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Thread: Fight Night 1/24/2014 results

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    Fight Night 1/24/2014 results

    Pyrotechnics blast into the air as the sold out crowd goes nuts for the opening of this week's Fight Night.

    Jim Taylor: Welcome back to another unspectacular spectacle known as "Fight Night," presented by Jimmy King and the Clique Wrestling Alliance!

    The crowd continues to cheer as diferent signs supporting the FWA's loyal wrestlers, such as WOLF and Shane McLean and Gabrielle Montgomery, are shown.

    Clint Shephard: More than anything, I'm most excited to see Jack Gekko begin his FWA career and become the first true crossover from the CWA to the FWA. He will face Ashley 'O Ryan, one-half of the current FWA tag team champions, and I have a strong feeling Jack Gekko and the rest of Team Gekko will make a HUGE statement tonight.

    Zayne Richards vs. Alexander Askerov

    The match doesn't ever really get off the ground as Zayne Richards clotheslines Askerov over the top rope and a brawl ensues on the outside. After around 30 seconds, the referee finally reaches a 10 count with Askerov going for a running boot and Zayne dodging and landing a huge uppercut with the bell ringing.

    No Contest

    The B52's "Rock Lobster" plays throughout the arena as the former FWA wrestler BROC LOBSTER walks to the entrance way as the crowd explodes into cheers. Resting on his shoulder and obeying like a trained pet is the infamous lobster, which the camera zooms in on as Broc Lobster pushes the cameraman back. He walks to the ring to the sound of booming cheers from the audience and rolls into the ring. With the crowd chanting, "LOBSTER! LOBSTER! LOBSTER!" Broc requests a microphone as the lobster stays on his shoulder.

    Broc Lobster: Get ready, boys and girls, for the greatest beginning and greatest conclusion to any wrestling career. EVER. If you haven't listened to the fans chanting my name or pulled out your iPhones to do a quick Google search, by name is Broc Fluker Lobster. In short, I am Broc Lobster and I am here for one thing...and one thing only.

    The crowd explodes as Broc holds up his right index finger, but the withdraws to form a fist.

    Broc Lobster: Before I get to that, though, I want to give a bit of background and tell of new developments in my life story. On my lobster.

    The crowd goes NUTS as lobster's beady eyes continue looking out to the crowd. Once again, a "LOBSTER! LOBSTER! LOBSTER!" chant surfaces.

    Broc Lobster: Lobster is obedient. Lobster is awesome. Lobster is my life. But in the past few months, I've also learned something else. ... magical.

    Tim Sullivan: Oh god. Who is this hack?!

    Broc Lobster: That's right. So long as Lobster is in my possession, he provides me magical powers, the type I can use to accomplish the only thing left unfinished in my prestigious wrestling career.

    Clint Shephard: Prestigious wrestling career?!

    Broc Lobster: And that involves digging up a grave left filled and forgotten. It involves dusting off an old rivalry labeled for past. It involves revisiting historic roots, downed federations and a retired championship. It involves...the EWR World title!

    The crowd gives a booming pop for the mention of the EWR title, which has become an IWC myth.

    Broc Lobster: This is my plight. With Lobster at my side, I can do anything I want. And all I want is to rewrite the wrongful history of my wrestling career. The EWR title closed its book talking about the wrong person. That man has been in the FWA before. That man is Pau Adrian. And Pau, you little Mexican broomstick, if you don't find me, then I and Lobster will find you.

    Christian Quinn vs. "Living Mythology" Jason Gryphon

    Gryphon and Quinn come together for the tieup but Quinn lands a surprise headbutt, catching Gryphon off guard! He stumbles backwards and Quinn goes on the attack with some snapping right hands, forcing him back into the corner. Quinn drives a knee into his gut a few times then whips him into the far turnbuckle. Quinn charges in after him but Gryphon gets a foot up into his face, knocking him for a loop! Quinn runs out of the corner with a thunderous clothesline, then begins to put the boots to Quinn repeatedly. He tries to fight to his feet but Gryphon connects with a stiff kneelift then muscles him up and delivers a brainbuster suplex that gets a 2-count. Gryphon drags him up and drives a knee into Quinn's abdomen, then hits a gutwrench powerbomb! Gryphon tries to cover but Quinn manages to roll to the outside and Gryphon climbs out onto the apron after him. Quinn staggers toward the barricade and Gryphon jumps off the apron with a double axehandle right between the shoulderblades! Gryphon stays on the attack, landing some hard shots to the kidneys followed by a backdrop onto the concrete floor!

