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Thread: Fight Night 02/21/2014 results

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    Fight Night 02/21/2014 results

    The show opens with the official Fight Night signature.

    The cameras then cut to an elevated shot from inside the arena, giving everyone at home a good look at the screaming masses of wrestling fans in attendance. The crowd is cheering their heart out as some wave signs and FWA merchandise, while others jump up and down and try to attract the camera's attention. The sound is deafening inside the arena as we cut to a floor shot of the commentator's table where Piers Gallagher, Langdon Trafford, Harry Baxter and Sam McDonald are ready to kick off the show!

    Langdon: Welcome everyone, to the most dangerous night on Tv! It's friday night and that means it's FIGHT NIGHT!

    Another big explosion of pyro erupts from the stage, drawing even more cheers from the fans.

    McDonald: Hello everyone, I'm Sam McDonald and alongside me are my broadcast partners! And tonight, we'll witness the fallout from Ace's High!

    We take a shot of the steel cage awaiting it's next two victims.

    The well-known classic music of Fight Night's new general manager, G-Rich, blares through the speakers as the crowd goes insanely wild for the former World champion and Hall of Famer. G-Rich walks to the ring without anything but a nice suit and his combed hair. He enters the ring and stands and smiles as the crowd begins a very loud "FWA! FWA! FWA!" chant. Then it switches to "Thank you, G! Thank you, G!" G-Rich settles them down and begins laughing.

    Sam McDonald: Boy am I happy to see this man!

    G-Rich: I know everyone is happy to see the FWA rid itself of Jimmy King. And I know I personally am happy to see the FWA rid itself of this stigma that we are somehow "below" the Clique Wrestling Alliance. That's false. We are the FWA and we are the best in the world when it comes to wrestling. All forms. Any form. Whether it's Drew Stevenson's mat wrestling, WOLF's barbaric in-ring physicality, Ryan Hall's cunning tenacity, Jason Gryphon's aerial assaults or Gabrielle or Stu St. Clair's veteran wisdom. We have so many styles, and we are the best around.

    This is not a "state of the FWA" address as much as it is a "gloat about how amazing we are" address!

    Harry Baxter: Hell yeah!

    The crowd explodes with cheers as G-Rich smiles.

    G-Rich: I know we have people like Jack Gekko and Thomas Jones, CWA originals with open contracts due to the CWA and FWA's joint ownership situation and shared television time. As of now, they've done nothing to make me think they are "anti-FWA." But three others...have made me believe such.

    Piers Gallagher: We know who he's talking about. Ryan Hall, PAJ and Ryan Rondo...time to step up.

    G-Rich: You already know that at Back in Business IX it will be WOLF, the Carnal Contendership winner, challenging Ryan Hall for the FWA World championship. What you don't know is this...there are two other matches I am

    A pop from the crowd as G-Rich's expression has changed to something more serious.

    G-Rich: PAJ, the so-called "Last Great Englishman," will face the person he has chastised and ridiculed for weeks now about something as juvenile as gender. And he will put his money where his mouth is about gender discrimination here in the FWA when he faces Gabrielle Montgomery!!!

    The crowd explodes and begins a "Gabrielle!" clapping chant.

    Harry Baxter: Alright! This is awesome news!

    G-Rich: Ryan Rondo...the man who made is believe, broke our hearts, made us believe again and then broke our hearts and stomped on them...he also will receive his punishment. At Back in Business, he will go one on one with his former friend, Whyte...Thunder.

    The crowd once more explodes with cheers as this triple main event is announced.

    G-Rich: But wait, there is more. In each of the three matches, there will be a violent and destructive stipulation. And the ones picking it...the FWA's three staunch defenders! WOLF will select the match type for his World title match against Ryan Hall, Gabrielle will do the same against PAJ and Whyte Thunder will do it versus Ryan Rondo. But as the acting GM, I haven't seen or talked to Whyte Thunder since Aces High. He is understandably distraught and upset. So I...G-Rich...have amended this decision. It'll be a three stages of hell match. Whyte Thunder will pick the first stage. Ryan Rondo will pick the second stage. And you guys, the fans, will pick the third stage!!!

    Langdon Trafford: What an announcement!!!

    Jethro Warren and Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs. Thomas "Iceman" Jones and Carmine Reaper

    Kurt Harrington pauses as “Welcome Back” Chants fill the arena: This opening tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, representing the BIRD Empire and being accompanied to the ring by his bodyguard, River. He is Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird.

    Ameno” by Era plays and the crowd starts singing along then break out into a cheerful uproar when they hear the roar of two motorcycles. Vincent and River drive out from the back and go around the ring before parking their respective motorcycles to the side between the entrance ramp and the ring. Vincent and River get off and place their helmets on top of the gas tanks of their motorcycles. Vincent takes off his jacket, handing it to River, then slides into the ring. Vincent walks towards the ropes that the announce table is near, sees FWA Announcers Pierce, Langdon, Harry and Sam sitting there. Vincent then goes over to Kurt and shakes his hand, welcoming him back.

    Kurt Harrington: And his partner, weighing in at 257 lbs. Jethro Warren.

    Dark Grounds” by Adrian Von Ziegler plays as the crowd boos heavily. Jethro comes out from the back looking confident and smug. Jethro gets into the ring not taking his eyes off of Vincent whom is leaning against their corner. Jethro shakes Kurt's hand welcoming him back as well, then stands near a different corner keeping his eyes on Vincent.

    Kurt Harrington: And their opponents, introducing first and wrestling perhaps his last match in the company. From Boston, Massachusetts and weighing in at 245 lbs. He is none other then Carmine “Grim” Reaper.

    Can You Hear Me Now” by Framing Henley plays and Carmine comes out from the back. Carmine gets tearful as he makes his way to the ring because the crowd is chanting “Please don't go” to him. Carmine gets into the ring, and almost gets back out as Vincent approaches him. Vincent extends his hand for Carmine, and Carmine comes back into the ring and goes towards Vincent. Carmine looks at Vincent, they then look at Jethro whom is still standing in the corner. Carmine and Vincent then look back at each other and Carmine finally shakes Vincent's hand. Carmine then shakes Kurt's hand signaling welcome back and goodbye to each other.

    Kurt Harrington: And his partner, residing in Shreveport, LA and weighing in at 245 lbs. Thomas “Iceman” Jones.

    Iceman's theme music plays and he comes out to a mix reaction with some of the crowd saying go back to the CWA while the majority is cheering him on. Iceman makes his way to the ring and gets in joining his partner.

    The referee signals for the bell, as Vincent and Carmine starts things off. Vincent locks up with Carmine and Carmine sends him to the opposite ropes hitting Vincent with a Clothesline taking him down. Carmine then runs and rebounds off of the opposite rope as Vincent gets up and ducks a second Clothesline. As Carmine comes back, Vincent hops over the charging Carmine, then when Carmine comes back from rebounding off of the ropes, Vincent takes him down with a European Uppercut.

    Vincent goes to tag Jethro in, but Jethro simply steps off of the ring apron. Vincent turns around and gets nailed by a Dropkick from Carmine. Vincent shakes his head shaking the cobwebs as Carmines crawls over towards Iceman. Vincent attempts to stop the tag in, but fails and Iceman gets tagged in.

    Vincent backs up then charges at Iceman as he gets into the ring, Iceman ducks a Clothesline causing Vincent to rebound off of the ropes and get nailed by the Best Dropkick In The World from Iceman. Iceman picks Vincent up and looks to hit him with a Stalling Suplex but Vincent blocks it. Iceman punches at Vincent's midsection then lifts Vincent up for a Stalling Suplex but while he has Vincent up, Vincent shifts his body and nails a unique DDT. Vincent looks to his corner and stills sees Jethro is leaning against the ringside barrier. Iceman crawls over to his corner and tags Carmine in.

