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Thread: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

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    Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    Promos will be due Saturday, January 11th at midnight pacific time, which is Sunday, January 12th at 3 a.m. eastern time zone and 8 a.m. British time zone. Post the promos at any time from now until that deadline. No extensions.

    Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now, therefore ye kings. Be admonished ye judges of the earth. Serve the lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    Psalm 2:8

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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    The beautiful Gabrielle Madison Montgomery is the physical source of lust and desire to millions. A living breathing fantasy, coated in caramel and often wrapped in lace. Thoughts of waking up next to her warm, smooth body every morning have captured the imaginations of many, and has been a reality for a healthy many as well. She is a warrior, a temptress, a mother, a daughter, friend, lover and Goddess. Her body, that mesmerizing, perfect body; thirty six double D breasts, a twenty six inch waist, thirty seven inch hips and long elegant legs seems too good to be true. Her sweetly smiling lips, beautifully twinkling eyes and those long luscious locks of hers cap off the most tempting of Goddesses. With a body that can take a man (or woman) to heaven, a sexual appetite that is the stuff of legends and a seductive gaze that can turn a persons legs to jello. She is the modern day Aphrodite with the wrath and chaos of Zeus himself at her hands. All those gods have fallen though to the sands of time and the creation of new divine beings. Our Goddess still stands, our Caramel Coated Goddess who has taken on the world and won, who has conquered all set out before herself stands before us all, gracing our lives with her presence. But gone are the days where she lorded her divine existence above all others, replaced with a kinder, sweeter Goddess fighting for what she believes in…fighting for the FWA itself, the Kingdom she once reigned over.

    Here today she seems content, and blissfully in her own little slice of heaven. The Kennedy Estate is a thing of the past for Gabrielle, but she’s certainly not left out in the cold. We open with a view of her house or rather mansion as it were. An exquisite large white building with marble pillars, red tile roof and a perfectly manicured garden. It’s a house to envy with a matte blue AMG C63 parked out front, as beautiful as it is though it can’t compare to the devious minded woman that owns it. In a flash we cut inside through the camera lens of the FWA’s luckiest cameraman. The Caramel Goddess herself sits on a luxurious white leather couch, with Ashley O’Ryan on one side of her and a pile of lacy undergarments on her other side. That glorious, voluptuous, toned and caramel complexioned body of hers is revealed to the world in almost all of its splendid glory. Oh sure some thin purple spaghetti straps and a minimalist square of purple lace gracefully wraps around her shoulders and cups those perfectly perky, ridiculously round, firm yet soft grapefruit sized breasts. And yes a similarly thin strip of pink material clings lightly to her hips and then expands to caress that righteous rump of hers and hide her “little slice of heaven” from view. But the full curves of her body are on display, the minimalist lace upon her body merely shielding her sweetest spots from our view. She is a glorious temptation, one that no one can resist, particularly Ashley O’Ryan who seems hypnotized by the diamond necklace that dangles between her breasts or the hardworking FWA cameraman who doesn’t know where to look next. Gabrielle herself, she just smirks delightfully. Soaking in the attention as her eyes twinkle beautifully and her dark brown hair cascades around her head. Right now she is the center of the universe, a beautiful vision of perfection in a state of undress. With her audience captivated and mesmerized she finally speaks after what had felt like an eternity of gazing upon her body but was merely seconds.

    Gabrielle: I cant help but be impressed by Devin Golden…or whatever he’s calling himself now. Impressed and jealous, he has done twice now what I cant seem to do even when the odds are even…he’s left Jimmy Kings cronies laid out twice now while all I can do is get my ass kicked by them. Bravo Devy…your alter ego is fighting for the FWA quite well. In times past I might have felt jealous, or angry, upset with you and upset with myself for not being able to do what you can. But the Goddess of old, the Goddess of sin and seduction is one of the old Gods, confined to history and mythology.

    The Caramel Goddess you all know now, does not rule Mountains, I no longer need to hide in my throne room, watching the world from up high. Being here, fighting for the FWA, making my daughter proud…and all the other…fun things are life are all I need.

    Her last few words slowly slithered out of her mouth and her tongue crawled along her bottom lip at an agonizingly slow pace as she looked over at Ashley.

    Gabrielle: Life is far too fun to be consumed by wrath, I tried to be that wicked witch again but Ryan Hall beat me too it at Trial By Fire anyway. I am the woman who’s child hood dream made her a Goddess, the women the world lusts for, anger is so detrimental to my magnificence.

    Ashley nods his head, though it’s unsure if he’s even listening or too focused on perving.

    Gabrielle: The Goddess of lore would have been angry now as well, after all I have achieved being ‘reduced’ to competing in a bra and panties match. I am a former FWA World Champion…who loves the idea of tearing Sally out of her clothes.


    A delicious moan saunters forth from her lips as she tussles her hair.

    Gabrielle: Sally tearing me out of mine. I hate to lose but…having Saddle Sally strip me down to my underwear really does not sound like a bad thing. That whole sweet Christian cowgirl thing really gets my heart aflutter. I bet she’s so good with a riding crop too…or a whip…or a lasso…and surely a cowgirl like her could saddle up and ‘ride’ all…night…long. This will be so much fun, you better believe Sally this isn’t the first time I’ve thought about losing clothes with you. No no…I’ve always had a little crush on you Sally, from those early days creating the Women’s Championship to our time together in the Great Siege to now.

    Especially now.

    The Saddle Sally we all get to watch on TV thesedays is so…intoxicating. So beautiful and so comfortable with that amazing body of yours. You know I’m always intently watching your matches…and your promos Sally. I cheered when you became Women’s Champion after so long, and thought naughty things watching you parade around in various states of undress. My naughty little catholic cowgirl fantasy.

    She playfully winks at the camera as Ashley beside her opens his mouth to speak…but cant.

    Gabrielle: Don’t tell me all this talk is getting to you Ashley…I mean you were plenty talkative when you shot ‘cream’ all over my face last week…and last night.

    A noise comes out of Ashleys mouth as he’s left speechless.

    Gabrielle: What will happen when me and Sally are tearing each others clothes off Ash?

    He just shakes his head with a grin from ear to ear.

    Ashley: Gabs I don’t think I can take much more of this…I need a cold shower.

    The Irish Switchblade, with a noticeable bulge in his jeans gets up and quickly exits the room, leaving a smiling Gabrielle and her underwear alone with the slightly sweaty cameraman.

    Gabrielle: Well that might be for the best, after all a woman like Saddle Sally with her body and her skills in hogtying, riding and resisting being bucked off she’s certainly a challenge, she could certainly remove me from my clothes, so I need to put careful thought into what underwear I’m wearing. And frankly as sweet as Ashley is, he’s not known for his fashion advice, he never complains about anything I do…or don’t wear. I don’t want Sally to get the better of me and be left standing there in some granny panties or anything like that.

    So I was originally thinking these, sure they don’t match but they’re very soft and very pretty. But now I don’t know, I think for this special occasion they just don’t quite cut it. This is after all two of the greatest female wrestlers in the world, representing the FWA, showing all just how good the FWA looks. More than that though, at a time where there’s so much hostility, where I’m coming out of another divorce, have suffered at the hands of Jimmy Kings three stooges for weeks and the entire FWA is being mocked this is simply something fun to do. A bra and panties match…oh sure some might act like this degrades a woman of my status, but I will enjoy it far too much too care…and this little purple bra just doesn’t fit the bill.

    With a single finger she unclasps her bra, picks a lacy red bra up off the couch and then turns to face away from the camera. With baited breath we all watch her slide her purple bra off leaving her body almost bare, her dainty back can’t hide her naked breasts from us, for a glorious moment we get to enjoy all that naked, [color=caramel]smooth/color], caramel skin before she effortlessly slips her red one on and with a tussle of her hair turns back to face the camera.

    Gabrielle: How’s this one?

    The cameraman is speechless as she stands there with her hands on her hips, that teasing smirk on her lips and one eyebrow raised ever so seductively.

    Gabrielle: I’ve always like red, so very sexy. This lacy little number certainly fits the bill. And dangling red in front of someone who spent so much time on a farm…I could only hope that it takes Sally back to those days and she decides she needs to get her cowgirl on. I’m sure she must own a few riding crops…and what better way to really saddle someone like her name suggests.

    A delectable knee weakening purr crawls out of her mouth as she bites down on her bottom lip.

    Gabrielle: I have to warn you though Sally, I wont go down easy…I’ll buck you like nothing before if you pull out a little riding crop with that sexy little glint in your eyes. I’m sure you have plenty of experience on the farm tying up lessor animals…riding them…and making them do your biding, but a Goddess is something completely different. You’ll need all your tricks hon, and I welcome them, anything less would be a disservice to the match and all it means for the FWA. While we have fun getting very close to each other and watching clothes go flying off, the FWA fans will have something to cheer for after all this CWA nonsense.

    Of course the only problem with red underwear is…if I wear white the red will show through…

    The nearly naked Goddess pouts and then once again unclasps her bra and with a tan bra in hand that nearly matches her caramel skin tone she turns her back to us again and we watch her little red bra fall away from her body. She pauses for a second and juts out her hip as her little pink and white panties struggle to contain her firm, round biteable ass. Then she suddenly turns around, a faint smile on her face…and that tan bra still in her hand…though her other hand is draped across her naked breasts, stopping us from seeing them.

    Gabrielle: Through all this excitement though, a very important fact of reality is almost escaping my lips. Sally you may be good, you may be a sexy and sassy cowgirl, you may be a former Women’s Champion, you may be many things…but you have never beaten me. Not once, not ever…not in the seven years we have been in this company. You did more than anyone else to get a Womens Championship in the FWA…but I was the first Champion and I beat you to accomplish that feat. Then I beat you again in my first defence of the Title.

    The Caramel Coated Goddess in all her spellbinding glory giggles sweetly as she then slides a hand around each of her breasts, enviably squeezing them and holding them as she sits there on that white couch before us all.

    Gabrielle: And every time we have faced off since I have beat you then as well. It doesn’t matter what kind of match it was I get the better of you at every turn. So while we may both be having thoughts of you stripping my clothes off my body…it’s not going to happen. I will win as I always do, doing something that I do very well; removing clothes. Really Sally, looking back at our history…this isn’t really much of a challenge for me.

    Oh I may be looking forward ever so much to this bra and panties match, ideas of the both of us in or frilly little pieces of underwear, you with a riding crop in hand. But I have won bra and panties matches before. I have won dance offs, wet tee shirt contests, Mile High matches, Elimination Chambers, arm wrestling matches, paddle on a pole, whip on a pole, Hardcore matches…the list goes on. A little bra and pantie match is no challenge to me. Don’t get me wrong though Sally, I’m not trying to be cruel, I’m just stating the way things are.

    I know you well though, I know how much you love to fight, how competitive you are. Finally winning the Women’s Championship meant the world to you, I could tell, and I don’t blame you. Winning that Title twice is what set my career on the path I have travelled. But no matter how badly you want that elusive win over me, no matter how hard you try, you will come up short same as always. But at least now Sally you have Zaire back in your life to help you through the sting of loss. I’m happy for you both, I know better than anyone else what it feels like to have a marriage on the rocks, I couldn’t save either of mine, but you saved yours. Congratulations Sally, you should be very happy…and you should still be excited about this week.

    I know that the things I suggest, the things I’m lusting for are frowned upon by your religion. But I also recognise that twinkle in your eyes, that magical little spark you get whenever your body is straining every inch of your tight clothing and you have the world staring and drooling at that perfect figure of yours. Don’t be embarrassed Sally, you should be proud. Despite my…’reputation’ there are few people who truly get me…excited and you’re one of them. For one night only…embrace a different God…a Goddess a woman who truly has your happiness at heart. I don’t want to hurt you, I don’t want to embarrass you, I just want to have Sally, and I can’t think of many things more fun than rolling around half naked with you.

    She raises an eyebrow seductively.

    Gabrielle: When all is said and done Sally, after my hand is raised, I would gladly stand in that ring in my lacy underwear with you…and I have decided on just the frilly little number to wear.

    She grins from ear to ear as she turns away from the camera and then takes hold of a little white bra which she slides over her breasts and shoulders before teasingly looking over her shoulder.

    Gabrielle: Perfect…though I should test it on Ashley first.

    Smiling from ear to ear she lays back on the couch and pulls her phone out of…somewhere holding it up to take a selfie. Not happy with it though she gets an evil little grin and then hands her phone to the cameraman, after all who better to take a photo? She lays back and poses as the cameraman snaps a photo of her that joins such files labelled “Irish Sausage”, “Tag Team Lessons” and “Cream Surprise”.

    He then hands the phone back and with Gabrielle smiling smugly Ashley soon walks back into the room with his phone in hand.

    Ashley: Gabs you do know I’m running out of space on my phone because of you.

    Gabrielle just shrugs her shoulders as she sits back up and then suddenly bites down on Ashley’s fly, undoing it with her mouth. Ash doesn’t know what to do, he just stands there amused and perplexed.

    Ashley: Well I don’t mind the camera if you don’t Gabs.

    Gabrielle: I’m just practising for my match…what if Sally has me tied up and I have to use my mouth to get her out of her little Daisy Dukes?

    Ashley: So you’re not ungry for Irish sausage before you go tear Sally out of er clothes?

    Gabrielle just bites down on her bottom lip seductively and giggles before she then undoes the button on Ashley’s jeans with her teeth…sadly though the camera then fades to black. Private footage or was the cameraman kicked out?
    Credit to Comeback Kid for the GFX

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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    Drew, “What our business was built on, wrestling, has been left for dead a long time ago and that is because guys like Ryan Hall, Chris Kennedy, and many of the others here in the FWA have tried putting the knife right in its gut, that was until I captured the once upon a time X Championship and turned it into a pure based WRESTLING championship – something that the FWA forgot even existed until I reminded them that this business? It’s about WRESTLING and WRESTLING is what *I* will give them.”

    The tone heard in Stevenson’s voice easily expressed his determination yet there was a rather interesting way that he had put it; was almost as if he was frustrated as well. Lowering his head to look down at the floor, the beautiful platinum faceplate of the Emerald Championship glistened under the bright lighting as he took a moment to gather his thoughts and then brought his head back up to continue speaking.

    “See, everybody already knows that Ryan will film this extravagant story with an elaborate scene, everybody already knows that Ryan will give us this long winded story about his past, about who he is and what he has done and for the love of God – spare us that crap because we have all heard it before, time and time again and I for one don’t want to hear it again. You see, I sat in the back for a long time and I opened my ears and I heard everybody talking about Ryan Hall’s stories and elaborate settings, I heard everybody talking about Chris Kennedy’s wonderful stories and how Gabrielle Kennedy’s steamy sex crap was the hottest thing going and it sickened me to see that the business that I love, the WRESTLING business has been ruined because you have a bunch of people who no-longer want old school. Instead, they have been so accustomed to listening to the video books that many of you spew for seemingly hours on end that they forgotten the long lost art of the PROMO and that is just disheartening. You see this here Ryan...”