    Taylor: Quinn tasting that concrete off the backdrop from Gryphon and these two aren't pulling any punches here tonight.

    Gryphon slams Quinn's face into the commentator's table, then delivers a sizzling chop across the chest. Quinn tries to put some distance between them but Gryphon lands another hard shot to the back of the skull. The brawl continues on the outside for another minute before Gryphon fires Quinn into the ring then slides in after him for the cover and the 2-count. Gryphon drags him up and sets him up for the Lion's Lariat but Quinn ducks and counters into a german suplex from out of nowhere! Gryphon rolls out onto the ring apron but Quinn pushes himself up and goes right after him, dragging him to his feet out on the apron. Quinn lands some heavy shots to the face, then sets him up for a suplex. Gryphon blocks it a couple times and tries to fight him off but Quinn changes it up and drops down, hotshotting Gryphon across the top rope! Quinn still favoring his lower back as he gets up and picks Gryphon up again, this time connecting with a delayed suplex back into the ring! Quinn hooks the leg for the cover but Gryphon kicks out at 2!

    Shephard: Gryphon just barely got the shoulder up that time!

    Taylor: Another half second and it would have been all over!

    Quinn stomps Gryphon repeatedly then drags him into the corner and slams his face into the turnbuckle. Quinn rolls off some hard punches and lifts him up onto the top rope, following him up the turnbuckle where he sets him up for the superplex. Gryphon tries to fight him off, hitting a couple shots to the gut before he shoves Quinn off the turnbuckle back to the ring. Gryphon tries to follow it up with a double axehandle but Quinn catches him with a shot to the gut, followed by the 'Quinn Driver' that plants Gryphon right on his skull! Quinn makes the cover but only gets a 2-count and he immediately gets in the referee's face, arguing for the 3-count! The referee says it was just 2 and Quinn continues to argue but Gryphon pulls him down from behind with a rollup for a surprise 2-count! Gryphon scrambles to his feet but he eats boot from his opponent!

    Quinn then with a sunset flip and grabs the tights!!! (.............1................2.................3!)

    Winner: Christian Quinn

    Arm Wrestling Match

    Sarah Wolf vs. Saddle Sally

    Some crew members come out into the ring and set up an official arm wrestling table as required by international arm wrestling competition standards (yes there is such a thing) The chairs are set up as well and then Sarah Wolf comes out first holding the title high above her head and she sashays her way into the ring mocking the table as she makes her way and stands next to her seat. She laughs and grins at the crowd, most are booing her but some can't help but cheer the sexy she-devil.

    Saddle Sally enters next, she comes out in her usual cowgirl attire except she has purposely ripped her sleeves in a more punk rock type of look. She steps down into the ring and flexes her biceps a few times, that gets a nice pop from the crowd as she stands next to the chair and then gives Sarah an intense stare down with her opponent matches flawlessly. Sarah extends out her hand for Sally to shake, Sally hesitantly goes to shake it and Sarah yanks her hand back at the land second to make a combing motion through her hair. Sarah giggles and some people in the arena do too while some boo.

    The ref goes over the rules very quickly and then the two women take their seats and lock hands. The bell sounds and the two women instantly jerk trying to gain a quick upperhand. At first it seems nobody is in control both women look deadlocked, but suddenly Sarah starts to gain some momentum and takes Sally about halfway down, Sally grits her teeth and pushes both women back into the neutral zone. The two glare at each other, then Sally let's out a small yell and pushes Sarah about a quarter of the way down. Sarah fights back and twists Sally's arm with legal rules of arm wrestling and starts to turn Sally down again, now Sally is about 2/3rds of the way to the bottom. You can see in her face she is struggling just to not have her arm touch the bottom.

