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    FIGHT NIGHT 2/28/14 results

    Ashley: Lucian come on, come talk to me. Leave it.

    Lucian Ace: I am sick of everyone tip toeing around me telling me I need help, telling other people i need help. How many times do i have to say before blood needs to be spilled for you to all get the hell off of my back and leave me alone huh? I'm sick to the back teeth of everyone apparently 'knowing' what i'm going through, that i need to cut back on the drink and..

    Ashley: You do need to cut back, don't end up like I did..

    Lucian's eyes widen

    Lucian Ace: Get off the god damn band wagon Ashley! Apparently i have a drink problem well woop-di-doo send in the rescue squad or hold on..heres a better idea. LEAVE ME ALONE! None of you, NONE OF YOU know what i'm going through. I'm tired, I'm pissed off , YOU don't want to see me go down the road you did. You won't find me in a gutter i'm finally waking up to what people around here are really like and the fact of the matter is EVERYBODY is out for themselves. What do you people want from me huh? You suck me dry, you've taken all i had to give and more and STILL you turn on me. I feel physically sickened by the prospect of going out there. There won't be any high fives, any greet the fans because they don't deserve it. You turn your back on me? I'll turn my back on you. I don't need you, i don't need any of you!

    He snarls at the thought, glancing back to Ashley who was refusing to talk back with Lucian for whatever reason. Maybe he knew this was part of the road Lucian was going down..after all he'd been there before

    Lucian Ace: All i keep hearing from everyone is 'This isn't you Lucian'. That I'm not being 'me' enough for them. Well maybe Lucian Ace was dead and buried at Hammerstein Ballroom. Maybe those fans threw the dirt on Lucian Aace and got rid of him because right now.. if Lucian Ace is buried in the Garden....then maybe The Lucifer doesn't care if the fans like him or not...

    He glanced back at Ashley

    Lucian Ace: Maybe the Lucifer thinks as far as i'm can all go to hell.

    Lucian...or the Lucifer as he was referring to himself in the wake of the 'death' of Lucian Ace clutched the hockey stick in his hand before walking on. Ashley watched him walking away with a look of concern in his eyes after all this was the FWA golden boy who everyone had watched grow up with the business and had now given up on everything he once believed in. He was seemingly beyond help as Ash mutter to himself..

    Ashley: You will regret all of this one day

    He sighed shaking his head

    The show opens with the official Fight Night signature.

    The cameras then cut to an elevated shot from inside the arena, giving everyone at home a good look at the screaming masses of wrestling fans in attendance. The crowd is cheering their heart out as some wave signs and FWA merchandise, while others jump up and down and try to attract the camera's attention. The sound is deafening inside the arena as we cut to a floor shot of the commentator's table where Piers Gallagher, Langdon Trafford, Harry Baxter and Sam McDonald are ready to kick off the show!

    Langdon Trafford: Welcome everyone, to the most dangerous night on TV! We're back with Friday night's one and only FIGHT NIGHT, live from North Carolina as the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance continues its road to Back in Business IX!

    Piers Gallagher:
    And so many big matches tonight, including Drew Stevenson against Gabrielle Montgomery after Stevenson's now-infamous pipe bomb interview this past week. Stevenson's stock is rising, or falling, depending on which side of the coin you fall, but he's definitely on everyone's mind this week and has a HUGE chance against a former World champion. And, by the way, I fall on the pro-Stevenson side of the coin. But I bet you and all these fans disagree, like always.

    Harry Baxter:
    Not only that, but he also has a major chance to win a World championship the week following Back in Business! G-Rich made the blockbuster announcement this week that the "Quest for the Best" Golden Opportunity elimination chamber match would take place in one month on Fight Night when Drew Stevenson, PAJ, Ryan Rondo, Jason Gryphon and Shane McLean all battle whoever is the World champion for the top prize. It's a new era here in the FWA.

    Another big explosion of pyro erupts from the stage, drawing even more cheers from the fans.

    Cameras switch to G-Rich's office as "The Inferno" Ryan Hall enters with the FWA World title over his shoulder.

    G-Rich: I don't want to hear anythi...

    Ryan Hall: Well, too bad. First, you make this match with WOLF a stipulation match. Then you make the elimination chamber where I have to go against FIVE people.

    G-Rich: Assuming you beat Wolf at Back in Business..

    Ryan Hall: I will. But it's obvious you're biased, G. It's obvious you're siding with everyone who defended the FWA. That's why we have all these stipulation matches. PAj and Gabrielle is one. Ryan Rondo and Whyte Thunder is one.

    G-Rich: And if I am so pro-FWA, then why did I put Rondo and PAJ in the elimination chamber?

    Ryan Hall goes silent as G-Rich stares at him with a smartass smirk. Hall changes his tone to a solemn one.

    Ryan Hall: Have you heard anything about...what happened to her last week?

    G-Rich: Not a word. In fact, I haven't even seen her around. People have been telling me things about what happened after the show, though. Do you feel proud considering you kind of played a part in this?

    Hall thinks for a second before answering.

    Ryan Hall: I don't feel responsible. Has WOLF found out?

    G-Rich: I've avoided telling him anything so far. I'm really just hoping we can avoid the worst.

    Ryan Hall: You really think there's a chance something bad could happen to her.

    G-Rich: I don't know, Ryan. Let's hope not. Apparently, she was really distraught. All I can do is hope she'll fight through it.

    But thanks for asking anyway.

    No doubt G-Rich left some sarcasm in his voice for that last sentence, and Hall dismisses himself from the office.

    Zayne Richards vs. Jugem Jugem

    Zayne Richards comes out first, excited to be wrestling in the FWA though the crowd already doesn't like him because of his aura. Already in the ring is the local jobber talent Jugem Jugem happy to be on television; he's doomed. Zayne steps in and ring bell sounds and he starts taking Jugem to task with some hard strikes and some cocky showboating as he hits Jugem with a quick snap suplex. Jugem tries to fight back, not wanting to be embarrassed but it's no use against Zayne who hits Jugem with a patented Osaka Street Cutter. Jugem is just in immense pain and Zayne decides to take him out of his misery and hits Jugem with his finisher The Purge (pumphandle life twisting into a gordbuster) Zayne hooks the leg 1..2...3 for an easy and quick win!

    Winner: Zayne Richards via pinfall

    Fight Night fades in from commercial break to chaos backstage. Multiple security guards have swarmed this amazon of a woman. Screaming and cursing at her to leave the premises immediately. She ignores them, with her back turned towards the camera and continues to make her way down the hallway.

    Security Guard One: Lady, you gotta leave!

    Security Guard One grabs the mysterious woman by the arm. She immediately jerks her arm away and grabs him by the neck. She slams him against the concrete wall. With a look of sheer terror on his face. She leans in, as the camera pans around to reveal her face.

    Langdon: Wha... what? Is that Tiffany Reinhart? What's she doing here?

    She glares at poor security guard with ferocious intensity.

    Tiffany Reinhart: You really think you're going to stop me?