    Reaching up and pulling the Emerald Championship off of his shoulder, he holds it to where the camera can see it perfectly.

    “... This means NOTHING to you and I know that! I know that you look at me and you see just an average Joe, nothing more than an overhyped, overrated curtain jerker who holds a worthless piece of leather and tin in YOUR opinion but let me tell you something man – I would prefer to be the Emerald Champion, a champion that represents what our business was founded on, a champion that respects the tradition that gave guys like you and me the opportunity to even be here in the first place. See Ryan, I know that by the FWA’s standards? I am not seen as THE top guy and I probably never will be because I do things a lot differently than what they prefer. I’m not going to stand here and adapt to YOUR surroundings, I am not going to stand here and live up to the standard FWA customs because *I* march to the beat of my own drums and I will until the day that I die. This Emerald Championship – it represents what I love; wrestling, promos, old school and I would prefer to represent what I love than that of what I have come to hate.”

    Drew pauses,
    “Yeah I know that you won’t grasp that concept because you have this ideology stuck in your head that you are truly the best WRESTLER, which you’re not, *I* am the best WRESTLER and have been since the day that I signed here – I was just always seen as “lower” than what I really should be because of the fact that I didn’t bow my head and just accept the FWA’s traditions and standards. I’m not like you Hall, I’m not a damn Puppet who dances at will and in case you need further proof that I’m not – here I stand before you, having already proven that I can match your elaborate bullshit scenes and stories but instead of falling to my knees and becoming the next Puppet - *I* speak out against the system, *I* let my voice be heard and *I* go against the grain – something that this company hasn’t seen in ages. Hell, you want the truth Ryan? You know what pisses me off? The fact that when Kennedy was the FWA Champion? He too had the system on his side and instead of stepping up and being your own man, you too run with the system and that begs the question – is that literally the ONLY way that people can become the FWA Champion; by kissing ass and becoming a Puppet? My personal opinion is that yeah, that is pretty much the only way that you can become the FWA Champion because that has been the trend for so long now that not a soul knows differently and yeah, I know Ryan – I’m simply trying too hard to break through the glass ceiling, right? I mean, that is what you said about me once upon a time but what you fail to see is that *I* not only broke through but I SHATTERED that ceiling a long time ago and deep down? You know it, it just bothers the hell out of you that *I* have the BALLS to speak out against the system and to be different whereas you have become nothing more than what you supposedly hated from the get go.”

    Taking a moment to pause, he is handed a picture of Chris Kennedy which was the man he supposedly hates with a passion.

    Drew smiles,
    “You have become just like the man you supposedly hate Ryan and that makes you a damn hypocrite. You used to rag and tear on Kennedy for his actions yet you have done nothing more than mimic him almost as if you were his shadow and I would say that I’m surprised because everybody used to say how Ryan Hall was this big, bad mother*cker but the Ryan Hall that *I* see is nothing more than a Chris Kennedy mime and a little BITCH who I am going to out-WRESTLE in front of the world. Oh yeah, as God as my witness Hall – whether I win or I lose? EVERYBODY will see that *I* am the better WRESTLER between us. Everybody will see that I am the better TALKER between us and they will all know that the ONLY reason that I am looked down upon here in the FWA is because of the fact that I haven’t adapted to what the script or the suits want. Unlike you and pretty much everybody else here Hall? *I* am a shooter and since you are probably lost as to what that means – in wrestling terms, that means that I am for REAL and that means that I am a WRESTLER, not an entertainer or a showman like you – I WRESTLE and I do things the old school way, something that you would never understand!”

    Tossing the picture of Chris Kennedy out of view, you can hear it hit the ground and shatter upon impact as it was in a frame.

    “So what’s next from you, huh? Going to try telling everybody how you will kick my ass; good, you are more than welcome to try. Going to tell us another bedtime story that will put us into a comatose state? Yeah, that we know will happen because you are the FWA born and bred, you will continue to tickle their fancies and that is because YOU are THEIR chosen champion. This company molds and grooms the guys that they want at the top, you Ryan Hall are just a piece of clay that they can mold and shape into whatever it is that they want you to be and that is the biggest reason why I don’t want to be FWA Champion because unlike you and those before you who have held that strap? I can’t be contained and I would refuse to even if they tried. See, you have every single person in this company, excluding me fighting for what you have, fighting for your table scraps and what I have Ryan...”

    Slapping the platinum faceplate of the Emerald Championship, he nods his head and looks as serious as a heart attack.

    “... Hell, you can’t replace what *I* have because for the first time ever Ryan? You are stepping into that ring and facing a man who win, lose or draw? Doesn’t want what you have because he knows that what he has? It’s better than what you have and everybody sees it but you. Now before I go, here’s an elaborate scene for you...”

    Smiling, he walks off as we hear the Joy of painting theme followed by the very soft, warm and deep voice of our beloved painter, Bob Ross who paints some happy little trees and makes a beautiful scene that Ryan Hall could never trump.


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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    The lights are out. The trash is no longer trash. The video screen torn apart. Doors shut. Speakers unplugged. The next organization wishing to rent this athletic castle will do it all over again, creating those memorable moments for fans, those once-in-a-lifetime achievements for competitors. Madison Square Garden is the crém dé la crém of sports venues. It is where everyone from the low-level rock band to the NFL want their biggest advent to occur. The World Wrestling Entertainment makes it a common occurrence for Wrestlemania. The Fantasy Wrestling Alliance had visited these halls for Back in Business. It is a signifier that YOU have arrived. YOU are famous. That's the metaphorical business card your organization shows when you compete in Madison Square Garden. Under the bright lights of the world's biggest city, New York, N.Y. Money. History. Stardom. Everything. Madison. Square. Garden. It just sounds like it means a whole lot.

    So, yeah, there's no wondering why the Clique Wrestling Alliance held "Five Star Attraction" inside this mastodon of sports buildings. There's no wonder why Dan Maskell leaving with his CWA World Heavyweight Championship from THIS place will be the peak of his career. There's no wonder why Jack Gekko defending his Gekko Championship will be the saved in his memory bank for the rest of his life, never once a candidate for the mind's recycle bin.

    But as the Clique Wrestling Alliance flashes its "I'm famous now" business card — with bullet points such as being the self-proclaimed "superior" to the FWA now — you are left to wonder whether it's completely....complete. You're left to wonder whether it's fulfilling. Whether it's honest. Whether it's correct.

    Whether they've truly "made it" yet. Kind of like PAJ.

    In fact, they both seem a little like they're...

    "Almost Famous"

    Not a sound inside the cathedral of sports and entertainment. Not a whimper. Not a sigh. Not a breath leaving the mouth when hours earlier the screams were deafening. Not a single soul among the rows and rows of seats when hours earlier there were thousands. The empty square in the center of a thousand seats circling around was once occupied by a four-sided ring with three ropes on each side and four posts sticking up from each corner. The sound of bodies smashing into the durable ring mat once created a beautiful tone that elicited either approval or denial from the crazed paying viewers ranging from ages 3 to 83 years old.

    No souls are left on the ground floor of Madison Square Garden. No one walking through the concession areas. No one walking in the locker rooms. No one in the club level suites. No one in the upper level nosebleeds. A walk around would reveal an empty arena, but one soul remains high up. "Feels lonely." Climbing through the maintenance ladders and up into the ceiling, more ladders and more walkways high up, eventually, you find a poised and mellow soul. Sitting with his legs dangling over the side of a maintenance walkway with only a hand railing separating his upper body from falling 200 feet through the icy-cold New York air...a face paint-less former World Heavyweight Champion stares out in a transfixed state of mind. Almost like he's in an awake coma, mulling his thoughts and wondering not about his current location or the organization that not-long-ago used it, since he's been here before and has survived the jitters of the Madison Square Garden mystique...but wondering about how it feels to be those two words.

    For nearly six years, he has climbed up ladders. Fallen down ladders. Climbed back up ladders. "The Golden One" Devin Golden has climbed up ladders and walked across planks tougher and more dangerous than the ones he took to get into the Madison Square Garden ceiling. Yet, as he said in the pretense of his matchup with "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy, he has never quite been at the very very very top. Never No. 1. Never "the guy."
    "Soon it changes." He's famous. But not the most famous.

    Like we've known him to look for the first five years of his career, rocking a T-shirt and jeans with a black leather jacket, medium-length brown hair curling at the collar and dangling over his eyes, no face paint and no Whyte Thunder aura. Just the beloved, hardened, work-a-holic veteran seemingly with a lot left to prove and a lot left to say.

    "To say PAJ does not have the talent is a foolish game. To say PAJ isn't worth my time, the time of a former World champion and a championship-rich career paved, is a dishonest game. I'm above those things. I don't do trash talk. I have no use for it. PAJ is many things, and many of those are positives. He is a hard-nosed wrestler with a strong background in the sport. He is a former World Champion at an inferior company, but a former World Champion to boot. Nothing fame-worthy, but nothing to snicker at, either. He is a two-time North American Champion. He is, at his best, able to beat anyone in the FWA so long as it's not WOLF, Gabrielle or Whyte Thunder at their best. One level dropped for all three, and PAJ is just as good, if not better. He is inches away, so close I couldn't even describe it with the air between two fingers. He is so close to being up there in the cathedral of FWAers. He is so close to being the Madison Square Garden, just like myself, WOLF and Gabrielle. At Ace's High, he may finally do it. Time usually sorts these things out. If I was a betting man, PAJ enters the top of the hierarchy in due time."

    In Golden's hand is an object. No idea what it is. Whether it holds significance or not.

    "PAJ is also an opportunist. Opportunists succeed in one way or another. Eventually, opportunists take a chance on the right opportunity. Opportunists also take chances on a lot of WRONG opportunities. Whether joining the CWA is PAJ's right chance taken remains to be seen. PAJ was the first, though. PAJ was the first of three to step forward and turn a back to the FWA. Betrayer be damned, I call him a trend-setter. I despise him for it, but I cannot look at him and spit on the ground he walks. I only can look him in the eye and make him regret his choice. But even then, even after I beat him, I will not spit on his grave. No. He stepped forward first and foremost. Ryan Hall. Ryan Rondo. Those two are the piggyback riders. Those two...I spit where they walk and I spit when they talk."

    Darkness hides the object Golden's fingers fumble with. He rests it into his lap, and the cloth offers the first clue. It is a thin cloth that seems to reform perfectly around Golden's thigh. It is shaped like a dome, like an over-sized and disproportional condom. But not that. This goes somewhere else on the body. It's absolutely an artifact of clothing, but the lightless air doesn't offer anymore hints just yet.

    "I said before — I am the all-seeing eye for the FWA. I watch all. I see all. And I saw PAJ last week on Fight Night. I heard him. I listened, and I listened well. Not because I knew I'd be facing him, but rather because I am the FWA's guardian angel. I am the protector. And PAJ...whether he was the first or the the man standing opposite this company I love and asking for a war to break loose. He walks to the ring on Fight Night and offers a speech about his Carnal Contendership plight. He offers a promise to win. He pledges his draw against WOLF, which he treats like a Hall of Fame entry, is proof in the pudding. He will become the next Carnal Contendership winner. He will earn his first World title shot. He will headline Back in Business IX. He sounds like he's trying very very hard not only to make us believe him, but also convince himself.

    So for the man who walks to the ring and preaches that he is 'ready' to make the leap — a leap I, WOLF, Gabrielle and many other veterans once struggled to make — I will be as honest as I can with this talented kid who only looks to shed the 'almost' label and officially become 'famous.' I will be a true friend to him. I will be honest, and unmerciful. I didn't invent the rainy day, PAJ. I just own the best umbrella."

    Whyte, Golden...once again fiddles through this piece of clothing. He holds it to the side and then in front of his face. He crumples it to a ball and looks out and clenches his fist, as if hoping to squeeze the life out of an abstract object. "F*** him." There are colors on this mask. One is an off-brand of red or violet. Maroon. That's it. As the clothing comes a little closer, we can call it a mask now. Two holes for each eye, and one for the nose and one for the mouth. The maroon mask used to belong to a friend. No more.

    "One day, PAJ, you will understand. One day you will realize I am not the enemy. One day you will look around at the FWA and understand everything it does for you. Why do I call myself 'The FWA's Guardian Angel?' Because through all the times I've been crushed, looked past, cast aside, screwed over, omitted, forgotten, and every other tragic event in my career, it was never because of the letters. Never because of the FWA itself. Only the people who habitat it. Only the Ryan Halls. The Jimmy Kings. And all the others who believe THEY are bigger than the FWA. And you, PAJ, are heading down that mentality. Bigger than the FWA? PAJ, you're not bigger than the FWA. You're not bigger than ME. And I'm not bigger than the FWA.

    No, I love the FWA. I understand the beauty of it. I understand the beauty of a company that has lived for eight years, survived three near-endings, numerous sudden departures, and everything in between. It has survived because of the select few, like myself and WOLF and Gabrielle who consistently return back and pick up the pieces. I am the FWA's Guardian Angel, but everyone shares the responsibility in some way. As long as we are going to the ring and putting on five-star attractions, we'll always survive. The CWA won't kill us. Chris Kennedy won't kill us. Greed. Jealousy. Fame. Fortune. Nothing will kill the FWA. So long as there are those who understand it isn't about's about the fans who fill the seats...there will always be an FWA. The letters always exist. Because here's what I do, PAJ. I work as hard OR HARDER than ANYONE ELSE in the FWA. You know what I do? I connect. I get people off. I look for the one guy who isn't getting off...and I make him get off."

    Golden reaches his arm over the hand railing and opens it. "Try to fly, kid." The mask, Maroon Monsoon's mask, falls from the 200-foot-high walkway and drops like a feather through the air before landing on the vacant floor inside this church of competition.

    "I may be telling secrets to the one guy you don't tell secrets to, but it must be said. PAJ, you're an "almost famous" opportunist looking to strike gold. Maybe you will. Maybe you leave Ace's High as the Carnal Contendership winner. I don't control that, because I'm not in that match. I already have my World title shot, the one Lucian Ace handed to me with the sole intention of winning that title and defending the prestige and tradition of the FWA, the three letters that surround my heart. And I'm using that title shot at Ace's High, against Ryan Hall, the man who stands alongside you and Jimmy King as defectors, opportunists and attention seekers. I am going to do what Gabrielle tried and couldn't. What Stu St. Clair tried and couldn't. What WOLF tried and couldn't. I am going to win the FWA World Championship. So if we are to meet again, PAJ, I welcome it. Until then, try and make yourself famous against Whyte Thunder. Try and prove a point that the FWA is inferior to you, Ryan Rondo, Ryan Hall, Jimmy King and the CWA."