    The crowd starts chanting Sally's name and that gives her a second wind. Sarah screams trying to force Sally down but Sally manages to overpower the champion and takes the arm back to the "12 o' clock" position which gets the crowd cheering even louder. Then Sally takes Sarah almost all the way down. A few inches is all that separates Sarah from defeat. It seems like Sally is getting closer and closer. Then Sarah musters enough might to take Sally back into the neutral zone and then gets Sally slightly into Sarah's advantage. Both women are gritting their teeth violently, then Sally starts to push Sarah down again towards the bottom. Sarah's face reads pain, the commentators aren't sure she can hold out much longer. Just as Sarah is about to lose she finds the hidden strength within her to start cranking back towards the neutral zone. Sally looks exhausted, she clearly thought she had Sarah this time. Then Sarah spits in Sally's face and Sally instantly reacts by grabbing Sarah and the the two leave the arm wrestling competition and start fighting.

    The two women start trading blows back and forth favoring the arms that were not just in the arm wrestling competition, those two arms might be a bit shot for the moment. The ref signals for the bell, making it a no contest but Sarah and Sally don't care and keep going at each other. Sally goes for a lariat but Sarah counters it into a DDT. Sally is laid out on the mat. Sarah climbs out of the ring and grabs a steel chair, the crowd boos as she steps back into the ring with the metal makeshift weapon. Sally tries to get up and she is clocked in the head with the steel chair. Sarah slaps the downed Sally once on the stomach with the chair for good measure. The crowd boos as Sarah tosses the chair to the side and then raises the title belt above her head. Sarah then exits the ring with a smirk on her face as Sally rolls around in pain.


    Fight Night returns from commercial to the commentator's table.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen we have a special treat for you tonight. We will get a word from the boss through the satellite. Can you hear me sir?

    The screen lights up and we find Jimmy King in a plush looking location at what looks to be a little get together at a house in Miami. King holds a glass of wine in one hand and a smirk on his face as a bunch of 'beautiful' people all converse around him.

    Jimmy King: Loud and clear..

    Jim Taylor: Mmr. King, thank you for your time. You're on vacation hiding from Wolf and..

    Piers Gallagher: Hey, hey! Allow me to take over. Mr King, How are you tonight sir? You're looking great.

    Jimmy King: Thank you Piers, good to see there's some professionalism behind the announce desk. But I'm a fair guy so I'll answer the senile old twits statement. Taylor, I took time off because I could, my group? The Chosen Few? Just look at what's going on around you. PAJ's game has stepped up ten fold, Rondo? He's showing his true colors. Ryan Hall? It's all going great. So pardon me if I feel I can sit down here in Miami rather than up with all those hogs in New York. You're looking at the greatest mind in wrestling world. I am not afriad of nobody.

    Piers Gallagher: I tried telling him that King, he won't listen. Like you said. Senile.

    Jim Taylor: Oh brother..

    Clint Shephard: ANYWAY. Sir, you put Wolf out of title hunt, and last week he chose to threaten you, I thought I'd give you this platform to let the world know that you don't sweat Wolf, That the Beast doesn't bother you at all. I mean look at're sipping fine wine with friends right now.

    King chuckles to himself and nods

    Jimmy King: You're a great journalist Clint, You've always got the right end of the stick. I watched the show last week, and I forgive you for letting Wolf know where I was. Lets face facts here boys, Wolf has a laundry list of injuries and it looks like we will have to put him on the shelf like the unwanted toy that he is and..

    King is interupted when a large man leans in whispering into his ear. We can't hear what is being said but King's eyes narrow.

    Jimmy King: Excuse me a second guys..

    Jim Taylor: What's going on?

    King follows the man as they walk through the house, the camera follows behind, they head outside the front door and the man, who we can assume is security, points off camera

    Security: That Dodge Ram has been sitting there for an hour..

    The camera pans around as we see King step forward, his face drops as he starts to breath a little heavier. The fans back in the arena give a cheer as a chant for 'WOLF, WOLF, WOLF' starts to pass around back in Hammerstein Ballroom.

