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Thread: FWA Fight Night results 3/14/2014

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    FWA Fight Night results 3/14/2014

    The show opens with the official Fight Night signature.

    The cameras then cut to an elevated shot from inside the arena, giving everyone at home a good look at the screaming masses of wrestling fans in attendance. The crowd is cheering their heart out as some wave signs and FWA merchandise, while others jump up and down and try to attract the camera's attention. The sound is deafening inside the arena as we cut to a floor shot of the commentator's table where Piers Gallagher, Langdon Trafford, Harry Baxter and Sam McDonald are ready to kick off the show!

    Langdon Trafford: Welcome everyone, to the most dangerous night on TV! But it's a somber mood as we celebrate the life and wrestling career of Sara Wolf, and the devastating and heartbreaking way she died, which no doubt we'll see the fallout of between WOLF and Ryan Hall.

    We're back with Friday night's one and only FIGHT NIGHT, live from Texas as the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance continues its road to Back in Business IX!

    Piers Gallagher:
    And so many big matches tonight, including Drew Stevenson against Whyte Thunder after Stevenson's huge week last week beating Gabrielle Montgomery.

    Harry Baxter:
    And we get a triple threat match with the three members of Team King, Ryan Hall, Ryan Rondo and PAJ. Also a huge six-man tag match with Lucian Ace, Christian Quinn and Jethro Warren against Lord Vincent and Vodka & Venom. And a North American championship match as Thomas Princeton gets one last shot at Shane McLean. And then the triple threat match with Saddle Sally, Shannon O'Neal and Ayla El to end the show, which is the Sara Wolf Tribute Show.

    Another big explosion of pyro erupts from the stage, drawing even more cheers from the fans.

    We head backstage and see Gabrielle in the Women's locker room, dressed casually in blue denim daisy dukes and a tight tan baby tee. She finishes a conversation with Susie Sue and she walks out as someone walks in off screen and Gabrielle turns around and quickly stands up and confronts them. The camera pans around and we see PAJ looking around the locker room as Gabrielle stands strong not letting PAJ go any further.

    PAJ: This is just like going to the farm, they stash all the shit in the back so no-one has to look at it or smell it, that really suits you Gabby. I am impressed that you are actually learning. Look at you in the women’s locker room rather than trying to come in the actual locker room where the real wrestlers prepare.

    PAJ leans in with a big smile on his face and begins laughing at Gabrielle.

    PAJ: So where are all your other bitches? Do they hate you too? Do they want you to understand that you no longer call the shots and just leave when you come in so you can sit all alone like the loser you are? Do they?

    Gabrielle doesn’t respond and begins to smile. PAJ looks puzzled as Gabrielle indicates to PAJ to look behind him. All of the women's division stand behind him. They all grab PAJ and hold him in place. PAJ struggles but Saddle Sally, Mustang Maddie, Ayla El, Mackenzie Roberts, Shannon O’Neil and Divine hold him in place.


    The women of the FWA manage to keep PAJ in place as Gabrielle walks forward and slaps PAJ across the face hard. Instantly leaving a bright red hand print on his face.

    Gabrielle: Who is the bitch now? You want to come in here and be a big man? You can talk a big game all you want PAJ but this is my house you’ve walked into and you can have your Neanderthal opinions but the fact is we’re all better than you stronger than you. I have done so much more than you…now I’m even going to help you by making you look pretty.

    Gabrielle walks away, PAJ thinks it is over and begins to struggle again but the women's division stand their ground and keep PAJ held in place. Gabrielle returns with her make-up bag in hand and a devious smile on her face.

    Gabrielle: Don’t struggle too much Pajy or your makeup will smear.

    The women of the FWA, all disrespected by PAJs recent comments about women in wrestling are all smiles as Gabrielle applies a bright red lip stick to PAJ.


    Gabrielle just giggles and then applies eyeliner and green eye shadow to the furious Englishman. A healthy dose of rouge to his cheeks is next, making his whole face pop. Gabrielle stands back admiring her handiwork as Saddle Sally skilfully ties PAJ’s hands behind his back and Mustang Maddie then pants him. PAJ screams at them over and over, the redness of his cheeks outdoing the rouge before he’s thrown out of the lockeroom to the cheers of the FWA women, satisfied with their handiwork.

    Sam McDonald: Well I guess PAJ went into the wrong lockeroom there.

    Piers Gallagher: How dare those women do that, especially that slut Gabrielle. Does she know who she’s messing with?

    Thomas "Iceman" Jones vs. DIVINE

    Piers Gallagher: We saw Thomas "Iceman" Jones give Jack Gekko a good 'ole boot from the FWA last week and pledge his commitment. I have my doubts about his loyalty and I think you guys are doing a poor job on your little CWA witch hunt by not going after him.

    Harry Baxter: Except that he's done nothing so far to make us think he's anti-FWA...?

    Piers Gallagher: Aside from having a CWA contract...? You guys are gull-a-ble!

    Sam McDonald: Shut up, Piers.

    The match begins with DIVINE taunting Iceman Jones and begins shouting "CWA! CWA! CWA!" at him in a really annoying cackle voice. Iceman Jones has none of it and lands a ferocious right hand to take DIVINE to the mat. He whips DIVINE to the ropes and hits a nice sidewalk slam before hooking the leg, but quick kick out at one and three quarters. Iceman Jones grabs DIVINE again and whips to the ropes but telegraphs a back body drop and DIVINE lands a Goldust-like kneeling uppercut to the chin and a crotch grab before landing a backhand chop. S/he grabs one of Iceman Jones' legs for a nice single-leg takedown and goes for a crotch stomp and gets right into the inner thigh.

