tonight?

    Jason Gryphon:Oh I am not feeling so good Andy?

    Andy Richter:Why is that Jason?

    Jason Gryphon:Well next week I have my match for the North American Championship against Shane McClean and Thomas Princeton.

    Andy Richter:I would think that would be good news.

    Jason Gryphon:Well it would be if I knew where to begin. Usually when I start off a match, you begin with someone simple like a necklock.

    Andy Richter:Yes, so why is that a problem?

    Jason Gryphon:Well, Princeton spends so much time in the gym, HE DOESN’T HAVE A NECK ANYMORE!

    The crowd begins to laugh at Jason’s joke.

    Andy Richter: No neck! That is classic!

    Jason Gryphon: I am just speaking the truth. Princeton loves the gym. He loves building muscles…well…everyone except his brain that is. I mean, Thomas Princeton is so stupid that when I asked him, “What’s two plus two” he responded by asking me, “Do you lift bro?” I asked him “What is the capital of North Dakota?” he responded by asking me, “Do you lift bro?” I finally asked him, “what do you get when you mix two parts Hydrogen with one part oxygen?” and all he could say was, “Serious Do you lift bro?”

    Andy Richter: Not a smart man is he?

    Jason Gryphon: I kid Thomas, I really do. The man has a good head on his shoulders. It is just too bad that it is a head of lettuce!

    Andy Richter:

    Ha ha! Anyone up for a salad?

    Jason Gryphon:

    For all of his faults Andy, he does try to make up for his lack of intelligence with trying to be technologically sound. It was just the other day that Princeton decided that he needed a new password on his computer so he decided to change it to “MyPenis” unfortunately for Thomas, The computer said, “Error Not Long Enough!”

    The crowd continues to laugh at Jason’s jokes as he beings to work over his tie like the late Rodney Dangerfield.

    Jason Gryphon:

    I tell you Andy, Thomas gets no respect around here. No respect at all. I heard that he went up to Gabrielle the other night and ask for a date. Gabrielle responded, “Sure” and gave him a dried fig before slamming the door in his face.

    Andy Richter:

    He is not lucky with the ladies?

    Jason Gryphon:

    Oh I wouldn’t say that. One night last week he had a date with three women, a redhead, a brunette, and a blondie. Unfortunately it didn’t work out to well. The redhead left when she remembered that he left her stove on, the brunette left when she realized that he left the water running, and the blonde left when she realized that she left her refrigerator running. Thomas tried to be polite and offered to help
    the blonde catch it!

    The children in the crowd laugh at the childish joke but it gets a bit of a groan from the adults.

    Jason Gryphon:

    Andy, did you know there is a woman in Bismarck, North Dakota who just woke up from a coma after 5 years. When she heard that Thomas Princeton was a former World Champion, BOOM, she died…laughing. I haven’t known Thomas Princeton a long time so in order to prepare for this little competition; I had to do a bit of research. I did not realize that Princeton was a former World Champion. Apparently when he won the title, I was in the bathroom and when I came out, he had already lost it.

    Andy Richter:

    Not a very successful man is he?

    Jason Gryphon:

    Are you kidding? This is a man that didn’t have the nerve to fight his own battle so he had to fire a group of lackey to help him win fight. I believe he called them Executive Excellence. Much like a real executive they tried to suck the life out of the company like a bleached blonde Real Housewife from some cheesy reality show. Luckily their failed attempt to take over was quickly stopped. So I guess he isn't like a Real Housewife, when one of them start to suck, at least they end up with a bigger house!

    Andy Richter:

    You are starting to work a little blue Jason. What is your real problem with Thomas Princeton?

    Jason Gryphon:

    My problem with the man is that he doesn’t care about being a FWA Superstar at all Andy. The only thing that he cares about is money, dollar bills, and stacking papers. Do you know what the difference between Thomas Princeton is my creatures?

    The audience screams out “What?”

    Jason Gryphon:

    One is a money grubbing bottom feeding sucking eel that would sell their soul for 15 minutes of fame.…and the other is Kim Kardashian.

    Andy Richter:

    Oh that is cold Jason! Ha ha!