    Jim Taylor: Has Wolf crashed Kings party?!

    Piers Gallagher: What?! No! Sir, it can't be him! He's here..

    All of a sudden out of the truck multiple wolves come out. Running around scaring the life out of King.

    Jimmy King: SECURITYYYYY!!

    The camera shoots back to Valentino who stands wide eyed.

    Clint Shephard: Sir? .........Mr King..?

    Jimmy King: SHUT UP!

    King turns to the camera.

    Jimmy King: Wolf! You think you have me rattled? You don't know who you are dealing with here! You don't know what's going on. I will eradicate you from the history of this industry! Don't think I wont! Show your damn self to me! You are NOTHING to me! Cut the damn cameras, cut them!

    King turns around to see one huge banner on his house.

    The King is dead. Long live the FWA!

    The feed cuts as King throws a diva like hissy fit about what just happened.

    Jim Taylor: Well folks I guess that Wolf isn't in the mood for waiting around. He seems to have gotten right back under King's skin here tonight.

    Glass Shards Match
    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs Alexander Sokolov

    Lindsay Monahan: The following is a Glass Shards Match. Introducing first representing the BIRD Empire and being accompanied to the ring by his bodyguard River, and his girlfriend Amber. He is none other then Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird.

    Ameno” by Era plays causing the crowd to sing along to the song, then burst out into a big cheer as they hear the roar of Vincent and River's motorcycles. Vincent and River come out from the back on their motorcycles as Amber sits behind Vincent. They drive down the ramp and park their motorcycles in front of the protective tarp that surrounds the ring. As Amber get off of Vincent's motorcycle, she kisses him. Vincent nods to River then heads into the ring looking at the panes of glass in a few of the corners and a wooden board with gusset plates on it. Vincent kneels and feels the wooden planks that make up the mat-less ring.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, hailing from Moscow, Russia. Weighing in at 187 pounds, he is Alexander Sokolov.

    Banshee OST” by Methodic Doubt plays as Alexander Sokolov comes out from the back while the crowd boos him. Sokolov makes his way down to the ring keeping his eyes on both Amber and River as well as Vincent who is leaning against the ropes with his hands interlocked behind his head. Sokolov cautiously gets into the ring.

    The referee signals for the bell and Vincent charges at Sokolov taking him down with a hard Running DDT. Vincent picks Sokolov up and slingshots him into one of the corners, but Sokolov reverses it sending Vincent towards the pane of glass sitting up in the corner. Vincent stops before smashing into the glass, then turns around and gets nailed by a Springboard Spinning Back Kick from Sokolov sending Vincent backwards into the pane of glass shattering it and causing his shirt to rip as several of the shards of glass stick into Vincent's shoulder drawing blood.

    Vincent screams as he gets up and goes to pull a shard of glass out of his shoulder, then quickly ducks and hits Sokolov with a European Uppercut to the groin as Sokolov was attempting to hit Vincent with a second Springboard Spinning Back Kick from Sokolov causing Sokolov to crash down onto the wooden floor. Vincent goes over and picks up the wooden board that has gusset plates on it then goes back over to where Sokolov is at and slams the wooden board down hard onto Sokolov's arm, lifting up and slamming it down on his leg as he writhes in pain drawing blood from both limbs.

    Vincent tosses the wooden board aside then pulls several of the wooden boards from the ring up creating a hole in the ring. Vincent then grabs one of the pane of glass and sets it down to cover the hole. Vincent goes to grab Sokolov but he had slid out of the ring to recover, so Vincent slides out of the ring to get him. As Vincent grabs Sokolov, Sokolov nails Vincent in the gut with his elbow then hits Vincent with the Red Eye and goes to follow it up with the Dragon Sleeper. While wrenching the submission hold in, Vincent reaches under the ring to grab a bat with glass shards glued to it and hits Sokolov's chest with the bat forcing him to release the hold.