    She pushes him aside and continues on down the hallway, the other guards continue to chase her down. She takes a left, opens a door and heads into a room. Security follows her in. The door slams shut, slightly vibrating the sign hanging on the door... "Saddle Sally - FWA Womens' Champion." Screaming and berating from the security guards continue, but then quickly fall silent. The door quickly flips back open, with the security team quickly and quietly exiting the private lockerroom. The door latches back shut.

    Langdon: Man... She's been gone for the longest... Is Tiffany Reinhart back?

    Piers: Ugh... What does that no good woman Sally got up her sleeve...

    "The Amazing" Ryan Rondo vs. Jethro Warren
    Ryan Rondo comes out to some pretty heavy heat from the crowd, he ignores most of it but seems annoyed by some of it. He steps into the ring and warms up a bit more, then Jethro Warren enters to some light heat from the crowd. The arena here would definitely prefer to see Jethro win. The two men get into the ring and stare off at each other then they go at each other like dogs in a cage fighting over meat. It is sloppy but it's aggressive and borderline illegal with every scratch, grab and low blow they put on each other in the first few minutes. Both men are trying to assert their dominance early on but neither is willing to back down.

    Jethro then knocks Ryan down with a short but powerful clothesline. Ryan is down and Jethro takes advantage pounding the skull of Rondo with some hard jabs and then putting him in a contorted cloverleaf leg lock! Ryan is in incredible pain, Jethro is stronger than he was expecting as Jethro gets near to seemingly snap the tendons off of Ryan's leg Rondo manages to fight Jethro off of him. As Ryan holds his legs in pain Jethro charges for a big boot but Ryan ducks it and then hits Jethro in the jaw with an elbow and then grabs Jethro for a DDT.

    Jethro is up and he locks up with Ryan from here on out the two go back and forth that is until Jehtro goes for a costly suplex that Rondo slips out of and then pushes Jethro off of him and then connects with a spinning wheel kick to the skull of Jethro. Rondo then goes to the top rope and hits a flying elbow drop to the gut of Jethro and hooks the leg 1...2...Jethro kicks out. Ryan goes off the ropes for momentum and delivers a spinning missile drop kick to the chest of Jethro knocking him down as he tries to stand. Now Rondo is ready and goes to the top rope to hit his finisher Amazing Corkscrew right onto Jethro! Rondo hooks the leg 1...2...3!

    Winner: Ryan Rondo via pinfall

    Drew, “Let me ask all of you a question...”

    Walking out from behind one of the doors way out in the arena, the Emerald Champion receives a very mixed reaction as he stands out in the crowd with a microphone in hand and the Emerald Championship draped over his left shoulder.

    Drew, “... Do you come here to see the WRESTLING?”

    Extending the microphone out, the fans explode into cheers. Bringing it back in, he nods his head.

    Drew, “Yeah, I thought so! Now according to your champion, Ryan Hall, the days of wrestling and promos are long gone and the days of movies, drama, hentai and all of that other shit are here to stay.”

    The fans let out a loud boo showing their disdain for that logic.

    Drew, “Oh I agree with you, it shows that our “champion” doesn’t know the first thing about wrestling and it shows that the FWA in general doesn’t care about it either. You see, that’s where I’m different because ever since I tore the suits a new asshole? Everybody in the back, minus a few have looked at me in a much different light but do you know what’s ironic? The only people that balled up their little fists and got pissed off are the people that are the “top draws” of this company and hell, I use that term looser than Gabrielle after she gets out of the FWA club after every week’s Fight Night.”

    With many fans laughing, some others gasp and you can hear them say “ooooohhhh” at the fact that he just snuck in a witty joke at her expense.

    Drew, “Yeah, I know – the truth hurts! However, this “mediocre” talent according to Hall and the fact that I just “accept” my place according to Gabby shows their ignorance. You see, just because I don’t s[censored]k or kiss ass doesn’t mean that I’m mediocre, hell, I was told once upon a time here that wins and losses didn’t matter, bye bye fourth wall. Anyway, I was told here by Chris Kennedy that this company was more about its loyal guys and girls who busted their ass each and every week and maybe that was true back in the day but here and now? Are you telling me Gabby that just because said people don’t win every week that they are mediocre? Because if that’s the case, according to the stupid logic around here – then you are on that list of “mediocre” people here in the FWA.”

    Using his left hand, his free hand, he motions around the arena as the fans “oooohhh” yet again by that remark.

    Drew, “Oh yeah, see, I stick by my guns on the logic around here being stupid because your FWA Champion, the supposed “best” that the FWA has to offer decided to grab his shovel out from the garage and try to look cool but let’s get to some truth. You see Ryan, you can look like a retard by trying to bury a champion here in the FWA and you can say whatever you want or try to bury me at every turn but your champion, Ryan Hall, came up to me once upon a time in the back and wanted me in his little group to feud The Syndicate. Ironically, it was Chris Kennedy who said “man, you are too good to be his lackey” and I told Hall no. So for somebody who says that *I* am mediocre – it was YOU who came to ME and hell, let’s be honest with each other real fast...”

    Pausing, he smirks and looks around.

    Drew, “... The ONLY reason that you are the FWA Champion Ryan? It’s because Chris Kennedy didn’t send in his promotional piece nor did he want to be here anymore.”

    With the fans yelling “BURN”, Stevenson simply smirks knowing that he just put Hall right in his place verbally.

    Drew, “So put THAT into your pipe and smoke it, courteous of the mediocre one!”

    Bringing his arms out, he smiles as the fans still give him a mixed reaction but he is getting more cheers than boos.

    Drew Stevenson vs. Wet Willie, The Chicken, Lord Dog, Grizzly Joe and NARC

    "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold plays over the speakers and Drew Stevenson walks out to the ring with a cocky smile on his face as he clutches his Emerald Championship to his chest. He makes his way to the ring and waits for this first challenger to maake his way to the ring. Wet Willie is the first one to make his way down to the ring and they referee rings the bells when Stevenson puts his championship to the side. Willie comes running at Drew but immediately gets caught and nailed with the Final Conflict by Drew. Drew goes for the cover…


    Drew quickly dispatches with his first challengers and as Willie rolls out of the ring, The Chicken makes his way down to the ring, clucking at the fans at ringside. He comes into the ring and beings to do a quick Chicken dance around the Emerald Champion but Drew is all business tonight. He nails the Chicken in the gut and nailed a quick DDT. Drew picks The Chicken up off the mat hits the Final Conflict before going for the cover.


    Drew once again stands tall as Lord Dog makes his way down to the ring. Drew quickly tries to takes out Dog with a clothesline but Dog ducks out of the way and runs to the ropes. Dog goes for a front dropkick but Drew is about to catch his legs and locks in The Career Killer. Dog quickly taps out to the hold and Grizzly Joe comes out. Joe is able to land a few punches but Drew grabs his arm, spin him around, and hit The Final Conflict


    Drew gets another quick win and his finally challengers steps out from behind the curtain. Narc comes running down the rampway and slides into the ring. They stand toe to toe with one another and begin to trade punches in the middle of the ring. Narc whips Drew into the ropes only for Drew to come up from behind and hit a German Suplex. Drew rolls through the suplex and locks in the Career Killer. Narc has no choice but to tap out.

