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Thread: FWA Fight Night 1/8/2014

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    FWA Fight Night 1/8/2014

    The show opens with the official Fight Night signature.

    Kill The Light’ begins to play over the arena speakers and the FWA faithful cheer and whistle as The Caramel Goddess begins to make her way down to the ring. She’s dressed rather conservatively in blue jeans and a black blouse that’s actually mostly buttoned up. She slaps hands with fans as she walks down to the ring, and gives one young fan a hug before she enters the ring.

    Growing up watching Kerry Kennedy, idolising him…I never actually thought my dream could come true. But it did. And for over seven years it has been everything I had ever dreamed of, everything and so much more. The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance has been so good to me, even when I haven’t. It is why I’m happy to meet Saddle Sally in a bra and panties match later tonight.

    The fans cheer very loudly for mention of that match, Gabrielle while blushing slightly does a small curtsy.

    I have accomplished so very much here in this very ring. I’ve been a Champion six times in my career, I have shared the ring with numerous Hall Of Famers, both current and future. Sinful Sensuality made the world believe in fantasies, while the Great Siege showed the world that people working together for a common goal can accomplish anything. I’ve made friends for life and fallen in love in this company, and I have won just about every match possible.

    But one has alluded me, I came close last year but it was not to be. This year will be different though. Ever since Jimmy King bought the FWA, he and his puppets have done all they can to make my life miserable. For weeks and weeks I was attacked by Ryan Hall at every turn, he knew I was going to take that FWA Championship back at Trial By Fire, so he wore me down and escaped by the skin of his teeth. But if he and his master think it ends that easily they are deluding themselves. Carnal Contendership is the perfect opportunity for me to reign on Jimmy Kings parade.

    Ryan Hall got lucky at Trial By Fire…he swung a sledgehammer at my head every week…and I’m still here, just as hungry as ever to be the FWA Champion. Through all the firsts in my career, all the history I have made, I’m not done yet. I will make history again and become the first ever woman to win the Carnal Contendership match. Then I will go on to Back In Business, continuing my tradition of always competing in Championship matches at the biggest event in this industry. Jimmy Kings puppets haven’t stopped the most successful female wrestler of all time, they’ve merely prolonged the inevitable…

    ‘Hail To The King’ then plays out and the well dressed, arrogantly smiling PAJ walks out atop the entryway. Gabrielle just gives him a look of disgust and annoyance. PAJ starts laughing as he speaks.

    Are you kidding me?! YOU winning the Carnal Contendership?! Don't me make laugh. I am superior to you in every single damn way. I like to believe I'm a good guy and by being a good guy I have one fatal flaw...I'm too honest for my own is my curse. You do not belong in the ring with us men. You might break a nail or mess up your hair. You should be fighting with the other women just like every other woman in this business. They simply have no place in the ring in the new vision of FWA.

    Gabrielle: You, Jimmy, and the Ryan’s can say whatever they want, think whatever you want. But I have had to deal with your Neanderthal opinions for my entire career. People telling me I wouldn’t make it. People telling me I couldn’t possibly be World Champion. But I was the Champion for ten months, I am the second longest reigning World Champion in FWA history. You meanwhile PAJ…have accomplished nothing. I’m not like so many others, I wont sing your praises, because I see nothing worth singing about.

    PAJ: Ugh, I guess I will have to put you in your place at Aces High. Don't say I didn't want you. I wanted to protect you. You are a valuable ASSet to FWA and nothing else. I am a Two Time North American Champion. I have been the most dominate wrestler this year and you have the audacity to tell me that I am nothing. I'm a married man and I thought I could put up with the mouth on women but you have taken it too far. I should smack you right now but you are not worth my slapping. You are like all women in this business, Eye candy, you jiggle your tits and all the fat, hairy virgins in the audience salivate at it and then go home and whack off to the pictures they took. I don't need to degrade myself to get over. Just like normal you are bending over to give someone something they want. You sell yourself all you want because I am better than that because I respect my own body and my ability. The Whore of Babylon won't stop The Prince claiming his given right. I would go down to that ring right now and show you...but I have better things to do with my time rather than waste it in the ring with you.

    PAJ smirks smugly and then returns to the back, leaving a scowling Gabrielle in the ring. She shakes her head with disgust and then smirks before marching backstage.

    Tobias Cooper & Vincent Blackbird vs Alexander Sokolov & Jethro Warren
    Lindsay Monahan: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 195 pounds, Tobias Cooper.

    They are Lost” by Last Remaining Pinnacle plays and Tobias comes out to a mixture of cheers and boos.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his partner, representing the BIRD Empire and being accompanied to the ring by his bodyguard River, and his girlfriend Amber. He is none other then Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird.

    Ameno” by Era plays causing the crowd to sing along to the song, then burst out into a big cheer as they see Vincent, Amber and River come out from the back. Vincent kisses Amber then heads into the ring joining Tobias.

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 444 pounds, they are Alexander Sokolov and Jethro Warren.

    Jethro's theme song “Dark Grounds” by Adrian Von Ziegler plays and part way into it we hear the sound of Norah, Vincent's customized motorcycle roar causing the crowd to boo heavily and Vincent to appear visibly pissed off. As Jethro comes out from the back riding Vincent's motorcycle while Sokolov comes out smugly from the back on the entrance stage, Vincent gets out of the ring and tries to make a bee line for the two men only for Sokolov to nod and several of his guys jump the barricade and create a barrier on the entrance ramp preventing Vincent, River and Amber from getting to Jethro and Sokolov, more importantly, preventing Vincent from reclaiming Norah.

    Amber whispers into Vincent's ear to take this anger to the ring and after they beat the team of Jethro & Sokolov, they'll be able to reclaim Norah. Vincent visibly upset relents and gets back into the ring with a slightly worried Tobias. River and Amber move to the side allowing Jethro and Sokolov to get into the ring unharmed.

    The referee signals for the bell and Vincent charges at Jethro and they exchange blows until Jethro tries to hit a DDT on Vincent whom blocks it then Vincent tries to hit his own DDT onto Jethro only for Jethro to block it as well. Both men back up seemingly even, Vincent backed up to far and Tobias tagged himself in, upsetting Vincent a little bit as Vincent shouts at Tobias asking him what does he think he's doing. The referee forces Vincent out of the ring as Jethro tags in Sokolov.

    They charge at each other with Tobias getting the upper hand by hitting Sokolov with a Lariat followed by several elbows. Tobias gets up and tries to get the crowd behind him by smacking his elbow, then charges at Sokolov who is getting up and nails him with a Rolling Elbow. Tobias picks Sokolov up and goes for a Facebuster only for Sokolov to counter with a Crucifix Headscissors. Sokolov lunges and tags Jethro in and just before Tobias could tag Vincent in, Jethro hits Tobias with a Fist Drop to his back then locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab. Tobias looks to be about ready to tap out so Vincent charges into the ring and rebounding off of the rope that Jethro was facing and before he could react Vincent nails him with a wicked Running DDT breaking up the submission.

    The referee goes to send Vincent back onto the apron when Sokolov gets into the ring and hits Tobias with a Series of Kicks while Tobias was still on the ground. Sokolov picks Tobias up and then connects with the Red Eye with Jethro catching Tobias and gets ready to hit the Fire-Flowsion only to get hit by Vincent's Clan Blackbird. Vincent then gets nailed by Sokolov's Red Eye and Sokolov then gets nailed by a Brain Buster from Tobias. Tobias not realizing that Sokolov isn't the legal man goes to pin him, only for the referee to not count and tell him that Jethro is the legal man.