    Vincent uses the bat to stand up then leans against the ring while telling Sokolov to get up. As Sokolov starts to get up, Vincent goes to swing the bat at Sokolov's head only for Sokolov to hit Vincent with a Low Blow. Sokolov rolls Vincent back into the ring and tosses the bat into the ring then pulls a table out from under the ring. Sokolov sets the table up to be parallel to the ring, he then grabs the wooden board that has some of the gusset plates still on it and lays it onto the table followed by scooping some of the broken glass shards and spreads it onto the table.

    Sokolov gets onto the ring apron to climb into the ring as Vincent swings the wooden bat with glass shards glued to it with all of his strength to break the bat across Sokolov's head leaving some of the glass shards in his head and side of his face. Vincent falls onto the wooden mat as Sokolov falls backwards through the table landing on the wooden board with gusset plates on it. The ring side medical staff rush over and check on Sokolov who is found unconscious, while the referee in the ring checks on Vincent. Vincent starts to get up letting the referee know he is still conscious so the referee gets up and asks the medical staff about Sokolov. One of the members of the medical staff informs the referee that Sokolov is unconscious and cannot continue so the referee calls for the bell.

    Winner by knockout: Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird
    As a bloodied and injured Vincent gets to his feat using the corner turnbuckle, “Ameno” by Era plays when through the crowd Jethro Warren makes a beeline for Vincent. Jethro slides into the ring and nails Vincent a Rope Assisted Inverted Lungblower. Jethro pulls out a taser and goes to taze River who had gotten onto the ring then quickly hops back off of the ring before he could get stunned by the tazer. Amber and River look on as Jethro hits Vincent with the Fire-Flowsion sending him through the pane glass that was covering the whole in the floor.

    The paramedics lift the ring apron and slide the board along with the neck brace. They get it on Vincent and carefully put him onto the board. They slide him out from under the ring and lift him onto the stretcher. As they push the stretcher up the ramp the ring workers begin to put the ring back together and covered while Jethro sits on one of the top turnbuckles admiring the damage he caused Vincent. “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold plays and the Emerald Champion, Drew Stevenson comes out and as he passes the respective stretchers that Vincent and Sokolov are on, he simply shakes his head in disgust. Drew gets into the finished ring as the paramedics get Vincent onto the entrance stage when Vincent stops them and then motions to River to give him the mic.

    Vincent: Earl... Vincent painfully coughs then continues to speak Earlier today I finalized a very sweet deal with Jimmy King for the Aces High PPV this Sunday. Stevenson, you're going to have to defend the X-Divis, sorry “Emerald Championship” against three other guys. Those three guys are myself of course, the unconsious Alexander Sokolov and Vincent chuckles as he raises his right arm up some painfully and points towards Jethro who is still sitting on the top turnbuckle, forcing Drew to look at Jethro your very own partner there, Jethro Warren.

    Drew shouts in protest while Jethro raises an eyebrow and looks over towards his partner for the match, then smirks as he eyes the Emerald Championship that Drew has on his shoulders.

    Jethro Warren and "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson vs. Tobias Cooper and Carmine "Grim" Reaper

    Jethro enters first alone, he looks a bit grizzled and his beard looks a bit more scraggly than usual. He gets some light boos from the crowd as he steps into the ring looking very standoffish. Then Drew Stevenson comes out accompanied by the sexy Lucy Pinder, Drew flexes his muscles and poses a bit, the crowd boos him but in his mind they might as well be cheers. Drew gets into the ring and almost straight up ignores Jethro though the two exchange a knowing look to let themselves both know they they're in this together. Then Tobias and Carmine come out to a respectable pop from the crowd. Tobias and Carmine get towards the ring but look focused for the match at hand. Jethro decides to start off and he goes against Carmine.

    Carmine and Jethro lock up and the two men go at each other, they seem evenly matched in strength that is until Carmine takes Jethro down to the mat and starts to deliver some MMA style forearms to the skull of Jethro. Jethro manages to fight Carmine off of him and the two men lock up again but this time Jethro grabs Carmine and elbows him in the nose then takes the stunned Carmine and hits him with a modified Russian leg sweep into a modified Camel Clutch hold. Carmine manages to power out of the hold and kicks Jehtro off of him. Carmine and Jethro exchange a few blows but Jethro eventually comes out on top and throws Carmine into the turnbuckle then hits him with a spear. Carmine crumbles into the corner and Jethro begins to repeatedly stomp on the downed opponent until the ref orders Jethro to back off. Carmine is already looking beat up and is trying to use the ropes to get himself up.