    WINNER: “The Emerald” Drew Stevenson

    Commercial Break

    Christian Quinn and Lucian Ace vs. Thomas Jones and Jack Gekko

    Quinn starts the match with Jones as the two trade grapples and forcing one another against the turnbuckle. Jones finally lands a stiff forearm before landing a irish whip and a nice belly to belly suplex. He tags in Gekko, who seems distant from the match. Quinn locks in an ankle lock before Gekko's talent renders him free with a kick to the chest. Tag made to Lucian Ace, who flies off with a flying elbow to the face. Gekko is down as Ace covers, but kick out at two.

    Later in the match, Jones returns and gives an impressive performance with a powerslam and then a nice running clothesline. He gets a near fall on Quinn, but after tagging Gekko back in, Quinn lands a DDT and tags in Ace, who hits his finisher and gets the 1-2-3 pinfall.

    Winners: Christian Quinn and Lucian Ace

    After the match, Jack Gekko takes the microphone.

    "After months being here, I've gone nowhere. Six-month contract be damned. I'll rot away. Without Jimmy King's vision, this place is nothing but a hell hole and I want no part of it. No, I never was on "Team King," but I was still a CWA guy through and through. So call this me calling it quits. So long, sucke..."

    As he drops the microphone, Thomas "Iceman" Jones comes behind with a forearm to the back of Gekko's head. He hits a nice Alabama slam power move in the center
    of the ring and grabs the microphone. The crowd begins a small "Ice-man" chant for Jones as he hovers over his fellow CWA transplant.

    "Maybe Jack Gekko is ready to give up, but count me in for the long haul. Thomas 'Iceman' Jones isn't here for the CWA. He's here to make a name for himself in the self-proclaimed best wrestling company in the world, and it's time to start stepping up."

    Ayla El and Divine vs. Saddle Sally and Mustand Maddie
    The match begins with Ayla El and Saddle Sally in the ring. Ayla El locks in a quick side head lock and lands a nice back body drop. Tag made to Divine and The Bretheren El land a double team powerbomb as Mustang Maddie looks on. Divine does a provocative move but Sally counters with a small package that goes to a two count.

    Tag made to Mustang Maddie, who lands a nice clothesline and then a snap suplex. She whips Divine to the ropes and telegraphs a back body as Ayla El makes a tag back in. Maddie tags in Sally, who charges but Ayla El lands an elbow and lands a swift enxuiguri to Sally, followed by a bitch kick for the 1-2-3.

    Winners; Ayla El and Divine

    Belfast Brawl:
    Ashley O'Ryan vs Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird
    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is the Belfast Brawl. Introducing first, representing the BIRD Empire, he is Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird.

    “Ameno” by Era plays and the crowd cheer loudly as Vincent comes out through the back. Vincent makes his way to the ring, but stops a checks under the ring to see what is underneath the ring to use in the match. Vincent then gets into the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: And his opponent, weighing in at 205 lbs and is one half of the FWA Tag Team Champions, Ashley O'Ryan.

    “The Gauntlet” by Dropkick Murphys plays and Ashley comes out to an even louder cheer and is carrying his Tag Team Title belt. Ashley gets to the ring and climbs the steel steps then lays his Title Belt down on top of the turnbuckle and gets into the ring.

    The referee signals for the bell and both guys circle each other before locking up. Ashley hits Vincent with aKnee Lift to which Vincent hits Ashley with his own Knee Lift. Ashley responds by hitting Vincent with a hardEuropean Uppercut and Vincent takes a step back before hitting Ashley with his own European Uppercut. Ashley goes for another European Uppercut only for Vincent to block it and hit Ashley with an Over the Shoulder Arm Drag.

    Vincent then holds onto the arm that Ashley tried to hit him with an European Uppertcut, extending the arm behind Ashley's back, then tries to grab Ashley's other arm, looking to bring both extend arms behind Ashley's back applying pressure trying to get Ashley to submit only for Ashley to keep that arm close to his body. Ashley then begins to get to his feet, then punches Vincent in the solar plexus knocking Vincent to his knees.

    Ashley slides out of the ring, picks up the ring apron then grabs a Cold Steel Irish Blackthorn Stick and faces away from the ring as the crowd chants “This Is Awesome”. Ashley turns back around to go get into the ring only for Vincent to jump over the top rope and hit Ashley with a Diving Spear then transitioning into the Alabama Slam position by flipping backwards bringing Ashley with him after Spearing Ashley.

    As Vincent spins Ashley around then goes to put Ashley through the Announce Table, the momentum of the spin allows Ashley to hit Vincent with a modified version of his Another Dead Romance face-planting onto the mat hard. Ashley keeps the submission hold locked in applying pressure until Vincent reaches back with his free arm hooking Ashley's neck. Vincent manages to get out of the hold but holds onto his left shoulder.

    Ashley goes over and picks up the Blackthorn, then comes back to hit Vincent with it, only for Vincent to hit Ashley with an European Uppercut. Vincent leans against the ring apron holding his left shoulder, but when he turns around to get at Ashley, Ashley slams the Blackthorn into Vincent's left arm hard causing Vincent to quickly move away from Ashley as he holds his left arm in pain.

    Ashley tosses the Blackthorn into the ring, then goes and rolls Vincent into the ring but stops him from getting all the way into the ring. Ashley grabs Vincent's left arm extending it out of the ring and locking in a Fukiwara Armbar using the edge of the ring as added leverage. Vincent screams out in pain but reaches for the Blackthorn, grabs it and uses it to hit Ashley across his face causing Ashley to drop and release the hold. Vincent painfully rolls away from the edge of the ring towards the opposite side while holding onto the Blackthorn.

    Vincent uses the Blackthorn to get to his feet, looks across the ring to see Ashley seething as blood flows from a cut that's on the upper part of his nose. Ashley gets into the ring and charges at Vincent ducking a swing of the Blackthorn then as Vincent turns around, Ashley hits him with a devastating Enzuigiri. Ashley picks Vincent up, grabs his left arm, and goes for The Gauntlet but as Ashley walks across the top rope, Vincent pushes Ashley off of the rope sending him to the floor below, inadvertently allowing Ashley to pull Vincent's shoulder out of its socket. Vincent screams in agony as the crowd chants “Holy Shit”.

    Vincent rolls out of the ring, puts his left shoulder against the corner post, then painfully slams his shoulder back into place by slamming his left shoulder against the corner post. Vincent rolls Ashley into the ring, then gets into the ring as well. Vincent painfully lifts Ashley up onto his shoulders, and gets ready to hit Ashley with the Wrath of the BIRD Empire as the crowd cheers loudly. Vincent turns around with Ashley on his shoulders and gets nailed by a Yakuza Kick from out nowhere from a hooded person.