    Jason Gryphon:

    There is not a lot of difference between Kim Kardashian and Thomas Princeton. I am sure that Thomas Princeton would make a sex tape to get famous too. Unfortunately, no one wants to use a microscope when they watch porn. That's my time! Thank you everyone!

    The crowd laughs with their fan favorite hero as he puts down his microphone and goes around the ring and beings to embrace his creatures at ringside.


    Thomas Princeton wears a yellow ducky tie with his regular suit. His shirt under his suit however is a colorful polka dot shirt that clashes in an almost harmonious way with his tie. He stands in the middle of the ring with his microphone he paces around as he begins to do his stand up routine.

    Tom: How is everyone doing tonight?

    The audience begins to answer but Tom cuts them off.

    Tom: I don't care. I on the other hand am doing great. Just jogged two miles this morning, got to stay in shape. I don't want to wake up one day looking like what James Sync looks like now! Dude is as big as pregnant Jillian DeSilva! He's eating for two and jogging for none! Anyway enough about him, he doesn't matter much, kinda like the man who shares the comedy stage with me...Jason Gryphon! Oh man this guy! You ever meet someone so crazy, you can't believe it? Like you seriously don't know what to even say around this person because he is so crazy. Like you mention Germany and he might start goose stepping? Jason is that dude. We've all seen that guy, he's the one on the subway talking into the seashell because he thinks it's a blue tooth. He thinks he's like aquaman or something. That's Jason.

    Jason is a whole kind of crazy though, he believes he's like a Greek god or something. Pretty sure he isn't Greek, probably not even Italian so I'm not sure where he got that from. This guy thinks he's Zeus and at best he's Icarus. You know Icarus, the Greek mythology story of the kid with the wax wings who flew too close to the sun? Icarus is like that one dumbass kid that yours but you kind of don't want to admit it. He's Jason. I can just see Jason's dad at daycare. "Yes, I know my son put the duplos up his butthole it's a problem. He does it at home, his mother and I have talked about it. He actually used to do it with legos so we got duplos because they were bigger. Hasn't worked. Honestly, we're worried that at this point he might be developing some weird anal fetish. It's a mess. It's a mess..."

    Jason calls himself the living mythology which is so asinine of a statement I can't even begin to tell you how mad it makes me. It's a contradiction. It's like saying your frozen soup is hot or that Jason could ever actually win the North American championship! When you say it out loud it just sounds silly!

    Jason Gryphon is trying to make a name for himself but in my mind there are two ways I think of him. "That guy whose not Drew Stevenson" and "Joshua Diehl 2.0" and trust me when I say that ain't the best company to be with. Gryphon...which I doubt is his real last name is like an ex-girlfriend of mine. He thinks he farts sparkles and that everybody wants a piece of him. Honestly though Jason is just another face in the crowd, and that crowd ladies and gentleman is an insane asylum!

    Last week I gave Jason a chance to have me win my match and then get a title shot against me, and like an idiot he turned it down! The only person dumber than that is that guy who died from peeing on an electric fence. And at least he got a Darwin Award. Only gold Jason is ever going to see during the rest of his FWA career is the gold tooth he has to implant after I kick his teeth out!

    Tonight's judge for this stand up routine is the always hilarious Shane McLean! I'm not kissing ass to win the contest, I should clarify that I find him hilarious because he's the most untalented wrestler to ever hold the North American title. Now Jason gets to put him in for a run for his money at Back in Business. Jason, getting to be on the grand stage, he's come a long way from his talent show act in the 1st grade where he shoved a duplo up his butthole! And to be fair to that the creepy school janitor did call the act "inspiring." So....kudos...

    But like I said Jason has this delusion that he's some sort of god. Well if he's a god consider me Richard Dawkins. Jason you aren't a god, you're barely a wrestler and the only Greek in you is the yogurt you ate this morning. I can't even believe you get to be in the same breath as me, when Jason saw his name on the card for Back in Business I think he experienced his first orgasm. Or maybe his second, I'm sure he spanked it at least once to the post of me holding the North American title. That's fine, I'm not one to judge. This is a guy who probably experienced his first boner watching Disney's Hercules....and it wasn't in any scene involving Meg if you catch my drift.