    Carmine grabs Vincent as River gets the crowd to cheer Vincent on. Carmine moves Vincent into the ropes then launches him towards the other side. As Vincent rebounds off of the ropes, he counters a Clothesline attempt from Carmine with the Clan Blackbird. Vincent then rushes and knocks Iceman off of the ring before going to attempt to pin Carmine. Carmine kicked out at 2, and Vincent picked Carmine up and nails him with the Wrath of the BIRD Empire. Vincent goes to pin Carmine, only for Carmine to kick out at 2 again.

    Vincent frustratingly moves back into his corner and gets into a crouch getting ready to hit Carmine with a second Clan Blackbird. But as Vincent is about to charge at Carmine whom is now getting up, Jethro tags himself in. Vincent and Jethro get into each others face as the referee starts to count Vincent telling him to get out of the ring and Jethro motions to Vincent to leave the ring.

    Instead Vincent gives Jethro 2 middle fingers then charges at Carmine looking to hit him with the Clan Blackbird costing Jethro & himself the Match only for Carmine to fall causing Vincent to end up spearing Iceman off of the ring apron causing them both to crash to the floor below. Jethro then picks Carmine back up and nails him with the Fire-Flowsion then pinning Carmine for the victory.

    Winners via Pin Fall: Jethro Warren and Vincent Blackbird

    Kurt Harrington: Here are your winners, Jethro Warren and Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird.

    Jethro celebrates as the crowd boos him, then gets out of the ring and smirks as he sees River kneeling by Vincent whom is starting to get to his feet. Jethro heads to the back and the crowd then starts to chant “Reaper” as Carmine starts coming to. Vincent gets into the ring, picks Carmine up whom gets away from Vincent. Vincent simply walks over to Carmine and raises Carmines arm up. The crowd starts cheering and chanting “Reaper” repeatedly as we head to the backstage area.

    Lucian Ace is seen backstage walking to his locker room only to find Christian Quinn sitting there with bottle of wine.

    Lucian Ace: Are you here to mock me for what transpired at Ace's High, Quinn?

    Christian Quinn: I never expected FWA to be such a dull and boring place. Ace's High sparked my interest I have grown curious about what motivates you of all people to continue on after everything that happened to you. What is the one thing you desire?

    Lucian Ace: I have no desires of my own. I am doing what I was born and trained to do. I fight for the people. I am here to entertain FWA fans.

    Christian Quinn: Ridiculous. You mean those people that booed you out of the arena last night?

    Lucian Ace: I was at fault. My personal problems came into my goal of putting Jack Gekko into his place.

    Christian Quinn: There was nothing wrong with what you did. You were just diagnosed with cancer and despite that you came out to fight Jack Gekko. The problem was that it was not what you wanted to do. You should start to seek pleasure instead of fighting the fights others want you to.

    Lucian Ace: Pleasure?! There is no honor to be find in that. You’d ask me to commit something so sinful and corrupt?

    Christian Quinn: Sinful? Corrupt? I don’t understand your logic. Why must pleasure and sin be connected?

    Lucian Ace: Well…

    Christian Quinn: Pleasure gotten through evil means could be a sin. But pleasure can also result from good deeds. What kind of philosophy calls pleasure itself a sin?

    Lucian Ace: Pleasure is another thing that I lack. I seek for it but cannot find it.

    Christian Quinn: Lucian Ace. I find myself interested in you. Sit down.

    Lucian sits down next to Quinn.

    Christian Quinn: True joy might be thought of as a form of the soul, the question is not whether it exist or not but whether you know it or not. Lucian, you have yet to see what four your soul has taken that is what actually means when you say that you lack joy. It was due to your code of honour, code samurai that stood in your way of finding true pleasure in life.

    Lucian Ace: You are noone, Quinn! You DARE to question my ideals?!

    Christian Quinn: Don't get cocky, mongrel. I have tasted all the pleasures this word has to offer while you are an empty shell. Listen. We should be fighting tonight, Lucian. I know it is not something you want. Why don't you instead join me in my entertainment and look around the roster and look at the desires of others then you can tell me what you desire and I can tell you already that it is not in fighting me.

    Jack Gekko's open challenge
    Jack Gekko (w/ Team Gekko) vs. Zayne Richards

    The match started with Zayne getting a quick headlock on Gekko, but he's shoved into the ropes and a shoulderblock knocks him down and Gekko drops down into a headlock of his own. Zayne slowly fights his way to his feet and he fires an elbow to the gut, followed by a second elbow, then a third which breaks the hold. Zayne bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Gekko pops back up and Zayne scores with another clothesline. Gekko up again and this time Zayne goes downstairs with a kick to the gut, followed by a gutwrench suplex. Zayne back up and he delivers a snap style elbow drop then makes the cover, earning him a near-fall. He picks Gekko up and connects with a right hand, forcing him back into the corner. Zayne with a trio of stiff chops to the chest, but Gekko pokes him in the eye and retakes control of the match. A drop toe hold sends Zayne throat-first into the middle rope. He holds his throat, choking as he pulls himself back to his feet and Gekko hits armdrag...then another one...then another one...Zayne pops up again, completely off-balance and Gekko nails him with the inverted manhattan drop, followed by a DDT! Gekko makes the cover, but Zayne able to kick out quickly. Zayne still a bit dazed from the DDT as he's slow getting to his feet, but Gekko is already measuring his target. Zayne finally back up and Gekko goes for the Lied To, but Zayne able to sidestep him at the last second and score with an enziguri! Gekko staggers back to his feet and Zayne drills him with a yakuza kick. Zayne picks him back up and delivers a hard brainbuster near the middle of the ring, and he quickly hooks the leg, but Gekko kicks out at 2! Zayne rolls off the cover and heads for the corner, climbing up to the top rope but Gekko hits the ropes and Zayne loses his balance, crashing in the ring at a very bad angle. Zayne down and holding his knee now, looking to be in some serious pain. Gekko leaning against the ropes, trying to clear the cobwebs but Zayne isn't going anywhere. The referee kneels down to check him out and Zayne is in some serious pain right now. Gekko pushes the ref out of the way and drags Zayne to the middle of the ring, locking in the Figure 4 Leg Lock and forcing the quick submission!

    Winner: Jack Gekko
    Camera’s cut backstage to Gabrielle Montgomery, wearing a World Mummy Champion tee and smiling happily, yet slightly evilly. She clasps her hands together and then speaks.

    Gabrielle: This year, after the CWA turncoats tried their best to run the FWA into the ground it is the FWA that stands tall. Jimmy King may never be seen again, and all those people who thought it was wise to try and destroy the FWA are in for a rude awakening. Order has been restored and now the likes of Ryan Hall, Ryan Rondo and PAJ no longer have their puppet master to hide behind. And this is where things get really interesting…G-Rich has decided that all the FWA loyalists get to decide match stipulations for Back In Business.

    A hundred ideas popped into my head; do I humiliate PAJ in a bra and panties match, make him squeal in an I Quit match…or do I just punish him. That last option was the most appealing, but its not just to punish PAJ. I want to prove to him and to any other doubter just how tough I am. If winning Mile High matches, Elimination Chamber matches, competing in two Trial By Fire matches and stepping into a cage with Stu St.Clair didn’t prove it already. Well then I’ll prove it by beating PAJ in a steel chain match at Back In Business.

    Gabrielle is eerily all smiles as the camera cuts away.

    Oh boy! PAJ is going to rue the day he decided to cross paths with the Goddess!