    The Yakuza Kick accidentally causes Vincent to hit Ashley with a Samoan Drop. The hooded person then launches himself onto Vincent wailing into him and busting him open. As the referee pulls the hooded man off of Vincent, it's revealed that he had on a pair of brass knuckles. The hooded man sees River and Amber running from the back towards the ring, escapes through the crowd and going towards the back by way of the crowd as River is about to give chase, Amber stops River as Ashley hits Vincent with the Simple Twist of Hate. Ashley pins Vincent to pick up the victory.

    Winner by Pin Fall – Ashley O'Ryan

    “The Gauntlet” by Dropkick Murphys plays as Ashley celebrates his victory while Amber and River slide into the ring to check on Vincent. Ashley gets off of the turnbuckle and puts his Tag Title over his shoulder and motions to the back for the medics to come out. As the medical staff rush down the ring with a stretcher, a board and a neck brace, Jethro comes out onto the entrance ramp wearing a similar hoodie but with the hood down. The crowd boos Jethro heavily as we go to Commercial.

    Returning from commercial, cameras showed Lord Vicente being stretchered out the arena with Ashley O Ryan, Vincent's opponent, nearby. Just as Ashley leaves the hecticness, Christian Quinn smashes Ashley with a steel plate across the upper back. Quinn hovers above Ashley and points out the camera's range. Lucian Ace walks into the camera eyesight and Quinn says, "Find your happiness, Lucian. Find it through Ashley!"

    As Ashley grabs Lucian to bring himself up, Lucian looks at Quinn and then slams Ashley's face into the concrete wall along the hallway! The newest tag team walks away with Ashley motionless on the ground.

    'Anti-Faith'' blasts through the PA System and is met with a resounding and deafening BOO from the crowd as one of the most hated men in the FWA, Ryan Rondo emerges on the stage and walks down the ramp, wearing his ring gear across with his anti-Sunrise-Sunset shirt, with a mic in hand, he chides the fans as he walks down and also speaks whilst walking down.

    Ryan Rondo: Go on, boo me all you like, you know that I don’t care, I’m only out here for one thing: to tell you just how much of a bag of crap Devin Golden is. And to tell you all what exactly is in store for him at Back in Business.

    Rondo lets the fans continue to jeer him as he jumps up the steps and enters the ring.

    Ryan Rondo: You’re all so fickle. Boo me because I’m an ass. Am I an ass for having a problem with Devin Golden? I don’t think so. My problem is that you all fail to see that Devin Golden is the source of the problem. He taught me to be selfish when it mattered. I took his advice. He taught me to be an asshole at the right moment and take all the opportunities I could. I did when Jimmy King came along - even if it meant turning my back on the FWA, I stayed true to his words. But you all cheer him like he’s some sort of superhero? Golden might be your fan favourite but it's only because he hasn't got the mettle to do what I did. He hasn't got the mettle to be the best. Who does? I do.

    He smirks at the crowd raining more boos down upon him, enjoying his little spiel a little too much. Winking arrogantly at some females.

    Ryan Rondo: I’m just going back to the source of the problem. I’m going full circle. This has been almost a year in the making. Bet you never thought it’d happen like this though? Let's be honest, if I was the same person as last year, it'd almost be a clone match. Devin Golden has become synonymous with my name through various things. Well, I don't want to be thought of as the next Devin Golden or a Devin Golden protege. I want to be known as the man who showed just how inept Devin Golden is at everything nowadays. I am better than him and I want him to know it. Sunrise-Sunset lost the belts because he was incapable of being selfish. He's a big softy. How do you think it was so easy to betray him? Why do you think he came out last week? Because he STILL believes in being unselfish and that I have the ability to come back. He doesn't understand the concept of being too far gone. He should focus on himself and not me.

    The Amazing One pauses for a moment, a wry little smile pursing at his lips. He points to the back.

    Ryan Rondo: Drew Stevenson is out there in the back firing his mouth off and breaking the fourth wall and being all creative… or so he thinks. Well, I’m going to be a little bit like The Emerald here and tell you this: Sunrise-Sunset fell apart because Devin Golden didn’t stand up to Stu St. Clair behind the scenes, he bent over and let himself get violated because he's weak. He let Stu St. Clair decide on the ending to that ladder match at Back in Business, he let the co-champions thing happen. He let Sunrise-Sunset become a wounded animal. If Devin Golden had the courage of a lion and not a pea sized heart and had let me in on it, I would've taken a stand, I would've changed it all.

    The crowd has fallen into somewhat of a hushed silence, listening intently to Rondo’s words… although it is clear to see they still disapprove of him.

    Ryan Rondo: Devin Golden is the one you should boo. For being a weak leader, for letting everyone walk over him, for letting us ALL down and disappointed each and every single one of you! None of you were more disappointed than I was. If there's one thing that I still value from him, it's his advice because I am taking it. People won't walk over me like they have him. I turned my back on this company and I understand that with Jimmy King gone, I am going to have to wrestle here for the time being. I'm not going to let the FWA have weaklings sit atop the mountain. I am going to make sure that the FWA will be the strongest it has ever been. This company's best could've been Devin Golden just a mere week or so ago. It revolts me that I may have had to be a part of something where the best of the best is Devin Golden, a pussy to represent us all. That's why I am doing this. That's why the stage i've chosen for Back in Business is going to be unforgiving. It's going to put Golden through his paces. It's a match we know so well. A match that i've beaten him in... for the X Division title no less. We're going to tape up our hands and dip them into glass... and we're going to see just how much of a weakling Devin Golden is when he goes through a Taipei Deathmatch.

    The audience boo Rondo as he drops the mic and his music hits. He exits the ring and walks to the back as the crowd chant for Whyte Thunder and Devin Golden whilst some shout that Rondo’s going to get his ass kicked… with Rondo completely ignoring everything. He turns around at the stage and smiles at the crowd and laughs before disappearing to the back.

    Whyte Thunder vs. Thomas Princeton

    As we come back from commercial, Thomas Princeton is already in the ring and is ready to go when “House of the Rising Sun” begins to play over the speakers. Whyte Thunder makes his way out from behind the curtains to the delight of the fans in attendance here in Charlotte. He slowly makes his way down to the ring and steps foot into it. The referee calls for the bell and this match is underway.

    Thunder and Princeton circle each other in the ring behind tying up for the first time. Princeton gets the early advantage and beings to work over Thunders arm, wrenching it several time. Thunder pulls Princeton into a headlock and hip tosses him down to the mat, being to work over his head. Princeton is able to escape the hold and bounces off the ropes going for a clothesline, Thunder ducks out of the way of the first attempt, only to get leveled by the second once Princeton bounces off the ropes on the other side of the ring. Princeton proceeds to stomp on Thunder’s arms and legs before bouncing off the ropes against and going for a knee drop. Thunder moves out of the way and picks Princeton up for a suplex before sending him crashing down with a faceplant. Thunder goes for a quick cover.


