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Thread: Aces High promo thread

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    Aces High promo thread

    Post your promos here. Promo deadline for the show is Wednesday, Feb. 5 at midnight pacific time, which is Thursday, Feb. 6 at 3 a.m. eastern time and 8 a.m. in British time zone. No extensions.

    If you don't want to participate in the Carnal Contendership match, please let a mod know in the next 24 hours. Thanks.

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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    Meet Your Maker...

    I am prepared to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.

    “What the f*ck is wrong with you?” Wolf exclaimed. There are a number of things that it never occurs to a person that might happen to them within their lifetime, but the one at the top of the list that you’d never be prepared for, despite what so many theists might believe, is meeting your maker in his living room, "Think about all the shit I’ve had to deal with; death, suffering, insanity, pain, confliction, alcoholism, debauchery, and failure." Now imagine meeting the person responsible for it all and then try telling me you wouldn’t be angry too. "The only reason I don’t strangle you right now is because I’m not sure what will happen to me if I do. Would I disappear, would you just imagine me out of existence if I did it?”

    “Honestly, I have no clue,” replied the man that stood across the room from Wolf in almost equal confusion, Tomas Magyar. If you had to sum up this rather unextraordinary individual in only a few words, which wouldn’t be such a difficult endeavor, it might be something along these lines: Caucasian, twenty-four year guy with short hair, a love for wrestling, and a fascination with anime, “it’s not exactly you meet one of your creations in the flesh. I mean, it kind of makes me question everything I know about the universe in general. Think about it; if you were from a different universe, does that mean that my writing would effect it and shape the direction your life would take or does your universe somehow reach into this one and shape the direction my writing takes. This is just amazing. The real tragedy is everyone would think I was crazy…if they didn’t think so to begin with.”

    Tomas’ various habits include, but are not limited to; sleeping, eating, daydreaming at work, attempting and failing to get back into shape to box, and E-fedding. What is E-fedding you ask (even though most of you reading this will be completely familiar with it and this will just come off as unneeded exposition)? Well, take wrestling, yes that thing with all the gentlemen in speedos grappling each other in a fairly homoerotic fashion. Now, take out all the awesome parts about it (the aforementioned homoerotic display of physicality) and insert text instead and you’ll have a pretty good idea.

    Oh, not good enough? Well, then let me go in depth. Take a wrestling fan (such as you or I) and give them a yearning to act out a possible wrestling persona (as they probably do in front of their mirror multiple times a day), now have them realize that they aren’t cut out for such an intense violent activity; they’ll realize the next best thing is to write out their many chair-shot fueled fantasies. Now, why would they write something without feeling the urge to share it with the world (despite the world having never asked for it)? They know they’ll never sell a novel of the sort due to the publishers and the readership not being able to understand their genius, they’ll have to find other means to display their writings, which will inevitably lead them to scouring the internet for a chance to do so. Eventually, said wrestling fan will run into something called an E-fed, which can sometimes be equated to a den of thieves, a room filled with people with a compulsive need to argue, or a short bus.

    An E-Fed is a wrestling-based competitive writing site (sometime “competitive” and “writing” will be loose terms, depending who you are talking to). You’ll have you start by creating your character, one you’ve probably been creating your whole life. If this is your first time e-fedding, go ahead and create an over-powered monster who can fly through the air, with conflicting personality traits, an all-finisher-move set, and feel free to name him Death or something equally as ominous and unoriginal (may I suggest Mary-Sue as a possible name?). Over time you will eventually a sort of reasonability that will scale-down your character and create something that might actually exist (though your creativity might still suffer due to the fact that your main influence is, indeed, wrestling).

    When you create a character (one where you will spend more time over entrance music than move set) you will be included, every week, on something called a “card”. These “cards” are a sort of weekly assignment where you are forced to face another like-minded competitor. When you find out who your competitor is, it will be up to you to write, what many will refer to as, a RP (also known as a Role Play or “that things that nerds do because the real world is frightening”).

    An RP is a short story written either involving or from the perspective of your character where you will use repetitive, inane, and usually unoriginal trash-talk to insult your opponent’s non-existing character in the best way possible. Some of you might move on from the typical trash talk and write incredibly unrealistic stories involving ghosts, jailbreaks, crime, or talk-show host’s murderous sidekicks. Furthermore, some of you might move beyond stories and just post strange rambling manifestos about the world that have no connection to your character or wrestling in all, for that matter. When you finished writing your masterpiece, you will post it in the designated section of whatever forum you’re using and there it is in the hands of the judges. Whoever they might be, their job is to judge who wrote the best RP in the match-up and give them the win. When the winners are decided and the matches are written, the results will go up, and that’s when the real fun begins.

    See, the e-fed isn’t just a place to post ridiculous stories about your made-up character, it is also a sprawling metropolis of human interaction. These forums will usually have a space for out-of-character posts where you can post about sports (like wrestling), your favorite shows (like wresting), about what pisses you off (like wrestling), or start pointless flame wars for no reason that will create drama in areas that it doesn’t need to be because some invest a bit too much into this collection of lights flashing in their faces. When the results go up, then comes to chance for reactions, feedback, and rejoicing. If you win, you can gloat about it while lying to your opponent that it was at least a close match up, eventually drinking yourself to sleep before work the next day. If you lose, you can complain to everyone by airing your grievances openly in the forum, telling everyone they suck, yell about how its all rigged, quit, and then drink yourself to sleep before work the next day. It’s a good time had by all.

    It doesn’t just stop in the forum though. Many E-feds will have chat rooms too where many of its members can get together and continue many of the forum-related activities such as; fighting over wins/losses, causing unnecessary drama over ‘cliques’, pretending to be other people, and creating a fictional hierarchy that depends solely on how long you’ve been there. New guys will come in and be obnoxious, be too ‘in character’, and constantly complain about being picked on while the veterans will be grumpy, complain about all the new people, and start conspiracies about how everyone has it in for them, but both sides will be equal parts delusional and humorless. Now that you’ve been introduced to the world of E-Fedding and its promising landscape, lets continue the story already in progress.

    “Think of the possibilities,” Tomas started up again, “I could make something even bigger, stronger, and smarter and have it fall through whatever temporal rift you stumbled into and then I WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE!”

    “Will you shut up,” Wolf interrupted, “Take a look at the big picture here. The reason every shitty thing has happened to me is because of you.”

    “Well, in my defense, you aren’t supposed to be real,” Tomas tried to come back with meagerly, “I didn’t just want you to be some one-dimensional character that just threw money everywhere and made dick jokes. FWA has plenty of those.”

    Wolf was taken back, “So, for the sake of making me ‘interesting’, you destroyed my life? You killed my parents, you shifted me from one foster home to another, you had them pee on me, you made me addicted to drugs for the sake of making me interesting? I’ve been fighting tooth and nail to get my life in order and your just keep f*cking me over.”

    “Look it isn’t that simple,” Tomas spoke as he felt himself losing this argument, “if I didn’t give you confliction and trials, no one would want to read them and you would keep losing, you wouldn’t be a Grandslam champion right now.”

    “Oh, well I guess that makes it all worth it,” Wolf’s words were dripping with sarcasm, “if I keep winning these meaningless matches it’ll be worth my life being in ruins. Thank you, glorious master, for destroying everything I love for the sake of a win/loss record, you f*cking asshole!”

    “How was I supposed to know-“



    YOU F*CKER!” Wolf yelled at the top of his lungs, “You’re the reason I constantly fight my brother. He is all that I have left and you forced me to attack him for the sake of character development time and time again. HE WON’T TALK TO ME! Do you understand how much that has f*cked with me?”

    “Well, at least you’ve got a career, accomplishments, and money,” Tomas retaliated, “I could have easily made you poor, starving, and dying without a single saving grace in sight! The way I see it, you got lucky you self-indulgent prick! I have a job I hate. I’m struggling to help pay rent, bills, and groceries. At least you’re an interesting wresting superstar in your world. I just sit on my ass all day when I’m at home and write these shitty stories about assholes like you. At least you’re getting over your problems. At Ace's High you will beat Jimmy King to reclaim your carer. Every time I think I’ve got an opening to get out of this shit, I get the rug pulled out from under me. No one is going to write me out of this shit. No one is going to develop my character into a better or stronger person. For all I know I’ll always be stuck here.”

    “How do I know I won’t be stuck where I am? How do I know Jimmy King won't finish me for good at Ace's High”

    “Because, I need to keep you developing to keep you going so I don’t end up stagnant.”

    “When is the conclusion going to come?” Wolf sat down, noticeably calmer than a few moments before, “I’ve been fighting and fighting, but nothing is happening besides more problems. I need some sort of point A to Point B story.”

    “You’re my longest running character,” Tomas rose to his feet with a glass in his hand walking towards the kitchen, stopping in the doorway and looking back at Wolf, “it’s hard to let go of something like that. I mean, that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it. I’ve been considering trying to give you one more good run before moving onto a new character, but I’m not sure where to go. I want to go for the world title again, but the last time I got my shot I freaked out.”

    “I remember, I lost the Mile High match and Hall ended up getting the title…” Wolf reminisced for a moment, “well, let’s say I get my last good run, you leave my story in a nice beach where I live out the rest of my years in comfort; who do you go with next?”

    “…Lucian W. Ace,” Tomas mumbled.

    “That idiot?!” Wolf raised his eye brow, “The guy is white-haired in his twenties. His best friend is a cardboard box! Not to mention he is one of the most obnoxious human beings I’ve ever met in my life and now you’re going to tell me that not only did you create him, but you want to try and have him compete again? ”

    “Yeah, I made him to be different. I gave him skin cancer to make him stand out. You should consider yourself lucky”

    “That pretty f*cked up,” Wolf paused, “…Well, then why did you create me?”

    “I was kind of an angry kid at the time, kind of still am, and I used you to get a lot of my frustrations out by writing a bunch of loud, cathartic bullshit about wanting to tear everyone limb from limb and drink their blood.”

    “So, I was just supposed to be a bad guy in your world? Fantastic,” Wolf rolled his eyes.

    Tomas sighed as he could sense the displeasure emanating from his creation. He never thought he would have to explain this kind of stuff to a person directly out of his imagination, “At first, that was the case. I had you come out, angry with the world, the crowd would boo, and then wait for the next week to do it all over again. Eventually, I figured that’s all just buffer and filler, nothing was really gained that way. I decided to flesh you out, but not just to make you interesting. I made you smarter, I made you more in depth, and I made you with more emotions. I gave you passion. I gave you a mission, a pat of vengeance to make everyone who wronged you pay. I wish to go on about things like you sometimes”

    “So, I’m like a tool for you?”

    “No, that’s not exactly it.”

    “Then, please, elaborate.”

    “Look,” Tomas thought for a moment as Wolf sat there and waited for his response, “You are my fantasy of having a stage to speak my mind. You have a world where millions of people watch you each week and you get to speak your mind. You would get to do what I want to do, but with flash and pizazz. You would do it while winning matches and getting titles. The best I would get is to hide it cleverly in some novel that I may or may not ever finish.”

    With that, Tomas turned around and continued on his path to the kitchen. His mind was lost in the thoughts of what could possibly be true; that all these characters were living in separate reality where his writings affected the outcome of their lives. All those characters, lost in their suffering as he wrote carelessly without a thought of the consequences. It all seemed so surreal. What if his world was the same thing; simply a creation of a vastly more cruel and unforgiving writer, who found the suffering of fictional beings to be amusing and entertaining? The fantasies of an incredibly untalented writer. The idea sent a chill down Tomas’ spine.

    You did that to him. His thoughts rang out so loudly and clear it filled the pit of his stomach with a most violent sense of anxiety. This world is waving back and forth in the wind waiting to sleep or burn by you simple pounding your fingers on a keyboard. Ended careers, broken bones, broken homes, shattered sanities, lost hope, downward spirals, lives careening out of control, DEAD FAMILY, DEAD DREAMS, FORGOTTEN NAMES!…death…

    Death, such a cold word, but one that marks the effective end of most of the characters he made. Not in e-fedding, but also in other stories; horror, thrillers, sci-fi, mysteries, etc. etc. etc. He once wrote a short story about a man, having been shot through the chest, begging for his life. A demon, having heard his call, appears and tears out his heart, claiming ‘if your heart is no longer in your body, it can beat no closer to death.’ The man was granted immortality, a miracle many of us wish for, something almost forgiving in a story of violence and bloodshed, but the story ends with the main character receiving a bullet to the head, destroying many of the brain’s functions, leaving the character as a thoughtless, senseless, hopeless vegetable sitting in darkness as he waits for death to take him, but it never does.

    Tomas wrote that. It was a thought that sat was in his head and transferred down onto paper, and thus from it, a world was formed where a man lies for eternity, waiting for mercy. The guilt shot through his body and racked his brain. It put his glass on the counter and quietly slid to the ground, his back against the cupboards he sat there in the kitchen, feeling breath leave his body, but being unable to retrieve it. The world felt like it was closing in on him. YOU He could feel the soreness of his anxiety as he held the screams back in his throat. DID His arms and legs felt weak, almost shaking as he tried to hold them close to himself, almost of fear of them ripping off his body and leaving him there. THIS Nothing seemed real, but his thoughts seemed all too real, as if being whispered into his ear from an external party instead of sitting safely in his head. TO He suddenly felt childish in the grand scheme of all of existence; if it was just his world, than his happiness was dependent on himself, but the idea of a world dependent upon the creativity of this world meant that he was responsible for all these characters he created and thus he was a small immature puppeteer, destroying the world like an angry boy denied his favorite toy. THEM.

    There is a chirp, one right outside the window in the kitchen. A quickly little melody springs forth as the chirping continues and sudden it reaches Tomas’ ears, pulling him back into the world, away from his rising turmoil. His eyes dart over and he sees a bird sitting on a tree branch that sits right outside as it gently waves in the wind. There is something that Tomas had forgotten as he scrambled to understand the information that was handed to him; with all the suffering that he goes through, there is also beauty. With all the pain and loss he suffers from, something grand can immerge that can make it all truly worth it. It dawns on him, just because the story has conflict, does not mean it must be devoid of beauty. This story does not have to be an ugly thing that serves no purpose but to depress the reader and destroys their optimism. He can control where it all goes, how it all feels, how it all works, and thus he has the power to turn his wrongs into rights with the simple power of will. He wrote the story, no matter of win, lose or draw, he chose where it went next. Goddamn it, it was HIS story!

    In his joking around, Wolf had been right. At the end of all of it, Tomas could write it out that Wolf could end up on a beach where the worries of the world could not reach him, he could live happily, he could find his conclusion. Wolf had spent years being trampled on by different story-lines, different wrestlers, and even by Tomas when he was in a bad enough mood, the man deserved better than what he was getting and it was about time something was done about it.

    Tomas rose to his feet and took a deep breath to pull himself back together. He grabbed the glass filled it up with water as his mind continued to reassemble itself. He gulped it down, letting the cool liquid rush down his throat in waves. He put the glass in the sink and turned around, ready to face his creation once more like Dr. Frankenstein coming over the horror of the thing he put together in his dark and dreary lab.

    “Dude!” as Tomas walked back into the living room his thoughts of reinvigorated possibilities dissolved as he saw Wolf on his computer, his thoughts quickly filled with how he was going to hit him with a car as soon as he got him back into his own world, “that’s my computer.”

    “Well, if we are going to be technical, I kind of live in it, so its like my house,” Wolf replied, still going through the confines of the machine, “you were out there for a while, so I decided to check my e-mail, but then I remember I wouldn’t have any since I technically don’t exist. Then I came across the Wrestlingclique website and decided to take a look at it what it was like in your world, a lot better if I may add, and that’s when I came across the ‘RP’ section. So…what the f*ck was it last week?”

    “I don't know I was just lost. I mean, we weren't beaten.”

    “Well, I want to win Carnal Contendership and go to Back in Business.”

    “I’ve got nothing, just a bunch of ideas that go nowhere.”

    “You worried?”

    “Yeah,” Tomas replied as he leaned back, looking up at the ceiling, “I mean, I’ve beaten EVERYONE in that match before and I think I could take them all again, but Gabrielle scares the shit out of me. I’ve never beaten Jacob before and I don't know if I can ever do it.”

    “You should pull yourself together. I deserve this twist for the better. Nobody is prepared for the Carnal Contendership.”

    “ Jason Gryphon seems ready...”

    ”Seems. That's the operative word there. I know Jason... So I'm not saying he's not ready to go. He is. Stu doesn't need luck. He's got skill by the truck-load. But, just like me, he isn't fully-prepared. Can't be."

    ”What about Ashley?”

    Wolf: ”What about him? Not unlike Jason, Bu brings it. Shit, I was in the ring with him a couple weeks ago, if it were a title match the result would have been the same. I went down. Ashley picks up the win. The f*cker has chops... But he's not prepared, not fully. None of'em is ready. Blackbird? Badass, coming out swining. One of the best in the game today, just needs to catch his stride again. This is a great chance! Alexander Sokolov? Twisted, a sadistic man that revels in brutality. This is the perfect match for him. He's going to try and hurt each and everyone of us in new and interesting ways; I can't wait. Shane McLean? The man loads the deck for every match, it sounds stupid. But go toe to toe with him and see if it isn't true. Thomas Princeton? Thomas Princeton... Well, he's one Hell of a talent, that's for sure. If you had to sum up his time here in one word, it would have to be "impressive." I can't, and f*cking won't, take that away from him. He's a bit of a prick, but he hates Ryan Rondo almost as much as I do... So I guess he's not all bad. And what about Ryan Rondo? He's the North American champ, so that pretty much says it. He's jacked and he's on a hot-streak, that makes him dangerous. Aside from that, he can go f*ck himself. Alexander Askerov? Shit, if I gotta call it like I see it, I'd feel alright putting money down that says Askerov has been in a few bar-brawls with more guys at one time than there are in this Battle Royal. He knows how to handle himself one-on-one and in a crowd. Why there isn't a strip of tin around that guy's waist right now is a mystery to me. And then... We have Stu St. Clair. My brother. The one motherf*cker in this match that gave me goosebumps. No shit, me, real goosebumps. It was like the dark, pagan, Wrestling Gods decided to toss me a bone. Who better to test yourself against than the one man that knows ninety-eight-point-two percent of your catalog. He taught me everything I know, literally, everything. Both of us Old Dogs have learned few new tricks since the days of Cursed Bloodline. But the fact remains... I can read Stu, he can read me. It's a scary thought. PAJ? He will be a footnote. Because he will never be any more than he already is. Because PAJ only cares about one thing... PAJ. Respect is a foreign concept. He knows the word, he throws it around, but I'm not sure if he really knows what it means.

    Wolf turns , just slightly, making sure PAJ knew he was talking right to him...

    Wolf: "Because no matter how much I hate you, PAJ. No matter how much I drag your name through the mud, which I can drag long and deep... Pun intended... I can always find something good to say about you. I can always look back at those - very - few things I respect about you and I can willingly admit they are your strengths. And I can still say you will continue to fail until you learn about respect... or I amgoing to break both of your legs. Either outcome is fine by me."And then we have the guys I will have the distinct pleasure of introducing my size-fifteen-and-a-half boot to for the very first time. Jack gekko, Jethro Warre, Zayne Richards, Lobster. Aside from being an assorted list of long-winded naming. They've all proven themselves worthy of a chance for a chance for the Undisputed Title. As dumb as that sounds, it means something. It means there are people in the offices that see these guys working their asses off, breaking opponents, winning matches or stealing shows. It doesn't matter... These powers that be have determined these f*ckers have got what it takes. Frankly, I'm one to trust their judgment. And I don't dare underestimate a single f*cking one of them. Which brings me back to my point."

    "Which is?"

    Wolf: "No matter how good you may be, think you are, have proven to be, have already been or could be one day... You can never fully-prepare for The Carnal Contendership Battle Royal.It is held once a year for one reason. It's a place at the table. Plain and simple, they pick the hungriest animals in the zoo and throw'em in one big ass habitat and say: "Toss the others out, the last few get fed... Don't land on your head." This what I've worked for, this is what I've waited for... A place at the table! It's brutal, it's primal, it's the basest of entertainment. It's a bunch of hungry, rabid dogs lunging for a few scraps of meat. Anything can happen. Anyone can take this home. There are twenty talented-as-all-get-out motherf*ckers just chomping at the bit. Doing whatever they can to get that shot. It's been proven year in and year out. Am I right?"

    "You are."

    Wolf: "And no matter what, each of us is going to say he is going to be the last one standing. Am I right?"

    "You are."

    Wolf: "But how do we know? We don't. All we know is that in our mind's eye: we can see ourselves getting our hands raised, standing on top of a pile of nineteen beaten bodies. Am I right?

    "I would have to assume you are."

    Wolf: "F*ckin' A! Shit, I'm guilty too! Go ahead. Ask me... Am I going to Back in Business, am I getting that shot? C'mon! ASK ME!

    Shaking his head, Tomas asks:

    "Are you going to main-event Back in Business, Wolf? Will you have that Undisputed Title shot?

    Without hesitation, almost interrupting Tomas...


    “I can't believe I'm the one who created you out of all people. Look, I haven’t been the greatest…creator…I know that, but if it means anything, I can change that. I can’t promise there won’t be hurdles or tribulations, but I can give you definite progress and there will be a point A to point B from now on. I can’t just keep putting you in an endless mess just because I’m in one. I realized no one is going to want to read the continual downfall of some asshole written by a know-nothing twenty-four year old. Its time you actually started getting somewhere, after all the shit I put you through you deserve it. Not PAJ, Jason Gryphon, Ryan Rondo, Stu St. Clair, Jack Gekko, Ashley 'O Ryan, Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird, Alexander Sokolov, Jethro Warren, Thomas Princeton, Shane McLean, Alexander Askerov, Zayne Richards or Broc Lobster”

    “I can live with that,” Wolf felt a bit more at ease knowing that he wasn’t going to be some kid’s punching bag. Wolf turns to look at Tomas , but all he sees is…


    The whole room has dissolved into a blank canvas, empty of life, color, or substance. The world was gone… Tomas’ world was gone. Suddenly, a falling sensation over comes Wolf as he feels himself twisting around in this white existence. Wolf looks down and sees a black spot far below him slowly growing in size, it takes him a moment, but he suddenly realizes that the black dot is actually the ground and that he is being hurled towards it at incredible speeds. When the black seems to engulf the white Wolf feels himself collide with it and his jostled awake, finding himself laying on the wooden paneled floor of his own bedroom. He looks around, disoriented for a moment as he regains his bearings, his eyes darting around the room as he gets to his feet. He looks out the window and sees the sun peeking over the horizon, shining its light across the landscape, but instead of seeing a world of thoughtless mouth-breathers, hate-mongers, sister-f*ckers, and Jimmy Kings men, he sees the sun lighting his path way to a world filled with opportunity to where none of those previously mentioned things exist.

    Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now, therefore ye kings. Be admonished ye judges of the earth. Serve the lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    Psalm 2:8

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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    Gabrielle Madison Montgomery was born on March fifteenth, nineteen eighty six in Auckland New Zealand. Daughter to proud parents Marcus and Leah Montgomery. They always knew that their little Princess was going to do great things in her life, but she has surprised even them; her biggest supporters. Wrestling became her passion from a very early age, when she wasn’t playing hide and seek with daddy, having a tea party with mummy or drawing a crayon masterpiece she was cheering on her hero’s of the squared circle. None more so than Kerry Kennedy, she celebrated his every win with him, and when he held a World Championship above his head, she held her toy Championship above hers. It became her dream to do what Kerry does when she got all grown up. She never forgot that, despite a second love for her countries national sport; Rugby and a brief, unfulfilling stint in the modelling world distracting some of her formative years. But twenty years after she imagined it, twenty years after she first saw Kerry Kennedy win the NWA World Championship she got to meet the man himself…introducing herself as the World Champion of the FWA. In two thousand ten her dream became a reality and she got to meet the man who inspired her all those years ago. Her parents got to see their little girl all grown up achieve greatness Now it is her own little Princess; Carmella who looks up to her mommy as her wrestling hero talking about the ‘dream’ only she hasn’t got to see mummy hold the World Championship above her head…not yet at least.

    Reflections Of A Goddess

    The sounds of happiness are everywhere, and none more so than in the children’s laughter that repeats over a thousand fold. This is a place of happiness, of bliss. Families come here and create new special memories together born of joy and excitement. From the roller coasters, to the haunted house, to the water slides, everything creates a new precious family memory. Among the sea of humanity, smiling face after smiling face a certain trio stands out and captures our attention. A beautiful young woman, a strapping young lad and an adorable little girl. Gabrielle, Ashley, Carmella. On this day, under the bright blue cloudless sky the three of them are all smiles. Gabrielle is grinning from ear to ear as she holds her daughters hand and gazes lovingly upon her and Ashley…with a more lustful smirk. Ashley himself, despite a feeling of awkwardness being on this family outing with a family not his own can’t help but enjoy the warm feeling of being loved and needed, by Gabrielle and Carmella herself. The littlest Princess is just grinning happily as she takes exaggeratedly large steps to keep up with the two people who hold her hands. It is a scene of pure happiness, they are all at peace, they are creating special memories of their own. Despite the way that the golden rays of sunlight sparkle and shimmer off of The Goddesses delicious skin tone, time never seems to pause. We don’t get those precious few seconds that seem to last an eternity so we can gaze upon her every mesmerizing curve. The fantasy come to life that is Gabrielle is still just that little girl at heart, and today all we get is a continuous glimpse of the orange material that makes up her loose fitting, yet still tight around her breasts sundress. She doesn’t let us admire every inch of that awe inspiring body, it’s glossed over by the exquisite beauty and happiness of her face. The Irish Switchblade is dressed simply in a Vodka and Venom Tee-shirt and a pair of jeans. And sweet little Carmella, the daughter of a little girl with a dream who grew up to marry her idols son is dressed in a pink sundress of her own and a matching wide brimmed pink hat. Ashley and Gabrielle lift Carmella up off the ground, making her giggle excitedly as they swing her forward and then step inside the Hall Of Mirrors. Instantly though it is a different scene, Carmella is gone, Ashley is gone…we are just left with Gabrielle in a dimly lit room surrounded by…herself. The mirrors all capture her stunning reflection, that warm caramel skin, flowing light brown hair and those gorgeous brown eyes…but that’s where the similarities end. The ‘reflections’ stare upon the flesh and blood Gabrielle, each one entirely different from the last. Each one a different reflection of what makes up ‘The Caramel Goddess’ Gabrielle Madison Montgomery. One of them, draped in a loosely buttoned purple robe and adorned with a large gold crown seems to step forward with her head held high.

    The Goddess: We’ve been waiting for you Gabrielle…me especially.

