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    Kyle Crosby

    Basic Information

    James Kwiatkowski
    Ring Name(s)
    Kyle Crosby
    Black Skull(Kuro Zugaikotsu)
    The Fallen Savior
    The Canadian Cobra
    Former Nicknames
    The Cobra Commander
    The Icon of CWA
    The Northern Nightmare
    The Choice Of A New Generation
    The New Icon of CWA
    The Soulless Void
    The Dark Enigma
    The Absence Of Life
    Date Of Birth (Age)
    June 15 1989 (27)
    London, Ontario, Canada
    Formerly Resided
    Yokohama, Japan
    Currently Residing
    Baltimore, Maryland
    195 lbs

    Wrestling Information
    A well rounded, young, but experienced and gifted technical wrestler with dissociative identity disorder. The lines of reality and fiction are constantly blurred for Crosby, while wrestling is often sought out as a constant, his personal and often professional life is a mess. On one hand he's spastic & unpredictable, over confident, egotistical, narcissistic, heartless and insane. While at times he can even be genuine or comedic. One of his alternate personalities is Black Skull, the brooding masked luchadore(from his time wrestling in Japan) who has no focus on himself an individual, but more as an overall image and message of calculated destruction. To Kyle, it is unclear if he knows that he and Black Skull are the same person. Ultimately, Kyle is easily out of touch with reality. He seems to get nothing but joy out of hurting others. To a casual spectator, one would think there was no rhyme or reason to his ways. But there is always an alternate motive or hidden agenda behind everything he does, even if it doesn't make any sense to anyone else. It is all a foundation, a smaller piece to a big puzzle, the slow build to a greater plan. He is extremely patient, deceptive, and completely crazy. His various internal and and external identities have materialized into a mismatch of ludicrous absurdity.
    Wrestling Style
    Submission Specialist/Technical/Brawler
    Wrestling Abilities
    Technical-1, Brawling-2, Speed-3, Charisma-4, Power-5
    Regular Finisher
    Busaiku Cutter-An innovated reverse headlock suplex lift, transitioned into a cutter.
    (Crosby has been known to hit this move in various different situations including the 2nd and 3rd rope, as well as the turnbuckle and catching an opponent mid air.)
    Submission Finisher(Primary Finishing Move)
    Cobra Stretch-Hammerlock legsweep DDT into an arm trap cross legged STF
    Signature Moves
    Twisted Venom
    -Rolling Cutter
    The Red Scare-Lifting Falling Reverse DDT(usually started by a reverse facelock knee to the back)
    Black Death-Pumphandle Reverse Piledriver
    The Pit of Desolation-Overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack dropped into a double knee gutbuster
    Bloody Ice-Lifting single underhook DDT
    Signature Submission Moves
    Thumb lock with foot applied to opponents throat
    Hammerlock sleeper(sometimes w/body scissors)
    Crosslegged stranglehold
    High angle boston crab
    Arm trap inverted headlock
    Common Strike Moves
    Standing dropkick
    Open palm slap
    European undercut
    Back body chops
    Shin kicks
    Punch & elbow combinations
    Stomping singled out body parts
    Common Moves
    Snap suplex
    Frankensteiner(usually after kicks to the chest)
    German suplex(sometimes w/bridge)
    Fishermans twisting neckbreaker
    Double underhook backbreaker
    Suplex lifted sitout jawbreaker
    Leg hook belly to back suplex
    Half nelson suplex
    Russian leg sweep(often transitioned into as submission move)
    Belly to belly suplex(sometimes with a spin)
    Northern lights suplex(sometimes w/bridge)
    Firemans carry slam
    Arm trap neckbreaker
    Huricanrana(followed up by straight punches to the head)
    Crossface chickenwing(sometimes w/body scissors)
    Jumping hammerlock twisted into a short ranged lariat
    Reverse headlock(followed by elbows to the chest)
    Japanese armdrag(followed by elbows to the chest and head)
    Stranglehold backbreaker(hits this move in several variations, including standing-from behind, the opponent on his shoulders, from the 2nd rope turnbuckle, and from the outside apron)

    Signature Taunts/Poses
    Kyle constantly smiles or glares at opponents, audience members, and the camera.
    Dusts off both shoulders, then extends both arms outward as he looks upward manically smiling.
    Takes the pointer & middle finger with thumb and does a ripping action at his eyes.
    Makes suicidal gestures like shooting himself in the head or slicing his throat.
    Will pretend to hang himself from the ropes on the apron before or after a match.