    Tobias gets up and sees Jethro is in the corner with his back to him, charges to hit him with a Rolling Elbow only for Jethro to turn around and quickly sidestep Tobias who then hits the exposed turnbuckle. Jethro grabs the injured Tobias and hits the Knockout Bomb. Jethro goes to pin Tobias only for Vincent to launch himself onto Jethro breaking up the pin at the count of 2. Jethro and Vincent start exchanging blows with Vincent hitting Jethro with a Backhand Chopsending Jethro into his corner where Sokolov tags himself in. Vincent chases after Jethro who rolled to the outside where they continue their fight.

    Sokolov goes to hit Tobias with a Springboard Spinning Back Kick that Tobias ducks and then sends Sokolov to the outside causing him to crash into Vincent and Jethro whom were fighting on the outside. Tobias runs and gets onto the turnbuckle then hits Jethro, Sokolov and subsequently Vincent with a Shooting Star Press taking out all three men. Tobias rolls Sokolov back into the ring then gets onto the ring apron and uses the ropes to hit Sokolov with another Shooting Star Press. Tobias pins Sokolov who kicks out at 2 ½.

    Tobias looks to hit Sokolov with another Brain Buster but as he picked Sokolov up, Sokolov blocks then backs himself up into his own corner where Jethro tags in. Vincent shouts at Tobias to tag him in, but Tobias ignores his partner and goes to hit Jethro with a Rolling Elbow only for Jethro to counter with a Uranage Suplex. Tobias craws over to tag Vincent but Vincent hops off of the ring apron after Amber touches Vincent's leg, Tobias looking confused gets up and is nailed by Jethro's Fire-Flowsion then pins Tobias to get the victory.

    Winner by Pin Fall: Jethro Warren and Alexander Sokolov (Match Time: 12:26)

    Dark Grounds” plays as Sokolov gets into the ring so that he and Jethro can both taunt Vincent only for Vincent to laugh then smirks as he points towards the entrance stage. “Dark Grounds” stops playing as Jethro and Sokolov look up towards the entrance stage and sees every one of Sokolov's guys laid out with River next to Vincent's motorcycle, Norah, and several members of the BIRD Empire and the Miami Charter of the Sons of Anarchy standing over the laid out Russians. Vincent slides into the ring and is the first to notice that Vincent is in a crouched position nails Sokolov with a Yakuza Kick then ducks out of the ring as Vincent charges towards them only to nail Sokolov with the Clan Blackbird.

    Ameno” plays with the crowd singing along to it as Vincent stands tall over a laid out Sokolov and still injured Tobias as he stares angrily at Jethro who stares back from the crowd. Amber gets into the ring and raises Vincent's arm as Tobias slowly gets to his feet. Tobias goes over to join Vincent in the celebration only for Vincent to nail him with the Wrath of the BIRD Empire causing him to land hard on the injured Sokolov, Amber then hands Vincent a mic.

    Vincent: Jethro don't get too comfortable because soon you'll suffer the same wrath that my former partner Tobias and many others have felt. Oh and Sokolov, I know you can't hear me right now but when you wake up and rewatch this match. Next week, we will face each other in a one on one match, and it will be Glass Shards Match.

    Before anything else happens, Drew Stevenson's music plays as the self-proclaimed "Emerald Champion" appears at the top of the rampway with a microphone in hand.

    Drew Stevenson: You see, this type of crap is what I'm talking about. NO ONE wants to see a "Glass Shards" match. They want to see WRESTLING! Wrest-el-ing! The X-Division became a toilet because of stuff like this, and guys like Lord Vincent and Alexander Sokolov. And Jethro Warren, the best technical guy in the bunch, probably gets left out to dry and forgotten. Excuse me while I try to rebuild and recreate a new legacy, but you guys are fighting for something already dead and gone.

    Carmine "Grim" Reaper vs. Alexander Askerov

    The bell rings and Carmine Reaper lands a stiff right hand to Askerov. Carmine lands a second. And a third. And a fourth. Askerov is backed to the ropes and Carmine aggressively clotheslines Askerov over the top rope and to the outside floor. Askerov grabs the apron and tries pulling himself up. Carmine lands a running forearm to the upper back. Then he tries slamming Askerov's face into the apron. Askerov blocks it and lands an elbow into Carmine's stomach. Then he lands a series of forearm shots to Carmine and shoves him back-first into the announcer's table. Askerov then lands a snap suplex on the outside floor's padding. Askerov then grabs Carmine by the neck and rolls him back into the ring. Askerov rolls in and begins stomping into the spine of Carmine. He hooks the far leg and Carmine kicks out at one and one quarter.

    Askerov whips Carmine into the ropes and goes for a quick northern lights suplex, but Carmine stalls and lands a clubbing forearm into the lower spine. Carmine hits a scoop slam and a quick elbow drop to the chest. He hooks the near leg.
    (...........1...............2.Kick out)

    Carmine grabs Askerov around the neck and whips him to the ropes. Askerov lands a clothesline in reply and then a back suplex. Askerov follows with a belly to belly suplex! He covers, but Carmine kicks out at two and a quarter.

    Askerov grabs Carmine and sends him to the ropes. Carmine lands a shoulder thrust and then a running elbow smash. Askerov stumbles to the turnbuckle and Carmine whips him across, but Askerov tries reversing. Carmine however reverses it back and sends Askerov chest first into the original turnbuckle. Carmine locks in a rear waist lock and tries for a belly to back suples, but Askerov being the suplex technician he is counters with a T-bone variation!

    Askerov motions that the end is coming. He grabs Carmine by the neck and sets up for another suplex, but this time Carmine counters and hits his running powerslam finisher! Carmine covers.

    Winner: Carmine "Grim" Reaper (Match Time: 10:41)

    Shannon O'Neal is backstage with Robbins Thurgood talking about whatever it is they are talking about. Up walks Mackenzie Roberts, who is talking on her phone to someone. She asks Shannon and Robbins to shush with the impolite finger-to-mouth gesture. Shannon is, quite simply, not impressed.

    "Well that's why you're my agent! You know what? Make this happen! I want a raise and I want a title shot. There are four women wrestlers in this company right now...and..."

    Mackenzie looks over to Shannon and Robbins, both who are curiously watching Mackenzie's bitch-out of her agent.

    "And well, one isn't really even a wrestler."

    Mackenzie snickers at Shannon, who changes her tune from smiling to an angry sneer.

    "Sarah Wolf is the Women's Champion. But that won't stay that way for long."

    Mackenzie hangs up her phone and smirks again toward Shannon.

    "Ya' know, maybe instead of insisting on hand-outs, you can...I don't know...beat Sarah? I lost but I accept she was better. Ya' don't see me runnin' around callin' Robbins every second complainin' about my standing. Honey, I come from hard times and I had to work for every penny. I look at you...listen to you...take you all in...and honey, I'm not impressed."

    Mackenzie walks up and gets right in Shannon's face. She shakes her head and laughs.

    "There are four girls in this division right now. You're fourth. There's some 'standing' for you."

    Mackenzie walks off as Shannon glares at her, ending the scene with Robbins looking on.