    Gabrielle: You especially…my inner divinity, The Goddess who craves respect and admiration. A deity born of my success, my ambition and all my accomplishments. Your way of life has consumed me for so long, created when I reigned atop the mountain as the first ever FWA Women’s Champion. Everything I have done, everything I have accomplished in my life since has only made you stronger. Every notch on my belt has just made your sense of grandeur grow. But right now…I can see the disgust in your eyes oh Goddess.

    The divine reflection smirks from ear to ear, those beautiful soft lips curled into an expression of pure arrogance.

    Gabrielle: You feel let down…betrayed even. Our days of glory seem fleeting and left in the past. Days when we reigned as Women’s Champion, Tag Team Champion and World Champion, the days where the world worshipped us. But you are not the only one who craves to relive those glory days…I miss them but not for the adulation of the people. They don’t pray to you anymore but they still love me. I am only twenty seven years old I refuse to have already passed my prime, I refuse to be a shadow of the woman that created you. I am better than I ever have been before. I am more motivated, more determined, smarter, faster and stronger than ever.

    The Goddess: But you still keep failing.

    The reflection looks down her nose at the woman before her who just shakes her head.

    Gabrielle: My focus has not always been pure and the playing field not always level. On the plus side though after months of having to deal with Stu, Ryan, Jimmy King and anyone that pathetic little man can throw at me…Carnal Contendership doesn’t seem like that much of a challenge. I’m one of the few in the match that understands what it takes to win big matches like this, one of the few who really understands just what it takes to actually be a World Champion. I know how good the reward for winning a match like this is. Back In Business…competing for the FWA World Championship is another dream I fulfilled.

    The Goddess: A dream I made a reality.

    Gabrielle: At Back In Business six I walked in as the FWA Champion and walked out as the FWA Champion. I know what it takes to succeed at that highest level, on the highest stage. I have only ever competed in Title matches at Back In Business; defending and winning the Women’s Championship, Tag Team Championship and of course the most coveted World Championship. So those brightest of lights are no shock to me, they won’t make me nervous, I thrive under that spotlight.

    But not everybody can.

    These bright lights are too much for the likes of Alexander Askerov or Jethro Warren. Alexander Sokolov is not prepared for this. Broc Lobster has never shown true dedication in his come and go career, to even think about winning Carnal Contendership takes true dedication and focus. I learned this last year when I worried too much about what would happen when Christopher and I were in the ring together both competing for a shot at the World Championship. I learned my lesson though and am now a better person, and a better warrior for it.

    The Goddess: And somebody like Zayne Richards is not prepared for this. These people do not compare to a Goddess, they can’t do what I can do.

    Gabrielle: Despite the veil of arrogance…despite my inner Divinity speaking and knowing the truth on some things. It is not only my divinity that has made me great. I desired this reality all my life, I worked towards this reality, this life and I achieved it. Goddess…I made you a reality. You can look down upon me as you have so many others but I am above you, I; Gabrielle the woman behind the mythology, I am the one who achieved all these great things. Your arrogance and lust for admiration was merely a part of me…

    The Goddess Reflection seems to smile proudly, as she witness that confident, supreme smile upon Gabrielle’s lips…though suddenly from the darkness of a mirror cast in shadow comes a foul raspy voice.

    ?: Both of your arrogance is maddening, without me there is no Gabrielle; longest reigning female World Champion in history, there would be only Gabrielle the underachiever…

    A glint of light falls upon that mirror and reveals the haggard, disgusting visage of all of Gabrielle’s inner cruelty and malice. Her Wrath personified in a body riddled with boils, bruises, imperfections of every kind. Missing teeth, nearly bald, sunken eyes, wrinkled breasts, scarred legs, she is the side of Gabrielle that all; her friends and foes alike wish did not exist. The brutality that exists within her caramel skinned, sumptuous five foot, seven inch body.

    Wrath: I inflicted all that pain and suffering to so many that led a trail a broken bodies on the mountainside. Look at you now Gabrielle when you think I am just some special occasion…Ryan Hall and Jimmy King made a mockery of us. In my glory days they would both already be crippled…instead we have to take the hardest road to Back In Business.

    Gabrielle: The hardest road…you speak of somehow making my life easier through your way of destruction…but the hardest road is my life. I have always had to take the hardest road. From being a woman born in a country on the other side of the planet to anything big in this industry. To coming here as just a valet in an era where there wasn’t even a Women’s Championship. To fighting against all the claims of me being just a woman in a man’s business, still to this day I have to put up with pigs looking down upon me because they think a woman can’t do what they can do. The hardest road is the only road I get to take, I have had to work harder than anybody else to get where I am.

    But I wouldn’t change that for the world.

    My struggles have made me better in every way, I’ve had to earn everything I have three times over, fighting and clawing for every single milestone in my career. You, my wrath may have helped, you may have focused my intensity into a terrifying rage that the likes of Ryan Rondo could not survive, but I still had to earn everything I have the hard way. You are but a weapon of madness, a tool of my rage, not the creation of my grandeur.

    Wrath: But when you finally released me from my cage, it was me that almost made us World Champion again. It was me that was going to burn Ryan Hall or Stu St. Clair alive and make them pay for their misdeeds upon us. Set me free again and I will take us too Back In Business…

    That disturbing visage smiles as a vile liquid slowly trickles from one of its ears. Gabrielle herself can’t seem to look away from the madness and insanity inside herself that has wrought so much pain.

    Gabrielle: It is not your rage alone that has made me successful, it is not your rage alone that set out to burn Ryan Hall or Stu St.Clair, every part of me made me want to hurt them, just as now every part of me wants to make PAJ suffer while I have him in the ring again. Every part of me wants to rid the likes of that Englishman, and Stuart from my life. They have caused nothing but pain…and will receive pain in return.

    The embodiment of Wrath grins happily, admiring that flickering flame of madness in Gabrielle’s eyes before the shadows thankfully hide that disgusting inner beast away from us all.

    Gabrielle: I see what you all are doing…dissatisfied with what we have had to endure for this past year…you all want more out of our life, our career…

    ?: More…what more could I want Gabrielle?

    The other reflections seem to step back allowing the littlest incarnation to take center stage. It is Gabrielle with pink ribbons in her hair, and a little All Blacks uniform on, a present from her father when she was but six years old. And it is that wide eyed dreamer that stands before us, looking up at the woman she becomes in twenty years time.

    The Dreamer: Look at all we have accomplished. I never thought I’d actually be a World Champion, it seemed impossible but I never stopped dreaming it and you made it a reality. I’m proud of you…

    Gabrielle: I did everything we ever wanted…I even got to meet Kerry.

    The Dreamer: He was a wonderful man.

    Gabrielle: He truly was, he started all of this, he made you dream about what we could become, what we could achieve. It is what set me on this path, watching Kerry Kennedy led me to this life. There has been heartache, but there has been great triumph. Dreams fulfilled, heros met…I’ve even fallen in love.

    The Dreamer: Again.

    Gabrielle: Your desires didn’t just lead me to a World Championship, they led me to Jennifer, to Christopher…and to Ashley…the sweetest of them all. Everything started with the admiration in your eyes when I was little. You dreamt this life and I made it become our reality, we have so much now.

    The Dreamer: But you don’t have these dreams anymore. Fame wealth, love, success…you have it all and I am just in the past. You don’t need me anymore…

    Gabrielle: But I do still dream, I dream of the days where Carmella can look up to me the same way I did Kerry, the same way she can to her father. I want, I crave to be World Champion again and make her proud. She deserves more than just hearing about all my achievements, she should get to be apart of them…she is my biggest achievement after all. She made my life complete. I dream for her, to be her inspiration. the dreams of men like Jack Gekko, hoping they can come here and be just as successful as they were in the CWA seem hopeless compared to mine. I still dream of our glory, for myself, for Carmella and for the FWA itself that has let us live our dreams…

    The little girl, The Dreamer grins from ear to ear, proud of what she is to become, proud that she’ll never stop dreaming of the future, before in a beautiful moment she steps back and is replaced by the smiling image of Gabrielle holding Carmella in her arms. The both of them wear matching pink ‘Caramel Goddess’ shirts as they gaze upon the living, breathing, wonderfully curvy Gabrielle.

    The Mother: We are so proud of our Carmella…but why did we let Chris walk away and reduce her childhood to one spent going back and forth between two houses?


    The Mother: And what about Ashley’s kids? He was in a bad place, but he could have worked it out. He and Moira could have reconciled. But you couldn’t keep your hands off him, a few kind words and all you wanted to do was taste his Irish sausage. What about his kids; Colin and Alexis? They don’t get to grow up in a stable home anymore because of you.

    Gabrielle: I didn’t mean to hurt any of them…Chris and I just weren’t right. A part of me saw the Kennedy name and fell in love with it. But all of me loves Carmella…and always will. She is our perfect little Princess…and the family O’Ryan…

    I…I…never meant to hurt them…Ashley and I were two people in pain, but two people who could make each other happy again. His life was in turmoil as was mine, but we found some peace together, we found happiness together. Our pain and suffering is in the past…Moira herself seems to have moved on and his children; Alexis and Colin…he will never stop loving them. He has embraced sweet little Carmella as if she was his own and he speaks of his own so fondly. I have not destroyed any families in my relationship with Ashley, I have created a new one. One where I am truly happy and feel accepted for exactly who I am, that is something I have not had for a long time. It seems that not even all the parts that make me whole can accept who I am…

    It was not carnal lust the sent me into Ashley’s arms it was love and warmth. He was always a true friend to me, even after all I said and did to him when he had the chance he did strike, he talked me down, he made me myself again. He always was a good friend and a great man, now he is a superb lover; honest, kind and true. In his arms I am loved and safe and in our arms Carmella will always be loved and safe.

    The reflection of Carmella applauds for her mother as the reflection of Gabrielle smiles and nods her head, admiring the warmth of her heart and the beauty of her soul. But those things matter little to the next visage to speak up against Gabrielle. Dressed scantily but purposefully in a bikini made out of green leaves and decorated in war paint a shade of red upon her body stands the incarnation of the Warrior inside Gabrielle. Despite her state of undress though, it never feels appropriate to ogle her mesmerizing, deliciously coated curves, this is a woman with one thing on her mind, one purpose; to fight.

    The Warrior: We do not need love and warmth Gabrielle…we need action, this is a war that you choose to join but are not adequately fighting. Love, Divinity, Wrath…these things do not matter in a war, all you need is focus. Focus upon the goal at the end; becoming the World Champion once again. Beating fourteen men at once should be your only care in the world because doing that gives us that one on one opportunity we have been robbed of time and time again.

    Gabrielle: The Warriors Way is not the only way, I fight with my heart not just our skills. Things are not that simple, I fight for everything you deem unimportant because it is important to me. It all motivates me in this war and I need every bit of that I can get when once again the deck is stacked against me. After weeks of being attacked and assaulted at every turn Stu slithered his way into my Championship match and my moment was taken away…

    The Warrior: By Ashley…he distracted you as he still does now.

    Gabrielle: He stood up for a friend…I can’t fault him for that. He has stood up for me in the same way and so many more. Supporting everything I do…you though just want to see blood. You want to rule this war, this battle…so do I. But I won’t sacrifice who I am to do so, to give up all of that I may as well forfeit this war. I will never stop fighting, in a ring, in a cage, in a bra and panties match it doesn’t matter, I never stop fighting. But you don’t consume me and never will, a Warrior is only a small part of who I am.

    But do not mistake me here, I do not shun you, I do renounce you from my life, from my body. I merely know that there is so much more to life, I have fought for all of it and been rewarded with so much. You still have your place though, I will fight to the very end no matter what that is. I will fight against those fourteen men who all think they can stop us from achieving greatness again. Thomas Princeton and Shane McLean have their own battle going on amid Carnal Contendership, they’ll fight each other harder than they fight me. Jason Gryphons a warrior himself but not on our level…and the mystery man hiding in the shadows can’t hide forever and can’t hide from a Warrior Goddess.

    The Warrior: We are better than all the rest, fourteen is just a number, nothing more…a true Warrior is so much more. You had let me down in the past…but I see the sting of failure does not just effect me, but you as well…we fight Gabrielle, and then we dine atop the mountains of glory once more.

    The Warrior incarnation nods her head at Gabrielle as from behind her saunters a pure beauty. Warm caramel skin glistening in the light, large round breasts heaving with every breath, those long, long legs lead up to a righteous rump, all barely concealed by the slight presence of pink lace upon her body. She walks up to Gabrielle, slides her hands across her buttocks and then delivers a stunning, beautiful, yet confusing kiss to the real Gabrielle. All the other reflections watch on in disgust, she is their collective shame; The Whore Of Gabrielle who finally separates her lip lock with a delicious moan.

    The Slut: So very tasty…

    Gabrielle: What was that?

    The Slut: Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it…I felt you kiss back, nobody can resist me.


    The Slut: Don’t be ashamed Gabby…I’m a big part of you, I got us as far as we have. I have slept with Matthew who gave us bigger matches in turn. I slept with Jenny who gave us a Tag Team Championship. I slept with Andrew and Dan who put us in the Great Siege and got us a World Championship. I slept with Chris who gave us more money than we could ever spend in our lifetime. You and these other fools can talk about spirit, fighting, love…but spreading our legs got us where we are…Jimmy King could do wonderful things for us…

    Gabrielle, the real Gabrielle just shakes her head with disgust.

    Gabrielle: I have never been ashamed of this part of myself until now. I did not embrace my sexuality to sleep my way to the top, I earned my way to the top and had fun along the way. You don’t get that glory. You don’t help me in that ring.

    The Slut: Sally, Anthony, Baphomet and many others would disagree…my wiles, my way, my sexuality has helped us in that ring Gabrielle. Its even why you don’t fear being the lone woman in a ring of fourteen men…after all you’ve been there before. Just you in a room with nothing but men…

    Gabrielle: That was one time, and it does not define me. I bled, I suffered, I worked my ass off to get where I am.

    The Slut: Oh…well my ass is still red from all the spanking I’ve taken over the years. All this talk of glory…but its me that defines you.

    Gabrielle: You don’t define me. You are my enjoyment, my release, my happiness even when times are bad, you console me but you do not motivate me. I do not fear Carnal Contendership because twice before in my life I have been locked in a cage with five others and I won both times. I have been locked in a cage with Stu St.Clair and survived. I have been set on fire, I have been driven through tables, hit with canes, with whips, with paddles and I still stand proudly ready to fight again. Nothing that this match can throw at me will faze me.

    The Slut: I know…I’ve seen you at your best, on all fours, unable to speak, just moan and smile from ear to ear as sweat trickles all over your body. Its glorious, don’t be ashamed of who you are.

    Gabrielle:Your delusions exceed even the Goddesses. You don’t consume me, you don’t control me…my desires for success are greater than any desire to get laid. Right now the only thing in the world I want is to win Carnal Contendership and then go onto Back In Business and win the Unified World Championship. This is what drives me and I do it for so many reasons. Glory, satisfaction, pride, my love for Carmella and the respect of the FWA besieged by Jimmy King and the CWA. Satisfying my libido does not factor into my thought processes right now.

    The Slut: You lie!

    Gabrielle: I can’t lie to you, I can’t lie to myself.

    The reflection bites down on her bottom lip and then smirks.

    The Slut: But how will you celebrate all of this? Some Irish sausage perhaps?

    Gabrielle just smiles and then suddenly shatters the mirror before herself with one well-placed kick from her heeled sandal.

    Gabrielle: So many of you define me by my sexuality, that part of myself even thinks it does. I am proud of my sexuality, I love the people in my life, the people who have made me experience pure ecstasy. But it does not consume who I am.

    Gabrielle kneels down and picks up a piece of the shattered glass, a piece that still holds that reflection of her inner sex fiend.

    Gabrielle: You are a part of me, but you never controlled me. My determination, my ambition, my warrior spirit, my belief in myself got me to where I am. I enjoyed myself, I always had fun, I experienced things that some would frown upon but they all brought me joy. From the day I met Julian Knight…to last night with Ashley I would not change a thing. Some would this sexuality, what I hold in my hands a burden but it is my release from any pain and torment, my escape and my reward.

    All the other reflections of Gabrielle gaze upon her proudly, even the one she holds in her hand smiles at her kindly. They are all accepted, they are all apart of Gabrielle. The confidence of Divinity in her smile. The chaos of Wrath in her eyes. Her imagination, her Dreams still playing out in her mind. The warmth instilled by Motherhood in her heart. The Warriors way in her fists and the Sultry sway of her hips as she walks back to the center of this place.

    Gabrielle: Without each of you I am not the Gabrielle that revolutionized this industry. I am not the Gabrielle that grew up to be an Icon of what women can achieve and a symbol of the pride we must have in our sexuality. I would be but a woman still dreaming of the days I would be a Goddess. It is every part of me that makes me whole, and me that makes every part of me special. I have wars and battles in the ring, I have conquered a war in myself and I…no we will end this war in the FWA. Carnal Contendership is where it all begins.

    In the unity of myself, the numbers and threat of others is meaningless. In the unity of myself the CWA regime will fall. In the unity of myself we will be FWA Champion once again...

    Gabrielle smiles proudly as her reflections applaud and then one by one transform back into a reflection of the complete Gabrielle. All but one, The Dreamer remains. That little girl with ribbons in her hair and a toy World Championship in her hands. She passes the plastic off to Gabrielle and it transforms into the real thing. Shimmering gold against the sparkle of her caramel complexion, she holds it above her head proudly as her final reflection captures that image. All around her is the reflection of Gabrielle holding that Championship proudly, before with her head held high and her cleavage threatening to burst over the neckline of her dress she steps out of the Hall Of Mirrors and is instantly greeted by a giggling Carmella and a smiling Ashley.

    She’s faced herself, she’s faced the reality of what Carnal Contendership is…now comes the easy part.
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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    Something New
    (Jones has a blue t- shirt on which has "No Fear" on the front and "The Iceman Cometh" on the back. He has blue jeans and some cowboy boots on. Just sitting in a darkened room with one light on all you can see is jones himself.)

    Jones- You know when a man wants something new in life people say "appreciate what you have". Well I took a long look at what I had and I gotta say I didn't like it. I didn't like what I had become. Yeah i'm a iceman yeah I have been known to be a hitman. All that is true but I wanted something new. Coming to FWA it's a rebirth it's a new take on what I can do and what I want to make of myself.

    I'm coming into fwa for me not Jimmy King or to join any clubs. I joined to make an impact and to see if I can hold my own in FWA. So if there's any talk about me being a mole of sorts or coming here for any other reason then it can stop here. As I said i'm here to push myself and see if I can hang with people here and see if I can show people here that cwa has good people too.

    Now I don't know much about the person i'm fighting but good luck to them. I hope we can have a good match. Just know though I don't go easy on people I expect nothing less from anyone here.

    I realize that some won't believe me when I say that i'm not here for king. But I just got away from a group of people I thought was right for me and I want nothing to do with group's ever again. If you still don't believe me then I guess I'll have to find a way to show you. I don't know how but I will.

    I'm done with all the drama! As I said i'm here for competition nothing else just competition.
    (jones thinks about that last statement for a second)

    Well maybe to also prove to myself I can handle being in to different companies. Just to do what I love most go out there and wrestle.

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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    Cameras are rolling as an icy mist sprays at the lens of the camera. There was thick white fog in the air and you cannot see two feet in front of you. Snow covering the frozen cold ground.**Trees frozen looking like ghosts from how covered they are with ice and snow. The camera crew starts walking in the direction where there is heavy snow covered tree forest. The frozen snow beneath their feet cracks as they walk towards the frozen forest.**The continue walking as into the forest as the white fog hasn’t lifted from being in the trees one bit. There are foot prints from a fox in the frozen snow as they continue walking down the path. The camera turns to get a shot of the forest and catches a tree that has been heavily slashed by some animal with claws. The camera crew continues walking forward. They continue walking for several minutes and come across a fork in the road. Both forks in road are shrouded in darkness. On the fork on the right there is a snow owl perched on a branch and is observing the camera crew. On the fork on the left there is wolf prints leading down the road that are recent. There is also a smell of smoke coming down the left fork in the road.**The camera crew takes ten steps down the left fork in the road and hear the sound of a crow cawing.**There is crow perched on a branch staring at them and cawing. In the very same tree crow is perched on there is a paper that has been stabbed into the tree. The camera crew begins to read it.

    January 28th, 2014
    Fear of The Dark

    There is someone always there watching your every move. Knowing your routine almost as good as yourself. Knowing when you are having your first cup of coffee to having after works drinks at the bar. They know you just as good as you know yourself. However this person tries to be everything you are. He never suffered or understood what made us who we are. We were not born this way. A series of events occurred they shaped our life’s course. They think they know and can fake it. You cannot fake it.**We see their hand shaking when they are debating whether to strike someone as they close their eyes. As they fear watching the strike occurs. It is expected when someone is depressed hides in the darkness and lets them become one. This appears not to be one of those cases. Its fun watching the rich or the most reported person on TMZ trying to not to be themselves. They have a lot more to loss than the average serial killer and myself. They are ‘high profiled’ so they lose money and alienating those who believed them. Sure they may look like the edge looking like a bad boy or bad girl. In all honesty all they are is sheep wearing wolves’ clothing. They tried look insane but in actual fact they on a bad trip from drinking too much coffee. The evil the men can do will damn them. Those who tempt with evil will be dragged down to hell.**They thought darkness was something to fear. When the truth of the matter is hearing agonizing scream of pain and insanity from the tortured souls. The sound is something unnatural and not something to be heard by mortal’s ears. The shrieking is beyond demonic. The faces of the tortured souls are something of a man devoid of a soul. That’s what the real fear is.**For now they will know fear of the dark very well.

    The camera crew continues walking down the left fork in the road. They come across a small clearing with a frozen wooden shack. The door is snowed in. There is a wooden rocking chair at bottom to the left of the snowed in steps to the house. There is a fire pit that has smoldering embers in it. There is a pile of wood beside the fire pit. They see foot prints leading outside of the clearing. There is a crunching sound heard as something or someone is walking on the frozen ground.**The sound gets louder and a figure emerges from the forest standing at about six foot six.**He is wearing black boot and a black leather jacket that is iced up from the freezing mist.**He has long brown hair that is frozen from the icy mist. His long thick beard is frozen as well.**His eyelashes are frozen. Staring at the camera with his light blue and pure white eye is none other than Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair.**Stu walks several feet forward till he is right beside a pile of firewood. He then turns and stares at the camera and begins talking in his all too familiar tone of voice.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair:**To trust or not to trust that is always the question when you talk about Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair. Almost a month ago a week before Trial by Fire it appeared I made a devil with a man who was Lucifer himself. No deal was made. He offered me a lot of money to join him. It was nearly enough money that I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life.**I chose not to because I am my own man.**Yet people still questioned me about my actions when nearly lit Gabrielle on fire on Fight Night in the mitts of Jimmy King and his army threatening the livelihood of everyone who worked for FWA. Even when I joined Ash and [pauses as he utters her name] Gabrielle had Ryan Hall surrounded. Still people questioned me. Ashley was trying to play peace maker and we ended up barking at each other. From the announcer to the crowd at Hammerstein Ballroom that night everyone thought we would come to blows. A powder keg ready to explode at any god given moment. Everyone watched on Fight Night when Ash and I defended the FWA Unified World Tag Team titles against Shane McLean. We didn’t come to blows I still had his back.**I warned him for two months to be careful about Gabrielle. Yes she is a black widow.

    Stu pauses as exhales as breath is seen from the cold. He slowly continues talking.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Yes I have my issues with Gabrielle. Her being Ash wasn’t I was expecting her to go Yoko Ono on us. Nor was it I was living through Ash and Moira because of my failed relationship with Jenny and not being a part of my son’s life. Rather I have nothing but this sport I am in. I didn’t want Ash to be like me. Having nothing at all. Everything in my personal life has exploded on me.**It always backfires and I am the one left burnt and nothing to show for it. I have nothing. I didn’t want Ash to have that. Now with the divorce paper finalized. Ash will have nothing from this except photos and memories.**Ash has lost it all. However one thing he still got is me his friend. I had his back when he faced Jack Gekko. When Team Gekko tried to lay out Ash but I had his back. Without question for once I can be trusted if your friend. [Stu face smirks for a moment before it goes serious] Vodka and Venom are still standing through the thick and thin of the years we been at wars and the times prior when we were a team. We stand together as The FWA Tag Team Champions. I heard people call us pathetic but in all honesty who the hell do you think you are? Just because you had an undefeated streak on Smash against jabronis far and wide doesn’t mean anything to me. This isn’t me being arrogant this is me looking at the facts to understand why you are so damn dumb. Then again on the track sheet sheet I see someone faked their own death.

    A disturbing smile comes over Stu’s face as he clenches his right fist while at the same time he pauses for a brief moment. He continues to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair:**You must be that self absorbed that you want all eyes on you at all times. It is almost like you are trying to give TMZ free access to film you twenty four seven. Just so you can what? Pretend to be famous or important in some shape or fashion. Pretty pathetic in the mind of most. Not to mention how much you complain on the social media and leak stories to wrestling news websites. On how FWA didn’t give you the money you asked for. Or how you are being held back. Along with not having you own locker room. How FWA management has treated you with nothing but disrespect. Sounds like a spoiled and stuck up in the mind of many including myself. It’s like you want to be the damn centre of attention of everything. You can be that if you want to without whoring yourself out to the media and entire world. Bottom line is you have got to earn and shut your mouth and maybe you two can go somewhere. Now if you are wondering who I am speaking about. It would be the two FWA equivalents to Buff Bagwell being Ayla E and Divine known collective as Brethren E.**These two appear in the news more than Justin Beiber, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears combined.**They want to be part of the big headlines. Last headline I can recall Ayla E being in two years ago when I eliminated her inside the Elimination Chamber in the Golden Opportunity match at Back in Business.

    Stu pauses as he smirks. He picks the chopped wooden and places them on the fire pit.**He piles them up in teepee formation.**He stares back at the camera and glares before continuing to speak.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: As for you Divine I have no real history on you besides hearing about how you aren’t happy with how you’re being treated when you just started about a year ago if I am not mistaken.**But somehow you are this follower and servant. How pathetic are you? Before you even dare call me a hypocrite when I started Age of The Fallen almost six years ago I wanted to have my own family. They weren’t servants. [ Stu smiles unpleasantly for a brief second before his face goes back to being serious] They wanted a home and I gave them one. That story has been told one too many times for me to repeat.**Following someone like Ayla E will do nothing for you.**She was a small a very small piece if you would of the part of Unholy Uprising. She didn’t even have a cup coffee there. It more like a cheap shot if you would for her time spent there.**All her claim to fame was being a one time FWA Women’s Champion beating Veronique than faking her death and the title becomes vacant. That really sounds someone really to look up to Divine. Now Divine I know you heard the stories about me of what I have done but remember I am cruel yet fair.**I am telling you to leave Divine and you may not suffer her fate for her course of actions in trying to get another fifteen minutes of fame.**If not well...[Stu reaches into his pocket in his leather jacket and has a small can of flammable fluid. He sprays it on the wood he laid on the fire pit. He puts the small can of fluid away. He then pulls out a pack of matches. He lights one of the matches on fire. He eyes the flame. Then tosses it on wooden drenched in flammable fluid.**Flames rise from the wood and wood slowly begins to burn. Stu looks back at the camera] You’re going down in flames with her.