    Langdon Trafford: This is why DIVINE is a real threat to take Drew Stevenson's X-Division title. He...she...whatever...does not abide by normal wrestling rules. Nothing pure about DIVINE, and that's the opposite of Drew Stevenson.

    DIVINE grabs Iceman Jones and flings him into the ropes but its reversed. And Iceman Jones lands a his "best dropkick in the world." DIVINE is stunned after the move and Iceman Jones begins shouting "FWA! FWA! FWA!" to the fans' liking and finishes the match with the "Ice Dagger" Alabama Slam. The 1-2-3 pinfall is elementary as Thomas "Iceman" Jones soaks in the fans' cheers.

    Winner: Thomas "Iceman" Jones

    Harry Baxter: And Iceman Jones has taken down the Number one contender to the X-Division championship!

    After the match, Iceman Jones enjoys the positive vibes from the FWA audience as he circles the ring and engages some of the fans in the front rows. He then looks around and says, "I like it here."

    A video plays on the screen. As the camera pans higher, a recognizable face is shown as the crowd begins cheering. Wake Walker, a former FWA star back when the brands were split, looks into the camera.

    "I took Matt Boudreau to the limit. I tested the best the FWA had. And now...I'm so much better. I'm a World champion...waiting to arrive."

    The video ends with the words "Wake Walker returns..." in white letters.


    Non-title match
    "The Inferno" Ryan Hall vs. Ryan Rondo vs. "The Last Great Englishman" PAJ
    All three men are in the ring and the referee signals for the bell. Rondo looks to both Hall and PAJ and smiles before charging PAJ and is met with a Steamboat-esque Arm drag. PAJ rises to his feet quickly and does the same to Hall. PAJ hops up and bounces back and forth as Rondo and Hall get back to their feet. PAJ hops up onto the middle rope and leaps off onto both men with a springboard moonsault! PAJ goes for the cover on Hall but only gets a 2 count. PAJ picks up Hall and lays in with a few quick forearms to the head and irish whips Hall into the corner. PAJ races in and goes for a flying body splash but Hall ducks out of the way but walks right into a super kick to the chin from Rondo. PAJ leans up in the corner as Rondo walks over and delivers a series of stomps to the ribs and then a right haymaker to the jaw. Rondo lifts PAJ up onto the top rope and follows him up. Rondo lifts PAJ into the air and superplexes him down to the mat!

    Langdon: Thunderous superplex by Rondo on PAJ but can he capitalize?

    McDonald: The problem with doing that move is it takes just as much out of the man delivering it !

    Rondo crawls over and hooks PAJs leg but Hall breaks up the count at 2 with a boot to the head of Rondo. Hall pulls Rondo up and delivers a Side Effect. Hall then bounces off the ropes and drives an elbow into Rondo’s forehead. He goes for the cover but Rondo kicks out at 2. Hall raises up to his knees and begins peppering away at Rondo with punches and then pulls him up to his feet but both men are taken down by PAJ with a flying double clothesline. PAJ hops up and pulls Hall up by his hair. He lights up Hall’s chest with a knife edge chop and irish whips him into the corner. PAJ follows him in but is given a boot to the face. Hall steps up onto the second rope and dropkicks PAJ in the chest from the rope. Hall gets to his feet but is given a clothesline to the back of the head by Rondo!

    Langdon: My god this match has been non-stop action since the opening bell.

    McDonald: It is still anybody’s ball game at this point!

    Rondo pulls Hall up and slams him head first into the top turnbuckle. Rondo then pulls Hall out and delivers a russian leg sweep into the second turnbuckle. He drags Hall out away from the ropes and goes for a cover but PAJ breaks it up with a leg drop to Rondo. PAJ picks up Rndo and drives him into the corner. He then hits him with a pair of back elbows and lifts Rndo onto the top rope. PAJ steps up onto the top rope, leaps up and delivers a top rope Hurricarrana to Rondo! PAJ pulls himself up but is immediately hit from behind with a forearm to the back by Hall. Hall then backs up and clotheslines PAJ over the top rope and goes over himself as well to the floor!

    Baxter: All three men are down! What a match these three men are having!

    Inside the ring, Rondo slowly rolls out of the ring after the others. Rondo grabs Hall by the hair and drags him onto his feet, slamming his face into the ring apron then firing him into the ring again! Rondo starts in after him but PAJ nails him with a shot from behind! PAJ lands some knife-edged chops to the chest then goes for an irish whip but Rondo twists through it and scores with a boot to PAJs gut. Rondo follows through with the RKO onto the concrete floor outside the ring! The fans boo as Rondo rolls back into the ring, taking aim at Hall as he slowly pulls himself up to one knee. Rondo taunts the crowd a bit then....Hall shocks him with the Inferno Cutter!

    Winner: Ryan Hall
    On the outside, PAJ slumps back down onto the floor against the barricade, frustrated in defeat as Hall gets to his feet in the ring, raising his arms in the air while the crowd pops.

    McDonald: PAJ was trying to get back in there to break up the count but that RKO from Rondo left him too shook up...

    PAJ is eyeing an attack on Ryan Rondo, and lifts him up to do the PAJle kick, but Whyte Thunder appears from the crowd and runs PAJ off!

    Harry Baxter: Why is Whyte Thunder still defending Ryan Rondo?!

    Piers Gallagher: Because he's still smitten!

    After Rondo rises, Whyte Thunder looks at him from outside the ring. Rondo shouts at him that he doesn't need his help and Whyte Thunder walks back up the rampway.

    Commercial Break

    Inside of G-Rich’s office

    We go backstage to the office of the new General Manager of FWA, G-Rich, where he is sitting in his desk coming over some documents. As he begins to sign a couple, a load thud is heard and the door slams open. Jason Gryphon walks into the office and a pop from the audience in the arena can be heard.