    "Living Mythology" Jason Gryphon vs. "The Monster" Mac Michaud

    When the bell rings, Jason Gryphon tries avoiding any contact with Mac Michaud by circling the ring. Gryphon ducks under a grapple attempt and then another. And a third. Gryphon finally is caught when Mac outsmarts him by lunging but turning quick enough to lock in a rear waist lock. Mac lands a belly-to-back takedown and locks in a front ground head lock. Gryphon is losing air and then Mac lands a series of uppercuts into the ribs and sternum. He shoves Gryphon into the ropes and lands a right hand to the stomach. And a second. And a third. Mac whips Gryphon into the ropes and lands a back body drop. Mac locks in a side head lock as Gryphon tries rising up and lands a strong hip toss. Then he lands double-fisted pummels into his chest. Mac covers, but Gryphon kicks out right at one.

    Mac continues, this time landing a scoop powerslam and an elbow drop into the chest. Mac follows with a few stomps into the ribs. He grabs Gryphon by the neck and flings him like a rag doll into the turnbuckle and then lands a running big boot that makes Gryphon's upper body nearly flip over the turnbuckle and onto the apron.

    Mac grabs Gryphon around the neck and lets him fall face first. He rolls him over and covers.
    (.................1.................2..Kick out)

    Mac grabs Gryphon again and irish whips to the ropes. Mac telegraphs a back body drop and Gryphon this time lands a running knee smash. Gryphon then hits a standing dropkick to the chest! He lands a jumping forearm to Mac, who is stumbled back to the turnbuckle, and Gryphon lands a Stinger splash!!! Gryphon continues the offense with a Tornado DDT attempt, but Mac counters into a ferocious spinebuster!!!!! Mac hooks the far leg for a pin!
    (...............1.................2..........Kick out)

    Mac Michaud grabs Gryphon around the neck and locks in a side arm twist. He follows with a back suplex and covers again, but kick out at two and a half!!! Mac grabs Gryphon by the wrist and locks in a wrist and then lands a series of shoulder thrusts. But Gryphon keeps getting up. Mac whips Gryphon into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Gryphon ducks and lands a spinning wheel kick. Then he goes to the top turnbuckle as Mac is rising and lands a game-changing crossbody!!! But Mac catches Gryphon and hits a fallaway slam!!! Mac covers by laying his much-heavier body on top of Gryphon.
    ( up!!!)

    Gryphon then grabs Mac by the legs and tries rising to his feet. Mac helps him up only to land a punch to the face. And a second one. And a third one. The pace continues to Mac's preference as he whips Gryphon into the ropes and this time clotheslines Gryphon hard.

    Mac is calling for the end as he grabs Gryphon and sets up for the F5KO. Gryphon is able to counter out and this time land a dropkick to the knees. He leaps to the turnbuckle and hits a twisting crossbody and hooks both legs in perfect form!

    Winner: "Living Mythology" Jason Gryphon (Match Time: 13:20)

    "Ace of Diamonds" Shane McLean is backstage stewing about his loss to Ryan Rondo and the end of his North American championship reign. He is standing with Bobby Thunder and Shawn Dotcherty.

    Bobby Thunder: Don't worry, Shane. Princeton got you this title shot for you and he and you can win another title tonight!

    Shane continues stewing as Shawn silently tells Bobby to let the championship-rich FWAer be.

    Shane McLean: Yes, but with a price.

    (Unholy Shane: Yep. Here it comes.)

    Both men suddenly raise their eyes in curiosity. Shane McLean puts his head down.

    Shane McLean: In my rematch clause, I have the right to "add" people to the rematch for the North American title. Obviously, there's very little reason to do this, right? Except, well...

    (Unholy Shane: Making deals with the devil.)

    Shane McLean sighs. It is rare seeing him without some gold over his shoulder, and it's weird for him to be without hardware, too.

    Shane McLean: For nearly six months, I was a champion of some sort. Now I'm...I feel almost naked or something. I am a champion. I am a diamond. I am the ace in the deck of cards. I saw a chance to better my odds of becoming champion, getting this tag title shot with Princeton, but he sees it as a way to do the same.

    (Unholy Shane: You got greedy. You got complacent. You got too confident.)

    Shawn Dotcherty: Yes, but how do you trust Princeton? Especially after what Ryan Rondo did, Shane! Rondo turned for greed and prosperity! Thomas Princeton is a slick oil salesman! He's got a stinkier smell than Rondo!

    Shane McLean: I have to trust him, guys.

    (Unholy Shane: Trust killed Caesar.)

    Shane McLean: Shut up.

    Shane walks away as Shawn and Bobby look on. Bobby says, "Did you say something?" Shawn shakes his head and the scene ends.

    FWA Tag Team Championship match:
    Vodka & Venom (c) vs. "Ace of Diamonds" Shane McLean & Thomas Princeton

    Tim Sullivan: Here we go! Shane McLean made a deal with Thomas Princeton to let him in the North American title rematch if it meant getting a tag title shot here tonight against Vodka & Venom!

    Clint Shephard: This is the risk he must take. it sounds like Shane McLean is putting trust in Thomas Princeton to be his friend. But Princeton has always been...not that.

    Stu St. Clair starts in the ring as a weary and cautious Ashley 'O Ryan looks on. Shane McLean does the same as he watches his partner, Thomas Princeton, in the ring eyeing up Princeton. They lock up in the center of the ring as Princeton locks a side arm lock. Stu St. Clair counters with an arm twist lock of his own, but Princeton counters with an arm drag and a side head lock. Princeton has the pace rather slow while Stu St. Clair hits an atomic drop. Stu grabs Princeton and brings to their corner. He tags in Ashley, who lands a kick to the sternum as Stu holds Princeton's arms behind his shoulders. Ashley whips Princeton into the turnbuckle charges, but Princeton sticks up his boot and tags in Shane McLean, who lands a side head lock and a hip toss. Shane follows with a Fisherman suplex to Ashley and hooks the far leg.

    But Ashley kicks out right at two. Shane grabs Ashley around the neck and whips him to the ropes. Ashley responds with a running leg lariat to Shane and tags in Stu St. Clair. The former four-time World Heavyweight Champion grabs Shane and hits a quick Piledriver plus another quick tag to Ashley 'O Ryan. The former two-time World champ kneels down and pins.
    (.............1.................2.....Kick out)

    Ashley whips Shane to the ropes but Princeton makes a blind tag. A dropkick from Ashley is followed by Princeton landing a running forearm to the back of Ashley's head. Princeton grabs Ashley and hits a stalling suplex. He follows with a pin attempt, but Ashley kicks out at two and one-fifth. Princeton grabs Ashley by the neck and whips him into the turnbuckle. He follows with a clothesline into the corner and then a snap DDT! Tag made to Shane, who goes to the top turnbuckle and lands the "InShane" diving leg drop to Ashley O' Ryan!!!

    Clint Shephard: Shane McLean could win the FWA Tag Team titles! His deal with Thomas Princeton could pay off!

    Shane McLean looks to be going for the ConcuShane, but Ashley moves and dives for a tag to Stu! "The Snake" lands a clothesline to Shane McLean and then runs off the ropes and a shoulder thrust. He follows with a Russian Leg Sweep. He tags in Ashley, who runs off the ropes but Shane lands a double leg takedown and then the "ShanePlex" brainbuster! Shane hooks the far leg.
    (.............1..............2............kick out!)

    Shane grabs Ashley and whips him into the turnbuckle. He tries for a splash, but Ashley dodges. Ashley then lands a crooked arm lariat and a springboard bulldog! Ashley tags Stu St. Clair, who grabs Shane around the neck and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Stu grabs Princeton and tries for his finishing DDT, but Princeton saves the day!!! Ashley charges and takes Princeton to the mat. Ashley goes to the top but Shane knocks him to the top turnbuckle and pulls him down. Then he lands his tree of woe kick to Ashley!!!

    Tim Sullivan: What a move from Shane!!! This could be it!