    Stu pauses as he sees the fire burning. He looks at the camera and continues to talk.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair:You see Divine you watched as Ayla E blasted me and Ash from behind with a lantern. You are just as guilty as she is for what transpired last week on Fight Night. You could have told her it was a bad idea or walked away from the whole thing. Instead you just watched in the ring by her side. Could have sworn I heard school girl laughter when I was laid out on the mat. I asked this question earlier who in the hell do you think you two are?**You are biting off more than you can chew. You see I saw the replay from what happened on Fight Night last week.**All I have to say is you’re a little late for Halloween girls.**Trying to pretend to be one with the darkness is laughable. You cannot fake being one with the darkness. What events shaped your life Ayla E? Is this your cry for attention yet again? Is TMZ not returning your calls? Or has Twitter shutdown your twitter account yet again. Whatever the case this is about believable as McDonalds being a Michelin star restaurant.**It looks like you two want to walk down that dark path I walked. But thing is I did it with no lantern guiding my path. I walked through trusting my instincts and did not have some light showing me the way. I embraced it while all you did was fake being on that path.**You want to look like cultist but trust me you look like anything but it.

    Stu walks past the fire and sits on the wooden rocking chair and starts rocking on it. He stares at the fire for a moment. He then stares back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: You two are nothing more than sheep wearing wolves’ cloths if you would.**I see that lantern you have as a night light because you are afraid of what goes bump in the middle of the night. Take if from someone who has been there. If you are going down that path shrouded with darkness you got to go all the way or there is no point.**You achieve nothing doing it. Brethren E you’re trying to fake it to make it and Ash isn’t buying it. I am most certainly not buying this whole act you are trying to do. All this proves is you got nothing but hoping you get noticed and get some kind of reward.**It just so happens you got what you wanted.***You got a Tag team Title shot at Aces High for what smashing a lantern at the back of Ash and my heads then assaulting us when were making a save for FWA against CWA. I don’t know if Jimmy King sees you as ‘real’ evil or comedic evil but you must have done something right to get those title shots. Hopefully Ayla E wasn’t being a diva and yelling in Jimmy King’s ear to get the Tag Title shot.**You got the matching Ayla and Divine but remember be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

    Stu pauses as he smirks. The fire crackles as Stu rocks on the rocking chair. Slowly he begins talking again.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair:**Getting a shot at gold means a lot of someone because everyone wants to be champion. However this match isn’t about achieving gold. [Stu pauses and a disturbing look comes over Stu’s face. He then begins to talk.] This is going to be about survival for you two. You see you already annoyed me with how much of media news whore you are. Not to mention you claim to be on the side of darkness while having that night light at your side.***What you done prior is one thing. Smashing that lantern to back of our head with glass shards everywhere is something else.**If you look at me and my past I am not the one to play. Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair doesn't play.**I can brutal if I want to be and you can bet your bottom dollar I am going to be brutal to you two. If I want something I get it. I powerslamed Shane McLean three weeks ago on the guard rail making is break for the simple reason he attacked the burn on my back. I brutalized Gabrielle inside a steel cage match and after the match. Then**just about set her on fire because I wanted to….


    Just out of sight of Stu, but close enough to hear Stu, Ashley O'Ryan leans against a tree, eyes closed in observant silence. He waits, until Stu leaves. He glances past the tree, seeing his old friend and tag partner get into a truck and drive off. He looks up at the sky, breathing a deep sigh, the cold air showing his breath.

    Ashley: Two weeks ago I made the toughest and yet strangely easiest decision I've ever made. I let go of let go of each other. She was conflicted, not sure wot she wanted or who she wanted. Those games she was playing all those weeks...delay tactics. I love 'er. I always will. That's why I made the call. That's why I signed the papers.

    'ell I even spoke to Ben Cryos over the phone. 'e said that if I needed anything I could call 'im. I told 'im to feck the most polite manner of course.

    But this is wot we both needed. We couldn't just “stay together fer the kids” we couldn't act like pretending wasn't going to fix anything. Do I wish it could 'ave? Sure. But it's too late fer that. And really, how would that 'ave been any better fer Colin and Alexis? Living in a 'ousehold loik that? Now, they can see their mom with a man who can treat 'er roit without 'er constantly worried. They can see their father doing wot 'e does best. Both sides will 'ave their lessons, and their merits.

    The point is, while it didn't end in the most amicable of ways, we did both agree that it 'ad to end. I owe nobody an apology fer that. Especially Stu St.Clair.

    He starts walking down the trail, looking around the trees

    Ashley: Stu cares. I know that. And fer wotever reason, 'e seems quite protective of me. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that coming from yer tag partner. The thing though is, while 'is intentions 'ave been good, they 'ave been somewot misguided.
    Aye, I understand 'is distrust in Gabrielle. 'ell she gave me every reason to not trust 'er in the recent past too. But the even more recent past proved the truth. It showed 'er 'eart, and it is good. I can't judge based on past grievances. I can only judge based on if and 'ow people attempted to redeem the situation. That is and always 'as been a fundamental difference between meself, and ones loik Stu.
    I do not apologize fer me relationship with Gabrielle Montgomery. Nor will I ever feel the need to.

    But these differences in view point are not necessarily a bad thing. In fact it's wot makes Vodka and Venom so formidable. It's wot makes us one of the best tag teams in 'istory. It's wot makes us the current FWA tag champions.

    he pauses, observing a hawk fly overhead then keeps walking

    Ashley: Allow me to explain...
    On any team, the goals of the team are always in unison. They 'ave to be, otherwise the team is doomed to failure. 'owever, the goals of the individuals on that team can vary. The goals of the offense on each team is to beat the opposing defense and score. The goals of the defense is to make sure the opposing offense fails that goal more times then the opposing team. They play different functions, and look at the game through a different set of eyes. But the goal is always the same; victory.

    Me and Stu approach the ring in different ways. Our styles, our attitudes, our belief systems are all different, either by factors of a fraction or a great amount. But instead of those differences pulling the team apart, it actually acts more loik an interlocking puzzle. Those little pieces, different in shape, come together to form the full image. If every piece was identical, none of the pieces would click, their would be huge gaps.

    That is where The Bretheren El is doomed to fail. Ayla El 'as worked to create an entity of unity, in 'er vision. She 'as taken Divine, and moulded 'er into wot she desires. A 'ive mind 'as many strengths. But it's weaknesses are multiplied when nobody makes up fer it. Alya El and Divine 'ave their strengths...but neither can make up fer the others weakness.

    The path meets up finally with a logging road. A solitary white truck waits, engine running. Ashley walks towards the truck, getting into the passenger side

    Ashley: Stu and I don't agree on everything...

    He glances with a smile at Gabrielle Montgomery at the wheel

    Ashley: But that's wot makes us great.
    See ya in the ring.

    The truck drives off

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    Re: Aces High promo thread


    When the Sun and Moon combine you got an eclipse.

    When Darkness and Light combine, you get Dusk and Dawn.

    When a Lion and Eagle combine, you get a Gryphon.

    All are two side of the same coin and when they are combined, they create something beautiful, a force of nature that cannot be stopped. Sit down and listen to the story of one man that embodies all of these forces as he tries to make a dream come true in front of the entire world.

    The sunlight is beginning to creep over the horizon near the outskirts of Greece and it highlights the azure pigments in the clear sky. It is going to be a lovely day in the neighborhood. Coming out of the ground, a large cave can seen, its wide entrance shows a sort of foreboding welcoming for anyone that would dare to enter this place. Off in the distance, a cloud of sand can be seen coming out of the dirt and the sounds of a Jeep can be heard coming closer and closer to the entrance of the large cave. When the Jeep finally arrives, Jason Gryphon steps out of it. Days before one of the biggest matches of his career, Jason Gryphon has decided to make a visit to the place where he spend many years of his life to recharge is batteries and make sure that he is at 100% for the Carnal Contendership Match at Ace’s High this Sunday. He hops out of the Jeep wearing clothing that seems to be homage to Indiana Jones. The only thing that is missing is the bullwhip to ward off Nazi invaders. Gryphon makes his way to the entrance of the cave and takes one of the torches that has been set hear the opening of the large structure. He lifts it up and pulls out a Zippo out of his back pocket, lighting it. A flame soon engulfs the torch and soon a small section of the room can be seen. Jason slowly but surely makes his way into the cave, lighting the dark space as it goes deeper and deeper down into the cave, and watches his steps carefully. While his footsteps begin to echo while he makes his way down the stone structure, the high pitched squeak of rats and be heard scurrying around the floor and the dark figure of bats can been seen hanging upside down in the top of the cave. The sound of his footsteps change and it sounds like he is now walking on stone. Jason takes the torch and he has in his hands and it lines it up with a piece of metal on the ground. The piece of metal lights with fire and soon the room is engulfed in flames that surround that room. Jason puts the Torch down and continues to make his way down to a room that appears to be carved from solid gold. At the end of the room, there is a large golden Gryphon statue. Jason slowly steps in front of the statue.

    Let me tell you a story. Picture it; more than 2000 years ago, the world around you is beginning to change. A new religion about a man that claims to be the son of God is beginning to sweep across the known world and the Gods that you have grown up to love and worship are beginning to fall out of favor because of something new. In order to try to protect what you have known and loved, you come into a room made of the most precious metal known to man and make a tribute to a benevolent creature that you believe could help turn the tide against the wars that are beginning to take place for the souls of you and those around you. Alas, hope soon fades away as your religion dies to make way for the new beliefs that a made died on a cross for your sign. Centuries of treasures are locked away in this room from years tributes made to the being. Slowly but surely as your life fades away into nothingness, all that you have come to known about your life fade. Religion, Gods and Goddess, all become something more than what they used to be. They become Mythology. They lie between the realms of fact and fiction where no one can be for certain if this beings ever truly existed until someone finds what has been long lost. Years ago as I was trying to find my sanity after losing it so many times I found a place that showed the world once believe in a creature that helped those poor unfortunate souls that were trapped between the worlds of the old and the new. This place is REALITY as much as it is MYTHOLOGY! We are the new tributes to the Gryphon. We are the continuation of this Mythology and that belief is going to carry us to places that we have ever been before. We will not long be ignored. We will make our voiced heard.

    Jason gets down on his knees and looks up at this beautiful piece of golden artwork.

    It has been many years since I have been in this room, a room that I discovered. For centuries, this temple to this amazing creature was covered by layers of sediment. Slowly but surely I worked to uncover every piece of treasure that this room had to offer and now look at this grand place. It is a literal El Dorado. A room made of solid gold to celebrate the greatest creatures of all Mythology. The Gryphon is the symbol of unity between two of the greatest forced of nature. Within one animal, the land and the sky combine into one magnificent being. This being appears to have been worshipped by the people of ancient Greece. The Gryphon is said to have been the guarding of the ancient treasures of the ancient world and this room is a testament to that legend. This room sparkles with the glorious truth of the fact that the Gryphon’s are the protectors of that which need to be protected. While I do not claim that this creature is my God, I do believe that something brought me to him. It was as if the fates lead me to this room so that I would find a purpose in my life. As I wiped the dirt and the grime from his glorious golden wings, I was wiping the filth out of my soul. A mere month before I was to make my FWA debut, I found this place. I knew that my name needed to be heard throughout the entire world. The world Gryphon and the belief in this Mythology needed to be heard again. I made it well know that together my creature and I could accomplish more together than we ever could when we are apart. They have been my voice for more than 6 months and I have been their instrument. I have done everything that they have asked me to do and they have rewarded me with their trust and loyalty. Now the time has come for my creatures to put their trust in me and we move forward in our careers. I need them to believe in me now more than ever as I am not being challenged in ways that I haven’t been in the past. Those that believed in the Gods and the Goddesses of the ancient world put their trust in them because they had faith that nothing bad wound happen in that worshiped the Gods with absolute devotion. I do not ask my creatures for their devotion but they give it to me.

    Jason Gryphon rises from his feet and rubs the top of the Gryphon statue before leaning down to place a gentle kiss on his golden beak.

    As I have looked back at my past over the last few weeks I have realized that I have put my own selfish pleasure ahead of my promise to my creatures. That will all change at Ace’s High. My creatures have been with me since day one and I have done nothing to make them doubt their faith, their belief, and their devotion of me. Just like every day in the life of an ordinary man, there have been good days and there have been bad. Luckily for all of this there have been more good days than bad. I won the X-Division Championship, I rid FWA of the plague that was known of Michael Garcia, I reigned tall in an Ultimate X Match, and had a two month undefeated streak. Those are the days that I would not trade for anything in this world because those are the days that my creatures have helped me to get through. They have also gotten me through some of the worst days of my career. They got me through my losing streak, my firing, and losing the X-Division Title. However, through all of those times when I have just wanted to throw in the towel, they have been there for me. While my career was growing stagnant because of the lack of challengers, they never doubted me for an instant because I was able to give their more wins to make them believe that I would have able to get things done when push comes to shove. Now I have come to the fork in the road of my career. Do I rise to the challenge of becoming a contender for the World Championship or do I allow someone else to claim the glory that rightfully belongs to our Mythology. I have never been someone to walk over me and take what rightfully belongs to us so I will rise up to the challenge and I will become stronger that I have ever been before. There is nothing else that I can do. We live in an ever evolving business where if you don’t evolve, you will die and our Mythology cannot be killed by those that would seek to destroy us. FWA may have gone several face lifts over the course of the past few months because I have remained in this company because you have wanted me to stay and fight for you. You want me to stand up and fight the wrath of a man that dares to call himself a King. There is only room for one king here in FWA and it is “The King of the Creatures.” I will not allow Jimmy King and his circle of fanatics ruin a company that I have put my heart and my soul into. It doesn’t matter if he has the World Champion because soon I will finally get my hands on Ryan Hall in the middle of the ring.

    Jason rises to his feet again and he looks around the roof at all of the detailed artwork on the Golden Walls of the Chamber.

    As we moves toward the future, towards my glorious rise to championship glory, we must not forget about the details of the past. I am not talking about things that have happened over the past couple of months, I am talking about things that happened thousands of years ago. It is said that if we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. The trials and tribulations of millennia ago are still happening this very day. Those with power believe that they cannot be stopped and their arrogance will be their downfall. I have been studying my opponents for weeks getting ready for my match at Ace’s High. The Carnal Contendership is one the biggest matches of my career and in order to achieve my victory, I have watched hours and hours of video from my challengers in the match. I have been in the ring with several contenders in this match already and I have defeated many of them so I am not worried about them. One you defeat someone, you know how to do it again and you just have to repeat when you did in the past to achieve that goal. There are several people that I have never stepped foot into the ring with and I would be a fool to say that I am not worried about the fear of the unknown. Gabrielle, PAJ, Stu St. Clare, and Ashley O’Ryan are some of the most successful superstars in the company’s history and they have been at the top of the mountain in this industry before. They are all hungry to be there again but the sad fact for them is that in order to get there they are going to have to go through someone that has nothing left to lose and everything to gain. Becoming that FWA World Heavyweight Champion is something that everyone in the Carnal Contendership Match wants but there is no one that wants it more than me. I have only had one chance to grab the brass ring of the business and it was taken away from my right before I was going to grasp it. In order to make sure that does not happen again. My education about my challengers has had to evolve on a level that is unprecedented. Studying for my PhD was amateur hour compare to this. In order to become the World Champion, I am going to have to do things that I never truly wanted to do but they must be done.

    Jason reaches into the messenger bag that he brought with him into the cage and pull out a book entitled, “Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient World.” He begins to flip through the pages and stops on the page for Ares.

    Let’s begin with the God of War, Ares. He was viewed as a masculine soldier in the Ancient times. His resilience, physical strength, and military intelligence were unrivaled and that is why people prayed to him before they went off to war. They wanted someone like him on their side so that they stood a chance to defeat their enemies. He was even given human sacrifices. Today in FWA, Ares likes to call himself, Ryan Rondo. Rondo was someone that the FWA fans had counted on to represent them for many years. It was because he was so damn good at doing what he did. However, things have changed now. Rondo decided that he was tired of being looked up to by millions of fans and decided to take the easy way out by turning his back on everyone that ever but their faith in him. As a reward for his betrayal, Ryan Rondo has not had a true challenge for his championship, he has been given sacrifices to make him seem like he is a true champion instead of the coward that we all know him to be. I have a message for “The Amazing One.” When you turned you back the FWA and joined up with Jimmy King’s Court, you not only turned your back on the company but you its fans. Those fans are my creatures. They are the ones that get to their feet when my music hits and they are the ones that boo you out of the building now that your true colors have shown through. Do you want to know how I know you took the easy way out? It’s because it is easy to be hated but it is difficult to be loved. In order to make my creatures believe in me, I have had to do things that have put my body and soul on the line just to put a smile on their faces for a faction of a second. Rondo, you are nothing but a selfish petty man and because you hurt by creatures when you turned, I am going to make it my mission to make sure that you come nowhere near the #1 Contendership for the FWA World Champions. This company does not need anything liar and cheat to represent it. It needs someone with the honor and decency to stick it out when times get rough. If you and I are in the ring at the same time this Sunday, make it your mission to avoid me because if I get my hands on you, I am going to launch you out of the ring with the strength of Hercules and since you crashing the mat. You can go cry into the North American Championship while I move my career one step forward and challenge Ryan Hall for the World Championship at Back in Business.

    Jason reaches down and flips through the pages until he goes to the section of the book that features the God of the Sea, Poseidon.

    For those of you that paid attention in History Class, you know that just like his brother Zeus, Posiden was capable of some of the worst atrocities in the world of the Gods. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is Google Medusa and see who she became the Gorgon that all of us have come to pictures from movies and television shows. PAJ and Poseidon have so much in common. Not only do their name start with P, not only do they both smell like pee, they have both responsible for some of the most horrible moments that FWA fans can care to remember. He is a natural born asshole that only thinks about himself and he needs to be stopped. It was no shock to anyone that PAJ decided to betray the company that gave him his start in order to join the ranks of Jimmy King’s minions. PAJ has always been more of a follower than a leader. If it is not The Syndicate, or King’s Minions, it will be the next evil organization that decided they have what to takes to invade this company and break the very foundation of its beginnings. PAJ is always getting help from one person or another so that he does not have to do his own dirty work and I am sure that he will try to do the same thing in the Carnal Contendership match. If Rondo and PAJ are in the match at the same time you can bet the farm on the two of them teaming up in order to make sure the World Championship stays in the family so to speak. It is going to be up to me to make sure that when one of them is in the match, the other is not. The simplest solution to that problem is whenever I get into the match, to go straight for the other. I want those two of them on notice that I am going to be the one that thing they are going to have to worry about in this match. It is not Gabrielle or McLean or Vodka and Vemon, its Jason Gryphon. Stopping either one of them from getting their grubby mitts on a chance to become the World Champions would be something of an honor for me and I intend on doing just that. If I get to toss out two of Jimmy King’s little monkey boys on my way to getting my revenge on Ryan Hall, all the better.

    Jason rips the pages out of the book that contain the images of Ares and Poseidon. He tosses them both into the fires that surround the room and effectively burn Rondo and PAJ in effigy.

    Speaking of the World Tag Team Champions, do not think for one second that I am going to forget about them in the match. They are another duo that I have never faced before in the ring and it seems together than are unstoppable. They are thinking you could ever want from competitors when they are with each other; it is like a new beginning for them and an ending for their challenger. St. Clair and O’Ryan could be compared to the double faced Janus. He was the God of Beginnings and Endings on Greece. Every time it seems like there is going to be an ending to their partnership Vodka and Vemon power on through and come out stronger than they have every been partner. However you don’t have to be psychic to know that there is something that eats at Ashley O’Ryan. It’s the fact that if he wanted to become the World Champion again, he is either going to have to betray either his new love or his old friend. It is something like Greek tragedy in the making. In order to achieve your ultimate goal, you must choose between friendship or love. If things work out in a more tragic way, it may come down to Gabrielle, Stu St. Clair, and Ashley O’Ryan. Would Ashley and Gabrielle put their love to the ultimate test and try to eliminate Stu from the Carnal Contendership match before turning on each other? Would Vodka and Vemon team up to take out Gabrielle and have it come down to a Gentlemen’s Brawl to get a shot at the World Title? Would Stu try to take Gabrielle out of the equation, risking his partnership with Ashley by eliminating his girlfriend? It is all set up to be quite a delightful sight for the FWA fans. However I will have to do my creatures a disservice when it comes to the tragedy that has apparently been set up before us. I am going to toss all three of those fools out of the ring, maybe even at the same time. If they want to become the World Champions again, they have to go through me and that is something that I cannot let any of them do. To get my rightful spot at Back in Business, I will rip the head of “The Snake” and feast on his body. I wish burn O’Ryan to ash and scatter him to the wind. As for Gabrielle, let’s just look at her for a second…

    Jason flips through the book and comes to the page that features Hera.

    Now let’s move onto the so called “Caramel Goddess” Gabrielle. If you wanted to compare her to someone for the Ancient World, there is only one person that could come close and that is Hera, “Queen of the Gods.” Hera was an evil Queen and would torture other in an attempt to make sure self feel better about her life. Gabrielle is one of the only Women to ever hold that top prize of FWA but she has not better after to return to the so called throne of Olympus in more than three year. Hera had to sit by and watch as he husband defiled his creations and acted in a jealous rage to anyone that Zeus touched. The jealousy of seeing others with the championship that she once held as slowly driven her to the point of madness. The girl is known for her less than moral compass when it comes to her own carnal acts and I too must admit there is something intriguing about here. If it were under different circumstances, I wouldn’t mind seeing what has given the “Caramel Goddess” her reputation, but now she stands in my way of becoming the #1 Contender. I will still but she on her back but it will be with a Lion’s Lariat instead of with my usual styles and charm. I said before that I would have to do some things that I never thought I would have to in order to get my shot at Ryan Hall and his championship, beating up on a woman is just one of those things. I will try my best not to harm her if she doesn’t get in my way but the second that she does, I would become like Hercules during his trials. I will spit in the face of everything that the “Goddess” stands for and I will merely step aside and she throws everything that she can at me. Gabrielle is clearly a woman that knows what she wants but when she gets into the ring with “Living Mythology” for the first time; she is going to realize that I have the same drive and ambition that sure does. I am willing to do whatever it takes to rise to the top of the FWA but I have a sense of pride and honor about it. I will use my skills in the ring and not in the bedroom to make sure that I get my fair shake around here. A pair of huge boobs is not going to protect her against a man that has revenge on his mind and the fury of a beast in this soul.

    Jason goes over to the torch that is lying on the ground and picks it up again. He lights the torch again and stares into the flame.

    As I stare into the soul of this flame, I begin to think of a truly honorable man. In Greek mythology, Prometheus defies the gods and gives fire to humanity, thus making civilization possible. Prometheus is known for his intelligence and as a champion of mankind. Prometheus was punished for this great act thought. Zeus, king of the Olympian gods, decided to push him for all eternity. The immortal Prometheus was chained to a rock, where each day an eagle was sent to feast on his liver, which would then grow back to be eaten again the next day. He received eternal punishment for trying to do something good for mankind. That in a nutshell is Shane McLean. Much like me, Shane always put the interest of his fans ahead of his own personal goal. He goes out their every week in order to give the people their money’s worth. For all of his hard work, he has been the FWA North American Champion, the FWA Television Champion, and the FWA Tag Team Champion. The one thing that Shane has never been is the World Champions. It has to eat him alive and he watched some of the people that have come down the turnpike to capture the biggest prize in FWA while he is unable to grab that brass ring. If he would win the Carnal Contendership match it would be as he Hercules has finally arrived to free him from his torment. In another time and in another place Shane and I could have been partners, teaming up to win championship together and fighting against those that believe they are better than us. I am sorry to say to Shane and all of his fans that his torment is going to continue since the Carnal Contendership match is going to be won by yours truly. Shane will undoubtedly be a World Champion one day but it is just not in the card in the near future. I will not be denied.

    Jason tosses the torch aside and he goes back over to the book that he was reading.

    Now we go to a man that believe that he is the King of the Gods, Jimmy King. Zeus and Jimmy King have many things in common. They are both arrogant fops that believe they are able to interfere in the actions of mortal men without there being any consciences. The Superstars of the FWA are not pieces of clay that can be manipulated to do whatever Jimmy King wants us to do. We have minds and bodies and soul that wants more than what that man is willing to give to us. From the first day that Jimmy King stepped foot in FWA, he has done nothing to embrace all of the talented people that we have in this company. The only thing that he has done is chosen a select few number of superstars to act as his unwitting pawns, turning even some of them most devoted FWA superstars against the brand that has made them house hold names. He has tried to make this company seem second best when compared to CWA, even going so far as to call FWA a developmental territory for his other brand. This has not sat well with many of the FWA Loyal in the back and has proven what a tool King really is. King is a master manipulator and will do whatever he must in order to make sure that his plans go off without a hitch. I talked to Jimmy King once since he took over the company and that was enough to make me never want to speak to him again. I know he had something to do with Hall’s music playing during my X-Division Championship match. I wanted answers and the only thing that I was given was insults and impudence. I cannot be worried about what Jimmy King has planned for Whyte Thunder at Ace’s High though. The only thing that I can do is put my faith in Thunder that he will rid the FWA of the plague that Jimmy King has become. When King has been eliminated, all of those that sided with him during this little war of his against the FWA will have seen their biggest Ace in the Hole fall. They will be ripe for the taking and that includes the World Champion, Ryan Hall.

    Once Jason turns the book to the page on Hades, he picks up the picture and throws it against the wall. It bounces off the wall and falls into the fires that surround the room.