    Princeton is pulled to his feet by Thunder but he is met with a kick to the midsection by Thomas who levels him with a DDT. Thunder is down and Thomas uses this chance to lock in a Fujimara Armbar after working over Thunder’s arm earlier. Princeton begins to wrenching the arm, desperately wanting the former World Champion to tap out in the middle of the ring. Thunder slowly beings to make his way towards the ropes, wanting to break the hold as the crowd cheers him on. When he finally does make it to the ropes, Princeton is forced to break the hold. Princeton pulls Thunder up by that bad arm and drags him to the middle of the ring. Princeton lifts Thunder up to show off his strength with a Military Press and sends Thunder down to the mat. He goes for the cover.


    Princeton continues to get frustrated as he cannot seem to put Thunder away. He pulls Thunder up to his feet and drags him to the ropes. He runs to the other side of the ring, hoping to clothesline Thunder out of the ring but Thunder turns the table and he lifts Princeton up and over the ropes, sending him crashing to the floor. Thunder runs to the ropes and hits a Somersault Plancha. The crowd is on their feet cheering for hero. Thunder rolls Princeton back into the ring and locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab. The crowd beings to chant “Tap” at Princeton and Thunder works over his leg. Princeton begins to claw his way to the ropes but Thunder drags him back to the middle of the ring. When he does drag him back, Princeton is able to roll through the Crab and kicks Thunder to the ropes. Thunder bounces off of the ropes and gets caught with a big powerslam and goes for the cover.


    Princeton screams out as Thunder kicks out of the powerslam. Princeton begins to stomp away on his downed opponent hoping to cause more pain. Princeton pulls Thunder to his feet and openly slaps him. He kicks Thunder in the gut and he grabs him around his waist, lifiting him up for a powerbomb. Thunder is able to reverse the the powerbomb into a Hurricanrana and when Princeton makes his way back to confront Thunder, he is met with an Enziguri. Thunder seizes his opportunity and goes to the top rope, hoping to end this match however he takes a bit to long to get to the top rope and Princeton mets him on at the top. Princeton tries to go for a Superplex but Thunder fights out of it and nails Princeton with a series of headbutts, sending him crashing to the mat. Thunder leaps off the top rope and nails The Golden Touch Frogsplash. He goes for the cover…


    WINNER: Whyte Thunder

    Camera’s cut backstage to the smiling face of the Caramel Goddess, dressed in a figure hugging knee length purple dress she tussles her long brunette hair after finishing a non fat yoghurt in the arena cafeteria. She gets to her feet, twirls on the spot and comes face to face with non other than PAJ, who oozes arrogance exclaimed with a smug grin.

    PAJ: Gabrielle in the kitchen. How fitting, this is a woman’s place. Not out there in that big scary wrestling ring where you might, god forbid, break a nail or messy up your pretty little face.

    PAJ runs his hand through Gabrielle's hair but his hand is slapped away as a A scowl crosses Gabrielles lips, just making PAJ smirk further. When she goes to speak up PAJ places a finger upon her lips, silencing her, though making her look at him with disgust.

    PAJ: Now, now don’t get upset, I’m not here to start any trouble I just want a sandwich. No crust, ham, salami, all the salads and I’ll need it sent to my lockeroom pronto. That’s a good girl.

    Gabrielle just shakes her head.

    Gabrielle: You’re pathetic PAJ…I’ve had to deal with Neanderthal opinions like yours for years though, so talk all you want but last week I kicked you in the face and you went down so easily.PAJ: You would know about going down easy…Wouldn't you?

    PAJ smirks from ear to ear and Gabrielle just sighs and then begins to walk away, as she does though the smile leaves PAJs face and he picks up a bottle of ketchup and dumps it over Gabrielles head. She screams out in shock and has a look of disgust and contempt on her face as she turns around…when she’s blasted by a PAJ superkick.

    PAJ: Maybe next time you’ll just bring me my sandwich…

    PAJ adjusts the collar on his shirt and the confidently walks away with an arrogant, assured smirk all over his face, leaving Gabrielle laid out.

    “The Last Englishman” PAJ vs “Living Mythology” Jason Gryphon

    “Requiem” by Avenged Sevenfold plays over the speakers and PAJ beings to make his way down to the ring for our next match. He makes his way down the ramp and gets in the face of some fan wearing a Jason Gryphon T-Shirt before tearing up the sign of a young Gryphon fan. He gets into the ring and poses to a chorus of boos. The crowd is at a fever pitch as they wait for their hometown hero to arrive. As soon as “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas begins to play, the arena becomes unglued. A barrage of cheers flood through the large arena in Jason’s home state before he even comes out. When he finally goes make his way to the stage, the cheers get even louder. He poses on the stage and his pyro explodes, shooting in the heavens. Jason shakes hands with as many of his fans at ringside as he can before he gets into the ring. The bells rings and this match is underway.

    Jason and PAJ face off in the middle of the ring and get nose to nose with each other. PAJ steps back and backhands Jason in the middle of the ring to taunt him and the crowd. Jason turns his head back from the slap and smiles at PAJ before giving him a backhand that sends him off his feet. PAJ rolls out of the ring and yells for the crowd to shut up as they cheer for Gryphon. Jason, having had enough of PAJ’s stalling, rolls out of the ring and begins to go after him. PAJ begins to run away with Gryphon giving chase behind him. PAJ rolls back into the ring before Jason can and stomps on Gryphon as he comes back into the ring. PAJ pulls Jason into the middle of the ring and rolls him over. He boots Jason in the guy and causes him to sit up, PAJ bounces off the ropes and hits him with a sitting front dropkick. He goes for a quick cover…


    PAJ picks up Jason’s leg and drops a series of elbows on it before trying to get Jason over for a Single Legged Crab. Jason is able to roll over and pushes PAJ off him. When he is able to get to his feet, PAJ nails him with a running dropkick to his leg before hitting an enziguri. PAJ goes to the outside and stands up on the apron, motioning for Jason to get to his feet again. When Jason is able to get to his feet, limping on that bad leg, PAJ bounces off the top rope for a springboard crossbody, but Jason catches him in mid air. He lifts PAJ up in the air and slams him down on his knees for a backbreaker. Jason beings to stomp on his opponent and eventually drags him to the corner and putting him in the Tree of Woe. Jason backs up and goes for a dropkick to PAJ’s face but PAJ is able to skin the cat and pounce off of the top rope, hitting a springboard inverted DDT. PAJ goes for the cover.


    Jason is able to kick out of one of PAJ’s signature moves but PAJ is not down yet. He picks Jason up and nails him with a snap suplex. He gets ontop of Jason and begins to level him with a series of punches begin getting off of him and dragging him to his feet and tossing to the outside. PAJ gets a running start and goes for a baseball slide. Jason moves out of the way and rams PAJ’s body into the barricade. Jason gets back into the ring and he gets a running start of his own, hitting a suicide dive to the delight of the crowd. Jason high fives a few of his fans before he slides PAJ back into the ring. Jason grabs PAJ’s legs and locks him in the Carolina Cloverleaf. The crowd chants for PAJ to tap but he does not and he makes his way to the ropes. Jason picks PAJ and throws him into corner. He goes for the Stinger Splash but PAJ is able to get his knees up. PAJ makes a running start at Jason only to get caught with a Spinning Side Slam. Jason hooks the leg and goes for the cover.