    Shane is fired up as he circles the ring. Ashley is face down in the corner. Princeton is grabbing the bottom rope trying to get to his feet. Stu St. Clair is grabbing the top turnbuckle and now has reached his feet.

    Tim Sullivan: Stu and Shane are the legal men!

    Shane McLean charges at Stu, but the crafty veteran lands an elbow to Shane's nose. Stu runs off the ropes but Shane explodes with a clothesline over the top ropes!!! Stu St. Clair is down and goes to the outside floor. Shane McLean then runs off the ropes and lands a SUICIDE DIVE from inside the ring, through the top and middle ropes and takes Stu down!!! The referee counts. 1......2......3....Shane McLean is to one knee..4......5.....Stu St. Clair is to one knee as well....6........Princeton is now outside the ring and grabbing Shane McLean....7......he rolls him into the ring. Princeton rolls Stu into the ring just before the countout!!!!

    Clint Shephard: Princeton helping Shane stay in the match and also helping Stu St. Clair into the ring! Had Stu been counted out, Vodka & Venom leave with the tag team championships!

    Tim Sullivan: I can't believe it! I thought Princeton was going to backstab Shane and here he is helping him!

    Shane is to his feet. Princeton reaches over the ropes for a tag. Shane shakes it off and appears like he may have a concussion. "The Ace of Diamonds" goes for his "ConcuShane" finisher, but Stu dodges and lands a kick to the stomach. While eyeing Princeton, Stu plants Shane McLean dead center in the ring with his Spike DDT finishing move! Stu rolls Shane to his back and makes the cover!

    Winners and STILL FWA Tag Team Champions: Vodka & Venom (Match Time: 15:33)

    Tim Sullivan: I can't believe Shane passed up bringing in a fresh Thomas Princeton! What a jealous, selfish move by the former North American Champion.

    Clint Shephard: And now it'll be Princeton and Shane going against one another in the triple threat match for the North American title at Ace's High!

    Princeton steps through the ropes and enters the ring as Vodka & Venom have left and headed up the rampway. Princeton offers a hand to Shane to help him up, which "The Ace of Diamonds" accepts.

    Tim Sullivan: And more friendship shown by Thomas Princeton. What a class act he has turned out to...

    Right as Tim is about to finish his statement, Princeton uses the still-locked hand shake and yanks Shane McLean toward him and turns the entire FWA crowd against him with a "Better than You" clothesline!!! Princeton looks down at a motionless Shane McLean, laying in the X-pose face-up, and makes a hand motion like he's done with him.

    Clint Shephard: There it is! Princeton does what everyone thought he'd do! He just waited 'till he had no use for a friendship with "The Ace of Diamonds!"

    Then, "The Amazing" Ryan Rondo, the reigning North American Champion, walks down to the ring. He passes Thomas Princeton along the way and the two stare down one another before Rondo slides into the ring. He grabs a microphone and crouches down next to an unconscious Shane McLean.

    Ryan Rondo:You're becoming amore trouble than you're worth, "Diamond." You see...I thought I was finished with you. I thought you'd never show your embarrassed face again in the FWA. But then you had to go and make a "deal" with the "devil" himself, that man, Thomas Princeton. And now, because of you and your...selfish ways...and your inability to...let things go...let sleeping dogs lay...I now have to defend my North American Championship against TWO people. You, who I've already beaten, and Thomas Princeton, who I've made a career of beating. No worries, though, because while I thought I'd be the one you were gunning for, now it seems you have two enemies in this match. And the enemy of my my friend...sort of.

    Right as Shane McLean is coming to his senses and turns his body onto his side to rise to his feet, Ryan Rondo clocks him one time right in the skull with the base of the microphone!!! The crowd roars in disapproval and showers the former fan favorite and former member of Sunrise-Sunset with resounding hate. Rondo shrugs it off and shouts, "YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME! DON'T TRY TO HIDE IT!"

    Gabrielle Montgomery is walking through the backstage area talking to Ashley O'Ryan. The two, obviously an item now, catch the attention of the FWA camera crew, which watches the pair continue walking close to one another without holding hands or doing anything sentimental aside from just looking cute and flirty. However, Gabrielle, wearing a tight long-sleeved shirt showing off her lovely chest, stops the cutesy conversation and the two hug and go their separate ways.

    The camera follows Gabrielle (because, why wouldn't you follow her from behind). Gabrielle continues walking and walks past a dark hallway, but suddenly stops one step past the hallway's entrance. She takes one step back and slowly turns her head up to look down into the darkness.

    Without saying a word, she nods her head and keeps walking. The cameras catch up to the hallway and look into the darkness, only able to see the white-and-gold face paint of Whyte Thunder staring into the ground and the medium-sized stature leaning against the white brick walls of the Hammerstein Ballroom deep in thought.

    Clint Shephard: The bra and panties match between Gabrielle Montgomery and Saddle Sally is up next! Finally time to put Gabrielle's "skills" to good use!

    Bra and Panties match:
    Gabrielle Montgomery vs. Saddle Sally

    Saddle Sally enters first to a nice pop from the crowd, there are a lot of whistles as she trusts her way to the ring wearing tight spaghetti strap top and tight jean shorts. Gabrielle enters next wearing a black tight t-shirt and short khaki shorts she also gets a big pop and lots of cheers from the crowd. The men in the arena can barely stand as they all have "pitched tents" in anticipation for this showdown. The two women size each other up, taunting each other with faux sexual undertones. The ring bell sounds and the match gets on the way.

    The two women grapple like two wild animals in a cage. Grabbing each other's hair and wrapping themselves up the match is already pretty violent and scrappy. Sally takes Gabrielle by the hair and manages to throw her face first onto the mat. Then Sally stomps on Gabrielle's back. Gabrielle screams in pain as Sally tries to rip off her shirt, the commentators remind the audience that both the shirt and pants have to be removed to win the match. Sally goes for a quick rip but Gabrielle gets up quick and the two babes start exchanging blows. Both women seem pretty determine to win this match.

    Gabrielle grabs Sally and Irish whips her off the rope, Gabrielle attempts a lariat but Sally ducks it and then grabs Gabrielle into a modified and sloppy reverse Russian leg sweep. Sally looks at the downed Gabrielle and then sprints onto the top turnbuckle. She motions to the crowd and then hits Gabrielle with a flying elbow drop right in the gut. Gabrielle coughs violently as Sally grabs Gabrielle's breasts and gives her a brutal tittytwister! Sally then yanks off the shirt revealing Gabrielle's bra the arena cheers and starts making cat calls. Sally grins and attempts to kick Gabrielle in the gut but Gabby is ready and grabs Sally's boot and then pulls her in for a lariat. Sally is decked and rolls on the mat in pain.

    Gabrielle gets down and puts Sally in a surfboard hold, Sally screams in pain and Gabrielle holds the maneuver for a while but then Sally manages to power out as some members of the crowd start cheering her on. The arena seems fairly split about 60/40 with the majority in Gabrielle's favor but they are screaming for their favorite diva. Sally and Gabrielle lock up but Gabrielle slaps Sally hard then grabs her for a quick suplex. Gabrielle then sits right on the chest of Sally and then pulls Sally's shorts right off of her. Showing her strength and finesse.