    If there was anyone that portrays the God of the Underworld Hades, it is Ryan Hall. Never in the history of this company has there ever been anyone with the cold blooded machinations of our World Champion. Hall is a deranged narcissist that only thinks that he cares about is himself. It does not take Freud to see that he is an uncaring sociopath that enjoys inflicting pain on others. The evil smile that he gets on his face when he is causing pain and torment is something that you would likely see out of a death row inmate, not a normal human. I know of what I speak. When we were planning to start The Seraphim and take on the Syndicate, I saw the look of pleasure on his face when he takes about ending their reign of terror on the FWA. However, after spending all of those weeks together, I did not see his betray of us coming. I want to tell all of my creatures that I am in the Carnal Contendership for the most altruistic reason. I was that I could say that going after the World Championship was just another part of my plan to make our Mythology mean something. However, I cannot do that. I want Ryan Hall for the most selfish reason possible. I want my revenge. I want to feel my hands around his throat for what he did to me. Knocking his ass out backstage was not enough. For every ounce of pain that he caused me, I deserve and I will take a pound of his flesh. It is difficult for me to say this but as much as I owe my continued success to Devin Golden or Whyte Thunder or whatever he wants to call him. I need Ryan Hall to win this match. I want to be able to take the World Championship out of the hands of that bastard. So Ryan, if you can hear my voice, I am asking that you take every shortcut that you have and win your match for me because when I win the Carnal Contendership, you and I will be Main Eventing Back in Business together.

    Jason sits down in a meditative state in the middle of the room and looks up to the large golden statue of a Gryphon. As he closes his eyes, the light from the flames surrounding the room begins to fade.

    My Creatures, this Sunday at Ace’s High, Careers will be made, shortened, and even ended. People that have given everything up in order to stand in the squared circle will have to sacrifice even more just for the chance to become a World Champion. This will be our first Carnal Contendership Match and it is the only one that we are going to need because I plan to make this one count. Am I nervous about stepping foot inside of the same ring with men that have been World Champions before? Am I nervous that I will not have an ally in this match like many of the others wrestlers do? Am I up for the challenge no matter what number I draw? The answers to all of those questions are a resounding YES! I do not care if I have to start this match from the very beginning. I will go pillar to post against the best that FWA has to offer and I will survive. That is what I have done since the very day that I stepped into the ring for the very first time. I am a survivor and together we will survive this match and move on to fulfilling our goal to become the FWA World Champion. I have only ever had one chance to represent that company as it’s World Champion and what happened? I was cheated out of that chance by one of my former challengers. The top competitors in the Carnal Contendership have had so many chances to be the World Champion, I just need one more shot! I am a millimeter away from breaking the glass ceiling and I can begin to hear it crack. This Sunday, we need to make our voices heard. I need all of my creatures whether they are in the arena with my or watching at home to scream our battle cry all night. I need you all to give me your strength so that I can fufill the promise that I made to you. Together we will drive the evil out of the FWA because….

    The light in the chamber goes out, leaving Jason Gryphon surrounded in total darkness


    The battle cry of Jason Gryphon and his followers echoes throughout the entire chamber.
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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    Scene opens up with a clear night sky with the moon out in a clearing that has a lot of trees recently cut down before the fall and the start of winter. There are many stumps on the ground and the ground is frozen. Snow covers the ground. Not far from the clearing there is a forest covered with snow on the trees and on the ground. The camera crew begins walking through the clearing and not tripping over and stumps on their way to the snow covered forest. The ice and snow makes a cracking sound as the camera crew begins walking. They enter the forest and see two squirrels run down a tree. One squirrel is trying to flee while the other tries to attack it. The two squirrels then run up another tree. The camera crew continues walking and a sound of an owl hooting is heard. Soon they come across a family of deer darting across the path in the forest to the other side of the path. Before going across to the other side of the path. The family of deer sees the camera crew and pauses then runs to the other side. They continue walking they stop dead in their tracks. There is a grey wolf in front of them. He seems to being on the hunt as he smells the scent of a wild animal. The wolf doesn’t make eye contact or even acknowledge the camera crew is even there. He continues following the scent of the wild game to the other side of the path. Ten minutes later of walking through the forest they come to a massive tree that has a crow perched on one its branches. The crow stares down and begins to caw at the camera crew. There is a piece of paper written in red ink with a knife sticking through into the tree. The camera crew begins to read it.

    Sweet Dreams
    Feb 1st, 2013
    Sweet dreams are made of these. Who am I to disagree? Travel the world and the seven seas. Everybody's looking for something. Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you. Some of them want to be abused. I wanna use you and abuse you. I wanna know what's inside you. Moving on, moving on. Moving on, moving on. Moving on, moving on. Moving on. I'm gonna use you and abuse you. I'm gonna know what's inside. Gonna use you and abuse you. I'm gonna know what fear is inside you. I am known of for being the man every man fears. I live life by my own set of rules. I bring snakes to the ring that expresses and cements my view on life if you would. Even a man if you dare want to call me that has sweet dreams. There was never a dream. All I created was nightmares and hell I even feel into my own worst nightmare. I was fortunate enough to wake up from worst nightmares. While some never wake up. I woke up and there no man feeling regret for what he done. There was someone who acknowledged what he did but didn’t let that destroy him eternally like it did almost one year ago. I am in the driver set and I am the letting the monster drive. It will be ‘fun drive.’ There are things that catch my eye and one of those things is opportunity. Who better than myself to seize this opportunity. As it could lead to two things. One reclaiming glory while the other settling an old score. What is the better sweet dream reclaiming glory or vengeance?

    • The camera crew continues to walking down the path in the forest. They continue walking for several minutes to they find a clearing in the forest. There are size sixteen boot prints in the snow. While there is chopped wood pile there. There is also a fallen tree covered in snow. Moments later wet snow falls from the sky with a bit of a wet mist. Then we hear the sound of the frozen ground cracking as something or someone is coming closer to the clearing. We see a figure standing at six foot four. He is wearing black boots with blue pants. He is wearing a black leather jacket zipped up. He has long brown hair that has become wet. He has a long thick beard. He has a light blue eye and one pure white eye. It is none other than Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair. He walks several feet and stops. He stares at the moon than slowly turns his attention to camera. He begins to speak in his all too familiar tone of voice.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Opportunity a thing that used to mean something but has been wasted time and time again. If something is presented in front of you are you going to take the chance? It’s easy for everyone to get a long and go along with a ride. The true merit of someone who doesn’t follow but goes against the grain. I have done that my entire life. Whether it was turning my own flesh blood Wolf into a monster or turning Jack Severino into a creature neither trusted by heaven or hell. I always went against the grain. I struck a nerve with an entire audience and everyone on the FWA roster a couple months ago when I not only bloodied and battered Gabrielle but went to such lengths to lighting her on fire. I didn’t set her on fire but the smell of gasoline on her… [*Stu pauses then closes his eyes for a moment while he remissness. He opens his eyes thirty seconds later and continues talking*] was over powering. It was like the gasoline was telling strike a match and let us burn. The snake has always been around is just arrogance and ignorance that man has to disregard me as no threat. The worst thing you can do is that because for one you let your guard down. Two it makes the monster come out. I have always been the monster and not let a single of you who is watching this video which I am paying for forget that. When we talking forgetting people we forget about those who can before us. Like Sean Kelleher, Dan Sin Clair, ‘The Legacy’ Ewan Edwards and G-Rich. Those men were overlooked as soon as they left the ring for good.

    • Stu pauses for a moment as he eyes an owl flying over the clearing of the forest. Stu returns his focus on the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: They don’t tend to take notice of what they done afterward at what their thumb print was in FWA. It was like that happened and now years past and no talks about it. It’s like they are so attention deficit disorder like. None one looks back and talks about what they have done. Who could forget the battle between Sean and Dan over the FWA World Heavyweight Title? Also in Ewan’s first appearance in FWA winning the brand new Television title. Then facing G-Rich in a pure rules match. That match was incredible. G-Rich not just his in ring work and winning the FWA World Heavyweight Title but him mentoring Shane McLean’s career, Boudreau’s career and of course my career. These men and other were wise and took opportunities and seized them. They were and still are smart with every move they take. I am like them because I learned from both Jake Roberts and G-Rich and of course Ryan Hall how to seize an opportunity. On February 2nd is Aces High and I have an opportunity to earn a shot at Back in Business to have a chance to win the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title in the Carnal Contendership match. The question that weighs on my mind is do I want reclaim glory or vengeance? FWA future is in the hands of a man who is not as scaled as me as a snake. The man moves FWA that sold out in Wembley, Joe Louis, Budokan, The Superdome, Madison Square Garden and other arenas around the world to just being in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Jimmy King wants to save money I can understand but FWA can make a lot of money and be very profitable.

    • Stu pauses for a moment as he stares into camera as the wet snow continues to fall heavily from the sky.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Jimmy King can run us down but we are not going away. As much as I like being in New York at The Hammerstein Ballroom as it brings memories of where many episode of Crossfire was shot. We need to move away and at Aces High is our chance to shine. [*Stu smirks as he pauses for a brief second*] I have been in the first Carnal Contendership match and I have been into total three. The third one would be this one. The last one I was I was in the final two and came face to [* A sick smile comes over Stu’s face*] burned faced with Jack Severino. The man I burned and leaving him with burned and charcoaled face forever. He may got the better of me that encounter but I was [* Stu’s face goes serious. He raises he right with this thumb and pointer out pretty close together as he speaks*] that close to walking out the victor to be in the Three Way Dance to crown an Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. Yes I could have should have but it didn’t play out. Just because things don’t play out the way you want to doesn’t mean you roll over and quit. I haven’t touched a World Heavyweight Title since 2011. That was three years ago. I do want glory to headline Back in Business and walk away as a Five Time World Heavyweight Champion. I would be the first person to accomplish such a feet.

    • Stu walks over to pile of chopped wood. He set up a teepee set up for starting a fire. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small can of flammable fluid. He sprays all of it soaking the wood in the teepee formation for starting a fire. He tosses the can to the side. He stares back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Starting a fire relies on three things oxygen, fuel and heat. Winning the Carnal Contendership relies on timing and an iron will. You do not have both of those things you’re not going to last in the match. I have a trick of my sleeve and that is wisdom. You can’t find or buy wisdom as it comes with time. I look at the new wrestlers we have that are entering in their first Carnal Contendership. We have Jethro Warren who hasn’t had his bang moment but went toe to toe with Thomas Princeton and seemed to hold his own. Not blowing him off as stranger things have happened in the Carnal Contendership. Another one we have is Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird he wasn’t in it last year. Yet he tasted success last year winning the X Division Title. He has tasted success and who says he doesn’t want a greater taste of success winning The Carnal Contendership and headlining Back in Business. I look at and I notice ‘The Russian New Breed’ Alexander Askerov. He is six foot three and ninety five kilograms. He is a beast with this throws not to mention how power he does when he does a suplex. He maybe new but there is raw power in that one. Alexander Sokolov is another new hire of FWA the man is twenty three been wrestling since he was eighteen years old. He has some time under belt not mention the kid knows how to brawl not to mention how technical he is in the ring. He quite good strikes with kicks. Could been a trained as a kick boxer as a young boy but who knows.

    • Stu looks at the tepee set up of the wood that is drenched in a flammable fluid and stares back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Next up another new addition to FWA roster is Zayne Richards. Eighteen years old and I already I can tell the kid has an ego. Until he does something great on Fight Night or at the Carnal Contendership he ought to shut up because right off the bat he is shooting himself in the foot. Just like I said earlier having wisdom takes time and it is clear Zayne doesn’t have much if any wisdom yet. Now then this one steams from last week on Fight Night. I know you’re from CWA Jack Gekko…. [* Stu pauses as he shakes his head for a moment. Stu has an annoyed look on his face*] but who in the hell do you think you are? Its one thing to be sore that you lost an open contract to be in FWA but it’s another when you try to mess with me and Ashley O’Ryan. You weren’t that bright. If you were trying to assault Ash with the help of the other half of Team Gekko make sure I am not a ringside. Where is the logic there? You cannot be that stupid. I don’t know why you are in the Carnal Contendership match after losing an open contract to Ash to compete in FWA. I don’t know if Jimmy King saw you not cutting the mustard against Ashley O’Ryan and felt sorry for you and gave you a contract. If so… [*Stu smirks*] boy you’re going to have a hard time keeping your head above water. There are several veterans in the ring not to mention FWA wrestler who love more than to beat the [*Stu slows down as he continues he sentence*] holy hell out of CWA wrestler. Not even BM Colt your body guard can save you. Trust me.

    • Stu smirks as he pauses for a moment and clenches his right hand. He begins talking at his usual speed.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Ryan Rondo it has been a while. You seemed to accomplish a lot before we last met. You earned a bit of respect when you and Devin Golden cashed in your rematch clause and come up short. I now look at you and you have the same chrome dome lid that Lex Luther has. Like Luther you are quite smart. If a good proposal comes away you take it. That’s what you did when you sold yourself to Jimmy King to be part of his CWA clique. You turned your back on FWA. More importantly you turned you back on your good friend Devin Golden? For what a chance for more time in the lime light? Girl, cars and money? Sure you have the FWA North American Title but god damn. [*Stu shakes his head for a moment as he pauses*] You stole that belt from Shane McLean. Shane and I were under the tutelage of G-Rich and Ryan Hall but there is no love between both of us. Just history between us. If history proves anything everyone pays for a price. I paid for mine. Yours is coming Rondo. How long do you think Golden is going to watch his best friend drown in excess of fame with your new found money and being with Jimmy King? If Golden was a true friend which he most certainly is he will knock some sense into you. Luckily for you Golden isn’t the Carnal Contendership match rather he is in a World Heavyweight Title bout at Aces High. You’re not getting knocked out by Golden at Aces High. You are in a ring with men who watched you turn your back on the company they worked for. We may not be friends but there is a brotherhood with the company. It is even more present when Jimmy King has the company as his disposal because for all we know he is playing with it before getting rid of it.

    • Stu pauses for thirty as Stu’s clenching his right hand a bit faster as wet snow continues to fall from the night sky.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Rondo for myself I still remember you running Ash and myself down writing us off. So ‘don’t worry’ I will get my shots on you soon enough. Now then Thomas Princeton I am not sure which side you’re standing on. You betrayed Shane McLean in a chance to become Tag Team Champions against Ashley O’Ryan and myself. I knew you were spineless the moment I met you in the fall of two thousand and seven at Trial by Fire. Ash was eliminated early from the Handicapped Tables match with the FWA World Tag Team Titles be defended by Shane. You interrupted our match. You and you Yes Men blindsided both Shane and myself. You lay me on a table then slammed Shane on top of me costing Ashley O’Ryan and myself a chance to be Tag Team Champions. [*Stu smirks for a moment as stops clenching his right hand*]I am the snake and I am known for stabbing people in the back time after time. But what you did was even I wouldn’t do. I know you made money but now I can see after what you did to Shane how spineless you are. You told Shane everything was good and bam knife in the back. I don’t why you did that. Don’t care but my guess would be you want to be a part of Jimmy King’s CWA clique. I don’t know you’re a turncoat but it’s on when Shane and the rest of the locker room sees you in the ring for the Carnal Contendership. I look and what do I see? Another FWA turncoat the self proclaimed ’The Last Great Englishman’ PAJ. What so great about you? You were one of Chris Kennedy’s favourite ass kisser in the Syndicate? Won the FWA North American title on two different occasions?

    • Stu pauses as he shakes his head with disgust. He stares back at the camera and continues talking.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: I look at you PAJ you came from LOW and LOW has faded to best of my knowledge. You were welcomed to FWA and no one harboured ill will from you being from LOW. You left FWA to join Jimmy King and his CWA Clique. What is he going to do for you? You got two blue chippers in yourself and Shane. There will be favouritism and odds are you will be the one screwed on that business venture with Jimmy King. Even if you are booted you are not being welcomed with open arms. You will be welcomed back as your turn black and blue. Once again in the Carnal Contendership we will get our just desserts in The Carnal Contendership. I look again I see Broc Lobster. You may think you great but just like a lobster when it is dropped into a boiling pot of hot water it is game over. You may had your fun but there is no fun in Carnal Contendership rather it’s every man and women for themselves. Mark my wood Broc you will be sleeping with the fishes. From sleeping with fishes to soaring like a bird is ‘Living Mythology’ Jason Gryphon. Young and driven is something I see in Jason. He has all the tools to make to the top of the mountain. He just needs wisdom which will come to him easily. The kid is on fire when he facing "The Monster of Midway" Michael Garcia around the country last year defend the X Division title against him. Drew Stevenson has taken his X Division title away but that doesn’t mean Jason is destined to be an X Division guy. The sky is the limit for him if he wants to put the effort forward. With all due respect Jason you’re not walking away winning the Carnal Contendership. You will have a great showing but just like Icarus who soared too high and fell from the sky to his death. You will be just like him.

    • Stu pauses as he stares at the moon for a moment has wet snow continues to fall from the sky. He stares back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Shane McLean you and I are no strangers. We had many battle in two thousand and seven and one only two week ago. You have come back to FWA and done well. Winning the Television title then winning the North American Title. You are certainly on the rise until Rondo sold his soul and stole the North American title from you. Then Princeton stabbed you in the back two weeks ago. You have a lot on your mind. You want to send a message you’re here for the big time. Nobody can hold you back and not even being stabbed in the back will stop you. You and I know each other pretty well since we squared off many times in two thousand and seven and recently three weeks ago. I already know I have a receipt coming my way from slamming you through the guard rail. However [*Stu pauses as he chuckles. Then a smirks crawls across his face as he continues to speak*] you got what you deserved when you went after my burnt back. An eye for an eye or well in this case a back for a back. You are the dark horse in the Carnal Contendership Shane nothing is going to stop you except desperate men doing what desperate man will do. Anything to win. You are the target as you have been on fire since returning but sadly you are not walking being the victor of the Carnal Contendership.

    • Stu shakes his head for a moment and stares at a moon and spots a shooting star while heavy wet snow falls from the night sky. He stares at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: I am not going easy on him and he would beyond furious if I went easy on him but I will not. Despite how much he lost from his wife, his marriage and his kids he thinks he found a real treasure in Gabrielle. However I give him credit for not begging for forgiveness. Rather he should have talked to her and try to save their marriage or better yet their relationship for the sake of their children. Instead he found love elsewhere. Just because she likes slurping down hotdogs doesn’t mean she is going to fix everything. She has been with Jack Severino to [*Stu hesitates speaking her name*] Jenny Ignite to Chris Kennedy and now to you Ashley O’Ryan. She may promise you the world just remember this my old friend. If something sounds too good to be true is probably is. In your mind I know this is your ticket to fix your broken heart but trust it isn’t. Like myself we have our own demons that we need to deal with. I have dealt with mine and yet you have not come to terms of what happened. You’re going to be hurt again whether you want to admit or not. Moria may not show it but she is still watching you. You are after all the father of her children. As for The Carnal Contendership you and I know it’s every man for himself. Hopefully you will not do another Dublin’s Scroll and get yourself eliminated again like you have in Carnal Contendership matches in the past. Let the winner be either Vodka or Venom in this one.

    • Stu pauses and turns and faces the drenched logs with flammable fluid that are set up like a tepee. Stu pulls out a booklet of matches. He light one of them on fire. He eyes the flame. He then lights the matches in the book with the lit match. All the matches have a flame. He takes the burning book of matches and throws the book on the logs drenched in flammable fluid. The wood in the teepee formation begins to burn. A fire emerges. Stu stares at the fire then stares at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Gabrielle Montgomery the black widow. You and I have history and it wouldn’t have been this personal if you kept your nose out my personal life. You really wanted to my life on display? You got your wish and look what you have to show for it. I drenched you with a cheap bottle of whiskey in front of your baby girl. Followed up by battering and make you bleed inside a steel cage. Followed up covering you up with gasoline. I was inches away from making you burn in hell. You made it personal Gabrielle and you got burned for it. If you get bright ideas again lady I am going to make you get on your knees and beg. You’re going to beg for forgiveness. [*Stu pauses as he chuckles then smirks and continues to speak*] I will laugh and this time and trust me when I say this. I will burn right on the spot and send you to hell. If there is an alliance between you and Ashley O’Ryan there is no ill will. It’s just business until I personally eliminate you from the Carnal Contendership. Taking away that chance to headline Back in Business if you win Carnal Contendership is an alright way to stick it to you. It is no fire but it will do for now. Now then there is a mystery entrant in the Carnal Contendership. If it’s Jack Severino he will be gone before he even leaves the smallest impression. If it’s Chris Kennedy will guess what? That means the grass wasn’t greener on the other side. Or dare I say that spot belongs to my young brother ‘The Angel of Death’ Wolf after he takes care of Jimmy King. I would honestly look forward to facing off with my brother during the Carnal Contendership.

    • Stu pauses as he eyes the fire once again as the fire crackles. Stu then stares at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Now then if I win that could be my chance to be immortal and do justice to Sean, Ewan, G-Rich and others when I take down Ryan Hall once and for all. The marquee would be huge if we faced off at Back in Business for the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title. I still have a score to settle as Hall burned my back at Trial by Fire. I smelled my own flesh burn and trust me it made me that more deranged. You were a mentor and now I want to see if am truly better then you. You burned of Unholy King and I am going to burn you. Just remember Hall the reason why my DDT works so well for me is [* A sadistic smile comes across Stu’s face*]intimidation. I’m waiting for you Hall after I win the Carnal Contendership…trust me.

    • Stu spreads his arms to the side. The sound of the fire crackling followed by hearing a crow in the distance cawing. Heavy wet snow continues to fall from the sky. The fire continues to burn as smoke rises up to the night sky.

    End of Scene.
    credit to xxhhhxx

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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    "Am I afraid of a new wrestler?


    You see this is who I am. This is what I have done, I don't care what the Iceman says or does this is all about me. This is all about Carmine Reaper becoming what he deserves to be. I no longer will sit in the bottom of the barrel. I will rise up and do what I need to do.

    I don't care who comes at me anymore. I don't care what people say about me because quite frankly I don't give a damn. I don't care what Jason Gryphon says about me and how I might have let him down and he has moved onw ith his life and all of that shit. This is all about me, I'm rising to the top and the Iceman is going to be the first one I take out. It really is quite simple the FWA is going to be mine in due time."

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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    ''We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit'' – Aristole

    The scene opens. PAJ is stood in his large living room. The 60 inch TV in the centre of the room with a white leather couch directly in front of it. It is simply decorated with lots of white shelves and a hard wood floor. PAJ is stood to the right of the room looking at the FWA North American Title belt he has framed to commemorate winning it. PAJ smiles and snaps his head back towards the camera and points at the title belt.

    PAJ: Aces High 2013, I walked in a guy who Darnell Porter would destroy and validate his title reign. They wanted to crush me. They wanted to punish me for ending Sean Moore. They wanted to dangle the carrot in front of me then take it away from me just as I grabbed for it. The plan failed and I became North American Champion. I embraced everything it meant to be a champion. I bought the title to an elite level. I was proud to be champion but then they continued to undermine me by giving me crap for opponents and eventually I slipped up. I fell to their level and I got beaten. Clay Reitmeier beat me after I had struggled for a few weeks but suddenly I was reinvigorated. Clay Reitmeier started the train back up after FWA tried to destroy me again. If I had beaten Clay I wouldn't be here today. I had a new purpose and re-born desire to be champion. It took me one attempt to beat Clay Reitmeier and get back MY title. It made me everything and FWA had failed. Apart from a small bump in the road where they screwed me over by making me lose my title without being pinned.

    PAJ shakes his head and moves his hand away and takes a few steps forward away from the framed belt with a smirk on his face.

    PAJ: Just remember I made The Syndicate great, Mac Michaud forget that. I destroyed The Syndicate to MAKE him remember. I made FWA great and I will destroy FWA. Why? How? FWA did EVERYTHING they could to try and squash me. They didn't want me in their company and I stuck my middle finger up and one-on-one beat everyone they put in my way. I held FWA hostage. I gave them no choice just like they have no choice in their demise. I will do to them what they couldn't so to me. In the one year since they failed in their attempts to squash me. Times have changed and now I, along with my comrades, have FWA on it's knee and all we need to do now is pull the trigger. The trigger is Jimmy King beating Wolf. Ryan Rondo retaining the North American Title. Ryan Hall retaining the Undisputed Title and The Last Great Englishman completing the greatest year in FWA history by winning the Carnal Contendership. Why not a title I don't care for? Why not ending a career that will be over soon anyway? Because the Carnal Contendership is the highlight of the year. Where champions are born. Where legacies begin. Where mortals reach immorality It is where I will spit in the face of all of FWA by being the first non-FWA superstar to win the Carnal Contendership. I understand that everyone competing in the match will want NOTHING more than to see me thrown from the ring in humiliating fashion. Why would they want to light that fire? Just like Clay. Why would they want to show how jealous they are? Just like Wolf. I am the best pure wrestler in this company. I am the best talker. The best walker. The best high flyer. I am the KING of all trades. The PRINCE to the Last King and to the saviour, the messiah of FWA, Jimmy King.

    PAJ smiles when he brings up Jimmy King, who has revitalised his career, but his smile disappears as he moves away from the subject.

    PAJ: Why would they not accept it? Like always, they are jealous fools. I am not what they conscientiously aspire to be. I am the Ego-Ideal. Somewhere deep down in their subconscious they aspire to be everything I am. They are fascinated by me. I fulfil their voyeuristic desires. They don't want to watch me but they can't take their eyes off me. Being contracted to CWA but wrestling on Fight Night makes me 'un-watchable' but they keep on looking because I fill the arenas and it is because I am the best. I tried to stop admitting it when I came here because I would get shot down because I had never done anything and according to a person who doesn't belong in this ring with guys I still haven't. I have a sense of self-worth much more than you have ever had. I will shut her little whore mouth. I will climb the mountain and look down over the battlefield knowing that I am victorious. I will maintain my claim of being the Last Great Englishman. I will proudly break barriers that the former oppressive chairman put in place. I don't want favours or charity because I don't need charity. I know I am good enough. The rest will just have to scrap for sloppy seconds or hope I leave them something to fight over.

    PAJ smirks and holds his hands out pretending to beg for food.