    Golden rises from his seated position while still glaring down with an angry expression toward the ground, where the mask lays like a forgotten piece of trash left to stay forgotten. As he walks away, one more line offers closure.
    "Try and prove you're more important than the FWA. I will prove to you that NOTHING is more important than the FWA. You disagree, and you can stay here...where you'll always be 'Almost Famous.'"

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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    The past lies like a nightmare upon the present

    And that past is ever present,
    Ever present in my heart,
    Filling it with cruelest hate-thoughts,
    As I tread the world's wide mart.

    Swinging in the non-existent breeze there appeared to be a dream catcher… it was an odd and ludicrous thing to be hanging from no walls at all. It seemed almost so entirely out of place, that the point turned full circle and became something sensible to hang in a non-existent place in the mind of Wolf. The strings of the dream catcher were dripping… no, not dripping… crying, as though it pained the thing to see all that it had seen. This seemed to nonsensical, that something so inanimate, such a fallacy of creation could feel anything. Yet it seemed right, that should it be stuck in this no-place space in a corner of Wolf’s mind that it would weep for all it had witnessed… Woven into the strings were a few words:

    /Life is the illusion of sleep\

    There are two intense eyes glaring straight ahead at the camera. We blink once and the eyes are slightly farther away, but still trained on the camera.
    We blink again...
    and we can make out the disturbing facial features of Wolf, who's menacing stare hasn't left the camera yet. He takes a deep breath, he exhales perhaps a little more shaky than he would like, as he reaches out and touches one of the strings, knowing almost on instinct, that it would pull him in, if only a second before it does. It stank. There was simply no nice way to put it. The stench in the air was so thick you could taste it, like incense gone bad and burnt anyway, out of habit. The air not only stunk but it was so frantic… everything seemed to buzz, to flash and zoom and move faster than the naked eye could catch. Yet Wolf seemed stuck in an almost slow motion. He just needed to think, just for a moment, just think… focus. Everything began to slow down, or Wolf sped up, it wasn’t really possible to tell and details seemed kind of irrelevant here. This was a dark place, a dangerous place, traces of yellow remain on the insulated, isolated, padding that covers the walls. Some stains are darker than others, some even red or a mix between orange and brown. We can hear a child-like humming. Only this humming comes from a far more sinister source. The lyrics to an old childrens' song slip through unseen lips.

    Wolf: The wheels on the bus go round and round... round... and... round... Hmpf. I remember the bus. I used to dread the bus. I was one of those kids who sat near the seats in the back. Too far away back from the driver, just enough so he can't see... and not far enough from the kids who actually sat in the back seats. I remember every taunting word... every kick in the back... You see, all my life, it was never about fitting in... I've always known that I would never be able to fit in and that was fine. Rejection was something that I did not fear but the torture I suffered on a daily bases... and to think, that all I ever wanted, was to be left alone... to be invisible... I remember this one kid who sat in the seat across from me; his name was Roy. You see, Roy was a little bit like me, and there were times where he and I hung out in the school yard, talking about cartoons, comics, movies, and our classmates. We used to kid about, how one day, this would be over... that we would move on and that the jocks ended up being used car salesmen while their b*tch girlfriends would end up pregnant and ruined. I remember Roy. He used to be a skinny kid, and I never blamed him for holding his tongue while the cool kids made every morning a living Hell for me. Roy had enough problems in gym class as it was. But I remember one morning, one of the kids sitting behind me stood up and leaned up and over my seat and he had felt the sudden urge to... urinate... on my head...

    He rocked back and forth but seemed more calm than we'd seen in recent weeks.

    Wolf: ... needless to say, the other boys started pointing... and laughing... drawing the attention of the rest of the kids riding the bus that morning, just as every morning, and all eyes were suddenly on me... and I sat there, covered in piss, wanting to disappear. I felt strapped-down, powerless, a victim... but it was only when I heard a familiar laughter that I slowly began to understand... it was Roy. He tried to hide his treacherous smile, but could not... his belly heaved with every great breath and his laughter would slowly blend in with the others. It was like getting the wind knocked right out of me. After years of of getting shoved into lockers, of being called all sorts of names, of being spat upon, Roy had found a way out... he joined them. That was in the fifth grade... that is how I learned about friendship. It is a brittle thing. At Trial By Fire I felt just like at the fifth grade.

    Something catches his eye as his voice trails off and a buzzing sound soon became clear. It would seem as though Wolf had a visitor. There was a fly in the cell and Wolf tilts his head and watches for a moment before continuing his monologue --

    Wolf: The FWA suffers the same kind of abuse I once did as the cool kids from the clique are running Fight Night. But as I stood there, and listened to Jimmy King and the rest of The Clique, I couldn't help but notice the nervous look that wrinkled Rondo's face who wa sunable to utter a single word. You see, Rondo, you remind me of my friend: Roy. Tell me, Rondo, do you ever stand in front of a mirror, and wonder: Who am I? Heh. I know you do. Former legendary tag team champion? Hard hitter? Perennial disappointment? When is the last time that you heard something different, Rondo? When is the last time that the story changed? The world has grown indifferent to you because you seem to have gotten stuck in this… era of mediocrity. But you know that you’re more than this, Rondo. You know that you have it within you to be something greater. You’ve always found yourself one step away from greatness, one step away from forever silencing the critics, from getting the monkey off your back, as they say, and yet always come up short somehow, some way. Would it surprise you if the trend continues? Would it shock you if you were a non-factor in this war? Of course not. It’s what you’ve come to expect, isn’t it, Rondo? You bring your fiercest fight to the ring and yet it’s always just shy of what your opponent can manage to muster..... and I know that, despite finally fitting in with the clique, you're still... a nobody... and while Jimmy King and PAJ come out and talk about how they've taken everything from me... let me say this...

    His eyes follow the fly's chaotic pattern and he smiles on the inside. Funny, he thought, even a fly who's insect wings could have taken it anywhere and everywhere, they too had found their way into the cell. But for a fly, even a padded cell was a world onto itself, and so it was such for Wolf as well

    Wolf: I belong in FWA... FWA is my home... did you hear me, Roy? I finally belong... not with you, not with them... I simply belong...Can you say the same, Roy? I could not hear you last week-he takes a deep breath and looks up at the blazing light above and his eyes are shut once more - I train and prepare meticulously for every single match, putting my body through it’s paces, sharpening my mind for what’s to come, and I do it because I want to be the best that FWA has ever seen! I make it my goal, my life’s quest to dominate and destroy every single man or woman that’s set across that ring against me, and the vast majority of the time, I succeed. I’ve reached the pinnacle of this company two times over, and every time, I learn the dedication and sheer work it takes to get there. Do you think that what you’ve done this week, the way in which you’ve gotten ready for me by saying nothing , that it’s enough? I expected better. I expected that you’d at least have something to. As a man, you’re hardly intimidating. You can’t expect that by saying nothing you will strike fear into the heart of the man set to destroy you.

    His gaze returns to the camera, his eyes open, a grin slowly cutting away his face. His voice remained calm, and by the look on his grim visage.

    Wolf: You’re looking at a man who’s pissed off, determined, and ready to tear through every single man to step in that ring between now and the time that I hold the Undisputed Championship in my grasp again. I am going to show the world that no one will work harder, no one will be more determined, and no one can match the power and fury that’s coursing through my veins right this second! I want you to remember one very specific thing when you come to the ring this Friday night.

    Wolf clenches his fists.

    Wolf: It’s a cold, dark, unforgiving world out there, but it’s even more so inside of the arenas that we haunt. It’s grown so dark, so brutal that some simply walk away to escape it. But people like me, Rondo, people that are willing to be the light in the dark, people that are willing to push aside the regard for their own personal safety, people that are willing to stand up in the face of adversity, in the face of overwhelming odds and unfathomable opposition, people who are unwilling to accept even the fate of inescapable demise, we will meet you head on! - he pauses, taking a breath- The lurking beast in the darkness will one day haunt you all. Although our numbers are few, those that fight for the right reasons, those that rise up to meet you at your highest heights and sink down to the lowest depths to battle you, we will always be there, unbending, unflinching, unrelenting. That’s the force that comes against you this friday night, Rondo, the one whom they used to call the Great Darkness, reborn, and now bringing the light. I go forward where others may tremble, where some may falter, but where I will never, ever let up until the job is finished. My work speaks for itself. I don’t think anyone knows quite what to expect when the two of us meet in the ring apart from a slugfest that will end with both of us bearing the pain for several days. Either way, you now know that, title or not, war or not, my eye is upon you, if for no longer than this single match.

    The buzzing stopped. The fly had found home.

    Wolf: I remember the people on the bus... I remember fantasizing of getting back at them for everything they had done to me... I had planned every single detail... in my mind... I remember thinking that, one day, I would make them pay... Today is friday...

    Today you pay...

    We cannot know where we are going, but we can know what lies ahead on the paths we choose to take. Where we have been and where we stand now, can only relfect so far into where we are going. Things will chase you and snip at your heels, the green of jealousy will turn your friends to monsters that hinger for your flesh, for your success.... But all you have to do is keep going. I have learned to keep going, I have learned that where I am going is now so much more important than where I have been. And one man, just one man, stands in my way, he stops me from being all that I can be and he takes every moment that passes through the sands of my life and distorts them into nightmares, into hate, into something it should never be!

    Jimmy King is not sorry, for anything he has done, but I will make him sorry, for all that he is about to do... I am the nails on the chalkboard in your brain... I am the thing that stalks you in the shadows King. I am the cool breeze that makes your hairs stand on end and I am the nightmares creeping through the night. I will go where I need to go and sink to where I must sink to destroy you, because at the end of it all, I can pull myself back out, I can be all that I know I was supposed to be and I will be able to look myself in the eye and love what I see.

    The camera pans up towards the ceiling and Wolf looks down at his feet as a globe of light forms around him while the rest of the background goes black. It wouldn't be long before - STATIC.
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    Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now, therefore ye kings. Be admonished ye judges of the earth. Serve the lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    Psalm 2:8

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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    There Are No Such Thing As Monsters

    2013 was one hell of a year for Jason Gryphon. After making his debut at the biggest pay-per-view of the year, he quickly became one of the most talked about superstars in the company. After making a new friends and even more enemies, Gryphon defeated his greatest rival and a FWA mainstay in order to become the X-Division Champion for the first times. He had an extremely successful reign as champion and even defended his gold in an Ultimate X Match. 2013 came to a close, so did his X-Division Championship reign at the hands of Drew Stevenson. When 2014 began, Jason Gryphon started out of the New Year the same way that he spent the majority of the previous year, as a winner. Teaming with Carmine Reaper proved to be a successful endeavor as he and Carmine defeated the man that defeated Jason to become the X-Division Champion and Christian Quinn. Jason was able to right the wrong of his most devastating loss and is now looking forward a bright and happy new year filled with new challenges, challengers, and championship reigns.

    A familiar roar of an engine fills up the streets of Richmond, Va and a flash of black is seen zooming down the crowded streets of the former capital of the Confederate States of America. As the engine quiets down at a stop light, Jason Gryphon can been seen in his prize 1964 Shelby Cobra. When the light turns green, Jason powers up the engine and they continue their ride downtown. Jason’s blonde hair begins flowing beautifully in the wind before Jason slows the car down again and pulls the car into a local parking garage. Jason parks his beloved wheels and pulls a duffle bag out of the back and drapes it over his shoulder. Jason makes his way across the street to a local gym that appears to be closed. He pulls a key out of the back pocket and unlocks the door.

    It pays to have a father that owns a chain of gyms. I still can’t believe he agreed to close this one for the day so I could get in some high octane training in.

    Jason opens the door to the gym and walks inside. Jason flicks the light switch and the huge gym comes into sight. There are several different types of weight machines, free weights, bike, a MMA cage, and a wrestling/boxing ring. Suddenly a booming voice can be heard from the back.

    How can you come into my gym boy! I thought I told you that the next time that you stepped foot into my gym I was going to knock your ass out.


    We have long past the days where you could tell me what to do you old bastard. If I want to come into this gym and train, you sure as hell aren’t going to stop me.
    A middle aged black man comes walking out from the back of the gym wearing a Gryphon Gym’s T-Shirt.


    Oh, you win a shiny belt and all of a sudden you think that you are the hottest things Zeus ever molded from clay. I’m the one that shaped you in my image. I am the one that made you a champion, and you haven’t even come back to pay your respects while you were a champion. You come back here as a former champion and you think I am going to welcome you with open arms?


    Some old coot one told me that if you think you are the best then you damn sure better act like it. I was a champion for over 4 months and forgive me if I didn’t have time to come back to some run down hole in the Virginia backwoods to look up some crazy old man.


    Ha ha! Maybe you aren’t the lost cause you once were.

    The man lightly slaps Jason across the face before pulling Jason over and giving the former champion a great big hug.


    How are you doing Zeus? It has been way to long.


    I am fatter and balder but I can still whip your scrawny white ass and you are right, it has been too long, far too long. I get that you have been busy but you know damn sure that gyms in cheap hotels cannot compare to the gym that made you famous. Now shut your mouth and get into the ring, from the looks of you, we have a lot of work to do.
    We’ll see about that. Meet me in the ring in five minutes and we will go round and round.

    Jason Gryphon takes his duffle bag and heads to the back of the gym to where the locker rooms are. Jason pulls out one of the first Gryphon T-Shirt that FWA produced and puts it on after he takes off his sport coat and dress shirt that he had been wearing. He pulls out a ratty pair of jeans and puts them on as well. He comes out of the locker room with his hair pulled back into a ponytail and wearing an old pair of Nike Jordan’s.


    Oh, so you decided to fight me as an ordinary mortal instead of the suit that you have become?


    What the hell are you talking about? I’m no suit.


    I beg to differ. You come into my gym dressed like something out of the Nieman Marcus catalog , driving a $100,000 car, and with an air of confidence that you only get from sticking your nose up in the air.
    Zeus and Jason begin to tape up their hands and put a pair of boxing gloves on before getting into the ring.


    If I am not mistaken, you were the one that taught me to be this way.


    I taught you to be confident, not cocky. There is a big difference boy. Do you see any of your fans driving around in one of those fancy cars? No! You used to hate showing your father’s money off because you wanted to make it on your own. You not only have been driving around in that substitute for a penis but you had your Daddy rent out an entire stadium just so you could look like a big man.
    Zeus throws a punch at Jason that he is easily able to duck.