    Sally looks as her very revealing bottoms are shown, but she manages to lift herself up and put Gabrielle in a headlock which she turns into a scissors hold. Gabrielle is locked in the hold, but Sally realizing that she's getting nowhere with this releases the hold and frustratingly goes to grab Gabrielle but Gabrielle then grabs Sally and....KISSES HER! It's a deep kiss and Gabrielle appears to even get some tongue in. Sally at first is shocked, but then she starts to kind of give into the kiss. That's when Gabrielle breaks the unexpected kiss and then elbows Sally in the nose. Sally steps back, and that gives Gabrielle the opportunity to hit her 34DDT! Sally's head bounces off the mat like a basketball! Gabrielle then removes Sally's top revealing her bra and panties. Gabrielle has won it!

    Winner: Gabrielle via stipulation

    After the match Sally gets up looking super confused, and holding her head. Gabrielle then grabs Sally once more and kisses her then grabs her butt for a quick pinch. Sally pushes Gabrielle off of her and attempts to attack the caramel goddess but Gabby slinks out of the ring and runs away as Sally stands in the ring and spits onto the mat. Her face is beet red as she leaves the ring with every man in the arena making lewd comments towards her.

    Whyte Thunder vs. "The Last Great Englishman" PAJ

    The crowd is 110 percent behind Whyte Thunder as the bell rings, but even some of the superhero's supporters begin a "P-A-J" chant. Whyte Thunder stands still in his corner as PAJ slowly dances closer and closer. Eventually, PAJ backs off knowing Whyte Thunder has his eyes locked on him. PAJ finally comes closer and the two lock up near the corner. Whyte Thunder pushes PAJ off and lands one solid punch to the face. And a second. And a third. And a fourth. All four send PAJ on his back, but he gets up after all four.

    Whyte Thunder grabs PAJ by the neck and flings him back first into the turnbuckle. He lands a series of body punches against the turnbuckle and whips the Jimmy King supporter to the opposite turnbuckle. Whyte Thunder charges and tries a corner splash, but PAJ dodges and lands a PAJle kick. PAJ then with his first offense of the match and lands a dropkick to Whyte Thunder's knees, followed by an enzuiguri.

    PAJ brings Whyte Thunder to his feet and whips into the ropes, but Whyte Thunder reverses it and lands a big uppercut forearm as PAJ rebounds back. Whyte Thunder with another punch, and a second, and a third. Then a series of backhand chops to the chest with the crowd screaming "woooo" after each one. Whyte Thunder pulls PAJ to the center of the ring and lands a stalling vertical suplex!

    Tim Sullivan: It'll be interesting to see these two, the past and the future, stacked against one another.

    Whyte Thunder grabs PAJ by the neck and whips him into the ropes. He lands an elbow to the face and then a nice neckbreaker slam. Whyte Thunder hooks the far leg, but PAJ kicks out at two and one-fifth.

    Whyte Thunder slams PAJ's face into the corner turnbuckle three times with an aggressive mean streak showing ever since his return. He lands more body punches in the corner and a corner clothesline that sends PAJ over the rope and land on the apron right on his ribs. Whyte Thunder slides out of the ring and lands an elbow thrust into the neck of PAJ as he lays on the apron. PAJ falls to the outside floor and Whyte Thunder whips his hair back as he takes a breather.

    When PAJ rises, Whyte Thunder lands a punch to the face. He lands a second. And a third. But PAJ fights back with a kick to the groin and a Samoan Drop right onto the outside flooring!!! The crowd explodes with an "oooooh" as PAJ slides in and out of the ring to reset the ref's count. PAJ lands a series of stomps into the ribs before grabbing Whyte Thunder by the neck and slamming his face into the announcer's table. PAJ then does the same into the apron and whips Whyte Thunder stomach and chest first into the fan barricade. As PAJ charges, Whyte Thunder ducks and flips PAJ over the barricade and into the first few rows of fans inside the Hammerstein Ballroom!!!

    Clint Shephard: PAJ was taking it TO Whyte Thunder up until that point!

    Whyte Thunder resets the ref's count and reaches over the barricade and grabs PAJ by the hair. The two-time North American Champion rakes Whyte Thunder's eyes and then steps onto the barricade and lands a jumping forearm takedown!!! The crowd begins booing PAJ's cheap tricks but some once more begin a "PAJ" chant. He rolls Whyte Thunder back into the ring and slides in after. When Whyte Thunder rises, PAJ leaps off for a springboard inverted DDT and connects!!! What a move! He hooks the far leg!
    ( out!)

    PAJ grabs Whyte Thunder and whips him to the ropes, but the former World Heavyweight Champion lands a running tackle and begins wailing away at his opponent. He allows PAJ a chance to get to his feet but puts him right back down with a HUGE clothesline. And a second. And a third. When PAJ rises after the third knockdown, Whyte Thunder locks in a rear waist lock, lifts his opponent into the air and drops him for a ferocious German suplex!!! But Whyte Thunder keeps the waist lock applied...and hits a second German!!! And he keeps it applied again and this time lifts his opponent all the way as high as he can and slams him behind his head for a THIRD German suplex as the crowd screams "THREE!!!"

    Tim Sullivan: Whyte Thunder is feeling it!

    Whyte Thunder grabs PAJ by the neck and whips him into the turnbuckle. PAJ hits hard and stumbles out, but as Whyte Thunder approaches, the heel was playing possum and lands a kick to the groin and a snap suplex!!! He keeps the hold and hits it a second time...and a third, to complete the Three Amigos!!! The crowd can't stop from cheering PAJ's wrestling abilities, but he motions that he doesn't need them and the cheers quickly change to boos.

    PAJ grabs Whyte Thunder by the neck and begins landing a few brawler-type punches. He has Whyte Thunder backed into the ropes and prepares for a kick to the gut and connects. Whyte Thunder falls to his knees. PAJ tries for a side kick to the head, but Whyte Thunder ducks springs up and plants PAJ face first with his "Scenery Tilt" cutter!!! Whyte Thunder is the one now going for a pinfall!
    (............1.................2........Not quite!)

    PAJ tries using the ropes to pull himself up. Whyte Thunder lands a few punches into the upper spine. Then he lands his vertical suplex into faceplant in the center of the ring!!! Whyte Thunder looks to the crowd as PAJ is holding his nose and locks in a single leg Boston crab!!! PAJ is hurting now and reaching for the ropes. Whyte Thunder keeps it applied but PAJ finally grabs the bottom rope and Whyte Thunder releases.

    PAJ pulls himself to his feet as Whyte Thunder approaches. PAJ lands another side kick right into the gut. When Whyte Thunder backs off and turns, PAJ lands ANOTHER PAJ-le Pele kick!!! PAJ crawls over and hooks both legs, thinking he has puled off a stunning upset!!!
    ............two! Kick out!)

    PAJ thought it was over and becomes extremely frustrated with the referee, who the blooming star shoves right in the face. When PAJ turns around, Whyte Thunder is standing right behind him and lands a thunderous clothesline. He then grabs PAJ by the hair and is about to hit his "Superhero's Oath" sitout faceplant finisher when PAJ reaches up and grabs the referee's shirt!!! He is holding onto the referee until the ref has no choice but to disqualify PAJ!!!

    Winner via Disqualification: Whyte Thunder (Match time: 18:33)

    The referee finally breaks loose but PAJ is able to get away from Whyte Thunder, who clotheslines PAJ over the top rope and out of the ring!!!

    Clint Shephard: PAJ proved to everyone at Trial By Fire he can hang with WOLF and pulled a draw! Tonight he proved he can hang with Whyte Thunder, and while he lost, PAJ didn't get pinned!!! He's sly, arrogant and probably disliked by many, but he's also one of the smartest wrestlers I've ever seen and there's no wonder why Jimmy King is a fan.