    PAJ: The Carnal Contendership. Where MY legacy is born. Where I will complete the greatest single year in the history of the FWA. Is it really that great of an achievement though? FWA is falling apart at the seams. It was broken and isn't taken well to the new organ that wanted to help restore it back to the prestige it once had. In my eyes and the eyes of MANY people my greatest year will be tainted. Sullied by the fact FWA was on it's knees but I will always fight those claims because I am a killer. I killed The Syndicate and I will go one step further and complete MY greatest year but killing FWA. Not just Wolf's spirit but the whole damn company. I will laugh in the face of The False Idol, Chris Kennedy, for doing the one thing he never had the balls to do. I will laugh in the face of the people who thought that it was a mistake to resign me. I will crush the dreams of the masochistic freaks who actually stay to watch matches that don't contain the chosen ones. They like the punishment, they like the pain. I will give them the greatest pain they have ever felt and they will never need any more. I will take the dying heart of FWA and I will destroy it so that FWA may never return. They had a damn good run but it's end will come from a guy like me. by that I mean in the eyes of many blind, naïve business man that think they know what it takes believe I will never make it because I am the Ego-Ideal but I am not the wrestling-ideal. I am not big but I am forged in the steel of greatness. Just look at Adrian Wolf, boldly competing for his career, his job, his life, I am not stupid enough to do that. I am passionate about what I believe in by risking everything, going all in? One bad night and it is all over but Wolf will fall even on a good night because the will of Jimmy King has been written. I started the demise of Adrian Wolf. Jimmy King will put the dagger in the heart and the big bad Wolf will fall. The Romans fell. The British Empire fell. It was all through believing they were unconquerable when they weren't. They were failures and they couldn't handle the level of greatness that fell into their laps. It is why I am the Last Great Englishman because I can handle my empire. I can handle my greatness. I don't show mercy because mercy is for the weak. Animals show no mercy. It is about survival whether they are at the top or the bottom of the food chain. Being at the top of the food chain is where everyone wants to be but there is only room for so many at the top. Trust me I am at the top already.

    PAJ laughs as he falls down onto his couch nonchalantly. PAJ bounces once and then lands comfortably on the seat. PAJ puts his arms behind his head and relaxes.

    PAJ: Being at the top grants me the benefit of dismissing all the low-level scum that they are trying to force me to acknowledge. I don't need that burden. They are all nothing to me. They are blind, ignorant fools. You will know when you have my attention because I will destroy everything you love and for most of the guys in the back it is simple, they love FWA and I want to see them in real pain. This is more than just asserting CWA dominance. This is personal. I want to see FWA die but I want to see it suffer before sticking the knife through the chest and ending FWA's pathetic existence.

    PAJ sits forward and dismissively continues to talk with his arms resting on the back of the couch.

    PAJ: Which is why I have such a huge target on my back. EVERY single guy in the match, from the hardened veterans of FWA, Stu St. Clair and Shane McLean, to all those new guys like Zayne Richards and Jack Gekko, as well as the other non-male wrestler that shouldn't have a place in this match. They all want a piece of me. They all want nothing more than to see me go over the top rope so that they may all breath a huge sigh of relief that I am no longer in the match but I have no other intention than winning the Carnal Contendership. Numbers mean nothing. People believe that alliances work. There is only one alliance that I have ever seen work and that is the chosen ones hand-picked by Jimmy King. It is not my job to do what needs to be done. It is my duty. It is my pledge. Everyone else gets lost in the shuffle and it is really hard when someone walks past you with that angry look on their face, who they actually are. Eventually every angry face turns into just one angry face. The wrestlers in the back mean nothing to me. Wrestlers will talk about brotherhood and a bond with the other guys on the roster but I HATE everyone that considers themselves an FWA superstar. CWA dominates over The FWA and I'm the bad guy for seeing everything clearly. I have vision and the balls to carry out that vision no matter the cost to man, woman or child. Nothing will ever stop me re-defining this business. I don't want to just win The Carnal Contendership. I don't want to be just another World Champion. I want my name engrained in minds of everyone. Whether they want to make an assault on the records I am going to set, whether they want to be me, which I don't blame, or even if they hate me. I want to be the name that defines a business. It would be a golden age for wrestling. I would be it's greatest star. I can be a wrestler that doesn't make waves but hates themselves for being so pathetic like most of the crap in the back or you can the guy who is willing to rock the boat to gain everything. I was the first person to turn my back on CWA based on promises from Jimmy King. It was a leap of faith but it was rewarded that same night with Ryan Hall standing with Jimmy King.

    PAJ leans forward looking straight into the camera. His hands interlocked together with great focus in his eyes.

    PAJ: It has grown from there and now we stand on the cusp of greatness and not some false sense of greatness that The Syndicate had but true, real greatness. No more Adrian Wolf, The Undisputed Champion, The North American Champion and the winner of the Carnal Contendership. It is a dream world and it is so, so close to becoming a reality. I am not just FWA's best wrestler. I'm not just the best wrestler under a CWA contract. I am the best wrestler, period and I get the being a good wrestler will not make me win the Carnal Contendership. It is chaos and you work on the fly. I always work on the fly. I never go in with a plan and yet people believe I do. I am the order in the chaos. The shining light in this slowly darkening FWA world. I am the Last Great Englishman and come Aces High, I will 'shock the world' again.

    PAJ smirks. He need say no more. PAJ leans back into his seat again. The scene slowly fades to black.

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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    Instrument of Fate

    “I will not be forgotten.”

    Words of a familiar yet different voice’s echo around the room. A voice that was once full of love, laughter and loyalty. A voice that is now harnessing contempt, hatred and betrayal.

    “I said I never would subject myself to the flames… and I still haven’t. I burned a piece of metal… so what? I won. What I mean is the flames of pressure, the flames of expectation… the flames of failing. I changed everything you ever thought about loyalty… I haven’t failed in achieving something that I haven’t quite seemed to do in a long time. I made you all notice. I made you all see that Ryan Rondo has that special something. And when that sort of person becomes an enemy, he’s dangerous. The fear that now lingers in your eyes when I am present. The same fear, sheer terror that was in Shane McLean’s eyes when I destroyed him. The same fear that’s been present in Thomas Princeton’s old, decrepit retinas since he became a jobber I’ve beaten countless times. The same fear that I see in the person before me now… in the mirror…”

    Rondo’s voice is put to a place as lights turn on and reveal that he is standing dressed in a black suit staring into a golden, elliptical shaped mirror. Nothing too fancy to it. The room is painted black everywhere and is totally empty everywhere else aside from a chair with a black bin bag on it. It is only this in the room. Rondo’s eyes, and bald head, gleam due to the light. He stands with a smug expression on his face.

    “The person that I used to be is in here somewhere, and the fear is that they know the worst is to come. They know. You all don’t. and it is just hilarious. Do you REALLY think that something is going to happen and is everything is going to go back the way it is? Shane McLean coming back for a match and being given a title shot against Mac? I don’t think so! I don’t want to be the guy who works his goddamn ass off just to be rewarded with a nothing matchup against Drew Stevenson or Jason Gryphon or some other fool that is so far beneath me. No. Ryan Rondo is at the top now. He’s the next big thing, Do you not see that when you look into this mirror, at me now, that there is something there that never used to be? It’s that look in the eye. The look that conveys so many emotions at once. Ferocity. Bravado. Confidence. Arrogance. Fearlessness. Talent. Pure fucking awesomeness? That’s what changed. That’s why Wolf is smoking so much, he’s stressed out. That’s why Shane McLean lost. That’s why Thomas Princeton has no fucking chance in hell! That’s why Gabrielle quivers even moreso at the knees now at the mention of name. It’s because Ryan Rondo in ore form has been mined into pure gold.”

    He stops talking for a minute and looks down at his hand. He lifts it to his face in a swift motion and inspects it, looking at his gold SEIKO watch and going back up. He holds his hand out in a palm up stance. He looks down at it and smiles sheepishly at it. His blue eyes appearing as cold as can be. He leaves the bag on the chair.

    “I have the FWA in the palm of my hand. Do you know that? You all have now realised that I’m powerful in the overall scheme of things. Every match, I am making immense progress. Before this all I was beating the likes of Wolf, Stu, Princeton, Severino and many more. And now? Well I’ve already beaten McLean and Princeton… and they think that they stand a chance now? I don’t think so. Princeton couldn’t beat his wife. And McLean? What has he done recently aside from get his ass handed to him by me and the other guy who can’t even beat his OWN WIFE FOR GOD’S SAKE! Who’s looked the best recently? I have. That’s right. I’m the man of the moment. I’m the name on everybody’s lips. Why? Because I’m Judas! I’m the one who has decided the FWA’s fate! And I’ve decided that YOU. ARE. FUCKED. My career is more important to me than the FWA, when will you idiots realise that the ideology I have is the best ideology possible in order for you to get maximum gain? Are you dumb? It can’t be money issues. Princeton and Blackbird haven’t said anything since they’re both worth about 80 trillion big ones. It must be the dumbness. After all Shane McLean doesn’t have the money and being dumb is the most striking thing about him.”

    Rondo stops the palm expression and looks down at the bag and rubs his hands together. His face suddenly full of glee. He opens up the bag and takes out a noose. And he swings it infront of the mirror for a bit. More playfully than scarily. He closes the bag over a bit and puts it down on the floor and sits on the chair.

    “This represents… the FWA’s funeral and the poor little lambs that they’re sending to the slaughter. It represents the execution of two of their pawns in this silly little, outmatched, game of chess. The FWA knows that Ace’s High is the last chance. The last chance for someone to save them from the water that has enveloped around its neck. To change everything, to swing the pendulum back in their favour. They NEED Shane McLean to win. Or less preferable, Thomas Princeton. But they KNOW… THEY KNOW THAT THERE IS NO CHANCE OF THAT HAPPENING. Maybe in the universe of bullshit! And Whyte Thunder, the supposed ‘hero’, has to beat Ryan Hall. Is this the best the FWA can MUSTER? Against ME, PAJ AND RYAN HALL? Are you kidding me? This is the company I have devoted my ENTIRE career to? What on God’s green Earth was wrong with me? I do beg your pardon, honestly, I’ve been a dumbass for a while. But see when I stopped being dumb, I realised just how good I am. It’s when I realised that I will not be forgotten! I lost something in me that day… I can’t quite remember what it was… Oh, wait…”

    He pauses and puts down the noose. He then looks back at the mirror with an inquisitive face… that suddenly shapes into a wry smile accompanied by an almost melancholic sound of sarcastic laughter. Rondo nods at himself, as if to acknowledge something that he forgot.

    “Hope. That’s something I lost that day. The hope that the FWA could be saved but not at the expense of my career. It couldn’t happen. So what? Tough shit. I do admire people who carry hope, I honestly do. I think Princeton lost it all when he became a tomato can in the ring. Must’ve gained some back when he carried out his pussy attack on McLean. Guess I’ll have to beat it all back out of him again and make him realise that he isn’t worthy of my title belt.”

    The FWA’s North American Champion laughs to himself. And then holds out his arm.

    “Do you not notice? The belt’s nowhere in sight. Why? I couldn’t give a flying fuck about it. That belt was just something that took me to the next level. A stepping stone. I don’t need it now, you all know me and you all know what I am capable of. I could quite gladly win this match and still give up my belt. Princeton loves his gold and McLean needs something to validate himself with since making a rather crappy return. Here’s why they won’t win the belt: Not because I care about the belt and want to keep it and defend it and being a suck up to the fans. I want to win. I want to beat these guys into the dirt and make them remember me forever. I want Shane McLean to realise that there is NO HOPE LEFT. I want Thomas Princeton to acknowledge that he is DONE. I will FINISH his career. I told him that he would regret being the first ever man to beat me… and I will make sure he regrets it even more come Ace’s High. That’s what is going to happen. That’s why I wrestle. To be the best no matter what. Do people still want to hate me for everything? Go ahead, you’re hating on a man for achieving his dream. At least I get things done. Shane McLean didn’t get the job done, I did… Thomas Princeton can’t get anything done overall. I’ll fight him blindfolded. It’s easy to beat Republicans over and over. Obama probably does it on the daily. And I don’t plan on going anywhere without the win. I’ll take that belt too though, it’s a nice ornament. Speaking of belts…”

    Rondo reaches into the bag again and brings out a pile of polaroids. There’s four of them. He holds the first one up to the camera.

    “Remember this?”

    It’s Rondo posing with the X Division title after beating Devin Golden. His first title win.

    “Or this?”

    Next he holds up the photo of him winning the Young Lions title against someone of relative obscurity.

    “Or either of these?”

    He chucks away the previous one and holds up two other pictures. One of him winning the TV title from Mac Michaud and the next one is him holding the tag team title belt aloft with someone whose face is burnt out.

    “All of my title wins. Look at them. What do they all have in common? All the people I beat for them will eventually fade into nothingness. Devin Golden? Where is he now? He’s too ashamed to use his real name, he’s Whyte Thunder now, Devin Golden is an afterthought. Someone I carried. The guy who I beat for the YL title? Who knows, I can’t even name him! He must be working as a merch guy now. TV title? Mac Michaud? Who? Some guy best known for popping roids and lying about it. And also being a weak ass ‘monster’. Princeton is already becoming obscure but McLean, you’re hanging around for some reason. The Rondo curse takes a while to come into effect. Look at Wolf, he’s starting to burn out now. Sara Wolf already knew she lost since she was a nonfactor before the titles were even won! Soon, the curse happens to you McLean. I’ll accelerate the process by beating you again. And again if you want. And on and on and on. All these polaroids shape the future, they’re my instruments of fate… look at them… they all have me standing tall as the victor. And that’s the scene that will play out in Ace’s High…”

    Rondo pulls another polaroid out of the bag, this time it’s his NA title victory over Shane McLean.

    “… a scene that will be familiar to Trial By Fire. Obviously, with an uncredited extra who looks like some old, passed it has been republican. I’ll stand tall with that belt and soak in all the hatred, all the derogatory chanting… it will all be worth it to just see the hope eventually start to evaporate from everyone’s eyes. You will all slowly realise that everything is finished, the FWA’s fate is sealed and that I am the one who stands tall, the victorious one. I will smile about it all. At how I have outsmarted you! I have listened in disgust to some of the things said about me. It straight up pisses me off. And to have my actions justified would just be amazing. It’d be my final fuck you. I was in the middle of a burning bridge and I jumped to one side. Just get over it. I’m not your fucking saviour and I am not the man I used to be. I’m not going to turn around and be the one to drag your sorry ass out of the mud. And it all starts at Ace’s High. That’s when you will all notice. Ryan Rondo isn’t the FWA hero anymore. He’s something better. He’s the man who controls the fate of the FWA.”

    He reaches into the bag for a deck of cards… and shuffles them in one hand, glaring at the mirror.

    “What you see is the person that has the fate of the FWA in his hands. What you see is the person who will make you lose all hope for it. He is the person who holds all the cards… and they’ll be in full display at Ace’s High”

    He flicks all the cards at the mirror and laughs and then begins to walk away.

    Suddenly the footsteps of the North American Champion walking away are interrupted by a familiar voice. A voice full of love, laughter and loyalty. A voice full of hope.

    “Not everyone has lost hope….”

    The startled champion turns around and looks at the mirror, startled by a different reflection – one of the old Rondo, hairstyle and all – with the belt around his shoulder. He is everything that has been kept away for a long time....


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    Re: Aces High promo thread


    “It’s not over. You can keep me tucked away, under the surface, but you’re not going to last long. Do you know why?”

    The champion doesn’t say anything, mouth agape in shock…

    “The Carnal Contendership….”

    The champion looks at his reflection, talking back to him. He gathers himself for a moment and then responds.

    “What about it? I’ll win and that’s that. Nothing else to it.”

    “You are outmatched. You are done. It’s over. You’re going over the top rope. Someone like Stu or Gabby will toss your ass out. Devin Golden should do it. Or maybe someone more deserving, someone with all the loyalty in the world, Jason Gryphon. They’ll do it.”

    Suddenly, the real Rondo starts to laugh loudly and claps his hands. He pulls a ‘seriously omgwtf’ face at the mirror. He takes a few steps closer and looks at his reflection.

    “Okay, you took me by surprise at first. Seriously, you did, good job on doing that. But really? You think I am outnumbered? My dear, lost friend, you are DELUDED. Just like all the fans. Just because I am outnumbered in this match along with PAJ, it doesn’t mean that we are outmatched! Me, PAJ, Ryan Hall… we are standing at the FWA’s demise! You should know that. This is it for the FWA. The company has been a scavenger of waste for far too long. We’re ending this rot on the wrestling industry. The entire FWA population is going to be converted, one by one, to the CWA. Thousands upon thousands of fans lost in translation. And I’m going to help do it. Imagine that. Our name is going to be written into the history books and remembered forever, you know it!”

    The reflected Rondo looks back with a still icy cold stare. Not showing any emotion towards its real counterpart.

    “But you’re forgetting that if you win this match, you have to face Ryan Hall or Devin Golden. Can you do that? Would you fight Ryan Hall? Now, you start to doubt yourself. It’s what held me back and still does – the doubt. It made you fight better. Now, you’re just trying to be the bad guy for the sake of it. For a change. It won’t last. Someone’s tossing you over that rope. You know it.”

    “Oh Oh, I get this. You’re going to try and make do the whole bread and butter thing of going down a list of names and insult them. I’m not naming names. I don’t need to. All I have to do is talk about myself. I’m the man with the best credentials for the job. I resurrected the tag team division, I’ve unified 4 belt divisions and I am just plain the shit. Alright? You were a pussy. Too scared of upsetting fat nonamer fans who just sit on the internet and complain about how Drew Stevenson isn’t getting a push or how Vincent Blackbird is a terrorist ninja motherfucker! Drew Stevenson isn’t even in the matchup… and neither is Vincent? Who gives a fuck about them!? They suck ass. You know who doesn’t? Me.”

    The reflection now laughs back at the real Rondo. Something that startles the true Rondo. He’s taken aback at how lightly he is being taken.

    “You try too hard, friend. You don’t need to name names. I’ll just compliment everyone in the match. The ones you hate. Your egotistical, megalomaniacal self with just have to respond with some quick quip. I’ll start with an easy one: Thomas Princeton is a future world…”

    “He sucks ass. I’ll have already shown everyone that by the end of the night. Next.”

    “Gabrielle would get it.”

    “I don’t think so pal. Chlamydia and Herpes aren’t my thing. She really digs cucumbers though and she knows she wants me. She won’t eliminate me. She’s just a woman, don’t be stupid.”

    “Nothing wrong with a nice woman. She’ll put you out. That’s what will happen.”

    “Don’t be an idiot. I’ll send her back to the kitchen in no time. Who’ve you got up your sleeve next? Chris Kennedy making a shock return? That guy’s a dud. Flash in the pan. He lost the belt to Ashley O’Ryan of all people! A drunk, pregnant girlbeating, bigamist! That’s why Ashley is a target in his match. He doesn’t deserve the chance. He has won the belt twice now and has fluffed his lines constantly. He’s nothing but a guy who’s banging a herpes infested whore for a living now. I never did like caramel… Or are you thinking that Wolf is going to come back and try and beat me down? Jimmy King takes care of him but let’s say Wolf tries to intervene in my Carnal Contendership winning effort. I’ll throw his ass out of that ring easily. He’s hurt. He’s done. Doggy has no bite anymore and you will see that on full display when I eliminate him… if he makes an appearance.”

    “Sure seem paranoid there. Chris Kennedy? That’s out of left field. And Wolf? He will send Jimmy King packing. Devin Golden is going to beat Ryan Hall too… After all, he was the better member of Sunrise-…”

    The real Rondo kicks the chair away in a potent mixture of anger and disgust before the reflection has time to finish his statement. He then turns around, his face a bit more red…

    “He was the worst member! He benefitted from my idea more than I did! He’s in a title shot and I am stuck still earning mine? Sunrise-Sunset was my own creation. Sunrise-Sunset is 100 percent Ryan Rondo. Devin Golden did nothing. He won’t be in this match. He won’t win the main event and he will fade away to nothingness where he belongs… Along with the absolute walking disaster that is Shane McLean! I know that he is going to run from me. He will try to find a post and use shelter, be protected. He knows that I am better than him and he knows that I am going to crush his dreams even moreso than earlier on in the night. He thinks he has ambitions of beating the odds, but he should have more accurate ambitions of not getting his ass handed to him by me. You seem to think that I am the hunted. Wrong. I was the hunted when I was on the FWA’s side. But now, I am the hunter, everyone in this match is a plaything to me. Something to tide me over til I get my place in the main event at Back in Business. That’s all this is, really. I’ve said it countless times, honestly. Ryan Rondo is your man. I AM the one with the ambitions of beating the odds. I will do it. Bet on me. I’ll make you rich! Richer than Vincent Blackbird and Thomas Princeton combined!”

    The reflection smirks at him. The real Rondo goes and picks up the chair and sits down on it, looking back at his reflection.

    “Showing emotion? Worried? Of course you are. You can insult everyone in the match but there’s a wildcard. Gekko. Who’s he? He’s a better wrestler than you in the CWA and the FWA! He’s far superior to you. You’re screwed there!”

    The bald Rondo looks up at his more youthful seeming reflection with a solid look of disdain in his eyes. Maybe with some sarcastic confusion…

    “A new guy? Really? He’s been sent FROM CWA to here. What a loser. He lost to Ashley O’Ryan in his first match. That’s a sign that he is going nowhere. I’m not worried about him in the slightest. Why should I be? He’s new, he hasn’t faced ME. He doesn’t know what it’s like to wrestle with the selected few of Jimmy King’s choosing. There’s a reason why I am a soldier of King, it’s because I ooze talent, charisma… because I am the best there is. That’s a fact. There’s plenty of new guys in this match. Jethro Warren… some random hillbilly or something that can’t get a win to save himself and is probably cannon fodder. He’ll be so easy that someone like Sokolov will eliminate him. Sokolov obviously is also slightly better cannon fodder for someone like Jason Gryphon… another loser. Full of hope but he’s an idiot and thinks he has a chance. Zayne Richards? Who? Exactly. The other Sokolov dude, yeah, who? Exactly. It’s hopeless for someone to beat me in this match. Broc Lobster appearing? He’s cool but he’s a fucking lobster. The fact that I am in this match is embarrassing. Me and PAJ are the only REAL TALENT in this match and it sucks that fans have to pay for this stuff…”

    “I think they’re paying for this stuff to see people like Stu St. Clair beat you to a bloody mess and chuck your near lifeless body over the ropes. People want to see PAJ get tossed out by Gabrielle or whoever else. They want to see you fail miserably. They want to see Whyte Thunder save the FWA, they want to see Wolf get rid of that tyrant Jimmy King and restore parity and order to this world. That’s what they want to see. They don’t want to see you win…”

    The real Rondo feigns offense and then claps slowly….

    “I don’t give a fuck what the fans want to see. But I do beg your pardon, they will get their money’s worth when I show up and run the whole fucking show. I am the one that will stand tall. Stu St Clair will stop me? That’s funny, I thought I beat his ass already. He’s a wily old snake… but the keyword is old, there are new hunters now, younger, faster, better, stronger… he’s just an ancient old fart now, I’ll throw him out and watch his body hit the mat and crumble to dust. He knows it’s over. It’s been over for a long time for him.”

    The reflected Rondo claps slowly back at him and also feigns surprise.

    “You didn’t let me finish my sentence, friend. The thing that a lot of fans will be paying to see. It’s not any of the previous wrestlers I mentioned but is an opponent in all of your matches. It’s not Thomas Princeton. It’s not Shane McLean. It’s something you haven’t quite clicked onto yet. It might be because you don’t realise you’re dreaming. Maybe it’s because you’re lying asleep and your brain can’t be assed working.”

    “What are you babbling about?”

    “That opponent is me.”

    The bald Rondo laughs hysterically at this.

    “You’re already gone. I took everything from you, there’s nothing left.”

    “Look into my eyes.”

    The real Rondo takes a look but it doesn’t click.

    “You didn’t take the hope. It’s still there. You know it is. Everyone is paying to see, hoping, that they see something different from you. See you return to the way I am. For the FWA. They all hope for it. Gabrielle, McLean, Wolf, Stu, Ashley – they all hope that you realise where your talent was grown and nourished. All the fans hope it. And I hope it too. How long do you think it will take before that hope takes effect? Especially when it’s lying deep within you. People hope that you help Golden, that you help Wolf, that you eliminate PAJ. They somehow hope that if you win this match, you’ll help the FWA with your title shot. Maybe you’ll wake up and start to realise this.”

    Rondo stands up and takes a step back from the mirror, feigning astonishment. He then picks up the chair.

    “I think you’re full of shit. I think I will wake up and realise you’re a pussy.”

    He throws the chair at the mirror and breaks it, it shatters into countless pieces, all over the floor. Rondo stands and smiles at it. And then he begins to walk away.


    Suddenly, Ryan Rondo wakes up, having crashed out on the sofa. He gets up and looks around precariously. He looks in the mirror, at his reflection, he cracks a wry smile.

    “I win











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    ~The Death Of Shane McLean~

    ~The Death of Shane McLean~

    After an opening title that has Ayla El’s lawyers writing up a lawsuit as we speak, we open in low lighted gym hall, void of human life. Well, not completely void, that’d make for a pretty piss poor promo after all. In the centre of the gym, stands a wrestling ring, with three living beings within – for now. One stands in the middle of the ring, the other two stand back closer to the ropes. All three of the men are wearing training gear, patches of sweat showing they have been at it for a while now. By the ropes, Docherty’s hair has began to frizz, whilst Bobby Thunder has tied his afro into a bunch atop his head. In the centre, Shane McLean’s hair has found an interested combo of plastered to his face and clouding out at the back.

    Shane McLean:
    “Right guys, one more time, this time if either of you can throw me out over the top, you’ll get…”

    Shane seems to struggle to think what he can offer.

    Shawn Docherty:
    “C’mon Shane, we’ve been at this for hours, time out.”

    Bobby Thunder:
    “Yeah man, ain’t nothin’ you can offer that’s gon’ make me do this again ‘til I’ve had me some god damn water!”

    Shane McLean:
    “How about…I’ll see if I can talk them into giving one of you entry into the Carnal Contendership?”

    Shawn Docherty:
    “Let’s go!”

    Bobby Thunder:
    “I ain’t even thirsty!”

    And with that, the two begin to stalk around Shane, who seems pleased at having persuaded them at a promise of nothing other than idly throwing in “hey, do we need any more meat on our plate on Sunday?”. Shawn ducks low, grabbing the leg of McLean, allowing Thunder to charge forward and barrage forearms against McLean’s back. Shane ducks under Thunder’s arm and rolls backwards, flipping Docherty overhead. Thunder approaches McLean, who pushes him away with his legs and kips up into a elbow smash to the staggered Thunder, which will no doubt become a regular move of Shane’s when he can come up with a funny name. Shane seems quite impressed with his move, but has no time to congradulate himself, as he turns into a snap suplex from Docherty. Shane staggers quickly to his feet using the ropes, but Docherty charges him with a clothesline over! McLean hangs on though but Docherty stalls, thinking he had it. When he realises, he and Thunder both rush forward, but Thunder gets his throat brought down on the top rope and staggers in Docherty’s way. The halt is enough for Shane to vault over the ropes and take down Docherty with a flying shoulder tackle. Docherty is quick to his feet, but McLean is running the ropes for a big clothesline to him, but is grabbed from the side. He turns in surprise, expecting to see Bobby Thunder, but instead has a split second of seeing his own hallucination of the Unholy Shane, before from the other side a fist come towards him, as Thunder connects with perhaps his hardest ever, not racially named at all BlackOut Punch. In slow motion McLean sees the mat coming towards him, but before he connects, everything goes dark.