    I don’t need a penis substitute. I’ve got one that would make you jealous and as for my father, if it wasn’t for him, you would still be hocking autographs at baseball card conventions for 20 bucks a pop. Besides, Don’t I have the right to be a big cocky? I was the X-Division Champion for 4 months. I earned everything that I have ever gotten.

    Jason continues to bob and weave the punches that Zeus is throwing him.


    Where is that championship now? It’s around someone else’s waist. You got cocky boy. Did you think that Ryan Hall was just going to attack you for no reason? He was playing chess with you while you were playing checkers. He attacks you weeks before one of the biggest Pay-Per-Views in FWA and you just let it happen. You didn’t even fight back against him.


    I have been busy Zeus. I couldn’t just stop everything that I have been trying to do and start a war with that tool just because he cheapshotted me.


    Hall was about to get into your head and you damn well know it. The minute his music began to play, you were inches away from retaining your championship. You took your eyes off the ball for an instance and that is something that you cannot do in this business. That one opening is what allowed Drew Stevenson to win the ladder match and take the championship that was rightfully yours. I taught you better than that. You have to be on the ball at all times.


    You taught me how to fight, you didn’t teach me how to do my job. Do you actually think that I really have forgotten everything that Ryan Hall has done to me? The lying scumbag convinced me to join The Seraphim under the guise of stopping the cancer that was known as the Syndicate. I believe him when he said that we were going to be a force for good that could clean up the FWA. What does he do when we are poised to make our debut? He joins the Syndicate and leaves me and the others that believed him out in the lerch. I had a target on my back for a month because of that little debacle. I was made to look like a fool in front of all of my creatures. I remember those looks Zeus and I will not forget them.

    Jason begins to throw a couple of punches at Zeus, lightly hitting him in the arm.


    I taught you how to be a fighter and that is your job. You got soft. You have been so determined to fill your bed with beautiful ladies that you are not filling your soul with the angry and fury of the Gods that I instilled into

    Jason pauses for a moment and lets his hands down, giving Zeus an opening and he clocks Jason as hard as he could in the jar, rocking the former champion against the ropes of the ring.


    You see boy! You have been letting your emotions get the better of you. I taught you that you shouldn’t do the horizontal bop before a big fight and from what I have seen of you in the past couple of months, you cannot keep it in your pants long enough to properly train.

    Jason readjusts himself after coming off the ropes and gets back into a fighting stance.


    Do not talk about Jaimie that way Zeus! She is an amazing girl that has helped me in so many ways!


    To hell with that skinny bitch!

    Jason gets a furious look on his face and he clocks the 50 year old man right in the jaw, knocking him off of his feet and sending him to the ground.


    Oh damn, Zeus, are you ok?

    Jason leans down to help his mentor up to his feet and is met with a kick in the balls for his trouble and falls down next to the old man.


    You never lower your eyes on an enemy. I may have some snow on the roof but I can take a punch better than you can take a nut shot.

    Zeus stands up and he grabs Jason’s head, pulling him to his feet. They both get into their fighting stances again and they both prepare to fight


    You know white boy, I was under strict orders from your father not to train you when you came to me that first day. He thought that this whole wrasslin’ idea was just something you cooked up in the wake of your wife’s death but I saw something in you. I saw the face of a man that had a lot of anger to let out and I saw the heart of a champion. Now that the angry is gone and you seem happy, you seem to have lost the will of that fighter I once knew.

    I am still the same person that I was the first day I walked into the gym for the first time but I have finally been able to find a sense of peace and happiness. When I stepped through those doors, I just buried my wife and I needed to find a sense of purpose. Getting in the ring for the first time, I realized that everything that I was doing, was the right thing. I have done everything in my power to try to be the kind of fighter that my late wife would have wanted me to be. I was going to be the hero that the people have wanted for a long time and I think I have been. I have stopped more than one villain in my tenure as an FWA Superstar.


    You have got to stop living in the past boy. You do not need to remind people that you beat Michael Garcia and Dave to become the X-Division Champion. That is a proud moment that will last forever in the hearts and minds of your fans. You have to start worrying about today. You have got weak because you were not being challenged by someone that you perceived as a threat. This week on Fight Night you are facing one hell of a threat.

    I know that Mac Michaud is a threat and I know that he has something to prove but I am not going to let him prove it against me. This will be the first time that we have stepped foot into the ring to face each other. There is always something excited when you step into the ring with someone new because you have no idea what they are capable of and what you have to do in order to beat them. If I am going to beat Mac if would be a huge feather in my cap and it would get me to where I want to be next in the company.

    Zeus and Jason continue to trade punches in the middle of the ring as they talk about what Jason needs to do as he plans his future.


    Mac wants to be a part of the Carnal Contendership. That is his purpose when he steps into the ring with you. What is yours? Do you want to get back your X-Division Championship?


    No, I don’t. I don’t want to go backwards in my career. Let Drew Stevenson have the X-Division or the Emerald Championship or whatever the hell that next guy is going to call it. I want to move up the ladder in the company. The next logical step for me is to become the North American Champion.


    Then don’t just flap your gums about it. You need to make a statement, you need to stand up and let the heavens know that the Gryphon is ready to fly again and you need to start by clawing our Mac’s eyes in the middle of the ring.


    You’re right Zeus. I need to go back to what brought me into the game to begin. I need to be able to tell my creatures that I will fight for everything that they believe in and that they can put their faith into my once again. One loss is far to many for this former champion and in order to become a champion once again I need to do something that will make the pig headed higher ups that now own FWA notice me as a championship contender once again. I can think of no better way to get my point across than to come face to face with one of the most successfully and villainous superstars in the history of this company and beat him in the middle of the ring. I will make him pay for everyone that the Syndicate did the this company in the past and I will make Mac sorry that he ever decided to step foot back in this organization after he ran away with his tail between his legs. This Friday, I will pull out the Sword of Damaciles and I will slay another monster, proving to everyone that monsters are only men that believe their own hype.

    Jason reaches back and punches Zeus, knocking him to the ground and leaving the ring after counting to ten to show the old man that he was the winner. Zeus sits up in the ring.


    I guess you think you’re hot stuff, knocking down an old man. Back in the day I could have whipped your skinny white as from here to San Deigo and back again.


    You are damn right I am hot stuff. I am Jason Gryphon and I am Living Mythology. I am going to show you and everyone like you that I am still the same Jason Gryphon that I have always been and I am going to show you this week on Fight Night. For the first time ever I am going to get my hands on a former member of the Syndicate, a former X-Division Champion, and a former North American Champion. I am going to introduce Mac Michaud to the Mythology that has made me a household name for millions of my creatures across the globe. Zeus, you have been like a father to me and I will never be able to thank you for what you have done to me. You have given strength of Hercules and the Speed of Hermes all put together in the body of a man. This week on Fight Night I am going to show Ryan Hall, Ryan Rondo, and Mac Michaud that you cannot mess with the King of the Creatures. Friday, I am going to cut off the head of another monster and I am going to put it right next to the head of Michael Garcia. My road to the North American championship goes through a former North American champion and Mac's road to revenge is a Dead End that comes to a close with a Lion's Lariat.


    Show them your Mythology boy. Show them that you are less than a God but more than a man.


    It’s not my Mythology. It’s our Mythology Zeus. We Are Mythology! We Are Mythology! WE ARE MYTHOLOGY!

    Jason continues to chant his catchphrase as he heads to the locker room.


    That’s right boy. We..are…mythology.

    Zeus slides out of the ring and take off his gloves as he listens to his favorite student getting fired up for the first time in a long while.

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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    The Art of Hypocrisy

    Ryan Rondo, the North American Champion of the FWA, sits quietly at a little red booth in a relatively unknown ‘Burnt Toast’ diner on the outskirts of New York City. Nobody seems to bat an eyelid at him as he sits quietly sipping some of his morning coffee. He sticks out like a sore thumb as his suit and clean, fresh looking hair contrast deeply with the presence of your average joes and their ripped trousers, dirty shirts and overall, poor appearance. He takes a sip of the coffee from a cup that seems to be the only thing, other than him, that is washed in this place. He sits, quietly, smirking to himself, knowing that he is better than all the people in this place… a feeling he has never had before. Being joyful at the misery of others is something he never used to take pleasure in but now it seems that is all he can do. He enjoyed taking McLean’s belt from him whilst ending the existence of a component in the FWA’s heart and soul – his good side, his loyalty. Even the fans that booed him last week, he took pleasure in it because HE was the one making them boo. They were reacting to him. He has made everyone in the FWA universe sit up and take notice. He snaps his grin back and sips some more coffee, the mug is heard knocking against the aged, decrepit wood of the table as Rondo places it down. The mug wobbles a little bit as the table seems to be rather shaky. Rondo stands up – but nobody pays attention in the diner, they’re all too busy eating their poorly cooked breakfast. He takes out a signed photo of himself and puts it next to the now empty cup of coffee as a sign of payment for the cups of coffee he has had. He notions to the waitress to signal that he has left payment. As far as he is concerned, that photo is worth more than two cups of coffee but whatever. Rondo leaves and walks past the window of the booth at which he was sitting, the waitress has already come over and has the photo in her hand with a confused expression on her face. Rondo blows her a kiss and walks away.

    He continues walking down the street, sticking out even more so as he trods past countless homeless people begging for change without even giving them the time of day. Rondo eventually walks down an alley to which he is confronted with another homeless person – the stench of urine, alcohol and cigarettes is thick in the air almost suffocating him as the vagrant opens his disgustingly malformed mouth, with almost black teeth, to ask:

    “Any spare change?”

    Rondo chuckles to himself, looks elsewhere, whistles and he walks on.


    The homeless man mutters the word a few more times, quietly, but his eyes widen when Rondo stops. Rondo turns around and walks over to the homeless man who starts to adopt a feeble yet hostile attitude towards him.

    “Don’t touch me, brat! I fought back in ‘Nam, I’ve killed men twice your size!”

    Rondo lets out a loud laugh at him.

    “I’m not going to hurt you. That’s something I wouldn’t do to someone not fit enough to even have my spare change. No. I’m here to make you feel even more worthless than you do now. Do you KNOW who I AM?”

    The homeless man conveys an expression of confusion and altogether hopelessness at Rondo. Rondo rolls his eyes and stares straight into the man’s eyes with an expression of disdain for not knowing his name or who he is. Rondo leans in closely to the man’s ear, to whisper something, whilst his face grimaces from the stench of stale piss that intrudes his nostrils…

    “I’m not a bullshitter.”

    Rondo leans back up whilst the man casts him another confused glance.

    “No Vietnam vet pisses his pants for no good reason.”

    Rondo takes a single penny out of his pocket and chucks it at the Homeless man as if he were nothing.

    “That’ll do you, tell people that Ryan Rondo left you a penny. Consider yourself lucky.”

    Rondo walks away from the homeless man who just grunts and crawls rather ecstatically towards the penny. Ryan continues to walk down the alley, he comes to a low graffiti’d wall that allows him to look out onto the some plush green grass and the clear blue sky. Mornings, in the current season, like this are rare. Although he still hates how the wind nips at his skin. He hasn’t really had the chance to sit down and think about a lot of things ever since Trial By Fire. He explained his actions to the fans but he never had enough time to really delve into the reasoning.

    “I did it for me.”

    Rondo says as he rests one of his elbows on the wall as he looks out onto the green field before.
    “And I’m not ashamed to say it. I don’t care if I am booed for it, it was do or die and I don’t want to die, ever. I’m the champion because I had the foresight that Shane McLean didn’t have. He could’ve been the guy to turn on the FWA if I didn’t do it, I saved him – and I took my reward, the belt. People tell me that we could’ve just had a good match and the winner would have been the best man… but I didn’t think he deserved to be the best man whatsoever. If I had the chance to go back and change everything that happened in that match… I wouldn’t. I’d do it all again.”

    Rondo stops for a moment and looks down, then looks back up, no quivering of the confidence in his eyes. He repeats the words.

    “I’d do it all again. In a heartbeat. I don’t care if I’ve sold out the FWA, what I care about is my career and I wasn’t going to let it go down the toilet just because I had too much respect for Shane McLean. People who care too much about the FWA always end up failing. I know what it did to me, it held me back, I should’ve been in this position a long time ago. But instead I cared too much about the fans, other people, the FWA when really, I should’ve just cared about myself. Ryan Hall does it and look where he is, he’s top of the mountain and nobody is moving him anytime soon. Not even my old buddy Whyte Thunder can do it. Why? Because Thunder cares too much. Wolf won’t do it? Why? I’ll get to that later… Gabrielle? She seems more interested in doing squats in a cucumber field when it comes to the FWA title nowadays. Jimmy King, PAJ, men who are there for THEMSELVES and look where they are, top of the totem pole. Joined by me.”

    Rondo stops for a moment and simply peers out at the cloudless sky meeting in the middle with the green grass of the horizon and he starts to think just how peaceful it is. It reminds him of the FWA before the chaos all started.

    “They say that chaos and war can change a man. It’s changed me. I realised that I am one of the people that the FWA needs by its side… not the other way around. I don’t need to pander to every whim of the FWA anymore. I’ve been back for a few months and I have already taken out Mac and Shane McLean and unified their belts… making it the THIRD time I’ve achieved such a feat. I’ve won every belt available to me thus far minus the Big one… so that’s five belts. I am going to be a grand slam champion… I’ve got a list of things that fill out resume… I know that I am a very, very special kind of talent… and Jimmy King realised it first. The FWA was too late, my loyalty dissipated before Trial By Fire… I fooled Shane McLean into thinking that I was against King as well… and as I have said, I would do it all again because the only person I am looking out for… is me! If I do that, then I can go on and win the World Title and show everybody else that Ryan Rondo isn’t the proverbial Urijah Faber of the FWA. I can prove that I’m no longer the kid who used to falter at the last hurdle against people. No way. I proved it with Shane, I’ve got ways to win that people won’t even dream of. Why? Because I’m smarter than just about every person inside the damn building when there’s a show on.”

    The North American Champion gets up and begins walking down the long alley again, seeing various graffiti art works on the walls next to him, he spots a cartoon Wolf and it jogs his memory…

    “Wolf. Someone who everyone reckons is going to go on a tear. Well, let me just tell you now, Wolf isn’t going to ‘tear me from limb to fucking limb’ as he would put it. I know Wolf’s good, I’m not going to insult him at all but is he really THAT good? I said I was the proverbial Urijah Faber but maybe he is. All he does is beat contenders then get trumped in the title matches. When was the last time YOU unified belts, Wolf? When was the last time YOU had won every belt you’ve ever challenged for? Infact, I remember that YOU were the Tag Team Champions… yes, you, just you… back when you were a selfish bastard yourself.”