    Jason I could crush you with my wallet, my balls or my fist it doesn't really matter to me. All three are far bigger than the ones you are packing and unlike you I am no myth, I'm the real damn deal! So here is one last joke for you: knock, knock..."whose there?" In Reality. "In Reality who?" In reality who actually is the best wrestler standing in this ring? Who is the best wrestler in the FWA? Who is going to be the next North American champion? Thomas Princeton,....And I'm funnier than you!

    Tom kicks over the mic stand as he does a mocking bow to the crowd.


    Shane McLean grabs the microphone as he stands between the two men.

    Shane McLean: It's certainly close, there's no denying that fact. Between the two of you, I think Conan is looking pretty good for network TV right about now.

    The crowd laughs as Shane then points to Thomas Princeton.

    Shane McLean: Despite the fact you're a jackass, your bit was just a hair funnier than John Cena's was. Plus, our Rookie of the Year for some reason takes it personal that I eliminated him from Carnal Contendership, even though it's an every man for himself match.

    Jason Gryphon grabs the microphone and yanks it to his mouth.

    Jason Gryphon: I don't care what you think. I'm gunning for you, because you took from me the chance to be a God. Now I'm taking from you the only chance you have of being relevant.
    Shane McLean does one of those mocking "oooooh...scaaaaary" responses away from the microphone. Thomas Princeton has had enough. He charges and lands a "Better than You" clothesline to Shane McLean, and then rakes the eyes and whips Jason Gryphon into the ropes before hitting ANOTHER "Better than You" clothesline!

    Langdon Trafford: Thomas Princeton has cleared the ring!

    Princeton grabs the microphone and leans over to both men. "I may have won the funnies war, but I also can win a war of violence. Don't overlook me, because I'm the most dangerous man in this match." He drops the microphone and exits the ring.

    Winner of the Comedy Competition: Thomas Princeton

    We cut backstage still in the photo studio where both men are in an exchange of lefts and rights both physically tired as they throw careless punches at one and other, Wolf misses his hit but locks on a headlock onto Hall, giving some pretty effortless punches to his skull hooking his head and deliver a DDT into the floor. Both men now laid out on the floor as on stand by EMT's run in and start pouring water into the mouthes of both men keeping them hydrated as they both lay there Wolf with cuts all over his upper body and one on his face which has made his face covered in blood due to it's mixture with sweat.

    Langdon: These men are dead on their feet, or off their feet as the case is.

    Piers: So they're just dead? you're an idiot.

    They both lay there actually accepting the water from the EMT's but Wolf is quick to push his EMT away as he struggles to roll over onto Hall grabbing a shard of glass from the window as he goes to stab it into him dragging it down his arm with aggression on his face. He goes to jab it down again but Hall grabs his hand and fights it back using any ounce of strength he has left in him moving over he now on top as he unleashes hell fury lefts and rights on the face of Wolf.


    "Anavae" by AntiFaith plays as the FWA crowd rises to its feet to greet Ryan Rondo with a swarm of hatred. He smiles as he walks through the curtains with his tight T-shirt around the muscles and skimpy wrestling tights. He walks to the ring on his own and sneers toward the fans in the front rows shouting menace at him. Ryan Rondo steps through the ropes and grabs the ring announcer's microphone without asking. He leans against the ropes with his elbows and arms and looks out to the fans as the music stops playing.

    Langdon Trafford: Here is the man...who betrayed his best friend, Whyte Thunder. Gained his trust. Broke it at Ace's High to help Ryan Hall keep the World Championship. Broke his best friend's heart. Destroyed all their history and the legacy of Sunrise-Sunset. And doesn't care AT ALL that Whyte Thunder is still be his friend through all of this.

    Sam McDonald: Whyte Thunder is trying to save the friendship and Ryan Rondo doesn't care. All he cares about is the perceived wrongdoings Whyte Thunder did to him. The holding him down when Whyte THunder really helped him.

    Piers Gallagher: That's one side of it. Then there's Ryan Rondo's side, and I'll let him tell that right now.

    Ryan Rondo: For an entire year, Sunrise-Sunset lived...breathed...ruled...did everything. We did it all. Beat every tag team. Won the championships. Headlined Fight Nights. Beat the World champion at the time, M.C. Fromage, and the No. 1 contender in Chris Kennedy. We did it all. Myself...and Devin Golden, or Whyte Thunder or whatever.