    This is the one I am looking forward. Up next our broadcast partner will get what was coming to him for a long time. Piers Gallagher will step in the ring against Saddle Sally
    Piers Gallagher vs. Saddle Sally

    Piers Gallagher comes out first looking rather out of shape and wearing a bedazzled leotard that has his name on the back. The crowd boos him and he just waves them off. Piers gets into the ring, and is already sweating. Saddle Sally comes out to a big pop from the crowd, ready to see her deliver some pain to the weasel of a commentator. She struts down to the ring holding the Women's title high above her head, she climbs into the ring and stares down Piers. Sally still has the knee brace on her bad knee. Piers goes for the early attack but Sally calmly moves out of the way. Piers falls flat onto his face onto the mat, he gets up and takes a swing at Sally, but she slaps it away and then pops him in the jaw. The crowd loves it. Piers tries to attack Sally but she just keeps countering and slapping him at every turn, Langdon Trafford is beside himself with near laughter calling the match. Then Piers goes for a spear and then Sally counters it with a kick to his beak using her good leg. Piers falls to the mat his nose as been broken it seems. Piers is screaming in pain and he rolls out of the ring. Sally follows after him, ready to end the match now that Piers has been hurt. Piers however is looking for revenge and the crafty devil goes under the ring and pulls out a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce and splashes a dab in Sally's eye. Sally yelps and grabs her watering eyes in pain. Piers takes advantage and Irish whips Sally into the steel steps. Piers gets back into the ring, thinking that may have done enough damage. Sally gets into the ring, still not able to see very well. Piers goes for a baseball slide on Sally's bad knee but she sees it coming and spins out of the way. Piers gets up as quick as he can but that's not very fast and Sally kicks him and hits her Elk's Horn finisher! Piers is laid out and then Sally puts Piers in a modified version of the Anaconda vice. Piers taps out instantly! Sally gets up with the crowd cheering as she holds up her title and spits on the ground near Piers. Langdon is still laughing as Sally exits the ring and goes up the ramp.

    Winner: Saddle Sally via pinfall

    Wolf appears on the tron wearing his street clothes, blue jeans and a black, sleeveless T-shirt, a newly lit cigarette burns between his lips.

    Wolf: This is it. This is the endgame you've all been waiting to see. This is the endgame I've been waiting to play. For good or ill, this is it. Win, lose or draw, this is the Swan Song. It's funny isn't it? How everything comes full circle? A dislike becomes a friendship, a friendship becomes a partnership, a partnership falls back to a dislike and when that dislike destroys the partnership all that is left is hate... What does that hate become? Well, I don't know. We're gonna find out at Back in Business. I know that for all of you watching this right now, that hate is going to blossom into one of the most brutal displays ever immortalized by FWA cameras. It's going to be entertainment for all of you sick-f*cks that call yourselves my fans. At least I hope it will, because I've got nothing else to repay your support over the past year. All I have to give is blood. Mine, his, ours, the ref's and any person stupid enough to try and get between me and him. There is only one match that will make sure of it... Hell in a Cell... There's a reason they call it the most brutal match in wrestling. Discard all your barb wire light tube crap you see on the Indy circuit they are merely 'look at me' pieces of crap. The hell in a cell is sheer brutality from the minute the cage door is locked. Bring whatever game you want; as bloody and beaten as I'm going to be, I'm going to make sure that what happens to you is much, much worse. See you in hell, Hall.

    “Living Mythology” Jason Gryphon vs Divine

    Divine is already in the ring as we come back from commericial break and the crowd knows who is about to come out as the chants of “We are Mythology” have already begun. “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas plays over the loud speaker and Jason Gryphon walks out from behind the curtain to the joy of his creatures. He doesn’t wait for his pryp to go off and he heads straight for the ring, ignoring several of his younger creatures that want to shake hands with their hero. Jason slides into the ring and the bell louds, this match is underway. Divine quickly charges and Jason, only to be met with a Big Boot. Jason picks Divine up and throws him/her into the ropes. Divine bounces off the ropes and his met with a Swinging Side Slam. Jason goes not wait for this challenger to get up and he begins to put the boots to Divine, stomping him/her into the mat. Jason slides Divine into the turnbuckle and charges up for the Stinger Splash. Divine is able to get her knees up and goes for a suplex but Jason is able to reverse it and slams Divines midsection onto the top rope. Divine holds her stomach in the ring as Jason back up to the turnbuckle and pounds his chest three time over and over again while screaming “We are Mythology.” The crowd joins in the chant as Divine gets up, only to be met with “The Lion’s Lariat” that nearly takes his/her head off. Jason goes for the cover.


    WINNER: “Living Mythology” Jason Gryphon.

    Jason gets up on the turnbuckles and poses for his creatures as a conquering hero as looks out on the sea of faces in the crowd chanting “We are Mythology.” He makes his way out of the ring and DIVINE is getting to his/her feet. From behind, Drew Stevenson hammers DIVINE right across the back, dropping DIVINE immediately. Another blow across the back would take DIVINE all the way back to the ground. DIVINE clawed at the ground, trying to regain her/his footing, but another shot sent him/her keeling over. Stevenson then took up DIVINE and dropped him/her on his/her head without any care in the world, sending DIVINE into a screaming fit as she/he thrashed about in pain holding his/her neck.
    Langdon: Why is Stevenson doing this? DIVINE can't muster any offence afer the gruelling match with Jason Gryphon

    Piers: He is an exterminator and he's here to take care of the pest problem!

    DIVINE is down on all fours, trying to crawl for it. His/her body convulses from the damage being done, but Stevenson shows no mercy and takes DIVINE up to drop him/her righ on the head again. We can see a splash of crimson staining the make-up of DIVINE, damage done from one of the shots to the head he/she already endured. Stevenson takes up DIVINE only to slam him/her again to the mat. DIVINE gets zero rest as she/he is hit by one textbook suplex after another by the best technical wresler in FWA today absolutely brutalizing DIVINE. DIVINE swipes wildly, but to no avail.

    McDonald: GOOD GOD!

    Stevenson kneels down beside DIVINE, stretching out arm and grabbing a handful of hair and lifting his/her face to meet his own.

    Drew Stevenson: Now we take out the trash...

    He says as he lets DIVINEs head drop back to the mat.

    Drew Stevenson: Consider this a message, cause your kind ain't welcome around here anymore! I want every one of you useless bastards out there to take a good look, take a good look at this piece of trash down here on my canvas. This represents wrestling's past. This represents the days when every simple man and woman could walk through those doors and get a guaranteed spot on the roster because guys with power were too stupid to think out the ones that ain't nothin' but a hinderance on this business! Because the reality is, the wrestling industry ain't got no more room for this kind of people.. The crowd boos again, but he cuts them off. Yeah, that's right..this kind of people. Folks that ain't got no business bein' in a place like this! See, for too long, FWA had this tag on it that says 'Give me your tired, your poor, your sick and we'll turn them into stars'...well that time has come to an abrupt end. And I am going to make damn sure of that. You people out there don't like me? Well that's good, I ain't here for your amusement. I ain't a clown, I don't dance..don't tell stories.. I am here to clean the wrestling world just as I got rid of the tardcore rules I will get rid of all the freaks.

    He throws the mic down and his music hits. The crowd remains hostile. The camera stays with Drew Stevenson until he disappears into the back.

    Piers: Why the long face, guys? All he is doing is cleaning the locker room. We had that open door policy and look what it got us! Things like DIVINE wandering around the hallways ..

    Langdon: I know DIVINE hasn't had the best behavior record in the books, but that still doesn't make it right, Piers!