    Tim Sullivan: But Whyte Thunder DID have PAJ set for "The Oath" and if that happens at Ace's High, Ryan Hall is no longer the FWA World Champion. It'll be Whyte Thunder!

    In the backstage arena, Ryan Hall is walking with an air of confidence that one only gets while holding the FWA World Heavyweight Championship. He has the gold drapped over his shoulder as he makes his way down the long hallway that leads to the ring. Hall seems to be ready for his Champion vs Champion match-up tonight with Drew Stevenson.

    Piers Gallagher:
    That's our champion right there. He is getting ready to come out and put on a show for the entire world to see. What a great day to be in the FWA!

    Jim Taylor:
    It's only a great day to be in the FWA if you are one of those that believes the things that Jimmy King says.

    Piers Gallagher:
    Like I said, it is a great day to be in the FWA.

    As Ryan is about to make the turn to head into the Gorillia position before his match, a man in a hood can be seen rushing up from behind and he nails Hall with a Lariat to the back of the skull. The World Championship can be heard clinking as it hits the hard cement of the concrete floor.

    Piers Gallagher:
    Oh my god! Who would do such a thing! Who would cheap shot our World Champion in such a horrible manner!

    Jim Taylor:
    Wait a minute, I've seen that robe before. That's the robe of the...

    Before Jim Taylor can finish the rest of his sentence, the man pulls the hood from off of his face and the smile of Jason Gryphon can be seen looking down at the World Champion.

    Jim Taylor:
    That's Jason Gryphon and that the robe he wore in the background of that promo's Hall used to cut when he used to take about the Seraphim! It looks like Jason has finally gotten his revenge!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Is this the kind of hero that Jason Gryphon is supposed to be? One that takes cheap shots at innocent men!

    Jim Taylor:
    Oh please!

    Jason takes off the robe and he slams it down onto the fallen body of Ryan Hall. Jason gets down on his knees and looks Hall in the face as he begins to come around after getting his with The Lion's Lariat from behind.

    Jason Gryphon:
    I'm sorry that you are experiencing technical difficulties Ryan. I guess we will have to hold off this little conversation of ours until you are feeling more like yourself.

    Jason steps over the body of Ryan Hall as he makes his way away from the scene of the attack. As Jason walks away from him, Ryan sits up and grabs his World Championship. He clutches it to his chest and strangely seems to have to small smile on his face as he holds the back of his head.

    Ryan Hall:
    That kid... He's coming along nicely.

    Non-title match:
    WOLF vs. "The Amazing" Ryan Rondo

    The bell rings and Ryan Rondo immediately goes after WOLF with a flurry of right hands backing the former World Heavyweight Champion into the turnbuckle. WOLF eventually shoves Rondo off him but the heel flips back onto his feet and lands a quick corner splash followed by more clubbing blows into the upper back of a rope-a-dope WOLF. The fan favorite again shoves Rondo off him and the heel once more charges but WOLF lands a HUGE spear driving his shoulders into the gut of Rondo and goes for a pin, thinking he could win this match in as quick as 18 seconds!!!

    (...........1..............2..........Kick out!)

    Rondo kicks out of Wolf's finishing spear and the crowd gasps in surprise. But it was the only pain Rondo's felt so far. WOLF grabs Rondo by the neck and flings him back first into the turnbuckle. WOLF begins with body shots and then a humongous head butt that probably killed 1,000 of Rondo's brain cells. WOLF viciously whips Rondo across the ring and into the opposite turnbuckle, where WOLF squished Rondo with an aggressive charging corner elbow to the face. WOLF waits as Rondo stumbles out of the corner and scoops Rondo for a running powerslam, but the current North American Champion slides off the back and lands a leg lariat when WOLF turns. Rondo follows with a step-up enzuiguri and a jumping knee drop ointo WOLF's chest region. Rondo quickly goes for a pin, but WOLF kicks out at barely a one count.

    Ryan Rondo grabs WOLF by the hair and lands a set of stiff punches into the forehead. He then shouts "LONG LIVE THE KING!" and lands a stiff uppercut forearm into WOLF's jaw. He follows with an attempted fireman's carry into a neckbreaker, but WOLF elbows Rondo in the side of the head and plants him with a ferocious spinebuster! WOLF now tries for a cover, aaaand ALMOST! Rondo kicks out at two and three quarters.

    WOLF grabs Rondo by the neck and slams his head into the turnbuckle seven or eight times, each one after with more purpose and aggression. WOLF lands a kick into the stomach and lands a powerbomb dropping Rondo onto his neck and upper back!!! Wolf bridges as Rondo's legs are still in the air from the impact and puts all his weight into the pin!!!
    (..............ONE.............TWO................THREE!...NO!!! KICK OUT AT THE LAST INSTANT!)

    WOLF begins breathing heavy and clenches his fists. Rondo is still holding the back of his neck and WOLF is hunched in the corner. As Rondo turns, WOLF charges for a spear, but Rondo leaps into the air and spreads his legs so WOLF misses the target. When WOLF turns, the heel lands a sole kick into the stomach and a corkscrew crossbody from the top turnbuckle!!! Rondo hooks both legs!!!
    (...............1...................2.............Kick out!)

    WOLF springs to his feet but Rondo doesn't give him any time to mount an offense. "The Amazing One" lands stiff right hands into the forehead and face and whips WOLF across the ring. WOLF, though, lands a big shoulder tackle and runs off the ropes again, but Rondo lands a kick-up frankensteiner that has the entire crowd shocked and on their feet for the potential match-ending move!!!
    .................THRE...NOT QUITE!!!)

    Rondo and WOLF get up at the same time, and Rondo stumbles to the ropes and is on one knee. He fires a right hand when he turns but WOLF blocks it. WOLF lands a right hand after. Rondo again tries but WOLF blocks and lands one of his own. WOLF whips Rondo into the ropes and hoists RONDO onto his shoulders for the TORTURE RACK!!! The crowd is going NUTS as WOLF is completely ripping apart Rondo's ribs and spine. Rondo nearly taps out as Wolf tosses Rondo off and plants him face first into the mat. WOLF then rolls Rondo onto his back and hooks both legs MMA-style.
    (...................ONE.................TWO...............THREE!!! NO!!! FOOT UNDER THE ROPES!!!)

    The crowd cannot believe it. They all exploded with cheers as the referee brought his hand down a third time, but then the referee waved off the bell call and pointed to Rondo's leg, which is ankle high underneath the bottom ropes. He points to it and looks at Wolf, who only shakes his head and becomes very mellow for some reason. It's really just a build-up to the aggressive finish he has in mind. WOLF once more hunches down and waits for Rondo to get to a standing position. Rondo grabs the middle rope and is to one knee, and then to his feet. He turns and lands a knee kick to a charging WOLF that may have knocked the former World Heavyweight Champion out!!!!

    WOLF is down in the X-unconscious position as Rondo points to the top turnbuckle. He looks to the crowd and leaps off for his "Amazing Corkscrew," but WOLF rolls in and Rondo MISSES!!! Rondo quickly rises to his feet, but WOLF is ready and lands his devastating SPEAR once more into the stomach of his opponent!!! WOLF then grabs Rondo by the neck and, looks to the crowd with eyes bugging out in hysteria and rage. The crowd begins a deafening "WOLF! WOLF! WOLF!" chant as the beloved anti-hero lifts Ryan Rondo up into the air and plants him back first into the mat with the "Final Howl!" WOLF then hooks both legs and pulls all the way back with technical prowess as the referee's hand elicits a chant from the crowd!