    The crowd begins a "Sunrise-Sunset, clap-clap, clap-clap-clap* chant and Ryan Rondo mockingly joins in before shutting it up.

    Ryan Rondo: The sun set a loooong time ago...actually, it set whenever Devin Golden was too big of a p**sy to stand up to Stu St. Clair and FIGHT for our tag team title reign, FIGHT for what was right, but instead we had to do the whole co-tag champions thing and have our entire one-year build-up pissed on because some old sh*thead griped about losing too many matches. Devin Golden let that happen...and for that, I'll never forgive him.

    The crowd begins booing.

    Ryan Rondo: He also claims the team was about helping me achieve stardom, but really it was helping him relive his failed tag team titl reigns and have a successful one. You heard him at Ace's High. He wanted to do it all over again after he burned the World title and turned "rotten," right? He wanted to redo his entire career and fix everything that went wrong. That's what Sunrise-Sunset was about. Him. Not me. Him. Who was Mario and who was Luigi in the Super Mario promo?! He was Mario. I was Luigi. Who was Al Pacino and who was Chris O'Donnell from the "Scent of a Woman" promo? He was Pacino, I was crappy little O'Donnell, the helpless kid who was in over his head. That's how it started. Then I gained respect and an equal footing with Golden, but it was all still about him, and for that, I'll never forgive him.

    The boos continue.

    Ryan Rondo: And now...I'm standing I have every week since Ace's High...ready to fight him. And what does he do? He tries to "reason" with me. He tries to "make amends." *uses quote marks each time* He tries to "save the friendship." I don't want to save any friendships. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to be 'The Last Star in the Sky,' Ryan Rondo. I'm here to be a World Champion, which I'll be the Fight Night after Back in Businees. Whyte Thunder...Devin Golden...whatever you want to call just a p**sy...and that's why he turns the other cheek. Just like he did with Stu one year ago...he turns away and avoids confrontation because he's here to make friends. Well...G-Rich signed the there's no way out of it now....

    As Rondo puts down the microphone, the fans all explode with boos. Those boos change to cheers, though, when "The Golden One" Devin face pain...just a T-shirt and wrestling tights...walks to the rampway. He looks at Ryan Rondo with a depressed, upset, heartbroken expression. He looks like a father who just listened to his own son disown him.

    Langdon Trafford: We haven't heard Whyte Thunder speak on screen since he returned...

    No face paint. No Whyte Thunder. Just "The Golden One" Devin Golden as we used to know him.

    Ryan Rondo: Oh, look who finally decided to show his face...his REAL face.

    The crowd explodes with "oooohs" and boos as the commentary team — save Piers Gallagher — begins trashing Ryan Rondo for his disrespect. Devin Golden tries speaking but can't. He begins to walk away to the backstage again, but turns around.

    Devin Golden: You're right, ok?

    The crowd expodes with disapproving boos.

    Devin Golden: You're right. You're right about all of it. The reasons I started Sunrise-Sunset. The end of the title reign and all of the Vodka & Venom stuff. Everything. You're right about everything, Ryan. I don't know what else I can say except..."I'm sorry." I'm sorry, kid. Through it all, you've been right. I'm being honest with you. No Whyte Thunder. No face paint. Just me, kid. But through it all...through my initial intentions and the Super Mario stuff and everything...the equality you talked about was real. If anything, you became better than me. You did! You became better! And I admitted that then and admit that now!!! But the most important thing wasn't the wins or the title reign or the main events. It was the friendship. It was real. It showed up on the segments and matches and promos. This thing started in the back and spread all around the FWA world. It was real, kid. Real. REAL....and you're throwing it away. Don't throw it away. Don't make this match happen. You need friends to make it through not just the FWA but life. I know that. Please. I'm sorry, kid. Please don't make me do this to you, kid.

    The crowd's reaction is one of bipolarness. They want the match but agree with Golden. Some fans even begin shouting, "Don't do it, Rondo! Don't!" Others begin a "Rondo sucks!" chant. Rondo's expression changes from intently listening to absolute rage.