    “Yes!! Haha! Take that!”

    “Is he ok?”

    “He got knocked the hell out!”

    “No, is he breathing?”


    “Shane? Shane!”

    “Oh Jeez!! Shane!”


    Suddenly, bright light makes Shane’s eyes flicker and he squints into it at the silhouette in front of him. A kind, bearded face comes into view, and a hand reaches down to help him up. Shane is assisted upright, taking notice that both he and this man are wearing matching white gowns. He looks around, and sees nothing but swirling clouds.

    Shane McLean:
    “Awww no. I’m not-?”

    Saint Peter:
    “Yes you are. I’m Saint Peter.”

    Shane McLean:
    “I’m dead?!”

    Saint Peter:
    “I understand it can be hard to take it, please, take all the time you need.”

    Shane McLean:
    “I got killed by a damn jobber!!!”

    Saint Peter:
    “…that’s what’s bothering you?”

    Shane McLean:
    “He never even lands that move!”

    Saint Peter:
    “You’re dead.”

    Shane McLean:
    “I better be! They’d never let me hear the end of this!”

    Saint Peter:
    “Well, yes, you are. Please, if there’s anything you’d like to ask me, I’ll be happy to help.”

    Shane McLean:
    “Can I go back and kick his ass?!”

    Saint Peter:
    “No. Anything else?”

    Shane McLean:
    “Is Morgan Freeman really God?”

    Saint Peter sighs and pulls a leaflet from thin air and hands it over. Shane reads it:

    New To Death?
    Frequently Asked Questions.

    “Can I go back and kick his ass?”
    “Is Morgan Freeman God?”
    “Can I please get a drink?”

    Shane McLean:
    “Oooh, is there a bar here? Can I get a pint of Carslberg?”

    Saint Peter gestures to the FAQ and Shane reads on:

    “Q: Can I please get a drink?
    “A: Yes, our beer option is Coors, we-”

    Shane drops to his knees and begins to scream.

    Shane McLean:
    “Hurry up and die Thunder so I can friggin’ kill you!!”

    Saint Peter:
    “Well, you believe me now?”

    Shane McLean:
    “Yeah, I guess I’m not an atheist anymore either.”

    Saint Peter:
    “Come, I shall take you to your room, you’ll be next door to Kevin Bacon.”

    Shane McLean:
    “Oh hell no! Kevin Bacon wouldn’t get in to heaven! Surely?”

    Saint Peter:
    “We may have had an admin error that day.”

    Shane McLean:
    “Wait, Kevin Bacon isn’t dead?”

    Saint Peter:
    “There are at least three dozen Kevin Bacon’s on record. Just buy his fibre-optic broadband and hope he goes away.”

    Saint Peter reads a clipboard which has appeared out of thin air.

    Saint Peter:
    “It says here you were fighting two men when you died? Sounds very heroic. Were you saving somebody? A bank? A damsel in distress? The Denver Broncos?”

    Shane McLean:
    “No, I was practising.”

    Saint Peter:

    Shane McLean:
    “Yes, to prepare myself for this Sunday.”

    Saint Peter:
    “You were to fight two people this Sunday?”

    Shane McLean:
    “Initially, yes. But then a whole lot more.”

    Saint Peter:

    Saint Peter glances at the clipboard again.

    Saint Peter:
    “Ah, you’re a wrestler. It’s your job.”

    Shane McLean:
    “It’s much more than a job Petey. The FWA is my life. And it still is even if my ticker ain’t tocking no more. On Sunday, I was going to defend the FWA against the outside forces that wish to control it.”

    Saint Peter:
    “It says here you were going to be doing it for a gold belt?”

    Shane McLean:
    “The FWA’s North American Championship is more than a gold belt Pedro, it hold a prestigious history. A history that rightfully belongs to the FWA. But at the moment, it is in the hands of a turncoat, who abandoned the FWA’s millions of fans. It’s them I fight for.”

    Saint Peter:
    “This…Ryan Rondo lad?”

    Shane McLean:
    “That’s right. A cowardly human being who was once adored by the aforementioned millions. They looked up to him when things began to look bleak. And he sold out to the enemy. Jimmy King. I hope there’s a space waiting downstairs for him and his crew of backstabbers?”

    Saint Peter:
    “It says he took this Championship from you? Is that why you are angry?”

    Shane McLean:
    “Pete, I’ve lost Championships before, that’s not a problem to me, I win them back in the end. Two North American Championships, A Television Championship and a Tag Team Championship, all in the FWA. All for the FWA, all for it’s fans. Losing the Championship to the Ryan Rondo of before, I would not have minded, I’d have shook his hand and been proud of the man to hold it. I just did not realise who that man was. I watched helplessly as he destroyed one part of FWA’s history, I could not bare to stand by and watch him do it again.”

    Saint Peter:
    “I guess that is left now to, Thomas Princeton it says here?”

    Shane McLean:
    “Picture this: You’re sat on a bus. There are no seats left bar the one next to you. On get two horribly unhygienic looking men. One has lost control of his bladder, the other his bowels. Which do you hope get the seat next to you?”

    Saint Peter:
    “I imagine the answer you are looking for is neither?”

    Shane McLean:
    “Correct, in people’s opinions one may be better than the other, but ultimately, both are horrible experiences. Whilst Ryan Rondo is a traitor who has turned his back on the fans, Thomas Princeton is as selfish as they come. He backstabbed me also, yes, but he’s never hidden he is all about himself. I must correct myself, earlier I said I held all my Championships for the fans, no. Once, in my younger days, I only cared about myself also. I’ve sworn never again. Everything I do, I do it for the FWA. So whilst he’d bring the Championship back to the FWA, he wouldn’t be bringing it back for the fans, he’d be doing it for himself.”

    Saint Peter:
    “I see, so really, without you in that match, there is no ideal outcome for the FWA viewers?”

    Shane McLean:
    “Aw shucks you.”

    Saint Peter:
    “But what of these other men you said you would then need to fight? Can they not win the Championship? Are they not on the side of the FWA?”

    Shane McLean:
    “That fight is not for this Championship. It is for the highest billed match of the FWA Year, the Main Event of Back In Business, for the biggest prize in the Wrestling World, the FWA World Championship. Unfortunately, it too is in the base of the King’s Court, as Ryan Hall, the FWA Champion, also jumped to pastures new, taking away our Championship. The winner of this match will essentially become the most important weapon in the FWA’s war to save itself.”

    Saint Peter:
    “Then you can be glad they are fighting for that, hope is not lost for your FWA.”

    Shane McLean:
    “Oh no doubt, there are those still fighting. Gabrielle, Ashley O’Ryan, Stu St Clair…they all fight for the FWA, you may not have heard of them, the list of sins there combined in enough to make the Devil blush, and that dude’s already red.”

    Saint Peter:
    “He was actually green until Coca Cola sponsored him.”

    Shane McLean:
    “Really? I always thought that was Santa Claus?”

    Saint Peter:
    “Santa, Satan. You’d be amazed how alike the two really are. So, it’s these three who are fighting for the chance to challenge the FWA World Champion?”

    Shane McLean:
    “Oh no, there are more. Jason Gryphon for example, a definite future face of the FWA. Broc Lobster, a guy who’s earned a spot in the FWA Hall of Fame for a shellfish. Lord Vincent Takaab, a guy who would kill for a pair of these admirably comfortable robes…”

    Saint Peter:
    “So, you feel it’s in safe hands then?”

    Shane McLean:
    “I wish I could. Even if I can ignore a guy like Thomas Princeton’s selfishness if he were to main event Back In Business, there are two in there that cannot win. Must not win. Ryan Rondo who I have already explained, and PAJ. And I hate to say it, this is going to be PAJ’s defining year, but not now. It cannot be representing the CWA and Jimmy King, not at Back In Business, and not for the FWA World Championship. This is why I needed to be there, to make sure it was not Rondo, and not PAJ standing victorious at the end. I love the FWA, it doesn’t need to give me anything. I don’t care if I’m jerking the curtain, or setting up the rings, mopping up the canteen or trying to edit old Rebel Bad Ass promos for family viewing. I love the FWA enough that I was going to this match with one mission, eliminate Rondo and PAJ. Make sure they do not win. And who knows, that might just mean winning it my damn self!”

    Saint Peter smiles at the emotion shaking on McLean’s face.

    Saint Peter:
    “It sounds like you still have a lot of things left to do for a lot of people.”

    Saint Peter points to the ground, where an opening appears, blue sky beneath.

    Saint Peter:
    “I am taking a leap of faith in you, if you wish to return, all I ask is that you take a leap also.”

    Shane approaches, looking down.

    Shane McLean:
    "Won't God be mad at you letting me return?"

    Saint Peter:
    "It will be our little secret."

    Shane deeps a deep breath.

    Saint Peter:
    “Leap further than you ever have before Shane.”

    McLean smiles at him and makes to jump, but pauses.

    Shane McLean:
    “I’ll be back here one day won’t I?”

    Saint Peter:
    “Oh I should think so, the main groups hell is kept for is Rapists, Murders, and Call Centre Workers.”

    Shane McLean nods his approval and takes the leap. Saint Peter jumps with fright as a large, divine (not the cross dresser) voice booms around, coming from the clouds itself.

    Divine Voice:
    "I SAW THAT!"

    As Shane rushes through the air he has time to think.

    The North American Championship, he must bring it back to the safe hands of the FWA. The Carnal Contendership, he cannot let the CWA entrants win. No, not at all. But can he win it? Could it be Shane McLean going to Back In Business? Could Shane McLean really be fighting for the FWA World Championship?

    The thud of reality slaps hard as Shane’s eyes snap open to Bobby Thunders face inching closer, his breath filling Shane’s mouth. A slap stops that and Thunder staggers aside as Shane snaps to his feet, grabbing Thunder and throwing him from the ring.

    Shane McLean:
    “Goodbye Rondo!”

    Shane swings around and grabs the shocked Docherty and launches him from the ring also.

    Shane McLean:
    “Farewell Princeton!”

    McLean swings around, grabbing his own Unholy self, who is bemused at what he has just seen, though this changes and McLean throws him also from the ring.

    Shane McLean:
    “And Rest in Peace PAJ!”

    Shane McLean drops to his knees. It is one thing to overcome two jobbers and an imaginary friend. But to overcome what awaits him at Ace’s High? Why, that’d be like overcoming death.

    ~The Ace of Diamonds~
    ~Shane McLean~
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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    Opening up to a room filled with camera and sound equipment, it was obvious to anybody with even half a brain that a recording was getting ready to happen. Sitting in this room was the current reigning Emerald Champion, Drew Stevenson, and he had this rather arrogant smile stretched along his face that reflects the kind of mood that he is in. Sporting a black t-shirt that reads “Tap Out” in bleeding green letters, on his shoulder is the most prestigious title in wrestling today, a title that actually represents wrestling and that title is the Emerald Championship that belongs to Stevenson who paid for it and everything. With that arrogant smile still etched along his face, he wastes no time in getting this promo started and that’s because he is full of thoughts and things that just has to be said.

    “As you can see by the scenery or lack there-of, we are not going to be seeing no elaborate scenes or any of that crap because if we get one good thing out of Aces High – it’ll be the wrestling that I am FORCING on the product instead of the crap that we’ll get afterwards. Now in this match is three men who I personally think don’t give a damn about the actual wrestling aspect of the business and that makes me sick but none the less; I’ll out-WRESTLE the three of them and show that I am the BEST wrestler in this God forsaken company.”

    Taking a moment to pause, his smile fades into that of a much more serious manner.

    “You know, you and I have faced off on so many occasions Vincent that it has become almost like a tradition that the two of us face off at a pay per view. So here we are, again, squaring off in the middle of that ring and for MY Emerald Championship, a title that represents a lost tradition – especially here in the FWA where wrestling is second nature to the soap opera crap that they prefer forcing down your throats each and every week. But you know Vincent, man, despite the fact that I kind of like you – you are simply not ready for this title because you fit the mold of what the FWA wants, the elaborate scenes, the crazy characters, the entertainment part of the business instead of the part that should matter the most – the WRESTLING – something that you are good at, I don’t deny that but also something that you don’t truly understand because guys like you want the X Division title back. You want the chairs, the blood, the jumping off of high environments and everything that comes from that kind of match but you’re not going to get it from me nor will you get it at Aces High because we are going to WRESTLE Vincent and when you go hold for hold with me? You’ll find out firsthand just like you did every other time that no matter how good that you are? *I* am just that much better and I am going to prove it when that bell sounds and everybody, including you, realizes that when it comes to WRESTLING? I am the absolute BEST that that the business has to offer and nobody from some Bird tower is going to beat me. Hell, if you want to get to the top then take your zany gimmick to the FWA Championship because they’ll push anybody who is “different” and that much has been proven in the past. You’re good man; nobody can take that away from you but in that ring when it matters the most? You won’t be walking out with MY Emerald Championship and that is the honest to GOD truth!”

    Situating the title on his shoulder, he only pauses momentarily.

    “Jethro Warren, you know man, you and I had the same vision on the whole wasted talent thing and I thought to myself – maybe somebody else in the FWA gets it and hell, maybe you do on the aspect of a lot of people being wasted here in this company but do you on the wrestling aspect? See, I don’t think that you do in all honesty because let’s say that you do walk out of this match as the new champion, hypothetically of course but will you continue to represent WRESTLING or will you resurrect the X Division Champion? See, that will tell me a ton about your character man because surely deep down you understand that wrestling should be the most important thing in the business instead of the soap opera crap. But see Jethro, as cool of a guy as you are – I have this feeling that deep down? You don’t understand what I am trying to bring back to the business nor do you care because all you want or care about is being a champion here in the FWA and you are getting that opportunity Jethro – against the BEST pure wrestler that this company has ever seen so if you want to walk out as a champion Jethro then you best be willing to WRESTLE because there won’t be any of that stupid X Division crap in this match. Yeah, I know that it is being advertised as such but it’s not, no, it’s a pure wrestling match for the true richest prize in the business today and you can bet your ass that I am going to beat you in the middle of that ring to keep MY Emerald Championship, bank on that!”

    Reaching up and scratching the top of his head, he lowers his hand and tilts his head to the side while continuing to speak.

    “Alexander Sokolov, a man that I keep hearing a lot about and a man who Gabrielle Montgomery, Miss. Tentacle hentai herself sees as the future of the FWA. Now most will take that as a huge compliment but in all honesty? I’m not bringing it up as a form of flattery because it’s not; it’s quite the opposite as a matter of fact. However, I know that you will take it as a huge compliment and good for you man, maybe you are the future here in the FWA because with the right people on your side – you’ll definitely get to the top faster. But you see man, if you have never noticed – the big stars and I use that term loosely change their opinions regarding the future of the FWA on a monthly basis because they don’t have the ability to grasp the concept of who can and can’t wrestle and that is because they are so trained in the art of film making and wasting money that wrestling is a foreign concept to them. But what about you man, huh?”

    Drew pauses,
    “Do you understand the art of wrestling? Do you understand what our forefathers built or are you just another puppet who will do whatever the powers that be ask you to do? That remains to be seen but sadly, if history tells us anything regarding the so-called “wrestlers” of the FWA – it’s that new or old, you’ll follow suit like a good little Sheep and pretend that Ryan Hall is the be all-end all of the wrestling business, the Alpha and the Omega and you like the rest of the entertainers here in the FWA will just accept what the FWA tells you to do because you go by the old saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” when in reality? The hand that feeds you man is yours because of the WRESTLERS like myself that the FWA makes money and the powers that be in their stupid little suits drives around those fancy cars and lives in their mansions. Yeah, I’m aware that prepubescent teenagers buy Gabby’s stupid little hentai porn and jerk off to it and other stupid people like the “move like” product that this company chooses to put out weekly but I am not going to let the tradition of wrestling die simply because you are the flavor of the month man, what’s going to happen is this – the three of us are stepping into that ring, to WRESTLE, and only one of us will walk out as the champion and you might be the future man but until then?”

    Slapping the faceplate of his Emerald Championship, he nods his head smirking.

    “You are looking at the present, you are looking at the BEST pure wrestler in the business and I am going to prove it in that ring at Aces High. Now just in case you feel froggy and decide to question that – go right ahead because you’ll learn the hard way that I am in fact the BEST in the FWA once we go from bell to bell, I promise you that!”

    Looking as serious as a heart attack, we abruptly fade.

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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    After River and I pulled up to the radio station I received a text from Amber
    Quote Originally Posted by Amber
    I've landed at the St. Paul International Airport. My mother, sister and I are waiting on my luggage. Miss you already and I wish you were here to keep me warm as it's 5° here. XOXO.

    As I reply back telling her
    Quote Originally Posted by VTB
    Miss you more and I'd love to keep you warm
    About to head into the radio station to talk with Trav Mundane.
    River pulls out a customized silver briefcase with a hand print scanner on the top of the briefcase from the storage compartment of his motorcycle, attaching it to his wrist using some handcuffs

    River: Ready boss?

    As I put on my sunglasses: I was born ready

    River chuckles: Really? That old cliché Boss?

    After I read the text from Amber
    Quote Originally Posted by Amber
    Good luck baby.
    I put my cellphone away and head towards the radio station's front entrance with River following behind me. As we enter the station, we are greeted by Trav's assistant, Sonny, who sort of like Selena Gomez.

    Sonny: Welcome to the KAWF, Mr. Mundane is finishing up some current news along with giving his thoughts on the humiliating defeat of the Broncos in the Super Bowl. If you'll follow me, I will take you to where his booth is at.

    I put my sunglasses away: Lead the way

    River and I follow Sonny to where Trav is at and we quietly enter the booth as Trav goes to commercial.

    Trav: Nice to meet you both, have a seat. Sonny, go get me some more coffee.

    Sonny leaves with Trav's coffee cup to refill it as I sit down and put the headset on. She returns then leaves a few seconds before we returned from commercial.

    Trav: And we're back Los Angeles, I've been joined with one of the beloved FWA Wrestlers, Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird. Trav plays part of Ameno by Era He is here to help promote FWA's upcoming PPV, Aces High.

    That's right Trav, at Aces High I plan on making a big impact and statement against several of my fellow wrestlers.

    Trav: Ok, the first question is going into Aces High, is there some sort of strategy you have when you compete in your Fatal Four Way Match for the Emerald Champio

    Let me stop you right there, it's actually for the X-DIVISION Championship not that satanic demon spawn that Drew calls a Championship and has been parading around. But to answer your question, my primary strategy is to make sure Jethro doesn't win while my secondary missions are to end Sokolov's career and show Drew that the X-Division will never ever die, no matter how many times he wishes upon a star.

    Trav: Ok, that brings my next question up. What are your thoughts on your opponents and since they will most likely hear or read about this broadcast, is there anything you would like to tell them?

    Well about Sokolov, he wants to be feared both in and out of the ring. Problem is, is that in the ring, there are a lot more other guys more fearsome then him and out of the ring, his dad was the one that everyone feared and respected. Hell, I hated the guy with the intensity of a supernova, but I respected the *bleep* out of him.

    Trav: Whoa, now I know that you hate the FCC and I respect you a lot but I don't want this station to be fined because of foul language.

    My bad, anyways, I ended our feud in the Glass Shard Match we had at the last Fight Night when I nearly ended your career not to mention your life, but at Aces High, I won't make the same mistake twice. If I'm able to, I will end your wrestling career at Aces High and immediately following Aces High, I will end your other professional career.

    Trav: And Drew Stevenson?

    Drew has perverted the X-Division with his “pure wrestling” ideology and that ugly stupid Emerald Championship, because the X-Division was founded and built on the blood, sweat, and tears of hardcore guys like me. Hardcore guys who push themselves and each other beyond the limits, and are willing to take extreme risks to get things done.

    I give a slight nod towards River whom then steps towards me unhandcuffing himself from the briefcase. River kneels before me holding the briefcase up for me to open. I place my hand on the hand scanner that is on top of it, and after it scans my hand it unlocks itself. I open the briefcase then undo a black and crimson silk covering to reveal the original and still very bloody X-Division Championship. I lift the Championship up and set it on the desk before me.

    Trav: Isn't that?

    This is the one and only single truth that which every hardcore Wrestler in the FWA strives for, breaths and craves. This is the very nature and definition of the X-Division and after Aces High THIS very Championship Belt will see the light of day and bathe in the blood of its champion and every single challenger that challenges for this Belt. Because after I win the Fatal Four Way Match, River will pull this very Championship Belt from that silver briefcase and I will hold it up high and show it off with great pride.

    Trav: Before I ask you about Jethro, I feel I should ask you about the love of your life, Amber. Will she be joining you and River at Aces High?

    Unfortunately she won't. She is currently in Bloomington, Minnesota visiting family.

    Trav: And will there be any wedding bells on the horizon?

    There is a very strong possibility.

    Trav: Well, if there is, then let this be an early congratulations. Now back to business in the immediate future. What are your thoughts on Jethro Warren?

    Thank you and with Jethro, he is haunted by our past and it appears that he'll stop any nothing to get revenge against me because of our past.

    Trav: Can you elaborate on your and his past, and why he is making things personal?

    No Comment.

    Trav: Okay.... Earlier you mentioned your Glass Shard Match against Sokolov. The match after that was the tag team match between the team of Drew and Jethro against the team of Tobias and your former enemy Carmine Reaper. But before that Match started, you made a big announcement that affected not only your opponent that night, but also Drew and Jethro. It seemed like you were trying to get them to turn against each other but it seemed that they were able to work well together. What are your thoughts on that?

    Yeah, I was trying to get them to fight each other, but unfortunately that didn't work. But hey, after Drew loses his Championship, maybe he and Jethro can team up and conquer the Tag Team Division. I heard that they were hard pressed for new blood, oh wait, Drew doesn't like bloody matches, nevermind.

    Trav: And your deal with Mr. Jimmy King, the owner of the CWA and FWA. You got to make the announcement, and be in the Fatal Four Way Match. What, if I may ask, did Mr. King get in return?

    Surprisingly nothing really. All he wants is for Drew to suffer for his ongoing disrespect towards the King Administration and the disrespect towards the current FWA Champion, Ryan Hall. And Mr. King couldn't have chosen anyone more qualified to put Drew in his place then the three of us. Cause while Sokolov and Jethro may hate me, Jethro knows that I would stop at nothing to take back what is mine and restore the honor and prestige to the X-Division, so he would want to win the Championship from Drew just to keep it from me.

    Now with Sokolov, I've never seen anyone take as much carnage and bodily destruction then he has and still keep coming back for more. Then there's me, someone who lives, breathes, sleeps, etc the hardcore lifestyle. I embody the vary hardcore nature of the X-Division, as I've been set on fire, driven through glass and tables, been sent falling to the mat below from 15 feet in the air, had my motorcycle stolen twice and had it and my businesses blown up at least once now. I've survived all of that along with a Russian Wet Team.

    I've been shot, shot at, stabbed, tortured and those were all from the days that I was feuding with Carmine Reaper. And I know that I've given him hell because I've yet to face him at his best and he made our one and only match against each other crappy.... Can I say crappy?

    Trav: Yeah, you can say “crappy” you just can't say the other variation of it.

    Ah okay, but yeah, he made that match crappy and I've given him multiple opportunities to have another match that wouldn't leave such as messy blemish on his record.

    Trav: I want to shift it to the other major match of the PPV, the Carnal Contendership Match. How do you think you'll do in it?

    Well, first anyone who says that they have a plan going into that kind of a match are lying. You can't go in with a plan because when the next person comes out, your plan will be shot to hell. So really, it will depend on what my number is, but my only real goal is to last long enough to eliminate Jethro so that way he will suffer from a double humiliation. The first is win I make sure he doesn't win the X-Division Championship and the second is when I make sure that I crush any and all hopes of winning the Carnel Contendership.

    Trav: And if he gets eliminated before you come out or vice verse. Or if you win the Carnel Contendership Match?

    Well, if he is eliminated before me, then it won't be as humiliating but if I get eliminated before he comes out, then I will make sure he gets eliminated. And if I were to somehow win the Carnel Contendership, then to make sure the Last King's reign lives on, I'll lay down and proclaim on a mic “Long Live The Last King” allowing Ryan Hall to continue his glorious reign. But regardless I'm not going into the Carnel Contendership to win it, I'm going into it to make sure Jethro doesn't.

    Trav: And that's all the time we have. I would like to thank my guest Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird and I want to wish him luck in both of his matches at the Aces High PPV.

    And I want to thank you for allowing me to come and talk about the Aces High PPV that is this Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 live from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, New York.

    As I place the X-Division Championship Belt back into the silver briefcase, putting the black and crimson silk cover back over it, Trav turns the music on for commercial. I then close the briefcase automatically locking it and River puts the handcuff back onto his wrist. Trav and I take our respective headsets off and head to leave the booth.

    Trav: Again, I would like to thank you and wish you luck this Sunday.

    Thank you, and I'll have to do this again sometime.

    River and I leave while Trav gets back to his job.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    Few cities have a life in them like New York. It has a pulse. A circulatory system constantly flowing. It lives, it breathes.
    Like skin, it is constantly renewing itself, seamlessly.
    It has proven that it can heal even the worst and deepest of wounds and proudly show the scars that proved it survived.

    Most cities quiet up in the winter. They have life in the summer and hibernate in the winter.
    Not New York. The pulse can never stop. The veins and arteries that are it's roads, its businesses, its way of life can never stop flowing.
    It is the essence of the City that Never Sleeps. The constant hustle and bustle no matter the time year or time of day.

    A week ago, Ashley O'Ryan's marriage to Moira Crawford came to an end. He now faces life moving forward.
    Much like the city of New York, he has too. He has to keep moving. But will these movements be sluggish? The laments of a man who has lost?
    Or will he move with purpose? With the determination to go on to something above and beyond what he has proven he can?
    Will he let the past grab his ankles or will he stomp life into the path he demands?

    Ashley stands against a brick wall, the cold air on his breath. He stares forward in silence as the scene moves closer.

    Ashley [Voiceover:]: Me name is Ashley O'Ryan.
    I am a long time veteran of the FWA.
    I am an eleven time champion.
    Once with the FWA Championship.
    I am one of only eight triple crown champions.
    I 'ave defeated the loiks of Chris Kennedy, and Stu St. Clair to pull titles out of the pits of 'ell.

    His pupils are sharp, focused. He breaks the silence with a snarl.

    Ashley: And yet despite all that, it is still constantly demanded of me that I prove me worth.

    Tonite, approximately sixteen individual wrestlers, including yers truly, find their way into the Carnal Contendership match.
    Now I could spend all of me time berating the majority of every one of these people; but I'm not going to.
    Because much loik the outcome of this match, I'm going to be the better man.