    I don't believe that we have been formally introduces as of yet. My name is Jason Gryphon and I am the future of your company. That being said, I want what I have earned. I want to face Shane McClean at Back in Business for the North American Championship.

    I know who you are Jason. I have been watching you for quite some time.

    If that is the case, then you know everything that I have done and sacrificed for the betterment of this company. You know that I should be the #1 Contender for the North American Championship.


    You are the #1 Contender Jason. It may have been under some dubious circumstances but your victory over PAJ last week convinced me that you deserve the shot that you so desperately deserve. You will face the winner of the North American Championship Match that takes place next.

    I didn't ask to face some half rated interloper. I want to face the current North American Champion. I want Shane McClean.

    You may get your way or you may not. The only thing that matter is that you call this match right down the middle.

    Jason turns away from G-Rich and begins to walk out of the door but before he does, he stops.

    I am a man of my word. I will do the honorable thing but come hell or high water, Shane McClean will pay for what he did to me.

    Jason walks out of G-Rich's office and we see that G-Rich has an delightfully evil smile on his face as we go to commericial.

    Vodka & Venom and Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs. Christian Quinn, Lucian Ace and Jethro Warren

    The bell sounds and both teams collide in the middle of the ring with fists flying! They brawl out the first couple minutes of the match with the referee unable to get any sort of control. Ace and Quinn hit a double clothesline on Blackbird that sends him over the top rope to the floor outside, but then they're both upended by the champs! Ash hops to the outside to continue the fight but Stu's hit from behind by Warren! The two men trade off in a slugfest with the crowd firmly behind Stu as he tries to overpower Jethro with right hand after right hand but Warren buries a knee in his gut, then nails him with a bionic elbow right between the eyes! Stu staggers back and Jethro hits a running clothesline that gets him a near-fall. Jethro picks him up and delivers a vertical suplex that gets another 2-count and he makes the tag. Quinn comes in all fired up, delivering several nasty shots to the face as he keeps the champ down on his knees. Quinn gets up a head of steam and lands a running dropkick. Another tag brings Ace in and they deliver a double suplex to Stu that earns them a 2-count...

    Langdon: The referee seems to have finally restored order for the time being and we're seeing some teamwork right off the bat from Ace and Quinn as they isolate one half of the tag champs.

    We get some fast tags between Ace and Quinn as they continue to punish Stu in their corner. They whip him into the ropes and floor him with a double back elbow, then Quinn makes the cover for a 2-count. Stu tries to mount some offense, firing off a couple quick shots before the double-team takes him down again. Jethro tags in next, going to work with that high-powered offense as he hammers Stu repeatedly, then slams his face into the turnbuckle! Ash starts into the ring but he's stopped by the referee and the fans boo. Ash argues with the ref but Jethro lays a cheap shot on him, knocking him through the ropes to the floor on the outside! Jethro then points a finger at Vincent and starts some trash talk but he's caught from behind by Stu with a rollup and he ALMOST gets the win! Both men scramble to their feet and Jethro misses with a clothesline but Stu connects with him! Stu looking to the corner for the tag and the fans want to see it happen! They're cheering him on as he crawls towards his corner but Jethro tags out to Quinn on the far side...

    Langdon: Christian Quinn gets the tag but he might be too late, Stu's almost to his corner!

    Quinn grabs Stu's leg and drags him back but Stu manages to get to his feet and he nails Quinn with a sloppy-but-effective enziguri that knocks him head over heels! Stu then turns and makes the diving tag to his partner! Ace hits the ring to help but Ash catches them both with a springboard clothesline! Ash scores knockdowns on both men, then delivers a bodyslam to both of them before he turns and nails Jethro with a dropkick that almost knocks him off the apron. Jethro starts into the ring but the referee stops him, allowing Ash to hit Ace and Quinn with a double facebuster! Ash then goes to the top rope and lands a frogsplash on Ace and he hooks the leg for the cover but Quinn's able to break it up! Quinn lands a couple hard punches but Ash shuts him down with a jawbreaker, followed by a running neckbreaker! Ash makes the tag to Vincent and he comes in with a missile dropkick that knocks Ace clear out of the ring!

    Piers: I never saw a tag!

    Vincent goes to work on Quinn with some stiff forearm shots, then whips him into the ropes and delivers a HUGE back body drop! Quinn pops back up and Vincent zaps him with a dropkick. Quinn stumbles back to his feet and Ash charges over with a clothesline, knocking them both over the ropes to the outside! Stu drops to the floor and comes around ringside and we've got another brawl going. Vincent starts out of the ring but Jethro grabs him from behind, jerking him back into the ring with a full nelson slam! Jethro covers him but Vincent kicks out at 2 and he starts to pummel him relentlessly. Stu slides into the ring and breaks it up and he takes Jethro down, trading punches on the mat! They get to their feet and continue to trade off. Meanwhile, Ash is up on the top rope and he goes for a flying clothesline but Ace meets him with a hard shot to the gut! Ash has the wind knocked out of him and Ace jumps from second rope and hits the Hyoryu Senbi! He makes the cover and scores the victory!

    Winners: Lucian Ace, Christian Quinn and Jethro Warren
    Following the match a brawl ensues as Lucian and Christian square off with Vodka and Venom, the duo bragging about what they did too Ashley last week, before fists start flying. Stu backs Lucian into the corner with right hand after right hand as Ashley and Christian trade punches. Quinn jabs his thumb into Ashley’s eye then hits a dropkick that sends Ashley rolling out of the ring before lowblowing Stu and pulling him off Lucian who starts to stomp away at The Snake as Christian gets a steel chair and slides into the ring.