    Commercial Break


    The live Fight Night feed switches to a never-before-seen taped interview of Broc Fluker with He is wearing funky 1970s disco ball-like attire with a magic genie hat, striped rainbow shirts and pants and has his pet lobster situated on his shoulder. The crowd explodes with cheers when they see Broc Lobster, who is sitting and talking to FWA interviewer Lucy Pinder.

    Lucy Pinder: Broc Fluker, you have been quite adamant about your desire to face Pau Adrian, your biggest rival, one more time. Why is that?

    Broc Lobster: It's simple, Lucy. I am the rightful final EWR champion, but Pau Adrian claims it as his own title. Whenever a challenge arises, he runs. So I finally made my return to the FWA, my home and his home since EWR folded, and offered the challenge. While I am an FWA wrestler, the EWR is what I am known for and our matches there were historic. I want one more match, at Back in Business, against him.

    Lucy Pinder: And if he stays quiet, as he has since you first challenged him?

    Broc Lobster: Then we all know who the real EWR champion is. But there's one thing I have that Pau doesn't, and one thing he lobster. I've been made a food since I claimed this was a "magic lobster." But Pau knows. He knows the truth. He knows it has led to, in some ways, my stardom and greater popularity than he has. And it eats away at him. He tries to play off like he has magic tacos. Didn't work. Magic burritos. Didn't work. One time, he drank an entire bottle of tequila, hoping it was magic. He woke up in a sewer.

    He talks a lot of game, but I'm offering my magic pet lobster on the line if he puts the EWR World championship on the line. It's about settling it once and for all, at Back in Business.

    Lucy Pinder: Any last words?

    Broc Lobster: All I'll say is this: I'm the best EWR wrestler ever. If a sorry wrestler like Pau Adrian thinks he can step in the ring with me, then there's one result he's going to get. Pau, DON'T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT ME! DON'T YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH ABOUT THE BEST! Or I'LL SHUT IT FOR YOU REAL QUICK...LOB...STER!

    Ayla El vs. Mustang Maddie

    Ayla El enters first to a respectable crowd reaction but it's Mustang Maddie who gets the real reaction when she enters as the crowd is wowed and amazed at her post baby body. "Have Maddie's boobs gotten bigger? Must be all the milk!" drools Piers much to Langdon's chagrin. Maddie and Ayla El waste no time as soon as the bell rings the two women go at each other with a lot of ferocity. Ayla El starts off with the clear advantage due Maddie's ring rust. Maddie eventually battles back into the match after a strong lariat followed by a jumping calf kick as Ayla tries to steady herself. Maddie covers and gets a near fall but Ayla El powers out. The two women continue to fight and then Ayla El clotheslines Maddie over the top rope and onto the mat. The two women start to brawl on the outside and trade blow after blow, they get so wrapped up in the competition of the match they ignore the ref and the bell rings, they both have been counted out. The match is a draw the women continue to brawl until finally security comes and breaks it up. Both women cool down and walk away.



    Commercial Break


    Lucian Ace vs. Christian Quinn

    Christian Quinn makes his way to the ring to a lot of boos. Lucians theme starts to play and the fans start a "Let's Go Lucian" and "You Suck" chant. But Ace is nowhere to be find. Christian Quinn is smiling in the ring as the referee starts the count. The count reaches ten and Ace is still nowhere to be found. The referee calls for the bell.

    Winner: Christian Quinn


    Commercial Break


    Once again we find Christian Quinn in the locker room of Lucian Ace with the glass of wine as Ace enters.

    Christian Quinn: What of the matters we discussed, Lucian? Have you looked at desires of our fellow wrestles?

    Lucian Ace: Ryan Rondo, PAJ and Ryan Hall desire the recognition and glory. Drew Stevenson wishes for wrestling to return to its roots. Wolf does not care about anything else he just wants to hurt people. Ashley O' Ryan is a peculiar one. He tries to exorcise his inner demons and he tries to get his life back on tracks with Gabrielle after his divorce with Moira Crawford. It is strange because while she is the guiding light in his life she is the sworn enemy of his best friend and tag team partner Stu St. Clar. It seems like he killed an unborn child in the ring. It was an accident that is haunting him to this very day. Stu St. Clair? He is a similar case as Ashley. He was once the most despised man in this industry until he found out about his son and all he does now is fight the past in a vain attempt to make up for everything wrong he did so he can live a happy life with his son one day. Thomas Princeton is just another guy who does this for money.

    Christian Quinn: Haha. How interesting.

    Lucian Ace: Are you mocking me, Christian Quinn? What was the point in me doing this research.

    Christian Quinn: You don't understand? You can't even recognize your own joy, Lucian. The soul instinctively seeks out joy and this appears in form of an interest. What you spoke in the greatest length was what interests you the most. When it comes to Vodka and Venom when you talked about them you went into a great detail.

    Lucian Ace: They are complicated and their circumstances need more explanation.

    Christian Quinn: Imagine scenario where Ashley O Ryan wins the FWA Undisputed Championship once again. Can you imagine what would it be like if he overcomes all those demons and wins the title? What do you think?

    Lucian take s a moment to think.

    Lucian Ace: What is the point in this?

    Christian Quinn: Do you not understand?

    Lucian Ace: Explain yourself

    Christian Quinn: If this was about anyone else you would have brushed it to side as futile and you would have called it a waste of time. This is not how it went. You found enjoyment in it. Celebrate, Lucian. You have realized what pleasure is at long last.

    Lucian Ace: Pleasure? Are you talking about joy? There is nothing in Ashley O Ryans fate that could bring anyone joy. His life is nothing but a string of tragedy and suffering. For him a quick and unexpected death would be a blessing.

    Christian Quinn: Lucian, why must you insist on defining joy so narrowly? Where is the paradox in finding suffering and tragedy but other forms of pleasure? There is no one fixed type of joy. Your confusion derives from your failure to understand that.

    Lucian Ace: This is something that cannot be allowed. Instant Classic, an inhuman monster such as yourself may find pleasure in some small amount of pain. But that is the soul of a sinner, an evil that must be punished! Thus it is so, according to the path of faith that I follow.

    Christian Quinn: And so, you have defined joy itself as a sin. I’m astonished how far you’ve succeeded in warping it. You never do cease to be of interest to me.

    Lucian Ace: If I go after Vodka and Venom with the desire to crush them then I will betray everything I have ever believed in. If I do that am I going to experience the pleasure in my life?

    Christian Quinn: Then you’ll need a strong and ruthless tag team partner.… No, I won’t say it. Everything from here onward is up to you. Do exactly as you like. That is the true meaning of entertainment. And entertainment leads to joy… And joy will lead you to happiness. Your path is now clear, Lucian. So clear there is no longer any need to hesitate.

    Non-title match
    "The Last King" Ryan Hall vs. Thomas Princeton

    Ryan Hall enters first to a dynamic heat, the crowd is just showering the hate on him like he's some sort of serial killer. They throw trash at him and one sign reads "Thunder is the real Champ!" Hall just polishes his belt and poses with it mockingly as he climbs into the ring and gets ready for the match. Thomas Princeton comes out next looking pretty focused, he kicks the trash to the side that has been left there by the angry fans. Tom actually gets a few audible cheers from fans who are so eager to see the prince of darkness (hopefully) beat down on Ryan Hall. Tom steps into the ring and the two men circle each other for a bit, the bell rings and the two lock up.

    Ryan wins out and takes Tom down MMA style and starts delivering elbows and forearms to the skull of Tom, Tom is having difficulty blocking the jabs and his legs have been expertly wrapped up by Hall. If this were a MMA match the ref would have already called it, but this is the FWA and mercy is rarely offered. Tom manages to fight back a bit and then lifts himself up for a powerful headbutt to the gut of Hall. The champion loosens his grip long enough for Tom to slip out and then knee Hall right in the chin, then Tom grabs Hall for a DDT! Tom gets up and checks his lip a bit which is bruised from the bashings he took from Hall.