    Kyle is a submission specialist and sound technical worker. What he lacks in power & size against bigger opponents he makes up for in speed & ability. He is less about straight forward power or intimidation, and is more about utilizing and exploiting an opponents weaknesses. He is known for being able to withstand a lot of punishment, and he loves to play possum. However many opponents underestimate his strength, and by the time they've realized their mistakes he has them locked in a submission hold. Crosby loves being able to out smart his opponents and inflict extreme physical damage, with the smallest amount of effort. He is all about efficiency. Plus, If you show any type of weakness or flaw, give him any opening, and he'll waste no time in meticulously & viciously picking you apart. He likes to hone in and attack specific body parts according to whoever he is facing. He doesn't like to use weapons, but will if he deems it necessary. Referees will usually have to yell at him several times to release as submission hold, even after the bell has been rung. He uses submission holds constantly, and that's how he usually wins his matches. By wearing opponents down physically and mentally. Whether wrestling as Kyle or Black Skull, his in ring game plan pretty much stays the same.

    "The fallen savior will bring you a glorious rebirth, through blood and bitter venom......Canadian venom."

    In-Ring Attire
    Short black tights, black knee pads, black boots and kick pads. A black arm sleeve. Wears a black leather jacket to the ring or his own t-shirt.
    Non-Wrestling Attire
    Outfits range from expensive custom fit suits, to track suits with beanies and hoodies, as well as Druid like robes.

    Current Associates
    Past Known Associates
    Guardian Devil - Kyle heard GD was looking for a partner. So the two teamed up to defeat the Gang Stars and become the tag team champions at Five Star Attraction. The Alliance was short lived.

    Jason Blair - The former partner of TJ Styles, formerly known just as The Machine. The first person(and fellow Canadian) brain washed into following and obeying his every command. Kyle constantly abused his size and power for his own doings.

    Jay Walters - A wrestler who had a brief singles run in his early stint with CWA, and later teamed up with Hade Mckenzie under the guidance of Kyle Crosby. He has now returned to singles competition by himself.

    Hade Mckenzie - A lower card cruiserweight wrestler(and fellow Canadian) who Crosby took under his wing. He was the partner of Jay Walters until Walters left Crosby's alignment. Crosby used Hade as additional security, back up, and muscle among other things.

    Petey Williamson - A Canadian born jobber who idolized Crosby and would often follow him, stalk him, and try to gain his acceptance and praise to no avail.
    Theme Song
    "Seizure Of Power" By Marilyn Manson

    James Kyle Kwiatkowski was born on June 15 1989, in Saint Thomas outside of London Ontario Canada. Being of Polish decent, he was the second child and first son of wrestling veteran Edward "The Creeper" Kwiatkowski.
    As a child, it was determined early on that young James was notably different from other children his age. Often teased and tormented, early on he was prone to violence and got in much trouble at school. With his father constantly away from home, and his mother abusing alcohol, James became not only distant from others but his family as well. What little interaction he did have with his father, was always bad as he too was a victim of alcohol as well as pain killers. In 1997 when James was eight, his mother died in a automobile accident related to her drinking. He was later moved into an orphanage where he lived out his teenage years.
    No longer in contact with his father or older sister, aside from the obvious mental trauma, the seeds of pro wrestling had been planted in his mind. At the age of 12 James went out for his junior high school's wrestling team. Immediately taking to the sport, he began to block everything else out in his life, and focus everything completely on exercise, training, and wrestling.
    By high school he was competing in various wrestling tournaments affiliated with the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association(OAWA) to which he had various wins throughout his last three year in high school. James also competed in and won several tournaments in Calgary, Alberta. After graduating and turning 18, James temporarily moved to Calgary where joined former professional wrestler Larry Stern's wrestling academy. The school was a 12 month program, and James passed with flying colors. Stern claimed that he was one of the most promising students he had ever had the privilege to work with.
    Soon after James took on the name(that he is now know by) Kyle Crosby, as he wanted to distance himself from his fathers name. He then wrestled quite a number of local shows with(then, the small time promotion) New Calgary Wrestling Association(NCWA).
    Not long after that he traveled to the UK and wrestled in various promotions, this led to Kyle being contacted by Japan Pro United(JPU). Where he would take on the character and persona of "Black Skull". He worked in JPU for just over 10 months, becoming a one time junior JPU tag team champion, a two time junior JPU heavyweight champion, and also won the prestigious-annual JPU Young Stars Cup by defeating the popular and established Hotaka "The Griffin" Daiki.
    Not long after this, Crosby was contacted by Jack Adams about working in CWA. Realizing the great opportunity before him, Kyle accepted the offer and relocated to Baltimore Maryland. Not long after that he made his debut on the 4/20/10 edition of High Voltage, where he was eliminated from a ten man battle royal. Crosby is a former X-Fly and CWA Tag Team Champion.

    Not that he was in touch with any sanity to begin with, his last stint in CWA saw Kyle abruptly vanish after losing the few pieces he had left. Now he's back, but why?

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    I updated a couple things Jimmy, but everything should be good to go.

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    Re: Kyle Crosby

    Looks good man, happy to have you back.

    One of my favorite fed characters ever.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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