    Sam McDonald: Somebody needs to get out here and stop this.

    Christian is stopped by Ashley though with a running bulldog. But Lucian halts his progress with a sick lariat and then helps Quinn to his feet with steel chair in hand.

    Piers Gallagher: This is the start of a new era in the FWA tag team division.

    Langdon Trafford: What the hell is she doing?

    The fans suddenly pop though as Gabrielle comes running down to the ring, the second before Christian can swing the chair at Ashley’s head its yanked out of his hands and he’s blasted with the steel chair instead. Lucians next…but he ducks…and the steel chair connects with Stu St.Clairs head dropping him.

    Piers Gallagher: Hahahahahaha. Nice one.

    Gabrielle instantly freezes and drops the chair as Ashley gets to his feet and quickly stands between his tag team partner and his girlfriend as Stu St.Clair gets back to his feet a bewildered and furious look upon his face as Gabrielle backs away slowly.

    Sam McDonald: That was a huge mistake.

    Langdon Trafford: Mistake? I think she did that on purpose and what a foolish thing to do to The Snake of all people.


    Drew, “I’m the best in the...”

    Once again standing in the crowd was our current reigning Emerald Champion, Drew Stevenson, who was in his street clothes which consisted of a black Chris Kennedy t-shirt, blue jeans and black boots. With the Emerald title held in his left hand and a microphone in the right, he looks to his left at a nearby fan, a young kid who is wearing a Stevenson t-shirt.

    Drew, “... Here kid, hold this for me!”

    Placing the Emerald Championship on the right shoulder of the young kid who cheers loudly, a smiling Stevenson looks around at the sea of fans who are really beginning to get behind him.

    Drew, “Whyte Thunder, man, seriously? Are we really grasping for straws against me so bad that you actually called me a carbon copy of CM Punk? I mean, hell, I take that as a compliment because it shows that unlike you – I’ll actually stand up and fight for what I believe in instead of just answering the beck and call of whatever I’m told to do. Well, that and I’ll go on to become FWA Champion for 434 days, I’ll demand my own ice cream bars and I’ll become the hottest star to hit this company since Chris Kennedy himself.”

    Actually mustering up more and more cheers, he simply smirks.

    Drew, “See Thunder, the saddest part about it all is that you come barging in late; following the rest of the herd that is just looking to meet our deadline to have our promotional pieces in and the best that I get is that I’m a carbon copy. Thunder, man, that’s just about as sad as Gabrielle’s attempt last week to try using my moniker against me, you do know that, right?”

    Pausing, he shakes his head just smirking, purposely trying to be an asshole.

    Drew, “But you know what man, I get it! For the first time ever here in the FWA, you feel threatened. Oh yeah, you are not facing Wolf, or Kennedy, or Hall, or Stu, or Peter Griffin, or the almighty Chuck Norris who would kick all of our asses and so when you lose later on tonight – and you WILL lose – you won’t have that nice little book of excuses to fall back on because this mediocre superstar, this carbon copy is going to treat you just like a brick wall and Thunder, man, you are looking at THE Ronald Reagan in that I DEMAND that this brick wall be taken down and trust me, it will.”

    Pausing momentarily, the fans are really beginning to rally behind him.

    Drew, “So do us all a favor and please, PLEASE, utilize a much better work ethic and definitely drop that little Jeff Hardy act that you have going and oh...”

    Using his right hand, he uses his index finger to rub underneath his nose.

    Drew, “... You don’t eat Pixie sticks through your nose so make sure that you’re clean because we all have to take our mandatory piss tests in just a few weeks.”

    Smiling to a huge amount of cheers, he looks down at the smiling kid who still holds his title for him.

    Drew, “Coca Cola, Pepsi, Frito’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Tap Out, Affliction, Mitsubishi, Ford, Chevy, Nintendo, UFC, and Bellator. What was that you ask? Now you FWA have to pay royalties because I just mentioned them on the air and kids, stay in school!”

    Receiving a huge amount of cheers now, he reaches over and gently grabs the Emerald Championship off of the kid’s shoulder and in return gives him a free microphone which will only cost the FWA just that much more.

    Whyte Thunder vs. "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson

    As Stevenson waits in the ring following his promo, Whyte Thunder's "House of the Rising Sun" music plays and the crowd comes to its feet to cheer this face paint-wearing dark hero to the ring.

    He eyes Stevenson with a dark glare and the bell rings. After they circle once, they come together to lock horns and Whyte Thunder gets a rear waist lock applied. He shoves Stevenson away and the pair once more circle one another before coming together to lock arms. This time Stevenson locks in a side head lock but Whyte Thunder shoves him into the ropes and pelts him with a big right hand punch to the jaw. Stevenson rolls to the corner and rises up and begins shouting, "Wrestle me!" They grapple again and once more Whyte Thunder gets a punch in first, and then another, and then a third. The brawler has Stevenson against the turnbuckle and is firing away right hand punches down into the face and head region, hoping to make a dent. He grabs Stevenson by the hair and one swift uppercut later Stevenson is bouncing off the ropes. Whyte Thunder whips Stevenson across the ropes but "The Emerald" and X-Division champion dodges a clothesline and hits a beautiful swinging neckbreaker after a kick into the groin.

    Stevenson grabs Whyte Thunder by the neck and sets up for a vertical suplex, but Whyte Thunder counters with his own swinging neckbreaker. Stevenson grabs the bottom rope as Whyte Thunder applies a head lock. Stevenson gets a foot under the ropes immediately and Whyte Thunder releases but clotheslines Stevenson over the top rope.