    Hall gets up slow and Tom grabs him and yanks him up attempting an Irish whip but Hall is ready and breaks free and then kicks Tom in the gut and hits a quick shoulder suplex. Tom rolls to his feet but is swiftly clotheslined to the ground by Hall. Tom's back bounces off the ropes as he goes down. Hall grabs Tom by the right leg and drags him out into the middle of the ring and drops and elbow to the chest of Tom. Hall then rages and starts striking Tom with some more mounted punches. Tom quickly forces Hall off him and then gets up looking at Hall with some crazed eyes. Hall and Tom lock up but this time Tom wins out in the test of strength and hits Hall with a quick snap suplex. Hall tries to get to his feet but Tom hits a running big boot to the skull of Hall. Halls flips back and then Tom grabs Hall and forces him to his feet for a Two Weeks Notice submission hold! Hall screams in pain as Tom applies it. Hall tries to power out but he can't, reaching and grasping with all his might Hall manages to grab one of the ropes and the ref starts to count 1...2....3...4 Tom let's go, not wanting to be disqualified.

    The ref warns Tom to back off as Tom waits like a snake ready to strike as Hall catches his breath and gets to his feet. As soon as Hall is to his feet Tom reaches in but Hall elbows Tom in the nose and then moves in and grabs Tom for a headlock that he turns into an inverted backbreaker! Tom holds his back in pain as Hall goes for the cover 1...2 Tom kicks out. Hall grabs Tom and tries to force him to his feet but Tom forearms Hall in the chin and then kicks him in the gut then Tom Irish whips the champion off the ropes and right into a big boot! Tom covers Hall 1...2 Hall powers out. Tom not wanting to repeat Hall's mistake does not try and grab but instead waits for him to stand. Hall gets to his feet and Tom goes off the ropes for a BTY clothesline but Hall ducks it and then tries to grab Tom for an Inferno Cutter but Tom knows it coming and manages to grab Hall in mid air right for a modified inverted spinebuster! Tom hooks the leg on Hall 1...2...Hall kicks out with a near fall. You can hear people in the arena gasp thinking it was over.

    Tom gets up and forces Hall to his feet both men lock up and Tom starts trying to punch Hall in the side to break him down but the champion isn't giving and manages to headbutt Tom and then hit him with a belly to belly suplex. Tom flops onto the mat, Tom gets up slow and Hall is ready and instantly puts Tom into a judo throw hard onto the mat. Tom seems to have had the wind knocked out of him as he lets out a big gasp. Tom tries to stand, looking disoriented, Hall is ready to strike with his Inferno Cutter he waits for Tom to be in position and then all of a sudden Wolf rushes into the ring and clobbers Hall in the back of the skull from behind. Hall falls to the mat and the ring bell sounds for a no contest.

    The crowd is in shock but applauds Wolf as he starts to trade blows with the tired out Hall. Hall goes for a big jab but Wolf ducks it then grabs Hall and hits him with a vicious DDT! Hall's head bounces off the mat. Hall just lays on the mat, defeated for the moment. Tom has come to his senses and tries to slink out of the ring but Wolf sees Tom and grabs him by the shoulder. Tom hesitates but then Wolf extends his hand warmly. Tom raises an eyebrow but then extends his own hand to shake Wolf's--big mistake. Wolf punches Tom in the gut and then picks him up for a big powerbomb! The crowd is going crazy as both Thomas Princeton and Ryan Hall are laid out in the ring. Wolf screams to the fans and then crawls out of the ring to the ring announcer and easily snatches the World Championship belt. Wolf comes back into the ring and raises it above his head, there is a big pop for it all and then Wolf slaps the belt onto the belly of Hall and then points to the sign above the arena that reads "Back in Business" Wolf then steps over Hall and exits up the ramp with the crowd cheering him on. "WOLF! WOLF! WOLF!" They chant.
    Non-title match
    "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson vs. "The Ace of Diamonds" Shane McLean

    Stevenson goes on the attack before the bell sounds, looking to take the early advantage but Shane quickly fights him back. Shane uses his speed and quickness to keep Stevenson on the defensive, even connecting with the 10-punches in the corner while the fans counted them off. Shane comes down and seems to injure his leg and that opens him up for a backdrop suplex that gets a 2-count. Stevenson goes on the attack again, working the leg with some hard shots before bearing down with a single leg crab. Shane struggles to free himself, but Stevenson stays on him with a chop block then a DDT for a 2-count. He whips Shane into the turnbuckle then runs in after him, but Shane ducks out of the way and Stevenson comes crashing down on his head in the corner! Shane starts to fire up, connecting with some hard right hands followed by a snap suplex. Shane bodyslams Stevenson, then climbs up to the top rope and he hits a flying elbow-drop that gets a near-fall. Shane goes back up and goes for a moonsault, but Stevenson gets his knees up and drives them into his gut!

    Langdon: Stevenson gets the knees up at the last second and counters the moonsault!

    Baxter: That's intelligence at work! Shane went to the well one too many times and Stevenson made him pay for it with a pair of "vintage" knees right to the midsection!

    McDonald: Stevenson going for the cover again, looking to capitalize!

    Stevenson covers him for a 2-count, then instantly transitions into another single leg crab but Shane's close to the ropes and manages to force the break. Stevenson stays on the leg, hitting a variety of maneuvers that keep the high-flyer grounded. Stevenson hits a t-bone suplex that gets another 2-count and he stops to taunt the crowd, drawing boos from the fans. Stevenson goes for The Career Killer but Shane rolls out of it! Shane goes on the attack, scoring several knockdowns with right hands. Still limping, Shane manages to score with a neckbreaker followed by a standing moonsault for a 2-count. Shane hits a sunset flip for another 2-count. Stevenson pops up and Shane bodyslams him near the corner, then moves to the turnbuckle. Shane goes for the Lethal InjectShane but Stevenson rolls out of the way and Shane eats the canvas again! Stevenson stomps him a few times, then drags him out of the corner and kicks his leg out from under him. The fans boo as Stevenson slaps him across the back of the head, taking a moment to berate him before he goes for The Career Killer but Shane counters with a small package and he stacks up with a jackknife hold! Stevenson struggles to kickout, but Shane holds on and pulls off the win!

    Winner: Shane McLean

    We cut backstage where Todd Salum is stood with Lucian Ace. Lucian wore a black hooded sweater and jeans. He had dark rings around his eyes from lack of sleep, his face seemed unshaven and the fans didn't know how to react to him anymore. Salum spoke with a frown.

    Todd Salum: Lucian, we haven't seen much of you lately but what we have seen has been...slightly worrying. What is running through your mind right now and how did you feel when Hammerstein Ballroom seemed to turn on you like that?

    Lucian took a long moment to the point where Salum was about to follow up his question but finally he started to speak.

    Lucian Ace: I'm 19 years old, I lost my father when I was twelve, lost my mentor Kerry Kennedy when I was 18. Iwas diagnosed with cancer when I was 19. Do you know how I have spent the last years of my life Salum? I spent them with this company. I've given FWA what most would consider to be the best years of your life. I have lost contact with friends while working for FWA. I don't even remmeber the last time I have seen my best friend Izaya. All of that and you know the one thing that kills me the most after finding out about the cancer? All those fans in Hammerstein Ballroom, all those fans world wide who want to keep on asking me 'what happened to you Lucian?', 'what went wrong?'.....What went wrong...

    He grits his teeth.


    He yells at the camera.