    As Carmine gets to his feet Jethro rushes up and grabs Carmine right into a running backbreaker. Carmine rolls on the ground in pain and Jethro delivers an elbow drop to the chest of Carmine. Jethro continues to dominate Carmine for several minutes until Carmine finally manages to counter out of an attempted suplex and turn it into a DDT. Carmine crawls over to the corner and tags in Tobias who comes out and knocks Jethro down with a flying lariat. Jehtro gets up fast but is clotheslined to the ground. Jethro bounces to his feet but Tobias is there to grab Jethro into a reverse Atomic drop! Tobias is fired up and the crowd is cheering him on, but Tobias takes his eyes off of Jethro just a moment too long and Jethro comes from behind and forearms Tobias in the back of the skull. Tobias tags in Drew. Drew is booed the moment he steps into the ring, but the Emerald just smirks. Tobias turns to Drew looking groggy he has no idea what is about to happen. Drew laughs at the crowd and poor Tobias finds himself grabbed by Drew and hit with his finisher Final Conflict. Drew hooks the leg 1...2...3! Drew and Jehtro shake hands politely as Lucy comes into the ring and hugs Drew. Then all three of them exit leaving Tobias laying in the ring and an exhausted Carmine sitting on the ring apron looking depressed.

    Winners: Drew Stevenson and Jethro Warren


    The crowd boos as Thomas Princeton appears on the screen in his signature suit walking backstage when he is approached by an old friend....Drew Jolson....

    Tom: Drew, how are you? Haven't seen you in a while.

    Drew: Tom! What the hell do you think you're doing?! You're about to sell out the entire FWA for a title shot!

    Tom: The FWA sold out on me my friend. What did you think? That I was just going to sit around and watch things happen? I haven't aligned myself with Mr. King. He never offered me a chance to be a part of his "revolutionary" team.

    Drew: Are you actually implying that you would have joined if he offered?

    Tom: If the incentive was good enough, yes.

    Drew: I can't believe you!

    Tom: Believe it. I am about to be within arm's grasp of making history. The FWA will survive, and I'll be it's own king. Just you wait and see!

    Drew: You are delusional if you think that this will somehow put you in better standings. What do you think will happen if King falls?

    Tom: Well seeing as he has quite the stranglehold right now we'll just have to wait and see. Im adaptable Drew, no matter what happens I'll find the best angle.

    Drew: I can't deny your skill in that arena, just be careful alright?

    Tom: History rarely speaks of those who played it safe, Mr. Jolson. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a main event to prepare for.

    Tom walks off backstage leaving Drew to stay behind shaking his head.

    Jack Gekko (w/ Team Gekko) vs. Ashley 'O Ryan (w/ Stu St. Clair)

    Gekko hits the ring first, waiting as Ash's music hits and he explodes through the curtain. Halfway down the ramp he breaks into a sprint, sliding into the ring and instantly trading blows with Gekko as the opening bell sounds! Ash throwing some heavy shots and Gekko is forced to cover up as Ash drives him back against the ropes. Ash moves in and Gekko goes downstairs with a kick to the gut, followed by some quick strikes that knocks Ash into the corner. Gekko comes in with a barrage of kicks and some clubbing shots across the back, beating Ash down against the turnbuckles! Gekko whips him into the far turnbuckle but Ash charges right back out, running him down with a clothesline! Gekko staggers back up and Ash kicks him in the gut and goes for the Gauntlet but Gekko nails him with an elbow to the side of the head, pushing him away! Gekko stumbles back against the ropes but Ash charges after him, clotheslining him over the top rope to the outside! The fans cheer as Ash talks some trash then climbs outside after him. He lands a couple shots but Gekko drives an elbow into his gut. He tries to slam Ash's face into the barricade but Ash blocks it, then slams gekko head-first into the barricade! Ash is all over Gekko, stomping him repeatedly before he drags him toward the commentator's table...