    Ryan's words come to an abrupt end as he realizes that the coffee must’ve passed right through him… he stops and looks around to see if anyone is around… nope secluded. He begins to walk over to the Wolf graffiti’d on the wall, he stops though as someone appears at the end of the alley and begins to walk down, Rondo goes back to the wall and rests.

    “Wolf, my friend. You claim that the FWA is your home? That you want to save it? Well, you ARE a hypocrite. You wanted to destroy it with the Great Siege, you wanted to take the enjoyment out of the FWA. I was in the Siege to try and bring it down from the inside, sow seeds of discord… to try and help the FWA… yet you, you represented everything that you claim to hate now. You were the enemy, and as far as I am concerned, you still are. See, the fans might still cling to a tiny little hope that Ryan Rondo still has the good in him, the loyalty in him to help the FWA… but the fans know that you, whilst claiming to be loyal, will not stay that way forever, you’re going to be a bad guy again, you know it, I know it, the whole world knows it. I think you should do it sooner rather than later, Adrian. Come join us, FWA is a sinking ship… Take the chance now before you realise you are drowning and there’s no lifeline. Can wolves even swim? Who cares.”

    'The Amazing One' stops to take notice as the person who disturbed him earlier has disappeared. He continues to speak, wanting to finish his little spiel.

    “My point is you’re just another hypocrite, Wolf. You set out to destroy the things you once were claiming to hate them… Now you know how it feels right? The anger, the seething rage you feel at the people who keep holding you down and bullying you, being douchebags to the world… I’ve dealt with it all for the majority of my FWA career, Wolf. Infact, all the way since I debuted, ever since what was his name, Blaze? Everyone I’ve ever had a serious gripe with has been a douchebag. I don’t have a gripe with you right now, but let me just tell you… you’re a douchebag. But, you come second to Gabrielle. So there’s comfort in that. Gabby now runs to the aid of the FWA after trying to kill its tag team division less than a fucking year ago! Do you see now why I have turned my back on the FWA? How can I stand tall with people like you when you all have previous for being detrimental to it? You tried to control Crossfire, you tried to take the vision of Chris Stalling’s and turn it to shit. Gabrielle tried to destroy Sunrise-Sunset and the tag division along with them. Devin Golden burned the World Heavyweight Title and all you people have a problem with me for siding with the man who saved the FWA and taking a belt from Shane McLean? You all need a fucking reality check.”

    Rondo now walks over the graffiti’d wolf and unzips his trousers, and the small ‘tsss’ sound can be heard as he takes a leak, it doesn’t deter him from speaking his thoughts either.

    “I am the reality check. I joined the right side, the fans are just misinformed and are cheering for the wrong people. Wolf, you’re someone I’ve never really cared to watch that much. You’re not really noteworthy to me, and I am sure that you think you’re this and you’re that but the fact is, you’re just fodder for Ryan Hall, King, PAJ and me at this point. You guys were lucky last week, but maybe this week I’ll try. You’ll see. You might even be lucky enough to get a cent off of me or a signed photo, we will have to wait and see.”

    Rondo stops pissing, and zips himself back up and continues to walk away, whistling rhythmically. The wolf on the wall has been splashed with a load of urine. Rondo has one last thing to say before he turns around and begins to walk away to carry on with his normal life.

    “Say what you want about me. Do what you want. But it won’t matter, Adrian, because unlike the last Ryan Rondos you have faced, I just simply do not give a fuck.”


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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    "I know I haven't been good lately. I don't know how to change it, I have been working hard but yet, it has looked like I haven't put all of the effort that I know I can. I want to change it, nay, I need to change it. That is why I'm going to work my ass from this point froward. I have let Jason Gryphon down, and I have let my family down. Now it is time for me to rise up to that challenge. To show people that I want to do what I did before. I want to win titles, I want to have my hand raised in the middle of that ring and people can pronounce that Carmine "Grim" Reaper is back. That he is ready to challenge for titles to become what he used to be, but better than that."

    Those words are the first image we see on piece of paper that is hung on the door to the locker room. The cameraman opens the door and it slowly squeaks open and we see Carmine "Grim" Reaper is sitting on the bench and he is already in his wrestling gear. He looks at the camera and shakes his head.

    Carmine "Grim" Reaper:
    Last week I didn't win a match my partner did. I didn't do anything to get my hand raised I was the one that should have been left out of it. Jason did it all, and I let him down and we were lucky that we won that match. The problem with that is that I wanted to do more I wanted to actually get the pinfall, and then what happened after the match still has me thinking.

    Drew Stevenson decided to step up against me, he became the hunter and me the hunted. I like that though, I like to be left down and out and everyone stepping over me, why? Because I am used to and Drew Stevenson is going to get a full douse of me at one point and I'm going to show him why I have won titles in the past. Why I once had a good career laid out in front of me, that I was the future of this company. I will get back to where I was and I will be better.

    Carmine gets up and walks towards the door.

    Carmine "Grim" Reapers:
    As for my opponent tonight Askerov is going to be put down. He doesn't have a chance, hell has he even been in the arena?

    With that question Carmine smiles and walks out of the locker room.

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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    Cameras are rolling as the silent dark night shines the moon and stars down upon the Earth. The ground is frozen as trees are covered with snow. Everything is at peace. A small breeze begins to blow as the smell of burning ashes takes root. The smell becomes overpowering almost as the breeze picks up. Grey smoke is coming from within the forest. There human prints going into the forest or coming out. All the tracks are deer and squirrel tracks. The camera crew continues to walk through the forest. The frozen ground crunches with every foot step that is taken. They continue walking up the down a frozen road in the forest and hearing hooting from owls. They continue walking for five minutes and see a winter fox run past them. The winter fox stares at the cameras for a moment then continues off into the other side of the frozen road; deep into the forest. The camera crew continues walk for a few more minutes. They see a familiar crow perched on this dead frozen tree. There is a knife stabbed through a piece of a paper on the frozen dead tree.

    January 6th, 2014

    Does it matter what I have done? I felt warmth on my back as I paid for my sins at Trial by Fire. Yet despite the fact at Trial by Fire the one who was thought to be changed showed she was no better than I. I saw the same look prior few days from my friend Ashley O’Ryan pleading her not to burn me. Yet he still though I would sell him out. The man has not spoken to me since December of 2013.The friendship that was there seems to be not what it was. I see him burning the candles at both ends. He’s trying t get his family back to feel love again. Yet he is getting love in all the wrong places. Then again who am I to judge? I got nothing not even a single rat to my name. Maybe it is and I perhaps feel… fear of being hurt again. Or maybe showing the world there is some humanity behind the monster. The world wouldn’t give me that chance. My best friend will not even give me that chance. He sees what he describes as a dark void. Oppose to what I see with my own eyes. He mistakes what he see me being a monster again. Rather I do not want to be a shell of myself. I am no shell of myself. The monster is still breathing within me. I am in control despite what Ashley O’Ryan thinks. He believing I would sellout like it was thought to be was hard to take. I am one not to sellout to a man who wants nothing more than to make me a gun for hire. Even on the FWA belt I hold it says Team. How are we supposed to be a team when Ash thinks I am a monster? Isn’t there suppose to be some trust as a team? He doesn’t trust me. He is blinded by the chance to feel loved. You can look in all the wrong places to find love but you will never find it. It will come to you. Love was staring Ash in the face when he married Moira Crawford. Not when Gabrielle makes her presence known. Especially how she tried to make me hate myself. Make me to be nothing but a pathetic loser who likes the taste of whiskey at all three meals of the day if you would. Then making it more personal. It feels like my only friend believed the words she said. Not even a care in the world for myself from my friend. People called me the snake and for once it is I who feels betrayed and lied to. Is this what salvation suppose to feel like? It more feels like one is the loneliest number if you would.

    • The camera crew take the left fork in the road and continue to follow the smoke that is blowing their way. Still no foot prints leading into down the left fork in the road. The crow turns its head and watches them venture down the frozen road. Stranger is the crow isn’t cawing. Stranger still is there is a smell of kerosene in the air now. The camera crew continues walking down the frozen road and sees an encampment. The encampment is frozen. It is old. There is cage door on the frozen ground slightly buried. There are four troughs there and some liquid that had a strong smell. Unmistakably it’s kerosene. There is a fire crackling in the middle of where the four troughs are. There is a bit of smoldering happening but the fire continues to burn. The smoke rising up into the night sky. There is a figure in the distance with a sound of a lighter flickering being heard. Has long brown hair that is frozen. He has a black leather jacket with white washed blue jeans on. He slowly turns around. His leather jacket in unzipped with no shirt underneath. Has a thick long beard that is frozen. His eyelashes are frozen as his light blue and pure white eye stare at the camera. It is none other than Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair. Stu stares at the camera with his cold frozen eyes. He flickers his lighter then slowly begins to talk in his all too familiar tone of voice.

    Stu ‘The St.Clair: Hell awaits for all who waits. I have been to hell. I was burned for my sins. My back charred as I smelled my own flesh burn. [*Stu feels his back for a brief second where he was burned with his left hand. Then with his right hand clenches his fist as he pauses*] The overwhelming smell of the flesh burning brought a brief flash back when I burned the face of Jack Severino. Hearing a monster neither trusted by heaven or hell moan in agony. I did the same thing that night at Trial by Fire. [*Stu pauses then closes his eye for a brief second as he flickers his lighter then opens his eyes*] My back bubbling was a sensation that meant I was paying for my sins. However even in hell an odd angel is spotted. Ashley O’Ryan soared into hell and tried to prevent Gabrielle for setting me a blaze. I do not know if he still cared for his old friend. Or rather he didn’t want Gabrielle to be no worse than I. He can no longer to pretend to not see or hear no evil. He sees the evil men can do, He did not try to put out the fire on my back. He just watched from a distance. As he heard agony of a monster being burned. Ash had no emotion on his face. He didn’t shake his head or turn away. He just continued to watch. Is the silence of his my salvation or his? Perhaps seeing me burn put him at peace. I didn’t feel like I was at peace. I felt like I was being burned by the devil himself. After all my only friend did was watch me burn.

    • Stu pauses as he stares at the lights in his right hand. He flickers the lighter for a moment then stares back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: There had been no communication from him. Not even when I got my back wrapped up before my match against Shane McLean. It seems he was more preoccupied with Gabrielle then me. But I am understanding man if he was spending the time to try to get his family back. But he wasn’t doing that. Rather he was looking for another good hump night. It is no secret I was madder than hell that someone I thought I was my friend didn’t even ask how I WAS DOING! I do not know if was jealousy that I got another crack for the third time in 2013 for a shot at the FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight title. Or maybe I didn’t walk away with the title and instantly give him a shot at it. It would be something for him to be happy about to be The FWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion for a third time. I don’t know the reason because he obliviously isn’t standing beside me right now. He isn’t talking to me. HE KNOWS THERE IS NOTHING ILLEGAL ABOUT WHAT I DO BECAUSE IN THE END IT IS JUSTIFIED. I follow my moral compass not to mention want vengeance. [*Stu pauses as exhales and his breath is seen. He then continues to speak*] What kind of team is this when my partner cannot even have my back. Lots of frustration at work here. Shane McLean knows a similar frustration.

    • Stu stares at the smoke of the fire then turns his attention back to the camera. He flickers his lighter before he speaks.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: He was placed in a unification match with his North American Title and Ryan Rondo’s Television title on the line in inferno match. Where a man would have to set a belt that means a lot to these two on fire. Instead of walking away with it. Ryan Rondo sold his soul for money just like Ryan Hall did. He busted him open with an RKO and his blood was on the North American title. While to a corner of Shane’s eye the Television title was burning. Respect was lost with Shane saw Rondo do that. Respect was lost when no one came to help him up. When we both met in the ring there was frustration on our mind. It was fine but Shane when after where I got burned on my back. Hell broke loose when I powerslamed him on a guard rail causing it to break into pieces. Shane just because I have a weakness which in this case is a burn on my back; don’t think for one second your going take advantage of that. If you see a snake sufferings don’t inflict pain on him. IT WILL BITE! I snapped Shane and you got bitten. I heard you moan but did I care? No because you picked a bad night to piss me off Shane. I know your judgment was go for the big win on yours’ truly but everything… [*A sinister smile comes over Stu’s a sec as he pauses for a second*] comes at a price. I am not letting you walk over me. I don’t hear the press writing me off as pathetic anymore. Nor a shell of my former self. All it took was a ‘few things’ to make waves again.

    • Stu pauses for a moment then smirks as the sound of him flickering his lighter is heard.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Already know you want payback. You can have me anytime. But it is clear you are an opportunist. Instead of going after me one on one. You are bring what appears to be my estranged tag team partner whom holds the other half of the FWA Unified World Tag Team titles with into the mix. You may want gold or better yet to see an implosion of whatever friendship I have left with Ashley O’Ryan go up in smoke. Either way you’re in for one hell of a show. I know your smart Shane. You were the other blue chipper Ryan Hall and G-Rich invested in when forming The Unholy Uprising. G-Rich is the richest man and wrestling and from him you learned how to cover both your bets. [*Stu snickers then goes serious.*] I know how to beat someone covering both their bets. Simply put screw the dealer. I am going to make everything come in my direction and favor. It is no secret I burn the candle at both ends. I don’t mind being bad if I have to. I am not some brainless monster like Mac is. I am not an IDIOT! If you want to talk stupid how about making Thomas Princeton your partner going after my gold. What did you convince Princeton it was a good investment to play with fire and get burned? He did after all save you when he debuted at Trial by Fire in Thousand and Seven. He saved you from losing that handicapped table match when you were defending the FWA Tag team title by yourself. What makes Thomas Princeton the perfect partner in your eyes?

    • Stu clenches his right hand as his smirks.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Princeton is almost as trustworthy as those boys on Wall Street playing with someone else’s money. Here is a man whose last two tag team partner left him. They both went on their separate ways leaving Princeton in the dust. Princeton has been waiting for something t come his way for a while. Princeton has just been counting how many bills he has on his bed money. Princeton has a lot of money. He saves his money so he can live life the way he wants to. The reason I think you wanted him as a partner Shane was your expecting to get some of his money to come your way. [*Stu chuckles as he pause for a second before continuing*] Unless you’re his wife and kids or better still the taxman you are not going to get a dime from him. Also I don’t see Princeton much of a team player unless something is given his way like fifty percent of a business with royalties attached to it so he can get his capital back. Then become wealthier from the business venture. I really don’t see Princeton taking you up on your business venture. As for Princeton for himself. He has stayed pretty quiet in the last year. No big wave from him in the ring while out of the ring making more money. Princeton knows something that is true that he hates. With all that talent and money he has he will not have his moment in the sun like he did in the past. Can Princeton make waves again? Sure he can if he wants to.