    He smirks slightly

    Ashley: The past few week's 'ave been...eye opening to me. It feels loik me loif 'as 'it the reset button.
    Much loik a computer, it feels loik that reset 'as allowed me to update and upgrade meself. It's allowed me to check and balance meself and the world around me.
    Things I 'ad to worry about, I no longer 'ave to. Old concerns 'ave be purged.
    I am focused, I am sharp, and I am fecking determined.

    Now, I'm not going to act loik I'm new Ashley O'Ryan. I'm not.

    I am THE Ashley O'Ryan that SHOULD 'ave been fer ALL those years!

    The Ashley O'Ryan that should 'ave been more focused on the impact 'e could MAKE then the impact 'is surroundings made on 'im.

    The Ashley O'Ryan that unleashed 'is passions and desires like a 'ungry caged carnivore.

    The Ashley O'Ryan who was unapologetic about who 'e was, and wot 'e was willing to do.

    NOT the Ashley O'Ryan that spent years chained down by doubts imposed by 'imself and others.
    Not the Ashley O'Ryan chained to unrelenting anchors loik liquor and a constant reminder of one single moment of 'ellbent rage.

    Not Ashley O'Ryan who worried so much about wot others moit interpret me actions to be.
    Not he Ashley O'Ryan who let the assumptions of others dictate my actions.

    Those chains...are gone.

    He pauses, warming his hands, in thought for a moment. He smiles at a thought, glancing back.

    Ashley: Now fer all of you “marks” out there with yer fancy terms and wot not, don't get yer knickers in a twist.
    I'm not going over to the darkside, I'm not becoming a 'eel or wot not.
    I'm not the next Ryan Rondo. All that 'as simply 'appened is me priorities 'ave been....illuminated.

    I feel free to express meself in a way I was always capable of but neglected to fer so long. I am free to guiltlessly drive after the ambitions that I know me years of experience allows me too.

    Fer years I've been the underdog. Fer years I've been the long shot. Fer years every time I 'eld that belt, the same feeling emitted from the very essence of that moment; “'e did the unthinkable.”

    Eleven titles. Many tag team. Several singles.
    Every single one dripping in the blood, the sweat, the tears of endurance and effort.
    Every single title engraved with the scars, the burns and lacerations that I endured when I won AND when I lost.
    Every single title a testament that I can raise above the pain, the trials, the demons,
    the raging blindness of doubt and insecurity that was imposed on me.

    After it all, I know I can do more then crawl to the finish line.
    That I can march my way to that line, rip that ribbon in two, and take that belt firmly in both 'ands.
    That I can look back at everyone else and say that THIS is my time.

    Aye, I'll still be the underdog.
    I loik being the underdog.
    Because the underdog NEVER goes soft.
    The underdog never sits on 'is laurels and lets success blanket 'im in a cocoon of idiotic safety.
    I'm not foolish enough to expect the road to be any easier. I'll be the underdog.
    But damned if this dogs teeth aren't sharp!

    He grins, fire burning in his eyes.

    Ashley:Fer the longest time I 'ave wondered, wot is my worth? Wot is the measure of who I am?
    Not who I've been. Not who others believe I am. Not even 'ow I've viewed meself in the past.
    Striping all of that aside. The layers of “fat” bogging me down. All of that, gone. Just me, at my fullest capacity. Pedal to the metal, balls to the wall, every inch given.

    Someone once said you should foit with yer strength, not with others weakness, because true success lies in yer effort and not in others defeat.

    Me name is Ashley O'Ryan.
    I am the contender fer the FWA World Championship at Back in Business IX.
    Not because everyone else lost. Not because I was better.
    But because I pushed with every fibre in me, I 'it and fought until me fists 'ad nothing left to give.
    Because I reached further down then every other person in the Carnal Contendership match.
    Because I dug, and clawed until me fingers bled and then I dug harder.
    I am the FWA World Championship number one contender at Back in Business not because of fate, or luck, but because I want to be.

    Not to prove anything. Not to show that I “still 'ave it”.
    Why the 'ell would I need to?
    I was called an old man a few weeks back by someone who should know better.
    Guess wot ye wankers, I could be pushing retirement age, with a full 'ead of grey, and these knuckles will STILL be freshly painted in the blood of arrogant punks who come into this business and believe this world owes them something.
    I'm not owed a damn thing. So I will do wot EVERYONE who enters that ring should 'ave to do. I will EARN it, and I will DESERVE it!
    Nothing less.

    My fruits, my measurements, will not be judged based on the failures of others.
    My capacity will not include the bad luck and screw ups of others in its factors.
    I will not idly wait a moment of advantage that moit never 'appen. I will not wait fer a door, or a window.
    My efforts will crack stone, rip apart brick, melt metal.
    My efforts will not be based on the efforts of others.
    They will stand alone, in a trail freshly burnt into the ground, leading to the future, with nothing in front of it but possibility,
    and the freight train loik desire to accomplish anything

    He steps closer, his eyes beacons of determination and intimation. They scream "I will not back down".

    Me name is Ashley O'Ryan.
    I am a long time veteran of the FWA.
    I am a twelve time champion.
    Twice with the FWA Championship.

    He grins

    It feels damn good to be back.
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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    Complete, total blackness envelops the scene. We are obviously live and a camera is shooting, but it is into absolute nothing. Not a drop of light is picked up by the high-powered, high definition lens and a mind shattering sense of silence echos throughout the room. A slight breath his heard. A drag of a cigarette echos throughout followed by the dull blue light of a cheap electronic cigarette. Numerous drags are taken off the cigarette as the camera works its way through the utter darkness of this large, cavernous room. Drawing closer and closer to the cheap LED.

    Jethro Warren: I am a void... an all encompassing, all consuming void. A vicious rot of cancer... The husk people fear to become. They say Jethro Warren is caught in a vicious cycle of achieving some form of perverted greatness. My own potential. They're totally right.

    Jethro takes another drag off his e-cigarette. You can see light bits of smoke billowing off the light at the end of the simulated fire. Only to disappear back in the darkness.

    Jethro Warren: *chuckles* They're right... It's the only thing I can do, or achieve... that could possibly have any value. Cause everything else has no value. The expensive cars the other guys waste their money on. The houses, the gadgets, the money, the fame, the friends and family... Mean nothing. And everyone has somebody that distracts them from the bigger and better things... Like Blackbird... the Empire he holds dear... Amber... River... What he chooses to love and hold dear, I see as targets to get him out of my way. To victimize him, to destroy him. Another notch in the bedpost that puts me closer to achieving my potential. He's not the only one... You can go down the list... A to Z. Gabby has Ash, PAJ and Rondo have their fearless leader, Gryphon has his family, Princeton, his money... and lets not forget good ol' Shane and what's left of his sanity.

    Jethro lets out a hearty chuckle.

    Jethro Warren: Victims you all are... to my greatness. The secret to this match is not what you have to lose... It what everybody else has to lose. And the answer is simple enough... Get in my way, and I will make your lives... casualties in the pursuit of my potential. Just ask Vincent. I've only known him for a few short weeks. My face is already burned into his skull. I've faced down your biker buddies... I desecrated Norah... I put the fear of God into your companions... I've even shown up on your doorstep. I honestly don't know if he'll make it out of this alive. But that's just the beginning. Take his example... that could be you! Tobias is almost there cause he keeps popping up in my path. I have this whole place figured out and my finger on the button... Except for one man. Drew Stevenson. Deep down... he's just like me. The only difference is he limits himself to the confines of superiority... I maim and destroy. I'm a cancer... He's a cure... He's a unique one... my bag of tricks won't work on him. The only thing that can possibly hurt him is beating him at his game. That makes things exciting. It's gonna be a long night... Putting Vincent in his place. Pushing Sokolov and Tobias out of my way. Beating Stevenson at his own game. And destroying anyone along the way that gets in my f**king way. You all have petty attachments that hold you back... And rest assure... cross me, and I'll put them in the ground. Now get out... I need to be alone with my thoughts.

    A long drag echos off the e-cigarette with the blue LED flame gently lighting an iota of space in the blackness of this room. Once again, we return to the echoing silence we found the room in.


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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    What if I told you...

    The soft piano chords strike a pulse in your heart. It's almost as if you were asleep before, and suddenly, you've come to life and your attention is completely gripped by the tune you already know all too well. But you aren't bored by the music. It doesn't get old. It doesn't get tiresome. It's interesting. Something about this song is interesting every time it plays. It has such a journey within itself, such an up-and-down feel to it. It invokes triumph and despair, success and failure. Both sides of the coin. Light and dark and the dim setting in between that everyone featured in this documentary series shows.

    But because this one is about you, the heartbeat quickens. You don't know what will happen. You heard rumors. You heard the general outline.
    "Saint or sinner?" It has overwhelmed your mind since you heard the unreleased movie was made. They never contacted you for interviews. They never contacted your agent. You heard other wrestlers...maybe. Matthew Robinson, maybe. Stu St. Clair, nah. Your high school coach. Some fans. Just some of it. "Why would they even make this about me?" You think you can't be important enough. What in your career was big enough to become an episode?

    Once the music ends and the black screen appears, your heartbeat quickens again. Then, a groggy, slightly out-of-focus, handheld camera screen takes up the television set. The subject of this camera is a man, slightly built, maybe 35 years old. He has a
    "The Golden One" shirt on that reads, in red letters in the back, "Heart is about how many times you get up after being knocked down."

    This man isn't wearing the shirt, though. No. He isn't wearing any shirt, in fact. He is smirking, but not in the sense of happiness. More so, he's smirking because of pleasure. Or satisfaction. Or...revenge. He sloppily rolls the shirt into a ball and holds it in a fist up to the camera.


    This angry pedestrian, maybe a wrestling fan, slams the shirt on the ground, unzips his pants off camera and begins urinating on the shirt in the middle of a parking lot. The camera holder says something too low and quick to make out through the TV feed.

    "It is November 2010. We are one week from Trial By Fire. And I came...I BOUGHT TICKETS FOR SIXTY-FIVE BUCKS...just to see 'The Golden One.' All I was here for. To see our World Heavyweight Champion on Crossfire. And what does he do? He burns his belt and tells me 'The smartest thing the devil ever did' crap!!! I may sound like a fan boy, but let me be straight with you right now. All Devin Golden ever wanted to do was be a hero. All he ever wanted to do was be the man the fans cheered for. And when some people started saying he was 'too soft,' or 'too vanilla' or whatever they said, he panicked. That's the truth of it. He panicked. But guess what, Golden? The FWA already has enough bad guys! You know why people even gave two sh*ts about you? Because you were different! You were fresh! And even though it's all fake and scripted, when you walked to the ring and told all of us you cared about wrestling and truly wanted to make us proud and become great, we BELIEVED YOU!!! We didn't think it was fake. We didn't think it was scripted. We believed you. We believed that came from the heart and believed the Devin Golden BEHIND the Devin Golden character was truly a heart of a champion."

    The man stays silent for a few seconds. He lets out a few deep breaths, calming himself down, bringing himself down about three or four levels of excitement and anger. He looks to the side, looks to the ground where the now-wet shirt lays ruined.

    "It sounds cheesy, but now I don't know what to believe."


    Your finger was on the "power" button on the TV remote for the last 15 seconds of that segment. You wanted to go to the end of it, but you also didn't want to go any further. With the TV off, you sit in darkness.

    You feel rotten.


    The "30 for 30" documentary never aired. ESPN publicized it, advertised it. Did everything beforehand. The entire story would be about how Devin Golden, "The Golden One" and the biggest underdog story and fan favorite in the FWA at the time, sold his soul to "stay on top" and turned his back on all his fans.

    And for that, he was paying a penance. The documentary would tell how Golden had to form the Crossfire Great Siege, how Golden was booted from it and how Golden struggled to gain revenge on everyone who wronged him. The 30 minutes talked about how the veteran was on a path to "rebuild" his reputation and character, how his story in the FWA was developing, and what the next chapter possibly could entail.

    ESPN pulled the plug. Didn't reach a big enough audience. Too much of a niche, they said.
    "Oh well."

    The story continues to unfold, though, and only one step remains. A three-year journey will end at Aces High one way or the other.

    "Doing it the right way." That's the phrase that continues to go through the mind of "The Golden One" or "The Rotten Gold" or whatever you used to call him. No sitting high up in the rafters of Madison Square Garden. No standing in the dark corners of the Hammerstein Ballroom.

    Yes, this place is dark. It's almost haunted with fears of the past. This is in fact the United Center in Chicago, the place where "The Rotten Gold" was born. The place the hero became a villain. The place this overachiever threw everything away just to achieve for a little longer. Dec. 25, 2010.

    These arena seats, the thousands of them, once were filled with angry wrestling fans who couldn't believe the devil standing before them. Standing square in the center of the arena, no face paint and no dark trench coat like he now appears on screen as Whyte Thunder, Golden looks around. He re-enacts the entire moment. He takes a seat, Indian style, right where he sat three years ago. He says in his mind, "Stu, you made the comment earlier tonight..." and then stops. He swings the imaginary steel chair at the cold, winter, non-heated air, pretending to knock Stu "The Snake" St. Clair down to the ground just like he did three years ago. He drops the imaginary FWA World Heavyweight Championship belt on the ground. Then he does the same to Ashley 'O Ryan, the man he once held the tag team championships with and has called a friend on and off through his FWA career.

    Golden, wearing straight blue jeans with a black leather jacket, black T-shirt and long black hair covering his eyes like a demonic punk rock singer, pretends to pick up an object. Lighter fluid. Holding in his other hand the make-believe championship belt. He pretends to light the championship on fire, and the image cuts out to the video of the actual event happening, with the fire blazing up and causing an orange-red glare into the face and eyes of "The Rotten Gold."

    Golden looks up to the crowd, who are now all booing hellaciously and some are even throwing debris and cups and drinks towards the ring, reaching the outside flooring. Golden relishes it all in and smiles, raising his arms in glory and then looking down to the tarnished and de-formed World Heavyweight title belt. He looks down, picks it up, and then raises it above his head, using the other hand to bring the microphone up to his lips as the crowd continues to rain boos at the former fan favourite.

    "The smartest thing the devil ever did was made people believe he didn't exist."
    Back to the present-day re-enactment. But instead of saying his well-known line that ended the show, he lets his hands open and looks down at the ground. He's regretful. He's disappointed. He feels the weight of three years on his shoulders, and knows one way or the other it'll all end.

    "For three years, I've been trying to live that moment down. I've been trying to 'forget' about that moment. Ever since. I wronged not only my fans and supporters, but also myself. I made a mistake. I let everyone down, and I didn't care a single ounce about it.

    I became"

    The only thing "The Golden One" has with him is the Golden Opportunity briefcase with the contract for an FWA World title match. He's kept it near and dear ever since Lucian W. Ace relinquished it when he was injured. Lucian chose Whyte Thunder over Chris Kennedy, Stu St. Clair, Ashley 'O Ryan, Gabrielle, WOLF and all the other former World champions. Lucian said, "No, those others won't get the job done. Whyte Thunder will." That means something.

    "Ryan Hall has made a career off doing whatever he can to stay on top. Combine the Unholy Uprising with the Great Siege? Done. Partner with The Syndicate? Done. Join Jimmy King? Done. Backstab his friends time and time again? Done. Every fan he's ever had, he's turned right around and spit right in their faces. Every ally he's ever had in the locker room, he's done the same. Every single one. Every single time. To stay on top. To stay 'The King.' To stay a chameleon. To remind everyone he is 'The Inferno' and he can burn anyone whenever he wants. To continue burning metaphorical championships, throwing all prestige and honor to the wind for the sake of his own personal triumph.

    And when people snub their noses, call him an a**hole and urinate on the idea of him, he doesn't care. He laughs it off, lets it slide down his back and looks to the next manipulation."

    But something seems different. The briefcase seems heavier and bulkier. As if...there's something else in it. The mystery remains, at least for a little longer. The cold air feels like home to Golden. The snow outside is perfect. It's bitter. He feels icy. That's how he has been, not out to make friends or allies or companions or share jokes of fun and games with tag team partners. He has been about one thing, "Doing it the right way."

    "Everything that can be said about Ryan Hall...has already been said. It's just rehashing the same things Stu St. Clair and Gabrielle said before Trial By Fire. It's rehashing the same things Drew Stevenson said before Fight Night. It's rehashing the same things WOLF has said, Chris Kennedy has said, and Shane McLean has said. It's stating the same things Ryan Hall will admit to anyone's face.

    The only thing left to say is what he did by joining with Jimmy King and endorsing the idea that the Clique Wrestling Alliance is superior to the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. It's no different than what I did three years ago. I burned history. I melted prestige. The names that held that belt before me - Shawn Cortez, Stu St. Clair thrice over, Darnell Porter, Ashley 'O Ryan, Jack Severino, Ewan Edwards, Moira Crawford and Nemesis - I spit right in their faces and told them this didn't matter. And the ones who held it after me - WOLF, Thomas Princeton, Stu again and Chris Kennedy - I spit in their faces, too."

    Golden hasn't appeared as Whyte Thunder in any promos since returning. And he hasn't appeared as Devin Golden on screen since returning. The split personalities are perfectly divided for different roles. Devin Golden, "The Golden One" and the darkened version of his old white knight self is the mouthpiece for the other personality, Whyte Thunder, the dark superhero. The guardian of the FWA. The dark knight.

    "I became just another cheap knock-off, carbon-copy version of Ryan Hall."

    And that's the phrase that kills him, that drives a knife through his heart.

    "Ryan Hall is right now and has been since Mile High in October our FWA World Champion. He is the undisputed, unconquored and unrivaled best wrestler we have by the championship belt around his waist whether you like it or not, whether Drew Stevenson likes it or not.

    And Ryan Hall, by endorsing Jimmy King and saying the things he has said about the FWA being a dying brand, spits on the namesake of everyone who has come before. He spits on Matt Boudreau's grave, G-Rich's legacy, Sean Keheller's prestige and Stu St. Clair's four World title reigns. He spits on Gabrielle's and Jillian De Silva's accomplishments as female wrestlers. He spits on Shane McLean. He spits on Drew Stevenson. He spits even on his allies within "Team King," PAJ and Ryan Rondo. While they don't care, he spits on them, too. He burned the FWA World title through his words and his endorsement. He didn't need fire. He didn't need lighter fluid. He melted it with a microphone. And he laughed as he did it. Because he is 'The Inferno.' He wants to remind us of that. That's just who he is."

    As Golden's mind races, he goes back to Dec. 25, 2010 once again. He murmurs the phrase, looks down as if watching the World Heavyweight Championship burn before his eyes once more. And finally, he opens the briefcase. And holds in his hand the object that causes his heart to beat so fast, it hasn't been so alive. It's the symbol of everything he is talking about. It's the one thing he has wished he could go back and change, but can't. The one thing he wishes he did different, but didn't.

    In his hand, hanging to the ground of the United Center, where it "evolved" to Devin Golden's liking because Devin Golden wanted to recreate it in his own rotten image of success...

    the World Heavyweight championship belt.

    "Aces High 2011, three years ago, was my last one-on-one World title shot of any sorts. Against Stu St. Clair. And he beat me. Three years later, and I finally get another chance. I didn't get it because the powers that be felt I deserved it. General manager Dinorah Redgrave wouldn't give me a shot. Jimmy King wouldn't give me a shot. Lucian Ace gave me a shot.

    Ever since I burned this belt, I've wanted another chance. I've wanted to do it the right way. It's all I wanted. But I had to start over, completely. I had to beat Xavier Xander Xerxes after he booted me from the Crossfire Great Siege in favor of Wolf. I did it. I had to beat Wolf at least once. I did it. I had to beat Aut Pax Aut Bellum for the tag titles after so many times them beating me. I did it. And I had to beat Chris Kennedy one on one, because I had to prove to him and everyone else I was the good enough to be the best and beat the best.

    I did it."

    The belt is in the exact form it was three years ago. The gold is melted and deformed. The nameplate isn't legible. The name "Devin Golden" is layered over with swollen substance. The actual gold plate doesn't take the circular shape usually on championships. It takes an unsymmetrical design. It is brilliantly unique, almost a mythical object. It is classic and chaotic all at once.

    "Ryan Hall will say things about how he doesn't care about the fans. He'll talk about how he beat five other former World champions to win the World title. He'll talk about how he has beaten me before one on one, at Payback 2012. He'll talk about how Ryan Rondo and I's tag team victory against he and Brian Carter doesn't matter as much. He'll talk about his wins against greats such as Stu St. Clair, Sean Keheller and others. He'll talk about his legacy and the World title reigns he's had before I ever stepped foot in FWA. He'll talk about how he's a master in between the ropes and a vicious and cunning architect from bell to bell. And he'll talk about how he'll go to any extent necessary to remain the champion, evident by the time he burned my childhood house to the ground. And all of them will be right. He'll make these points, just as Drew Stevenson predicted what he'd do before he did it. I know all of these things about Ryan Hall. I know about our past. I know about our current mentalities. I know about what this match means, not just for who is champion but also in the FWA-CWA struggle. He doesn't have to tell me any of it.

    But he will. And I won't listen."

    There is one very important part of the championship belt that is still visible. The name "Devin Golden" is covered and deformed. Even the words "World Heavyweight Champion" aren't easy to make out. But the letters.

    "F" "W" "A"

    The letters are there. Even after the belt burned under a flame for minutes, the letters remained visible. They remained a staple to this championship. Golden has always held the FWA in his heart. He's always held the letters near and dear.

    "The last part of this battle is the most important. As I said, Ryan Hall will remind me of the importance. If he wins, it could prove to some the CWA is in some form 'superior' to the FWA. If I win, it takes all traction and momentum from Jimmy King and his supporters. There is one thing I've never sacrificed. I've always been about the FWA. Always. When Chris Kennedy said he was leaving the FWA and going to the CWA — which didn't pan out — I defended the letters, F-W-A. Those always come first. That's what this is all about. It's why WOLF is willing to risk his entire career against Jimmy King. It's why Gabrielle is willing to come out to the ring time and time again to go face to face with Ryan Hall, Ryan Rondo and PAJ. It's why Shane McLean refuses to give up and continues battling even with his inner war with himself. We all fight for the letters. We fight for our heritage and prestige and pride. This is FWA versus CWA, and right now an anti-FWA guy holds the FWA's biggest and best championship. No, I don't like that. That's about my biggest motivation. And no, I never would've liked that.

    And that's why I'm not another Ryan Hall, and I never have been. I'm willing to admit my faults, fix them and through everything never once look down on the letters. They mean something. They mean something and they'll always have a place in my beating heart, just like my first World Heavyweight title, in all its burned glory, will have a place there, too. Because it's a major part of me, of my life and of who I am right now."

    Golden places his only World title belt, the only one he's ever won as a wrestler, over his shoulder. Regardless of his mistakes in the past, this is HIS mistake. No one can EVER take it away from him. Ever. He burned the f***ing hell out of this FWA World Heavyweight Championship, and now he has it over his shoulder. He's not trying to change his past anymore.

    He's not trying to hide from the fact that he went rotten. And still is a bit rotten.

    "This isn't about Ryan Hall. This is about me. Win or lose, I am doing this the right way. That way isn't forgetting what I did last time I was World champion. It's embracing it."

    What if I told you...I have no regrets

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    Re: Aces High promo thread

    The King's Justice
    The Trial Of Whyte Thunder

    Part I
    The Beginning is the End




    Raindrops splatter on the cold hard stone below... Puddles ripple as the water dances it's symphony of saturation. At the same time you can hear the sound of streaming water off of brick and wooden rooftops. A single tear drops from a boy's eye can mixes in within the rain and drops in slow motion as it causes the biggest ripple of all. You can almost see the waves make their way through the endless crowd of people who have all assembled to the single place. They all stand there... breathless... in silence in a court yard of white beautiful stone with withering willow trees lining the side of this immense beautiful section of the town. All eyes are on him... All pupils are drawn to him... The center of the circus that has come to accumulate in this location.

    All are watching...

    All are waiting...

    All are caught in the fate-decided moment that will decide the future of the realm.

    This is the defining moment...

    Bells can be heard ringing far in the distance, the signal has been sworn... the song has been sung. Drums pound a loud and demanding dance of melody... Fitting for the inevitable build-up beholding all in attendance. In the center of this mob of citizens is an enormous stage where royal officials stand waiting in the attendance. Above all else, waiting silently sits the King of the Fantasia realm. The king of kings and conquer of all... However he is not popular with his people as their displeasure and blood-lust for him can be felt all the way in his royal throne comprised of the bones of his fallen enemies. His eyes are cold and calculating and he ignores his surroundings to focus on the singular object of his attention. The crowd bursts in an uproar as a man with a shrouded hood concealing his entire head is brought up onto the stage by the guards. He is chained and banded with little to no room to move around. He is place in front of the chopping block. One of the guards kicks out his legs and sends his head flying into the block as he is brought to his knees. The mob of people explode into anger and fury and attempt to charge the stage. Many guards and hired warriors are ready for this blatant attempt of rebellion and cut down over two dozen people in a matter of seconds. Streams of blood and body parts stain the stone and create a barrier between the people and the stage. The remaining mob backs off much to their own horror and dismay. The king steps forward and walks to the center of the stage.

    King Ryan: Barring all open acts of rebellion, traitorous actions and treachery... we are all brought here today for the execution of the self-proclaimed hero of the people... The living symbol of anarchy and the rebels... Devin Golden, whom has also been living and acting under the alias of Whyte Knight. Today... He will face the KING'S JUSTICE. Sir Rondo... Remove the hood of your former friend.

    The knight does as told and removes the hood revealing the battered and defeated face of Devin Golden.

    The next moments that pass cannot be heard but only seen through a hazy shroud of dream-like cloudiness... The last thing we see is the face of Devin Golden as a sword comes crashes down...

    Everything goes black.

    Part II

    How did we get here....?

    How could this happen?

    Is this real life... or maybe just a dream.

    It must be a dream.

    A voice penetrates the black void.

    Ryan Hall:
    This... is reality.

    The darkness is slowly replaced by the fainted hint of light. As the black fog fades away we are back in the same exact scene of before. The courtyard is exactly the same it was... Still raining with the streams of water now washing away the body parts from the ill-fated revolt from the mob. Although... we are absent of all the people. Everyone is gone, the only person who remains in the Inferno sitting casually on the iron chair of bone in the middle of the stage. He jumps up and opens he arms wide as he embraces the rain and the smell of blood in the air.