    Ryan Rondo: TAKE YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!!! I WANT YOU...AT BACK IN BUSINESS...SO I CAN PROVE TO YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL I DON'T NEED YOU OR YOUR FRIENDSHIP!!! I'M BETTER THAN YOU, AND I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU. ... I am going to absolutely destroy not only the last remnants of what you think our friendship is...but also the last remnants of any belief that YOU, in whatever character you are, were EVER better than who I was then, and especially...ESPECIALLY...who I am now.

    Golden nods his head almost as if he's forced to accept a truth he doesn't want to believe. He slowly steps backwards while keeping his eyes on Rondo and mouth, "Ok....Ok. We'll do this then." He keeps walking before turning around completely and walking to the backstage area.

    Langdon Trafford: I think we saw the end of the friendship right here before our eyes. I think Golden isn't trying anymore to save it.


    Gabrielle Montgomery, Whyte Thunder & Saddle Sally vs. "The Last Great Englishman" PAJ, Ryan Rondo & Ayla El

    Gabrielle and Saddle Sally come out together to join Whyte Thunder, who is now wearing face paint after going to the backstage during commercial break after appearing as "The Golden One," and the three all enter the ring together to a big pop from the crowd, this is the match they have been waiting for all night long. They are ecstatic to see their faces as they climb into the ring, all three teammates seem to be getting along quite well. With the opposing team it's quite the different story. PAJ comes out alone, he sneers at the crowd and ignores the bombardment of boos that come his way, he is clearly going his own way and doesn't give a damn what anybody else thinks. He joins Ryan Rondo, although "joining" isn't the right description really.

    Ayla El comes out with DIVINE behind her to a massive amount of heat, but they don't seem to care and rather Ayla El is complacent about this match. The three — PAJ, Rondo and Ayla El — argue about who will start out first but eventually deciding it's best to just let him go his own way PAJ is selected first to go against Gabrielle.

    The ring bell goes off and PAJ goes for a more aggressive style and charges for a high knee to Gabrielle, Gabrielle is uncharacteristically caught off guard and is hit square in the skull with the high knee. PAJ is one fast SOB and starts striking Gabrielle with kicks and forearms, keeping her way off balance. PAJ then grabs Gabrielle for a belly to belly suplex. Gabrielle gets up looking a bit lost and PAJ comes from behind or a bulldog. Gabrielle's head bounces off the mat with near sickening force. PAJ screams at the crowd "ARE YOU ENTERTAINED!?" The crowd boos him as he grabs Gabrielle by the hair and knees her in the chin and then lifts her up for a vertical suplex. PAJ covers Gabrielle 1...2..Gabrielle kicks out. PAJ couldn't have thought it was going to be that easy.

    Piers Gallagher: PAJ is showing Gabrielle what it's like going against a real man!

    Gabrielle is looking seriously out of it. PAJ licks his hand and then delivers a hard chop to the chest of Gabrielle she screams in pain, it's a big target. PAJ delivers several slaps to Gabby's cleavage leaving red marks all over it that she probably hasn't seen since the last "safe word" sex night she and Ashley had. PAJ then grabs Gabrielle and lifts her up but her cat like reflexes kick in and she manages to wiggle out of the grip of PAJ and tags in the first person she can reach...Saddle Sally. PAJ snorts, ready to go after Sally who is still nursing her hurt leg from the attack earlier in the evening. Ayla El screams at PAJ to tag her in. PAJ hesitates but ultimately tags in Ayla el who jumps into the ring like a kid into a ball pit.

    Ayla El stares down Saddle Sally who is trying her best to mask her pain. Ayla El knows right where to go and grapples with Sally but pushes on her forcing her to apply pressure to her bad leg. Sally can't hold on and Ayla El hits Sally with a DDT. Sally tries to get up but her leg is weakened. Ayla El casually kicks Sally's leg out from under her. Sally tries to to fight back but it's no good she's seriously in pain. This may not be a big match after all. Ayla El puts Sally in a headlock and Sally begins to fight out of it, but again is having trouble putting pressure on her leg which Ayla El knows and begins to make the headlock into a full sleeper hold. Sally is losing consciousness. But as the crowd chants her on Sally manages to power out and elbow Ayla El off her. Leaping with all her might and on only one leg Sally manages to tag in Whyte Thunder who comes out blazing and knocks Ayla El down with a hard lariat.