    Whyte Thunder follows and begins hammering away with clubbing right hands down into the upper spine. Stevenson rolls into the ring on his own and when Whyte Thunder slides in and tries getting up, Stevenson hits a kneeling DDT. He hooks the far leg, but Whyte Thunder kicks out at two and one-fifth.

    Drew Stevenson grabs Whyte Thunder again and whips his foe into the ropes, but the trench coat-wearing superhero lands a running knee lift and then triple rolling German suplexes!!! The crowd chants "One!" "Two!" and "Three!" for each of them. Whyte Thunder looks down at Stevenson and drags him toward the center of the ring. He faces the crowd as he climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off for a moonsault...but Drew Stevenson moves!!!

    Stevenson looks wide-eyed and breathing heavy like he escaped a loss. He sees Whyte Thunder struggle to his feet and hits a picture-perfect leg lariat, and then a Fisherman's suplex with the leg hooked!
    (..............1.................2.....Kick out)

    Stevenson grabs Whyte Thunder and whips to the ropes and then lands a backbreaker. He points to the crowd that the "Final Conflict" is coming and says, "Time for the CM Punk carbon copy to beat another 'main eventer!'"

    Stevenson grabs Whyte Thyunder and sets up, but the former World Heavyweight Champion elbows free. Stevenson stumbles toward the turnbuckle but turns and Whyte Thunder is there with a big right hand punch. He sends Stevenson across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle and hits a jumping splash!!! Stevenson stumbles out of the corner and Whyte Thunder grabs Stevenson by the hair...he turns him face down and plants him in the center of the ring with his "Hero's Oath" sitout faceplant and rolls him face up to cover.

    Winner: Whyte Thunder

    As Whyte Thunder celebrates, Drew Stevenson takes him out from behind with a forearm to the back of the head. Stevenson has Whyte Thunder by the hair and lands a knee lift to the face and sets up for the "Final Conflict."

    Sam McDonald: Drew Stevenson is trying to prove a point!

    However, the crowd explodes as "The Amazing" Ryan Rondo darts down the rampway. He slides into the ring as Drew Stevenson backs away and lets Whyte Thunder stumble down and fall to his knees.

    Langdon Trafford: Is Ryan Rondo saving Whyte Thunder?! Has he finally turn around?!

    Piers Gallagher: Whyte Thunder came out to save Ryan Rondo from PAJ's post-match attack. Maybe Rondo is returning the favor!

    Ryan Rondo has a serious look of concern as he places a hand up and points and tells Drew Stevenson to "back off."

    As Rondo puts his hand up to pause Drew Stevenson, he shouts, "Stay back." Stevenson has his hands on his hips and shakes his head. Ryan Rondo grabs Whyte Thunder by the neck and looks into his eyes. Suddenly, it becomes clear that Ryan Rondo's intentions are not well. His look of concern changes to one of maniacal sadism. He then plants Whyte Thunder with his "Amazing KO" cutter and begins laughing. As he leaves the ring, he tells Drew Stevenson, "Do what you wish."

    Sam McDonald: I can't believe this! Whyte Thunder went out and SAVED Ryan Rondo from being hurt by PAJ after the triple threat match. And now Ryan Rondo pretends to do the same, but instead does the attacking and lets Drew Stevenson do what he wants?! What a shame!

    Drew Stevenson looks into Whyte Thunder's eyes and shouts, "You are not better than me. NO" And then he hits the "Final Conflict" sitout Rock Bottom finisher as the crowd boos both Rondo and Stevenson.


    North American Championship Match“The Ace of Diamonds” Shane McClean © vs Thomas Princeton

    “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas plays over the loud speaker and Jason Gryphon makes his way out from behind the curtain wearing a tight fitting referees jersey and a black armband with a white SW on it to honor the late Sara Wolf. He gets into the ring and waits for the competitors to come out. "The Orange Man" by James Newton Howard plays and the challenger Thomas Princeton comes up to a chorus of boos but he smiles wickedly at the crowd before getting into the ring and pointing his finger at Gryphon, telling him to call this match right down the middle. “Bounce” by Bon Jovi plays over the speakers and the crowd get to their feet as the North American Champion Shane McClean makes his way down to the ring with his title around his waist. Once Shane is in the ring, he hands the championship to Jason Gryphon, who holds it tight for a few moments, looking into the golden shine before handing to the time keeper and calling for the bell. This title match is now underway.

    Shane McClean and Thomas Princeton begin to circle each other in the ring before locking up in the middle. Thomas quickly takes McClean down to his knees after an impressive Test of Strength. McClean is back to his feet now and puts Princeton in a side headlock before taking him off of his feet. McClean wrenches of Princeton’s neck before Princeton is able to push Shane off of him and bounces off the ropes, trying to go for a big boot. McClean is able to dodge it and goes for a clothesline. Princeton is able to dodge that move but when he turns around, he is leveled by Shane’s Karma Clothesline. Shane begins to stomp on Princeton on all of the joint posts before he hits an elbow drop on the challenger. McClean does for a cover but Princeton is able to kick out before Gryphon can ever get to the mat. Princeton is able to get to his feet at the same time as McClean and he grabs Shane by this throat. He literally tosses Shane out of the ring by his throat, sending him crashing to the floor.

    Piers Gallagher:
    What an impressive show of strength by Princeton.

    Princeton steps over the top rope and hops down to the floor. He grabs McClean again and whips him into the steel steps only for Shane to reverse, sending Princeton crashing to the steps. Jason Gryphon is simply standing in the ring, as these two men beat the hell out of each other, not even bothering to count them out. Shane grabs Princeton by the hair and he slams his head into the steel before sending him back into the ring. Shane goes to the top rope and waits for Princeton to get to his feet. Shane leaps off the top rope and goes for a Double Axe Handle only for Princeton to nail him with a punch to the midsection. He picks the champions up in his arm and lifts him for a Military Press Slam. Shane able to wiggle free and whips Princeton into the ropes where he hits the Wham Bam Bash. McClean goes for the first cover in the match and Gryphon goes to the mat.