    Taylor: Uh-oh!

    Piers: Outta my way, I'm not sticking around for this!

    He grabs Gekko by the hair but Gekko ails him with a sharp kick to the back of the knee! He slams Ash's face into the table then slings him back into the ring. Gekko rolls in after him and lands a couple hard strikes but Ash rattles off some heavy punches then tackles Gekko and takes him down with a spinebuster! Ash tries to follow it up with knee drop but Gekko rolls out of the way at the last second as his knee comes down on the mat! Gekko lands a vicious kick to the head, then bounces off the ropes and connects with a running dropkick! Gekko snapmares Ash back down then delivers a soccer kick right to the spine, earning himself a 2-count! Gekko hits some forearm strikes then whips Ash into the ropes and he goes for a leapfrog but Ash catches him on his shoulders, turning it into a samoan drop! Ash scrambles to his feet again and he goes for Another Dead Romance but Gekko gets away! Ash charges in and Gekko surprises him with an inside cradle for a CLOSE 2-count! Ash pops back up but Gekko beats him to the punch with jawbreaker that stuns Ashley!!!

    Jack Gekko runs off the ropes but Ashley lands a sudden enzuiguri and and hits "Another Dead Romance" and hooks both legs!!!

    Before the three count, the rest of Team Gekko hits the ring and begins a beat down on Ashley 'O Ryan!!! The referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Jack Gekko. The other half of the tag team champions, Stu St. Clair, slides into the ring and runs off the entire trio of Team Gekko.

    Winner via Disqualification: Ashley 'O Ryan

    Then, the lights in the arena go out.

    The crowd is left in utter confusion, until there's a single light in the middle of the ring. The lights come back on and we see Ayla El holding a lantern and DIVINE (dressed in drag) holding a steel chair and bashing it down on Ashley. Ayla comes from behind and bashes Stu in the head with the lantern, glass shattering everywhere! Ayla grabs a microphone as the crowd boos.

    Ayla El: I'm back.

    The crowd explodes with more boos, Ayla simply smirks. Jack Gekko and his allies are watching curiously from outside the ring.

    Ayla El: The tag team champions look pretty pathetic right now. Thankfully I was here to provide a divine intervention. All I have to say right now is that Stu St. Clair used to proclaim that I was what was wrong with this company... well if he thinks that he's the definition of right in this company... then I like being wrong! And trust me... after everything I have been through in this company, I think it's time that I unleash the truly WRONG things upon this company.

    Ayla points at Divine, before throwing the microphone down onto Stu's lifeless body.

    Cameras cut backstage to show the trio known as "Team King" hyping one another up with Ryan Hall, PAJ and Ryan Rondo all talking confidently and looking like one. Jimmy King appears to the three men, nods his head and turns away just as confident.

    The feed changes to show WOLF walking on his own to the ring, Gabrielle Montgomery doing the same down a different hallway, and Shane McLean walking in front of a talkative Shawn Dotcherty and Bobby Thunder. The screen is split in three, showing the division of the team compared to the unison of Team King, and apparently a video shot of Whyte Thunder wasn't available.

    Clint Shephard:
    Team King and Thomas Princeton against the FWA's final defenders!!! Here we go! It's coming up after this commercial break!

    Main event:
    Team King (Ryan Hall, PAJ and Ryan Rondo) & Thomas Princeton
    Whyte Thunder, Gabrielle Montgomery, WOLF and Shane McLean

    Ryan Hall and Shane McLean begin the match in the ring. Shane locks in a side head lock as Hall shoves him into the ropes and quickly tags in Ryan Rondo. The current North American champion levels Shane with a nice leg lariat and then a swining neckbreaker slam. Rondo with a series of uppercuts but Shane McLean battles back and lands a running knee thrust into the stomach and a double underhook backbreaker. Tag made to WOLF, who knocks Rondo down with a charging body thrust. Rondo rakes the eyes and tags in PAJ, who charges and lands a running shoulder thrust.