    Ayla El gets up and she and Thunder start exchanging blows, it's quite impressive actually and the crowd gets really into it. Then the two wrestlers lock up and Ayla El is forced back first towards her team's turnbuckle. She seems to be gaining an advantage on Thunder once more when Ryan Rondo slaps the back of Ayla El effectively tagging himself in. Ayla El is irate, she knows what just happened but Thunder is a bit lost on it all and he pays dearly for it as Rondo punches Thunder right in the kidney.

    Langdon Trafford: There it is! Rondo going after his old friend!

    Thunder winces in pain and Rondo grabs him into a reverse DDT. Rondo is going to claim the glory of this match. He doesn't even risk having his team tag themselves in, an odd strategy for a tag match he draws Thunder out to the middle of the ring and delivers an elbow drop to the throat of the downed Thunder.

    Thunder rolls around in the ring in pain and for the next few minutes Rondo just dominates him with hard kicks and a big power slam to the former tag partner. Thunder is in immense pain and it shows on his face, he looks tired as he tries to push Rondo away to avoid confrontation. Rondo has now had enough he's ready to end this, he climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle to hit his finisher but that's when Sally and Gabrielle look at each other and then down at Thunder who is basically out cold on the mat. They look at each other once more and then in a surprising flash Sally and Gabrielle lock lips and kiss each other the whole arena and everyone watching at home gasp in unison. Rondo can't believe his eyes, he takes his mind off the match and that gives Thunder just enough time to come to and tag in Gabrielle! Sally and Gabrielle continue their teamwork and leave their tag post and start to make their way over towards Ayla El and PAJ who leave their post to meet the two on the outside of the ring. The two teams march towards each other. Whyte Thunder rolls out of the ring and Ryan Rondo goes after him, but Gabrielle cuts him off with a clothesline. Gabrielle whips Rondo into the ring post, but Rondo reverses it and begins beating down on Gaby, causing a loud boo from the crowd.

    The ref yells at the teams to stop or he will call for a double disqualification. Rondo gets up holding his gut and tells the ref to refocus his attention as he rolls Gabrielle into the ring. Rondo again looks to the ref after he is up on his feet. The ref turns around just in time to see Gabrielle Montgomery come from behind and grab Rondo to roll him up into an old school pin! 1...2...3!

    Winners: Gabrielle Montgomery, Whyte Thunder and Saddle Sally via pinfall

    The bell sounds and Ryan Rondo rises to his feet red in the face. He screams at everyone. How could they have let this happen?!! He had this match in the bag! Gabrielle Montgomery rolls out of the ring away from a teetering-on-destruction Ryan Rondo, who in his frustration just hauls off and clubs the referee to the ground. Whyte Thunder comes to the official's aid and he turns around and locks eyes with Ryan Rondo, who is smiling sadistically back at Whyte Thunder. The face paint-wearing superhero appears to be pleading with Ryan Rondo, trying to keep him from continuing this barrage of hatred and violence.

    Harry Baxter: The last effort it seems...

    Right as Whyte Thunder steps forward, Ryan Rondo steps back and appears once more to be agreeing with Whyte Thunder.

    Piers Gallagher: Did Whyte Thunder finally get through to Ryan Rondo?! Did Whyte Thunder make a break through?!

    Whyte Thunder says, "Thank you. Thank you." he turns his attention again to the referee and Rondo's expression changes from somberness to sly, cunning evil. He walks behind Whyte Thunder, whips him around 180 degrees and plants him with his "Amazing Cutter!!!"

    Sam McDonald: Nope. He was tricking us again.

    Gabrielle Montgomery rushes back into the ring to help Whyte Thunder, but PAJ surprises her with a PAJle kick!!! Saddle Sally and Ayla El are battling on the outside, but it ends when Ayla El aggressively slams the steel ring steps into Saddle Sally's already-injured leg!!!

    Langdon Trafford: These three are DESTROYING their Back in Business opponents!!! PAJ has just planted Gabrielle! Ryan Rondo has planted Whyte Thunder!!! Ayla El is INJURING Saddle Sally!!! She may not even be able to compete!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Gabrielle is outmatched, Saddle Sally is in over her head and Whyte Thunder is too weak to fight back. It looks to me like Back in Business has a clear ending for these three rivalries!