    Princeton gets to his feet again as McClean picks him up. He sends Princeton into the corner and makes a running start at him but Thomas is able to get his knees up, causing McClean to spin around, and Princeton nails a chop block that sends the champion off of his feet. Princeton grabs McClean’s leg and slams it into the mat before putting McCleans leg around his large neck and applying a Stretch Muffler. Shane McClean is screaming in pain and Gryphon goes over to check to see if McClean wants to quit. Shane clearly shakes his head and Princeton slams his leg back down to the mat as he could not hold the champion up any longer. He pick McClean up again and this time is able to nail and impressive military press slam. He bounces off the ropes and hits a big splash on McClean, going for the cover. Gryphon counts the fall.


    Princeton cannot believe that Shane kicked out of that move and goes over to have some words with Gryphon. They get into a shouting match before Princeton turns his attention back to the champion. As he turns around, Shane kicks him in the gut and hits the Diamond Heist. He doesn’t go for the cover, instead going to the top tope. He leaps off the top rope and tries to hit the InShane Leg Drop but Princeton moves out of the way. He backs and motions for Shane to get to his feet and he goes for a Big Boot when McClean gets to his feet. The boot connects but not to McClean. Gryphon is now out as Princeton looks down in shock. He turns around and he is met with The Diamond Ring by McClean but there is no one to call an end to the match as Princeton taps out.

    Harry Baxter: This match should be over right now!

    Piers Gallagher:
    If Gryphon doesn’t see it, there is nothing that can be done.

    McClean lets go of the hold and he walks over to Gryphon. He taps him a couple of times on the face to wake him up but he is not playing attention to Princeton who has woke up and nail McClean with a boot to the head. Princeton goes for the cover and he yells at Gryphon to hurry up and count. He slowly makes his way over to the pair and slowly makes the count.


    The crowd is on there feet as the champion kicks out of one of Princeton’s most powerful moves. Princeton moves to his feet and pulls Jason up, shaking him by the collar and screaming that he should be the champion right now. Princeton pushes Jason, only for Jason to push him back, spinning him around where Thomas gets hit with the Lethal InjectShane. Gryphon gets down to his knees again and goes for the cover. Princeton gets his foot up in the ropes but Jason cannot see it for this angle and he makes the count.


    WINNER and STILL FWA North American Champion: Shane McClean

    Piers Gallagher:
    What the hell! Princeton’s feet where on the ropes! The count should never of happened. Jason Gryphon just screwed Thomas Princeton!!

    Harry Baxter: You said it first Piers, “If Gryphon doesn’t see it, there is nothing that can be done.”

    The crowd is on their feet cheers for Shane as Gryphon looks at the man that cost him his revenge on Ryan Hall. They comes face to face with each other in the middle of the ring and stare at each other. Princeton gets to his feet and pushes Shane to the side. Thomas begins to yell at Gryphon that his feet were on the ropes. He shoves Gryphon once but Gryphon doesn’t not attack him back but when he goes it a seconds time and causes Gryphon to bounce off of the ropes, Princeton is leveled with The Lion’s Lariat. Gryphon and McClean stare at each other once again when suddenly G-Rich’s music comes over the speakers. He makes his way out onto the stage.

    G-Rich: Jason, when I made you the referee in this match, you were supposed to call this match right down the middle, not get physically involved in it. I don’t know whether you didn’t see Princeton’s feet on the ropes or if you chose not to see it before of your vendetta against Shane McClean and wanting him in a match. I am now forced to give Princeton another shot at the North American Championship.

    The crowd loudly boos at the mention of Princeton getting another shot at Shane McClean’s North American Championship.

    G-Rich: I am also a man of my word and when I named Gryphon the #1 Contender earlier tonight, that was not a lie and it is not something that I will take away from him. Therefore in 2 weeks at FWA’s biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, Back in Business, it will be Shane McClean verses Thomas Princeton verses Jason Gryphon in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH FOR THE NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Harry Baxter: Wow! What a huge announcement by G-Rich! That’s going to be an incredible match up!

    The crowd cheers for the announcement of the new match to the Back in Business card. McClean goes over to grab his championship and he holding it above his head as he stares at Gryphon dead in the eyes while Thomas Princeton is holding his neck in the corner. Princeton has a scowl on his face while both McClean and Gryphon have cocky smiles on theirs.

    Backstage hallway....

    Sally is walking down the hall with her title belt around her waist. She tips her hat to a few crew members, but continues to walk when suddenly she hears a noise.

    Zaire: Sally. Come. Here.

    Sally looks around for her husband but doesn't see him anywhere.

    Sally: Zaire?

    Zaire: I'm. In. Here.

    Sally goes into a dark room, she searches for a light switch but can't find one.

    Sally: Cant find a light.

    Zaire: I. Want. It. Dark.

    Sally: Why?

    Zaire: Kiss. Me.

    Sally pauses then she feels someone lean in and kiss her, she kisses back but suddenly pulls away.

    Sally: What the heck?! Ya' ain't Zaire!

    The lights flicker on to reveal Ayla El with a laptop on a stool. Sally gasps and then spits onto the ground.

    Sally: Ayla El?!!

    Ayla El: Hello cowgirl. Did you like my little show? Took me over a week but I was able to find audio tracks to play Zaire's voice in a few selected sentences. Figured would need it for you to kiss in the dark, I can't quite get Zaire's...drawl. It's hard to make myself sound unintelligent I suppose.