    • Stu flickers his lighter as he stares at the flame from it. Then he stares back at the camera.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Princeton has something that I don’t have and that is family. I know I’m not getting a family any time soon. He is the business mogul who has it all from nice cars, big house, kids and of course a trophy wife. He has it all but there is one thing that he doesn’t have. The ability to take a gamble again. Almost seven years ago Princeton you took a gamble at Mile High costing me and Ashley O’Ryan the chance to be Tag Champs again while also leaving Shane McLean laying. That took balls Princeton. You made an impact and shortly thereafter you win The Golden Opportunity match inside the Elimination Chamber for a shot at The FWA World Title any time for one year. You were doing well. Better still was when you kidnapped Carmine’s girlfriend Katie to get your North American Title back from him. You had something there. It’s like you don’t have the nerve any more. What did Las Vegas call and say you can no longer gamble or something? You have great opportunities this year but never went after them. You cashed in and took at gamble at Mile High and became FWA World Heavyweight Champion.

    • Stu pauses as smirks at the camera and continues to talk as small snowflakes begin to fall from the sky.

    Stu ‘The Snake’ St.Clair: Is that same man in there Princeton? Do I need to bring out The Devil on Wall Street attitude from you out in order for you to take a gamble? I already know it’s a losing bet partnering up with Shane McLean. You cannot bullshit me like you to businessmen when you try to company. The combination of you two doesn’t look that great on paper. Even with Ash becoming estranged from me. To win would be unlikely even if you sign a deal with the devil. You still wouldn’t get what you are after. Princeton listen to me this is a business venture where you are going to get nothing but the satisfaction of losing. [* A sinister smile comes over Stu’s face*] I’m already in hell Princeton. After this match you will be in your own hell. For the simple reason you aren’t sharp like you once were and young wolves if you would are going to take everything from you. Ash and I are no young wolves but god damn we are survivors. Even though I am a monster and I am in control of all things. This a reality check Princeton. You need to wake up for get out of my way before I take out my frustrations out on you. Ash if you are listening to this. Don’t worry I will not stab you in the back. Betray and I will make you burn in hell.

    • Stu walks up to the massive fire pit. He grabs a burning log not too big. It is burning at the end of the log. Stu walks near the trough and toss the burning log into the trough that has kerosene in it. There is a roar as flames shoot up from the trough. Stu spread his arms to the side with a serious yet disturbing look on his face. The sound of a crow from up the frozen road is heard cawing. Snow continues to fall from the sky as crackling is heard from the fire pit with a burning fire. While the trough that has flames rising from burns brightly. The camera footage begins to fade out.

    End of Scene
    credit to xxhhhxx

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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    The scene opens and PAJ is obviously sitting and waiting with great confidence. PAJ looks all around and is sat alone backstage at the Hammerstein Ballroom. PAJ continues to smirk as people walk past his open door. Just as a member of the crew starts to walk in PAJ shuts the door, slamming it in his face, PAJ wants to be alone. PAJ has CWA logos plastered on all of his things. PAJ looks straight forward.

    PAJ: Whyte Thunder, The hero of FWA, the 'mystery' man that dares to continue his at of defiance but it is all in vain. You can fight the good fight all you want but nothing good ever comes from the good fight. What is the good fight? Is it a noble and well-intentioned battle? Or is it what it should be continuing to fight a losing battle. It is heart-warming and it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside but for me it makes me sick. A major inconvenience for me because I just want to stomp all those good fighters in the mud where they belong. They have no place in this company and it is my job to ensure that they do not infect the minds of the 'wrestlers' here. They are incapable of handling change and upsetting of the status quo. It is essential that guys like Whyte Thunder, who naively continue to fight the good fight, lay down their arms and accept that this is what FWA has become. FWA will continue to survive and allow you all to wrestle for the company that you, for some reason, love. FWA is just another stop on the train for me. I will soon board the train again and head out towards whatever lies ahead. I have no loyalty to a broken company. I tried my best to help glue the fragments back together and I am labelled a traitor. I am an unloved hero. I am not appreciated for what I truly am. I thought I had silenced those doubters but now rather than just laugh they come up to me in the back and they berate me for doing nothing of note. I don't need any alter egos to hide who I truly am. I am the greatest wrestler in FWA today and that is who I am right now and that is who I was when I walked back through the doors after they had begged me to return for them.

    PAJ pretends to be begging as he slumps down to his knees and looks up to the ceiling before looking forward again before moving backwards back onto the bench he was sitting on.

    PAJ: I don't need a false prophet. I vowed that after Chris Kennedy I would no longer worship false prophets and that remains. Only The King can judge me. His voice is the only one that matters to me. So hate all you want but I need nothing to succeed and I was given nothing. I don't need some alter ego to hide my fears. Wrestlers who hide behind things like masks or face paint are cowards. They are afraid that they will fail and that they will bring shame to their families. I do not fear failure because I never fail. I might lose the occasional match but I always get the job done. Just ask Clay Reitmeier, he took my title, I effectively ended his FWA career before it truly begin. The crusade against us has gone far enough it is time for me to end it. I am bored of all this. I am bored of being attacked. I am bored of being called a traitor. It is all out of fear and jealousy. They are all backstage crapping themselves and secretly wishing that they not only had the vision but the balls to stand up against a broken company. Whyte Thunder doesn't have the balls to show his face because he knows that he failed FWA, it is not like we don't know who he is. He failed everyone he loved. He failed his best friend and he saw the light. Whyte Thunder is the biggest coward in this company. Wolf fought me face-to-face. He refused to shy away from embarrassment and face the end like a man looking me in the eye. Are you really a hero? Are you really everything you claim? Or are you just like everyone else? Is this your kryptonite? Your raging jealousy surely overwhelms you. Knowing that you will never beat Ryan Hall and knowing that you will just be swept away and forgotten like all the other cowards that believe there is something worth salvaging in this rubbish dump. All the valuable assets that remained were taken away by Jimmy King and left just out of reach so the rest of you scum can sit here and look at us as we revolutionise FWA. I totally understand you wish you were part of the true elite. That is why you attack us. That is why everyone else berates us. Look at what happened to Jesus according to the bible, The messiah, the saviour for all of humanity and the peasants grew jealous and they strung him up for the whole world to see and remember for all time. Would that benefit us? Most likely but the supposed traitor is also infamous. That is why I did what I did. I didn't do it because I hate FWA, I do, but it is not why I joined Jimmy King. I know I have the talent to compete with the best in the world but FWA didn't take me seriously. I was the 'lackey' of The Syndicate, bowing to Chris Kennedy and Mac Michaud's every will, which will all know is simply not true. So I made a statement that would doom FWA and put my name on every billboard, every wrestling magazine, I started the fire so people stop belittling me.

    PAJ laughs with a huge smile on his face as he stares intensely forward.

    PAJ: I don't have the Undisputed Title raised up on some sort of pedestal as something I need to climb and work for. I am worthy of it. I don't need to reach and listen as people crown it as some sort of big achievement in this company. Many greats have won the Undisputed Title but many guys have been one and done champions that failed to live up to what they could have been. I don't need lectures on how to be a champion or what it means because I don't care about title histories. I am beyond a level of caring about such trivial crap that I can't change. All that matters to me is the number of days I hold it and the number of men I beat to keep it but that is a way off yet. I have to start phase one of my master plan to end FWA. I bought the apocalypse and I am enjoying every single moment of it. It is more than petty revenge it is payback with a big healthy reward. Not money because I am not some slack-jawed, brain cell less, roid raging mercenary. I bought the war to the doors of FWA to watch it burn so that you would finally understand who the hell I am. I am not a man that forgives or forgets. I pity those who have dared disrespect me. I will belittle anyone. I take no prisoners. All captured must be executed because I will stop at NOTHING to get what I want. I want my respect back. I want you ALL to fear me. I want the power to be EVERYTHING that this company hates and I want to spit in the face of everyone who has ever even seen the words FWA on their TVs while flicking the channel while I hold up the greatest prizes FWA has to offer. Whyte Thunder can be the new symbol for hope but I took away the chances of Wolf ever being relevant in FWA again. Are you prepared for that?

    PAJ looks down upon everyone with fake sympathy all over his face.

    PAJ: I won't just beat you. I will take a piece of you. Something that you will remember me by. Usually most men in the ring I take their pride or their dignity. I beat them so badly they are embarrassed but I want the greatest symbol of your pride and your dignity. I wanted the thing that made Whyte Thunder what he was but I think we all know that Jimmy King did the leg work for that. So What is left but a lonely, betrayed sidekick who got kicked to the curb when it was clear that the grass is greener on, as FWA fans like to call it, the 'dark' side. I will not take pride in beating you. I don't even take pride in having a match against you. I have fried bigger fish. I am above your pathetic jealousy and I will ensure that talent prevails over delusion. That royalty squashes the peasants that dare speak ill of those they aren't worth speaking of. I am The Last Great Englishman. I am The Prince. I am ready to claim my rightfully given throne.

    PAJ sits as majestically as he can while he sits on a bench in his room. PAJ smiles and waves to the camera before suddenly stopping and leaning forward and screaming 'MY THRONE' into the camera. The scene quickly fades to black.

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    Thomas Princeton Promo

    On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon...

    The live studio audience cheers as the show returns from a commercial break. Jimmy sits at his desk with his trademark smile.

    Jimmy: My next guest is one of the biggest stars of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance, you can catch him and all the action on the WC channel every Friday night, everyone please welcome Thomas Princeton!

    Tom comes out to applause from the crowd and a few cheers from the women. The in house band The Roots play a rap remix of Thomas Princeton's theme song. Tom waves to the band with affection, then to the crowd and then shakes hands with Jimmy as he sits down in his navy blue Italian designed suit.

    Jimmy: Welcome back buddy, good to have you on, it's been a while.

    Tom: It has! I'm happy to be back though. Are you getting ready for the big move next month?

    Jimmy: Oh I'm so excited! It such an honor to be hosting the tonight show. But your company the FWA it's gone through quite a move recently too. A lot of stuff has been happening, what's going on over there?

    Tom: Well this S.O.B. named Jimmy King thought that buying out the FWA would somehow make him look, I don't know...better? Bigger? Let's go with bigger, and of course the man is overcompensating for something....

    The audience laughs as Tom gives them a sly look.

    Tom: But he won't last long, anybody who feels the need to throw around his money like that has serious issues. I mean look at me for example, I am a very rich man. At one point they wanted me to come out to my matches in a big stretch limo or wear all gold ring attire and I shot those all down, I'm wealthy I know it. The people know it, no need to keep reminding them every week. King isn't even that rich he's just foolishly ambitious.

    Jimmy: But one of the pluses to this current set up is that you don't have to do as much traveling.

    Tom: You know that is true, I do get to relax a bit more. We're over there at the legendary Hammerstein Ballroom home of the original ECW.

    People in the audience cheer for the mention of ECW

    Tom: I've also enjoyed that I'm closer to my wife and my kid. Got a beautiful daughter and she just keeps getting bigger I'm so proud of her. And congrats to you by the way on your kid.

    Jimmy: Oh thank you.

    Tom: I she still keeping you up late at night?

    Jimmy: YES! In fact she's been sick lately and that's made it really difficult for everyone. But we're holding up, got any advice for a new dad like myself?

    Tom: Sleep any chance you get at work.

    The audience laughs.

    Tom: I mean it's just true. You arent going to get much at home, gotta get it somewhere. In fact...why don't you just come over here and lay down for a moment. You know I've got a big match this week--

    Jimmy: Against Vodka and Venom two of the best ever!

    Tom: Well hey now.

    Tom grins playfully and the audience laughs as does Jimmy.

    Tom: But yeah they're pretty good, we go way back. They actually ended my first tag title reign. And my partner Shane McLean I actually helped him retain his tag titles when he was the only solo holder in FWA history. And that was against the team of Vodka and Venom so we've gone kinda back and forth through history with screwing each other over. So this week I plan to end their tag title reign and kind of set them back in place. They're great but they're far from invincible. And I'll prove that again on Friday. So buddy I can see the bags under your eyes, you look like a raccoon. You can't go taking over the Tonight Show looking like that, go lie down here on the couch and Im going to say a few words to Vodka and Venom, okay?

    Jimmy: You're going to get no complaints from me.

    Tom: Alright then let's do this! Roots, give me some sleepy time music.

    The crowd cheers the spontaneous interaction as Jimmy plops down onto his own couch. The Roots play a soft lullaby as Jimmy pretends to drift off to sleep.

    Tom: Roots, how about we play some promo music. Got anything?

    The Roots nod their head, this is a Tuesday for them. They've got this. They begin to play some intense and low music the lights dim and a spotlight shines on Tom making him look quite menacing. The crowd pops as he stands to speak into a microphone.

    Tom: Vodka and Venom, also known as Ashley O' Ryan and Stu St. Clair here we are again. The tag champions that don't even defend their titles. But now you kind of have to. You see Shane and I are on a path, a coordinate plane, a road that leads to pure glory. Oh how sweet it would be to take the titles away from you two with the road to Back in Business about to begin, how frustrating it would be to see me and Shane McLean that man who on paper beat you one on two to hold the gold you value so much! It's going to be poetic for me, and it will be pitiful for you.

    Ashley will probably hold a pity party for himself. He'll wine and cry and start drinking again, maybe slap Gabrielle around a few times for good measures. Stu St. Clair you're going to get even darker, if that's possible. You'll swear vengeance blah, blah, blah. BORING! You two have become so predictable. But Shane and I....why...youll never really know what to expect. I mean think of all we can pull out of the air that you aren't prepared for.

    Oh you've faced us both each way and sideways but Vodka and Venom are an institution. And last I checked when Shane and I team up it doesn't fare too well for you two. I'm just stating the facts. The bite from your two are gone. I'm not scared of Stu St. Clair hiding out in some rainy attic and no matter what I'l always know that just about every time the Irish switchblade goes one on one against me I kick his ass!

    Shane McLean, man what a great partner. I admit I was bummed when MC Fromage left, but what can I say he shined so bright he burned off twice as fast. Shane though is a marathon man, sure he's come and gone but he's still going, still strong and I think this will be a banner year for McLean, I mean not a banner as big as mine. But no need to continue to repeat that, I'm not Jimmy King overcompensating for anything. But seriously Shane how great would it be to have a tag title with a real bonafied partner not that slouch Rodel Montanez? We can do that together, we WILL do that together!