    PAJ kicks out from the high impact move and Jason picks him up again, lifting the smaller man up with a Stalling Suplex. Before he could send PAJ crashing to the mat, PAJ is able to knee him in the head. PAJ lands on his feet and grabs Jason by the head and hits a running bulldog. PAJ signals that he is ready to end this match as the crowd boos him heavily. He motions for Gryphon to get to his feet and when he goes, he gets hit with the PAJle. PAJ taught the crowd again and he goes up to the top rope, looking to hit The Amazing Splash. Before he gets make his flying leap I Forgive But I Wont Forget Your Name by Lacuna Coil begins to pay and Gabrielle saunters her way from behind the curtain, making her way down to the ring. PAJ gets off of the top rope and goes over to side of the ring, near the rampway, challenging Gabrielle to get into the ring. Gabrielle gets down to the ring and blows him a kiss. A frustrated PAJ gives Gabrielle the one finger salute and turns his attention back to his match. When he turns around, he is met with The Lion’s Lariat from Jason Gryphon who immediately goes for the cover


    WINNER: “Living Mythology” Jason Gryphon


    Harry Baxter: And Jason Gryphon picks up the biggest win we've seen in a while!

    An exhausted Jason rolls out of the ring and heads into the crowd to celebrate his win with his hometown Creatures, walking up the stair to the arena and posting with them as they chant “We Are Mythology!” Gabrielle rolls into the ring and blows PAJ another kiss as he lays unconscious in the ring as we go to commercial.

    Returning from commercial, we receive a promo from deep in the heart of Mexico.

    A man wearing the red, green and white Mexican flag draped over his shoulders and a sombrero on his head. This man has his back turned to the camera, out facing a desolate bar in Mexico City.

    He slowly turns and reveals himself as PAU ADRIAN!!! The taped vignette continues as Pau has the EWR World title belt around his waist. He looks down to it, smiles as the crowd inside the North Carolina arena groans and stays silent, and then begins speaking.

    "I hear many thing from the Brox Lobster man. Many thing. Maybe this man think he better. Maybe this man think he deserve World title. All I know is I am champ. His magical powers be damned. If he wants a shot at the greatest wrestler to ever live...he'll have to offer up something in return.

    The lobster."

    "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson vs. Gabrielle Montgomery

    Piers Gallagher: This may be Drew Stevenson's biggest match yet of his FWA career. After the pipebomb he dropped earlier this week in that interview, and then what he said earlier tonight...he has become the rebellious voice inside the FWA!

    The match starts off with the crowd openly cheering for both Drew Stevenson and Gabrielle Montgomery. Stevenson shrugs them off while Gabrielle revels in it. The crowd's support for Stevenson grows though as the two continue circling the ring. They finally lock up with Stevenson getting a side head lock and then an arm twist hold. He lands repeated kicks into Gabrielle's ribs with the wrist lock applied and irish whips the former World champion into the ropes and lands a back elbow to the chin. Stevenson then hits an STO and covers quickly, but a kick out at one and a half.

    Harry Baxter: He says he is a pure wrestler. Gabrielle ain't too shabby, either.

    Stevenson grabs Gabrielle by the neck and once more locks in a side head lock. The crowd begins growing louder and louder with Drew Stevenson love. Finally, Gabrielle turns the tide and locks in a rear waist lock. She shoves Stevenson into the ropes and lands a nice rolling German suplex that brings the crowd to its feet. Gabrielle bends over and blows a kiss to Stevenson before running off the ropes, running over Stevenson and to the turnbuckle and hitting a split-legged moonsault!!! She hooks the far leg as the crowd cheers.
    (............1................2.....Kick out)

    Sam McDonald: Gabrielle at her best! This is Stevenson's biggest match because I don't know anyone who offers a bigger challenge.

    Gabrielle tries for a leg lariat after a whip to the ropes but Stevenson avoids and hits a double-arm suplex after a swift kick to the ribs. He wastes no time locking in an achilles tendon lock, which Gabrielle quickly reaches the ropes to avoid further damage. Stevenson finally positions in the center of the ring and screams, "Come on! Wrestle me!"

    Langdon Trafford: Stevenson is standing and DEMANDING Gabrielle spar with him!

    Gabrielle, now tested, grapples and gets a nice double-leg takedown. She allows Stevenson to his feet and then lunges for a single-leg takedown followed by an inside cradle for a two count!!! Stevenson is stunned at Gabrielle's sparring abilities as she smiles back at her opponent. Finally they grapple and Stevenson gets a double-leg takedown and tries applying a Triangle choke hold...but Gabrielle refuses to let Stevenson complete the advanced submission maneuver and finally rolls to her side and slips through Stevenson's armpit and hits a standing dropkick to the back of his head!

    Langdon Trafford: And that's why Gabrielle is one of the greatest ever!

    Gabrielle whips Stevenson but it's reversed. She fires back with a running head scissors takedown and then hits her "Rapture." She covers, but Stevenson stays alive with a two and two-thirds count.

    Gabrielle grabs Stevenson by the neck but the former X-Division champion explodes with a snap powerslam!!! He stumbles to the ropes but keeps himself upright just enough to hit a sidewalk slam when Gabrielle rises to her feet. Stevenson now goes for the pinfall, but Gabrielle kicks out right at two and a half!!!

    With the crowd split 50-50, Stevenson makes the young mistake of trying a power move with a backbreaker. Gabrielle tightens her grip around Stevenson's neck and lands on her feet, and then tries for a running bulldog!!! But Stevenson blocks it and shoves Gabrielle into the referee, knocking him out. She rises and hits a nice uppercut and then a jawbreaker on a charging Stevenson, who looked to take advantage. She follows with a hair-pull curb stomp and appears ready to finish it off.

    Sam McDonald: Stevenson was in the ball park, but Gabrielle once again proves it isn't just about spreading legs. It's about throwing blows and hitting suplexes, too, for her.

    As Gabrielle pulls Stevenson to his feet and prepares for her "Caramel-Coated DDT," PAJ runs through the entrance and down the aisle. He hops to the apron, steps into the ring and surprises EVERYONE with his PAJle kick!!!

    Piers Gallagher: PAJ!! YES! PAYBACK FOR YOU, BITCH!

    The ref never saw it as PAJ violently runs his hands through his hair and flings his hands down in the direction of Gabrielle, and then screams, "KNOW YOUR PLACE, WOMAN!"

    Langdon Trafford: And "The Emerald" has a chance here!!! Could he pull this off?!

    Stevenson is leaning against the ropes as the crowd begins cheering and seeing a chance for him to win this thing. He waits for a stunned Gabrielle to get up, and then lands his "Final Conflict" sitout Rock Bottom!!!

    Piers Gallagher: YES! FINAL CONFLICT!!!

    Stevenson hooks both legs as the crowd cheers inside North Carolina!!!