    Lucian Ace: I gave my life to you people and in my time of need you turned your damn backs on me. I defended you up until the end when time after time I'd face the likes of Prince Abdullah Assad, Mac Michaud, Nate Richardson, Ryan Hall who told me that you people were poison. IT WAS ME! That defended you, me that said you spent your hard earned cash on what we did and that you actually cared when in fact you don't give a damn at all. You turned on me when I needed that rush, that buzz the most and for what? Because you didn't get your one hour long five star match? I don't have much time left in this world so don't think for one second that I will give YOU an hour of MY life. Do you see this shit happening to Ryan Hall? Huh? Maybe he had the right idea all along, maybe I was the dumb f*ck for believing in you when you obviously chose not to believe in me. I'm not holding anything inside anymore, I am grieving. I don't care what any of you think of my methods, your opinion as of right now means nothing to me. You want to turn your backs on me? Fine, I'll do the same. I will do what I want from now on. I will entertain myself...

    Lucian turned his back to the camera, having gotten quite emotionally into what he said. Salum looked taken aback as he went to speak.

    Todd Salum: I..

    Lucian Ace: We're done here Salum.

    Ace walks off as the fans start to boo

    Piers: My god Lucian Ace finally grew a pair.

    Langdon: Piers how can you say that. There is a young man who was keeping the passion of this sport alive in FWA and he's lost faith in our fans, the business and who knows what else what. I wish i knew what to say to him.

    Piers: Allow me, Well done Lucian. Well done.

    Whyte Thunder and "The Amazing" Ryan Rondo vs. Vodka & Venom (Ashley 'O Ryan & Stu "The Snake" St. Clair)

    Piers Gallagher: We're just seconds away from the Sunrise-Sunset vs. Vodka & Venom match and word around backstage is Whyte Thunder STILL isn't anywhere to be seen!

    "Cradle of Filth" by Mr. Crowley plays as Stu St. Clair and Ashley 'O Ryan appear with the FWA tag team championships. The crowd offers a solid ovation for the five-time champions as they walk down the rampway and head toward the ring. They enter in and wait as only the lifelong friends would, ever confident in their abilities.

    "Anti Faith" by Anavae plays as the crowd changes its tune drastically and boos aggressively for Ryan Rondo, who appears with a smug look as the former North American champion walks down the ring.

    Harry Baxter: I have no unearthly idea how this team will work together...even if Whyte Thunder shows up.

    "The House of the Rising Sun" remix plays next as Ryan Rondo mockingly claps for Whyte Thunder, but his claps turn to stone-cold silence and statue pose. Whyte Thunder doesn't appear at the top of the stage. The music stops, lights turn on and he's nowhere to be found.

    Rondo turns around and looks at Stu and Ashley, who shake their heads as if they feel for the kid but know they have a job to do.

    Langdon Trafford: It's like wolves circling a sheep.

    Harry Baxter: And this sheep deserves what he's about to get both tonight AND at Back in Business!

    Stu St. Clair starts in the ring as Rondo and he circle halfway and lock up. Stu with a side head lock on Rondo and then an abdominal stretch. Stu reaches and tags in Ashley, who lands a few stiff punches to the ribs of the turncoat and follows with a wrist lock. Ashley irish whips Rondo to the ropes and lands a nice underhook throw and locks in a kneeling surfboard submission. Rondo grimaces in pain as Ashley reaches back and tags his partner back in. Stu runs off the ropes with Rondo still locked in the hold and lands a running boot right into the seated man's face.

    Stu grabs Rondo by the head and pulls the smaller opponent to his feet. He holds him up and whips him hard stomach first into the turnbuckle and then runs off the ropes nearest and clotheslines Rondo down after he hits and steps back from the collision. Stu kneels down and hooks the far leg, but Rondo kicks out at barely a two count.

    Stu grabs Rondo and whips him to the ropes again. He lands a swift kick to the stomach and goes for his finishing DDT, but Rondo fights back with punches into the gut. He shoves Stu away and lands a spinning wheel kick, taking Stu down and falling over himself to catch a break. Rondo is first to his feet and heads to the apron. When Stu rises, Rondo is on the top turnbuckle and flies off for a flying leg lariat!!! Rondo hits the mat hard but manages to crawl to Stu and cover.
    (.............1...........Kick out from the weak pin)

    Rondo uses the ropes to support himself as Stu rises and shakes off the cobwebs. Rondo ducks a forearm and lands a few stiff body shots. He whips to the ropes but Stu reverses it and lands a nice sidewalk slam to regain momentum for Vodka & Venom. Stu tags in Ashley 'O Ryan, who lands a somersault leg drop and hooks the nearest leg for a pin!
    (..............1..............2....Kick out)

    Ashley grabs Rondo by the neck and quickly tags Stu back in. A double team vertical suplex precedes Stu's arm wrench short-arm clothesline! He brings Ashley back in, and the man with the most title reigns in FWA history bends down to bring Rondo up...but Rondo with a surprise cradle!!!

    When both men spring up, Rondo ducks a clothesline and hoists Ashley on his shoulders for a fireman's carry. But he drops Ashley with a neckbreaker!!! Rondo waits near the turnbuckle as Ashley gets up, and the hated heel props himself up quickly and flies off for a corkscrew crossbody!!! Rondo hooks the far leg for a pin!
    (...............1.................2..........Kick out!)

    Langdon Trafford: Remember back in July when Vodka & Venom defended the tag titles against Sunrise-Sunset for the final time of their famous feud?! Rondo got hurt and it was Whyte Thunder going one on two against Vodka & Venom. Now it's reversed. Whyte Thunder STILL hasn't shown his face and RONDO is trying to pull off the dramatic upset!!!

    Ryan Rondo looks to the corner but once more realizes he is all alone. He turns and side steps a charging Ashley 'O Ryan, who goes chest first into the turnbuckle. Rondo follows with a springboard frankensteiner and a jumping knee drop!!! He hooks the leg once more!!!

    Stu goes back to his corner but Ashley regains control with an eye poke on Rondo, who complains to the refs. Ashley tags in Stu, who stalks Rondo and then lands a Russian leg sweep!!! Stu follows with three jabs and a discus clothesline, but Rondo ducks under the clothesline and hits his Pele kick!!! Rondo once more covers, hoping to escape with a HUGE upset!!!
    (..............1...............2............Hand on the ropes!!!)

    Rondo becomes irate. Stu pulls himself to his feet and lands a running knee lift into the stomach and then an atomic drop!!! Rondo is hunched over as Stu tags in Ashley and the tandem hovers above his body. The crowd is cheering for Vodka & Venom to finish it off...

    But just in that moment, the arena goes dark and "House of the Rising Sun" plays once again!!! This time Whyte Thunder DOES appear on the stage and walks to the ring wearing white and gold facepaint, a black trench coat and wrestling attire underneath!!! He steps up and takes his spot on the apron in his team's corner. Stu St. Clair just stares at him, and Whyte Thunder stares right back. Ashley O Ryan shouts, "He screwed you, yet you're here?!" Whyte Thunder doesn't say a word or change his emotions. He is stern as can be and reaches out for a tag.


    Langdon Trafford: I wouldn't be so quick to assume that.

    Ashley grabs Rondo in another side head lock, but the three-time X-Division champion shoves Ashley into the ropes and lands a ferocious elbow to the face. Ashley falls through the top and middle ropes and onto the apron. Rondo, falling to one knee, stumbles to his corner. He finally notices Whyte Thunder, who only looks right back at him with the same expression, neither friend nor foe. Rondo begins laughing, and then he points his finger right into Whyte Thunder's face and continues laughing, as if taunting and bullying Whyte Thunder.

    Piers Gallagher: That's right, Rondo! You don't need his help!