    Ashley and Stu you two have sat up there with your gold and gotten so fat they not longer even use the notches on their belts they just put them on and walk around. Well let me assure you belts are much easier to snatch when they aren't even tied to your body. You two have gone soft, you let Jimmy King walk over the FWA, Ashley is run by the woman in his life and Stu's bark has now become worse than his bite! But this time I along with Shane McLean will claim victory and have another glorious tag title reign. This isn't just karma for what you did to me all those years ago, this is destiny! I am coming for the two, nothing you do or say will prepare you for the level of pain I am willing to dish out to win the gold once again! The new tag team champions will be named Shane McLean and the greatest wrestler in the! And just in case you didn't name is Thomas Princeton, and I'm better than you!

    The crowd cheers as Tom gives a slight bow. The lights come back on and Jimmy hops off the couch clapping for Tom. Tom shakes hands with Jimmy.

    Jimmy: Great job my man, Thomas Princeton everybody! Catch him this week on Fight Night! Stay tuned when we come back we've got Josh Gad! Stay with us.

    The camera fades out for a commercial break.

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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    At Vincent Blackbird's Private Villa in Miami-Dade, Florida

    Amber: Are you sure that Vincent will be able to handle being in a Glass Shards Match against Sokolov?

    River: Yes, because even though he may still have burn scars on his back, that still fails in comparison to what he had been through since I've been his bodyguard. But still *River looks over towards where Vincent is meditating * I am worried about his upcoming match against both Sokolov and Warren. Speaking of which, were you able to uncover any history between Warren and Vincent?

    Amber: I'm hoping that it is pure coincidence but Vincent was in the same town at the same time when his parents were killed by a sniper.

    River: Hmmm, he is a skilled marksman when it comes to sniper rifles and other firearms, but it may just be coincidence. Keep digging further, because the more I know, the more I'll be able to protect him.

    Amber: I will and please keep him safe no matter what River.

    River: Don't worry I will not just because it's my job but also because I know that if I fail to protect him, you'd kill me.

    Meanwhile as Vincent is meditating, he can't help but have a memory of the past.

    August 15th, 1993

    Mysterious Man: Mr. Blackbird, I would like you to assassinate the person that will be accompanying my wife and I on the 17th.

    Vincent: If I do this, then it will cost you $10,000.

    Mysterious Man: That won't be a problem. Now, we will be coming outside of the Mall of America at around 5:15 pm on the 17th so that will be the perfect opportunity for you to assassinate him.

    Vincent: Ok, then come out of the East Ramp South Entrance as that will be the best opportunity for me to assassinate the person. Yes that will mean I will be assassinating the target as they are in your and your wife's vehicle. That won't be a problem will it?

    Mysterious Man: Hmm, no it won't be a problem, I will just make sure that he is sitting in the front passenger's seat?

    Present Day

    Vincent is suddenly brought back to reality when his assistant calls his name.

    Assistant: Boss, there is a Mr. Jimmy King on the phone for you.

    The assistant hands Vincent the phone.

    Vincent: Hello Mr. King, what can I or the BIRD Empire do for you?

    Jimmy King: It's not what you can do for me, but rather what I could do for you. Because you see, while to the outside world, it may seem like I'm only interested in a small part of the FWA, I'm actually looking at the big picture. At Aces High, I'm thinking of having a big match involving a few of your..."friends." You in?

    Before Vincent could answer he hears River shouting to Amber to get down followed by several shots being fired from several AK-47's.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread

    The scene starts with a young man benching pressing about 200 pounds on his second set of lifts. His spotter stands over his head yelling words of encouragement and motivation to keep him going. This kid continues to work hard... continues to perform lift after lift. He finishes his third set as sweat drips from his face and falls to the matted floor below. He sits up and breathes slowly as he takes a drink of Gatorade. Hours later the kid goes to the wrestling practice room, wearing his wresting uniform and sees a disturbing message on the door.

    The School Board has voted that the wrestling program will be suspended until further notice.

    The young man can't believe it... this was his year... after 8 years of hard work, his first year as an upper class-men and finally reaching his peak his dream has been taken away from him. Everything he worked for has now been stripped away because of lack of interest in the wrestling program. He sits in the hallway without saying a word as his friends pass by... Knowing his grades aren't good enough on their own and that his family has no money... this WAS his chance to make it to college and onto better things.

    Days pass by...

    The young man frantically looks for something to fill the massive void left in his left and the doorway to his future, however, every single program is full or cancelled this year except for one, drama. DRAMA? He thinks to himself... He hates the whole play and theater concept but he has no choice... this is the only way for him to do something with himself. The only doorway open... he must leave his wrestling behind and embrace entertainment.

    Weeks pass by...

    The boy after struggling and failing for weeks has finally found somewhat of a grove with his performance and landed a role in the upcoming play. Considering the school's drama program was the biggest and best in the state, this meant a lot going forward. After embracing the idea and working hard... the young man has landed a role... as a tree.

    Months pass by...

    The young man has been working this play for over 3 months now and the upcoming showtime date is upon them. Most of the other drama nerds have shunned him and he has become the all star wrestler to the loser drama kid who works so hard but is always ignored. Then again... how much can someone do when their role is a tree? The teachers... the stars... they all ignore them and the final practice is upon them. The teacher is being extra OCD today making sure everything is perfect before the curtains fall the following night.

    Teacher: NO NO NO NO NO!! Drew! What the heck is wrong with you!

    The young man twitches.

    Drew: I-I'm sorry mam?

    Teacher: Answer me this... Do trees move?

    Drew: ...What?

    Teacher: DO TREES MOVE?!

    Drew: N-


    The young man snaps... This was bullshit. He shouldn't even be here...

    Drew: You know what... FUCK YOU MR. ROGERS!

    Teacher: W-what did you say to me?! I shou-

    Drew: NO! Shut the fuck up! I'm tired of this! I'm tired of getting pushed around!! I'm tired of this! I dedicated my entire life to being a wrestler. I did everything I was supposed to do! I didn't hang out with my friends... I didn't watch the O.C. and the Vampire Diaries of what ever the Hell you weirdos watch... I focused my entire life on something that is just thrown away while all you fairies dance around and entertain people with your acting. I'm not an actor... I'm not a entertainer... I'm a wrestler dammit... I AM A WRESTLER!

    Everyone looks at him speechless as the scene fades to close...

    Years pass by...

    This same boy has grown into a man... long ago he threw away the theater for his love of wrestler and despite competing in a few independent tournaments, his school never again brought back the wrestling program and with his mediocre grades he never made it into college, without a scholarship there was no way he could afford too. This same man now works at Diary Queen... He is the night manager and makes 10 dollars an hour... but he never forgot his love of the dead, Wrestling.


    We arrive at an entirely new setting, something simple but speaks volumes to the subject matter. A few bright white lights beam down below to the scene of a man who know all to well... He's the man of a self-proclaimed thousand nicknames and a hundred different personalities to go along side them. He's a trickster and a snake yet a tyrant and a saint, he's the one and only four time FWA champion in the history of the business. A man who hate or love helps define the current landscape and has taken a commanding role in it's current struggles. He is sitting down so plainly and in such a simple matter... in the middle of a wrestle ring.

    Nothing fancy and nothing too cute or chalked full of creativity or craftsmanship. This is the scene the truly defines the subject at hand... It's where the battleground takes place and the two opponents who are soon to square off against each other like gladiators see this ring, this squared circle in two entirely different ways.

    Ryan Hall:
    "This world we live in... this life full of dreams... and our dreams full of promise... all of us share the same universe. All of us... everyone who steps foot in this ring is a part of the incredible and indescribable reality called wrestling. It's an amazing enigma that has always caused sensational stories to surface and little kids to scream in their daddies ear until he buys him a Devin Golden jersey. It's a life worth living for all of us because we a part of something special, something bigger than ourselves and so when we leave scars that signify our mark on this world... it makes most of us content. Others... like myself are always looking for more because a mere scar on the face of wrestling isn't what I want in my future... I want to be that face! I want this world to revolve around the singular thought that is the Inferno, I want to be the fear in your eyes and the screaming horror plaguing your heart when you go to sleep. This is how I see the concept of wrestling... In my head this universe is nothing but a silly little high school play waiting for the curtain to rise and I am the main act. I am the star of this show and I am the main entertainer. This is nothing but a puppet show with me pulling the strings, a game to be played for my amusement and as you guys fight your heart out and bleed and cry over these trivial little quarrels and I will simply light the match and walk away. This is how I see wrestling... it's nothing more than a game and I am the M.V.P. My opponent... the man standing across from me looking to prove himself in one of the biggest fights of his life, he is completely different than me in every imaginable way."

    The Inferno stands up and walks around the ring doing a complete circle while dissecting every detail of it's structure and the surrounding area of the arena which his next match will take place. His eyes... always analyzing and always plotting.

    Ryan Hall:
    "The Emerald is a beautiful and rare gemstone that is coveted by many. It's green glow makes it a very valuable stone but yet... through all it's beauty and treasure it is still a very weak stone. It's toughness, for all it's beauty is pathetic and unlike a diamond it can be broken relatively easy... If Drew Stevenson considers himself an emerald then I will break him. If he is a precious gemstone then I am either the diamond... or even better the ruby. Blood red and intoxicating. I am a tougher and more beauty stone and the legend of the ruby rightfully and so metaphorically dwarfs the legacy of the emerald, not only this but the ruby is also a rarer stone than the pathetic symbol you have chosen to model yourself after. It is quite fitting however because in the end... the emerald is quite forgettable. However, I don't wish to stand here and talk about precious stones all day, I wish to get to the point... the man behind the stone, Drew Stevenson. As I mentioned earlier... you and me Drew are complete opposites in every way imaginable. Once upon a time I looked down from atop the mountain and noticed a hotshot young rookie and took an instant shine to this young man. His name was Drew Stevenson and he went into every single match which a disrespectful demeanor and a chip on his shoulder. I loved him for it... I even spoke up and said this young man reminded me of myself when I was younger and expected him to sky rocket into the upper echelons of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance... but Drew... you simply don't know how to play the game or rather you refuse too..."

    He stops pacing around and stops... A frown falls into the Last King's face and he shakes in his in pure disappointment.

    Ryan Hall:
    "I picked you... I singled you out and you responded by spitting in the face of your future legacy. Everything that is to come for you is because you turned your back on your future and made yourself into a walking mockery of the rookie I once knew. This business... This sport... this industry ISN'T just about wrestling and the more it evolves the less about wrestling it becomes. You can continue this hard path you're heading down if you want too but there is nothing there for you but a spot in the unemployment line... or an open staff job at the local Dairy Queen. This is a sport about entertainment, drama and most importantly... THE GAME. It's a game you refuse to play and that's why you're still sinking in the shallow end wandering why no one who walks buy wants to buy the sickly little goldfish that refuses to swim. The pure sport of wrestling is dead Drew... It's barely making it into the Olympics every year... schools are cutting it from their programs left and right and professional wrestling shows are becoming more and more about the back stories and underlying events that have led to the inevitable showdown. You have the skills, you have the pedigree but you're living in a false reality where you're building yourself up as a king of a pure sport with a made up title and no fans to cheer you on. You went from promising to pathetic in just a few months and I am going to show you what this sport is TRULY about. I am the master of the game BUT if you really want to prove yourself as the superior pure wrestler..."

    The Inferno slides out of the ring and walks over the a nearby bag sitting on top of a table. Ryan reaches in the bag and fumbles around until a smile indicates he has found what he's looking for. He pulls it out of the bag and holds up a National Division 1 Collegiate Wrestling Championship. He smiles fondly.

    Ryan Hall:
    "You can continue to live in this fantasy world where you focus on the pure sport of wrestling but even in your own reality I will beat you at what you think is your biggest strength. When I was a kid I a thrown into wrestling practice despite being a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner because my foster father didn't have anyone to watch me after school. As the mad chameleon I made use of this time and became the best wrestler I could... and after wrestling practice I went to drama class and became the best actor and entertainer I could. I learned how to manipulate while learning how to dump people on their heads. If you truly want a wrestling match then that's what I will give you Drew. I will be the one to show you that even through your narrow eyed singular tracked philosophy that you're still not the best. Even in your own fake, made up reality you know that you're a fool who is lying to himself every single day. I don't care about this stupid accomplishment because I am now the FWA Undisputed champion of the WORLD while you are the Emerald champion of yourself. Your foolish ploy is about to be fished out... just because you couldn't make it playing by my rules you want to make up your own and that's fine... because when I beat you with your own style, you will truly be a broken man. Then maybe you'll actually shut that loud fucking mouth of yours who has respect for no one. You call yourself "Wasted Talent"... but every single day you call yourself the Emerald champion... you're only wasting your own talent. This world is so much bigger than your outdated mindset... So sit still and listen carefully Drew and maybe you're hear me blow right past you... on my second lap around the world. Wrestling is dead... and so is your career."

    The Mad Chameleon takes the trophy and breaks it against the ring post. The pieces of the trophy fall to the mat below but Ryan Hall ignores them as he walks away into the darkness.




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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread


    Cold... rainy... another gloomy winter afternoon in New York. A towering hotel overshadows the unforgiving grey sky, and the downtown buildings that hover against the Big Apple skyline. The concrete is slick as a dark grey Nissan LEAF pulls around to the next level Princeton Accommodations parking garage. The hybrid quickly pulls into the nearest parking spot and efficiently turns off its Zero Emission Electric Battery. The driver side door quickly jets open, as Jethro quickly peaks out. Hair a complete mess, and suit muddled and dirty, Jethro quickly scans the parking garage before exiting the car. Before closing the door, he leans in and grabs his side-arm, a 45 Desert Eagle, quickly slipping it back into the holster under his blazer. Even with his steely resolve, his face is pale and quite gaunt, like he hasn't slept in days and been driving, without rest for quite a while. Jethro quickly slips around to the hatchback, again, taking a quick glance around the parking garage before opening it. Jethro leans in, flipping up a blanket to reveal a pair of high Russian grade AK-47s. He quickly pockets the spare rounds sitting around the guns before slipping them back into their proper cases and quickly takes off with them. He makes his way a few steps away from his electric car, before snapping to that he didn't shut the hatchback.

    Jethro Warren: Fuck!

    Jethro quickly doubles back, just before getting to his Nissan LEAF, a flat back Harley turns the corner and makes his way down the corridor. Going on instinct, Jethro quickly drops one of the cases and goes for his 45. Anxious moments pass, as the biker, without paying heed to Warren, passes him and continues on without issue. Jethro plays it off, taking a deep sigh and pretending to scratch an itch on his neck. As the biker turns the corner, Jethro chuckles to himself and slams down the hatchback door. Quickly, he makes his way to the elevator, even more anxious moments pass as classical music drones throughout the tiny metal box taking its descent down five levels to ground level. Jethro left arm begins to figit and jitter without rhyme or reason. 3............ 2............ 1............ *DING* The doors slide open and Warren continues on down the slick concrete path. Passing a local tourist with an I Love NY shirt, he quickly attempts to shuffle away from him, but his case still bumps into him.