    Winner: "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson

    Sam McDonald: HOLY COW! DREW STEVENSON HAS PULLED THE BIGGEST UPSET OF THE NIGHT AND THE PAST MONTHS!!! HE HAS TAKEN DOWN A FORMER WORLD CHAMPION!!! That's called putting the money where your damn mouth is, my friends!

    Piers Gallagher: Calling it now! Stevenson will win that "Quest for the Best" Golden Opportunity match after Back in Business.

    Just before commercial break, cameras are inside G-Rich's office as the feed picks up on the general manager's phone ringing. G-Rich rushes into the scene and answers after a third ring, hastily saying "Hello?" twice to the caller.

    A muddled voice is heard on the other end, and G-Rich's mouth is open with complete attention given to the conversation.

    "Where did you find her?!"

    After about 10 seconds, he closes his mouth - and his eyes - and nods his head.

    "Thank you. I'll let her immediate family know."

    Commercial Break begins just as G-Rich removes the phone from his ear and loses his attention off into space, fighting back any visible emotion.

    Shane McLean vs. Wolf

    This one starts off with a handshake, the two men start to circle, ready to get things going. They tieup and Wolf immediately overpowers him, forcing him back against the ropes. Wolf lands a couple knees to the abdomen then connects with a haymaker that floors Shane! Wolf scores another hard knockdown, sending Sahne rolling toward the corner. Wolf traps him against the turnbuckle, drilling Shane with some repeating back elbows to the face. He stays in control for another minute or so, working a methodical pace with his power-style offense. Wolf whips him into the far turnbuckle then charges in after him but Sahne gets a boot up into his face, knocking him backwards! Shane quickly hops to the second rope and nails Wolf with a missile dropkick! The pace of the match quickens instantly as Shane lands some snapping right hands then follows it up with a standing dropkick, sending Wolf stumbling against the ropes. Sahne charges him and Wolf counters with a back body drop but Sahne lands on the apron! Wolf spins around and Shane nails him with a knee to the gut then springs back into the ring with a sunset flip, getting a 2-count!

    Langdon: A close call for Wolf but he gets the shoulder up before the 3!

    Baxter: Sahne McLean's so fast out there, it's scary.

    McDonald: Speed and quickness are his weapons and he's hoping to stay away from that power offense from Wolf.

    Shane goes on the attack with a couple stomps, followed by a vertical suplex that led to another 2-count. Shane threw everything he could to keep Wolf grounded, going for the pinfall whenever he could. Wolf continued to fight back until Shane scored with a DDT that led to a CLOSE 2-count! Shane got back to his feet and fist-pumped a few times, getting the crowd behind him as he climbed up to the top rope. He went airborne and Wolf rolled out of the way but Shane managed to roll through on his landing! Shane comes up swinging, landing a couple quick right hands followed by several knife-edged chops to the chest. He backs Wolf against the ropes then goes for an irish whip but Wolf reverses it and yanks Shane right into a spinebuster! Wolf picks him up and goes for a gorilla press, slamming Shane down hard a second time! Shane started to slowly roll to the outside but Wolf caught him on the apron and dragged him to his feet. Wolf pulled Shane back against the ropes then began pummeling him with several heavy forearms across the chest! Shane started to slump down to his knees but Wolf hoisted him up into suplex position, backing away from the ropes before he connects with a jackhammer!

    McDonald: Jackhammer from Wolf! He might be thinking about wrapping this one up!

    Wolf drags Shane into position and sets him up for Final Howl but Shane counters with a hurricanrana! Shane pulls himself up the ropes then charges at him but Wolf manages to sidestep him, sending Shane soaring over the top rope to the concrete floor outside! Shane drops down and rolls out after him, landing a couple clubbing blows before he fires Shane back into the ring again. Wolf slides in and makes the cover, getting another 2-count. Wolf stomps him a couple times then goes to the top rope. He takes aim then goes for a moonassault but Shane rolls out of the way as Wolf crashes hard! Wolf staggers back to his feet, holding his face as Shane moves in and hits a belly-to-back suplex! Shane quickly goes for the Thistle but Wolf's able to roll over and kick him away! Wolf pushes himself up but Shane levels him with a vicious lariat! Shane drags him up and he goes for Lethal InjectShane but Wolf counters and lifts Shane up onto the top rope. Wolf throws a haymaker but Shane blocks and tags Wolf in the face with a sharp kick, sending him stumbling back. Shane quickly goes for a diving hurricanrana but Wolf catches him in mid-air, turning it into FINAL HOWL! He goes for the cover and hooks the leg, getting the 3-count!

    Winner: Wolf

    Wolf picks a mic and he climbs the second turnbuckle looking at the sea of fans.

    Wolf: I'm not a role model, I'm not a face or a heel, I'm not even a leader, or a follower for that matter. I'm the lone wolf, the shadow in the sun, the ominous rot you feel in your gut whenever the worst case scenario is about to unfold before your eyes. That punch to the inside, from the inside. That unseen hand that grabs your guts and twists, but only your guts.
    Wolf rips the bandage off his forehead. A raw, pink and purple spot on it's upper right corner looks... Unnatural and just a little gross.

    Wolf rips the bandage off his forehead. A raw, pink and purple spot on it's upper right corner looks... Unnatural and just a little gross.


    Wolf takes a seething drag off his cigarette, the hatred burning behind his eyes pierces the camera's lens.

    Wolf: You are not here tonight but it doesn't matter. All that matters is that you will be within arm's reach at Back in Business. It means that you can snort all the coke off all the asses of all the strippers in the f*cking world. It means that you can stare over your designer shades, smoke your cigarettes and make all your James Dean poses... It means you can put together a stable with PAJ, Drew Stevenson, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, John Cena, The Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Big Van Vader, Koko B. Ware, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, RVD, Sabu, The Necrobutcher, Daniel Sinclair, AJ Styles and any or all of the Kennedy bunch. IT DOESN'T F*CKING MATTER! NONE OF THEM, NONE. OF. THEM... WILL BE ABLE TO SAVE YOU!

    He pauses for a moment, regaining his composure.

    Wolf: This maybe my Carnal Contendership reward, but this match isn't about the title. I don't care if I walk out the champion, I only care about making sure you Rryan Hall don't walk out at all. THAT MEANS I'VE GOTTA GO ABOVE AND BEYOND! THAT MEANS I'VE GOTTA SHOW YOU WHAT IT'S LIKE TO RUN WITH THE BIG DOG! I'VE GOT AS MUCH BITE AS I'VE GOT BARK MOTHERF*CKER! YOU'RE GONNA FIND THAT OUT REAL QUICK! THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN A WOUNDED ANIMAL, HALL! I'M AN ANIMAL AND I'M WOUNDED!

    Wolf points at the camera.