    Whyte Thunder takes it anyway. He grabs Rondo BY THE HAIR from over the ropes and uses his free hand to forcefully slap Rondo's hand and tag himself in. When Ashley steps through the ropes, Whyte Thunder quickly hits him with a vertical suplex into a faceplant!!! Whyte Thunder glances for a millisecond at Stu St. Clair and then around the entire arena. He grabs Ashley by the hair, face up, and quickly turns him face down and hits his "Superhero's Oath" sitout faceplant!!! Whyte Thunder hooks both legs with aggression as he stares up at Stu St. Clair, who steps halfway through the ropes but stops once he catches Whyte Thunder's glare.

    Winners: Whyte Thunder and "The Amazing" Ryan Rondo

    Piers Gallagher: Well, look at that. The one time Sunrise-Sunset beats Vodka & Venom is when it's a disfunctional mess and half the team wasn't even there for 90 percent of the match!

    Whyte Thunder's hand is raised, as is Ryan Rondo's, as Ashley 'O Ryan rolls to the ropes and out of the ring. Stu St. Clair and Ashley retrieve their tag team title belts and leave the former best friends in the ring together. Ashley then shouts, "How about now?!" to Whyte Thunder.

    Sam McDonald: Without Whyte Thunder, there's no way Rondo wins. But I want to know why he helped him!

    Ryan Rondo then gets right in Whyte Thunder's face. Formerly as "The Golden One," this face-paint superhero tries to leave the ring but Rondo grabs him by the trench coat and yanks him back to a face-to-face encounter.

    Harry Baxter: Why isn't he beating the hell out of Rondo?!

    Rondo eventually begins laughing once again, just like he did during the match.

    "I knew it," Rondo whispers barely audible for the cameras to pick up. "I knew you'd help. I know you too well."

    The crowd boos, because Whyte Thunder's expression changes from the same stoic, intimidating face we've seen so often to the one he showed Rondo at Aces High. He's showing sadness, regret, distraught, emptiness, and he turns his head away from looking at Rondo and looks out to the crowd. Rondo finally says, "I know what match I'm choosing. Just wait."

    Whyte Thunder finally looks back once more and then turns away, once again turning the other cheek and exits the ring. Rondo is smiling from ear to ear as he thinks he has Whyte Thunder on a puppet string.


    Commercial Break


    For the first time I Forgive But I Wont Forget Your Name by Lacuna Coil plays over the loudspeakers and to a very loud, very warm reception Gabrielle Montgomery makes her way down to the ring. Many of the fans with ringside seats bow to her as she walks by, bringing a rosey tinged smile to her face as she blushes and then steps into the ring.

    Gabrielle: I don’t know what to say after that reception…thank you, thank you all.

    You’re all probably sick of hearing about it, but its days like this, moments like this that I dreamed of when I was a little girl. All the heartache seems worth it, just to experience this, to stand in this ring and be cheered like that. It is this support that keeps me from ever feeling truly down. Even after I came up short against Wolf, congratulations by the way Adrian, all the fans cheers for me made sure I never felt like a loser. I gave it my all, and came so close to heading to Back In Business and competing in another Championship match, but it wasn’t to be.

    In this ring I have experienced so many ups…and so many downs. Wins that I will never forget and loses that I don’t want to remember. They’ve all brought me to this very moment, here and now after enduring everything that Jimmy King could throw at me and seeing Back In Business just slip out of my fingers, I have never felt more accepted as a wrestler. There are those who look down on me as a woman fighting against men, but in the greatest Carnal Contendership match of all time I took Wolf to the limit. I love my life right now, I enjoy every second that I’m in this ring.

    But as a mother I cant deny that at times my heart is with my little girl, my Carmella and not in this ring. For eight years I have shocked the world, changed peoples perceptions and achieved so much more than a little girl with ribbons in her hair ever thought was possible. If I retired tomorrow…I would so happy and proud of everything I have achieved.

    A loud “don’t go Gabby” and a equally loud “‘thank you Gabby” chant breaks out, the fans not knowing quite what to say. Gabrielle just smiles and raises the microphone back up to her mouth.

    Gabrielle: But there is still so much more left I can do, I want to be World Champion again, I want to headline Back In Business as the Main Event. It is the dream I have left, to stand on the grandest stage of them all as the greatest Champion of them all…

    Hail To The King then plays over the loudspeakers and a smugly smiling PAJ makes his way out atop the entranceway.

    PAJ: This is all very touching and everything…but Gabby I need you right now…you see I need something that you’re perfect for…I need a sandwich made up.

    PAJ grins from ear to ear as Gabrielle just sighs and shakes her head.

    Gabrielle: You think you’re clever PAJ, but you aren’t. I’m used to such pathetic insults, I’ve dealt with them my entire career from people who underestimated me right up until the point I spiked their head into the mat and beat them.


    PAJ speaks but we can’t hear him, he angrily throws his microphone down as Gabrielle smirks.

    Gabrielle: A perk of having the FWA’s support, we are all sick and tired of hearing about how great you are PAJ…but never seeing it. And you have the audacity to come out here and insult me…you of all people. You’re King has fallen and the FWA’s rightful order is restored. If you have something to say about that…how about you come down to this ring and say it to my face?

    Gabrielle drops her mic and PAJ smirks before removing his jacket and walking down to the ring. He jumps up on the apron, talks some smack…and then jumps back down and paces around the ring before jumping back up on the apron and starting to step into the ring. Gabrielle steps towards him though and he quickly jumps back down. Gabrielle just shakes her head and then PAJ jumps back up on the apron, Gabrielle rushes towards him and PAJ just jumps back down and pulls down the top ring rope causing Gabrielle to tumble out of the ring. PAJ is all smiles as he undoes his tie and neatly places it on the ring apron, he then turns around is blasted by a flying elbow from Gabby who leapt off the ring barricade. She blasts him with several forearms but receives a knee to the stomach. But she avoids the follow up punch and cracks PAJ with a savate kick, sending him to the floor. He quickly retreats over the barricade and into the audience while yelling at Gabrielle who just grins, rubs her foot on his tie and then celebrates in the ring to a cheering audience.
    Wolf vs. PAJ

    PAJ and Wolf stare one another down. Locking the door behind him. Both men begin to circle, not taking their eyes away from one another. When the bell rings, teeth gnash on both rage-painted faces as the two men clash in the center of the ring. Wolf uses his size and strength to bullrush PAJ into the side of the cage. He buries his shoulder into PAJs midsection a couple more times before letting him fall to the mat. Wolf puts a knee into PAJs throat, choking him with help from the cage wall. When he's satisfied, Wolf drives that knee into PAJs chin then takes a step away, throwing his arms into the air as the fans cheer him on. Wolf ignores the reaction and grabs PAJ by the head, helping him to his feet.

    Langdon: And Wolf is in full control early in this match-up!

    Wolf attempts to clothesline PAJ back down to his back, but PAJ blocks blow and gives a quick shot to Wolf's throat! Wolf is staggered slightly, but it's enough for PAJ to put a dropkick onto his chin. Wolf goes to his back and PAJ comes off the ropes, PAJ attempts to drop an elbow, but Wolf rolls away. PAJ is back up in a flash catching the recovering Wolf as he tries to get to his feet. PAJ launches Wolf into the ropes, when Wolf returns PAJ blasts him with a flying wheel kick from Hell. PAJ rolls out of it and back to his feet, coming off the ropes once again. This time his elbow lands squarely in Wolf's sternum. PAJ grabs Wolf by a handful of hair with one hand and delivers stiff punches with the other. After a few moments of this, PAJ helps Wolf back up before putting him head-first into the cage wall!