    PAJ grabs WOLF and lands a nice vertical suplex. He follows with a few taunts and a ground head lock as the crowd trades between a "Gabrielle" chant and a "Whyte Thunder" chant. PAJ mocks Gabrielle being a female and thrusts his crotch, only to turn into a HUGE spinebuster from WOLF. Tag made to Gabrielle, who lands a series of uppercuts and backhand chops across the chest. Whip into the ropes and a beautiful hip toss and then a standing leg drop!!!

    Gabrielle engages PAJ once more but he shoves her away and tags in Thomas Princeton. Gabrielle and Princeton exchange a series of arm drags and hip tosses. Princeton finally gains the upperhand with a whip off the ropes, ducks a clothesline and hits a scoop slam. Princeton mocks both Shane McLean AND one of his partners, Ryan Rondo. Both try to retaliate with violence but teammates stop it. Princeton bends down and Gabrielle stuns him with a kick to the face. She tags in Whyte Thunder, who lands a springboard leg lariat, a falling neckbreaker slam and three rolling German suplexes!!! He covers, but Ryan Hall breaks up the count at two!!!

    Whyte Thunder chases Hall away but Princeton goes for a "Better than You" clothesline!!! Whyte Thunder ducks under and tags in Gabrielle. The former World champion and Women's champion runs off the ropes and hits a thunderous bulldog on Princeton. She follows with a "Black Widow" DDT and Whyte Thunder, Shane McLean and WOLF stand guard as the crowd cheers.

    Jimmy King ORDERS the bell ring before the referee counts to three.

    Winners: ???
    All hell breaks loose as WOLF goes into a rage and flings PAJ into the ring with one swift movement. WOLF and Gabrielle begin stomping into PAJ while Princeton and Rondo team up and assault Shane McLean. Whyte Thunder and Ryan Hall come face to face and lock eyes. Hall steps into the ring despite Jimmy King's orders to leave and the crowd is going ballistic with "Whyte Thunder" and "FWA" chants.

    Ryan Hall is spouting off as Whyte Thunder stands like a silent statue without any expression. Before any punches are thrown, though, the locker room empties as the entire FWA roster charges down the rampway and joins the frey!!!

    Tim Sullivan:
    Order is broken!!!

    First, the tag champs, Vodka & Venom, come down the rampway and into the ring. They begin brawling against Princeton and Rondo. The Bretheren El evens the odds, and Team Gekko also comes down to the ringside area and begins wailing away on Stu and Ashley. Drew Stevenson is next. Then Jason Gryphon. Christian Quinn. Lord Vincent Takaabm Blackbird. Jethro Warren. Alexander Sokolov. Alexander Askerov. Zayne Richards. Everyone on the roster makes it an all out war zone. Many of them are teaming up on Ryan Hall and Whyte Thunder while others are battling on the outside. Hall and Thunder seem to be fending off the rabid dogs and come closer to fighting one another, but Thomas Princeton lands a clothesline to Ryan Hall, sending him out of the ring, and PAJ hits his "PAJle" kick to Whyte Thunder, knocking him to the floor FOR THE FIRST TIME since he returned as the dark superhero.

    Clint Shephard:
    All we know is Aces High and Carnal Contendership will be one hellacious show and match!!! Will Team King remain on top?! Will WOLF be in the FWA when Fight Night airs again?! And who will go to Back in Business to challenge for the World title?!
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    Re: Fight Night 1/24/2014 results

    Boooo no Main Event.

    Great to have Ayla/Divine and the Lobster back though.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Re: Fight Night 1/24/2014 results

    Yeah I knew that loss was coming. I was not in a good mood or a RPing mood last week and just put out something half assed.

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    Re: Fight Night 1/24/2014 results

    Great show! And I hope I can make a splash this year! I just realized the main event was missing lol.

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    Re: Fight Night 1/24/2014 results

    Main event added.

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    Re: Fight Night 1/24/2014 results

    Of course Vincent and Jethro are amongst those that are fighting each other on the outside

    [I WIN]

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