    Wolf: I think about how I'm going to hurt you. HOW I'M GOING TO MAIM YOU LIKE IT WAS MY SOLE F*CKING PURPOSE I imagine you trying to mount the turnbuckle. I visualize myself catching you and throwing you - LIKE A LAWN DART - to the floor and I slide out of the ring and grab a chair. I've got the ref in my face, begging me off. I've got the timekeeper ringing the bell like a f*cking retard with a sugar buzz. I've got the fans going ape-shit in all directions, I move on. I shove past the bullshit ref - he's paid six figures to count to three, f*ck him - I kick the timekeeper's table over, THEN I F*CKING UNLEASH! DOWN COME THE SHOTS! YOU ARE ON THE FLOOR, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE THE F*CK THEY'RE LANDING, BUT THEY'RE COMING DOWN! AS HARD AND AS FAST AS I CAN THROW THEM! BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM THE CHAIR STARTS TO BEND! F*CK IT! BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM! I'M BREATHING HEAVY NOW - BECAUSE I SMOKE A PACK A DAY AND I JUST LET LOOSE ON YOU - BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER! I RIP A MONITOR OFF THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE AND DROP IT ON YOUR HEAD! I PICK YOU UP AND I PUT YOUR FACE DOWN ON THE APRON NEXT TO THE POST... BIG BOOT! YOU'RE A BLEEDING PILE OF SHIT... Then I simply walk away. Just march up the fucking aisle and into the back. Why? BECAUSE I CAN! Because I don't need that belt to have power like you... I AM THE POWER! I'm the man... As long as I draw breath, as long as I have fire burning in black heart, as long as blood pumps through these veins and flows onto that mat? No one is safe. No one is exempt. I'm alone, but I'm not vulnerable. My daydreams are just that, but they keep me focused. Ryan Hall - I don't respect you. Not in the slightest. You haven't done anything worth RESPECT. You walk around like you've already won. That says one thing to me: you have no idea who the f*ck you're dealing with. So when I hit you, Ryan? I GUARAN-F*CKING-TEE you won't see it coming. Because your dreams are like my dreams, Ryan. We all want what is ours. What we THINK is ours. That, children, is why reality is so harsh. Because the reality of it all is, I'm the one that runs this bitch. I'M YOUR REALITY I will shake the shit out of you, I will slap you into consciousness, I will break ALL of your dreams. It's what I do. It's why I'm here. It's why I wake up in the morning. Your tears are my sustenance. Your suffering is my fucking pleasure. Y'see where I'm going here? I'm going to tear you apart... Then, I'm going to take what is mine.

    He shrugs... He is cut by a plate of Undisputed championship appearing on the titantron.

    Ryan Hall: …this is the most important thing in my career. I will defend it voraciously and I will stop at absolutely NOTHING to keep it. If that means throwing you in front of a truck on the interstate, I’ll do it. If it means throwing you off the roof of a downtown highrise, I’ll do it. It it means drowning you in the brown, chunky waters of the Seattle sewer system and if it means raping your wife on the national television I will do it! You’ve got her and I’ve got the Undisputed Championship. I assure you, one of us will leave Back in Business a very unhappy man. It’s time for all of this to stop. No more back-jumping. No more locker room brawls. The Back in Business will mark the end of rivalry that lasted over a year. When I run circles around you and leave you crying on the mat live on PPV and put you finally where you belong. But don't worry for Sara, Wolf. I will take care of her...

    They are both interrupted by the theme of G-Rich.

    G-Rich: Stop this right now. Wolf, there is something you need to know. Sara was taken to hospital earlier today and what was suspected as a overdose of antidepressants caused by the events of last week. I don't know know how to tell you this...

    Wolf looks down and he runs his hand through his hair.

    G-Rich: She passed away, Wolf.

    Ryan Hall interjects.

    Ryan Hall: This is all your fault, Wolf! You should have been there for her but instead you had to come out here and threaten me. Sarah's blood is on your hands! She rather took her life than to live with a mad dog like yourself, Wolf.

    Wolf doesn't say anything he just stands there.

    G-Rich: CUT IT OUT!

    Tron goes black and Wolf still stands there looking down unable to mutter a word or move a single muscle.

    G-Rich: In the light of these events I would like to add myself as a special guest referee to the Hell in a Cell match at Back in Business... That's all for tonight.
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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 2/28/14 results

    Good show all around

    [I WIN]

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 2/28/14 results

    Cliff notes:
    - G-Rich and Ryan Hall argue about G-Rich announcing the Golden Opportunity elimination chamber for the Fight Night following Back in Business. Then they talk about whether "she" is OK following the end of Fight Night.
    - Zayne Richards def. Jugem Jugem
    - Ryan Rondo def. Jethro Warren
    - Drew Stevenson promo about being the best wrestler and trashing Hall and the FWA
    - Drew Stevenson def. jobbers in gauntlet
    - Christian Quinn and Lucian Ace def. Jack Gekko and Thomas "Iceman" Jones. After match, Gekko quits but Jones attacks him and says he is here to stay.
    - Ashley 'O Ryan def. Lord Vincent Takaabm Blackbird in a Belfast Brawl with help of Jethro Warren. After match, Christian Quinn and Lucian Ace attack Ashley 'O Ryan.
    - Ryan Rondo's incredible promo about Whyte Thunder.
    - Whyte Thunder def. Thomas Princeton
    - PAJ and Gabrielle Montgomery segment where PAJ pours ketchup on Gabrielle
    - Jason Gryphon def. PAJ with Gabrielle's help
    - Pau Adrian return vignette challenging Broc Lobster
    - Drew Stevenson def. Gabrielle Montgomery with PAJ's help
    - G-Rich hears some news about "she" from earlier via phone call
    - Main Event: WOLF def. Shane McLean
    - Post-match segment with WOLF and Ryan Hall ends with G-Rich announcing Sara Wolf, WOLF's wife, has died from a drug overdose. G-Rich makes himself the special guest referee for the Hell in a Cell World title match at Back in Business.

    Big show. Major developments and huge wins for Stevenson and Gryphon.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 2/28/14 results

    Great work everyone! That was one amazing show!

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 2/28/14 results

    Congrats on the win Stevie.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 2/28/14 results

    segment added on top of it. Thanks to Devin/Matt for writting what I was supossed to write. I got drunk on tuesday and then I woke up with terrible hangover + flu. I still feel like shit.

    Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now, therefore ye kings. Be admonished ye judges of the earth. Serve the lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    Psalm 2:8

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 2/28/14 results

    I can't remember the last time I felt so uncomfortable about an FWA angle
    ~The Ace of Diamonds~
    ~Shane McLean~
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    may have been too high to English at one point. My bad.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 2/28/14 results

    Thanks ETE; great match as well!

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 2/28/14 results

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfs Rain View Post
    segment added on top of it. Thanks to Devin/Matt for writting what I was supossed to write. I got drunk on tuesday and then I woke up with terrible hangover + flu. I still feel like shit.
    That was mostly Devin, he's a true work horse haha I just wrote a few matches and a segment.

    Good show, momentum keeps building for BIB

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 2/28/14 results

    I didn't realize it was going up so soon! I had segments I wanted to send in, and I also wanted to write my tag match! Oh well, great show nonetheless!

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT 2/28/14 results

    I can edit it in if you want or post it as a exclusive

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