    Sam McDonald: I just hope Whyte Thunder will finally stop trying to play friendship and realize what must be done...before it's too late. This isn't Communist China. You can only stand in front of the tank for so long before it runs you over.

    Langdon Trafford: Speaking of something being over...the two careers of Ryan Hall and WOLF may be over if this brawl continues!!!

    Both men are so exhausted They both struggle back to their feet and stare each other down as the fans chant in anticipation the two men lock up, Hall whipping Wolf to the front of the truck as he bounces off the grill turning around and he's hit by a spear from Hall. Wolf falls to the ground and Hall walks away grabbing a lead pipe Hall brings the pipe down on the back of Wolfs head, theres a group of fans who left early and are outside the parking lot behind some barriers watching and cheering for Wolf as Hall beats him down again with the pipe giving a couple of nasty looking head shots.

    Langdon: This is sick.

    Wolfs head is pouring with blood by this point as Hall drags him out in front of the few fans who have gathered to watch the number of fans growing all the time as Hall picks up Wolf delivering Inferno Cutter, pointing at the fans yelling things to them. Wolf looks barely conscious with a vacant look in his eyes the lights are on but sure enough nobody is actually home. Hall takes a step back before running and kneeing Wolf in the head knocking him back down now in the middle of the parking lot ramp the fans are starting to yell things back at Hall like 'leave him alone' and 'get off him' them even finding it wrong what he's doing. Hall rears back with the lead pipe looking to bring it down like an executioners axe on Wolf when all of a sudden a fan jumps the barrier and comes in standing in front of Wolf with a stern look on his face Hall yells at him to move but as he does so more fans jump the barrier as they start to block Hall from getting anywhere near Wolf who is a mess by this point.

    Piers: What the hell are they doing? why aren't security throwing them out?

    The fans stand tall together in front of Wolf as Hall yells at them to move but they refuse to his face!!!!!

    Langdon: They're actually protecting WOLF; this is an amazing moment

    Hall stares at the fans his own face a bloodied mess also his hair all over the place. He drops to his knees and collapses just like Wolf.
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    Re: Fight Night 3-21-14 Results

    Added in a segment from Jethro Warren and had to switch the order of some things around. Show is finalized and looks really really good. Very solid go-home show. I'll talk in depth about it after a few people reply.

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    Re: Fight Night 3-21-14 Results

    Fantastic show!

    The feuds are all coming to fruition, Wolf and Hall has gotten even more intense and it's good to see everybody coming together to make the FWA so strong. Great work everybody!

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    Re: Fight Night 3-21-14 Results

    Fantastic show... So many freaking returns rofl. Love the main event. Just a great show up and down the card. Great job everybody

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    Re: Fight Night 3-21-14 Results

    Really loved the WOLF-Ryan Hall brawl starting in the beginning of the show and lasting the entire time. This feud reached a personal level two weeks ago and it's all about violence now. Had to set the tone with that.

    I'm really interested in Gabrielle-PAJ and Jethro-Vincent. I think this is the perfect feud for PAJ to establish himself before getting the title shot on the next Fight Night and I believe future title shots this summer. And the Red Wedding segment was a good go-home segment for this violent feud.

    This has been my favorite feud for Golden. I love the story being told with Rondo wanting the fight and Golden not wanting it and trying to save the friendship. Having Golden come out as himself and not Whyte Thunder and speak was probably my favorite segment to write thus far. Last, Princeton-Gryphon-Shane is set up really well. I think Princeton getting the upper hand as the lone true heel is the right way to build anticipation.

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    Re: Fight Night 3-21-14 Results

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One View Post
    And the Red Wedding segment was a good go-home segment for this violent feud.
    Or the start to an all out war

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Fight Night 3-21-14 Results


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    Re: Fight Night 3-21-14 Results

    WOW loved this show and was pleasantly surprised to see Tom win the comedy battle :D but this was great I'm so umped up for a lot of these matches in particular Wolf/Hall this feels like it's going to be one of the best BIB ever!

    And so many great returns! This really feels like the FWA is....Back in Business....

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    Re: Fight Night 3-21-14 Results

    APAB/Carters return was done really well, great to have both of them back.

    And Sally/Gabbys tag team move is HOF worthy.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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