    Crowd: ONE........TWO........THREE!!!

    Winner: WOLF (Match Time: 17:53)

    After the bell rings, WOLF exits the ring and slaps hands with some of the fans. His eyes are still bulging in a rage of fury, but he is happy to win one against a Jimmy King supporter. However, he is stopped right before the exit to the backstage because of Ryan Rondo's stretched, worn down voice over the microphone.

    Ryan Rondo: Wooolf....Whyyyyte Thuuunder...*breathing* *breathing*....Gab...Gabrielle Montgomery....all of you. You think you can save the F...WA. *breathing* *breathing* You can't. Jimmy King will beat you, WOLF. Jimmy King will beat you. And Ryan Hall will beat...Whyte Thunder....and PAJ will win Carnal Contendership. Not Gabrielle. And I'll still...*breathing* North American Champion. *breathing* *breathing* Troy fell. Rome fell. Hitler's Germany fell. Soviet Russia fell. Empires fall. ... *breathing*...and the falling. The walls...are coming down. Ace's empire falls.

    Rondo drops the microphone as the entire setting offers an extremely ominous feel. WOLF is looking toward the ring at Rondo, not in rage, but in a bit of curiosity. His eyes are narrow as he breathes and turns his body once more and slowly walks to the back.

    After the payback attack on Ryan Hall by Jason Gryphon the match is slightly delayed as Hall is taking his time coming out. Drew Stevenson is already waiting anxiously for Ryan Hall in the ring as "Absolute Zero" by Stone Sour at last hits the PA system. The Inferno walks onto the stage not looking so hot as the crowd responds to his arrival with a thunderous chorus of boos. The ballroom's decibels jump into the hundreds as the crowd screams their displeasure of the current FWA champion. Ryan Hall ignores the introductions and walks down the ramp staring into Drew Stevenson's eyes and Stevenson does the same. Ryan Hall slides into the ring and gets in Stevenson's face which entices a pop from the crowd.

    Clint Shephard: There is obvious bad blood between these two very different personalities...

    Tim Sullivan: Indeed, these two have hate it out for each other on twitter and through various news sources for weeks now.

    Clint Shephard: Well, it looks like these two will finally get to settle their points once and for all.

    Tim Sullivan: Drew Stevenson should consider himself lucky that he gets a Ryan Hall who's just been attacked!

    Clint Shephard: Oh please... who writes the shit that comes out of your mouth.

    The bell rings and the match begins as The Emerald and The Inferno begin to circle each other through the ring. Drew is leaning in with a classic wrestling style form and Ryan Hall is constantly switching between a amateur wrestling stance and a MMA stance. Drew moves towards Hall and Hall explodes into him with a double leg take down! Drew immediately looks to get back to his feet but Hall keeps him ground by constantly spinning in a amateur wrestling style and takes his back! Drew looks annoyed as Hall drives him back to his back. Hall lands some ground and pound and a few well-placed elbows bust The Emerald up as a cut opens up along his brow line. Stevenson spins around and gets to his knees but Hall keeps him arms locked in on Stevenson's waist. Stevenson makes it back to his feet but Hall plants him back down with a back suplex. Hall begins to taunt Stevenson as he takes him down again!

    Tim Sullivan: Well well well... It looks like Hall wasn't lying about his wrestling pedigree.

    Clint Shephard: ... The champion is looking great in the early going of this match.

    Ryan Hall advances his position and looks for a arm bar but Stevenson uses this opening to reverse Ryan Hall and now Stevenson manages to get the top position! Stevenson begins to nail The Inferno with strikes who is still in surprise and Stevenson busts open the bandaged cut on Ryan Hall's face. They are both on their feet now and Ryan Hall stumbles in the ropes. Stevenson rips his bandage off and a snap suplex! Hall gets back to his feet and aggressively goes for Drew who counters with a belly to belly suplex! Stevenson applies a headlock and squeezes down on Hall's head. Hall is visibly frustrated at the turn in momentum and powers out of the move. Ryan Hall lands a big right hand but Stevenson returns it with a left! Hall with another right and Stevenson counters him again! They begin to trade shots but Hall is still not fully recovered and Stevenson takes the advantage. The Emerald lands another shot... And another!! Ryan Hall is reeling! Drew Stevenson hits another suplex, a T-bone suplex this time and mounts Ryan Hall! Hall immediately looks to sweep or gain back his guard but catches him with a triangle choke!! Ryan Hall's blood supply to his brain is beginning to get cut off and you can see the dire situation that Stevenson now has Ryan Hall in!!

    Clint Shephard: The Emerald has Ryan Hall in one of his own style of moves! Not too shabby from the Emerald champion! Hall is a black belt in jiu jutsu!

    Tim Sullivan: The champion is obviously suffering fatague from the earlier attack from Gryphon.

    Clint Shephard: You're dillusional Sully.

    It looks like Ryan Hall has nowhere to go but with his pedigree in BJJ he stays calm and keeps his body position perfect to keep just enough blood flowing and grabs the bottom rope. Stevenson reluctantly severs the hold but begins to taunt Hall as he makes it back to his feet that is getting the better of him. Frustrated, Hall charges forward looking for a clothesline but Stevenson ducks under and rebounds off of the rope. Stevenson looks for a clothesline of his own but Hall dodges and catches him with an arm drag. Stevenson makes it back to his feet and Hall looks to clothesline him over the ropes but Stevenson ducks down and holds down the rope sending Hall out of the ring! The crowd cheers in response as Hall lands hard on the outside of the ring! Stevenson rolls out of the ring and waits for Ryan Hall to get to his knees before grabbing him and throwing him into the ring post. Stevenson then slides back into the ring and motions to the ref and begins to start waiting for the count.








    Hall begins to stir.





    Hall makes it back to his feet.



    Hall paces around as his breathing slows to a more steady pace.



    Hall looks like he has regained his composure as the crowd boos him taking his time to get back on the ring.



    Hall slides back in the ring and Stevenson immediately charges him but The Inferno catches him with a huge spin-tingling spinebuster. The crowd boos as Ryan Hall helps Stevenson back to his feet and hits him with a inverted headlock backbreaker. He goes for the pin.




    Stevenson kicks out must to Hall's dismay.

    Clint Shephard: Stevenson's not done yet!

    Hall immediately puts Stevenson in a kimura and torques the hold as Stevenson cringes in pain. Hall smiles as he has Stevenson right where he wants them... Or does he?! Stevenson sweeps Ryan Hall and in the midst of the struggle he applies his own kimura! Amazing! Hall is in shock and pain at the same time as Stevenson torques the kimura looking to break the arm of the FWA champion. Ryan Hall resists and eventually powers through it. Hall breaks the hold and a technical flurry of moves unfolds between the Emerald champion and the FWA champion. A myriad of reversals takes place as each champion showcases their technical wrestling pedigree and at the end they broke break away... in seemingly momentary respect for one another. They lock up once again and Ryan Hall quickly locks his arms around Stevenson and moves to his back before hitting a German suplex!! Hall picks him up, keeping his arms clasped, and hits another big German suplex!! Once again he picks Stevenson up as the crowd boos and looks for a third but Stevenson reverses the position and hits a German suplex of his own!

    Clint Shephard: Great reversal from the Emerald.

    Tim Sullivan: He sure is showcasing his talent...