    Ryan Hall:
    "This... is the true reality of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. You have all been blind for way too long. This world we live in... It's plagued by simple-minded fools who fail to see the complete picture. All you see is the path in front of you and what effects you and only you. A hero... Is someone is self-less but at the same time selfish. He is willing to do anything for the people but at the same time he drives his own ego by dictating what is truly right or wrong. In the end... he could be standing up for the people yet defending something that is misunderstood and in the long term the worst situation for what he is trying to defend. Devin Golden, the savior of the FWA? Humph. He is more like the destroyer of the FWA. You still don't get it do you...? If I am truly the King... then it's my right and duty as protector to do what is in the best interest of the FWA... Even if that means siding with other forces than in the short term will hinder the individual careers of the people who resist it. Its short sightedness and personal pride that is my enemy and the ultimate tool of the false hero that you call Devin Golden. The young impressionable fans may adore him and cheer him on as he goes on crazy adventures finding turd burglars and trying to find Justin Bieber's talent. Some he may succeed and some he may fail but it doesn't matter to them... he's a symbol... and because he's a symbol is exploiting the impressionable and attempting to condemn the FWA to a bleak future of fading away into the history books as a candle that reached the end of its wick. In the end... I am doing what is best for Ryan Hall and the FWA which I see as my own personal playground. Do you truly not understand the complexity of my character? If so... You're a fucking fool just like Adrian Wolf. All of you simple minded tools who can only see in a straight line are what's holding me down... holding the FWA down from reaching new heights. Anything you don't understand you write off as retarded or foolish but this is reality and reality dictates that your opinions are non-essential and like the blood beneath me will be washed away by the rain of change. Devin Golden... Whyte Thunder... You charade... your parade... your hypocrisy and mutilation of the FWA... I am charging you with the Inferno's court... My trial by fire... the King's justice."

    A sly sinister grin slides across his slender face. He shakes his head as he walks over to the chopping block which is not yet covered in blood. He kneels over and watches the town square... completely void of any human presence... yet so full of energy.

    Ryan Hall:
    "People live their lives with their own preconceptions... All of you see me as a monster... You see me as the big bad just waiting to watch the world burn. Maybe you're right... but have you ever considered that you're just fooling yourselves? My ideals are different from your own, my goals directly conflict with your everyday lives and my ultimate vision for the future of the FWA and the World Heavyweight championship is too much of a burden to the pathetic games you play with each other that you see me as a traitor. However... I am not a traitor to the FWA... after all I am the LAST KING of the FWA. It's my kingdom to do with as I please and I refuse to watch it rot from the inside eat with the feces you monkeys throw at each other as the funds run out and your moment to shine goes black. I am the one with the most to lose... I am the one who has sacrificed everything to reach this level. Jimmy King... No the CWA is yet another opportunity to prove myself and keep the FWA alive. Whether this plan fails or not... I won't. My partnership with Jimmy King... was a mutual beneficial one but if he leaves... I will still get what I want. If the FWA triumphs I will still stand tall as the best in the world and the CWA will look like a second rate organization and its titles will lose their value in the grand scheme. If Jimmy King wins... then I will take the CWA title and hold it side by side with the FWA champion... As the real king of both kingdoms. Jimmy may receive twice the profits... but I will receive twice the glory."

    He sighs.

    Ryan Hall:
    "You can call it greed... selfishness... or whatever you want but the fact is no matter what happens... I will be the one leading the FWA. Devin Golden, you are the single object standing in the way of EVERYTHING. That is how you fit into all of this... you are the last man standing as the hero of the FWA. You want to fight for what's right... You want to fight for the little guys? Don't make me laugh... You couldn't even save your best friend from seeing the truth and standing by my side. You're a fool... and in fact you are the biggest enemy of the FWA, MY FWA. MY KINGDOM. You can lead this revolution of yours to topple this so called corrupt control of the ones in charge but you're the most diluted and disillusioned of them all. You wear this halo... The perfect saint destined to finally get his grand moment in the sun and take down the most hated man in wrestling and take back the FWA championship for the people. It all sounds so good doesn't it? I am sure it does... but it's so detached from reality... As if... it were a fantasy story."

    As he says these final words the entire view of the scene becomes shrouded in a cloud like fog once again... the clouds take up your entire vision until it's nothing but white. White... like a blank screen.

    Part III
    The Trial

    A man's voice pierces through the bright white lights.

    Man: Your highness! The battle is over! We caught the Whyte Knight!

    King Ryan: Are you sure? I will not stand for failure or false information again. You know the consequences...

    Man: I swear it my King... The revolution is sure to come to an end now... We have finally caught the real one.

    King Ryan: The revolution is NOT over... Do not be so daft you fool... The trial will decide the fate of this false idol... not your meaningless babbling...

    The next day...

    All the lords and ladies of the royal city have assembled in the throne room and all stand before the king of the realm... King Ryan Hall sits on his reclaimed throne in the beautiful hall filled with crimson banners and memorizing artwork. After the murmurs die down the King stands and all noise immediately ceases. He looks around the room and finally speaks.

    King Ryan: Bring in the heretic!

    A brief scuffle can be heard as a couple guards escort the Whyte Knight into the hall. The unmasked knight... Devin Golden is dragged down the center walkway and laid before the king. He motions the guards away and they do so without question. He walks down the few steps and onto the floor only a few feet from the Whyte Knight who has defied him openly for so long.

    King Ryan: It's been a long time... SIR Devin Golden!

    The defeated Golden stays nothing...

    King Ryan: Oh? You have nothing to say? I'm shocked... after all this time we meet again... after openly leading a rebellion and spouting off your words of poison like I am the devil for so long I figured you'd have something to say.

    Golden: ...

    King Ryan: I see... So you see the truth? You stand for nothing... You stood for yourself and now that you have lost that... the cause is dead?

    Golden: The... cause will never die. You're leading this kingdom into ruin... Signing it over to the King like it's an object to be sold!

    Devin Golden stands up much to the shock and awe of the Lords and Ladies in attendance.

    Golden: You have sold this kingdom off to another empire... You are no King... just a puppet!

    Ryan takes only one step before bursting forward and striking the Whyte Knight in the throat. Golden falls to the ground gasping for air but unable to do so.

    King Ryan: Just like I thought... Nothing but a simple minded fool. THIS IS THE REASON YOU HAVE THROWN THIS KINGDOM INTO CIVIL WAR?! I should execute you right here and now... You know nothing of this harsh world we live in. Without the deal I made this kingdom wouldn't even have lasted another year. The long winter has destroyed all of our crops and our trading industry has crumbled because of the greed of the last king, Christopher Kennedion. This kingdom was failing and the realm was withering away to nothing with no source of income. I made this deal to ensure our survival but you're mistaken in another point as well. I am no one’s puppet... I am still the King of this realm and I am still in control. King Jimmy... He has saved this kingdom with the wealth of his kingdom and I will thank him by taking his head as well... He will lose this war I suspect... and his lands... his wealth... everything he has will fall to my feet. Don't you get it? This kingdom of mine will be double what it was by the end of this. This kingdom you claim I have sold out will in fact become more glorious than you could possibly imagine. My eye is on the other crown... And I will continue to take the crowns until this kingdom is the sole empire of the entire world. The name means nothing... whether it starts with an F or a C... It will all be mine. Take this traitor away...

    The guards grab the choking Whyte Knight and drag him out of the room... Just as he is dragged out of the room the king speaks one last time.

    King Ryan: Sir Devin Golden... You hereby have no lands... no titles... no family... no future. I sentence you to death without honor of any kind... You will face the justice of the Last King.

    The scene once again becomes fuzzy... a cloud-like haze overtakes the room and a white hue becomes all you can see...

    Part IV
    The Last King

    As the hue fades away your eyes adjust and we find ourselves back in the same exact throne room... Only there is no one else other than The Inferno sitting in an apathetic manner on the throne. He breaths slowly and deliberating takes his time getting out of his seat. He walks down the feet steps leading to the throne room floor from the iron chair and walks to the center of the room.

    Ryan Hall:
    "There is many out there who would love to see me fall. They would do anything to see me crumble from the inside out and many are just waiting for that to happen. In fact, they have been waiting for that to happen since I returned last Trial By Fire. Well, it's been over a year now... When I returned last Trial By Fire I returned as a competitor on SMASH! That's right... I was forced to start from the bottom... as the Last King I returned through the front door and walked with the peasants. It didn't take long for everyone to realize I was still Ryan Hall... that I was still the rightful king. I proved the critics wrong time and time again. I fought my way through the ranks and slowly but surely the name Ryan Hall became one with continuality and reliability. Words that for the past few years have been the biggest problems and negatives of my legacy. Trial By Fire to Trial By Fire... I went from another wrestler on Smash to the FWA champion defending his title. This past year was the biggest and greatest year in the history of my career. It's the year that I became more the hype and nostalgia... I became substance... I became REAL. In the middle of 2012 I had another return and this one was not such a story book ending. Of all people... It was Devin Golden I targeted because of all people HE was the one most known for being the consistent and never faltering competitor. He had the biggest and longest competitive streak of anyone I scanned on the roster and I chose him because I felt he had the most potential to bring the best out of the Inferno... and he did. The Inferno was unleashed and Devin Golden felt the intensity when I burned down his house and made it as personal as possible. Still... The guy didn't falter... he stayed true to his convictions and gave me everything he had. He lost... but in a way he also won. He proved he was on my level when it came to his potential... He proved he was just as strong as the Inferno. Of all people... It was HIM who planted the seed that I needed to start from the bottom and earn my crown the proper way."

    His hands rise above his face and he takes the golden and bejeweled crown off of his face. The Last King grips it tightly and firmly in his hands.

    Ryan Hall:
    "Devin Golden... Whyte Thunder... Whatever the Hell you are calling yourself. I have you to thank... and you have yourself to thank for the man I am today and the status I have obtained. It was the lasting words you spoke... the words that didn't defeat me at Payback... but rather lingered like cancer in my mind and refused to relent until they drove me mad. You insisted that me returning like I did... jumping in line was the wrong way and you were right. It took my quite a few months... almost a year but I finally realized the only way to purge myself of those stinging words was do as you said... and thus The Inferno walked onto Smash for the first time since 2006 and the Last King was born. The thrill of the hunt... the long path to the top... it was so satisfying... It was so gratifying... it was so fucking addicting... but now it's over. I am now the FWA Undisputed champion, there is no more hunt... the game immediately became so less fun... that was of course until Whyte Thunder showed himself reborn... as the savior of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. You have awakened that thrill again... the hunt... the prey. You... ARE MY PREY. This is way more to me than these trivial politics of companies, titles and what happens if so and so wins. I will let the chips fall as they may because the only thing I am focused on is doing the impossible... BREAKING DEVIN GOLDEN. It's something that has never been done in the storied history of your career. You were never a great champion... never the face of this company... never THE guy... but you were always there and your will to never relent and always press on is rivaled... maybe even greater than Adrian Wolf. I admire that... but at the same time it makes me hate you for reminding me of that mindless beast. It also makes me want to break you more than anything in the world. So, I wonder... what will happen if you lose this match... a match that is easily the biggest of your career? Where can you possibly go after this? What can possibly become of you?"

    He shatters the fake crown into the thousand pieces and carefully aligns each piece of the broken treasure into the words Golden.

    Ryan Hall:
    "Many people in this company have nothing but negative and ridiculous things to say about me but you are one of the few who know the truth. You know that behind all of the misting words, the fake auras and the games... I am the most original person here... and I'm constantly changing the rules of this game. Drew Stevenson actually said that Ryan Hall is a clone of Chris Kennedy. This is one of the most hilarious of all the asinine things that people say to foolishly discredit the Last King. History dictates truth... and the history books will show you that Chris Kennedy is actually a clone of Ryan Hall. Everything men like him have done... can be traced back to the 3 time FWA champion known as Ryan Hall who established the basis of the character they play in 2009... This is before the Kennedys, the Fromages and etc even DEBUTED in the FWA. I am the one who has constantly pushed the barriers into new levels... Devin Golden, is one of the few men who knows the truth and doesn't blindly lie to himself. I respect him for his honestly... but I dislike him because of his disillusions. He stands for everything I hate... I refuse to stand inside the box of rules you all have created and the concept of Whyte Thunder defends. I would rather watch the FWA burn than conform to your rules... I am the one who is meant to rule... and I will guide this company into new heights... or simply sit back and watch it burn as I light the match and walk away. This is a defining moment in the careers of Ryan Hall, Devin Golden and most importantly... the landscape of pro wrestling. The CWA and the FWA may have gotten swept up into the rivalry... but Devin, make no mistake... this is the match I have been waiting for since Payback. Show me you've improved... so me you're the hero you think you are... show me you're the one... so I can watch the greatest idol burn to ashes. That is all that awaits you my friend... The Last King's justice... The Inferno... Your future lies within a pile of ash. I will see you on the other side so shine on my crazy diamond.

    Part V
    The End Is The Beginning








    King Ryan: Barring all open acts of rebellion, traitorous actions and treachery... we are all brought here today for the execution of the self-proclaimed hero of the people... The living symbol of anarchy and the rebels... Devin Golden, whom has also been living and acting under the alias of Whyte Knight. Today... He will face the KING'S JUSTICE. Sir Rondo... Remove the hood of your former friend.

    The knight does as told and removes the hood revealing the battered and defeated face of Devin Golden. His facial expression is cold and defeated... His head is put on the chopping block. The executioner, another black hooded man, walks over... much to the dismay of the crowd. He pulls out a large sword and begins to practice a couple swings.

    King Ryan: No! ... This isn't the way.

    The King walks over the executioner and takes away his sword then orders him to leave the stage. He does so without question and the King drops his sword. However... He now pulls out his own sword...

    King Ryan: I will do this myself... We do this the old way.

    The Last King walks over to the chopping block and as he raises the sword it is as if time itself slows down.




    The drops of rain crashes into the King's face and his face in slow motion. The sword slowly comes down and takes off the head of the Whyte Knight... the champion of the people... enemy of the crown... the last man standing... Devin Golden.

    A somber song begins to play as we end this tale with this sad and twisted ending... there is no happy ending at the end of this tale... Only a headless hero... and a King standing tall.




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    Thomas Princeton Promo

    Coney Island in February

    On Coney Island....

    The ground has frozen over as Thomas Princeton walks around in a designer black coat that is unzipped just enough to show off he is indeed wearing a business suit underneath with a dark red tie. As he steps through the snow he stares into the camera with intensity. He fixes the gloves on his hands a few times as he breaths out of his mouth and nostrils. It almost seems as if he was just smoking a cigarette.

    Tom: Coney Island in the winter, I must be crazy to be out here right now. Then again I must be crazy to do a lot of things I think sometimes. But it's the good kind of crazy, the crazy like a fox type. It is a shrewd way to live, but it's the way I enjoy. This is what it was all about, everything that I did leading up to this moment has been worth it because now I can finally grasp two very important victories all in one night. I can win Carnal Contendership and also the North American title! Both would be historic for the FWA. You see if I win Carnal Contendership that means I would main event Back in Business, and nothing would be a bigger draw than yours truly the North American champion taking on the world champion. Nobody can deny that wouldn't sell tickets, absolutely nobody.

    But it would be more than just a great night for me and the FWA because of that. Let's not forget that once I crush Ryan Rondo and Shane McLean I'll be the first ever three time North American champion effectively making me the greatest North American champion in history! Not that I'm already not the greatest of all time, but now it would be official. Now there would be nothing anyone could ever say even in jest to suggest otherwise. That is a powerful level to reach, and I will relish that moment, every last second of it.

    Tom walks up to a carnival game. It's the kind where you knock over flaps with a small ball. Instead of clown faces the faces have been replaced with those of the other wrestlers in the Carnal Contendership match. Tom picks up a ball, he runs the ball through the palm of it's hand admiring the smooth texture.

    Tom: Carnal Contendership, CC to some. I've competed in this match on several occasions but this year I feel like it truly is my road to Back in way or another. So many people that must be eliminated to win, but someone has to win and why not the man whose willing to do whatever it takes to claim victory? How many people have what it takes, I mean really have that indescribable ability to take themselves to the next level? This isn't a match for the weak, this isn't a match for those who'd like to be in the main event of Back in Business no, this is a match for the elite. For those who want to be considered one of the greatest of all time. Whether they actually go on to be one of the best is completely up to them, but it's a a hell of a jump up the list. It's the kind of match that can make your career in so many ways. I'd say break your career, but it's not losing that is inherently terrible it's losing to me that makes it so awful. See with others they win CC and they move on, but me I'll never make you forget it. Not because I'll gloat, no because I'll run you down in order to eliminate you.

    I mean Zayne Richards? Who the hell is that? Some rookie? Please! Unless you're the second coming of Ewan Edwards you are basically fodder in this match, you'll be lucky to last more than five minutes and that's being very generous. You'll be tossed over and forgotten about as quickly as you joined the FWA so don't even make me laugh! Zayne? Is that your birth name? Was your mother on crack when she named you? She misspelled Zane, that's not creative that's idiotic! Then there are the two Alexanders. Sokolov and Askerov. You know what's pathetic? I'm too lazy to do the research to find out the difference between you two, you might as well be the same people. You are both rookies with abysmal win/loss records, you both have drifted in and out of feuds. Though one went on with Vincent in a fever dream of back and forth fighting. You two are my morning breakfast! And you'll be the lunch of several people inside the CC match so good luck, you'll need all of it to even have a snowball's chance in Hell of making it through.

    Then there is Jack Gekko, someone from CWA don't make me laugh! I may have given Jimmy King a solid but that doesn't mean I still don't feel CWA is the inferior brand. Let me give you a quick history lesson Gekko, most people who come to the FWA get a very rude awakening with just how hard we play here, if you aren't up to snuff you'll get snuffed out! Oh and now Broc Lobster has made his triumphant return I've got two words for him....RING RUST! Give me a call wehn Dave Sullivan gets back in the game, I don't have any interest in a man whose name rhymes with one of the dumbest songs in rock history! Broc you are like a year behind major developments, when you were even making some headway you were still far behind. Did you know PAJ is nearing world title competition level? You're as much of a rookie as everyone else here.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird, you are one of the most confusing people on the planet. To me you are just another version of Pumpking or The Bazz someone who had created these grand delusions about their style, their craft, their self importance. But nobody really cares, you are just all over the place I don't know what side you are on, but I don't think you do either. You are like the FWA version of madonna you have reinvented yourself so many times you now have lost all semblance of identity. Take people like Joshua Diehl as an example, when you stack so much on your plate you burn out and end up as a bitter and forgotten wrestler who was more flash than substance. You are nothing more than a popular Smash wrestler, do you honestly think you have a chance in CC against someone like me?

    Jethro Warren, you are an enigma. I admit that I do respect your grizzled persona quite a bit, and this has been noted in the past. I'm sure you'll knock a few heads inside the CC match, but if we are both being honest here you are just happy to be able to show your face. This is your little moment of the big stage, you should be happy, you should be proud....but you will fail. You will fail not because you aren't good but because I am better. Don't take that personally, it's just fact. Maybe one day after I've won about five to ten world title reigns and retire to live in my mansion you'll reach my level, but it won't be at Ace's High. Keep your head low and do your best and maybe, just maybe you'll do something memorable...but that won't be beating me. Next is Jason Gryphon a myriad of potential squandered in failed relations and failed dreams. I almost have pity for you Jason you truly could be a great wrestler but you are held back by your very ownself. You are too soft Jason, you need to get mad, you need to get tough you are going to get eaten up by this monster we call the FWA and you will be spit out just as quickly! Of course sometimes to learn a lesson you have to be taught the hard way...and I will be your instructor.

    Then there is Ryan Rondo, the traitor, my ally and my enemy. I do relate your view on necessary evil, but your necessary evil has devolved into chaos. Rondo am I going to ask you the same question Bane asked that poor crook in The Dark Knight you feel like you are in control? Do you honestly think Jimmy King is going to honor whatever deals he made with you? Have you studied your history? I wouldn't consider Ryan Hall the most trustworthy man out there. Now neither am I as I proved to Shane McLean...but at least I am honest about my deceit. Hall...Hall will take you out as soon as he sees his opportunity. Do you think my snake like manner is unique? No there were trailbalzers long before me, I just perfected it, but Hall is very good at it as well. You are a walking target Rondo, they will hunt you inside of that ring because most would rather die than watch you win one of the biggest nights in the FWA. They will toss you over like a bad fish on a boat. And I will laugh when it's your own "friend" Ryan Hall who does it. Speaking of which....Ryan Hall can you trust Ryan Rondo a young buck looking to make his mark in the FWA, a man who was fed up not being respected and now is one little match away from the biggest match of his career. Do you think he'll hesitate to pull a fast one on you? You know Ryan you've tried this song and dance many times before, you've even won once...but that was many years ago. You're not getting any younger, maybe this match will be the start of you showing your age not to mention all the years of brutal matches. CC is a young man's least in Rondo's mind it is, and I think he plans to exploit that with you. Of course none of it will matter once I beat the both of you, and yes it doesn't matter that I'm proclaiming that you won't be able to stop me no matter what. One of you will most likely turn on the other despite knowing the consequences your egos won't allow anything less! And I'm just going to sit back and watch the snake eat it's own tail. And sit tight Rondo I'm coming back to you in a moment.

    Then there is "The Last Great Englishman" PAJ who somehow forgot about Benedict Cumberbatch and Simon Pegg. PAJ, PAJ PAJ what I've said to Rondo and Hall goes double for you, because Rondo is jealous of you and Hall knows that you are the actual biggest threat to him getting what he wants. I'd go on about you PAJ but it'd be a waste of time. You see what is far more important to me is beating you to send a message to Shane McLean and Ryan Rondo. You were North American champion before those two, so you have a special standing with them and neither of them like that for various reasons. PAJ you aren't the're the dark horse. Not the winner of course heh, that would somehow sugest that you're better than me. But you do have talent and they know it all too well. Watch your back....for as long as you can of course. Eventually I'll break it. Next there is Ashley O' Ryan, oh the man I've beaten too many times to count and the man who holds the record in my book for most embarrassing eliminations from CC. When are you going to give it up? Dublin Stroll anyone? Oh I know, I know you're past that now, but I haven't forgotten I just love watching you fail. You must think you're such hot stuff now that you are putting your hot dog in the mine shaft that is Gabrielle Montgomery but trust me good sir you are just another cog in the machine.

    Stu St. Clair, you are one tough son of a bitch I'll give you that. And if by some act of God I didn't win CC the smart money is probably on you, but you have never fared well in matches like this and I think the trend will continue. You are a monstrous opponent and a tough adversary to many but to me you are just another body to flip over the top rope and I can do it quite easily in fact. Don't be surprised when it happens to you. Gabrielle Montgomery if I stick two fingers down your skirt will that shoot you over the top rope or are you too used to that for it to matter? Gabrielle the only woman in CC, looking to be the first ever woman to win the event, you will not be. At least not this year, look I'm all for that woman's lib crap equal pay and rights whatever the fact is you will not win. You just don't have what it takes to win the match, you are too occupied with hotdog eating contests to really be taking this seriously, so do us all a favor flash your boobs and then kindly exit the ring. We don't need you around.

    And now finally Shane McLean, let me tell you why you won't win CC because you'll be too decimated from the North American title match. You'll still be drying the tears of agony and defeat after I've curb stomped my way into victory and left you a bloody mess on the ring mat! You Shane will lose because you'll have nothing left in the tank, you pride yourself on being loved, being adored, being such a strong and optimistic member of the FWA....and I will finally crush your spirit! I'll be me, the man who gave you a career, you gave you life will be the one to take away what makes you so different, so unique! You thought that I was here to knock you and everyone else down one by one? No, that's way too simple....

    Tom takes the ball and tosses it to the side, he then moves next to the carnival booth and pulls up a tank of gasoline. He pours it all over the wood carnival booth and then lights a match and the booth erupts into flames. Tom smirks and then walks away looking into the camera as the fire burns the booth to the ground in the background.

    Tom: The North American title match, my ticket to history. Oh what a match it will be. You think Carnal Contendership will be intense? No, you won't even see this one coming. Rondo? Think you are worried about Hall or PAj turning on you? Why don't you worry about me, you may think you are safe from me but you are far from it. I am going to clothesline your neck straight off your shoulders! Do you really think that you were going to remain North American champion? Are you that foolish? This is my destiny, you are still the little runt I kicked around all those years ago. You have not changed in my mind, and after I strip the belt off you I'll finally have put you back into the place you belong!

    Shane McLean you trusted me with trepidation I admit....but it was not enough. I've been outsmarting you for years and years and you apparently haven't gotten tired of it yet. I am far more cunning than you could ever imagine, I know your strengths, your weaknesses and I also know just how to manipulate you. Do you think that I got into a triple threat match for the hell of it? That I just took what was given to me? No I wanted the triple threat match because now I don't have to even pin Ryan Rondo, but I can and you lose. I beat you and Rondo loses, the odds are in my favor. People say triple threat matches never favor the champion and I agree in a sense, but what was more important to me was the two chances to win. I know you fear me Shane, and you should. I've owned you, and now I'm cashing in the check....Ace's High will be my foray into the annals of history and you will be nothing more than a footnote in my story. I am the cat you are the mouse, and I have you in my name is Thomas Princeton....and I'm better than you!

    Tom walks into the cold whistling to himself with his signature smirk as the camera fades to black.

    Saddle Sally 3x FWA Womens Champion
    2013 & 2014 FWA Women Wrestler of the Year

    The Semi-Published Works of iMatt

    "An Affair of the Youth" feature film production journalElsa, The Great (Frozen fanfic)

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    Saddle Sally Promo

    Leaving a movie theatre

    Saddle Sally wearing a winter coat and hat exits with Zaire Wyoming who is also bundled up the two are smiling and singing.

    Sally: Let it go! Let it go! Can't hold it back anymore! Let it go!

    Zaire: Oh what a great film!

    Sally: Thanks for takin' me to see it! I needed to relax a bit before this match, ya' can't imagine what it feels like havin' to prepare fer' Sarah Wolf.

    Zaire: Geez Sally I ain't been out of it fer' that long.

    Sally: That's not what I meant hun' ya' know that.

    Zaire: So what are ya' gonna do, what are ya' gonna do when ya' finally take on Sarah Wolf for the women's title?

    Sally: I'm gonna beat her within' an inch of her life....

    Sally notices that a little kid with a "Frozen" t-shirt just overheard her.

    Sally: Well maybe not an inch, but she'll be sore in the mornin'....

    Zaire: That's my champ.

    Zaire kisses Sally on the forehead as they exit together, the camera fades to black.

    Saddle Sally 3x FWA Womens Champion
    2013 & 2014 FWA Women Wrestler of the Year

    The Semi-Published Works of iMatt

    "An Affair of the Youth" feature film production journalElsa, The Great (Frozen fanfic)

    Walt County

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