    Sally: Y-ya' kissed me!!? That's disgustin'!

    Ayla El: Nah yer' Christian morals are disgustin'!

    Sally: I don't look down on gay people, I jus' don't think they should be able to get married. That's for holy matrimony--

    Ayla El: Oh what you know about being holy? You just kissed a girl, and I think ya' liked it a bit.

    Sally: Don't be ridiculous!

    Ayla El: You're a sinner Sally! You think that you're better than me but your blind faith is going to lead to your downfall and I'll be waiting.

    Sally: If ya' think fer' one moment that I--

    Ayla El grabs Sally and forces another kiss, even forcing some tongue down Sally's throat. Sally pushes Ayla El off her and wipes off her mouth. Ayla El just laughs as Sally grunts and charges at Ayla El but the lights turn off again, and when they flicker back on a moment later Ayla El is gone. Sally sneers.

    Sally: See ya' in the ring then...

    An angry sally stops out of the room back into the hallway.

    Main Event
    Non-Title Match
    Shannon O' Neal vs. Saddle Sally vs. Ayla El vs. Mustang Maddie

    The main event is set, the crowd is ready. Shannon O' Neal comes out first to a nice pop from the crowd. The mood is pretty somber right now, everyone is anticipating the match but bummed about what it all means. Saddle Sally enters next with the title belt around her waist, she points up to the rafters, a gesture for the departed. Ayla El comes out behind Sally and also pays respect to Sara. Mustang Maddie is the last to enter, you can see the joy on her face of getting to be in the main event, as well as the pain as she metabolizes what for.

    The four women each get into a corner of the ring, they all nod at each other for just one moment they extend a symbol of respect. Then the ring bell sounds and all hell breaks loose. Sally goes after Ayla El and Shannon goes towards Mustang Maddie. The women are all trading blows back and forth. Shannon and Sally beckon to each other, their team up not forgotten as they link arms and clothesline both Ayla El and Maddie to the mat. Shannon and Sally high five each other and then both preform mirrored backflip splashes onto the guts of their opponents. Ayla El is to her feet quickly though and grabs Shannon from behind for a quick take down. Sally is so distracted she doesn't see Maddie coming either as she grabs Sally into a inverted neckbreaker.

    Maddie rushes to put Sally into a headlock meanwhile Shannon gets up to attack Ayla El but Ayla El counters the grapple into a shoulder suplex. Shannon lands on the mat awkwardly, Ayla El puts Shannon into a surfboard hold. Shannon is in pain and Ayla El isn't letting go of the hold, it doesn't look like Shannon can hold out much longer. Meanwhile Sally is elbowing her way out of the headlock and then she grabs Maddie and Irish whips her right into Ayla El and Shannon breaking up the hold. The commentators mention that they can't tell if Sally did that for Shannon or just so she wouldn't lose.

    Shannon gets up to thank Sally and Sally hits her with a DDT! Looks like their question was answered quickly. Sally covers Shannon 1...2...Shannon kicks out. Sally gets up and shrugs her shoulders at the confused Shannon "Nothin' personal hun' in it to win it." She says, but Sally spends too much time talking and is hit with a bulldog from Ayla El. Ayla El has no time to gloat though as she's immediately knocked down with a hard lariat from Maddie. Shannon gets up to attack Maddie but Maddie is ready and delivers a swift kick to the skull of Shannon knocking her down. Maddie tries to grab Sally, she wants to make a statement but Sally slips out and grabs Maddie forcing her into an Irish whip and tossing her over the ropes.

    Sally attacks Ayla El the two women locked in a battle of strength, Ayla El seems to be winning and then Shannon tries to get involved but Ayla masterfully counters Shannon and puts Sally and Shannon into a double DDT! The crowd marks big time for that. Ayla El covers Sally 1...2...Sally kicks out! Ayla El stalks Sally but Shannon is too her feet faster than expected and starts trading jabs with Ayla El. Ayla El tries to go for a big right jab but Shannon ducks it then uppercuts Ayla El and then grabs her for a quick but powerful vertical suplex. Shannon then hops onto the top turnbuckle and leaps off to deliver a leg drop to the chest of Ayla El! Shannon looks ready to pin Ayla El but Maddie has snuck back into the ring and tosses Shannon from behind out of the ring!

    Shannon crashes hard onto the outside mat. This is Maddie's chance she covers Ayla El 1...2...Sally breaks it up! Sally and Maddie grapple it up, Ayla El holding her chest gets up she is waiting for her chance, but both Sally and Maddie see where that is going and charge Ayla El delivering a rarely seen double big boot; Maddie kicking Ayla El in the gut and Sally delivering a boot to the skull of Ayla El who flips violently onto the mat. Sally grabs hold of Maddie and pushes the wrestler chest first into the turnbuckle. Maddie stumbles backwards in pain, and that's all Sally needs to hit her Elk's Horn! The crowd pops for it, Sally hooks the leg, Shannon tries to get back into the ring 1...2....3!

    Sally rolls out of the way as he gets her arm raised by the ref as she empthatically screams in joy. She then points up to the heavens before falling to the mat and kneeling down in prayer. The arena applauds her performance.

    Winner: Saddle Sally via pinfall

    He's here? Okay.

    He takes a breath and sighs.

    Here we go...

    In the midst of all of the action tonight the atmosphere changes as the car containing Wolf shows up back stage. Silence falls as Wolf exists the vehicle and pushes a random member of the backstage crew staff out of his way as he makes his way into the building. Wolf furiously walks through the halls backstage and you can literally feel an aura of intensity when he is near you. G-Rich makes his way through the halls and intercepts Wolf.

    G-Rich: Adrian... You really shouldn't be here this soon... Are you okay?