    Piers: And PAJ has taken that control back!

    Wolf rolls on the mat holding his head, PAJ puts a foot on the back of Wolf's head. He uses that foot to grind Wolf's face into the cage. PAJ grabs the top rope for leverage as he stomps and grinds Wolf's head. Wolf fights back and eventually knocks PAJ off balance. As PAJ staggers backward, regaining his footing, Wolf hops off the mat. He charges PAJ with a clothesline, but PAJ ducks! Wolf goes into the ropes and returns! PAJ seems to be telegraphing, as Wolf grabs him to capitalize, PAJ turns the situation into a spinning neck breaker!

    McDonald: I'm not sure what we just saw, but it was impressive!

    Baxter: PAJ hits Wolf with some kind of modified neck breaker!

    Wolf rolls away, PAJ clambers to his feet. As PAJ approaches, Wolf grabs his leg and rolls PAJ through with WRATH OF THE BEAST that he synches in tight! PAJ hollars and reaches for the ropes... But this is a Cage Match, he's at Wolf's mercy. If Wolf has any. It doesn't seem he does as Wolf looks like he's trying to snap PAJs leg off at the knee. PAJ grabs the ropes in the nearest corner and tries to pull himself out. Wolf pulls PAJ back to the mat. PAJ gets his hands on the ropes again and this time starts to shake and yank at them as Wolf continues to keep hold of that leg. Using a mixture of sheer adrenaline and strength, PAJ pulls the bottom turnbuckle off the ring post! Bottom ropes and all! He uses that turnbuckle to hit Wolf in the knee that has grape-vined it's way around PAJs. Wolf can't hold on for much longer, he's forced to release the hold!

    Langdon: I have never seen anyone counter Wrath of the Beast like this!

    Baxter: PAJ is awesome! You can't question the determination of this man!

    Taking a quick glance back at Wolf, to make sure he was down, PAJ headed for the side of the cage and began to climb, just as Wolf began to stir. Using the ropes at first PAJ was soon close to the top of the cage. Wolf, back to his feet wasn’t far behind, grabbing the back of PAJ’s tights as he tried to pull himself up to the top. PAJ kicked out, causing Wolf to have to let go and rebalance. Getting to the corner of the cage, he turned around and tried to kick out at Wolf again and send him to the floor. His leg was caught by Wolf, however, who then grabbed his other leg and pulled him into a power bomb position from the top rope. PAJ punched out, trying to break Wolfs grip. It was futile however as Wolf began to pull him away from the cage. In a act of desperation PAJ pushed himself away from the cage, using his momentum to take Wolf down with a hurricanrana! Both men landed hard in the middle of the ring to a massive roar from the crowd.

    McDonald: Holy shit! They could both be broken in half!

    Baxter: That’s FWA for you, you go out there and you fight like you are someone elses body!

    It took several minutes from either to stir as the crowd broke out a “LEETS GO WOLF, LETS GO PAJ” chants, willing them to their feet. PAJ was first to his feet using the ropes for leverage, his opponent was just seconds behind. Meeting in the middle of the ring they traded rights and lefts one at a time, the crowd cheering for Wolf and booing PAJ.



















    The noise from the crowd would be enough to tell you Wolf had the edge, but that was confirmed when he bounced of the ropes and sent PAJ to the mat with a lariat. Lifting him back to his feet he slammed him into the mat with a massive power bomb. He signalled for the official to unlock the door and began to slowly stagger towards it. He began to climb through the ropes just as PAJ charged, slamming all his weight into Wolf's back and sending him to the mat. Wolf rolls to the far end of the ring, arms crossed over his chest, but PAJ quickly scampers towards him, pulling Wolf onto his back and hooking the leg on instinct, but quickly abandons the effort. Both men are spent, PAJ is bleeding and Wolf is struggling to go on any further, but the cheers of the crowd push them further. PAJ is first to his feet, each breath another taste of agony as he grabs Wolf and tries to pull the big man to his feet. PAJ hits a right hand, then a chop across Wolf’s massive chest. PAJ then goes downstairs to the leg again with a stiff kick, folding Wolf’s knee with a well placed shot. Wolf down on one knee and PAJ teeing off on him with right hands, but Wolf fires a shot of his own into PAJ’s ribs, lifting the smaller man off his feet. Wolf hits a second shot to the ribs, but PAJ drives the point of his elbow right between Wolf’s eyes, keeping the big man down. PAJ hits a quick kneelift, connecting right under Wolf’s jaw. The big man lurches up onto his feet and PAJ looks to capitalize as he leaps up and tries for the hurricanrana, but Wolf hangs on, holding PAJ in place before lifting him back up and driving him down with a thunderous FINAL HOWL. PAJ is folded in half on impact and Wolf just falls on top of him. 1... 2... 3!

    Langdon: OH MY GOD ! PAJ has been cut in half

    Baxter: What a match!

    Winner: Wolf

    Wolf is celebrating his victory in the ring as we see Ryan Hall strutting down the hall. Suddenly, he rounds the corner entering Sara Wolf's locker room.

    Ryan Hall: Long time no see, Sara.

    Sara Wolf: What do you want from me, Ryan?

    Ryan Hall: You still owe me for stopping Wolf from his selfdrestruction after last years Back in Business. Only reason I have helped he mad dog was because of you and now I will be forced to defend my Undisputed Championship against him in Hell in a Cell. You owe me big time.

    Hall puts a hand on Sara's shoulder. As soon as he does so, she shoves him back and points a finger into his face.

    Sara Wolf: Don't you ever lay your hands on me! You helped Wolf only to stab him in the back for the chance for the Undisputd Championship at Anniversary!

    Ryan Hall looks shocked.

    Ryan Hall: Why the anger, Sara? We all know that you are just a slut whoring herself just for...

    Sara slugs Hall across the face as tears begin to build up in her eyes.

    Sara Wolf: How dare you say that!

    Hall rubs his face as he looks at Sara with an angered look. In one swift movement, he grabs her arms and pins her against the wall. He pulls back his fist, ready to punch her as the tears rolls down her face. Ryan turns around punching the cameraman and all we get is static.

    Langdon: My god. Hall is one lost soul. He has completely driven himself into insanity.

    McDonald: Does he want to do to her what I think he want to do?
    Back in the ring. Wolf is furious inside a locked cage. He goes to climb up the cage and drives his body through the barbed-wire ripping parts of his body in the process.

    Langdon: Wolf doesn't care about the barbed-wire he just want to get to his wife!

    McDonald: His health is just a small price to pay right now.

    Wolf runs to the backstage screaming Sara's name. He turns around the corner and he finally gets there. He opens the room looking around for Ryan Hall. All he can see is Sara in the corner shaking and filled with fear.

    Wolf: Sara, are you...

    BANG! Ryan Hall blasts Wolf with a sledgehammer from behind busting his forehead. He just smiles at the bleeding Wolf. He turns to Sara whispering "I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. We will have to do his more often" before walking away

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    Psalm 2:8

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    Re: Fight Night 02/21/2014 results

    Good show! Great work to by everyone that RPed and helped to contribute this week!

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    Re: Fight Night 02/21/2014 results

    L.O.B. ...STER!

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    Re: Fight Night 02/21/2014 results

    Match sent to TGO
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    [I WIN]

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    Re: Fight Night 02/21/2014 results

    I hope I did KS proud with that Match. And I know that I kind of muddled the finish, but I knew that I wanted Jethro to essentially steal the win from Vincent, so that essentially came across in what I did.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Fight Night 02/21/2014 results

    Great show! Back in Business is going to be one hell of a PPV!

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    Re: Fight Night 02/21/2014 results

    Amazing show! I cannot wait for BiB!

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