    Tourist: What the fuck, man?

    Warren doesn't even make eye contact with the guy, or even acknowledge him. He just continues onward to the front lobby door.

    Tourist: Fuckin' asshole!

    Without blinking, makes his way into the lavish hotel lobby of Princeton Accommodations... Yes, that Princeton. He quickly makes his way to the desk. Without missing a beat, the cute, Asian receptionist looks up from her computer.

    Receptionist: Welcome back Mr. Warren... Per your wishes, your room has not been cleaned, or entered into, during your absence. We can send up a maintenance staff member immediately to your room...

    Jethro quickly interrupts her. A warm grin quickly comes over his gaunt, worn face.

    Jethro Warren: Thank you sweetie, but that won't be necessary.

    Receptionist: No problem, Mr. Warren. Do you want our bellhop to take your cases for you?

    Jethro Warren: No... no... no... that won't be necessary. Fisherman's luck... Never let another person touch your rods... Just bad luck.

    Jethro lets out a warm, sincere laugh. The receptionist chuckles as well.

    Jethro Warren: It won't be necessary, I'll take them up to my room, myself. But yeah... really exhausted sweetie. Please, don't send anyone up there today.

    Receptionist: No problem, I'll let the staff know.

    Jethro Warren: Thank you.

    Jethro lends a sly wink to the cute receptionist as he heads over to the elevator. His face contorts back to the twisted, sullen look we've come to recognize Jethro by. He quickly steps onto the elevator. As the elevator goes all the way to the top, his phone dings. He gingerly sets down one of the cases and pulls it out of the breast pocket, opposite his 45.

    A.S. - Norah is at the Salon.

    Jethro Warren: Perfect...

    Jethro quickly punches a message back out, in reply.

    Spring for a new set of clothes, as well...

    Jethro pockets his phone as the brushed brass elevator doors slide open. He grabs his case and makes his way down the hall. Just as he makes his way to the door for his penthouse suite, his phone dings again. He drops his case, and slides his Princeton Accomidations badges through the electronic lock before retrieving his cellphone again.

    A.S. - Why so extravagant?

    Just because I'm a nice guy... :-)

    Warren quickly finishes his text and sends it off to "A.S." He firmly grasps the handle of the door and swings it open. Jethro kicks the case on the foor into his room and slowly enters the room. He belts out a sneering chuckle.

    Jethro Warren: Now... what to do about Tobias.

    Warren kicks the door shut.


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    Re: Fight Night 1/8/2014 Promo Thread


    Many people work hard to get things that make them happy. They work for a fancy house, a sexy car, and various other toys. As the hot water of the multihead shower in Gabrielle’s en-suite hit Ashley, he pondered that thought. Ashley himself was by no means poor. But he had never really spent his money on extravagance; not for himself at least. Sure, he had Moira and the kids living in a rather nice house, but it was nothing too far outside of what suited their needs. He put money into Duffy's back in the day, but as a business that was a given. The warm water hit from all directions, and after so much time in hotels, Ashley saw the benefits of spending a bit of that money to pamper oneself.

    Ashley had felt happy, content, for the first time in a long time. It had nothing to do with the mansion he found himself in, or the extravagance of it's utilities. He shut the shower off and toweled off, wrapping the towel around his waist and walked into the bedroom, smiling as he looked at Gabrielle, fast asleep in the bed. She had a look of contentment in her face as she slept.

    She was the first person in a long time who Ash felt didn't judge him. She seemed to know exactly who Ashley O'Ryan was, and what he needed. And not just in the bedroom. He felt safe being vulnerable, alone with her. For so long, he had felt he needed to suppress that. Or that anything like that would be scrutinized as either a sign of a relapse into drinking or something far more sinister. Gabby encouraged him to not fear his demons, but to use them to understand his surroundings. This didn't mean to give into them, but they gave him an outlook on certain situations that others might not.

    In short, Gabrielle made him happy. She made him more then happy. But was the cost worth it? This had been the proverbial angel and devil on the shoulder situation as of late. He was at a section of crossroads, and his relationship with Gabrielle was less then a secret. It was a matter of time before he was forced to make a choice. The most vocal and opinionated in this was his own tag team partner and long time friend/part time enemy Stu St.Clair. The problem was, Ashley wasn't certain if Stu was wearing the devil horns or the halo on this one.

    He put one of the housecoats Gabby left out for him on and walked down to the living room, maybe some time with his thoughts would help. This was about more then any marriage. There was business involved too. FWA business. And FWA business was personal. Weeks back Ashley, Wolf, and Gabrielle teamed together to for a sort of union against what was happening with the attempted coup d'etat of Jimmy King and company. There was a lot of murmuring about who was on Kings side. A lot of that murmuring was regarding Stu St.Clair. With good cause. After the actions of himself and and the appearance of one Ryan Hall at the end of a match between Stu and Gabrielle, questions were quickly raised about the allegiances of The Snake. Ashley had long defended Stu. Stu was many things, but Ashley was sure he wasn't one to betray the FWA, no matter the fruit dangled infront of him. But even Ashley started to wonder.

    Trail by Fire was one of the most tense and nerve-wracking payperviews Ashley had been involved in, and he wasn't even on the card. He was worried that Ryan Hall would retain, which he did. But more so, he was worried that Stu St.Clair would simultaneously ruin the future of both himself and of Gabrielle, in a moment of blinded rage. Fortunately that never happened, but nothing was resolved. Ashley was sure Stu was at least loyal to the FWA, but there was still much unanswered.

    Ash flopped down on the couch, turning on the tv and flipping through a few stations until he came across a repeat of Fight Night.

    “They have been partners and multiple champions for a record number of times. But is the real venom between Ashley O'Ryan and Stu St.Clair a woman??
    Vodka and Venom put their titles on the line against Thomas Princeton and Shane McLean. Next week, on Fight Night!”

    Ashley: “Cheers to the marketing department.”

    He rose the remote like a drink, and promptly changed the channel.

    Ashley: “Wankers..”

    He leaned back in the couch, rubbing his face, with a long sigh.

    Ashley: “Well Stu, is it that simple?”

    A somewhat redundant question, and Ashley knew that. Nothing between Stu and Gabrielle of late was simple. Then again, nothing between himself and Gabrielle as of late had been simple. Hell, nothing in any of Ashley's relationships ever seemed simple. But the question still stood. Was Stu so adamant that Gabby was the Yoko Ono that was going to break up the band, that there was no proving otherwise to him?

    He checked his phone. No new texts, no missed calls. Moira, nor anybody connected to Moira had contacted him in weeks. He had no idea how to contact her.

    Ashley: “Why do you care so much about this, St.Clair?”

    Stu always seemed to have a sort of fondness for Ashley and Moira's relationship. At times Ashley almost suspected that Stu lived vicariously through them. The family life and relationship that he himself didn't seem to know how to have. Perhaps that was it. It was less about Ashley and Moira drifting apart, and more that bubble bursting in Stu's world. When you live vicariously through someone, you want them to succeed more then anything at that particular thing. When or if they fail at that thing, it can be as if not more detrimental for the person on the outside looking in.

    Ashley: “Is that wot it is Stu?”

    Stu seemed to be certain that for him, the only course was destruction. Ashley knew his friend had an out. He knew if he really wanted to, he could see his son. He could form a relationship. He could be a father. Maybe not a perfect father, but there was no such thing on this planet really. All Stu had to do was let Gabrielle help him. She was willing. At least, Ashley hoped she still was. But it felt like a moot point. He was certain Stu would never ask. That wasn't Stu's style. He didn't ask, he didn't apologize, he didn't ask for forgiveness. Stu St.Clair knew the ins and outs of pain and rejection. He knew giving it and he knew taking it. Not just physically but emotionally. As emotionally and mentally scarred over the years as Ash was, he knew Stu was even more so.

    Ashley: “So why do I maintain this partnership? 'ell this friendship? God, it would be so easy to just let Princeton and McLean take the bloody belts...To just be done with...”

    He sighed again, he couldn't.

    Ashley: “Damn it...”

    Ashley considered Stu a brother in arms. No matter what happened, he knew that somehow they would always be bonded, for good or bad. The FWA was becoming a warzone. The battlelines were being drawn and sides were being chosen. Ashley knew that himself, Adrian Wolf, and Gabrielle Montgomery all sided for their love of the FWA and what it meant to them. Whyte Thunder was also on that side of the line, although Ashley suspected he was more in it for his own personal glory. Still, it was appreciated.
    Ashley couldn't give up on the tag belts, couldn't give up on Stu. Because a soldier never gives up on his fellow man.

    Ashley: “I just need to know which side you are aiming yer gun at...”

    Complications be dammned. Vodka and Venom would still be tag champions by the end of the night.

    “In other news, multi-millionare businessman and philanthropist, Ben Cryos cut the ribbon on the grand opening of the new wing of the All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg Florida. Cryos donated most of the money required for the state of the art wing.”

    Ashley glanced at the television, as the news played footage of the tall, dark, handsome Cryos cut the large red ribbon. Moments late, Ashley scrambled for the remote, rewinding it back. He stood, staring at the scene, moments after the ribbon was cut. The television flicked slightly in the dark room, while Ashley stared at the image of a smaller woman with dark hair happily embracing the arm of Ben Cryos.

    Ashley: “...Moira?”
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    Saddle Sally promo

    Inside a suburban house late at night....

    Zaire Wyoming sits all alone inside of the nice suburban house. He is reading a book on a cheesy leather couch. He wears a white button up shirt and jeans, he is humming to himself in an odd tune. Suddenly the doorbell rings.

    Zaire: The doorbell? Well who could that be? It's so late at night? Reckon' must be a census taker.

    Zaire opens the door and sees that nobody is outside. Just the howl of the cold winter wind. Zaire scratches his head.

    Zaire: Welp, that's odd.

    Zaire closes the door and locks it, suddenly someone puts a knife to his throat!

    ???: Don't make a move! Or I'll bleed ya' like a stuffed pig!

    Zaire: Please! Don't hurt me! I've got money!

    ???: I'm not looking fer' money! I'm here for somethin' more personal!

    Zaire: My wife will be home any second now! Ya' shouldn't be doin' this!

    ???: I take what I want pal, always have, always will!

    The mysterious person ties up Zaire's arms and pushes him onto the couch with some authority. Zaire struggles to get out of the knots, but they're too tight. The mysterious person is wearing a big puffy coat, jeans and a black ski mask.

    ???: Yeah....heh, I like the way ya' look boy! Gonna have some real fun with ya'!

    The mysterious person starts to use the knife to rip off Zaire's clothes.

    ???: Hold still! Don't want to ruin that purdy skin....

    Zaire: Oh God, why is this happening?

    ???: Now....

    The mysterious person yanks off Zaire's jeans. Zaire is only in his boxer briefs.

    ???: Time fer' me to have some fun!

    The mysterious person takes off the burly coat and ski mask to reveal it is Saddle Sally!

    Zaire: Who are ya'?

    Sally: Yer' master....

    Sally takes out a fake cat of nine tails and begins to start whipping Zaire who oversells the pain.

    Sally: A bra and panties match?! Why don't they jus' put me against Gabrielle in a hot dog eatin' contest? Since she loves though so much as well! I swear they bend over backwards fer' her it makes me SO MAD!

    As Sally gets angrier she whips Zaire a few more times. Then breathing she looks up towards the heavens.

    Sally: God, give me the strength not to be consumed by such petty things. Give me the power to strip Gabrielle down to her undergarments. Please help me humiliate the harlot and show the world jus' how she wantonly disobeys your word. Amen.

    Sally then strips off all her remaining clothes down to her bra and panties. Zaire's eyes grow wide. His skin starting to show some redness where the toy whip has struck him.

    Sally moves in to Zaire, placing her right foot right on the crotch of Zaire and lightly pressing down.

    Sally: Ya' like what ya' see Zaire? This is what I'm gonna wear out to the ring against Gabrielle. Well rather what she'll be tryin' to rip me down to. See how the bra forms the shape of hearts? I thought that was cute. Cute not slutty. Sexy, not sinful. Gabrielle's sins I believe are the reason that so many terrible things have come down onto the FWA. She is plague across our soil in many ways. She knows this, but she's not able to fight it. The poor woman is too trapped in her lifestyle. She is jus' as bad as those who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Yes, I respect Gabrielle as a wrestler, who wouldn't? She's got the talent, the skill, the knowledge...and even a gal like myself can't help but notice her other...assets.

    Sally motions to her chest and sensually rubs herself down simulating Gabrielle's signature gestures.

    Sally: But at the end of the day I reckon she's jus' another trick. And eventually that trick is gonna get real old and people will dispose of her. She is like the prophet Hosea's wife, a test from God to see how faithful I can remain to him in the face of such promiscuity and sexual deviance. She temps even me to come to her, to run my hands down the line of her thighs....

    Sally shudders involuntarily and begins to sit in the lap of Zaire. Grinding against him placing her chest against his.

    Sally: Come on baby, we like to play games. But for Gabrielle all of life is a game, a game where she gets to spread eagle every single night. It's disgustin' and yet I think you envy her freedom while I envy her brashness. I bet she feels so warm, I bet she bends jus' the right way. What would it be like to share her? Bring her in on one of our little roleplays, but she ain't gonna get a safe word. Nah, I'd like to see her squirm as I had my way with her. I bet she moans so deliciously. It's probably a sin jus' to hear her wimper but I don't care. Whenever I'm 'round her I become a bad, bad, girl....

    Sally plants a big kiss on Zaire and then nibbles on his neck and ear.

    Sally: That's what's gonna make this match so much fun fer' me. I don't get to let loose like this very often. Trust me Zaire, when I'm done inside that ring I'm gonna do somethin' to her shell never forget and ya' will never want to forget! Oh I'm gonna have so much fun, I'm gonna take her to the limit in a way that no man ever's gonna be so dirty, so beautiful so satisfyin'! She's gonna see me go bad, I'm gonna do so many nasty things to her she's gonna wonder if she's the bad girl of the FWA anymore. But I can't help myself hun' I gotta feel my way on the other side. Even if it's just fer' a few hot, sweaty, sticky moments....

    Sally licks the side of Zaire's face.

    Zaire: Watermelon.

    Sally rolls her eyes and dismounts Zaire, putting back on her clothes. Sally begins to walk away looking back at Zaire.

    Sally: Next time...I'm want ya' to use the cattle prod on me....and maybe Gabby can join us.

    Sally exits leaving Zaire alone.

    Zaire: Uh babe? I'm still in the

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