    Wolf's nostril's twitch at the word okay and he abruptly grabs G-Rich and pins him against the wall. It takes a moment... but finally a word leaves Wolf's lips.


    Wolf shakes his head and let's go of his grip on the collar of G-Rich's suit. He gives him an apologetic look and G-Rich has the sense of mind to take that as an apology.

    "Psychosocial" by Slipknot hits the PA system and the crowd from Austin, Texas goes wild for the FWA brand fan favorite. Wolf walks out onto the stage to roaring, ear shattering cheers but the look on his face tells you that he doesn't even hear them. He's in his own world right now... A frightening world... A world where only him and his thoughts dwell. He enters the ring after grabbing a microphone from the closest member of the ring-side crew. He stand still in the ring and "We Want Vengeance" chants start. He stands there in silence for moment before taking up the microphone

    Wolf: I...

    He falls silent once again... A myriad of emotion is fluttering behind his stone cold face which is void of feelings. He walks in circles... mulling things over and you can almost see the vortex of different forms of anger, regret, sadness and hatred swirling around his head. He picks up the microphone one more time.


    BUT a voice suddenly overrides his.

    Voice over PA system:
    ... Killed My Wife!

    The crowd is a jumbled mess of confusion trying to see where the voice came from when Ryan Hal's face finally appears front and center on the big screen. WOLF's eyes suddenly flicker and his nostrils flare as he turns to face this accuser and the object of his hatred. Ryan Hall speaks and it can be heard on the speaker system around the arena.

    Ryan Hall:
    There you go. I finished the statement that you have been trying to get out of your throat all night. RIGHT?

    Wolf glares at the screen which is illuminated with the image of the Inferno.

    Ryan Hall:
    Adrian Wolf... you are a murderer, plain and simple.

    The crowd boos to voice their rejection of Ryan Hall and any words that come out of his mouth.

    Ryan Hall:
    You may not have pulled the trigger, put pills down her throat or cut her wrists up but yet you might as well have. The only reason... The ONLY reason... Sara Wolf is dead is because of you.

    More boos from the crowd and Wolf's glare becomes something more of a homicidal stare.

    Ryan Hall:
    Not too long ago... I did something that many people have misinterpreted and many have questioned whether I should be put in jail... Well, all I can say in my face is you were not there. You didn't see her face... You didn't feel her squirms turn to sensational screams of joy. Sara Wolf's catalyst, was exactly the opposite of what most of you may be thinking... Sara Wolf didn't kill herself because of what I did to her... she killed herself over what YOU couldn't do for her.

    Wolf's grip on the microphone tightens.

    Ryan Hall:
    That night... That fateful night was the greatest night of that bitch’s life... Wait... I'm sorry... Manners manner manners... The late great Sara Wolf's life. I showed her things about herself that she didn't even know existed. I showed her what is what like to be with a king, to feel a king's touch.... to taste a king's sweat... and the bitter sweet taste was miles better than the sour puss she tasted from her husband. Our encounter was brief but life-changing... or apparently... life-ending. Sara just couldn't bring herself to come back to you... She just couldn't bring herself to come home and get in bed next to a mongrel piece of flea-ridden garbage like you. Your vows... Your marriage... Your disgusting self... the only way to break herself from you was kill yourself and you couldn't even let her go before that happen. This is your fault Adrian... You are the reason she's dead... She died because you aren't a man... You're nothing more than a wild dog... And wild dog's always need to be put down. You said Back In Business wasn't about the FWA championship and well mongrel... You got your wish. I am going to be the one to put the rabid dog out of his misery and I am going to be the one to avenge the death of the only woman you ever really loved. You'll lose... You'll fail... You'll fall... Knowing that in her last breath of this planet... SHE WAS THINKING OF ME.

    The crowd erupts with "You Suck" chants but once again... Wolf is off in his own world... the crowd couldn't be further from his mind as he has his eyes locked on the only target and only thing that matters to him, Ryan Hall.

    Ryan Hall:
    In loving memory of Sara Wolf... In the end she was nothing more than the wife of a savage little wild dog that spends his day running through the wood chasing pieces of meat and eating his own feces. In the end... She was a mediocre competitor and a mediocre lay but the look in her eyes when she locked hers with mine told me... I'm better than you... And your wife... Refused to live anymore knowing that.

    He pushes the hair out of his face, with a trembling hand.

    Wolf: I may have caused the death of Sara and by the way things are right now we may see another death at Back in Business, but as far as I'm concerned, death is too easy for you. I will make you suffer and give you injuries that could be problems for the rest of your life... Make you live in pain and discomfort so you never forget who did it to you. You will wish I would have killed you, but instead of snapping your neck... I roll you up for a three count. I don't know if it will give peace to my soul but it will give me an answer. I am destined to suffer for all the eternity and with Sara gone Ii have no more love left to give.

    Wolf drops the microphone and lifts his arm... His fist clenched tight... The intensity is back in his eyes... Maybe he is more dangerous because of Sara's passing... Only time will tell.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night results 3/14/2014

    Very good show

    [I WIN]

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    Re: FWA Fight Night results 3/14/2014

    Hot damn! I started at the bottom and one year later I am getting a NA Title Shot!

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    Re: FWA Fight Night results 3/14/2014

    Good work guys... One more show until BIB.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night results 3/14/2014

    Back in Business just got a whole lot sexier.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night results 3/14/2014

    Fantastic results and great job everybody!

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    Re: FWA Fight Night results 3/14/2014

    Back in Business will blow people's minds!

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    Re: FWA Fight Night results 3/14/2014

    Good show looking forward to the next one.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night results 3/14/2014

    Good show overall, though I think more should have been done to really make it a 'tribute show'.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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