    He grabs Ryan Hall as he makes it back to his feet and hits the STF. The crowd cheers for Stevenson over Hall and he mocks Hall at the sound of it. He taunts the crowd on and waits for Hall to get up and he calls for his finishing maneuver, the Final Conflict... looking to put the final exclamation point on a fine performance. He grabs Hall but Hall pushes him away and hits a missile dropkick!! The crowd boos as Ryan Hall waits for Stevenson to get back his feet and looks for the Inferno Cutter! Stevenson reverses and hits a STO. Ryan Hall is down... Stevenson climbs to the top rope and looks for a flying cross body as Ryan Hall makes it back up to his feet but he makes the biggest mistake of all by getting over-confident and for going for high flying maneuver against Hall!!! Hall catches Stevenson in mid air for the Inferno Cutter!!! Hall covers Stevenson!!






    The match is over! "Absolute Zero" hits the PA system!

    Winner: "The Inferno" Ryan Hall (Match Time: 17:59)

    Clint Shephard: Hall finally gets the pin fall in a suprising very competive match from Stevenson!

    Tim Sullivan: The Emerald may have shown his green glow is worth something but it was the Crimson glow that reigned supreme at the very end.

    Clint Shephard: The match of egos is over and Hall is the ego standing tall.

    Stevenson slides out of the ring and retreats to the back looking disappointed at losing to his stylish counterpart. Ryan Hall demands as a microphone as he picks up his FWA championship and puts it on his shoulder. He looks around as the music stops and the arena is once again filled with a loud ensemble of boos from the hateful crowd. He passes back and forth for a moment before pausing and lifting the microphone up. His demeanor changes to a slightly jokingly mood.

    Ryan Hall:
    "Calling all Superheroes... Calling all Superheroes.... ... ... Is there anybody out there? ... Hello? Calling All Superheroes... "

    The crowd boos as Ryan Hall flicks the microphone.

    Ryan Hall:
    "Do you all hear that? ... Me neither... Do you desire to know why? It's simply because superheroes don't exist. They are a figment of our imagination and our love for poorly drawn comic books. We wish they exist... We wish there was this magical messiah out there who was working everyday to ensure the safety of others. You wish there was someone to save you all... Save your pathetic company and your even more pathetic band of losers. There is no such that as a superhero. It's a myth, an aberration, a derailed train of thought. Devin Golden is nothing more than a creepy little weirdo running around in tights examining turds in urinals around the globe with a magnifying glass. This is the man you worship? This is the man who's going to save the FWA... if that's the case we already have a turd detector who became a defector and turned to the nectar that is the CWA alliance. Ryan Rondo saw the truth... He knew that only way to rise up in this world was the path I paved and he followed me into the light. Devin Golden... You are the protector of no one. You're simply the biggest loser of them all."

    The crowd begins "Whyte Thunder" chants.

    Ryan Hall:
    "The FWA is filled with nothing but a bunch of weaklings and misguided fools. Jason Gryphon, my unwilling apprentice laid me out but good but yet I came back only moments later to defeat the so-called Emerald champion and put him back in his place as the self-defecating joke of the FWA. Do I feel like myself? You're fuckin' right I do! Wrestling is dead... The FWA is dead... The future I have in my sights in a new horizon in which the FWA is just a name... and wrestling has transcended into something much much more than two men wrestling in tights. This is what Drew Stevenson wants it to be... but he's a fool. Gabrielle thinks I am nothing more than my sledgehammer... but she is blind to the fact that I'm simply better than her in every single way. She is envious of my immunity to her charm and dares to call me a worm when she is nothing more than an after thought... Spam... 711 hot dogs that look good on the surface and then afterwards you just feel sick to your stomach. Wolf calls me an idiot for adapting to the current FWA and blind-siding everyone time and time again but as I said time and time again. This is... The GAME. A game Stevenson fails at... A game Gabrielle tries to play with her sly smile and spread legs but still fails... A game where Wolf tries to power through with his sheer aggression and will-power... but STILL fails... And now here we are at the final chapter. Only one man stands in my way... A man who I have already defeated before he went crazy and thought he was a hero, a man who protects the FWA with all his night as the quintessential good guy... Calling all superheroes... Calling all su-"

    The lights go out and the crowed erupts into a frenzy of cheers. Ryan Hall drops the microphone and his demeanor turns dead serious and he stands his footwork, waiting for the superhero to arrive.

    Moments pass... and the trademark Whyte Thunder "House of the Rising Sun" remix hits the PA system to a ear-blowing reception. Whyte Thunder walks onto the ramp wearing the trademark Whyte Thunder mask rather than the face paint and it's quite obviously NOT Devin Golden behind the match. Ryan Hall looks annoyed at this and the Whyte Thunder clone rushes toward the ring. As soon as he gets closes to Ryan Hall, the Inferno hits him with an Inferno Cutter and effortlessly throws him out of the ring.

    Ryan Hall:

    Coming from behind Ryan Hall in the crowd comes another fake Whyte Thunder wearing a mask and he slides in the ring. Ryan Hall seemingly doesn't see him but The Inferno turns around at the last moment and hits this fake with an Inferno Cutter as well! He throws the Whyte Thunder out of the ring and raises his hands towards the stage.

    Ryan Hall:
    "Is this a joke?"

    Three more Whyte Thunders come walking down the ring side by side and all three of them charge the ring. The Inferno scoffs at this and ducks the first ones punch and spears the second one! The second Whyte Thunder rolls out of the ring as the third Whyte Thunder punches Ryan Hall but it has no effect!! He hits the third Whyte Thunder with a Inferno Cutter and hits the first Whyte Thunder with a spinebuster as he comes charging in. He grabs him and hits the Hell's Fall which knocks him unconcious! He throws the two remaining Whyte Thunders out of the ring.

    Ryan Hall:
    "Is this all you can offer me? You coward..."

    As he says this... one more Whyte Thunder sneaks up behind him and as turns around they are face to face. He shakes his head and throws a right hand but it has no effect! He looks puzzled and then rips the mask off the fake Whyte Thunder... BUT IT'S THE REAL WHYTE THUNDER UNDERNEATH THE MASK!!! Ryan Hall is shocked as Whyte Thunder slugs him and they both begin trading blows! This leads to an all out brawl between Whyte Thunder and The Inferno!!!

    Whyte Thunder clotheslines Ryan Hall over the top rope and Ryan Hall hits the mat hard and stumbles to his feet towards the ramp. He is holding his right arm and blood still trickles down his face from the match with Stevenson. He gives Whyte Thunder a furious scowl as he retreats up the ramp. Once he is on top of the stage he turns around and Whyte Thunder just stares blankly at him... and both men knows what awaits them in the future as the show credits begin to roll... leaving the ominous stare between Whyte Thunder standing tall in the center of the ring and the retreating Ryan Hall as the show ends.
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    Re: FWA Fight Night 1/8/2014

    Now THAT was a great episode of Fight Night. Major thanks to everyone that made to come to life!

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 1/8/2014

    Absolutely loved it. I can't wait to be on the next one :D

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 1/8/2014

    That was definitely a fun show

    [I WIN]

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 1/8/2014

    Dammit Wolf, stop fucking beating me all the time!

    I kid, good show everyone, disappointed not to get the W but that is life, looking forward to Aces High. I assume I am defending my belt there? Or is it next week?


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    Re: FWA Fight Night 1/8/2014

    Excellent job everyone.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 1/8/2014

    Jolly good show chaps.

    Whyte Thunder is unstoppable.

    And that was the sexiest bra and panties match ever.
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Re: FWA Fight Night 1/8/2014

    Quote Originally Posted by ETE View Post
    Jolly good show chaps.

    Whyte Thunder is unstoppable.

    And that was the sexiest bra and panties match ever.
    Thanks! Tried my best!

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